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-^ """
:'■:■",} AMUSEAiENTS.
'•'., BixAWTV Thkatkk — "The First Gentleman of
■ . jEorope."
• •; C-oi-tjmbta TiiFATrK- --a Social Highwayman."
" .-. luobosco's OrKKA-Hou6H-- Blue Grass
• : z AiiA^An Tjjkater.- "Anay Blake" uud rhe
. First Born."
. :' : Tivoi.i OrEKA Horsn; — Wang"
■.•-:= J?J*hki m High-Class VauUevilla.
• -j. tIEKRo-x.— Grand Concert.
■' ;. >rxKu Baths, J 1 i C ami rprformnnees.
" :• li'ik Cuvtes ani> Bkatino Kink — Dally at
; - -inuijht sircet, one block fas: of ihe Part.
• ." fe£ Caudo— ilusic, Imnciug, iluatin*. Fishing,
' -ivtrj-buudaj-.'
-• • . .' AUCTION iALhS.
Ft r. p. It-tfar * Co.— dar. June 28,
Furniture, 3312 a Washington st , at 11 o'clock.
. •'' 1 i Jk.'m; \ . j iTTMinKT.Ii- This (lav. June
' £S. Drnltnre, at BGI >!arkci n at 11 o'clock.
■ Tattkrsai.i.'s-'I uesday, June 29. Horses, etc..
■ ai 721 Howard street, at 11 o'clock.
iv -Eabton & EtUßliJoK.— ii'-s'lay, .Tune 29,
3Keal Estate, at ii:- v Market strpt't, ■■■' 12 o'clock.
' Ry Hooker <fc Lkxt- Wednesday, June 30,
-B-eal Esiat-. at li I'o^t sirert, at 13 o'clock.
-Fair Monday with brisk westerly winds ii
"to-day's promise.
The Camanche recently made a successful
cruise on the bay.
There n re a number of attractive plays on at
tbe' theaters for this evening.
■ Our N.-.t.onal Guardsmen are getting ready
lor tße Fourth of July parade.
• rations for Independence day parade
are rapidly Hearing completion.
.■ The park musernn has' the nucleus of a
15b-:«ry and hopes for additions to it.
The" retail dealer who advertises, "We al
•VvAys.gjve jusi what you ask. for," and lives up
UrpiS promise is certain of a good trade.
• : .The. Pioneer r,ont Club christened two new
Bki;gs aud held a series of races yesterday.
" '■.' Vpcle' Para's duty on the opium that came
.-''fcv.ep in the Gaelic will aggregate $ 135,000.
.";. The' Reliance baseball team defeated the
.-.' Jsaker3fieid niue yesteraay by a score of 20
to 10.
. '; ■Tom O'P.ourke will arrive lier? tc-ni<rht with
Walcott, Everhardt and l»ixon, his turce crack
•j-The military post on An?el Island is the
tKird line Of defense in the harbor of San
... ! The Acme Club Wheelmen set a fifteen-mile
tecprd mark at 41:47 yesterday, A. 11. Bullion
being the rider.
The cricket raatch played yesterutij oetween
the Alameda. and Bohemian clubs resulted in
favor of the latter team.
There Js some talk of getting no a bill to
have the National <juar4 of tne State under
one brigadier instead of three.
: K. A. l: zio rode five mi'.es in 11:51 in the
Imper Cycling Club's road race yesterday,
the fastest five miles oi" th-_- year.
Dr. Jerome a. Anderson spoke before the
Theoso['h.ical Society last evening on "Theoso
phy and Vicarious Atonement."
'■ Dr. Howard RtMl preached last evening
til ihe Caliiornirt-streot M. E. Church on "The
Anti-ScJoon League Movement."
• A larg-o number of marksmen were on the
rifle rauire at j-hell Mound yesterday and sev
. eral excellent scores were made.
Er. pincers under the direction of the Com
misbioner o! Puulic Works are making tests
and soundrngs on Xewtown Shoa'.s.
• The California Market baseball nine de
feated the Vallejo Wizards yesterday morning
at Central Park by a score of 1G to 1.
Ppecial services celebrated the f,>ast of St.
Aloysius, ihe patron saint of ■ -.tholic chil
• clreu, at St. Itrnauus Church yesterday.
: The local divisions of the Ancient Order of
Hibernians 'will celebrate Independence day
; at Schuetzen Purk, San Kafael. on July 5.
Ecoti F. Bersbey. Ph.D., of Brston, lectured
■ .lit Metropolitan Templo yesterday on "Good
••.•Citizenship and the Duties Which Con;rout
.; It."
.' Mrs. Hoffman and heT friends secreted
•.•■themselves irom reporters yesrerdny. Fieel
'..will probably be arrested for embezzlement
•to-day. . .
.;';. A bucket weiehing sixty pounds fell thirty
; f-e-t on the iientl of a Chinese while the Gaelic
" was on her way here, and he was not lataliy
■ .'■• The handball courts were crowded yester
•Jay, and at the Pan Francisco couri J. C. Nea
lon and P. T. Donnelly defeated J. Kiordan
aod J, Harlow.
'. The Knights of Honor will celebrate the
: twenty-iourth anniversary of the founding of
' the order by an entertainment at the Chutes
on Wednesday.
The nuptials of Richard L. Partinjrton and
Mi«s Mb. Benecia Hussey will be celebrated on
Wednesday evening at the home of the bride's
parents in' Oakland.
