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WKDShyItAY ..IULY 14,1897
Baldwin Theater — -The late Mr. Castello."
COLOMBIA Theater— Christopher Jr."
"Morosco's Or__RA-Hous__ For Her Sake,
Ai.rA7.AR Theater 'The First Born" and
"A Victim of Circumstances."
Tivoli c _•_•:.. a Hoi-sk The laic of Cham-
Olympia— Veris:opc pictures of Corbett and
< itt'iinsi — High-Class Vaudeville.
Oberon.— Grand Concert.
mtri. Baths.- Bathing anel Fprformancev
The CiirTKs and Chutes Free Theater.—
Adgie and her Lion-, every af ernoon and evening
El Campo— "Music, Dancing, Boating, Fishing,
every Sunday.
By Ibank V . J i-TTKnnKi.ri — This day.
July 14, Furniture, at 2831 -Mis.ion at., at 11
o clock.
)• Yon J'hkin * Co.— Thursday. July 15.
«i.l Estate, at fcalesroom, 513 Calliornla street,
uit o'clock.
By G. H. Umbsen- A Co.— Tuesday, September
2, l col Estate, at 14 Montgomery st ,at Vi o'clock
A fair Wednesday with fresh westerly winds.
A. A Borliuer has sued J. A. Baxter for
?3793 75.
Maria J. Pin sch kel 1 has cued for a divorce
from August P.uschkeli on the ground of ex
treme cruelty.
Jacoblna C. Hetzer has been granted a di
vorce from William Hetzer on the ground of
willful neg.ee t.
A passenger rom Panama tells of the lack
fi precautious to prevent the spread oi yellow
fever to this port.
.V special effort will soon be made to have
the work on the belt railroad pushed forward
with more rapidity.
Judge Hebimrd has dissolved the injunction
in the case of Cailaghau i-.ganist-ihe City and
County of San Francisco.
Dennis Dngan secured a broken pate while
erguing with Michael Klrby over the affec
tions of the Litter's sister.
According to the report of Clerk Haskins
the receipts of police Court 4 for the p*st year
foot up ${.545 and the expenses $12 343 75.
The preliminary examination of Theodore
A. Figel on the charge of embezzlement was
commenced before Judge Campbell yesterday.
The members of the Stale Foard of Trade
are advocating a strict State quarantine
against all persons afflicted wiih consumption.
The committees of the Grand Jury oa Police
and Fire departments filed their reports
yesterday, making a numb.r ot recomiueuda
Leading San Francisco merchants say that
business is better than it has been for months
and that a genera] revival of trade is immi
French consul de Lalande would like to get
any information as to the identity of Pierre
Alexandre Glatiney, who is at the Receiving
Profesior Carl Eisenschimmel has given it
as his opinion that the paper purporting io be
the w.i. ol the late Jacob Z. Davis is a lorgtd
d, cument.
The regents of the University of California
met in tue Hopkins Art Institute building yes
terday afternoon. Much important business
was transacted.
The Chamber of Commerce wants the bar of
the lay of San Francisco and it -. approaches
surveyed, the harbor survey having been
nearly completed.
The new assistant rector of the Episcopal
Church of the (iood Samaritan will be ten
dered a reception on Thursday evening by the
members of that church.
Anton Retailer's will in disposing of a
$23,000 estate gives only $3000 io his daugh
ter Helena because she abandoned his name
ami treated him as a stranger.
William Barron, alias Door, who claimed to
be a Christian Eudeavorer, was found guilty
i i vagrancy yesterday by Judge Conlan.
Burglar's tool* were ioutid In the fellow's pos
Claus Spreckeis has instituted a suit for
.^1, 000,000 damages for libel against W. li.
iie«rst, proprietor ol the Examiner. A. If.
Laurence a.d Charles S. Aiken are also named
as defendants.
An attachment was levied by the Sheriff
yesterday upoa the San Francisco Photo En
graving Company and the Atlas Printing
Company under « jueigment secured by F. F.
Bostwick for $330 85.
The Grand Jury committee on the Board of
Education yesterday filed a supplemental re
port in which the uoard is complimented on
several improvements it has instituted in the
conduct ol its .mess.
