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The Wheel of Politics Is
Given a Sharp
: —
Supervisors Use the Ax at the
Courthouse Without
Engineer and Gardeners to Lose
Their Places Within Two
Oaki anp Office Pan Fbakcisco Call.'
- Broadway, N v. 22. i
It looks very much now as it the A a- !
tneda V> uiro of Supervisors wo^ild consist
or mpmbeis instead of live until the
election next fall. At each meeting par
ticular pains are taken by the four mem
bers io convince Mr. Koetli that in iheir
j ■;::::{ he is like the fifth wheel to a
i, and to-day was no exception.
i en the time came at tbis morning's
£ me to hand in resolutions Super
visor Church passed in one that rather
jerei Mr. Roeth. It declared vacant
. osition o: engineer at the Courthouse
December 1, and was passed by the
oi 4to 1. Mr. Roeth voied no.
i'.vo more resolutions were tht-n intro
:, one decapitating 8. B. Adriance as
lener ol the Courthouse and appoint-
L H. Cobb. The other removed L
11. C'ubb as assistant gardener and gave
his j.!:'.ce to James T. Carey. Ingalls, ihe
.eer, and Adriance wer«* appointed a;
cc of Mr. Roeth over a year ago
Cobb, who will be promoted, was the
•intee of Supervisor Mi cheil.
A: this point Koeth ma can xci:ed
speech. He referred to honor among
the members and pledjx s made at h cat:
- after me organization of ihe new
I a year aco and was very bitter in
denunciation of those members who
::ot. he declared, stooJ by their prom
-■■-. The little speecti hail no effec ex
cept to cause Supervisor Wel!s to *ci Mr.
:ind to draw forth a langb
from Chairman Talcott The resolution
\ ased.
Mr. Koeth should have no ill feeling to
re ird the other members oE the buard.
Since its organization after the last eiec
tbe whole live members have been
.: as much politic* as couid be
::!o twei.t -four hours a day.
Ti.eie is nothing to choose b tween the
amount of p lltics done by each member,
:!ii 1 when Mr. Iloeth was in the majority
he made himself famous for introducing a >
resolution decapitating ail tie employes I
::i the appointment o! the Supervisors at
one swoop. As ins power ilpcnnes Roeth's
appointees are irrndiia Iv beinj; dropped.
AVill Probably Be Set on the Calendar
for 1 cbruHry Next.
OAKLAND, Nov. 22 —The attorneys
j resenting the City of Oakland and
1 the Water Front Company appeared be- !
iiort Jud<;e o<rden to-day and assed for an I
\^.'-y date lo be set for the second trial 0/
t.ie cc. rate I case, as ordered by the Su
preme Court.
As the case now stands i: lias to be re
tried along certain lines determined by
Ktiie State Supreme Court, although it i*
vot at all certain that the juds
raent of the Superior Court will
be in accord with the mandate of
:he higher court. Other evidence may
be produced and a judgment reached
i vnich may te different from that which
I was appealed to the Supreme Cour, from
■ which c:i«e there will no JouDt be another
appeal taken by one party or the other.
In the decision of the Supreme Court
the great point line ! was that it out
lined the boundaries of the land which
could be construed as being in dispute,
and to this extent ii facilitated any future
legislation on the subject by sending the
ca?e back to be retried on these lines.
W. R. Davis, counsel for the C ty,
wanted the case set for January and Air.
Martin preferred February. JucUeOgden
could not decide as to the state of his
calendar in those months, and to-morrow
the attorneys will appear before him, and j
he will consult wit Judge E isworth re
garding the disposition of cases now pend
Keliance Goes to Bntte.
OAKLAND, Nov. 22— The Reliance
footoail earn left for liutte, Mont., last
evening in a special Pullman. Tney will
be absent about ten days. They win play
Thanksgiving, with the Buite team, and
on Saturday they will play a return game
On the way home another game will be
flayed at Portland. The players are:
y ttptain Bred Prick, Ariett, • Burnett,
) iijiidy. Carien, Code, Hobbs, Lunyon,
'-.x'iatt, Plunkett, Sherman and Sheehy.
Death of Dr. Abbott.
OAKLAND, Nov. 22.— Dr. Granville D. j
Abbott died at his home at 7 o'clock this
evening after being unconscious for a
week. The funeral will be held at the
First Baptist Church at 2 p. m. Wednesday j
afternoon. An account of the life of this I
well-known Bapti-t divine was published I
in The Call last Sunday.
Death of a pioneer.
OAKLAND, Nov. 22— Gordon Bishop, » j
pioneer of this State, iied at his home in j
I Piedmont to-dnv. The deceased was ihe '
father of Mrs. Emma \\ illiama and of the j
late Oliver B shop. He was born in Con- |
necticut over eighty-two years ago.
» ♦ — • _
Member* of the College Christian As
sociation Severely Denounced.
BERKELEY, Nov. 22. — The college
daiiy in this morning's issue denounces i
in strong language the opposition being j
wag-d by the College Chrisiian Associa
tion against the insertion of liquor a lver
isements in the Blue and Gold. Editor
Checkering scores the members of the V
M. C. A. in the following words:
An organised movement of the indlvidun
members of the Y. M.C. A. of the Class of '!»:>
is on foot to refuse all support to the Blue ami I
Go.d .: liquor advertisements are accepted by ;
Hie management. Tiiese members say thai
they will not poy the assessments, and will do
j'.;i in their power to defeat the issuance of the
annual if sucn advertisements are inserted.
The California^ admires the principles
which it, believes animate this ill-advised op
posUion. Bui the appearance or non-appear
iii.ee of liquor advertisements in the Blue and j
Gold will not, we think, appreciably affect the j
cause of temperance. Further, the Y. M. C. A. j
'V;<li'nts are a minority of the class and «re
'J ot justified in such attempt to force their
Jl on the majority.
} :nor C. E. Fryer and Manager I-rankliii
■j\H i;o;h resign unless assure! of the nearly
*u>;,iiri oi the us at the coming meeting.
Tne Cai fornian views with deep concurn the
peril ol one of our oldest and best college cus
toms by an opposition so puritanical and so
devoid of liberality.
Hii Body Taken Home.
BERKELEY, Not. 22.— The body of the
late Dr. M. C. O'Toole, who died yester
<lay in bin Francisco, was taken to the
iieceaseu'B residence in North B'rkeJey.
Joe home which Dr. O'Toole has occupied
for the last twenty years is one oi the
largest and finest in Berkeley, and i*
calied Glen La Loui(h, after a oeautifn!
spot in Ireland. The grounds on atn
many lakes and rivulets crossed by ru.tic
bri'ig^, >nd on each •■! the corners o. the
houte are Irish harp*.
S otes.
