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'-True Temperance League"
Will Stop the War
Against Rum,
He Who Quaffs and He Who
Shuns the Cup Meet on
Common Ground.
% ■ -
fill Classes of Citizens Expected to
Swell the Ranks and Wear the
Badge of the Order.
. At last the happy medium has been dis
covered. No longer must the liquor
dealers and the believers in temperance
walk in divergent paths. Tiie common
ground has been found that is broad
enough to accommodate the man who
looks with horror upon the wine when it
is red, as well as he who loves to see it
si ark'e and quiver in accompaniment to
L }?st and song.
/^•v-The True Temperance League" is the
name of the organization which is to set
at rest forever the bitter war which has
been waged against "rum" by those who
see nothing in alcoholic concoctions ex
cept ruin here and hereafter. It is to be,
so says the originator of the idea, a grand
obj ct lesson to be given to those who
think that when a man take* a cooling
gloss of beer or a nerve-quieting Swiss
esse he must necessarily fill a drunkard's
Under the beneficent influences of the
True Temperance League it will no longer
be incumbent upon a man who desires a
seductive mint julep or a bracing cocktail
to slip into the side door of a grocery
store, nor will it be necessary for the resi
dent of the country village to ask for
molar's when he means whisky. Mem
bership in the new league will dignify the
drinker, and show him to be a man oi
: honor and resolu ion.
Each member will be provided with a
badge, or button, winch is to he worn
openly on the coat, and this badge teils
all the world that its wearer is a man who
can drink as much as he plea Dut that
he never drinks to excess. Should be ac
cideniallv get to the excess point, then he
forfeits his bad c and becomes published
to the world as a man who is without
Just where th" excess point comes in is
not exactly clear and just what method
will be adopted to tell wnen that point
has been reached has not yet been dc
cl led upon. P. ssibly McEwen's famous
igometer" will be facile I to the waist
coats oi the members and its registration
be taken as conclusive. Until the method
is settle i upon, however, it is the inten
tion to take the assertion of any citizen
who may see the member and report his
P. Claudius, manager of the Crown Dis
■•'.tilling Company of this city, is the orig
in inator ol the new league. For many
J weeks Mr. Claudius lias studied over the
T. r.;r>idly crowing strength of the temper-
V ...ce cause in t c country towns and the
consequent reduction of sales of the
goods which he represents when on his ;
He found that even in the towns where
the demon rum was pushed hardest,
there was a sentiment in favor of some
thing that would enab c a man to take a
small glass of liquor for his stomach's
sake, without bringing upon his head ihe
denunciations of his neighbors, and lie
believes that as soon as the full meaning
of the ieague is known, even the ministers
•will hail it With delight and give it strong
. . indorsement.
i Several other gentlemen in the liquor
trade are deeply interested in this new or
ganizition of temperance, and it has been
decided to complete all arrangements,
ad(p. by-laws and elect officer* next
Thursday evening. There will be an initia
tion fee of $1 50,- which is to be expended
in purchasing the beautiful old and en-
Broken= jiJjHj
; Men ilpSii^^R'
Men Who Have Wasted the Vital
Power of Youth Can Be Cured
by Electricity.
Is an appliance which is known all over the world for its won-
derful tonic influence upon the waning vitality of men and
women. Its touch is the touch of life. Warmth and energetic
health follow its application within ten days. A permanent cure
of all weakness — restoration of new life— is assured in the long-
est standing cases within ninety days.
Worth One Thousand Dollars to Him.
"I would not take One Thousand Dollars for the good your Bait has done me.
I was all run down from weakness and had been wearing a support for years. I have
thrown away my Suspensory and have no further use for it. I believe I am now as
good as any man of my age— 4o," writes S.W. Carman of 144S East Main Street, Stock-
-1 ton, Cal., November 15, 1897.
Dr. Sanden will send you a book upon this subject, with valu-
able information, free. If possible call and see his famous Belt.
Try it and regain your manhood, Life has a new charm to those
'•'. who wear it. Call or address
HP A T OA n\ nCU 632 Market Street, Oaposits .
9JW\m Ms 1. OMWUKLIII, Palace Hotel, San Francisco.
Office Hours— 8 A. M. to 8 :30 P. M. ; Sundays. 10 to 1. LO3 Angeles. 232 West Second st.;
253 Washington street. Portland, Or. ; 935 Sixteenth street. Uenver. Colo.
.NOTJ£.-Make no mistake in the numoer-632 MARKET KTREET. Maka note of ii
amel badges which are to adorn the coats
of the meniters.
These badges are to be numbered con
; secutively, and when a man is seen under
the influence of a "jag," the observer is
requested to take bis' number and send it
into the secretary, who will report to the
league and that bod/ will call in the
badge. There is no provision yet which
will prohibit the wearer of the badge irom
taking off that ornament when he See
he influence to get real wicked b" corning
too strong for htm. But that, with several
other minor details, will be attended to
The advocates of the new idea believe
that true temperance means the use of
wines and liquors in moderation, and that
intemperance may be in ether direction.
li is the idea ot the promoters to show to
the world that all men who drink are not
drunkards, and that the great mass of men
who drink never get drunk.
It is expected that all moderate drink
ers will immediately flock to the new
standard, and by wearing what Con an
Doyle might call 'he "Red Badge of Cour
age" show to the public they know when
they have enough, and always stop at
that point.
The initiation fee will also pay for a
paper to be run in the interests of the
league, whi li will be sent to each ami
every member. Th s paper will give re
ports ol all the meetings, ami also the
names of all who tail in their duty and so
ar forget what is due to theme yes and
their cause as to look too long on the wine
cup, whic . is toe central emblem of their
badge, and get wobbly in the legs from
anticipation or realization.
