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Ovder Eastern Star.
Last Monday night Worthy Grand Matron
Mrs. Carrie Louisa Peaslee paid a visit to Un
ity Chapter in West Oakland and was greeted
by a large attendance of members of the chap
ter and delegates from other chapters, as well
as by a number of prominent member* of the
order. Among these were Past Grand Matron
Mrs. Mary E. l'artritige and Grand Secretary
Mrs. Kate J. Willats.
On Wednesday the Worthy Grand Matron
paid a visit to Cerlttt Chapter No. 115, at Ala
meda. There, she was also received by a large
assemblage in which there were several grand
officers, ar.d Past Grand Patrons Frederick
William Gustave Moebus and Frederick Law
rence Button. On Thursday she visited Oak
leaf Chapter of Oakland, and at that meeting
there were present a large number of chapters.
To-morrow evening the Worthy Grand Ma
tron will visit San Jose Chapter.
Last Tuesday Grand Patron Merritt visited
Camellia Chapter at Eureka, and then he was
to visit other chapters in Humboldt County.
It was his intention, on last Tuesday to, after
making the tour of Humboldt County, make
arrangements, if possible, to go to Del None
Bince Esther Chapter removed from Ply
mouth to Butter Creek it has made & remarka
ble advance. At the meeting held on the 4th
inst., it received nine petitions for affiliation
aud sixteen for initiation. This chapter will
be visi'.ed to-morrow by deputy Mrs. Lucia £.
Independent Order of Odd Fellows.
Grand Master Warboys announces the following
visitations: Nevada City, August 25; Rough and
Ready, 36th; Grass Valley, 27th and 28th: Wash
ington, i.'9ih; North San. Juan, September 1;
CamptonviUe, 2d: AUeghany, 3d: Forest City,
4tii; Downievllle. 6th; Sierra City, 7th; Sierra
Valley, Bth; Truckee. 9th; Bridgeport, 11th; Bodle, |
12th: Independence, 15th: Bishop 'Jreek, 16lh and j
You Bet on the 18th.
San Francisco Lodge was recently visited by the
Veteran Odd i el low < and a most pleasant evening ,
was spent. Addresses were made by W. S. Dry- '
den, president of the Veterans, Post President J.
I.infurt h. Marshal Robert Burns, secretary William |
31. Barnes and a number of .others. Music was j
furnished by I. H. ('. Coggin and H. M. Bosworih.
Kay City Lodge will be visited by the Veterans
some time next month, and it is planned to call on
Apollo Lodge In the near future. .
Reports from various branches of the order show
that more than t'le usual amount of work is going
on in the order at this time.
At a meeting of the trustees of the Thermaltto
Home, held last Monday, the plans for Improve
ments at the home submitted by Architect Her
man were adopted, and it was decided to make the
improvements at once. It is expected that the
new additions will be ready for occupancy on the
Ist of .November. In the addition tnere will be :
forty-two beJrooms. a reception-room, a linen- !
room and other necessary rooms.
President Fox and secretary Shaw left on Fri- j
day tor a visit 10 the Home and will return to-day.
Frederick Borchert, a member of Campo Seco
Lodge, has been missing for some time, and the
lodge has offered a reward of $50 for bis location,
If alive, or for the remains, if dead.
The Odd Fellows' Hall Association of Lodi will
build an addition to its hall for the purpose of pro
vMinga banquet-room for the lodges.
The visit of Grand Patriarch Reid to Sunset En- I
campment, Alameda, will be on the 'J7tn lust, in- I
stead of the 3d of September as previously an
nounced, and lie will visit Mount Zion Encamp
ment at Kurekaon September 3.
The grand - patriarch has been visiting in the I
northern part of the .-tato and reports that th ■ en
campments in the counties of Siskiyou, Trinity,
J.ass'ii and neighboring counties are doing well.
On last Wednesday he was with Marysville En
cam rment.
The semi-annual reports of the encampments
sliov that there will be a slight gain In member
ship. T'..ey also show that a good deal of work is
being done.
The Rebekahs.
Mrs. Marian Greenwood has announced the fol
lowing visits for September: Gilroy on the 4th;
Josephine of San Jose on the sth; Santa Clara,
7th; May field. Bth; Los Gatos, 10th: Stella of
San Jose, 12th; Mountain View, 14th; Salinas,
15th; Gonzales, 16th; -an Luis Obispo, 17th; Paso
Itobles, 18th; Cambria, 19th; Cayucos, 21st; Ar
royo \J rand e, 23d; Santa Maria. 34th; San Miguel,
25th, and Kin-.' City on the 26th. '
Natalia Rebekah Lodge was recently Instituted
lit sa:i Miguel, San Luis Obispo County. Hattle
Kedmond is the noble vrand, Sarah V. Shuey the
vice-grand, C. A. Barlow secretary, and Joseph
Cram treasurer.
■ Loyal Kebekah Lodge, the baby lodge of San
Francisco and the first, to admit as members
lauies who are not wives or relatives by ties of
blood of Odd Fellows, will this evening give an en
tertainment in Odd Fellows' Hal!. ■ A number of
novelties will be introduced.
The IMdge.y Association, compose 1 of members
of the Kebekahs and of the subordinate lodges, will
give it* first, monthly entertainment on the sth of
next month in odd Fellows' Hall
The secretaries of the various Rebekah lodges
have been so prompt in sending In their reports,
and these as a rule have been so correct, that
<;r:ind Secretary Mary E. Donobo has taken occa
sion 10 compliment the Secretaries upon their
work. }
Fast Grand President Fannie Benjamin, In a I
letter to the California Odd Fellow, strongly advo- I
caies having the-Kebehah lodges represented in
the relief board.
Ancient Order United Workmen.
Last Tuesday evening Grand .Recorder Hirsb
. berg addressed a large meeting held in I. O. O. P.
Hall, under the auspices of Unity Lodge. His
talk was on the new plan of classified assessments,
. and this be explained in so clear a manner that at
the close of his address he was honored by a rising
vote of thanks.
The meeting of Districts Nos. 1 and 2 of Oak
land, in the Chester-street Methodist Church, was
attended by a very large number of intereested
people. There was an interesting musical and
literacy programme and addresses by Grand Mas
ter Vinter, i'aat Grand Master fames and C H.
Dumon, master workman of Oak Leaf Lodge.
On Wednesday evening Grand Master Vlnter
paid a visit to Brooklyn Lodge.
- Triumph Lodge has had a number of initiations
of late and has made a material increase in mem
On Monday, the 31, Magnolia Lodge will confer !
the amplilled workman degree on a number of I
candidates. Deputy '. rani master Workman F. S. !
Poland and Pacific Lodge drill team will be present. i
To-morrow evening the grand recorder will visit
San Leandro, Hay wards ana Eden lodges in joint
meeting ai HttywarJs; on Wednesday he will ad- i
rtresß Hearts of Oak Lodge in West Berkeley: on
Thursday he will speak to the members of Burns
Lodge, and . on the v!6th tie ' will talk to , Valley.
Lodge. At each of these meetings he will explain
the new assessment plan.
Improved Order of Red Men.
The recent gathering of the great council In this
city has been productive of a great deal of good
aud gives promise of increased activity in the 1
future and good fraternal work lor the advance
ment of t;:e order.
The great chief of records. Charles F. Borgman,
Is busy at this time preparing the report of the
great council, so that it may be placed in the
hands of the primers. The great chief of records
has been granted leave of absence and will leave
on his vacation on the run of next month. - :
Great sachem Sims will maice his first official |
visit since he was raised this evening. It will '■ be |
to the tribe in ; Dutch Flat, and oil that occasion
theie will be the adoption 01 four palefaces and a
barque:. ■ I '■„'
The great chiefs have arranged visits as follows
for he luiure: -t-pi ember 30. 10 Weimer Tribe at
Grass Valley; .Oc.ober 1, to Wyoming Tribe at
Neva. .a City ; Ist, to Penomah Council, Degree of i
Porabontus, -it Nevada City: 9th, to Ceanotha !
Council at cirass Valley: sth, to leka Tribe at I
}ivka: sth, to lone Council at.Yreka; Bth to!
Cosu nines council at Sacramento; 9th, to Red I
Jacket 'Iribe m. Sacn-.men.o; 12th. 10 Miami
. r. be at Auburn; 13th, to Delaware Tribe at New- !
castle: 1-. Hi. to Kaw-wan-.Sita Council at Stock- !
ton: liilh, to Ircquois Tribe at Stockton. .»ovem- !
'ber lv the advisor., council will meet In this City. ;
November 11 ibe great chiefs will visit Manzanlta
Tribe :, 1-JiU, Modoc Tribe, and on the 13th Win- I
jiemucca Tribe. - . • . '-'.'■■■ '
'■ The sum of $100 lias been set aside as a prize to
be awarded to the tribe showing the greatest In
crease in membership during the year. A like
Bur.i has been voted as a prize to be awarded •. for I
the best ork in th" adoption ceremony oy com- !
pettng tribes, «rid $50 lor the best presentation of '
the decree wort. The contests will be before the
'memo. rs of the Great Council in this City, one
week bef re the next meeting of that body In
Bun on. ■
i'oanocuee' Tribe, at its last-held meeting,
a:< ])e,i iwo palefaces. Mon'eznma Tribe adopted
several paleixces and received ; several proposi
Kaiwah Tribe No. 85 held its first session in '
Mystic Hall last Wednesday and received a num.- '
ber O. proposition*. 1
After closing up accounts last : Saturday it was
dlscoveie.i tim: .here was a surplus after paying
".he expenses of .he Great Council, and this will be
distributed pro raia to the tribes.
