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The Leader of the Seventh
Ward Moves to the
Is Now a Neig: b r of His Oppo
nents in Politics, Denison
and Church.
No Mention as Y;t of a New Lv.der
for the East Portion of
the C.ty.

Oakland Off: c Sax Francisco Call,)
•JOS Broadway; June 15. )"
Ex-Mayor George C. Pardee has changed
his res deuce, an! this simplr- little act
has tut a new complexion on city and, to
a great extent, county politics.
For five years George Pardee has been
the autocrat of the Seventh 'Ward. In all
that time his wori has been law, and he
carried the delegation in his rocket in a
very practical manner. Every one found
ho tried it that it was useless to oppose
George Pardee. In the Republican coun
cil of that wari he had but to raisa his
finger and hasty obedience followed. As
ttie Seventh Ward is by far the largest in
the city Dr. Pardee controlled to a great
extent the politics of ins ballots of the
For five years any politician who has
eousht success in city government, and to
some extent in county government, has
f all taken care to secure the support
oi G-eorge Purdpo. Frank C. Jordan would
never have i een County Clerk had not
Dr. Pardee so ordained it. He not only
used hi* vo:ce, bai his influence on be
half of Jordan, and ns the doctor is a very
vrealthv man his influence is great.
Dr. Pardee also beet*. me the guardian
atißel oi Henry Di ton. The | presriu
County Assessor Couid never have been
elected tut for the support of George
Pardee. being in politics solely for the
fun of tne thing and being rich enough to
indulge in political warfare without any
desire for pecuniary reward, and coming
before the public at a time when the
a::ti-railri»nd sentiment was waiting for
some one to crystallize it, George Pardee
could do almost as he pleased. Th s was
as long as he redded in the Seventh
Now all this has changed. Dr. Pardee
has removed to the homo where
for many years lived his honored
father. It is in the Fourth Ward.
the home of Senator Deniso:i and of the
Church family, who have been as power
ful in that ward as Pardee in the Seventh,
anl as their politics are in opposition the
lumre is not easy to predict. While the
influence of George Pardee is null tied in
the Seventh Ward it is not easy to see how
he can obtain such a firm hold in the
Fourth Ward;
There are some wtio think that Dr. Par
dee has qu.t politics and will not again be
a^ard from. Thie, however, 19 not like
K.e man. The Mun:c:pal League, wlrch
was the executive branch of Tfr. Pardee's
cs, is still alive, and the doctor is
r.eressary to it. It is true that at the last
Republican City Convention Dr. Pardee
rece:ved Ins ri rst setback. Jubn Towle, a
candidate for Mayor, and Walter Mamie;,
n-.s candidate for chairman of (he con
vention, were neither of them successful.
and neither oi them is now in the City
C .ncil.
may be that George Pardee has had
i jugn of politics and has taken advan
ce of the opportunity of removal to
bia connection therewith. Certain
it is that County Clerk Jordan is gradu
■ "nroving- bis l'-nces in the direction
ol Dr. Pardee= opponents, and as Jordan
,rewd poht cian, tnis is prob
ably indica'ive of a desire not to retire
m o seclusion with his chief.
It is hurdiy likely that Dr. Pardee
wnl e a say the task of trying to obtain the
enormous prestige in the Fourth Ward
that he enjoyed in the Beranth.
Pro'essors B ackledge and Moran
Are at Outs Over tbe
Professor Koran's Quick Mov> That
L ft ih2 Other Oat in
the C) '£.
BERKELEY, Cal.. June 15.— suit
of Profebsor George Bates against Profes
sors Blr.ck'edge and Moian of the Peralta
University Academy is not the only
trouble which the pedagogues have met
with in settling tt;e;r affairs.
The diiS'. lution of partnership of Black
ledge and Koran was followed by an in
teresting little contest in which the
lortner came out second, wherein is
thought to lie the reason for his abandon
ment of the profession of tea«hing for
mining. The two prolessors did not
agree in the conduct of the E«jralta school.
Separation was therefore discussed be
tween them. Each had the same idea as
to what should be done after his relations
with the other had been severed. The
idea was to secure the bin Peralta Hall
for himself and carry on the preparatory
Professor Moran was the quicker at car
rying hi% intentions into eftect, however.
.So sooner were the articles of agreement
dissolving the partnership drawn up «nd
signed than he boarded a train for San
Francisco and secured a lease on the hall.
Then he returne i to Berkeley, ready to
carry on the Peralta school, of which he
is now the head. The other teacher ar
rived at the office of the owner of Peralta
Hall but a snort time after Moran had
completed his coup. He found the build
ing leased to his late partner, and has
gone to mining.
limn Printing;.
BERKELEY. Cal., June 15.— A sensa
tion was sprung at the meeting of the
Town Trustees ia*t nicht, when P. W.
Marquand appeared with copies of a daily
paver called the Daily Evening World.
He bid for the town advertising and
named a figure below that of any of his
competitors. The lowest of the old-
WUblUhad papfirs was the Gazette, which
ollered to do tie advertising for $1 and thd
tax list for 50 cents. The World's offer
was 30 cents (or .-ach. The present rate
I aid to the Gazette is 7 cents.
BERKELEY. Cm., June 15.— An annex
ation „,..,, was formed last night at Boiuh
, ci 7'n av;n? lljrils <*i«et the annex
ation of Berkeley to Oakland. P. J'ow
denvins , Cnoße l presid «"»t and J. W. Mil
n W ,?i tarv^^ commhiee, consisting of
Dr. William O'heii. E. J. La« gh an d C. B.
(...idsm.ih, was appointed to investigate
mattfr »«"in>ent regarding the
Leave* of / bsence
I P KI ; LKYi CAI - June 15 --President
J. W. Richards was granted six v .lavs'
lea re of absence last night by the Town
Trustees, Captain W. H Marston of Ward
L being cho«en pr*« <1 >n'l pro tern. Dr. li.
N. lloweil, Health Ollicer, was also giren
a month's leave o: uosence.
Lady Yarile-Buller Rttlm From Eng
land to .Secure a-i Americiu
Divoi cc.
