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The HeDSchels Were Nearly
Overcome by Their
Manager Fine Brakes a Record
as Well as a Large
Nothing "Uncertain About a Really
Good Thing That Has
Oakland Office Pax Fraxcisco Call,
yiS Broadway, Nov. 16". )
Oakland 13 not a "jay" town. It is not
primitive or indifferent to a good tiling
v hen it fees it.
1: is a select 'city, without a doubt, and
, it is cr lical, nut it is not quasi-metropoli
i :n:i or * jay." When meritorious things
Av"£ ; resented it can appreciate, and wi 1
willingly put out its dollars for them. I
is true that when peregrinating aggreca
tions or soloists come along with a bor
rowed or an assumed reputation Oakland
stays at home, and the performers might
as we.l do wise.
All this is suggested Dy the visit of the
Hensc el* a few nights ago. Th"
Henschels are of course a "good show."
They can command a pood price, and they
deserve it. When the ma ter of vi»itinir
Oakland was bru^ched to them they were
inclined to frown on a percentage induce
ment. They were Drolably thinking of
how much less than expenses has been the
"percentage" lately of some well-known
basaball teams.
"Oakland is such an uncertain town,
you know," they said to Manager Will
Fine, ho was trying to secure the attrac
ti''ii. Fine could no' deny it, bt'.t lie al«o
knew from experience that ii was also a
'•certain" town in some directions, so the
matter hung fire. Fine thought of the
: ood things that had been toOtkiar.d and
of how they had been patronized and he
thought of the bad things that had been
offered over h r- nt d how they had been
ignored. He thought of the two celebrated
Mine. Trebelh concerts, when the F.r-
Congregational Church wa» so full that
the anterooms were cro<*d>l and ttir
madam's beer bottles were discovered.
And the result of all ih s t anting was to
proDo*e a guarantee instead of a contin
gen fee.
Ah! that was business. So a certain
sum was oaid for the Hetuchei attraction
an . the eventful night arrived. The
advance sale was good, but here are all
kinds of rival musicians ami musical
"savages" an<i professional cii ics in thi
cit3% and Fine was not very muc
A-i hour before the door* opened the
crowd b-fsan to assemble and i r 'lid not
stop assembling until the church was
a;ked. It wa« lrebe.li over again —
thout the b>-er bott.es.
Wnen the Hen-cijels appeared they
ifced as i they wouid like to faint. They
gnzed at about twelve hundred faces. And
this was O-kland. "the town that is so
uncertain, you know."
It was a g;ea - concert; there was a lot
of appiau-r. The Henschpls env* one of
1 heir best show* and everybody was satis
Will Fine was more than satisfied. He
paid the 11 -i ran tee with the greatest pleas
ure and holds the record fur having mad-»
more than his principals as *\el. a- m > r e
than has ever b-'en made at one event by
cn 1 . 1 Iccal manager.
Oakland is not a jay town— at least Wil:
Fine says it -a not.
A Laundry Farm Car Is the
Cause of Terror and
The lone Passenger on. the Eoof
Had to Do Monkey's
Oakland Office San Francisco Call.)
!K»8 Broadway, .Not. 16. f
A cnron the Laundry Farm road jumped
the tracK this afternoon and ran nearly
100 feet before it was checKe !. The car
rwas a large double-decker, and after leav
ing the rails it rocked heavily from side l"
side and the passengers prepared to land
on top in case it should turn over.
In the car were Airs. Russell of. the
Ch ldren's Home and her little daughter,
and they were thankful they escaped
alive. As they looked back, after getting
out of the car. they saw that they had
only b?en saved by two feet.
•'Had tne car leit he track two feet he
fore it did," said Mrs. Russel, ''we should
have been dashed down a trestle. Jus;
behind where the wheels jumped the
rail?* there is a little bridge across the
road, and hail we eon* off there we should
certainly have been killed. As the oar
ran along the road it rolled over to one
side, and wo were rrer-aring to adjust
ourse yes so that we should be on our
feet wnen the car la!.<le»l on its side. Sud
denly it wobbled the other way, and so it
went till it stopped."
Tragic as the accident might hiv* been
tl»«!re wa* a humorous side to it. It was a
iiotib:e-iienk car and on top of it was a
solitary gentleman who wore a silk tile.
He was well advanced in years and he
seemed to have a great regar .1 for his tile.
His actions showed tiiat he cared about
equally for his hat «rd hi* life. He ha 1
one hand for each. When the car jumped
1 ff the track the solitary passenger on the
roof jumped >fT hi-> seal. When the car
heeled over to port the passenger clam
bered with one hanu over to starboard
and with the other he held on to hi* hat.
As the car reversed so did the man, and
for what seeme 1 a long time the passen
ger did the monkey act 10 perfection.
A double-deck car has what sai.ors call
too much top hamper. I does not cut
anr figure when running before the win I,
or on the rah, but when running with
wind abeam, or with the wheels plunging
into a bo 16 one si le and then into a
/ deeper hole on the oth?r, it is very un
i I'leasant The passenger on tbo roof was
m v»ry giad vien the car siupt.ei in » posi-
X lon not far from upright. He walked the
•>* st of the way.
There wa« no obstruction, for when the
next car cam- along the s^ysail yarder
hud none so Jar in the ofing it was almost
out of sight.
Four hundrei babirs are born daily in
The Soft Glow of the Tea Rose
is acquired by ladies who use Pozxoni's
Complexion Powdkr. Try it.
Some Site Near the Lake
Is Likely to Meet
With Favor.
The Adams Estate Promises to
Return a Share of the
The Committee Will Meet To-night
to further Consider the
Oakland Office San Francisco Call, I
908 Broadway, Nov. 16L |
The feeling i-, now general mat this cay
should acquire one of tne tracts offet-d
for a public park. The renort of the ad
visory committee on parks has been
issued, and i should be carefu lv read.
