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Church of the Advent, Eleventh near
Emmanuel Baptist, Bartlett near
First Baptist, Eddy street near Jones.
German Baptist, Seventeenth and De
hon streets.
Holy Cross, Eddy and Scott.
Our Lady of Victories, Bush and Du
St. Boniface, Golden Gate and Jones.
St. Dominic's, Steiner and Bush.
St. Charles Borromeo, Eighteenth and
. Shot-well. •
St. Francis. Vallejo and Montgomery
St. Ignatius, Van Ness and Hayes.
St. Joseph's, Tenth and Howard.
St. Mary's. California and Dupont.
♦ St. Mary's Cathedral, O'Farrell and
Van Ness.
Sts. Peter and Paul, Fillmore and Du
St. Patrick's, Mission near Third.
First Christian, Twelfth and Howard.
■ West Side Christian, Bush near De
► Bethlehem Congregational, Twenty
fourth and Vermont.
- Bethany Church, Bartlett near
>- Twenty-fifth.
>- First Congregational, Post and Ma
<- son.
► ■ Olivet Congregational, Seventeenth
►• and Noe.
►• Plymouth Congregational, Post and
>■ Webster.

► Richmond Congregational, Seventh
«- avenue and Clement street.
r- Third Congregational, Fifteenth and
► Mission.
►• St. Luke's, Van Ness and Clay.

V St. Mary the- Virgin, Steiner and
►■ Union.
►■ First English Lutheran, Geary near
V Gough.
► First New Jerusalem, O'Farrell near
»- Fillmore.
f Central Methodist, Mission near S«v
♦- enth.
♦- Epworth M. E., Church and Twenty
♦- sixth.
♦- First M. EL, Powell and Washington.
♦- Fifteenth-avenue M. E., Fifteenth
4- Avenue South and P street.
♦- Grace M. E., Twenty-first and Capp.
► Potrero, Tennessee near Solano.
4- Richmond Methodist, Fifth avenue
4- near Pt. Lobos.
♦■ Simpson Memorial, Hayes and Bu
♦■ chanan.
4- Trinity, Sixteenth and Noe.
♦■ Calvary Presbyterian, Geary and
4- Powell.
4- First Presbyterian, Van Ness and
♦ Sacramento.
4- Holly Park, California and Lizzie.
4- Howard Presbyterian, Oak and Baker.

♦ Memorial Presbyterian, Eighteenth
4- and Railroad avenues.
4- Stewart Memorial, Guerrero near
•♦■ Twenty-third.
♦- Trinity Presbyterian, Twenty-third
4- and Capp.
4- Westminster Presbyterian, Webster
4- and Page.
4- First Unitarian, Geary and Franklin.
4- Second Unitarian, Twentieth and
♦ Capp. . / :
4- Bush-street Synagogue.
4- First Church of Christ, Scientist, 223
4- Sutter.
4- Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ,
4- 997 Market.
4- Salvation Army, 24 Turk.
4- Volunteers of America, 769 Market.
4- Y. W. C. A., 1221 O'Farrell.
■4- Y. M. C. A., Mason and Ellis.
The Ancient Tale of Squabbling
Dancing Classes Dis
cussed Anew.
Spicy Evidence of How a Society
Bud Is Launched Upon the
Fashionable World.
Tf the longevity of a news story is evi
dence of Its unusual excellence, then the
story of the squabbling dancing classes
(published In The Call of November 13)
must have been, in the language foreign
to "swell" dancing classes, a "corker."
The yellow journal tooK the story yester
day morning, retold It. discussed It with
Headquarters for
18-Karat Gold
Wedding Rings,
Rev. J. A. Emery.
Rev. J. G. Gibson.
Rev. E. A. Woods.
Rev. H. L. Dietz.
Father McGinty.
Marist Fathers.
Franciscan Fathers.
Dominican Fathers.
Father Cummings.
Father Carraher.
Jesuit Fathers.
Father Scanlan.
Paullst Fathers.
Father Dempsey, Father Hannigan.
Salesian Fathers.
Father Kane.
Rev. F. S. Ford.
Rev. W. A. Gardner.
Rev. W. H. Tubbs.
Rev. W. C. Pond.