The report that Chinese men and women are
subjected to indignities by the Government
officials during the process of fumigation has
proven to be untrue.
• "False in one, false in all," is an ancient
le^ai maxim. Remember it to the disadvan
tage oi any tradesmau who tries to substitute
. one article ior another.
■ P. L. Pritchard, a plumber, and Mike Halli
nau, a sawyer, attempted to .fight two police*
men on Market and Gough streets, ana had to
be clubbed and arrested.
• The Japanese Consul and prominent mem
bers of the Japanese colony v.ill give a recep
tion at the Cliff House- to-day to the officers
a.nd marii.es of the warship Hyeie.
• "The ceremony or dedicating and finishing a
new Bephor Torah was observed by the Con
jrreeation Beth Menachim Streisand. 335-337
" iliana street, yesterday alterncon.
; ' During a fight in the United States saloon,
1329 upon street, yesterday morning, Paul
(ialliani was dangerooslv wounded, and Joe
' Cchdo was cut on the cheek and hip.
.The quarterly parish rally of the League of
■.the Cross of Bt. James Church was held yes
terday Afternoon. Major W. 11. -McCarthy was
•'■■ the' winner of the temperance essay contest.
. . Ernest Jacobsen of the Columbia Pistol and |
. . K.ifle Club broke tho world* record -with the
■ small r:i'.-- Ht the Shell Mound range yester
•day. He plaopd five consecutive shots in an
inch circle,, off hand, at lif ty yards.
.... Several pastors took for their theme yes'er
.'■:'<l'ar. the coming Christian' Endeavor conven
•."tion. Noiable-arr-ong th.-^se were the R«v. John
■ ILemnhill,. at Calvary Presbyteri n Churf-i,
•: an:d Rev. M. I. Boy n ton, at the First Baptist
■"■ G-hurcb.
■-■• .The engagement of Heibert Younger and
: yMisfc .Frances Miller, daughter of the well
.•.kuown Colusa millionaire farmer, has just
•'been, announced. They will bo m.irricd on
Wednesday evening at tho residence of Burns
■ Uaedonald on Scott street.
■ ; Tomorrow evening at 8 o'cl<ck, in the
.-'Young Men's Christian Asi-ociuuon Hail,
>l»sonanii-E: lis streets, Rev. Tom F. Nichola«
•': Oxford Universiiy deliver aa iaustrntid
•- k'cture'bn "BeaQt ful;Oxford." About seventy
• fJ-Ve" .views will be tiirown upon the canvas.
-\ .Mr.'-Ntcrioifis i< one of ih« 1 arish iMistaata of
• ' Oxfard University, and is in smi Francisco on
at}ri'- visli. mission to the l"Cture will be
■ by cornvl'mentary tickets, which may be ob
lairied at th.c association's building. As a
.' large audience is expected to represent, by
special request a 'seats at 10 cents each
V will be ; reserved (or those desiring t iPin.
Most torturing and disfiguring of itching,
burning, scaiy skin and scalp humors is in-
Btanlly relieved by a warm bath with Ccti-
cura Soap, a sin-le application of Ci;ticuba
(ointment), the great skin cure, and a full dose
of Cuticuka Resolvent, greatest of blood
purifiers and humor cores, wUeu all else fails.
Co«p.. Prop*.. Borton. "17'.w to Cure Salt Rheum, fre«.
rsillftin UfltD Fimplj Fmc«. Biby BlemUhei,
A Chinese on the Gaelic
Strikes Scientists Dumb
With Wonder.
Grinned After a Sixty-Pound
Bucket Fell Thirty Feet
on His Head.
Large Quantities of Opium Arrive.
Pioneers Christen New Boats
and fiace.
"I! it had been anybody else but a
Chinaman it would have tilled him as
dead as a door nail."
ThKt is the verdict of Quartermaster
Hunt of the Gaelic in the case of an acci
dent which happened on the voyage over.
And truly, when the details of the casualty
are made known, it seems a little ghort of
a miracle that the Celestial did not at
once give up the phost and light out for
the most refined province of the Flowery
An ash-bucket weighing sixty pounds
fell on that head so sacred to the queue.
And it fell hard, too. It had a drop of
thirty feet, and in the case of a sixty- pound
bucket the force of eravity should be able
to get in some pretty effective work.
But tbe heathen fooled the 01a
familiar force of gravity, tbe ash
bucket, the onlookers ana the ship's
physician and surgeon. And ac
fooled them badly. Ail the Chinese suf
fered was a severe cot about three inches
in length on the side of his head and a
rather serious fracture of tbe skull. He
grinned to tnink he was yet living.
Dr. Sprague performed the operation of
trephining the man's skuli, and found it
necessary to remove a piece of it the size
of a silver dollar. The Chinese is now ly
ing in the ship's hospital and doing well.
The Gaelic arrived here from Honolulu
in 6 days 1 hour and 48 minutes. This is
the speediest time she has ever made, and
b^ats her own lormer record by about an
hour. She brought over five hundred
cases of opium, tbe duty on which will
augment T'ncle Sam's coffers by about
$135,000. The oniy occurrence of note on
;he outgoing voyage was tbe death of
William Mooney, deck engineer. His
death occurred on tbe tilth day out, and
was due to pneumonia.
