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Sllver stands the pame.
Wheat lirmer and Barley weaker.
< >ats. Corn and Rye unchanged.
Hay still cheap and neglected.
Bran nr.d Middlings unchanged.
Beans and Seeda as before.
Dried r^as li «rer.
Potatoes lower. Onions unchanged.
Butter and Kgsrs steady. < - heeee weak.
Two cars o! Ka.-;ern Poultry in.
New fruit coming In more freely.
Provisions linn and unchanged.
Meat market as before.
During the month of April the value of the
Into the I'nited States
■ d the value of the exp.Tt*
during the month $88,377,194, showing an excess
of exports of $23. 145.655. For the ten months
ending April the value of the imports of mer
chandlse whs $565,269. 4J5 and that of exjn.rts
163,504 the value of the excess Of >-x
being $47L104.0«9. The excess of imports
■ the nwruh was $2,735,677 and for the
:h.- latter showing a de
: i with the same
ports "f silver for
the month was $2,767,182, and for the ten
excess the value of
\ ■ r That of. imp »rtS for
the twelve months ending SO, 1893, and
■ .: was: 1215.98 C.468, $03.
--■ . • $319,591,587, $500,648,642, 1675,
(120 th Meridian Pacific Time.)
SAN FRANCISCO. May 22—5 p. m.
The following are the seasonal rainfalls to
date, as compared with those of the same
date last • son, and rainfall In last twenty
four hours:
Last This Lost
Stations— 24 Hours. Season. Season.
Eureka - 0.01 32.57 32.83
Red BlufT O.Ofl 20.00 14.71
.--.• nto O.no 14. "6 10.15
!>an Francisco Trace. 16. 'T0 9.13
Fresno 0.00 7.03 4.94
Kan Luis Obiepo 0.00 16.46 7.14
Los Angelee 0.00 4.95 7.06
San liego 0.00 4.»6 4.94
Yuma 0.00 1.84 1.63
San Francisco data: Maximum temperature,
51; minimum. 4fi: mean, 50.
The pressure has fallen slowly over Eastern
California nd Nevada and northward to the
International boundary. A depression appears
to be developing over the Sierras.
The tt-mperature has fallen In th» interior of
tho State, but has risen rapidly over Utah and
Northwestern Nevada.
Light rain has fallen along the coast of Cali
fornia from San Francisco northward, and
threatening weather la reported in the San
Jnaquin Valley as far south as Fresno.
A maximum wind velocity of 26 miles per
hnur from the southeast Is reported from In
Forecast made at San Francisco for thirty
hours ending midnight. May 23, 1599:
Northern California— Cloudy Tuesday; prob
ably lieht showers early Tuesday morning;
northerly winds rhanging to westerly.
Southern California— Cloudy and threatening
weather Tuesday; westerly winds.
Nevada— Cloudy Tuesday; probably showers;
Ctah— Cloudy Tuesday; cooler.
Arizona— Fair Tuesday.
San Francisco and vicinity— Fair Tuesday;
frtph westerly winds
ALEXANDER McADIE. Forecast Official.
N"KW YORK, May 22. -The market drifted
uninterruptedly to-day until
• itve upward movement in Sugar de
:n the day. This peerned to affect
the wl - v sympathy, and prices re
: their earlier downward . ourse. Tbey
only ■ ■ Saturday's level, however,
in a few cases. I the day are gen
but are within a point in most of the
mlnent stocks. There was no
•he market at any time, the
terest ■ uitiea beinx about nil.
Neither was there any serioua pressure of
Ltlon. The result was a dull and apa
market, with the t,ears nibbling here
and there ; ■ . veak points in the list.
They were not aggressive in their tactics and
did not ■': slodge any large amounts of stocks,
- • bee« ming practically stagnant
irt Belling was desisted from.
