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Companies Compelled
i : t:''-i:-\ to Act. :
>;.■;»'■;■ ;Vt/^,"£]i^Qji .'lsi'pßO VED.
Continuation, of t"h«. Celebrations of
■ 17Q&.. and ]iue Honor Paid the :'
'I/. \ •... :V' : : 3Mleinories of Herpes .of
Fe-riofi. •,- '•' . - :
nrKU>:,; Jv.me- R>a. qwMrtion which
■■:■■ :^ a »f vx.T(;iP^iti;;ithe;..rrviad:s'.()^all classes
: of Vi?eb^l7& -..in ■;:l : rela>i4--f;..r -.the.- past: few
■•.-:• •*?&* '•^4-1; hi liist ■;'MejT.: ■' satisfactorily
.•■■: ; ? ol^-~ I Effer in |he subvert' of. the
acceleration kinO services be
tween. Dublin and: London. If was most,
palling; and. injurious to .business in
♦ v-ry part of Ireland, not only that the
morning mail trains should leave both
Dublin and London at unearthly hours,
but. that th.e;jahd journey each-way be
tween, Holyhead and Euston should be
accomplished' at a much slower rate
of traveling than any similar journey
between any. other two points In Great'
Britain. .For years . all Irish parties
have combined in urging on the Gov
ernment .; reform in both respects, but
In vain. The . Postofflce • Department
threw, the. blame on the London and
Northwestern ' Railway^ Company— the
only rail-way that '•' runs ' to . .Hoiyhead,
• .. the ;Welsh>' port for • Dublin— and the
company ;: In. its, turn threw back the
• blame- on the poßtoffice. This game of
shuttlecock was played' and things gen
. erally ■ drif ted., till, .last. last "winter, when a
;; committee .-of :'..i.iive§tisatfoTi ' was ap
.'pointed bj- : £l>o (.jovernrnent;.. to. inquire
'(} into.U>e \vh. affair. ' The' members, of
. ; ■otiiirirn— - ; - \v.-rV Patrick-. O'Brlen, ■
. : M; 1., lh-e.:.Par;T?;lHto'!; ailve of;
;; v KiJkenni'V : -Mr,'; .Roberisap,' the
[■_ '■ Scdtc^'chaVrWiath':.ofj' Ix.i-sh '.Board !
■•• ; v: 'iff : :;tirid.: on-e'rejij-'e'seinatfve.'each
:•'■■.•• Jet; ■tlie'-^i:it:is,H^:t^ea-&ui:y ■ ! and' jjtrttlan •
,--.. : ■ : feo&toffiG'e:;,'..;i : h'6;f^u^t:'.c!^ thevjabpr'sof
•-{•..'this body;- was. tha,t Mr.. u':Br : ie'n>:'and •
.•';.: .Me. ;.Il.Cjb:6rJtJS6 : nv ■ .a-:r : epbrt " in;
1/ ;i^vpr ot pie- Irish aiid thjs'-re-
. v ; .\-go;j^:,^^\'n'«w : ;/be^a. : ado j/.t ._.(!■.■ and . is :
•; ■'■•,: • :be ; irji-medf at-eiy i a;ete&' upon
f/y by^th^^avbrriihieht^^v >"•: ;•-■'.•• :| y ' ■; ."■).•
•:•;■-.. •.:-.; Th-. result ~ win .be :tKit /ijassengfers' .
: ' : by the mail' trains- leave :.Eus-'
■f -iSti.r.n, Ln.ndony'.at-.tlje ■ eqnV:eni"ent''
• ; ;;.V.-'lj'au>:/Af: ; .B^a^.SnT;,;an.«J arrive. . at ■■':; : '.their
.; ..{.h..oteT^.lir; ; pub-li^"^at: the ually' convey
;.:•:■"; .:•:■" r}i«nt: : hour 'id '■■■s.:&i:-p? jg£ : iSn-&'Wn.J?av.e.
> I'liblina-ts a., nx: and arrive Un London ■
••;•• at -.(>■■_ :oK:tefo^ th:;t h.viir. At '.night the ,
H-y TB&p&tiy^iiajxrti'.tQf depart uiV are 'and '
p1 : will. .-*;<■■■. fi-Min' I'Mifolln ":■;>'} p. : .m<; : .:a:nd :
: ■;.. f ro-iri London .'.i [ 40 . p.. . v . .- the' / 'whole •
ither way-.o'ecupyin^'-scai'r'cely i
•'; ';. :; hourfi. Thiw.is .a. tremendous ■
:■': ■.fmp.'re.y.em'enl.- it'.'h^ed- h-a;rdjy.'b& .said, j
■ ; ; ■"■ : oy #.•••. :^-h*' o' : .c] '.«>f Things, 'arid al--i
.'•Vvimbpt the. wb>le/'ci-edi.t -of- : it .; must .be
Ri\:*-i v to Patrirk O'Brieji,- •' Tt/:m&y '.in'-'
: efetV : An-'.'.:i' v a:n readers:. ; Specially to.'
know ilia.t rhe journey- across the.. chanr
; ■■r/Xi%V fr>!ni Hul:yfead to Kl'ijgst'o-n by ..the
:4: 4 City : of Dublin . &"tea-m '" Packet.- ! Com-
: pany's ri< ; bMatsr-'witich,. ; by. £he-\way ' :
• tlie ,farp.oUs;'old Vessels of. '.the
•:.^.Ba^e'}ilri.ei;; called after- .the". four .prow ]
;..-. : - l'nces/pf; Ireland-^wlli'now .about as .