It sets forth very clearly the fact that
there is n healthy desire for a large public
i ark, provided it be locaied in a popula:
locality, be easy of access and possess the
necessary leaiures to admit, oi its being
train ved in the same manner as Golden
U.ite Park. Thß report says:
In balancing up these advantages and dis
advantages of th.- vanois parcels to be con
sidered, we recognize the d fficulues you will
nave to contend «vttn, and While public sent.
ment strongly favors the acquirement ot a
part at nils nme we can haruly expect t>«t
everybidv will be entirely pleased ni>d fully
»-. i-tied with your ultima conclusion?. But
we hope to be able to accord you a eoud dea
i f assistance in placing the matter before the
people in a favorable ii.'ht.
We have given comidera^ion to seven differ
ent properties w::ich nave been presented in
writing, to wit: the Smson tiact. lled>iu
tract. Blair trHcr, Dlmoud property. Rock
R;dge tract, and the Satner tract and Adams
prop rty; also to the propo . made by the
Realty Syndicate offering donations to sup
plement any oi the tiles where they own ad
j joining lands
'1 he:e is no doubt that any prorositio i look
ing to the our. hase 01 a large tract of l-ind for
a pirk bbould include some consideration tor
Late Merritt. Tui» p'cturesqu? body of water I
with a broad bou evard partly co structed I
sho.ild certainly nave som ■ connection with j
any park that may be purchased Ii is no ! I
necessary that Ii c "park -ctual.y jo n the bou- I
levard, but provision snould be made so that
a broad driveway will connect the parK and
The control of the northerly shorn of the
■ ake in m- way hy the city would seem v.ry
desirable. 1 1 ha- been p aimed to acc»mp. ish
his by the construct. on of a boulevard
around the entire border of the lake, mid a
substantial commencement has been mad.' on
.he > astern sliore, wnieh, Ii Is eipecied, wi 1 \
-oon be ex ended around the h«»d if the j
lake. The acquirement of a portion of the i
Adams Tract might lead to a change oi this
Ulan (■nil result In locating the northerly
bou evjr 1 some distance back from tne north
erly shore of the iake. It is the opinion of our
co:nmittee that it wou.d be couce led by all
ih t it is desirable to have a. new pai k located
adjacent «o the laKe and bou.ev.*rd.
1 i addition to the above and since the re
ceipt of t ne first proposition we have received
a supplemental proposti. lrom the owners of
he Ad«ms estate offering a donation Of
$50,000 for immediate improvement of this
site in case it i* selected.
There wi. l be another meeting to-mor
row nißiii of those interested in ditks,
and everything possible will be done to
brine the matter to a head before interest
Kealty Syndicate Purcli:i«rs tlia Pied-
Mont and Mountain View Katlway
OAKLAND. Nov. lG— All but three of
he stn-et railroads of tfaii city are the
property of the Realty Syndicate. The
:ast one to come under the consolidated
system wlis the Piedmont line, v. Inch was
iurned over to-day. T;;p Haywards road
and the San Pablo a id Telegraph avenue
l.nes are the only independent lines in
the c ty.
This gives the syndicate a line to every
party of the city and the suburban points
tinder one management. The appreeote
ength of all of these lines is tit v-sii
tni.es. There are fewer larger comhintt
10ns in the country than thi- one, which
iias crown (jii:eily, but so quickly >hat it
has surprises every one that has watched
The consolidation will reduce the run
iiin? expenr-es in fuel and m^naxenient,
X Tin l. hat much more for the 01 erasing
depar.ment. As soon as possible the time
of running the cars will be changed, and
more frequptit trips will be made. But
this will nut b> done at once.
Debret Must Pay a Fine.
OAKLAND, Nov. 16.— Louis Debret
was hned $100 to-day in Die Pulice Court
for -ell ins 1 quor without a licence. The
Drel minary examination of Debret for
perjury in his defense in the case w a
partially heard. A motion tonisrn:ss the
case on the grounds of an immaterial
point was dismissed and the caie con
tinued until Thursday for the defence to
procure neefssary witnesses.
OAKLAND, Nov. 16. — Captain Lefevre was buried to-day and his funeral was
a<teude>< by a bos of old friends. Some years ago the Captain was awe I-known
politician and lawyer. He was popular, and, till nearly the time of bis iieaih, he
was one of the most familiar h'nures on Broadway. His lone flowing beard was
the basis for many a little joke. During the last few years, when bis mind was
•oniewhat cloudei, the Captain was well treated by his friend 6 , und at Mountain
View to-d»y they gathered in force to pay tlie last tribute-
The Water Company Is
Blamed for Berkeley's
Sore Plight.
Municip al Ownership Is Urged
by the City Official
Grave Apprehension Being Felt for
the Health of the Collega
BERKELEY, Nov. 16— The Alameda
Water Company, which is charge: with
respon ib.lity for the water ftmine rapidly
spreading over Berkeley, is being severely
stored by the press and people of the town,
and a strong sent'.ment Is being stirred up
by the exigencies of the occasion in favor
of Berkeley owing its own waer-wortcs.
The mains of the Alameda Water Cora
p my anii the Contra Cj*ia Company come
close together i:i South B^rk'ley, and i is
b-iieved that the AlameJa Comp.uiy
could be connected with the Contra Costa
Company's ji;e-s and a p.'entifui supply
obtained. The Aiam<*da company ha><
thus far refused to buy water of t tie oppj
itior. company, and thus give a rival a
footing within its territory.
Even if the mains of the two companies
wer- connected, however, a large portion
ol Berkeley con d not be supplied as it is
above the level of the reservoir from
•vhich the Centra Costa water comes'
Probably all of East Berkeley north of
Dvright way would |have no water, exceps
by punuiinc. Ii is estimated, l, o.vever. that
a i umpinc. station could be erected at a
cost of about $1500. which would iorce the
water to any part of tie town.
Both of Berkeley's daily papers join in
condemning the art on o the Alameda
Water Company. The Gazette, the pio
neer new.-paper of the town, charge* the
company with conspiracy in the following
■•(Jitoriai :
So for as known, however, nothing has been
done, me maiiaaem nt b i:i(t content in sit
supinely by while a disastrous water famine
which may re«u!t in an awful epidemic
steadily approached. Not only tint, but t;ie
charge ha* been openly made that the com
pany entered into an agreement with the
Contra Costa people by which neither concern
can invade the territory of the other.
