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A Condemned Man With
a Drunken Keeper
Behaved Well.
C. E. Mast and Wee Tung's
Remarkable Journey to
San Quentin.
Sheriff*-- <~ffi< > '* Attache Suspended Tor
w Month— The Chinese In "Hoo
doo Cell."
C. B. Mast, a keeper In the Sheriff's
ofno\ looked upon the Tine when It
vas carmiro in the ouo last Brlday,
and in consequence has been "laid off"
for a week. Ordinarily not much at
tention would have been paid to so
common an occurrence, but on this
particular occasion Mast was under
the influence while taktnjc a Chinese
under sentence of death by hanging to
San Quentin and ran grave risks of the
escape Of his char.cc.
Mast was s^nt t>> San Quentin with
Wee Tung:, the Chinese who murdered
his uncle because he "talkee too
muchee." in his care, on Friday morn
inp. On his way from the Sheriff's of
flcp to the County Jail he m"t a friend
and the two had several drinks. The
liquor had taken no perceptible c-ffect
when he reached th° jail, otherwise
Chief Jailer Sattler would not have in
trusted the condemned Chinese to his
custody. But when the keeper and the
condemned man got aboard the ferry
boat the fact that Mast had been
drinking too much was clearly in evi
It is asserted that Mast went to sleep
on the train and left the Chinese to
amuse himself as best he might, and
that at Green Brae station he was
awakened by ML Herzoer. a San Rafael
merchant. Anyway, the sight of a
drunken man taking a prisoner to the
State Prison, handcuffed though he
was, attracted considerable attention
and a deal of unfavorable comment.
Warden Hale happened to be on the
same boat and train that conveyed
Mast and Wee Tung to their destina
tion, and kept an eye on their actions.
As soon ns he reached Pan Quentin he
immediate ly ti lephoned Sheriff Whelan
that Mast was intoxicated, but that the
prisoner had been safely jailed. When
Mast came back to make his report he
for a month.
Deputy Sheriff Clack stated last
x that Mast has the reputation
ng a sober, reliable man, and that
he himself believed the keeper would
not have drunk anything at all if he
had not met a particular friend whom
he had not seen for a long time. This,
st, la what the suspended keeper
told ("'lack. Mast also denied that he
had gone to sleep on the train.
Tung was placed in the "hoodoo cell"
in Murderers' Row, and will expiate his
crime on the same gallows as did Dur
rant. on March 8. It is said that
every man confined in the "hoodoo cell"
has met his death on the gallows — there
being not a single rase to be quoted
where the courts or the Governor have
ped in to interfere with the ukase
of the law. p
"Will Depart To-Morrow to
Take Up His Residence
in Chicago.
President Adams Appoints a New
Rosd-Book Committee-Wheel
Merchants In Town.
George H. Stratton, of the Olympic Club
Wheelmen, who has been a prominent
factor in the C3'cling circles of this State
for many years past, was banqueted last
by his fit-How wheelmen of the
• I•■ inonico's. Mr. Strat
t"n leaves for Chicago to-morrow night
and will make hid headquarters there
!':■• ■>:■:■ Qt Adams of the C. A. C. C. has
■ the following as a road bqpk
committee for 1898: A. G. McFarland. R.
M. Welch, V. D. Dnboce, T. J. Wlnslow.
J. L. Ma :■!• , J!. L>. Bent and S. C. Scov
J. J. B. Argent! has been added to the
I' 1 : Me popular tire exponent,
arrivi-d from the East Friday night, ac
hy his wife.
An: the road racing and rec
ords committee of the C. A. C. C. will
■ <1 next Tuesday night, to formulate
new rules for the annual 100-mile relay
'J'lit- baseball pames schr-duled for to
d;iy htwitlk the various cycling clubs will
rot likely be postponed unless it. rains
this morning. The Velodrome prounds
are sandy and dry up quickly. The first
game will I).- '-niled sharp at noon.
L. H. Stephen ami L. C. Hickok,
prominent in ih<- wheel trade at T>'i3 An
reles, arc i;i the city, Mr. Hiokok be
lli s way East L. C. Bryce of Peta
hima Is also in town.
