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m•' ■ ' n -i t
The Grand Jury Makes a
: -.Tour of Investigation
„;•;;:: ," To Find Out.
'■ : ::;' : ~~
Dens of Iniquity Visited and
-• Measurements Taken by
the Jurors.

Nyimes of Those Who Participated in
A he Tour— ls the Town Wide',
Is or is not San Francisco wide open
The Grand Jury s arted out to settle
that point last evening, and the result of
the investigation will be embodied in an
exhaustive report that will be rendered in
the near future.
The recent controversy between Chief
of ?ciice Lee.i and Police Commissioner
Gurtst set a number of the Grand Jury-
men thinking. They thought there must
be firs where so much smoke was in cvi-
Idence.-and decided to make a quiet tour
to. rirrd out just how much there was in
the charges that were flying about
;■ I:t;.was arranged that a tour of the ten
derloin should be made, and last night
was: set for the visit.
•:' In order to make sure that the half-
Id would not be on its best behavior
in anticipation of tbe visit, the date of the
tour was kept a profound secret.
„"■ At 9 clock last evening the members
Of the jury began to gather at a well
known resort, and at 10 o'clock a majority
delegation was there. Those present were:
Chairman Hobbs, Messrs. Hagatlorn (who
piloted the jury), Sullivan, Snook, Battles,
Martin, Stanyan and Cranston. School
Directors Waller and Drucker were also of
the party.
. In order to ascertain whether the dens
of iniquity on Quincy and St. Mary streets
were in a state of suppression the jury
made a tour of tho<-e alleys, finding the
houses wide oren and everything runnine
as though the Board oi Supervisors had
never made an order closing them. Then
Bacon plac\ with it* iron gates, was in
spected and measurements made by sev
eral members to ascertain whether or not
the cubic air ordinance is being violated
/ the inmates of the cslls that line both
i es of the cul de sac.
"V Later the jurymen took in Belden
.place, where the inmates of the dens were
'■%'f-Jifif' to go through their performance
vKirb as much abandon as though the
y'sitors were sporting men instead of se
nate: jurymen intent upon rinding out
I just how far the immoral element of San
Francisco is allowed to co without being
interfered with by the Police Department.
•' The last visiting place was the notori
yittsCremorne on Market, where more evi
,a ilep.ee for the forthcoming teoort was ac
" itnulated. It is probable that the jtirv
.wilt make special rerommendfltions based
Xti last night's investigations regarding
• ; the leys that have failen under the ban
. Of- the Board of per visors.
I.E. Enteric, » Moscow Merchant, £ays
They Are Ni/aring Completion.
. L). Emrric, one of the richest merchants
}:i. Siberia, arrived here yesterday and reg
istered at the Palace Hotel. lie is on his
way to Moscow, where he hai large busi
ne>.s interests.
Mr, Emeric is a native of Massachusetts
"nrid went to Siberia about twenty-eight
rears ago. His shrewd Yankee business
luresi^ht led him to take advantage of
business opportunities, and now be is one
of the richest and most influential mer
chants in the country where lie has re
st..cd so long. He has business agencies
ail 'er the world, the principal ones being
in V.ladiv stock and Moscow.
His ships are many and sail to all parts
of the word.
In speaking of the trans-Siberian rail
road Mr. Emeric said that it would be
Dieted to Irkutsch in a few months.
The work on both ends of the line is
v^w'*ing rushed as quickly as possible. The
I ad wnich runs to Irkutsch is already
Yrruded, and in a lew months the rails will
be Inid.
"Business has improved wonderfully in
the Araoor conn try," said Mr. Emeric.
"A great many ships and steel barges are
running on the river, and It is believed
that when the rai.roa<l is completed there
will be the biggest kind or a boom there."
'-■ DRUG CO. M
1128 MARKET 5T., V^i.,
fan Francisco.' sMsflSJhsStiSiS
.'520 South Spring Street, I.os Angeles.
," let. aid IJroadwaj, Oak la d.
Kocer & Gallet's Extract, I'e?.n de Espagne. ..bsc
ltoger Jt let's l- xtract. Iris Wane S6c
■ l!og-r<k Uallei's Extract, Viatel de I'arme... 75c
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Jj|>^er& Gallet'd i-..\tra</{, Cliypre *1
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I arose 75c
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A klnson's ste lianotls. 75c s ze 55c
crown crabapp:e EzirSCt, 75c size .'...65 c
100-Page Cat-Hate Catalogue Fie-, j
Not a Sure Thing That the
Coveted Ship Will Go
to San Diego.
