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Two Companies Say Miners
Want to Search for
Southern Gold.
-Captain Hatfield and Agent
Bacigalupi Sanguine of
Their Tours.
Hundreds of People Are Carefully
•;••'; Studying the South American
-If one were to judge of the feeling of the
'•' general public on mining matters by the
.'. interest manifested in the proposed expe
ditions to Peru, the spirit of venture is
very much alive in this part of the world.
Whatever the masses all over the coun
. ; try may believe or disbelieve about the
• '-. mineral wealth of Bolivia and Peru, it
: seems there are hundreds of people, many
of whom have been in South America,
who have confidence that there is a great
deal of gold ia that country which may be
obtained by a reasonable amount of work
I and enterprise.
■ : : The average man pooh-poohs the idea
of the trip to Peru as he does the idea of a
trip -to Alaska, but Captain Hatfield of
'..'the Lancing and Peter Bacigalupi, who is
ya c 5-e:iger agent of the proposed steamer
'j. trip, say they are besieged from morning
'until night with applicants who desire to
try', their fortunes in the ravines and
along the rivers tributary to the Amazon.
. "I feel sure that there will be no hitch
•in our trip," said Captain Hatfield yester
day, "for there are scores of men and
women anxious to try their fortunes in
some new part of the world like Peru.
There will be no doubt about our trip if
V the people continue to roll in the way they
: have been coming for the past week. I
will soon enow whether the trip is a cer
tainty, but I say thai it now appears al
most certain that we will make the trip.
'.- ."I have seen enough of Peru and of the
people here to believe there will be many
fortunes made if the expedition goes for
. ward as planned. Of course no one can
• guarantee that a fortune will be made by
any one special person, but it seems to
me that there are 'fine opportunities, and
I. am judging largely by the opinion ex
. .pressed by mining men who have seen the j
country." '
The same story is told by Peter Baciga
lupi, who is passenger agent of the
steamer, which, he says, has been char
tered for the trip. He says there have
been many applications, and that the
steamer will probably have its load ready,
'•'■ at the present rate of enlistment, by the
25; h of the month.
"More than forty people came to see me
to-day about first-class berths," said he,
"and the cb&nces are that there will be as
many more to-morrow, for the reports of
the gold finds have reached the ears of
thousands. ' pive men engaged third
class tare, and they are eager to go." ■
.'/One of the most enthusiastic men re
■ parians the trip to Mollendo is Peter
Averdick of 206 Sansome street, who lived
...in Peru .for many years. He was in the
mercantile business there, and be said
. .yesterday: "I have bought as much as
.'.five, pounds of gold at a time of the In
.-d urns— of one Indian I mean. The moan-
tains and the ravines are rich, and I feel
V stir* that a trip there will be far better
-..than one to tbe north. lam willing to
\ -co again" and I shall go on the first vessel
: . -that starts from this port"
Averdick was one of the first men to
"4 register 'for the steamer trip yesterday.
\ Captain Miranda was kept busy all day
.'"' at the Palace Hotel answering questions
. relative to the gold fields of Peru. As he
• 13 in the oil business there he is also well
■ in formed regarding tbe mineral situation.
. He recently received some new maps and
•-. encouraging reports from the gold regions
-Wild' be is of tbe opinion that the develop
ment of the gold region has hardly begun
•' in Peru.
He.says there is little doubt that modern
methods of mining will result in a great
-d-evelbpment of regions heretofore almost
. ° • Whatever may be the outcome of the
•'. talk about the gold of South America, it
■ is evident that there is an unusual amount
of interest among the masses, and the
• 'projectors' of both voyages say they are
• .sure to have all the people they can carry
" 'if they decide positively to make the trip
'• within a few weeks.
• • o Mrs. McCarthy's Sole Tradershlp.
" Mrs. Mary McCarthy, wile of John W.'-Mc
: Carthy, has applied for permission to act as a
i sole-trader. She says her husband is addicted
•.'■to. .the use of intoxicating liquors to such an
" '.extent that he is unfit to atu-nd to his bust
: 'nets a great part of the time. She wishes to
' '.continue in the draylng business established
• by her band. .
• The Primitive Method of Mining: Now in Vogue in Peru,
The Quartz Mining of Peru Is Often Carried On as Shown in This Illustration, Which Is
From a Photograph.
The Trotting Horse Folk
Failed to Pick the
Prince Ansel Defeated the
Heavily Played Dr.
Our Boy Captured the 2:13 Pace
and Our Jack the
2:30 Trot.
The second day's race meet of the
Pacific Coast Trotting-horse Breeders'
I Association at Emeryville track attracted
nearly if not quite as large a crowd as on
the opening day, Saturday last. The time
I made in tha different events was not as
fast as that hung out on the first day, but
! the sport was giddy and puzzling enough
j to keep the most melancholy from re
lapsing into a reverie. As on Saturday,
I first choices in the auction betting met
i with ill fortune, the mossy-looking indi
| viduals from "up country" generally being
j discovered in line after each heat.
One of tbe very first pictures to be
I turned toward the wall was that of Dr.
Frosse, favorite for the two-year-old trot.
The entries were three and tbe doctor
! sold for $10, with Prince Ansel going for
! $5 and Lynhood for $5.
The doctor was unsteady, and Prince
i Ansel, an honest-going little son of Dexter
I Prince, showed his company around the
| path in both heats, causing the timer to
bane out 2:33^, 2:29}0'. Driver Bunch,
' behind Dr. Fros&e, put in a bold bid for
the second beat, and but for a mistake
made early in the game by the. brown
youngster ha might have secured a Gov
ernment position.