Tho Olympic Cyclers have plootpr 1 the
following officers: President. T. B. M. -
Ginnls: vice-president, Rudolph Schleu
ter; secretary, Wallace S. Taylor; treas
urer. 7"r.-:nk O. O'Kano: captain. Greorfre
fhristenson; directors. James W. OofT
rorh. Charles F. Morel, X. Hewston and
J. A. Fitsgibbon.
Frank W. Fuller, of the Olympic Who^l
men, has gone to New York on a busl-
I rip.
■ ♦ ■
BerKeley Students Wf}o Want to
Compete for the Carnot Medal.
BERKELEY, Jan. 15.— Six university
debat< rs entered the preliminaries for the
t medal debate last night at Stiles
Hall. H. A. Overstreet, the winner of
irnot medal last year, presided, and
Professors C. C. Plehn. Alexis F. I,ange
and K. C. Babcock aided a« judges. There
were six • ts— C. W Bufford. R.
C. Daniels, Rem Hutchinson, C. F Kim
ball. C. K. Osborne and L. W. Teaby.
Daniels, Hutchinson and Osborne were
n to enter the finals, where they will
have to m< • <"l;irk. Arthur Dan
um. Charles K. b ry«-r and A. 1...
Mark, wli^i previously 'lualififfl for the
The debate will be held In Berk
eley on February tL Stanford's repre-
A. 15. Morgan. A. H. Suzzallo
Miss Anna Strunsky— were selected
last term.
New Gold Mining Company.
The Spanish Bar Qold Mining Company
incorporate] yesterday with a capital
stock of 160.000. The directors arf>: John
Hay. nr;74 Sf vf-nteenth street ; H. J. Grauer
holz. 24H Mission street; W. T. Robinson,
Mokelumne mil; John Dalsley. 3374 Sev
enteenth street, and Joseph Klein, V.<U
Btookioi: str»«-t.
A False Report.
Tli Furniture Journal pays furniture
business is dull. Thoy did not visit the
freal furniture sale at Pattosien Co.s,
ixteenth and Mission streets. By one
peep they will learn this bit store Is
doJutf the trade of the city. •
/ * jj Xv? he com P leted inventory shows many surplus lines, Sale of Men's
Wint^ftderWeaP. Kibbon broken lots and odds and ends still unsold. During the Jersey Ribbed Underwear.
TylllL^rt^Bl^^a rv^«^» gal^g aI^ Sales we close our eyes to former J erse Y Underwear*
/Tl*^\i\^ ~.tr*A Qsaif^*' Thousands of prices and Current Values on this accumulation of desirable The stock-taking has disclosed these surplus lines, upon
ijrlOaKS aiMS aUlß^^ Syteavy aii? winter merchandise and quote prices that we know will which we guarantee tile saving of 25C to $I -°° per garment
ii^«4«9Aods^Silks^ Silk. Satin and rlp^ir th f *»& at once - Beiow o rA on] y a few ° f the h ™- Men's Jersey Ribbed All-Wool Underwear— <h ■» r\r»
rfe^O^Aß^ferbd^^^llliS^ Gros Grain R?b- 5 < g ?^ ? V hUn " finely finished-reg. value 51.25 per garment-now *I.UU
l/rf^SWtW*^* *-"" IW bons, choice color- dreds of mighty money-Saving Chances. Men's Sanitary Australian Wool Jersey Ribbed <£ t 1R
■ ■ \ IBP • I • » in ? s » including _ f , jx i .4 . wri. th i . lL » ... < Underwear— regular value $i.3oper garment— now 4> > »^O
H^llk^HrilPrßl^ninOS^ cream, cardinal, Delorme s wcndertul painting;, Th: Blacksmith, will be on Men's Lambs' Wool Jersey Ribbed Under- * < 1P -
I B^lL!iy?^m US BSHC27iB« «^*-^ pink, orange, green exhibition only a tew days long; — do not miss t. ; e last opportunity wear— value at $2.c0 per garment— now 4>>.ZO
—-^^i^^ # - 0 fii^,^^.^*^* and 40 other to s:c this masterpiece. It is undoubtedly one 01 the finest modern Men's Extra Fine Jersey Ribbed Worsted Un-
pTß^B^^^il^ri^ Sk f*@^S' I*/3JlßO6&*''1 * / 3JlBO6&*'' th?fn?inwiif<r paintings in the world. Fre: view in our art room, second flocr. derwear, in blue and tan shades— regular value &--\ -yrr
BXilllß^l ViWVI ■^••^ r **—- ■ uicioiKiwioj ,_ r 52.50 per garment— now J?4.*£>J
T(7_^ #a - fairy prices" Arthur Salvini, the renowned Italian Opera tenor, JUSt Men's Jersey Ribbed Union Suits— * < rr\
* Ribbons- Tl, mm now £ %£££?£ jHHl sing at the Concert neXt SatUl " '^^^^"•"^^"iS
©8 J «■**» S tf» * No. 7, IV inch, was IS yard. n0w.... -jc d3y evening, Ja " Uary 22 us 1 UnirJar.'