If this b.- true, and there is every reason to
believe it is, the Alameda Wa er Company
has de ii<eratfl • arraned to have the people
of Berk ley d p-ived of water rather than
take th- ctaanc > of a competitor establishing
itself here. This is neither more ior less
than a conspiracy and should be investigated
at once.
The World, the city official paper, edi
torially urges municipal ownership of
water works in the following emphatic
.aiipuagt 1 :
The interests involved and the danger*
threatening arj entire. y too great to permit
ot daWying win any company. The prospect
of the entire exhaustion of thu supply o:
water at the end of te ■ . days, or even thirty
day*, when th re Will b-- abso.uttly no water
for di'iu stic us- or to ore in c«'eol fire, is
simply appalling, and if there is any possibil
ity ot set- tine water from an Oakland com
pany it should be done with the least possible
delay. *\
And now is a pood time to repeat the sug
gestion that trie citizens of Berk i be asked
10 vole on the question of issuing bonds for
the purpose 01 securing water w.irJu to lie
owned by the own. It serins to us that if
there were citizens heretofore who were op
posed to the issuing of bonds lor that purpose
they must now be thoroughly converted and
will vote for such bonds with all their hearts.
The present, situation ells for the most
prompt and energetic action. D.-lay will not
only cause suff i ing and loss to nearly all the
families in town, but may cause the canceling
of every policy of tire insurance.
Heath Officer Uowell declares that the
lack of waier to flush Hie sewer.-* ana
?'.;Ker connections in 'he- water. ess dis
tricts may j.r"«etu a difficult prob'era for
the health authorities.
"This whole difficulty," he declared,
; "empha-iz-s the necessity of either getting
in a competing company or Ciimpeiiint;
■ tie Aamnlac mpany to furnish an a<ie
; q.iate su; pl\r. It is useless for our denart-
I ment to compel people to put in sewers
I *v run there is no water to keep them
i flushed."
Berkeley Students Who Wanted Pro-
feftsor Uonioii to Lcctiirc
on That Day.
BERKELEY, Nov. IG.— The college
Christian associations would havo had
more than Sunday opening of
the library to complain of if the plan of
cne of Professor Howison's philosophy
classes hnd succeeded. The members ol
the class wanted the professor io lecture
on philosophy on Sunday auernoons and
were about to make their request, when
the matier was dropped, possibly on ac
<ount of the action of the Christian hsso
ci.«;ions in regard to the library incident.
The idea of philosophical instruction on
the Sabbath is not. however, a new one ai
the university. L:styenr many of Pro
fessor Howison's student-; were in the
habit of meeting on Sunday evenines at
theprofts or's tiottse and receiving in
formally philosophical instruction. At
first only theological t«p:cs were taken
up. but RradnLiLy tne Sunday ev«nii g
discu. s on came to deal with all sor;s of
philosophies! questions.
The students who attended these meet
ings declare that they wer exceedingly
interesting and far more insruc ive tlian
WorjE in the classroom could possibly be.
Berkeley Note*.
BERKELEY.. Nov. 16— Professor Thomas
R. Buc<» .1 lm- Bnnounce'i that fie subject of
Hie Caruot tlebate, which tnk.-s place next
February, w'H be chosen Jrom a book recently
written by IJann Pierre Conbttrt a. who an
nually gives the Carnot medal, on "The Evo
lution of France Under the Third Republic."
Regent J. West Martin has suggested that
iron Bhntt -rs be Traced on the east side of the
university library to prevent the Dossibi.iiy
of tire ever -preailiiie from the new ciassnoiu
build. ng to the library.
The following men will enter the prelim
inaries 01 me Hastings Student Congress de
bate: Thorn s, Mamiun, Kilkenny, GoodOfilJ,
Lsirgett, Bofturd, Chrisie:i>fn, Sweet. iayle.
ats for the Tiiank«givin-; dn- inotbnll
game will no' be pl'.c 'd on nle at h : univer
sity until ntxtTh^rfday n.teniuun m 1 o'cick.
Five Reliance Club ;ootbail players, Sher
mmi. Ol v^r. Smith, I arier arid Arlett, lell tc
■lay fir Del Monte to give the Berkeley p. avers
tuiee or four daj'a |r*ct!c-.'.
The contract to lav out tlio Berkeley Station
Pnrk has been let to George Hausen, the land
scape arii^
The Berkeley • High School athletes have
definitely decided t i withdr w from t"he Acad
emic At. 1-iic League, unless tne l"nguo re
scinds is recant action awarding field day
to the () kimid Hif.h tch. 01.
The Bencon Fire Company gave a successful
entertainment and bail mis evening at We 3 t
Rousina: Reception by Three
Oakland G. A. R.
Mare Island Navp Yard Comes in
for a Hard Drubbing— Music
and Eefreshments.
OAKLAND. N.»v. 16 —The thro? Gran I
Army posts of thia ct:y joined together to
night in a reception io D^psir: ment . Coni
manler N. P. Ctnpma-i ol Red Bluff. Tin
drum cirps and a hundred or more veter
ans met their commander and escorted
h ni to Loring Hal , where the festivities
were lied.
Commander E. W. Woodward of .Lyon
Post extended to the visiior-the prreetinc*
ol the "boys" and introduced him. He
responded wi h an interesunbr speech on
the "Comriid -ship of the Gr.ind Army o
the Kv public," duritiß which he went into
the early history of its organization,
coming oown lo tne present day.
He i la:med that wit h the present mem
! berabip, if uni ed, they could dirert \h<
dentini s of the American republic, and
: bat it was their duiy to-d»y to be line t>.
their truti. He deciared that a _reu<
\ monarchy of wealth w»a threateninß this
con itry and they shoutd stand loi the
I righ':s of all.
He then discn sed the question of immi
»ration, and declared Hint th.s was; a
question to which they owed their patrio -
ism and '.heir best endeavors to settle
I ruperly. These tb ngs, he claimed,
bound >tie old soldiers with ties unknown
in any o i>er circ.es.
M iyor W. R Thomas was then intro
duce.!. He tp ice of the large number oi
sula.ers iiresent.