ALAMEDA, Nov. 22.— Columbus and
.loir.i X Kennedy have riled protasis against
the order of the Trustees requiring thorn to
lay Sid -walks on O.k street, D-*tween Clinton
and Bay, on the ground thai they are not
n. eded tuere by the pub
Oue of he objecting aairymen has come out
with x protest over his own signature against
the tuberculin ordinance, and claims tnat if
the awthoriti s want to keep out diseas d cows
they should also proceed to keep out di-eased
pcopie by m-iknig every ono submit to a test
similar to the tuberculin test.
The boys of the Alume la High School foot
bnli team are receiving much commendation
for "turning their glasses" at the recent ban
quet after their gamo with a San i-rauci^co
if a in.
Bishop Taylor, the famous African mission
ary, whose wife ami suns reside in this city,
has written them that he \\ ill shortly return
«■ — « — •
Tt unks in Flumes.
A fire alarm through box 35 at 1:45 this
morning was for a lire which started i.i the
basement of the Unreel CHriiiee Company's
nffiue.s, 20 Sutler street. The Paiiric Transfer
Company w sMs > 10-er. The tiro started in
some trunks stored in the b.semeat, presuraa
bly irom -t'Oniiineous combustion. The dam
age was $1000.
The Death of Elizabeth Sexton
May Be the Result of a
Lamp Explosion.
Peter Fitzpatrick Icjured in At
tempting to Save the
Little Girl.
Elizabeth Sexton, a 13-year-oid daughter
of Peter L. Sexton, a contractor for
asphaltum rooting, was badly burned at
her hoini\ 132 Clara street, by the explo
sion of a coai-oii lamp last evening about
8 o'c ock.
The mother of the child left home
earlier in tlie evenine, and at the time o'
her Departure Bessie .and three oilier
children were in bed. The girl got up
lor tome reason and went to the kitchen,
and in picking up the lamp dropped it on
ihe floor.
An explosion followed and the clothes
of the ci.i.a caught ti : e. Bhe ran out onto
t lie front porch and her cream? brought
Petei Fitzpatrick, a young man living
next doer, 10 tier rescue. He Joroed the
ittle irl into a bedroom and extinguished
the tiames witn blankets.
In attempting to rescue the girl F.'.z
jatrick's hand was badiy burned. If he
tiad not gone to her assistance me child
would undoubtedly have been burned to
death at once. As it is, there are doubt*
as to her recovery.
The c iid's .lrnbs, stomach and neck are
badly t hstered, but the physician could
not tell whether or not she had inhaled
any Oi the flames.
An alarm was rung in irom box I">7 for
the fire, which was ex; nguished beiore
the engnes arrived.
Louis A. Bertellng 10 Km ma L. Fnrteiing, lot on
> Hue of Sacramento sire l, 137:6 \V" of Lariin,
W 50 by X l-'7>i i % Itt
Sbaroa i-.s :it- Company to William K. Hopkins,
lot on . X corner 01 i uric and Goairh streets, X
137:6 by X 137:6: ,*IOO
Albeit Id. Whittle to Elizabeth A. Whittle, lot
011 corner Page and Lacuna streets, S ob by \V
87:6; gift
in 111 11 H. Wo ft to Edward Phi ins, lot on 8 In*
of I'osi strep". Ite9 i. of Buchanan, X i'o:9, 5>
137:6, \V -'4:9. N 23, W „ -N .14:6; .$lO.
£d>\aid Ji Bailey to Jane 1. Ii ii.ey. lot On N
line of Aidtae sreii, 175 ofVViUarJ, 623 by X
63-9: flu.
>arae to Kate Farley, lot on S line of Turk street,
175 t. of VViilard, 1-. 20 by ■- 6.4:9 10.
Lhar.is I*. ai.d .17. .beih Thompson (Wutheriih) i
to Albert t . and jsabeila >L Adams, lot on VV tine
of ?an Carlos avenue ( .I Siiej, 235 Nif 1 weutieth
street. N -5 by W 75. *10.
.Mary E., Corne.ius J.. 1 imothv J. and John H.
Corcoran. M»ry r. and Louis A. Levota 10 l-.d
ward J. French, lot mi W line of Bryant street, 160
=> of Tw. my-firsi, s 25 by VV lOu; slO
Ellen Walkim to James T. Wat .> ins, lot on XX
corner of Pine and ; ansome streets, !N 44:10 by E
56:5: cr.uit.
• Mary F. JJiamian to C Augusta I'rannan, lot
on N line of Bush street. 34 E ot Dupout, E 26 by '
.s 77:0; 10.
>»me lo mine, lot on XX corner of Bush and
Dupont streets, X 34 by > 77:6; $10.
-unif to Sophie I*. liuiuht (lirenuaii), undivided
three-quarters iot commencing 77 :t> .s fro.v >E
coruer ot Busn and Uuuoiu streets, N 30 by E 8J;
tame to same, undivided three-quarters lot on
X .i.Me of >>"atoiiia a reel, 75 b\V of Second, S\V 25
by NW 46; gft
Emma L. iserteling to Louis A. Kertellu;.', Io
on iS i-. corner of Bush and Jones street.-), E 60 by
.N 137:6: also lot on S live of Basil stree , 13/ :6
VV uf Powell, \V 50 by IS 137:6. <ju tclaitn deed:
Estate of Elizabeth Hanson (by P D. Mullaney,
uliliator) to Philip -McCall, ,ct on .\ line of
Wrlsh street, 173 W of I-'ouitu, E 20 by X 75;
P. A. (i. Faulsen to Annl* K. Paulsen, lot on SW
Hue of Oak urov a venue. 125 bK or" Harrison
street, bE 25 by BW 1.1;; a. so lot on E line of
Meveuson slieet, 160 X uf iluiteenth, N 25 by i.
77:6; gift.
Auiiallogau to Mary T. Is (wlf- of H. L.),
10. on St. lino of Stevenson tires;, 125 sW of
Seventh, SW -5 by bh. 7:>: $10.
H. L. and Mary T. Es.es to Maggie J. Halelgh,
same; It] ...
James and Ann Gi.llck or GiUeci to Tubbs
Cordage company, lot, on SWc-jinerof Tweuty
»econ.l (iieira) and Indiana streets, W 10l» by b
B0; jf s
Potrero Land Improvement Company to same,
lot 011 -5 W corner of I wenty-necoud (sieinij nnd
.Minnesota streets 595:9V2, NW 197:3, h 172.»o;
• Antoine and Gracie Corel to Mary 11. Atkinson
wife of John 11 , lot, 011 X line of 1 welfth avenue 1
100 H of Lalf c street. => 2 J by h. 1JO; tlO.
George C. and Zlllah P. i ml. to Henry W. Hull,
lots 756, 788, 76J und 764, Gift, Map •„'; $10.
Jones, Allen & Co. 10 John Barns, loi on .\ v,
Hue or Moscow street, i*7i St of India avenue.