OAKLAND, Cal.. June 15.— The regis- |
ter of the Me-roDole Hotel bears the in- I
scription, "The Honorable Mrs. L. Kirk
ham Yarde-Buller. England." Sb < is the !
divorced wife of Walter Yarde-Buller, a
brother of Lord Churston. She resides at
Churston^ Court, Devonshire.
Mrs. Yarde-Buller comes here at this
time with the intention of securing an
American divorce Lust Julr si.c began :
Droceedincs in England, wnict) attracted
world-wide attention. She charged her
husband with .statutory offenses and ex
treme cruelty. He mad • a counter-charge
of cruelty. She was granted a separation.
Found a Lost Mill.
OAKLAND, Cat... June 15.— Some time ,
ago proceedings wore begun In the Su- i
perior Court to wind op the affairs and
estate of the late Israel W. Knox. To-day
his will was found among some of his old
papers. It was at once filM with lie
County Clerk for probate. This wiil nul
lify ail proceedings heretofore taken. Mr.
Knox was formerly a wealthy man, own
ing what is fami i&rly known a» "Knox I
Park," and the site of Field's Seminary. j
All or this became mortgaged and finally |
lost to its owner. The petition asserts
that the estate is value! at a little over
$1000. His wife is to receive everything. >
He left a son, Charles, whom he pur
posely omitted. Charles Knox is now at
Surf Point.
Afro Americans "Will Celebrate.
OAKLAND, Cat.., June 15.— The colored
citizens to-day selected July 12 as their
day at the Alameda County Industrial
Exposition. They will present the pro
gramme upon the evening of that date
and will endeavor to make a good show
ins for their race.
The matter is in the hands of the Bethel
Lyceum, the leading literary organization ]
of this city. The commitue in charge
are: J. F. Summers (chairman), Rev. J.
E. Edwards, Edward Burns, Mrs. K.
Burns. Mrs. Sarah Collins, W. A. Clark
and Mss Ida Dis«*aiif. A meeting -a ill be !
held to-morrow nieht, at which time the :
programme and other arrangements will
be discussed.
Tidal Canal Nuisance.
OAKLAND, Cal., June 15.— City Attor
ney Taylor of Alaiueda has prepared an
ordinance which will be submitted to
both the Board of Trusees of his city and
the City Council of Oakland, which, if
passed, will go a lone way toward the
abatement of the stench in the tidal
The proposed ordinance makes it a mis
demeanor for any person "to cause or per
mit any dye or acid or other refuse, ether (
The Hermitage and the Place Where Leon Faure, th: Proprietor, Shct the Robber. The Cross
Marks the Pact Where the Eurgiars Escaped Over the Fence.
liquid or solid, resulting from the opera- j
tion of dyeing or taur.ing or pro tuced in 1
manufacture of ea ,", to be di«criareed j
directly or indirectly into the estuary.
Improvements the Order.
OAKLAND. Cat,.. June 15 —I he Frank- ;
lin School is to have thirty-six new win
dows, Lhirant t hirty-two, Tompcins
teen. Cole tnirty-ftix and Lincoln twenty
eight. Cement sidewalk, will be laid 00
Seventeenth street in fron: of the Garfield
School, wire netting placed over tt;e base
ment windows of the Harrison-street
School, retaining w.nll to be completed
around the Bwett School and painting of
all fences, >l.e<l«, etc.. to be done at the
Grove-street. Franklin, Tompkins, Claw
son. Grant, Lincoln and (Vntral s^
This was the order at the D->ard of E hi
cation meeting last night. Every ?cnool
to be place! in first-class condition before
the term opens in August.
Kgan "Won on a Foul.
OAKLAND, Cat... June 15 —The fight
between Michael Egan o; the Manhattan
Club of San Francisco and Char.es Tye at
the Acme Club rooms to-night was giver.
10 Egan in the fourth round on a foal.
The decision oi Tom KUeen of the Ifaxt
inittan dul>. who was referee, gay great
dissatisfaction, and the police jumped
into the rinji and the tignters were taken
E. J. Smith was given the decision over
J. Senr- of the Manhattan Club, after mx
rounus bed b;-en fought. This decision
was not satisfactory entier.
Alameda County Ifappenings Told in
ISrief Chapters.
OAKLAND. ('iL, Jme 10— Ma >famie C.
Bacou is confined to her nou>e by *lckness,
ht;nce her suit for iv.alntena.nce will go over
until after court vacation.
The Abraham Lincoln Social Club will pic
nic m Olenwood I'ark Tbmrwlajr.
Offirpr H. B. Rand has returned from Port
la tut. Or., wbere h« spent his vacation with
his son ami brother.
Kdward Leeds is on trial before Jndce Greene
and a jury for snatching a purs-e containing
$1 (J5 fiom Jennie Bier*.
Heury Slaughter, who embezzled $12 from
William hiaud, wss fined $Ot) or thirty days,
iv the Police Court 10-day.
R. Lane, charged with burglary In A'ameda,
was acquitted Dy a jury before Judge Eilswortu
to-Jay iur tne fourtn time.
R. B. B. York, City Expert, is looking over
the public records to find the exact amount of
ex-Pi>ilce Clerk Lambert's *horuge.
gpeeial Officer C. D. Lufkin w>n hitton by a
dog belonging to H. Router of HO Nineteenth
street, while welkins with a lauy iriend.
The flowers »t the Receiving Hospital were
removed to-day to provide ground for the in
sane annex. Building will proceed rapidly.
* Judec Al on seitenced William Graham to
sixty days' imprisonment for steailng - j air of
shoes from a local storo. At 'ho time ol the
theft a c.erk thrashed Graimm.
University Lodge No. 144, I. O. O. F., will
celebrate its twenty-ninth awtiiverssry with a
moonlight picnic at San Leandro Grove Thurs
day evening. A special electric train will
l»»v<> Fourteenth aod Fraukln streets at
7:15 V- M.
Belongs to One of the Men
Who Attacked the
"My God, I Am Shot!" He
Cried, anl Was D agged
Off b; Hs Pals.
— _____
Probability That H> Is Lying D ai in
On 3of the Canyons in That
Lonely District.
Oakland Offi't: San xt.ancipco Call,)
1)08 Broadway, June 15. J
A pistol with blood on it and some of
the cartridges discharged Has been found
near the Hermitage, and it is believed that
the two bold robbers who held up an
officer near the City Hall have been sep
arated. Indeed, it is probable that one is
now seriously wounded in some part of j
East O.iklan I.