A decidedly spicy correspondence ls going
on between tne Manufacturer?* and Producers'
Association and the Treasury Department
relative to the shipment of bogus brandy
that got Inspector Dockery into trouble.
Charles Stnppenvach claims the trademark
••American florist" of San Francisco, and has
instituted __ suit to prevent Ftank Shlbeley
Mid wile from using tnat trade name. He
asks ior damages on account of alleged in
The Bui. dines Committee of the Bo*rd of
Supervisors he.d a meeting yesterday and
heard a series of protesis concerning the delay
upon the work of constructing the riail of
Just.cc. A resolution was prepared placing
tne responsibili y upon Shea, the architect.
J. A. Waugh of (jluaymas, manager of the
New Mexico, Arizona and eonora. Railroad,
and J. G. Schreiver, traffic ma ager of tne
Southern Pucifis at Xew Or.ean>, are here to
consult on tnrough freight -nie* 10 California
ana -lie East witn General freight Agent
Miss May R. Parmentier, a young San Fran
cisco .nay who has become the neiress to
$100,000, will leave this City to-morrow
evening .or Paris, where she must reside for
tne ntxi three years upon a montnly allow
ance 01 $700 per momh. after whicn she will
eet the iv.l amount of her legacy.
French Consul De 1... 1 and.. .Seeks In-
formation in Regard to the
Injured Musician.
French Consul L. de Lalande stated yes
terday that be was unable up to dale to
find anybody who could tell anything
d finite in regaid to who is Pierre Alex
andre Glatiney, ihe patient who lies with
broken bones at the Receiving Hospital.
Glatiney threw himself out of a two
story window Monday night after having
slashed a friend, Mme. Audebert, with a
kitchen-Knife. His consort, Mile. Eiize
Zier, a Swiss girl who eloped with the
man six years ago and who has been wih
him ever since, appears to tho-e about the
hospital as being quite as weak-minded as
the man, and sue will not tell a rational
or consecutive story about their connec
tion. The girl does nothing but cry and
beg to be allowed to remain by her lover.
The hospital people will have to remove
the patient to-day to the I ity and County
Hospital, and it is quite likely the woman
may have to be taken before the Insanity
Itching, scaly, bleeding palms, shapeless nails,
and painful linger ends, pimples, blackheads,
oily, mothy skin, dry, thin, and falling hair, itch-
ing, scaly scalps, all yield quickly to warm batha
with Cuticcka Soap, and gentle anointinga
with Coticuba (ointment), the great skin cure.
I . told thronehotrt the world. Pottib Dbco ahd Cmm. .
Coir., Sole Props, Ho«ton.. . __
sar "How to Produce Soft, White H«nd», free.
Flour Shipments Are Al
ready Assuming Large
Early Inquiry From the East
for California Canned
Leading linns Say Trade Is Steadily
Increasing and Money
That the deplorable condition of busi
ness which the Democratic calamity press
rants about from day to day exists, for
the most part, in the disordered imagina
tions of interested soreheads seems to be
proved by the statements of some of
Ban Francisco's most reputable business
men, and that the revival of business is
not alone an iridescent dream of the
future, but that already a substantial im
provement has begun, is the testimony of
some of the oldest and largest business
houses on the coast.
That this improvement is not confined
to any particular class of business is also
true, yet In some branches the renewed
activity has become manifest earlier than
in others. The opinions of men at the
head of largo business enterprises will
doubtless be accepted by the public with
more credulity than those of politicians
whose means of subsistence is dependent
upon their ingenuity in charging the Na
tional administration with responsibility
for every business failure in the country.
Ii appears an assured fact that a prosper
ous season in many particular branches of
trade has already begun in San Ft an
cisco. In tbe flour business the demand
is greater than it has been for months
and much trouble is experienced in pro
curing transportation.
Said G. V?. McNear of the Port Costa
Flour Company yesterday: -'Business
generally is in a very satisfactory con
| dition. We expect that next mouth flour
| shipments will bo very heavy. Business is
! improving s'endily."
P. S. Teller, a member of the firm of
Morton, Teller <fc Roden, wholesale pro
vision dealers, said: '-Business is improv
ing. In fact the improvement has been
steady for the past two or three months. I
consider the outlook for. future vety
bright and anticipate a large fall trade."
fcaid Bernard Ileiss of the tirm of Nen
burger, Reiss & Co., importers of dry
goods: "I consider the outlook good and
the prospects lor a brisk fall trade are
much better than last year. In my opinion,
as soon as the taiiff is settled business will
increase in all parts of the country."
