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Attempt to Raise San
Francisco's Assess
ment Fails.
The Reductions in Thirty-Six
Counties Will Aggregate
Board of Equalization Declares the
Action on San Francisco
SACRAMENTO, Cal., S*pt. B.— There
was no preliminary skirmishing when the
State Board of Equalization met this fore
noon. After the minutes for several meet
ings find been read and approved by a
roll-call vote to make the approval cer
tain, the board wai ready for action.
Beamer threw the first bomb. He
moved that San Francisco's assessment be
raised 20 per cent. Chairman Morehouse
seconded the motion. The roll was called.
Morehouse and Beamer voted aye. Ar
nold, Chesebrough 3nd Controller Colgan
voted no.
There was silence for a minute, and then
Beamer moved to raise in Francisco 15
per cent. Tne motion was lost, the mem
bers voting as they did ou the first propo
As Beamer had nothing else to offer at
that time Arnold moved that the assess
ment of Los Angeles be reduced 10 per
cent. The motion was seconded by Chese
brongh. The motion prevailed, Colgan,
Arno.d and Chesebrough voting in the
•affirmative and Morehouse and Beamer
in the negative. When the vote was an
nounced Mr. Beamer said:
"I move that Alameda be reduced 10
percent, if this is the way we are going
to equalize."
The motion did not receive a second,
but Beamer met with better success in
getting some one to stand in with him
when he made another motion to increase
San Francisco 10 per cent. More;
promptly responded as a second t. this
motion, but the proposition was voted
down by Chesebrough, Colgan and Ar
Arnold moved that Riverside, Orange,
Kern, Ventura and San Benito be each re
duced 10 per cent. The vote was taken on
each count}* separately. Morehouse voted
in the negative because he thought these
counties ought to be reduced 15 per cent
if San Francisco was not to be raised.
Arnold's efforts to secure a 10 per cent re
duc ion were successful and later on he
obtained reconsideration and got a 15 per
cent decrease.
Butte County was reduced 15 per cent on
motion of Beamer, seconded by More
house, Arnold and Chesebrough voting no.
Colusa was reduced 15 per cent, Arnold
and Chesebrough voting no. Glenn, Hum
boldt, Marin and Merced were reduced 15
per cent on motion of Beamer. Chese
brough voted in favor of the Merced re
duction, as a large increase in the valua
tion of this county had been recorded.
Arnold interposed to say to Beamer:
"lf you are going down tho line on this
15 per cent decrease 1 will put soma of the
southern counties in the list."
Napa, Shasta, Sonoma, Suttei, Tehama,
Yoia, Yuba and Mendocino were each re
duced 15 per cent on the votes of More
house, Beamer, A mold and Colgan. Chese
brough voted no on each call.
Alameda was reduced 10 per cent and
the same reduction was made in the assess
ment of Santa Clara County, Chesebrough
alone voting in the negative.
San Luis Obispo, Kings nnd Santa
Barbara were reduced 15 per cent. Arnold
got the 15 per cent reduction to apply to
his southern counties that had been
previous. y reduced 10 per cent. Monterey,
Santa Cruz, Fresno, Madera, San D ego,
Mono. Inyo, Stanislaus, Lake, Maripo*a,
Sacramento, Tulare, San Mateo and
Amador, were reduced, some obtaining 10
and others 15 per cent of decrease.
Controller Colgan became apprehensive
that the reductions were going too far and
being applied to counties which preferred
that the assessments should stand as
returned. The point, was raised that some
of the counties had ration difficulty in
finding taxable property sufficient sus
tain the legitimate expenses of county
government, and that a reduction mi.ht
work hardship rather than benefit. The
Controller moved to rescind all the work
of the board. Arnold seconded this
motion and then withdrew the second.
Chesebrough then seconded the motion 01
the Controller, and the roll was called
with this result:
Aye?— Colgan. Che?ebrou**h, Arnold.
Noes — Morehouse, Beamer.
The board now found itself in the samp
position that it occupied when the session
of t..e day opened. A conference disclosed
. determination to proceed again rattier
than adjourn.
Morehouse reopened the engagement by
a motion to increase San Francisco 25 per
cent. Be&mer gave the motion a second.
Colgan, Chesebrough and Arno.d voted
no. and defeated the motion.
The following counties were then re
duced 10 per cent: L « Angeles, Alameda,
San Joaquin, Santa Clara, Monterey, San
Bernardino, Fresno, Santa Cruz, San
ego, Tulare and San Mateo.
The following counties were reduced 15
par cent: Riverside. Orange, Ventura,
San Beniio, Kern, G erm, Hnmb So
noma, Yolo, Napa, Solano, Marin, Mendo
cino, Shasta, Tehama, Yuba, But.c, Co
lusa, Sutter, Merced, Madera, Kings, San
Lvi- Obispo, Santa Barbara and Stanis
• A proposition to reduce Sucramento 10
per cpiu encountered the opposition of
Arnold. He fiid not believe that the
assessment was hieh. In his judgment
the rule that applied to San Krancisco
should apply to Sacramento. Beamer
made several efforts io pet a reduction for
Sacramento, _u_resting that if 10 per cent
was not agreeable 7>_ should be granted.
Morehouse remarteu that his mind con
stantly reverted to the injustice of not ir>-
San Francisc Arnold reminded
his fellow-members that Sacramento re
ce Ted many benefits from the disburse
ment of State money and that the county
was not highly assessed. Beamer could
pot get a second to a motion to reduce Sac
remento 5 per cent. _\W*3B_
The subject was di-cassed whether the
secretary should send out notices inform
ing County Auditors of the reductions al
ready granted. The Controller asked the
question, "Is the action of the boaid final
so fur?''
Col_an moved that the action of the
board fo far be deemed conclusive and
final. The motion was carried, Colgan,
Cheseoroueh an! Arnold voting in the af
The point whether under the motion
San Francisco could be again considered
was raised. Morehouse was inclined to
the opinion that the San Francisco case
could be reopened. Beamer replied: "I
could not vote now to raise San Francisco
after so many counties have been re
It was the sense of the board expressed
distinctly by four members— Chesebrough.