,m. 50 by -NW 100, buck 69, silver HrLhts;
Gerhard Boese to Una Boese, lot on SW corner
of Prospect aua Eugenia stree.s, VV 1:3:4 by b 70,
portion iuts l-'l to 122, tobu lract; $5.
f.state of Enulle. cttluer ib,- Hermann liof
i-te.ter, execu.or) to j.milie L ifourgt-t;e, lot on
>;E curner "1 Kuilroaa live .lie anu lla.e street,
X 150, E *60, S 150, W J7O, bio<.k 8, People's
Homestead Tract A: *^000.
Herman, ». hrlstian -. and George W. liofste -
ter t" .same, same; (10. »
Stepueu Fie., her (administrator of the euate of
>i«r«.iret. Doyle) tv Eva B- J-isher. 10 .11 .\K
line of Laiia.na (Nine. eenth avenue), 100 X w o:
Pi »u« (Li) street. NW 75 b/ X 100. b;ock 3J7.
-onth San lrranciscu Homestead and i.ailro.nd
Associbtiou; $340.
Eva i . Kleher to Jamej C and Margaret
O'Brien, same; ♦ 10.
Ellen S. and E. W. Earfcer to 1. a. Elben nnd A.
J. Nor, lot on E line of Webster siree , 108. til N
of i.im or i weniy-foi.rtii,| • 25 by E 125. being lot
5. block 8, subdivision or Webster, Twenty-:ounh
and Valut ■/. rtie. t 1 roperty, O»kl«iid; $10.
.M.rbaU Bat ey to i>. L. Steel c, lot 01 - line Of
Piince street. 145 W of Grove. « 155:5 by W 100,
beloj; Io s 4, 5 and 6, b ocic 5, Central Par* i ract
Berkeley; $10.
Mary J. Moss, Jessie K. and Perry 11. Aineon;
Lulu >. and William L Taylor 10 Maicaret A. Col-
Krove (wife of G. 1 .), iot 8, b ok L. amended map
1 of Most 'lract, /irouklyn lown = *<().
1. X., K. D.. Elizabeth A., Carrie E., P. I. and
Bridget 11. B«s?e'.t to -Win J. 1 obertson, lot, 9,
Lloc^ I), Frn.iva Staiion Tract, Brooklyn Town
ship. $10.
Alice Badger to E. H. Dye-, plats 1 and 2, map
of Bell ranch, Washington Townaliip; $10.
I John H. Dixo:i toHanmh A. liix >n, lot 01 W
I line of Willow street. 1 10 >of reward, ft 15 by W
I 10 . block 701, Oakland; grant.
J If. and Mann ,~. . Indwell 10 <arah A. McKw,
lot on KW corner ol I' fl entb and '.lav * rt-ets. 8
4j by \V 100, block 254, Casserly Tract, Oakland;
,+ 10. -^—
•Sarah A. McKee . (by attorney) to J. t\ Ding
well, lot on s •. corner of Twelf.h aid Magnolia
streets, E 39:3, H 516, block 582, Oakland; a U
Jamej M. and Mary H. Haven to W. a Hunt,
lot on c,rn»rof Eighth and Brush s:roeis. W
11 b.- h 10 ! , ii ick 96, subject to a mortgage for
$4060, Oakland: $lv .
bamu 11 L Balrt to E lea M. Balrd. lot 011 X line
of . leva ith avenue, .. ■> 8 of Earn n:y-l»inl
street, E ii"o b/ .- 50, blocs 139. Clirnoii, East
Oakland : gift.
a. . -Mary C Beahatq 10 J. N. Bonhaln,
lot PB, Drexler Tract, Oakland Annex; 810.
J. N. and SaJie *. Buuli<tin to James Babe .
same, Unkland: *10
K. A. and Mlzubcth D. Heron to Wlliam T.
H»r Is, 10. on N W line of liow* str»-»>n 185 is V of
Amethyst. N W 181:1, hW 4.1.50, SE 176, NB *U
to beginning, block v , Thermal ■ ill (formerly the
J&owe Tract), uakiat^i Ann>*X; $10.
Mnrl'i Kerr to Joseph .V Kerr. to: beginning at
a point IvS.SO X from the SK corner of Te eg.aph
avenue and Maple s reel, E 50. « 155.90, W 52:9,
X 170.81) to beginning, being lot 4. block 1,
!:oberts and Wolfskin Tract, • akiand Annex:
Mountain View Cemetery Association to Ada
I, Godfrey, lot 38. plat 40, Mountain View Cem
etery, Oakland Township; $67.
William J. Layirmnce to Frank A. Leach, lot
IS, block 20, Warner Tract, Brooklyn Township
John P. Blake to Lizzie Make, lot '20. Kesuhdi
vlsion of Be.levue Tract, Brooklyn Township;
Supervisors Put the Final
Ban on Quincy and St.
Mary's Streets.
Fire Commissioners J. W, Mc-
Donald and George T.
Bowen Re-elected.
The Pound Limits Tixed at Last— A
Bridge-Keeper and a Janitor
Lose Their Jobs,
The closing chapter in the story of
Quincy and St. Mary streets came yester
day in the Board of Supervisors when the
order closing the alleys was finally passed.
Supervisor Roitnnzi, who occupied the
chair in the absence of Mayor Piielan, was
lie only one voting against the order. He
explained his vote by stating that he
thought the unfortunates who occupied
the two streets should be provided with
other quarters before being driven into
the street to be a menace to society and
annoyance to the police. He said also
that he had talked with Chief Lees re
garding the matter and that he had come
to the conclusion that the closing of the
streets was a matter for police regulation
rather than action by the Supervisors;
Tha order closing Berry and Dupont
and Bacon streets was passed to urint af
ter motions to refer to ' the Health and
Police Committee and to defer for a week
had been lost.
The board took time by the forelock and
re-elected James W. McDonald and George
T. Bowen Fire Commissioners to succeed
themselves. Such action was not neces
sary before the next meeting, but rather
than stand the pulling and hauling to
which the mem ben have b en subjected
it was thought best to have the matter
settled at once.
A resolution was passed to print estab
lishing ihe boundaries of the Pound limits
as follows:
By Lyon street from the southerly nun west
erly lines of the Presidio Reservation 10 the
beach, the waters of the bay aid ol the Pacific
OceaD, J street, Seventh avenue, the westerly
and southerly lints of the Almsiiouse Tract.
Balboa boulevard, corbeit avenue, Southern
Pacific Railroad northwesterly 10 its intersec
tion with Sunnyside avenue, thence on a
straight line southwesterly to Is'.ais street,
ihence to Mission street, thence on a stralplr.
line easterly to the easterly line of St. Man
College to mo easterly line of Hollirtay Map
A. thence to the northwesterly line. of Pa>>on
Tract, thence on a straight line northeasterly
to the intersection of Crescent avenne and
Sin Bruno avenue or road, Jslals Creek a:*d
the waters if the bay from Islals Creek and
Ltou street.
An order repealing the ordinance pro
hibiting the selling of pools except within
the confines of a racetrack was introduced
liv Supervisor Rivers. Mr. Rivers stated
tnat the ordinance had been declared un
constitutional and that tie proposed to in
troduce an order which would effectually
cover the grout d and s-tanct in the courts.