• v ■comfortable' a.ad- i>l<»asa' : nt as ■it
can |»^n»4?./;-".'lSh«s'.^>o.it«.- .themselves
. -i are- spaciouH; .j;UKU.rlahtiy fitted; up and
Pteady, ■ and ; they. : will nm\\ make ' th«.
■;'\ylie joii l'he -of- sixty- 'mil ln 'lit l l c
;..•• less', than • two. hours : arid' a- half/ .'We
:^k*j^y.\ : : y9£.::^ur6jß}.-,bejil£ijß[- .Americans-
: In such. matt er.fi,' as- we:ii;re-irv so many
;:^-ip"|iflr^^aaitM*,';; :^-ip"|iflr^^aaitM*,'; b.dt-.:.XY.e/ ftatt ex. ourselves '
;J ■' that all:. this Will do. very Sveil— at. least ;
.. for 4 while.; ■'-:/. ~ : ';'. .i .-. . : : .. • ' :-': -'- •'.' ' ■.•
■ •";• : Tialktng of mail ; serA-ice'. reminds "me
.'•V that this ;' -Hvee'Jfc'.. 'the'' '.rumor', .has got
':■'■■ : -abrda4.;that; the'.- 'American. .linQ service
to - r 5 .uthami'tori;' which' tias : : been" dis"
■T continued Bjn-fie'.'the war:bpga : n is hot;
.•.■ifkely-.to--.beTesum.ed."' What foundation
. . there is for fhi^".ru'mpr I know not. be
yond the fact that the British Postal •
■•'.■. Department '• is .adding' -.to 'th.c- staff
■ • which :iias. to doT\ ; ith.-the-^ortlng of the
.} American "maijß and that, there is -a
• regular plot on foot -.for carrying: all
• ..those- mails -direct to -• Liverpool ; and
• . leaving, ■.-Queenst-dwn- severely; alone.-.
This latter design 'has long been afa
v/)iite :• object'; with "th:ose . who ."look to
the interests' of 'England alone, and an
. attempt may,: perhaps, • he ' made to
.'• carry it ' out. . But, if so, a pretty row
■ ';■ will be rna'de'.ln Ireland '-which would
certainly; be Injured --to an extent out
-of all proportion °. to .the benefit, which
'• .-.-•would accrutj. -td..:the.- general interests
. of the -United. Kingdom. - • .:' • ' ■
The '98 : celebrations continue. .'Last
."■. Btinday a rery' r large and impressive
• demonstration took, place, in -Dublin In
commemoration of Lord.- Edward Fltz
. ••.•ger.'ild. and .'a.* similar- demonstration
."' took. plaice In Kil'Vare also -in honor of
•' the patriot Geraldine, ■ who sacrificed
his life -x hundred- years, ago .for the
;'; ', freedom .oJTr eland-.:- .The demonstration
■'. iri..piiblin <-ulfninated in. the unveiling
r ; . ;• ; ';. ;• . ADVERTISEMENTS. ; , =
. ; vitality to;' we.ak. men.. Organs .of
■■■ : i'heV:.b : :6«ay.-: -yirhich Kays; been .weakened :
■; iirdußjV«iis"6ase; .overwork.- excesses or I
.■•l-mjfecrettons/ are restored -to perfect ,
■"'"health" and VtreJigth -through his new |
- aid' original, syst'eri of • .treatment. '
It I-■ *■:*• IKJ: cured by hisnew method,
: without 'knife,- tniap.or .detention from
work, a: .'painless.- sure and permanent!
•cure..."- V-t It ■■■•Jl/.-;. hydrocele,
' cV.el-llng;- "and- tenderness of th« glands
treated unfailing' success. <"oua:t_ i
tcl6.nf.4>'>o.od jriU'if .in any : of its |
= stages '-.thoroughly eradicated" from the 1
system. ..^j': «tio* w-ill receive special
attentio-n -far . '1 their" many ailments.
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you : a valuable b.ook, "Guide to Health,"
free of. charge. ■ .Address 'F. .L.