(&Wl : A*> r» I£> ~> Nl " 9. ijJ inch.! was ,ie yard, n0w.... 9c IZZIZZIZIZ^IZZI^ W °° l Underwear '
tH I IIl^?t/l fitC' No. 12. 2 inch, was iSc yard, now 10c ■
T3 *-^isr— v No. 16, 2' inch, was 23c yard, now-.. 15c "P^*.««r« rZi-v/^/4ci T-Ji~"U. /^l>,«« CilT « *-• — -^
II I :^i^?^^ no. 221 , mch, was ,6c yard, now 2o c Uress .Lroods. High-Uass bilks. Furniture and Carpet Bargains*
I ILllw^B*^ zzzn==zz: The after-stock-taking sale of We group into two great lots the ~ j r , r •v j
l\ X/&£^3 • Dress Goods means that all the very finest of our Novelty Silks Correctly constructed, finely finished
yfcKwT) BfflHh&.ifflS'^ Great Embroidery Sale choice, pretty fabrics, which you that were $ 1. 50 to 53.50 per yard. Furniture — prices to immediately close all
'^'VJT'"™ l_jrr"C>» and others nave admired, are re- and offer you the choice this week surplus lines. We can Save yOU 30 to $O
Crte*^«S^l^rßir»^^i Continues Another Week, duced in prices out of ail propor- at $1.25 and $1.50. We could not per cent on Furniture now.
HUll 112 i'Vll 1? r :: tion to their real value to take renew our stocks of these Silks at Tv •.' . „ ■
Z^T —- „ The deslgns entirely new and made them away. It's a chance to get ' anything near our present selling n J ree ss P ecla . ls in , Hanging
¥*&** <*W~'i'<P'* on test quality of cambric-edges cut out the cheapest stylish gown you ever prices. ' Cabinets, convenient to keep little -j-^Aa,, IMrVH-^1
i LlC^LLi' ready for us. had . Fo F r example: F At $1.25. things m, they are just like the MmM IKn^L
,ift i rh T«n Tnn^RTi^H Fi<ri,r»ri vts*. : t . d ii C T • J( picture on the side and while the '/Tft uM */j si IT/. M |O\
e n,^ brlc Y ; d ?c,fo^' P^ v^ n . eh ."... widt . -5c *|jaiS:g.^Siaras: vJSWJgS^, s KSw ra i. is quantities on hand « they win 111 l ■ w-mn
Cambric EJ ? in gs i 2&i 2 & to \ti inch« wid^S dVf- 7 , worth 75 c a yard-now rtduc.i to ,5- | combinations-thcy have beer, up to $2.50 be sold for OC. an( J $2.75 fiPli» ( I! X til U
ferent styles. Your choke per yard / ? d per yard. A *s'-5O- -HandJomeMahogany-Finished f| fifP'i *==? ff /\_ )
Cambric Edgings-3 to 6 inches wiJe-verv tn * hI 52 ,. 1nC^ "r7" r 7- iv -, n S nS 3 ! At $1.50. Handsome Mahogany-Finished i;li''- 'rP™!
choice-4osty.es to select from. Per yard HOc f^f^M^ti^S^ High-ch.s French Novell Silk-new Bedroom Set of 7 Pieces, consist- U^ffi X HSWI .