The matter was postponed one week.
Mayor l'ueian's veto of the order pro
viains for the exp?nditure of $4000 for the
purchase of sites for engine-houses was
On moti"n of Supervisor Delany
Thomas B. Dolan was appointed assistant
keeper of the Fourth-street bridge, vice
Benjamin Brower removed.
James Hvnes was appointed a janitor in
the City Hall, vice Charles Erkson dis
missed, on motion of Supervisor Morton.
Supervisor Biif.'s ordinance revising
the plumbing rules and regulations was
passed to print.
H •
Summary of the Week's Work of
the Board.
The following is a complete record of
be street improvements which russet!
the Board of Supervisors at yesterday's
l'ro sper, Sixteenth to Bevenieemh— Cnrba and
paving to W. 11. Holinei
Mirrell pace. Broadway to Pacific— Same, to
.■jßi) Francisco Paving i.omp my.
D«vl>adero W'ul er to thirteenth— Artliiclal
stone sidewalks, l" F. Li-flier.
(i- ment street.Seventh to Klshth avenues— Pipe
s.we , etc., to city street iniproviin at company.
Tweniy-ntnth street ani Ufi'any avenue— Curbs,
8!dp\v»lk!«, spools, etc
Caoltol avenue, Sagamore street 10 Palmetto
avenue— Grading, curbs, etc.
.-agamore alree, Capitol to Oriziba avenues—
1.::;" BFJB
I Nil
West Mission, Twelfth to 1 hirteenth—Bitumin
ous sidewr.iks.
till en, I>upont to Kearny— Paving.
Union, Gou.h to a via— Artificial sto:ie aide
hun Bruno avenue, Fifteenth 10 Cnannel—Urad
ing. e:c
Four.eeut.i and Guerrero— . i ominous paving.
'1 w.'iity-Oxth Noe 10 Castto— i'laiik sidewalks
J}e»lt! and ward — >ame on norther,}' c r.ier.
Valleju, Oough 10 I c'.avia— ArtificiiU stout: side
Nineteenth, Noe to Castro— Curb's and paving.
Nlnete^ritii ana Soe— lJltumlnous paving.
Nineteenth, Xoe to -iiiirh <%— Curba and paving.
Mnete>ntli and Sanchez— lii;umlnou< paving.
Nliieleeuth, Church to banchez— CurDs and pav
Caledonia alley, Fifteenth to Sxteenth—Bitu
minous pnvln:
'Jhirieemh and ■ cott— Ai.tlHcial stone s'dewallc
on northensi corner.
Kent and Waller— Same on ttoulheaiit corner.
I.f>ci>st, Washington 10 Jai-K^on — tu.bs and
paving. tggfJH
Fib r , Killmor; .oStciucr— Curb* and piivinii.
Fair u«ks, '1 •four.li 10 1 weiity-lifth— I'lpe
sewer, etc.
i.<'avpn»orth and X-om bard— Paving.
Chestnut Hiiii I'o.k — -aoie.
Kignteeuth avenue soiuli, X street south to
Railroad avenue souih— Grading, curls, side
wul .a, c c.
(-o ilen Oate avenue and l.yon street— l J avlnf.
l.yon, i'Ol en Ga;e avenue to 'lurk— i uibs and
Fra ichcOi Websttr to Fl lmore— Curb', gutter
way«, sid--wnlki (Ipe »ewer, etc.
New mo i g nu-ry, nortlu-ny tornv oi Minna to
point 80 fee: noi td«e.-t. rlv— A r.itic-i .1 stone slde
wbUr on ncirtlierisiHily -Me
Waller, Mhlrttenth to >ourteeu Corbi, pav
ing, pipe sew. r etc.
Broadway, lnvlor to Junes— Cobbles and bin.
Academy tract— Grades t-aiabllabed at various
pouts on Alt-many avenue and on Tingley,
i here Ha, Francis, roke, Hurrlngion and Bauer
An over avenue— Grades i sab Ished at v.<rlouss
Top nr »1 ey, 1 .ly-si.x h Street to roadbed of
routairn l'sclßc IlallrJad — GrAding, paving, etc.
Lower i> trac:e and Serpmtine place— Wii
:i mi-, Bels«?r<fe Co, sixty days on graUins, cvi b
itlß, '10
--lirs. avenue, Point L-bos to Clement, street;
First nverine. t'leuient street io i »l fofnia— To
City improvement Company, sixty da s on curbs,
paving, hiJewalkP, etc.
■ sm*-ra da stieei and Prospect avenue— To the
.loiin JCelso Company, tulrty days, on grading,
sewering, etc.
>nprr.iiie pace Low* r Terrace to Temple
stree To J. W. Pierce, ninety days on grading,
Lower terrace, Pluto to fccrpeatlna place—
.Fifteenth avenue south, Q street south to R
street south— lo John Burns, ninety dv suiurad-
Inc. etc.
Fiit«-fiith avenue south, R street south to S
street toutli— S.niif.
Baker, Touquln to Lewis— To Warren & Mallcy
ninety day« in grading.
Aiabaina. Twentieth to Twent first— James
de Win for revocation of permit to pave.
Piigp, Fil uior.- to Stolner— Pacific Paving Cim
pin y for releass from co .ttact to pave.
Missio i street— Property-owners for repair of
sidewalks la trout of No. H\i'i and 824. .
stems all- y, Washington to Jackson—
for rep i ir of side«nl !
San Bruno avenue ant south of Twenty-fifth
stiee^ — Property-owners for morn hvdran's.
i.esu ar number of petitions a so h.ti deil in to
do strati work by private contract.
Precila aye: m, Alabama to Army— M. P. Jones
as"<in gad ing. etc
Bush s net— B v. J. r. Murphy against making
same a h ulevari.
(>lcKles avenue, Mission to Wyoming— Property
owners ngai st grading:
Twi-nt. -second, Guerrero to Dolores—Property
owner j against '>yins of sidewalks.
Nineteenth, IS'oe to Sanchez — Same against
paving. BE3B
North Point aria l.envenworth str-ets and Mont
gomery avenue— Grades recommended chnni;e(l
a d esiab ished according to report of City Engi
North avenue, Cortland to Eugenia avenue—
(■v ier. Grant avenue to Stockton—Superintend
ent of Streets requested to have railway company
repair tracks.
>lckl»3 avenue, san Josfi road to Mission street —
Sidewalks should be reduced to twelve feet In
Central avenue, Halcbt to Waller— In favor of
bituminous paving by (lift -rent contractors under
staieJ condill ns
i eave-.worth.Ureenwlch to Lombard—Property
owners may pave.
i-'ur.o p ai_ ami Klmbill place— Engineer's
attention drawn to matter of surveying to deter
mine proper . rades.
Geary, Kearny to Powell — -prlnkline and water
in« io in- Inhibited except In bo fur as is necessary
for sweeping.
