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> V PAT DEc EM BE It 5, 1897
Pat -T..WIN Theater.- -In Gay New York" •
:. <.o| cmbia Tbkatkb— "A Cavalierof France."
• s-oroscq's CrtßA-Hoih,- On the Mississippi.'! ;
'.'. /I'*7ar IIIK.ATKX- Inros
; uivoi.l Opera llors?.. The Geisha,'-
Ri-.HKrM..-Hlchci„„ Vjmuk-vhi..
■n? I ,'™/^, - torner of Mason and Eddy streets. I
Ba^tonl.adics'Miliiary Band. \
( i i shst mi m, a.— "south Before the War," i
■Monday .".December 6.
... •i 1.m,.-. yyrutul Cou'er;.
: ;'»-rTR.) Rath*. Batbfnc mri r^rfomfiri— i.
aunt m-TKs AN ,, CHUTKB Fkex-Theateb.-
«^rfat ; vaudeville Company, every afternoon and
►Tuning. •
• ; Recreation- Park— Baseball.
Coußfeivc}— At Ingieslde :. irk. this afternoon.
•i alii ;c Coast Jock ky Ci,i a.— Races to-day.
_;EY . >'a'mox. a EirmixsE.- Mon lay. Decem-
ber*), Turkish Rugs, „t •_. v -utter street, a '£ i- m.
By- V. <;. I. ans,; a Co.— Monday even Ing. De- :
cember 6. Uoism. at O -cidenial Jlorse r.x-
cnfinss*", 721 Howard st . at 7:30 v. it.
By A. m. sri-cK « Co —Real Estate Thursday, :
December 9,' at 602 Market street, at 12 o'clock. "
J"* (-.11. Vjmb&kS A Co.— Wednesday, De ember
35.- ■ ej.i Entitle; a. l, Montgomery »m-ei,ai 12 ;
A Chinese Farmhand Tries to
Murder Bis White Op
TLe'y Quarrel Over a Garni of Cards
and the Mongolian Uses His
Sheriff Mansfield of San Mateo County
t-i ltd j ice headquar.ers last night and
invoked the aid of Captain Kohen and
his men in finding a Chinaman who is
wanted for taking a shot at a man named
J nies Sullivan. Sullivan and the China
man are employed on the Jersey farm at
San Mateo.
.. Last Friday, night they engaged in a
game of "draw," and tne Chinaman, find
ing' that he was being relieved of his
"pile, I .' accused Sulivan of giving him
.tire worst of it. Sullivan denied the im
peachment, and threatened to break his
Opponent's jaw.
With an oath the Chinaman drew his
revolver and fired point blank at Sulli
van. The bullet whizzed by Sullivan's
head, rearing a hole in the brim of his
hat. Immediately af c- the shooting '.lie
niurderous. Chinaman fled, and has not
been seen since.
: Ve -lei liar Sheriff Mansfield learned
that - only after the shooting Sullivan's
/assailant boarded a freight train bound
for ' his city.'
He alighted at the Sixteenth-street sta
tion and af>er having a mething to eat
walked .to I htna own, where he is sup
posed to I <• 'n hiding.
■ Captain Bolien, <.n learning the fac's of
-.the ca-e, ;ii ..nee detailed D-t-ctives Gib
son ant Wren to assist Man-field in run
nine d wn the Chinese shooter. Tney
yisit.e.t a number ot well-known "joints"
in -the Chinese quarter, bu w thout get
ting a trace of Sullivan's would-be as
rll.e Fourth Operation on His Neeh Sue-
I ■ cessfully Performed.
". .--nator J. H. Mahoney returned to his i
V/:u..el yesterday from the German Hospi
tal'« here he has had four ooerations per
• formed on bis neck for a cancerous
■prr>vrth. j
Dr. J. F.Morse, assisted by Dr.' H. H. '
Hart and Dr. H. W. Siewait performed
the o i c i" . n, when was both difficult
and da'Jirf ro:i«. Dm- "°,-pr" ss > nator
Miiboney went to the operating La t.le with—
i ut t.,e ie..s. uesaaiiou or apparent con
. cm.
