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emn appeal to Americans, warning
them that Cod will judge them by their
behavior In her case, and i 1i 1 la evident
that she does not ■ chanlcally.
but a? earnestly as any Hebrew proph
.i. Mr. Cleveland's "splendid ability
and rare judgment and Lofty standards
of right" win ht r praise, and she found
Mr. M<Kin!ey "a most agreeable gen
.:>.. both In manner and words." -
Referring to public comment on her
WTiite House, she pays:
"Strangers h-.<- Iced that In no
•hi visited by thrm have
they found th< rules of etiquette so ex
actly laid down and bo persistently ob
; as In Honolulu, when the islands
under the monarchy. It is to be
ted, therefore, that I know what
is due to me; that further, as the wife
of the Governor of Oahu, as the Princess
:, and as the reigning sovereign,
it v.iis not necessary for me to take les
sons in the departments of social or
diplomatic etiquette before residing in
the rational capita] of the United
Siat. s or making and receiving visits
of any nature.
"Possibly, after being privately re
reived by an Empress-Queen, after oc
cupying a place of honor at the jubi
■ onies in Westminster Abbey.
•;t to luncheon by the
Duke of Edinburgh and sitting between
him and William of Prussia, and after
i foreign reception and a Queen's gar
den i. arty, the splendors of the White
T l"\ise mltrht not dismay the s^ui."
In her o\\ n fa
vor, after that of Inherited right, Is one
which should appeal sp >clally xo Amer
-. for it Is that her own people,
numbering 40,000, are In the majority,
American colony having but 3000
souls. This estimai
Bone Imported as laborers. The latest
1 In wa nans.
and mixed descent, 24,000 Japanese and
Lilii thinks that if the Kamo
hamehas, who permitted missionary
rule, wer fit to reign, she, who has
: ' od it.
has learned its wiles by suffering
them, ip much more lit.
Roosevelt Shows the Necessity
Of Putting in Rapid-
Fire Guns.
Wi-nkn'^ses of the Navy Shown by
Improvements Found Necessary
on the Chicago.
Ppp^al Pispatch to The Call.
Call « >fflce, EUggs House.
Washington Jan. 15.
Secretary °f the Navy Long sent a rec
ommendation to Congress to-day for an
appropriation of $50,000 for improvements
in the battery of the cruiser Chicago, and
accompanying it is a strong report of
evelt. in which
he p< : Bomeweaknesses of tht
navy. Mr. . Chicago is
being built at ■•■ Iderably greater
contract price, and
pay? the department will be inexcusable If
it tur new shi;. with
guns for her main battery. It will be
expensive to put four new guns aboard
the Chicago, but no more than
of th'- endture on r-nairs.
In the evtirit of war. if any disaster hap
pened to , ■■ ring to her
ttery, a heavy
responsib llty iv v ■'. rest on the Navy
Department for failing to ask for means
to meet its needs.
"T most earnestly wish we could," says
Roosevelt, "as soon ,-i S possible, with
draw from acth the cruisers fit
ted with slow fire . -mute
Bhips with rapi ; ries. At pr<
the real fighting efficiency of Bhips ilk
the Raleigh, the. Cincinnati, Marblehead,
Montgomery and Olympia, compared with
foreign vessels of the same nominal class,
stands high, while the reverse is th
of ships like the Baltimore, San Francisco
and Yorktown. I have just been talking
with Captain Cotton, who commanded the
Philadelphia when she lay side by side
of the Japanese cruiser Naniwa at Ha
waii. In the event of a fight the Nai
possibility of efficiency probably would
have been twice as great.
Samuel Kybusz, Who Saw Marshall's First
Gold at Fort Sutter, Is
PLACERVILLE, Jan. IZ.— Samuel Ky
busz, the oldest pioneer resident of this
county, died this evening at Clarksville.
Hp came to th.^ State In 1847. He was
overseer at Fort Sutter when Marshall
returned from Colonu and exhibited the
go!a he had there discovered.
Judge A. W. Gray and Wife of Lemoore Celebrate the Sixty-Third
Anniversary of Their Wedding.
TULARE. Jan. 14.— Judge and Mrs.
