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Two Carloads Now Being
Fed at His San Mateo
Large Pack of Thoroughbred
Hounds Accompanies ths
Soon the B ingum Hills Will Echo
j With the Sound of Horn and
Yep .
• REDWOOD CITY, Cal., Dec. 19.— Much
wonderment has teen created of late
among the people of Redwood City and
vicinity by the unusual and extraordinary
sight of a large pack of full-blooded fox
hound?, accompanied by two horsemen,
passing to and iro through this City and
neighborhood. Inquiries as to whence
they came and whither they went de
veloped that the pack, composed of some
fifty or more houtn'.s, belongs to Waller b.
Hob«rt of San Mateo, the young million
aire horse-owner, who imported them
direct from England. Tiie two men ac-
companying them in their ramDlings are
trainers who are putting them into con
dition to chase the wily fox.
In securing this pack, Mr. Hobart, who
is a true sportsman, has taken another
means of gratifying a whim and securing
pleasure for himself and his friends. To
have everything in keeping, he has also
imported two carloads of foxes from
England, so that in a short time the
denizens in and about San Mateo will
imagine, by the blast of horns, the baying
of hcunds and the scurrying to and fro of
men and women, mourned on fleet-footed
steeds, that they are indeed back in old
England. Mr. Hobart never does any
thing by halves so long as money will
secure his ends. He is perfectly equipped
for enjoying the sport of fox hunting to its
full extent, being the ownor of some of the
best hurdle-jumping horses in the conntiy,
just the tlnn^ for a cross-country run
wnere the fences are gateless.
It is safe to say that as soon as the
hounds get in condition, the hills on the
Hobart estate, back of San Mateo, will
witness many a fox run to earth, whose
brush .will afterward adorn the apart
ment of the one fortunate enough to be
in at the death.
How the San Mateo farmers will regard
the innovation is a mooted question. The
foxes that e?cape the hounds are quite
likely to nirke it interesting for the
grangers' fowls.
Wife of an Elderly Capitalist E/cpes
. With Her Husband's Good-
Looking N:p L ew.
TORTLAND, Or., Dec. 19. -Philip J.
Young, an eliiejly and wealthy philan
thropist of Albina, a suburb cf this city,
is '.he disconsolate victim of a handsome
but faithless wire and a treacherous j
nephew, Claude Barker by name.
Barker, who is 23 years ola, came to
Portland from Hancock County by invita- I
tion of his uncle" three months ago, and ;
Mr. Youpg intended to start him la ,
business. On Sunday last, Claude, his |
aunt, and the latter's child, went to As
toria on a visit, Mrs. Young taking a
la r ge sum of money with her. They
never came back.
This morning Mr. Young received a let
ter Ironi his wife that nearly broke bis
l.cart.- It was written from San Francisco,
and stated tliat she, Claude and her little I
child were there. Instend of returning j
.from Astoria t 1 ey had taken passage on a j
s;e:iraer and pone to California.
Mr?. Your.c made a complete confession
of the love she and Claude bore to each
other, and said they had concluded that
it was impossible for" them to live apart. !
She begged for forgiveness and asked her
husband not to attempt to separate them, j
for it would be of no avail. They had
had sufficient funds to keep them fora
few weeks, and by that time Claude
hoped to obtain employment of some
kind. She also intimated that their stay
in San Francisco would be erf short dura
tion, but said nothing ot their intentions
as to the tuture.
The duped old gentleman left for San
Francisco to-nij»ht, and will spend any
sum of money to locste the couple. He
is resolved to send Claude to the peni
tentiary if be can succeed in doing so.
"Anils" Sleet nt Mtdrttlo to Petition the
. y Jjfgialaturr. •
' MODESTO, Cal., Dec.l 9 .—A meeting
to discuss the irrigation difficulties was
held here to-day. Ths meeting was an-
nounced as an anti-irrigation gathering
for the purpose of adopting resolutions
outlining proposed legislation, but many
favoring irrigation were in attendance at
the opera-house, apparently as specta
tors. .