The drooping tendency ol prices was neverthe
arked and was . — ted by positive weak
ness at few points. The stock companies which
profit bj franchises within the* State of New
York illy weak on the assembling
cislature to act on
the franchise tax bill. Metropolitan Street
Railway, Manhattan, Consolidated Gas and
■ n Transit all showed conspicuous de
clines • _ 'rum 3 to 8 points and over
ln tn '' ■ but Manhattan. Third Ave
nue waa a conspicuous exception to the group
*nd r ■ ,j .-.., i r,,.\ V *i,,ck ls-
Itocks drifted downward on politi
- : the fran
chise lax bill, and all showed notable rallies,
the net losses bein^ small, except in the case
of Brooklyn Transit and Consolidated Gas
which dosed 2 po.nis lower. The graJn-carry-
Iways, b-ith in the West and Southwt-.it
were favorites of the hears on continued talk
p damage. Anaconda Mining-. American
Smelting, the iron and steel sticks generally
and a nun:: new industrials showed
conspicuous weakness. <in the other hand New
rk Airbrake was marked up lv points. The
illy iva* induced by tne vigorous
upward movement in Sugar to I>sl un very large
nt buying. The uneasiness "of the
- over fills demonstration of strength
them to cover in other stocks, making
the close quite active and firm. The holiday in
ly nd .n withdrew the usual influence from that
Money continued abundant and easy,
and the foreign exchange market abated none
dimness, though there were no large de
mands i'-r bills.
The bond market was affected In sympathy
with stocks, and snowed an abatement of its
recent activity and developed weakness in
spots. Early in the day there was a continu
ance of the large absorption of some of the
new issues, but this fell oft as the day pro
gressed. Total sales. J3.170.000.
Government bonds showed no change In quo
The total sales of stocks to-day amounted to
shares, Including: American Steel and
Wire 10,900, American Sugar 4\'"»'. Anaconda
14,300, Atchison pi -... Baltimore and
Brooklyn Rapid Transit 65.0 CM, Uur
. Consolidated Uas 3200. Continen
tal Tobacco 7400, Federal Steel 21, 100, I^<»uisville
ar.d Nashville 4000, -Manhattan 16,.''X), Metrupoli
tan Street Railway 4100, Missouri Paclfli
W »rtl ■ 100, Pacific Mail 35t0, People's
Gas U.BOQ, Rock Island 7100, St. Paul 6500
m Pacific 4700, Tennessee Coal and Iron
nion Pacific 8100, Union Pacific preferred
tes Rubber 3100; silver bullion,
certificates, 40,000
Atchison IS Do prefd 3214
L"5 prefd 54%!5t Paul 123U
Baltimore & Ohio. 67 j Do prefd 163U
Canada Pacific... !»6% St P & Om V. 93
Canada Southern.. 53V4' Do prefd .. 170
Cent Pac 62 So Pacific 32*:
Ches & Ohio 25% So Railway 11%
Chi & Alton 160 | Do prefd 50%
Chi B & Q 120 Texas & Pacific... 19*4
Chi & E 111 74 Union Pacific ..... «2
, J)o prefd 121 ! Do prefd 7o£
Chi O W 13% Wabash ?u
Chi Ind & L 9 . Do prefd 20N,
Do prefd 38 "Wheel &L E new. &ii
Chi & N W 152V4 Do 2d prefd .... »
Do prefd V 192 j Express Companies—
C C C & St L 62% Adams Ex 11l
Do prefd 55. j American Ex .. 140
Del & Hudson in United States . 48
Del L & W 164V4 Wells Fargo 125
Den & Rio G 22%. Miscellaneous—
Do prefd 76% A Cot Oil 34%
Erie new 12'^j Do preM SOU
Do Ist prefd 34% Ann Spirits .. UTi
Ft Wayne 184 1 Do prefd 34%
Gt Nor prefd 173 Am Tobacco ... 104 Vi
Illinois Cent 1124 Do prefd 141
Lake Erie A- W.... M Cong Gas 178%
Do prefd 67% i_ u m Uauie Co 179
Lake Shore 208 Col F & Iron .. . 46*4
Louis & Nash .... 65%: Do prefd 105
Manhattan L 108T4 Gen Electric 118
Mcl St Ry 219 Haw Com! Co .. m
Mich Cent 113 Brooklyn R T.... 112%
