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Silver weaker.
t Wheat futures firmer.
„ Barley advancing steadily.
c Oats and Corn steady.
\ " ' Hay unsettled. -Feedstuff unchanged.
.-. '•„ Lima and colored Beans firm.
"'. :! Coal market strong.
; ' New prices for Codfish.
".". ' -'Potatoes and Onions unchanged.
'. . BuTnmer Vegetables firm.
; . Butter and Errs about the same.
■ * Eastern Poultry arriving freely again.
• ' °. Game in good supply.
No change in fruits.
. "•'! • Prunes wanted In the East.
Provisions firm.
•••"•' Wool, Hops and* Hides quiet.
• . " Beef unsettled. Pork steady.
. Twenty-five failures last week.
Shipment of $340,000 to China,
„-•' United States Treasurer Ellis H. Roberts re
; ports 'the amounts of money on hand at the
close of December as follows:
Gold coin $101,910,176
• Go ; I bullion 45,53i',0G0
■ Silver dollars 894,327,043
o Small silver coin 10.67M99
Silver -bullion 302.254.73G
• „ *
- Total specie J704.7G0.920
••United States notes 84,200,0*3
• Treasury notes of IS9O 2,904, Z\\
• Go ; certificates 1,070,41.0
" Silver ..certificates 11,229,912
L. Currency- certificates 1,240,000
'Rational Panic notes 6.ISC.SS7
Minor coin, »-tc 1.056.7 M
Deposits In national banks 45,1-_.7:T
'Miscellaneous 29 53
°'\ Total -1561.iai.171
\ 111 Found numbers there was a gain of $15,
000,000' in the Government vaults during the
month of December, of which over $3.000.(X>0
•was' In gold bullion, $1,400,000 in standard dol
lars, $1,000,000 in currency certificates and $11,
400,000 In deposits in national banks.
At the end of the first half of the fiscal year
the Government account compares as follows:
1596 1597
Customs $ 67.V2U652 $62,825,021
Internal revenue 77.7:1.742 85.415.204
Miscellaneous 11.964.150 59,437.350
Totals $157,507,604 $207,700,575
The expenditures for the same interval com
pare as follows:
Civil J 53.500.474 $ 55!498>42
Civil 168,600,474 $ .-^.,49«.9«
War 27,501.746 11.738
Navy 17.459.075 17,16. r ..w:>
Indians 6,181.151 4,945.737
Pensions 71.^39,105 76,453,319
Interest 15.758.443 19.100.530
Totals ...$193,410,000 $208,204,211
The railroad payments have reduced the
deficit for the half-year to $440,000. It whs
nearly $25,000,000 in 18M.
The Bradstreet Mercantile Agency reports 23
failures in the Pacific Coast States and Terri
tories for the week ending yesterday, as com
pared with 17 for the previous week, and 31 for
the corresponding week of 1897. The failures
for the past week are divided among the trades
as follows: One furniture company, 1 liquors,
1 oil driller, 1 upholsterer, 1 ladies' underwear.
1 bakery, 2 grocers, 1 millwright, 2 general
stores. 1 fruits, i boots and shoes, 1 dairy, \
commission produce. 1 blacksmith, 1 varieties. .
1 gunsmith, 1 hotel and saloon, 1 carpenter
and builder, 1 cigars, 1 confectioner}', 1 un- j
dertaking company
The Government coin certificates In circula
tion December 31 were a? follows:
1596. 1837.
Gold $ 57,5<7,'439 $ 36.557.653
Silver 3.*.6,6.%5.500 376,C3f>,r.92
Treasury M.171.::21 103.;, j
Totals 714.460 $516,697.21*
There was a net gain of nearly $2,000,000. in
this form of pap;r money in circulation In th.»
month of December. Compared with the close I
of lSi'6, the net pain is nearly $3S, 000.000. :
Local bank clearings last week were $17,114,
4SS. against $15,334,837 for the Fame week last
The Belglc took out a treasure list of $340.- j
000, consisting of $133,000 in Silver bullion. $198,- |
{00 in Mexican dollars. $300 in gold coin, and I
I-SOOO in Peruvian soles. ;
The arrow flies with the wind. Th» top fig
ures at station Indicate maximum temperature
for the days; those underneath it, if any. the
amount <■:' rainfall, of melted Know In inches
and hundredth* during the past twelve .hours.
Isobars, or solid lines, connect points ■•: equal
air pressure; Isotherms, or dotted linen, equal
temperature. The wind "high" means high
barometric pressure and is usually accompanied
by fair weather; "low" refers to low pres
sure and Is usually preceded and accompanied
by. cloudy weather and rains. "Lows" usually
flret appear on the Washington coast. When
the pressure is high in the Interior and low
along the coast, and the Isobars extend north
and south along the coast, rain Is probable:
but when the "low" is Inclosed with Isobars of
marked curvature, rain south of Oregon is Im
probable. With a "high" in the vicinity of
Idaho, and the pressure falling to the CalK
fornia coast, warmer weather may be expected
In summer and colder weather In winter. The
reverse of these conditions will produce an
opposite result.
<120 th Meridian— Pacific Time.)
San Francisco. Cal., Jan. 1" IS9S, " p. m.
The following are the rainfalls for the past
twenty-four hours and seasonal rainfalls to
date, as compared with those or the same late
last season:
"■': li Past This Last
Stations. 24 Hours. Season. Season.
Eureka 0.10 1G.70 22.59
Red Bluff 0.24 6.50 12.00
Sacramento 0.12 5.16 7.19
Fen Francisco 0.25 fi.oo 11.11
ff 1"1 "* 6 ? '' 0.00 2.22 4 M
Pan Luis Obiapo 0.00 2 40 1.78
Los Angeles 0.00 3 ~r, 8 44
San Diego 0.00 g v C.67
T " ma 4- 0.00 LOG 4.76
San Francisco temperature: Maximum, 47;
minimum. 43; mean. 4.".
The pressure has fallen during the past 24
hours over Utah and Nevada nnd risen along
the coast of Northern California.
The temperature has remained nearly sta
tionary on the Pacific Cc«st.
Rain has fallen generally over the Pacific
Coast north of San Francisco.
a maximum wind velocity of 20 .miles per
hour from the south is reported at Carson
Fan's >now baa fallen at Baker CJty and Idaho
Forecasts made at Ran Francisco for thirty
hours, ending midnight. January 16, 1838:
Northern California— Cloudy and unsettled
weather, with showers in the northern portion
bunday night: northerly, changing to south
easterly winds.
Southern California— Cloudy and unsettled
weather Sunday; westerly winds.
Nevada— Cloudy Sunday, with snow ■in ' the
Utah— Cloudy Sunday: probably mow.
Arizona — Fair Sunday; continued cold
San Francisco and vir!nlt#-Tprriporftrllj
clear Sunday, with increasing ctoudlneM Smf
daylight; northerly, Changing to southeasterly
Special report fro Mount Tamalpais, taken
Derature m CloUtlj : northeast, 2 « miles; ter
n perature, 35; maximum. 40; rainfall. 0.51.
Local Forecast Official.
NEW TORK. Jan. IS.— stock market was i
subjected to a rather drastic liquidation of
speculative holdings to-day In continuation of
the movement of yesterday. The selling was ,
due to a feeling that it was safer to take
profits at the present level than to retain I
holdings over Sunday. The situation at Ha
vana was the motive of the selling. There is
no assurance felt that there mi.; not be a sud- '
den development of a dangerous situation there
which would necessitate the Immediate meas
ures by the United States naval forces to pro
tect the Interests of American residents in Ha
vana. Reports on this score were somewhat
aggravated by the persistent selling of houses
with Washington connections. This was
taken to reflect a feeling of apprehension in
official circles. Of course the professional |
traders were ready to turn sellers without ,
further inducement on the general principle ;
that 'prices so down much more easily an.l
quietly than they go p. The bear attack
was vigorous and effective and margins being
wiped out In many case* holdings were thrown
over to save loss* - thus adding to the weak
en of short lines put out earlier Indicated the |
bear selling. Nearly every active stock on the ,
list was at one time a point or over below last
night's close. To-day's and yesterday's re
actions in the stock market put an end to a
period of strength an.l activity earlier in the
week which was regarded as giving good
promis-e of the usually expected old January
boom in prices. Only those stock* which
peered extreme advances early In the week
have thing leu to show for it. the general
level of th- market being decidedly lower than
at last Saturday's close. The llrmness with
! whit h the mark' withstood the effect of the
. first news of the Havana rioting of Thursday
led to the hope in the minus of the bulls
that the power for evil of the Cuban question
: had been tested to the full. But the mar- ;
ket was sustained on Thursday only by the j
striking strength displayed by the Vandw
bllts. New York Central and Lake Shore ris
i ing about four points each on reports that new
plans were In contemplation for operations
looking to reduced cost and increased dividends ■
on the stocks. The amount of the trading on
a practical stationary market <>n Thursday
might have served .is a warning of what would
have happened had the sustaining force been j
I withdrawn. It was soon an obvious fact that
heavy realising was In prog-re— all the Wees
side by side with the active strength <>: special
! slock*. The special points ot vantage which
i the strength of the market held early In the
j week were Northern Pacific stocks and Union
Pacific and Its various affiliated and connect
ing lines, the source of strength being the
assurance of the continuance of Union Pacific's
old outlet to the Pacific Coast. Northern Pa
cilic and the Union Pavlflc group also enjoyed
the benefit of anticipations or a large Klon
dike business in the spring. Another source .it
strength to Northern Pacific was the decision
of the Interstate Commerce committee to con
tinue the suspension of the long and short
haul clause in cases where rales Were i:. com
petition with Canadian lines.