Arnold, Colgan and Beamer — that the ac
tion on San Francisco was final.
The result of the day's contest is re
carded as a victory for San Francisco in a
modified degree. The reductions on in
terior assessments, which aggregate $90,-
OCO.tOO, will increase the amount to be
paid by San Franrisco, as tne State tax,
including the 2 cents for the university,
will be a fraction under 51 cpnts. Had the
valuation been increased .0 per cent the
City wonld have been re! led to pay
into the State treasury $150,000 more than
she will now be obliged io pay dv reason
of interior reductions.
An addition*! advantage to San Fran
cisco is the i fficial recognition by the State
Board of Equalisation that San Francisco
is assessed up to the line of actual cash
Had there been an increase the increase
would have fallen on the real estate of the
poor holder where the assessment ex
ceeded the mortgage. When there is a
mortgage for $1000, and th** property is
] valued for assessment at $.003, the tax is
| on the morigago, but any increase would
he a tax on the real estate to the amount
i of the increase.
The valuation cf Slate pronertv for this
j forty-ninth fiscal year will b« $1,050,000, L-CO.
; The railroad companies wili nave to pay
1 a tax of 51 cents on $13,000,0C0 Had San
! Francisco been increased, and the interior
not reduced, the road" would have had to
pay only 43 cents on $43 000,000.
Th. reduction will inish the revenue
of the State University below some of the
expectations. It was figured last winter
that the institution would get 2 cents on
i a valuation of $1,250,000.
All the reductions m.-.de to-day apply to
i real estate. The roll of counties, other
I than Fan Franci«co, as returned to the
j board, Is here given, with money and
I solvent credits deducted. The reductions
I will, therefore, be Irom the following as-
I .essments:
Solano $15,895,729
.Sonoma 26,031.759
I Sntter 340,797
! Te-bamt 9.-47. 58
j Yolo 16,112,840
I Yuta 5.124385
I Kiverside 11,317,901
i Orange 10,01:8 18
I Ventura * 7.107,240
i mn Benito 6,311,
Mercel 2.073.936
I -Madera 5,449.919
; Ktiißs 6.098,517
I Ker. i 14..i14 163
i tan Li i. Obispo 1 2,5-4 919
I -^an.a Barbara 13 582.506
! Manis.aus 12 408.630
j Los Angeles. 99,405,793
■ i-anta Clara 5 4. a 7 i,405
I Santa -iu_ 10.335,-95
Fr.stio 25.805.835
I San D ego. 19,343,241
! -Monterey 16.684,965
! San Bernardino 14,798,155
'lulare. 13 SOU. 631
ban Mateo '4660, 16
Alameda 9_,1n5.12J
: San Joaqu.n 31 513.641
Bute 13,491,237
Colu-a. 11,758.022
: Glenn 9,791.8 ■>-
j Humboldt 15,915.96.
-Ma in 11.4 58,^^5
I Mendocino. 10, 74. ,170
j -Napa 13, 7*6, 9-0
j Suasta. 5,191,042
The board adjourned to meet aiitiin next
: Friday. Tne counties remaining to i-e ,
| considered are: Alpine, Amador. Cala
-1 veras, Contra Costa, Del Norte, El Dorado,
! Inyo, Lake, -Lassen, Mariposa, Modoc,
i Mono, Nevada, I'lacer, Sacramento,
! Sierra, Plumas, Siskiyou, Trinity and
j Tuolumne.
On the general line of interior reduc
] tions Chesebrough voted in the negative.
County auditors were officially notified
of the reductions, and so action is final.
Take Two Games From the Pirates
and Win a Place in the First
Cr._n«i- W. I. I'r.l Cwbs- XV. t_ re.
Baltimore... 78 83 7031 Chicago .. .. 62 63.452
Boston. . 81) 35 .696] Brooklyn.... BO 65 .435
New Yor_... 74 39 .655 . . hltadelp'a.. CO 65 ... 5
Cincinnati... 65 46 .586 Louisville ... 49 66 .426
| Cleveland... 57 57 .500! TittsDurg 47 65 .423
i Washinxtoa .1 61 .455 j-u JL.0U1..... _7 87 .237
BALTIMORE. Md., Sept. The Champions
| took '.he first of this series from the Louisvilles
In a dull and uninteresting game. Waddell,
President Pulliam's new southpaw pitcher,
•pitched a good game, but worked egninsl some
very hard luck. Attendance 1800. Score:
Baltimore.. B. "i K.
Baltimore 6 11 1
Louisville 15 1
Butteries— Nops and Robinson; Wadde.l aod
Sthrecougoit.' I'm]. ire Ktlly.
BOSTON. Mass, Sept. B.— The tail-enders
could do litt.e with Kiobecaus after the first
inning. The latter was mngnificantly sup
ported, while just the opposite wa* the esse
with Pitcher Hart, Attendance 1500. Score:
It. H. E.
Boston , 17 17 0
M- Lou ia 5 13 6
Batteries— Klobedanz, Hickman and Bergen;
Har. and Douglass. Umpire— Hurst.
BROOKLYN. N. V., Sept. Cincinnati won
a well-pi«yed game from the Brooklyns this
afternoon. Dwyer, who was in the box lor the
Rods, was at his best. Dunn was hit hard, but
with proper support probably would have won
his game. Aiteudance 1200. Score:
K. H. E. ;
Brooklyn 2 7 3
Cincinnati 4 12 3
naileries— Dunn and Grim; Dwyer and Scbrlver.
Umpire— Lyaeh. j
WASHINGTON, D. C, Sept. B.— Washington ''
Is in the first division as a resu.t ot taking two
games from Cleveland to-day. Sivaiin had
practically lout the first, when Mercer went
into the box and won out. ln this game
j O'Gonnoi'- and Chiids' hands were slightly
injured and tneir positions were filled by
ot.icr players. Tebeau wns put on the bench
for disputing a decision. The second game was
forfeited to the Senators, 9to 0. At the be
gin- ing of the fifth Inning, with two men out,
MfKean claimed thai lie was hit by a pitched
ball. The umpire decided tnrt he had Inten
tionally got iv the way of the ball. Tebeau
disputed this- rutin?, and final. v refused to
continue the game. Attendance 3000. ; core
of first game:
K. H. E.
Washington 8 15 6
Cleveland 7 ii 1
Latteries— -walm. Mercer, W.r.ier and Maguire;
Wilson an i Zlnimer. Umpire— Carpenter.