Minn & St L 574 Intnl Paper 4S
Do Ist prefd 100% | Do prefd 1,0
Mo Pacific 42Mi|Laclede Gas 53
Mobile & Ohio 41 [Lead 31«
Mo X & T 12 ' Do prefd lUH
Do prefd 33^ Nat Lin Oil 41Vi
N J Central 110H Pacific Mail ........ 48%
N T Central 131% People's Gas 118*
N V Chi &St L.. 13 Pullman Pal ISBU
Do Ist prefd 65 [Silver Cert 61%
Do 2d prefd .... 29 Standard RAT... BV4,
Nor West — l?Vi Suifar 160*4
No Amer Co 11^ Do prefd H7U
No Pacific 48^ T C & Iron 56%
Do prefd 76% V S Leather 6
Ontario & W 25V4 Do prefd 69%
Or R & Nay prefd. 70% V S Rubber 464
Pac Coast Ist pfd. 6) . Do prefd 115
Do 2d j)r<-i<l 57 West Union 81%
Pittsburg IS4 Am S & W C 0.... (534
Reading 19^a Do i>refd 97
Do lot prefd 54 iPac Coast 39
R G W 33 1 Nor & W prefd .. 67%
Do prefd 77 IFed Steel 60%
Rock Island 110 I Do prefd .81%
St L & S F 10^'Colo Southern .... 6V4
Do prefd 69 j Do Ist prefd ;... 46'
Do 2d prefd .... 36 I Do 2d prefd .. isu
St L& S W 13Vi> : :-::-.■
D 8 2b reg 100 MX & T ?d5...... 67
Do 3s reg 10R% Do 4s 95%
Do 3s coup 108% N.YCentlsts 114
Do new 4.s reg...130 iN J Cent gen 55..120V4
Do new 4s c0up. .130 INo Carolina 8s 127 •
Do old 4s reg....H2% Do 4b 104
Do old 4s c0up.. .1134 No Pacific lst» 120
Do 5» reg 112%! Do 3s 67%
Do s[> coup 112% l Do 4s 106H
Diet of C 3.66s 118 ; N V C & 6t L to. .1W
_. 1. . .."•■•■ • » 1 - —'
Alabama clans A..Uo4|Nor & W con 45... 94%
Do class B 110 Do gen 6s 131
Do class C 101 'Oregon Nay hits. ..lll
Do Currency 101 Do 4s 103%
Atchison gen to.. 102 Oregon S L6s 131T4
Do adj 4s 81"6 Do con 6s 111%
Canada So 2ds 11l Reading gen 4f... 88%
Ches & Ohio 5 5.. 94% Rio Q W lsts 99%
Do 5s 118^'St I. & 1 m con os. lll
Chi & N W eon 75. 143 St 1. .v S I" gen 65. 124
Do S F deb 55. ...122 St Paul con 168
Chicago Term 4a.. .102% St T 1 C & P 15t*. ..123%
Den & Rio Q Ists..loo4| Do 5s 123 :
Do 4s 10315, So Railway 5s 11l '
E T V * C, 15t5. ...105 Stand H & T 05... 864
Erie gen 4s 714 Term new pet 35... 974
F W & D C lstß.. gSM Tex & Pacific lsts.llii'-,
Oen Electric 55... .120% Do 2ds 65%
G H&S A6s 114 Union Pacific 45...107%
Do 2ds 1114 Wabash lsts 116%
H&T Css 1124 Do 2ds 99%
Do con 6s 112 West Shore 4s 114H
lowa Cent lsts 114 Win Cent lsts 7:"- 4
XC P & G lsts... 65 Va Centuries 84%
La new con 4s lint*, Do Deferred 5
L& N unified 4»... 99 Colo Southern 45.. S7
("hollar 25 Ontario 7 50
Crown Point 22 Ophlr 100
Con Cal * V 1 25 Plymouth 10
Deadwood 50 Quicksilver 2 00
Gould ft Ctfrrjr 25 i Do prefd 750
Hale & Norcross.. 80 Sierra Nevada ; 70
Homestalte 60 00 Standard 2 4')
Iron Silver 55 Union Con 33
Mexican 40: Yellow Jacket 23
Money — Union Land 84
Call loans [email protected] West End 92
Time l..an» 34«S . Do prefd 116
Stocks— Westlnghouse El.. 19%
Atch Top &St Fe. 18 Wisconsin Cent —25
Do prefd 544 Bonds—
American Sugar.. .I*l ,Atrhis.-in 4s 1014
Do prefd :117% Mining Shares-
Bell Telephone 345 Adventure 11%
Boston & Albany.. 26o AUouez Mm Co — T>'s
Boston Elevated... ll2 | Atlantic 32
Boston & Maine... lSO Boston & Mont — 370
Chi Bur & Q 13"'h Butte A Boston — 91Vi
Ed Elec 111 200 Calumet & Hecla..S3s
Fitchburg prefd.. .llo | Centennial 41
Gen Electric 115 Franklin 2IV»
Federal Steel 60 |Humbotdt „ 2%
Do prefd SI Osceola SS
Mexican Central... 13% Parrot 65
Michigan Te1...:... 92 Quincy I*3
Old Colony 209 Santa Fe Copper.. HVs
Old Dominion 43% Tamarack 228
Rubber 48M> Wlnona 15
Union Pacific 42% Wolverine KM
17,700 barrels; exports, SS44. Steadier and held
higher, especially for spring patents. Minne
sota patents, $3 90©4 10.