Congressman JJil born wag greeted wit;
applause and expressed regrets that so
many appeals fur positions by the old sol-
Uiers must be met wii-O the dame re
The Congressman, ho said, nnder the
lav.', had absolutely nothing in Hie way of
situations for them, lie then aye an
accoim; of his work procuring pensions,
saying it pave him the greatest pleasure
of anything lin di i.
Light refreshments and a sociable time
filled the remainder of the even nc.
For tit a Week's E itertainuient.
OAKLAND, Nov. "Lost. Stray?i!
or Sto.en, 1 ' will be the attraction at the
Macdotiou^h Tu<»aier Friday an.l Saturday
evening*. It is a comic opera and will
Slave a good house.
"The Chimes of Normandy" is the at
traction at the Oak. and ibis \v?ek. Miss
May Gooch and Miss Helen Merr.ll are
taking leading arts.
The Lyceum Theater Company will ap
pear at the Chapman Opera-home Thurs
day evening for chanty. The entire pro
ceeds goes toward me Oakland Junior
brass ban i fund.
Thursday evening the Philharmonic
Orcties ra. with 500 voices as a chorus,
holds forth at the Macdouough. This is
the 'I*7 conven.ioii chorus-singers from
this county.
All Machines Are Illegal.
OAKLAND, Nov. Its. — In compliance
with tie writ. en request of Tux Collector
Gilpin for a written opinion on lie sub
ject of nickel-in-ilie-sloi machines, City
Attorney .Dowe to-day made his answer.
He decides that whenever the element ol
chance enters into t. c result the ma
chine N in violat.on of the Penal Code.
This decision wilt bar the Tax Collector
from accepting any license money from
their owners and bring them into court
if they continue.
lt<xm>iing Identified a* K. 11. Guldner.
OAKLAND, Nov. IC— unknown
man whose dentn was chronicled thin
morning was identified to-day as Erne-t
H. Guldner. He leaves a widow and four
children. His son called at the Morgue
this morning and said his father left
home last night at 5:30 o'cock to go to
Eimln:rst. lie does not know how ho
c» me to board a local train. He says his
lather never drunk to excess.
Gold Medal for Matt Uronner.
OAKLAND, Nov. 16.— Matt Bronner
wus presented, with a trol I meaal to-ni^hi
at St. Francis de Sales Hill. It was the
award as the most popular member of his
company of the League of the Cross
Cadet*. The members of his company ar
ranged for a sociai affair with an excellent
programme of niusic and recitations, dur
ing -winch the presentation was made. At
ihe close. Company N gave a lancy.drill.
Davis' Written Opinion.
OAKLAND, Nov. 16— Hon. W. K.
Davis, senior members of the firm of a,t
lorneys representing the Cli f ol Oakland
in ihe water fion't ca-es, has ma c public
a statement in wh en he reaffirms the an
nouncement ma ;e exclusively in 'Ihe
Call of November 9 mat the city would
take the case to the Supreme Court on a
writ ot error. He deals at length with
the le al points involved.
Cadet* on Exhlb'tlon.
OAKLAND, Nor. 16. — Company M,
League of the Cross Cadet*, gave an ex
cellent exhibition to-mgii!, the chief feat
ure of wnicb was the presentation of a
gold medal to Mat Bronner, who won the
recent contest at St. Francis de Sa cs fur.
1 he affair w. s under the management of
Cipvatn J.J. Powers ana Lieutenant Den
nis Hanrahan. . • • >
Knowles' Ball Raised.
OAKLAND. Nov.". Id — Deputy Sheriff
Al White arrived tonight from El Pa-o,
Tex., with W. A. Knowles In custody,
who is under indictment for forgery. On
motion of District Aitomry Snook Ju ge
Oeden io-'i;iy raised Knowles' bail from
53C00 to $5000, and ordered the clerK to no
tify the sheriff of hi- action.
Died of Pneumonia.
OAKLAND, Nov. 15.— An inquest was
be.d this uf;ernoi>n mio ihe cau^e of the
death of Norman Mn ih, who was ill les>
than two liouri yesieiday. In uccordunie
wi h the me.mal (•siimooy .1 wa* touna
thai death was caused by pneumonia.
Sales Increasing and In
quiry Taking on a
Broader Scope.
A. Few Lare;e Sales Reported,
but Prices Eemain as
Low as Ever.
Hopkins' and Henderson's Purchases.
Record Review, Auctions,
Sales and Notes.
The moith of November has now half
exy>ired, and the prophecy made in tbese
columns that it would witness an increase
in the demand for real estate has been
proved by time. Already the tales have
been fairly numerous, though it mus: be
admitted that the large one.", are few, and
the prices are about the same as ever.
Several sae> for rather larize amounts
h ive been consummate.!, and r -ports on
o hers that are hanging lire are expected
shortly. The demand for money ai the
hanks seems 10 decrease daily, while m< rt-
being pa><i off in a manner con
itucive 10 rhe»r ulness on the part of both
borrower and 1 .nner.
\Vniiam E. Hopkins purchased from the
Sharon estate the 50-vara lot, with im
pr venient j, on the northeast corner of
Turk and Gough streets, for the exteed
mclv small sum of $33, C00.
J. W. llpnilerbon lias bought the J. R.
Rynders estate, ne»r Al^nlo Park, aggre
g tting 4C4 acres, for 40 000.
R vl w of the Records.