A. F. Underwood was chosen as chair
man and Robert Miller secretary. After
some speech-making, principally by the
attorneys for the anti-irrigators, resolu
tions were presented asking the coming
Legislature to allow the Turlock and
Modesto districts to surrender com
pleted works owned by the districts to a
corporation, company or individuals upon
the return to the p?op:e of all bo.ids sold
by the districts. This virtually means a
surrender of what has been accomplished
since the formation of the di-.tr.cts in 1887.
This called forth a hot discu-sion between
the "antis" and the friends of the irriga
tion law. The resolution waß adopted.
Another reso ution was j.res-nted and
adopted asking ni«* Legislature to refund
the bonds, makim them iorjy or tilty
year instead of twenty year bonus.
Fir ft lumber of the Ennineering Jour
nal boon to Appear.
Vl9V 19— The engineering students here are
gratified over the success of their efforts
to establish an engineering journal. Con
tributions to the first number are now be-_
ing received by those in charge, and it is
probable that' the journal will make its
appearance in the ; early; part .of,, next
semester. It is the intention of the di
rectors to devote the new periodical ex
clusively to engineering subjects, ana
especially those of importance and -inter
est to Stanford engineering students. •- It
Is also believed that the journal wi 1 offer
encouragement to original researcu and
study along engineering lines by jriying
such work publicity and permanency.' .;..
The successful establishment of such a
journal is chiefly due. 10 the efforts of the
laculty members of the engineering de
partments and T 10 the engineering duos.,
G. R. Greenleaf is editor-in-chief andC'*
F. Aaron '97 business manager. The
editor iB assisted, by a staff of directors
elected by. the several clubs.
.'Telephone Jessie* 1411. . t
An Extra Special
(lS|. for the
im Holidays
'§; jl| All of the
■f^j|| Best Brands of
i i^a " \ Imported
rolk Quarts,
i m $2.70
ll] I 1'!I 1 '! i|Hl Pints,
ISUi $l - 43
I 4^V II Tommery Sec,
pW G. H. Mumm,
»H\ \ -JtC 9 I Dr y Monopole,
s^~!*?~l George Goulet,
■*••'.' jtt**ctt Bouche Sec,
Veuve Cliquot. '
This offer is for Christmas Week
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PORIUM patrons. That as many
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We buy Perfume by the
gallon, Sachet ; : Powder by the
barrel. No old stocks, here-—
this is our first Christmas. A."
Finest French Fancy Atomizers j
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or two bottles in handsome presenta-
tion boxes. Prices range upward
from - :............ :50c
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Waters, in boxes of 2 bottles each.
Per box ; ...............:.:.50c
Suicide of an Embezzler
at a Farmhouse Near
Takes Strychnine After Driving
Away 0 ficers Bearing
a Warrant.
Was Wanted in Illinois for Purloin-
ing Money Belonging to His
STOCKTON. Cal., Dec. 19.— James R.
Shepherd of Quincy, 111., who was wanted
by the Sheriff of Adams County, of that
State, on a charge of embezzling $800 be
longing to his employers, lies dead at a
farmhouse near Lodi, and Sheriff Cun
ningham is the maddest man in San
Joaquin County at what he declares to
have been the bungling work of the Lodi
Constable, and the Illinois Sheriff, by
which Shepherd was given the opportun
ity to commit suicide.
Sheriff Cunningham on Thursday re
ceived a telegram from Sheriff A. H.
Roth of Adams County asking him to
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Holiday Glove Talk.
. are sold entitling the
holder to'as many pairs
of Gloves as the order
_, calls for. , This .is the
nicest way of making
a Christmas : Glove
present. Here are two
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Perrin's 2-clasp heavy Real Kid Walking
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colored tops, pink, blue, cardinal and
lavender, the regular 50c quality, at 3
pairs for 1............. .........$l.OO
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Hermsdorf dye, Richelieu ribbed, with
colored silk embroidered fronts, a 50c
stocking, at..... ...'..., ................. 43c
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heel and toe, a stocking always sold at $1
a pair, holiday price..... ............73c J
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' opera shades, nile, pink, blue, yellow, car- !