Sugar Was persistently weak. Its decline
I has been attributed to the declared purposes of
the directors to retain the surplus for con
; tlnpency, and professional traders have taken
! a gloomy but uniform view of what these con
| tingencles might be. The pendency of the
I Hawaiian annexation treaty In the Senate is
i unfavorable to Sugar, as annexation would
! allow Hawaiian refined sugar to come in free.
| The industrial list generally has been heavy
! during the week. A feature has been the large
I buying for investment account of gilt-edged
] stocks. To-day's bank statement indicates
j that the expected replenishment of the money
market has been accomplished, and insignifi
cant weakening of foreign exchange indicates
that the seasonable outgo of gold
is likely not to occur on account
of . the heavy trade balance in our
j favor. The item of loan expansion does not
| indicate a very active demand for money, but
In the last few days offerings of commercial
I paper were reported to be in large volume
Bidding for choice grades has also been suffi
ciently active to affect a lowering of rates.
, The market for railway bonds has been very
active all week and record prices have been
; reached for many high graOe Issues. The Is
sues of the Union Pacific group have been
; conspicuous and strong, showing advances
ranging up to 6 points. Seattle. Lake Shore
and Eastern firsts trust receipts rose at one
time -" per cent, but lost a part of the gain.
Total -ales. $23,200,000.
United States twos and the old fours coupon
are *~ higher bid and the new fours '>, higher.
Total sales of stocks to-day were 277,500
! shares, hiding: Atchison preferred 4180, C.
j and O. 3815. Burlington 15.K20, L. and N. 4760,
j Manhattan ii 810, Metropolitan Street Railway
3350. Hawaiian Commercial Company 3000, New
York Central 14.1fi7. Missouri Pacific 5420,
Northern Pacific 7103, do preferred 12.3C0. Rock
Island S<>4o, St. Paul 17,760. Tobacco SSGO. Chi
cago Great Western MBT. 'People's Gas 5530,
j Sugar 54,120, Western Union 4254.
NEW YORK, Jan. Close: Money on
call steady. 3 per cent.
Prime mercantile paper, 3?j4 per cent.
Sterling exchange heavy, with actual busi
ness In bankers' Mils at $4 84% for demand and
$4 S2%'£4 S2 *i for sixty days.
Posted rate?. $4 !n3<i<4 53% and $4 85%<8>4 S6;
commercial bills. Si B; silver certificate* 57%<??
68%e; bar silver, ET%C; Mexican dollars, 46c;
State bonds, dull; railroad bunds, steady; Gov
ernment bonds, steady.
Atchison 12% St P & Om .... 71
Do pref 29 T n ' Ho rref US
Bait & Ohio 12%' St p m & m.... 121
Can Pacific 17 So Pacific 21
Can Southern ... 63 ISo Railway f%
Cent Pacific 11% Do pref 30= t
Ches & Ohio .... 21" T. A: Pac 11%
Chi & Alton .... 165 Union Pac 30-*
c H& Q 99 D P D & '1... 8%.
Chi & E 111 .... 55 Wahafh 7%
C CC & St L.. 33% Do ,>ref l«\
Do pref 80 Wheel & L E.... 2?*
Del & Hud 11l Do pref 12%
Del L & W 151 Express Companies—
Deo & R 0 11 Adame Ex 158
I"1 pref 46% American Ex ... US
Do Ist j>ref .... 38 I United States .. 40
Ft Wayne 163 Wells Fargo 112
Gt Nor pref — 132 Miscellaneous—
Hocking Val .... a*.; A Cot Oil 21%
Illinois Cent 106% . bo pr.-f 75%
Lake ' Erie & XV.. 16 Amn Spirits . 7%
Do t'ref 71 >* Do pref 18
Lake Shore 178 Am Tobacca R9
Louis & Nash .. fS% Do pref 116
Manhattan L ... lir.'. People's Gas ... J>6
M-t St Ry 132% ! Cons Gas 17«%
Mich Cent '.. 104 Com Cab Co .... 170
Minn & St L.... 24% Col P & 1r0n.... 24
Do Ist pref .... IS Do pref 70
Mo Pacific 33% Gen Elec 34
Mob & Ohio .... 19 ! Illinois Steel ... 48
Mo X & T 12% Laclcde Gas ... 1- .
Do pref 34% Lead 3f>%
Chi Ind & L 9% Do rrrf 106
Do pref 31 Nat Lin Oil .... IR
X .1 Cent 94% Or Imp Co 21%
N V Cent 111% Pacific Mall .... 30%
N T Chi & St L. 13% Pullman Pal .... 175
Lo Ist pref .... 65 Silver Cert 57%
Do m pref ... v 36 -Stan & T...... 3%
Nor West 14 Sugar ISfiH
No Amer Co .... 4% Do pref ....112
No Pacific 24%' T C & Iron ...... 25%
Do pref c.V» U S Leather .... 6%
Ontario & W.... .15% Do pref ........ 634
Or It & Nay .... 41 U S Rubber ..... 15%
Or Short Line ...20% Do pref 63%
Plttsburg 168 West Union 90%
Reading 21% C & N W ...... 121%
Do Ist pref....- 50% Do prof 164%
Rock Inland 8?% St L & 8 W 4
St L 4 8 F i% I).) pret 9%
Do Ist pref .... 56% ROW 22
Do !d pref .... 25% Do pref £8%
St Paul 94% Haw Com Co .... SO%
Do pref 144%|Chl G W 14%
D 8 new 4* rag.. 128% IN J C 5* 111%
Do coup 12!i'.|,|n Carolina 6s ... 123
L 8 4s 112% 00 4n 101%
Do coup 114% No Pac lsts .... in
Do 2ds 100 Do 3s 62%
T" Sss re US',* Do 4s S7
Do 6s coup .... 114% N V C & S L 4?. 106%
District 8 66« ... 116 Nor & W fix .... 123
Ala class a .... 107 Northwstrn cons. 145
Do ' : 107 Do deb Ss 117%
lJ ° C 100 o Nay lsts 114
Do Currency .. 100 O Nay 4s 94%
Atchison 4s 91 O 8 Line 6s tr.. 124%
«° ■iJ <» 59% O s Line is tr.. 47%
Can Bo Ids 10$% O Imp lsts tr .. IK
C« N Ptr 55.... R5% DO 6* tr M
C ■ Ohio is 114 Pacific 6s of 65.. 103%
CH & D 4%5.... 104% Reading 4s .... 83%
i' .'-• R <; lsts ... 108% r a w iKts .... 83%
D & R G 4s floats L & I M C Ss.. 80%
£ Tent, Ms .... i«fi«4 l&8 f a ts. 117%
Erie Gen 4s .... 71 St P Con 140
FW & D lsts tr. 73 St C& P lsts.. 119%
Gen Elec .'is .... 100% no is 116 "
<; h& S a 65.. 105 s Carolina non-f. %
Do 2ds 101 Bo Ry is . . 92%
II & T C Is .... 109% Stan R & T 65.. 60%
Do con Cs 106 Tonn new set 3s. 89
lowa •' lsts 100 TA-P L G lsts. 99%
Kan P Con tr... 93% Do rg 2ds .... 29%
X P Ist D tr--.. 112 Union Pae Ists .. 103%
La new eons 45.. 101 IT pD & G lsts.. 53
L .<:- N I'ni 45... s.; Wab Ist 5s 108%.
Missouri 6s 100 • Do MS 82%
M K& T 2ds M W Shore 4s 104%
: Do 4s 87% Va Centuries ... 63%
N V Cent lsts .. 116% | Do deferred ... 3%
Chollar 20|Ontarlo 2 60
Crown Point 2U|Ophlr 00
Con CM & Va.. 1 00 Plymouth OS
Deadwood 12; Quicksilver 1 00
Gould & Curry... 28 Do pref 900
Hale & Norcrs... 1 \:, Sierra Nev M
Homestake 37 00 ' Standard 130
Iron Silver ...... 38 Union Con .jo
Mexican 20 Yellow Jacket ... 25
BOSTON, Jan. Atchleon 12%. Bell Tele
phone 270, C. B. and Q. »9. Mexican .Central
6%, Oregon Short Line 20%, B. and M. 151%.
B. and B. 23%. ..,- — : ? v£
NEW YORK, Jan. 15— The Evening Poßt's
London financial cablegram says: The stock
markets here were quieter 10-day. Americans
were rather dull on New. York prlcep. but with
a flrni undertone here. KnKllsh rails wrre
good on the collapse of the strike. Mor* jrold
will ga to Argentina next week.
NKW TOR3C Jan. 13.— FLOUR— Receipts.