Rev. George C. Adams.
Rev. H. T. Shepherd.
Rev. F. B. Cherlngton.
Rer. P. Coombe.
Rev. William Rader.
Rev. W. H. Moreland.
Rev. E. J. Van Deernln.
Rev. E. Nelandor.
Rev. D. V. Bowen.
Rev. Charles Edward Locke.
Rev. W. M. "Woodward.
Rev. W. S. Urmy.
Rev. H. Pearce.
Rev. J. N. Beard.
Rev. D. W. Chllson.
Rev. A. Anderson.
Rev. J. Stephens.
Rev. H. W. Peck.
Rev. J. Hemphlll.
Rev. Robert Mackenzie.
Rev. R. W. Reynolds.
Rev. F. R. Farrand.
Rev. H. N. Bevier.
Rev. W. E. Dugan.
Rev. A- N. Carson.
Rev. S. S. Cryor.
Rev. Horatio Stebblns.
Rev. A. J. Wells.
Rabbi Myers.
The Bible and Science and Health.
with Key to Scriptures.
C. A. Parkin.
Major Frank Robinson.
i' Lieutenant Rogers.
Christian Workers.
R. C. Morgan.
evident relish and confined the fight to
the stanch old parent of all the classes—
the Fortnightly— and to Its latest off- :
I spring, the Terpslchoreans. Like a gro
j tesque Bhadow, the portly form of Green
| way hovered in the background, with an ;
"I neither palliate nor deny" air, sort of
casting oil upon the troubled waters. The
I ancient tale retold has, however, one
atoning feature. Mrs. Wells, mother of
Marie Wells, debutante, has come to the
front, makes the fight a more or less
personal one between herself and Mrs.
Monroe Salisbury, the organizer of the
Fortnightly, and offers much spicy matter
In evidence.
According to Mrs. Wells, Miss Marie
has, previous to this season— the season
that has witnessed her u-nfold her dainty
petals and bloom from a shrinking hud
to a full-blown belle— been a prominent
member of the Fortnightlys, and always
j attended their dances. But this season
: all that has been changeu; and thereby
hangs a not uninteresting tale of "cash
ambrosial cash."
Said Mrs. Wells: "Wo have always been
i good friends of Mrs. Salisbury. My hus
, band and she were boy and girl friends,
i and they have always called each other
'Kate' and 'George.'
"Mrs. Salisbury knew Marie was to
come out this season, and she said all
sorts of nice things about the child to
Mr. Wells. She said Marie would get on
wonderfully in society if she could only
i be brought out under proper auspices—
I that because I am not a society woman.
Mr. Wells' only reply was that he had no
ambition to see his daughter a belle, but
was quite Batisfled that she should be
Just such a care-free, happy, good little
I girl as she is.
"Mrs. Salisbury, however. Insisted so
I that Mr. Wells spoke to me rather won
: derlngly of her persistence. But finally
j there came from the lady a request for
I a loan.
"Mrs. Salisbury wanted $3000 very badly,
! and she asked Mr. Wells for it. Mr.
| Wells told her he really couldn't spare
j the money, as he expected a call from
| his Mexican mines that would take all
! his ready cash. Mrs. Salisbury s;<id if
j Mr. Wells wanted to he could* get the
I money for her from a certain capitalist,
; and when Mr. Wells declined she was
very angry.
"We thought no more about the mat
j ter. Marif signed nway all her germans
[ for the season, never once dreaming that
sho was to Tff; left out of the Fortnightly.
"But her invitation never camp. At
first the child thought it an oversight,
but when our friend Mr. Colin Smith,
1 who knows Mrs. Salisbury very well,
asked her about Marie. Mrs. Salisbury
said that Marie had been very rude to
! her.
"Mr. Smith said he doubted Marie being
' that sort of girl, and Mrs. Salisbury said
: she had been so rude as not to calf upon
j her for a year.
"Now, none of us care at all about
| this. I've been a very happy woman and
I never in society! Mario stems to enjoy
\ it, though, but she has any amount of
I beaus and attentions and Invitations, and
| she is as gay and busy and happy as any
girl could find time to be."