Mare Island Estimate That $400
a Month Will Be Required
to Care for the Vessel.
Gov. Budd May Demand More Than
Cral Assurance of the Gash
Before Assigning the Ship.
It is not a sure thing that the United
States steamer Marion will go to San Di
ego alter all the talk that the ship would
be sent to that port. U. S. Grant tele
graphed from this city to the San Diego
people that Governor Budd had agreed to
make the assignment of the ship in ac
cordance with the desires of the Secretary
of the Navy and the wishes of the San
Diego public.
It is now reported that the Governor's
promise was not positive, but was condi
tioned on the ability ol San Diego to care
for the vessel. Mr. Grant fancied that
General James' estimate of $400 a month
as a sum necessary to maintain ihe ship
in good order was in excess of the amount
actually quired for that purpose. As
there seemed to be a wide difference of
opinion on this subject, the authorities at
Mare Island Navy-yard were aiked to
make an estimate, and they did as re
quested. They figured that 'the .Marion's
maintenance would cost $400 a month.
The Governor has not receipted for the
-hip and may not do so until the Ben
D;ei<o division presents something more
than oral assurance that tt.e money to
care for the vessel can be provided. When
the vessel is accepted from the United
States the Slate of California becomes re
sponsible for the proper care of the craft.
At a meeting of the board of location
held in this city recently Governor Budd
directed Adjutant-General Barrett and re
quested Lieutenant Hughes of the Unite!
states navy to go flown to ban Diego and
ascertain definitely if the division of the
naval reserve stationed at that place
could take care of the Marion.
General Barrett has not yet executed
the order of tne Governor in this respect,
and Lieutenant Hughes has not been able
to get permission of the Navy Dapart
went to make the trip. Governor Budd
is, therefore, without oftic al intelligence
in the matter. The San D.ego reserve
men say that all the money needed can
be raised by the progressive people of that
town. The San Francisco reservemen, on
the other hand, aver (ha: the members ol
the San Diego division do not know what
they are talking about, It is admitted
that the money might be raised for a few
months, but it is contended that the
amount would not be forthcoming for
every month ot the next two years.
The Governor is net In a dilemma on
this proposition, but he is between the
devil and the deep ten. If he assigns the
ship to San Diego thero will be a great
outcry in the San Francisco ranks of the
battalion. If the ship is assigned to the San
Francisco divisions there will l.c a tumult
akin to mutiny in the harbor of San
Some news concerning the dilemma has
evidently reached the ears o£ the Secre
tary of the Navy at Washington. The de
partment, perhaps, entertaining the de
lusion that more advice wa-> needed for
the Governor, detailed Captain Courtis,
U. S. N., for duty with the Naval Reserve
of this State. Willi the advice and coun
sel, thorefore, of Major-General James,
who was formerly in the navy. General
Barrett, who served in the infanty, and
Captain Courtis and Lieutenant Hughes,
who have been to sea recently, the Gov
ernor ought to be able to steer the ship of
State safely into some poit.
Native Sons Will Give Their
Aid in Making It a
Assurances Received Prom Many
Societies That They Will .
Committees from the various parlors of
the N. S. O. W. met in their hall last
evening to discuss plans to be adopted in
aid of the California Golden Jubilee. No
definite action was taken In the matter,
as they will first hear a report to be given
from a committee of three, who will con
fer with the executive jubilee committee.
Work on the miners' exhibition to be
given in Mechanics' Pavilion in connec
i 00 with the jubiiee began yesterday.
Exhibition spacj ill probably be free,
and T. ii. Gilruour, solicitor of conces
■ions, will begin his work to-day. The
headquarters of the general committee of
the jubilee will be moved Monday from
ma Mil's building to more spaciom quar
ter" in the Palace Hotel.
The committee on advertising is hard a;
work, and the city will be extensively
billed. Lett- rs have ben sent to all
Boards ot Supervisors throughout tn,
State, asking them to anroint committees
to act in conjunction with the members o
the California Stale Miners' Association,
in order to have a largo display in the
mining f ir. A large number of societies
have consented to take part in the parade,
and Grand Marshal Morse is giving hi"
time 10 arranging minor detail?.