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Francisco, Cal. . " - ■
'■: ■*.• • • •• '
of a tablet in the front of the house
151 Thomas street, in which Lord Ed
ward, as he is familiarly known, was
arrested in May, 1795, and the chief
speaker on the occasion was the famous
Fenian leader, John O'Leary, who is
still hale ai.d hearty and the same un
repentant rebel to British rule that he
was in his youth, though he has not
been in agreement with all the methods
of the Nationalist party during the last
twenty years. Lord EdwarJ Fitzgerald,
it need hardly be said, is one of the
favorite heroes of the Irish people. "Of
the first family in Ireland, with easy
fortune, a beautiful wife and family,
two lovely children, the certainty of a
splendid appointment under the govern
ment if he would condescend to sup
port their measure" (the proposal for
the Union), to quote the words of Wolfe
Tone, "I ord Edward, instead of taking
the side of the English, took the side
of Ireland and, as the event happened,
gave up his life for it. Surprised on
May 19 in the house Just mentioned by
a party of soKiers headed by the no
torious Major Sirr, he desperately re
sisted arrest and in the encounter with
his captors received a wound which a
few days arterward proved fatal in
prison. It was no doubt better for him
to have died thus, for otherwise he
would have been hanged. The English
executive in Ireland at that time had
mercy on no one, and hesitated at no
means of bagging his game, and the
son of the Duke of Leinster would have
been treated, if he were even only sus
pected of being what was called a rebel,
in precisely the same way as any com
It may be interesting to note here
an incident which has occurred within
the last few days, and which illustrate
in a rather striking way the fate of
the descendants of one. at least, of the
chief Irish figures On the English side
in the great tragedy of 1798. Some of
the ablest, if not the very ablest, of
the agents of English rule in Ireland
at all times have been Irishmen, and
among the very ablest of those men
at the period of the insurrection and
of the union which followed was John
Fitzgibbon, Earl of Clare. He was a
lawyer who, by sheer force of talent,
went to the head of his profession, and,
then enlisting in the government ser
vice, obtained the highest offices in the
land by the unscrupulous sacrifice of
every principle of honor. He was more
merciless toward his own countrymen
who fell into the meshes of the-Govern
ment than a stranger would have been
under the same circumstances, and. in
addition to all this, he was one of the
prime agents in accomplishing the
Union which extinguished the Irish
Parliament and entailed a century of
suffering for Ireland and of trouble for
England. He destroyed his own coun
try for the time, but he apparently es
tablished the fortunes of his family for
ever. Not so, however, for in 1534 the
title of Earl of Clare became extinct,
and a few days ago there died in the
person of Lady Louisa Isabella Georg
ina, Marchese Delia Rocella, the great
granddaughter nnd last lineal descend
ant of the haughty Irish Chancellor of
a hundred years ago. while the family
mansion and estate of Mount Shannon",
near Limerick, passed some years ago
Into the hands of strangers. Sic tran
sit gloria mundi. The deceased lady,
I may add,- derived her foreign title
from having married General Carmelo
Ascenso ■ Spadafora. Marchese Delia
Rncella, a distinguished Italian.
The movement for obtaining relief
from the burden of over-taxation to
which; Ireland is at present and for
many' years has been subject was
marked a few days' ago by a rather
notable meeting held in London imder
the, auspices of the London branch of
the' Irish Financial Reform Association.
The 'chairman on the occasion was Lon!
< ■'■a'stletown, and among the other prin
cipal persons at the gathering were
Lord; Mayo and Horace Plunkett. M. P.
I Tnent'i'n these names because they are
the -names of Irishmen who are not Na
tionalists, but, on' the contrary, are de
termined Unionists, as the opponents of
the Irish national demand for legisla
tive independence call themse'.ves. and
because their language was particular
ly outspoken in support of the Irish
claim for redress for financial wrong.
Lord Castletown, who is a member of
an ancient Anglo-Irish family and the
son of a- former representative of the
sma : ll borough of Portarlington in Par
liament,, is rapidly coming to the front
as a Jeader of public opinion in Ireland.
He. .created somewhat of a sensation a
couple. of years ago," at the commence
ment of th.c- financial grievance agita
tion, reminding the English Govern
rnent .and' the English people of what
had happened in Boston in the last
century when a question of taxation led
to the throwing of certain tea into Bos
ton harber.
"'•The. Boston speech" of Lord Castle
town, as: it has been called, has nat
urally excited, a good deal of comment
in England since its delivery, and it
wa« thought by some that the speaker
would. by this time have been intimi
dated .by the society in which he moves
both in England and in Ireland into
repudiating it. But he has done noth
ing of the kind, and in his speech at
the meeting with which I am dealing
he not only said that he had never re
tracted and would never retract a word
of what he had uttered at Cork, but
h^ urged the formation of "a Pan-
Celtic League" to fight out the finan
cial question. It is not too much to
say that if the Irish aristocracy ln gen
eral only took the line of Lords Castle
town and Mayo they would soon re
gain a considerable share of the influ
ence they have unquestionably lost. As
It is, I should not be surprised if both
these gentlemen obtained prominent
positions in the County Councils under
the new local government scheme in
their respective counties.
one of the most galling of Irish
grievances is about to be remedied. Up
to the present, if an Irish-born person
found it necessary to call for relief in
a. workhouse in Scotland he was Im
mediately sent over to his nativ^ place
in Ireland, to be there a burden cm the
local rates for his life, although he
might have spent all the rest of his ex
istence in Scotland. Or. the other hand,
a Scotch pauper ln Ireland could not,
under the same circumstances, be Bent
.back to Scotland from Ireland. For
years and years efforts have been made
to remedy this state of things, but it is
only now that they have resulted in
success. The present government has
Just carried a bill through the House
of Commons by which; for the future.
Scotland will be obliged to support
Irish-Taorn persons who. having labored
and spent their earnings there for the
greater part of their lives, may be
obliged ln their old age or in their mis
fortune to look for public relief, Just as
Ireland is compelled to do now in the
case of destitute Scotchmen landed on
h^r shores. It is to be honed that Scot
land will not feel herself to be out
Comrades of Stewart Frazier Fear He
. Has Met With Foul Play.
.The. comrades of Private Stewart Fra
zier. Company H. First Tennessee Regi
ment, .stationed at Camp Merrltt, are
•afraid that ho has met with foul play and
have, asked the assistance of the police
in solving the mystery of his disappear
Frazier Is a wealthy young man and a
few days ago received a lot of money for
, 1100 head of cattle that had been sold
from his ranch in Texas. He had that
money on his person when he left caiflD
at noon Friday to go downtown. He was
to return at 3 o'clock in the afternoon,
but failed to show up. and that night a
tail of men searched the city for him.
but no trace of him could be found, and
yesterday the police were asked to help
in the; search." * . '.*
According to his comrades Frazier is
an exemplary young man; strictly tem
perate in - his habit?, and that is "v" v what
leads them to suspect that he has met
with foul play. He lis between 19 and 20
years of age. 5, feet 8 inches ta11... and
dark complexion: He was dressed in the
regulation uniorm.