Score of second game;
R. H. E.
Washington 6 7 4
Cleveland 2 5 _
Batteries— Brosnahan an-1 Farrell; Yo'ing and
Zimmer. Umpire— Carpenter. Game forfeited, 9
ioo, t.i Washington.
NEW YORK, N. V., Sept. B.— With the score
7 to 2 In lavor of Piit.burg the JNew Yorks
made a grand-stand finish in their seventh
inning and won the game by milking six runs.
The game was then called on account ol dark
ness. Attendance 2700. Score:
B. EL E.
New York ... 8 8 3
Pnt.bur. '. 7 0 4
Batteries— Gettig and Warner; Killen aDd bug
den. Umpire— -'Day.
PHILADELPHIA, Pa., Sept. 8 -Remarkable
running catches by Everett and Ryan, coupled
with a comedy ot errors on the part ot ihe
Phillies In the ninth inning, resul ed in a
victory for Chicauo. The finish was quite ex
citing. Attendance 1900. Score:
&7'y R. 11. E.
Chicago..... 6 10 1
Philadelphia 5 13 3
Batteries— Friend and Kittredge; Orth aui Mc
• Far nnd. empire— McDonald.
Cool to the Last.
ATLANTA, Ga., Sept. B.— H. S.Perry
was hanged to-day for the murder of Bely
Lanier at Decatur. The execution took
nlncj on a palows in the yard of the
Decatur County JaiL The doomed man
was cool io the last. On the scaffold he
reiterated his statement that tie killed
Lanier to protect the sanctity of his home.
.Advances made on tnrnlture ana pianos, with
or without removal. J. K ovuau, 1017-1023 Mission.
The 2:10 Class Event
Goes to the Visa-
lia Horse.
John A. McKerron, a Nu wood
Colt, Takes the Stake for
Sore and Unable to Extend Him
self, Prince Ansel Makes a
Poor Slowing.
SACRAMENTO. Cal., Sept. The
big 2:10 trot proved quite as much of a
drawing card at the track to-day as the
runners did yesterday. The speculating
division was well represented in the re
gion of the poolboxes, and the grand
stand was comfortably filled with the fair
s X.
Auction pools and paris mntuels, al
though still advocated by a few silurians
of a past a_e, are apparently a thing of the
past in this State, for the pooling this
afternoon was very light. It was a good
day for better?, the favorite taking the
big end of the purse in each instance.
John A. McKerron, a good-looking Nut
wood colt, Peko, Jasper Ayers and Uncle
Johnny were the coin getters. Starter
Covey was in good form, dispatching his
fields witn very little scoring.
Tbe 2:10 trot was third on the pro
gramme, the heats being sandwitched in
with the 2:24 trot. Jasper Ayers, the
Visalia horse, driven by Johnny Perkins,
was installed a warm favorite in the pools
at tee outset, bringing $22 against $10 for
the field, comprising Mamie Griffin, lora
and Wayland W, and $8 for Stam B. The
latter horse was lame, but hung on
gam«»Jv in every heat.
In the opening heat Ethel Downs drew
the pole position, and traveling very
smoothly, downed Stain B halt a length
in a hard drive. Time, 2:13 Jasper Ayers
broke at the first turn, hut finished a re
freshing third. After this Jjsper sold for
$25, the field $6 and Stam B $4. Ethel
Downs again lea to the stretch in the sec
ond heat, but was outtrotted to the wire
by the favorite, which won easily in 2:14.
In the next two heats Ethel Downs and
.Stain 15 tried to mane it warm for
Perkins' horse, bat ho held them safe and
annexed the purse without much -.fort.
The two-year-old trotting stake, null a
gross value of $010. drew out but tbree
starters Prince Ansel, Dr. Frasse * and
John A. McKerron. The held sold favorite
at $20, with the Prince bringing $14. The
hitter youngster was sore and unable to
extend himself, never proving a factor in
•he race. It was soon apparent that Mc-
Kerron held his company safe, and he won
in straisht heats, stepping off the second
mile in 2:23J{.
The dark oiue colors of Palo Alio stock
farm, worn by Dick Havey behind Peko,
issued victorious Irom the 2:24 trot. In
the opening pools sold the Palo Alto
horse was an overwhelming choice, sell
ing lor $20, while the field, consisting of
Sable Francis. Palermo, Winnella and
Osito, could be had for $6 Osito took the
fist two .eats, but it did nut seem to
phase the supporters of Petto, for they con
tinued backing their horse, which now
«old in the held at $13 B.aintl $20 for
0-dto. In the third heat Prko went away
in the lead and was never extended, win
ning in a jog from Osito. The remaining
two beats were repetitions of the third,
Peko finishing first, Willi Onto at his
The three-year-old stake was no contest
at all. Uncle Johnny and Central Girl
were the only starters and the added
money was withdrawn by the society, the
pair going for tbe entrance money. There
was no betting and la the first heat the
Girl was distanced, which ended the affair.
Trotting stake, two-year-o'ds, 2:40 class, heats
two in three, vaue $610—
John A. McKerron, t,y Nutwood, by Director
(Cecil) 1 1
Dr. Fra s-. by lian Alto (Ranch) '• 2
Prince Ansel, by Dexter Prince (Bl^eluw) .....3 3
Time. 2:3(J— -:2h** + .
Trotting, 2:24 class, heats three in five, purse
Peko, by Klectloneer-Penelope(Havev*).3 2 111
Oslto, by McKlnney (Durtee) l 1 _ "J _
.able Francis, by isaii.e White. (B.gi
-10w).... a 3 3 4ro
WtOtietia, hy Altag.) (Van Bokkelleii).4 4 4 3 ro
Palermo, by Berlin (Bunch) 5 (list
Time, 2 : JUR/i— . : i-.i -*/_,- 2 : 16 y_— _ 1 •8.