The 2:13 pace, with a fi?ld of seven
awaiting Starter Covey's wora, ' next
scored up, and again the talent went by
the board. From the field ruling first
choice, Arthur L soon took ruling posi
tion in the pools, bringin • $20. with Our
Boy felling for $3 and tne field $15.
Keports. bad Our Boy working in all
sorts of curious algebraic figures, and
when the homestretch was reached driver
Bunch told this quietly touted horse some
thing', and he waltzed past »he judges an
easy .winner of the first 'heat by five
lengths in 2:l9J^, with Dudley second and
game little Piunkett third. After this the
Boy was a pronounced favorite, and he
annexed the following two heals and race
without half trying. In the concluding
heat driver "Jimmy" Sullivan held the
ribbons over Arthur L at the request or
his owner and former driver, and although
lie displayed more speed with a lighter
weighted pilot in tbe sulky, was not able
to extend the winner, Our Boy. Colonel
Benton and Allie Ciesco exhibited a world
of speed, but lacked stamina and staying
At one time it looked as though the
"man in the moon" might have to judge
the final heat in the 2:30 trot, so mixed
up did it become, but all's well that ends
well, and Our' Jack eventually got home
alter a somewhat stormy voyage. It took
considerable persuasion on the part of the
auctioneer to get a man to bid $10 for the
held, so numerous were the number of
contenders. Then a little man with a
big voice bid $5 for Pusonte, a Palo Alto
bred mare, and a big man with a little
voice bought Osito for $5. Our Jack won
the heat, under the guidance of "Jimmy"
Sullivan, iu2:2l}4, and both of these bid
ders relapsed into silence.
Our Jack now sold favorite and finished
sixth, Jack Perkins winning the second
heat, with the 10-year-old roan horse
Richmond Chief, reducing that horse's
record from 2:42 to 2:22^ — quite a chop.
Our Jack's friends were game though,
and he still sold favorite for the race as the
horses were called out for the third heat.
This he annexed by a narrow margin from
Ositoin 2:22 flat. K2E
About a hundred yards from the wire,
j when apparently holding his company
safe. Our Jack left bis f-.-et in the fourth
heat, and Dick Havey with a well-timed
drive got Pa^onte over the tape first, with
I Osito a close second and the favorite third.
j Time, 2:19J4.
. The fifth and concluding heat was cap-
I tured by Our Jack, with Osito finishing
| second and Harry Marvin third.
Special purs", $100, lor two-year-old trotters; two
1 In three h' ais.
I Prince Ansei, by Dexter Prince- W'oodflower
(BIgelow) i i
! Lynboed, by Lynmont (Hosoboom) '2 3
Dr. Frosse, by Iran Alto (Bunch) ay
Time, 2:»3Va— 2:29' ».
Pacing, 2:13 class, pu se $600; three in five
Our Boy. by Vernon Boy. by Wopsle (Bunch). 1 1 1
Dudley, by Antero-i (Grey) >> 2 5
Arthur, by Direct (Cna man and Mull i van)... 4 '<
Plunkett, by rat hern iMlsner).'.".'.'.'. 36 3
Roan, Wilkes by Raymond (Pender) 534
Allle Creaco, by Cresco (Borden) 46 6
Colonel Benton, by Frown Jug (Sash) Dls
Time, '-':ISVa-'':l6M!-2:17y3. - .
rotting;, 2:30 class. pursa $300; three In five
Our Jack, by Stelnway-Inez (Sulli
van) ... 16 13 1
Richmond Chief, by Monroe thief
(Perkins; 1- 12 5 5
Pasonie. I>v- Palo Alto (Haver) JO 511 1 11
UeltO. b.' McKinney (Durfee). .f... *2 2 3 2 2
J. si>, by Pilo: Prince (Moalen)..;.. 11 3 5 4 7
Harry Marvin, by Dan Marvin
(Gannon) '.... ..7 9 4 8 3
Shelbr. by Wilkes Moor (D^ane.) 310 7 910
Durstlne, by Director (Crowe) 5 12 6 6 4
Ned 1 horn, by Ttioriiln l(Heilnian) 8 4 8 7 6
l-'anafliua, by Fros (Franklin) 4 810 11 0
George W. McKinney, by McKtn
ney (Hodges; 1 9 1112 10 8
Ruby -N, by Ira (Nob 6 7 9 12Dr
Time, 2:21%— 2:22Vi-2:22-2:19V4— 2:21V».
This is to be one of the big days of the
meet at Emeryville, It is billed as
butchers' day, and the "knights of the
cleaver" are expected to attend in full
force. The card includes the three-year
old trot, the 2:17 pace and the butchers'
race, owners to drive.
John W. Smith to Edward Malley, lot op the
SW corner of Pols: and Lombard streets, S 25 by
W 114: also lots 572 and 673, Gift .Map 1; $10.
A urlck b. Brackett io Oscar O. Burgess, lot on
8 line of Jacks >n street, 110 E or Devuadero. J-.
27:6 by .- 127:ftiy4: $1.
Isabel Durney to Arthur T. McGluty, lot on E
line of Brcderick street. 105:6 S of Eddy, S 32 by
E 100; $10.