Sixih and Bryant— San Krancist'oand >an Mateo
Company will be direct d to change tracks at base,
also to repave Fourteenth from Howard to Mis
Holly lark Tract— Sewer system proposed by
On- i ng!n*"»r favored, also opening of l'.iebiand
and Holly Park avenue to Audover avenue.
Sacramenio street — In iavor of removing ob
structing s:airs at .No. 1702.
(Jhenery street — (> railing postponed, lor alx
•liß-ie sT—t -Sidewalks at Nos. 254 and '266
may be repaired.
nry.in.. l-.igliteenth to Nineteenth—Property
owners may pave.
her petit ons and protests reported on ad
ve sely, Hied m- referred >ac . to board with
recom"meud lion to be referred to other com
mittees. ____^____i_^___
Ethical Conditions in California
Discussed by Min
Rev. A, J. Wells Introduces the Club's
Subject at the Unitarian
Circle's Banquet.
The ethical conditions of California
was the subject discussed by the minis
ters and guests of the Unitarian Club at
its bi-monthly banquet at the California
Hotel last nii.'ijt. The discussion was in
troduced by Rev. A. J. Wells, pastor of
the Second Unitarian Church, by a pacer
in which he said in part:
It is taken for granted by many excellent
people that California's morals are bad, and
the query, we a>sume. is to determine whether
we are actually as bad as we are rcnute 1 to be.
Tiie c.i male of the State hus a fatal tendency
10 legal optimistic views of life. Religious
and sects mid f .(Is have multiplied, and there
Is a revival oi superstitions air ady deemed
outworn in the middle ages, giving evidence
iii.ii the old faith tins lost its grip upon life.
If we of Caiiiornia are worse than the aver
age we must look back to the rude beginning
of ibe Mute. A passion fnr gold at.d adven
ture brought togjther in a few shor. moments
a motley crowd, all animated by a seitisli and
absorbing passion,
is the usual status of California bad ? If so,
how does it differ from the Eastern States?
What we lack is devotion to the home; respect
for parental authority, reverence for the in
stitution of marriage, a more dignified jour
nalism, a sen;>e of social responsibility. Does
the average daily newspaper fairly represent
society ?
We would fain believe that the average in
telligence, refinement and morals of society
are above th>n of the average newspaper. A
creat paper is a commercial Investment. It
exist* to make money and in tne tierce com
petitions of our modern life profit becomes Its
ch lei concern. The high trust of guiding public
opinion and caucatine the pub mind is
steadily subordinated In the interests of its
political purtv and to its financial advantage.
11 works up the <iein ils of vice and crime in a
way mat transcends all public duty, and Ap
parently for the sake of an element of our
i opulnt"on that woul I not buy a paper If it
were not sensational.
Now, mat public opinion here is not law
we do not mean to say. We may not shift our
resronsitiilHy on iho press. T.'ie whole tone
ot society is weak, but it is not weaker here
ihan elsewhere, even though we can detect a
flavor of the early regime in our social irre
l>u«ine*«i Transacted at a Meeting; in
the Mill* Building I,:i»t Kvenlng.
Commit lees Appointed.
TII9 Charter Convention of One Hun
dred met last evening in the Mills build
' ing. George L. Center presided. A com
mittee of live was appointed to collect
•funds for the campaign. It wns decided
to hold a mass-meeting at an early date.
Following tho business transacted the
meeting adjourned to meet again at the
chII of the chair.
The campaign committee which was
appointed by Mayor Phelan, p:e-iientof
t' c charter convention, for the election
Decemoer 27 of nominees for freeholders
Irving M- Scott, Samuel M. Uraunhnrt, John
Brown, Albert Htyer, A. B. Man;ulre. George L.
Center, C. \V. Murk, Joh-i P. Dunn, D. V.
Kelly. John E. Qulnn, M. C. Huss3ti, James
Odnman, F. W. I) lirmanii. George K. Fitch.
Charles Bunclschu, Gaviu McXao.
She R«B'de;l fop Many \>nr« nt Menlo
Park and Was Well Known
The following not ca has appearo.l :
WAT KIN'S— In New York, November 17. 1*97, of
old a^c. Ellen -Merriken, relict of the lace Com
mander James T. Walking, Pact tto Mall steam
■Ilia Company's serv.ce, a native of .Maryland,
aged 91 years. _ _____
Mrs. Waticins was born near Severn, in
Maryland, and retained union { her remin
iscences a recollection of the British opera
tions in lie Chesapeake daring the war of
1812 and of the preparations' to meet the
enemy. She became a traveler, accom-
Denying her husband upon voyajres in the
R o, the European and China tr.ides, and
pent several years in Chinese and Easi
Indian water-. There she formed one of
the small American colony that embraced
among .is permanent or transient mem
bers the Giilespie-, the Ritchie-, the late
Edward Taylor and Captain F. W. Macon*
dray, with others, who were afterward
reunited in California, where their re
mains repose. Mr-. Watkins came to
California m 1852. nnd was among the
next to follow '.he late F. D. Atlierton and
Thomas H. Bel by in building at Menlo
P:irk. There she lived until a few years
Mrs. Watkins leaves a son, Rrnndcnil
dren, and one great grandchild born in
The l-'«n«ral of the Late John McCurri
to 150 Conducted itli Masonic Kites.
The funeral of the iato John McCorl
will take pi ico to-day nt 11 o'clock from
the Masonic Temple. The service* will
be under the direction of King Solomon's
Lodge, P. and A. M., of which he was a
Yesterday the Sin Francisco H iy A so
. iation, of which he was president, met
and appointed a committee consisting of
George P. Morrow, J. L. Vermeil, W. W.
Ohasp, ri. C. Summer?, S. Anspacher nnd
J. Barf, to draw up resolutions of re
gret, anu the association resolved to close
all the places of business of all its mem
bers to-day, between 11 and 2. the hours
of the funeral, and accompany the body
10 its last resiinp-place.
The San Francisco Producs Exch«nee,
of which dpcp'« d was lone a member.
The Perfume of Violets I
The purity of the lily, the glow of the rose,/
and the flush of Hebe combine in PozzoNi'al
wondrous Powder. I
decided to close the exchange all tc-d i
out o ii-SDect to John McCord'a memory
and .ttend the funeral in a tody. A. Ger
b. id. 'in, T. C. Walkine o ■ am Cliurles if.
Lanmeister were appoint-d a committee
to draw up suitable res j utions of regret.