Cambric Edgings-^ to 9 inches wide-beautiful worm 75c a >aru now reduced to cjq ■ choice designs and exouisite color com- j n , o f Bed Bureau Washstand • to&Tl '' ■ »JUtesJ!.(l
Sp=c d a| P p"crr.^^^J™*..^l.f..^ d :.... T . h .! 12k 3ZHZZZ S^ot.^a'yar'd. 1 " S " kS mat SmaH Stand, 2 Cha^ and 1 ' **' MIM I Htt
Cambric Edgings— 3?^ to q^ inches wide— 27 styes WT» "LJ • * - * Rocker, in design like picture, for n^g? <ltii l ri IH f % ! i
that are entirely new an actuai.y worth 25c a yard, j> W lllter OOSiery ' " the very low price <£")£ J£ fs^^^ % X I^= 4
fM and Underwear. . Two Bargains in La- of^-i;//W7 w »,ii^2 fc^ail gE
Clearing the Waists. A 'eTitimate Clearance Sale of the sur- dies' Kid Gloves. piano-polished. need , Couch? 1.. J^^^S
v-<itai.iii^ tii^ vv aioto* plus Underw-ar and Hosiery stocks— Two Do you need a Couch? f,^ y ; rJ."^v-v\< ' == T^^T^fi W -
r, items from this week's offerings by which At 50r Pair Thn<:p in th»» nictnrp o rP rpaularlv r-^--' 1 -" <? ~ '?/2l\£££r
"Too many waists! Too many waists ! y||^e^^^£||u|s Ladies , R£* K^ Pto^ in sizes | t in^^ r Vh ey a l^gS
Sell them! Reduce them! Never mind the udie.- Union Suits-Heavy Australian v S^tw?^ SaS e^-VuaS good cover; stout springs with i^M^^^^%)
rn^t! them out 1" That i<^ th- wiv Wool-they button across the shoulder, je"^" get thIS week $1 and Si-2 5 quah clipper edges. They are not cheap RS^?TB^BB^JmS
cost! Clear tnem out! mat is tne Way and seams are a! , CoVC red-na rural gray ' " ;;;" Z s °^ couches- they will last— l^^S^J^S^^S^
the buyer is talking now. Here are prices zJ^TJ* \f\^-t^ r^T 22 %% 25f the social ri " this «< 1?^ mmmmO&
that will doit— must do it: takineVk-s ?J— . A , 95c Pa ; r week ••• 4>> >♦-£->
A x- . ll s d c«h^- ?S? hS^ e d^bte Ladies' Three PatentCi.Jp Kid Gloves, CarD2tS and Ru?S
Fancy 75c and $1 Sateen in, 3* C *^ Z SJ «iS3 h^SS^ £1 1« with the very latest two-tone embroidery V^arpeiS ana I^UgS.
fmm Waists now 4OC U hr i? £e^^ c ?pa" Xfter S-' ° -Rloves that are regularlysold here good A fortunate purchase nor long since placed us In posses-
JJ'WM =>^»^v irregular price 75c a pair. After- 50c value at 51.25 a pair. Reduced since sion of 500 rolls of Tapestry Brussels Carpet, with borders
V SB $1 and Si 2? Fast Black 70 stock ' takln prices. v^ stock-taking to 95c to match. Bought in the ordinary way these goods would
■ Sateen Waists, lmed ' now.. 79C ====== B= SF || e^b.S^'ii^^em'^is^ek o^ 65c
/^V*^^^>cr\_ Assorted Plaid $1.75 Cf 1C Tine L.UrtaUlS Orbtood, English Red, -Black L The Finest Quality Axminster Rugs size 9xl2 feet, those
IBmlWBl Waistsn ° w $1 ZJ at Half Price. -n,- , „ STJ^STZ? * t nat regularly sell at $30 each, many lovely designs 4 / .00
feW/^^ WalStSnoW t 1{ p j "to choose from, this week at tne ver y special price of $1 6-
IP 3*3 * \^^wi\ Assorted Lined Wool <£ < qq zzzzz=z=izziiz
Mm&V W "^-^'Sl Plaid $3 Waists n0w.... 4> l^/O About 300 pairs of handsome T , . T f ' Y 7 «
pffl^-WfcrJ»i# y a „..,„, L:lce curtain?— in many cases Table Linens Lingerie, Infants Wear
. WKktfi4^^£ Dl As , S0 , rted V,'" ed W°olW ° 01 *? d^ only one or two pairs of a pattern 1 aDiC menS * r 1 S*. t ,-,,«.