The San Francisco County Miners' As
sociation wili meet Tuesday treuin* In
the Wilis building to attend to matter'
relative to the jubilee and fair. Tue can
vass for the necessary funds trill begin on
An invitation will be extended to the
pioneers who arrived In this country prior
to 1843. Sußjiestions for floats have been
asKe.l for by tho float committee. A
meeting of the Native Daughters has been
called for next Wednesday night lor the
purpose of discussing what Dart they wili
take in the parade.
.Missing Juror in the Harry Cooper Case
Makes 111, Appearance.
The trial of Harry Cooper, known as
tne "Baron," for forging mid uttering
checks on the Langham Hotel, will be
continued Monday mornin.-. Yesterday
morning the nnsdine juror, a.'. H.
Chandler, made his appearance 'in court
and when told that his absence on Fri'
day had caused coniderable trouble ami
anxiety tie was greatly surprised. He ex
plained to Judge Cook that he had mis
understood ins Honor's instructions', and
numbly begged pardon for his offense.
lie court stated that peace with bin. hud
been made, and suggested that Chandler
likewise make peace with his ieilow jury
men. A hand-shake all around squared
the jiffa.r. and an adjournment was th
taken until tomorrow morning.
Reprimanded by the Treas
ury for His Arbitrary
Discriminated Unjustly Against
Custom-House Broker
A Strong Hint That It Would Be
Dangerous to Make Similar
Sulings Hereafter.
A few days ago Collector Jackson re
ceived a fetter Irom Assistant Secretary
Howell of the Treasury Department at
Washington announcing tne findings of
tiie Secretary in the matter of the com
plaint made by Customs Broker Thomas
against Clerk Jerome, alleging that Je
rome had discriminated against him in
bis action in the matter of the application
of Rev. Mr. Monroe ior the release of cer
tain goods from the Custom-house.
Mr. Monroe came to this port with cer
tain personal effects which he desired re
leased as soon as possible, it being bis in
tention to proceed at once to the East.
In the ordinary course of Custom-house
! business it would require several days be
fore the goods could be released. In order
to hasten matters Mr. Monroe was intro
duced to Broker Harry Thomas, who un
dertook the task of rushing the goods
through. By prevailing upon the ollicials
to keep the Custom-house open lor three
quarters of an hour the papers were got
ready in the forenoon of the next day and
Mr. Thomas secured the permit.
To his surprise, the reverend gentleman
refused point blank to pay the regular toe
of $4, and went to Clerk Jerome complain
ing that he bad been charged at all, ami
acting as though he had expected that
customs brokers ate quired by law to
give their time and their services free of
all charges.
Mr. Jerome thereupon issued to Monroe
a duplicate permit, in defiance of the rule
which requires the loss of the original to
be first established. In bis protest against
the act of Jerome, Mr. Thomas called the
attention of the department to the fact
that Jerome on a lormer occasion had re
fused to issue a permit to another person
until that person had paid a balance of
$2 90 due to Broker Bolen on a brokerage
Tne Secretary of the Treasury referred
the protest to Special Agent Moore, with
instructions to investigate the matter and
report. That was dona, and the letter to
Collector Jackson followed soon after.
The letter, after reciting the facts, de
clares that Clerk Jerome "ha- been some
what arbitrary in his methods of con
ducting customs business," and admon
ishes the Collector as to the manner in
which the business of his otlice should be
'.'GOLDEN Poities," California calendar for
"1898," Chinese calendars and Christmas
curds .'or the millions. Sanborn, Vail <fc C».,
741 Mnr-ct street.
To Help Little Children.
On January 3, 4 and 5 the Children's Hos
pital and Training School for Nurses, will give
an entertainment upon a very grand scale at
the California Theater. The patronesses have
been assigned their departments and most of
the characters »re secured. Accepts aces have
been received by ladles well known In social
circles. The gentlemen number among their
lists some of the most prominent in business
and professional circles.
Copyrighted l«» 7, by Woman's VTOBJ) Pub. Co K. V., infringers will be prosecuted to the full extsat of the law
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■ a sr-w.nwow.u*«wi runitedStates The name of a man noted for receiving
... Lo. ' . r ., •tw.uuoa.vt.n: salary.
9 -tr P-h .*, sT 4* -t- C ,». Another State of the . J
£.. Ut«,«E«sTfcß United states. , M Ai jy Wune of another Tresl-
3r\ >, ujmk.at j va A place in the **Ju ss."l^M"sU "dent, lie was assassinated
• C*Nw|tNwTl United States.