I dinal, lavender, white and black, lace I
I ankles, regular value $1.25 a pair, Holi-
1 day Price...... ..................98c
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boots with zebra lace stripe, extreme j
novelties, an exceptional value at •$ 1.25,
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j stocking bought to sell for $1.75, but the
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25 in a box
American Girl $1.00
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f0i1..... 2.50
El Cerafina, clear Havana, in ; tin ' "
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Robert Burns Cigars, in fancy varnished
boxes, silk lined, with lock and &A mf\
key, box of 50............... «4>*f-.3U
■■■'■■. - ■-. • '.'." '.' ■■/ '
We have an exceptionally LARGE
stock of PIPES and -SMOKERS'.
ARTICLES at prices positively
unmatchable for equally as' good
qualities. I
arrest Shepher I, who was supposed to be
with his brotiier near Lodi. As the pro
visions of section 1549 of the Penal Code
are very explicit and recite that the na
ture of the crime, where it was com*m it
ted and a description of the man must be
civen, Sheriff Cunningham, on the ad
vice of District Attorney Nutler, tele
graphed for the required information.
This was received this forenoon and the
proper warrant issued. Deputy Sheriffs
Black and Wall were entrusted with the
task of arresting Shepherd. On their way
to Lodi they met Constable Coleman of
that place and Justice of the Peace Wal
lace, who informed them that Shepherd
had driven them away at the point of a
pistol and then committed snicide.
It seems that the Illinois Steriff had
notified Coleman by telegraph to arrest
Shepherd, ami the Constable, disregard
ing the formalities of law, had started to
do as requested. Uefound the man wanted
for embezzlement working in the fields of
his brother, Alexander Shepherd, six
miles from Lodi. When told that he was
wanted, Shepherd denied that he was the
embezzler, but offered to go with the offi
cers. He said that he desired to put on
another suit of clothes before going to
Loai, and Coleman, knowing that Alex
ander Shepherd bore an excellent repu
tation, permitted the brother to go into
the house to change bis clothes and shave
himself. Shepherd returned presently
with a 38-caliber pistol and leveling it at
the Constable and Justice of the Peace, he
compelled them to get into the buggy and
drive away. He tnen returned into the
hou-e and took a dose of stryennine,
which he evidently carried with him in
anticipation of being arrested.
When the Deputy Sheriffs arrived on
the scene about 3 o'clock Shepherd's
body was still warm, but life was extinct.
The body was brought to the Stockton
Morgue to-night.
Capluvd at Btrendrt.
STOCKTON, Cal., Dec. 19.— Sheriff Cun-
Close Rolling All-silk Umbrellas $2.65
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Full Dressed "Trilby Dolls," 15 inches long 95c
Are-Classed among the most attractive of HOLIDAY GIFTS. OUR offerings in
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150 Lynx Hair Sets, Collarette and Muff,
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WEEK -7 3l>
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TgjgfejpTHISWEEK gscg 5c
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TABLE COVERS, Tapestry, Chenille,
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Pillows, at 60c
Sateen-Covered Down -Filled 22x22
Pillows 75c
Silk-Covered Cushions, very handsome
$2.00, $2.50, $3.00
Cushions in white, from 20c up
Curtain TDepartment, Second Floor.
Mail orders shipped the day order is received.
Every price advantage is given the out-of-town
customer that folks who can come to the store
ningham to-day arrested J. and H. W.
Harrington at Berenda. They are wanted
in Stockton on a charge of havine stolen
n horse and buggy belonging to Reynolds
& Turner, liverymen.
Excellent Quality Resembling Anthracite
Found Seven Miles From
the Ciif.