A. W. Oray of have Just cele
brated the sixty-third anniversary of
tl.cir wedding at the home of their
daughter, Mrs. I. H. Ham of this city.
The sixtieth anniversary was celebrat
ed at their home in Lemoore, at wirich
time a family reunion was h"l<3.
A. W. Oray was born In Phonango
County. X. V., in ISIS, and is now X
years of aco. Mrs. Marenda Purdy
Gray Is a native of Pennsylvania, hav
ing been burn in AVayne County in
Coiner Richardson Says
He Would Have Made
a Fortune.
Was Turning Out Dollars Rap
idly When Raided by the
Intends lo Plead Ouilty and Serve
Time In Prison for His
Bpecial Dispatch to The Call.
AUBURN, Jan. 15.— Richardson, the
counterfeiter, to-day waived trial be
fore Justice Wills and will remain In
the custody of the Sheriff here until
wanted by the Federal authorities.
When that time comes, it Is understood,
h^ will plead guilty to the charges pre
ferred against him by Special Agent
Harris and Detective Alter.
In az\ interview to-day Richardson
said he spent only two months in con
structing his pressing machine. He
ed proud of his invention and said
that with an apparatus such as he
had he could make a dollar a minute.
He could buy the sheet silver any
\\ h<'re at not more than •"'-.' cents an
ounce, thus leaving a handsome profit.
He was dating the coin? ls7:». The
special agent believes that some of the
• '."liars are in circulation in Ban Fran
cisco, but Richardson said he had not
as yet passed any.
When questioned as to why he went
Into the counterfeiting husiness, Rich
ardson had nothing to say. He appears
i.i In- a well-educated man. He was in
ihe War of the Rebellion and is a mem
ber of the Orand Army of the Repub
lic. Richardson said he had no con
federate, hut at one time there was a
man who shared his cabin, and it Is
believed he is now In the Mexican
Suit Brought by a Stockholder
for the Appointment of a
Accuses Directors of tho Company
of Gross Mismanagement and
Palpable Fraud.
Special Dlppatch to The Call.
PRESCOTT, Ariz., Jan. lfi.— A rcm
plaint of a rather urinations! character
was filed in the District Court here to
day in connection with the celebrated
mines In this county of the Crowned Kins
Mining Company, an Illinois corporation.
Suit was begun by Orrin F. Place, ownt-.r
of more than a third of the capital stock
of the company, against the company
also against N. C. Shekels, J. M. Taylor
and Reuben Wllkeson, w. T. Vaadever
and G. P. Harrington, formerly directors
of the company.
The complaint alleges that Shekels and
Harrington own and control nearly two
thirds of the stuck of the company: that
they have so mismanaged the affairs of
the company that the stock of plaintiff
is becoming worthless: that these, with
Other defendants alleged as th'ir I
cause! to be issued without authority >,r
consideration 27 ihares of treasury
stock, a part to Vandever and a part to
Herrington. worth $1 a share and par
value $10 a share, and that on this stock
over $27,000 In dividends has been paid to
Var.dever and the other defendants, mak
ing a fraud on the company.
The complaint further alleges that
Shekels and Herrington In ISM. while joint
superintendents of the company's proper
ty and being in control, had their salaries
fixed at $12i>0 a month to manage a ten
stamp mill and an average of thirty men.
besides $500 a month paid to mine fore
man, mill foreman, bookkeeper and aa
Guilty of Jury Bribing.
PORTLAND. Or.. Jan. 14.— A jury In
the I'nited States District Court this
evening returned a verdict of guilty In
the case of Edward Kilfeather, a well
known Democratic politician, and I. H.
Taffe, who have been on trial for jury
bribing. J. W. Walker. Indicted on the
fame charge- yesterday, pleaded guilty,
and C. S. I'.ratton several month!
confessed to acecpting a bribe from
ISIO. They were married in Funly
town, Pa., December 21, 1834, removing
later to Wisconsin, ami from tha
Nebraska in 1864. Mr. Gray was a
member „f the first Territorial Legis
lature and also a member of the llrst
State Legislature of Nebraska in 1867.
With his family he removed to Califor
nia in 1876. and has since resided in Tu
lare and Kings counties.
Five children are living, one E. F.
