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Santa Fe Believed to
Be Interested.
Through Koute on Eighth Street Will
Enhance the Value of Property
to the i.ower End of
Oakland-Office San Francisco Call,
Broadway, May 22.
The president of the Oakland Transit
Company, which all the
railroads in this city not owned by the |
crn Pacific Company, has conclud
ed the sale of the whole of the bonds of
the company to Basl m capitalists, prin
cipally In Boston. This sale is believt l
to be partly manipulated by people lnter
ompairy. Refer
rir.fr to the deal -Mr. Heron says:
"The bonds, or a considerable portion
of them, have been plai ed In Boston. All
bonds held By the Oakland Transit
Company itself and some of those held
by private owners h;r. Id there to
the amount of nearly one million dollars.
That accounts for the fm rease In the j
market value of the bonds, which re
xnained for a long time at 90, but are now
up to 108. The b< per cent Invest
ments and should have been worth $115,
--i kept down the '
v it known that East- ■
rs had looked with favor
irlties the pri< c jumped and will \
probably go higher. The lines of the
mpany are In the best condi
the plans that have been made I
the unification of the different
branches will now be carried out.
"We have always had a definite scries ''
of plans for crosstown roads and ■■■■■
will imw be mad-. 1 be
ads w,»s made
Invi stmi nt only."
of the lmprov« merits of the syn- .
••■ lilies is the continuation of the
ad from West < Oakland to !
rtion with the Eighth street road
from East Oakla 5 the cutting <nr
• trains
the West Oakland lines have all deposit
ed thi north of Twelfth
and this has ted pi perty
E t. The building of the
new line, for which a franchise has al
will. it is thought,
bring all I ■ Oakland travel to
Eighth and Broadway.
OAKLAND, May 22.— Perhaps the larg
est deal ever made on the Oakland water
front has just been closed. It is the pur
chase of the bunkers, engines, machinery
and lease of the Oakland Commercial
Company by the Pacific Coast Company.
This immense transaction possesses much
significance, for it is proof that the Pa
cilic (."oast Company recognizes the great
advantages of the Oakland water-front
and intend to largely increase its trade
on this side of the bay, where rail and
water come together.
The bunkers were erected on Adams'
wharf but four years ago and at that
time were considered in the nature of an
experiment. They have always been act
ive and sometimes half a dozen large ves
sels have had to wait their turn to dis
? ■ T
IQJIJ'£ i:7:::^ •
® Charles Hinsberg Killed Himself in i
I Presence of His Wife and <»
• Children. I
i . V
• >-yHARLFJS HINSBERG of the firm of Hermann Olcovich & Co., manu- 1
| M facturing agents and importers, at 330 Pine street, committed suicide ''
a m last Sunday evening by shooting himself through the head with a re- I
I volver. He was removed to St. Mary's Hospital, where he died at 12:30 #
■ ' o'clock yesterday afternoon. .„ |
• The deceased had been subject to spells of insanity since August of last *
I year! Financial reverses first unhinged his mind, and the fact that his little T
% son, the youngest of his three children, was crippled with hip disease wor- 1
| rled him greatly. Three weeks ago he wrote a note to his wife stating that "
a he intended to kill himself and the boy, and he sept a letter to the Coroner i
, making a similar announcement. •
a ; : : On two occasions since then his wife, by snatching the revolver out of his JL
I hand, has prevented him from carrying his threat into execution. . ''
A Last Sunday afternoon he borrowed a cheap bulldog revolver unknown 1
I to his wife and children, and when he arrived at his residence, 1309 Scott street,*
X he began writing a note on a paper bag. His little son became suspicious, '
• and Informed his mother, and she attempted to seize her husband, but he ran *'
± into the backyard and placed the muzzle of the revolver to the right side of 1
• his head and pulled the trigger. The bullet went through the brain, blacken- •
' ing both eyes and rendering Hinsberg unconscious. He was at once taken Mo i
9 St. Mary's Hospital for medical attendance, but never regained consciousness. #
charge. The Pacific Coast Company's
large business necessitated the constant
use of the bunkers and so they have
bought them outright.
The deal was closed by President Far
rell of Seattle, who Is at the head of the
Pacific Coast Company. John I>. How
ard, general manager of the company, is,
according to a contract just tiled, to su
perintend the building of- a large wharf
! at the foot of Myrtle street for Balfour
mithrie & Co. of San Francisco, and
which are also, it is said, for the use of
the Pacific Coast Company.
Knights of St. Patrick Entertain
Their Friends.
The Knights of St. Patrick pave an In
stallation banquet last night at the Cali
fornia Hall, at which a number of their
lady friends were entertained. The din
ing-room was tastefully decorated for the
occasion and 150 gujsts partook of a
tempting repast
A programme, in which the following
i took part, was well received: Solos, by
Robert Lloyd. Mrs. J. W. Madden. Miss
Daisy Keane, D. C. Sheerin, Joseph Me
Kenna; recitations, P. Mccormick.
Thomas Hickey.
The officers installed by Past President
Frank Shea were: President, R. C.
o'Conncr; first vice president, Jame^s J.
Gildea; second vice president, P. D. Mul
laney; recording secretary, James r.
O'Brien; financial secretary, P. McCor
mick; corresponding secretary, John Mul
hern; treasurer, T. P. Riordan; marshal.
' J P Dunne: sergeant at arms, M. Keiie
her: board of directors— Jeremiah Deasy,
' William Broriorick, T. J. Welch, J. R.
Tobin. James Shea.
Toasts were responded to by James H.
Barry, Frank Shea, William Broderick
and j. Deasy.
Dr. E. R. Taylor and Circuit Judge
Gilbert Pay Tributes to the »
Greatness of the De
There was quite a large gathering of
members of the bar yesterday morning in
the United States Circuit Court in re
sponse to the announcement that the Cal
ifornia bar would express its esteem for
the memory of the late Supreme Justice
Stephen J. Field. Among those present
were T. I. Berlin, Milton Andros, United j
States Court Commissioner Heacock, L. j
S. B. Sawyer, Southard Hoffman, Rev. I
Horatio Stebbins, United States Attorney
Frank L. Coombs, Assistant United
States Attorneys Woodworth and Ban
ning, ex-Supreme Justice John Curry, W.
H. Herrin, ex-Judge S. C. Denson, Ly
man 1. Mowry, P. Mullany, Howard T.
rrumbo, T. A. Redmond. li. H. Reid, "W.
11. Fifield, George B. Merrill. Henry C.
Schaertzer, Dr. E. H. Taylor. United
States Marshal Shine, ex-United States
Marshal Long. United States Shipping ;
Commissioner Gwin, George Towle Jr., j
tin 1 . Captain John Birmingham.