One Blown to Atoms by
a Cannon.
News of a Recent Insurgent Victory-
Brought to This Country by
an Envoy From the
Special Dispatch to The Call.
WASHINGTON, July 2.— Captain
Nicholas Perez Stable, aid de camp of
the Secretary of War of Cuba, Colonel
Fonsterllng, has arrived here and was
in conference with Major General Miles
and the officers of his staff. Captain
Stable comes directly from the seat of
the Cuban Government, now at La Es
peranza, where President Masso and his
entire Cabinet, except the Secretary of
State, is located. The Secretary of
State, Colonel Moreno de la Torre, has
come on to Tampa, where he is stay
ing for a time with a sick relative. Cap
tain Stable wears the gray duck uni
form similar to that worn by the United
States officers. Coming directly from
the Cuban Secretary of War, he brings
much information as to the situation
throughout the island, and his visit is
intended to promote further co-opera
tion between the entire Cuban forces
and the United States troops.
Captain Stable says President Masso
and his Cabinet are strongly located at
La Esperanza, which is on high land.
They have temporary quarters and
have maintained themselves success
fully against frequent attacks by Span
ish troops.
Captain Stable reports for the first
time the details nf a hot engagement
which occurred recently. The Spaniards
numbered 4000, while the Cubans' de
fense was maintained by only 800. Not
withstanding this discrepancy, the Cu
ban loss was only forty-seven killed
and wounded, while the Spaniards left
thirty killed on the field, indicating that
their entire loss In killed and wounded
warn much greiter.
The Spaniards captured two Cuban
officers, a first and second lieutenant,
and Captain Stable says these officers
were subjected to the most cruel and
inhuman indignities. One of them was
placed by the Spanish commander in
front of a cannon and at a given sig
nal was blown to atoms. The Spanish
commander then called for a volunteer
to "degollado" the remaining officer,
this consists of thrusting a bayonet
through the neck of the prisoner from
one side to the other, penetrating the
windpipe. A Spnnish volunteer stepped
forward, and the Cuban officer was
thus subjected to the torture of a slow
death. Captain Stable states also that
two small boys not over 14 years old,
non-combatants, who were driving
cattle, were also killed by the Span
Except for these brutal atrocities the
Spanish raid on El Esperanza was fu
tile and the Spanish force finally re-,
tired, leaving President Masso and his
Cabinet still maintaining their seat of
Captain Stable was accompanied on
his visits to the department by Senor
Quesada, secretary of the Cuban Lega
tion. It is probable that these confer
ences will result in a fuller under
standing as to co-operation when the
American army begins to make its way
west to the central part of the island.
James Smith, a Printer, Has Got
Himself Into Serious Trouble.
James Smith, n printer, hns got himself j
into serious trouble, and yesterday Judge
Mogan ipsued a bench warrant for his
arrest, with instructions that no bail be
accepted for his release.
Last Sunday night he and a woman
j named Annie Bassett went to the room of |
! W. H. Harrison, a printer, in the Palmer ;
! House. Smith struck the woman and \
Harrison interfered. A fight followed. |
Smith was armed with a razor and Har- j
rison with a knife. During the fight Har- !
: rison cut Smith.and the woman was ar- j
rested on two charges of assault to mur
The cases wore called in Judge Mo- i
gan's court yesterday, but Smith failed to
appear as a witness. The woman tenti- I
fled that Smith was the aggressor, and j
Friday he had told her to swear that ho j
did not have a razor, and they oould get j
money out of Harrison's friends.
The Judge at once Issued the bench i
warrant for Smith's arrest, and on Tues- |
day he will, in all probability, be charged ;
with a felony for inducing a witness to J
swear falsely.
Market Street Railroad Company Has
Opened a New Through Line.
The Market-Ftreet Railroad Company
has added one more line to its already
extensive network of street railroads
through the city. The last addition tabu
lated on the company's chart is that of
the "Market Street and Ocean Electric
Line." This new line of street car travel
will be in complete working- order in a
few days. Since the old steam cars have
been discontinued on the south side of
Golden Gate Park, the roadbed on H
street has been transformed into an elec
tric line. This portion of the company's
work has been finished, and yesterday
for the first time a car was run ever the
road from Stanyan street to th^ ocean.
The Ocean Bench cars will start at the
ferries, and follow the Mission street
track to Fourth: thence to ElHs, to Tay
lor, to Eddy, and along that street to
Devisadero, Oak. Stanyan, Frederick and
II street to the Pacific Ocean. Returning,
the course will be down Turk street from
Devisadero to Taylor, then along Ellis,
Fourth and Mission to the ferries.
Should not be allowed to remain in the mouth. Hare them
treated and filled or crowned. We will save you half on your
dental bill. Teeth filled and extracted without pain. No gas.
No chloroform.
Plates, warranted to fit, from $4.50
Gold Fillings from 75c
Bridgework (per tooth) from $3.50
All work warranted. Open evenings, and Sundays till 2.
Consultation free.
Over Cafe Zmkand. Fifth Floor, Elevator.
Pennsylvania Wins the
Freshman Contest Won by Cornell,
With Columbia Second and
the Pennsylvania Crew
Special Dispatch to The Call.
