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Personal News from along the Coast
THE i week has been an unusually
quie; among Pacific Coast people.
I? i- . sua! calm following the hol
iday season. Among those mentioned
are a large number who are preparing
for a trip to the Klondike as soon as
the weather permits. A larger than
usual number of marriages are re
James and Maggie Eheridan of Butcher
Ranch were In Auburn Wednesday.
Miss Juliet Sander spent Sunday with friends
at Col fax.
Mrs. Guy Walsh has returned from a visit
to Calaveras County.
Mrs. J. F. Uodee returned from a visit to
Lincoln Tuesday. Phe was accompanied by
her father. E. J. Sparks.
Ivan H. Purker of Colfax wie called to Au
burn Thursday by the death of his father,
which occurred at Penryn Wednesday.
Mrs. E. W. Tabor of Escondido. CaJ.. 1«
visiting her sons. B. P. and A. R. Tabor.
Mrs A. F Merrick of Santa Rosa is visit
ing her mother. Mrs. R. S. Futhey.
Mrs Vi J Strain ar.d Mrs. O. F. Rtoodley
of MarysvTlle were called to Auburn this week
by the death of their father, J. B. Ohamber
Cards are out announcing the approaching
nuptials of Miss Genevieve Klder, one of Au
burn's most popular daughters, and George
Pickson, a rhilmad conductor running out of
Sacramento. Weddins. January 16.
The following out-of-town people were here
during the week: W. Wiles. J. 9. Mariner,
Lincoln: William Rea. Forest Hill; R. H.
Capp. Rocklln; J. F. Brown, Colfax: E. G.
Herman and J. B. Hayford, Gold Run; A.
Dlxon, Michigan Bluff.
Mrs M A. Duncan and daughter, sister and
nir-ce of S. Wlble. left tor their home In
Quincy. ill . Bunday.
Justice Charles Lee of Tehachapi was in
:his week.
The Woman's Club enjoyed a most pleas
ant musical programme January- 10. taken
from the operas of Relimi and \ errti.
under the manusen-.ent of Mrs. I. O. Bachel
der of Kern.
Mi's Bertha Cattle of San Jose has re
1 to her school at Mountain View,
r F. S. Rice departed [or Kansas Frl
rinuary 7. to The bedside of his dying
Charles Whlttaker of Kern and Miss Ethel
Wallace of White P.iver were married in Kern
January .-.-Thursday. Mr. Whlttaker is one
of Kern's most promising business men.
J w Hunsaker of San Francisco and G. H.
Btewart and H. Mead, of Los Angeles were
In Bakers" I business last week
Judge T. A Wells and wife are back to
Bakersftcld after an absence of several months.
'v?-~ W J. Bennett r:»s returned from a
F , x weeks' visit to her sister In San Francisco.
The MNf-'S Ernestine and Lou Cougnran. of
Fresno, are visiting Mrs C L. white.
Wiley Smith and Miss H. Elizabeth Mann
■were married at th» M. E. church in Bakers
field Wednesday evening. January 12, Rev.
Mr. Libby ofnclatirpr.
Andrew Silver and Miss Addle Jasper were
mH.rrlefl at the residence or the bride's rar
rr .« on Seventeenth street. Sunday evening,
January 10- ~.
us] Richards and wife, of San Diego, ars
in town.
Rev J T. Shurtleff. rector of the Episcopal
church at Auburn. Placer County, spent the
■week with his family here, returning t nday.
Miss Selene Menlhan, a student at the State ;
Normal, San Jose, returned to her stud..-_-s
Mrs J J. Doherty of San Francisco Is vis- i
iting Mrs. W. C. Weeks.
Mrs. B. C. Winston of Pacific Grove is vis
iting at the residence of Rev. F. W. Lloyd.
C. A. Thilo spent most of the week looking
after his business interests In the metropolis.
F. P. Conner was in San Francisco this week
perfecting arrangements for a trip to the
Klondike next month.
Winfie! ■'. Harper, well known in newspaper ;
circles throughout Oregon and Washington, is
Boiournir.g here for a few days.
Miss Anna Domine returned to her studies at
the San Jose Conservatory of Music Saturday.
this week.
Three of our churches were without pastors
last Sunday because of sickness. Rev. F. W.
Crook Episcopal, was dangerously ill with
pneumonia. Rev. H. B. Banham. Congrega
tional, suffered a severe attack from too close
contact with poison oak and Rev. D. Bauer.
Methodist Episcopal South, is suffering, from a
badly sprained ankle. At this date all are
convalescent find will soon be able to resume
their different charges.
Ellis P. Passmore, after a six months ab
■once In Griswold. la., has returned to Clover
Miss M. Webster of San Francisco Is visit
ing friends in Chico.
J. F Young and family are here from Ash
land. Or. ,
Miss Fannie Branch of Auburn, who has
been visiting Mrs. Frank Englund. has re
turned to her home.
Sterling Campbell has left here for Putter
County, where he will reside In the future.
O. W. F. Johnson, brother of Charles C.
Johnson, of Chlco, accompanied by his wife,
is in Chico. Mr. Johnson has just returned
from Dawson City, S. W. T.
Mr. and Mrs. Silberstein are in San Fran
ctsco on a visit. - _■ ■
Mrs Charles Faulkner. Miss Esther Faulk
ner and Louis Faulkner left this week for San
Francisco, where ?hey will spend the remain
der of the winter.
Mr?. Richard Bayne of Ran Francisco Is here
riPitlng her parents on the east side.
Mr?. Junge J. B. Moore is visiting her chil
dren at Sa< ramento.
Alex Miller, an old ar.d highly respectable
citizen of West CMusa, died here Wednesday.
I>r an'! Mrs. H .lloway have returned from
Royal !=priTKs. This will be their future home.
L. A. Eichler of this place has started a
car 11 ", the Enterprise, at I)avisville.
J P Taylor, who owned the Arbuckle Trans
cript has started another paper at that place,
to be called the New Era. His old paper was
moved here ar.d Is in th« old Herald office.
Tim Pooling of Maxwell was In town the
flrPt of the week
Mrs. J. L. Jackson left for a short trip below
the first of the week.
The wife an>! 1 ii 1111 111 1 •=> daughter of the former
raptrr of the I'hrlstlan Church here. Rev. E.
T. Nesbitt, carr.e up this week for a visit to old
John Annoad of Afton was here Monday.