He speaks of those operations as lightly
Unary ■ men do about makinir a trip
• >"h- barbers. Hi.< many friends hope
that a!i symptoms of the dreaded disease
have been removed by this last cutting.
fSJIBL j*tt»« I OU "'"' '''"'" '" v '-" t^HS?'* ''"^
"(r/i/ tcithont pain, '■' ■ -?>& -
LWtJJißßißfltfl "''</ "£ prices Us- ■'"s^SS^-X-'^
| /A4~fc~(r |"a '/"i»i one-half those B3 ' -'r"*
I V^V^l/ll charged by other first- '• '"'■
r /<;>•.? dentists. f*-r"^Jwis;V'''i'
„ drain the ii may be S^^SSjtfMWH
fl/iv ordinary ertmc- , , '
. . .^. made useful by prop- p*Sß**JE'v;> -.-
f/f/?i uttiiout im in f . i ;>- : «;'
«r treatment and *-■■ .-'■...■
crowning. i- .V. ,"• "^' .
2*^Zjj CroW FUHngt, without pain, from... f9e uf) :4> ■ .
Silver Fi ings, without pain, from. .99c up *"*' "* r '
Cement Fillings, without pain, from.99c up
Cleaning Teeth ."»<>«• t , X '" ' ■*'• '' '■
7;»ri/ Filling inter led by us it warranted
y_- <0 6 rrt r/a * • Wor/; p^>r foofa B^"" ""' j
wETz^^. Jim *3.r»0 up. Our Bridge Work cannot be sur- Bj * ' N -'f
MM passed by any drutist On the Pacific Coast. j* J
'-+^' SH af aur Bridges arc made of best materials . '-
cj7i./ rtjv .n'J'd perfectly by a specialist on BmBI»P^1
But very few dentists are successful with
Plate Work. With a first- class mechanical regferViZ-J'-i
dentist in charge of that department we //«)" ' '
?io trouble in giving satisfaction in the most
J&0. difficult cases. We will make you a Piatt -'.
that will fit you from 96. Q0 up. By having f. v 4
i/onr impr(Ssioii taken in the morning yon,
enn get Plates same day. \o c'la.yr for c.r- ffi^V^PSfl^SJ? *
trading teeth when Plates are ordered. l|> "^i^^^^l
aim to please our patriots and give just what 'H'lMl^l^'^
we advertise— good work, performed pain- - ■ - .-^i^Sr"
lessly and at low prices If any of our work *JsfrMC^£^T
fails through imperfect construction or from V ■ v
any cause for which we arc to blame We arc HM^MP^&SJ
Wllr^-— vß^^Mll pleased to make it good. \^m^BmW?rZ?.\ «B
285.1 1 9999fi^ \ Stmt
All work warranted. vMPZ--^ 'ii^fiß
I - Sundays tilt 4 F. M. ' f?ij^s&rfc
Opposite Phelan Monument. V \i ,i '
I mina sprcckels Building. j *"'t'? : ' ,ft fflfci
Cowboy Morris of Kansas
City Collides With Mc-
Cottery's Club.
He Attacked Three Men With
a Knife and Put Them to
Detective Anthony Laid Low by the
Mighty Eight of the Despe
rate Man.
There was a despeiate battle on Powell
street, near Eddy early yesterday morn
ing, in which a Kansas City cowboy and
two policemen figured. Shortly after
midnight the cowboy, who gave hi--- name
as W. S. Morris, staggered along Powell
street shoutini; at the toD Ol his voice ar;d
challenging each passer-by to stand up
and fight him.
"I am the touches man in the world,"
he boast ;ully declared. "I'm looking for
trouble and must have it just to keep my
blood in circulation."
At this juncture three young men
emerged from the Baldwin Hotel. Morris
walked up to them and dared them to
fight him. One of the men accepted his
defi and promptly knocked the obnoxious
intruder down. On regaining his feet
Morris draw a Knife, and flourishing it in
the air declared his intention of carving
the man who had strucK him.
