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Rival Boards of Supervisors
Open the Fight in the
Supreme Court,
Attorneys Wrangled Until the
Justices Decide Testimony
Must Be Taken,
Kainey Shows His Hand by Inducing
Joseph Greenberg to Petition
as an Intervener.
The rival boards of Supervisors looked
menacingly at each other in the Supreme
Court yeste.'d.y afternoon. A galaxy of
men learnei in me lew and skillful as!
pleaaers ran.cd alon_; the desks facing j
grave Justices. Political hangers-on j
crowded the corridors leading to the
court's chambers. All of ihe seats in the j
hall of justice were occupied and the .
aisle* weie blocked by the surgine c owd. i
The petition of Thomas Morton, ex-
Supervisor, for a writ of mandamus :
which would compel Auditor Broderick i
to spread on his looks the tax levy fixed i
ny the Fulton lodginc-house lawmakers !
wa- to be argued. It was a matinee pei- ;
iormance for the "push" and many cit- i
izens, but .for the ousted Supervisors it j
was different. To them it was a most i
serious affair.
The petition of Morton was to be
heard in the morning by the Justices in
oank, but. owing to the absence of Justice
Temple, the hearing w.is continued U-.til
the afternoon. All of the Justices occupied
! their seats when the cot convened, and
the argument over the petition was soon
in full blast. Tne Justices soon tired of it,
and, concluding that the attorneys could
not agree on tacts, adjourned, alter in
structing then, to present testimony that
would determine the .'acts in question to
Commissioner Niles Searl-. Testimony
was taken until 5 o'clock, and then an ad
journment was taken until this morning.
The proceedings proved quite interest
in*.. The hand vt the bulky Democratic
boss, Sam Rainey, appeared in no uncer
tain light. It was through his agency
that Joseph en berg, a foundryraan who
has some contfacts with the city, was in
duce i to fie a petition in intervention
yesterday morning. As an mtervenor, he
(joined with Morton and asked that the
writ the latter applied for be granted.
he admissions of Greenberg when asked
his jeasons for filing the writ caused a
mild --ensaticn, hut when Robert J. Bar
ton, the ex-janitor selected by the ousted
Supervisors as clerk, declared on the wit
ness-stand that he had not been sworn in
by anybody as ciers, and that he had
given no bonds to faithfully .perform his
duties, tbe crowd smiled and the late
Supervisors looked at each other in a for
lorn sort of way.
The Auditor, who was the respondent
to the petition, was represented by At
torneys W. T. Baggett, E. W. McKinstry,
George W. Scheil and City and County
Attorney Creswell. The latter, however.
took no part in tiie proceedings. The
fight ot tlie old board and Petitioner Mor
ton was looked alter by Attorneys Garret
McEn***rney, E. S. P.ilsbury and John Gar
ber. Mayor Phelan sat to the left of the
Justices for a while, but when the discus
sion became interesting hs secured a chair
behind Attorney Baggett.
The proceedings opened frith the read
ing by Attorney Baggett of the respond
ent's answer to the petition. Ii admitted
the election and qualification of the old
board, and also that it had entered upon
tne duties of office, butdenied that the old
board was in possession of the ollice and
that the complaint riled in the Superior
Court, which ousted it, was a pretended
" The answer recited all the facts relating
to the ousting of the old board and
showed that on September 16, the day on
which Jnage Wail.cc renCered his deci
sion, tne oid Foard of Supervisors ceased
to exist and I at since that date it had
r.ot been in oflic*-. It recited the fact that
since September 16 the new board had oc
cupied and performed the duties of tbe
cilice. It stated that the old board had,
on September -0, pretended to aopoint
James ¥.. Britt as .ciinu Mayor. Tue an
swer denied his appointment, as well a*»
the claim that he ever approved the tax
levy. W^*m\
It denied the fixing of a levy by the old
board and that the real Board of Super
visors ever demanded that the Auditor
compute the taxes at the rates fixed by
Morton and the other ousted Supervisors.
The apt ointment of the new board by
Governor Buld and Mayor Phelan. subse
quent to the decision of Judge Wallace,
was set forth. It recited tneir qualifica
tion and the taking of possession of the
offices and rooms of the board witnout
hindrance. Tie meetings and doings of
the new board were related. It declared
that the levy fixed by the new hoard was
approved by Mayor Piielan. certified by
Clerk Russell and delivered to Auditor
Broierick with * demand that he, as
Auditor, should compute the taxe .
It ended with the statement that Clerk
Russell bad control of the books and
papers of the Board o: Supervisors, that
Mayor Phelan had presided at alt the
meetings of the new board and thet the
right ot tne new board to act as the ad
of~ Supervisors had been recognized by
i itv and County Attorney Cresweil, the
legal advi»er of the Board of Supervisors.
After the reading of the answer Attor
ney Baggett moved tor a dismissal of the
p-titi.n for a writ of mandate. Mr. Mc-
Knerney objected, and stated that certain
questions oi foot had been raised and they
niu-^t be decide i.
"They cla m," said Mr. McEnerney,
"that we never acted as a board. Tney
deny that Morton is a taxpayer, and deny
that mis board duly made or at ah made
a lax Jew."
Mr Baggett admitted that Morton was
a taxpayer, and then Justice McFarland
asked if the attorneys could not agree on
any facts. „ . ,
"We tried to, but could not," replied
Mr. M hi erne v.