M'ss Edna Hankins and Judson Hankins left
en the train Tuesday, the young lady returning
to the San Jose Normal and the young man
to his business In San Francisco. They hud
spent the holidays with their parents, being
trie "hlldren of Town Trustee A. J. Hankins.
Miss Meldrom Potter, niece of Town Marshal
Fcoggins. returned to her hame at Seattle early
In the week, after a holitfny visit to her uncle
and family.
W. B. >*.c Jarnatt and '"'harles de St. Maurice
have been out to Indian Valley on business.
Mlsa Meta Mason has returned from San
H. K. Stah! left Monday 'or San Jose.
County Surveyor Koxie visited San Francisco
this v. •
W. H. Pavis of Sanger was in town laat
W. H. McKenzle returned from San Fran
cisco yesterday.
Return Roberts and wife came down from
Madura Tuesday nicht.
Henry Krohn. proprietor of the hotel at
Coarse Gold. 1? visiting W. C. Guard.
Attorney George E. Church went to Los An
geles last Thursday on business.
Dr. W. J. Davy of San Jose Is visiting his
brother-in-law. Walter Shoemaker, of this city.
A. T. Johns, owning extensive mining Inter
ests in Calaveras County, arrived from Oak
land lost Tuesday. '
C. W. Brant, special correspondent of Wash
ington Life, is visiting Fresno.
William Wallace and F. A. Boole of the San
der Lumber Company were In Fresno the first
of the wee-, ( .
William T. Sesnon. Deputy Secretary of State.
Is here from Sacramento looking after his in
terests. , •
Attorney Frank H. Short returned last Mon
day from Los Angeles.
Division Superintendent A. D. Sehindler of
the Valley Road, accompanied by D. Ruther
ford, master mechanic, and R. Craig, road
master, made a tour of inspection of the road
last Sunday. ,
Cjrass Valley.
JII?s Lillie .Curidy of Sierra City is visiting
relntives her*".
"William Avpr ha* gone to San Francisco
on business and pleasure.
Miss r<ar! Thomas ha* returned to Berke
ley to resume her studies at the State Uni
versity. • !.; .-.".J;.. • :
James Mulroy has left for Seattle.
Miss Kate Sullivan of Virginia City Is here
on a visit.
Charles Hooker' en.l wife have returned from
their -wedding trip.
Mrp. .T. A O'Connor of San Francisco is a
rues* of Mlsc M- ttle Shoemaker.
Joseph H. Smith has left. for the Klondike.
Rlcharrt Frobers. on whom an operation vu
performed for appendicitiK. -!• recovering.
lire.- George W. Hill has gone to San ■ Fran
cipoo to be at the bedside of her grand
daug-nter. Mlsb Bpppie, who Is 111 there. ■
Mrs. T. E. Hyde and Mis« Cora B. Hyd« of
Santa Cms are visiting their relatives, Key. I
E. R. Willis and family
Mrs. Wllllsm G. Hobby and daughter are
visiting San Francisco.
D. B Marwlck has gone to San Francisco
on mining business.
Miss Angellne Princevalle has returned from
Redwood City to reside at her home in pi'rojr
Miss Emily Wilson spent the week wlln
friends In Oa'Klnnc.
Mrs. Frank Stalnford has returned from fcan
Francisco. _ . .
Guy Van Schalck and Thomas Clark have
resumed their studies at the University of
Mrs R* Cobb Is spending several weeks with
her sister. Mrs. R. R Hall, in San *»•*
Mr and Kirn. Sterritt of Walla Walla,
Wash., recent guests of the Gays, have gone
to Oakland. . .
Mrs. J. Ricketts has returned from a visit to
eMlsse Mlss n Sndie Lundy of San Jose Is the guest
° Mr , c George Rnop Of the Gilroy Hot Springs
baa returned from a visit to Pan Francisco.
lflssef Grace and Be«!e Hnorer have r«
«,,^.«fl their studies at Stanford University.
Mrs. L Nathan 1b In San Francisco on a
" Mrs.V B. Self has rone to Denver. Colo., on
* Misses Edith Ross and Clara Viney have re
turned to th-lr studies at the San Jose Nor
mal School.
Mm. Charles Balrd and children, who have
been visiting here, left for San Francisco last
week, en route for their home In Reno, Nev.
Mrs. J. M Camp is here from San Jose for
a short stay.
Ed Calloway, who has been spending his
vacation with his sister. Mrs. J. Worswlck.
has returned to San Francisco. ___-. _.
Mrs. L. Wilson and Mrs. E. C Wright of
San Francisco, who have been the guests of
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Rawlins. have returned
home. _ , m ,
Rev. C. S. Llnsley was In Bakersfleld last
E Courtney of Danville. Ind.. who haa been
on a vlstt here, has returned home.
IfbM F.lla Mc.lunkln. who has been 111 for
some time, has recovered.
Ha\j Wards.
Miss N. Thomas of Madrone. Santa Clara
County, was \isitlng Miss X. Smalley.
Miss M. Farrell of Petaluma has been vis
iting relatives here.
Charles Raver, who has been working In
San Francisco for the past two months, has
returned home on account of sickness
Miss Rosa (Cast of San Francisco has been
visiting relatives here.
Miss B. Robinson of Garden City. Orange
'■ linty, has been here on a visit to her sister.
Mrs. J. D. Smalley.
F. I. Lemos was rusticating at Halfmoon
Mrs H Rice and daughter. Miss Hattie,
who have hern seriously ill. are now conva
A Thhoff and son. Charles, will leave shortly
for Klondike.
William Owen was brought back from the
German Hospital. San Francisco. He Is still
In a critical condition.
Miss H. Johnson has returned to San Fran
cisco after a few days' visit to relatives here
O. Variant" was up from San Leandro re
newing Id acquaintances.
Miss M. McCarthy I«ft for San Francisco
Mr. and Mrs.' S. W. Durham of Illinois are
visiting the Durham family.
Mr find Mj-s. <;. A. Bahl have moved Into
the cottage lately occupied by George Eaton.
P. Bowman of Decoto Is visiting with J. M.
Professor Phipps will leave for Dawson next
Miss Rue Alley of Upper Lake has moved to
town for the winter.
Miss Jennie McElroy has returned to I klah
after a month's visit with her parents. Cap
tain ami Mrs. William McElroy of this place.
Mr and Mrs. G. F. Watson have returned
from a visit to their son in San Francisco.