.Three councils of the degree of • i'ocahontas are
in process of urbanization .a this time. :
The Daughters of . Montezuma are making ar
rangements tor an eniertairrment to be given In
Rubr-Halt on the -7lh. ■ • ■
White K.i • ie Tribe adopted one paleface last
Tuesday an.i received applications for the warrior
and chief degrees. Past Great Sachem Brandt and
Fast sachem Frost: of >a-noset Tribe or- ValleJQ
4 Leldesdorff St., Tel. Main 1054.
'■;'.:' , BRANCH OFFICE ' r '.- 5 h*'-" '.'■
123 Market ' St. , Palace Hotel. • Tel. Main - 6828 *
. J. S. HKI)Y, Manager. . ,
Orders instantly : executed on latest -market quo-
- ■ tattoos. Reference Ist National Bank, ti. F. ~
CUICAOO. r&iVAT£ Witt* saw yqbx»
delivered interesting addresses in regard to the
order, particularly the endowment fund, which is
now progressing wel>.
sotoyome '1 ribe received a proposition from «
paleface last Thursday and listened to reporti
from the representatives to the Great Council.
Knights of Pythian.
This evening the grand chancellor will pay t
visit to Pythian Lodge at Woodland, to-morrow h<
will go to Golden Seal Lodire at Davlsville and 01
Wednesday he will visit Bay City Lodge in thli
On the occasion of the visit of the grand chan
ceilor to Oakland Lodge, on the 14th lust., there
were present a large number of representative
from every lodge in the vicinity. Among th<
number were Past Grand Chancellor Samuels
Grand Keeper of Records and Seals Schaffner
Colonel J. P. Abbott, ¥. G. W. Morosco and W
W. Moor*. Work in the third rank was performec
in a manner that won for those performing it higl
commendations, and the grand chancellor ex
emplifled the unwritten work. The ceremoniei
were followed by a collation.
Supreme Representative Frank McGowan is cop
fined to his home by an accident that will detait
him for at least a month, supreme Represent
live S. L. Carter will leave today by the .-antii F<
route for the supreme l^odge session. Suprem'
Representative T. J. Crowley left on Saturday bj
the northern route.
Past Grand Chancellor J. B. Gallagher of Butte
Mont., is in this City, and it is possible that he wll
take up bis residence here.
The twenty-fifth anniversary of Brooklyn Lo<!g<
of East Oakland will be observed by a promenade
concert and ball in Washington Hall on Fridai
J. M. Smith, an active and bright member o
Beqnoia Lodge will leave for Chicago shortly t(
engage in business there.
Pant Chancellor G. H. Morrison has returne<
from the Kasi and is now wonting In the Interest
OS the Endowment Mank.
Independent Order of B'ne B'rlth.
Grand President Wolfe has called a special sea
sion of the District Grand Lodge to be held in thi
City in B. B. Hall on the 30lh inst. for the purpose
of taking into consideration a proposition to re
sclnd the determination had at the last-held ses
slon of the Grand Lodge to hold the next meetinf
of that body in the city of Stockton. There hai
been some dissatisfaction in consequence of th
selection of the city named, it belr.g held that th
majority of the members of the ten local lodge
cannot spare the time to no outside of lh» City t<
attend to lodge affairs.
During the past week there were a number o
visits by the grand officers to City lodges. Oi
Konday a visit was paid 10 liontehore Lodue. oi
Tuesday to Occidental Lodge and on Wednesdaj
to Ophir Lodge. That night Ophir celebrated iis
forty- first anniversary, and, after appropriate cere
monies in the lodgeroom, the grand officers taking
part, all present partook of a banquet, at whicl
there were toasts, sentiments and good cheer.
United Ancient Order of Druids.
Last Monday H. J. Goller. D. G. A., J. J. Molli
son, G. S., and J. Nichol of Ml. Tamalpals Grove,
paid a visit to J'leasan ton Grove and there met i
large delegation from Livermore Grove. Two can
didates were initiated and the second am
third decrees were conferred in a credit,
able manner by the members of the visitei
grove. A banquet followed and F. Lewis, P. A.
was the toast-mas'er. The visitors made short
addresses, the grand secretary giving some inter
esting statistics of the growth of the order. The
other speakers were the deputy grand arch
Messrs. Nichols. Fitzgerald and Corner, 'lhi
grove is Increasing in membership and Is in gooc
financial standing.
James A. Devoto, the noble grand arch, has foi
nearly a week been confined to his room by illness,
but on Saturday he had so mucb improved that
his physician expressed the hope to have him out
in a day or two.
On Saturday, the 9th inst., Pebble Beach Grove,
Pescadero, was visited by G. H. Buck and F. Cav
at'iiaro. past noble grand arches, Grand secretary
Moliison and J. Stafford of Morvin Grove of Red
wood City. There was a large attendance and
after the meeting the visitors were Invited to par
take of a banquet given at the Swanton House,
where there was good speaking and a merry time.
laurel Grove will give its annual ball in Wasb
irjgton square Hall on Saturday.
Galileo Grove at its last held meeting conferred
the second degree and received two candidates.
Hesperian Grove received one application at Its
last held meeting and conferred the second degree.
This grove was visited by J. Cohen, I. A., who
stated that in St. Paul, Minn., where he resides,
;he order is doing well.
Golden Gate Circle initiated two candidates at
its last meeting.
Native Sons of the Golden West.
Santa Rita Parlor, with twenty-one charter
members, was organized at Los Banos, Merced
County, by Dr. A. F. Hyde, D. D. G P.
Olympus and Presidio parlors will jointly cele
brate at 8 ockton on Admiss on day. They have
secured headquarters in Stockton in one of the
best halls. They will appear in a. new uniform
and will receive in first-class style.
On the sth inst. T. M. Du?an, D. D., installed the
officers of Arrowhead Parlor at Redlands and also
the officers of Redlands Parlor. The members of
the two parlors exchanged visits and during the
evening met Grand Trustee L. A. savichi, who is
the oldest member of Ramona Parlor. The parlor
at Redlanis and thoie of neighboring places will
celebrate Admission day in Rcdlauds. It will be a
purely old California celebration.
Hesperian Parlor has secured Union Hall in
stociuon for the celebration, and Las Lomas Par
lor, N. D. G. W., will have their headquarters
Athens Parlor of Oakland had its officers in
stalled by G. P. Knowland, D.D. The past presi
dent is C. H. Ollinger: president. C. D. Maloney,
and secretary, \\\ E. Dean.
Returns from twenty-one parlors show 3#02
members, with a possibility of increase before
September 9. California Parlor heads the list,
with 475 members, then comes Mission with 1291,
Stanford with 258, Pacific with 254, and Rincon
with liiiß.
There was a great time at the high jinks of San
Francisco parlor on the Bth inst. There was a
good programme, a portion of which was in glasses.
The board of grand officers will meet during the
first week in September to make its annual inves
Grand Secretary Lundstedt visited Hnmboldt
Parlor last Monday, and on Friday he paid a visit
to Arcata Parior and delivered an interesting ad
dress. On Saiurday he instituted Commodore
Sioat Parlor, wi:h thirty-five charer members.
The grand secretary will return on the 20th insu
t H. Cmbsen of California Parior has presented
to it the handsome orange colored sash he wore as
grand marshal of the Fourth of Juiy parade.
Grand President Gt-slord during the past week
visited a number of parlors in Napa county
Biandn-d's band will furnish thp music for Cali
fornia I'arlor at Stockton during the celebration.
Stockton Parlor has tendered me use of its rooms
to the California boys for headquarters. These
will be handsomely decorated.
Dr. \V. 1. Hurrcs, past president of Stockton
Parlor, paid a visit to California Parlor last Wed
T. J. Cafferty and William Saver of Los Osns
Parlor, R. H. Morse of California and L. R. Bol
homly spent a two weeks' vacation at Grave's
Cre*K, san Luis Ob.spo, and killed five deer, so
tney say.
The following were the visitors to the office of
the Grand secretary last week: Charles R. Wores
of Caiimmia Parlor, now a resident of Tucson,
Aril., Frank L. Coombs of Napa, Dr. W. T. Burres
of Htockton, D. L. Lee of Visalia, George H. Hoops
of Orovliie, C. R. Heverin of Tiburon.
District Deputy McCabe has installed the officers
of santa Cruz I arlor. Mr. Breese as president, and
R. H. Pringle, secretary.
The twelfth anniversary of Mission Parlor will
be celebrated in Mission Parlor Hall on the 28th
Native Daughters of the Golden West.
La Esperanza Parlor No. 24 will hereafter meet
in Native Sous' Hall, Los Angeles, on the first,
second, third and fourth Saturdays of each month.