IT.'.'T.'. Ibis; exports, 5355 bbls. l)ull and barely
!>K-ady on choice grades. City mill patents,
city mill clears. $6 3663 40; Minne
sota i -'; lakers, $4 [email protected]* 50: win
ter Btraits. $1 4 | I H winter extras, $2 [email protected] 90:
winter low grades. $2 :•
WHEAT— Receipts, 37,000 bu: exports, 93,070
bu. "Spot steady; No. 2 red, $1 Ol'i. Options
opened firm on unexpectedly higher cables, ad
vanced on local covering and foreign buying,
eased off a little under realising, but finally
closed steady at %<g%c net advance; No, - red
January,- 99%@99%c. closed W%c; May, 92 1-16^'
92 G-16c, closed 92 l 4c
HOPS— Steady; State. im crop. «3>6c; 1830
crop, [email protected]: 1537 crop, lGiglSc: Pacific Coast.
IS9O crop, 4®Sc; UN crop. 7©&c; ISS7 crop. 16
WOOL— Steady; fleece. 27631 c.
COFFEE— Options closed dull at 5 points net
decline. Sales, 2500 bags, including March, $5 70.
Spot Rio, dull; No. 7 invoice, 6Vic; No. 7 job
bing, 6',4c; mild, quiet; Cordova, L »'?ilo^■.
SUGAR— IIaw. steady; fair refining. 3*»c:
centrifugal, SS test, 4y»c; refined, quiet; mould
A. .''.•', standard A. sVie: Confectioners' A.
5V»c; cut loaf, He; crushed. i%e; powdered,
5 7-lflc; granulated, .'.',•■ : cubes, 5 7-16 c.
BUTTED Receipts, 7244 pkgs. Quiet; West
ern creamery, 14V4iZJ2Oc; Elgin*, 20c; factory,
EGGS— Receipts, 1595 pk|rs. Steady: State
and Pennsylvania, 225?23c: Westerns, 20iJf22c.
PIGIRON— DuII; southern, $9 75311 2. <; north
ern. $11 51 312.
COPPER brokers'. JlO S7ft.
LEAD— Quiet; brokers', $3 55.
NKW YORK. Jan. 15— California Dried
EVAPORATED APPt£S— Oonunon, I . .
prime wire tray. | dried prim>-
APRICOTB Royal, 7O*lic; Mo.^rpark, fliffllc.
PEACHEB— Unpeeled, 7f<ili)c; peeled. 12Q20c.
I CHICAGO, Jan. Wheat was surprisingly
, strong when contrasted with the weak feeling
that prevailed at }he close yesterday. First
transactions In May were at from 90%$}90>&c.
I against [email protected] the previous afternoon, and
in about half an hour It was able to be sold
; or a second or two at >\ Calls for tike
day had been sold at M^fcC, but It was said
most of these privileges had been bought up
by people who were short as a safeguard
against the possible eccentricities of an er
ratic market. The Liverpool market closed
from %i\ to %d higher than It did yesterday.
This was somewhat of a surprise to traders,
many of whom had sold short yesterday in
anticipation of a decline here to-day, and
caused considerable covering. Liverpool re
ported spot wheat wen 1 , and 2d lower for Cali
fornia, with sellers of Argentine wheat at 3d
per quarter lower than it was offered Friday.
The closing cables showed some recovery from
the previous day's heavy decline, and that
j tended to strengthen the hands of the bulls.
I Paris showed a rise of 60 centimes in January
! flour and 20 centimes In March-June. Bus!
' ness was at no time very heavy. While trad
ing still continues to be done chiefly for May
I delivery, there is a general disposition to work
! clear of it and transfer speculative dealing's
i into July, the proportion of trade in which Is
I growing daily. After the early advance In May
to 90fiC the offerings somewhat exceeded the
I demand, and the price sagged to between 90V*
i and 90^ic, but I it good support at that and
closed SO'ic bid.
! Business in corn was exceptionally dull, and
! merely of a scalping character. May closed
, He lower.
Of.ts were duller. If possible, than corn. May
dosed a shade lower.
Provisions were dull and easier. At the clos*
May pork was .",i lower and May lard and
ribs each -'_•■■ lower.
The leading futures ranged as follows:
Wheat No. 2—
January 914 91U HU 91"
May !":- 80% W% Po> :
July SO»i So*» tiO^B 80i<
Corn No. 2—
Januar>- 2«% 2C% 26' i Mil
,May 21>'<, r.' 1 , 2«*i 29
July 30>4 30% 30H 10*
Oats No. 2—
May 23% »* 23% 23*1
July 22>, 22'» 22H 22*1
Mess Pork, per bbl—
January 9 20
May .." 9 4:>, 9 42'j 9 32 !4 35
Lard, per 100 TT>9—
January 4 65 4 65 4 624 4 es
May 4 77V4 4 >0 I ::■■; 4 75
July 4 V, 4 85 4 £2V» 4 «5
Short Rlbß, per 100 !t>8 —
January 4 65
May 4 70 4 724 4 65 4 "'i
Cash quotations were as follws: Flour, dull.
! Winter patents. $4 [email protected] SO; straights, $4 ISO
4 40; spring, specials, $r. 2.".'./ r > 33; do patents,
$4 40<i?4 70; straights. $4«4 30; bakers'. $3 W<l
3 80; No. 2 spring wheat, B<%c; No. 3 spring
wheat, 75fj<;3c: No. 2 red, 91 7 *!fiC<2 : Sie: No. 2
corn, 2S\Ti27c; No. 2 oats, 22% c; No. 3 white,
f. o. b.. 24ff24%c; No. 2 rye. 44% c: No. 2 bar-
I ley. f. o. b., 2«i39c: N«. 1 flaxseed. ■%\ ]9tTl 24;
prime timothy seed, $2 ',''*. mess pork, per bbl
I f!> 2<VS9 2."-: Lard, per inn lbs. $4 62%«j4 (*,; short
i ril^j sides <lonae>. $4 45<fJ4 70; dry salted shoul
ders <l>oxed), $4 7335; shnrt clear sides (boxed),
J4 7SGS; whisky, distillers' finished goods, per
: gal, $1 19; sugars, cut loaf, 6.14 c; granulated,
Articles— Receipts. Shipments.
Flour, bbls 1.0.0*0 24.000
Wheat, hu 5.C00 10.000
Corn, bu 215,000 166.000
Oats, bu 231.000 103,000
Rye. hu 8.000
Barley, bu 54,000 22,000
On the Produce Exchange to-day the Butter
market was steady. Creameries, 14<J»19c;
dairies, ll<g'l7c; cheese, quiet, B®B%c; eggs,
steady, fresh. 20c
Receipts. Shlpmts.
Cities— Bush. Bush.
Minneapolis 209.7C0 21,840
Duluth £5,171 61S
Milwaukee 30,550 ...:...
Chicago 49.703 21.057
Toledo 3.197 H.OOO
St. Louis 14,000 25,000
Detroit .6.486 10.944
Kansas City 29,000 65,500
Totals 335.367 150.109
Boston 3.267 11,017
New York 37.000 93,070
Philadelphia 12,796 464
Baltimore 40,004 7fi.000
New Orleans 120,000
Totals 93.067 300,551
Wheat— Jan. Mar.
Opening 60 00 fi r,\
Flour— . ■ ,-■ ■■ •'- -; .
Opening 2S 35 27 45
Closing ;
Mar. May. July. Sept.
Opening 72% 7 «9% 64%
Closing ..^^j^. ....
CHICAGO, Jan. 15.— CATTLE— There were no
changes from yesterday's prices for the few
hundred head offered ■ for pale. The market
this week closes firm for good cattle And lower
for the poorest. ~ Liberal receipts are expected
for next week and a moderate reaction In
prices would cause no surprise. - - '•
HOGS — Sold at an extreme range of $3 40©
3 70. chiefly at 13 ts®3 66, and the bulk of the
pigs Bold at $3 S')fj3 55. As compared with a
week ago, prices were 2%fi?sc higher. At the
close the best hogs sold at $3 62%ft"S 65.
SHEEP— Prices for sheep and lambs were
firm on the basis of S2 KOI for a few Inferior
sheep, up to $4 25^4 50 for good to choice
Hooks, fed Westerns being salable nt $3 50fj>
4 50. Yearlings were In demand st $4 5004 75
nnrt lambs at $4 50$ i"i 05, feeding lambs selling
at jr./ 10.
Receipts— 300; Hogs, 17,000; Sheep,
DENVER. Colo., Jan. 15.—CATTLE—Re
ceipts. 600. Market steady to firm. Beef steers,
$3 25©>4 10; cows, $203 25: bulls, stags, etc., $2
01; calves, $4£5 75; atockers and feeders, $3 40
HOGS— Receipts. 300. Market firm. Light
packers, $3 40®3 50; heavy, $3 3.'<!j3 45; mixed,
$3 «©J 50.
SHEEP— Receipts, 300, for local packers. No
quotations. ':■.,;
KANSAS CITY, Jan. 15.— CATTLE— Receipts,
200. Market unchanged; only retail trade.
HOGS— Receipts. 9000. Market steady to
strong and active. Bulk of sales, %i 45©4 50;
heavies. $4 40(5 4 62%; packers. $3 42Sii3 C 2%;
mixed. S3 40<&S 60: lights. $3 35©3 50; yorkers,
»3 45«3 50: pigs, $s 2:*r. 52%.
SHEEP— Receipts, 1000. Market firm. Lambs,
94 209E 50; muttons, $3 K#4 40.
OMAHA. Neb., Jan. 13.— CATTLE— Receipts,
1500. Quiet: Me lower. Native beef steers, $3 70
«ii M; Western steer*, $3 6094 40: Texas steer*.