K. E. Marvin (assignee estate Bethuel Phelps,
bankiupt), to Theodore C. Boyd, All Interest in lot
commencing on N line of ships channel, E by W
line of l.nrk'in street, on high-water mark of Pan
Fran- Uco Bay, W on N and s line of c.iarler line
of 1850, which Is about 25 W of and parallel to W
line of \V Elgh h street oj the Peter smith map;
Charles P. at d Mary K. Blgelow, lot on S line of
Alvsri-do street, 130 E cf Castro, X 25 by S 114;
Everett M. Grimes to Ida 1.. Dillon, wife of 8.
W., lot on W line of Diamond street, 108:4 a Of
Seventeenth, S 24:8 by W 125; $10.
John N. Hendrlc to Meicantlle Library Associa
tion, re-record of 1736 d. Ij2, b line ot Greenwich
street. IHi:6 *of Kearny, 60 by 1 37:6; also
lot on X line Of Beach. 137:6 Wof Jones W 68:9
by X 137:6; also undivided In -the following:
lot on E corner Eighth and Irwin, NE 412:6. -X
120. NE 112:6, Si; HO. SW 410:4. W 134:j1A.
NW 149:6: lot on -N W line of Hale, 125 NE'of
Merrill. NE 75. NW 75. SW 25, NW 75, H\V 50,
HK 150, lots 17 to 19, hO and 81, block 8, People's
Homestead. 1 ract A: lot on ?E line of Sweeney,
325 NEof Merrill, SB 25 by HE 75, lot >8, block
8. same; tot on HE line of Sweeney, 175 8W of
BaliroaJ, SW 25 by SE 75, lot 41, block 8, same;
lo,s 339 and 340, Precita Valley lands: $1,
Annie Wynue to Bonnet Bonnet, los on s line of
Turk street, 22:10 Wot Buchanan, W 23 by S
66:6; $10. : ' „ '
William Walter Birch to Kva Birch, lot on N line
of Sacramento street, 83:6 Hot Scott, E 27 by N
102:81/4. Rift.
Mali »« McQueen (Cardlnell) to John D. Cardi
m-11. lot on S Hue of Hancock street, 275 E of Ndc,
E 30 by s 114; $1.
Louis Metzger to the Security Loan Association,
lot on W Hue of VlcKsburg street, 45 N of Jillsa
beth, N 20 by W 9-': $10.
Theodore Gets to Minnie J. Getz.loton NW
corner of Twentieth and Eureka streets, W 76 by
N 25; also lot o.i N W line of Clara street, 182;6
NIC of Sixth --E 22:6 by NW' 80: gift.
Mnrv's H-lp lio<ptta to A. A. Moore, undivided
one-third of lot on s\v corner of Leavenworth and
O'Farrell streets. W 137:6 by S 137:6; $16,0b3.
Fenton 1,. McCreery to same, all lnteie.it in
same; $10. • ■■._'.-
Kale Johnson Estate Company to same, same;
$25 857. •--' ,:„
■ Isabella, nenrv, Mary A. and J. Brush Fenton,
Kathe McCr<t«ry. Jerome H. arid Adelaide Mc-
Lret-ry lu-mlek to same, same; $10.
James Kyan to Delia Kvan, lot on SE line of
Bryant street, £75 NE of Sixth, SE 75 b/ SW 76;
Henry W. and Alice L. Dodge to David and Ada
L. Oliver, lot on W line of Seventn avenue, 435 N
of Lake, N V2H:li/»- e>M» 116, * 106:6, X 114; $10.
E-iaiH of George Morrow (by George P. Morrow,
executor) to . Louis Lipman, lot on NW corner of
Thirty-eighth uvei,ue and B street, N 58:11, W
23:9. 8 10 de?. 40 mm. W 63:6, E 38:7; also lot
on NW corner of i orty-first avenue and i-ulton
(D) 6trem, W 137:4, N lOdeg. 40 mm. E 667:5,
.- 560:7: also lot <n N E corner of Thirty-eighth ,
avenue and B street, N 47:3, E 75, S3l deg. 26
mm. W 45. W 50:5; $2760. ■ - -f
- - Geoiga I. Morrow to same, lot on Ml corner of
Fulton (D) street and Forty-first avenue, W 137:4,
N 10 dec. 40 mm. E 567:5, S 550:7; $10.
Louis and Lose Lip man to Margaret A. Skelly,
same; $10. .
Estate Hannah H. .Treat (by Maurice C. .Blake
and.l. N. 'lhoru. executor?) to Carl Q. Larsen,
lot on SE corner of <■> sreet ant F.fteenth avenue,
E 256, 285:9, W 255:4, >' 273:10 also lot on
SE corner of i) street ODd Eighteenth avenue, E
240, S 239:4, W 240:4. N 22;5: $2300.
James McDonald to Catherine McDonald, lots
160, 162. 164 and 166 Holiday, Map A; $10.
J. S. . ntiis. T. G. Crothcrs and W. Goodtel
low (executors of the estate of James G. Fair) to
May L. Peterson, lot at the intersection of X line
of Bennington street and s lined Eliot street,
25 by E 100. l"t 7, block 10, Fair's sucdlvlsion of
Holly Park; »550. . ;'
Matilda Mayers to W. G. Doolutle, lot on W line
of Ballr- ad avenue. 225:38/ 8 S of Paul avenue, S
23:03/., W. 10* :7%.^N-2h, E 103:1 IVSt,. lot 16,
blocit J, Garden Tn.ct Homestead: $10. •
Charles A. and Alice C. Bailey to John McLean,
lot on W llneof.-lxth street. 175 S of Graysi>n,
\V 136, S 39.05. N- l3b:10, N;394 to beginning,
being lot 1, block 173, Grayson Tract, Berkeley:
$5.' -■••" -■-.'-■■--•':-■"■:
Michael Walsh to Bridget Walsh, lot on S line of
JEttleatree:, 200 E of Dwindle. X 40 bv.fi 132:6,
being lot 6, block 8, Case Tract, Berkeley: gift.