Mrs. Belle W. Conrad, grand vice-president, de
livered an address last Saturday before the audi
ence in the Oakland Exposition.
Manzanita Parlor of Grass Valley, having had
the handsomest float in the Fourth of July pa
rade, has been presented by the executive com
mittee which had charge of tne celebration with a
handsome silver plate appropriately engraved.
The officers and members of Golden Slate Par
lor are very ninth elated over the result of the
bazar they recently save In the Native Sons'
building, anJ they have passed a vote of thanks to
the spvera parlors of Native Sons and Daughters
and :o ail who, by their aid or presence, contribu
ted to the success oi the affair.
The three aays 1 bazar given by Estrella P*flor
in Nativej Sous' Hall last week wag a very line
affair and It was well patronized.
Ida May Smith, secretary of Union Parlor No.
49 of Arcata, in company with Miss Alia Yorom,
were in this City last week and visited a number
of the local pitrlors. They will spend their vaca
tion at Highland Springs.
Knights and Ladies of Honor.
Yerha Buena Lodge of San Jose, after the regu
lar meeting on last Wednesday, gave a high tea to
its friends, and that was followed by dancing.
On the 16th of next month this ocige will cele
brate its fifth anniversary by a ball, and the fol
lowing named have been chosen as the committee
to have charge of the affair: G. J. Peters, A. L.
Hubbard, J. C. McDonald. Mrs. M. Peters and
Miss Kittle Mcoinley. This lodge has promise of
a large addition in the near future.
On the 25th Inst. the propagating committee of
the su] reme Lodjje, composed of Supreme Protec
tor L. B. Lockhard of Bradford, Pa., Supreme
Vice-Protector A. Hoelzle of New YorK, Supreme
Medical Examiner L. i). Wttnerlll of Union, N. V
supreme secretary C. W. Harvty. Supreme Treas
urer >. T. Dudley of Indianapolis and Past Su
preme Protector R. W. Lamberton of Franklin,
Pa., will meet in Indianapolis tor the purpose o
arranging another campaign to Increase the mem
bership. Grand Secretary -. H. Carleton of ihe
Grand Lodee of California, who is also editor of
the Sentinel, the rfficial orean or Knights and La
dies of Honor, expected :o b* present at tlie meet-
Ing, but nusmeis engagements will not permit
him to leave the City.
Z. SC Ilnbbeil of the Supreme Lodge committee
on appeals and grievances died in Cleveland, Ohio
on the 26tU of last July. He was universally ps
teemed, and his loss is deeply regretted by the
members ol the Supreme body.
Past Protectors Mr. and Mrs. George J. Vincent
are spending their vacation in Napa Valley
A mePtins ot the Grand Lodge finance commit
tee will be held to-day In tbe office of Grand Sec
retary Carleton.
The total membership on the Ist of August was
The death roll of the order shows dpatbs as fol
lows: In 1891, 796: in 1892, 803: In 1893, 871:
In 1894. 847; in 189 ft. 994, and during the first
three months of 1896, 307. The amount of claims
from the deaths reported during ihe first three
mon*. hs of the years named is as follows:
1891 5103.000 $78,500
3892 106.000 102,0110
1893 109.000 90,000
1H94 1152,600 76,000
1895 98,000| 122,600
1896 132,0001 1V!8,6OO
7.. ,000
Oraer of Chosen Friends.
Deputy Hartley of the Sacramento district was
in this City last week and reports his district in
good condition and the membership Increasing.
Last lTiaay Grand Recorder a C. Wallis was In
San Luis Obispo and there Instituted a new coun
cil with thirty charter members. This council was
organized by Deputy G. C. Peabody.
Last week Grand Councilor Boehm and Grand
Recorder Wallis consolidated San Francisco and
Concord councils, and these will hereafter be
known as Concord Council No. 2. A banquet fol
lowed the ceremony.
Last Thursday about 150 delegates from the
local councils met is the hall of Evans Council in
response to an Invitation from the grand coun
cilor and after a lona session devised a plan of i pe
ration having for its purpose the Increase of mem
bership in every council during the current term.
There were present In addition to the delegates
C. M. Arnold, P. 8. C. ; M. Boehm. G. C; H. W.
Hutton, Thomas O'Brien and E. I. Wolfe, supreme
representatives; F. W. Gibson, supreme trustee;
Clara McDonald, grand treasurers Mrs. Sweeny,
grand marshal, and the board of district deputies.
The grand councilor has dissolved the Sick
Benefit League for the reason that it did not come
up to the expectations of the members of the
order. „ .
The officers of Alcazar Conncll were Installed
last Thursday by Deputy Taylor, assisted by the
grand recorder.
On the 28th lnst. the grand councilor and tne
grand treasurer will pay an official visit to Friend
ship Council at Sacramento, on which occasion
there will be held a meeting of the executive
The initiatory team initiated eight candidates for
Suuset Council last week.
Sunset Council held an open meeting In Red
Men's Hall last Thursday evening, at which there
was an attendance of more than SOO. A very good
I programme was prrsented and the following were
I the numbers: Piano solo, Miss K. J. ' ooJell; vo
! cal solo, b. Brown; recitation, Miss Owens; cornet
I duet, Messrs. Lycet.e and Coologan: piano solo, L.
\Viiliams: vocal solo (alto), Airs. L. Hosk ns; banjo
solo. D. Small; recitation, P. Grindley: fancy dance,
1/ixey (iray: recitation, Professor W. G. O'Brien.
Dancing and lignt refreshments followed.
During the early part of next month CJr.md Coun
cilor Boehm and Grand Kccorder Wallis will leave
this City to be absent a month, They will visit the
councils in Grass Valley. I>ownieville, Sierra City,
Forest Hill, Reno and Virginia.
Young Men's Institute.
After the Ist of September the office of Grand
Secretary Stanley and the reading-room of the
institute will be located on the fourth floor of the
Parrot building, the present quarters being too
small. There Is a possibility that permanent head
quarters may be secured In that building.
As a result of the trip of Grand President Gal
lagher in the northern part of the State there Is a
likelihood that a new council will be organized at
Auburn and another at Gridley.
The entertainment by Phil Sheridan Council
which was postponed on account of the death of a
member of the council will be given in Mangels
Hall on the 2d of September.
The board o; organizers met on Friday night and
prepared plans for the work the members will be
called upon to perform.
The entertainment given by Ban Francisco
Council In California Hall last Tuesday was a
great success.
Grand President Gallagher was in Virginia City
last Tuesday. He was In Benicia on the 12th, at
fort Costa on the 13th. at Martinez on the 14th
and on the IRth he was at San Rafael. This even
ing he will visit Petaluma, to-morrow he will be
in Sonoma, on Wednesday he will be In -anta
Rosa, on Thursda-.- he will go' to Napa on Friday
he will be in Vallejo, on the 28:h inst. he will go
to Eureka and on the following day be will visit
The third meeting of the fourth dlstric: was held
last Wednesday in the hall at headquarters. The
meeting was presided over by H. C. Hall, D. !>.,
and K. E. Fazackerly acted as secretary. The
discussion was as to the rules and regulations that
govern sick benefits.
Young Ladies' Institute.
The entertainment given by Branch No. 7, last
Wednesday, in Native Sons' Hall, was largely at
tended, and it was a social success. A very fine
and entertaining programme was presented.
The officers of Branch No. 16 have been installed
by Grand Provident Grote. The past president Is
Miss Annie Travers: president, Miss D. Curran,
and secretary, Miss Alice Alvey.
Committees from the various branches are pre
paring new by-laws, which will be submitted for
approval to tbe grand directors at a meeting to be
held on the P th of next month.
A preliminary meeting will be held this week for
the purpose of making arrangements for the union
meeting of local and Alameda County branches, to
be held in this City curing the first week in Sep
P. '8t Grand Pres'dent Mary I. Wynne, who was
confined to her borne by illness, is now convales
cing at Anderson's Springs.
Miss Josie T. Molloy, the grand secretary, has
changed her office hours. She will be in her office
every afternoon from 1 to 4 o'clock, and in addi
tion on Monday evening from 7 to 9 o'clock.
Knights of Honor.
Grand Reporter Curry has for several days been
confined to his home by a severe attack of nen
Grand Dictator Archibald will make visits as
follows: On the 19th he will be in Cblco, in (>ro
vllle on the 20th, in Marysville from the 21st to
tbe 26111, and will return to this City on tbe 30th.
The Pas' Dictators' Association at Its meeting
on the Bth lnst. was in session a long time discuss
ing the new classified plan of assessment. There
was considerable discussion and diversity of opin
ion, bu finally all agreed to work in unison for
th>- purpose of pulling the organization out of the
position that made the change in the assessments
Last Monday the grand dictator visited Liberty
Lodge. He was with Grass Valley Lodge on
Wednesday, with Mizpah Lolge at North San
Juan «n the 13 h.
Tbe grand dictator as a general thing spends
several days in a place hevisits getting Kcquainted
with the entire membership of a lodge, and in that
way he adds to tbe interest of tliose be visits in
the work of the order.
American Legion of Honor.
The grand commander and other grand officers
will visit the City councils in tbeir rotation of
| meeting.