"There is not en ustie of fact raised in
our answer," declared Mr. Baggett, "ex
cept as to Morton b ing a taxpayer. That
is the only- disputed iact. We now admit
that he is a taxpayer. We deny that as a
Board of Sut ervisors the tax levy in ques
tion was made. All other questions are
questions of law."
Justice Temple, addressing Mr. Mc- I
The Justices of the Supreme Court Sat in Bank Yesterday to Hear Arguments in Reference
. f C- • « 1 WT *l
to the Supervisorial Wrangle.
Enerney, said: "'He denies that you acted
as a Board 'of Supervisors, and alleges
that you ceased to be a board when tne
judgment was .* n lered."
Mr. Garber, for the petitioner, answered
by saying: "We claim that we were never
ousted and that we are still the de facto
board. They claim they were appointed
by Mayor Phelan. and lo »k possession of
the oflic s without hindrance. The asser
tion has been contes:ed from the begin
ning that they took posses-ion except by
act ol violence after this appeal had been
Mr. Baggett — is the first time I
heard il claimed that tne new board took
forcible possession. That is to be con
tested. We must show that the new* board
is tne de facio board, and that the writ
s ould not issue.
Mr. McEnerney — We also want to show
that Mayor Piielan never organized the
so-called board, and that sis of them are
not electors of the wards Irom which they
were appointed.
The argument then drifted from one
proposition of law to the other. The
form of the mandamus proceedings was
argued, and Justice Beatty, addressing
the attorneys of the new board, said:
"If they show that the Auditor refused
to accept the levy is it not a question of
mandamii* ?"
Mr. Mc Kin ••try replied that it must first
appear that the b iard is a legal body.
•'We show why they were removed,"
added Mr. Scheil.
"They want to show whether or not the
proceedings by law removed them," an
swered Justice Beatty.
Mr. Bacgett said he wanted to get at the
proportion as to what matters were to be
Justice Beatty, adaressinz Mr. Baggest,
said: ' You claim to be ade jure board, j
and that if you are not de jure you arc ac I
facto. Then you make tnat an issue of
fact. You make thai claim formally on
the record and then it is a disputed ques
tion. I don't see how we can decide it
without tak.ri" evidenc."
"That is so,'' agreed Mr. Baggett.
Justice McFarland asked if the parlies
could not agree on the facts. They again
declared they could not. Then the Jus
tice asked if bo.h boards bad not been
undertaking to act as Boards of Super
"I understand," said Mr. Scheil, "that
the eight have been meeting in a bedroom
on Fulton street, and h*-ve appointed one
of their number Mayor."
"We claim that- we acted a* a board
>intil the Mayor called upon the Chief of
I'olice. wno forcibly ejected us," said
"We claim we entered into possession
of the chambers peacefully," said Mr.
"The matter is disputed," .-aid Justice
Beatty. "We will have to refer It. We
have no time to hear the discussion."
The Chief Justice appointed Niles
Searls to hear the testimony, and the old
gentleman took hi seat.
After the petition was read Auditor
Broderick was called by Mr. McEnerney.
He told of the visit paid to his oifice by
Britt and Haskins, and the delivery of
their alleged tax levy to hire.
Britt '.old ol the meetings of the old
board and the ejectment from the cham
bers. In speaking of the occupancy of
Vie chambers by the new board he said he
noticed several gentlemen occupying seats
whom he had not met as Supervisors. He
heard names called by the Mayor that
were not familiar to him as Supervisors.
Britt then told of the ejectment from
the committee-rooms, the fixing of the
alleged tax lew in the corridor, his selec
tion to act as Mayor ami the meetings in
the Fulton House. Allot his testimony
was calculate.! to show tnat the old board
continued to act a- a board after the judg
ment of court removing them.
Robert P. Barton, the ex-City Hall
janitor, who was selected by tbe old
board to act as clerk, was next called.
He testified to the correctness of the
minutes i c kept and amused tiie crowd
by declaring, "I am the clerk of the
Board of Supervisors elected by the peo
"Who swore you in as clerk of the Board
of Supervisors? ' asked Attorney Baggett.
"I have not been sworn in," answered
"Have you taken any oath or given any
bomi '.'"
"No. but I euess I bave ten days to file
them," replied Barton.
At this stage of the proceedings Thomas
V. Cator insisted on placing intervenor
Greenberg on the stand. When Mr. Bag
gett asked him who got him to intervene
he said: "I was informed by the Fire
Commissioners that I would have to in
tervene to get my money. I received a tele
phone message to that effect from Georg**
Maxwell, secretary of the commission. I
went out to the Commissioners' rooms and
Mr. Maxwell introduced me to Mr. i_ator,
who he said wa*- the attorney in the
case. Mr. Cator then said he heard that
I wanted to find out if my contracts with
the city were legal. I let him attend to
the matter."
Clerk John A. Russell was the next
witness. Mr. McEnerney objected to the
introduction of th** minute- of the new
boar I, but they ■ were introduced, never
Mr. Russ?ll then told of the appoint
ment of the new bo ird and of it- meet
ings. He recognized it as the only legal
Board of Supervisors.
I>tore an adjournment was taken Mr.
McEnerney secured an admission from
Supervisor Ashton that he lives in the
i. eventh Ward, although appointed to
represent the First. Barry testified th it
he lived in the Twelfth." although ap
pointed to represent the Third.