The cabin pa&senger-list of the Gaelic
was as follows:
J. H. Baker, \\. G. Carter, R. P. Duncan, R
11. Hunt, H. Kopvch, J. O'llara, E. B. Bkot.
towe, 8. C. Twombly, G. S. Warren, 8. B. Me
Near, James Hog., Lieutenant-Commandr r B,
K. Ingersoil. Meascunori Oka, Thomas B. Wnrl
ren, J. c. Thomas, J. Sanbolte, J. G. Purvis
Paul La;. gen, J. Henningsen, Mrs. J. H. Baker'
Mrs. A. N. Csrter, Mrs ftf. K. PlaveUe. Mrs'
James Hog?, Mr*. S. B. McNear, Miss Baker'
Mrs. Gros, !?. E. (iuyer, H. W. Hall, J. Menuel"
Ben, 1). W. Riggs, J. F. Twombly, Mr.-. J. C
Tnomas, Mrs. A. W. Win ion, WiiJ Hogg, Misl
J. Winslow, Mrs. E. B. Bkottowe, B. E. Bris>"
towe, Miss Clifford, K. B. Greer, Mrs. lves.T
C. Murray, Mr. Koss, Mrs. J. F. lwomoly, Mis,
Tnomas, Wong Wai, Miss Hoi-k, M;«.s M. Wins
low. W. Balrd, John H. caiaerwood, Surgeon'
Major!'. J. Dempaey, S. Mltstthasni, H. Kirk-'
wood, Mrs. Boss, M. Pickenr-ack, Coniul-Gen
eral S' iiuii'it-Ledn, Cpnnt Wydenbruck, A. 11.
Cole Watson, Dr. T. A. Hawice, U. s. \.
The pennon of the Pioneer Boat Club
flew proudly to the odorous breeze of
Mission blough from tbe quarters of the
ciub at the toot of Fourth street yestc ••
day, and the scene was one of gayety and
conviviality. "Good feilo^s" were pres
ent in all their glory, and not a few of tbe
gentler sex graced the occasion with their
presence, for two new outrigger skills were
christened down there, and when the Pio
neers christen a new boat iht-y manage to
makethe occasion one to be bragged about
for some time to come,
The boats were named the John T. Sul
livan and the J. E. Brennan in honor of
two old-t ime mem be rs of theclub. Presi
dent M. J. Cainan eilicia c l ami made a
glowing speech euioj;;siic of the members
in question and their unremitting efforts
i:i behalf of the club. He said that it the
ckiffs brought as much prom inence to the
CiU'jasthe men after whom they were
named nobody could have any complaint
to make on any score. After the speeches
Miss Elia Brennan broke tbe bottles of
champagne over the bows of the skiffs and
gave them their names amid rounds of
W. j£. Espy and John Klunder then
rowed a race in the sKiffs, the wager be
ing that ihe loser should pay for a French
dinuer and as many guests as the winner
chose to invite. The course was one mile
in length, from the boathouse to the first
buoy and return. Kiunder won by two
lengths, rowinc in tne John T. Sullivan.
Time, 12 minutes. The winner ha« prom
ised to "come down easy" on the loser in
the number of guests invited to tbe
A barge race also tooK place between
tiie crews o' the McDonald and tlie I'an-
Cuke. The crew of the McDonald was as
follows: Stroke, Jack Clifford; afterwaist,
George Calopy ; forwardwaist, Tom Faulk
r.er; bow, George Darragh; cockswain, J.
Brennan. The positions ol the other crew
were: stroke. It. Espy; afterwaist, Cooney
Ochs; forwardwaist, William St. Johns;
boy.-, Harry Wilder; cockswain. George
Fitzsirumons. The Pancake won by three
quarters of a length in 11 minutes.
After the races the crowd assembled at
tije clubrootns, ate, drank and "were
merry." The nympQ of song and dance
was well reuresented, and the festivities
wee kept up till late in the evening.
News has been received here that the
British ship Superb, bound from Tacoma
to Freemantle, put into Honolulu on
June 3 for water. Jane sailed from there
on the sam- day.
Tne barkentine Archer and the bark
Albert, both of which left lie:e for Hono
lulu on June 4. reached their deitinarion
on June 17. They both had a good trip
and lair weather, but the fact o. th»ir
k<>epinc in close together was rather note
E. D. Heailey, associated with Dickson,
De Woll & Co., one of the odest shipping
nrms in the <Jity, difd yesterday of heart
trouble. The deceased was a man well
known in shipping circles, and his genial
disposition and honest business methods
won him a host oJ friends. Hl3 Joss will
make itself llet.t t.
Arrival of a Swell Tarty on the Sieam-
ship Gaelic.
A party of iiistinguished Japanese ar
rived on the steamship Gaelic yesterday
and registered at the Palace Hotel. The
leader of the delegation is M. Oka, traffic
manager of the Japanese Government at
Kobe. He is accompanied by Gncmori
Ohara, of tho imperial Diet and member
of the special committee of the Ceniral Tea
Association of Japan.
F. Mizutaru of the Central Tea Associa
tion it in the party. lie is on his way to
Chicago, where he will establish a branch
of the association. The contract pro
vides that he shall remain in Chicago
seven years.
Not the least prominent of the tourists
from the Orient is Snirogi M-tsuhashi,
president of the Rhizuorka Preiectural
Assembly and member of the special com
nii-teeof the Central Tea As-ociation.