Trotting, 2:10 class, heats tdree in five, purse
$100 d—
Jasper Ayers, br Iris-Babe (Perkins) 3 111
Ethel Downs, by Boodle (Bunch) 1 2 3 2
stam B. by Ma . houl (Keatiug) -i 4 2 ft
lora, by Irs (Noble) 4 543
Mamie Grlflto, by Blackbim (Hulilvan). . .5 3 & 4
.viand \\ . b. Arthur Wilkej (Van Bok
kellen) 6 6 6 0
'lime, 2:13— '.:14-'.:l2i/_-2:13.
Three-year-old stake, .rot. 2:25 class, for
entrance money —
Uucle Johnny, by teuton Boy-Nettle Nut
wood (Ken ) 1
Central Girl, by Nutwood Wilkes (Cecil) dist.
Time, 2:22.
\ Following are the entries for to-mor
row's running events:
Five furlong", selling— Amasa 93, Erolca 90,
Oneka Maid 90, Don Luis 99, Castake 93,
Morlnell 90, El Moro 86, El Huerta 102. St.
Savior (til. v) 90, Cosina 105, Roxey Murphy
93. Pongo 99. .
Selling, lif e.n-sixtee*)th of a mile— Marcle
A 93, William OB 112, Mnsoero 102. Caliente
104, Flasnl'.ght 110, Etta H 97, Nebula 93,
Lorena II 105, Sleepy Jane 93. '
Six furlougs, sailing— MouPor 101, Major S
101, IVruaps 104, Roadwarmer 101. Emma D
98. SUisbury II 107. Petrarch 101. Shlrdy
104, Olive 98. Sea Spr. y 104, Daylight 101.
Six lur.ougs, hand. cap — February 35, imp.
Devil's Dream 105. Free Will 100, Summer
time 108, Torsion 90.
One aud a sixteenth miles, selling— Rapfdo
106, Thelma 90, Hazard 106. Palomaeit'i 105,
Little Cripple 93. Marcel 90, Pansy 99, Del
Paso II 112.
Horses Which Cause . Jio mo in AdVanc
of -'J heir Fi-lds.
A sad but wiser crowd wended it- way
homeward, as not a favorite won this aft
The Golden Rod stakes, ran on the turf,
was won by Easter Gift, beating the pro
nounced favorite Central Trust. The Sep
tember stakes, a one and thrje-eighth
miles event, was captured by Challenger
at the satisfying odds of 5 to 2. The
weather was cloudy and track fast.
Five furlongs, maiden filll*\ two-year-olds—
Bos- In Hand .05 (H. Manln), 1- to 1 ....1
Hluh Hoe 105 (Henuessy), 5 to 1 ........... ......2
Ruby Lips 105 (Wllhite). 6 to 1 3
I lme. 1 :.'_ 2-5. D'.ly Donavan. Isen. lona, May
Host-he, Pink Chambry. Inspection, 'Homelike,
Cruiskten Dawn, Domestic, nlla Daly, *Zelia,
Navlculine and Bamonclta, all 105, also rau.
*- qual choices In belting.
Six furlongi— .
Peat 1 0 illiams), 2 to 1 1
Lain ben 110 (Clayton), 4 to 1 : ...,'i
•Cl.ophu* 123 ( ims). 6to 5 .....:. 3
lime, 1:14 15. • Id SaugU- 310. Cassette 1 In.
HaiiweU: 113. Ha fling 113 and Gold Crest 113
aso ran. "Favorite.
("olden Rod stakes, six and a half furlongs, on
tuif- '
K». ter Gift 110 (K. Martin), sto 2. 1
•Central Trot 115 (Taral), 7 to 5 2
Xaveroc* 11 (WalKei), 6to I ..... ........ ..3
lime, 1:--. 1-5. Mom d'ur 115, Gala Pay 110
and Momentum 100 also ran. "Favorite.
September stakes, onn and three-eighths miles,
Hiree-vear-o di— - • •
Coallmger 106 (Clarion), 5 to 2 ".....: 1
Partrid.o 100 _**lais), . to 1... ....*_
•Dr. Catlet*. 112 (Williams), 2 to 1 ...3
Time, 2:24 4-5. Bud Iha 129. Sunny t-lope 123
and Lincoln II 106 also ran. 'Favorite.
One and an el-hth miles, handicap—
Feul Kavaur 108 (Sims). 5 to 1 1
Mias IV m 85 (.Maher). 15 to 1 'i
Howard ti 105 (Clayton), 3 to 1 8
lime. 1:56 3-5. 'Flying Dutchman 126 also ran.
One and three qaarter miles, over seven hurdles
on turf handicap—
Baby Bill 145 (•..wens), '- to 1 1
Drown Hod 134 (Mare.). 8 to 1 ........2
•Kilkenny 1..' < Veitch), 8 to 5 3
ilme, 3:_o. Foiget 165, counselor Howe 147,
Herman 135, Alakuma 130 also ran. •Favorite.
ST. LOUIS, Mo., Sept. B.— A clear day
anu last track were not cond ucive to favor
ites winning at the Fair G.-ounds to-day as
an odds-on-choice was the only one to
come first out of the six events, ln lhe
third race Liebe Bose, a 7 to 5 chance, fell
and finished in the ruck, completely spoil
ing the chances of her backers.
One mile, selling—
Peter Hill 103 (Sneii), 10 to 1 1
Jehn Corbin 93 (Murphy). 30 to 1 2
Bob .Mill lean 103 ( mx.v). 3 to 1. 3
'lime. 1:13 Mary harries I*3, Jack B. B. 93,
Plantation 93. *Brigie;s 93, Courtesy 98. '1 im lrven
103, Lavczac 103 ated Holy terror 101 a.so rau.
*. avorite.
F.ve and a half furlon.s, fillies, two-year olds—
•Belle of Mem obis 103 (Hitikey). 1 to 2 1
Lady or the West 105 (U tomb-,), 2 to 1 a
Km pie is Jotepbine 105 (Webster!. Ml 10 1 3
Time, 1-.09. Qitbana 95. Dora '• 95, Mary Weil
93 and Lady I bailee 95 also ran. 'Favorite.
'Feven furlongs, selling, two year olds.