Realizing he meant business the young
men took to their heels and ran alone
Powell strre". At Eddy street they met
Policeman McCottery, who. on being toll
of the occurrence, at once started after the
bad man irom Kansas. He overlook him
on Market street and placed him under
Morris, with an oath, turned on th» po- ]
liceman and vainly endeavored to floor j
him. Alter a short struggle McCottery
threw him and, with the assistance of a
citizen, be managed to handcuff him. ,
Morris was then taken to the nearest pa- j
trol box, and as the officer attempted to
open it the cowboy struggled to break j
away irom him. Seeing McCottery strug- j
gling with the prisoner Detective An- i
thony, who was on the ooi>OMte .due of the '
street, went to hi« rescue. Seizing Morris |
by the arm he told McCottery to rine in j
fo r ihe patrol- wagon.
Scatcely bad the officer inserted bis key
in the patrol-bax when Morris struck An
thony a terrific blow in the luce, knocking j
him down.
He then attacked McCottery. when the
latter drew his club and brought it down
on hi- head.
"I've tot enough!" cried the cowboy.
"I'll go any place with you."
Mi* dtery then rang in for the wagon,
and Morris was bundled into it. After
several stitches were taken in his head in
the Receiving Hospital he was sent to the
City Prison, where he was booked on
charge- of battery, disturbing th- peace
an ' drunkenness.
Yesterday morning his cases were called
in Judge lonian's Court, but continued
unul Monday.
Panel* to I'aint On.
New panels to painton in Persian green and
KO.d cutset 1 all others in artists' material de
partment o! S»nDorn, Vail & Co. *
A Suicide Identified.
The body of the man who was found floating
in the bay off Hunters Point last Friday was
identified yesterday morning as that of Joseph
M. Bjrk ey, who committed suicide on Novem
ber 17 by jnrnDing off the steamer Ba; City.
From statements made by the unfortunate
man shortly before he to >k his lite it. is be
lieved that ids mind became deranged through
nnrequ t-.l love for a voting woman named
Laura Mcdonough. The deceased resided at
159 Corbett avenue.
The Schooner-Yacht Ag?ic Making Port After Her Smart Ron From Seattle, and the Sloop Whirl,
wind in Her New Dress. Admiral yon Schmidt Has Succeeded in Evolving a New Rip;
Which Has Set All the Yachtsmen Guessing. Needless to Say That the Sails Were Made
From the Admiral's Designs^and he Names of Them Are His Secret.
Repurchased From Her
Puget Sound Owner by
E. A. Wiltsee.
Will Asrain Fly the Burpee of
the San Francisco Yacht
Admiral Yon Schmidt Has Evolved a
Surprising Big for the Sloop
The schooner-yacht Aggie is back again
at her old anchorage off Sausalito. On
many an occasion she carried her owner's
colors to victory in a hard fought race
when her principal opponents were the
Lurline, Jessie and Chisna. The first
three yachts were very evenly matched,
and first one would come out a winner
and then the other.
The Aggie cost in the neighiorhood of
$25,000 to build ami lit out, but alter a
time ncr owner got tiretl of her and soid
her to Edward F. Sweeney of Seattle for
$7000. That was several years ago, and
ever since she has been the champion
yacht on Puget Sound.
When the Columbia II ver pilots wanted
a boat they also came to San Francisco
with the result that they purchased tne
Jessie at half her original cost. The loss
of both these crack yachts was a bow to
the clubs across the I ay. and since that
time yachtsmen have cast longing glances
at the Aggie. Finally E. A. Usee went
north and succ-eded in re basing her
hack at an advance of about $3000 on the
price paid by Sweeney for . er. The new
owner at once took possession and brought
her back to Ban Francisco, anchoring in
Richardson's Bay yesterday morning.
She maintained her reputation or speed,
making the run down in very fast time.
As toe Aggie was pa.sing tin the bay
she was met by the yacht Whirlwind",
with Admiral Yon Schmidt on board.