.V New Corporation Formed. With a
Largo Capital it -hind it, by
a Canadian.
Letters preliminary to the incorporat
ing of an organisation known as "The
Credit Foncier*' were filed in the County
Clerk's « ffi c yesterday. The object, as
set forth in the articles, is to carry on a
credit and bank ng business iv San Fran
cisco. The incorporators and directors
are Jeremiah Deasy. Timothy J. Lyons.
George O' Berne, E. J. Gallagher and i'ran
<is A. tinn. Tne capital -tock is set
down at ?5. C00. 00. wiih 5.0 000 subscribed.
The originator and mover o this new cor
poration is Francis A. Q inn of Canada,
v. ho occupies the position and carries t;.e
honor ot be ng n Queen's counsel for the
Dominion as also a Commissioner of In
sanity. Three of the directors are San
Francisco resident*, viz.: Deasy, Lyons
ami Gallagher. Berne's name does not
appear in tbe city directory.
Ethel and Marion to lie Sold.
United States District Judge de Haven yester- I
day ordered the 'ug Ethel aud Marion to be
so.d to Sniisfy the judgment in the matter of
the claim ot John Hickens and other* for
wjg.-s aueged to be due them by Mrs. Thor
waid. i ii *» master ol the lug. The si c will take
pi ice on Monday. December 13, at 1:30 o'clock.
in from -ii the Merchant's Exchange by the I
United States Marshal.
Kezi i Km. l-v Kstnte.
Th" estate of K'.'Zia Emery, which consists I
of 504 shares of stock in ttie San Francisco I
Gn-liirht Company, tins been appraised at:
$55,2 1-, or $93 a share. i
AEVjixcrs rcsde ou lurniture ana pianos, with
or without removal. .Noouan. 1017-1073 Mission
Sailor Sharkey and Jim
Jeffries Will Meet
in January.
The Heavyweights Were
Signed by the Na
tional Club.
Peter Jackson and Joe Choynski May
Be Booked to light in
"I have whipped every man on the
earth worth whipping, and I can't see
why I am not entitled to as big a purs • as
any man in my line of business who
carries a chip on his shoulder."
These were the words expressed by Tom
Sharkey, champion of the United States
navy, after he had refused an offer ot
$10,0 from th» National Club yesterday
I afternoon to light Jeffries.
Sharkey came down from Vallejo on
Friday evening and repaired instanter to
the National Club's headquarters, where
he met Director Groom. The pugilist was
informed that he could have a match
with Jeffries if he so desired, and was
then asked if he would accept 75 per cent
of the receipts.
Sharkey was satisfied with the offer,
but neither Jeffries nor his manager could
be found and the matter of match-niuk
ing was dropped until yesterday after
noon, when Delaney, Sharkey and the
club directors met to discuss the question.
Delaney wan first to speak. He .said bis
man Jeffries was ready to tight any man
on earth, and that he journeyed from
Oakland at the call ot Director Groom
simply because he had promised the
National Club officers some time ago that
they would haw first preterenco from him
incase Jeffries made a respectable show
ing with Choynski, or words to that effect.
"Now, gentlemen," said Delaney ad
dressing Gri om and Gibbs, "1 am here to
keep my promis although I intended
signing Jeffrie* on Monday to light Jack
son in February before the Occidental
Athlet c Club, because 1 really did not
think that Sbarkev would ever consent to
enter a ring with Jim Jeffries.
"I prefer to take on Sharkey to Jackson,
j if Tom will consent io sign articles, but
j he must do so between now and Monday,
I or the match is off."
"Well, Sharfeey is only too anxious for
the match,' retorted Groom, "and he will
agree to a percentace."
At this juncture Sharkey expanded four
inches and shouted "Nit! I do not want a
percentage; that's all off, Groom. 1
thought the matter over and will take a
purse instead. I don't like the percentage
game, anyhow."
"Well, Tom, old boy, what kind of a
purse do you want?" asked Mr. Groom,
and his lips quivered, fearing that the
sailor would demand $5000.
"What kind if a purse do I want? Well,
I want $15,000, and not a cent less!" bel
lowed the sailor, and his noble chest
heaved again, throwing to the front a
couple more inches of chest protector.
The demand -dagger d Groom and Gibbs
j and shook tbe tiers of hats so heart
j that Delaney ran into the street, thinking
ian ear th ate had struct the town.
The directors fiially recovered their
j equilibrium, after swallowing a gulp or
j two ol midday atmosphere, and business
; was again resumed.
"Do you really mean $15,000, Tom?"
; queried Mr. Gibbs, in his meek and hum-
I ble way.
"Indeed, and 1 do." answered Sharkey,
I am worth every cent of it. Haven't I
| whipped every roan worth whipping? Do
! you think you could get Fitzsimmons for
! less?"
Well the directors and the sailor argued
over the purse question for hours and
finally Sharkey came down a peg and
agreed to tight for $12,000, but the club
could not see its wav clear in offering that
sum and the discussion ended when
Groom offered $10,003, wh:ch Sharkey
blankly refused.
Delaney left for Oakland early In the
day, after informing Groom and Gibb*
that he would sign or Jeffries provided
the club would give 73 per cent of the re
ceipts or a $10,000 purse.
This ended the afternoon session.