Plaid $3.50 Waists now^^J left— in Brussels Antique Lace, j The big store will make a new | LiOrSetS and Millinery*
V^/ \^\ Assorted 57.50, $8. 50 &< A ~ir lrish Point « Point d E s P rit and record in value-giving in the Linen 50c for Ladies' Gown, heavy muslin, 4 rows of Inser-
/////// J '\ and $10 Silk Waists now 4>4*/t) otner beautiful effects— Curtains Department this week— the After- tion, reduced from 75c.
■ ' ■ " that were $6 and $7 a pair to- Stock-Taking offerings cannot be 75c for Tennis Gown, double yoked and heavy flannel-
SILK VELOUR PLUSH CAPE, fur <*"> m morrow and until sold, matched in quality and prices. We ette, pearl buttons, reduced from $1.25.
trimmed, fancy lining, was $ 4 , now. . . . $2.50 Q0 ' have selected these two from a A, , ace and for r T u e ffl n e nl s C JSSSr t<^l
BROCADED BLACK SILK AND a I hundred equally as good bargains. ,Rom, rom 51.75.
SATIN SKIRTS, were $10, n0w,.,/... $5.50 Do you need a Couch Cover ? | .fnen-ictSly WSr^i embr^ery-d^d yle^embToidery
===== Odd Portieres at greatly reduced :™J S^j^oJTXft^S? WMZXMS on n ° ck and sleeves, reduced from 4 ° C
Manaolfn«; 2nd Gifft^C prices to close. Stock-Taking prices OOC m^WftiZj, Infants' Mittens, all colors, 15c.
IVXctllUUllllb d-IIU VJUltarS* ~ ■ . A »h wn ,nrt,rh v thr..n ar Wl^Vjsl^3L3P^ Children's Mittens, all colors, 25c,
oABSSMSaf.— — LadieZNeckwear. M§*|EtZilZi- '
American-made A\ando in— beautifully finished— wiv»vvwa» After-Sfock- Taking prices $1— fjT %T, \V and 35c. o«-i
exquisite tone — atomy „. /......„.; "...?. S6 00 ea h T ' xo specials for io -™"™ and until. Att laking prices.... — /r r Jr.; \J\ Children's Eiderdown Coats, in ' •
30 imported Guitars that we can recomm n1 in quantities on hand are sold. . i»»Ltsi^ak * / *l»^ colors, 51.50.
every way— on sale to-morrow morning at.. S3 50 each Black Liberty Silk Neck Ruches with t T -1-7 * 1 , 1 feE^V^/v^fS" Children's Empire Jackets 55.00, r«-
doling" free lessons v ith wry Guitar, -Banjo and Man- silk ribbon enJs-imported to sell f- O fIOUSe UmiShin^S and Wl^-W*^ dUC CnHdTen $ ' 7sßiack7 sBiack Cashmere Dresses,
doUn sold. ' iJ " f or g5g 5c — DOW 3UC » Children's Black Cashmere Dresses,
A few Swiss Music Boxes left from the holiday stork* ' Empire Scarfs of wash Bobinet or Gk^WarP tL. ' sizes 4to 14, reduced from $3.50 to 52.00.
will be closed out at one-quarter original prices X Point d'Esprit net, extra wide, 2* yards VJUt&bWarC |,«W ,_ C . Corsets-No. 0204, black) $2.00,
Sheet Music Department carries all the new and nonu- long, pleated or lace ends, on sale s;r| Four very special of- No. 533, ecru S2i No. 540, black, $2.50.
lar Music at money-saving prices. pp at OUC <p«?*s^^^ ferings for Monday and 'Bustles and Pads— all kinds, all colors.