WHEAT— Receipts, 67.525 bushels; exports,
173,400. Spot, firm; No. 2 red, 86% c spot and
to arrive f. o. b. afloat; No. 2 red, Bl%e ele
vator: No. 1 Northern Duluth, 80S'" f. O. b.
afloat to arrive. Options opened steady and
immediately developed strength that Increased
as the day advanced. It was occasioned by a
sharp Southwestern advance and plentiful news
of fly damage in Ohio, Illinois and Indiana.
The close was strong at T vi >.','' net advance.
May Sl%@S2%c closed 82% c; July. 7S%@
79 15-16 c. closed 79% c; September, 77%@79c; De
cember. [email protected]%c closed 78% c
HOPS- Steady.
WOOL— Steady. •
METALS The week In the metal market be-
Kins with trade condition* apathetic and news j
of importance not In evidence. The few changes ;
(not reported in prices to-day) lacked special
significance. At the close the Metal Exchange
called: , I
PlGlßON— Warrants quiet at til 50 nominal.
LAKE COPPER— Dull at $1? 50; nominal.
TIN" Dull, with $25 50 bid and $25 60 asked.
LEAD— DuII, with $4 45 bid and $4 474 asked.
The brokers' price for lead Is $4 25 and lor cop
per $18 [email protected]
SPELTER— with $<> 75 hid and $7 asked.
COFFEE— Options closed dull, unchanged to
5 points lower. Sales, IMb bags, Including:
May, $■'■; June. $5; October, $5 35; November,
$5 40. Spot coffee— Rio, dull; mild, quiet.
SUGAR— Raw, quiet and firm; refined, quiet
and firm.
BUTTER— Receipts, 13.635 packages. Steady. |
Western creamery, 15«?lSc; factory. ll%@lßc.
EGGS— Receipts, 16,324 packages. Firm and
higher. Western, [email protected]; Southern, [email protected]
NEW YORK. May 22.— California dried fruits |
X EVAPORATED APPLES— Common, [email protected]*c;
prime wire tray, B%®9Ke: fancy, r^'alOc.
PRUNES .■''■-'■
APRICOTS— Royal, 13*(frl4c; Moorpark, 14';
PEACHES— Unreeled, 9*«ni*c; peeled, - : ' r ''' .
CHICAGO, May Wheat started easy un
der heavy liquidation owing to Increased de- j
liveries and favorable weather. The decline !
was checked, however, by (sensational bad crop !
damages reports, backed with buying orders \
and samples of By-infected wheat from half a |
dozen different States. The 8 luthwest sent I
heavy orders to buy. Report that the Buffalo i
strike was practically ended finished the rout
of the bears, who bid the market up through- j
out calls. When calls were reached there was
a reaction of %c, but on the rush of crop dam- j
age news the market continued upward and
closed at the top. July opened unchanged at
73*<g73%c, touched 73% '.(T:v\c. declined to 73Uc,
advanced to 75Hc, and closed buyers at 7jc.
A decrease of 2,162,000 bushels in the visible
supply and cool weather strengthened corn.
July closed He and (4c higher.
An increase of 272.000 bushels in the visible
and large receipts weakened oats to-day, but
the market finally rallied in sympathy with the j
strength in other grains. July closed \ t c
Provisions ruled dull and heavy early, but ,
picked up near the end in sympathy with the !
advance in grains. Pork advanced 6c, and lard I
and ribs 2*c each.
The leading futures ranged as follows:
Articles— Open. High. Low. Close.
Wheat No. 2—
May 72% 74 72% 74
July 73% 75* 73V* 75 !
September 73* 745, • 7SH 74% I
Corn No. 2—
May 32% 33- 32% 33 |
July 33% 33* i 33«4 33%
September 24 34% 33 7 8 31% j
Oats No. 2— 27* 27* 26* 26*
May 27* 27V, 26\ 2*\
July 23% 24 23% 24
September 20% 21 20* 20", ;
Mess Pork, per barrel-
July * 17* 825 8 l."> 8 2.'.