At 8 o'clock they met again, and Shar
key, acting under the advice of Eddie
Graney, who is now looking after his in
terest", decided to accept the $10,000 purse
and 23 p-r Cent of the receipts of any sum
collected over the amount the purse calls
for. The winner, according to an agree
ment, will receive 75 per cent and the
ios»r 25 per cent of the moneys that the
pug. l, will be entitled to.
The contest will take place at Me
dian c<' Pavilion on a date to be here
after selected, between Decemb r 30, 1897
and January 7, 1898. '
Sharkey will leave nere to-morrow for
Vallejo, at which place he will train two
weeks. He will then return to this city
and complete hi* training at some place
near the Cliff Home. His trainers will
be Joe Kennedy, Pat Brennan, Martin
Murphy and Jack Sharkey.
Jeffries will train at the Reliance Club
in Oakland. He will be looked after by
■he old trojan. Billy Delaney, wno has
been Jim/ Corbett's most successful
handler. The referee will be selected on
the day of the contest.
Eddie Graney is also looking after
Choynski s interests and said laat evening
that he will try and arrange a contest be
tween Peter Jackson and his man Joseph
to take place in this city in February.
Jim Casey ol Galveston and Jack Stelz
ner signed articles last night to fight for
the best pure obtainable.
One I>ose Mill Slop a Couch.
Dr. Parker's Cough Cure never fails ; try It.
Pries 25 cents. For sale by all druggists. *
Relatives of Mamie Fulton
Favor the Suicide
They Say Charles Martin
Always Treated the Girl
Fending the Coroner's Inquest the
Man Will Be Held at the
City Prison.
The relatives of Mamie Fulton, the girl
who died from strychnine poisoning at
her room, 809 Sutter street, Friday night,
are firmly convinced that it was suicide.
Charles Martin anl the girl roomed
to ether at the home of her uncle, John '
Faiton, California and Dupont streets, for
six montns preceding their removal to the
room on Sutter street, a week ago.
The uncle ays that Martin always pro
vided well fur the girl and treated her as
wed as a man would his wife. Mamie was
of a very selfish disposition and always
objected when Martin "went out with the
She wanted him to spend all of his
mon ey on her. Quarrels between the two
were frequent, but Martin never lost his
temper, and would always let the girl
have her way. Sue drank quite heavily,
and when intoxicated was very abusive.
Once she tore his hat and at another time
b.acked his eye.
All tb3 t me he was in Fulton's house
he was never known to btrike the girl, no
matter what provocation she gave nim.
Mrs. d'Angelius, Fulton's mother-in-law,
says that the girl frequently threatened
suicide, and only a short time ago made
the remark that" she wouldn't live till De
"Mamie was an impulsive girl," said
Mrs. d'Angelius, "and often did things on
I the spur of the moment which she re
-1 gretted afterward. Martin took her up
I and made her lot in life much better than
jit was. I never saw anything to be com
, plained of in his treatment of her.
Yesterday afternoon Martin made the
I following statement to Captain Bohen:
I have known Mamie Fulton for about
seven years. 1 went to dinner with her last
Friday and subsequently left her on the cor
ner ot O'Farrell a..d Mason streets.
1 told her I would be home at 0:15 o'clock
In the evening. I felt despondent and dc
ci led to take my own Hie. 1 went to a drug
store on Sutter street and purchased a 25-Cent
vial of strychnine.
1 then returned to my room, poured some
water into a glass, and then pulled the cork
from the vial. I then took a card from my
pocket Intending to write a farewell message.
Mamie came some about 11:30 o'clock with
another woman. Mamie was under the Influ
ence of liquor.
She came over to strike me, finally hitting
me sever tim"s with her clenched list. I
said to her: "Don't do this; you have com
pany now."
She the i took my hat and cut It in pieces
with a pair of shears. She said: "You «ill
write letters to other women, will you?" I
replied: "Lit bygones be bygones.* 1
The woman who was with her remarked:
"I will go home, Maml •," and bade us good
night. 1 then went to bed and paid no further
attention to her until 1 heard her pouring
water into a glass. 1 should judge she drank
about three glasses of water.
She afterward walked over to the bed and
showed me the empty vial, saying, "I took
this." I said. "My God. Mamie, do you fcnow
that contained poison." She replied. "Ye*. I
know what it is." I then told her that the vial
contained enough strychnine to have killed
twenty women. I jumped out of bed and
rushed into the next room, and shouted to the
landlady to come Into my room.
Hastily dressing myself, I ran downstairs to
the office of Dr. Macßeth, but was unable to
arouse him. I then returned to the room,
when Mamie said: "I was only joshing; I did
not take anything." 1 upbraided her lor her
conduct and told her to go to bed. She did
so, and placing her arms around my neck
said, "Do you love me?" I replied: "You
know 1 do, Mamie, and have proved it."
tne commenced to cry, saying: "Charley,
I love you dearly." At that time 1 noticed
something strange anout her and eoncluaed
that she had taken the poison. 1 accused her
of it and she replied: "I did not; look in the
glass and see." 1 picked up the glass and saw
some grains of strychnine in it. Again put
ting on my clothes I rus down stairs, and,
going to the nearest drug-store, had the clerk
telephone lor a physician. In the meantime
some one had telephoned for the ambulance,
but belore it arrived she was dead.
While ray bacK was turned she went
through my clothes, which were lying on a
chair, and took the bottle ot strychnine. I did
not know of it until she showed mc the
empty bottle.
The Exhibit at the I'm luce Scores a
Marked Success.
The needlework exhibit at the Maple
and Marble rooms at the Palace closed
last night after succeeding beyond the
expectations of even the promoters, and
the door receipts were large and the sales
summed up a considerable amount. Many
society ladies were interested in the ex
hibit and have been untiring tumake the
affair a success.