Pianist in attendance will play any piece you d*sire so ■ /jjWa^"^^T^7»Tuesday— some large Royal Duchess Corsets, without peer, all lengths, all
that you may know what you are buying. " ijtm */fT|l m / r cc!ucti.ins (rcm San style waist, all style busts, best materials and workman-
' ' — CrrnCPrV SoCCials i\M I f I{I I II HP', Francisco's always ship, prices from $1.50 to 57.50.
Ssn 'P f . :: , r ,-; c -. / c "D 4. Ct. -r> v-nwv»t ' w^twittio. y^ [L-rrzrJJ / lowest prices. Handsome fitting-rooms and good fitters at your servtct,
IJd " 1 rd-nciSCO S oest Onoe oargains. These extraordinary special t *3^S&%^ 100 Puritan Oil Sole gents Royal Duchess Corsets.
Shoe-clearing now. Here are five lots that will interest prices are for Monday and Tuesday ifr***2Es2i*^ Stoves— like picture— \ T\7T;tti«««.Tr T\i>*m*+«irn>*y*
money-savers that cannot be duplicated in value and pri" only-see the bulletin in the Gro- iIS^S (no better oil stove j Millinery Department
LOT i-' Our Pride '' Ladies' Seal California made eery display windows of each day's h^^- i-ft| made) Will be old i Our millinery buyer leaves for Paris this week, and will
absolutely damp proof— pretty, stylish shapes- sn^riiU n j the direct ornrerv /; a -t ili for Monday and lues- personally make exclusive selections for customers who de-
instead of the usual $4.50, our regular *4 I specials. Use the direct grocery tele- day, if quantity lasts ~. sire him to do so. We offer the following bargains:
P"cc... 6 $3.50 Phone South 59. that long, each- ~y c M2^~^^^ 350 Felt Hats— Reduced from 75c, 85c and $1, to *q
LOT 2 ~^-L°^lS^ toe- Special Monday and Tuesday '^r^^^Nickei.^^lJ^ cI sFeirsToVt-back'sanors\"*b^5 FeirsToVt-back'sanors\"*b^ C
of the usual $2.50, our price........ ._. $ J .95 Only. Stefsad Ks-'hkhlv ,^^=^^ br ° Wn ' grCe " a " d fed> Were 95C ' nn ° W "
%rfi Ob l^s.., - Lot 3— Ladies' Fine Box Calf I *r» Best Fresh Kanch Eggs, /■*/- polished— set of threes ;^^?W; ============.
. sJMmk(\ r — >,^ // i /»7l Shoes— heavy sole military per dozen On Monday and o^*^__j^f x•"• • HT • «
&iWiL W 111 ® // /i heel-new K'ondiketoe-a great Schepp's Fancy Shredded Co- Tuesday 0n1y... OZC I! »^==stf^ Lmm£S 1 nmmillgS.