Tom Lilly 104 (Han), 5 to 1 ...1
Gnino r 104 (Hail), 5 10 1 2
J. V. McCarthy 101 (Webster), SO to 1 3
Time, 1 :301_ Afra 101, * Lie be 1 oie 101, Kln_'s
Hum d 104, \> uirmauilllne and Domlne also ran.
s ; ix furlongs, selling —
Miss Verner 103 (i . Combs), 3 to 1 1
Cavalry 3 06 (niuUey), 5 to 1 2
•Bridget 109 (K. Jouea). b to 5 3
'ilme, 1:15. Jago 103 and it. (J*. Dan 112 also
ion. "Favorite.
Mile and twenty varus selling—
•Aryan 107 (lilif_."y). 2 to 1 1
•Kauneite 97 (Co • 0.1). 2 to 1 2
I'aro.ed'Or 100 (Hall), 4 to 1 3
'lime, 1:44. Judge Meadman 107 and Amber
Glints iO7 -lso ran. 'Equal choices in betting.
''ne mile—
Gladys II 101 (C. Combs), B to 1 1
Practitioner 93 (Hall), b to 1 ...2
Jcc o'scct 103 ' -re 1). 10 .0 1 ..8
'1 ime, 1:43. hosuy 93, I* T. Caton 93, »_.ani_ora
103, Ko.tr a 103 and l-.huio 103 also ran. 'fav
CHICAGO. 11l . Sept. B.— Dunois, a 1 to
3 shot, was the only winning favorite at
the Harlem Track 10-day. Tommy Burns,
who was injured ten . days ago, does net
seem to have lost his knowledge of riding,
as he was the only jockey to bring in two
winners. Weather clear and track last.
Five furlongs, maidens, two-year-olds—
The Ace 101 (Warren). 0 io 1 1
Bob Garnet 107 (T. Hurne). 15 to 1 _
Cutier 107 ( It. _,urph Bto J 8
Time, 1:02 14. .My Lizzie 101, *Ogamar 101,
JMvoice 104, Kastin 107, Jisephlne 104. JLadv
AlMrle 107, Bambino 104, Ba.n-ersu 104, Berweil
107, *Flo Honeyiew 107 nn.l Gliding By 107 also
ran. "Equal choices in bettin..
S=!*c furlon .s, set ing—
fio Uluiy 99 (W. 11. .vartin), 12 to 1 1
.M. Woodland 105 (Itoberi^on), 8 to i ;.2
Asaph 105 (.vorrUou), 4 to 1. 3
lime, 1:15",_. Gallante 99, Little Ocean 102
and Aureola, . ob Dee, loule and Dettle, all 105,
-lso ran. *__vorlte.
One ana a sixteenth miles, selling—
Diinil* 102 ( r. Uurns), 1 to 3 ...1
f< oii'ii'ltti 92 (W>»v.e), 5 to 2 2
David fenny 9_ (J. Woods), 12 to 1 a
Time, I :4_ Vi- i hree si»rter_.
Five fnrJonts '\vo-ye ir-oids —
Tom Colin.. 102 (i*. .urn!, 6 to 1 l
1 resbyierlan 1.7 (T. Murphy). 4 to 1 2
Forhu-h 10* (Connelly), 4 co l ..3
lime, 1:10%, Ban Frost 95, Wauban 95,
Billy Mason .... *_en liadad 95 an! Dr. Sharp
102 also ran. 'Favorite.
One and an eigthth miles—
Laureate 103 (Garner), 8 to 6 1
Bing dinger 108 (Connolly), lii to 1 a
•souffle 105 (1. urns), even 3
Tim-, 1:54. Harry Me.ouch and Indra also
ran. "Favorite.
W_ furlongs—
simmons 109 (Cay wood), 3to 1 Jl
Tin tup 99 (Kltlev., 5 to 1 2
DIM- 10 1 (J. Wood.). 5 toi a
lime, l:14i/ 2 -Alice C 103. Warren Point 105
and Floreauuu 105 also ran. *Favorl;e.
BUFFALO, N. V., Sept. B.— At the Fort
Erie races to-day the attendance was bet
ter, the betting heavy and racing good.
Three-quarters of a mile. Harrington won,
David second, South Africa third. Time,
One mile, selling, Banquo II won. Skate sec
ond. Thomas Cat tnird. Time, I:4lJ£.
Beaver stakes, mile and an eighth, Bannock
won, our Johnny s.-cond, Klun.v third. Time,
Mile, sollina*, Minnie Alphonse won. Jesse
Bell second, Nay Nay third. Time, 1:43.
Six lurlonss. two-year-olds, Nabob won, Sly-
Fox second, Belle of Erin third. Time, 1:15.
DETROIT, Mich., Sept. B.— Track fast,
weather clear.
Six furlongs— Gasparoue won, Susie- B sec
ond, Sus c Hows* tnird. Time, 1 :14J.£
Six turlongs— won, XV 1 meter sec
ond, Plantain third. Time, I:ls}*.
Five furlongs, heats— First liea.— Afternoon
won, Brny.ey second, Little Bramble third.
Time. 1 :03.
Second heat— Afternoon won, Brazey sec
ond. Paramount third. Time, 1:03.
B.x furlongs— Modrica won. Laura May sec
ond, Frosty third. Time, 1:15.
Selling, six ;uriongs— Fav Belle won. Bill
Arm-it second, Siurra Gordo third. Time,
CINCINNATI, Ohio, Sept. B.— Results
at Oakley:
Five furlongs, Bannstar won, Henry of Fran
stamar second, Taffeta Silk third. 'lime,
1:02. ■{.
Six furlongs, Robinson won, Lawanda sec
ond, Agatha third. Time. 1:15%.
Six furlontrs, Vlrglo O v.-on, Midstream sec
ond. Flop third. T.tnc, 1:10.
Seven furlongs, 8.-ron McClelland won,
White Frost second, Letcher third. Time. 1:20.
Oue mile and a sixteenth, selling, Blautein
won, What Next second, Countess Irma third.
Time, 1 '.V.flj.
Vi>ners at Fleetwood J'ark.