Fdrtnxann admitted tnat he resides in
the Twelfth, but was appointed to repre
sent the Eighth. Dohrniann said he lived
in the Sixtn. but wa«< appointed to repre
sent the Fourth. Biggy admitted he re
sided in the E eventh and was appointed
to represent the Ninth. Dresbscb said
he represented the Seventh, hut resided
in the Twelfth.
| Resigns From the Chair of
the Health and Police
'The Board of Supervisors Holds
Two Quite Interesting:
i Positions Are Abolished in the In
terest of Economical City
The Board of Supervisors went on
with its wort yesterday just as though
an "ousted eight" was not striving in the
Supreme Court to regain positions from
whicn .Jud_.e Wallace had ousted '.hem for
disobeying the law. The board met in
the afternoon with Mayor Phelan in the
chair and proceeded at once to discuss the
committees as prepared by Mayor Jhelan.
Supervisor Barry objected to tho con
sidetation of the matter on the ground
that he could not be well considered as a
member, inasmuch as his resignation had
been in the hands of the Mayor lor a
In spite of his objections the committees
as printed in The Call were ratified.
A resolution calling for more energetic
work in finishing the roof of the hall was
The resolution ricited that inasmuch as
the rainy season was approaching and
valuable public documents were in danger
through the unfinished condition of the
root it was imperative that the structure
should be completed at the earliest pos
sible moment.
The Committee on Public Buildings
recommended that Bateman Bros., the
contractors for the Hall of Justice, shall
be given thirty days' intension of time on
the job, and the board voted to approve
the mutter.
While tiie board was in session the
members were served with subpenas to
appear oefore the Supreme Court to-day
in the suit for a writ, of mandate brought
by the ousted board to compel Auditor
Broderick to recognize its tax levy.
An adjournment was then takeu until 8
o'clock in the evening, at which lime the
full board assembled. Dr. Rottanzi arose
to a question of personal privilege and
staled that he desired to resign the chair
manship of the C imtnittee on Health and
Police, to which lie nad been appointed by
Mayor Phelan. He stated that as chair
man of the Ftuanci! Committee of the old
board he understood the exact state of
affairs, and that if deficits were to occur
he did not want to be a party to them.
Supervisor Barry objected to changes,
and Supervisor Etottanzi in reply scorciiea
the Mayor and Dr. Clinton for advising
the board to go slow in the matter of fix"
ing water rates. He also strongly criti
cized Judge Wallace for his decision in the
matter. HOB
ills resignation was accepted, and the
chairmansnip of the Committee on Health
and Police will be filled later.
Mayor Pnelan's veto of the appo nt
men.of Joseph Dunne as Assistant Pros
ecuting Attorney was sustained, and on
motion of Stu ervisor Clinton the office of
Fisn and Game Warden of the cily and
county was abolished.
A resolution was adopted warning the
heads ot a.i departments that they must
live within their appropriations. . .
J. J. Sullivan, the expert of the Street
Committee, was dropped from the salary
roll of the city.
Supervisor Barry stated that he would
not press his resignation until after the
Supreme Court hud rendered its decision,
but that he had not changed his mind
aDout the ultimate result.
The Mayor submitted figures to show
that if the departments were economic
ally conducted there would be no deficit
at the end of the year.
On the recommendation of the Street
Committee a resolution was passed order
ing the immediate paving of the crossing
oi O'Farrell and Stockton streets.
Summary of ihs Week's Work
Acted On by the Board.
The following i? a complete summary of
the street work acted on by the board dur
ing the week, including recommendations
, still to bs considered:
S ockto'i and O'Parreil— Paving.
Pond, Sixteenth to Seventeenth— Curbs, paving,
Market and Castro— .'ay in;.
Broderick, Washington to Jackson— Curbs and
Broderick and Pacific avenue— Paving and side
walks • **„.
Lyon, Jackson to Pacific avenue— Curtail and
Lyon and Jackson— Paving.
I "" I
I Lon md Pacific avenue— Paving
! Pacific avenue, Devi-»_dero to Broderlck— Curbs !
' and pavli *.
'■ Bake- and Pacific i Venn •— Paving.
i Pacific avenue, Brodenck to Baker— Curbs and I
i paving.
| 1 wenty-secor.d and Alabama— Sidewalks and
1 paving .
I tlintcn l'a-k. Valencia to Guerrero — ante.
I Clinton Pari., (-iu-rrero to Dolores --am*
Bros i an. Valencia to Gut-rren — ame.
sixteenth and boo— Sidewalks.
I -ix eenth mi «1 i-ar.ly— -ame
i (ii Oert, Bran Dan io souihea t termination of
Glib rt— Pav nr. etc
,1 Twenty-second sire t and Treat avenue— Bay- |
in*, euro*, etc.
Pacific alley, Pacific o northerly termination ;
.'i Paclne i-dlcy Paving.
, Sacramento, ' y<te to l.Hrkin— Sidewalks.
"•Vat-hingiou, Franklin to Uoogh— Sidewalks and
pay ng.
Elm aveuue. Pierce to Scott street Curbs and
Sixteenth. Bryant to Hampshire— Same.
sixteenth end Hampshire— Paving.
Sixteenth, Hampshire to Potrero— Curbs and
Sixteenth street ami Potrero avenue— Paving,
•sixteenth street, l'otrero avenue to Utah
| Curbs and paving
! Sixteenth aud l'tah— Cesspools, curbs, paving,
! Sixteenth, San Bruno avenue to Vermont street .
j — «. urlis and paving.
i Six eenth -ar* ani San Kruno avenue— Cess- i
pool**, curbs, pa vine, etc.