\ Mary L. Gray to Theodore L, Gray, beginning at
a roint 118 S from NE corner of Clinton avenue
and Walnut stree.. _ 50 by N 32, being lot 1,
biocK F. lands > djacent to Encinal; $1.
William M. Hatfield to Capital Building and
Loan Association, lot on >• line of Clement aye- |
nut, 120 E of Willow street, E 30 by H 130, block
18, same, Alameda; $10. . ... ,f
John and Catherine Garvin to St, Joseph Hos
pital and sanitarium Of sisters of Mercy of the I
city of San Biego, lo:s 7 and b, block 72, grant
deed, Oakland: $5. • w
William A. Magee to William and Helen Meyer.
lots beginning at a paint 106:6 A of c rner of |
Twenty-sixth and Magnolia street", >' as ny E. I
256:6, being lots Sand 13, block O. map of North
ern Addition to Oakland. Oakland; $10.
Alfred H. and Mar/ V. Blow (trustees under
deed of Mary a. Blow) to Fannie T. Coats, lots 1
to 5, 34 to 39, Glascock and Blow Tract, at Temes- |
cal, Oakland Annex; $10. " ■ _ ; '„'\
George L. and K. L. Fltz to T. W. Corder. lot ,
on _ line of Hallett avenue, 290:10% «•■ of Bay
street, X 50 by S 155, being the - half of lot 35,
Maxwell Tract, Oakland Township: $5.
J. M. and Mary I). Barilett to Elizabeth W. Cal
ton, beginning a; a point on W line of public
street. 60 feet wide, mentioned In deed of Marie •
Billegaet al. to Jennie E. Barrow, distant 120 N j
from N line of Bancroft way, X 35 by W 167.23,
being portion of plat 70, Bancho V. and 1). I'eralta,
Brooklyn: $10. ,„.,,, '
Bennis and Johannah Collins to Louise Belloll,
lot 18, block D, revised map, Frosp.ct —111 Tract,
Brooklyn township; $144 :
Kate Battery to Daniel D. Hayes, lot on NE
corner of Fruit vale avenue and B»'levue street,
thence NE 166, sE 187.40, SW 14390, W 180.42.
to beginning, being par ion of Bollevne Tract; a.so
lot oil N h. corner of Fruuvale avenue and lands of
Fish; theuce Si-. 3.09 chains. N_ 11.9 a chains. |
NW 3.55 chains, sw 12.67 chains, to oeEinning.
containing four acres: alsj 3.65 acres beginning at
a point on line oi fou -acre tract last above de
-Biribed, 20.42 chains X V from SE corner of 261/3"
acre tract formerly oi .1. L. Fish; thence .\fc' 8 -*2 \
chains, SE 2.23 chains, SW 8.20^ chains, to be
ginning, with four exceptions, Brooklyn Township;
glit. >.-■..-.
C. W. Craig to Henry Michaels, lots 17, 8, 9 and
13, Boulevard Tract. Alameda, quitclaim deed;
Mary and Louisa Michaels to G. Devlcenzl, lot
ou H line of Clay stree', 131 :7 Eof Kegent, E45 I
by X 100, being lot 17, Bouevard Tract, Ala
meda: $10.
E. Mitten and A M. Basch to Con's Gas% lot on '
E line of Adeline street, 150 b of Fifth, S 25 by E
127:6, Oakland; $50.
Louis A. Gas* to E. M. Keller, same, Oakland:
$10. I
Louis and Anna B. Gottsball to Elizabeth H. !
Spear, lot on SW corner of Grant street and ;
wight way, W 93.27, 8 131.40, E 109.60, N
132.08, to beginning, being lots 4 and 6, block A,
Crystal Springs Tract, Berkeley, quitclaim deed;
Mary A. Landregan to Tillie Spear, lots 1 and 2,
block 8. Landregan lract. Oak and Township: $10.
Charles i. Tozer to Gi-orje Beck, lots 1 to 21,
block P, Klnsel Tract, subject to a mortgage for
1000, Brooklyn Township $10.
W. J. Bay man to M. B. Edwards, lot 1, block
C, Elmhurst Trac;, Brooklyn Township; $10-
M. Bugs to Henry H. Woo Id. lot on E line of
County road, between Oakland and San _eaod>o,
150 S of Orchard avenue, s 25 by E 150, being the
N y 2or io: 4, block B, Stone Tract, Brooklyn
Township; $10.
Henry B. Woodd to John C. Woodd, same,
Brooklyn Township; gift.
. Louis and Justine Oesterreioher (by commis
sioner) to Lucius L. Solomons, lot on SE corner of
M'T'herson street and Pacific >■ venue, e> 114, E
11770, S 37.35, E 17.90, N T 151.35, W 135.60 to
be. Inning, Alameda; $779..
Jutiine ces.e reicher (by Tax Collector) to
Charles Bahb, the .s 1 link of same. Alameda: $4.
Char.es Babb to Lena Boycuer:, all of bam?,
qui. claim deed, Alameda; $10.
Lucius L. Solomon 4 to Leno or Lelna chert.
same, Alameda; $10.
X- H. Ingram to Harry H. S«-awell, lot on S line
of Alameda avenue. 210 E of Walnut street, E 75
by S l 5O, bein< lot 14 and W half of lo; 13, block
B. lands adjacent to Enclnal, subject to deed of
trust for $3000, Alameda; $10.