The admiral has made his usual yearly
change in the rig of his craft, and on this
occasion he has excelled himself. The
Whirlwind has always been called a
"freak," hut with her new sails she looks
the Strang st craft that ever sailed the
bay. The wind was very light yesterday,
out the Whirlwind made good time, and
when it comes to a blow Admiral Yon
Schmidt says he will be abbs to outsail
anything afloat.
The steam schooner Jewel his been
fitted out with an electric-light plant. She
will have a powerful searchlight, and the
work of loading and discharging can now
be carried on both night and day. Should
the innovation prove a success on the
Jewel the chances are that every steam
schooner on the coast will be fitted out
with an electric ant.
The Chilean ship Republic, which put in
here in distress while on her way to South
Australia, will not discbarge her cargo of
lumber. Instead she has had a windmill
pump erected and ■ donkey engine put
aboard so that should she again begin to
leak there will be no diliiculty in keeping
the water down.
1 he Par fie Mail Steamship Comoanv's
City of Petting arrived early yesterday
morning, out it was not until "lite In the
afternoon that she docked. Dr. Beede,
the consular surgeon at Hongkong, re
ported that there were five ca«es of small
pox and one death from the disease in
Hongkong prior to the sailing of the Pek
ing. There was also one case of typhoid
(ever and nine cases of puerperal lever.
One of the Chinese passengers died during
me voyage and the body was brought into
port. Dr. Hill, assisted by Dr. Rosenau.
held an autopsy and found that the Chi
nes* died from consumption and Bright*,
After a thorough examination of the
vessel Captain Smith was allowed to dock
bis steamer. T c king i rough! from
Japan 4474 cases of mandarin orange , all
o which will be fumigated before they
are allowed to be landed. The Peking
made the run from Hongkong in twenty
six days and from Yokohama in thirteen
•lays, twenty-three hours and twenty-four
Captain Cooper of the British ship
Royal Forth has several of his crew sick
on his hands. Thomas J. McConbrey was
taken off the ship to-day and sent to the
German Hospital. He is suffering from
pneumonia. Two more of the men have
bronchitis and another is laid up with a
very had eye. While chipping the iron
rust from toe ship's side he got a piece of
the scale into his eye.
Captain Seaman of the Czarina is so far
recovered as to be about again. He came
down from Coos Bay yesterday, but it will
be several weeks before he is able to again
go out in command of the schooner.
Petty I.iiDieniHt Sentenced.
C. W. Campbell, convicted of petty larceny,
was sentenced to eighteen months in San
Quentln by Judge Dunn yesterday morning
Prior to the passing of sentence a motion was
made by the defendant's attorney for a new
trial, which was denied.
Meeting for Young Women.
Mrs. Nellie Blessing Xyster will address
Ihe meeting for young women at Y. \V. C. A
1221 O'Farrell street, on Sunday at 3 p.m. aT
young women cordially invited.
All -America Barely Beat J.
Cal wing's Baseball
J, Frank Eline Witnessed the
Game With Many Conflict
ing Emotions.
A Hot Double-Play Which Created
Consternation Among the
J. Cal Ewing, manager of the Reliance
baseball team, v.a< a happy man last
night. He wa- far happier than the man
yesterday afternoon who picked six win
ners at Ingieslde, and who had a com
fortable wad on the result of each race.
Reliance went up against that great ag
gregation of Eastern ball players, All-
America, who with Baltimore came out
here to illustrate bow .he national game
should be played. Baltimore recently
went down before the crack Gilt Edte,
and yesterday, up to the conclusion of the
first half of the ninth, it looked at all
times squally for the Easterners.
It was a great game, full of snap and
ginger, and was played in one hour aud
five minute*.
J. Frank Kline's face was a study as he
sat in the grand stand and watched the
: playing. It revealed as many conflicting
i emotions as a Chinese funeral. Eline is
general manager for the Eastern teams.
tie has offered $50 for any and every club
j de. eating either the All America or Balti
| more, and th re « as no time in the entire'
game when that $50 was not in danger of
being piit'ed down by the clever players
that J. Cal Ewtng imported from across
the bay.