! Grand Commander Fllben pall a visit to Po
i mona Council in Fresno last week, and in the near
future he will visit other councils in the interior.
I Grand Vice Commander C. G. Wlllman reports
that the councils of tbe southern part of the Si ate
! are doing well.
At its Just held meeting Bohemian Council bad
I on* initiation and received a visitation from the
Associated Councils.
The National Reserve.
The entertainment given by San Francisco
Council In Alcazar building last Wednesday was a
very successful one, nearly 400 ladles and gentle
men assembling to listen to the excellent pro
gramme presented. During the evening State
Representative and Supreme Conductor P. A. Me-
Pherson, in an Interesting address, told of the
features and plans of the association, fo the pro
tection it guarantees to widows and orphans und
of the BOCtal features. After the literary feature
of the evening there was dancing to the music of
Professor Abbott's Beethoven band of nine pieces,
and during Intermission icecream and cakes were
served. The following programme was success
fully carried out:
Overture, "The Tar's Farewell " (Schepelgrel),
Beethoven Orchestra; welcome, Mrs. Z. H&wks,
president: address, "Fraternal Orders," p. a.
McPherson, D. S. P. and Supreme Conductor;
soprano solo. "Dear Heart" (Tito Matt»i), Miss
Lillian Parsons; bass" solo, "Wonders of the
Deep" (Jude), A. G. D. Kerrell; reading, "He and
She" (Arno d). Miss E. E. Garvey ; clarionet solo.
"Aye Maria" (Mobr), J. H. Met 'all: mezzo solo,
"Because I Love Thee" (Vannah), Miss A. L.
Hampel; reading. "Sunday's Romance" (selected),
Miss Eugenic Gonzales: barytone solo, 'The
Island of Dreams" (Adams), G. H. Hammersley;
recitation. "Scottish Dialect" (selected), C. Wes
ton: instrumental, "Cocoanut Dance" (Herman),
Beethoven Orchestra.
Knights of the Goldea Eagle.
Assessments 134, 135 and 136 have been levied
and the time for payment expires on the Ist of
Golden Gate Castle will give its sixth social bop,
I in Alcazar building, on Saturday, the sth of next
Companions of the Forest, A. O. P.
German- America Circle No. 156, which is trying
hard to become the banner circle of tbe order, is to
give an anniversary ball In Union-square Hall, on
Sunday evening, the 23d lust- It now claims the
largest, membership^
Knights of the Maccabees.
Last Thursday nieh* Modln Tent received sev
eral applications for membership and tbe same
night initiated seven candidates. Within the last
thirty days this tent has doubled its membership,
the number at present being forty. The Indica
tions in the Western Add'tion, where this teut is
located, are that within a month that number will
be doubled.
Order of Pendo.
Since the Ist inst. the number of applications
for membershiD is fifty-four.
New councils are being organized In Livingston
and Bozeman, Mont., in i-razer, N. Dak., and
Minneapolis, Minn.
Duriiig the pnst week the sum of 9200 was paid
for sick benefits.
On the 25th lnst. State Secretary Duden will
leave this City on a tour of visitation to the coun
cils in the southern part of the State. He will
visit San Liego, Los Angeles and on the way back
will stop at stlma and Fresno.
Rev. F. K. Baker Sees Por
tentous Perils Ahead
for This Country.
The Speaker Denounces Anarchy
as a Vicious and Impotent
Attempt at Relief.
The American People Declared to Be
Calling Upon the Hierarchy
to Change Its Course.
Key. P. K. Baker, pastor of the Ep
worth M. E. Church, was the speaker at
the Good Citizenship meeting yesterday
afternoon. His subject was, "Whither Are
We Drifting?"
"There are perils confronting this coun
try," he said, "and it is no citizen — and a
preacher is a citizen — has a right to be si
lent. The pulpit and the press — those
two mighty arms of reform — ought to
reach out to save the country.
"One of these perils is socialism. Un
derstand me, when 1 say socialism I mean
socialism gone mad; attempts at reform
by violence. This form of socialism, if
we can call it so, for I believe in true so
cialism, is an enemy of the home and an
enemy of the school. With anarchy the
theory is that might means right. The
snare by spirit is indigenous to foreign
soil, and almost all the troubles that
threaten this country are the result of for
eign immigration.
"We cannot afford- to put our country
into the hands of such a lawless atheistic
band. I have no faith in godless reforms
or movements. True religion is the basis
of private virtue and happiness, of pros
perity and honor in the Nation. To build
a nation on moral corruption is to build it
on dynamite. Whatever lowers the Na
tional tone is a great calamity. This
anarchy is a vicious desire to live without
God, without anything.
"Another peril is social dishonesty and
impiety. We need a moral crusade to
clean out our political offices. Our Super
visors and other officials will do just as
they please until the citizens shall stamp
their feet and say this thing must stop.
We need more Parkhurets to clean out our
municipal institutions.
"We need to have our streets cleared of
indecent show-bills and exhibitions tnat
make a decent man's blood boil. Every
murderer, whether of life or of virtue,
should be made to forfeit his life for the
lite he has taken.
"Mammon is another of the perils that
confront us. The question cf supreme im
portance to-day i 3, 'What is there in it for
me?' The golden calf ha- kicked out the
good sense of a good many. We are ap
parently drifting toward an oligarchy of
money. Hoarding money is abusing it.
Money should not be made a basis of so
cial precedence. A system which permits
the accumulation of wealth in the hands
of incorporations or individuals is wrone.
"Another portentous evil is the influence
of Bacchus. It 19 the worst enemy of the
laboring man to-day. Chain the drink
monster and all other questions of moral
and social government would largely set
tle themselves. Gambling is a peril also
threatening our Government.
'"The last but not the least portentous of
the evils threatening our land is the
Roman hierarchy. Ecclesiasticlsm in sec
ular affairs is the aim of that church. It
has been alone through Rome's conduct
that the American people have arisen,
calline her to stop meddling with our pub
lic schooN and with our beloved flag. The
principles of the Roman hierarchy have
always been the same. If it be afraid to
face its past history why does it continue
to adhere to the principles that have made
that history possible.
"Rome in America must reform or die.
The chances are in favor of death, because
Rome cannot stami reform. The very
thing which she must reform is her life
itself. The education of the masses should
be American, and foreigners, and people
wlio are born in this country, too, should
be made to keep their mouths closed about
our public schools."
The speaker, in conclusion, lamented
the fact that the lowest men were allowed
to vote, while "our noblest citizens, our
wives and mothers, are refused the ballot."