Manuel L. Soares 'o California School Furniture
and Manufacturing Company, lots 4, 5 and 6,
book 181. town of -Newark, subject to a mortgage
for $1200, Wa hlngton Townsh p: $1100.
Sarah M. Morken to J. J. Johns >n, lot on SE
corner of Walnut street and Livermore avenue, E
3Wbys 150, being lots 1, 2, 3, 10, 11 and 12.
biock '.6, man of Northern Addition to town of
Liverm..re, Murray Township; $10.
Kitie F. Courtney (wife of W. P.) to William P.
Courtney, lot on W line or Union street, 108:6 S j
of Twenty Ixih, S 25 oy W 115, block T, north
ern extension of Oakland, Oakland ; sift.
Ann H. Purves to Margaret L. Ca»kie, lot on N W
line of Seventh avenue, 90 SW of East sixteenth I
street, NW 150 by SW 60, block 72, Clinton, Las.
Oakland; gift. f V
Mary G'Co i nor Story to city of Oakland, lot on
sw Hue of East Twenty-fourth street, 300 SK' of
Eleventh avenue, SB 29 55 by sW 100, block 142,
Clinton, cast Oakland; $738.
Martin V. B. and Mary A. Gardner to John and
Ellen Wlia'.en, lot on SE line of George street,
300 SW of West Webster. SW 100 by tE 100,
block 39, Fitch burg Homestead Association,
Brooklyn Tow i ship; $10.
. Flora and John Auger to same, lot on SE linn
of George sir et, 400 aW of Webster, SW 50 by
SE 100, block 39, same; $10.
Hullder*' Contracts.
Ralph B. Ktttredge with A. G. Johnson, to erect
a one-story frame building on W l.ne of Scott
street, 137:6 S of I'ultou, $1759; W. O. Banks
William H. and Hen-iMta L. Milestone with J.
B. Morgan and Alvin Jackson, to erect a two-story
frame (Bug, $1575; Morgan & Jackson, archi
tects wßftayai <Jf«t
The Emporium and Golden Bule Bazaar with
F. W. Kern, interior alterations to the EmDorlum
in the Parrot building, ou SIC line of Market
street. 275 XX of *ifih, $2515; Finals <& Moo.c
Same with same, Interior alterations to same,
$3125; Fred Mhler arcnitect.
Missionary Meeting To-Night.
The regular monthly missionary meeting of
the Christian Woman's Board of Missions will
bo hetd in the lecture-room of the First Chris
tian Church, on Twelfth street, near Howard,
this evening at 8 o'clock. Rev. and Mrs.
William H. Bentley are en route a second
time for the mission fields of China. Dr. Bent
ley will speak at this meeting of the school,
lie is going out to establish a school in
Shanghai. He has secured the money among
his friends in America for that purpose and
they sail on the steamer China on the sth
Inst. Dr.' Sarah L. Green will also make a
brief ta.k on her proposed plan to put the
euro for leprosy in the hands of foreign mis
sionaries. The public is invited.
The Fight Postponed. *
The National Athletic Club has postponed
the Green and W alcott fight from August 20 to
August 20. The postponement was occasioned
by an injury which George Green sustained a
few days ago when exercising with a friend.
Green injured one of his hands by striking a
man with whom he was spurring on the back
of the head. Th* local champion expects
that the injured member will be in good trim
by the latter part of the month and rather
than disappoint his friends he asked for a
postponement, which was willingly granted
to him by the club under whose auspices he
will contest.
It is said that the Supervisors will grant
permits to four clubs which arc desirous of
giving slugging exhibitions in September.
Painful diseases are bad enough, but when a
man is slowly wasting away with nervous
weakness the mental .forebodings are ten
times worse than the most severe pain. There
is no let up to the mental suffering day or
night. Sleep is almost impossible, and under
such a strain men are scarcely responsible for
what they do. For yetrs the writer rolled and
tossed on the troubled sea of sexual weakness
until it was' a question whether he had not
better take a dose of poison and thus end all
his throubles. But providential inspiration
came to his aid in the shape of a combination
of medicines that not only completely restored
the general health, but enlarged his weak,
emaciated parts to natural size and vigor, and
he now declares that any man who ' will take
the trouble to send his name and address may
have the method of this wonderful treatment
free. Now, when I say free I mean absolutely
without cost, because I want every weakened
man to get the benefit of my experience.
I am not a philanthropist, nor do I pose as
an enthusiast, but there are thousands of men
suffering ' the mental tortures of weakened j
manhood who would bo cured at once could I
they but get such a remedy as the one that '
cured me. Do not try to study out how I can
afford to pay the few postage-stamps necessary
to mail the. information, but send for it and
learn that there are a few things on earth
that, although they cost nothing to get, are
worth a iortuue to some men and mean a life-
time of nappiness to most of us. Write to
Thomas Slater, box 2283, Kalamaaoo. Mich
and the information will be mailed in a plain
sealed envelope. : :^gtggg&
Successor to DR. La:
Bfctt&^fl^CTXjHgv PU TAI, graduate ol
gJeTaanßaiiresffigP-* Canton Medical : Coi-
KHja^*™iqßHWMKSf lege, after a very sue-
v 9. '^BfWjri' cesiful practice of
B.Tj Tffjtf many years in China,
, PO TAI, graduate oj
\ Canton Medical Col-
f lege, after a very sue-
' restful practice of
many years in China,
has lo aled In sari
Bra Iff* ft Francisco, t. The sur-
\///J » - ™J prising and marvelous
■MS* 9- •_•/' cures effected by hit
'.MHWtt "■ AT* herbs demonsti nt*
JKK3§I Jt\ their potence and his
pIBfTL at-Xi skill. These herbs
cure over 400 different
■ diseases. Inc. udl&g
traJJSgtfggjafr " Brlcht's Disease, Dia-
" WsSs&§&*r betes, Consumption,
■<■ '; Asthma, Paralysis,
Brain, Nerve, Cancers, Tumors, Blood, Male and
Female Maladies All persons afflicted with any
kind of malady wbatsover era in viieo to call.