; sixteenth -a i Bruno . venue to Vermont street |
—Curbs and paving
Sixteenth and Vermont— Cesspools, curbs, pav
ing, etc.
! sixteenth, Vermont to s-Curbi and pay-
Twenty-eighth avenue, Clement to Point. Lo- ;
I bo* avenue -' .r
I Fargo place. Boardman place, to southwesterly '
j termination of Fargo place— sewer, curbs,
I paving, etc. >^g*M
Eighteenth av»nw south, N street south to |
i ii roart ay nue — Pipe s»w> r etc
(jiiukli, Golden Gate avenue to Turk— same.
Grxltau, suni'nn to wester.y line of the San
.Miguel rmebo— -same.
.N street south ami Sixth avenue south Brick
i sewer, etc.
sixth avenue south, Railroad avenue to li street j
south— Grading.
Stcckton. O'frarre I to Gear*. — Bitumen.
Bryant, Tvfcnty-tlj.ru to Twenty-fourth— Same. 1
Fifteenth avenue south. Railroad avenue to ;
Mm ii-* ruling curbing, c c.
Fifteenth avenue south, P south to Q south— ;
' Alpine, '1 rt»*enth to its northerly termination— i
To McHngh * Sheeriu, 'SO da - oa grading, sew- I
ering, etc.
Tenth avenue, I to J street— To Fred Letller, 60
days on grading, etc
Central avenue ami (lolden Gate avenue To City
Street Improvement Company ,60 ays on paving
Lower terrace, |",n o to Morp utlne place— lo J.
W. I'ierce, 9:| fiav-i "ii grading
Serpentine pl.ee. Lower terrace to Temple and
easterly — Same.
Polk. <-ree iwich to Lombard— To Warren it j
alley, 90 days on radio .-, etc.
The following new petitions came in during the
weeic lor action to be taken by the Street Com
Tenth avenue, X to I— X. Donnelly, to grade,
curb, etc.
San Jose avenue, Twenty-ninth to Thirtieth— ;
Property-owners*, for reduction of width of side- j
Baker— Property-owners, forexteniion of sewer
to deep wa.er.
Franklin. Kills to O'Farrell— Alex Bad lam, that
order lor paving c, be postponed
Kay and .Montgomery avenue— I'rop.r.y-own
ers, for Immediate paving.
i -*-* tree .Thirteenth to Fourteenth avenue — Sun
set District Imptovment Club, grading, macadam- i
izing, etc
I street. Fourteenth to Eighteenth avenue-
I Same.
j Stockton street, between California and Sacra
i mento— Julia A.. aid 1 to COLStract wooden side- \
Octavia. between Eddy and Ellis — P.obert J.
I obiu to pave i i front ol property.
In addition to the new petitions the following ;
. remain to be acted upon by the committee at the |
Sam*- time:
Sunset d s'rtct— Sunset District Improvement
Club, tor construction of main intersecting sewer. '
li sireet, T.veuty-second avenue to Grant tugO.- I
way— Adolph Sutro, for setting of moiti meats.
Lloyd str , >cott to i ivisadeto— Property- '
1 own-is to pave b** private contract.
< Eighth avenue, Ito J Street — nme to regrade.
D-Vla street, Washington t'.'U fee. southerly
£ State of James G. Fair to lay. plank sidewal .. "
Mnth avenue. 1 to J — Property-owners io re- I
grade by priva.e contract.
i.uerrero street, Dun an to -eighth— j
Same 10 pave.
Guerrero street, „imv to Twenty-seventh— i
Guerrero and Twenty-six — Same.
Army and Guerrero— bame.
Guerrero and Twenty-seventh— Same.
Belvedere. Waller to Frederick— Property-own
ers to retain curbs and lay others to cunform to
Fair Oaks. Twenty-- to Twenty-third —
Mm*- to lay sidewalk.
Filbert, Fillmore to Stsmer— Same.
5 lire nil am place— Key. \V. c. Pond to fix
Levisadern, Lombard to Greenwich—Property
owners to grade by private contract.
seventh and Berry— Fiinn <t i reacy for release
fiom contract to pave.
Lryant, Twenty-sixth to Army — Preclta Vaile*.*
Improvement C uh to not grant extension of time
on contracts to grade.
Army street, Mi. sion to Howard— F. K. lies*
thai tur permission to withdraw protest against
laying sldewa-jts.
Klgnteentn avenue south, llailroad to X street
south— John Put* .hater for graoing, sewering etc. |
Army, Mission to Alabama, also San Bruno i
avenue and I).* Iluro— Same that no action he {
taken on protest a.uinst laying sidewalk.
Shrader, Oak to Page— city-owners to re
tain curbing, etc.
Broadway, Devisadero to Broderick— Property
owners to construct sewer by private contract.
Poison. Ninth to Tenth— 1 roperty-owners for
bituminous paving.
J* olsom and Am th— Same.
Foisom ami Twelfth — baaie.
« lie.'.iiu. and Baker— Cclonel James M.Moore
i for betterment Of condition of sewer.
L* o i, Cnestnut to the lay— Same for grading
' and filling
fan Francisco street work — Retail Grocers' Pro
tective Union fori eariy inauguration of street
work under bond act oi 1893.
l-.iKhti-f ii. li — it. A. Dani Ix lor nutlet to sewer:
also nutlet* or intention to .**ue cliy and county of I
San Francisco tor damages ii same is not had be
for-' rims set in.