NEW YORK, N. V., Sept. 8— The at
tendance was light at the Grand Circuit
meeting to-day. The guileless pacer,
Maiion Mills, went an exhibition mile in
tbe remarkable lime of 2:07%.
2:17 class, trotting, purso $3000, King
Chimes won in straight heats. Time, 2:14—
2:15J£— 2:15. Valence was second. Miss Gate
woou ihlid. Eaiter, Myrtle B iy, Belton and
Pilm Leaf also started.
2:30 class, trotting, purse $3000, The Monk
wo-' seend. third and lourin heats. Time,
2:ls}_-2:12^-2:135i. Nancy Till won the
first ueatin _:13J_; Pastoral third. Paddy D
also started.
(falter- More' < Victories.
LONDON, Esq., Sept. B.— J. Chubbins'
gray . colt Galtee-More, winner of the
Derby, won the St. Leger suite-, at the
second day's racing of the Doncaster
September meeting.
Lord Rose' cry's Chelandry was second
and James R. Keene's St. Cloud third.
Five horses started.
lialiee-More was the first Irish-bred
hor eto win the Darby. In audit on to
the derby stake*. Mr. Chubbins' horse
also won the 2000 guineas, the Jubilee, the
Newmarket and the Prince of Wales'
s akes. rV--- v
J'ruisrd <.ncl«rs Improving.
SEATTLE, Wash., Sept. B.— Otto Zieg
ler, John Siaver ami George Crawford are
still confined to their rooms from injuries
received in the accident at the Y. M. C. A.
bicycle trade last night. Hardy Downing
and Danny Whitman were uo anil around
as usual to-day. Ztegler's facs is badly
cut. but it can be stated positively that lie
is not dangerously injured. Slaver's phy
sicians believe lie wili be' able to leave the
hospital after three or four days. Craw
ford is badly cruised, but will come around
all right. •' '
Breaks the Atriniiniie; J'-cnrd.
LONDON, Eng, Sept. 8 —In a 500-yard
swimming race for the championship of
tho world at Doncaster to-day, Nuttal,
champion of England, defeated Cavill, the
Australian champion in the record-break
ing time of 6 m.nute- 1 , 3}.^ seconds.
Cnlifornians Will Celebrate.
CHICAGO, 111., Sept. B.— The Pioneer*
of California will celebrate ; the forty
seventh anniversary of the admission of
the State into the Union next Saturday,
by a picnic, to be held in Jack-on Park.
The South' Park Commissioners '. have
•.ranted the members of the Western; As
sociation of . California Pioneers the ' use
ol the German building upon that day.
McCoy and Ryan Per
mitted to Fight Only
, Five Rounds.
The "Kid" Was Being Chased
All Over the • Ring by
His Opponent.
Those Who Bet on the Favorite
Loudly Declare They Were
SYRACUSE, N. V., Sept. B.— Police in
terference put an end to the Ryan-McCoy
fight in the fifth round here to-night,
when Ryan was doing the majority of the
work and chasing McCoy ail over the ring,
infl. cting a series of wicked inside upper
cuts. Although by no means going, Mc-
Coy was having the worst of the contest
when Inspector O'Brien rang the song
and Refeiee George Siier of Chicago s?nt
the men to their corners and announced
the bout a draw.
McCoy played a lively tattoo on Ryan's
jaw with his left in the first few rounds,
but after that Tommy resorted to in
fighting and did much better at this
method. George S.ier siid to a represent
ative of the Associated Press after the
"Ryan had the better of the last round,
but there was only one decision possible
under the circumstances and I gave it.
There was no necessity for police inter
ference, as bo.h men were strong enough
to continue the light."
Nate Fenton, McCoy's backer, created a
scene by jumping into the ring and shout
ing that tne thing had been fixed. "This
man," he said, pointing to Police Inspec
tor O'Brien, "knew at what point he was
going to stop the fight." There was a scene
of the greatest confusion, and had not a
strong iorce of policemen been on hand
trouble would have ensued.
There were 3500 people -in the ring,
with McCoy a strong favorite in the bel
ling, and many of them thought they
had been bunkoed anil did not hesitate to
express their feelings.
The betting at the ringside was 10 to 7
in favor of McCoy, the McCoy contingent
reai*in_ to come down to the odds wanted
by the Ryan men of 2 to 1.
Round The Kid landed a left on the jaw.
Ryi.n slaps in his right to the chest and
pushes th. Kid away in the clinch. They fid
dle and Mecoy tends left to chest. 'M. Coy
uppercuts with his right after a clinch, land
ing on the J4iv. Ryan swings for lne head, nut
i_oe_over. McCoy pokes right to wind. Ryan
blocks a left swing tor the body as the round
Round 2— McCoy rushes and swings a left
on the body. Ryan pucks a left swing and
clinches. He gets under McCoy's left wing
and lifts him from his te.L The Kid pokes a
left, which is blocked. Kyan pokes a lelt to
the face hard. McCoy rushes Kyan to the
ropes aud swings two hard lefts on the body.
Ryau reaches the body with the right as the
gong sounds. " -• •■
Round 3— Ryan falls short with a left lend.
They Clinch and exchange lefts on tne body.
Ryan's right eye is bleeding irom a jab. Mc-
Coy rushes and Ryan falls to his knees, McCoy
going over him." B ith men laugh as they get
up. Ryan sends a light left to ihe face, 'lhe
Kid lends a left to the face. They exchange
hard lefts on the jsw. Ryan pokes a left to
face. Ryan pokes a right to the wind twice us
th >. round closes, and his adherents cheer.
Round 4— Ryan lands a left in the face.
McCoy comes back with a swinging lett
to the lace. McCoy swings right aud leit
to the face and Ryan blips in a rush.
McCoy lets his right go before he can
control it. There are cries of foul, 'but
not allowed. Ryan pokes a left to the face
and gets a nasty otic la the same place in re
turn and another on the wind. Ryan rushes
and they exchange rights on the face. McCoy
jobs a light left to the face and Ryan rashes
twice and sends his man to the rop-.-s witn
great punches. The crowd cheered wildly.