$3<f;3 60; cows and heifers. $31/3 70; canners,- $2
Si 2 80; stockers and feeders. 13 60®4 60; calves
tWi; bulls and stags. $2 2593 50.
HOGS— Receipts, 6500. Market a shade lower.
Heavy. V- 40«i3 M: mixed, $3 4583 50; light, $3 50
©3 SO; bulk. $.1 44M8 50.
SHEEP— Receipts, 3.'i». Market strong. Fair
to choice natives. 13 704(4 40; fair to choice
Westerns, $3 <v^i4 25; common and stock sheen
$3©3 80; lambs. 14*5 5 R.
NEW YORK. Jan. 15.— The Financier earn:
The New York banks have made a new record
In the matter of loan*, the total of $810 992 600
at the close of the week being: the highest ever
reported. Dep sits also are above any figure
jsly made. Turing the first tWi
of the present year the gain In deposits has
b?en ri6,600,000, while I'uns have expanded only
• . 00. In view of this fact the eaae in
money rates does not apt ear strange, arkl if
the banks- cont<r.ue to gain Jrom the Interior
.v.-r <tu< taflons will follow.
The wlthdra mt deposits, how
ever, may steady the situation, The banks
irained during the pe*t week J.*.2ii9.30j in cash.
?. . - • • < lold is now
coming in this direction from Canada, the past
ten days' rceipts having approximated $«:.(>.
000. The increase In deposits was $C,"20.400.
while loans are unly J1.21j.700 lieavier. The ex
reserve in consequence expanded $3,074,000
and stands at $25,968,771 This is only half
as large as reported one year ajro. but in view
of the fact that remittances are now becom
ln>? larger, an Increase Bay be expected from
week to week. In the changes made during
the week the operations seem to have been con
• th«> iarK-r Imnks. Th>- deposits of the
Hr.nover, the National Park and the National
City Hanks are i7.r«K'.ooo larger than the pre
vln'.is week. Whether this Is due to special
tlons carir.ot be definitely stated, but it
shows that the r^malnirg banks have less
in lmnd than at the close of January
S. The factors that led to the g-aln in cash,
however, are rather well defined and they may
•her institutions having
larije country connections from this time on. As
it week the enormous interior
m< v.-ment at this season forces down m i,-y
Lad compels csnitsl to seek better rates
abroad- In other words. It leads to gold -x-
But the anomaly Is now presented of
our Idle Money being Invested In foreign ex
change on this Bide of the water. Europe is
n..w usin*; at le.-^t $".0,000,000 American money
la Urn foreign < ! r deferred oredlts, and unless
rates abroad • r >' '""' level there r<>
no prosper t of this sum being immediately
reducwi. S.i sensitive, li< wever. Is the situa
nce tlie United States became the dom
inant power In the international market that
: .dit can be expanded or reduced at will.
<■lea.rini.-s Indicate that a much larger vol
ume of money than usual will be needed t his
year tv properly cure for the business being
LONDON. Jan. 15.— The following reports of
the London an* Liverpool markets, dated to
day, have been received:
Consols. 112 13-168112 15-16; Sliver. 26%;
French Rentes. 103f loctg'lOSf 17Hc.
LIVERPOOL. Jan. 15.— WHEAT— Firm; No.
1 standard California Wheat. S6d; cargoes off
coast, buyers and sellers apart; cargoes on
passage, buyers and sellers opart; Liverpool
Wheat, No 1 California. 7s Sd^7s lOd; Wheat
In Paris, steady; Flour In Paris, steady.
COTTON— Uplands, 3 7-S2d.
"■.:.': CLOSE.
WHEAT— pot. firm: No. 2 red Western win
ter. 7s M; No. 1 red Northern spring, 7s 7>4d.
CORN-7-Spot. firm: American mixed new,
2s !d; American mixed old, 3s 3Vid. Futures,
steady; January. 3s 2%d; February. 3s 2d ;
March. 3s 2d.
FLOUR— St. Louis fancy winter, dull. 9s 6d.
HOPS- At London, Pacific Coast, firm; 4.15s
NEW TORK. Jan. 15.— The exports of specie
from the port of New York for the week
amounted to $524,040 in gold and $573,585 in
silver. The imports were: Gold. $225.!>65; sil
ver. $0,460; dry goods. $2,422,030; general mer
chandise. $4.149.143.
PORTLAND. Or.. Jan. Exchanges, $222,
037; balances, $53,930. .
PORTLAND. Or. Jan. 15.— WHEAT— Dull
and lower. 70c being the ruling quotation for
Walla Walla, with blue stem in no demand at
72fi 73c.
Cleared— British ship r.iklinr for St. Nazalre.
France, with 100,892 bushels of Wheat; British
hark Dundee for Queenstown, with 109.967 bush
els of Wheat.
Total Wheat shipments since January 1.
1.135.267 bushels.
TACOMA. Wash.. Jan. 15.— WHEAT— No. 1
blue stem, 7"c; No. 1 club, 63c.
Sterling Exrhanre. 60 days — $4 5354
New York Exchange, sight — •■' 17: .
Sterling Cables •— 4 «0 "
New York Exchange, telegraphic — 20
Fine Sliver, per ounce — • 571$
Silver Ore and Bullion — 571,,
Mexican Dollars 47 47>
WHEAT— The Mine Mlnnche takes for r.axt
London :••".. 4.".4 ids , vul I ; - •; Invernelll,
for fork. :?..544 ctls. at
Futures were firmer, but there was no change
in spot prices. Trade was .lull in actual grain,
but there was a *o<*l tnirtnes* on call.
Tidewater quotationa ar»> as follows: $1 37',
fee No 1, $1 Js\ for Choice and $1 40®l 40 per
ctl for extra choice for milling.
Informal Session— 9:l3 o'clock— May— looo ctls,
$1 83 V. 10.000, $1 35* i; IS.OOO, $1 &%; 18,000,
n 3.v,. •-;.•
Second Session— May— ctls. $1 35%; 2000.
Regular Morning Session— May— ctls.
$1 38»i: 2000. ♦1 2KVi: 44.000. $1 36' i: 24.000. $1 36}»;
50.C00. $1 S<! T i; 2000. $1 S7: 56.000, $1 3C*i.
BARLEY— The market continues to advance,
and both Fee.l and Brewing are higher and
very firm, with good demand.
Feed. S24<gSse for dark to good, and 9T»*o#Ji
for choice; Brewing, $1 1001 15 for No. 1 and
$1 02Vaf}l 05 per ctl for dark Coast.
Informal Session— 9:l3 o'clock— May— 2ooo ctls,
844 c.
Second BeMiofi May— sooo ctls. S.*.c.
Reg :lar Morning Session— May— £ooo •>, S6c:
WOO, 86Hc.
OATS— There was no further change yester
day, Trade was dull, as usual on Saturday.
Fancy Feed. SI 20Q1 25 per ctl; good to
choice. $1 15<ffl ITVi; common. $1 i<vf?l IJU'
Surprise. II 25<81 35: Red. $1 30© 1 40; Gray.
SI 12H-JM 17H: Milling. Jl rVi?tl :"i: Black,
for seed. $1 2501 to. Clipped Oats sell at fig
2 per ton over the raw product »
. CORN— I he situation is unchanged.
Small Round Yellow. MV-cfffSl i>er ctl- Lures
Yellow. 97Vi4?9<;?ic: White. "jtOifjSSc.
RYE— sl 02H«M 05.
BUCKWHEAT— »I 60^1 75 per ctl.
FLOUR— Net cash prices are: Family extras.
$4 T-604 65; Bakers' extras. 14 30<84 40 per bbl.
MILLSTUFFS— Prices In sacks ar» as fol
low, usual discount to the trade: Graham
Flour. $5 per 100 n>s: Rye Flour. $: 50 per 100:
Rice Flcur. $5 "5; Cornmeal, {4 25; extra cream
do, $3: Oatmeal, $2 60; Oat Groats. $4: Hom
in v. $.1 lOOS JO; Buckwheat Flour. $3 25013 50;
Cracked Wheat. $3 13; Farina. U 60; Whole
Wheat Flour. $3 25; Rolled Onts (bhls). $5 '0®
6 90; In packs. $3 75; Penrl Barley. $4; Split
Peas. $3 60; Green dc. $1 25 per 100 lbs.
hat and rnaißiuFn
Th« seesawing of th* little falls of rain we
are having at present keep* the Hay market
unsettled, but the feeling Is firm, and if the
phowers do not amount to more than they have
thus far there will be a further advance. " Feed
stuffs ranee about the same, except Rolled
Barley, which Is higher. '
BRAN— Jl- m per ton.
MirjJOLINOS— S2O 50©24 60.
FEEDSTUFFS— RoIIed' Barley, J2IS2J . per
ten; Oilcake Meal at the mill. $28 50929 SO
jobbing. *30; Cocoanut Cake. $19220; Cotton
seed Meal. ?2^ff3o per ton.
HAY— (Ex-car In round lots)— Whent, $13 SO
ff7l<i per ton: Wheat and Oat. $131715; Oat
$12??14; Barley. $12®13 BO; : compressed. $13 yvrj
16 50; Alfalfa. $10 [email protected] 60; stock. $10®n 50
' lover. $10^12 per ton. " ■
STRAW— 3O®4Sc per bale.
Lima eßans are quoted a fraction higher.
Colored sorts are firm, but unchanged.