Reliance was strengthened by Hennes
sey, the great first baseman of Gilt Edge
and Smith of the Hees< man«, while Mu-t!
man of Tie Alerts shot the ball over the
plate. Hennessjy played a brilliant
name at the initial cushion. He made
some remarkably clever stops, covered a
big extent of territory and did it well.
Smith fielded his position cleverly and
Miskiman had the hard-hitting All-
Americas down to seven base hits, four of
which were made in the last half of the
fourth Inning, bringing in the only earned
run in the game.
In this inning it looked had for Reli
ance, and Eline's face for some time wore
a smile as broad as the gap between
Judge Denny and Imp. Trippling for tne
Raticho del Paso stakes, bin when the
great douule play was made Eline became
.is pensive as a funeral service. It was a
rapid double play and was as full of aston- l
ishment as a powder explosion.
Biliy Lange was first at tat. He
smashed one into the right garden. It
was a safe crack. O'Brien dropped one
into left field for a cushion. Stahi sent a
sizxling grounder into the same territory.
Three men on bases and no one out. j
Collins sent one 10 center and Lange |
scores; still three men on bases. Tebeau
sent a terrific drive to Fred Lance. The
great third baseman made a beautiful
stop and sent the ball to Stanley, forcing
O'Brien at the plate. Stanley threw
swiftly to Hennessey, and Tebeau walked
to the bench, while the crowd yelled.
Powell flew to Borland, and Stall! and
Collins were left on bases.
Mclntyre in right made two brilliant
catches, and Borland in left one. Smith
in the last half of the fourth made a pretty
pick-up of a hot drive from Tebeau bat.
Stanley's throwing was a feature, All-
Ani«rica failing to make a stolen base.
All-America played a great game, as the
score shows:
RttLUSCE. AB. R. BH. SB. 1»0 a. T.
Van llnltii-n. C. J.. 2 U 1 o 8 0 U
HUejr, '.ib 4 0 o v a I 0
Lange. 3I) 4 « 0 1 a a 1
Hennessey, 1b.... 4 ° 1 " 10 o 0
Borland, l. f 4 O U O 1 o 0
Man cv, c 4 0 1 II 3 1 v
Smith. -.8 4 0 0 0 1 i v
Mclniyr*. 1. f 4 0 0 0 a 0 0 !
Moskiman, p. 2 0 0 0 0 '3 ]
Totals- 32 0 3 1 k4 "g "2 I
AI.LrAMKBICA. AB. B. Bit. SB. I'll A X I
Burkett. 1. * 3 0 0 O o 0 0
Lange, 1 b a 1 2 0 13 0 n'
O'Brien, 8. s 4 0 1 (l •_> 3 5 |
s-iahl. r. r 4 0 1 (i i 0 B
l.l.ins. 3 b 4 0 1 I) 3 1 0 '
'lebeau, a b 3 0 0 0 1 k ii i
Powell, c. t 3 0 10 2 0 0
Donahue, c 2 1 1 0 3 y n I
Battings, p 3 0 v 0 a v 0'
Total -29 2 7 0 27 12 "2 j
. /- ..- RUNS BY IXSIXns.
Reliance 0 000000 0 0— 0 1
Base hits 0 OlOUi 10 0— 'l
All-America 0 01001oo«— 2'
Base hits- »• 010l4lo»— 7 i
' K.i mod runs— All Amerca 1. Sacrifice hits— I
Mas. nits 2, Donahue. Base on errors— Keliai.ce
2. Base on balls— Reliance a. All America 2 Let
on bases— Reliance », All America 0. >,ruckou'
— I'.y Mosklmau 1. by Hastings 1. Hit try pitcher
—Fred l.anxe. Double plays— l.ai»:;e 10 Stanley to
Hennessey: O'Brien to Lange. , asied bulla—
Sianier 1, Donahue 1. Time of game, 1 :05 I m
pire, McDona d. Official scorer, 1 d«ar V. Hum
An Address by l»r. Urmy.