The following are the larzer mortgages
recorded during the week:
By the C il f'irnia Title Insurance and Trust
' onipa yto \V..ii»m F. MeNu $35,0U0 lor
one year at <>'j pT cent, on pr pei ty on tne
< rth line o: cutter street. 120:3 tast oi Van
Ness avenue, 86x120; ty me lllbernia Bwrik
to Joseph and i.l.zabeth E. Flgei, $14,000 for
one yes r at <>';, vet cem, on property on the ;
■ H.-.L line of biucK on street, 1 13:0 north ot
Ellis; by the same to Lizzie M., wile of John
L. Bmdoury, $8500 lor one year at GJ^ per
cent, on c roper ty on the south line of / rifle
v<- up, 175:0 wist of V.in N ss avenue, 35:2 x
122:6; by L*socleteFr.inc.»ise to c arah K.nn,
•fdvO.i lor one year a o',' 2 ' ier cent, on pro: er.y
oii'tiio nortn i.st tome: of O e<on and Front
streets, 30505; by the Germa-i J'.ank to John
and S p.iia .->( otiis wood, $10,500 or one year
..i (i'.^ ;n-r cent, on property o me north lr^e
o E .is st !■(-!, 125 wts of V) vi-a.lero, 125 x
137:0; by G o:g C. Sma t.M.iik Strou-e «nd
A. 11, is io J.icob a. id Cirohne B-.r.z, $7000 on
ten notes on various pare 'ls oi Citj property,
The followii g releases were for compara
tively large sums:
From I. de Ver and Luclen C. Warner to J.
lie iarJ and M lly Freud, $10,450, on prop
erty on the "or ii line o H yes street, 80 West.
oi Ocikv m, 75x120; German Bank to Henry if.
Brun>, $9400, on property on soutn corner of
First and Fr -derick, 20x80, and northwest
corner Point Loboa avenue and Cook street,
53:4x100; Mrs. S. A. Aron»ohn to Harry F. or
*re>iericJi Bruus, $10,000. on property on
ouihw-st corn r Geary and Scott streets, 55x
!»ti:ti; Edward MeLoughlin to John and-Au in
iiiiiKel. $20,00j, oh proiertv on [be southeast
corner of Sacramento and Hyde streets, 137 :0x
137:0; Henry 1. Scot: a d i narles E. Urte.i to
v\. mum F. IJiNutt, $20,000, on i roperty «.n
orth iine ol Sinter street, 120 :3 east of Van
Ness avenue. 86x120; German Bunt to Fleet
< .'. btrolher, $11,000. on property on northeast
corner Geary a. id Jones streets, 24\77;t>; Ans
ude Brand ie J. L. Alfred Koncuvieri, $0000,
ou property on northeast corner of Orrgou
ond Front streets, 30x05; Him-rnla Bank t>
Ferdinand X Hesthal, $23,000. on property
on north me of Me Ah la » r .-tr.-ut, 87:0 east of
Hyde, 77:0x137:0. also $20,000, on i>roierty
on north lln i>f rolsuui street, 275 south
wett ol Fourtn, 68:9x160.
Auc lons and Sals?.
The following list of recent sales is reported
by G. 11. Umbsen Co.: Improvements at 218
Devisadero street and lot 50x137:6 to John
Lse; improvements at 2030-2032 Sou street
audio 45x81:3, 52 ie- t s>uth ot Sacrarnon to
street, to William MeCarty; lot 35x77:6.
southwest corner of Pa i»e and Laguna streets,
to A. M. Whittle; lot 20x115, north line of
Henry street, 173 feet cast of Castro, to D.
Behrend, who intends building in tne near
future; 1032 Mission street, Improvements
j and lot 25x85 feet, to C. K. Bomau; lot 25x70,
northwest line ot Brannan street. 80 ieet
southwest of Fourth street, to X. C. N. T. Lar
sen. who Intends builiing; improvements
and lot 27x114, north line of Alv.-irado street,
05 feet Meat of ban Jose avenue, to Albert
Katz; improvements at 18 Glover street and
lot 23x00, io William Wcstpnal; improve
ments Rt 1623 Folsom street and lot 24380,
irr-giiiar, to Maria Lawler; improvements
and lot 50x110, southwest corner of Fulton
and Laguua streets, to diaries Stunker; im
iirnvmi'Dls at 118 Welcn street ana lot
50x75 feet, to Philip McCall; lot 25»80,
uortnweit line of Freelon street, 180
tetrt southwest of Fourth street, to Jo
seph Turner; improvements at 1021 to
1025 Capp B'.reet «ud 10t05x115. loan nl.i-y, to
Peter O'Connor; impri.v me ts at 1010
Dolores street and lot 70:0x133. with on L
9x14 feet, to Mrs. Elizabeth Smith; lot 34,
Spring Valley Homestead Association, to
Martin Wever; lot 100x120, west line of
Twenty-sixth avenue, 150 feet south of J
street, to F. B. Surryhue; lot 25x131:3,
west line of Shrader street. 100 leet
north of Beulah street, to Mrs. Abbie
M. Geraghty; lot 27:0x87:6. west Hue of
Lacuna street, 35 leei south of Page
street, to Tnomas H. McGuire; lot 25x100
feet, c st line of York street, 252 feet south oi
Twentieth street, to Charloito Dickerson; lot
25*87:0, west lino of Lagunu street, 02:6
south of fHgeatreet. to Mrs. M. Murphy; lot, 75
x 100, south west line of fcixieenth avenue sou; n,
75 ieet southeast of I street south, to Jam- s
Ambrose; lot 51x90 ieet, west line of Noe
-iree', 25 fre 1 - south of Henry, to Jonn
Eufflicb; lot 50x114 feet, north line of Tuir
tieth street, 255 leeiwesi of Sanchez street, to
Louisa Bogeti ami Emma Scum des.
Bbainwald, Buckore «$: Co report late sales
as follows: Imoroved ot, 50x80. on the south
east line Di Tehama »trec<, 130 feet northeast
oi Third, to D S. Watson lor $8i>0; lot 25x110,
on the southeast line of Four iceutn stive ,50
feet west of Luiders, to P. J. Land for $1500;
1.l 25x114 and cottaß-, oa Uie southeast nr.o
of Alvaiado street, 205 lecteas l of Castro, to
Kebc-cca A. Carpeuer and J nnie W. Hayes,
from the Bay City L an Association, for s2Bso.
Easton, Eldrldge it Co. are preparing an auc
tion catalogue tor the la.ter part of the
month, and Char.es J. Campbell lor the 29. v
ins i.
Random Notes.
Contracts aggregating $07,590 have been let
for work on- the restaurant building soon to
be erected on the northeast corner of Mason
and Eddy streets, mention of which has been
made previously in these columns as fol.ows':
Carpentry, miuwork, stairs, marble, me al
laihins, to Campbell & I'enui for $30,034;
grunie and brick work. sandstone, tei r I Co U
The only genuine Hunyadi Water
Prescribed and npproved for 34 yenrs - by
all the medical authorities for CONSTI-
as for ail kindred ailments resulting from
ndiscretion in diet.