And Mrs. Salisbury— the center round
: which all goseip revolves, the organizer
I and mainstay of the Fortnightlys. has
i not one word to fs;iy. She treats the mat
! ter with a dignified, silent contempt, evi
dently assuming that her position needs
i no explanation.
To Wear a Star
Seven policemen were sworn In yester
day to 1111 vacancies caused by the re
| cent retirements and promotions. They
were: Arthur H. Fowle, 27 years of age,
Evening, "Choir Night."
Morning, "God's Love in Christ."
Evening, "Throwing Stones."
Evening, "Is Infidelity a Success?"
Morning. "Preparation for the Recep
tion of Salvation." Evening, "Re
Morning. Gospel of the Day. Evening,
Vespers and Benediction.
Morning, Feast of the Holy Name of
Morning;. Second Sunday after Epiph
any. Evening, Vespers and Bene
Morninp. Gospel of the Day. Evening,
Wspers and Benediction.
Morning, Gospel of the Day. Evening,
Vespers and Benediction.
Morning 1 , Gospel for the Second Sun
day after the Epiphany. Evening,
Morning, Sermon by the Archbishop.
Evening, Sermon by Father Ma
Morning, Sermon by the pastor. Even
ing, Benediction.
Morning, Mass, celebrated by Father
Thomas J. O'Connell. and the ser
mon preached by Father Torke.
Morning. Gospel of the Day. Evening,
Vespers and Benediction.
Morning. "The Holy Name." Even
ing, Benediction.
Morning, "Jesus." Evening, Benedic
tion and Vespers.
Morning, "The Truth Will Make Tou
Fr.c" Evening, "When Will You
I >>->-ide?"
Morning. "God's Thoughts of Me."
Evening, Sermon by Dr. J. H. Gar
rison of St. Louis, Ma
Morning. "The Fruits of the Spirit."
Evening, "Th« Sign? of the Times."
Morning. "Ecce Homo." Evening,
"The Struggle and the Victory."
Morning. "Immortality." Evening,
"Rejoice, o Young Man."
Morning. "Vision of Christ." Evening,
"Condition <>f Peace."
Morning. "Sacredness 01" Common
Life." Evening, "Solomon, the Young
Man With Advantages."
Morning, "living by Every Word of
God." Evening. "The Method and
Might of the Y. P. S. C. E."
Morning. "The Spirits in Prison, or
the Intermediate State."
Morning, "The Christian In Relation
to Amusements."
Morning. The Light of the World."
Evening. "Faith."
Morning. "The Bridal Scene at Oana."
Evening, "The Eloquent Silence of
Morning, "Be of Good Cheer." No
evening service.
Morning, "r*a«>t Thy Bread Upon the
Waters." Evening, "The Souls Sigh
for God," followed by revival ser
Morning, Special sermon. Evening,
"Failures and Their Causes."
Morning, Preaching by the pastor.
Evening, "Letting Christ Have His
Morning. Pastor's sermon. Evening,
■ study.
Morning, "Following Jesus." Evening,
"Saved at Once."
Morning, "Rivers in the Desert."
Evening, THiwliig.ii Prevented."
Morning, Sermon by Rev. J. Anderson.
Evening, "The Bible the World's
Text H<-ok."
Morning, Dr. W. w. rase will preach.
Evening. "The Miracles of Christ
Morning. Sermon by the pastor. Even
lng, "Using of the 'Individual Cup'
for Communion Service."
Morning, Communion service. Even
ing, "Christ, the Healer of Moral
Morning. Sermon by Mr. Jenks. Even-
Ing. S- rmon by Dr. Mackenzie.
Morning and eventing, Revival ser
Morning. Major Hilton will speak.
Evening, Revival service.
Morning. "A Memorial." Evening,
Morning. "Perpetual Youth in Hea
ven." Evening, "The Cry of That
Parent's Heart for the Child."
Morning, "Elements of True Man
hood.* Evening, "The Needed Pre
Morning, "The Heroism of Missions."
Evening, "Life, a Drama."
Morning, Communion service.
Morning, Communion service. Even
ing. Praise service.
8 p. m.. "Is Judaism a Kitchen Re
Morning, "Beginning of Jesus' Public
Ministry of Preaching and Healing."
Morning. Special preaching. Evening
The Gospel as Taught by Christ.