BEANS — Bay os, J2 >0^IJ; Small Whites
$1 25(ffl 40; Largo Whites. '$1 [email protected] 35; Pinks.
$1 R0&1 W; Reds, Jl 50Q1 70; i Blackeye. $2 2o<Hi
2 50; Butters, $1 40©l 50; Llmas, $1 6501 75'
Pea. 51 26©1 40 per ctl. • - ...*.'
SEEDS— Brawn Mustard. J.I per rtl: T>llow
Mustard. $2^2 50; Flax. $1 90<32; Canary Peed
/ :i2 : i < c per lb: Alfalfa, 2i»«o; Rape. 2Q:%c;
Hemp, '3c; Timothy. 5V4c
DRIED PEAS— Niles. « 25; Green. Jl 2oa
1 40 per ctl. •
String Beans are scarce and In demand. The
other Summer 'Vegetables are firm. . There Is
no chanße in Potatoes Or Onions.
POTATOES— EarIy Rose. «o<ff7oc; River Reds.
[email protected]; River Burbanks. tOMfc; Oregon Bur
banks, tSOigSOe; Eallnas Hurbanks. 75c«m-
Su.-tt Potatoes. Me per ctl for Rivers and
60tf?75c for Morced; new Volunteer Potatoes,
'-"•*° |*r Hi.
ONIONS— 50 per <tl; cut Onions, $1 [email protected]
2 per sack.
VK. M~TAPr.FP-Matrf.wfat Squash. $1fX312
per ton: Hubbard Sauash. $10^12 per ton; Dried
Peppers, r>@6c per lb: Dried Okra. 15c; Cab
bage. 60®75c per ctl; Carrots, 25©60 c per sack:
Garlic. .t<TS'>j'- per lb: Asparagus, 10©15 c per lb
for small and 20(ff3Oc for large.
Los Angeles Green Peas, [email protected]: String Beans,
— : Tomatoe*. 2SJ?7Sc: (Jreen Peppers. 20.- pfr
lb; Summer Squash. 12'.4c: Egg Plant. 16 per lb.
A car of Ear tern sold at $5 for Hens and
young Roosters, M CO for Fryers and $1 for
Broilers. There will be at least three cars
during the coming week.
Arrivals of Game are sufficient for the de
mand and the market Is quiet.
Llve Turkeys, [email protected] for Gobblers and inutile
for Hens; dressed Turkey , H©i2Hc per rb;
Geese, per pair. $1 25Q1 75; Ducks, - $4 6Off6;
Htm, $3 CHI'S."; Roaster*, young, $4 5005: do old
J3 50(04; Fryers, Jl 60<T4 75; Broilers, $4 25©4 go
for large and J3Q4 for small: Pigeons, $1 [email protected]
per dozen for young and SI for old.
GAME— Quail, per doas, $1 ; Mallard, $3; Can
va>back. $3 SO; Sprig. $175; Teal. "Jl; Widgeon.
$125: .Small Ducks. T-Sc'SJl: Gray Geese. $2 SO;
White, $1; Brant." SI SO: Honkers, $4; English
Snipe. *2; Jack Snipe. $1: Hare. $1; Rabbits,
$1 [email protected] £0 for Cottontails and [email protected] for email.
There was no further decline In Butter or
Errs, but both are easy, and still lower
prices are expected.
Creamery— Fancy Creameries, [email protected]; sec
onds. [email protected]
Dairy— Choice to fancy, 23<©24c; lower grades,
2iiiL"- M : c per n«.
Eastern Butter— Creamery. [email protected]; ladle
packed, 17*i©21c per Ib.
CHEESE— Choice mild new, [email protected] C ; com
mon to good, [email protected]; Cream Cheddar, 10011 c;
Young America. m4®l2V4c; Western. [email protected];
Eastern. 12%@13«.c per lb.
EGGS— Ranch Eggs, 23©25 c per dozen; store
Eggs. [email protected]%c. ;
Apples are very dull and In ample supply.
Oranges. Lemons and Limes are also lr. suffi
cient stock and quiet.
Cranberries, [email protected] per bbl; Coos Bay. SI 600
2 per box.
Apples. 25<g'40c per box for common, 50c®Jl
for good to choice and $1 25 for fancy;
Lady Apples. 50c«i:$l for large boxes.
CITRUS FRUITS— NaveI Oranges. $i [email protected]
2 2:.: Seedlings. 50c4?tl 25; Mandarins, [email protected] 50:
Grape Fruit, US fW per box; Lemons, sOco
$1 for common and $1 25ff?l 75 for good to
choice; Mexican Limes, $196 per box; Cali
fornia Limes In small boxes. 30®75c; liananas,
II 25(32 25 per bunch; Pineapples, [email protected] per
Telegrams from New York report a good de
mand for Prunes there, and though the crop of
last year was the largest ever raised on this
coast there will probably be no left-over stock
of any consequence when the new crop comes
forward. The other fruits are quiet as a rule.
Prunes, carload lots, 3*i©4%c for 40-50' 3' 4
3%c tor 50-60's, 2*iS3\ic for 60-70' s. 2ii©2«ic for
70-»0s. l*i®2>.ic for SO-90's, lV;©l?ic for 90-100' »;
Peaches. 3©4V4c; fancy. i#t%e; peeled. 10a
12\»c; ApricotK, sfiCc for Royals and 7-i ■>,- for
good to fancy Moorparks; evaporated Apples
S'-,i(7c; sun-dried. 4S4Hc; black Figs, in sacks.
[email protected]',4c; plums, 4\i#4*ic for pitted and letUc
for unpittel; bleached Plums, [email protected]; Nec
tarines, 4i>sc for prime to fancy; Pears, 2S»@
4Hc for quarters and 33?5%c for halves, accord
ing to color, etc.
RAISINS— New Itaislns. 2>[email protected] for two
crown. 4c for three-crown, 5c for four-crcwn.
6Hc for Seedless Sultanas and fl 10(gl 15 for
London layers; dried Grapes. 2%c.
NUTS — Chestnuts are quotnhle at KCfiOc per
lb; Walnuts, s®Cc for hardshell and C©"c
for softshell: Almonds. JVifl^He for hardshell,
6{j6c for softshell 1 and 7SBc for paper-shell;
Peanuts, 4'< i.'V for Eastprn and 4 1 ,4 for Cali
fornia; Pecans, 6l4<frSc: Filberts. B^[email protected]: Bra
zil Nuts. [email protected] per Kb: Cocoanuts. $4 [email protected] per
HONEY— New Comb. [email protected] for bright and [email protected]
"c for lower grades; new water- white ex
tracted. 4<4©sc; light amber extracted, 3%@4i-4c
per lb.
BEESWAX— ?3ii2Sc per TV
The Alaskan demand Is figuring more or less
and keeps the market from stagnation. For
ward figures are very firm, and dealers are ex
acting full prices for future delivery.
CURED MEATS— Bacon. Si.o per n» for
heavy. 9c for light medium. 10c for light. lOViu
for extra light and 1.0 for sugar-cured; East
ern sugar-cured Hams. 10U©llc: California
Hams. ■.■\i'.>- ■_••■. Mess Beef, IS 50 per bbl : extra
mess do. J9 £0; family do. $11012; salt Pork.
JBgB 50; extra prime Pork. 19 50: extra clear.
$16; mess. $14 50; Smoked Beer. HV-'SilL'^c per
LARD— Eastern tierces quoted at st£c per Tb
for compound and to for pure: pails, 7c; Cali
fornia tierces, (c per Tb for compound and la
for pure: half-bbls, 6'ic: 10-n> tins, 7c; do 5-Tb.
"He per lt>.
' COTTOL^NE— Tierces. r.v4<ff«Hc: packages.
lens than 100 rbs— l-ro palls, f/i In a case. STj,c;
J-Tb pails. 20 In a ense, 8»4c: r,-Tb palls. 12 in a
case, S»4c: ln-Tb palls, 6 In a case. BHc; 50-Tb
tins, ore or two In a case. 7Hc: wooden buck
et-. ?n rr>s net. 7"»r: fancy tubs. SO Tbs net, 7%c;
i half-bbls. about 110 rbs. 7V.c per Ib.
AH markets under this heal are In pretty
bape, though business Is rathi-r quiet on
the whole.
A New York commercial paper of the 10th
«ays: The steady advance in hides and the
lightness of the supply give MM ground to
th« predictions of importers that prices this
yeor will rival th"so of 1895. The present high
prices are accounted for by the fact that the
supply of raw material in every mart of the
world Is unprecedented!? small. The stock of
dry hides in Oral hands here aggregates 13.000.
It consists of 1.i.000 Orinocns. 2300 Cordova.
Buenos Ayres, etc.: 8400 Central Americans,
Ecuador, etc.: 7COO Puerto •••■il... La Guayra.
etc.: MOO Bogota, Savanilla, etc.. and 5000
Mexican*. The receipts last week amounted to
62.762 hides.
HIDE* AND SKINS— CuIIs and brands sell
at 1<- under sound stock. Heavy salted steers.
UXi-lOHc per Hi; medium. 9c: light. 9c; Cow
hides. !-o''>v-: Stags, 6c: salted Kip. 10c: Calf,
lie: dry Hides, 1O; culls and brands. 13c: dry
Kip and Veal, 14gi:,c: 'try Calf. lS»i2oc: culls.
legiTc; Goatskins. 2'"-^r!7u.c each: Kids, [email protected]:
Deerskins, good summer. 25©50 c per lb: me
dium, Me; winter, 10c: Sheepskins, shearlings.