Mrs. E. H. Gurley. accompanied by her sons.
' John and Paul, visited friends in Uklah the j
first (if the week.
M. Mayfield of St. Louis. Mo.. Is visiting nil |
• wife and daughter for a few weeks.
Miss Jennie Renfro was up from Kelßeyville
i the first of the week on a visit to relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Ferguson returned to
their home in Stockton Sunday. They have
been the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Keat-
I ley during the holidays.
"Commodore" .Tones left for San Francisco
! Monday for I month's visit
| Charles Bacon is visiting relatives in the
i Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Raggatt and daughter of
San Francisco were here this week.
Mr and Mr*. George Paly returned Tuesday
from their wedding trip. They spent most of
the time In the bay cities.
: Frank Blngham of Reno, Nev.. arrived her* ,
this week and Is the guest of his brother
' 'h axles.
Dallas Posten of Mlddletown was here this
week on business.
Mrs. William Corbin has been 111 this week. ,
George Beckman. a farmer near town. Is on ;
the sick list.
Rev. George Greenwell preached In (Salt last
Mrs. R. J- Ivory made a business trip to
Stockton the first of the week.
James Pope, wife and children have been ]
visiting with Stockton relatives.
Miss Claire Clark has returned to her home
after successfully completing a business course
In the Parker Institute. Stockton.
A farmer named Patrick will leave here in a
few days for the Klondike.
Byron Vickory has left for Fresno . County,
where he will work for the railroad.
' R. M. RusHill left Thursday for a short visit
In Pan Francisco.
B B Pettit. P. C. of Maddox Post, G. A. R..
, ! of Oakland, was in town Wednesday and
, Thursday,
i I >. H. Acker and wife of Jamestown are In
town with relatives.
[ P W. Sollars. an old resident, died at his
home here last Monday after a painful Illn.
. caused by carieer. He was burled Wednesday
, at Clements, his old home
i Lewis Mason and Mis* Buena T>unlgan were
married at the home of the bride's parents
! i near town Wednesday. A host of friends wish
the young couple many years of wedded life.
Mn«. O. F. Lee, formerly cf this city, has
| decided to make San Francisco her perma
nent home.
J. A. Evan» was here from Gridley to at
i tend the funeral of his brother-in-law, O. P.
Miss Belle Housh arrived from San Fran :
dflOO to attend the funeral of her father,'
George P. Housh, who died of pneumonia
! Wednesday.
i The following members of the Marysv'.lle
Athletic Club were In Wheatland to attend the
funeral Of Clyde Man well, the young man
who was fatally Injured In the New Tear's
day football Fame, played unoer the auspices
of the club: Eugene Boyd. F. W. Buttleman.
Will (yiirien, Charles Hampton, C. Learmont,
Frank Llpp, Ed O'Brien. W. H. Carlln and
A P. I-Irp
Miss Anna White has rone to Auburn to
! vlf-it relatives.
H. O. Comstock of Los Angeles la the guem
of Professor H. W. Wills.
KIM BOM F.lurnenthal of San Francisco Is
riflitfßg her Flster here.
Miss Albean Roddan of Wheatland Is attend
ing school here.
Mr« Paulino Horming and daughter, Mrs.
I Glare Oler. of Oakland, visited here.
Dr. Minerva S'-haw of Bacramento was the
1 guest of ttM Misses Swain.
Mr*. M. Stoodley left for Auburn In re
sponse to a message announcing the serious
Illness of her father.
Mrs Man Dow and rhild are the guesta of
; her mother. Mrs. S. E. Inlow.
Mrs. M. Harney and Miss Kate O'Connor are
home from the bay.
Frank Curry and Miss Neva Ripley, both of
this city, were married at the residence of the
brlile'B parents. Mr. and Mrs C. J. Ripley,
[ M< r.il.'ty evening. They have gone to San Fran
i cieco to spend the honey mmm
Mrs. M. Tjlvrer and daughter, Margaret, were
In San Francisco to attend the funeral of a
Thomas Holme* of Hook Farm. Butter Coun
ty, is very ill with pneumonia.
Chris Hovlx and Polk Simmons wwre quite HI
with pneumonia.
Miss Sedonla Knorsa and Mlaa Julia Lopez
are visiting In Sacramento.
' Miss Annie Berg and Miss Annie Sullivan
here returned to San Joee Normal School.
J, R. Kennedy Is at home from an extended
jnurney In the East.
Mrs H. E. Dodge Is vlsUlog HolliMer
Miss L. Benrv. who has been spending her
vacation with her parents, has returned to
Stanford University.
Captain Thomas O. Lambert, president of
the Monterey Mill and Lumber Company, Is
out again after a long and severe Illness.
Miss Leila Perry has returned from Oak
land and San Francisco, In which cities she
has spent the past six week*.
William Kay. editor of the Monterey New
Bru, ha* been appointed Ptate deputy hlch
chief ranger of the Independent Order of For
Mrs. Byron C. Winston hae gone to riover
dale to visit her daughter, Mrs. F. W. Lloyd.
J. 11. Pcoste of St. Louis. Mo., la In town
this week.
Miss N. M. Steele. Miss Madeleine Lewis
and Miss Ruth R. Burrltt came up from Paso
Roble* this week and are staying at El Car
nielo Hotel.
Rev. A. C. Bane, a Methodist evangelist who
has recently located here, left Friday fur Pasa
dena, where he will conduct a series of re
ligious meetings.
Mr. and Mrs S. J. Durham are here from
Illinois for the winter. They are the guests
of Judge and Mrs. J. R. Patrick
Miss Clara Beighle and Miss Alice Neigh
bor, who spent the Christmas holidays In Pa
cific Grove, have returned to their work In
the Deaconesses' Training-school In San Fran-
Rev. W. W. Case. PP.. presiding elder nf
this district, was In town Tuesday and
Wednesday holding quarterly conference in
the M. E. Church.
Miss Evelyn Nesbttt of Victoria. B. C. Id
spending a month with Mr. and Mrs. Charles
J. Martin and daughter at Vista d^l Mar.
Rev C S. Fackenthal left this week for
Princeton. N. J., where he will take charge
of a church.
J"ler\lo Park.
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Poyle, who were united
in marriaire here Wednesday, are spending
their honeymoon at Snn Refael
Miss A. Ha«'hmeistHr of San Francisco is
on a visit to the Misses Kugeler.
Mary Ptnnton has returned to San Francisco.