SARATOGA, N. V., July 2.— The
Freshmen and Varsity races of the In
tercollegiate Rowing Association were
rowed on two and three mile courses
respectively. The Cornell freshmen
won the first contest in 10:51 3-5, three
and a half lengths ahead of Colum
bia, who finished second, through a
splendid spurt in the stretch which put
her boat slightly more than a quarter
of a length ahead of the Quakers' boat.
Pennsylvania, pulling the only shell
used In the contest, won the Varsity
by two and a half lengths ln the re
markable time of 15:51r2. Cornell got
into second place after a lively sprint
with Wisconsin, leading the Western
ers nearly a length. Columbia passed
across the line four and a half
lengths behind Wisconsin.
The quadrangular race developed sur
prises, namely, Pennsylvania's victory
over Cornell and Wisconsin's heading
of the others all through the first mile
and her remarkably good work from
the standpoint of the disadvantages un
der which her members suffered by rea
son of a long journey so near the time
for the race. Columbia's place in the
Varsity had been so uncertain all along
that the finish was a surprise.
The freshmen rowed in almost glassy
water, but the Varsity crews had a
rapidly increasing south wind at their
backs, which accounted in part for the
fast time. The freshmen finished in
fairly good shape, but Pennsylvania
gave out perceptibly at the last in the
fight with Columbia. The Cornell boys
showed their condition by footing back
to their quarters, a distance of four
miles. The Wisconsin Varsity crew
had to row two miles to the starting
point for the lack of a launch.
At the finish of the Varsity raoe two
men in the Cornell boat required a dash
of water to enable them to keep their
seats. The Pennsylvania and Wiscon
sin crews finished strong, and the Co
lumbia eight evinced considerable ex
The Varsity crews were at their re
spective stakeboats and ready for the
word as soon as the referee's boat
reached the starting place at 10:35
o'clock. At the pistol shot Columbia
took th? water first with a 36 stroke,
Pennsylvania second with a 40, Wis
consin third with a 38, and Cornell last
with a 34. Before half a dozen lengths
had been rowed the Wisconsin boys,
"with their "Yarda" stroke, had forged
to the front, and at the half-mile they
had a lead of half a length. Cornell,
which was trailing in the rear, put on a
spurt and was almost on equal terms
with Columbia, which was second. In
this way they reached the flag, which
they passed with Wisconsin a length in
the lead, rowing a stroke that was
pushing the boat through the water at
a terrific rate of speed. Wisconsin,
Cornell and Columbia were rowing a
34 stroke and Pennsylvania a 38.
As the crews approached the second
mile Pennsylvania went up with a
rush, rowing a 38 stroke, and before the
two-mile flag had been reached took
the lead from Wisconsin. The Wiscon
sin boys pluckllv held on to second
place, rowing a 34 stroke.
It was at this Juncture that the Cor
nell men were seen to "shoot their
bolt." Colson called on the men to go
after Pennsylvania. The men re
sponded with a will, but their reserve
force, which was so apparent in the
New London contest, did not show it
self, and while they got upon even
terms with the Wisconsin boys, it was
seen that the Quakers were bej'ond
their reach.
In the last mile Pennsylvania
skimmed over the water like a swal
low, crossing three and a half lengths
ln the lead. Cornell and the Wiscon
sin boys had a desperate fight over ev
ery Inch of the last mile for second
place, the difference being less than a
Just before the start of the Varsity
race two or three Wisconsin men
sought bets that Wisconsin would fin
ish ahead of either Pennsylvania or
Columbia. Several such bets were
made, th? greater portion of the money
being wagered with Pennsylvania. One
bet was made that Cornell would beat
Wisconsin by five lengths.
Whipping Recommended.
Charles Schrieber. a boy 13 years of age,
was yesterday fined $50 by Judge Mogan
for battery upon John McEnerney, a boy
10 years of age. A few days ago, because
McEnerney refuse-! to dance at his com
mand. Schrieber fired a shot at him from
a toy pistol, and the bullet lodged ln his
cheek. Schrelber had terrorized other
boys in the Mission by threatening to
shoot them unless they did what he told
them. The Judge recommended his par
ents to give him systematic doses of the
whip for the next three months.
Advances made on furniture and pianos, with
or without removal. J. Noonnn. 1017-1023 Mission.
A New City Ticket Agent.
Since Captain D. A. Smith resigned his
position as city ticket agent of thp San
Francisco and North Pacific Railroad to
enter the army as adjutant of the Efghth
Regiment of California Volunteers, J. B.
Schrocder. the real estate man, has .taken
his position.
' • ' ' ' '■ ■ ' ■ ' . ' - i .-■•■-• - »■-•■..:•- .
Subscribes camping at localities alcng the I ne of railrcads where there are no postal facilities
can have The Call thrown off at therr wmp by sending nam? and location
of camp to The Cal. Subscr.ption Department.
Spend your summer outing there and drink
from the famous
Large Swimming Tank. Mineral. Tub, Vapor
and Roman Baths. Competent Masseurs.
Many improvements. New cottages. Bowling
alleys rebuilt. Bath house enlarged.
Only Resort Keeping Paid Orchestra.
Dancing, Tennis, Bowling, Billiards, Croquet,
Handball; Shutfleboard, Livery and Burros for
the children.
RATES— HoteI and hotel cottages, $10 to $15
per week; housekeeping cottages, $3 to $7 per
Call or address ■' ..t
22 Fourth ft.. San Francisco, or
Pamphlets mailed free.