Jn lan avenue, Fourteenth to Flf cen:h street —
Dm. y ami S. B. Aieloue to be united I . petition
for removal of fence obstru<*. ions to width of slde
Leav.nwcr.h. I'nin to Oreen; also coin and
| Lcaveiiwiur.u— F. -barrio t for basalt paving.
Hiruianu. Market to Valencia —J. \» itt for!
j street Imp ovement.
I '-second and Rhode Island — Pat rick |
' Beiliy tor sta.em *nt of sewer ntiisa c«
Department «.f Highways— open public bottle- \
yard from t-an Mat<-o county line. null feet we-t of '
right of wav i if Soutnern Pacific I'a'.lroad, :o j
Ocean avenue, near Ingleslde Hoadhotise, *n i coir i
; necting w.th Balboa boulevard to Oolden Gate |
i Par*
-sunset district— Sunset Disirlu Improvement
j Club forelerirlc lights a*, various points
inivir terrace, l'luio to -terpentiii- plate— ire.l
Leffl-r tor extension of ninety days' time on con
struction of sewer, etc.
Serpentine' pare, Lower terrace to Temple—
I Same.
Devisadero and Pacific avenue— Property-own- I
: ers to pave by private contract. ;
Lynn, Bush to Pine—
Devi-adero. Pacific avenue to Broadway— Same.
Twenty-second, F'o sum to Treat avenue — Char
lotte Hah * for construction of sewer:
Kbode Island and Twenty-third— Property
era for establishing of intermediate grade in vicin
i*e Hum and Twenty-third— Same.
Bosworth and Berkshire — Sunnyside District
Improvement Club for laying asiaeasumtn next
tax levy to construct tunnel under Southern Pa
cific P.iiilroftd tra Us
Lombard street. .so 811 — E. Batgee, to repair
wooden xidewa.k
First street, .Natoma to a point 38 feet north
erly — Property-owner to lay wooden sidewalk
Twenty-eighth street. Guerrero to Dolores— Mrs-
F. H. Muller. that plank sidewalks be laid.
Filbert stieet. Fill more to Pierce— Margaret
Mcßrlde for .sin* -l lights.
Broadway. Battery to Front— Property. owners
airainsi sewer
Jessie, Thirteenth to Hermann— Same.
Seventeenth, Protrero avenue to Kansas— Same
against 1:1 icaaam i Qg.
The following protests remain for fi al action
be th- committee log tli<r with the new ones
which came In during the week :
X onda. 1 wen y- first to Twenty-second—Prop
er y-o*.vnei*s against further Improvements.
Laurel avenue. Van Ness to Franklin — Property
owers against paving, etc.
High ii avenue. Point Loboa to A — Property
owners against construction of brick sewer.
A, Fifth avenue to Eighth— Same.
Leavenworth, Green to Union— c-ame again-it
Florda, Twenty-third and Twenty-fourth— Ste
phen Marian! against reducing width of sidewalk.
Franklin and Filbert— Property-owners against
pay in.*, c c.
Lynn and Chestnut to Baker— Same against con
struction of sewer.
Twenty-firs*-. Harrison to Bryant—Property
owners against paving.
Asbbury. Haignt to Page, also Haight and*
Waller: and Clayton, Haigbt to alter— same.
O'Farrell. Broderick to St. Joseph's avenue—
Propt r.y-owners against paving and curbing.
San Jose avenue. Twenty-fifth to Twenty-sixth—
Mrs Maria C Bak<r; same.
I. yon. Chestnut and Devisadero — Same against
■Pacific avenue, Baker to Lyon— Same against
laying of sidewalks
York. Twenty-second to Twenty- Same
against paving. - :'■;•-.
Saussat avenue, Fillmore to Steiner— Same
against sewering
i wentieih, Foisom to Harrison— Same against
.Nine th. Folsom to Harrison— Same.
Twentieth, Howard to Folsom— -ame.
De Haru, Twenty-second to Twenty-third—
Property -owners against sewering.
Stockton »nd (, ' Farreli— Bituminous pavement
Divorce Suits Filed.
j Suits for divorce have been filed in the office
jof the County Clerk as follows: Theresa E.
i Valencia against Henry L Valencia for failure
jto provide. Col la Co*?an agein Andrew
1 Cogan for neglect and failure to provide.
Cor. Market, Powell and Eddy Sts., S. P.
-*"ew and Successful methods for Cur-
ing Disease.
-1 ticulariy adapted to the cure of chronic
diseases of every character, such as dis-
eases of the heart and nerves which pro-
duce persistent headaches, dizziness, loss
of memory, fluttering or palpitation of the
heart, difficult breathing and smothering
sensations. Diseases, of the stomach,
liver, bowels, kidneys and urinary organs
invariably yield to this new treatment.
1 All kinds of tumors and morbid growths,
external or internal, are quickly, perma
nently and painlessly removed without
the use of knife. Cancers of every form
and of the most malignant type are per-
manently destroyed and every trace of
this death-producing disease is eradicated
from the system by this new Electro-,
Medical cure. For all classes of nervous
diseases, and particularly in ailments of'
women, peculiar to her sex, the new
Electro-Medical Treatment is a certain
balm. For men who are paying the pen-
alty for excesses and too fast a life it is a
sure restorative and absolute cure. This
new Electro-Medical Treatment, as ad-
ministered by the doctors of the State
Electro-Medical Institute, imparts new
lite ir.to the whole body, it invigorates
the weak and dormant organs, all their
natural strength returns, the mind be-
comes bright and active, the muscles firm
and strong ; in fact, the whole body is
filled with n.-w life and vitality, bringing
to men and women the physical and. men-
tal health which it is necessary to possess
to be alive 10 all the pleasures and enjoy-
ments of life.