4r» a. j i- j c.« Another plan in the United lis JiiP it N Name of a distant Country.
. B"«' T " N Btatsa.
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)o in brst-class style; Melton* Cheviore °P ened fur the holiJay trade and are ex- penders in; acceptable gilt ft r husband, en » men. Ur- - A /4 up »^l -r/v o{
to and Rich Vicunas; colors Navy Black treniel - v handsome ami appropriate gir- father, brother or sweetnean; in our brellas from u\Jij lo «^J_.»_l\; o(
C and Snuff Brown; cut long and war- | lnent 3 or the young men; forget-me-not we 1- regulated Mtn'a Furnishing Depart- Swell Congo Canrs 3©c 3
6 iSSg frS, VtS!" ?A.?r.- $6.95 P^«*ii;i*.'' $3.95 !___ . : , ™* S.erl,, Silver ___ |
C Given Away Free. IfOUTHB' BUITB In Caesimeres, Chevi- high.class Mail Orders. 3
,0 wveii /twoy nee. oi^ TweedB and Fancy Mixmr^. made H igh-class Orders. 3
r With every pur flume of tBti.r>o and jin s ngle or double breasted >tvie; round \()VFITrF«? 5
P rT^hln^^,,ar l m-„t n w^ C iiM. ,^on,B cor,,,rs or :t iuare cut; forget-me-not l7s mk'rvr TArtrrTc ° ur ' 8 is the leadln s .nail-order 3
£ made Btron »nd durable, wttta irYurth $10, $8. $5.05 SSS, ti..n given t 0 al! orders, largo or 3
C -trap., s.-.- then in the vrludowi. j— ~ : • PAJAMI. small, and satisfaction given In eicli 9
fe i;,,va„.i(i,ii.im, ! Cap and i •■,!•.- YOUTHS' ULSTERS— Good and warm *7 1 1f l _ M ami ever y reticular case. Rule. 3
(T in- hint; l».-i> HitmiMit w« will preaeat j ** ong * n ' durable, and are the original Jll. rbLhRS for self-measurement, Tape Lines 3
g tli» new K :iiii« of "Con* -Back "Slot m Kings"; in three different colors And NECKWEAR. and General Trice List sent nost 3
U null." The oitl and y«uu £ enjoy it. end styles; forget-mt-not price. C«»> (ir fr _„ f „_ t ,,„ „,1.,.. v , * . o(
£ See ho« limes you cat, caich it. i Worth $5 $4 €>-•'*& tree Tor the tubing. Send us a trial 3
j U i * ' T order any time. A child can buy here. 3
|. I— KMLU'VVIIN Price Does Not 1
I Our Clothing /**%¥ /^'T'LJ I C?l!3 Make Things |
I "Costs Least, . V ,\J 1 HitllHO Cheap Unless a
J Wearsßest." HATTERS and FURNISHERS, There ,s Q ua,= 3
I _ _ _____ 924 to 930 Market St. ity to Back It Up. 1
£ Largest Outfitters on the Pacific Coast. jj
U i«j U^^
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premature decay should »end for my book of 100
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p. a. Mcdonald
Wholesale dealer and shipper of the best brands of
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"Will deliver any amount front a sack to
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Carload orders solicited.
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»*. KOSI'Oi: jieMnTT, Si. D-,
2B'j I:eai-n.t Street, him ft>nn«'iscu. Cal.
a. J. henry, NOTARY PUBLIC,
»JO Telephonu 570. Residence 909 Valencia
street Telephone—", hur^h" 13.
Only- 2'sj hours from San Francisco.
Remodeled and under new management
For rates and printed matter address
||BMM«B] : CiM,roMll
. '■'. -' V""' -^ >^ I SAN FRANCISCO
llMf^^l^^il CHICAGO. [
Trains leave irom and arr at Market st. Ferry.
tan Francisco Ticket ofH~e— 6 »4 Market street.