Gray of Fremont, Nebr.; R. P. Gray of
Kings County and Mrs. G. W. CoOy,
Madera Greets the Return
of W. F. Baird From
Friends Besiege the Home of
the Man Who Was Re
cently Paroled.
' \ _ -.-'--,
Willing to Extend a Helping Hand
and to Forget His Misdoings
of the Past.
Special Dispatch to The Call.
MADERA, Jan. 15.— W. F. P.aird, who
was convicted in Fresno in 1593 on a
charge of forgery and committed to the
State's Prison at Folsoni in 1895 to
serve a Fix years' term, was paroled
last Wednesday by the prison directors,
and arrived in Madera lust night. *>n
his arrival he went directly t<> his
homo, at the corner of D and Fourth
streets, and has not as yet made his
appearance on the streets.
In spite of the fact that Kaird has
served a term in the pt:iit< ntiary. he
is by no means without friends. That
he has a great many sympathisers in
Madera Is amply evldenci •'. by the fact
that the Balrd residem • t - ■-<!:»>" was be
sieged by callers, all anxious to con
gratulate Mr. Balrd <m his having re
gained his liberty. The sympathy
which is being extended t" Baird is not
of the order that frequently pn
from the morbidly Inclined, or those
possessed of a natural Inclination to in
dulge in hero worship, but from a class
of people who believe he has amply
expiated the crime charged against
him. Kvt-r sine- BalnL's conviction
there have been many in Ifadera who
believe that he was more sinned against
than sinning.
A peculiar feature of thp rrime Im
puted to Mr. Balrd is that do one
lost a cent through th<- many forgeries
credited to him. Some ten or twelve
Indictments were found against him.
He was convicted on two chJirires. and
led from the decision of the
courts. The Supremo Court rev
one of tho cases, and. but for a tech
nicality, .would have reversed both of
them. Tt was v\>-<v. the decision affirm
ed by that court thai Balrd served his
time. All of the other Indictments
against him were dismissed, so thai h<
is now free from further prosecution
on the forgery charges and at liberty
to begin 111
Questionable Entertainment at
a Rich Youth's Summer
Society at an Eastern Resort Shocked
by the Arrest of One of : ■'
Its Leaders.
Special PV«patrh to The Call.
BOSTON, Jan. 15.— There was the big
gest kind of a sensation in the most ex
clusive society circles of Gloucester and
Salem to-day when Albert S. Cofßn, a
very prominent and wealthy young: blood,
was arrested on charges which shocked
the two cities. He is accused of main
taining a nuisance at his summer home
at Wheelers Point, a fashionable sum
mer resort near Gloucester.
For some time there have been well
defined rumors regarding the perform
ances held there, and a Salem newspaper
demanded that Coffin be prosecuted, but
nobody thought that this brilliant young
society leader would actually be arrest
ed. Acting upon the Information forced
upon him. however. District Atttorney
White brought the evidence to the Grand
Jury, and as a result c.'tnn was to-day
arrested on a capias. He will be ar
raigned on Monday. Many prominent
club men and swells arc trembling for
fear they will have to stand exposure
also, and 'several have hastily left the
Gossips say that Coffin's dinners bid
fair to outshine the famous Seeley din
' ncr in all respects which made that one
notorious. •.:
Tuolumne County's Sheriff.
POXORA. Jan. 15.— The Hn-ml c.f Super
visors has appointed K. ].. Price, fdrmer
ly a deputy, v Sheriff of Tuolumne Coun
ty, vice T. M. Fanoey, deceased. M. H
Walsh will be Under Sin riff.
also of Kings County: Mrs. I. H. Ham
of Tular.' City and JudK»- W
Gray of Visalia. The latter has
Judge of the Superior Court of Tulare
County for many years, and is one o:
ih>- foremost jurists of the State.
•Mr. and ftfra. Cray are among the
best known and most respected people
of this vicinity. Mr. Gray is a retired
farmer, spending the later yars of his
life in managing the accumulations of
years. The couple are still vigorous
and strong, and their friends are hop
ing they may live to celebrate the gold
en anniversary of their marriage.
Douglas County's Grand
Jury Will Return
Threats of the Mob Leaders
Believed to Have Fallen
on Deaf Ears.