Round s— Ryan ducks a left lend and in- lies,
tripping to the ground. They mix matters up
in the middle of the ring without much dam
age. Ryan sends a right to the left of the j iw,
nnd as they break away Ryan uppercuts with
the leit hard ou the lace. They clinch twice,
with no damage, and Ryan swings right to
jaw. The police stop tne fight. The fight is
declared a draw.
McCoy and Creedon.
SYRACUSE, N. V., Sept. 8 —Early this
afternoon Kid McCoy and Dan Creedon
signed articles drawn up by Sam Austin
of New York calling for a fight between
the two men. The $1000 each posted by
McCoy and Creedon with Al Smith is to
be forieited if either man refuses to accept
the largest purso offered within live
weeks. The articles are so drawn that
they call lor no particular number of
rounds, and the fight may be a finish or a
limited round contest.
"Twelve Temptations" Seems toll. Al-
luring — Tiilie Sallinger'a It-turn.
••The Heart of Maryland" has only a few
more days to run at the Baldwin. William 11.
Crane and his company are expected to teach
this City to-day, and on Monday they will
open in Martha Morton's new drama, "A
Fooi of Fortune."
"The Twelve Temptations" allured a large
audience to the Columbia Theater last night.
In spile of the matronly appearance of some
of the chorus girls and the slight incoherence
of the plot the performance seems to be at
tracting popular favor.
Money was turned away trom the Tivoli last
night at pas. lively the last performance of
"La Gioconda." Mme. Krouold has to be
back again at Frankfort before the end of this
mouth, and her almost immediate departure
will prevent the fine opera from being seen <
here aeain this Reason. "La Cavaileria" and
"I Pagllßcci" will be performed lor tne rest of ,
the week. On Tue-day Tiliie Saliinger, a for
mer favorite with Tivoli audiences, will make
her reappearance after an absence of over two
years. • •
"The First Born" has greatly benefited from
the pruning and furbishing which it has un
dergone from David Belasco's accomplished
hand. The acaon is now more condensed and
dramatic. Big audiences at the Alcaz er con
tinue to attest tno popularity of the little
work. ■ ■
People anxious to seethe "Heart of Mary
land" under another name are going in great
numbers to the Grand to sample Gassaway's
"Dandy Filth." Tbe general verdict is that
the resemblance between the two plays is not
so great as lt has been painted.
Van Aucken, McFnee and Hill are astonish
ing Orpheum audiences Dy their remarkable
acrobatic performances. Bart m and Ashley,
the "Walking Delegates," are doing well, and
the rest of the biii is up to the u.-ual standard.
"Old Friends" Presentation.
At a meeting of the Society of Old Friends
(incorporated), held last evening a*, the regular
meeting hall, 327 Bush street. Dr. K. F. Lord,
the newly elected president ol the society, was
presented with an elegant gold budge and em
blem oi the society for his faithful services
rendered the organization. The presentation
speech was made by Brother M. Ruh.i.b.rg ia
behalf of the society, to which Dr. Lord iee
ingly responded.
I) We >eed Bl c Muscles?
By no means. Persons of herculean build fre
quently possets a minimum of genuine vigor and
exhibit less endurance than 'very small piople.
Real Vigor means the ability to digest and sleep
well and to perioral a reasonab c amount of daily
physical »md m -ntal labor without tin natural
fail-ue. It Is because a course of Hostetter's
Momacli B t era enHb es the enfeebled dyspeptic
to resume the allotted activi.v of » very-da y life
as well as to participate witntu; discomfort Id Its'
enjoy mi n:s, that it la surh * Preeminently u.eful
medicine. . , .... ** v
_j_ « l A>»^A^-k^Mj_\d' k^4-_J_^i* ik
/~ ' 3s___f ____ «
Only 2*_ hours from San Francisco.
Remodeled and under new management
For rates and printed matter address
located In the mtd-t of the Coast Range.
Abnnilance of mineral springs, hot aud cold
plunge baths, large swimming-tank of mineral
water, fine stone dining-room; telephone con
nections, electric lights, livery accommodation;
.ood trout-tishing and bunting. Round-trip tick-
ets at S. P. offices, $10.
SU fi £% ft €% _ HOT SPRINGS, Sonoma
Iff 11 I V to, only 4 2 hours from
B\ U B*4 _*S rt% Ean Francisco, and but 3
11 M W *« miles' staging.
J. F. Ml'_(iKKW, Proprietor.
Lake.; new dining-room, new livery stable. it
Is now one of the most attractive outing places in
Lake County. Bates $8 to $12 per wee_. Boating
and bathing free Bring your bathing suits. Ad-
diess H. AM BOLD, iiertha P. 0,, Lalre -0., Cai.
In the state. Fine scenery, hunting and fish-
lug. Excellent table. For circulars and further
Inlormiit'.ou address O. XV. R. TREDWAY, -lon-
brook, Lake County, CaL
noted tisning and health resort. Ho; mud and
m phur b:i '••(
_DSON ItBOS. . Proprietors.
aqua caliente imm,
2 hours from San Francisco. Elegant Modern
Hotel. Warm Mineral Swimming and Tub
Baths. Send for Circulars. Address A<>U A CALI-
ENTE SPRINGS HOTKL, Aqua Callente, Cal.
Ross valley, near san raeaei,: cot-
tnges and terits, with or without board; danc-
ing paviliou; ja!t water batbing,
C 5 cific for indigestion and kldr.e*/ troub eg stage
connects at Madrone with morning trains Mon..
Wed.. Sat.; send lor descriptive pamphlet aud
terms. JAMES CARTER, M in»»er.
n s ra 111 o|_fs tfVfn!) I |j|*iaß'H__g-H_i_^^
RESTORED. ! auction sale ;
"cupidene." 1 Beautiful Property
___*&_. _-_J?SI_3V Ths great Vegetable | lOU ASO CRESTA iRAOI i
/st_Wefoi iff^-M_^_ Vltallzer.theprescrlp- \ cn\T \IVIVG
JE*** 3^! -^V_S&^_ii tioll "' a Famous U IOMAI.NIft _
fggß*'^? l lU re:-.r.'i a physician, ,fj 11Q QQ_|oo ACRES'
W^wM^W'ZS.'d w,!l<,_ic.<iy euro you , I * l **" * = ' 0 " » '-' i / "^n*-* 3, „ .