The finding of Ihe pistol has been re
ported to the constables and they are try- ;
ing to find the owner, who is undonbtedly
one of the men who tried to rob the Her
mitage and shot at its proprietor a few
days ago.
The police have made application amoig
the doctors and at the hospitals and drug
s ores, b;it have not been able to obtain
a clew, l^eon Faure, the proprietor, is
certain that he injured one of the men.
ati'l believes that he is now being s-erret'd
somewhere in the neighborhood, certain
it is ih:it since the time of the attempt t'>
rob tbe Hermitage the long and the short
man have not been heard from.
Harry Crandall, who iound the revolver,
said: "I was considerably surnrisec 1 . to
find such a weapon lying alongside the
rosd. At first I thought some one had
tired o life and uteri it upon himself. I
ionnd in ;rks of blood upon the handle
and several chambers empty. It is %bu I
dog pattern and would have made >hort
work of any one it might have been
used on.
"I have reported the matter to Con
stable R >binson and he is hunting tor '.he
wounded robber. It is certain that one of
the men dropped it. af;er doing some
shooting around Faure's pine*, and who
ever it was must liavt! b?en badly wounded.
"It is not improbable that he may be
dead in some ravine near the Hermitage
if his friends did not succred in getting
him away. There are plenty of places.
within a few Hundred yards where a man
might crawl in o and be dead a hundred
years before he was found."
"I never heard such a yell of pain and
anL'ui?h in my life," saiu L?on Faure '.his
afternoon. "X know well enottxu that the
man was shot, and if my pistol had dons
its duty I would have cot the whole crowd.
That fellow is laid up somewhere around,
,and don't you for^ei it.
"The first 1 heard or the fellows was a
rattling of my doorbell downstairs. I was
sleeping just over it. mid as I rolled out of
.■«(! I called out, 'What do you want?'
Then a voice said : 'Hush; keep still; I'll
make him come down.'
'• 'I have no beds: tney are all taken,'
I said, but some one wuiiteJ me to come
down. I Buspicioned that a 1 was not
right, and called to them to fro along.
Then I heard one suggest 'hat they go to
the other house. That is on the north
end of the lot. With t bis I jumped into
a pair of pants and started downstair-'. I
went out into the yard, where it was dark,
and ran alone through the shrubbery 10
the entrance of the yard of the house they
mentioned. It has tiro doors, and when I
pot there two men, one a «-hori fellow and
the other taller, were at either floor.
"Without saving a word I snapped my
pistol, but it failed to go off twice. Tins
alarmed them and they ran. Then I saw
the third lellow. He ran west and out of
the gate through which they entered.
The other two ran around to the north or
the house, when I shot again. This is
when he cried out 'Oh! my God, I am
shot.' The two tumbled over the lence,
but 1 d.d not follow, lor 1 did not know
where the third man was. I was airaid
be might show up again.
"The next morning 1 lound blood and
footprints where they went over the
fence. Of course, I reported it to the po
lice at <>nee. 1 am sorry .ray pistol did
not go eff at the first attempt, for I would
surely h»»ve hit ali of them beforn they
coul'l have gotten away.
'If he is not a dead man pome one has
takei good care of him. Captain Fl-tcher
tola me he would notify nil physic ans
and the Reeti*ln« Hospital to in orm him
if they were called upon to dress a gun
shot wound. But, of course, he may be
ab.e to get treatment right hero in the
hi is find no one know it."
Companies A ami ¥ Arrange a Grand
Time f< r To-Night.
OAKLAND. Cal., June 15.— Companies
A and F, Fifth Infantry, N. G. C, Major
Hayes commanding, are going to have a
, grand opening of their new armory in the
Hook building Wednesday evening at 8
| o'clock.
About a month nco Major Hayes, after
; consulting Captain Poulterof Company A
and Captain Wethera of Company F, de
cided to look for new quarters. Tne Hook
| building was sighted, and aJter the floor
i had bten tested, everything else being sat
isfactory, it was decided to move in. The
place has been overhauled and refitted
from top to bottom, and it is safe to «ay
that not a neater place can be found any
where. At present Company A, Company
F, the Fiith Infantry band and the Fifth
', Infantry Hospital Corps occupy the ar
mory. It is fitted up with shower and
tub baths, and the large urill hall can be
used for a basset-ball or handball court.
\ The men are allowed the use of the ar
mory every day from 12 m to 10 p. m.
The commitiee in charge of the opening
exercises are Lieutenant C. C. Covolt,
Serceant Hintermeyer, Corporal Eeed and
Corcoral Poulter.
The admiseton will be by invitation
only. An excellent programme will be
rendered, foilow.ng which will be dancing.
Hirbor Quarrels and Tariff Have
Caused Imports to
San Francisco Seems Anx ou* to Shut
Out the Ntw Sub-Port
of Entry
Oakland Office Sax Francisco Call.)
'Juh Broadway, June 15. f
Oakland is in danger of Josing her cus
tcm-hfluse. The reason of this Hes in the
fact that in her customs business there
has been aito ether too much politics and
too little work tor the custom-house.
It is nearly two years ago since Oakland,
af;er much agita;ion, was turned into a
sub-port of entry and given a Collector.
At the time it was stated that the orti c
was created for a Democratic roliticiun
who had failed to be returned to Congress,
and the remit is taken as proot that such
was the case.
A few weoks airo 1 he Call called atten
tion to the f. ct that Ihe custom-bouse has
boen closed :or six months ana that not
«v-n tn« l!.i-- wns hoi.-ted o:i Memorial
day. Twenty-four hours later Collector
Jackton. who probably found iio hi:ig in
his office to inform him that Oakland
had a customhouse, appointed a Col
This morning the new Collector swept
his floor, dusted the seal, hoisted the flag,
fixed the windows bo tbat the sun can
enter and waited for business. A glance
at the r(C>rus show that so far the cus
tom-house has been rather an extensive
luxury. During the incumbency of War
ren 13. English the salary was"s2soo per
year, and Mr. English drew this salary lor
about x year and a half.
The records show that Mr. English re
ceived a greater amount of money for the
quantity of worn d me than any other of
ficial on record. There has just teen one
entry of a cargo from a fore i a; port in
Oakland since tne office was established.