5 -J* <i*\ nfl I lf>* winter shoe— instead of the i f oa , nut ' Ilb mcka^es 'egu- /■**% c s=e!mc =o^ ImitnMon Cut Glass Coslngout balance of winter stock of D:ess Trimmings at
t V /tK B / usual J2. 50, our price <t f j* JT , P^Ka b es, regu- 27r I^3^ Crystal Vases-spe- Closing out balance of winter stock of Dress Trimmings at
'T^B 6l"« ' m' 4>|,4^ lar ' 28c, each ... . . . "0" /$k J dally made for large a fraction of original prices. As a sample of the bargains at
1 Y : \ *$M ' WJ] Lot 4-Misses* and Children's KiJ or i Crosse & Blackwell s Pickles— mSc<Z\ bouquets - tall and the trimming and lining counters these
; ILl\l ] \A A^d ■ Cloth Coin or Square Toe Bu? [ P>nt bottles — gherkins— mixed— V«f^B>l graceful . 10 inches ; «wo items J^
r* —^\^_ •NJ \^^S^ ton Shoes— instead of Jr. 50 and chow— onions and walnuts, -3/^ itSß^^wHa^ h| n ; 3 inches wiJeJ— • <v . ,-. » „ *sga> v
1 <K^h *2, our prices: 5 nQ regularly --r bottle.. OUC •MK^%**K\ I ula i pnce 48 r On _,P Pieces of best quality Cotton Moreen W^rVA
'! BaHias^rA '' ». r i ci 7.;c i 7.; o . ft nl , „ ??,I yOl c 4 t>- L \II%WBA Monday and')-) Skirt Lining— black, gray. tan, brown . X<\ VIVV
f «- —^Q Wl sL,; O^ C ? 5 C C ■ Golden ■ Rule Sand or Kitchen >l.?S®k||!l Tuesday 0n1y... 22c and navy. Alter - Stock -4 p- v . ""S^^/W N^V\\\
wMV^ ssse^3m i'zes 11 to 2 si.ls Soap— regularly 4c each— £1 00 '^^Pfelw' American Pressed Taking Price IDC a V** r^ * /'§ iTw\\\*r~\ '
, f/l JII fWIW, Lots-Men's French Calf Shoes will be 35 for <4>J__ ' Crystal Win; Glasses 6 doz;n Black Mohair Braid and Silk / >ii&f#=4 ]L ,
'"'gMfflWVi- 1- '/ I r M/ W/j ■ Goodyrar welt— Kanirarrr l f ~ xr- I ■ r i- 7 , --^^/itWv m pretty (ie^pn. For Cord Drape Ornaments, in variety of ' $™' 'f^tyLJkdJfitl
' W^<\ Wf, Y,le toe-instead of?? op (Satisfaction guaranteed Or K&JW Monday and Tii^day I patterns- worth douLMe the After-stock- {fe^f , L^
A'^bO^X icr^S^ P the usual f 4 , our price? 1.98 j your tnonei refunded). <^&? °?. l L'.. s . e l°.L 6 ;" \5 C si a 2 in and rices ~" now $I '°°' $I^2 each - V^S^-
Complete Outfits for Kfiondike Prospectors.
Lively Coursing at Ingleside
and Favorites on
Short- Enders Land but Six Times
In a Fifty - Dog
Between six and eight hundred en
thusiasts braved the downpourtng rain
y.-sti rday afternoon and journeyed out
to Inglesido to watch the coursing of
the greyhounds. Of the number, too.
not a few were of the gentler sex. The
stake was an all-age open event and
embraced in the entry some or the most
brilliant performances known to the
The first brace were loosed after the
elusive hare shortly after 1 p. m. The
rain was descending in solid columns
j and the field was like a sward of soggy
velvet. But there was no lack of en
thusiasm. Crowded beneath the sh>i
i tering grand stand the several hundred
present gave vent to their opinions and
backed them with a vivacity that no
rain could dampen. With two excep
tions all the dogs nominated were sent
j to the slips and one of these absentees
was due to accident Incurred in train
ing. The latter was the San Jose
flyer, owned by Henry Spring.
Taken throughout the talent had
matter* well in hand. The entry in
cluded fifty hounds and the run down
therefore embniod twenty-five runs.
Of these tin- favorites landed nine
But there was a solid fall or two i
when the six short enders raised a flag. ,
j The first came with the contest be- j
I tween Vigilant and Premier. .VlgUant j
was deemed a "pipe" and sold at 5 to
2. Scarcely a hundred feet from the '
slips he lost sight of the hare, and al
though he regained It within perhaps
two seconds, he was thereafter a sub
ject for. the ladle.
Fleetwood next put out the slight fa
vorite Wayfarer (who should not have
ruled a favorite), and Carlotta sent j
Cliffette, a 5 to 3 shot, back to her ken
nels. This was Carlotta's first ap- !
pearance on the Coast. Then White
Chief turned down his flag to the short- i
ender. Black Prince. These the talent
could stand and stand smilingly.
But the closing courses of the day
rather hit the- heavier players in the |
stereotyped solar plexus. St. Lawrence ;
was the surest thing outside death,
taxes and tides and sold over. Flash
light at 6to 2 and even better. As
The Call had previously tipped, St.