Rev. W. S. Urniy, D.D., will address a meet
ing lor men only at the Young Men's Chris
tian Association Hall, Mason aid Ellis streets
'his after "oon at 3 o'clock; subj ct, "Dynamic
Religion. " All young men welcome.
Charged With Selling Out
the Citizen's Democratic
; Was Promised the Support of
the Yellow Journal in
The Committemen in Eight of the
Districts Do Not Consent
to the Sale.
There is a large storm cloud gathering
over the political camp of Buckley's
"business men." It is expected to gether
force sufficient to break to-morrow night
and wipe out of existence the newly or
ganized Citizens' Democratic party.
Those who were th • foremost spirits in
| the formation of the organization now
I declare with bitterness that they have
j been sold out by Recorder Tom Giynn.
j They charge that, in the hope of advanc
j ing his own political interests, Glynn
| bartered away the party on the frail
i promise of the Examiner to support him
j in his candidacy at the next municipal
| election. There is open revolt in eight of
j the Assembly district- and the members
announce that, whi.'e Glynn may have
' made a sale, he will never be abie to de
liver them to the yellow journal.
"It is a story of the worst kind of
! treachery." said one of the members of
: the General Committee yesterday, "and I
I predict that Glynn, instead of having
j benefited tiimse.f by his trade, has killed
himself politically. When we were re
fused recognition in the last campaign
! we organized as the Citizens' Anti-Charier
party and placed a ticket in in* Held. We
were then and still are loyal Democrats.
We thought that the trouble would die
out after the election was over, but we
were mistaken. The Raineyites and the
| Sulivanites looked upon us as black
sheep and in every way possible tried to
I drive us out of the ranks.
"We then went quietly about forming
. an organization in the different districts,
j so that when the next campaign opened
we would be in a position to take an active
hand in the primary tight. We felt that
we had the working force behind us, and
that if the Stratton primary law was de
clared constitutional we w'ouid be able in
a fair battle and honest count to win the
NOWTO Ml, 1898.
whaFfor? jf£r3|
= • 1 \W/. "i~ "i
zzzz: L3l *fcr *M
First— For a thorough, scientific exam- extraordinary and unprecedented offer ot
ination of your eyes and the furnishing of attending to all cases, including glasse ,
j glasses. This means a complete diagnosis * or $5 (rive dollars), for the sole an..
of the different eye conditions— namely. U "'<l ,ie • jvpose of demonstrating to people
re^cory. ocular, pb„,„l„ g , M l. ,„«. rirst — ilie practical importance of hnv-
refractory, muscu.ar, physiological, ana- in^ their eyes attended to right w^h per-
tomical and pathological, and hence the fectly fitted glasses.
proper, accurate determining of the trou- Second— That this same work of fitting
ble. glasses is one demanding the greatest 01
Second— For superior services rendered "fewness and «kill, combined with ex-
in the way of glasses fitted perfectly. ceedins care and attention, besides being
m■ , V" ~ aM , • , .. assisted with the best and most modem
Tlnrd-G.a-ses needed furnished to pa- instrument and appliances.
tients, with examination and fitting, for Third— That Drs. Seymour & Co. are
$5. . Five dollars oniy for all, each and oculists as well as opticians, and are in a
every case. position to do all optical and eye work in
rgz^-r^.rltY' a superior manner, v
y&^^^-S&s "*-'^t?sj^^§S. Bo not forget that until January 1, 1898
J^??^z!&£i£ ijgG^? !^~'^&b tin-* important offer will be exteuded to
V^^^, ; I 55.00 only 55.00
REMEMBER |dbs,w.lseymour&co m
Drs. .Seymour & Co. are oculists and g\r*-r llim . rT
opticians, acknowledged experts in this . 927 MARKET STREET,
line of work, making an exclusive special- san fbancisco, California
ty of eye trouble.-, and their treatment, >-»i<«ubma.
mostly from a physiological standpoint. Koo » n » 4 1"'. 416, 417. 418.