Consultation is free. Also, advice by
mail tree. Those living out of San Fran-
cisco may write for symptom blank.
CAL INSTITUTE, 3 Eddy street, S. F.
IFiiiifj Mai VeaetaMs Pill?
Are _ 1 knowledge.! by thousands of persons who
save us*d them lor over ion v years to cure
ITO.N, 'lorpid liver, Weak Stomach, Pimples and
purity the blood.
With this lemedy persons can cure themselve-j
without the least exposure, change of diet, or
Change in application to business, The medicine
contains nothing that Is of the least injury to (hs
constitution. Ask our tirugglst lor lb fries, 11
• botti-a-
NEW TO-DAY— DRY G-'O*"'^ ;■*■''■•
!*'<SK'' of Black Ei
When the hour of 10 comes around jjj|*|
to-morrow (Wednesday) morning we gif;l
will hold another of our silk sales. S|i
■y\A A lot of exceptionally handsome ||1
Q,g[ brocaded silks, worth $1.00, $1.25 and sSa
R| $i.^o per yard, will be sold for WM
if 75 Cents per Yard, \\n
gys| If an inspection does not convince you 'V^
f*rli| that every yard is worth $1.00 and more we
jap advise you not to buy a single yard. On Wsv
i>%'A sale at 10 a. .M. — not a minute before. Goods ji-W
V 1 now shown in windows. Wim
1 'JC^^^^femm.' II
flu /^co**o*^*f-«> _, —^-"'"•*u_..- t .*< ffff .-a-j« y *£ilr*p
fl 125-127-129-131 KEARNY STREET. A*?
___^ 1004 Market St.,
~$ Sear Powell.
Telephone, Sou.tla 4SO,
l_ll\ AT youthful color and heauty by DR.
'*>***'**-* ** HAYS' HAIR HEALTH. Re-
moves dandruff and xcalp disease. Don. stain
. skin. Cot era BALD spits. Absolutely harmless.
* I.argp l>ottli*s IV) cents, at rtrui-gists. Retail agents,
I NO rKRIII'NT.U'K l* HARM H V ■!,>! Murker st.
Wholesale-MACK A- CO.! I.A' ..FY A MICH
A ELS; ( ul- i-'I.V 111-.DINdTiiN .. CO.
SR * rap ■ 1 n f_A marveions enro ror
la J "lii I «f*3.n be el yen secretly at
Bill •___» II U 1, ", "'- lt,s harmless.
__ ■ _ ■ ■ v■■ ** A l l drnggists. or write
Henovn Chemical Co., »>'• Broad*»*av NewVorl.
J ' _ . . ;
Tiburon Ferry— of MarkotSl,
ban. Francisco to San Rafael.
WEKK DAYS— 7:3O. 9:00, 11:00 a.m.*. H'.-IV
8:80, 6:10. 6:30 P. M. Thursdavs-Krtra trla
at 11 :30 p. m. si»t or J ays— Kxtra trips at 1:55
and 11:30 p. __
BtNIiAVS-^O, 9:30, 11:00 __ __; I:3ft 3:31,
fc:00, S:*.op. M.
*>«» KafrtHl *o •son FrnncUen.
WKKK DAYS-6:10. 7:50. 9:* JO, 11:10 A. «.*
12:45, 3:40, 5:10 p. if. Saturdays— Extra trini
at 1 -M P. K. and 0:11. p. .*_.
BDNDAY8— 8:lll, 6:40, 11:10 a. a.: 1:40,3:41
5:00, 6:25 P. M. •
Between San Fran. and Schnetsen Parle same
scliedulu as above.
'-'*•»'•'' lneff«« Arrlvo '
Fan l-rsnciscOL : °™_3 Pan run -ist-a.
Wr.KK ] BtIN- j j,., 1 .?,?^* |n _ ■ Sin- I W_C_*V
Days. | lays. j" " nation. pays. | Days.
7:30 am:8:00 AMI Novato, 10:10 AMI 8:411 am
3:30 Pm|&:3o am I'etaluma, 0:10 pm 10:25 am
6:10 vm j 5:00 PMj. Santa Rosa. 7:35 pm ti:'2'2 PK
I Fulton,
7:30 am 1 Windsor, . 10*.'J&a_i
[ i.ytton,
S:SO pm ! 8:00 am I Cloverdale. 7:38 pm 6:22 pm
7:30 aml 1 Copland "* iTo:'2SAM
3:30 pm| 8:00 am! Ckiah. | 7:35tm 0:29 pu
7 .30 a - j ~ 10:25 am
■ 8:00 am; Guernevllle. 7:35 pm
S :30 pm j I I 6:22 ra
7:30 am j 6:00 AM | Sonoma 10:40 am 8:40 as
* and
6:10 I'M 5:00 pm Glen Ellen. 6:10 pm 6:22
7:30 AMiStOO am " _,__,, 0r ,0l T"*o**~ iO:3*»AM
3:3oi*m|5 OOpml &et> *" I , °' | 7:36 pw | 6:*_2pm
Stnse- connect at Santa l:*isa for Mark Wes:
Springs: at Geyservllle for Skates Springs: at
Cloverdale for the Geysers; at tio,land for Hish-
'and Springs, Kelseyville. Soda Hay. i_akeport
and Ban 1 eti, Springs : a*. Ukiah for Vichy SDrings,
Haratoga springs, Blu*. Lakes, Laurel Dell Lake,
Upper Lake. rorao, Potter Valley. Jonn Day's,
KiVf*rs:de, Lierley's, Bucknell's, Sanhedrin
I Heights. Hullviiie, Booneville Orr's Hot Springs,
; llendooino City, lor: Bragg, Westport, Usal.