On the Ist of June, 1896, the schooner
Laura May rime down irom Vancouver
with a load ot lumber. Tie amount of
duty payable was ies* than $50, and this
is all the direct work that Mr. English
wa^ required to do for the $375J he got out
of the office. Not one pound of bonded
material has ever soiled the rlreproof
warehouse built for the cimom-hou»e.
There are notes tacked on the
wall which show that two consign
ments by tha railroad passed through the
custom-house, but beyond this nothing
was done, and the Republicans are now
link ml enough to say that the place was
made for he sake of pensioning a disap
pointed Democrat.
In explaining the cause for the lack of
importation?, M. J. Keller said to-day:
"When we asked for a custom-house it
was supposed that the harbor would bo
completed at t tie same time and that
many cargoes, especially of lumber and
coal, would be brought by <ie;p-draugbt
vessels to Oakland wharves. Instead of
this, people started quarreling, with thy
result that all work on the harbor was
delsvd lor fully two years. TlK'n, again,
the Wilson tariff bill worked havoc with
commerce, and, on account of the ad
valorem duties, merchants in Oakland
found it cheaper to buy throne h New
York houses man direct from Europe.
There is no dount that when business is
settled there wi 1 be ample work for a
local custom-house."
No Vacation Yet.
OAKLAND, Cal , June 15.— The Su
perior Court* are all running fnii blast
to-day, despite the fact that it is officially
their first day or the summer Vacation.
Judge Hall is the only one away. He has
gone to his summer home at Felton,
where he will remain until July 24. As
soon as the cases on trial are finished the
other JuJges Trill leave lor a rest ia the
No Transaction of Any-
Great Importance Dur
ing the Week.
Property-Owners Contribue Lib
erally for the Extension
of Grove Street.
Richmcni R slJent* Protest Against
C osinz of S're.'ts in the
Jordan Tract.
While the real-estate market during the
past week has not been marked with any
startling features, at the same time there
has been an encouraging absence of the
dullness that dealers have become accus
tomed to during the summer months.
Tilts does not mean that business is
rushing or that prices are climbing to
dizzy altitudes. But the desire to pur
chase City property seems to grow in pro
portion to the expansion of municipal
There would be much more trade in
progress if owners were not so stiff in
asking pricey. Many real-estate agents
concede that the figures demanded for
certain lands are ahead of the times,
though it hardly requires the gift of pre
science to realize that t?an Francisco
realty will in due season bring the full
value that owner* now place on it.
Much good has been accomplished for
years past in this City by the erection of
one and two story dwellings for sale at
moderate figures. By the aid of building
associations people who formerly rented
houses were able to buy homes. During
the last two years very many building en
terpr ses have been started, but lor the j
past twelve months it has been difficult !
in many cases for the owners to rind pur- j
cha e8 for their place?. This condition of
things has cot been profitable to builders, and
sha ling of prices is now goin? on in some
instances, with a view to attract prompt
Of course, if the supply of any com mod.
be greater than me current wants-, concession's
on former asking prices are almost necessary
to keep '.rade in motion. Houses arc mer
chandise like everything else in a certain
sense. A building does not improve by being
tenautle.-s, and a lowerinc of former asking
prices may really be a gain in the end.
There were 123 deeds recorded during the
The mortgage* for the fame time numbered
sixty-six, aud were for an aggregate 01 $278,
--672. The following were among the principal
A. J. and Elizabeth Bowie to the German
Bank, $15,000 fir one year at 7 per cent on
property on the south line of Clay street, 130
leet west of Frank. in, 85x127:S l 4 feet; Mary
Hu'My to German Bunk, $7000 far one year at
7 per cent on Droreriy on the cost line of
Hyde street, 112 feet nor-h of McAllister,
25x87:6 feet; John W. P. O'Kune to Li So
cieie Francaise, £2000 for two years at 7 per
cent on property on the east line of Farren
avenue. 100 feet north of EJdy, 50x90 feet;
Fe:crau>i Lizz c Scbenkel to the Mutual Sav
ings Bank, »4000 for one year at 0!, per cent |
on property on the northwest corner of !
Tweniy-iourth and Valencia streets, 65x90
feet; Jacob and Peter Schnefer to William j
Hinkel, $3757 for three years at 7 per cent on '■
property on the east line of Clayton street.
327:9 feet north, of Frederick street, 25x100
Icet; Helen K. Walk -r to the Citizens' Build-
Ing and Loan Association. $2000 for six years
at 7 cent on property on the. nortn line of
Sacramento sine:. 112:0 leet west of Spruce,
25xlO2:8)f; also $1800 lor six years at 7 per
cent on property nn the norm line of Sacra
mento street, ninety feet west of Spruce, 22:6 x
1O2:8,' 4 ; John B. and Sarah Duly to Hibernia i
Batik, $0000 for one year at 6Jj per cent on I
property on the northwest corner of Mi«iou !
street, 110 feet nonheast of Tenth, 30x57:0; \
Hear; O andEliz* Siearus toMutunl savings
Bank, $3000 lor 115 mouths ai 7 pax cent, on
proper. y on the west line of Scon street, 151
teei north of Page street, 24:9x100:3 feei;
James P. Duiiime to the Mutual savings Bank,
$3500 for one year a: t' 2 pjr cent, on prop
erty on the west hue of i<>. v i-adoro street, 25
feet south of Golden Gate avenue, 25x100, I
also on property on the west line of Devisa
dero street, SO feet south of Golden Gate ave
nue, 25x100; H. W. Gallett to the Hiberuia
Bank, $0000 for one year at O'j per cent, on
property ou the southwest line o. .^pear *treet.