Judges Morrow, Gilbert, Ross and Haw- i
ley occupied the bench, and after the j
?ourt had been called to order Dr. E. R. i
Taylor read a memorial sketching the
life of the jurist and a portion of his
career in this State. ■ Dr. Taylor closed as
His was the shaping hand that drew order
in of chaos in the community where he first
became ..active as a public man; his was one
if the shaping legislative hands at the very
beginning of California's political life; no
other man contributed bo much as he to the
settlement of her land titles; and as a judge
no other one hand has made such an impres- ]
sion upon her judicial history. And when he
left the State Supreme bench for the higher
station of the Federal tribunal, his luster was
not dimmed by that of the great men about
him, but it shone with such additional bril
liancy as to make him beyond all question one
if the greatest judges this or any other country
has produced. In fact, to quote the language
of Chief Justice Fuller, "His judicial career
was unexampled in length and distinction.
» • • His labors left no region of juris- !
prudence unexplored, and now that he rests j
from them his work will survive him."
Judge Gilbert followed with appropriate
remarks, and the court adjourned out of !
respect to the memory of tne dead jurist. i
. ♦ .
Death of Henry King.
ALAMEDA, May 22.— Henry F. Kinp;
died last nipht at the home of hip moth
er. Mrs. S. P. Kins. Sl7 Santa Clara ave
nue. He was a sufferer from pulmonary
troubles. Deceased was a native of Salt
Lake City, aged 36 years, and was for
merly a wells-Fargo messenger.
John Roy's Life and
Death Struggle.
Had Waded Into Muddy Water to
Gather Driftwood When
H8 Encountered the
ALAMEDA, May 22.— John Roy, a far-
I mer at Bay Farm Island, had a desperate
! battle with a pair of leopard sharks orf
the island shore this afternoon, and bare
ly escaped with his life. As It was, his
clothing was torn and his flesh lacerated
in the encounter, and when he finally
reached the shore he was exhausted from
the struggle.
Roy was searching for driftwood along
the shore just before the affair happened.
A short distance out he saw a large log
drifting along with the tide, and he waded
out in his gum boots to secure it. He had
just reached the log and was in the act
of throwing a rope about it when some
thing beneath the muddy waters struck
I him a terrific blow, knocking him off his
Uel and submerging him. While he was
struggling under water he was struck
several successive blows, fortunately on
the legs, and he felt one of his rubber
boots grasped in a viselike grip that tore
the rubber and cut his flesh.
Regaining the surface, Roy saw that
the water about him was churned into a
foam and noticed a pair of huge leopard
sharks that were making vicious lunges
at him with their powerful tails, alter
nating v.ith attempts to sink their sharp
teeth into his flesh.
Being unarmed, the man was at consid
erable disadvantage. He essayed to wade
to shore, but the sharks swam about him
ontinued their attack. One of them
followed him into shallow water, and only
ct ased to light when it no longer had
room to swim.
Roy managed to reach shore, where he
fell exhausted on the beach. Jle was
much injured from the encounter. His
lower limbs bore evidence of the struggle.
Deep gashes were cut in his calves and
his legs up to the hips were a mass of
bruises from the vicious blows of the
It is not an uncommon thing for sharks
of the leopard variety to be seen along the
Bay Farm Island shores, but they have
never b< lore been known to make such a
bold attack on a human being. Roy states
that the sharks he encountered were each
at least eight feet long.
Oakland's Union of Carpenters Pass
Ringing Resolutions.
OAKLAND, May 22.— Local Union Xo.
36, I arpetiters and Joiners of America,
has passed the following resolution to be
sent t" the Fruit Growers' Convention
which meets in Sacramento to-morrow:
\>-d. That we, the Carpenters' Union of
Oakland, «'al., most heartily indorse the efforts
of the fruit growers Of this State to organize
and Btand as one man for what is Just and
right, and that we as a body of organized
mechanics will aid in every way possible the
■ L>t the fruit grower to a legitimate
share of his products.
Resolved. That we place In the hands of our
legislative committee these resolutions for pub
-.. and Instruct them to note the progress
of the convention and stand ready, should there
be .in opportunity in the sessions, to act in
accordance with our resolve.
Death of Mrs. E. P. Flint.
OAKLAND. May 21— Mrs. Knima P.
Flint, a resident of Oakland since 1854,
and wife of Library Trustee Flint, died
at her home on Orange street to-day of
acute inflammation of the kidneys. Mrs.
Flint w&s one of the lirst members of the
First Crfhgregiitinnal Church and always
took a deep interest in church affairs.
I ased was a native of Pennsylvania,
aged 63 years, and leaves four daughters
and two sons.
A P Preston, Ariz iF M Nickell, L Anp
W M Houser, Cal \3 N Woods & w, Cal
H I* George, St Joseph Alice M Russell, Cal
C H Davis & w, Cal Miss S Grant, Oakland
F \V Covey. Cal W II Nichols, Cal
G F Colton, Utah IF Laux, 8 Cruz
W T Johnson, w & b, A C Ullm & w. S Cruz
D C \V S Miller, Stanford
C E Hastings, Detroit W Sarles. Cal
B L Hall, Stanford |J O Kellogg, Chicago
F G Berry, Fresno (Miss A P Kellogg, 111
3 3 O'Brien, Boston a W Fox, Or
W H Baker & w, Mass C II Holdman, Ohio
li A Rogers, Cal' S W Kenyon, Fresno
W II Lumsden, Cal . J Myers Sr, Chicago
T Cunningham, Cal M Connolly, .Sonora
J M Wieland, NY S I' Poland, S Jose
Mrs J Mcßrler, Pa D Hayman & w, N' T
J Mcßrier, Pa I 0 W Jullen, Berkeley
Miss II White, Pa Miss Jullen, Berkeley
E Parker, Cal C F Foster, Cal
H A Raymond, Mont [Mrs I JO Lean. Cal
F H Minor & w. Mont Mrs I' II Green. Cal
3 L Galen, Helena Mrs M French, Cal
O h Hautly, Victoria Mrs F Moody, Cal
3 W Bailey, Helena * Mrs L Peacock, Cal
T Pelkey. Novato F Mason, Sacto
A H Johnson, lowa ;J Talt. Portland
E Haokett. Cal |G W Bright, Ohio
0 M Thimler &■ w, O [Mrs E X Stewart, O
F F Wright. Cal [Miss A Stewart, O
C M Simpson, Cal iG H McMather; USA
R H Jersey, Cat IW A Shippl, Ariz
F A Gardner, Chicago j\V R Lee & w, lowa -
A Baumgart, Cal I A B Eastwood & w,
C V Cleveland & W, Cal Vv-* :
Mass W B Valentine & w,
C A Patterson & w, | S Jose .