Lawrence was In the game for a very
few seconds. Flashlight ran all around
Then the run down closed with Sky
ball Belling over Nelly B at the same j
odds as before, and Nelly B outworked j
him Badly; In justice to Skyball, how- J
ever, it must be said that he was not
by any means in form, being almost
without training and much too heavy.
The running in detail was as follows:
Run-down of all-age stakes — J. Grace's
Lass ■ ■' Gowrie beat Scott & Glassen's Dr.
Norman; T. Butler's Sus'e beat M. Tit
nan's Belle of Moscow: J. Murnane's
Valley Maid ran a bye: J. R. Dlekson's
Premier beat J. Sexsmith's Vieilant: .T.
Byrne'? Seminole beat Ryan & Ryan's
Lanky Bob; M. Roger's Sly Boy beat R.
M. Wymaa'a Faultless Beauty; Larkey
& Rock's Myrtle beat R. Anderson's Dia
mond Dick; Kay & Tram's Diana beat
Gibson k Bater*s Molly Brown; J.
Quane's Fireman beat D. Hooper's Beau
Brummel; Dillon & Rlley's Granuale bent
Scott & Glassen's Garden City; O. Pin
to's Hercules beat W. E. Thompson's
Victor; J. Dean's Moondyne beat D.
Shannon's Systematic: J. McCormick's
White Lily beat Kay ft Trant's Leonora;
Kny & Trants Eclipse beat M. Micha
lik's Fireball: M. Murphy's Tod Sloane
boat J. Farley's Snowbird: C. .V. Dew
laney's Fleetwood beat J. Perigo's "Way
farer; Butt & Frank's Count of Monte
Cristo lost a bye to Snowbird (Donald
absent); J. McCormick's Duke of Oak
Grove beat J. Boyle's Big Buck; Kay &
Trant's Carlotta beat W. Shields' Cllf
fette; J. McConnlck/s Black. Prince beat
J. Seprgerson's "White Chief; Kay &
Trant's Sylvia beat M. Michallk's Doug
lass; J. Dean's Connemara beat F. P.
McQuinn's Fair Rosalind; I. Carney's I
Nelly Daley beat J. Boyle's Counterfeit;
J. Humane' Flashlight beat J. Kerri
gan's St. Lawrence; J. Byrne's Nelly 11
beat Cronin & McDonald's Skyball.
The best liked candidates for their first- ■
runs to-day are I .ass o' -Cowrie, Valley
Maid, Semlnole, Diana. Granuale. Moon- j
dyne, White Lily, Fleet wood, Duke of
Oak Grove, Black Prince, Connemara |
Flashlight, and Nolly 15 runs. a bye.
■ ♦ » ,
Annie Piggott Agrees to Leave }
the City to Escape Prose
Annie Plgjrott. the notorious pickpocket, i
must go into exile in some foreign land !
or suffer prosecution and possible convlc- i
tion on a charge of vagrancy Annie was ;
up before Judge Cook yesterday morning, |
and when her case was called Attorney j
Leonard, who represented the accused. |
stated that his client was ready to leave j
tbo city in order, to eacfips prosecution i
If her case was dropped from the calen
dar. The court remarked ttv'it the city
•would profit by her departureXand agreed
to allow her until the sailing of the next
steamer for Honolulu to perfect her ar
rangements for self-imposed banishment.
Her case, in the meantime, will be placed
on the reserve calendar and in the event
of her return she will be prosecuted.
Splendid Offers Have Beet) Made
to the Leading Teams to Jour
ney to Los Angeles.
D. J. Alhuga. manager and lessee of
Fiesta Park, Los Angeles, is in the city
in the interest of his new venture, and
has nearly completed arrangements to
have the Gilt Edges, California Markets,
Santa Cruz and a lew more of the larger
teams visit Los Angeles during the pres
ent season.
He say? the Los Angeles team has been
reorganized and strengthened ;>.nd is fit
to cope with any of thr> visitors. Ever
since the fine showing made by the team
from the citrus belt two years ago, base
ball has enjoyed great popularity and he
is confident that visiting teams wiU b«
vreU received.

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