153:4 feet northwest of tolaom, 45:10x137:0;
Horenre T. Savage t" the Hueruia Bank, i
$2200 for one year at 0 1 3 per cm on property i
on me west line of P >«•-.. sine:, 25 feet north !
of O'Fdrrell, 21:10)^x73 fret: Luigi and Jem- i
mieToireand Antonio Roffo to the Bane* ,
Sv.zzera Americana, $3000 tor three years at i
7 per ceut on property on the northwest cor- '
ncr of Chcs:nut and Dupont streets, 37:0 x
49:1152 feet; William a:.fl Missouri Watson to
he Mutual Savings Bank, $30,000 for one
year at (>';, per cent on property o. i the north
line of Turk street. 200:3 ieet west of Mason,
34:4}£x137:0 feet; Charles L. D^vis to the
Mutual >ayiug< Bank, $2000 for one 1
year at C' per cent o.i property on
the west niie of l>evisndeio street, 75 '
feet north of McAllister, 25x100 feet;
Jeannette Joel to the Hibernia Baux, $4000
(or one year at ti}£ per cent o;i property on
the north line of taay street, 51:9 feet wesi of
l.aguna, 120x25:9; Cmra and O. W. Turaey to
the 11; I'd ma Bank. $3000 for one year atO}£
per cent on property on the north lino oi
Chestnut street. 172 feet west of Stockton,
103x137:6; ilnrtland Law to the Bank of
California, $14,437 for iwo years at 7 per cent
on propeny on the southwest corner of Grpe i
wicli and Broderick -reels, touth 275 fe<?t,
west 253:9, northwest 15:10, northwest 123:5,
east 140:11. north 137 east 108:2, >. >u
on property on tne northwest cortn-r of Fil
j bert and Brodericfc streiM*. 137:0x202:9;
liartlioli i and Angela Demartlni to G B. Ca
purro, $7000 oa proper. y on the hit iu..-t i
line ol Montgomery avo.iue, 176:5^ icet
bouthpa*<i ol Greenwich, southeast J>7: i f-'et, !
east 33:10' ieet, ncrtU 70:10 feet. w*ai 47:6
fet-t, south -j5 feet, west 'J4:(> l :l ' feet; Wiltuni I
P. Moore to the Hib-rn'.a Bank. $3500 lor one j
ear at <>';, per cent on property o.i the south
line of I'iiie street, 107:0 (eel east of Lacuna, |
30x137:0 leet: Evelyn G. Grauey to the Hibei
nia UHiik. $2000 for one rear at OJ^ per c^nt
on properly on the nor h line of McAllister
street, 100 feet east ol Devlsadero, 25x100 f et;
Annie Hyvarinen to Nicholas Meglun, $2500
for one y. ar at ii /i x ier cent on the norm line
<>f Twenty-sixth street, 120 feet west of Nor,
115x114 feet; Frances an 1 Jess? S. Brown lee
to die German Bank, $3000. $200 for six
months at 7 per cut anu $2800 lor one year
at 7 per cent, on property ou tne east hue of
Cor bell road, 52:7 feet southwest of Pearl
alley, southeast 141 feet, southwest 75 ;eet,
nortnweu 131 feet, northeast 75 leet; Mary A.
Neary (guardian estates tor Wary ami Char
lotte Godfrey) to the Hibernin Bank, $5500
for one year at f>' : per cent on property on the
south line o n_- th street, 25 icetnorib
west, of Minna, 25x75 let; Minnie Wtst to
the liiberma Bank, $1550 for one year m ■:■ .
I per rent on property on lhae&sl me of S eiuor
street, 82:6 feet north of X Idy. 27:0x110 teet:
j Mary Pool to the lium^o.ut Bank, $2500
I until February 5, 1893, at 7 per cent
on property on tareequiiriers west corner
of Folsom and Rained streets, 56x100 feet;
Hyman and I<aac Wolf to the Mutual Savings
Bank, $5000 for one year at (!!> per cent on
property ou the northeast corner at McAllister j
«nd Broderick streets, 62:0x112:0 feet;;
Cnarl'.-s Moulthrop to the .Mutual Saving*
Batik. $3500 for one year at 6<-£ per cent un
property on the west iiu«* of Jo..cs street, 87:6 (
l-ei aouth of Geary, 25x60 feet; Hermann H. |
Ueckmann to the ilihernia Bank. $2000 for '
one year at (Hi per cent on property on the
north line «>t Ellis street, 55 loot west of
Pierce 25:0x100 feet; John and E.lzab;th M. i
Stark to the Hibernia Bank. $2000 for one
year at o'ij per cent on property ou the south
line of i'osi street. 220 feet went of Larkin,
25x120 feet; Alexander K. Grogan to Caroline
nuwxhurst, $4500 for one year at 8 per cent
on property on the northwest corner of Jack
son and Sansome streets, 30x60 feet ; Mn«p- J.
Lyon to the Triumph Loan Association, $3000
lor six years at 7 per cent on prop
erty on the northeast corner of Clement
street and Fifteenth avenue, n -rtn 204:5 feet, I
west 105 feet, south 204:3 !eet. east 105 feet;
Charlotte F. Clarke to the Security savings
Bank, $30,000 lor one vtar at O 1 Der cent on
property on the southwest corner of Powell
and Geary streets, 92:6x85 Mi; Peter Mc-
Cany to the German b»uk, $1500 tor one year
at 7 per cent on prop.-riy on Hie south lin» of
E Us street, 90 feet wot of DevUadero, 35x
137:0 feet; Tiiora«« P. Wt odw«rn !•< tue Sscur
ht Savings Bank, $80O0— $1000 .for six
months at 7 pel cent, $7000 ior ons month at
7 per cent on property on the southwest cor
ner < f Pacific avenue and Laurel street.
127:S. 1 4x137:6 teet; Bridget Morris to H:ber
niu. i-hui:, $3coo lor one year at «',' per cent
o -i property on the norm line of Geary street,
137 left west of Tay.or, 23x02:6 feel.
There were forty-three releases recorded dur
ing the week, representing a total of $303,305.
The principal "lies »re the following:
Savings aDd L >«n Society to F. P. and Mabel
B. Morrison, $30. on proper on the north
we»t line oi .Market, street, 177: lee; north
east of Go den Gate avenue, nor ii .. e-t 101 :7 1^.
north 89:0%, enst 23:9, south 71), southeast
'.5:7.., nv.est -7; Jay I. Law rente to
l on as a dC. C. R vers, $5000 on prooertv
on the north line oi yes street. 125 feet east
of Broder.c*. 25x137:6 feet; German Bank to
Wiuiam and Lucie L badie, $1000 on prop
erty on the east line of Steve n .10 street, 107
feet south of Twentieth street, 22x75 teet; !