The Japanese travelers came with let
ters of introduction from tiie maniger of
ih«* imperial railways ot Japan to J. Cler
fayt, resident commissioner of the Penn
sylvania lines.
To-day the Japanese Con-ul and his
countrymen comjiris.ng the Japanese
colony in fc'an Francisco will give «t the
Cliff House a reception to ihe officers and
marines of the warship Hyeie, now in
this harbor. Two speci •! cars have been
ergaced to carry the marines. Carriages
will be provided for the officers and dis
tinguished truest*.
Two Men Wounded During a Fight in
a »aloon on Dupont
As a result of a fight in the United
States saloon. 1326 Dupont street, at an
early hour yesterday morning Joe Crudo
will liavc to answer a charge of assault to
murder and Paul Galliani is in tho Re
ceiving Hospital suffering from a danger
ous wound in hi* left breast.
Crudo, Galliani and Mike Valva were
playing cards in the saloon when a dis
pute urose as to a 50-cent piece between
Valva and the bartender. Crudo backe i
up the bartender r.nd Valva gut mad and
siruck him. E ich drew a stiletto and
(iulhani, according to his story, went to
Valva's assistance, and in the -truggle to
get possession of Crudo's stiletto Crudo
was cut on ttie cheek nnd hip. Crudo got
his arm free and stabbed Gulliani in the
Crudo claims that he acted in self-de
fense. Valva Knocked lnm down, he
say?, and when lie got to his feet Galliani
attacked him with a stiletto and cut him
in the cheek and hip before he retaliated.
Policemen Maloney and Hagjrett ar
rested Crudo and took him and Galliani
to the Receiving Hospital, where Dr.
Fitzgibbon stitched and dressed their
wounds. The stiletto nearly pierced Gal-
Jiani's heart. Crudo was released yes
terday afternoon on $2000 bonds, accepted
by Judge Low.
The Olympic Club Games Have
a Fine Day and Lively
The Society for the Prevention of
Cruelty to Animals Does Not
The shooting contingent of the Olympic
Club had an ideal day yesterday for their
tournament at the Ingleside grounds,
there being just enough breeze to make
the birds lively. No clean scores were
made, which was attributed to the fine lot
of birds that left the traps.
It was expected that the Society for the
Prevention of Cruelty to Animalsjwould
interfere with the sports, but no action
was taken townrd stopping the sport yes- ,
terday, notwithstanding that two active
members of the society were present. The
bcore was as follows:
Name. Yards. Total '
O. Feudner 51....1 a 101222 'I— ll
flade 31. ...1 11301000211-8
.Edwards. V 9 v s'2 -' 1 1 1 1 1 U 2 —10
White '26.... 2 lolOlii 01110— 8
W. J. G01cner..31....1 021102212 I—lo
Mc.Mahon 31. ...0 2 I 0 n 2 '. O 2 2 'i— 9
11. C Oolcljer..3l 2 DltlllJ] a 1 2—ll
Allen 28 ...» 2 2011110111—9
Petenou ai 0 Ollioi <»111 o— 7
llnlzhl. 30 a 1111020111 I—lo
k. a. scnnitz.-.xi— .o ua 9 ail oa3i i—
Kenuedy 'J8....2 2 2 1 1 12 1 II '£ t 1-1
Owens 31... 211011)1 il 1 2 0— 9
K. J. Scbultz...KO 1 0 110 1110 12 2—9
Hart 5W....0 2 1012 11112 1-10
Dr. .Mt-n Z6....1 010U100U00U— S
Neustadter 23 1 It ll 0 1 •_• SI 0 <) 2 2 <"— ti
Murdock 30. ...1 12 ■_' 112 -' 10 '£ I—ll
Wagner K9....1 a2OO-11121 I—lo
Maikey 31. ...1 OIO2OIIIIIO— 0
Boo* U8.... 20 0 12 00 0 10— 6
Urant 31 ...2 1 1 1 1 O 2 2 2 2 0 0— 9
i . Vvrnon .....2 110 0 1111 a 1— lo
Black 2100 12 2 1 1 I—lo
What There Ii On Tor Thin Kvenlnj in
the Theatrical Line That Will
"The First Gentleman of Europe" with its
pretty lovo story, court intrigues of I'rince
George and his friends, will be the attractive
bill to be offered at the Baldwin this evening
by Froliman's Lyceum Cou^anv, The play,
produced with great success at the home the
ater, will be presented here with the same
careful attention to detail. Hackett appears
as the Prince.
At the Columbia Theater this evening the
Prawley Company will commence the fifth
week of its engagement by presenting "A So
cial Highwayman," dramatized from the
story by Elizabeth V. Train. It is a play that
wai .veil sj.oken of by the critics £a.«t, wnuii it
was hrst produced.
At tl-.e Alcazar there will be produced this
evening in addition to "The Kirn Born," the
interest in which does not seem to flag, "Andy
Blake," by the author ot "Lourion As* urance."
Ueorge O^ bourne and Mrs. K. If. Bates are
cast for the leading parts in "Andy Biakc."