M. O'Riordan Is spending his vacation at San
Father Cooper of San Mateo spent a portion
of the week here.
Mrs. James Carroll of San Franoisco was
the guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J-
Malnn«y. during the week.
J. Lenehan of Pan Jose was here Bunday
calling on friends.
Mrs. Strong and daughter have gone to Pes
eadero for a few days.
J. O'Hara. a Shasta County miner. Is visit
ing his niece. Miss 1.,. Wooster.
S. S. Burg, who has been In San Francisco
during December visiting his family and
friends. Is with us acaln.
W. B. King, who left Merced last July for
Dawson, Alaska, returned Saturday, after hav
ing- spent the summer there. He relates some
thrilling experiences on his trip, going and re
turning, and keeps his townsmen well enter
E. D. Morgan, president of the Merced Se
curity Savings Bank for the oast three rears
md until very recently, departed for San Fran
cisco, his future home. Wednesday.
Miss Henrietta Gagliardo. who had been vis
iting- the family of O. Garibaldi, returned to
San Franeisen on Tuesday, expecting to return
in the near future.
Mrs. J. A. Jacobs returned to Tracy Tues
day, after a visit with the family of W. 11.
Turner, an uncle.
j^eVada Gitvj.
L. Lubeek and family have returned to Pan
Fram ■
Assistant Postmaster Kltts Is laid up with
rheumatism and malaria.
Miss Maude Landsburg has returned from a
visit to her parents at Relief Hill. •
Mrs. A. Aird is recovering from a severe
attack <>f rheump.tism.
>Nt F. M. Mnnson of the Pl»rra
quartz mine of Sierra County wns here
Wednesday with his wife, en r>ute from Chi
cago to DownleTille, where the couple will
Mr and Mrs. A. Baruh have returned from
Ban Francisco.
Mrs A I'arode of Sierra City is the guest
of her sister. Mr= G Overman.
Mrs. J. Tred^nnick has gone to Jackson.
Amndnr County, on a visit
Mrs M E. tVadsworth, who has been here
vls't'ng her son, Bdltor Wads Worth, of the
Herald, returned Thursday to San Frai
Mrs M 1) Cooley ■•line down Thursday fr m
the German mine near Washing-
Captnln J. A Olmstead of the Ninth U, P.
Cavalry of I lowa, and wife, are
spending the winter in Pasadena.
HOD F M Fontaine left Tuesday for For
est Pines en route for Washington where, by
requ'^t of Senator J. C. Burroughs, he will be
present at early debm.-- of C [r. Fon
taine sails from New fork in June for France
Mr. and Mrs A I> Hanca of Piqua, 0.. and
Mrs 0. P. Adams of UtiCft. X V . are among
late arrivals at Hotel Green for the winter.
Mrs. William Hill returned to Petaluma the
parly part of the week with her son. Will X
Hill, who has been In Arizona for his health
for some time past.
Mr and Mrs. William Bourke returned from
the city Wednesday, the latter somewhat im
proved in heu!t!i
J H mer Fritch came up to attend the
sportsman's rev-;
Mrs. Easton Mills of Paso Robles. Mrs.
Field of Cloverdale, Miss Zabala of Salinas.
Mrs. D. Sinshcimer. Misses Fannie and Aman
da Blake of Pan Luis Oblspo, and C. Stone of
San Francisco were here this week to attend
the Singley-Blake nuptials.
George P. McNear spent several days In
Stockton this week.
.1 1' Currier Of Ban Francisco was here this
week to visit the silk fa
On Wednesday afternoon last Mrs. S. J. Hop
kins and daughter, Mrs. W. II Zartman. gave
an "at home." at which the great number of
lady guests were entertained with games and
cards. The handsome rooms were tastefully
decorated and the affair was a most enjoyable
I one. Mrs. Frank Llppltt and Mrs. George K.
i Lovejoy were the prize winners. In the evening
Mr. and Mr? Hopkins" were again the hosts,
! entertaining the Indies' Whist Club at its
regular cession, as well as a number of In
vited guests. Railroad casino was the fea
ture of the evening, the prizes being won by
' Mrs. W. H. Zartman. Mrs. F. K. Lippltt.
Frank Zartman and J. 1., Camm. Mrs. Carom
■ winning the booby. After a delicious supper
! the guests adjourned till the next meeting of
I the club.
Wednesday last at the home of Mr. and Mrs
James E. Slngley a very pretty wedding I
place at high noon, when their daught- -
Kittle, and James R Blake of San Luis Ohls
po were united in marriage, the ceremony h.'-
Ing per'ormed l.y the ReT. F:ith»r deary Of St.
Vincent's Church. The house was prettily
dvorated with flowers and the happy pair
ucre the recipients of many handsome gifts.
Amid a shuwer of rice Mr. and Mrs. Blake
left on the afternoon train for Southern Cal
J^edWood Gity.
Attorney George W. Fox Is confined to his
home by sickness.
Charles Robinson, formerly baggage man at
this place, lias been sent to Volta. where he Is
madt? station agent.
Mrs. R. Fuller-ton of San Francisco visited
relatives and Triends here for a few days at
the beginning of the week.
Aln..:i ami Miss Mary Casson were
married in San Francisco on Wednesday. They
will make -heir future home here.
Henry Brocker, agvd 70 yearn, died at the
residence of J. K. G. Winkler at Woodslde on
Saturday last.
M Redxn nd met with a painful accident at
Belmont Wednesday morning. A freight car
ran over one of hin feet, crushing two of his
Great Chief of Records C. F. Burgman paid
Motamora Tribe. Imp. O. R. M.. a visit on
nijrht last.
The Hoinnshead boys have almost com
pleted ariangements for their trip to the Klon
dike gold fields. Jerry Hollinshead has a valu
able claim in that region.
3. L. Edwards was removed to the German
Hospital in San Francisco on Wednesday.
Mis* Annie Had- of San Francisco Is visit-
Ing Miss Annie Murphy.
District Deputy W. \V. Brown Installed the
officers of Bay "View Lodge, I. O. O. F., on
Wednesday evening.
Miss Ella Wlnsell returned on Tuesday from
Willows, where she visited relatives.
Leonard W. Coleman of the staff of the
Mountain Copper Company epent Tuesday in
W. I". Taylor, manager of the 8. P. Taylor
Paper Company of San Franci6co, was here
Mrs G. Retnhaus of French Gulch accom
panied her sister, Mrs. C. C. McCray, to her
home in San Francisco.
Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Wilson of Iron Moun
tain ar>> visiting In San Francisco
Mr. and Mrs. James Young and daughter,
Eva, have -r turned from a brief visit to Chlco.
Mrs. 11. '■llneschmidt has recovered from &
severe Illness.
The ltflirs Grace and Pollle Satton, who
spent the holiday season with Mrs. O. M.
Fisher, returned Thursday to their home at
Mrs Maud Outenrelth of Delta is visiting
Mrs. E. .Tow.
Mips Hat tie Van Matre of I.ewlston. Trinity
County, was here Thursdny on her way home
from an exten.W visit to San Francisco.
Fed Bluff.
Mrs. Rolla Fuller and Mrs. J. D. Keyes have
returned from Henleyville
Mar-.- 11.. we1l is visiting In Redding.
I>r. Chester Tea?s has located at Keswick.
Judge Ellison has returned from Redding.
T M Bby and family have returned to their
home In Sacramento.
Snafford returned Friday
intu Rosa.
I" O. lennte and wife have returned to
Itn < '-a Parrish of Idaho Is visiting her
mother. ICrs. Elizabeth Howell. 1n Reddln*.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Merrill went to Corning
G. H. Chase was a visitor In Corning this
T. J. Brady and Bert Smith were down from
Redding Sunday.
A. O. White of Cotton wood is vlstlng
in Oakland.
Miss .Mire Chipman returned from St. John
Colonel C. A. Garter was down from R»dding
C B. Aahnrst returned to Kirkwood Sunday.
|f| H j«nnle Fi»h went to Corning Sunday.
Erwtn Wentl has resumed his studies at
Heald's Business College.
ral Chipman returned to San Francisco
Sunday morning.
l;.v W X Qothrie and wife are visiting
relatives In Grass Valley.
md Mrs. P. H. Raglln of I^wrey were
In town Bunday.
Dr. Bentley. presiding elder of the M. K.
Church, arrived here Monday morning to hold
quarterly conference.
Sarvta Barbara.
Mr and Mrs. John H. Louderman find Mr
an] Mrs. James A. Louderman of St. Louis
are here to spend the winter. This Is the thir
teenth season that these parties have spent
In .-ar.tu Barbara
Messrs. H. Hunnewell. K. H. Jaffray and
C. H. Douslaps have left for Guadalupe Lake
for a ten-day outing.
William Cowlea and Yfillard T. Barton of
Fan Francisco «re ..—tin* the works of the
Alcatraz Hltmn Company at Gavlota.
Mr and Mrs. Peter •■ ok of Jollet, 111., rel
ntlves of Mr. and Mrs. Solon Smith, are here
on a visit nnd will spend the winter on the
Pnclflc Coast. ,_
Mr. McFarlnn of Washington. D. C. Is a
pu->st at th* r.iddlnus House, and will make
Santa. Barbara his future home.
Miss Mabel Kirk of San Bernardino Is spend
ing the winter here.
K. R. Stevens, formerly of Santa Barbara,
and at one time proprietor of the New Morris
II 'Vise, Is here visiting his mother.
Nathan Bents, who has been in New York
for a number of weeks, has returned to his
home in this city. ."> 1\-
Mrs. E. If. « Wheeler and daughter of New
London. Conn., have arrived here and will
spend the winter, the guest of Mrs. Charles
J. W. Bproul. who has been visiting his
father. William Sproul, has returned to Los
Mark Bradley, who has been In Lompoc for
pome time, has returned to Santa Barbara.
Miss Etnel Doulton of Mlramar has re
turned from her visit to Ventura.
Santa Ar\a.
Miss Florence Taylor of Los Angeles was
the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert H. Judd
• lays last week.
.1 Wiley Harris and family, until recently
resldents of Los Angeles, have removed to this
city. Mr. HaTris has associated himself with
the Oraricf County Title Company.
Mr. and Mrs. Horace Cutter and daughter,
Miss Beatrli-. were Ku^pts at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. .1 s U;.-f> of Tustln last -week.
W. C. Thompson, a mining man of Gold
Creek. Nev.. Is visiting his brother. T. S.
Butler, of this city.
Mr. and Mrs. Leo Hlrschfeld were guests
of Herman Harris last week. The couple are
on their bridal tour and left for Hanford.
where Mr. Hirschfeld is in business.
T S. Wllcox, superintendent of a large stone
quarry at Kai?ota. Minn.. Is here on a visit
with O. M. Robbins and family.
David Mitchell, superintendent of the Ari
zona Sandstone Company's quarry at Flagstaff,
wai in town la.^t week.
Mr. and Mrs .1 !: Lew's of Grand Rapids.
Mich., are visiting Mr. Lewis' mother, at the
home of J. E. Ttllotson.
T. H. Tracy and wife of Needles visited
friends in this city last week.
Santa Clara.
Mr. and Mrs. George Dunn are visiting In
San Francisco.
Miss Bessie Woodhams Is entertaining the
Misses Van Buren of New York City.
Mr S. Nelson and family have returned to
San Francisco after a six months' sojourn
Miss Childs of San Luis Oblspo Is the guest
of the Misses Poralta.
Mr F W. Bray returned from Tuolumne
County after a six weeks' visit.
Mr. and Mrs. M. Beattle are visiting In
Miss Emma Chambers has been the guest
of Miss Katie Schaefer.
Mrs. D. Henderson has returned from a trip
to San Francisco.
Captain and Mrs. Ransom have left for a
several days' vlstt to San Francisco.
Mr. William H. Kelm of San Francisco Is
visiting Mr Xuttman.
Miss Bertha Roll is spending a vacation at
Rev. (;. R. Dodson of the Unitarian church
of Alameda has been visiting his father. Dr.
B. M. Podson.
L. W. Fox of Alaska was the guest of Judge
Bond on Wednesday.
Sar\ Luis Obispo.
Miss Olive Wright Is visiting relatives in
Henry Brunner, a San Francisco banker, la
in this city on business.
Warren M. John has been elected chief of
the San Luis Oblapo fire department, vice E.
M. Payne, who has gone to New York Cljy.
Miss Reine Wei ll returned this week from a
visit to relatives in San Francisco.
Mrs. F. S. Finney and daughter. Miss Edna.
have returned from a visit with Mrs. S. Clev
enger in Arroyo Grande.
Joe Righetti of Arroyo Grande has gone to
San Francisco to attend a business college.