John A. JicCormick to Alice L. 11 rt. $3725
on property on the southwest line of Fourtu ,
street, 105 ieet southeast of Howard, 25x75
feet; Hiberuia Bank to Tnomas bolder, $33,
--000 on property on me north line nj'jnrk
street, 171 :10}.£eist of Taylor, 34:4^x137:6
feet ; lie m..n iTauk to John and .M. v. Mor
rison, $28 000 on property on tfe north
line oi Market street, 152:1% feet northeast
of Golden Gate avenue, northeast 25,
northwest 101:7^, north 89, west 23:9.
south 137:6, cast 27:11. southeast 59:9
feet; German Batik to George W. Stil-
I wen, $17,500 on property <> > the nonh
west line of Mission mm— 357:6 ieet south
west of Four h, 55x160 teet; La s^ociete j
i'ramaise to Br.dget MiGowan. $1500 on j
properly on the southeast line ox Howard j
street, 75 feet southwest of Third, 20x80
feet; Frederick Si-be to Claus Lecker, $2000
on property on the southwest corner of Fulton
nnu Flilmore strte s, 63:9x137:6 feet;
German Bank to Charles aua Emma J. Abbott,
$2200 o» properly on the north line of Page
street, 50 feet west of Broderick, 25x100
ieet; Mutual Savings Bank to Mark J. P^at
shek, $2622 on property on the south side of
j Uoldeu Gate avenue, 175 feel west of
Devisadero street, 33:4x137:6 feet; N. Buller
dleck to Milton D. Garratt, $3000 on property
on the west corner of Fremont and Xaioma
street.". 75x137:6 feet; El««s Barnes to Gallis
and Martina Keugg, $1500 oa property
bounded by Forty-fourth Bud Foriy-fifth ave
nues and Land M streets; Hib»rni» Bank to I
Deborah or Deborah A. Webo, $6000 on prop- j
erty on the northeast line of Second street,
225 feet northwest of Mission, 20x56; Julian
H. Medau to William Setinii and Henry !
Meyer. $1700 on property on the j
northwest line of Doucb'ss and Eliza- \
beth streets, 26:6x100 feet, and I
lot 105 in Hie Heyman Tract;
German Bank to Andrew Conrad, $1500 on i
property on the south line ot Clinton Park. j
372:6 :<.-et east of Dolores street, 25x75 feet;
security Savings Bank to -Margaret A. SUeily, j
$83, 000 on property on the soutiuvest comer '.
01 Powell and Geary streets, 92:6x137:6 feet;
J. de la Muntauya to George 11. lay, $SOOO on
property on the east line of Katt.-ry street,
68:4 south of Pacific, 22: l feet;
Union Loan Association 10 J. M. Ahem, $1800
on property on the southwest line of Laugton
or Hitter street, 175 feel east Of Harrison. also
200 feet southwest of Seventh street. 50x75
leet; Frank McGovern to Julie Gascon, $2000
on property on the southwest corner ot Ash
bury and Webster streets, 50x186:3 feel;
HiDernla Bank to S. F. Weeks, $7000 on prop
erty on the northwest corner of Eighteenth
and Harrison streets, west 274:10?!, north
213:5%. east 30:4^. south 33, east "110,
norm 33, east 75. souths 205 feet;
Hibemia Bank to M. Morganthau, $5000 on
property on the southwest corner oi Eigh
teenth and Harrison streets, south 197 .eel by
west 134:3, north 33, west 53, nortn 164, ei-t
187:3; also on same property $5000, and to i
M. Morganthan & Co. $10,000; Hibernia Bank
to Robert and Dorothea Kothea, $5809 on
properly on the corner of Foisom and Dora
streets, 90x30 ieet.
Contracts for the lowing buildings passed
to record dur.ng the week:
Percy J. deed, for a two-story frame build
ing on the west line of Websterstreet, 100 feet
north of Union.
Mrs. James A. Robinson, for a two-story;
I frame building: arranged in stores and flat on
the west line of Ninth street, between Howard
and Foisom.
Christopher Jung, for two flats on the west
line of Hampshire street, 147:6 feet uorth of
! Twenty-second.
P. . nd F. Chlgr, for three flats on the south- j
west corner of Jones aud Union streets.
Mrs. E. M. Leauy, for tine-story frame build
ing on the norm line of Green street, 23:2 feet
east of Lark in.
Margaret McEvoy, for two flats on the north I
line of Bryant street, between Third and
T. P. and A. M. Kennedy, for frame build-
I ing on subdivision 1 of lot 97, Precita Valley
; lands.
R. T. Broderick and W. Klinger, for a one- I
I story frame building n't trie southwest corner I
of Market and Sanchez streets.
Mrs. Matilda Stallman, for alterations and !
additions to premis. 8 on the north line of !
Gutter street, 168:9 feet west of Buchanan.
Mary Donnelly, lor alteration and additions I
to premises on the north line of Shipley street,
17.> leet east of Fifth.
Jon is Schoenfeli. for a three-story frame ;
building on the north line of Geary street, '■
247:6 teot we 1 1 of Gough.
Mr-.rgaret Ehrlin^er, for a cottage house on I
I Kiehth avenue, south of A street. |
Len* Samuels and Mrs. C. M»rx, converting :
| of present raises on the »outh line of Green
street, 13S lest east of Dupont. into six flats.
David M. Sullivan, for a cottuge house on
the south line of Twenty-fifth street, 151:10
feet i- as i of >.*oe.
Tne Sunset District Improvement Cub has
advised property-owners not to sign contracts
fur sewer* in Suns >t district till the outlet of i
Twenty-fourth avenue and I street has been
Five thousand dollars of the $10,000 fund
for the extension of Grove street through
Alamo square h.-.s been collected.
A. M. fcpeck <& Co.'s recent smaller sales are
as 10 lows: Double frame building on lot
! 26:10x57:6, at 619 and 621 Ellis stre-t, to Dr.
i P. a: Flood, for $6500; lot, 37:6x137:6. and
: two frame building*, from the German Bank
I to Mrs. Lewis for $500. end the premises at
, 25U T hama stie*'. 23x75. for $3500.
Jacob Heyaian la bunding a iour-room and
' bath cottaae on tne south lino of Twenty-third
i street, 150 feet west of Hoffman avenue, and
another on the southeast line of El Dorado
street, 115 fee' cast of Hoffman avenue.