Castle Brothers, importers and commis
sion merchants, were very sanguine and
said: "We consider the outlook' very
favorable for a good fall trade. Inquiries
from the East for California canned goods
have not only' begun earlier than usual,
out are much m ire numerous, both of
which facts indicate that there will be a
larg fall trade in that line. I think the
. eneral desire is to have the tariff settled,
wh:c!"i will restore confidenca throughout
the Union and merchants v. ill feel more
disposed to do business."
Captain William L. Merry, secretary of
the (Jhaniberof Commerce, said: "It must
be remembered that this is the dull season
of the year, consequently we have no right
to expect a business activity equal to that
of the late fall or early spring, out there is
a decided improvement in feeling regard
ing business matters resulting from more
activity in the money market, thereby
allowing more money to be used in in
dustrial and commercial enterprises, and
the faith that the tariff bill will' produce a
beneficial effect on California products, if
possible, more than on those of any oiher
part oi the country.
"There is also a feeling of hopeful expec
tation on the coast that Hawaiian annex
ation will bring additional business to
Pacific Coast ports and induce imm gra
tion to the islands. Also on account of
tbe clause in the tariff bill which, if car
ried ihrougn, will fac litato and improve
tbe chances of American shipping by rea
son of the 10 per cent ad valorem which is
charged against ships under foreign colors
that are competing in carrying the im
ports coming into the United States witb
American bottoms.
"The principal drawback to this coast,
and an universally accepted fact, is that
we cannot get immigrants to come into
the State and settle up our lands owing to
the increased cost of transportation across
the continent; the increased cost repre
senting to the immigrant the value of
acres of land, and he generally considers
it a better policy to buy in the great mid
dle West rather than spend his money in
passage to the Pacific Coast. So well is
tnis recognized that the people of this
coast are universally looking to the open
ing of the water-way through Central
America for cheap transportation of the
products grown hereto tne. Atlantic sea
board and for importation of the products
of the Eastern States and Europe, to
gether wiiii cneap immigration, a* being
the solution to the settling of this coast.
"The Biiuation, on the whole, is very
hopeful for California; more so than it
has been for two years, and that we are on
the eve of an era ol prosperity is certain."
The Kirby and l)u;nn Family Mix Up
Over One of the Former's
Michael Kirby and Dennis Dugan never
did agree very much anyhow, but when
the latter sought Miss Maggie Kirby's
hand in marriage there was a row.
Kirby declared that no mm by the
name of Dugan would ever be permitted
to wed his sister, and ihat Dugan's name
«a. "Dennis." __HB___b___flttli9B&___
Last weak Dugan essayed to parley with
ibe irate brother, with "the result that be
retired muchly battered in face and phy
sique, possibly by being hit with a club, a
brick or a washboard, something of the
kind, the exact nature of which he is un
able to stale.
As a result Dugan is nursing many se
rious bruises and Kirby was arrested on a
cnarge of assault to commit murder. .' ;V
Every morning this wetik at 9:30 the steamer
Uklah will leave Tiburon ferry for a three
hours' trip around the bay. Tickets 50 cents,
children between 5 and Vi years of age 25
cents. This is, an excellent outing for-- ladies
and children. - zi.?.7J-
The United States Ship Adams Left Her Charge, the Pinta, at Sausalito, Yesterday, and Steamed
Away for Mare Island.
Happy Climax of a Romance
of Maine and San
Marriage of R. L, Levensaler
of This City and Miss
Elizabeth Dunbar.
Creosoted Lumber Versus Steel for
Wharves— White-Crane Hunt
ing Booms.
The Harbor Commissioners received
quite a surprise at yesterday's meeting.
John H. .Miller, the attorney, wrote stat
ing that the system of concrete flooring
now being laid down in the ferry deoot
was an infringement of a patent held by
himself and Calvin Brown. He also noti
fied the Commissioners that th y would
be held responsible for, the infringement,
and that the contractors would be joined
wiih them in a suit for damages. The
matter was referred to the board's attor
ney lo report on. .77
Chief Engineer Holmes made a report
on the destruction of Folsora-street wharf
by fire, " He laid the blame fox the rapid
spread of tbe flames to the creosoted tim
bers used in the construction. As a pre
servative be said creosote was excellent,
but declared that he would advise that in
future no creosoted timbers be used ex
cept for piling purposes or in cases where
the lumber would be covered with earth.