The attendance yesterday afternoon
was particularly large, a- many of those
who were at the Bohemian Club art exhi
bition afterward went to see the needle
work. The attendance was not solar^em
tbe evening, nor lias it been, in fact, "any
evening, nor did the ladies expect it to be,
but simply had ii open so thai those who
were occupied during the day might have
an opportunity to see those wonderful
works of art done with a nee He,
Society for Seuirien.
The Woman's Seamen's Benevolent and Pro
tection Society, having as an object of organi
zation the establishment of a temporary home
tor sailors, where they may b.: environed by
refining influences, filed letters of incorpora
tion yesterday. The directors of the corpora
tion arc: Susan M. Theall, Veils B. Reynolds
Amanda Trezavant, Alice T. Kuffee and Me
lissa Chadbourae.
Will Play Their Last Games
on California Diamonds
This Afternoon.
Hasty Conclusion of the Man
| agement to Return Be
| yond the Eockies.
i Gilt Edge and Stockton Given as
the Cause for the
To a person born and raised in tho East
: there is nothing like an old-fashioned
' Chri-tnias dinner. Billy Barttie, manager
of Baltimore and late of Brooklyn, and
who caught Nolan on this coast when the
water csme up to Montgomery street, is
of this opinion. Batnie, without a mask
or without a chest protector, received
Nolan's great delivery. He did this with
nothing but a rubber mouthpiece. Old
timers say that for speed Nolan could beat
Nichols, or even Hughes.
T. c Eastern ball-player*, like the chil- j
dren of Israel when they went out under
the leadership of Moses, long for the flesh
pots of Egypt. They long to return to
I the land where pumpkin pie during the
holidays is as prevalent as fake prize
fighters in and about the v cinity of Pow
ell and Market streets, this city.
The Eastern players are getting home
sick. B.lly Lange. the great center-field
for All-America, who can swat the ball on
the trademark and send it out like
a missionary to a foreign land, is
tired. Patsy Donovan, the most scien
tific hitter and cleanest base - runner
seen on a California diamond this
year, longs and sighs for the smoke of
Pittsburg. Stahl wants to go back to New
England and si end his time "getting up
wood" for family use during the summer.
Tebeau, the inimitable Patsey, is desir
ous of meeting Mark Hanna in Cincinnati.
Dr. Pond wants to resume antiseptic sur
gery in more. And so it goes.
To-day the last games in which these
clever men will participate in California
will be played. A more gentlemanly lot
of athletes never came to this coast.
They have captured something far more
lasting and enduring than base hits or er
rors in the error column in the games in
which they have played — the women of
California adore them.
All-America will play Gilt Edge at Sac
ramento, and this afternoon Baltimore
will cross hats with the Olympics at
Recreation Park. Play will be called at 2
Manager McGlynn of the Olympics will
put a strong nine in the field. " The make
up is as follows: Smith, shortstop; Kilev,
second base; Peeples, third bass; Mc-
Carthy, tirst base; Ford, catcher; Shee
han, left held; Dean, right field; Tan,
center fie d; Wneeler or Peddicord,
pitcher; Magee, extra.
Turkeys are as cheap in California, in
fact cheaper, than they are in the frigid
East. They are far more succulent. The
Eastern players are going home because
of the refusal of Gilt Edge and Stockton
to play out the schedule.
The managers of the Eastern teams
would give Gilt Edge but 20 per cent of
the gross receipts of tbe games played in
this city. The Sacramentans thought
this sum too small, inasmuch as they
have the greatest nine in the State. Stock
ton wanted a Sunday game here at a com
pensation which would insure them from
loss. This was denied.
The Easterners have cleaned up during
their stay In this city $2345. This sum is
above alt their expenses.
Billie Barnie, in speaKing about the trip
to the coast, said: "J feel highly encour
aged. We are an expensive company.
The people have treated us very kindly.
I shall no everything in my power to
arouss an interest in baseball on this
coast. Next season we purpose coming
back here.
"We shall bring at least thirty-five
players and form three teams ; perhaps
four. These teams will be known by the
names of the principal cities in the State.
The failure of Sacramento and Stockton
to play the schedule has possibly caused
us to return home sooner than we would
have otherwise done. We have played
out the full schedule of All-America and
Baltimore. Our boys must commence
i racttcing for next season's game in
Bui the California players tell another
story. They say that the All-America-
Baltimore management want it all. After
the novelty of the meeting between All
•America and Baltimore had worn oil, and
the local teams were destined to become the
attraction, the Eastern management only
wanted to give the local players a small
portion of the gate receipts. The local
players, and by this California player- are
meant, wouldn't consent to no such nig
gardly terms, and consequently the East
erners are gome home.
Robbed a Cigar-Store.
The PtKßOiz cigar-store at 431 Kearny
street was broken into on Thursday and
about $G0 worth of cigars taken The burglars
entered the stand by prying open a small
door under the counter, and i: is thought to
have been done about 6 o'clock in the morn
ing, when the policemen change watch. More
cigars were found piled on the floor, which
would indicate that iha thieves were fright
ened away. " _
Gas Company Incorporated.
The Pacific Acetylene Gas Company has
been incorporated with a capital stock of
$100,000. Up to the present time $73 000
has been subscribed, and it is thought the
rest Drill soon be taken up. K. E. Wood of
Rutherlord, Cal., has subscribed for $25,000,
A. K. Mood of Napa. $12,000 and bear* W.
H. -L-iiis, p. W. Rochester aud Frank Faxon
$12,000 each.