Chronicle Building. Telepnone Main 1320. Oak-
land Oftk-i — Broadway. Sacramento OlHce—
201 J street. . : *.'. :■
• The Hest Railway— San Francisco to Chi- ago
Look at the' Time of. the California
Leave San Franc 4:30 p m. Mondays and
Thursdays: arrive Kansas City Sf m.. Thursdays
anil Sundays: arrive >t Lotls 7 A. m , Fr.d.i. ■ and
Mondays: arrive Chicago 9 :43 a m , Fridays and
•DIXiNfJ CAP-s under Harvey's tnnnagemeiit,
Buffet smokinic Cars and Pullman Palace Sleep*
hilt cars. . ■ • .
Ibis train carries First-class Passengers only,
bin tin ex ra charge Is made. ■«-•.
The ATLANTIC EXPKKi-S. leaving dally at
4:3) j>. m. cirries Puiiman Fa'ace and Pullman
Tourist .-deep'ng Cars on last time. Direct con-
nection in Cuica;oacd Kan, City fjr a 1 points
' New rails, new t es, new - ballast, new br d ies.
•The shortest crossing of the desert anJ a < ountry
I thai lnteies'.s by its vailed and beautiful scenery.
'ihe li:'<ho,t grade of passenger equipment and
1 meats M Harvey's famous dlulas-rcom*. -
1 .... . ■-.-• . . - -* .
"" ~~~" ' I
»«i"rrui:u.\ rttini cojirA«ir.
(PACIFIC sistkm.)
Tr;iln» !«■»¥«• :iml nit- line Iv arrive at
»*A.N FICANCIiSCO.' : ' :■
(Main lane. Foot of Market Street.) '
CXave — From October 21. 1897. — arrivi ;
•OiOOa Miles. San Jose aud Way Stations... StsStfa
7:00 a BcniciA, Suisun and Sacramento.... 10:15 a I
7:ooa Marysrille, Orotrilleaud Redding Tit
Woodland 5:45p ;
7:00 a Vacarille and Rumsey 8:15p '
7:0Oa Martini-/.. Sau Ramon, Vallejo, Napa,
Caiistoga and Santa Rosa G:l3p ;
Atlantic impress, UgUei and llast.. Si-ISp
ktWANI Ban .lose. Stockton, lone,
Sacraineuto, MarrsTllie, Cliico,
Tehama and Red llliilf 4:1.1? |
•8:»0.v Peters, Milton aud Oakdale »7:13p
0:OO.\ New Orleans Kspresa, Merced, Ray-
mond, Ircsii.., BakcrsOeld, Santa
llarliara, lus 'Angeles, I)cmi: /
El I'aso, New Orleans and East. '" _:_'Hr
0:00 v Vallejo, Martinez, Merced and
Fresno 12:15p I
•l:00p Baeramento Hirer Steamers *9t9-t '
l:»Op Martinez and Way Stations 7:l0r i
S:OOr Livi-rn. re, .Mendota, liauford and
Vlsalia ' 4:13p
«:««[• Martinez, Bau Ramon, Vallejo, -
Napa, Callstoga, El Veranoaini_
Santa Rosa ■■ 0:10 a '
4:OOi- itim.-ia, VaoaTilie, Woodland, '■
7 Knights Landing, Marysville, Oro-
.illu anil Sa. lain. I 0:4»A '
sl:80p Miles, Tracy and Stockton 7«15p
4t3or Latbrop, Modesto, Merced, lierenda,
Fresno,' Mojavc (for ltandsburg),
Baata liar burr, and lio* Angeles.. 7:454 (
4itlop Hantii I'o Route, Atlantic Express
for M,.jiivi. anil East .'... 0:43p i
•53:30r " Sunset Limited," Lea Angeles, El
. I'aso, Fort Worth, Little Rock, St.
Louis, Chicago and East §10: 15 A
C:OOi- Kuroiieaii Mall, 'Igdeu ami East.... 9:45 a
C:UOp llavi-..u.:,. NilcSaud San JoM 7:15 a
ts>;<:n.. Vail,-.,, 17:13P
sMMpOregi I «i>n i, Sacramento, Mary*.
ville. Rudding, r,,itiainl, I'uget
. Soiiinl and laiKt »:15a
(Foot of Market Street.)
t*G:OO.v ) '~f 7:1 3 A
. 8:OOa i Melrose. Seminary Pari., ,I,: ''2 A
10.00* I TO****** Klmlitirst, ii!|3a
<11:00 a I San Leandro, South San I«s4s*
:, fi.oop Leandro, EslndtUoj {Jj}g*
i3:oop V Lorenzo, Cherry, . A .« *'*_t
i-.OOv . - 1 f3:«r>p
3(007 " ,l " * I 0:l.-»p
5:30p Haywards. ' ' i _*__*
7:«Oi- i S:43p
drOOp i Runs through to Miles? .245?