A E Ingerso'l. sncio J M .-.oberts, Cal
H\V Grabbs, Oakvilie J3l GremeD, -au Jose
Rli Day &«, Winters F Grant, Stocicion
R Boucher, i-acto H M Spencer, Sacto
T G i.obbins. l-acto X Hart, ."antu Cruz
A Stewart. B 1. Oblspo X Reed & w, Ueedly
F A Thome. Chicago. \V srnytiie, N V
M L 31. ry. Chito AOC Ilins, Los Ang
J 1* Kill*, Kansas J M Wright, >acto
H Smith, Oregon Dr J • tott, Oregon
PPria;, Oregon X W Jl arris, Oregon
GF oivard, reoria T Film J , sari Juan
W smith, >a-:u Mrs Tmtle, pavisvlile
a Duncan, .-aoto J li .MacK, X V
J Woodland. Arbuckle IlUas:iD, Chlco
J Kr.ienmr, N V W Coobali-y & w. SKafal
J Murjihv. Los Angeles P S Hunter, arm
X H '-rig.-s, Sta Unl W Darnerfield, a Maria
E J Bryan. Oregon I> A osiram, Yuba
D Kirch. Yuba City C Fowler. s L Obispo
Miss Fowler, a L b spo A Rosendale 1* (.rove
H >eaton, Arbuckle Miss lVierson, Cal
F Freeman. WooJlaud I) Stevens, Kite Grove
J Mitt, Uklab.
W D Crow, Rossland L v cut:ins. Stockton
J Curly it wf, (.hlcaico 'I II Kyan & «i, Chicago
1* Blair, >hliiKle Ing* Capt \v h umphy, Cal
J)e VVaiiDofsuur-j, II na i. nodes, Stuckton
j-. a Gnppy. San Jose A 1* fa;ton, Osdeu
X Wuestner, New York OJ Steams, Oakland
a I. Howe, i-'resno » M Buck, KnreKa
E 11. i-iholJ, Ua^date J W Huwell, Merced
A c Miyder, San Cruz aII Asaly, Stockton
C W Usher, San Jose A Clark, Forest Hill
D Harmon, -Nev City Geo Heed, Cal
V X Cameron. Uanford 11 Todd, Oakland
J U Getty, >ew York AL. Sproule, Chicago
F a Cres^y, Modesto E A Warren, Chino
Mrs li sweasey, i-.ureka Miss Sweawy, J-.ureka
J iiainbettH, .-tockiou M r. Clowe, Voio
W Hunyon, Courtland J Robertson, Forest Kill
O B Hlngdall, Oregon l)r X T (.mild, bonoia -
A 1* Johnson Sonora J V Penman, bonora
Mitt I) Walker, Oaklmid
W H Brott, l-resno L D i'ranton, Fresno
J M -Mar; in, w& d, Cal J J Brown, Benlcia .
P X Calne, Cal M X Merntt, Kuieka
J O'Brien, Kureka M Feahy, N V
Miss M Warner, Cal M Grind. c, Idi»l;o
W F Brohman, San Jose W Slsson, Paso Robles
II McKuen &t, S Jose C Blotudahl, Bakersfle'd
D Corcoran <t w, Cal M McLuuirhliu, L Angel
H G Held, bonora C (• .Michison, i.a
G Hayes, N V J McGee, Moat
Mrs J D Harron <fc f,Mass () R Yules & « -, 111
G Green <fe w, N V Hr* G Hummers, Li
Mrs D Winters, La A Kitieriug, Concord
J Qulnn <& f, Kansas City Miss L Spring, Phil
Louis Leaser, M V I X Manlove, Sac
C Ray, Gait M Mo.vse, Ctilno
A V »iove, Or W A Kewioi, < hicago
J MeCtiuden, Vallfjo Miss MiCudden Va lojo
«.' White, Jjei Mont.: W Alexamler,Gay> V 10
S Auams. Gay .S YCo c H Pooie. Boston •
J J Jury, San Jose X H Knapp, Lynn
0 T Jiiiiisou & \v, S Jose Dr C X .Small &W.S Cruz
F Crow ley, Ml Tamalpais -Mn X W Well*, .-'ouura
Miss We Is. Si.nora . Tl' Block. San Jose
Max Kraeberger, Boston I' Carey, Yuba Co
L B Robersjn, Bono X VV haggard, Mont
C T Jirooks, JJiiluinore Fde V«rr, Oakland
O W Powers. Salt Lane F X Marx, Elk Park
L W Willlta, Brooklyn Mis Tow. rs, fait Late
F H Green, San Rafael X <.: Sewal , Hmiford
V s i oilman, U « N .1 F l;oo.n>on, X I
E s liaricock. Coronado P 1' Kroons, Fresno
>,rs I F lloblnson, HI J W Surburv, .N V
T <• Waterman. s[ Louis W X iJronson, Tacoma
A Hamilton, Albany T 3 Meld, Monterey
Mrs A Hamilton Albany Mrs J I 1 Jones, ,s Monica
Miss M Jones, S Monica C Jl lamp it s, I'itisburg
A a> l'icher, Stanford G W Schlichtc«o, Pln:a
E Bnsssrd, Oakland II >amp'o . Lot Angeles
C Jiarrinyton. Eureka Jti wheeler.Liuenif \lhe
George Kees, Peoria J O Cooper & w, -t Jue
M Thompson * w. Neb M ssMi(i;ieri is, Boston
G B Whitney, Chicago James Burke, Portland
J F Humbert, bn Rafael R ( rowley, Salt Lake
F (.'Rourke, Marysvillo'J McMuhou, .Sacco
S M tsmlth, soriora J X >utton. Angels Camp
\V McKar, San Jose; m Falh., S. Louis
M Robinson. Omaha J R Fie.'man, Visalia
O Kami)', V utua
Daisy Warner Missing.
Daisy Warner, a girl 13 years of age, is miss-
Ing from her home at 3339 Twenty-third
street. Her mother is dead, and the girl has
been living with her mint, Mrs. Thomwardeii,
ior several yearn past, and her conduct is
said to have been the best. Daisy has been
away since last Friday, and af.er her folks
had sciircned in all directions for her they
asked the assista-.iea of the officers of the
Eureka Society for the Protection of children.
It is the belief of the girl's relatives Unit she
has gone to visit a sis'.er, from whose company
they desire to keep her.
I'nhuppy Marriril Couples.
Judge Trouit yesterday granted John Bid
well a divorce irom Mary BicUvell on the
ground ot dei>erUon. The cuttjdy of two
minor children was nwarded the mother.
Ida M Willey has been granted a divorce by
Judge Duingerlield from O. F. Wi.lcyon !h;
ground of c uelty. The testimony, which whs
taken before a rtieree, showed that Wiiley had
caused his wiie «reut meniai pain and anguish
by calling her vile mime?, and that on one oc
casion he Jol.oued up his insults by throwing
a water pitcher at her.
Judge Bahrs has Anna Graham a
divorce from Thorn us C Graham on the ground
ol cruelty.
Mining Dlrec or* Sued.