The Park Lane Improvement Club is to peti
tion the Supervisors lor a new school house In
their district within the territory bounded
I by Douglass, Stanyan, Sixteenth "and Nine
teenth street!".
The improvement of Eleventh avenue, from
H to I streets, in the district -outn of the part,
will be urged by the Sunset D strict Improve
ment Club, as soon as the protest expires, In a
few days.
The Richmond District Improvement Club
declares that the closing ot Pennsylvania,
Commonwealth and Michigan avenues, as re
cently petitioned by J. C. Jordan, would be
Injurious to the welfare of Richmond, and
has so called the attention of the Supervisors
to the qu*stion.
King A McNally nave removed from 630
Market street to spacious quarters at 19 Mont
gomery street.
Four bun-Ire 1 acres of land between Lock
' lord and I.M den, Sen Joequin County, havo
been bougnt by A. J. Larson from Kewhall &
Wise through David Ku*h of the country de
-1 partment of G. 11. Urabsen. The price paid
] whs s3ooo.
Residents of the Sunset District will be given
I a ten-minute cur service as soon as both tracks
! of the extension are completed from Masonic
i avenue to Nimn avenue.
The following recent rales are reported by
Burnham & Mar^h: The property on the
northwest .me of -Mission streei, 357:6 south
east from F.fth. 55x160, with six frame
house*, renting for übout $225 a month, lor
$50,000; the lot on ihe liortnwest li"c of
Stevenson street, 200 southwest from;Bxth
street. 25x75, for K. Heney Jr., to diaries
Schroth. price $10,000; lot and houses on the
north lin<« nf Pine street. 27 ieet west or Web
ster, 25x100, for C. E. Mhhoney, for $4850;
Jot 25x75. on the north line of Eighteen, h
streei, 120 feet w st of Castro, for George Man
gels, to Charles Bennett, $1000; lot on north
Theon'y gsnuins Hunyatli Water.
Hunyadi Janos
Prescribed ami approved for 34 years by
all the medical authorities for CONSTI-
as for all kindred ailments resulting from
ndiacretion in diet.
"The prototype of all Bitter Waters." Lancet
"Speedy, gentle." BritishilcdlcalJountai
CAUTION : See that the label
hears the signature of the firm
Andreas Saxlehncr.
— — —^— — — — — — — — — — — —^— — — —
/^"^ Or. Gibbon's Dispensary,
JL^gJ^ C>2J5 Ii KAR> Y ST. Established
lfirif*^Hl ln *"** for the treatment of Private
anr.j&ibbon's Dispensary,
<i'J ."> IiKARW ST. Established
In 1M34 for the treatment nf I'rivata
Dtatiiw'a, L<*t Katihood. Debility or
@33g*SMS& low* wearing on bodyand mindand
wttn^mf^ Skin Diseases. I'hedoctorcureswhen
jßHHjaaßg| others fall. Try him. Charges low.
<nie»Eai«iiinirf(l. CiJlorwrite.
| Or. 4. »'. >uimsQ2i' Bos 1937.34n fraaci«c9.
line of Fell street, near Moronic avenue, 25r
100, to B. F. Ilawes, for $3303.
" G. S. Gordon, the attorney, is to build a resi
dence on the southwest corner of Ashbury
and Oat Strveta, "".'; .'■
Sol Getz it Bro. report the following sales:
Lot 25 by 100, on the north line of I street,
57:6 east of seventeenth avenue, for $500: lot
25 by ICO, on the south line of X street, 82:6
east of Tenth avenue, for $600; lot 25 by 120,
on the eßst line of Tenth avenue, 100 leet
south of X street, for $600; lot 25 by 120, on
the west line of Tenth avenue. 275 feet north
of L street, for $600; lot 25 by 130. on the east
line of Twelfth nvenu», 250 left v uth of Point
Lotos avenue, for $850; ;oi 25 by 120, on the
east Hi c of Thirteenth avenue. 125 t<'et south
of Lake street, for $S00; lot 75 by 85. on the
west line of First avenue, 24:7J£ feet sontb. of
Lake, $2350.
KoMnson Ig Worsted
OAKLAND, Cal., June 15 —Beforeleav
ing ior his V! cation, Jndg* Haii granted a
nonsuit in lie case of 1)-. Robinson, com
monly termed "Stopover Robinson."
acainst R. R. Thomp-on, doing business
under the name of the Artesian Water
The suit was brought to recover $10 de
pos.t and $100 damages lor being deprived
of water until :he deposit was paid. Jus
tice Sweasey r»f Alameda trave juagment
for the plaint ff for the deposit and cos!?.
It was appealed and submitted on brief?.
Judge Haii declared that no case was
made. The question may now go to tUe
Supreme Court.
Tho Bowles l>ei>o»ition.
OAKLAND. Cal., June 15 .— Tiie taking
of the «lepo^i;ion of P. E. Bnvle* was
concluded to-day in the Ftiit brought
aeatnst him by Attorney A. L. Frick for
$5090 for services rendered :;t Sacramento.
The tetimony consisted nearly entirely of
dentals. Mr. Bowles denied that he had
taken cny hand in trying io have the sal
ary of the Assessor cut down; that he
had asked Fnck to take no interest in
the district fair bill that his (Bowie?)
wharf btil might not be hindered, and he
also denied that he had contr.buted any
thing toward any fund for reducing ttie
Assessor's salary.
FBI 1 0 IPEY 111.
Painful diseases are bad enough, but when a
man is slowly wanting away with nervous
weakness the mental forebodings are ten
times worse than the most severe pain. There
is no let up to the mental suffering day or
night. Sleep is almost impossible, and under
such a strain men are scarcely responsible for
what they do. For years the writer rolled anii
tossed on the troubled sea of sexual weakness:
until it was a question whether he had not
better take a dose or poison and thus end all
his throubies. But providential inspiration
Came to his aid In the shape of a combination
of medicines that not or.lv completely restored
the general health, but enlarged his weak,
emaciated parts to natural size and vigor, and
be now declares that any man who will take
the trouble to send his name and address may-
have the method of this wonderful treatment
free. Now, when I say free I mean absolutely
without cost, because I want every weakened;
man to get the benefit of my experience.
lam not a philamnropist, nor do I rose as
an enthusinst, but there are thousands of men
suffering the mental tortures of weakened
manhood who would be cured at ouca could
they but get such a remedy as the one that
cured me. Do not try to study out how I can
afford to pay the few postage-stamps necessary
to mail the information, bu; send for it ana
learn that there nre a few things on earth;
that, although they cost nothing to get, ara
worth a fortune to some men and mean a life-
time of happiness to most of us. Write la
Thomas Slater, box 2283, Kalamaioo, Mich.,
and the information will be mailed in a plain
sealed envelope.
ocean travel;
pacific coSFsTEHsmTcoMPAHr
XI toria, B. C, -eat.l>s Tacoma, Port Tow me id.