SAN JOSE, Cal., Dsc. 19.— While exca
vating for a tunnel on the extension of
the railway in Alum Rock Park, seven
miles east of the city, several veins of
cood quality of coal were discovered.
The veins are from one to two inches in
thickness, and it it believed that a large
deposit of coal lies beneath the veins that
were uncovered. Several specimens have
been secured and tested. They are very
brittle and hard, resemble anthracite and
burn excellently. The . indications are
such as to justify the belief ttiat a large
coal bed exi.-ts, and in all probability bor
ings will be made.
Bartol Ortega Procures a Warrant for
Hi* Vff sprint' t Arrtst.
SAN JOSE, Cal., Dec. 19.— Martin Or
tega, a young tough, who has figured
prominently in the city courts, has been
charged with insanity by his father, Bar
tol Ortega. Orteca alleges that last night
his son, who bad been drinking, became
violently insane and attacked him with a
club. He was finally overpowered and
tied. The father came to town to secure
the boy's arrest. Deputy Constables Cas
tro and Sturcke went to the Ortega home,
on Whitney and Margaret streets, but
come of the other children had cut Martin
loose and he was gone. The boy is a des
perate character and in his frenzy badly
oeat his father.
* Bawheyes Hill Celebrate.
SAN JOSE, Cal., Dec. 19.— The Hawk
eye Club of this city will celebrate the
,25 Handsome Black Fur COLLAR-
ETTES, made in the' very latest styles,
fine fancy silk lining, high flaring storm
collars, regular price '• is 10. 50, and a
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choice whole skins, full £s^y'
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ones, THIS WEEK '
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22 inches long, the $15 ones, THIS
WEEK $12.00. . ,
Extra choice quality French SEAL
j CAPES, full cartwheel cut, handsome
! fancy silk lining: <-•".
18 inches long, the $22.50 ones; THIS
WEEK 518.00. ; . *
22 inches long, the $25.00 ones, THIS
WEEK $20.00. 1 -
! Electric SEAL JACKETS, made in the
I very latest style; Box , Front,'- Re vers,
! Umbrella Skirt, New Sleeves, handsome
Silk Lining, barely distinguishable from
the Alaska Seal and" just as durable.
j PR1CE.... .....:. •• qKJU.UU
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:. V . If MEN'S Fine' HATS
a which is one of Hat-
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'in all the latest blocks— in colors and
— and is conceded by all who have
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Brown and Otter— sold elsewhere at $2
and $3.50. EMPORIUM prices,
$2 and $1.35.
fiftieth anniversary of the admission of
lowa into the Union as a State on Mon
day, December 28. Th^re wi'l be are
union uf fowans and a literary and musi
cal programme in the afternoon, conclud
ing with a banquet in the evening.
San Jose Grange Want* ,. the lAttle {
Songnters Guarded, -\ : .
SAN JOSE, Cal., Dec. 19.— San Jose
Grange to-day, discussed the question of
protecting robins and other friendly birds
from the ravages of hunters. 7 Robins do a
great deal of cood ,in • orchards and vine
yards by destroying injurious*, insects.
About this time of year they % hunted a
great deal and the hunters uo much dam
age to the trees and vines by shooting. A
committee, consisting of G. W. Worthern, '.
J. T. Pettitt and S. A. Durkee, was ap
pointed to see if an ordinance protecting
robins and other friendly birds could not
be passed by the Supervisors.^ « ■? .
It is also proposed to make hunting in
orchards without permission a misde
meanor. The committee will report next
Saturday. '. ■-, "-.i ■'/•'',•'■■■. ; -'~.- \ '■..••-• ."', Ji v"-"; :
Kelaey-ltteLaurln Contest.
BAN JOSE, CAI., Dec. 19.— Another
ground is now presented in the contest for
an Assembly seat between J. D. Kelsey
and J. J. McLaurin. Kelsey has tiled an
amended petition, in which he asks that
all the votes of Crandalville be thrown
out on account of. if regularity in that the
election officers neglected to comply with
the law in posting instructions to voters
in and about the election booths. The
hearing of the contest will begin next
Monday in Justice Dwyer's court.