The idyllic five-act comedy-drama, "Bine
GraAF," is what will bo offered at the Moiosoo
Grand Opera-house this evening. It is a ro
mance of Kentucky, in which thero are hand
some stage tettiugs, picturesque scenery,
pathc, comedy and a number oi sensational
situations thai are btartlinc-
One of the greatest of comic operas, "Wang, 1 "
will be continued at the Tivoll Opera-house
this evening, it havinpr durine the past week
proved a great attraction. The cast is good,
the costumes beautiful and correct and the
dancers are extremely graceful. "Wang" is
au operatic tut.
Lew Dockstader will be the shining ttar at
tho Orpheum this evening. While the other
artists who api^nr at this house are not to be
deprecated, America's «reate»t minstrel is a
show ail by himse.f. Smith and Fuller, tne
bamboo be.l-players, win also appear in their
The foaturo of the summer reason that was
inaugurated at the Chutes yesterday will be
continued this evening. In addition to the
outdoor attraction* thero will be a vaudeville
perlormatice in the casino, for which t'lere
will not be any extra charge. Agdie and her
lious will be mere.
The International Ladies' Orchestra, under
the leadership of Kitzau, Is itill a great suc
cess at tbe Oberon. Tha selections of choice
music rendered by tbe ladies have won for
them many words of commendation. The
Muliln sisters, as cornetistz. are ieatures.
Qoite a Lively Mlx-Up Near the Knee
track Yfnterday, With JSo
Serloui Jesuits.
About 4 o'clock yesterday, in front of
the Ingle.side racetrack saloon, the village
cart of P. W. Belton locked \7heels with
the driving-cart of Ludwig Bellinger, a
butcher doing business at 3318 Mission
street, which resulted in a lively mix-up.
Sellinger bad gone into the saloon to col
lect a bill, leaving his boy Charles to lOOK
out for the rig. While Sellinger was ab
sent Belton and his wile drove up aud
the boy who had been left in charge of
the butcher's horse, endeavoring to make
way for the newcomers, succeeded in caus
ing the collision. The result was a few
abrasions for the boy, the bruising of Mr.
and Mrs. Belton, a badly wrecked cart
and a possible suit for daraaees. lie 'ton's,
cart was completely wrecked and his
horse badly scratched, while ttic butcher's
cart and horse were but slicbtly damaged.
For Infants and Children.
Thifw A
.el y+uzfTX S<<&&K Wm-
Fifteen Miles in 41:47
Over the Tri
A. H. Bullion Won First Place
and Made the Best
Speedy Pive-Mile Event of the
Imperial Club, E. A. Bozio
Taking the Honors.
The various clubs which bad runs and
road races on the cards yesterday were
tortunate in having a splendid day for the
sport. There were two big events over the
San Leandro coime, and both were well
contested and productive ot fact time.
The "triangle" and the San Leandro-
Hay wards road are now in perfect con
dition, and if it remains so lor two more
weeks, records will surely be shattered on
th* occasion of the big twenty-mile event
on July 11.
The race rnn by the Acme Club wheel
men yesterday morning was at a new
distance to coa^t riders, being fifteen miles.
There have been five, ten, twenty and
twenty-five mile events, but none at the
intermediate distance before, so that any
time made would establish a coast record
for that distance.
The course favored the riders, and the
o>ark was set at 41 minutes 47 seconds, an
average of about "2:47 per niile, which is
fast enough to warrant its staying there
for some time to come.
Of the twenty-three original entrants
fifteen started and ten finished. Greaves,
Sctiutt, Clymer, Werner and Lefevre met
with punctures or other slight mishaps,
and did not finish.
A. H. Bullion, with four minutes' hand i
cap, won first place and also made the
best lime. He is a new rider, nnd bids
fair to make a name for himself in roaa
Tbe following is the tab'.e:
| cap. j
Net riding
j time.
A. 11. Bullion
I- Burke
11. \v. Phillips
>'. Weatphal
i . 11. Staples
L. 11. Wolf
A. Jack- on
11. L. Anderson
it. .\. yuan
i I. A. sclileuter
43:47 2-5
4 2:22
42:22 2-5
. 46:22 2-5
The Acnin race was conducted by Presi
dent Allen, Captain Blwdd and A. P.
fcwain. Tne timers were Captain George
H. Strong, A. P. Swain, Chart** Albert
Adam.-, .1. 8. Bbadd and F. W. Sharpe.
At balf-past 10 o'clock, a half-hour be
fore the Acme race started, the Imperial
Cycling Club held a five-mile event ov.t
the Kan L-:indro-llay wards course. It
was a splendid race and some fine finishes
were witnessed at the tape. E. A. Bozio,
one of the scratch men, l-ut up a magnifi
cent ride, outsprinting the other scratch
men and landing the time prize in 11
minutes 51 seconds, the fastest five miles
that ha* b»en ridden over that course this
year. R. F. Hainan, with a start of 1 min
ute, won first place, thouc ti this honor
might have gone to G. H. Pecht had he
not been crowded at the finish.
The following ia the summary :
I! Klin?
R. F. II am an
F. I . i ehrman
U. H. Pecht
F. W. I.c lialllsier
11 . litlirnian Jr
P. L,. Desert
W. H. Smith
K. W. .Schneider
K. 1., tordy
E. A. liuzto ■.
i . bodarick
1. R. Und
\. Hrngl
Joseph Cataoicb
w . Masck
John S. Kgan
I. S. Gang
i . frchenclr.