Mr. Holmes also submitted plana lor the
reconstruction of tbe destroyed wharf,
and recommended that the superstructure
should be of steel and the floor of ex
panded steel covered with concrete. The
cost will be in the neighborhood of $35,
--000, or $10,000 more than a wharf built
with creosoted lumber. President Colnon
objected to the extra coat, and said that
the board had no funds with which to pay
it. He liked Mr. Holmes' idea, but did
not see how it could be carried out. Com
missioner Harney also thought it would
not be right to run into an extra expense,
and while he liked the idea of a steel
wharf, still he thought that one built of
creo-oted lumber would do. Mr. Holmes
was finally instructed to finish the plans
for a steel structure, and the board took
the matter under advisement.
Quite a romance came to light on the
water front yesterday. R. L. Levensaler.
brotner-in-law of Captain James F. Chap
man and cashier of the firm of James F.
Chapman & Co., went away on a vacation
and came back a married man. The
groom is in the neighborhood of 55 years
of age and all bis numerous friends along
the front have always considered him a
confirmed bachelor, he bad had Irs love
affair, however, and away back in Thom
astown, Me., Miss Elizabeth Dunbar was
waiting to hear from him again. Last
mouth she received the lonc-looked-:or
letter and at once started for California.
At Reno, Nev., she was met by Mr. Leveu
saier and the marriage ceremony was at
once performed. The long-parted lovers
then journeyed leisurely back to San
Francisco and have now gone to house
keeping. The groom has been subjected
to a eood deal of good-natured chaffing,
but he takes it all in good part and to
every one says, "It is belter late than
The Oceanic Steamship Company's Aus
tralia got away for Honolulu yesterday,
with the following passengers:
Mrs. L. F. Alvarez, Miss A. Arnold, A. M.
Atherton, Rev. A. J. Bell. T. H. Benton, H. K.
Bjuzemaki-r. J. maker. Mrs. Jo-ei'h Bro
bant and child, Miss Nettie L. Campbell, W.
U. Cooke. Mrs. H. E. Cooke, Mrs. A. Dunn and
two chi dren, Miss Jennie Eastman, D. A.
Fox, K. A. Gardner, Alex Garvte, T. H. Haysel
den. Dr. Herbert. Mrs. Theo Hoffman, M. Hy
man, M. Jacob?, William Louissou. J. D. Mc-
Inerny, D. L. Naone, W. C. Peacock, C. F.
Peterson, Francis sianskjr, Mrs. M. E. Smith
.md child, R. D. \>albridge, C. L. Wight, A. A.
Wilder, Watson Wyman.
'C.L. Wight, one of the passengers, is
president of the Wilder Steamship Com
pany, and is returning to Hawaii alter
having negotiated a contract with the
Union Steamship Company for a sister
steamer to the Helena, which the Scotts
completed for the same company six
months ago.
The Christian Endeavorers are In trouble
over their baggage. In spite of the fact
that many of them nre now on their way
home, there are still 750 or 1000 packages
of th irs awaiting delivery at the ferry
depot.: besides about 2010 more in th
hands of the transfer companies. The
rush now is to get the trunks in order- to
take them home again, and hundreds are
still searching in vain for their missing
baggage. Over 100 pieces should have
gone away witn passengers by the Port
land steamer, but not one of them was
delivered, and the matter is now in the
hands of the Oregon Railway and Naviga
tion Company.
Nearly ail the seal hunters will go to
Central America bunting for the feathers
of the white crane. For the last few sea
sons sealing has proved to be a financial
failure as far as the hunters and sailors
are concerned. Many of the vessels nave
paid off, the : men getting -in some in
stances $1 and in other $150 for six months'
work. When they learned yesterday that
two of tbeir .-" members had made $3000
apiece they determined one and all to go
white-crane hunting, from her* the
hunters go to San Diego, and from that
point hunt the coast sometimes as far
south as Panama, Fish, birds, turtle and
oysters are abundant and ail the hunters
fare well.