"The prototype of all Bitter Waters." Lancet
"Speedy, sure, gentle." Hi itishMedicalJourna'.
CAUTION: See that the label
bears the signature of the firm
Andreas Saxlehner.
-- ■ /^^"^ w r
Lin Smi iiildke.\' ■ SHOES. i
THIS DAY AT • ) AM) 7:3) P. M.
Fit \ KW. BUT'I H?.K|KI,D, ti() • M»rk«i s'
tluec, linings.etc. to D. I lirennnu fo- £14.799;
wroußtit-iron work, stand i ipes. tiro *•" i--.
I etc., to the Wester*: Iron Works tor !?(>930;
wiring for incau .esctnt l.ghtinr. e.t«-lricl
b»lls. -.peaking tubes, etc., to Wil. A i-'inck lor
$1275; mnrbe wn'.n«cot*ng, steps, c c, to A.
la ■ifiigtii >&<<>., lor ¥1240; <a ' lr n work 10
I tu<j Vnlrnti Iron W rks . t $5590; eU>v«ior
] work to Cuhiii & Hail lor $32C5; mosaic Hoars,
I woid ;t)hiii»-Is, ithU'h, eic. l» W. \V. Monta
j cue & O. for $230J; piumMne «nd »te«m
hexti.iir to H. \ViUirtm>mi for f2IOO.
The final coat oi white pnini un the >evada \
block Una much improved its appearance.
Uncultivated land neg ega ing 4tiO acres, I
•iear R dime, has beau sold by .he Peoples |
lion Savings Bunt.
Mr. iiend.-is..ii w 11 erect a residence, to cost j
.*(! JOO, on th- east line of B lena avenue, near ;
u'ml.it street; plans by W. H. Ltllie.
O. D. Maldwin, Robert Merre- atis J. H.
Umbsen liar- been nppoiniel rfferee- for trie
i nport^oning of the Ireadwell e^tate by Judge
S dwell. The real ts'ate is valued at about
$1,000,000, and of this $750,000 worth is !
located In this city.
Tht; Casa Pelma»"Co'poration has deeded to j
P-iciine It., wife of D. M. Delma-i, the property
situated on the southefSt line of Market
street, 225:9 northeast of Sixth. A rough
estimate plac.-s its value at about $60,000.
Annual Meeting. \\ ilh Election of Om
cen, Held Ye.terday.
The annual meeting of the Needlework
Guild was held at the residence of Mrs.
Eiston, at tho Crocker Home, corner of
Pine and Leavenworth streets, yesterday
aften oon. The election of officers re
sulted as follow-:
Mrs. Horaie Duvis, president; Mrs.
S»mue: 15. MiLanegan, secretary; Mrs
\V. R. Smednerg, treasurer; adv:sary *
committee— Miss M. M. Greer, Mias A.
Head, M:s. G. W. Me fied.
The annual report wan JMributed to
the section prpsidents. Tlierf will b» a
sienerai meet nr of the menu crs at Mra.
Epson's resi cico next Tuuraduy after
noon, between 2:3) a-d 5 • 'clock.
Says No Guld at Copper Kiver.
F. E. Mirlner of Chicago, has jnsi returned
to the haiace Ho.el from Copper Kiver.whither
he went in the interests of Chicago capitalists.
He said tha' there are now c-ik'Uiy tendorfeet
at Copper River, whore he declares be saw no
>-it;n!> of g"hi. nor heara oi no immediate pros
pei-t» o! riudn.g any there. Hu ssys thai it i-
a bhame to boom ihut t-ouniry fcr .gold, as it
is a grent inju^t:ce to pos-iiiiic prospectors
I ftsrt ng from a. great diitanc \ 0( c ipper pros
p.-cts he dia no c re to speak, but says tuere
are t.ouie there.
- — ♦ — ♦ — ♦ —
Mrs Com liiu m Speak.
Mrs. C. Cornelius will speak on the princi- |
pies of social sm in the Temple, 117 Turk
st-eet. to-nifjlit before the Lib rty Branch of |
'the Socialist Labor party. Meenug opens at 8
o'clock. All er-- ir.vii. d.
Not Expected to L,lv • Long.
General \V. H. L. Barnes' wife, wliose health
! has been eraduslly failing ior s-veral year?.
j i< KKSIB very feeble. It was sail by the fam
| lly laic last niKhi that the end was expected
ai. any moment.
j Trustees Conclude That tli» Police
>honl<l Enforce KxUting Ordinances
ALAMEDA. Nov 16 —At the meeting of
the B ard el Trusiee last evening the ques
tion of permitting midnight dances came
up, City Atlornev Taylor having drafted
I an ordinance requiring people conducting
j public balls continuing after midnight to
first obtain a permit from ihe Trustees.
The proposed ordinance provoked a great
I lie slot discussion, and it was finally de
! cided t at the laws governing breaches of
j me peace already in existenc? were suffi
; cient, and that if the p lice would enfo cc.
J them more rigidly the cause o! complain 1
! would be largely removed. It will be im
j possible, however, to do this without de
j tailing otfic rs especially to attend such
' balls and preserve the peace.
The proposition of Trustee Brick to have
! the various accounts of the different de
partments se^'reuated, involving consider
able extra bookkeeping wunou apparent
Corresponding benefit, was also discus:-ed
at length and then defeated by a vote of
I 3 to 2.
From Alaska.
ALAMEDA, N v 16.— The family of J.
C. Muiher, Hie auctioneer, who left here
■>orae weeks ago to go to the Klondike by
way of the Cm coot Puss, have received a
letter f r om him daie<i at Like Lin.ier
man. He writes that he and his partner,
Harold Blankman of Oakland, were lifty
j days making their way from Juneau to
the lake. This delay was caused by their |
doing their own pacKin« and hiring none |
of ii, thereby saving atout $1000. He i
j descunes the pass as something horrible |
on account of the mud. They made the j
journey, however, in safety, and MuthT ;
>ay« he never felt better in hi* 4tf<». *He
True Manliness Replaces the Worn Out
Serves and ligor.