12:49 2-5
12:47 1-5
12:47 2-5
13:82 3-5
12:48 1-5
12:51 3-5
12 88 4-5
President T. J. Winslow and J. P. Burns
of ihe Imperial Club had a match race
prior to the r club event, which was won
by Winslow after a hard ride in 14 -..50.
Tne Imperial race was well conducted
throughout and great credit is due t tie
race committee, whicu promoted it, con
sisting of Captain E. F. Fliun, B. A. Bo
zio and J. S. Gang.
Many clubs had runs to San lieaniiro to
witness the road event 1 ?, among them be
ing the Acnre Club Wheelmen, Reliance
Club Wheelmen, Imperial Cvclinj; Club,
Chance Acquaintance Club, Yosemite Cy
clers and Barker Cycling Club.
Captain Hadenfeldt led a large olub run
of the Olympic Club Wheelmen to Toca
loma. in Marin County, yesterday.
The entries for the annual twenty-mile
roadrace of the California Associated
Cycling Clubs on July 11 will not close
until Monday, July 5.
The Bay City Wheelmen will hold a
tryout to select its team for the tweuty
miie roadrace. The test will be made
next Sundny at Santa It >sa.
Indications point to an immense entry
Ibt for the association race meet at Sacra
mento Monday, July f>, and large num
bers of the wheelmen of this City and
Oakland will attend.
Large Crowd* at the Ocean Beach and
I'.n k Muacuui.
Yesterday's fine weather drew out a
very large crowd of pleasurt-seekers to
tbe park and ocean beach. The galleries
of the Cliff House were filled and a large
number witnessed the good programme at
the Sutro Bath?, where the MuUin sisters
in their cornet duets and the Ordways la
their trick bicycle performances furnished
excellent entertainment.
Tbe Park Museum now bas the nucleus
of a library, which the curator hopes will
be added to until they have a roomful,
which will much enhance the educatioual
vr.iue of the museum. M. H. de Young
Itaa jint presented a set of tile En
cyclopaedia Britannica an i a set of me
Century Dictionary and Encyclopedia.
Curator Wilcomb ha? given a valuable
work on mineralogy by Dana, and others
have donated worki on coin, pottery and
ancient armor. The museum will be glad
to receive any contributions of books re
lating to any of the «übjects of its twenty
two departments. Works on natural his
tory, ethnology, ancient coins, armor,
medals, ceramics and, above all, on min
eralogy, will be appreciated. Tbe treatises
will be specially interesting when placed
in the museum, because they can be
studied in conjunction with tbe rare
specimens of many kinds collected there
for the examination of students. Doubt
less there are many old books stored away
on dusty shelves and doing tbe owners no
good, which can be made very useful if
sent to tbe museum.
The park now has five baby elks. They
attract a great deal ol attention by their
graceful play.
The Cnutea bad on* of tbe largest
crowds ever assembled in the grounds.
A;i;rie and her lions were »he principal
feature, and the performance was very
animated because the lions had enjoyed a
week's rest and required a spirited beat
ing from their mistress.
There were two sIIIM bicycle acci
dents. William Shaw of in*! 1 , Clara street
sprained a wrist and Mi-s ii. Ciocker of
Alameda fell and hurt her arm.
Will Celebrate the Anniversary of the
Order by a Grand Entertainment.
The subordinate lodges of the Kni^hta
of Honor that are located In £an Fran
ci co will on the 30th inst. assembie at tht>
Chutes, day and night, to celebrate the
twenty-fourth anniversary of the found
ing of the order, which now has in the
United States thirty-six grand lodges
nearly 2;">50 subordinate lodges and almost
110,000 members. The committee on en
tertainment has for some time past been
at work preparing a programme that it
believe* will be attractive and afford en
joyment to the members of the order and
to their friends, who will no doubt attend.
The following is the programme tn.it
has ueen prepared: Afternoon, outdoor
games — 100-yard and 50-yard races lor
young lailit-s, potato race for boy*, egs:
and ladle rnce for ladies, potato race for
ladies, putting the shot by members ot
tne order, sack race lor men; hop, .-tep
and jump for members of the order, ob
stacle race, iiole-climbing for boys, potato
race for members of the orJer ur.d 100
--yard ra<te open to all. The committee
hiis forty prizes which ihey will d.s
tnbute to winners of these events. Even
ing—Performance in the Pavilion, Golden
Gate Alinsirel Company (thirty-six meru
btrs); La Estrella Mandolin Club, acro
batic song and dance, Harry Conlin and
James Ryder; Gallagher and Barrett,
Irish comediuis, in specialties; vocal se
lections by Joe Button, barytone; I>. Ber
nard, tenor; Sam Sandy, ba^s; George
Miller, tenor, and other*. William Wane
will be the interlocutor for the minstrels.
They Will Celebrate on July 5
at Schuetzen
Rev. lather Caraher "Will Deliver
the Oration— A Great Day
Arranged Tor.
The Ancient Order of Hibernians in
tend to celebrate the National holiday in
a manner that will attract the general at
tention of the public As the Fourth
falls on Sunday this year, and as the con
stitution of the order expressly forbids
any picnic, excursion or celebration as
ordinarily understood on that day, the
demonstration will be held on Monday,
the sth, and trcheuizen Park, San Rafael,
nas been engaged.
For two months past in.' executive com
mittee, composed originally of Patrick
Brouerick, G rat tan Phillips and J. J. Don
ahue, has been at work. This committee
aprointel the different sub-committees.