It Is Certain That Relatives of Über
Will Not Assist in th©
Special Dlsratoh to The Call.
CARSON, Jan. 15.— Before the close
of another week it will be known
whether the members of the mob that
lynched Murderer iber are to be
brought to trial for their participation
in the brutal tragedy. The feeling
throughout the Carson valley is that,
despite the whispered warnings of pos
sible trouble for the jurors, they will
attempt to bring each of the lynchers
to justice, and they undoubtedly have
the names of most of the party.
It requires twelve votes out of the
seventeen of the jury to indict the
lynchers cf Über. There is every lndi
catton that the grand jurors are not in
sympathy with the lynchers, and are
making a full investigation of the case.
There is .no doubt that every possible
pressure is being brought to bear on
the jury to prevent an indictment. If
the lynch. -is can get six men to vote
against the indictment they are safe.
Tin re is only one man on the jury who
is regarded as a sympathizer with the
Ev< rything is being closely watched
by the people of Genoa, ami as lung as
the jury Bends for important witness
es ami keeps investigating it will be
regarded as evidence that It means
business. It has now the name of an
other wurnan who helped make the
masks, and she will be called to tell
for whom she made them. Already the
jury knows the balnea of nearly ev
ery participant in the lynching.
The argument the friends crt the
lynchers are now making is that the
trial of s<- many people l"<>r a criminal
offense will be a great source of ex
pense to the county and bankrupt It.
This talk la having considerable weight
with a certain class of people.
There has been considerable talk ol
a suit against the county of Douglas
by the relative! of TJber, but it is n«*w
quite certain there wijl be nothing of
the sort. When Über was lynched his
v.>s in the East wrote to Alf.
Charts, h:s attorney, for full particu
lars. The attorney busied himself in
the case a good deal, and, &a Über's
unrle was quite wealthy, it was sup
i that momy would be spent lav
ishly to bring the offenders to justice
in criminal suits and civil suits for
damages. As soon as the relatives as-
Ined that civil suits would enst
money they concluded that they
in no hurry to bring them. Here
are pome extracts from the letter r»»
eelved from Otter's sister by his attor
ney, mention of which was made in
The Call to-day:
"The Lord has's'oved me from all
feeling against them. There ■• is no
thought in my •'heart of that kind. The
Lord has filled Jmy soul with love and
good will to everybody, and I can pray
for these fellows" who murdered my
brother. Please read Matt. 5: 44, Ro
mans. 1. 19. 20, 21. I will admit that I
do not know very much. See Ist Co
rinthian?. 1: 27."
In another letter the attorney Is ad
vised to read the tracts sent him by
I hers slater, and look for his reward
in heaven for the legal services already
done for Vber.
California Farmers Have No
Great Stock of Any Kind
on Hand.
Result Will Bo That Whnt Ta in the
Market Will Bring Good
itch to The Tall.
NEW YORK, Jar.. lE.— Tbfl Journal of
prints the following: In a cir
cular Issued to-day Hartwlg & Bennett
pay: "Never before has the dried fruit
situation at this ■iBSWI of the year had
as bright nn outlook for the coming trade
ns it has at the present time. The de
mand is pood, exceptionally so for Janu
ary, and. what is more astonishing, the
stock i.s very "light, and no one Seems to
realise It: from Information that we get
from our representatives In California
(and we have that State pretty well
covered) there is very little left, if any
thing. In the fruit line out there. This is
an unusual state of affairs in that sec
tion of tbe country, as the ranchers, as
a rule. In previous years, have held back
their product for higher prices, and they
would not sell when they had an oppor
tunity, hut -would wait until about now,
when they would be induced to consign
it to Eastern markets to have it given
away regardless of values and to the
detriment of jobbers here who were car
rying stock they had given up their good
money for. This created the wrong kind
of competition that they have had to
meet, as this class of shipments art- sold
to any one regardless of quantity, and at
prices that were less than market value.
Hut this cannot be continued now, and
the Jobbers need not have any fear from
that source, for the Simple reason, ns
stated above, that the Western market
is pretty well cleaned up, and besides,
ever since December 1 the Pacific •
has had s large pilgrimage of buyers
from Eastern cities looking for snaps,
but one and all found that prices are and
have been ruling here ;it lower figures
than on the Pacific Coast. This state of
affairs still continues, and it will be
taken advantage of."