George Simons' Residence
on Eleventh Street Thor
oughly Ransacked.
Valuable Furs, Trimmings, j
Wearing Apparel and Other
Articles Stolen,
David Oarbrae, Chapultepec Street,
Has an Early L orning Visit and
Chases the Intruders.
Two daring burglaries were reported at j
police headquarters yesteiday morning,
and in one of them tbe occupant of the
house chased and nearly captured the
Between 7 and 9 o'clock Friday night
the residence of George Simons, 245
Eleventh street, was entered during the
temporary absence of the family. The
front window had been left unlatched,
and it was by opening it that the burglar?
obtained an entrance. The house is near
the corner of Folsom street, which is a
busy thoroughfare, and the burglars took
desperate chances of being observed
j crawling through the front window.
When the family returned, they were
amazed to find that every ro m had teen
ransacked. In the bedrooms the bedding
had been tossed to the floor and the
raattre-ses ripped up in search of com or
jewelry. Bureau drawers had been
emptied of their contents, and what the
burglars did not carry away with them
tbey left strewn upon the floor.
Being afrai i of burglars the family kept
their j?welry in a secret place, and it is
thouunt that the burglars by some means
or other became conversant of that fact,
hence the systematic search made by them.
Among the articles taken were a valua
ble seal-kin cape and collar, 108 yards of
fur trimming, a quantity of clothing, un
derwear and other articles. An attempt
bad been made to break open a metal
bank belonging to one of the sons, which
contained about $5 in silver, but hey
failed and tbrew it into the fireplace.
They even rummaged through Simons'
private papers. >
About 5 o'clock. Friday morning the
wife of David Carbrae, collector for the
Royal Furniture Company, 21 Chapulte
pec street, was awakened by hearing a
noise downstairs. She roused her hus
band and be slipped on his trousers and
c:ept downstairs with blood in his eye.
Before he reached the bottom of the stairs
two men ru lied out of the kitchen and
out of the front door, whicn had been pur
posely le t open by the burglars.
Carbrae chased them, yelling for help,
and was gaining upon them when they
made a detour and he lost track of them.
'1 he burglars got away with his week's
wages and several articles of jewelry,
which tuey found in the parlor.
A Gambrinusian Celebration*
A pleasant social evening was enjoyed by
j the members of ihe Pacific Co si Brewery
! Workmen's Union last evening immediately
j after the adjournment of the weekly business
meeting. At 10 o'clock a band was ushered in
and with the demolition of solid and liquid
f^^^*>' m Sy*Mr'm^r*M^*me m m, -*xs9k.'*x^+>^-m.sVt..<«+.^*t t **„ *>£. ,-*» m -^ '^^/*9JS
(corvaiaHrso hit, at home t»sasuky co., augusta, Ui
Js3 Big Prizes Awarded Every Day. 1
W We Intend that within two years, our FIRESIDE GEM r^v-^^^^-^^^^vs^-^^'^sv-^-^^^^^^**^^^
A MAGAZINE shall have a million subscribers and also that )R R ■ Rnß^PPSarrT^^^f
SMAQA2INE BhaUhaveamiUlonsi,l>scrtbersaiidal.othat)|B, I I ■^S*B a ßaF , s?* VaJuable. '
n^m'^^r^"^^ PRSIES VaJuable '
t* m&SSffl t^fSl^J^ifep' 0 ™ have decided *° spend < Fur Tin: BW set OpT X ™eS teeelv^Taca ear w!w',^v.<
T $30,000 in Grand Prizes, to induce people to become inter- {. Beautiful Gold Watch. Gentleman's or Lady , «i,e, value IM.OD. ( I
A ?»a«y %*•__., -, „ • 3=l / ; FOR THE J,EXT BKST set of answers reeelved each day we »iU(
T 4 Y-JaW 4^ y£/-^S^~ -~>J-J»V Okm *VSBiH&V W" *• nindsome Imported Tea get. our valuation, 111.60. / i
ilW^ V'Tw-k^o^?* «?^S C^WMTHSfHarrieija. answers received each day we will) '
C ™ Jjt^ v J f_ji v'L/vJjstt \*? s !v^*P£!r No Iv * ,0 '' v,:!l P*"' ' * Maznlacent Koaiah Sakili Piaaead and BabyS
A ?'T»<^^ft^'r*«-«*£3^^/ <^ i<An^r\^ ) f O R THS TENTH BEST 'set cf answers received each day we win/
V V g>-7 t VV^i ■ i-^'TF^V ft«V*y WT <?i»o »»s'« Gold Piece, or iftbe winner lives in Canada wewaicrea) i
S>^»^^S^?jfss\ -«<^KSt/ 1 •<_*s\vL f**- 00 Baak of Montreal, Bank of Halifax hill. each day we wffi> 1
A \ ikS V, /C~— —^_ L esNT^W 'its, ) 'OR ALL OTHER SETS of answers received, »i wni jive to eachf
V JS^'Jlif \ 3fw \\\ Mb ' Spvrsoa a Prise listed at or more, with the understanding that yon/ I
A 3 e S(lljQfr'&TsT*r : *\^_ /T^fW r^ t^_vK_y»J)jt i „, C shall not send a cent for your enbseription to FIRESIDE GEM unUI I
w •L^*f\ a«Si-hl* Owl! 1 \ : atLe^l"l U~~^ViSs\'M : it : -" t * f jou know exactly what your priie is, and furthermore that lfaftergvtA I
STaS7I HL«W*i- cV if [•' — ~ ~ V- ' jour *" C, '. T " * 1 not satisfied, you are to hare roar sutecrlprlonf I
A jryA£-\\— *■ •i-Jfe's^-?^ ST^~» ' \!S^[*^^S ) moBfT ** ,k > " iUI !"•<•!•. ate.; so that the whole proposition Teaolvee/
\ _A l.'l. IV *T5 , » erf J*V^&^?Svrt»^- f « T » the east of a poitaia stamp. To a person of narrow ideas tt seetaV '
£ /-if — li » IV 1^ _T_ i*__— - j»<a__je, "o*^l : lijpoj.ible that we should 1.3 able to make such a gigentio offer, but wet
W /A' eft \i r^*-"^3ts^»?^»^^ 3s^f'.\ \ Share the tnone.r, fcrattis anl r.sutation. We k-.^-n .-sartly what we are/ i
\ Jf "> yT^^S^lr^X^^^rS^-rr^^VZiS^^ k« (<h"aiT. and If we can lecirimatclr (rain a million eubscrlbors by this) '
Q VK .• ( ia^O P 'y^Jtf' V\ V 'eif-'<P^^J9 AtS (trar.iiJca, we know that this million of well pleased subscribers canS .