»:OOp , From Miles _______
ttll:l.'u- ' 1 ttl«:O0»
mm " ' COAST uTTisHrS (Xitrrtftr Gauge).
(Foot of Market Street.) i !
0(15 A Mowiil'k,<-'entervlile,N»ii. lose, ton, %
Uoitklcr Creek, Santa Crux and Way
Stations .5:30f j
• *2:15r Newark, Ccnterville, .lose, New ' '.
:-••"..! Aluiaden, Kelton, Boulder Creek, ■ • i
Santa Cruz and Principal Way
SUtii.iis «I0:30a
4tl3p Newark, Sun .lew,, ami Los Gates ... 0:20*
f11:43p Hunters' Excursion, Sau Jose and
Way Stations ;7t2or
from SAX fRINCISCO— Foot of Jisrket Street (Slip 8)—
•7:15 0:U0 11:011 a. U:fl3 •2:00 43:03
•i:O3 J3:00 tdSrji.
from OAKLAND— Foot of Broadwsj.— "C:oo 8:00 10:00 a.m.
112:00 'MO '12:00 •3:03 11:03 "fcOSfJL
.'~ COAST I>l VISION (ilroad Gauge).
■ (Third and Townsend SU) j
C:ssa San .lose and Way Stall, (New
Aluiaden Wednesdays only) 0:33 a ;
9:00 a Sun .1.,,. Tres Finos, Santa Crux,
I'aciiic Grove, l'asn Rubles, San
Luis Oliisim. Guadalupe, Surf ami
l'riucipid Way Stations 4:13p 1
IO:4I»a San Jose mid Way Stations *S:UOa
II:0Oa Sau .lose and Way .Stations 0:35 a
■ •atSwrSati Mateo, Redwood, Mcnlo I'ifrk.
"" Santa Clara, San Jose, Gilroy, i
Hollister, Santa Crux, Salinas,
Monterey and Pacific (irore *IO:4«A
"3:15p San. li.Re said Principal Wuy Stations ****)_
• 1:1 San Jose ami Priacipal Way Stations 0:45*
•3:00 p San Juki- and Principal Way Stations l:30p
3:30p San .li.so and Principal Way Stations 5:3»p
0::tOi- Ban Jose ami Way Stations 7:3«r
tllt43r Ban .lceoand Way 5Ut10n5......... 7:30f
A for Moraiu;,'. 1* for Afternoon.
• Sun! iv excepted. . 1 Sundays only* l Saturdays cnljt
it Metraay, Tbwrrtday and Saturilay nights only.
% Mondays and Thursdays
C IVwdiifuidavß and Sa*s)rd»v>
. ;
(Via Sauittllto Ferry).
Leave San l'rau cisco Commencing Not.
.-.;>"■ 13. 1897:
WEEK DA Ys— fl :3o a. m. :' 1 :43 p m.
SUNDAYS— B:OO, 10;00, 11:30 a. M.; 1:15 p m.
special trips an oe arranged for oy apply-in*: ta
THo-. COOK A SON, 621 Mark st. San Fran*
cisco, or lek-phoniu,; Tavern of 1 anialpais, J
Tiburon Ferry— Foot of Marks; *S.
San Francisco to San Kafael.
WEEK PAYS— 7:3O, 9:00, 11:00 a.m.: 13:3\
3:30, f>:10, 6:30 P. _ Thursdays— Kxtra tria
at 11:30 p. m. Saturdays— trips at L.-i
and 11:30 p. m.
BCNDAYS— 8:00, 9:33, 11:00 a. m.; 1:30, 3:3*
6:00, 0:20 p. M. • -
sun lt»fanl *o «»-i t'rncisro.
WEEK DAYS— 6:IO. 7:50. 9:20. 11:10 A. m-
-12:45, S:4O, 5.10 p. M. Saturdays-Extra trial
at 1 :55 p. m. and 6:35 p. m.
SUNDAYS— BtIw, 9:40, 11:10 a. m.: li4o, 3:4 A
Between San Francisco and Schoetzen Part saaia
schedule as above.
Leave Ineffeot '' Arrive '
San Francisco. ijet 24 I San Francisco.