Mrs. W. L. Roger* of San Francisco is the
guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. W.
Mr. and Mrs. Levl Love have returned to
their home at Hanford after a pleasant visit
with friends in Arroyo Grande.
Mrs. Hazzard Gragg is visiting relatives in
Santa Cruz.
Mrs. Laura Robinson of Amador County Is
the guest of her sister. Mrs. J. Foster of Tem
plet, .n.
Miss Call!* Sloan Is visiting friends in Ar
royo Grande.
Miss Stella Dana Is the guest of friends In
Sun Jose.
Miss Susie Spurlock fo Ventura was the guest
of Mrs. W. H. Fischer the first of the week.
Fred Keller has gone to Salinas.
Misses Fannie and Amanda Blake left Sunday
on a visit to San Francisco.
Miss Josie Kallmeyer is the guest of her
uncle. George Pollard, in San Jose.
M. R. de la Guerra and F. W. Cook have
returned from Los Anpeles. •'■- •-;> ■•■•■[■■ ■■■-'
District Deputy Philip Kaetzel of Cambria
Installed the officers In the Odd Fellows' Lodge
at San Luis Saturday evening.
St. Helena.
H. J. Chlnn spent a few days the first of the
week In the metropolis.
Miss Pearl BwantoD of Santa Cruz returned
borne Tuesday after a visit with Miss Susie
Percy Whitton returned home Tuesday from
a visit with his father in Sonars.
Miss Mabel Ward returned home Monday
after an extended stay with friends In Crockett.
Marshal Johnson la quite 111 at his home on
Main street.
c. Carpy was up from San Francisco a few
days this week.
.1 L. Bellani of San Francisco spent the first
of the week in St. Helena with his brother.
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Wllmar of Colfax,
Wash., who have been visiting their daughter.
Mrs. J. S. Noble, returned home Wednesday.
Miss Kittle Wldger Of this place accompanied
them and will probably make that place her
Mrs. L.' F. Smith and children returned to
their home In Santa Cruz Tuesday afternoon.
Edgar B. Dawson returned to his studies at
Stanford University Tuesday.
F. C. Hoffman returned to Trinity County
Monday to resume his duties at his mining
M. Levy of San Francisco spent Sunday with
his sister. Mrs. Nathan I>auter.
Last week a young couple eloped from Chiles
Valley and their whereabouts was unknown
until "they returned this week from Portland,
Or. The pair. Tabor Russell and Lena Bur
bank, were married at that place and have
now settled down near their old home.
R. M. Kiper. T. N. Mount and Mr Alexander
of Napa attended an installation and banquet
given by the Knights of Pythias here Wednes
day evening.
Rev. and Mrs. C. P. Faw of this city are
visiting their dauchter. Mrs. J. T. Massen
jrlll. In Gonzales. From there they go to Oak
land and thence to their old home In Tennes
i".. A Flnld. superintendent of the erection
of the superstructure at the Ppre>-kels sugar
factory. Is in San Franclso" on business.
Mrs' Mabel, wife of Councilman T. S Ma
bel, has returned fr. >m San Leandro, where
she has been for several weeks visiting her
Bister. Mrs. P.uvnie.
D. «'arr. nephew of Hon. Jesse T>.
Carr, who has been visiting In Salinas for
several weeks, has returned to his home In
■ ". Clough. Public Administrator of Mer
er,l Count/, who has been visiting his brother.
C W. Clough. editor of the Evening Demo
crat In this city, has returned to his home in
Merced. .
H. A. Van Hyning. a prominent citizen of
Santa Margarita, is the guest of C. R. Ester
brook in this city.
A C Buceldee. M. V. Malarln. Fred Hanna
and "Harry Kent all of Monterey, are visiting
relatives in this city.
Samuel Donati. president of the Cayucos
Bank , is in Sr.linas as the guest of his
nt-phew, V. L. Donati.
Miss Jean Alexander, who has been the
guest of Mrs. A. L. McCandless for the past
fortnight, has returned to her home in San
j, .<=.».
Miss Jessie Williams, who has been visit
ing her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Wil
liams in this city, has returned to Santa
L. H. Garrlgus and wife, who have been
visiting friends in San Francisco and Mrs.
GarrißUs' brother-in-law. Captain Birlem, at
San Quentin, have returned home.
Sarvta jßosa.
Mrs. Mark L. McDonald and her daughter.
Miss Mab. started on Thursday for Yuma.
Ariz., wher- they will spend the winter with
Stuart McDonald, who is in poor health.
Mabelton. their home here, has l-eon closed
and Colonel McDonald will make his home in
San Francisco until they return.
R. Maury Sims came up from San Fran
cisco on Wednesday evening and is spending
a few days here.
Mrs. M. L. Welch, who formerly Mved in
this city. Is visiting friends here.
Klm Rena Patton of San Francisco Is vis
iting her sister. Mrs. Isador Labell.
The Rev. C. N. Goulder of Petaluma was the
guest of Mr. and Mrs. Will P. Swarer on
Miss May Cooper. Miss Jessie Stump of this
city, and Mrs. Brown of Cazadero. left Thurs
day morning for Los Angeles on a visit.
Miss Willie C. Flnley has entered Mills Col
Sarv Jose.
Mrs. N. Q. Argues entertained a party of
young friends with a coaching party to Sara
toga Wednesday evening. Her guests were:
Misses Veva and May Burrel, Lollta MoGeoghe
gan md Mabel Argues and Messrs. Al Eaton,
Henderson, Noteware and Clement Argues.
Mr:-. H. Mayo Newhall Spring Is In the East
ern SS'ates for the winter.
Mrs. Louis Scheller and daughter, who have
been guosts of Mrs. Edward McLauerhlln. re
turned to their Los Angeles home Friday.
Mrs. William P. Dougherty was in San Fran
cisco Tuesday.
Miss Edith Clementine Murgotten and Rob
ert B. Richards were married Wednesday
afternoon at the home of the bride's parents.
A lHrge party of friends wish them success and
Professor and Mrs. R. H. Trlpp of New York
are Staying with Mrs. Cochrane at 216 South
Second street.
H. C. I^ewis has returned after a ten days'
visit to his mother at Santa Cruz.
Miss Nonie R. Mlnahan Is home after a fort
night's visit to friends in Visalia.
John Wood of Decatnr. 111., who has spent
sp\ era! months In San Jose, has returned to
his Eastern home. He will return in the spring
and locate here.