Morning. Opening 01 Christ's Mission
Evening, Song service.
Morning and evening. Song service.
3 p. m., Special meeting for young wo
3 p. m., "The Story of a Specialist."
born !n Boston, and a grainweigner by
occupation; Edward Nolan. 29 San Fran
cisco, collector; John Vl*. Davids. 23 San
Francisco, painter; Peter S. Chappelle
27. San Francisco, special officer; Joseph
I- eld Jr., 22, San Francisco, clerk as-
signed to Company A; Christopher T.
Merchant, 22. San Francisco, butcher, as
signed to Company D. and John'KeJly
. 29. Ireland, laborer, assigned to Company
I B. Sergeant Cook has been transferred
to the harbor district, and Ser)
Kan takes his place at the Central sta-
I tion.
» ♦ ■
. Divorce Suit piled.
I,ettio V. Ward has commenced suit
j against her husband. Arthur V. Ward,
f'>r a divorce. As a cause of action the
plaintiff allege* failure to provide.
Advances made on furniture and pianos, with
or without removal. J. Noonan, 1017-1023 Mission.
The Wild West Show
a Feature of the
Many School Children Will
Take Part in the
There Was a Marked Increase. Yes
terday in the Subscription*
to the Fund.
Among the many attractive features
to be presented during the latter part
of Jubilee week will be the Wild West
Shc/w at Central Park. Applications to
enter the contests are being received
from all sections of the State, and the
Jubilee parade committee expects to
see a large representation from among
the cowboys and vaqueros employed on
the cattle ranges of Miller & Lux, Hag
pin <fc Tevis, Jefferson <1. James, Jesse
D. Carr and other large raisers of cat
tle. Among the unruly ho-rses the
horsemen will have to handle is "Jack
the Ripper," an animal with a record
of having killed one i lan in addition
to maiming others. "Buck" Eldridge,
a "bronco buster" from Arizona, has
aßked as a special favor that he be giv
en an opportunity of riding and en
deavoring to tame "Jack the Ripper."
The Indiana who are to participate in
the show will bring their tepees and
erect them in Central Park. The con
dition of the weather will not interfere
with them or the others who will take
part in the Wild West Show, for rain
or shine they will carry out their part
of the programme
The school children who will take
part in the parade under the leader
ship of George S. Miehling, will have
Harley Prior, Robert Sax.- and Lester
Hammersmith, as aids; Walter Much,
Harvey P. Grady and Harry Wiester.
majors, followed t>y sixteen companies
of boys. Masters Kingsley and Dewey
will act as trumpeters. Mrs. Gertrude
v. Connelly and Miss Caroline Beck
with have i n Belected as majors, to
lead seven companies of school girls.
The Mount Tamalpaia Military Acad
emy of San Rafael wil turn cut forty
eight men In gray uniform. <;»••■:
Sage of the Fifth Regiment of Artillery
of the r. B. .V will tx □ commas I
sisit-d by Lieutenants T. H. Bair, A. w.
Poster and A. M. Hard and Captain W.
J. li
Th.- parade committee met yesterday
afternoon, and decided that the ten
floats being ;■■ inder th>> direc
tion of ih" committee be distributed
throughout the procession in the fol
lowing historical sequence: Aborglnes,
Spanish Navigators, Missions. the
Raising of the Plug ■ y of <l<>)<\.
Immigration, Agriculture, Horticulture,
Arts and B 8 Co Prancisco,
William ( ;. !■ md James W.
Kentsell have ted to repre
sent the Exempt Plre Company as aids
on the staff of Grand Marshal Morse.
The T'ni"n ! ub sent In a
subscription of 150 yesterday to the
Jubilee fund. Th>- subscriptions for the
day amounted to 1840, r, iking a grand
t'.tal of fIMMM O[ The Jub
ilee committee expecM that fr<<rn pres
ent indications the subscriptions tn the
fund will amount t<- fully $:'o,ooo before
next Saturday niirht.
Thp committee has now In contem
platlon ;i same ■■? polo, to hf> played at
Ho some morning during Jubi
lee w.*-k. In the event of the game
being arranged, it is probable that the
contesting teams v. ill be from Hurling
ame and Riverside.