Wkkk I Sun-- j , )c , s \S? a r - 011 f Sfs- I vf__sT
Days. | pats. j Airattnation. |^ PAYS^ ; __>_____*
7:30 am 8:00 am Novato, 1 10:40 am 8:40 am
8:30 M 0:30 am l'etalumo, \ 6:10 pm 10:25 am
6:10 5:00 pm Santa Hosa. 7:35 pm 6:22 fat
7:30 am Windsor, 10:25 aw
l ytton,
| Geyservillp,
S:3opm 8:00 am Qsrverdale. 7:35 pm 6:22 pic
j I llopland i I "
7:30 am| 8:00 am] Uklah. | 7:35 6:22 pg
7:30 am i - lU:2sa*'
8:00 am GuernevUte. 7:35 pm !
S:3ogK| | 6:22 p«
7:30 am 8:00 am Sonoma 1 10:40 ami 8:40 a*
6:10 pm 5:00 m Glen Ellen. | 6:10 pm I 6:22 Pit
7:3oamTB:o;>aM! H< . blu . fonnl "" i 10:40 am, 10:2» AM
: B:3ii 5:00 pm "•P—wyoL I 7:88 y M I 6; .j2pm
Stages Connect at Santa Rosa for Mark West,"
Springs; ay. GeyaerVttle for bVtages Springs: at
Cloverdale for the Geysers; at l!o land for High*
land Springs, iA.eiseyville. Soda Bay. i.aliepors
and BartlettSprinss; at L'kiah for Vichy Soring*.
Saratoga springii, Blu. Lakes, Laurel Dell Lake,
Upper Lake, Porno, Potter Valley. Jonn Day's,
Riverside, Lierley's, Bucknell's, Sanhedrin
Heights. Hullville. Bonneville Orr's Hot Springs,
Mendocino City, Fort Brags;, Westport, Usal. °
Saturday to Monday round-trip tickets at reduce I
On Sundays round-trip tickets to all points ba-
fond ban Rafael at half rates.
Ticket Offices. 650 Marketst., Crirontcl« bnlMlna
Fres. and Gen. Manager. Gen. Pass. Agens. -
\ the SAS Mmm Mb m JiJAijlli
"pROM 5EPT.10, 1897, trains will run as followst
Southbound. Northbound, j
; Passen- j Mixed | | Mixed I Fassen-~
gsr Sunday stations. ] Sunday ger I
Dally. | Kxc'pt'd i Kxc'pt'd] Daily. i\
7:20 am 9:00 am Stockiou! 3:4- pm 5:40 pic
9:10 am 12:50 pm ..Merce i. 1 12:5.) pm «:.i,H __
10:40 am 3:50 pm ..Fresno j 9:30 am 2:20 pic
11:40 am 6:20 pm Da: :o. I ; 7:v6am l::( »
12:15 PM 6:45 pm .Visaiia. 640 am 12:40 Ptf
i Stopping at lnterrn«diate points when required.
i — — — .
Connections— At Stookton with oteamboats Of
; C I*. _ 1. 1 0.. leaving San Francisco and Stocktoa
at 3P. M. dally ; a- Merced with stages to and from
Bne!li:.KA c o;i:ters/ide, etc; also wuh stage frorst
: Hornltos, Mariposa, etc.; at i.aakershlm with
: stage to and from Madera.
(Via Sausullto Ferryl.
From Sao Fraucisco, Commencing Sept. 19, 1897,
For Mill Valley and- Ban Rafael— *7 s. •9:30
11:30 a.m.: »1:45. 3:15. »5:15. 6:00. 6:30 p M.
Extra trips for San Rafael on Mondays, Wednes-
! days and Saturdays at 11 .30 p. m.
For Milt Valley and San Hafael-*3:00. •10:00.
• _ •11:30 a.m.; *1:15, 3:00. *4:30, 0:15 P. M.
I Trains marked » run to Sau Quentln. ' « :
I 7:25 a. M. weekaays for Cazsdero and way sta-
tions: 1:45 v. m. Saturdays (mixed triiin) tot
Duncan -Mill? and way stations; 8:00 a. M. sua-
days lor Font Ksyea and way stations.
X *PAf ENTSf ~\_*_
th .-patents: a
V»r c^AJ_-—-_^_-_Sr________r^(> [■<&>_¥
V£^33o MARKET ; STVSJ.^fitf^

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