Of th<s finance committee John P.
Honny is chairman, with assistants as
follows: Jamei Burke, P. J. Kellener,
M. H. McCafferty, P. F. Gilroy, J. C.
llyan and Eugene McCoy.
John J. Barrett is chairman of the re
ceplion committee, with J. J. Donovan,
State president; Thomas Bannermaa,
Edward J. Bbeehan, John ityail, Captain
Wrin, D. S. O'Bneu auJ J. 11. O'Brien to
aid liim.
J. P. Dignan is chairman of tho floor
committee and he has J. B. Black, T.
Uoland, T. Scully, J. F. Mailing, T. 15.
Hilliard, N. Morrissey and Thomas Ward
as assistants.
John rtooney is chief judge of the jig
nnd reel dancing with Eugene O'Connor.
P. Brandon and Daniel Fltxpatrick as
associate judges. The i-anies committee
is a very important committee, as the list
Is a long one and the pr.zes valuable,
therefore a large number have been
placed in charge. W. O'Shairnhnessy is
chairman, assisted by M. O'Mahoney,
Charles O'Connor, frank Conk. in, Kobert
Shep>ton, J. P. O'Connell, Bartiey Lee,
William Collodv and M. 11. McCafferty.
On talent the different cumnuttees acted
as a committe* of the whole, it being con
sidered that the expenses being tne main
feature should have the beneht of the
suggestions of every member.
Ti.e programme is now finished and is
as follows: Monday morning, July 5, the
twenty City divisions will assemble at
Hibernia Hall, where the division mar
shals will form them into lir.e. County
President P. J. McCormick will be grand
marshal and Eugene J. Uannon, county
secretary, who has been crand secretary,
will be assistant. The Knights of the Red
Branch Rifles, Captain M. Casey, will
march from their armory, Tenth and
Market streets, to Hibernia Hall and
there take their place at the head of the
line. The Hibernia band of twenty-live
pieces will furnish the music.
At Scbuetzen Phtk dancing will be
started in the pavilion on the arrival of
the divisions. At 1 o'clock the games will
begin with she tiu-of-war contest between
rival teams of the society for a prize of
?"JO. Then will follow a football game be
.tween picked teams.
Afier this will come the r.ices of all
kinds, winding up with backward race,
sack race, three-legged race, eg« race,
etc., and then the jumping, weight-throw
ing, etc.
At 3:iJO o'clock theexercises will begin in
the pavilion and will include the overture,
"Hail, Columbia," by the band; intro
ductory remarks by President P. J. Me-
Cormicic; oration, "Patriotism," Rev.
Father Carrauer; song, "Star-spangled
Banner, 1 ' Miss Catherine Bluck ; reading
Declaration of Indenendence by Eustace
Cullinan: song, "The Red, White and
Blue," A. O. H. chorus.
The jie, and reel dancing will keep up
during the day, and after the exeicises
close wiil come the prize-dancini:. Tne
gate prizes are also valuable, the first gate
prize being $25 cash. They number forty
one in all.
It is confidently exrectei that many
thousand people will take pert in the cele
Funeral of llioinn* !'•. Kobinsou at Trin-
ity Presbyterian Church.
The funeral services over the body of
tbe late Thomas B. Robinson, who came
to California in 1858 and took a promi
nent part in the early government of the
City, were held yesterday r.fternoon at
2:30 o'clock at Trinity Pre>byterian
Cn»rch, corner of Twenty-third and <"app
streets. The services were performed by
Rev. James Wood worth.
Representatives from the Pioneers, the
Grand Encampment, ibe Exempt Fire
men and the Odd Fellows acietl as pall
bearers. Fo lowing are tbe names ol
those who performed the sad duty : Jamvs
11. Ctiase, H. Dow, C. S. Cap'p, Philip
Pryor, James O'Donnell nnd L. L. Alex
ander. In addition to the religious serv
ices at the church rites were nerlormed
by tbe Odd Fellows at Laurel Hill Ceme
Jjont an Kye.
Yesterday fnrcuoon George E. Lafferty, a
teamster, residing at 2529 Mission street.
while in a barroom at Twenty-first and Mis
sion streets, got into an altercation with
Frank Benson, a laborer, in which Benson
picked up a drinking-glass and threw It ai
him and destroyed the sight of his left eve.
The injured man was treated by Dr. M.O.
Austin ol Nineteenth and <iucrre"ro -treats,
who pronounced the eye to Lo totally de
stroyed. Benson was arrested br Officer Edner
and locked up in the Southern police fetation,
where a charge of mayhem was entered
against him.
Everhardt, Wolcott and
Dixon Will Arrive
To-Night ;
George Green Seems Inclined
Now to Draw the Color
There Is a Threatening Quarrel Be
tween the Empire and National
Clubs About lighters.
The arrival of Tom O'Rourke to-night
with his three fighters — Welter-weijbt Joe
Walcott, Lightweight Jack Everhardt and
Feather-weight George Dixon— will push
things along in affairs pugilistic. As they
stand now they are still. The misunder
standing between the Empire and the
National clubs as to which owns the fight
ing qualities of George Green, who is
booked to meet Walcott, will have to be
settled by O'llourke, and it will probably
be just as well for these institutions to
abide by the Eastern man's decision with
out murmurine. Injunctions and other
measures now threatening will but do
harm to the budding of the sport that
promises to bloom so beautifully in the
sunshine of municipal complaisance.