JOWSOc each: short wool. 401?7Oc each; medium.
70^;*^: long wools. 90cfT$l 30 ench.
TALLOW— No 1 rendered. 3^3Vic per n>; No.
?. 2iS?2Uc; refined. Be: Crease. 2JT2HC.
WOOL— Fall Middle counties— free. 10«3
Be; do defective. lO^llc: Fan Joaquln. defec
tive. 7ft9c: Southern Mountain. 901 lc: free
Northern. 12«?13c: do defective. 9®tlc: Hum
hnlrtt and Mendoclno. I.l«nr>c: Eastern Oregon.
lOISc: Valley Oregon. 16<S13c.
HOPS— OId crop. 2ffJfic for ponr to fair and 8
®10c for good: new crop. ll^lSc per lb.
BAGS— Calcutta Grain Bags, !<<9S delivery.
&%£C«;c: Wool Bags. [email protected]
COAL— Wellington. $8; New Wellington. $3;
Southfield Wellington. $7 50; Seattle. »5 50;
Bryant. $5 50; Coos Buy. $1 75; Wdlsend. $7 00;
Cumberland, 1.14 DO in bulk and $16 in sack«;
Pennsylvania Anthracite Egg. *15; Cannel. it
per ton; Hock Springs. Castle Gate and Pleas
ant Valley, $7 60: Coke, 113 per ton in bulk and
115 In (tacks.
Harrison's circular says: "During the week
there have been six arrivals of coal from Brit
ish Columbia, with 20.523 tons; three from
Washington, 9000 tons; one from Australia. 3772
tons; one from Oregon, 1142 tons; total. 34.743
tons. Notwithstanding the generous deliveries
this week, yet there is an exceptional scarcity
of all grades suitable for domestic uses; Well
ington, Seattle and Coo* Hay shipments have
all been taken out of first hands into the re
taller? yards. Our protracted spell of frosty
weather baa largely Increased the consump
tion for house purposes. If our Coast coal pro
ducers should see tit to take advantage of the
preeent condition of our fuel market they couid
very readily mark up prices, and housekeepers
would be the sufferers. Steam coals arc in fair
supply, and no change of values new! be feared
for the present, as large consumers are so
licited to make contracts nt current rates, mi.i
do not appear to be very anxious buyers. if
■we do not have some general rains shortly, to
induce grain carriers to seek this port for the
next season's crop, there will assuredly be a
stiffening in coal freights. The total amount
of foreign and Eastern coals that can possibly
arrive h«-re in the next sixty days from all
sources, foots up less than 47.000 tons: as our
ronsumption within that time will be fully
210.CC0 tons. It can readily be computed what
n draft we will make on the output of Seattle
and British Columbia. With four firms con
trolling 90 per cent of our local fuel supplies
from' • mi. Coast, It can be seen how easily a
coalition could be effected to establish uniform
VT.lues."-' ■* i-_i -_ " •
pany quotes as follows:
nundles. per lb., S^ic; cases, selected, per
Hi , 4' H • cases. imitation Eastern, per lb..
4%0: boneless, per lb . 6c; strip*. "Norway."
per lb., Vi ■; strips. "Narrow Gauge." per lb.,
5%c; ■tripe, ' "Silver King." per lb., 6'ic;
blocks, "Clipper." per IK. sc: blocks. "Ori
ental." per In.. B%c; blocks, "Seabright," per
lb . 6\r; tablets. "Crown Brand." per lb..
TV^c middles, "Golden State." per lb.. 6»Jc:
middles. "White Seal." per dot., 4 c; desic
cated. "Gilt Edge." per do*., SOc; pickled cod.
barrels, each, $8; pickled cod. half barrels,
each. $4 SO. ; '--il '-'■-■'
• SUGAR— The Western Sugar Refinery Com
pany quotes terms net cash: Cube Crushed
and Fine Crushed. 6*ic: Powdered, 6Hc: Dry
Granulated. s\c: Confectioners' A. . r %c: Mag
nolia A. s*»e: Extra C. EVic: Golden C. 5Hc;
Candy Granulated. 6%c: California A. 6V40 per
lb; half-bbls hie more than barrels,' and boxes
He more.
The Beef market la hinging largely on the
weather at .the moment. Dealers say that a
good rain would depress prices, while dry
weather would cause an advance. There Is no
change In Pork or Mutton. .
Wholesale rates for dressed beef stock from
slaughterers are as follows: , ■ ■, ■• .
BKl3F— First quality. «\i&ic; second do, 6%0
to; thlid do. 4©sc per lb.
VEAL— Large,' E#te: small, B^c p«r lb.
MUTTON— Wethers. 6«?7c; ewes, 6c per Tb.
LAMB — Spring, nominal. •
PORK— I/I Hogs, S\WS t for large and
3%#TSHe for small and 3H^3H<* for medium;
■Oft Hogs, 2«4©3^c; dressed do. ES5%e per lb.
For Saturday, January 15. '
Flour, qr ska ... 8.910 Wool, bales .'.... 100
Wheat, ctis ..;. 31.695 Chicory, bbls.... 22
Barley, ctls .... ' 2.580 Leather, rolls .. 104
Oats, ctls ...... 100 Wine, gals 77,450
Com. ctls 3." j ßrandy, gals ... 4.500
Butter, ctls 91 1 Eggs, doi 1,180
Cheese, ctls .... 243 Powder, cs 17
Beans, sks Ml ■ Hides, no ....... ].'.."
Potatoes, ska .... 3,911 Quicksilver, flsk. 53
Onions, sks ' 22 Raisins, bxs .... 140
Bran, sks 455 Pelts, bdla 133
Middlings, sks .. 135
Flour, qr sks ... 10.DS3I Onions, sks 903
Wheat, ctls 6,260 Bran, sks 1,240
Oats, ctls 660 Flaxseed. sks ... 1.37?
Potatoes, ska .. 4,ls»S; Shorts, sks 1,800
There once lived a man and his wife
at St. Ann's, the only town of the isl
and of Alderney, and the pair were
not on the best of terms.
One fine morning the man was miss
ing and nothing was heard of him for
a fortnight. The wife pretended to be
in great distress, so much so that when
his body was found in a small bay sur
rounded by rocks at low water no one
liked to tell her — more especially as the
finding was accompanied with what
they thought would shock her dread
fully, for when the poor fellow was
pulled out of the water a great quan
tity of small conger eels fell on the
sands from his body; the fact was, he
was full of them!
At last a friend undertook to break
the intelligence and receive the widow's
This he did, not omitting to men
tlon the eels.
The story told, he asked what were
her wishes, as he was anxious, to- ;
gether with the rest of her friends, to
obey her orders.
The widow removed her handker
chief from her eyes and murmured out
in the Channel Island Anglo-Norman
"Send home the eels and set him
again; I am very fond of eels!" — Spare
I From | Dt r «
China and Jaoan Jan 16
Coqullle River JaD 16
(iraj'B Harbor Jan 16
Departure Bay Jan IB
Tacoma....- -. Jan It;
Humooldt Bay Jan Hi
Nanaimo Jan 17
Orepon ports Jan 17
1 HumbOicu Bay •... Jan 17
■ r. scent City Jan 17
San Dleg«.. . .inn 17
Victoria St. Puaret Sna ... Jan 17
Honolulu Jan lit
Newport Jan I>J
Portiana Jan 20
Seattle.: Jan 20
Panama ijan 20
munooidt Jan 21
San Dlesro | Jan 21
Victoria and Pupet Sound Jan 33
Coos Bay Jan 23
Coos Bay Jan 23
Peru !
f|. 1111!. .
Del Norte !
*an Jose
\ Blanchard... ■
Pomona '
Crescent City..
>nntr» Kosa ...
['m:iH]l;i ... .
3OOC Bay
State 01 '.i:..
Willamette ..
North Fork
Jueen .... ;..
31 ty Puebia.. ..
[T. . . .«
Stbamer. I Destination"
A'alla Wlla Vie * P Sound' Jan IC. » am | Pier U
Czarina.... Coos Bay Jan 17.10 am Pier 8
Somer Newport, Jan 17. » am Pier 11
Kxcelslor.. Alaska Jan 17. 12 MJPier23
Thllkat — Bel Rivor Jan 17. s» am Pier 13
Arcata Coon Bay lan 18. 10 am Pier 13
Columbia.. Portland Jan 18.10 am Pier 24
'it.vofs.vii Panama Jan IS. 12 m pm SS
(Veeoti Hambldt Bay. Jan 18, 4 pm! Pier IS
','■ : Norte..] Gray Harbor! Jan 19. 12 m Pier 2
Santa Rosa' San these Jan 18, 11 am Pier 11
>escemC.|CreßcentCity.jJan P. 3 pm Pier —
Pomona.... i HumblUt Bay. Jan 19. 2 rv Pier 9
\ Blaiichnli Yaquiuaßay.. Jan 19. 9 am! Pier 13
Sooa Bay . . I Newport ran ?1. am Pirn- 11
[TmsUlla... |Vlo SndiJah .1. 9 am | Pier 9
State of C.ii Portland Jan 2:i, JO am Put 24
Dueen ISanDlegro las -■•;.)! am Pier 11
United States Coast and Geodetic Bur»«y.