' V^ST-fj),***!^ J. '^i'"-' >r^'^i^ ? h ° Induced recommend FIRESIDE GEM to ail friend*, there b.f I
A V *\V*SKBst^\ vis* l*£d£a* t*T&K*. TuyyS'' Saallutaiaur circulation still further. We are wllllna tosnend 185.000/
y eiw&'JM^'vSSiiJ^ ¥*s WTi_\-— " '^yCSl'f'i.t V n th '' 0 "'"' "■ I!,i '.nsT np a bis subscription list, and when this) /
& v3az_#fflft^Y J 'ift )r — — )pt "^--^ «-'""^sXi-_r_C^- /money Is spent, we reserve the rifht to publish a notlfieatioii that the) \
A *,TO^--*^^^<\"*' "-^^s-_ _ -*r !^~i^?t?^ /contest has been discontinued, Don't delay nntil It Is too lata. V
x ' "*" "*3>ss. . , ifr fimt^Syr t
§ No.i.-ThlißceneUlnAfrlca. 7h3 Negro ladilißently rW^ <b ila*l Y £^&&sM>i^Jk3QiB^ft I
X working keawe his master U near. altheiah Jildden. gfe. *j i fj^^f^?Ww W¥^^^p^ll '
\ «ted in onr already popular monthly household publication. tf, J/^£jiEf, Ka .»^At_ff->-N/ri^eMiTOssw^^ '
-7 «c now make you an offer that ia so plain, honest and nL/ iisWOKSHfi Sffl/^ "VrQ^rWw? 1 #
straii-hlforward that you cannot make any mistake. V{ ~/ F^**H[h KQr A^lj^'-^/ri^cVic^^^ii' '
We now mike you on offer that is so plain, honest and *& WlrOHaEh M|/^ i
straisthtforward that you cannot make any mnstake. WrS !*nTT*TK^ 99V Y~ *$R3mk I
\ we publish in this adv't, 4 Pictare Pusiles, No. 1,3,3,4, I A Vn^7&£*\ ti!x~7&<*7Z ■ - .TXT^IgSsaJ?
A which we want you to study out. When you find the four / / Pr-sV Bl II k^ V<S^ i Ss^^»^''^isi^s^,fKi ,
L' lalislns persons thuadv't, 4 HeturePuialei, No. 1,3,3,4, 1 I /^, 30i|i3r^A_fV_j_«_f^j - * V" yawfcJ!g »gKl! '
inlsilns paraona'and one mlisln; bird that are in the pict- 1 ( fell X X^Sf^^SS. r^t__y f Z^*™*^*=^ij3k\ i
\ urea, mark them plainly » unpen or pencil. Then nil out \ V *t-s£ iS * A *i^T 'Jt—'-^* >^~-^TS: .s "
a the lines on the bottom of this adv't and send to us without _"_Sr~rrja| 9>Y*t* -^^V'^^TVsls^srw^sw'' I
"T a cent of money, or even a postace stamp, then if you are Sir^^^S^H I e^t^T , Tßs!SsrV^7 I '3\4 JS P< H^.'V 1
A awarded a prize, you can if you desire, pet the prize by be- C3\*l*iss> , 5 ; ?l , J& *z±4>iS^-'i' tZ&£j?£ffcfci;
P coming We shall award prize to every peraon "who cor- </^/MSBmsf^Jr-6^-\ ~~S2Vffii»s&Mf?s-'ii; I
\ a year. We shall award a prize to every person who cor- cJe__^^^»3S<S__M-->-\
« rectlysolvoathefoarpurzles.nndoursifts will be folio waj fS®ssS'^fc^3^^ , a tW. V^^^Kelg/S i
I Imported Tea Set. value $1160: for the $22.00 Gold - sßjeTsT W£^Sm\ s^l jpj: tf -* S *V~*; {
watch: for the second best solution each day, a beautiful «?(r lsSi3^?Si SfeT I (vt^feg-i^N
Imported Tea Set, ralne $11.60: for the seven next best -lnOh\ B^WSA Jsfl J*C ~Z$ I
\ solutions, each day, a $9.87 Konrah-Sakih Diamond and JBmiAA* 'I^^C»»Nkl'l^^S , lsSo^^^^i<^ '
W Ruby Ring; for the next best solution, a $5.00 Gold Piece- •^^S^wsa^facTS^?'^^ i
and for all other correct sotutiona, Priaes of Good Value '" w^j rv^s- jf** w^?^~*rf> , m , if \
These prizes will be awarded daily, you will not have to No. a.— The Parrot haa Escaped Irora tha Cage. j
wait a long time in uncertainty before you know the resnlt. Try to find him. . „* -<= . O t
There ts no element of lottery to our plan, it makes no difference whether we cet vm. .nlnHm, »«.tw «• t.». < n iv.j.. "
AUyou necdia to maU tbis.Wt to us and on the day itmche^TSrrillMl y^r^ol^^«ll T tSr^Ho^.hffi i
I ii iissi ; OBsyi.. i P^e the $22.00 Gold Watch, or if second best, the $11.00 *
/AT r )(\V. fi><H-.t beautilul Tea Bet, and so on. We guarantee that we will A
- m y~*7a^*.*£&* -w J \V*"^s>-»<-va»ifc« - <«• »W arf ,y°'» » priia. In order to be quite sun? of a good \
>C /J\ 2zf ll '*^^S j\ >->_e» ■ PP". look very carefully for the people and the bird in the J
iv and for all other correct solutions. Priiea of Oood Value. Pictures, then mark their outlines iuit as neatly as mm if 1
TbtM prizes will be awarded dally, you will not have to »o. $.— The Parrot ha§ Escaped from the Cagt. J
wait a line time in uncertainty before you know the reenlt. Iry to find him. | ~/ I
T:.en is noelerr.ent of lottery to our plan, it makes no difference whether we (jet your solution eorlv a late in the da-r .