. V 2i_J W T__] c-'ises of rv the 3 _£..._: ' I In Subdivisions of lto 6 Acres. j
'V^ \ #SStffi*A-; j I Located on Old San Jose Road \ yr'.
v«/ \___/ ma jams in the Back. I (extension of Mission street), eleven j
before. AFT*!*. 5555S do": ff t 0 ™: ! j miles frcm City Hall and one mile -j .-'
Pimples, Unfitness to Marry* KXD-OTllß* Drains' ; I north Of Baden, On the Southern I.
Varicocele and Constipation. It stop; all losses \K P-i.-if",.- an J _>U.trir r.iilwavs fare I
by day or nlsht. Prevents Quickness of dls^harire. B racine anu ci.uric railway,, iare I
whith if not checked leads to fcpormatorrhoja an.l H IO Cents, 5
all the lior: or-, of impoiency. j,, Ill" <ll*,"np It C FrP. «A Fill '
CUPJUJEJNK cleanses the liver, the kijneys \ LS "i «1 11 "! A. V. tl.-M* _i>U«
and the uriuary organs of all Impurities. y. ■• Pnh'lc Administrator. " j •
CUIMI>K>'K strengthens and re-l<jras small, tj Wednesday... September 15. 1897, I
w.ak <r,*»ns. r- A'i'IHU'UUHKM.
The reason nuffe. ers are not cured br Doctors Is I I .. _„„ „_. '-■ - „,a v -„.__-.__ «, ■
because ninety per cen. nre troub ed wilh Pros- g At oor Paleirooms. 108 ii 'gomery 6.. I
tatitl«. CtI'IDIJMiJ Is the only known remedy B lor maps, etc . address R
to cure without an er ton. 5000 testimonials. | ej M> ACCC DDfITUCDC
A « rltten guarantee Riven and money returned if , l IYrMI k£ Lil-U I EikllVf !
sixb3-.ps no not effect a permanent cure, -1.00 ■ _„„, . ,„,„ ._„„,„-_,. _„-,>-,„-_?.
a box. sit for 55.00, by mall. Bend lor rs.E cr- * Heal tsiate Agent, and Auctioneers,
cuur m.d .esttni'inaia. 3 108 JIO.VTUOMEKY ST.,
Address JDAVOL MEIJ-ICIJNK CO., 1170 § Kan Fraucisco.
Market street, Sau Francisco, Cal. For sale by 3 B
BKOOKa' FIiAKMACY, 119 Powell street. _4_E___m______s£_----M_lX3-___m___\
I I^^# 'O^ '*** " 'J%£ _*2
Mr. Henry. I have been troubled a long time with what I suppost
»—x they call dyspepsia. I call it indigestion. I have
.had great pain in my chest for many years, and I
used to have difficulty in breathing at times, and
i feci as if something had stuck in my throat, especially
after eating, and I always had to be careful what I
ate. I dared not eat pastry or hot rolls, and at times
•jl would get dizzy in my head. I tried Pepsin and
•■other patent medicines, and I did not find much
benefit until the man at the drug store where I deal . :
: asked me to try Ripans Tabules. ". did, and I tell you J ;
I felt more benefit from one box of Ripans Tabules J
'than all the other stuff I had been taking. I had about y
three or four boxes, and I am cured. I don't have ' ; .-.-;
the pain in my chest, my bowels are more regular,
'and I can eat any kind of food that is put before me.
. ,/Ripans Tabules have made a good cure for me, and
1 ." : (11-teUyoul tell all my friends to^ry them. % .
Nine lea from Santa Rota.
T'lKl'. ACE where you fkkl at HOME.
J- Table first class. Croquet, Bi.liards sbutTle?-
boards, Swings, Swimming Pool, Lancing Pavil-
ion, Fishing, Hunting, Now Mineral Plunge Bath:
$10 and $l_ p»r we«-k; children under 10. *_.
Special rates forcluhs and large families. Baton
tree. hound trip, $3.75.
HOWARD 151»..5._
L- U. U. BEEB-. Accommodations strict
first-class. Bates $10 nnd $12: special 1 erms to
families. P. O. and telephone. Rrund trip *10. S.
P. office, 613 Market st. Address
JD Nervous Prostration, Obeiu-.- (social attentloa'^B .
paid to reducing stout people) at the "fe;.
E. STEELE, Manager. Marin i ounty. Cal.
in America. Specific for ail stomach, liver,
Sidney and bladder troubles. New ho.el, new
management, Terms. $8 to $10 per week. For
particulars address W. B. McJOVERN. Kelsey-
Tille. Lake Co., or OK. M .GOVERN. 1577 Fol-
som street, San Francisco.
ti UMM X It II 031 E 1" A X 31,
Santa Cruz Mountains.
ter resort. Cottages, tents, huntine and fislio
ing. Campers' return tickets, $2 50. Bo ird, $8 to
$10 per week. Send for circulars to J 11. HA ES-
TER-, Glenwood, Cal. Long-distance telephone.
(■elevation 3500 leet). This mos; popular re-
sor. under new ownership is now open; delightful
cllmae, lawn tennis, photo dark-room, boating
fishing, liuntiug; tour trains dally; '..-mile from
station; free carriage. For circular adores* THUS.
E. MORGAN, Monte Vista. Dutch Flat, Cal.
structure, _ stories high, with every modern
convenience, is the crowning effort of all hotels ou
the Pacific Coast; completely surmundrd by beau-
tiful lawns, flower beds, etc. Boating, fishing and
surf bathing are the chief amusement. Write for
rates and one of our beautiful souvenirs. E. DUN-
HAM, proprietor.
" own for season: write for circular. Addre a
B. ARMSTRONG, Manager, Hilton P. 0., Sonoma
County, Cal.
Los Gatos: hunting and fishing. Address A.
C. XV.. Ie Franc station, Froh n's P. 0., Santa
Clara County.
X. nama ' o ; furnished cottages with free fruit,
ve_., horse, $12 to $22: lovely healthful local it jr.
WEEKLY CALL, sent to any address in the
United States or Canada one year for $150, post-.
n_ free. A

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