Ttm.'s and Heights of High and Low
Wau-ts at Tort Point. Entrance to San
Francisco Hay. Published by GUlcial Au
thority or the Superintendent.
NOTE— The high and low waters occur at
the city front (Mission-street wharf) about
twenty-five minutes later than at Fort Point;
the height of tide it the same at both places.
I J lm(> feel T! '"- reel Tl '"" Feet ! Tlme Feet
?. H \VI L Wi JH W [JTW
MS .■.:!<; 5.S 12:Hl ii.. 7723 3.5 11 -85 Tf
17 «:06l 5.7 1:88 O.Oi 8:54 37
L W ii \v L W h'w ""
18 0:41 3.1 7:04 5.9 ■_>::>•; 0.5 9:59 in
19! l:« 8.2 8:(tt 6.1 3:31 -0.9 10:50 4';,
•A», 2:43 i 3.2 6: Ml f,.2l 4:2tl -1.1 n:n :3 3 4.5
NOTE.— In the above exposition of the tides
the early morning tides are Riven In the left
hand column and the successive tides of the
day In the order of occurrence as to time The
second time column gives the second tide of
the day, the third time column the third tide
and the last or right hand column gives the
last tide of the d.iv. except when there are but
three tides, as sometimes occurs. The heights
given are additions to the soundings on the
United States Coast Purvey charts, except
when a minus sign (— ) precedes the height and
then the number given Is subtractive from the
depth given by the charts.
A branch of the United States Hydrography
Office, located in the Merchants' Exchange is
maintained In San Francisco for the benefit of
mariners without regard to nationality and
free of expense.
Navigators are cordially invited to visit the
office, where complete sets of charts and sail-
Ing directions of the world are kept on hand
for comparison an,] reference, and the latest
Information can always be obtained regarding
lights, dangers to navigation and all matters
of interest to ocean commerce.
The time ball on top of the building on Tele
graph Hill Is hoisted about ten minutes before
noon and is dropped at noon. 120 th meridian,
by telegraphic signal received each day from
the United States Naval Observatory at Mare
Island. Cal.
ice stating whether tnp time ball was
dropped on time or prlvlnar the error. If any. Is 1
published the same .lay by the afternoon pa- |
[■•■is, and by the morning papers tho following ;
day. W. S. HUGHES,
Lieutenant. U. S. N.. in charge.
Branch Hydrvgraphtc Office. U. S. N , Mer
chants' Exchange, San Francisco. January
it, a
Tne time ball on Telegraph Hill was
dropped exactly at noon to-day —I. c., at noon ;
of the 12vth meridian, or exactly at S p. m., ',
Greenwich time. W. S. HUGHES.
LU-uUnuntU. 3. N.. In charge.
Saturday, January 15. j
Ptmr Homer, .lessen, 70 hours from Newport '
and way ports; pass and mdse, to Goodall, I
Perkins & Co.
Stmr Columbia, Conway, 62 hours from |
Portland, via Astoria ■UVj hours; pass and i
mdse. to O It & N Co.
Schr Reliance, Christiansen, 30 hours from j
Timber Cove; 65 cds wood, to R A Gllbride &
Sohr Alice Cooke, Penhallow, 23 days from
Honolulu: 21.694 bags sugar, to Williams, Dl- •
mond & Co.
Schr Laura Pike, Johnson, 4 days from Eu- 1
reka; lumber, to ('has Nelson.
Saturday, January 15. j
Stmr Homer, Jessen, Newport; Goodall. Per
kins & Co.
Stmr Walla Walla. Gage, Victoria and Port ;
Townsend; Goodall. Perkins & Co.
Stmr North Fork. ■ Bash, Kureka, Chas Nel
Br' str Belglc, Rinder, Yokohama and Hong
kong; O & O 8 S Co.
Haw atmr San Mateo, Fletcher, Comox; Pao i
Imp Co.
Ital bark Orlente, Cacace, Queenstown; Geo
W M. Near.
Schr Falcon, Llndolm, Tahiti; J Wlghtman
Saturday, January 15.
Stmr Queen, Debney, San Diego, etc.
Stmr Jewel, Madsen. Caspar.
Stmr Washtenaw, Crosscut), Tacoma. •
Stmr President, Nelson, Yaqulna Bay.
Stmr Empire. Nelson. Coos Bay.
Hr stmr Belglc, Kinder, Yokohama & Hong- I
Stmr Alcazar, Gunderson.
Stmr Point Arena. Hanson, Mendoclno.
Stmr Scotia. Johnson.
Fr bark Reine Blanche. Gourlo, East Lon- ;
don. • ■"■-. ■ --
Schr Beulah. Mitchell.
Schr Nevelty. Rosendal, Wlllapa Harbor.
Schr Neptune, Estvold. Grays Harbar. t
Pchr Sacramento, Crangle. Coos Bay.
Si iir Twilight. Hansen, Grays Harbor.
Schr Albion. Grunnell.
S-hr Ivy. Brown, Everett. •-". ••---■-•;•;
Bohr Western Home, Nllsson. Coos Bay.
Schr Corinthian, Kurth. Point Arena.
Schr Bender Brothers, Wetsel. Bowens Land- !
Schr Viking, Peterson, Grays Harbor.
Schr Occidental. Brandt. Eureka.
The British ship Errol loads lumber at Hast
ings' Mills for Cork, 80s; Lutona. lumber on
the Sound for Guayaquil; Luclle, mdse at '
Seattle for Alaska; Poltalloch. wheat at Port- i
land for Europe. I4s M; Sprlngburn, same Voy
age, 25s— both prior to arrival.
POINT LOBOS— Jan 15—10 p. m.— Weather
cloudy; wind NE; velocity 20 miles.
Dec 10—53 S 88 W. Br ship Clan Galbralth.fm
Liverpool for San Francisco, and not as before" '
TATOOSH- Passed Jan 13— Br stmr Bristol '
hence 12 for Nanalmo.
NEW WHATCOM-Salled Jan I.V- Schr Glen- I
, dale, for San Francisco; bktn Retriever, for ;
'. San Diego.
FORT BRAGG— Sailed Jan 16— Schr Barbara :
Hernster. for Port Harford.
SEATTLE— SaiIed Jan 15— Ship Lucile, for '
! Arrived Jan Stmr Wilamette, hence Jan
I 11: stmr Signal, from Astoria.
NEWPORT— SaiIed Jan 16— Stmr Greenwood, I
for San Francisco.
TACOMA— Sailed Jan 15— Ship Columbia, for ;
j San Francisco.
EVREKA— SaiIed Jan 15— Schr Jessie Minor,
for Snn Francisco.
Arrived Jan 15— Schr John A, hence Jan 11.
TATOt >SH— Passed Jan l:V-Shlp Columbia,
for San Francisco; schr Vega, from Port
Blukuk-y. for San Francisco.
SAN PEDRO— Sailed Jan lo— Schr Mabel
Gra\ . for Dur»-ka.
ASTORlA— Arrived Jan I">— Stmr State of
California, hence Jan 13.
Ballad Jan 15— Br bark Aethelberht, for Cape
Town: schr Sequoia, for Pan Francisco.
BVERETT— Sailed Jan 15— ScUr Queen,* for
BAT— la port Jan 15— Bark Alex
McNeil, frr.m Seattle for San Francisco.
PORT TOW NSEND— Arrived Jan 15— Schr
W m Renton, from San P
F<>RT BRAGG— Arrived Jan 15— Stmr Rival.
in 14.
Balled Jan 15— Schr Barbara Hernater, for
San Francisco*
REDONDO— Arrived Jan 15— Stmr Lacuna,
from Eun ka.
BOWENS I- A NI> IX C- Arrived Jan 14-Schj
Monterey, hence Jan 13.
TAT.CAHrANMV-Sailed Nov 29-Shlp Wm J
; Rotch, for San Francisco.
BUENOS AYRES— Arrived Dec &— Br bark
j Ensena-ia, from Port Gamble.
| PANAMA— Arrived Jan I— Stmr San Juan,
hence Dec 2. 2— Stmr Costa Rica, fm Cham
SYl'XEY— Arrived — Br stmr Aorangi, from
. Vancouver.
'•"l.ON— Sailed Jan 14— Stmr Finance, for
Nt-w York.
PANAMA— SaiIed Pec 30— Stmr Colon, for
San Francisco: stmr Starbuck. for Acapulco.
NEW YORK— Sailed Jan 15— Stmr Werra.for
Genoa; stmr I-a Qoacogne, for Havre, .»t.mr
Umbria, for Liverpool; nmr I'atria, for Ham
burg; stmr Furaessta, for U*asvow; stmr Sco
tia, for Marseilles.
SOUTHAMPTON— BaiIed Jan 15— Stmr St
Louis, for New York.
HAVRE— Sailed Jan IS— Stmr La Cham
pagne, for New York.
— 3SOO nks potatoes, 906 sks onions, 4oQO bdls 1
car shocks. 2087 sks shorts, 2391 qr-sks 1193 hf
sks 1932 gunnies (lour, 4508 sks wheat, 735 sks
oats, 4 bales bearskins, 339 lulls aides, 10,236 ft
lumber. 131 fit oysters, 245 <-s salmon, 1240 ska
bran, 372 sks flax, 1000 sks fiaxseed.