W H Miner, Chicago Mrs Dr Wreun, Placerv
Miss R E Scott, I'lacerv Mrs L Aaron, Sacto
8 L Fifield •& w, Det-r Pic C E Moore, st i.ouis, Mo
J C Jones. !-acto 8 Allison <ft w, Cal
A Auderion. Sulsun A Ball, Auburn,
W A Blasitigame, Berkly H C Martin, Milpitas
W A Mackay <fe w, San R W Falconer, Sta Rosa
A W Blancuvd, C»i M SmaU, Cal
8 C Foltz. cal H Camp, Cal
R X Dunham, Cal Mrs T O Ellison, Elk Gv
N Obradovicn, Arizona Mrs W R Tones, S Bdno
W \V Middlecoff, Visalla H E Smith, Sacto
J Oreely, Marysville M Weber, Stockton
Mrs D Rlchards.Bever H Mrs P Brynser, Newport
SS Liitlehale, Stockton F W Schmechel, Salinas
W E Hawking. Hoilister F E Henry &w, San Jose
Mrs E Franklin, Sacto Mrs J Gebert, Louisiana
Miss McMonv. Sacto B X Coffman, Chicago
Mrs FE; am Den, Cal F a Doyle &w, N i
H F Allen &w, ihlco C F May, fonora
R M Strauss, Yuma R B Stephens, Los Ang
Mrs S G Ellison, Elk Gve W G Talbot. Montreal
G E Morgan & w, Cal M JJlnkelspiel. Suisun
G Walsh, Auburn W Bruce, Chicago
J W Thomas, St Louis J Swingtoo, Chicago
G A Powers, Vacaville L Heguard, VacaviHe
C W Ellis, Oakland W B Gilbert, fan Jose
C E McKenna, San Jose G S Williams USA
D B Perkins, Mulsun L Pierce, suisnn
J 1> cerkel, Wuisun J J Pflster, Suisun
F Eccles. San Jose L F Neiter, Los Angeles
Miss S M aril not, N V Miss M Gordon, N V
W It -«hir!ey, NY FA Connor, N V
Miss Maynard, N V Miss Graves. N V
Miss Fairfax, NY T Marshall. N V
F Lincoln, NY W J Ferguson & w, N V
Mrs i-: J Phillips, NY S W Dewitt, Washington
I)r J E longenoy, NY RE Gill, Japan
G Warner. Chicago T H Ban?s. San Jose
J C Still, Vacaville JC Murphy, Suisun
N E Bager, Sacramento J P Hoye, Capitola
J Johnston, Corning J MBsterson, Stockton
M G Clifford. Stockton E Linze, Sa:.ta Rosa
W A Could & w.Rivrsde Miss j Porter, Riverside
Miss I- Rush, Hiverside J C Si verthoru, Sacto
J Riley & w, Napa W Provan & w, Oakland
J Ford, oaHai:d W N WashDurn, Pasaden
Miss Hanst-ti. Los Ang C W Ewing, Denver
W Gough, Vallejo J W White. Davisvllle
H J McCarron, suisun J Quinn. Ventura
P J Costello, Chicago G Johnson, Seattle
J Nichols, Tacoma H Kinspel, Fresno
T A BeJ, Fresno O L Ross, Tulare
P F McCarthy, Reno
J O'Brien, Angel Island W Haley, Stockton
W Chalker. U a N J Bush <fe son, Wells
E Blelenbury <fc da, Cal C <t\v.S Mateo
O I- Ik, San Mateo 1 H Reafter.Cofleys Cove
B Fechyen, Kod«*o O Uahleren, Rodeo
a Gerstenhaur, Newark F Mebber, V S N
C Baz, L'SS C U Boyrt & w. N V
G W Miller, NY J Crawford, Tory
X Reed, Kuffalo L A Lindo, Buffalo
W R Janiz, Chicago W Proctor, Chicaeo
P King, Dublin M C Harunan, Petaluma,
W H Campb?:i, Tucson Dr F B Robinson, Sacto
J Cos a & w.Port Costa
F W Ward &w, Newark O Stevens, Los Angeles
AW Morrison Aw, sac:o J Dun'ap<few, Phlla
Miss M Dimlap, Phia B F Bower <fe w. Ctnnatl
Mrs M X Foster, Hono M U Detw-iler, Pa
F H Beck. X V <{ W Osborn. London
E F Green, NY R R Kite, -ridge, N V
H Braastod, Cognac F F Veiling, Hamburg
R W Crewzbaur. Guate F Anderson, « V
C L Josse yu, San Diego W A Ross, Los Angeles
W F Melllrk, Id.ho C W Booth, N V
J Lawlor, Petaluma C D Uerwlg, Pittsbnrg
A D Remington, NY H B Muscona.U S Survey
S KoppoL NY Pa Todd, South Africa
C X McClatchy Aw, Sac G W Hill, Auburn
L M Loomis, Cal J Ballard, Claremont
U W Smith, Fresno H C Meyers A w, Vallejo
J Jamison, Cal H R Vincent. Guatemala
P Jepsin, Guatemala J W Manon, Bakersfield
J I Dimbleby, Bakersfld R H Mills, N V
A PCochran, NY CM Lynch, Cal
J F Soule, Wash A J Woodward, Fresno
L Russell, Saratoga DX Knight. Marysville
W H Winters, Willows D N Caruthers&w.S Rosa
E M Loomis, Cal J M Mannon, Ukiah
A P Catlin, Sacramento C M Coglan, Sacramento
Mrs P C Coombs. Sacto G H Davidson, Sacto
O D.Jan, Sacramemo Mrs F C Southenand, Sac
Miss M Balrd, Chicago G T Bacon <fe w, N V
L H Chicago J S Oliver, Aladera
W Martin, NY J A Wilkinson, Colus*
A B Thomas, S Rafael C C Allen, Kortuna
O H Ellis &w,Peßcadero J M Gray, Fre*no
He Knew.
"Where is the island of Cuba situated?' 1
asked an Austin schoolteacher of a small,
rather forlorn-looking boy.
"I dunno, sir."
"Don't you know where sugar comes
from ?"
"Yes, sir. We borrows it from the next
door neighbor. 1 ' — Mirror.
The arrow flies with the wind. The top figure*
S' station Indicate maximum temperature for the I
days; those underneath it, if any, the amount of i
rainfall, of melted snow in inches and huiKlredtbs,
during the past twelve hours. Isobars, or solid
lines, connect poln s of equal air pressure; iso
therms, or dotted lines, equal temperature. The |
word "hieh" means high barometric pressure and !
Is usually accomuanied by fair weather: "low" I
refers to low pressure. an"d Is usually preceded '
and accompanied by cloudy weather and rains. !
"Lows" usually first appear on the Washington
coast Wh<>n the pressure is high In the interior
and low along the coast, and the isobars extend
north und south along the coast, rain is probable;
but when the "low" Is inclosed with isobars of :
marked curvature, rain south of Oregon is improb
able. With a "high" in the vicinity of Idaho, and |
the ]>ressure falling to the California coast, warmet j
went her may be expected In summer and colder j
weather In winter. The reverse ol these conditions
will produce an opposite result.
United Statks Dkpabtmknt of Aobictti^
16, 1896, sp. m. Weather conditions and general
The following maximum temperatures are re
ported from stations la California to-day:
Kureka 64, Fresno 102, Bafl\ Diego 74, Red Buff
96. San Luis Obispo 80, Yuma 94, San Francisco
b'J. Los Angeles 86.
San Francisco data— Maximum temperature 62,
minimum 53, mean 58.
Thunderstorms have occurred during the past
twelve hours throughout Idaho, Utah and port ons j
of Arizona and southern California. Cooler
weather prevails in Utah and Arizona; in other
sections the conditions remain practically un
changed. The pressure is increasing on the Wash
ington coast, which is favorable for clear warmer
weather in California.
Forecast male at sa i Francisco for thirty hours
ending midnight August 17, 1896:
Northern California— Fair Monday; fresh north
west winds.
southern California — Fair Monday, except
cloudy and threatening to-night and early Mon
day morning in the south portion; warmer in the
south portion.
Nevada— Fair Monday.
Utah— Partlj cloudy Monday.
Arizona— Cloudy Monday.
San Francisco and vicinity— Fair Monday : brisk
to high westerly winds.
W. H. it AMMo.s-, Forecast Official.
Pat ps of Departure From Sun Francisco.
I I.H.
Santa Kosa.
City of Para
True It cc;...
Coos Bay.;..
Arcata.. ,'...
Monowat . . .
WeeoK :..%-."
Bun 01.. ......
State of OaL.
Wai la Walla
*rm: ..;„.
Kor«lea .... :
Oregon ports .
China & Japan
Vie & Pel baa
B*n D1eK0.... .
Coon 8ay...;.:
N«wt>ort w';;..
Oregon ports . .
Uregou ports..
Kel Kiver...:.
Grays Harbor
San Diego.:/:.
Vie * Pft Bno
root uar..'...:
.\«wport t. ;:■.:
\ nauina Bar..
Auk 17. 6pm
Aug 17, 3pm
Auk 17. 9AM
Auk 17 11am
Auk 17. ilr w
AUK 18,12 M
A tig 18,12 v
Auk 19. 9am
Vug 19,10 am
Auk 20. 2pm
Aue /0. ; 6pm
Auk 20. &p*
Aug 20.12 M
Auk 21.10 am
ADg 21, 11 am
Aim-"-. Sam
Auk 22.10 am
Auk 23. »am
Aug 25.-9 AM
Pier 14
Pier » « S
Pier 11
P M S3
Pier 8 !
Pier 11
Pier 24
Pier 13
Pier 13
Pier '1
Pier 24
Pier 1 1
Pier 13
Pier 11
Kler2 n
| live
Coos 8ay...... »
Walla Wa11a....
Slate of Ca:
Alice Blancnaril
tiun01. ...........
Corona .
Weeotfc . .......
Crcseant City. ..
Jarallou ........
Earelca .........
Queen.... '.
Cmat111a. .......
C01um01a .......
Acapnlco... —
Newport...... „
Victoria A Paget Bound
P0rt1and........ .........
P0rt1and..... ............
Grays iiaroor
San JJleco..
l£ei Kiver
Coos 8ay.'..... ....»•••»
( riicen; UltT. .'
Vaaulna b*T .........._
Newoort :.;...:
Victoria & Puget Sound
Mexico ................
Honolulu .......'....' .....
(*an !>!»*o_
Victoria A Puzat Sound
P0rt1and ... .;:... .'.'..' . . I .
..Ant 17
..AUg 18
..AUg 18
..Au; 1*
..Aug 19
..AUK 19
..Aug .0
..AUg 20
..AUg 21
..AUg 21
..AUK 21
..Aug 22
..AUK 23
..Aue '23
..Ana: 25
Bttli.ktij» Published by OFFICIAL V
'a, Monday, August 17.' r '
8nnr15(M....;.. ..... 5.261M.00n r15M......
Sun sets 6 59|ilooa sets. ; o.ooam
August— lß96.