Thousands of men are to-day raving the
penalty of earlier inattention to their strength.
They have gone for years gradual. burn ing out
the tire of natural vigor, whan suddenly they
breakdown. They lock fairly well; there is
not much outward evidence of decay, but tie
mind knows all about ii. It is a peculiar
jrm ol weakness produces a ceriHin sensi-
, tive:ic«s that completely up<ets a mHti, and
mekrs him feel thm lite has lost a goodly p irt
of Its brightness. There is a simple home
! tremment put rip by a well known institution
of Kalumazoo, Mich., that imparts » won rlnl
degree ol strength to men who a c sexually
Weak. It isa very powerful tonic that makes the
nerves fairly Uncle with euthusiusm. Ami to
men who are prematurely old, apparently
worn out and cone to seel, tne remedy give-
I that comfortable feeling imparted by a cueer-
I ful grate tire wheu we first come in of a cold,
j stormy night. By writing to tin- Michigan
| Medical Co., 108 Masonic Temple, Kalamnzoo,
I Mich., they will sernl you full particulars re-
I garding this remarkable tonic and strength-
ener, and also ezptfi'i how it is 10 De used,
what it will do and all other information nec-
essary to a complete, r*pj(l ana certain restor-
ation, enlargement a..d return fit manly vi?or.
It is a home treatment ; embodies all the prac-
tical results in red for either a young or old
man, and is just such a curative as thousands
of men are looking ously lor. All corre-
spondence is confidential and their envelop
are periectly plain, carefully sea ed and mailed
under first-cuss p mbs:c. No man need hesl-
tnte to write to the Mii'higa-i Medic '1 Co., as
they are regular. y iucorpu aeJ by th* StHto,
have ben in untness many yen;?, > re well
rated by the coiuaircial mcncits and have
f!r<t-class bi;ik i <■ srencea.
French Line to Havre.
\J Bl ver, foot of Morion *i. Traveler* by
this line avoid both transit by Knglish ratlwry sal
the discomfort ot croMlnf the channel in a smau
boat. .New Yorlt to Alexandria, Kgypt. vi* Fart*
Aral class 1160, second clau »11«.
LA GASCOGNK.. . .Nov. 2(1 10 A■*
UtUAai-AUXK.. Nov-rab-r XX 11) v. t
LA'JUIIUINK.. ' ' , (>-e - her 4, 10 \. c
IA-iKKTAUNK.,.. .... 'WPti ber 1.10 a.
M* *or JuriU»r rarttcntars apply to
A. I'OKOtT, A?ent.
Ka 3 Bowjjug Green, New York.
' j. F. FTjOaZI * CO., Agent* ft ilouisotn»ry
•Tenua, ban Francisco. .'.
Leave Pier No. 3, Washington St..
At (I •'• M, i>»il- . t m;ii, received* un
to ■:;<» P.M. •
j~E~~~* Accommodations Iteserved by Telephone
i it.- ouly mi-- m.- .in. tbrojgh tickets aim giving
tnrougn freight rates to all pom * on Valley
Railroad. . .■
T. C. Walker, J. D. refer*.
Mary Garratt, City of Stockton.
j leiepiiouo UNa 805. Cat jsav. aud lann Co
721 Howard st. and 225 Tehania sc,
near'lliira. bun traucisco.
\VM. G. LAY.Ni' A CO Auctioneers
Property of
Wednesday Evening, Aov. 17, ISO 7.
" Commencing at 7:30.
■>' lies • Il.r-.-s Fit Co It cc To- Day.
Th a sale will comprise such Oprses as the fol-
lowine: Marce!, Foremost. Gallnn:, Torsion, olive,
J'at Mnrpnv, (jeorsiP Palmer, Kranlc James, Florl-
ne and -.7 others. They are to b<» sold on roost
liberal terms. Catalogues now ready. Horses are
at Salesyart. Address • ■-:■'-
\VM. i.. Ji • YXI! * CO.. 813 Bush st.
expecied to leave o;i November 1 for Klon
d ke, anil tkev are probably now well on
i heir way to Dawson.
A letter l>a* also been received from L.
Svenson, another Aiam?dan, who went
up on the schooner Li Ninfa to the Co;>
per K:ver. When lie wrote the vessel was
discharging cargo at Prince William
Sound, near the mouth of the river, an-i
;i> soon as the siream -tiouid ireezi up t lie
par;y expected to start. Two other"par
ties were at trie niuuth oi tils* river wait
ing for the same reason. A I were in good
health and bad met with no mishap.
Bimetallic Bai quet.
ALAMEDA, Nov. Ifj — The toast pro
erHnime ior the aunuil banquet of the
Bimetallic Club, which is to take place
next Saturday evening, has been definitely
arringcd and is as follows: Introductory
remarks by the president of the club, F.
W. Voo.'i ; ''Our C uu," George W. Ar
bv.ckle; "Direct Legislation," Ttixma^ V.
Cator; "True D-rnocracv." W. W. Foote:
' S Iver It-pub. ican\" George W. Hater;
"Free Silver in Mexico," M. F. Xarpey ;
"H metnllism," J. G. Masuire.
The speeches wiil le in erspflrsed with
music. Covers wiil be laid for 100 guests.
Dairyman <;■• zales.
ALAMEDA, Nov. 16.— Dairyman Gor.
z:ile> has b;en fjrmaliy not fied by the
beahh authorities thai be can no lonrer
sell milk in this city because of his rehisal
to comply with tne ordinances «.'OVe:n.ng
such matters. He refused to pay any at
tention to the notice and said he should
t-o ahead selling miik regardless of the
inbibi:ioo. He was arr^ste^late this after
noon for carrying out his ooast und was
locked up for a short time, but was bailed
out by two other dairymen.
Al m>-<la Notes.
ALAMEDA, Nov. lti — K<v. \V. D. P. Bliss de
liver, d the s«*'Ond <jf ni- lectures on "Chris
tian Sicia -m" this evening at the G\ i.g t;
ganorml Chur h.