George Green is accredited with the de
sire to draw the color line now that Wal
cott is within the State. His Olympic
Club friends foolishly encourage bim in
so doing, and it is likely that unless some
better advice prevails a hitch will occur on
that score. Green, however, has always
shown himselt amenable to sound sense,
and as ho has generally modeled his ways
of doing after those ot Jim Corbett there
is hope (hat he wiil not draw the line, es
pecially at this time so Foon after the ad
verse criticism he drew down when his
proposed match with Ryan fell through.
There is nothing in the way of the Dix
on-Hawkins battle, which promises to be
the greatest event of the kind that has
ever taken place. True, the men do not
properly belong in the same class. Haw
kins is a lightweight, but he is at his best
at 135 pounds.
He will have to come down to 128
pounds almost at the ringside, and be
must necessarily lose vigor in so doing.
Dixon, the feather-weight, i* unquestion
ably the beat man in the world in his
class, and he can stand the handicap he
must go against. All in all, that fight
should be a great one.
Everhardt and "St.ider" Kelly will be
the next event of importance after the
Dixon - Hawkins bout. Everhardt has
never been seen here, but the reports of
his Eastern work are very Rood. Kelly is
well known as a game and hard rienier.
There is no betting at this early date
upon any of these events. As to the re
turn mate between Maher and Sharkey,
or a limited go between Fitzsimmons and
John L. Sullivan, it is not likely that they
would jointly pay expenses if pulled off in
this City. A «ii*cus*ion on these events
usually terminates vi i t la the expression,
Accident at Inglesirin.
Philip Helton and his wife, who reside at
-Hi Bryant street, while arivine on the In
gleside road, collided with a cart driven by L.
Seeliger and his son. The result of the con
tact »as that i..oth vehicles were capsized and
their occupants thrown out. Secheer, who
- a; 1310 Mission street, was badly cut
about ili>- lace niid his son was badly shaken
up. Bclton and his wife escaped without
Bay City Circle.
Bay City Circle, Companions of the Forest,
F. O. A., will Rive a social in Alcazar building
on the evening of Wednesday next, and from
tne i reparations that have been made by the
< oinmittee it is fair to surmise that the affair
will be a very enjoyable or.c.
raw to-dat:
On the water,
or on the land— during outings of
any kind — there is nothing half so
good as t
For eating, for drinking, for bak-
ing — is absolutely essential to
every picnic or traveling party.
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( Ghirardelli Co. •" '\
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la ~ g\ ory, Impotency, Sleeplossnees, etc., caused
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California Port, Sherry and
Angelica, regular 50c a
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Will Presenttiie KourAct I'lhv, Arranged by Hary
1. btoue from Elizabeth P. Train's Novel,
(By special arrangement with Mr. Richard
NEXT WEEK— Revival of two Charming Com-
edies, -The lireat Unknown" and "The Two Es-
cutcheons.." JBCS" Special Mat. Monday, July 5.
Al HaVhak it Co. (Incorporated) Proprle:or»
Presenting for the First Time Here,
By lira. Frances Hodgson Buriiett and George
Jrleniing. . - . .
EXTRA— By Special lu<|uest. Matinee and Ni^ht,
July 6.
5-h of July Matinee at Special Holiday Prices.
Tuesday, July 6— ••Tilt MAVfLUWBB."
ftiiUhi^iUtiußxiA-K aKai.ivi, i'roprletor <s Mauaj*:
The Eminent Comedian,
Splendid Cast! Correct Costumes!
Beautiful Scenery! Graceful Dances!
Secure \bur Seats Well in Advance.
Popular Prices 250 and 503
WALTER MOKOSCO...SoIe Lessee and Manager
Of the Successful Idyllic Convdy Drama.
A Romance cf Kentucky by Mlron Lefiingwell.
Eventnsr Prices— lOc, 25c and 500.
Matinees SaturUuy unit Sunday.
Bamboo Beil Players:
MR.UWDO('K<T \l>. .it. America's Great-
est Alin3trel: CAROX AND HKKB AI.IX
Sr.l'illM'. SAliKl,;niii CNRIV.M.KDBILU
Reserved Seats, 23c; Ba cony, 10c; upera Chairs
and Box Seats. sue
The Venetian i.:«lios' Orchestra in the Annex •
every Wenloc after the ppriormance.
Belasco & La Faille. Managers
First Time at this TneHter, Dion Bouclcault's
2-Aci Convdy
"-A.3NT33TT i^lli AXE ! "
And THIRD Bu; atuNTH ot
Powers' Chinese Drama
Frofesslonal Matinee Thursday at 3 o'c oefc.
Open 1-ally from 7 a. m. un.i: 11 p. v.
General Admission. 10c. Children, 5c
Hathi with admission. 25c: children, 20c.
Concert l-.very Afternoon and i \ nmg.
Every Afternoon and Evening.
And a Great Vaudeville Bill!
10c Admits to All. Cliildrcn *o.
HALL. Nlshts-June ■>'*<, 29. 30, July 1. 2. 6 and
*• Thursday and Saturday arternoons, 2:30.
Seats— 2sc and 50c.
■I- s.pe»-ialistc«rf.»l*rivate,Neivc>us,lil(>o<liaid Skin
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S6' s ' Krnrn.r Ktrret, San Francisco, CaL.

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