? Time
H \V
Feet Tlmw F<»t
T7 oToS 0.0 ft.-'^ 4.0 la. 00 a. 6 6.-/4 6.1)
18 2.05 -0.3 9.30 4.2 1.22) : 3.6 7.30 6.0
19 3.04 -0.6 10.21 4.0 2.40 3.6 5.34 6.1
20 .3.54 —0.7 11.04 4.8 : 3.44 3.3 9.32 6.2
21 4.87 -0.7 11.40 " 6.0 4.35 30 10.24 6.1
22 '5.14 -0.5 ia.ll 6.4 519 • a.7 11.13 5.6
28 6.48 —0.1 12.40 5.4 ,6.02 : 2.4 .:..;. .:.7.V
''Nois— In the above exposition ' of the tides the
early ; morning ; tides are : given 'in : the left hand
"column, and the successive tides bt the day in the
■ order of occurrence a*; to time. Tho second time
column gives the second tide of j the day, the - third
time column the third tide, 'and the: last or right
band column elves the last tide of the > day, except
when there are but 'three tides, as sometimes
occurs. The ; heights given ' are '- additions to the
soundings :• on •>. the United * States Coast - Survey
charts, except when a minus sign (— ) precedes the
height, and then the number given Is aubtractiv*
from the d»>pth c'ven by- i ho churls. ;
;"/v : '- : ;..-: ■ •'• Arrived. •.?•.-. •:■. /;. .. ..:
„::;.;; SUNDAY, August 16. '
Stmr Ttllamook, - Hansen, v 44 hours from San
Pedro: ballast, to To lard & Dodge. ' ■
i- Btmr Del : None. Stockfleth, 68 hours from Grays
Harbor: | pass and ' lumber, to E X Wood ' Lum
ber Co. . -.'_ .; ■„; ■■;-... ... ..;,-■ ■;■/—
--:-.:; Stmr ? Point Arena, .Johnson, 16 ». hours from
Navarro and : way ports; pass and mdse, to Men
doclno Lumber Co. £->■;»-■: ,■.'» - - -■• • -v ■• ■ : :
Stmr Laguna, j Peterson, 23 hours from Bear
Harbor: r r ties, to Pollard & Dodge. • - -
Stmr Gipsy. Leland 20 hours from Monterey,
etc: produce, to Goodall. Perkins A Co.
o.?- tmr Pro Bre8 re8 °. «torrs, 8j hours from Seattle;
26n0 tons coal, to P B Cornwall
Htmr Truckee, Thomas. 41 hours from Coos
Bay: pass and mdse. to J D Spreckals A Bros Co.
- Stmr Pomona, Doran, 18 * hours I from ,' Eureka; '■
pass and mdse. to Goodall, Perkins .1 Co. -■-'■ ■■ -
I pS^i^KSr "om Fort Bragg;
Koc^b^^^'r^ai.. 18111011 " 1 from Needie
Stmr Geo I«omls, Brldgett. 36 hours from Ven
tura; 6341 bbls oil, to Union oil Co
Stmr San Benito, Smith, 80 hours from Tacoma
-4500 tons coal, to 8 P Co. Oakland direct '
RH r K Bhlp 8 of Aflon ' Add 76 days from
Bri-bane. ballast, to master.
An tVer^mdse.^ U W T ac^Co 47 «^ *«
-■■'■■■■ -..--.--.-' '■---' ■ ■ . ■ -
Schr Bessie ;K, Anderson, 24 hoars from Devil
hiss Landing;. 120 eds bark, to J S Klmball. t:-,--.
Schr Mary tC, Campbell, Id hours from Bodega;
50 bxs butter, to Ross & Hewlett. '
rt: Schr ■ Moro, Jorgenson, ■60 hours ■ - from ; Co
qullle River; 100 tons coal and 500 M shingles, to
J S Kimball. . ■ - % •;- •„- -.- . f
; Schr 3 Webfoot," Donnelly, 7 days from Colum
bia River; lumber, to Simpson Lumber Co. ;i i
Schr i Maxim, s Olsen. 1 4 > hours ' from Caspar;
150 Mft lumber, to Caspar Lumber Co. ■.::■-■ ■ ~
1 •■■ Schr Archie and Fontle, Colstrup, 11 hours from
Stewarts Point; 100 eds bark, to Hlgglnj & Col
-1 s. ■ »
Schr Mary Etta," Wetzel, 24 hour* from Iver
sens Landing; 80 eds' wood,' to N Iversen.
saile-!. V
- r SUNDAY, August 16.
Stmr Columbia, Bolles, Astoria.
Stmr National Cltv.. Andresen, Eureka.
Gership Christine, Warneke, Mlstley.
Bark Kate Davenport, Reynolds, Port Blakeley.
. Schr Maggie C Russ. Jacobsen ; Champerico. • - J
Schr James A Garfield, Palmgren. Wlliapa Har
. Schr (.'has R Wilson, Johnson, Aberdeen. .
. SchrW F Jewett, Johnson, Sand Point and Unga.
Schr Mary Dodge, Hansen, Kahului.
POINT LOBOS. August 16-10 p. it-Weather
hazy : wind SW; velocity. - 12 .uuoi.
Domestic Port*.
ASTORIA— Aug 16— Stmr Alice Blanch
ard. for San Francisco. ,.
SEATTLE— Arrived Aug 16— Stmr Portland, fm
sml»> I Aug 16— Bktn Katie Fllcklnger.
MENDOCINO-Sallea Aug 16 — Stmr Point
Arena, for San Francisco.
ROCK PORT— Sailed Aug 16— Stmr Albion, for
San Francisco.
FORT BRAGG— Arrived Ang 16-Stmr Rival,
hence Aug 15. ■ - ■ :■■■-<■ . ■. • ■ :. .
TATOOSH — Passed Aug 16-Stmr Mackinaw,
hence Aug 13. for Tacoma.
POINT REYES— Passed Ang 16— Bark Rufus
E Wood, from Seattle, for San Francisco,
Movement* of ; Trans- Atlantic Steamers.
NEW YORK— Arrived Aug 16-3tmr Fprnessla
from Glasgow; stmr Nuestrla, from Marseilles and
Naples; stmr Manitoba, from London.
:'-■= HAVRE— Arrived out Ang 16— stmr La Boor-
KOgne. ..:--■ ' v '
VtUEENSTOWN— SaiIed Aug 16— Stmr Lucania,
for New York.
GRAYS HARBOR— Per Del Norte-340 M ft
lumber, 94 pkgi shook s.' 2cs mdse. - *999G0MBp'JI
MOSS L AN DING-I'er Gipsy— l cs eggs, 810 sks
potatoes. - ...
; Watson vllle— 1 drum oil.
Salinas— 99s sks barley.
Blanco— sks barley.
Moro Cojo— B4s sks potatoes.
Santa Cruz— lß bdls calfskins, 8 bdls hides, 36
bxs green trult, 1 bx batter, 25 kegs beer, 500 bbls
lime. "
Sequel— 2 pkgs wheels,' 8 bxs apples.
. Pigeon Point— 4o cs cheese, s b.n butter.
Amesport— sks oats, 269 sks barley, '48 sks
chevalier barley, 218 sks beans, 102 sks potatoes,
84 sks peas, 6cs cheese, 2 bxs butter, 1 flkin but
ter. 1 bx apples. ' miiWlHy MM'flwrHWf
COOS BAY— Per Truckee— 4o6 tons coal, 5 Dkgs
hides, 55 piles. 59 bxs butter, . 12 cs cheese, 1 bale
flannel. 1 sk coin, 3 chsts 13 cs bottles, 30 empty
kegs. ..-....■■..■■.■
EUREKA— Per Pomona— lo bxs plates, lox
personal effects, 36 rolls leather, 320 bxs butter, 1
bx snice, 2 boilers, 1 cs gold sweepings,' 143 head
cattle, 1200 M shingles, 1 M ft lumber, 2 bbls Mm
water, 1 keg wine, 1 bx fruit, 8 pkgs express, 1 sic
coin, 10 doors. 1 bbl tinware, 5 cs cider.
. Burnells— l7 sks wool, 10 hf-sks wool. ;
hohnervllle — 16 sks lentils.
FORT BRAGG-Per Noyo— 1 bdl wheels, 1 bx
chickens, 1 bx mdse, 267,277 ft lumber. 1 bdl
bides. witaamaßs^gps¥B«ika4«MHHPMM
MENDOCINO-Per Point Arena— Lumber.
Point Arena— 37 bxs butter, Ics eggs. Ibx fish,
1 cs mdse.
Per Noyo— Waterhouse <£ Lester; Union Lumber
Co: SawyerTannlng Co. ■ ■< ■ .
Per Del None— is X Wood Lumber Co; Western
Basket Mfg Co. ;'." :
Per Gipsy— Goldberg, Bowen & Co; Wolf 4 Son;
Standard Oil Co: Thomas Loughran: ; H Dutard: A
w Fink A Co: Hammond A Brod: Hoialing & Co;
Kron fanning Co: Welle Bros &Co: PGimore; R
Martini & Co; Norton. Teller Co; Bassett Co:
Dairymen's Union: Hllmer, Bredhoft ASchulz: W
F Schultz; Brlgham, Hoppe A Co : H Cow^ll A Co;
A Galll I-ruitCo: Martin, Feusier &Co Wheaton,
Breon A Co. •^■MMMHtti*tMß*«ttQaaP
Per Truckee— J D Spreckels <t Bros Co: HII Sat
tler& Co: Simpson Lumber Co: Dairymen's Union;
Bandon Woolen- tntlls: Wleland Brewing Co: Bay
Cltv >olsl Works: Wells, Fargo A Co; Marshall &
Relmers-. Legallet & Hell wig. .