Xx -Supervisor Greenlnger has returned from
a visit to his son and daughter at Tuma. Ariz.
Miss Carrie Stevens-Walter is visiting ».t
Danville. Contra Oista County.
Mrs. Clara Roiiguet and little daughter, who
have been visiting Mrs. L. B. Hr.back, have re
turned to their home In Los Angeles.
Assemblyman and Mrs. Alden Anderson re
turned last Sunday from a two weeks' stay at
I.os Angeles.
William Pierce, one of the large land-owners
of Suisun Valley, is spending a month at Hon
Richard and Fred Rush returned to Stan
ford University Tuesday morning.
lira. A. J. Buckles left for Muncie. Ind.,
Monday evening via the southern route. She
will remain in the East about two months.
Miss Pauline M'Xutt has returned from a
two weeks' visit In Oakland.
Mrs A. 1.. Reed of Kings City is here for
a short stay.
Mr?. H. Barker and child of Portland. Or.,
are the guests of Mr. and Mrß. Walter Sewell.
Miss < "rrr.se, ;> recent graduate of the State
University at Berkeley, has been elected a
teacher in Armijo High School.
T. Burris and J. H. Pelpp were called to
Santa Rosa last week to serve as grand jurors.
liankver I">. Burris of Traver. Tulare County,
was in town several days last week.
Mrs. F.yi n . is« of San Francisco visited H.
Hartin last Sunday.
Mrs. R. J. Keogh has returned to San Fran
cisco, after visiting her daughter. Mrs. H. H.
Mr. and Mrs. John Kromer held a reception
hist Saturday evening at their residence at
2117 J street.
Mrs Eva Vaughn and daughter. Nellie, of
Merced, have returned to their home after hav
ing snent the holidays with Mrs. Nellie K.
Vnughn of this city.
Mrs. Emma Parker, formerly of Sacramento,
who was recently married to Jesse Sutten of
R. billing. Shasta County, has taken up her
rosnienoe with her husband in Anderson.
Miss Nellie \ Harris is visiting her brother,
Newton Harris, In Los Angeles.
Mrs. I: of. Wright and niece. Miss DeLong,
have returned from Pacific Grove after an ab
sence of several months.
Mr. and Mrs. Colonel Hamilton entertained
the participants In the last Conn and Kidder
concert at their beautiful home on J street last
Friday evening.
Robert M Brown of Plymouth and Miss Ret
ta E Phillips of this city were united in mar
rinse last Sunday in this city at the residence
of the bride's parents. IVO9 Fourteenth street.
I >r. Metcalf and bride have returned from
their wedding tour and have taken up their
winter residence at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
John I. atcOord at IXN N street.
Mrs. M C Price of Cedar Rapids, la., Mrs.
M. J. Easterly of Olln. la., and Mrs. J. J.
■ Surger of Reserve. Kan., are visiting their
Mrs. Adna Phelps, at her home, 12"S
th street.
Ellis W. Jones of Florin and Miss Susie Ha
den of Sacramento were united in marriage
at the home of the bride's parents last Thurs
day. They will In the future reside in Florin.
Fancy having a turtle clawing its
cold, clammy way about your breast,
neck and head! Well, it's surely no.
worse than a lizard or a beetle, and is
more of an ornament, by reason of the
Jeweler's art. The fad hasn't reached
New York yet. but it may be expected
at any time. In Paris jeweled tortoises
are quite the rage, and New York is
usually not far behind Paris. So we
may look for an invasion of the ugly
little creatures any day.
Isn't it strange that a woman who
will go Into hysterics over the sight of
a poor, inoffensive, scared little mouse
will nurture these other specimens of
the lower animal life?
The pet turtles are very small, about
thirty millimetres In lentrth, according
to the Parisian standard. The shells
are covered with an ornament of fili
gree gold, in which are set as many
gems as the owner 1 may wish.
Mrs. D. A. Lindley and family will spend
the winter at th»- home of Mrs. Wnlter With
erhee in Los Angeles.
Mrs. Charles A. X.-ale has returned to n«r
home In Sacramento after a month's visit with
li.-r parents in Alamoda < iiunty.
Miss Crnriule Jewett, eldest daughter of Rev.
Dr. Jewett of Oakland, has returned to h>.>r
home after a few days' visit at the residence
Of her uncle. William Dwinelle, of this city.
The marriage of Howard R. Martin, secre
tary of the Sacramento Athletic Club, find
Miss Gertrude O'Nell of San Kafael has been
Miss Blanche Van Husen has returned after
a month's visit in San Francisco.
There was a most enjoyable whist party
given a* the residence of Mr. and Mrs. John
L. McCord last Friday eveninp. Beautiful
souvenirs of the occasion were distributed uid
consisted of handsomely decorated score cards.
Mr. and Mrs. George W. Wright have re
moved to Oakdale. Mr. Wright has long been
engineer on the Vlsalla and Ttilare railroad.
J L Bnchelfler has taken Wright's place here.
Mr and Mrs. F. 8. Ward havfl returned,
from Pan Jose, where they spent the holiday
W. A. Snyder and William Manuel have left
for Daweon City.
Rev. C. 8. Lilnsley of Hanford spent Mon
day in Tulare.
W. H. Hunt and Miss Ella Cheatam were
quietly married Tuesday evening at 6 o'clock.
They are at home to friends at their cozy
cottage on H street.
Rev J Nicholas of Sonora will remove wtth
his family to Tulare February' t He will
preach at Hanford and Tulare.
Mrs. P. F. Roche ie In receipt of a letter
from her brother. Sol Rogers, who is at
Juneau. Sol has unearthed a rich quartz
ledge, and his prospects for a fortune ar«
Rev. W. P. Williams, formerly of Tulare.
now rector of St. Paul's church at Oregon
City, Or., will leave with his family for New
York City some time in March.
Miss Georgie "Walton is vlßlting in San Fran
So Is Mrs. Henry I). Levy.
Mr. and Mrs. H,enry C. Johns have returned
from their bridal tour of Southern California.
Miss Kdna Chrisman has gone to Lob An
Miss Mildred Forsythe of Banning: is here.
Mrs. S. M. Bruoks Is visiting In Kan Luis
Miss Grace Bruns has returned home, after
spending the holidays In Ban Francisco.
Miss Virginia Moriarity has returned from
San Jose and Palo Alto.