J'etnhinm Want* an Appropriation
PETALUMA, Cal., Dec. 19.— About
fifty poultrymen and grangers of this
vicinity met here this afternoon, and con
ferred with Assemblyman Walter Price in
regard to legislation which the farmers
believe they are entitled to — an appropria
tion for the establishment in Petaluma of
a State experimental poultry station. A
Christmas Candies
Made in our own factory by ex-
perts — of best materials. Prices
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ment— all in fancy colors. '■'.*'• ::
Prices range 50c, 75c, 95c, $1.45,
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Heavy Silk Mufflers and Reefers-
white, black or colors— plain or brocaded.
The prices range from
75c to $4 Each.
A handsome line of Colored Border
Silk Handkerchiefs at the very special
price of '
* 45c Each.
1 Pure Silk Initial Handkerchiefs,
45c and 75c.
'-■ A special line of Lawn Hemstitched
Initial Handkerchiefs at
$2 perDo^en.
Men's Fine Dogskin GIoves— EMPO-
RIUM brand— in all the fashionable
shades— one clasp,
Men's Dress Kid Gloves, in all colors,
$7.55, $1-50 and $2.
Men's Castor Gloves, now in such de-
mand, . ,
o<jc, p. 25; $1.50 and $1.75.
bill will be pre-ented in the Legislature.
Representative Keegan and Senator Hoi
loway sent letters promising their support.
Difficult Surgical Operation Prevents a
Youth Frcm Choking to
VALLEJO, Cal., Dec. 19. -Dr. Lewis
Carpenter, proprietor of the Emergency
Hospitai, recently opened in this city, has
successfully performed the very difficult
surgical operation of tracheotomy on the
14-year-old son of Milo Farmer. The boy
had been treated for membranous croup,
which had developed to such an alarming
state that his attending physician pro
nounced the case hopeless.
Dr. Carpenter was calleil, and, taxing
with him a trained nurse — Miss E. M.
Walker, a graduate from the City and
County Hospital of San Francisco— they
hastened to ttie beasi'le of the apparently
dying boy, who was being rapidly choked
to death by a false membrane in the
larynx. The boy was suffering untold
misery and writhing in auony. There
was no tirr.e to be lost, and as soon as the
patient had been placed in proper position
the operation of tracheotomy was com
menced. This operation consisted of cut
ting into the larynx and inserting a tube
to relieve the suffocation.
An incision about two inches lonz was
made in the skin, the knife then cutting
through three riniis of the trachea. As
soon as the opening was made the violent
exertions of the boy :n breathing forced
pieces of the membrane out of the aper
ture. The boy began to reviv# and breathe
more freely. Then a tube was inserted
through the opening in the throat.
There are now strong hopes that the life
of the boy has been saved, as indications
poiot to the fact that the false membrane
lias been entirely thrown off.
Improvement* at J<tck*on.
JACKSON, Cal.. Dec. 19.— The Amador
County Bank building is nearing comple
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tion. This bank will be open lor business
in January. The new brick block of Weil
& Reno is almost completed. It is the
largest business house in Jackson. New
dwellings are being erected and occupied
as fast as built. The new National Hotel
h:s had a larire brick addition built. The
Glen Hotel has been raised one story and
is now ready for guests.
lntrrred at Santa Crut.
SANTA CRUZ, Cal., Dec. 19.— The fu
neral of Mrs. Anna M. Hoffman was held
from the residence on Mission Hill this
afiernoon. Tne services were conducted
by Rev. H. F. Briggs. Interment was
niade in Odd Fellows' Cemetery.
Dentli nt Santa Cruz.
SANTA CRUZ, Cal., Dec. 19.— John
Dnff, a contractor and builder, died sud
denly yesterday afternoon of Bright's dis
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