•nd other Pugut Souud ports.
(Including Bert!) and M*aU).
steamers sail from Broadway Dock 9 a. k.—
WALL* WALLA Sunday, June 20
UMATILLA Frday. June '.'i
CITY OFPUEBLA Wedneiday, June 3J
TICKKT OFFICE— 4 New Momcomery street.
; GOUDALL. PERKINS <fc CO- General Acents
From Hpear-stree: Wharf, at 10 a. it
F\ PL lf »s Ftrßt-class 1 Including
AJTUL i^a.r.O 2d-cUM /berth Affltiii
Columbia June V, 12,22 July *
State of California June 7. 17. '27, July 7
Through tickets ana through ba;ga«e to all
Eastern points. Kates and lolders upon applies
lion l«
T. F. CONNOR. General Aqrons.
630 Market street.
GOODALL, PERKINS * CO.. Superintendent
wharf, San Irancuco, us follows: -HmSK
For torts in Alaska, June 5, 10. i5, 20. 26. 30
, and every Huh day thereafter, at 9 a. x.
For Victoria and Vancouver (B. C), Port Town-
'■ genii, Seattle, Tacoma, Everett, Anacortes an I
i New Wi a i co p.i (l;eil;r.vhan> Bay, Wash.), 9a. m.
June 6, "0. Id, 21), 21.:-.0 an 1 every rlfth day there-
after, connecting at Vancouver with the C P. R.
K.. atTatoma wi.h N. P. R. a., at Seattle with U.
N. Hy.. at Port Townsend with Alaska steamers.
For KureKa, Area a and Fields landing (Hum-
holdt Bar), btr. Pomona t p. m.. June 1. 6. 9 14,
is. -1-2. i!6, 30. Julv 5. H i: . 17 , 81. 26. SO, Auicutl
18 7. 1 1, 16, 20, 24, 28. and every fourth day there-
-1 after.
For Santa Cruz, Mcntprey, San Simeon. Cayncoi,
. Port Harfonl (?a:i i.uls Oblspo), Uftvlota, s»nt»
Barbara, Ventura. Hneueme, tan Pedro, East >ai
Pedro (Los Adi;c!h) and Newport, at 9 a. m.
\ June 3. 7, 11. IS, 19. '23, 27, anil every xourta
day thereafter.
For San Dieijo. stopping only at Pert Hartorl
' (San Luis übispo), >anta Barbara, Port Loe An-
reles. Redoniio (Los Aii'ieles) and Newport, li
a. it. June 1, 5, 9. 13. 17, 21, 25, 29. and every
fourth day thereafter.
For Kn.viiacia. San Jose del Cabo. Mazatlan, L»
Faz and (Juayina* (Mexico), steamer Orizaba, 1J
• a. M. . the a i of each month.
i he company reserves the right to chance with-
| out previous notice s(#amt>K, sallln? dates and
i hours of sailing. Ticket office — Palace Hotel, 4
New Montgomery street.
10 Market si.. San Francisco.
French Line to Havre.
\J River, foot of Morion si. Traveleri by <^CM(»
this line avoid both transit by English railway an)
the discomfort of crossing the channel in a small
boat. .M:* YorK to Alexandra. Egypt, vi» ParU
tint class $: uO. second claii *llti.
LA GAKCOGNE June 26. 10 v sf.
LA'IOUP.AIXK Ju:y 3, 10 st.
La tKKTAu.s.'- July 10, 10 *. <.
LA 2SORMANDIK Julv 17. 10 a.
LA UASCOUNK lily 24, 10a. Jt
49* lor lur.ut;- j \icuiars apply t ■
A. l'OKi.Er. Agent,
No. 3, Bowling Grean, New Vork.
J. F. rUGAZI & CO, Aj;euti, 5 ilontgomery
avenue, San Francisco,
@»gani«jafl '-'«'• " ■ Australia for
I £** «Mw Tuesday Juno 15, a:
M . 2p.m. - peclal ( arty rates.
CiiS\_'\ 'he s - -s -M AHI PpSA
58ls via Honolulu
OICail»Jll!|/ > -' a nd AUCKLAND for
{OfIIF)3RJ«h "YBSKY, Thursda.-,
Wlllf/UIM^ j u: ,e 24. J p m
! South Africa.
J. D. bPREGKELS & BROS. CO, Agents,
114 Montgomery st.
Freight efflce. 327 Marke". street. >:tn Kranc'.sco
Leave Pier No. 3, Washington St.,
At 0 V. M, Daily, i-reigiic received na
to .:.{.» I'. M. "
SIT Accommodations Reserved by Telepnone.
'lhe only lln» Mlltai through tickets and giving
thrown freight rates to all potn.s on Vjdley
Hailvoai!. .
T. C. Walker. J. D. Peter*.
Wary Uarratt, City of Stockton.
•I ciephoue Mam 805. Cai. >»v. uua lmpt. C»
lion., Tne-., Wed.. Thms. and Sat...
..9:«a. m. aud 3.15p 34 (9 p. *t'ex.Thar-.l
Fridays ...1 p. M.. 9r. x.
bnndays : :O:3J a. if. anil 8 r. it
Landing and offices. Mission Doc*. Pier i
■ Telepnone Oreca 381.
O tSuurlays eiceptedi a: lu a. m. Alviso dail*
iSainrday except* d] at 7 p. u. l-Teignt - an<l
Passeuyer. Fare botweea s>«ii Fruucuco ana
Aiviso, 5Uc: to Sin Josh 73c Cm/ aw, fie* i.
| •V W. bauia Clar» »u s>»u Jo*».

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