AU you need is to mail this iWt to ua and on the day it reaches Waterville. if ?Wr Vet oi [answers "is 7 thi beS yourtS i
in ii ■■ aj^. I havethes22 00 Gold Watch, or if second best, the ?1J.50 '
A_r J A\kb^ «\ beautiful Tea Set, and so ou. We guarantee that we will t
I —y^^a^?- ."£&* J 'at "^ » y,^ ss award you a prlzo. In order to be quite suae of a good \
rsr /An tiZt* l *^*^^/ j\ N^»«a — jg* pri^e. look very carefully for the people and the bird in tie .
SXe«»'. ST V^— Pictures, then mark their ratlines iuit as neatly as possible I
T«a N^_y A ifT'V Vffift'lv. *" a pen or P*" c You can do this well ox- poorly "
n /Hi\l Lr-*E^--f - r * **^. \\, l- j\ &M according to the attention you give to the matter. There la
ML; 'rNf-X^*^ 7 ysl "V~v__ji, IT absolutelY no opportunity for deception on our part we I
r /T » '*~ it N> s ____Sr«.f • cannot afford it. We want to get 1,000,0u0 well satisfied )
r? ~^i M Iv *^sftL „ subscribers and forthatreason wedoa t •■jaeaecninntj" i
ESS I »-«, Sff? Af // f t— — -sfV* ,a>.jw^««- want you to send us even a postage V__ •£- '
' RsM Bl 3Megy ■> J*^^ ft^^Sr^^^^ stamp in this offer nntil yon know ex- i PRi^ESt A
Eyßtl U > >y SlZSZtfri,' *-~ J *°; P<s»«Bf3^g» actly whst prize you have cained by ♦ "1 fc
fej.aT4i '— ' /" y AA— SlSsl =^arr'ir_.sy 7 {T"*',f answering the puzzles. When your J sVa?"^sf t >
■S^jkSl A >" Jr^(~^^/A7i\&^- |/| l\ I anawer reaehea ua, we shall open your ♦ *"" wm -*' __ |
A Py-nV^rtJ V- * l~^/M s«"^ l/ II l ft, 1 ) letter and place this sheet before our i DAli^f % "
0 , KJS;^s*^^eL * Jas /AT' i Tasai ■ V r I li if learned examiners who are in session 'A ■*■*"* ••»■ ♦_ .
f iiS^^fc^^^ pT£&im\y tZ^Sg^rZ&A a ' l - '. . Thalaat mail that we wiU take /ereeiMMUM^ fl
A i^^^fflr^Ei^ : * k /F sv3j/ft*<ti from the Post-OfSce is at 4 p.m. and all mail for us that J
D „-. v "k^ tSj"// mi Jxarr**'' * *Jt^^P^tSS»3 reaches Waterville after that hour will remain in the P. O. (f
A < *fflT5 N iyfc/l I *^ Jajt^ir^SvS to opened as o part of the nest day's mail. As soon \
ffl BsSig3i£&3t£t FJZ \ V "»Ta_ •-"— ~^*>^J>si»' Ji jg*j after 4 p.m. each day as possible, the examiners will judge d
!' &>j2c&Si2ri/&i ' / /s?^sw -Z^^^iSl^^Sa? the aoluiions to the best their ability and will designate I
af I£'****ha£« *»• •^*3__- M "™. " the prizes. We will write to you at once notifying you J
y BtfiaHaßssaSg - — _-^. V^~~^^»-,_ _j | what prize has been awarded you, then if vruare fully a
\ «r» s Pi-* »>,» n.v«-™.^ tt.u>,i^^.^>...v- satisfied you can send your subscription to PTHESIDE GEM 1
A KcS.-FiitdthoFUhennan. He Is hidden naarby. sr .d your prize will come to you by return maU or express. £
T carefully packed. If it is not exactly what yon expect, or l i MM»M»asasssaasw»»awasss«M sjVjw».». t ' \
A what we represent, then you can have your subscription JfA- . ' .