Their facilities in instruments and appli- EMMA SPRkckels BUILDING,
ances, commodious and inviting apart- Take Elevator to Fourth Floor
ments are second to none in the city of Telephone: Jessie 1551
San Francisco. They make the abivel office Hours-© to 7.

majority of the delegates to the municipal
and State conventions. We were to work
together without any boss and show the
people that we were sincere in our inten
tion to wrest the Democratic party from
the bands of the bosses. Our plans were
well laid, but it remained ior Tom Givnn
to spoil them.
"At the meeting held a few weeks* ago,
when we disbanded as ths Anti-Charter
party and reorganized as the Citizen's
Democratic party, James O'Connor, a
friend of Glynn' , was in the chair.
We had no roil, as you know, and when
we objected to proceeding with any mat
ters 0. business until we -had a roll to
show who was enitled to vote, O'Con
nor, according 10 programme, ruled
Against us. The hail was packed with
Glvnn's deputies end their friends and
they voted v-> out. We then made a bat
tle against taking any band, as an organi
zation, in the freeholder liubt, but Glynn
and his push attain voted us down. A
motion to appoint a committee ol five to
canvass ana suggest the names of free
holders for indorsement was carried by
the same method, and the cb.irman, ac
cording to programme, named Tom Glynn,
Bob Boyd, Carl T. Spelling, W. J. Scares
and Charley McCarthy to serve on the
Spelling. Soares and McCarthy were
Glynn's programmers, and Boyd* had no
voice in the committee oroceedinKa. It
was then thai Glynn played his band. Ho
entered into a compact with the yellow
journal, in consideration of future sup
port for himself, to have the organization
indorse the five silver Democrats and
three Populists on the Cit.zens* Charter
Convention ticket. Boyd presented a
minority report at the meeting last Mon
day night, protesting against the sell out,
but there was no rollcall, and with the
assistance of Glynn's deputies, who had
packed the hall with their friends, the
eight were indorsed. I, for one, don't
propose having Glynn or any one else
peddle me around and deliver'roe to the
Examiner. Glynn may think that he has
everything* his own way, but be will find
out his mistake Monday night when the
sreneral committee meets" in Pythian
"He will find that he can't handle the
Thirty.Jhtni. Thirty-font th. Thirty. fifth,
Thirty-sixth, Thirty-seventh, Thirty
eighth, forty-fourth or Forty-fifth dis
tricts, and he will probably realize that he
bargained ior more than he can deliver to
the Examiner, fie will make a showing
with his deputies, but that is all he can
do. I believe thai the organization will
go to pieces, for no party can exist when
us very foundation resta on treachery. If
G.yr.n is again nominated he will quickly
realize that Examiner promise* do not
compare with solid votes on election
Bob Boyd, who was "opposed to the in
dorsement of the freeholders' candidates,
withdrew from the meeting Monday
night, and says he is through with the
organization. "I have been too long in
politics," said he, "to allow anyone to sell
me out to the Examiner or any one else."
Billy Bell, the secretary of the organiza
tion and quite a power in the Nineteenth
Senatorial District, where he ran for Sen
ator at the last election, is in the same
humor as Boyd. "I will attend the meet
ing Monday night," said he, "but after
that lam through with it. I would not
go then were it not for the lact that as
secretary I have the records of the last
So the indications are that there will
be a hot time to-morrow night in Py
thian Castle.
The New Plumbing Bules Will Not
Go Into Effect Before That
The Health and Police Committee of
the Board of Supervisors decided on Fri
day to lay the new plumbing rules over
for thirty days in order to give real estate
owners a chance to protest against the
rules, if they so desire.
Supervisor Brut disclaimed the author
ship of the ordinance, but stated that he
was quite sure it was not the intention of
the board to vest arbitrary authority in
any inspector to order the plumbing of
any building removed.
He asked the Board of Health, repre
resented by Dr. Morse, to state its posi
tion in the matter.