Mass .t Flanagan, Cal
S S Beaumont, Mass C M Root. Minn
1" B Mapen, Mass A B Stewart. Stanford
1 P Good & w, Mo H C Smith, Stanford
G W Newcomer. Pa W W Patterson, Cal
W D Sullivan.' Minn
C E Rommel, U S N Miss W Shannon, N T
R E Brown, Victoria Miss L Ellis, N V
J C Platt, New York F L Col well & w, N V
B Thomas, New York J B Alexander '&' w.Cal
Col D Evans, NY |F J Soloman & w. Ger
E Shelby, New York jl>r O Hurken, Germny
J S Campbell.. X V R G s McCracken, Cal
W. A Kelsey, NY F W Watson, Stanfod
<; V Heidet, NY \V D Tobey, Stanford
A Oppenheimer, N V Miss Toby, Stanford .
i; C Hunter, NY R Maciaa & w, Mexico
F Miller & w, Rlversde A V Stoeger, St Louis
U S Grant, San Diego H C Nelson. P Prieta
F H Short. Fresno M G Nelson, P Prleta
W h McKitrlck, Cal II Bucovich & w, Cal
J S Owen, Win S Rosenbaum, Stocktn
Mrs II Johnson. Wis |R McCoy. USA
L N Tolfree & w, Cal 'Mrs J S Cone, Rd Bluff
J F Kelly, Mass I Mrs T Moring, Russia
D Hayman & w, . N V Mrs J Maxwell, Belvdr
II Kelsey, NY iMiss E Maxwell. Belvd
Miss E Shannon, N V O H Dockery, USA
R Nelson. Sonora ■ ' H Ronald, Wash
F J Man-hand, Manila! W S Greary, Alaska
J Duncan,' Manila G E Arcott, Denver
E McDonald.- Manila Mrs-McCufry, S Jose
C A Clase. Manila IF Mitchell, Stockton
H Hambell. Manila 'J J Thompson, Mont
Mrs J Turnell. NY J Warner, . Fresno
J E Hall. Stockton Miss T Dwight, Cal
ii A Whiteslde, Cal S.M Boyle, Courtland
R L Ford, Red Bluff.
THE Caledonian Club will hold Its v «»• ■>
thirty-third annual gathering and 3, J» .Vf
gamea at Shell Mound Park on *K.klv£
TUESDAY, May 30. As usual, I *aß%
the best ■ athletes of the Pacific Coast will
compete for prizes of coin. Jewels, badges and
other articles of value; $2500 in cash will be
distributed to • successful comDetitors; full
bands and renowned bag pipers will furnish
music for the grounds and dancing platform-
a Highland hospitality will be extended to
guests and an unequaled day of pleasure will
be afforded to all comers; buy tickets for
Shell Mound Park: adults 50c; children 25c
THIRTY-NINTH District Democrats— A meet-
, ing of the Thirty-ninth Assembly District
Democratic Club will be held THIS EVEN-
ING, at 8 o'clock In - Judge Mogan's court.
fll Democrats of the district are invited to
attend. By order of *
• M. SCHWARTZ, President.
DR. GEORGE W. LEEK, Secretary.
MEETII\~: Continued.
CALIFORNIA Lodge No. 1; F. and A. • •
M.— The/ officers and members of the_*\_
above-named lodge are hereby notified jC3T
to attend the funeral of our late/^r >
, King Solomon" Hall, Masonic Temple, THIS
DAY (TUESDAY), May 23, at 1:30 o'clock
p. m. Master Masons and friends of the de-
ceased are invited. By order of the Master.
FRANKLIN H. DAY. Secretary.
CALIFORNIA Chapter No. 5, R. A. M., ■
will meet THIS (TUESDAY) EVEN-_J\_
ING, May 23, nt 7:30 o'clock. M. M. TtX
degree. By order of the H. P. /^r '
,:>t> 'FRANKLIN H. DAY. Secretary.
GOLDEN GATE Lodge No. 30, F. and ■
A. M.— Called meeting THIS (TUES- _J%_
DAY) EVENING. May 23. at T.3oTtjf
o'clock. D. 3. ■ -■... . /V>
-,- '.''. GEO. J. HOBE, Secretary.
PACIFIC Lodge No. 136, F. and A. M.. ■
121 Eddy st., meets THIS EVENING, _*V_
7:30 o'clock.' 3D.- ■ lC3f
ORIENTAL Lodge No. 144, F. and A. •
M. -Third degree THIS (TUESDAY) ,A_
, EVENING, at 7:30 o'clock. jC3f
A. S. HUBBARP, Secretary. />rA
BRITISH Benevolent Society ' ~*T
of California— Queen's birth- A VJMF 4,
day anniversary dinner, «L*^S*C».
Merchants' Club, 222 San- JtESB&ST
some St.. WEDNESDAY^*
EVENING, May 24, at 7 CKB^l^
o'clock Tickets, $2 50, at hXH*t*?t?J^C6
604 Merchant st. and Dor- Kt^LLjKwtT
ey's. Palace Hotel building. * Ny «OsS» NTP
H. B. M. Consul General. President.
G. C. WOODWARD, Secretary. . -
NOTICE Is hereby given by order of the Board
of Directors, of the OCEANIC STEAMSHIP
COMPANY that a meeting of the stockholders
of said Company has been called by said
Board, to be held on FRIDAY, the second day
cf June, A. D. 1899, at 11 o'clock in the fore-
noon of Bald day, at the principal place of
business of said Company, at the building
where the said Board of Directors usually
meets, namely, at the ofifce of said Company,
number 327 Market st.,«n the City and County
of San Francisco, State of California: that
the object of said meeting Is to consider and
act upon the' proposition that taid Company
create a bonded Indebtedness of two million
five hundred thousand dollars ($2,500,000). In
United States gold coin, for the purpose of
raising money to complete the construction
of Its steamships and their equipment, for
use in the business of this corporation, and
| to purchase and pay for any other property
within the purposes of this Company; and to i
secure the "bonded indebtedness bo proposed
to be created by a mortgage upon its steam
and sailing ships and all other property of
6aid Company now owned or hereafter to b»
acquired by said Company.
' By order of the Board of Directors of the
Oceanic Steamship Company. "• ~ '
[Corporate Seal.] E. H. SHELDON.
Secretary of the Oceanic Steamship Com-
ROOMS papered from $3; whitened. $1 up;
painting done. Hartman Paint Co., 319 3d st.
BAD tenants ejected for $4; collections made;
city or country. PACIFIC COLLECTION
CO.. 415 Montgomery Ft . rooms 9-10: tp|. SS?O.
DIVIDEND notice— Dividend No. 93 (fifty cents
per share) of the Oceanic Steamship Com-
pany will be payable at the office of the com-
pany on and after THURSDAY, June 1, 1899.