The steamer Homer is to start for Tahiti
the first of next month, and should the
venture prove a success she will replace
the Galilee. Tropic Bird and City of
Papeete on the route. Other steamers will
be added to the line and Tahiti and San
Francisco will be for the first time in com
munication by steam.
An ola glazier who is well known on the
water front fell from the ferry building
yesterday and fractured bis skull. He is
now lying in an unconscious condition at
the City Front Ricsiving Hospital.
Tbe United States steamer Adams ar
rived from Alaska with the little dispatch
boat Pinta In tow. The latter was dropped
off at Sausalito and the Adams proceeded
to Mare Island. The Adams after an
overhauling may go to Honolulu, while
the Pinta will go to rotten row.
An Unknown Man Found Dead at Point
Lobos With a Kopg Around
tils Neck.
C. D. Dearsoff of 1217 Mission street was
strolling along the beach near Point Lo
bos yesterday when he came upon the
dead body of a man in a cleft of the rocks.
Without waiting to make any closer ex
amination of the corpse Dearsoff notified
tbe life-saving corps near by, and the
whole force turned out.
Tne crevice in the rocks in which the
body lay was at the foot of an almost per
pendicular bluff and was hard to reach.
The man bad evidently fallen or hnd been
thrown from the brow ol the cliff above.
The life-savers worked for five hours be
fore they succeeded in getting out the
corpse. Then it was taken in charge by
Coroner Hawkins to await the verdict of
a Coroner's jury. . :.7* "- '-.
There was nothing on the perron of the
deceased by which he could be identified.
He had not been dead for more than two
day*, and the features were not too much
disfigured to prevent identification. Tne
deceased was about 65 years old and wore
a white mustache and chin beard. The
body was without hat or coat, and was at
tired in a brown vest, brown pants and
gaiter shoes. Around the neck was a
piece of window cord looped, and with
the free end broken. The neck showed
signs of strangulation, as there was a deep
red furrow where the cord had almost ent
into the skin. By the side of the body
was an empty whisky flask.
The corpse is marked "unidentified,"
and lies in a box id the Morgue.
State. Congress to Hold a Four Days'
Session Next Week.
The Afio- American Congress for the
State of California will bold its annual
session in Fresno next Tuesday. The ses
sion will occupy the whole time of four
The address of welcome will be made by
Mayor Craycroft. Frank H. Short, one of
the leading attorneys in the San Joaquin
Valley, will make an address on "The
Duty "of the Church Toward the Freedmen
and Their Descendants in 'America.'.'
Georgo E. Chferch, another prominent at
torney, will speak on "Should the Em
ployers Give the Negro Employment
Without Discrimination?" Rev. Dr. de
Witt will speak on "The Duty of tie
American People to the Afro- American
Race." 7; 77
Bishop Alexander Walters of the A. M.
E. Z.on Church of New York, and also
trustee of the Christian Endeavor Society,
will speak on the subject, "Duly of the
Afro-American to the American People."
Among the other speakers will be Mrs.
Victoria • E_irle Matthews of New York,
Bishop George W. Clinton, Rev. Tileh
man Brown, Rev. Dr. R A. 'Hit ber, Miss
Artemesia Hall, Dudley Sebree, George T.
Brown, J. J. Neimore and B. F. Taibo:.
r^p^iJSP So She is to Them— Not so to a Woman.
fcyZy Y/TlM^-^ '"***" Woman's Knowledge Saves Mrs. Ebbert From an Operation*
f\ -^ \jk/£-/j. ■Jtii -A. woman understands women as a man never can hope
V^C^Jf ' *°* *^ or t * tl *' s reason - !k -- rs - Lydia E. Pinkham. of Lynn,
fm CALL all over the English-speaking world,
5 She is to Them— Not so to a Woman.
tan's Knowledge Saves Mrs. Ebbert From an Operation*
voman understands women as a man never can hope
Tor this reason Mrs. Lydia E. Pinkham. of Lynn,
, now known all over the English-speaking world,
! iS^/ set to work to help her sex.