Tae ball of Company G, N. 0. C, next Satur
(ln evetii .>: promises to be one of the .eidi c
1 social events of the season. It is a strictly in
vitational affair
A committee frfm the Boar 1 of Health of
O.iKland ViSite I Alarneda tins morning ;or the
purpose oi insprctin^ the s>y:>teni of suwer
filtering in operation here.
A mother ' and eic:iera' meeting will bo
hei i to-morrow afternoon at the parlors ol tha
Congregatioiia Church.
Joe Ho ker Post < I the G. A. R. will join the
Junior O. 0 A M. in aite iding tne special
services next Sinday morning at the First
Presbv'eri n Oh nr ■.
/^N "SOLID-not
fo^4 liquid:'
-i-/_ Oi* **l.
7@r*Xffisi§ *'^y an d staying
5zZ-sJi£g powers to wheelmen. They key
ff^fSnlfl the nerves to vigorous action
Wi||j|iHl and permanently build up the
T\M\ IS system, making the user "all
kBJEjM nerve" with "no nerves"
«K\gi3 , Write for proofs of cures. 50c. and
ii $1 a box. If your druggist has not
'"»™5 a "' got them, send to
Eureka Chemical and Manufacturing Co.
La Crosse, Wis.
y^^X Dr. Gibbon's Dispensary,
JUtiWra fi2»KEABJTTST. Established
Rnvaß' n I »54 for the treatment of Private
aDrJGibbon's Dispensary,
(>w/>KKARXYKT. Established
in 1554 for the treatment ot Private
I^HHIKRnfIJS skin Diseast'S. 'l'hedoctorcureswheii
3sJUMß|fiM(iilicrsfiill. Try him. Churges low.
lyBagZ£Ljtl <'iiro»sritnraiil«-«-«l. Call or write.
Dr. J. F. <<IBKO.\, Box 1957, -San i'rancisco.
wharf, Sail r*raac;sco, as follows: ™*Viff
For por s in Alaska. 9 a. m., .nov. '2, 7, I.', IV,
1.2. 27, and every firth day thereafter.
For Victoria, Vancouver (K. C). Port Town-
(tend, Seattle, Tacoma, Everett, Anacorte-i aal
New Wt atcom (liellinyhara Bay, Wash.), 9 a. « ,
Nov. 'l. 7, 12. 1 1. '22. 27. «n.l ev*r« tlftb day there-
after, connecting at Vancouver with the U P. Ky.,
at Tacoma wliti N. ]'. Ky.* at Seattle with Great; .
Northern «iv , and Alaska steamers.
1 For ICnreka (Ulimboldt Bay), Str. Pomona i
T.H. -N« v. :<, 8, 12, ltf, 20, IM. -.'9 Dec. 3. 7. 11.
18. •.(). '.'4 '.8 JHn 1. 6. 111, 14. is. 22, -6. 81.
For Santa Cruz, Monterey, San Simeon. Cayucov
Tort llarford (San 1 ills Übispo), Uavlo'.a, Santt
Jiarbnra, Ventura. HuHiiemp, yan Pedra Kast Sai
Pedro (Los Angeles) and Newport, 9 a. m. . Nov.
'2. 6. 10. 4 18,22,26. $J, ana every fjurtti day
■ .For san Dleco. stopping only at Port Harlord
(San Luis Obispo), santa Barbara, Port Los An-
feles un i Kedondo (Los Angeles), 11 a. v., Nov.
4. H. 1 . 10 "JO, 24, 28, an i every four.h day
For Knsenada, Mazdalena Bay, San Jme del
Cabo, MHZiulan. Altata, la Par. Santa Hosa:ia
and Uaaymas (Mei.) 10 a. ii.. -Jit of each month.
■ The Company reserves the right to cnan?e with-
out previous notice steamers, sailing dates aai
hours of siullii?.
Ticket Office — Palace Hotkl, 4 New Mont-
10 Market si.. San Francisco.
THE O. R. & N. CO.
l»lS>PA'l CH FA- I' Sal k.A iIKKS tU
rom Hpear-stree: Wharf, at 1U A . m.
F\ p L 1 1 *5 J'tr«t.-cU«« > including
1 .\ IlXJ\»:j..-;O 2cl-o1«-m /bertn Jtiu»».i
>( llh DLL:. or' I Ll.\(4-j:
State orCalifornla.Nov. 15, 4.D c. 4, 14,24
Colombia .Nov. 19,29. i-ec. 9. 19,-9
Throuifii tickets and inning. i ba<(i;a^e to 1..
Kss'.eru jjoiina. Kates and lolderj ujtou ai)^.._j-
lieu ut
J.F. CON* NOB. nene-al Ason%
630 >larK«[ strcot.
, OOODALU I'KKKINSACU. supv?rintena*:i i
"™ ' ' ' M "" —
@9 &aSaO% Tuesday. Nov at i
jhmlikl h ° - v ° '- v Lu ' on; '-
•t** 3 ""*' Tuesday Nov :V, at 1
y™,___^^ it. special par •_yrat«».
SfWlsllinuJ galls via HONOLULU
G)luGllljlll^ ; Bl ,d AUCKLAND tit
/OITIR3 n /4- sVDNKY I hnn lay
lyilipaiCq^ , b«r a 2 P. K.
Lisa ii couLUA^iiliti, Aostraita, aua u.vfi
UUYV.M, fctuUiAiiica,
J. It tei-iUfcCiUkLd * BROS. CO.. ARRnti,
114 Montgomery street
Freight office 327 MatJcet street, ban i-'ranciica
mi s. iVivvvmD m vallejo.
■ Moa, Tun.. Wed.. Thms. and Sat
..9:45 a. m. and 3 15 r m (9 p. it ex. Thur^l
: Fridays 1 p.m.. (t -. *
i Cundays -. .. v . 10:3 ) A. M. anJ 8 p.*
lAßding and offices. Mission uoc<, I'i«i4
T#lepnou» Ureen 88L
O (Sundays eicepted) allO A. M. Alvlso dail/
(Saturday e*repu-d) at o P. M. Freight , an«
Passenzer. Fare between San Francisco snl
Alviao, 50c; to San Jose, 7Sc. Clay sl, tit L
41 N. *u»l«U aau Jo *»

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