— ♦
Direct Testimony on the Part of the State
Against the Alleged Wife-Slayer
Is Finished.
CHICAGO, Jan. 14.— Direct testimony
on the part of the State against Adolph
L. Luetgert, the alleged wife-murderer,
was finished to-day after 19S hours in
court. Dr. Dorsey was the last witness,
and his cross-examination' by Attorney
Harmon resulted disastrously to the do
fensc, the sausage-maker's lawyer bring
ing out emphatic reiterations ■of matter
material to the State's case. ■„- -, - . . .'
Wften Dr. Dorsey finished Mr. Harmon
asked that the State put Louis Luetgert
on the stand, his- contention being: that
his name was back of the indictment.
State's Attorney McEwen replied that
when, as a lawyer, he produced ! a wit
ness, he vouched. for . his truthfulness,
and, as he. could not vouch for. the In
tegrity of Louis Luetgert. he declined to
put him on the stand.. „ . .
The court apreed with 'the prosecution,
and then notified Mr. Harmon that he
must be .ready ■ to- proceed to-morrow
Cyclist Taylore Injured
in a Bad Spill at
Was Leading Starbuck by a Lap
in Their Twenty-Mile
The Frenchman's Right Shcmlder Dis
located and His Left Knee
Special Dispatch to The Call.
tw.-nty mile paced race between
Edouard Taylore. the French middle
distance champion, and J. Frank Star
buck of this city, at Saengcr Hall to
night, was spoiled by an unfortunate
accident to Taylore. The accident oc
curred on the sixth mile, Taylore at
that time having gained a lead of a lap.
which, at Saensc-r Hal!, is one-tenth of
a mile. On the next lap the tandem
team took him at a terrific clip around
the tureen-shaped course.
As the foreigner turned into the home
stretch the spill took place. Taj
wheel dashed up the incline toward the
outside of the track, and the machine
and rider brought up against a post,
the win-el being smashed completely,
and Taylore rebounding and falling c-n
the track. He mana.K- ij to get out of
the road just as Starbuck and his pac
ers cam.- tearing around the turn, or
otherwise more men might have been
hurt. Taylor., was not seriously injur
ed. His right shoulder was thrown out
of place, and his left knee was wrench
While the rare lasted Taylore im
pressed the 8600 spectators with his
ability. many comparing him with
Jimmy Michael. Starbuck, too, rode
in splendid form, as his time of 10:28 1-2
for five miles shows.
Taylor.- pot the lead at the start and
for the first mile it was a regular pro
ceseton. Then the foreigner began to
draw away. At the end ,f the>-seeond
mile Taylore was almost a lap to the
good, and when the mishap occurred
he was over ;t lap ahead. After that
Starbuck reeled off mile .-ifter mile at
a steady clip, merely covering the
twenty miles necessary to secure first
The one mile international pursuit
race was won by Lamberjack and Gou
goltz, the French team. Time, 2:03 4-5.
In a Drizzling Rain the Crack Marksmen
Contest for Supremacy.
NEW YORK. Jan. 15.— Fred Gilbert of
Spirit Lake, lowa, defeated J. A. R. El-
Hot, the wing shot from Kansas City, in
a 100-bird match at thirty yards for the
Dupont championship trophy and $100 a
side to-day at Dexter Park. L. 1., by a
score of 06 to SI. The match was shot
In a drizzling rain that did not deter two
hundred sportsmen from wading more
than a half mile in yellow mud to see the
contest. EUiot was a Blight favorite be
fore the start, but after the first twenty
five pigeons had left the trap? every in
dication pointed to a victory for Gilbert.
In the first quarter of the journe^ El-
Hot, who was lirst at the traps, missed
his third and eighth.- In his second
string he missed his twentieth. His third
quarter of the match recorded three
misses'— his seventeenth, twentieth and
twenty-fourth— while in the last twenty
five he failed to stop his fourth, ninth
and twentieth. The last two fell dyad
out of bounds.
Gilbert missed his tenth and twenty
fourth birds in his first twenty-flve. They
dropped dead out of bounds. He shot
his second string straight, missed his
fifteenth in the third quarter and then
shot straight until his twenty-second In
.-I String, a grand total Of Skills.