A field for health nnd pleasure without »
counterpart In America or Europe. Most ph»>-
nomenal rod and reel fl?hlng in the world.
Wild goat shooting. The great stage rUl*.
Delightful coast excursions. Novel out-door
•ports. Music, da: -in*:, pyrotechnic*, • watit
carnival. -re.
Always open; modern appointments; ;tlo.tn:
mane semen t.
Open July l. bil>b.NL>li< aUU A .NGEMKNT
. ... for campers.
Full information, rates and Illustrated pam-
Los Ancrele». Cat.
Lake County, Gal,
Curative powers of springs a.v.H mineral baths
unrivaled. Sixteen varieties of waters. A most
picturesque spot and charming cllrr..it». Easy
of access; telephone connections and ilaliy ma!!.
Rates to suit all. Write J. MARTENS. Pro-
prietor, or In Sail Francisco. 416 Pice street. F.
Monterey County, Cal.
For rest, health and pleasure, fine water*
and baths, clecnest accommodation and tabl^.
Parals3 stands unsurpassed: round-trip tickets
at 613. Market St.. S. F.. $8: trains Its daily
at Third and Towr.send 9 a. m for S&'.cdad.
For terms and free FampUlet address It.
OUftfifiO noT SPRINGS, Sonoma Co
\RuilBi\ Only iVi nours from s F - anil
UliuVvw but 9 miles" staging; waters
noted for medicinal virtues; best natural bath
In State; swimming and boating; grand moun-
tain scenery; excellent climate: good trout
streams at door; photographers' room; tels-
phone. telegraph, daily mail; FIRST-CLASS
SERVICE; morning and afternoon stage*;
round trip from S. F. only $0 &0; take Tlburon
ferry at 7:SO a. m. or 3:30 p. m. Terms. $3 %
day or 112 a week. Reference, any guest of th*
past three years. J. P. MULGREW. Prop.
A Charming Bpot to Visit This Samaar.
Boats free to guests. Fine fishing. Excellent
table. Clean beds and careful attention t'« .
patrons. Climate perfect. Sixteen miles from
Truckee In th» heart of the Sierras and sur-
rounded by magnificent trees of an unbroken
forest. The Ideal spot for families because It !«
clean no poison oak. no posts. And pure air
•ml pure water. Address MRS. H. M. CLEM-
ONS. Virginia City, before June 1. when Inds-
pemlfncp Lnke will be open to the public.
This delightful watering placa Is located la
the midst of the Coast Range. • .■o.i.vs. -
Abundance of mineral springs, hot and cell
plunge baths, large swimming tank of mineral
water, fine stone dining room: telephone con-
nections, electric lights, livery accommodation;
good trout finning and hunting. Round trip
tickets at Southern Pacific offices. flO.
Tehama County. By rail to Red Bluff,. 190
miles; fare. $6 45: daily stage to springs, 9
miles; fare $1: elevation 1000 fpot; 20 furnished
cottages for rent: accommodations at hotel for
100 people; telephone, telegraph nnd postoffiee
In hotel; rates. $10 and up: send for book of
information and testimonials. ED. B. WAL-
BRIDGE, Proprietor. '
Increased facilit'es for comfort and pleasure;
new dining-room, 130 feet lake frontage; new
stable nnd livery: boating ' and bathing -free;
tS to $14 per week: round trip. $9 50. H. WAM-
BOLD. Prop.; liertha P. 0., Lake County, Cal.
Sonoma Valley, two hours from S. F.. via rtb-
uron ferry. Warm mineral swimming and tub
bath?. Hotel completely remodeled enJ /efur-
nlshed. Water, gas, electric bells.* r.atea $10 to
'112 per week. $2 per day. Address AGUA CALI-
ENTE SPRINGS. Aqua Callente. Sonoma Co..
; Cal. --■■■■ . - •-•-■ - • .-• -. - - '
Natural ad vantages ;_■ salubrious !lmt;t; p!o-
turesque... scenery; mountain walks;- pur»
■prlng water: beautiful drives: pine groves;
lawns and gardens. The best . advantages for
those who • need ■to ■ obtain ■ comfort. rest and
health culture in a ■ short • time. Address St.
Helena San'»arium. St. . Helena. Cm. ._ >>i
„ , Lokcport, Cai. *
Situated on the shore of Clear Lake; flnn
large grounds: special facilities for families
and children: home cooking, boating, bathing,
ftEhit'R: rates reasonable. • -Address FRANK
BCALES and A. 11 SCALES. ,
Taiiuc), elevation tiiUJfecet," opens Juris
J. Fine accommodations. Cottages . with pri-
vate baths and open fires. Table unsurpassed.
R. -R. r»te«. ■ »13 50 for ROUND : 1 RIP. J. 3.
XJBBT. room 1. Flood building. Sau FrancUco.
__^ IF YOU...
Are seeking for a de-
x^C>«. lightful and healthful
resort for the summer
■4!r>*T*£JlJZ l ra _vi\ months for your family,
O^jßgjE^Cl^jf not so remote from
ToJSth RSI if:\ Kisfw town hut that you can
£-w**uiifc!LiKs '}J}W be with them without
. ** a *"- neglecting your busi-
IF YOU ..... Are in search of a good
tabl» and comfortable sleeping apartments
only li hours' travel from San Francisco, with
half hourly communication, day and evening:
IF IT IS . . . . Your wish to confine
your summer's outing by a moderate outlay,
your attention Is directed to
Haywtrds Park, it th» Terminus of the Oakland,
Ban Leandro ani Haywards Electric Railway.