'k_f__W / Mttwl/ \\___%_t After long and patient investigation, Mrs. Pinkham
'qJI_W j \y] aBH| confirmed her own conclusions, namely: that seven-
&m J \li>V__W_i^ eighths of the sufferings of women are due to dis-
"rm j i^j^v orders of the uterine system. Reasoning on this line,
If 1 OHB* she saw that the only preventive of early breaking
I' / ■*I \\ down, was a specific medicine which would act
• '/ I I.V alone on the female organism.
This was why she prepared her excellent Vegetable Compound, . which
has been such a boon to thousands and thousands of women. If you have
headaches chiefly at the top of the head, and are troubled by painful menstrua-
tion, dizziness, sleeplessness, backache, and that bearing-down feeling, Lydia
E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound will tone up your whole system. Mrs. Chas.
D. Ebbert, 330 Wood St., Reading, Pa., testifies to the - ______
great power of the Compound. ■• 7 /-37^aHI_
" Mrs. Pinkham— l can say that your medicine has cured j_^~vJ%[g__
me of the pains and troubles which I had. My case was __\*_^^yf^_f
a very bad one, and puzzled the doctor. My womb had JJStju _____
fallen and I had terrible pains in my back and hips. _^__m_^ JhMk
I could hardly walk. My husband went to our fam- /^__\ \^_>^__\ •y^N-s,
ily doctor, and he prescribed medicine for me, but \j*m!M_wS__^^^_W^^^i\
I found no relief, and grew worse instead of better, if ____^_\ jtm _*_}*
The doctor examined me and wanted toperforman T 5q __f_ _____m_e m
operation, but my husband would not consent. Seeing? _________[ __JPz~y\
the advertisement in the paper, I got a bottle of Lydia «Bs_m j______?/
E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, and before I had s^j?
taken half of the second bottle, I felt like a new wo- v* ' *-.'-'— ?■• - __
man. -* In all I have taken four bottles of your medicine, and can say that I am
entirely cured. I hope that every woman suffering as I did, will follow my ad-
vice: and take your medicine at once.'V .*.*--— vfr -r— — r— r — ■--— —rrTr-,. ——
■ ■ . ■ ■ • • ■•■■.■.■.■• . ■'.'
Managers Schriever and
Naugle Come to See
Chas. F. Smurr.
The Growth .of Mining and
Railway Interests in
Sonora, Mexico.
The Movements of Endeavorers and
Melting Away of 27,000 Pieces
of Baggage.
Endeavorer and reduced rate travel was
not so heavy last night as on Monday
night, wheu ninety - two sleepers nnd
coaches left on the through trains, all
loaded with people. From "appearances
the Eastern visitor j will take their time
about leaving. They will continue to
make side trips and visit Southern Cali
fornia, so that it may be some weeks be
fore it can be said they have returned.
Some of them, as the Southern Pacific
officials recount, will not go at all, but
will remain in this State. "Of 27,000
pieces of baggage," said General Passen- !
eer Agent Goodman, "there are but 150
pieces now. I have just been down at the
baggage-office, and was gratified to see how
it had all been claimed."
General Freight Agent C. F. Smurr was
in consultation with J. A. angle of
Guaymas, manager of the Mexico, Ari
_ na and Sonora Railroad, and J. G.
Schriever, traffic manager at New Orleans,
who have arrived here, in regard to
lirough traffic to and from California
points and to and from Eastern points.
The road managed by Mr. Naugle is tbe
one which is about to be transferred for
the one between Mojave and The Needles,
owned by the Southern Pacific Company.
The former is 353 miles long, and extends
Irom Benson to Guaymas.
It will taee two or three ' days probably
before the tariff rates are" fixed. Mr.
Naugle says that things are in good con
dition in Sonora, where he makes his
"There is no boom there," said he, "but
there is a healthy condition of thing?.
There are a good many En lisb, French
and American investors in mines. Other
people are going there, too. The minerals
are very rich. There are all kind, includ
ing gol.l and silver, which are in abun
dance. The Slate of Sonora exports 95
per cent of pure plumbago. The train I
came on to this City had about a ton of
bullion on it.
"The Minas Prietas gold properties
are developing handsomely and .are
making heavy outputs. There are 160
stamps there, and some of the workings
are down 1000 feet"
'\G. W. Hearn and George W. Bostick,
prominent men of New Orleans, came
with Traffic Manager Schriever. All the
gentlemen are nt the Pnlace.