Drawings for the Next Coursing Stakes in
the Southern City.
LOfl ANGELES, Jan. 15.— The drawing
of dogs for Sunday's coursing matches at
Agricultural Park took place this even
ing. There will be an eight dog puppy
race, and a twenty-eight dog consola
tion race, besides two match races.
There will also be a five-mile race be
tween Hackney's thoroughbred Prince
Hooker and a tandem bicycle ridden by
Palmer and Lacey. On the Sunday and
Monday following th*>re will he a sixty
four dog race for a $200 purse. Following
Is the full list of the drawings for Sun
day's races:
BapUl X stake -Rlalto and Rattler; Lady
Agnes and Rowdy'; Bpeedy Girl and
rface; Uncle Tom and Maid of Erin.
Consolation stake— Palo Alto and True
Blue; Cyclone and Butte; Jack II and A.
Guy; (.'handler and Jumbo; Sailor Boy
and Fritz: Monte and Tiger; Humboldt
and Poker Davis; Qypay nr.d White
Chief; Frisco and Lemo; Beauty and
George Lavigne; Ham •'■'■••^ Oscar: Jack
I and Flora; Bounce and Hetty Green;
Klondike and Genera!.
The following match race? wero made:
Flying Jib. Mondaj < • nlng, best two
in three, for $60 purse; Trip, formerly
Doncaster, Monday morning, best three
in five, purse $lw).
At the drawing hold by the Southern
California Coursing t'lub to-night the fol
lowing dogs were drawn for a twenty
eight dog stake to bo run on the grounds
of the club near Sunny Slope Sunday
next: Prince-Hiack Beauty and Juliet-
Dan C: Pope-Snooze and Our Sld-Reli
ance; Sharkey-Peachie and An:-
Punch; Corbett-lSea Hur and B H and
B-Sailor Girl and Tip-Downing: Jack
Dempsey-Silk Jean and Sir Walter Scott-
Speedwell; Queen J-Santlago and Inno
cent Daisy-The Devil and John Mitchell-
Brakeman Soland of Oakland Loses His Life
at Suisun Depot.
BUIBUN, Jan. 15.— Ed Solund. a brake
man on a freight train en route fron
Oakland to flarrTTlinto. was killed at
Sulsun depot About 3 o'clock this morn
A good winter
Medicine is Hood's
Sarsaparilla. It
Keeps the blood
Warm, rich and pure
It builds up the
System, wards off
Colds, pneumonia,
Bronchitis, fevers
And the grip.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Cures rheumatism,
Neuralgia, d\-spepsia,
Scrofula and that '
Tired feeling.
350 pieces OUTING FLANNELS, in light and medium colors, choice Cln §
patterns, regular 10c quality. On Sale at U4u g
200 dozen WHITE TURKISH TOWELS, good quality] large ftf| n 8
size, regular value $3 a dozen. On Sale at ZUU Each g
250 dozen extra large size HEMMED HUCK TOWELS, 25x43, 8
in plain and colored borders, good value at $4 dozen. On OCn Q
Sale at ZOU Each Q
101 0 cases large size CALIFORNIA WHITE WOOL BLAN- «
KETS, bound with silk ribbon, reaular value $5 pair. OQ *
On Sale at Jl*fO A Pair O
5 cases extra large size CALIFORNIA WHITE WOOL BLAN- 0r rfl Q
KETS, in diffetent color borders, reguiar value $7. On Sale at $VIUU Q
For this week we place on sale a special purchase of 4000 pieces of Q
Embroideries (slightly imperfect) at ALMOST ONE-HALF THEIR VALUE Q
ing. When the train was slowly pulling
Into the yard Soland. who was standing
in the gangway on the right side of the
locomotive, missed his footing near the |
southern end of the depot. The train was
stopped soon as possible after the en
gineer surmised that an accident had oc
curred. The body was found near the
main line, the head mangled to a Jelly
and both arms broken. Deputy Coroner
Maynard held an inquest this afu-rnoon
and a verdict of accidental (Hath was re
turned. Soland resided in Oakland and
was about 30 years of age.