The work of jn- paring for the min
ing fair at the Pavilion is progressing
rapidly. The directors m>'t yosterday
afternoon, and decided to have the
rafters <>f the Pavilion eov.-r»>d with
blue cloth, dotted with silver stars.
SO as to resemble the sky. The build
ing will be lighted by gas instead of
electricity, as by that meaii?, In addi
tion to light, there will be heat.
The Native Sons' commlttt-e, appoint
ed to act in conjunction with the Gol
den Jubilee committee. m<n last night,
D. C. Martin in the chair.
The sub-committee on parade was
instructed to meet with th* Jubilee pa
rade committee to-day to arrange for
the assignment of the Native Sons' par
ltrrs to places in the procession.
Communications v. •••<• read by Secre
tary R. W. Martlaml, from Wisteria
Parlor No. 127 of AlTarado, ESden Par
lor Xo. IIS of Hay wards, Mayfleld l';ir
inr Km. im, Athens Parlor Xo. ISf of
Woodland, !.' irlor Xo. 61 of
San Luis ObtSDO, Precita Parlor N<>. is;
"f Ban Francisco, Redwood City Par
lor No. 66, and South San Francisco
Parlor No. 157. to the effect that the
members intended taking part in the
parade ;i week from next Monday.
John H. Grady. one of the committee
of the Native Sons on the Jubilee com
mittee, stated that fully 10,000 men
would be in the parade, and he ex
horted the representatives present to
urge upon their respective parlors the
necessity of having all the members
join In the procession.
Governor Budd yesterday issued the
following proclamation declaring Jan
uary 24 a legal holiday:
SACRAMENTO, Jan. 15.— 1t is con
templated that the fiftieth anniversary
of the discovery of gold in California
be celebrated on the twenty-fourth day
of January, A. D. IS9S. Recognizing
the significance of that event, and the
Influence which that discovery has ex
enised upon the destinies of California,
and the history of the world, and hav
ing been thereunto requested, I, James
H. liurld. Governor of California, do
hereby proclaim and appoint Monday.
January 24. A. D. l^ps, a legal holi
day. In witness whereof. I have here
unto set my hand, and caused the
great seal of th<* State of California to
be hereunto affixed, this 10th day of
January, A. D. 1S?8.
JAMES H. BUDD. Governor.
Fresno County is preparing to make
an exhibit of her products at the Gold
en Jubilee which will be highly cred
itable to that county. A splendid dis
play of raisins and dri^rl and citrus
fruit will be made, and the matter of
] collecting the exhibit is now being en
ergetically pushed. Messrs. Nourse,
Butler and Hermann of the Chamber
of Commerce of Fresno, who were ap
pointed to get up the exhibit, appeared
before the Board of Supervisors of that
county yesterday, and asked that Horti
cultural Commissioner Marshall be per
! mitted to visit Pan Francisco and re
main in charge of the Fresno County
exhibit during the five w^eks of the
, Golden Jubilee. The Chamber of Com
merce will bear all the expense of his
stay. The Hoard of Supervisors grant
ed the request unanimously.
Mr. Marshall will call" upon the
growers throughout Fresno County and
i collect exhibits, in addition to "those
which hnvp already l.wn pnrmisc<L The
intention is to make the Fresno County
display a striking one at the Jubilee,
and Mr. Marshall will work with that
j end in view. The Chamber of Com-
I merce Is enthusiastic In the matt* r of
i making a notable exhibit, and is work
ing hard to have the county well rep
One of the most elaborate floats
which will appear in the parade will be
that which will be presented in the
Celtic Division. A committee con
sisting of Colonel T. H. Barry, Frank
I Conklin and P. H. McOinney "have se
lected a design which will picture the
history of Ireland. The float will rep
resent one of the famous round towers
of the ancient isle. This will be pre
f^nt.-d In glistening granite covered
with moss and ivy from Ireland. A wolf
dog. indigenous to that country, will be
a prominent figure. Th.> four prov
inces. Ulster. Munster, Connaught and
Leinster, will ),.• presented by four liv
ing figures. In addition to this thirty
two young ladies borne in the float will
represent the counties of that country.