OR IF YOU . . Are fond of tentin?.
here you will lind a large number of commo-
dious platforms arranged convenient to the
hotel dining room, en one of which you may
erect your tent.
A choice musical programme is rendered
every Sunday afternoon on the verandas of the
c!ub house. The cars of the company run
into the park. The monthly commutation rate |
is only J.V. room and board, $S per week; board
for campers, |!> per week. Campers ana room-
ers have the : anie service from attendants.
Address MRS. DORA SHANE, Haywards
Cub House. ■
iLftU! flu I■ 0« niflaudi
Under new management.
a ga
For the annual seeder after
Repose and recuperation.
Only three and a half hours from San Francisco.
Stags connects with the 2:45 p. m. train
From Third end To.vnsend streets.
Formerly proprietor of the MaisOn Tortoni and Poodle Dog
W^^^Sx 13th ami Jefferson st . -
'&-%tt [i *h\i~Qm ? nly 35 minutes
te£A^d.-?ir«"^ss^l from San Fran-.
tt'C^wJj'-'-ySpM Cisco.
ii3is^[email protected] A Desirable Summer
■***g™22iii£ and Winter Resort for
Families, Trtyeleri
R. M. briare. Prop, an d Tourists.
Santa Cruz Mountains on San Lorenzo River.
t hours from S. F., 40 minutes from Santa
Cruz; grounds and river lit by electric lights;
tennis, bowling, boating, bathing and fishing;
finest hnll a -id dining-room in Santa -Cru»
Mts. : club, billiard and smoking rooms. Nsw.
hard finished and elegantly furnished. Tele-
phone and telegraph service. Hound trip, $3.
Address THOMAS L. BELL. Prop.. South Ben
Private boarding at "Avoca." Terms ?7 per
week. Address MRS. J. J. JOHNSON. Ben
Lomond, Cal.
nLt •4-««-a «i staglntr to get there,
/« ii 3i\ no * ogl mosquitoes rr
/~H jH\t| a A winds when you are
' thoro. Table unsurpassed.
Hates CIO. $12. «14 a week.
S* Rrunrl trip tickets $7. W.
tTat^^iMifSrr' I* Mitchell, Manager;
BSI B'lbP^ F. V. Owen, Agent. Call
|/1 IJlS&vO' Building.
O A^7 lTif\ SPRINGS.
68?) WA M PUTAH P. 0..
fifiVJ' »7 /-a.£».A^* i^AKE COUNT V
Accommodations unsurpassed.
Rates. $8 $10 and $!". Special- term* to fam-
ilies. Pcstofflce a/id telephone. • / :
Round trip, JlO. Southern Pacific offlca. 41J
Market street.
Address MRS. R. J. BEEBT.
A.3SrO--Vs7-IN'S. .
■On Howell Mountain; elevation 1750 feet;
-wimmlng tank 100x40; temperature of water
78 degrees; climate unsurpassed; chalybeets
and other springs; tennis, croquet, riding,
driving. $10 to $12 per week; two trains dally; I
four houis from city, Telephone.
K. ANCWIN, Angwln. Napa County. Cal.
Or,(\(\T\ LIJWIV And good treat- i
UUUiJ LlltlV ment go hand ln
Lakeport. Cal. . '.
A. H. SPURR, Proprietor.
On : line of C. P. R. R. Elevation. 6009 feet.
Daily mall. Telephon- connections. New ac-
commodations. ' Open Juns 1. Address GOUL-
DEN & JACOBS. Dcnner. Plscer Co.. C*!. ■
(San Mateo County.)
Redtngton Place for rest and comfort, from
June 11. Address . IRA. G. KOITT.
Two miles fiuin Hoptund, une.ju*.ed soda-
end magnesia springs; hot and cold baths; fur-
nished ■•= cottages; terms : *10 :to «12 per week.
Telephone. Buy thr ush tickets. O. HOWELIi,
Proprietor. Hopland.* Col. - , •
Famous mountain health and pleasure resort.
Elevation 1200 feet. Relief for asthmatic*.
Fishing, ■ boating, - hunting and swimming.
Terms, $7 to {10. Bend for circular to • ■
Finest fishing and health resort on the Coast.
For particulars write to ! KDSON IJKoS.. ties-
wick, Slskiycu County, Cal. -
; ' In the Heart of the Santa Cruz Mountains.
Improved • Table - Service. R.asonable Kates.
' : For , Particulars Apply to " c'■ ■ "
, : :■■: ;:■: • AL 8. COX, Laurel J-ostofflce.
El Paso de Robles Springs Hotel, ° • /
OTTO E. NEVER.'... .-...:.. .....^.....Pr0p'r1etwf"''
.MANAGEMENT. ' .-' . ■'■ ' % v
. -to. ••:•;.-; } ; '\-'i
plifmttiiw mm¥inx * Tpr mhk fs»SSl
• . RESORT ON THE COAST. .; .. /--X
HOT MUD AND SULPHUR BATHS, .' •"• ' " ' . "ol
;. '. '•".' '" ' IRON' SPRINGS. . • -I
?Air> ORCHESTRA.'. . •'; '•■■■ '. •■■
"reduced rates
" ' 'n-'-ox-r— ■' ".'■.•'••/•' ..=:•■■.-.■ v ,
Sao Francisco and North Pacific Railway
. ;To Ail Points and Resorts in .' •• „
Fcr detailed Information apply at Ticket
Office. 650 Market street (Chronicle building), ; •
or at General Office," Mutual LUe . buildi'ag* .»