y money back, together with, expense of postage, etc.. incurr- vJ-5? S
xed by you. There never was a fairer offer printed in any &\jH* ' 1
9 paper in the United States. Itis positively above any pos- *LJ P-t-^ j» A
X sibility of chicanery or misrepresentation. Ton need not \ZI Aff-'Ps JCSSaI ' X
A haaitftte in conceting in this contest ever, if you are already ■%K\\y/ / t,!tW ! V • A
7 enrolled in our big list of happy subscribers, we shall, in • fT^'X/lW K.WsSk 9
\ awarding you a prize, make only the condition that you ~{fji[i\\Wnl\vWW*B^^ X
5 get some friend tosend a subscription in order that you may */ft7!f»l V/' L sPHgsSf'X"' ftf 1^ "^wj>— ' £
\ »■»■■« i lasiinj secure the gift Yon can If ]i 7 Y^/is^^r^Sizr^A »^^ l^f m " -Ji \
a i tlflin mr gnr I send your answer at eny I !l, / jcs^* Wfts**. r^ A
'3 WHO WE ARE. Itimofcfore May I. IM, llvr* L JfXK Jri. rfe^Sft "' 9
A i .v „ .^^„ . , _ | but the sooner the better f/ffi&**W*&r\Slsff/tl WSR'V* i -srfc* \
S3 lawyer Publishing Co.. | Only one person in af am JV ft |/, w "*,aos;> , 'W« lr? A^m^J^A\RiXh^i A
r3is a thoroughly reliable con- :il v "will be allowed to /} M V&M Wf lr>vL X
Aicern. Jt is a. corporation, or- tenter this contest. This VJHWaV/^V'X«^ ffPr^cS^S— i A
\f Jgamzed and doing business J contest is open to men. fWkWI TfffiK //\£^\ {ftV^^^Mt- 0
A 3 » ' t,er thelawa of the State of t women, bovsandjrirlso.' . S^\^-^r<^ ' JtjN^t VW^£7i3 » \
m Maine. We occupy a whole t fnited States, Canada [SVV/ fT \, li^^V^^>^Y\Lv"ri d
l J building, and haveoneof the | Mexico and all other fiftLl Ml M 1 Afy^x^r^er-'&'SJ'; f
A j largest pnnting presses in the countries, with theexcep- .Will !Jg\ **X I /'/ * ■hiWiTj ffWl * 2
If world, hundreds v. of "' c . ? ; tion of people who live Or- snl 1 ' ■ , f/^. fl|// , -^r 5 %&l 9
employe? and are known to do I} n Wat.rvilfe .Maine, or it M I A*<7l it'\--^4feT>^s. fiFtr x
a i exacUr as we advertise. As to | mn inre, of Sawyer Pnb- IP W/jMr^Q^S^^A^C^J t\Stfif '■ B
f loiir reliability we : refer to the | üßni4u Bn i4 company- Such ty -4-^^^^^ AWi^ X
dlJeTis'p'^ ■ « ank - ■*»">; | persona will notße allow- - . 4^ %^ •^V-f^T^/lrT* A
nofMTi'n-^en^l'rt , r A Se^i £ ? to compete because if , si—^ ~^lV^ V
A 3?i- . ?i ?. IR-B-Co " a, Ethevsecureprizesitmight \ > J^_ ■' ****-¥» •jEr-TKj L i
/ L?.f.^!7.".' Mau.e. Jt Bp *" m to skeptical persona --Sx^T^s-a-T A
em our establishment. Send this if there was di^honi^v L -~^a^r-T— - ■ - — «»— _*^ A
■ inonresUblishment. Send us this entire adv';, don't clip L ~ J ~=' l^r-^aoe, ■■==_ t i'^sg--, __
i / Write Tour Name, Address, Etc., on these Uncs/*^^^'^~X t
Name - „ „„.„____ i ▼
} Street ........ _ _ _.; >__
) Town — „ "%f / 4
L ■ fx li
}ljfjountir^^^ State ,^....> < J
. AdwSAwitXSt'fo SAWYER PUBLlSniNinMa^^
.•saV'^''^iy^iV-^^sV'v3 I V'^'sSkw %,-Ss^SaiV SV^ S»iV^r '*fc^sS r^»V-i^.-^ ,-^^^ t g
refreshments, the singing of songs and general
speecn-inakiiiK, a pleasant evening was passed.
The members of this union have of late -baep.
working ardently to have the union label placed
on all products manufactured on the coast,
ana the success which has attended- their
effort was coiiimemora.ed at last night's cele
raw to-dat:
Zj \J^^™^mkw
ByMail v
or express.
Your Druggist should
have both. Failing to get them,
send 75 cents for Sozodont or
Sl.oo for both— cash or stamps
— to the Proprietors
Hall & Ruckel
P. 0. Box 247, New York City
London : 46 Hoiborn Viaduct, C. C.
This Proposition Is Made by
The only Specialist in san Francisco Treating
Every Itrm of Weakness and
We guarantee to cure enlarged swollen and
twisted veins, found usually on the left side, tistu a
anddise ses of .he rectum, ami stricture, In one
week. Any form of weakness cured In six weeks.
D scliartres, blood taints and rtsalts of badly
tre d's asesasp cialty.
at office and by mail. :-e!:d for symptom blank
and private book for men.
I>R. MEYER-. Specialist for Men, of the
Kng ish and Herman Expert Specialists, 731
Mar ft Street.
Hours— B to 5: evenings, 7 to 8; Sundays, 9to
11. Phone, Green 601.

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