On the sides th* r.> will be twelve shields
on which will be depleted the charac
teiifttlcs of the most noted heroes in
Irish history. Tn addition to this an
Irish harpist will be sented on the
f the mountain In the r^ar of the
tower, and will play national selections
during th>- parade. Several waterfalls
realistically arranged will add color to
the whole scene.
An invitation was extended last
night to Rrigadfer-Oeneral If. W. Mul
ler, commanding the S. rond Brigade.
X. O. C, of Fresno, asking him and
his staff and command to parade in
this city on Jubilee day. Tf it is Im
possible to secure th*» attendance of all
the companies of the Second Brigade,
General Muller and the officers con
nected with his personal staff will prob
ably be present.
The Davis Brothers Get Seven
Years for Attempted Robbery
of the Mails.
Yesterday was sentence day In the
United States District Court, and Judge
de Haven pronounced judgment upon four
criminals. The first to stand up was
Charles B. "White, a Stockton man, who
got into trouble by advertising an unlaw
ful medicine through the mails. He was
sentenced to pay a fine of 1300, or In de
fault to be imprisoned in the Alameda
County Jail until the fine should have
been paid.
James N. and Edgar L. Davis, the
brothers who tried to rob a mail coach
near Wllllts. In Mendocino County, last
Christmas night, were sentenced to seven
years' imprisonment with hard labor In
the San Quentin penitentiary. The sen
tence was light because it was their first
offense and because they saved the Gov
ernment the expense of a trial by plead
ing guilty.
Stephen Rosenbaum. alias Pinkey, one
of the notorious Rogers gang of counter
feiters, was sentenced to pay a fine of
?100 and to be imprisoned with hard labor
in the San Quentln penitentiary for
eighteen months.
The Greatest City lr> the World.
The aeeond Blustratod lecture in the
special course before the members of the
YounK Men's Christian Association and
their friends will be given at the Asso
ciation Auditorium, Mason and Ellis
streets next Tuesday evening hy Rev.
Alfred Kummer. his subject will be
•The Greatest City In the World." and
will be illustrated by 100 beautiful dis
solving views. These lectures are not
exclusively tor members of the <nstitu
tion; the public will be admitted
924-930 Market Street, San Francisco.
i C Days More of the
S ifaffiv B# M 9 w 818 w I w V a 111 V
19 Creditors Consolidation Clash.
No house in all Frisco dare offer you such bargains as wo have positively
given you the last week. Thousands of pleased purchasers will verify this state-
ment. Our finest Suits and Overcoats went at ridiculous figures. Men's Stanley
Shirts at 5 cents, our bargain counter of Kats at 10c, and Underwear tables were,
needless to say, swarmed with customers. Such ideas of selling seasonable
dependable wearables have never been known in this city before. This is stock,
taking time. Many broken lots will find places on tables designed for clearing
'em away fast. Some are not quoted to-day. Others you'll find below are here
In large assortment. The six trade-bringers for Monday and Tuesday are :
SUITS, elegantly tail-Jfc | .jj STYLISH SUITS; good lUU
ored and litted toyourVWlvW I material, strongly made for
form perfectly, all school or dress wear The Suit
sizes 34 to 44 The Sult CENTER AISLE. EXTREME REAR.
HATS in different colors; Ag% ONLY. a■«
good hats fur felt lined and 111 A Over 1000 good stylish DER-°JU ft
trimmed with silk, worth 118 I. BY HATS; the shapes are /T 8
$1: Creditors' Consolidation IwU correct, ami absolutely^* V U
Clash for MONDAY AND nothing wrong with these
TUESDAY ONLY Each goods but the price -.. Each
The kind that win in the TION CLASH FOR MON-
stretch; over EBB pair 22 DAY AND TUESDAY
PENDERS, in elegant de- IMO We've gathered together fa ft,
sign and very durable. I II- some great ties for your _l|_
Creditors' Consolidation Iww choosing; the early buyers V U
Clash MONDAY AND will reap the benefit of
TUESDAY ONLY The Pair choice patterns and designs Each
We desire to state that during this phenomenal sale each and every cus-
tomer—man or boy— will receive the same courteous treatment that is accorded
them at anytime, and which has made our store famous. There is no urging to
buy. and obliging sales people are always willing to serve you courteously.
our prompt at- g mam BbP ■■■a^BKBHMHHiHB
tention and be kssßß^BP^l
'filled as fast as ljn^\ || IT !ji T O O
received and in \ \ I | j m\ P feJ
pare being used \ Jp
benefits of an iiriiitiiOj runnionLiig,
& 1S 924-930 Market St., San Francisco,
Vice - President Hobart
Takes Precedence
of Pauncefote.