. Transfer books will close on FRIDAY, May
26, 1899. at 3 o'clock p. m.
E. H. SHELDON. Secretary.'
ORPHEUM Employment Office — Japanese, Chi-
nese. 426 Powell, nr. Sutter; tel. Black 1321.
CHINESE and Japanese help; established 20
years; tel. Main 1997. Bradley & Co.. 640 Clay.
COMPETENT woman with a child desires a
situation cooking and housework; wages $10
to $15; country preferred. MISS CULLEN.
325 Sutter st-
FIRST-CLASS infant's nurse desires situation;
best references; city or country. MISS CUL-
LEN, 325 Sutter st.
FIRST-CLASS Swedish cook, young and
strong, desires situation; understands all
branches of cooking: best of references; city
or country. MISS CULLEN. 325 Sutter st.
AT the Swedish and German Employment Bu- j
reau, a number of first-class girls awaiting ]
• situations. MRS. NORTON. 313 Sutter St.
SWEDISH houseglrl. good cook and laundress;
best references. MRS. NORTON. 313 Sutter.
MIDDLE-AGED English woman, good cook
and houseworker, $12 to $15. MRS. NORTON, j
313- Sutter st. . j
SWEDISH second girl, good waitress and
seamstress; city or country. MRS. NORTON,
313 Slitter St.
FIRST-CLASS nurseglrl wishes situation; in-
fant or invalid; references. MRS. NORTON.
313 Sutter st.
GREEN Swedish girl wishes place to assist;
strong an.l willing. $8 to $10. MRS. NORTON.
313 Sutter st.
WANTED— PIace as waitress by American girl;
city or country. Box 631, Call office.
YOUNG Norwegian woman has 3 children to
support; wants to do washing and house-
cleaning from 9 o'clock to 3 for $1 25 and car
fare. Call or address 114 Welch St., nr. 4th.
WANTED— By an experienced woman, situa-
tion as child's nurse: no objection to country;
references. Call at 533 Jessie st. .
SITUATION wanted by a middle-aged 'woman
to do general housework; is a good cook and
laundress; wages from $10 to $12; city or coun-.
try. Call at 1000 Washington st.
COMPETENT dressmaker desires engagements
with first-class families, to go to the house.
Box 622, Call office. .
GERMAN woman wishes a position to do gen-
eral housework <jr upstairs work. Call at
:;!'<■,(■> Twenty-second st.
ELDERLY woman would like a situation in
small family in the city; $8 a month. 270
Jessie st. s
SITUATION wanted by Danish girl to do cook-
ing or general housework. Call 9 to 2 at 132
Turk, cor. Jones.
SITUATION wanted by a woman, willing and
obliging; good plain cook and laundress; city
or a short distance in country. 206 Fifth near
Howard st. •
LADY would like to take care of house, during
absence of owner, for the summer months.
Box 629. Call.
RESPECTABLE lady, good cook, kind to chil-
dren, wishes position as housekeeper; city or
country. Call bet. 10 and 2, Golden West
Hotel, Ellis St., room 23. '
RELIABLE woman wants work by the day;
house cleaning or washing. Apply 1709 Leav-
enworth st.
POSITION . to do cooking and housework
.wanted by competent woman; good city ref-
erences. 1518 Eddy.
YOUNG lady cashier or Italian interpreter with
first-class business experience and references
wants position. Address H. I., box 781, Call.
GOOD laundress wants any kind of work by
the day and washing at home. Apply at 422
• Second St.
WOMAN wants work by the day, washing or
. cleaning or any kind of work; $1 per day.
1875 Mission St. •
WANTED — By a respectable widow a po-
sition as working housekeeper; city or coun-
• try. Address box 594, Call office.
LADY wishes sewing and mending to do at
home. 150 Fourth st., room 12.
GOOD' home wanted for a strong girl of 15 who
. is able to work and wishes to learn house-
work. Address 8., box 633, Call office. .
EXPERIENCED dressmaker wishes engage-
ment by th,e day. 209 ICtldy Bt.
GOOD cook, $30, or will take second work; good
references. Apply at 207 Capp st.
COMPETENT English cook, middle-aged
woman; nice, housekeeper and baker, or
would take care of sick; city or country;
wages $12 to $15. 60 Third st.
SCANDINAVIAN girl wishes situation .to do
general housework and plain cooking; wages
$20. 1727 Eddy st.
PROTESTANT young woman wishes situation
to take care of children or do housework; best
of reference; wages $15. Apply 40 Minna st.,
In rear. . .C-:^v<
LADY good In composition' wants position as
amanuensis or private ; secretary; stenog-
rapher. Box 713, Call office. ;.
GERMAN woman wants work by the day,
housecleaning, washing, any work; $1 25 day.
132 Clara st. i : , .
TRUSTWORTHY , and sober middle-aged wo-
man would like to do plain cooking or light
housework; no postal cards answered. 114 Na-
toma st.
WIDOW with little girl 4 years old would like
position as" working housekeeper , to elderly
couple. 1720 Clay st. ; * % .. .-■-.'
YOUNG woman wishes position as housekeeper,
country preferred. Call afternoon or address
MRS. IRENE SMITH, 22 Mint aye.. room 20.
MAN and wife want situations country hotel
or boarding house; man first-class cook; wife
:- good laundress and pastry cook. - 312 Van
Nete . aye. . ' - .
WINCHESTER House. 44 Third st. near Mar-
ket: 200 rooms; 25c to $160 night: $1 50 to $«,
week; convenient and respectable: fre« 'bus
and baggage to and from ferry. ■ -":
JAPANESE-CHINESE Emp. Agency; all kinds
help. GEO. AOKI. 30 Geary st.: tel. Grant 56.
YOUNG - Frenchman, good • cook, wants em-
ployment; private family, hotel or restaurant;
city or country. Box 628, Call.
CHINESE and Japanese Employment Office;
beet help. 414fr O'Farrell st.: tel. East 424.
POSITION wanted by trained nurse in hospi-
tal or to take charge of invalid. Address M.
BUTLER. Cosmopolitan Hotel.
SITUATION wanted by harness maker; good
stitcher. Please address Box 630, Call.
YOUNG man would like a situation as bar-
tender; can give good re,f. Box 777. Call.
YOUNG man, handy about place, desires em-
ployment in city or country. Address M., box
610, Call.
GARDENER, German, wishes situation; expe-
rienced and able man; good florist; city ref-
erences. Address T. H., 167 Minna st.
COACHMAN and gardener; thoroughly compe-
tent and good, careful driver; can milk and
do all other work around gentleman's place.
Box 896, Call office.
GOOD barber wishes steady position in flrst-
class barber shop. Call or address 502 Steven-
son St., room 3, from 8 to 12 mornings.