Per Pomona— Amer Press Assn: A F Brazil; A
Schilling A Co; A C Nichols A Co: Crane & Co; H
Jackson: CaTlbh ifc Green: Dairymen's Union;
Chas Nelson; Brigham, Hoppe <fc Co. FBHaight;
Higgles & Collins; Oregon Imp Co; Humboldt Mm
Water Co; H Moffat; McK«y & Co: I B Ingulla A
Co: Standard Oil Co: C E Whitney & Co; National
Ice Co: Wheaton, Brton & Co; Wells. Fargo A Co;
West Carb A G Co: Getz Bros A Co: Hills Bros:
Arctic Oil Works; Kowalsky <t Co: *' Hansen: Pac
Coast Lumber, and ' Mill Co: Tillmann Bendel;
Marshall, Teggart & Co: Thos Denlgan, Son A Co;
Christy & Wise; Norton. Teller A Co ; sellers Bros.
' tvr Point Arena— O B Smith <fc Co; F BUalght;
Standard oil Co; Ross & Hewlett; Baker & Hamil
ton: Dairymen's Union; Martin, Feusier <fc Co;
Wilson A Baechtel. . '.
$6 Second Class, $12 First Class.
■ Columbia sails!..... Aug. 16, 26, Sept. 5, IS, 25
Elate of California sails
..V..:.'. .......Aug. 21, 31, Sept. 10, 20, 30
From Bpear-st. Wharf (Pier 24) at 10 *. it
GOODALL, PERKINS <fc CO.. Genl. Supts.
F. V. CON M OK, General Agent,
630 Market street.
1 Broadway wharf, San Francisco, asSSaCsE
follows: , ■ ..•• .'..■- -
;• For Mary Island, 'Lorlng, Wrangel, Juneau, Kil-
llsnoo and Sitka (Alaska), at 9 A. M., Sept. 11, 26.
-For .Victoria and Vancouver (B. C), Port Town-
send, Seattle, Tacoma, Everett, Anacortes and
New W. atcom ( Bellinzham Bay, Wash.), 9a.; X. I
Aug. 2, 7, 12, 17. 22, 27, and every fifth day there- j
after, connecting at Vancouver with the C. P. R. ]
R., atTai oma with N. P. R. X., at Seattle with U.
N. Ky., nt Port Townsend with Alaska steamers. ,
For iOureka, Area' a and Fields Landing (Hum.
bold Bay) str. I'omona 2 p. if., Aug. ' , 5. 9. 13,
17, 21, 25, 29. and every fourth day thereafter. ■ ;
For Santa Cruz. Monterey, San Simeon, Cayucos,'
Port Harfonl (Han Luis Oblspo), Gnviota, Santa
\Barbara, Ventura, Hueneme, San Pedro, East San
Pedro (Los Angeles) and Newport, at 9 a. m. Au-
gust 3, 7, 11, 16, 19, 23, 27, 31 and er«ry fourth
day thereafter. > ■ ,:./■- ■ ,
For San Diego, stopping. only at v Port Hartord 1
(San : Luis Obispo), -anta Barbara, Port : Los An-
Redondo (Los 'Angeles) and Newport. 11'
a. m. August 1, 5, 9, 13, 17, 21, 26, 29 and every!
fourth day thereafter. . >, ■- ; -
For Knsenada, Han Jose del Cabo. Mazntlan, La
Paa • and Quay mas (Mexico), steamer Orizaba, 10
a. m. August. 27, and 26th of each month there-
after. ", •■,■■■- ■■•.-•:• .-. ..■■......
Ticket office, Palace Hotel, 4 New Montgomery
street. ■•-.■-• ■■- :■■-. ■■■ .. ■' ■ . •.-,..■.
GOODALL, PERKIN'S A CO., Gen'l Agents,
10 Market si., San Francisco.
- NEW ZEALAND, fl iay :;'
S. ; a MONO WAI sails via ■ HONOLULU and
AUCKLAND for SYDNEY. Thursday, August 20.
at 2p. m. : :'.:.■ . > ■■■ ■ ; ■ ■ ...... ... . ■-„--■
. a a. AUSTRALIA for HONOLULU only, Satur .
day. August 29, a:. 1 0 a. m. Special party rates.
South Africa.' '.-■>.-■ ■- ■-■■.■ . ,-:.. o- 4 ..? .- ; .-,.j > =,-:>.-. •
- '-"■■ -■- ■'■• 11 Montgomery street.
: Freight Office, 327 Market st., San Fraucisco.
■■ ' '' :Frencr»'*'Lln'»-to'HaTrr'«.':- ■
\J Kiver, foot of Morton st. Travelers by fiipßw
this line avoid both transit oy English railway
the discomfort of crossing the channel in a small
boat. ■ New YorK to Alexandria, Egypt, via Part*
tirst-ciass $160: second-class, $lltt. , . „ ,
LA GASCONS E........ .:;...'...... Aug. 22, 9 A. M.
LI Ss«o«vv.//:::::::55flLt $££
LA NORMANDIK Sept 12 6 a i"
LA T0URA1NE. ......;......;. ...Sept. 19, 7 a. i.
tST For fuither particulars apply to « ; .
>,^;..." . ,- „, „ , A. FOKGKT. Agent,
, _ „„„ >o 3 - Bowliiiß Green, New Yorlc.
avenge, San Francisco. - A **™> * ■*«*"<«.»
, For San , Francisco and All Pacific Coast
: Ports. •
Ths Al Clipper Ship. .—..-... .:...; w'm. H. MACT
. - . Amesbury, Master. y
The Al Clipper Ship:... . „.........a. J. PTJLLEB
Insurance effected at lowest rates.
.t^e r t. f N'. 1 w ht Vo B r P k Ply " "^ * oo - 68 Broad
; * C.M&,^S s?ree?' C 0; X * CHAPMAN I
•Bcnida, *Part Cosia. *(mk<tt and *Valona.
..- ':*-■: STB. MONTICELLO. E '
a «^ ?S. :^ A ' *- 4:00 p. v - (Saturdays ♦•in:3o
- *■?•)> ' , 30 p.m. Sundays 8 p. it. : only. V Offices
end landing. Pier 2,Mlssionst.;.Telephon9".BlacK
; "i- and 8 trips only. ' HATCH BHO.-.
*4and 8 p. k. trips only.
«* Excursion trip. Gives 5 hoars at Navy-yard.;
kJ a. 10 A. it. T (Sundays exempted); 'Alviso d»lly at i
7p. S if. ; (Saturdays excepted). Freight and - Pas- i
ani'V" a • re _ «' ween : B*°8 *° Francisco and Al vis*']
» 1 t *. s * l >TJose,' 76c.- relay st., -Fin -I. 20 W.
fortnightly for the West Indies and ««■■
Southampton, - calling en 3 route at Cerbourßh.
France, and Plymouth to land passengers.
Through bills of lading, in connection with th«
Pacific Mail S. S. Co., issued for freight and treas-
ure to direct ports in England and Germany.
I Through tickets from San Francisco to Plymouth,
Cherbourg, Southampton. First class, $195; third
class, $97 50. For further particulars apply to
- PARROTT A CO., A cents.
• '■•■" 3OP California nt.
Leave Pier No. 3, Washington St.,
At 6 F. M, Daily. .Freight received up
.to .»:30 P. M. :
jw- Accommodations -Reserved by Telephone.
T. C. Walker, J. D. Peters,
Mary Garratt, . City of Stockton.
Telephone Main 803. Cat. Nay. and Impt. Co
TrnlM* leave »ml nr« tine to arrive nt
BATi - From Juke 7. 1896. — arrivi
•6:OOa Nilcs. San Joae and Way Stations. . . ! J»t
7jOOAAUantloF.xpress.Og.lon and lOaat.. ■ •■■
7:OOa Benicia, VacaTiUe, Rumsey. Sacra-
mento, OroTille and Redding rim m . Atir
Daris ..........••••••• • s *»*
7i»o a Marti net,' San' Rainon,' Napa, Calls-
toga and Banta Rosa •••••• •*U»»
•iB»a Niles, San Jose, Stockton, .lone.
Sacramento, Mary*'"'* and Re . ,_ A
81uff.....-..........;..... •t.tSt
•StSOA Peters and Milton.. ••-■•• 7sl0 «
•t«o a Los Angeles Express. Fr«mo, Santa. ..
Barbara and Los Angeles 1 US?
•:00a Martinez and Stockton i'.tst
•:00a Vallejo a.'J'W
l:OOp Niles, ban Joiio and LlTeraiore .2,ont
•I:OOp Sacramento RiTer Steamers.... *£!;![_
1 1 2 30p Port Costa and Way Stations........ tT»*a*
«i«Ui> Martinez. San Ramon, vallejo.
Napa, Calistoga, El Verano an*
Santa Rosa ■■■-•■.- ll °*
••••r Benicia, Vacavnie, . Woodland,
Knights Landing, Marysrill6» . ■ ,
OroTille and Sacrameuto ......... ••»•*
«iMr Niles, San Jose, LiTermore and
Stockton ;........: ;■■;;• 7115 *
. 4sS*r Merced. - Berenda, Raymond ; (for - .