Miss Stephens has returned home, after an
extended visit in Pasadena and Los Angeles
Mr. and Mrs. IScßrlnly have returned home
fnm Northern California.
Pr. A. Or°na of Santa Barbara Is here.
Hon. J. C. Daly is here.
W, S. Dunshee is In Santa Barbara.
M. C. Farris has gone to Arizona.
T. W. Hiving has returned from Los An-
Ml?s Nettie Bard, daughter of Dr. C. L. Bard,
Is visiting relatives in Lrs Angeles.
John Barnard is in £>akland.
Mr. and Mrs. Mesick of Edina, Mo., will pass
the winter in this city.
Miss Grace Morey of Oakland Is spending
some time here with relatives.
Phil M. Baler, a prominent fruit grower of
this place, has decided to start for the Klon
dike early In February. lie will Join a small
party of Kan Francisco men.
Mrs. A. F. Baker has returned from a visit
of several months with relatives in Pennsyl
Jo P. Carroll is here from Randsburg oircu
lating among old acquaintances.
Mrs. F. R. Kellenberg gave a pleasant party
one night this week to Miss Grace Kendrlck
of Pittsfleld, 111., and a number of her young
Frank Craycroft. son of the Mayor of Fres
no, spent a few days here with relatives.
Mrs. Mattie Coffee, who has been visiting
her brother and family, has returned to her
, home at Modesto.
Mrs Caspar Van Loan has gone to San Jose
to visit friends.
Miss Annie May Bell has returned to the
Stanford University to resume her studies in
the sophomore class.
! Ex-Street Commissioner Enos has returned
1 from San LeandZO, where he has been resid
i Ing the past year.
Miss Blanche Martin Is over from San Jose
on a visit to relatives.
The golden wedding anniversary of Mr. and
Mr?. Benjamin Bardue, formerly of this city,
i was celebrated at San Jose last week.
Mrs. J. M. Chancy was called to Rocklin this
i week by the serious illness of a sister.
Mrs. Henry Wiley gave a dinner party Sun
day afternoon at her home on Third Street In
honor of Mr. and Mrs. J. Waugaman of Bakers-
I field.
Miss Josie Allen is home from a visit to her
• sister. Mrs. James Burke, in San Francisco.
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Shideler are in Oregon,
j called there by the illness of Mr. Shideler'a
Mr. and Mrs. James Waters were In San
Jose last week to attend the Bardue golden
1.. Banbom has returned from a two months'
visit to Southern California.
Editor Clough of Salinas and his brother. A.
G. Clough of Merced, visited relatives here this
Mrs. W. T>. Frazier and Mrs. W. H. Hack
about were visitors to Salinas this week.
Mrs. G. M. Miller of Grand Island 1b In this
John Johlfrom and wife, Mrs. T. H. Prentiss
and Mrs. Smith Scott were arrivals from Sac
ramento last week.
T. C. Poeekman of Slssons. ex-warden at the
! Folsom prison and a former resident of this
city, was an arrival Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Israel Jones and Miss Annie
i Bull of Bfottsrille, Nev., are the guests of Mr.
and Mrs. ImiiKan.
Miss Nora Andrews has returned from Dixon,
Mrs 8. M. Griggs went to San Francisco
Pr. Martin and N. J. Parker visited Sacra
mento Monday.
F. E. Baker and wife were arrivals from
Redding Sunday afternoon.
Misses Ella Armstrong:. Mabel Abbott, Ger
trude Noe and Pollie Hopkins returned to the
State Normal School Monday.
W. C. Greene of Bisbee has gone on a cattld
i buying trip to Sor.ora, Mexi.-,,.
Dr. A. G. Rounseville has returned to his
home In "Williams after a protracted visit to
William Fraker and son, recently from Colo
rado, have determined to locate at Yuma,
where they have been for some til
J. T. Owens of Safford has commenced a new
business enterprise at Thatcher.
C. M. Shannon, who is associated with Jesse
R. Grant >>f San Diego, Cal., will build a
smelter at Clifton.
C. G. Vnderhill, general manager of. the Bis:
Bug onyx mines, is visiting in Phoenix, but ■
will return to Prescott in a few days.
United States Attorney E. E. Ellinwood has
returned from his visit to Washington and is
now in Phoenix.
Simon J. Murphy of Detroit, one of the
heaviest owners of the Santa Fe, Preseott and
Phoenix Railroad, arrived in Phoenix Tuesday
and took rooms at the Adams Hotel, where he
will remain for some time.
Dr. R. S. Knode of Omaha is spending the
winter in Phoenix at the Adams Hotel.
Attorney A. R. English, wife and child have
arrived at Phoenix from Tombstone and will
remain at the capital several days.
Judge Owen T. Rouse of Solomonvllle and
Tucson is a guest at the Commercial Hotel in
Attorney O. W. "Wright and Judge George R.
Davis of Tucson arrived at ■ Phoenix early In
the week to attend the session of the Supreme
fJeW J lex 'CO.
Hon. A. M. Bergere and family, late of Las
Lunas. have gone to Santa Fe. where they
intend to make their home hereafter.
Col. "W. T. Donovan has been spending a
few days in Coyote canyon superintending ths I
work on his mine.
The several gentlemen composing the Ter
ritorial Board of Equalization are adjourning
at the capital this week.
Mrs. J. L. Luthey and children have return
ed from a visit to friends in Topeka.
D. C. Hobart of Silver City spent a few'
I days in Albuquerque visiting friends during
I tho last week. '•
Miss Zilla- Weidner. who is visiting in lowa
and was reported very seriously ill. is said
to be improving rapidly.
Colonel Henry Carpenter, one of the pio
neers of this section of New Mexico, is laid
up with an attack of pneumonia.
Judge L. S. Trimble came in from his Ti-
I Jeras canyon ranch a few days since, and
! will spend the winter in town.
Con C. Lucid, the baseball player, who was
I Injured in the wreck at Emporia last Octo
ber, has sued the Atchlson. Topaka and Santa
Fe Railway Company for $5000 damages
Dr. S. Aubrißht, Mayor of Albuquerque, is
endeavoring to Interest the physicians of the
country at large in a movement for the es
tablishment of a sanitarium on a large scale
for connumpUve patients at some point in cen
tral New Mexico.
John Jarviu has gone to Southern California
and expects to be away four or five week*
Judge W. E. Kelly of Socorro spent several
days In Albuquerque during the past week.

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