AS bartender by a respectable singieman with
personal references; speaks German. Bar-
keeper, 87 Third St., room 2.
JAPANESE wants situation for family, office,
saloon; $5 we«k up. H. V., 35 Willow aye.
SITUATION wanted (just arrived from East) by
two first-class 20 years' experienced compe-
tent 1 meat, 1 pastry cook, bread and cakes;
best of references; sober and steady; wish
places; city or country. Address box 782, Call.
WANTED-^Situatlon as engineer; can run
dynamo or any kind of small plant: willing
to do other work; good reference. Address M.
F. C. 235 Minna st.
COMPETENT coachman wants work; thorough
with nprses and all stable duties; careful
driver; city or country; willing to do general
work; can milk; references flrst-class. P. G.,
box 664, Call office. \[
GARDENER wants position; flrst-class work-
man; wide experience; private place, nursery
or orchard. Address A. M., care PROFES-
MAN and wife wish situations as cook and
helper at mining camp or ranch.- Address box
668, Call office.
BAKER, foreman, with best of references,
wishes place as such; city or country; bread
and cakes. Addres Baker. 209 Third St.,
WAS fireman 15 years on English ships; wishes
position as fireman on land; town or coun-
try. 440 Clementina st.
MIDDLE-AGED woman, country, $15 per
month; fare paid. MISS CULLEN, 325 Suter.
COLORED girl, housework. $15 per month.
MISS CULLEN, 325 Sutter st.
2 HOUSEWORK girls. Santa Cruz, $25 per
month each; housework, Oakland, $20; Ala-
meda, $20; Belvedere, $15; and other towns.
MISS CULLEN, 325 Sutter st.
C. R. HANSEN & CO Phone Grant 185
Hotel -housekeeper, $30; head waitress, $30; 4
waitresses, resort near city, $20; 2 waitresses,
resort near city, $20; 8 waitresses, different
resorts, $20; 10 waitresses, different commer-
cial hotels, $20; waitress, springe, $20, fare
advanced; cook, small summer resort, $30; 5
chambermaids to wait, city and country, $20.
German or Swedish housegirl, small family;
Swedish housegirl, Berkeley, $25, call early;
French second girl, $20; housegirl, 2 in family,
J25; lo young girls to assist in housework, $12
to $15. C. R. HANSEN & CO., 104 Geary st.
6 YOUNG ladies of some experience as sales-
ladles in first-class candy store, $7 a week to
start. C. R. HAXSEX & CO.. 104 Geary St.
WANTED— Cook, no wash, German style, $30
pee lady this forenoon in office; nurse, $15; 2
Protestant girls as cook and second girl, same
family of 3, no wash, $25 and $20; laundress,
private family, $20; cook for small resort, $25;
16 girls for housework in country places, $25;
125 girls for cooking and housework In city,
$15, $20 and $25. Apply to J. F. CROSETT &
CO., 316 Sutter st.
WANTED — Waitress for flrst-class commercial
hotel, country, in fine locality, $20; waitress
for country resort, short distance, see lady at
office this forenoon, $20; chambermaid, wait 1
meal, city, nice boarding-house, $20; restau-
rant waitress, $6 a week; 2 girls as laun-
dress and waitress, same resort, $25 and $20,
exceptionally nice place. Apply to J. F.
CROSETT & CO., 316 Sutter st.
SECOND girl. $25; waitress, $25; cook, $25;
nurseglrl, $20; housegirl, two in family, $20.
MRS. NORTON. 313 Sutter st.
IRISH second girl, must have references, $25;
French second girl. $20; housegirl, 3 in fam-
ily, $25; waitress, institution, $15; young girl
to assist, $10; cook. Menlo Park, $25; middle-
aged woman, country. $20. MRS. NORTON,
313 Sutter st.
WANTED — Woman cook for men, also a good
girl for Livermore: 25 young girls for house-
work In city, also a number of young girls to
assist; good chambermaid for city, wait 1
meal, $15; girl for downstairs work and cook-
ing; cook for institution, wages $35. MISS
DILLON, 315 Sutter st. ; telephone Main 804.
PRi iTESTAXT cook for institution, $30. MUR>
RAY & READY, 634-636 Clay St.
HELP of all nationalities to fill various posi-
tions, $12-$25. MRS. LAMBERT, 418 Powell.
WANTED— GirI to assist in general housework.
1217 Webster St.
WANTED— A young German girl to do light
housework. 2232 Mission St.
WANTED— Experienced cloak saleslady; state
wherp last employed. Address box 626. Call.
CAPABLE attendant for invalid elderly lady.
2422 Union St.
YOUNG girl to assist with chamber work. Call'
tc.-.lay bet. 9 and 12, 1629 Sacramento st.
YOUNG girl for housework. Apply after 9, 1211 A
Golden Gate aye.
WANTED — Elderly German woman for house-
work and cooking by couple. Call at 5C Vas-
sar place, off Harrison St.. bet. 2d and 3d.
FINISHER on custom coats to do a little oper-
ating; good wages. Apply 927 Market, r. 623.
OPERATORS on oversklrta and underwear,
LEVI STRAUSS & CO., 36H Fremont st.
WANTED— GirI for second work and sewing.
!!-.:■ •
WANTED— German girl for light housework;
wages $13. 226 Third st., bakery.
WANTED— Good steady finisher on pants. 308
Kearny st.
OPERATORS and finishers on pants. 226 Minna
GOOD chocolate dipper, wages $6, to work frora
5 to 6; steady. SCHAEFER'S, 22 Sixth st.
WANTED— Youngs girl to assist with light
housework and children. 1303 Page, nr. Lyon.
PANTS finishers. ROYAL $4 PANTS CO.. 223
Kearny st.
APPRENTICE on coats; paid while learning.
354 Geary Bt
WANTED— AII-around ironer. 639 Howard st.
GIRL for general housework. Call 10 to 1, 1519
Vallejo st., near Van Ness aye.
WANTED— GirI or elderly woman for plain
housekeeping: -2 in family; wages $10. Call
229 Eleventh st.
FIRST-CLASS operators on vests; good wages
paid. Room 120, 6 Eddy st.
WANTED— German girl for general housework.
1018 Sutter st.
AN apprentice wanted to learn tailoring. Ap-
ply 347 Third st.
GIRL for light housework; good home 138
Russ st.
WANTED— Lady to take charge one office cor-
poration receive orders; simple duties; must
invest $2000, which will be amply secured;
weekly salary-; monthly dividends; investiga-
tlon permitted. Box 604, Call office.
Al PUPILS for select millinery school; trade
thoroughly taught; plenty work; satisfaction
guaranteed; terms easy; evening classes EM
Leavenworth st.
EXPERIENCED apprentices on custom pants.