Yosemite) and Frerno IX*«M|
9t—r New Orleans Fresno. Bakonv
fleld, Santa Barbara, Angeles.
iteming, El Paso, New Orleans and .. .. ,
Saat •• : l#il«4i
Si«*r SauU Fe Route, Atlantic Express
for MoJaTe and East.. : ! 5 *
BiOOp Vallejo ............••••••• 11i45a
' •:OOi> European Mall, Ogden and East.... 9:45 a.
•iOOi> Haj wards. Nllesaud Han Jose 7:*s*.
f7too p Vallejo .....;.:......:..- t7-.4»r
7iOVp Oregon Express, Sacramento, Marys-
Tille, IRjilding, Portlsud, Puget •
• Bound and East Hh4Bii
' — SASTA_<:UI % DIVISION (Narrow «ianpe). '
143 a Santa Cruz Excursion, HanU Cruz ,
and Principal Way Stations l»«*3lj
1 ■iISa Newark, Centerville,Nun,lose,Felton,
Boulder Creek, Santa Cruz and Way j
Stations..... Oliver
•Sslsr Newark, Centerville, San Jose, Now
Almaden, Felton, Boulder Creek,
Santa Cruz . and Principal Way
Stations *lliao«
|4ilSp Newark. San Jose and Los Ciatos. ... *J9isoa.
_ COAST DIVISION (Third * Townsend SU.)
-< *«:43a San Jose and Way .Stations (New '
Almaden Wednesdays only) 0:47*
f7fS*A Sunday Excursion for San Jose.
Santa Cruz, Pacifio Grore, and -
Principal Way Stations IfllB3^
•till a San Jose, Tres Finos, Santa Cms.
?acilio Grove, Paso Robles, Sa*
Jf,ni» Obispo, Guadalnpe and Prin-
cipal Way Stations 7t«sr
r»**7A Palo Alto and Way Stations fl:3op
O:4O* San Jo- -?d Wny Stations B:OOp
11:30 a Palo Alto and Way Stations.. 3:30*
. *a:3op San Mateo, Menlo Park, Saa Jose*
Gilroy, Tres Pinos, Santa Cms,
Salinas,Monterey and QcOrovo *IQ:4©A
•S:»Op San Jose, Pacific Grove and Way _
5tati0n5......... ;.. *l;3O*
•4:30p San Jose *uil Way 5tati0n5......... »»:u«Ja
' 3:30p San Jose and Principal Way Stations •8:4»a
6:30p San Jose aud Way Stations : ! ; » a
Hl:43p Ban Joge ami Way Stations/........ t7:-S."»p
<*O:OOa "I " ( 7: ISA
8:00 a I t9:4.">A
iolooi MelM«, 8e«I«»ry P«rk, I stil»t
"b-oSp Flte bart,S«*L«iiidr. % s&l*
« -« " Z%l
»3g B»y W .rds. «:J«J
7:OOp v 8:4"S?
B'OOP' 9*43 i
. 9:OOp i Bans through to Niles. io-s(ip
ttll':lsp; * From Niles. [ ftl2:oot
Prom SAN /KIKCISCO— Foot or Market Street (Slip 8)—
•7:15 '. 9:00 11:00 a.M.. M. |l:00 *2:00 . J3:0l
•i:00 tS:CO, *6:00p.m. j:
from OIIUKD—Foot of Broad *»/.-— : .■ ■ e-.00 8:01
10:00 a.m. $12:00 *l:08 $8^)0 *3:C3 " ti:0«
t »5:00r.M. - • ■ ' -■• •. -'■':',
A for Morning. - P for Afternoon.
* Sundays excepted. 'SBS3S6''' • . t Saturdays onl*
'■■'- 1 Sundays only.
it Monday, Thursday and Saturday nights only. -
§ Saturdays and Sundays for Santa Cruz.
if Sundays and Mondays from Santa Crua.
Slbnron Ferry-Foot of Market St.
" San Francisco to San Rafael.
WEEK DAYS— 7:3O, 9:00, 11:00 A.M.; 12:81
8:80, 6:10, 6:30 F. v. Thursdays— Extra trt«
at 11:30 p.m. Saturdays— Extra trip* at 1:M
and 11:30 p. m.
BUNDAYS-7:30, 9:30, 11:00 a. m.; 1:30, 3:3%
6:00, 6:20 p.m. .«-.-«,
San Rafael to San Francisco.
WEEK DAYS— 6:IS, 7:60, 9:10, 11:10 a. M.«
,12:45, 3:40, 5:10 p. m. Saturdays— trlni
at 1:55 p. v. and 6:36 p. m. "^
SUNDAYS— 7:3S, 9: " 5> 11:10 A. M - : 1:40, 3:40,
Between San Frnncisco and Bchnetzen Park ■«""
schedule as above. v '... .- . ""—
ean^ranglsca Tn »#«J ' I San Arrive "
Ban Francisco. A pr"^ San Franolsca
Day». I days, "esttnatioa^ BAYa^ ( Day%
1 :30 am 7:30 am Novato, 10:40 am! 8:40 Alt
8:30 pm 9:30 am Petaluma, 6:05 pm 10:10 ax
6:10 pm 5:00 pm Santa Rosa. 7:30 pm 6:15 PiC
m « ' I Fulton, ■
7:30 am Windsor, 10:10 All
. 8:80 pm 7:30 am[ Cloverdale. 7:30 6:15 nt
7:30 am Hopland & 10:10 AM
,8:30 pm 7:80 am Uklah. 7:80 rM 6:15
7:30 am I 110:10 am
7 :30 am uernevllle. 7 :30 |
3:80 PM - ..•■:. I . I 6:18
7:30 am 7:30 am Sonoma 110:40 am 8:40 am
6:10 pm 6:00 pm J Glen Ellen. | 6:06 pm 6:15 PM
7:30 am i 7 :30 am] SAh _-,« _, 110:40 am 1 10:10 AM
8 .30 pm 1 5 :00 pm ! 8eb »»topol. | 6 :Oa rM | 6 :15 PM
Stages connect at Santa Rosa for Mark West
-Springs; a: Geyserville for Skaggs Springs: at
Cloverdale for the Geysers; at Pieta for Highland
, Springs, Kclseyvllle, Soda. Bay and l^akrport; at
Bopland for Lakeport and Harriett Syringt: at
TJkiah for .Vichy springs, Saratoga Springs, Bins
■ . Lakes, Laurel Dell Lake, Upper La^e, Homo, Potter
1 Valley. John Day's, « Riverside, Llerley's, Buck-
Bell's, Sanhedrln Heights.' Hullville, Boonevttle,
'Greenwood, Orr's Hot Springs. Mendocino City,
Bragg, Wsstport, Usal, . Wlllets, Cahto, C«*
VSio, iAytonvlile, Harris, Scotia and Kureka.
■ Saturday to Monday round-trip tickets at reduce*
fates. : , . . ....-.,. „
- 1 On Sundays round-trip tickets to all points bs*
- jrond San Rafael at half rates.
■ Ticket Offlcos, 650 Market St., Chronicle bntldUMv
' : • • ' Gen. Manager. Gen. Pass. Agent
Trains leave an.l arrive 1: §I^M??§t?s§P^l
Market-Street Ferry. iK^*^?*?^^**^
To Chicago via A. * I' •Xz£fs~j&S££^^
Leaves every ' day; at 5 p. m.. carrj .ii«; : i-uliiuan
Palace '. Drawing-room sii>ei-ers, also Modern Up-
holstered Tourist Sleeping-cars, with clean linen
and bedding and in charge of a porter, run dally
through to Chicago via Kansas City. Annex cars
for Denver and St. Louis. ■■ . .
♦ Persona' ly conducted Boston Excursions - via
y-*nBas City, Chlcaxo, ' Montreal . and th« Whits
Mountains leave every Wednesday.
The best -railway from California to tbe East.
New rails, new lies; no dust: interesting scenery:
and good meals in Harvey's dining-rooms. ; ■
Ticket Office— 644 Market Street,
• ; . ' Glirouiolo liUilUiuj.
Telephone Mais 1531. :
(Via Sausalito Ferry). *
From San Francisco, > oni!n>*ncln2 June 15, 1893.
For Mill Valley and : San Rafael - 7:00 •8-op
•9:16 10:15, 11:45. A. M.; *1:45, 3:^o. 4:15,
6:16, :00. -i:35 p. M. ' .„ .
Extra trips for San Rafael on Mondays, wednes-
aaysnnd Saturdays at 11:30 p. m. : ■
- - ■■ ...-, : SUNDAYS. :. . ■■ -■-
For MiU Valley and San Rafael— *B:oo, »9:oa,
♦10:00, 11:30 a. M.;*»li!:3J. "1 60, *2:1B, *4:00,
6:30, 6:45,8:30 p.m. Mixira trip to Sausalitoas
"11:00 a. M. ■■■:■! ''■■'■ "■-■ ■-■-.■.-•"'.; ■ v."
Trains' marked ;•; run' to San Quentin. **12:30
p. M does not run to Mill Valley. v •' •
For ( Point ' Reyes :'. ana way ;• stations — 9 a. m.
Bandars. .■■ ;; -.■■■■■■■" „- : -■■..-,
"For/Point Reyes, Cazadero and ' way stations—
8:00 a. it. Sundays; 1:45 c. x. weekdays.

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