Office, 787 Washington Street.
. Office hours— 9 a. v. to U v., Ito 8 jr. M, ; So»
«ay. a. M. to 12 M. - .
During sale store will open; at 9 A. M. and •
•close at 5; P. M.
S. E. Corner Geary Street and Grant Avenue.
Tiburon Ferry— Foot of Market ii.
San Francisco to San Rafael.
WEEK DAYS— 7:3O. 9:00, 11:00 a. it: 13:3\
8:30, 5:10, 6:30 p.m. Thursdays— Extra trip
at 11 :30 p. m. Saturdays— Extra trips as 1:39
end 11 :30 p. m. \
6UNDAYB— 9:30. 11:00 a. m.; I:3a 3:34
,' 6:00,6:20 p.m.
• son Ksf;i«l <o «»n Fr»»nefi«cf>.
WEEK DAYS-fl'.lO. 7:50, 9:20. 11:10 a. Jr..
12:45,3:40,5:10 p.m. Saturdays— Extra trip i
at 1:55 P. M. and (3:35 p. m.
SUNDAYS— 8:10, 9:10, 11:10 A. M.; 1:40, 3:101
6:00, 8:25 P. K.
Between San Francisco and Schuetsen Parle same
schedule as above.
1 ** Ye in effect I Arrive
San Francisco. June 13 " Ban Francisco.
Days. | days, destination. DAY^ I g^
7:30 am 8:00 am Novato, 10:40 am 8:40 am '
3:30 9:30 am Petaluma, 0:10 pu 10:25 am
6:10 PM j 5:00 pm 1 San Rosa. 7 .36 nt :22 pm
Fulton, f
7:30 am Windsor, 10:25 am
• Lytton,
S :3OPM 8:00 am Cloverdale. 7:35 pm 6:22 pm :
7:89 AM1 I Hopland * I 110:25 am ;
8:30 PM| 8:00 ami Uklah. 1 7:35 Tm| 6:22 Pit
7:30 am j 10:25 am I
8:00 am Guernevllle. 7:35 pm
3:30 PM |__ 6:22 pm j
7:30 am 8:00 am | Sonoma 10:40 am 8:40 AM
5:10 pm 5 :Oopm ] Glen Ellen. 6:10 pm 6:22 pm
7:30 am, 8:00 AM Bebaatonol 110:40 AM|iO:2^ am
3:30 pm [s.oo fcepa » - | 7:38 rM| 6:22 pm
Stages connect at sauta Rosa for Mark West
Springs; at Geyserville for Skaggs- Springs; at
Cloverdale for the Geysers; at Holland for High-
land springs, KeiseyVille. Soda Bay. A.akepor;
and Bartlett Springs; at Uklah for Vichy Springs,
Saratoga Springs. Blun Lakes, laurel Dell Lake,
[ Upper Lake, Porno. Potter Valley. John Day's,
Klverside, Lierley's. Rucknell's, Sanbedrin
Heights. Hullville, Booneville Ore's Hot Spring*
Mendocino City. Fort Bragg, Westport, Usal.
Saturday to Monday round-tKp tickets at reduoel
On Sundays round-trip tickets to ail points be-
yond ban Rafael at half rates.
Ticket Offlc«s, 650 Market St.. Chronicle building,
Pre*, and Gen. Manages. Gen. Pass. Agent.
||g||||| RAILROAD.
\lliS"flSHß*ilr Trains leave from and
arrive at 3larket-st.
V p. M.; arrives dally 6:15 P. >r. Palace Pullman
Drawing-room, also molern upholstered Tourist
Sleeping cars, Oakland pier to Ch cago. via Kan-
sas City. Annex Cars for Denver and M. Louis
Santa Fe Express via Los Angeles— Leaves dally
9 a.m.; arrives daily 7:45 a M.
Boston Kxcurilons via Kansas City, Chicago,
Montreal and the White .mountains leave every
1 u«*sday.
The best railway from California to the East.
New r«i new ties, no dust, Interesting scenery,
and go.d meals In Harveys dining-rooms.
San Frtncisco Ticket Office— 644 Mar-
ket street. Chronicle Building. Tele-
phone Main 1531.
Oakland-1118 Broadway.
(Via Sausalito Ferry).
From San Francisco, Commencing May % 1897.
For Mill Valley and Han Rafael— 7 »00, •8:15.
•9:4*. 11:30 a. m.; »1:45, 3:.0, 4:00, ft:18,
•6:00,6:30 P. M.
Extra trips for San Rafael on Mondays, Wednes-
days and Saturdays at 11 :30 p. m.
For Mill Valley and San Rafael— *B rt)o, »9:00
•10:00. 11:30 /. M. ; 1:00, »1:45 "2:30.
•4:00, 5:30, 6:45. 11:00 P. m.