Cunningham Contest _Dismi<aed.
In the estate of Mrs. Miranda Cunningham
notice has been given that Luella J. Horton
and Emma Dunn have dismissed their .on
test to the probate of the will of the deceased.
It's a
The prices are more than
surprising— they are sensa-
tional. Here are more and
still larger plums for you to
pick, and they hang 1 ow, too.
Kast's Annual
Clearance Sale
of Shoes.
Q-CBeBSGiiS&S " '■■■■■J-M.g-g.fr ..*-- — g ___!_____w_c —^yj^^ \_\Tf'' ■*■
Ladies' White Canvas Sout-
hern Ties, the best grades,
' the regular $2.50 tie, will frt fr A
close them out at ; «4>le3vF
Ladies' Dark Tan Cloth-top
Vici Kid, lace or button,
coin toe and tip, reduced frt s_tf\\_
from $2.50 to "... **\n»J
Infants' Russet Kid Button,
hand sewed, sizes 3to 5, CJOr
reduced from $1 t0............ OvIL
Boys' Veal Calf Lace, with
heels, sizes 11 to 13, re- ARJ*%
du;ed from $1.50 to .JUL
Boys' Russet Calf Lace,
sizes 11 to 5, reduced from frt *\s
$2 tO «4>li_£3
Men's Calf Lace, pointed toe
and tip (Bent's S3 shoe), Cf CA
reduced t0../. *ptaD\J
Men's Rawhide-Sole Bicycle
Oxfords, Eastern make, tf»| ss
reduced from $2.50 t0.......; v'*^
738-740 MARKET ST.
Out of town folks are welcome to
these same prices.
-=s©wO_F* THB-i^-
*i?Kr_E:x>_i>j-_E:s_D_A."sr _E"\7"_E3_i»-i-_>a-c3-, iTTJIjY 3.4,
•' 7 7v -^®v--AIT the-i^s- 7 -;
Afternoon, 2P. M., Literary Exercises. Address by Hon. James D. Phelan, Mayor.
GRAND i: II ITS OF 200 VOICES. — ' :
FZRU'WOB.EB and Grand Bnll a,t l^iglit.
AlHavma.v i Co. (Incorporated). ... Propnewri
Daniel Frohman's
The Brightest and Wittiest Comedy Seen
Here In Years. A Genuine Success.
T-htirs &Sat. Evgs. THE PRISONER OF Z KND A
Friday Evening THE MAYFLOWER
Saturday Matinee— AL!— THE LATE MR
CASTEL O, preceded by the Balcony Scene
from ROMKO ANU JULIET. (Mr. Hackett as
Romeo; Miss Mannering as Juliet).
Monday, July 19— Theater closed 2 weeks.
August . 2-JOHN DREW in "ROSEMARY." •
'riMCDIMHLK.OOraOD si c*>- uaoAnnmriAiitfiv--
The International Comedy Success,
Superoly Presented by
This Week Only • Matinee Saturday!
Next Monday- NHEAD WILSON*'
_.ju.i__i-.__>ii>-^ _.KKi.s- '. Proprietor eS__laa»ij:
The Edwin Stevens Comic Opera Season !
The sparkling Comedy Ooera,
■1 11 111 I ,U __»»',,.__l____l____HHy
Book by Chas. Alfred B r >. and Louis Harrison.
Music by W. W. F*urat, the Eminent Director.
Great Cast: Grand Ballets!
Superb Scenery, Costumes and Effects!
Popular Prices 25c and SOc.
WALTER MOROCCO. ..SoIe Lessee and Manager
Of the romantic Russian Military Drama,
A Charming Love Story Most
Beau ifullv Portrayed.
Evenlnsr Prices— lOc. 25c and 50c.
Matinees Saturday and Sunday.
: : O_E=».E3Kr _PsTXO-HCT-S.
' _ -Open., a.ly from 7 a. m. until 11 p. m.
General Admission. lie, Children, sc.
* Bathl k. with admission, 25c; children, '.lOc. : :
Concert _ very Afternoon and Evening.
It's a
Winning values for willing
buyers. The contagion of
no-profit prices has caught
our entire stock. Note the
®®®®®@^ (S<SX»)®^g)®(S)
Kast's Semi=Annual
Clearance Sale
of Shoes.