1039 Howard st.
PLEASANT sunny rooms; day or week: r«-
spectable; moderate rate. 1»2 Seventh st.
EXPERIENCED shirt operators: best prices-
steady employment. Eaglenn" Co., 535 Market!
WANTED— GirI who understands German cook-
lng; wages $25; references required Call be-
twpen 9 and 11. 1721 Jackson st.
MAN and wife country, $40 per month. MISS
CULLEN. 325 Sutter st.
ENGLISH second butler, $30 per month; must
have references. MISS CULLEN, 325 Sutter.
WANTED— TooI sharpener, $60; 2 blacksmiths
for mines, $2.50 day and $40 and board- camp
blacksmith, $60: 2 jobbing blacksmiths, $40
and board; machinist for country, $3 day;
Iron molder for country, $3 day; shingle
sawyer, $2 25 day; woodworker, $40 and board.
J. F. CROSETT & CO., 62S Sacramento st.
WANTED— 6 drift gravel miners. $40 and
board, see boss here; 2 quartz miners, $2 50
day: timber man for quartz mine, $2 75 day
laborers for mines, $26. J. F. CROSETT &
CO., 628 Sacramento st.
WANTED— Milkers, $26 and $30; farmers $1
day; 50 laborers and tunnel men, $1 75 $2' and
$2 50 day; pick and shovel men, $2 day; sheep
herder, $20 and found. J. F. CROSETT & CO..
628 Sacramento st.
WANTED— 3 jackscrewers, $32 50 month- 3
barkers, $26; timber fellers, $40; choppers. $30-
-6 woodchoppers. 75c to $1 35 cord; 10 tie-
makers; 12 laborers about mill. $1 50 day. J
F. CROSETT & CO., 628 Sacramento st.
WANTED— Cook for country restaurant, $40
and found; second cook, $25; 2 bell boys;
waiters: kitchen men and others. J. F.
CROSETT & CO., 628 Sacramento st.
HELP WANTED— Continued.
MURRAY & READY Telephone Main 5848
...Leading Employment and Labor Agents...
IS haymakers, pitchers, rakers, men to run
mowers, godevlls and laborers. sl 25 and $1 day
87 steady orchard, vineyard, farm and ranch
hands different Jobs. s26, $25 and $20 and found
14 milkers $30, $25 and $20 and found
12 chore boys and men for ranches
$15 $20 and $26 and found
986 teamsters, office fee $1 $2 day
515 teamsters, office fee $1 $2 day
Free fare Free fare
259 tie makers Be, 9c, 10c and 12c each
154 woodchoppers, tools furnished
$150, $2 and $1 cord
3 miners, gold, also 2 laborers, gold
$2 50 and $2 day
10 miners, coal by the car 50c ajid 75c car
14 laborers, no experience required $2 day
5 block makers $2 50 day
3 slate splitters $2 50 day
3 diamond drillers $3 day
24 laborers $175 and board home
And $30 and found monthly
15 2-horse teamsters SI W day
5 laborers, factory work, city ♦-"
Driver milk wagon. No. 1 place.. s2s and found
3 stablemen, city and country Jobs
Milker and wife, north, pleasant climate... s3s
Farmer and wife. Contra Costa Co $35
12 blacksmiths and shoers, different Jobs
Different wages.. s3, $2 50 day, $50. $40 and $30
and found
Machine blacksmith Also machinist
634 and 636 Clay st.
FREE FARE into beautiful Monterey County..
10 laborers to screen gravel $1 75 day
No experience required
6 2-horse teamsters, same Job $1 75 day
6 men to shovel, etc., same Job $1 75 day
Fare free both ways.. Above Jobs will last un-
til Christmas.. Office fee only $1
634 and 636 Clay st.
20 laborers, we ship to-day $26 and found
No experience required and increase in wages.
Special good Job
634 and 636 Clay st.
FREE FARE.... First Natio/ial 8ank.... 52 day
will pay each for 10 2 and 4 horse teamsters.
Free fare
634 and 636 Clay st.
FREE FARE •..•....Los Angeles District
12 2-horse teamsters $2 day
12 4-horse teamsters $2 day
14 laborers, no experience necessary $2 day
Off flee fee only $1
634 and 636 Clay st.
FREE FARE..S. P. Coast Division.. Free Fare
To-day Via Third and Townsend Depot
Every day
500 teamsters, 2 horses
500 teamsters, 4 Jiorses
150 drillers
150 hammermen -v
150 holders for drillers
Office fee only $1
Wages, $3, $2 50, $2 and $1 75 day and $30 and
Come yourselves and bring your friends
S. P. R. R. pass
634 and 636 Clay St.
Engineer for mills $50 and found
2 lumber pilers $26 and found
Tall edgerman $1 75 day
6 lumber pilers $2 day
18 laborers, no experience required
$26 and found
4 spool tenders, Sonoma Co $30 and found
Head donkey roan, Sonoma C 0.. .540 and found j
2 tree fellers, see boss here $40 and found
3 Jackscrewers, see boss here.. s32 50 and found
4 bark peelers, see boss here $26 and found
2 setters, Steams' blocks $52 and found
634 and 636 Clay st.
19 cooks, hotels, boarding houses, camps,
ranches and resorts, $50, $40, $35, $30 and $25
and found
14 dishwashers and helpers
$25, $20 and $15 and found
7 waiters $30, $25 and $20 and found
2 elevator boys, city Jobs Also porter
634 and 636 Clay st.
2 laundrymen, same country hotel
$25 and found
Baker, country shop $40 and found
2 young boys or men, little experience
$15 and found
3 assistant bakers, city '
634 and 636 Clay st.
AT C. R. HANSEN & CO.'S Employment
Agency —
Wanted for Coast Railroad to-day
Free fare.... Ship daily Free fare
6 rough rockmasons $3 a day
50 hammer and header men $2 25, $2 50
300 teamsters, 2 and 4 horses $175, $2
25 gravel screeners and concrete men..sl 75, $2
50 rock and steel laborers J2
3 camp cooks $45 and $50
200 teamsters, laborers and tunnel men
$175 to $2 50
Screw setter, $50 and found; spool tender, $35
and found, north; 2 timber fellers.' $40 and
found; Jack screwer. $32 50 and found; 10
laborers and pilers, $30 and found, see boss
here; swamper, $26 and found; 35 laborers and
pilers, $26 and found; chain tender, $:W.
2 cement finishers, $3 50 a day. country;
blacksmith, country shop, $2 50 a day; black-
smith, country shup, $40 and found, fare 75c;
farmer and wife, $40 and found; sheep herder,
$20 and found; 35 farm and vines-ard hands,
$25 and $26 and found; 50 farmers, $20 and
found; milker, $25.
First-class coachman, with references, $40
and found.