11:00 a m. does no. ran to San Rafael; 6:30 and
11:00 p. m. do not run to Mill Valley.
Trains marked " run to San Uuentin.
100 a. m. weekdays for Cazadero and way sta-
tions; 1:45 P. M. Saturdays for. Caisdero and
wav stations: A. K. Sundays for Cazadero
and way stations; 9:00 a. m Sundays for Fob:
Reyes and wav stations S.
(Via Sausalito Ferry).
Leave Ban Francisco Commencing Slay
2, 1897:
WEEK DAYS— 9:4S A. M.: 1:45, 5:15 P. U. "
BUNBAYB-8:00, 9:00, 10:00, 11 a. m.; 1:45,
1:30 p. m.
July 5, 1897, trains will ru i on Sunday time-
'lkket- tor sale at MILL VALLEY or THOS.
COOK & fcON, 621 Market st.. San Francisco
(under Palare Hotel). Telephone Main m (!.
' surgeon, graduate of the roost ffirnWJat
fan'.otn medical college in China. wa«Kn
has practiced his profession In' fc^w^r
ban Francisco for over .twenty > fr|F d
years with luarited success. Tbou- . ELa y
Bands of patients testify to lis Ttr'jtfSV-
skill and knowledge. Nature'sown •jmfatxsjt'k.
medicine i used. .No minerals. ''"QOTMrVv
cures, not attempts to cure, Klieu- jftK*Wt,isßV
matism. Paralysis, Piles, Dyspep- w»«*twn»n
sia. consumption Asthma, Bright's and all Kid-
ney Diseases, fiilnane.sa. Heart Disease. ' Disease)
of the Throat, Cancer, Tumors and Blood and
*k.n -Disease*. Male and female maladies suc-
cessively treated and cured. Consultation free.
Office, 776 clay st, her- he may be consulted at
any time during the day or evening. Hours— 9:3o
SO 11 A. M , 1 :30 to 3, 7 to 9 p. m.
J**^aj rf WEBB rf»v fit *"»* of a famous French physician, will quickly cure you of all ncr-
UL\ s,\ 1 \v ■'- ' *-\\i - Jons or diseases of the generative organs, such as Lost Manhood,
>« OkSJ VI -Loll . % Insomnia, Pains In the Back, Seminal Emissions, Nervous Debility
I mT^L V "Wf -Pimples, Unfitness to Marry, Exhausting Drains, Varlcocle and
:>^ r V '"/ Constipation. It stops all losses by day or night Prevents quick*
'■<7*>*St .: '-TSAmiS.- ness of discharge, which if notchecked leads to Spermatorrhoea and
BEFORE iNsirrrQ *»] the horrors of Impotency. «:tJI-'II>EXE cleanses theliver, ilxl
Dl un " mo «l ltd kidneys and the urinary organs of aB impurities.
- rairan strengthens and restores small weak organs.
- "The reason sufferer-, are not cured by Doctors is because ninety per c*»nt are troubled wit*
Prroatmt 1 1 5». CUPIDEN Is the only kno-vn remedy to cure without an operation. 8000 testimoni-
els. A written guarantee given and money retarned if six boxes does not effect a permanent curt)
$Looabox,six for 5. 00, by mall. Send for Fats circular and testimonials.
Address BAVOL MEDICINE CO., 1170 Maket stree, Ran Francis-o, Cal. For sal.- bY
BROOKS' PHARMACY, 119 1 owed street
To Chicago SB5.
To St Paul and Minneapolis. $26.75
To Mi1waukee........... 836.00)
Through Daily Pullman and Tourist Sleeping
. Cars.
' R. R. RITCHIE, GA. P. C.,
2 New Montgomery .-tree:. Pa' ace Hotel, ,
(rAcirti; mtutem.).
Trains it-iiii- i»h«1 mi'« «!»i«- «• arrive »l
(Main lane, Foot of Market Street) .
LTAVK — F&OM AUOCBT 1. 1897. — Ar.Rivm
*0:OOa Niles, Sau Jose and Way Stations...
7:OOa Atlantic Express, Ogden and Wast.. B:*sp
7:OOa Dcnicia, Sacramento, Oroville and
Redding via Davis S«4si»
7 :00 a Vacavlllo and Rninsey. 8:45
7:3t) A Martinez, Ramon, Vallejo, Napa,
Calistoga ami Santa Rosa edSp
8:»*a Niles, Sau .lose, Stockton, lone,
Sacramento, Marysvillc, Chlco,
Tehama and Red Uliilf 4:l.ip
•8:30 a Peters, Milton and Oaltdale *7:15»
8:0«» A New Orleans Kxprws.Merccd, 1 resiiu,
Bakersliuld, Santa liarliafa, Los
Angeles, Deinlng, El Paso. New
Orleans and East.... 6ill»b
»iBoa Vallejo.... 18:I5p
Niles, San Jose, Liveruiore and
Stockton 7:15?
•l:00p Sacramento River Steamers «U:0«p
l:OOp Niles. San Jose and fivermore *:4-Ya.
1:30 Martinez and Way Stations ..." 7:4»p
4:OWr Martinez, Han Ramon, Vallejo,
Napa, C'atislogn, El Verauo and .
■ - Han Rosa >»tI3A
8:0 Op Becicia, Winters, Woodland, ---.