R. Johuson commenced suit yesterday
against Peter Tauiphaus, Fred B-ieeiiinaun,
Edward F. Liebrick, Charles \\. Lynch and
Frai.k H. Hail, as directors of the Eclipte
Gravel Mining Company to recnver ij^IUUG
dninages. John-on, who is a stockholder in
the mine, cluini* t!>ai jie has Deeri damnge.l in
ihe amount askea for by the neglect of me de
fendants to farulab weekly statement « of ihe
expenditures and output of tiie mine, which
lsbituated in taUveras County,
_— y\ 0 ■ MM^B JM^ I lit I It I\ (ll V
i$ °^
cA.° "I say, old man, my wife's out and I can't find a thing to oVti0 Vti
V^) offer you except this plug of Piper Heidsieck Tobacco." (&sk
£r\° " Well, don't you know by this time that's the only thing I ov*
0 ever indulge in ? " r&^j
£V There is but one best and that one is (fej
$\ Pino* Tnhirm (Champagne &£
y> ilUg IODdCCO Flavor) %
V\o Get a NEW FIVE-CENT PIECE of your dealer: 40 per (^
V^) cent, larger than before. . o\r*
w ...... " . . ......
fc» fe " AT - "fe
164 Golden Gate Avenue, cor. Leavenworth,
Friday November 26, 1897.
At 11 o'c ock.
By order of TEH (ÜBRIIY,
The Contents of Above Stables,
30 First-df ss Mvery Horse-: - almost new 1 un-
ningham Hiiu.-'j 1 i.o »1 Old Hack: 2a Open
Top Baggies: 20 >«-ts of A No. 1 Harness;
lobes; .B.ankets; Office Fixtures.
Sale Positive,
SULLIVAN A DOYLE, Live Stock .Auctioneers.
Office, a^7 «ixth st.
£a> ** && fez
lAI TERSaIL'S, 721 r.uWARD SI.
Tuesday .Nov. 23. 1H97, at 11 A. M.
We ehi.ig from IuOU to 1700 lbs.
This ■ ock Is conalgiied from the country and
will be soid without reserve or limit.
A. F. OKKH, Livestock Auctioneer.
A Donation Party in Aid of
the California Women's
The Indies who are managing the
Women's Hospital out on Sacramento
street have invited the charitable people
of San Franc sco to a big donation party.
A commutes will be ready all day to
morrow and \Vednesday at Ickleheimer
Bros. 1 , 20 Geary street, to receive guests and
what is moo to the purpose, donations.
When Tiik Call some weeks a-io called
attention to tlie needs of this most
worthy charity its appeal was answered
by numerous letters and various sug
gestions for the help of the women who
suffer. From the tone of these letters
there can bo no doubt that the nearis of
S::n Franciscans a:o touched fey the
thutlgnt of ailing motliers suffering for
the want of medical attention.
"If I were rich," said one, "I could not
wish for a better use for my money."
'•If the respectables wont take the
thine in hand," said a letter bru-que in
tone but full of kindly feeling, "let's ap
p alto the sports, the pugilists, who have
hearts as well as fists. They'll listen.
T ere isn't one cf them thutt h;.s hasn't h
warm spot in his breast for woman
The directors of the Women's Hospital
will receive gratefully any donation that
may be of U;e in carrvmsr out their benev
oieru pla^is. They need money, of course,
and one requires not me gift ot prophecy
to count upon tiieir receiving generous
help just now when Thanksgiving
thoughts are thawing cold hearts, and
generous one! are overflowing with sym
pathetic intentions. But they also need
coal, so that that marvelou.s operating
room and i:s perfec:ion of surgical appli
ances may ue of fullest use, a:id there's
some specially benevolent man or woman
in fvin Franc.sco who will make good this
particular deficiency. And they need
groceries, too, delicacies and substantial*,
so that worn, exhauited women may be
prepared physically lor the strain of capi
tal operations, and lhat they may be
strengthened afterward, before going back
to a life of hardship. Linen is needed,
bedding — everything, in short, tl at the
housewife provides wtien sickness is in
her own home.
P" very reader of The Call may consider
this a special invitation to the party at
lckelheimer Bros, on Geary street. It
is a very select affair, for only people who
are moved by thegrncions, beauiilul spirit
of chari y will De there. A full attend
ance is assured. There will be no regrets
except from those whose purses are not so
big as their hearts.
Thoroughbred Yearlings lielonging to
Charles Kerr Sold at Anction
Ye-trrday Altenioon.
Eighteen young thoroughbred running
horses, principally untried yearling?, bred
and owned by Charles Kerr of Br.kers
field, were sold by auction last night at
Auctioneers. 31 and 33 gutter Street.
Telephone, Main 5181.
By Order of the Underwriters.
"Wednesday November 24 1897,
At 10 O'CIOCK A. M.,
We will sell on the premises,
651 Howard st., bet. Second and Third,
Removed from the fcas?ment of the store of
to the above premises for convenience of sale.
The stock mv 'ices
and <onsl*ts of
Llncrustns. Velours, Japanese Leather, Wnito
Blanks, Machine Gits, Ingrains In all shades
and large lots of embossed papers
KD\VARI> si SPEAR & CO.. Auctioneers,
31 and .S3 Mitter st.
the Occidental Horse Exchange, 721 How
ard street.
The attendance was good, and a num
ber of ladies were present.
The bidding was lively. The prices
were mainly up to expectations, the total
amount of sales reaching about $3500.
The following list shows the order of
sale, the animal sold, the purchaser and
the price paid:
Yearling bay filly by imp. Calvados from
Amanda, bought by Gaston Ashe for $130;
Oraibee, chestnut colt bred by L. J. Rise of
Los Angeles, bought by Dan iionlg for $60;
Siccar, chestnut colt bredbvL. J. Rose, bought
by Guston Ashe for $130; Aooraa, a black
yearling filly bred by L. J. Rose, touglu by
l>au Honig for $i>o; Noma, a brown .. earling
filly bred by L. ,J. II >?m, bought by G«ston
Ashe lor $100; ch.es tnut colt by Rio Bravo
from Irene, bred by Charles Kerr. bought
by Stanley or .flOO; chestnut filly by
Apache from Juunita, bred by Chnrles
KiTr, bought by Gnston Ashe for $70;
bay colt by Apache from Lina, bred by Charles
Kerr, bought by P. Kyan for $310; bay filly by
Apache from My Badge, bred by Charles Kerr,
bought by Mr. Farrar for $275; bay colt
X liner, brei by L J. Rose, bought by Mr.
Whlght lor $15U5; black colt by imp. Cai'vad<>B
Irora >olli*< X, bred by Charles Kerr, bought
by Mr. O'Conncll for $130; brown filly by
Apache ironi Play Toy, b-ed by <'har.es Ke rr,
bought by Mr. McManus for*¥3oo; bay co.i by
Imp. CaiVfidos or Herald from K'-sella; bred
by Charles Kerr, bought by Dan Home for
$75! black colt by imp. Cftlvados irom Rillito,
br>d by Charles Kerr, boujjm by M. J.
O'Kourke for $150; chestnut filly by Au»che
from Rosa Bella, bred by CharUs Kerr,
bought by Mr. OHnen for $25; Toluca. bred
by L. J. Rose, bought by Mr. Murray for $500;
black colt by imp. Calvados from Virginia
Dire, bred by Charles Korr, bought by Mr.