C. R. HANSEN & CO., 104 Geary st.
Chief clerk and bookkeeper, country hotel
$50 and found
Barkeeper, country club $50 and found
t'hef for club, country $10)
Head waiter, country h0te1......' $60
10 cooks $40. $7. $9. $10. $12 week
Waffle man, clean chickens, country hotel
$40 and fare
Bellboy, with references, $15; 2 neat bell-
boys, $10; porter, country hotel. $20; cook,
small resort near city, $40 and found; second
cook, $40; night cook, $40; night cook, $7 a
week: night cook, $6 a week: second cook,
$30: bakers' helper, country, $15 and found; 3
dishwashers, $25: 3, $5 a week; porter, hos-
pital, country. $25.
«C. R. HANSEN & CO., 104 Geary st.
WANTED — Young man to drive delivery wagon
and do chores for large ranch, good steady
place, $2o per month and board; 5 line pullers
and woodsmen, see boss here, $3n and found;
quarryman, near city, good job, $2 50 per day;
crosscut sawyers, San Mateo County, $30. W
I>. r.WKK >* O >„ Old Clay st.
THREE axmen, $26 and found; 1 timber feller,
$40 and found; apply at once. J. P. JOHN- j
STON, 872 Broadway, Oakland.
ANDRE'S Office, 316 Stockton St.— Help wanted
for hotels, restaurants, private places, etc.
Call and see list.
CHEF; country restaurant; $20 a week. HOTEL
GAZETTE, 420 Kearny st.
TAILOR on custom roats. Apply Immediately,
927 Market st.. room 623.
MEN wanted— Laborers, drillmen and team-
sters on railroad work: bjankets and bedding
free; fare from Oakdale to Sonora free. Ap-
ply to A. E. BUCKMAN, 302 Montgomery st.
WANTED— Steady man to keep plain accounts
and assist In light work: must have $100 cash
and be satisfied with $15 per week. Western
Investment Co., 9 Geary st.
MAN to do gardening and take care of horse;
state experience; wages $10 per month. Box
627, Call.
FIRST clase painters at 463 Geary st. x
WANTED— Young carpenter at plain work;
steady inside employment; give name, age,
address, wages expected. Address box 609,
WANTED— 2O pick and shovel men at Devisa-
dero and Broadway, city.
WANTED— A young man to care for horses and
serve small milk route. Apply 12 Hartford, !
off Eighteenth, near Castro.
YOUNG man with one or two years' experience
In barber business. 812 Broadway, Oakland.
WANTED— Two painters. CARTAN & SONS,
Clay and Mason sts.
TWO-CHAIR barber shop for sale In Oakland?
Inquire 1059 Howard st., San Francisco.
FIRST-CLASS gas fitter and helper. CHAS.
MEEHAN. Plumber. 642 Sacramento st.
WANTED— Three farm hands. Apply m2lVs
Market st.
WANTED— Man who understands nursery and
florist business. JOHN CARLSON, 500
Haight st. '
GOOD and sober dishwasher. 8 Jacklson st.
BARBER wanted. 39^ Turk »t.
EXPERIENCED hardware salesman wanted:
state where last employed; wages $9 per
week. Address box 632, Call office.
BOOTBLACK. 152 Third St.; must have
WANTED— A good barber; steady work. 14
Golden Gate aye.
WANTED- A dishwasher, $20 per month. 269
O'Farrell St.; call early.
GOOD lunch waiter: also good dishwasher 432
Fifth st. '
SHOEMAKER wanted to buy shop; cheap-
with new Singer. 418 Larkin st.
SIGN painting; boy or young man; steady
work. 79 Third »U
HELP WANTED— -Continued.
WANTED— First-class tailor on coats to work
• inside. 411% Kearny st. '- .
WANTED— Steady man with small capital.
MCLAUGHLIN & CO.. 777 Market st.
GOOD shoemakers wanted for custom repair-
ing: steady work. 961 Mission st. ;
WANTED — Good coatmaker. Inquire 2^5
Third St.; steady work. . "'■ .
BARBERS-Good shop for sale In country;
shaving, 25c DECKELMAN BROS. 106 Ellis.
RAILROAD teamsters wanted on the Valley
road; apply at Stone's camp, near Giant sta-
tion; wages. $1 75 to $1 90: also fl/st-class
tunnel men; apply at Point Richmond: wages
$1 75. $2 and $2 50. E. B. STONE. San Pablo.
I GREEN hands for voyage to Alaska, good
wages, at HERMAN'S. 26 Steuart st.
IN Santa Cruz Co., 10 -to 12 woodchoppers;
steady work. Apply 40 California St., room 8.
SAILORS and ordinary seamen for coast ana
Australia at HERMAN'S. 26 Steuart st.
I FARM hands wanted. Call at Golden Eagl»
Hotel. Marysvllle. Cal. .
RECRUITS wanted for the United States Ma-
rine Corps, United States navy; able-bodied,
unmarried men between the ages of 21 and 35
I years, who are citizens of the United States,
I or those who have legally declared their in-
tention to become such; must be of good
character and habits and able to speak, read
and write English, and be between 5 feet 4
inches and 6 feet 1 Inch in height.' For fur-
ther information apply at the Recruiting Of-
fice, 40 Ellis st. San Francisco. Cal.
COAL miners accustomed to pitching veins can
find steady work at good wages at the Tesla
coal mines. Alameda County. Cal. ; sufficient
new ground has been opened . up during the
past ninety days to make room for forty coal
miners; no other class of labor Is required,
and miners unaccustomed to pitching veins
are not advised to come. SAN FRANCISCO
ton, superintendent. _^ .
MEN to learn barber trade; only eight weeks
required: constant practice: catalogue free.
Moler'B Barber College, 625 Clay st. ■■
150 men for cleanest houses in city, "Central
House," 871 Market, and • "Branch House,"
861; 15c to 50c night; all daily papers.
BRICKLAYERS and plasterers— 4 or 5
that are acquainted with East: others to
work at Hllo, Hawaiian Islands; no money
needed Call on Monday morning at room 173.
Occidental Hotel, at 9 o'clock, and every day
at same hour for 3 days. A. RICHLEY.
WANTED— Christian man to qualify for posi-
tion of trust; salary $900. Inclose reference
and self-addressed stamped envelope to Di-
rector. care Call office. ! .
FIRST-CLASS turn*! superintendent: good •al-
ary- references required; state experience.
Apply, box 7848. Call office. _^_"
WANTED— 2O men to occupy rooms; 10c per
night, 60c to $1 per wk. 105 New Montgomery.
WANTED— Laborers and mechanics to know
that Ed Rolkin. Reno House proprietor, still
runs Denver House, 217 Third st. : 150 lan»
rooms; 25c per night: $1 to $2 per week.