Jack Banner Wins His Go With Billy
CHICAGO, Jan. 15.— Jack Bonner of
Philadelphia and Australian Billy Smith
met for six rounds In the gymnasium of
the Chicago Athletic Club to-night.
George Siler, who acted as referee, gave
the fight to Bonner in the third round,
Bonner had the better of it throughout,
knocking Smith down' twice in the first,
round, once In the second and three
times In the third.
Jimmy Murphy of Chicago met George
Kerwin, the club - champion, for six
rounds. The decision was given to Ker
win, he having knocked Murphy down

Schaefer the Favorite.
CHICAGO, Jan. 15.— Ives and Catton
will face each other in the initial game
nf the hadicap billiard tournament to
commence on Monday evening at Cen
"Fire is a good serv- I "\ "T~ 9 "N I
ant but a bad master. 11
Yes, that is true, but how r^ —^ —^
much fire have you got to
make your servant of? -^ -*- -*- " * ■
Mighty little is the truth, is it not? All the vim has
left you, and there is not much else to care for. You
can get that vim back. You can get that fire back,
and " Hudyan " will do it for you. You, with the
knowledge that you have that you are puny — that you
are a weakling and not a man, yes, YOU — go on from
day to day hoping that some miracle will save you. Do
not waste another moment dreaming that way.
You have got to help yourself or you will never be
saved. "Hudyan" will save you. "Hunyan" will
bring back the health and the strength that you once
had. Would it not be common sense to give it the
chance? Do you — yes, YOU — know that it has
saved thousands of men from utter depletion of their
manliness ? There is truth in this. Ask what it has **
done. Come up to the institute if you can. No
cent's worth of charge for information or advice.
Are you bothered with scaly spots, with swelling In the
throat or with Falling hair? That means blood taint. Do
not neglect it. Taken in ttone blood taint is easy to cure. »
The "00-day blood cure" works wonders. Will you ask what
it has done for others? No cost in the world to you.
Stockton, Market id Ellis Sts,
San Francisco.
This is your day. Write for free circulars about " Hud-
ynn " and the (Jreat "30-day blood cure." Do not wait. 'Write
now. No cost to you, except a stamp.
DDTTGUITG FOR ba ßbers. bak- ;
DnUull ILO e!s . bootblacks, bath- :
houaea, billlard-tubles.
iirewers. boi kblnders, canily-makora, cannera, j
dyers, flourmtlls. foundrle.i, laundries, paper- ;
hangers, printers, painters, shoe factories,
stablemen, tar-r^ofers. tanners, tailors, etc.
Brush .Manut'e- turcrn.GOO SacramcntoSt. I
tral Music Hall. Of the five entries Ives
and Schaefe? each play 400 points to 260
for Cat ton, Spinks and Sutton. Schaefer
is a slight favorite in the betting. Sut
ton is the local favorite for third place.
Racing in Heavy Going.
NEW ORLEANS, Jan. 13.— The track
to-day was very heavy.
Si* furl' ings. Belling, Treophia won. Se
dan second, Hano Hello third. Time, 1:20%.
Six and one-half furlongs, selling, Wil
son won. Amateur second, Caddie C third.
Time, 1:27%.
One mile and a quarter, selling. ABC
won. Royal Choice second. Nannie L's
Sist r third. Tim.'. 2:18%.
81 ( furlongs, handicap, Sligo won, Gath
!. Balkllne third. Time. 1:18.
t ne mile. Lakeview Palace won. Na
Nay, second. Arrezzo third. Time. 1:50.
One mile selling, Domingo won. Jam
boree second. Jim Flood third. Time, 1:51.
At Present There Seems No Probability of a
War Over the Dispute as to the \
Boundary Question.
Copyright. IS3B. by James Gordon Bennett.
BUENOS AYRES. Jan. 14.— The Gov
ernment of Argentina does not attach
any importance to rumors from Chilo
about the boundary question. Public
opinion here is calm. Nobody believes
there is a possibility of war.
■ moiioietl and renovated. KING. WARD &
Tr . European plan. Rooms 50c to $1 50day.
$5 to $S week. $S to $30 month. Free baths;
hot and cold water every room: flre nates la
every room; elevator runs all night.

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