NEWPORT— Per Homer— 36 sks peanuts, 30
cs eggs.
Bast San Pedro— l bx tinware. 1 sk tent, 1 bx
crackers, 1 bx hardware , 3 bdis hardware, * sk
bacon, 2 sks dry fruit. 1 sk beans,' 3 boxes
canned goods. 1 bx coffee, 1 sk rope, 2 sks C
meal, 4 sks flour, 1 sk dry vegetables, 6 bxs
lemons, 10 bxs orangos, 2 bxs butter.
San Pedro— 6' bxs orange, 825 sks corn, 950
sks barley, 435 cs canned M corn. 1 cs 7 bxs
K'im. 20 cs personal effects, 3 bxs scales, 1 C 3
china, 1 wheel, 1 bx dry goods.
Hueneme — 1 tank.
Ventura — 1 ea catsup. 1 cs cheese, 21 sacks
chilies, 45 bxs lemons, 219 bxs oranges.
Santa Barbara — sks walnuts, 33 bxs lemons.
6 bxs oranges.
Goleta— l2 bbls whale oil, 4 sks whale bone.
Gaviota— B hides, 1 bx butter, 24 sks craw
P ■:• Harford— B bxs butter. 19 cs eggs, 12
bxs raisins, is sks dry fruit, 3 dr calves, 4 bxs
fish, 249 sks beans.
Cayneoa— l bx hardware. » cs eggs, 21»4 bxs
butter. 1 coop chickens, 11 dr calves, 1 bx dr
San Simeon — 8 cs eggs, 26 bxs butter. 35 dr
rnlves, 3 bdls hides, 4 pkgs harness, 6 flasks
quicksilver, 1 wheel.
Monterey — 1 bx groceries.
Per Columbia— Wolf & Sons; D W Hatch; H
Heckman & Co; J H Cain & Co; Moore Fer-
Etison .V- Co; 1» X Allison A <'„; z Jaggar; D
M Bollman; Erlanger & Gallnger: J Everding
.v Co; .1 F English; Dalton Bros; )l Dutard; 0
R Stevens >v Co; .M.I • 'nougli & Runyon; Otis,
McAllister & Co; Standard Oil Co; 1" Hlllena
& Co; M P Deteis & Co; C J Leiflt i- Co; A \V
Clements; Co*y Mer Co; T V "Williams; Ep
{■intfor & Co: Bray's Sons A Co; Anspacher
Bros; Kittle & Co; Geo Morrow ft Co; Harris
& Jones; Allen & HiKgins: Metlen & Uel>
hardt; Herman Waldeck; S Strauss; Bissinger
,'>: ■■•; Clatsop Mill Co; J B Conn & Co; His
ben .v Bergen; II Lev! .<. Co; «' Carlson A Co;
Dart.cc & Immel; M Wanner; II Smith; A S
Smith; Fosarty & Parker.
Per Homer— W C Wo S ■ Pairymen's
Union; P Steil; Astoria Commercial Oo; Cutter
<t Mosely; A Gerberding <fe Co; Standard Oil
In. A T Bolton: Woods, Maiili-r A Co; New
ton Bros; A J P-rnndenstein: Ftayland EbtM; H
H Hogan; Simpson, Hack <fc Co; II X Emerson
Mitchell & Qoodall; Mlnak-jr & Wel
banks; <;ray it Barbieri; H J Shinn; X C
Keane; X* Baronl .vc Co; Itaj:an-SwtßS Colony:
Wetmore Bros: J Evancovic*b & Co; .1 M
Bione .<• Co; H F Ailen: WheaXon, Breon & c D ;
A Paladini; Amer I'nl.n Fish <".>: J B Inßug
lia; Hilmcr, Bredhofl ;>; Schulz; H N Tilden &
<"o: Witsd A Baker: Weliman. Peck <S- Co;
Hills Bros; Russ, Early A Co; Norton. Teller
Mi' Nason .v Cc; VxMarshall A Reimers;
C E Whitney A Co; s Levy .v- Co; Chas Jacob
■ o; II Kirchmann R CD; Western Meat
• tz I^ros & Co; P Gusmani: Q Camilloni
A Co; Brlancer & Galinser; Standard OH Co;
Holbrook, Merrill & Stetson: W Wwss; O B
Smith A Co; I> I>e Bernard] A CO! F T'rl &
Co; Woodward & Bennett: Weils. Fargo <: Co;
Brigham. Hopjie & Co: Bisslneer & Co; Dodge,
Sweeney & Co; Hooker & CO; -tontgomeTy &
Co; H Meyer: Redington & Co; Baker & Ham
ilton; E Cook.
Steamers leave Broadway wharf «fe*H-
San Francisco, as follows: sEssSSE
For ports in Alaska, 9 a. m., Jan. 1, 8, 11. IS.
21. 28, 31, and every fifth day thereafter.
For Victoria, Vancouver (B. C), Port Town-
send, Seattle, Tacoma, Everett. Anacortes and
New Whatcom (Bellingham Bay, Wash.), »
a. m., Jan. 1. 6, 11, 16, 21, 26. 31. and every
fifth day thereafter, connecting at Vancouver
with C. P. Ry.. at Tacoma with N. P. Ry.. at
Seattle with Great Northern Ry.. and com-
pany's steamer for Alaska.
For Eureka (Humboldt Bay), steamer Po-
mona, 2 p. m.. Jan. 1, 5, 10, 14, IS, 22, 2«, SI.
Feb. 4, S. 12. 16, 20. 25. 29.
For Santa Cruz, Monterey. San Simeon. C*-
yucos>. Port Harford (San Luis Obispo). Gavl-
oto, Santa Barbara. Ventura, Hueneme, San
Pedro,- East San Pedro (Los Angeles) and
Newport. 9 a.m.. Jan. 1, 5, 9. 13, 17, 21. 25, 29.
and every fourth day thereafter. . ...
For San Diego, stopping only at Port Har-
ford (San Luis Oblspo), Santa Barbara, Port
Los Angeles and Redondo (Los Angeles), 11
a. m.. Jan. 3, 7, 11, 15, 19, 23, 27. 31. and every
fourth day thereafter. ■;.,-■
For Ensenada, . Magdalena Bay, San Jos« del
Cabo, Mazatlan,' Altata, La Pax, Santa Ro-
salia and Guaymas (Mex.), 10 a. m., Jan. i and
id of each month thereafter.
The Company reserves the right to change
without previous notice steamers, sailing dates
and hour* of galilnsr.
Montgomery st.
GOODALL. PERKINS & CO.. Gen. Agta. .
10 Market St., San Francisco.
THE 0. R. & N. CO.
From Spear-street Wharf at 10 a. m.
FARF •*•"* First Class Including Berth
r^ntr $2.50 2cl Class and Meals.
State of California Jan. IS
Columbia Jan. IS
Through tickets and through baggage to all
Eastern points. Rates and folders upon appli-
cation to F. F. CONNOR. General Agent
GOODALL. PERKINS & % MarkCt "reet.
fflSPJHlßiil SS - Australia.
l&flfgir for HONOLULU only
L *j£** SBa * Tuesday, Jan. 25, at
S -^— 7«» v * P. m. special party
GMCaillJlliy gang vla HONOL.C-
VWIIipUJU^- for - SYDNEY. Thurs-
day, Feb. 8, at 2 p. m.
Line to COOLGARDIE. Australia, and CAPS
TOWN. South Africa.
114 Montgomery Street.
Freight Office— 327 Market St.. San Francisco.
Compagnie Generate Transatlantiqae.
French Line to Havre.
Company Pier (new), M North j,^*^.
River, foot of 3 'orton st. Travelers <209"5>
by this line avoid both transit by irsVi'Jimn«
English' railway and the discomfort of crossing
I the channel in a small boat. New York to
Alexandria, Egypt, via Paris, first class $160,
second class $116. -. : ;
; LA BRETAGNE December 11. 10 a. m.
i LA GASCOONE December 18, 10 a. m.
LA NORMANDIE December 25, 10 a. m.
LA CHAMPAGNE January 1. 10 a. m.
LA BRETAGNE January 8, 10 a. m
For further particulars apply to
A. FORGET, Agent.
No. 3. Bowling Green. New York.
J. F. FT7GAZI & CO.. Agents. 5 Montgomery
' aye.. San Francisco.
Leave Pier No. 3, Washington St., at 6
p. m. Daily.
Accommodations reserved by telephone.
The only line selling through tickets and giv-
ing through freight rates to all points 00 tht
i Valley Railroad.
Telephone Main 805 Cal. Nay. and Impt. Co.
Steamer " JV.onticello."
• Mon.. Tucs.. Wed., Thurs. and Sat..
9:45 a. m. and 3:15 p. m. (9 p. m. ex. Thurs.)
Fridays 1 p. m.. 9 p. m.
Sundays 10:30 a. m. and 8 p. in.
Landing and Offices— Mission Dock. Pier 3.
Telephone Green 3SI.
j ' ~
For San Jose, Los Gatos & Santa Cruz
Steamer Alviso loaves Pier 1 dally (Sunday*
■ excepted) at 10 a. m. Alviao dally (Saturdays
1 exceptcd) at C p. m. ■ Freight and Passenger*.
Fare between- San Francisco and Alviso. Suo:
: to San Jose. 75c. • Clay street. Pier 1. 41 Nort*
j First street. San Jose.

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