F&rrar forsl7s; chestnut co'.t by Rio Brnv>
from Wny No:, bre't by char.es Kerr, bought
by Jim Nell for $160. This ended the Kerr
J O C, formerly owned by Chnrles
Kerr, was bought by Sara Stein for $325,
and John Dale, the two-year-old Spreckels
c 'lt, was bought by Mr. O'Brien 10 - $25.
A Valuable Franchise Secured.
The franchise of easy digestion— one of the moat
valuable in the gift, of medical science— can be se
cured b/ any person wise enough to use Hostet
ter's stomach BHter3, either to suppress growing
dyspepsia or to uproot it at maturity. BMous,
rheumatic and fever and ague sufferers, persons
troubled with nervousness and the constipa ed,
should also secure the health franchise by the
same mnnn.
l)r. Gibbon's Dispensary,
A'lgwCT.^'*'" KEABNT ST. Established
Wlj V^f^ft in '* 15 * for the treatment of Private
Diseases, Lost Manhood. Debility or
H|BB&flHt disease wearing on bodyand mind and
«?SaB^HWME skin Diseases. The doc tor cures when
c/IJBJMgaPKi others fail. Try him. Charges low
OTWMfcrfn Currasiiaranlrrd. Callorwrite.
l>r. .1. F. tiIBBOX. Box 1957, .San Francisco.
wharf, Sau runc.sco. as follows: -ESCk3£
For por.s in Alaska. 9a. m.. .Nov. a, 7, 12, 11.
22. 27, and every firth day thereafter.
For Victoria, Vancouver (B. C), Port Town-
send, Seattle, Tacoma, Everett, Anacortes aal
New Wiutcom ißeilin^ham Bay, Wash.), 9 a. m.,
Nov. 2. 7, 12. 17. 22. 27. and every fifth day thers-
after, connecting at Vancouver with the C. P. Ry. t
at Tacoma with N. P. By., at Seattle with Oreat
Nor; hern Ky , ami Alaska steamers.
For Eureka (Iluniiioldt Bay), Str. Pomona '£
p. M. Nov. 3, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 29. Dec. 3. 7, 11.
15. JO. '-'4 28. J*n 1. 5. 10, 14. 18. 22, .'6. 31.
For Santa Cruz, Monterey, San Simeon. Caynco\,
Port Ilarford (San Luis Oblspo), Uaviota, Sant»
Barbara, Ventura. Hueneme, San Pedro, Kast Sa i
Pedro (Los Angeles) and Newport, 9a. v. . Nov.
2, 6, 10, 4. 18,22, 26, 3j, ana every fourtU day
For san Dieso. stopping only at Port HarforJ
(San Luis Obispo), santa Barbara, Port Loj An-
reles nuJ Redondo (Los Angeles), 11 a. m., Nov.
4. 8, 1-. 16 20, 24, 28, ana every four.a day
For Knsenada, Masdalena Bay, San Jose del
Cabo, Maza'.lan. Altata, La Paz, Santa Hosalia
and Quayinas (Hex.), 10 a. m.. 2d of each month.
The Company reserves the right to cnange with-
out previous notice steamers, sailing dates aaJ
hours Of sailing.
Ticket Otilce— Palace Hotel, 4 New Mont-
goueby m.
UOOI>ALL, PERKINS * CO., Gen'l A?«>nt%
10 Market »-.. Ran FrnnrUcn.
THE O. R. & N. CO.
From fipear-strea: Wharf, at 10 A . v .
FA \)X? <S5 Flr»t-cl»!«* > Including
/VliJu \i&'4. :,0 2d-clnB9 /berth ia**.i
State of California. Nov. 15, 24, D.-c. 4, 14,24
Columbia ...Nov. 19,29. Dec. 9, 19,29
Through tickets and through bagga^a to *„
Eastern point* Kates and folder* upon appU**-
licit W
I.T. CONNOR. n*»n»'-al Aeont.
630 Market street.
fIOODAT.r* PERK IN3 A CO.. Superintondati'.i
@fflSiaiAETtfi) s. s. AUSTP.ALIAfir
Jr^MnKfllliL "° N °Lv L v oal *
iWjfr •/M*E"* SBl * Tuesday, Nov. 30, a; i
Bt -]-— ' flkd ™ r.u. special party ratal.
•i^&aQ-hSamVhin ) The vi« 'Honolulu
Qtlhmchinn) «ail» vla HONOLULU
fVlCdllljllllJ 1 -' nd AUCKLAND tit
/nmßflflL L « SYDNEY Thursla/
CfZJZ \UliipQlC«P i, ber a 2 P. It.
l-iiie a touLUAitDiJi, Anatralla, ana CaP-4.
>■*->', tiLiiiAinua.
■>. U bJttHkLJULLH * BROS. CO.. Agents,
114 Montgomery street.
Freight office 327 Market utreet, ban Franci»t?9
French Line to Havre.
li ki ver, foot of Morton a. Travelers by -^«**»
this line avoid both transit by English railway aal
the d'»comfort Of croMing the channel in a tmau
boau' New York to Alexandria, Egypt, vi* Purl*
first class $itio tecooa cltu 9118.
LA ellAMl'AiiNE November 27. 30 \. t
I.A '1 OUR A lit ...Dececv-ber 4. 10 r.
LA tIiKTAO.NK Perron ber 1 I. 10 a. ft.
LAUASCOUNE (.-.. IS 10 A \t
LA M>i.M.\" H1E..;.. '■ nib-r 25 ■' > '
. JSS" For fnrther particulars apply to
' '; • „ A. FORGET. Aeent.
„ , 5 a ? I !? w ling <;reea, New York,
j. F. JTDGaZI * CO Agent* 6 ilontsomerr
avenue, San Francisco.
Leave Pier No. 3, Washington St..
At (i i". M. Daily, ! i> i^ii. received up
t.i >::{ » P. M.
$[g~ Accommodations ReHerved by Telephone.
111-- only lliih se.liui; through tickets and giving
through freight rates to ail poiu.s on Valle/
. KuilroaJ.
T. C. Walker, J. D. P«-t«r«.
Mary tiarratt; City of Stockton.
telephone Alam 803. Cm. Nay. aud linpt» C»
Hon., Tups., Wed., Thins, and Put
- :-- ..9:45 a. v. and 3:15 p. * (9 F. m. ex. Thnri)
Fridays.... 1 p. m.. it;- it.
buoduys 10:3u a. H. and 8 c. A,
leading and offices. Mission ttoctc, i'itu*
Talepnons Ureen 881. _ :
b (Sundays excepted) ailO a. m. Alviso daih-
(Saturday exceptrd) at 0 p. m. trends : an 4
Passenger. Fare between san -B nra«o •■>*
Alviso, 50c; to San. Jose. 76a Clay K. Vltt i.
41 N. ±'irat «U djuu Joa

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