Eansonve and." California streets. • ■• -
A. W. FOSTER. ;• •• - '■ '.■ . :•'■%'
';_•'■■■•. President ■ and General Manager. ' ■
R-. X. RYAN, General Passenger Agent. ••'.
..." LAKE COUNTY. . CAL. "" : ..'"'.
, .springs In. America;, all Kinds; of an. »»-.'"
ments; new swimming tank, baths and .bowl--
-Ing alley. First-class accommodations: rataa
reasonable. . Write for Illustrated - pamphlet*. • *
Ean Francisco 'office, 318 Montgomery »tr*tU
Address HIGHLAND SPRINGS. . Cal. •■
The most picturesque resort in California. Has
the only grapevine arbor in the State; a va- .
riety, of mineral syrinsrs, such as Soda, Sul- •
phur, Magnesia, Iron and Arsenic; -plunge bath;
BV/^mminK pool ;• billiard?, shuffle-board, croquet '
and other games. Accommodations first class;,
table K-ood. ' Round-trip $3 75. Stage meets . •
morning trains and- Saturday evening. Tcrma •-
$0 to $12 per week.- Address FRESE. & JUER-
GEXSEN. . '.-■.. ••-. ' „. \ -. .
Sonoma County. 6 Hours from San Franeiteo. j
ONE OF NATURE'S WONDERS. .:.'.. •• " ;
Grandest wenery. ■ The ' hotel an enchanting
rrr.bowered home. Bath house rebuilt, elecaat.
porcelain tuba, tennis court, etc. '.--■'.-.
Tepid -Sw'iniminf; — akf. • l.onc-dlstanro Tel»-
fhone. Telegraph, etc. Table unsurpuaad. ,- ■'
Terms. JSO and JIB per 'week: IS and $2 50 par .'- '■
flay. - R. ii. HORTON. Proprietor.- '.':,
Situated 'In the heart of 'the > redwoods, four" ..■
miles from. GlenwoiA),. County of Santa Crui:- °
Magnificent mountain scenery; elevation 1900 • '
feet. Springs especially adapted for rheuma- •
tism. Climate' unsurpassed for pulmonary *'"'-
troubles. Terms $7 and up. • Hunting, fishing,
lawn tennis, bowling alley, billiards, . piano,
etc. Cottages, for. families. -Stage line 50c."'
over a mountain boulevard. ' where the nicest "_
scenery Is to be seen of this and other counties. -
Address L. -PERHACS. Qlenwood. . ■ .
Eighteen • miles from ■ Cazadero', on fetagn line... ' '•? .
Good trout ' flsHing. plenty fruit, cream and . -
milk:-' free "conveyance -for parties of two or
more: grand ' i'ed wood- scenery. . Address. J. :
LUTTRINGER. Seavlew..r Sonoma County, or>>'>
apply. E. KRU.SE.- Front St.. S. F.. for par--
ticulars^ '•'.''■.. ' • ■' ' ' ' '■ . °'■
r KTUit WWUVii) The' Popular Resort, among *-^«J.
l/Alllr iTILLACIV the Giant- Redw.oods of So-- .' ■■■:
noma County. ■ Boating, bathing and tent;v>
grounds free: fine, fishing: climate perfect. .
Board «nd lodging; »5 50' and J£; .unfurnished, •. -
ro.oms-, -$1 per week.- Train stops at . camp. • '-.
Via Sausalito -ferry, round trip, ts3;t $3; good for • • -;
■ninety days. ... .' • . -•.*• ' ' • :'^-;
Most . wcnderiui waters; all kinds ' of skln:,'i ; -
diseases cured -in narvelously short time; kid- •
ney liver, catarrh. ■ rheumatism and stomach
• •troubles Immediately relieved;- rates $10 to 111/ofr
p«r week. Long-distance telephone: Address 1 "^
J. .A. HAYS. Proprietor. Lake County. ■■,jj
Most delightful spot in Lake County; hunt- -'*-
ing,' fishing, boating, swimming; table -SUP-K.V
piled with best market affords. Address MACK
& BURLINGAME. Proprietors, Soda . Bay, : -
Kelseyvllle, Lake County. Cr.l. • • : . >-
Stage, ride shortened 24 miles by Sierra Rail- : ;
way to Jamestown. Fare S. F. to Calaveraa
Big Trees and return $17. JAMES M. HUTCH- ; r
INGS.- Agent, 30 Montgomery street. • - -
.TO the country we go—We ■ will ' meet ; you 'at
the depot; good accomodations; desirable 10- : ,
'cation; terms $7; children « 50. E. M. SHEL- V
FORD, Pleasant View ranch, Cloverdale, Cal.
BOARD on a ranch. 2000 feet elevation, one mile ■-■»**
; from station; railroad fare $3, good to return:
free drives; term?. $6 per week. : REDWOOD ,-V
GROVE, Occidental, Sonoma County. . ...
COUNTRY board near Sonoma: private ■ f am-
i'v; flood home; terms reasonable. MRS. F. ■
CHELINI. Sonoma. .-. v „, ... :._,■: ,i .
BOARD, quiet country ' home, plenty fruit,
milk, cream. S. A. M., Redwood, San Mat'.-o. '
■•WRITE W. H. MILLKR; i Jah. 'nr.llvery ac- „ ■
commodations to springs In Lake and Men* . .<•;
Aodno counties to save money... -, : . • ..

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