% Knights Landing, M^arysviUe, Oio-
ville and Sacramento ..' IOtIDA
4i3op Lathrop, Stockton, Modesto, Mer- ~ '
■■*•■■■■'■, eed, Raymond (for Yosemite),aud •
Fresno, going via Niles, returning
via Martinez , lßtlSs
BjOOpLos Angeles Express, Tracy, ©
- Fresno, Mojave (for Randsburg), , I
[ - Santa Barbara and Los Angeles. 7t4OA
5:00 Sauta Fe Route, Atlantic Express
for Mojavo nml Fast 8:15p
6>OOp European Mail, Ogden and Ksflt 10:1»a
OtOOp lluywards, Niles and Wan .lost 7:4.1 v
]8:0Oi> Vallejo i7j46p
a:0l»i' Oregou Hxpreas, Sucrauieuto, Marys-
'- ;*l '"•". * *llle, Redding, Portland, l'uget
I Sound and Fast ■■ 7:45 a
(Foot of Market Street.) v
»«B:OOa"J ■•■,:-■. ? 7:T3a
8:0oa Melrose, Seminary Park, fi»:4SA
O:tM>A Fltclibnrg,Elm!iarst, 10:45 a
lO.ooa I Fitchbnrg, llmhurst, husa
ill :00a San Leant! ro, South San •' I*J«p
J1 2:o"p A>»ndro, Estudillo, :*] |fcgj
«3:00p • Lorenzo, Cherry . < 4:4."»p
4:00p . -'. -J-." 1 MteiSp
S:OUp >- « n<l •'•;.'-' «:Isp
«:30p Hsj wards. "~f 'VIZ*
7:OOp ' '.-. 8:45
8:»0p < Runs through to Niles/ .' ASK
9:00p | From Niles 10:30 l>
ItlltUpJ ; - **• [ltlg»OOP
SA.MA tUIIZ DIVISION (Narrow hn»gO).
(Foot of Market Street. i
J7:45a Santa Cruz Excursion, Santa Cruz J
and Principal Way Stations JB:ospj
- Sil3a Neivaik.Ceiiteiville.Kan.lose.Felton,
lloulder Creek, Sauta Cruz and Way ]
.;V. Stations Oja^P*
•a:lsp Newark. Oenterville, San Jose, New
Aluiiiden, Felton, lloulder Creek,
Santa Cruz and Principal Way
Stations •! 0:30 a
4:13p Sau Jose andGlenwood 9:20»
I JT4ilsp Felton and Santa Cruz §»:20a.
! From SIS HUMCISCO— Foot of Market Street (Slip 8)— ,
•7:15 9:00 11:00 a.m. U'-OO *3:00 t3:C3
•4:00 tB:00 *6:00 p.M. _; ; '
rromOAIUHD— Foot of Broad w»t.— "6:oo 8:"0 10:00 a.m.
112:00 *140 • (2:00 '3:30 $1:00 •S:OOp.M.
COAST DIVISION (Third A ToitAm-ihl Slk.) '
m , 1 — -«
*6:35 a San Jose and Way .Stations (New
Almaden Wednesdays only) l:30r
J7:3oa Sunday Excursion for San Jose,
Santa Cruz, Pacinc Grove and
Principal Way Stations JS:33p
OiOOa San Jose, Tres Pino*. Sunta Cruz,
Pacilic Grove, Paso Rubles, ban
Luis Obispo, Guadalupe, Surf and
Principal Way Stations 4:13p
, 10:40 a Sau Jose and Way Stations S:4S\
1I:30a San Jose ami Way Stations s<3op
•2:30 - San Mateo, Redwood, Menlo Park. ■
V , v . Santa Clara, San Jose, Oilvoy.
Hollirter, Santa Cruz, Salinas,
Monterey and Pacinc Cvovo •Ioi3oa
*BtlSp Sau Jose, Sauta Cruz, Pacific Grove
and Way Stations *7:30p
*4:lst> Ssn Jose and Way Stations *8:0« a
•3:04p San Jose and Principal Way Stations «B:»,>a
s:3*l' Sau Jose ami Principal Way Stations *B:«Oa
«::»»!• San Jose and Way Stations 0:33 a
f 11:45 1' Sau Jose and Way Stations JTjUOp
. A for Morning. 1' Mr Afternoon, f .
* Sundays excepted, t Sundays only. 1 Saturdays only
** Monday, Thursday and Saturday nights only.
% Saturdays and Sundays. ' § Sundays and Mondays.
J^P.OM JUNK 2, 1897, trains wilt run M follow*:
SontbDonnd. , i Northboaad.
Passe n- I Mixed Mixed {Passen-
ger I Sunday Stations. Sunday ger
tally. Exc'pt'd Exc'pt'd tally..
7:20 am] 9:00 am '.Stockton .| 2:30 PM 5:40 PM
9:15 am 12:55 pm ..Mercei :. 11:28 am 3:4» TH
10:50 ami 3:50 pm ...Fresno.. 15 am j:10 Pit
i 12:00 Mi 5:30 pm .Haniord.. 6:15 am] 1:00 PM
Stopping a', in-ermedlate stations when required..
Connections— Stockton with steamboat* of
C. N. <t 1. Co., leaving San Francisco and S:ocKtoa
M 6 p. m. dally: at Merced with stages a, a..d firont
Kiivi.ings, LouiterTilie Yosemite, etc.; a'<o »- in
viuc ■ t c 'in Ho* inn Mar:po,A, c c.; at Lau'ner-
«hlmwiti stage to and iropi Malera,
modeled ana renovated. KINO, ward a
European plan. Rooms suo to *1 50 per day, it
to ttt per week, as to *3o per montn: tree auks;
hot and cold water every room; are grates .a
I every room; elevator run* aiimgiit.

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