Dr. Morse spoke as follows:
1 do not suppose there would be any serious
objection to a delay of thirty days to accom
modate the owners of real estate; but if we
consent to that course 1 leel that the gentle
men present owe It to us to put themselves on
record in regard to the charges made through
the public press. It has been charged of late
that this is an ordinance In the nature of a
joi> in the interest of plumbers. That is abso
lutely false, and these gentlemen owe it to the j
Board of Health to make a formal disclaimer.
I also state that the oidmaace is not the work
of Supervisor Britt.
Tne ordinance was prepared by the Board
of Health alter a year's careiul consideration
and study of the nature of sanitary plumbing.
But these gentlemen must remember that in
the matter 01 sanitary plumbing the Board of
Health must always be paramount. I think I
can assure the gentlemen here present that
the Board of Health will at ad times insist
upon sanitary plumbing, not alone in new
buildings, but in the old buildings as well.
With this understanding, therefore, that this
matter is perfectly clear, the Board of Health
will not object to having the matter laid over
for thirty uays.
The committee decided to grant the re
quested d< lay.
ray to-pat; _^^_^ J. -
j Know WM^r^ Yonr
Thy ;'7^7-^Sli: Destiny
Fate. : j JIAJ^ : Foretold .
Every person is especially adapted to some \
particular business, profession or trade which
may justly be termed their true vocation, and .
yet more than half of you are fighting against'
an unknown fate or fame, fortune and posi-
tion, which you do not and cannot obtain un-
til you tind your true vacation.
If you are contented with your present work
you have found your true vocation and suc-
cess will attend you. but if dissatisfied and all
is going against you it is nn evidence that you
have riot found your true vocation. A visit
to MRS. DR. CLARK will soon fettle this
all-important question, and your true voca-
tion pointed out 10 you, and ii pos-
sessed of only a moderate degree of
brains and energy success will be sure to at-
tend you. She advises you with a certainty
by a higher than human power as to tho
proper course to pursue in life. Her descrip-
tions of your friends and enemies are as real .
as though they stood before you. Call and
test the doctor to your heart's content, and '
you will depart thoroughly satisfied that
there is at least one reliable me-
dium and clairvoyant now in your midst.
Nothing in life is too obscure for Mrs. Dr.
Clark to reveal; thoroughly understands how
to prepare and work the famous magic and '
mesmeric talisman, as prepared and practiced
by the Buddhists, Hindoos and wizards' of the
Orient. These magic talismans, when worn '
with the medium's instructions and ac-
companied by her .powerful work, are
guaranteed to give good luck and success iv
business, speculation and all games of chance !
in which success is uepeude.it upon luck. .
They remove evil influences, cure bad
habits, witchery, fits and all long-standing and
mysterious diseases which have bafflid •the ■
physician's skill. The mesmeric talismans
are guaranteed to restore lost affections, cause '.
speedy and happy marriage with . the. ono :
you love and cause your bitterest enemies to
become your dearest friends. Husbands who
have been drawn from their wives by the .
stronger influence of other women or wives •
who have leit their husbands will be united •
by this talisman oi love. Husbands or parents
who have been addicted to strung drink or
who nave been cruel to their wives or chilr
dreu will be made temperate, kind and loving .
by this mysterious charm, and etrls whoso .
lovers hsve sought other faces will be happily
reunited by the same strange power.
If you have lost laith and given up to dcs- •
pair, because of former failures; take i ouruge •
now and call on MRS. DR. CLARK without
delay. Conviction will be sure and happiness
and success will follow.
Office nours, 10 to 5 daily.
Send stamp for circular with special terms, ;
1206 Market Street,
Corner Golden fiatp avp. and Taylor st.,
Booms 35 and 26. Take Elevator.
' ■
(at This Out — Appears Sundays Only.
of It Publishes tte Cream of th«
c< News of the Week and
o, Always Republican , but Always
0 Fair and Impartial in Its :
0) Rendering of the Po-
o, litical News,
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