MEN and women to learn barber trade at 8. F.
BARBER COLLEGE. , 138% Eighth at. •
TO go this week— 6oo pairs men's shoes, iora«
nearly new, from 50c to $150; new. shoes.
slightly damaged, half price. 662 Mission st.
bet. Ist and 2d sts.; open 5 a. m. to 9 p. m.
j GET your shoes half-soled while waiting, 35c to
50c. 562 Mission st.. between Ist and 2d sta.
! 300 SINGLE furnished rooms, luc, 15c and 200
per night. Llndell. 6th and Howard; read. rm.
ELLIS, 321 (Rosedals House)— rooms, day.
week or mo.; rates. 25c to $1 per night; re-
duction to permanent roomers: reading room.
■ 250. MEN wanted to room "New Adelaide"
House, 614 Howard, cor. New Montg.: single.
10c. 15c night: 60c. 90c week: reading room.
PENSIONS— H. SHEPARD & CO.. attorneys
Hearst bldg.. Third and Market.
BARBERS' Progressive Union; free employ-
m't. H. Bernard. Sec.. 104 7th: tel. Jessie 1164.
SINGLE rooms, 15c. 20c, 25c per night; 75c. $1
to $2 60 wk. Elcho House. 863% Market st.
TRY Acme House, 957 Market St.. below SLxto.
for a room; 25c a night; $1 a week. V. „;".■
WANTED— Sailors for Hawaiian Islands. Ma-
nila. Mexico and Alaska. W. LANE. Ship-
ping Agent. 504-606 Davis st.
WINCHESTER Hotel. 44 Third St., near Mar-
ket; 700 rooms, 25c night; reading room; frea
"bus and baggage to and from the ferry.
WANTED — To collect wages due laborers and
clerks. Knox Collection Agency. 112 Putter st.
EVERYWHERE to sell Magic Sole and Heel
Protectors; sample prepaid, 10c. BROWN,
332 Bush st. .
WANTED — reliable men as general or
local agents for the best acetylene gas gen-
erator on the market: commission liberal and
permanent work. for the right man. Apply to
.P. O. box 243. Seattle, Wash. .^.
ANY one desiring to make money call at 962
Seventh st. room 30. Oakland. 10 to 12 a. m.
A WELL-KNOWN and prosperous manufactur-
ing company, located in the East, desires to
receive offers of manufacturing property: 40,-
-000 tp 70,000 square feet, with or without build- -
Locations on railroad and tide water pre-
Steady employment to about 200 hands,
probably increasing to double: also gives em-
ployment to boys and girls; answers must be
explicit as to location: no personal interviews
granted. Box 60S, Call office. ' :>".-
COTTAGE— North of Market St.; good location;
street work done. Address with full par-
ticulars box 710, Call office.
WANTED— House and lot; $1500 cash. WIL-
LARD, box 606. Call office. ■•--,;
WANTED— hire 100 first-class scraper teams
with harness and pead bars; long Job. E. B.
• STONE, Elmhurst.
AMATEUR musicians to Join orchestra for so-
cial purposes. 328 Bush St. room 4.
saying, blowpipe anal., -chemlatry, geol.. min-
eralogy, surveying, math., cyanide method.
ELECTRICAL— Theory and practice, con-
struction, mechanical drawing, mathematics.
BUSINESS — Bookkeeping, business practice,
shorthand, typing, languages, ■ English; 24
teachers, day and evening"; catalogue free.
AYRES' Business College. 723 Market st ; ■
shorthand, typing, bookkeeping, telegraphy,
penmanship, English branches, etc. ; life
scholarship, $50: low rates per week and mo.
MERCANTILE College, room 60. Flood build-
ing, S. H. TARR, Principal; pupils fitted
for all office work: course in bookkeeping;
' rapid calculations unequaled; short time.
ACCOUNTANTS and reporters as teachers;
Ellis system; sunny rooms; low rates; day.
even. San Francisco Bus. College, 1236 Mkt.
ENGINEERING School, civil, electrical, min-
ing mech. survey, assay, archi.rday & eve.;
est. 1564. VAN PER NAILLEN, 933 Market.
LAW Schools, 927 Market. S. F.. and 905 Broad-
way, Oakland: day and night; correspondence.
PRIVATE academy of dancing; waltzing a
specialty. MISS JEAN Ht'DDT, 6 A Hyde.
"EXPANSION" the order at DURHAM'S Bus-
iness College. ME Larkln St.. onn City Hall.
guire (ex-Congressman) and James L. Galla-
. gher (ex-City and County Attorney) have
moved their law offices to the Parrott build-
ing. 825-855 Market St.: tel. South 215.
ADVICE free; R. W. King, attorney at law;
sixth floor. Chronicle building: no advancs
charges; estates, mortgages, damages, attach-
ments, bankruptcy, all cases; wills, contracts,
etc., drawn: moderate fees: call or write.
NO charge unless successful; advice free; of-
i flee open evenings from 8 to 9. HUGH C
GRANT, room 604. Emma Spreckels bldg.
ADVICE free; divorce law a specialty; private;
no fee without success; collections. G. W.
HOWE, atty at law, 850 Market, cor, Stocktn.
L. S. CLARKE— Spreckels building. 927
Market; consultation free; no fees in advance.
ADVICE free: no charge unless successful. W.
• W. DAVIDSON. 927 Market st. - .v^:
CITT Steam Carpet-cleaning Works—
move*, lays carpet*. C. H. STEVENS. Mgr..
(8 and 40 Eighth st. : telephone South 250.
WHEN you become disgusted with - poor work
■and to SPAULDING'S Pioneer Carpet-
beating Works. 353-357 Teharna St.: tel. S. 40.
ADVANCE Carpet Cleaning Co.. 402 Sutter St.:
tel. Main 394. GEO. WALCOM. Proprietor.
J. McQUEEN'S California Carpet Cleaning Co
483 Stevenson st: tel. South 228; lowest ratea.
CARPETS cleaned at 3c per yard: laid at 3c
STRATTON'S 3 -Eighth «t; tel. Jessie Mi
J. E. MITCHELL Carpet Cleaning Co.. 240 lit*
«t. ; cleaning 3c per yard; tel. Mission 74.. :
US. Steam Carpet Cleaning Assn., 308 Golden
Gate; carpets cleaned. 3c . yd.: tel. Mint 34«.
CONKLIN'S Carpet-beating Works. «33 Golden
Gate ay«.; t«l. Bart m.
LOST— Ellis-st. car. a pair of spectacles in
case. Return to 1542 O'Farrell st ; reward
LOST— Diamond scarfpin with wishbone mY
heart. Reward at 459 Halght 6 t J
ST *o£ Y l? c ?n^^^^

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