Saturday to Monday round-trip tickets at reduce!
i rates.
On Sundays rotind-t.rlo tickets to all points b->
! rond ban Rafael at half rates.
Ticket Offices. 650 Market st.. Chronicle hntlillnt
Pres. and Pen. Manager. Gsn. Pass. Agent.
r"P.OM SKI* r.lO, 1897, trains will run at follows:
. Southbonnd. Northbound^
l'assen- I Mixed Mixed j Passen-
- *g--r . Sunday Stations. Sunday ger
Daily. j K.cpt'd, Exc'pt'd Daily.
7:20 am 9:00 a« Btocktou ' 3:4. pm 5:40 pm
9:1 am 12:50 PM ..Merced. 12:50 mi 3: 3pm
10:40 am 3:50 ..Fresna 9:30 a** _:20pm
11:10 AMi 5:20 pm. Hanford I 7:45 am! 1: 5 pm
l.:15 pm] 6:45 PM 1 ..Visalia. * 6:40 am 12:41) pm
Stopping a: intermediate points when required,
Connections— At Stockton with steamboats of
C. X. <!£ I. Co., leaving San Francisco and 3. ton
at fi p.m. daily: at Merced with stages ._ and from
bn.-i.lng3, Louiteryille, V osemlte, etc.; a o *.. I.i
etkti" 1 0.1 Hor itos. Mariposa, cc.; at Lanier-
shlin with s-iiKi* to and iroui .Madera,
(Via Sausalito Ferry".
From San Francisco, Commenci-U Sept. 19, 1897.
lor Mill Valley and >vii Kiifael— *7 :2s, *9:30
11:30 a. m.. *1:45. 3:15, *5:15. 6:00,6:30 P M.
Extra trips for S,*n Kafael on Mondays, A eduos-
dtiys and Saturdays a: 11:30 p. m.
For Mill Valley and San Rafael— •B*oo -10:00,
*11:30 a. M.i It is, 8:00, '4:30, 6*.i5 P. m.
Trains -narked * run to San Quentin.
7:.5 a. m weekdays for Cazadero and way sta-
lions: 1:45 p. M. Saturdays (mixed Irate) for
i'UQcan .Mills and way stations: 8:00 a. M. Sun-
days for To.nl Reyes and way stations.
(PAI 1 11. sx.*. ; KM. >
Trnlua Iran' ninl nil' ilui* lo iiitlk* .--.(
SAM I'lttM IS« «».
(Main Line, Foot of Market Street.) **
LEAVE — FltOil S-rTEMCEK ... IS*,. — ARE IV a
***C:OOa Niles, San Jose an.'. \\'hv Stations. .. * , :4"iA
7:00 a H..*nicia. Suisun and Sacramento. ... 10: 1."» a
7:00.t MarysTille, OroviUeand Redding via
Woodland 5:l."»p
7:00 a Vacavillo and Rumsey J*:l3p
7:UOa Martiuez, San Kan-on, Vallejo, Napa,
Caiis* .-.. and Santa Rosa «:l.»p
8:«0a Atlantic Express, Ogden and 1.n.-t.. S:l.*»p
»:lU»a -Nil. Sun .lose, Stockton, loin,
Sacramento, -larysrille, Cine...
Tehama awl 1;.. I lilutt «-•-*"•
*9iMa Feters, Milton and Oakdale *7:13p
1»:OI»a New Orleans Kx|ir« *„ \l. : :ed.l resno.
llakcrsliclii, SanUl llarliara, 1...
Angeles, Deming, El Paso, New
Orleans and Bast <>:l"lp
0:OOa Valltj ■>. Martinez, Mi reed and
Fresno I2:l."»p
•l:OOp Sacramento Utrer Steamers •SliOMp
l:SOp Martinez and Way Stations 7: 1.1
lS:O0i* LiiTermore, Mendota, Hanford and
Visalia 1:1 op
4:001* Martinez. Ban Ramon,: * Vallejo,
Napa, Calistoga, I.t Verano and
Santa Itosn 1 .1 a
«:00p Benicia Winters, Woodland,
Knights Landing, Marjsville, <n.*-
Tille ami Sacraiueuto IO:.IVa
4:30p Niles, Tracy and Stockton 7:13p
4:3opLaturoji, Modesto, .Merced, Ray-
mond (for Yosemite), Fresno,
Mojave (for Rar.dshurg), Santa
t Rarbara and Los Angeles 7:l*>a
4:llOp Santa 1 .■ Itoute, Atlantic Express
for Mojave and ll.ist «:l.*>p
OiOOi* European Mail, Ogden and Cast.... !):-_3a
«:ooi* llaywanls, N ilea ami Ban Jose 7:».**» .
I J»»:Ol» i* Vallejo 1 7: I.T.
»:OOi* Oregon press, Sacramento, Marys-
riUe, UeddiiiK, Portland, I'uget
, Sound and Must 7:4-lA
| (Foot of Market Street.)