Child's Black Via Kid Lace,
coin toe and tip, spring
heel, sizes 8 to i<% re- qj-
duced from $1. 50 to "DC
Misses', sizes 11 to 2, same
style as above, reduced c_t t__
from $1.75 to *4>1.1U
Misses' Fine Chocolate Vici
Kid Button, coin toe or tip,
spring heels, sizes 11 to 2, frt <ys
reduced from $2 to vj)l«_fc3
Child's, sizes 8 to low, same
as above, reduced" from frt a A
$1.50 to 3>I.UU
Child's Black Cloth-top Vici
Kid Foxed Button, square
toe and tip, hand turned, .
sizes sto 7, reduced from aa.
$1.25 to yuc
Men's Calf Lace, heavy ex-
tension soles, pointed toe, **••-) t(\
reduced from $3 to CJ)__fc»lU
Men's Calf Lace or Congress,
square toe or tip, assorted frt _-i\
lot of $3 shoes, reduced to v'» 3"
Men's Ox-Blood Lace or
Congress, assorted styles, frt a j-
reduced from $2.50 to CJM.--T-3
738-740 MARKET ST.
We do not prepay mail or express
charges on theae advertised goods.
SW. Corner Mason and Eddy Streets.
And Every Afternoon and Evening,
——OF THK ■
i4-ntn:M) CONTEST.
I Under the Manascment of DAN A. STUART.
Admission, lnc nd ng Reserved seat, f>oc. A few
I Private Cox Seats ?1.00. Box Office open from 9
I a. M. tO 10 P. M.
Parquet, any seat _Jsc: rial con v. any »*»i ill.
Children. lOc, anr par' of the house.
AVDKIKLUS*. Ssetrh Artist.: LILLIA.V
PERRY, ringing and Dancing Soubietie; WIL-
LIAM WRY rK. Ba«o Cantante. an.l PK..UY A *
BUR- S. Irish Comedians. MX. LEW DOCK-
Al ,0 A "7 A D I"ei,a6CO it La Faille. Mcrs
i__.v_/ £~i-\ Price*— Mo. 35 c, 'ibe, 15c.
rowers' Chinese Play. -
THE FIRST __E3O-F«.ra-
Monday, July 19— First Appearance of
Elaborate Production of "»;«is DALE,"
Every Afternoon and Evening.
jgggf.- And a Great Vaudeville RilL'^Sp
I lOc Including Performance!*. Children *5t '
"- ~ ~~~- : ■ ~ ; ~ ~
surgeon, graduate of the most mß______l
famous medical college In China, . P^-flea
has practiced his profession in I'_ AST
I san Francisco for over twenty R P 3
years with marked success. Thi.u- lL> (7
sands Of patients testify to h s
81*111 and knowledge. tire's own >>«2vS^\
medicine • used. .No minerals. DejrtQ^S I ?*?^'*^
cures, not attempts to cure, Kheu- 55E_1^'?n_M!v
matism l'maiysis. Piles, Dynpep- *r»ef -,';*w*
sia. Consumption Asthma, I'rith 's and all Kid-
ney Disposes, Bllnnness. Heart Disease. Diseases
of ihe Throat, Cancer, Tumitrs and Blood an!
--It n Disease*. Male and fern <!e maladies suc-
cessively treated an.l cured. Consultation fr-e.
Ollice, 776 * lay st., wher ■he may be consulted at
any nme during; the day o- evening, Hours 9:3o
to 11 A. M , 1 :30 to A, 7 to 9 P. M.
I Wealthy Women Who Wish to I
Send 10 rents to the Mirhlgan News Co..
Detroit, Mich., and get a 100.- list of Mar-
riageable Women. Many of them are
wealthy, but lonesome and long for . a hus-
l___________i^_______M-____r_---_-_-ii_»eg_____________ri_i__i_pii_i ■__■_______■_
HF HP instantly. Our LNVISIIiLK I BE Cushloiai
aawmsu ■■ belp when all else fails, as glasses help eyes.
Self-adjusting. XoPain. Whispers heard. Sendto CDCC
F. llbcvil'o., -.58 li'na.T. s.y., (or Boob and Proofs INfaS
Temporary Ofllce, 429 Parrott Bidg.. San franc siu
patents! T\

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