Thus the Comity of Nations Is
Preserved and All Js
British Government Does Not Hesi
tat» to Come to the Rescue of
Washington Society.
Epec'.al Dlscatch to The Call.
Call Office, Riggs House,
Washington, d. C, Jan. 15.
Washington society is tranquil again,
having settled a momentous question of
social precedence. The British Gov
ernment has decided that the Vice-
President of the United States takes
precedence over the British Embassa
dor, and Sir Julian Pauncefote has, un
der Its instructions, made the first call
on Vice-President Hobart, which the
latter has returned.
The question was raised by Sir Ju- i
Han, under the last administration,
when Vice-President Stevenson good '
naturedly waived his claim of preced
ence, but Vice-President Hobart did not
feel that it was right for him to do so i
and so refused to call upon Sir Julian
Pauncefote until the latter should call !
upon him.
As the dispute, although compara
tively unimportant, was liable to make
some friction at official functions. Pres
ident McKinley wrote, unofficially, to
Embassador Hay, with the approval of
Vice-President Hobart, asking him to
sound the British foreign office on the
subject, with the understanding that
whatever it decided would be accepted
by the United States.
Colonel Hay did so and replied that
the British Government accorded the
precedence to the Vice-President, and
that was quickly followed last week
by Sir Julian's formal call on Vice-
President Hobart.
Thus ends a controversy which has
made infinite talk in official and social
circles, although it has not figured
much in the newspapers.
Wlllian) H Cod Kin's Will.
William H. Godkin's last will vas filed |
If Your Equipment Is Thorough You Prob
ably Hove Your "Winchester."
It is a fart beyond question that the rush to
the Klondike from this on will be something
tremendous. This la proven by Inquiry at any
of the "flttinpr out" places of the country.
They will also inform you, it you ask, that
one thing that is as necessary as clothing- is a
trusty Winchester. It may not be alone re
quired for protection, but will also be found
valuable for "food hunting." If you need a
rifle for any purpose whatever or want to know
about them, send your name and address on a
postal card to the Winchester Repeating Arms
Co., New Haven, Conn., or 418 Market St., San
Francisco, and they will send you a catalogue
of 182 pages, absolutely free.
for probate yesterday. The sisters of tha
testator, Mary J., Charlotte L. and
Evelyn A. Godkin. are bequeathed his
real estate in San Francisco, ana-a
and share alike. The residue of the prop
erty is given to the widow of the de
cedent, Ellen Godkin. The value of the
estate is unknown.
We have on hand a large sur- la
plus stock of fine Stylish Dress B
Skirts. We will offer same at ||
marked reductions prior to stock- £3
taking. M
Handsome Silk Dress Skirts at 1
$7.00, I
Formerly sold 110.00. N
Elegant English Serge Dress |
Skirts at $5.00, |
Formerly sold 87.50. t|
Novelty Mohair Dress Skirts at |
$3.50, I
Regular value J5.00 Q
Special — 100 High Novelty Dress 1
Skirts, I
Formerly $15.00 to 820.00 each, R
Offered Now $10.00 each. 1
46-inch All-Wool Serge 50c yard. i
48=inch Cheviot Serge 69c yard. 1
50=inch English Serge 75c yard. I
All Magnificent Values. I
1106 Market Street, |j
Near Mason and Turk Sts. g
S. F. Public Schools 44
Heald's Business College 35
Southern Pacific Company 34
Western Union Telegraph 18
Smith's Cash Store 9
Write for Art Catalogue.
General Agents,
110 Montgomery St.
Jt£iMj^^ Loan Wanted.
soo°o ° f ° r 2 y eara
*Sj^^^VF®S at 8 per cent. So-
4uNm||HhJmmMhh^ ourity is ample and
< ™BJfsotKMßjßiy>ypCa^ borrower a business

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