, *j*6:ooa "1 r^":'**-^
8»0»A Melrose, Seminary Park, I f.i-.ir,,.
»:«»A i .... .. .ii . 10:45 a
lO.ooa I Pit-Plilmrir. llmliurst. j ii : j5 A
<II:OOa| San Le.iinlro. Sunt San I*sl3p
•'...11".' i LMndro. Kstndillo, {Jjg*
t3:OOp i* Lorenzo, Cherry ■( "rJ:l.".p
l:OOi- , (3:45 p
3rt>«p al|lj 6:1 -i*
SiSOp I Hnvvaids. 7:lii-
-7:«Op ; s-.l'ip
»:00p : i R,,,,., through to Niles. !»: lit*
»:oot* 1 * prom S«e^ !S :50p
flit-.iripj oiauiop
COAST l»l\T>lO.\ (Marron liau«e;.
(Foot of Market Street.)
•lifts Newark, Centerville.Sttii Jose. Fl
lloulder! Santa (in/, and Way
Stat i. in.*, Si5OP
•»tl3p Newark. Centerville, Sau Jose, New
Almaden, H'eiti.n, Honlder Creek, *
Sauta Cruz and Principal Way
Stations ■IO:S«a
4:1.1 1* Newark, Sun Jose and Los Oatos ... 0:20.\
11 1: 1.*) Hunters' Excursion. San Jose ami
Way SUtions.. .' '.. :":aop
from SIN FRINCISC0 — Fcot of Mar.--! Street (Slip 8)—
•7:16 9:08 I1:00a.m. J1:00 *2:.. t3:C9
•4:00 '5:00 *6::oi'.M.
fromOlKUND— Foot of Broadway.— "6:oo 8:00 10.00...M.
tX2:OO *1:00 12:00 ; 3:03 11:00 'ftftOrji.
COAM i»n isimn (Itrcad (Jauge).
(Third and Townsend Sta.)
675.1 a San Jose and Wny Statious (New
Almaden Wednesdays only) 6:*s>sa
»:Ooa Sm. Jose. l'r*_s riiios, Kanta Cruz, '
Pacilic Crove. Paso Rubles, S.m
Luis IM>isiK>, Ouadalupe, Surf and
Principal Way Stations 4:1.1p
I (1:40 a Sau. l ok- hi,. l Way Stations •S:OOa
11:. a San Jose anl Way Stations fc:_t.y*.
•a-.'ttor San Mateo, Redwood, Menlo Park,
Santa Clara, San Jose, <*>.r.
Hoilister, Santa Crux, Salinas,
Monterey and Pacilic drove "10:10 a
•Sill Up SanJoseand Principal Way Stations *>9:(»(»a
*_:15i- SanJoseand Principal Way .Statious .!»:!<*» 1
*.1:»Op San Jose and Principal Way Stations l:80p
9t**e Ban Jose ami Principal Way Stations s:3(>p
«::n»i* San Jose ami Way Stations _ 7:'»»p
1 1 1 : 1 *> i* San .lis, bih! Way Stations.:-. •**■*' 7:."0p
AforMoniiug. I* for Afternoon.
1 Sundays excepted. J Sundays only, t Saturdays ouly
ft Monday, Thursday and Saturday nights only.
|B§|BQR^! practically
ma^m^M' railway.
1 . . ■ » *
1 rains leave from and arrive at Market st- terry.
••an iriiicisco Ticket <>tti* .11 Mm-
ket. atrp«t< Chronicle lJuit«li*i*s. 'I»>tf-
phone II win 1531. Oakland, 1118 Broadway.
the .Best Ituttvtar — an Francisco lo < bit-ago
LoTTk AT in *. TI.IIK -. "~
Leave Dally I 10 Example
San Francisco.. •'.::'() pM|_Mo'»rtay
s.i r > men to . . . 6:_o m Monday j —
>ai J st- it) 1 PMJMonda/ I fa
Presuo ......... I* : i."> am Tuesday . 53 3
Paruoiv .. 4:.*»5 pm ji nesder I "' _*. . c.'-: _
Ash Pork 7:40 am W'-di.esdari X <.
Albuquerque.... 10:. 5 m |Weilnesaay i .. _. ]___
Lbs Ve*iin 4:1*1 in Thjrsiay j Ci O -
Denver 5: *0 pm JTunrsdsy * ts
>e»vtoi 1 *. :S"- am j l-rida-.- I —
Kansas City . 7: 6am Friday ' , O
Chicago 0:30 PH I Friday I ».B
.New ral.s. IK 1 * t.e-i, ii*-**.* ballast, new biidsi-s.
No dust. 1 lie shortest cros-.Hi>: "f the d, ser. an 1
a count y thai in ere <is b,* Its va I'd and bt-airi-
Jul nery. Ihe hlzhe«t tin 1 ." of pasen^pr- q .l\>
ment and meals at Harvey's *.- on..
(Via *-*a,i-;il;t 1 I etry).
Le»V3 Shu Francisco niiiuieiicing Sept.
iy, 1897:
WKKK DAYS— 9:110 a. M. Arrive -*. F. 4:55 p.m.
hI'XDAYS— 8:00. 10:00. 11:30 A m.; 1:15 p. m.
Special trips *an ne arran-_»-d for oj apuljrm-s 0
THu\ COOK & &ON. 621 Market St.. San Frau-
cisco, or lei-.'i-'j.iiuri Tavern of laui-liiu_.

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