September 835 840 8 32* 840
Lard, per 100 pounds-
July 5 12' i 515 all 515
September 5 224 5 27* I 224 5 27* \
Short Ribs, per 100 pounds-
July 470 4 72* 4 67* 4 724;
September 4SO 4 87* 4SO 4 87*
Cash quotations were as follows:
Flour, firm; No. 2 spring wheat, 724^7ri' c;
No. 3 spring wheat, [email protected]*c; No. 2 red, 74'g) :
76* c; No. 2 corn, 3.''A 4 c; No. 2 oats, 27 V- No.
2 white. 294© No. 3 white, 2s*'a23Vjc; No.
2 rye, 62c; No. 2 barley. S?94oc; No. 1 fiaxseed, i
$1 06; Northwest, $107*; prime timothy seeed,
$2 35: mess pork, per barrel, $8 1598 20; lard, !
per 100 pounds, $5 07*!§» 10; short rib sides,
loose, 14 6604 85; dry salted shoulders, boxed,
4 1 i'g4*c; short clear sides, boxed, fS9S 10; .
whisky, distillers' finished poods, per gallon,
$1 26; sugar, cut loaf, 6.02 c; granulated. 5.52 c.
Articles — Receipts. Shipments.
Flour, barrels 14,000 8.000
Wheat, bushels 25.000 79,000
Corn bushels P6.000 186,000
Oats, bushels 249,000 306.000
Rye. bushels 2,000
Barley, bushels. 16,000
On the Produce Exchange to-day the Butter
market was steady; creameries, 12<?17*c: dair
ies, 10#16c. Eggs, steady; fresh, 12%@13c.
Cheese, easy; creams, [email protected]?4c.
Wheat— May. July. Sept.
Opening Holiday.
Closing Holiday.
Wheat— May. Sept. -Dec.
Opening Holiday.
Closing Holiday.
Flour- Holiday.
Opening Holiday.
Closing Holiday.
CHICAGO, May CATTLE— There was a
lively demand to-day at steady prices. Fancy
prdaes sold at $5 50<55 65; choice steers, $5 2">ig>
5 40; mediums, 14 8064 95; beef steers, {4 269
4 75; Btockers and feeders, $4 < y."i 25; bulls, $3®
4 50; cows and heifers. 53fi?. 25; Western fed
steers, |4 8096 40; Texans, $4g-5; calves, $4 509
7 60. " . -;...;
HOGS— early market was weak, with
prices ruling 5c lower, but the later buying was
brisk and a stronger feeling prevailed. Fair
to choice, $3 KOS »7%; heavy packers. $3 55*3)
3 82*; mixed, 13 6.V53 87*; butchers, $3 6503 90;
light, $3 65«i3 87*; pigs. $3 ISO* 75.
SHEEP— There was the biggest kind of buy-
Ing of sheep and lambs and prices shot up i
lK®2sc for both. Colorado wooled lambs brought
$6 60®7; clipped lambs, J4 50®6 65; yearlings
$3 2&V6 S5; sheep, 1495 60. chiefly- $5 and up
Receipts— Cattle. 21,000; hogs, 40,000; sheep.
17.000. " '
CHICAC.O, May 22.— California fruit sold to
day as follows: Tartarian?, Itc^U 50 per box;
Black Blgereaus, 7T>cfjs2 3, r , ; < 'lovelands, Jl 80,
Governor Woods, 6OC&-»1 45: Oxhearts, $1 4n-
Rookports. 70eff$l 2n.
NEW YORK. May 22.-California fruit sold
to-day a* follows: Cherries— Royal Anne, K9O
©■6 20, average ?4 33 per box.
NEW ORLEANS, May 22. — COTTON— Quiet ;
middling. b%c.
visible <;rain supply.
NEW YORK, M»y aß.^rhe statement of the
visible supply of grain in Btore and afloat on
Saturday, May 80, as compiled by the Now
York Produce Exchange, is as follows: Wheat,
25,167.0110 bushels, decrease 560,000; corn, 17,018,
--000, decrease 2,162,000; oAs, 8,023,000. increaM
290.000; rye, 831.000. Increase, 14,000; barley,
5,531,000, Increase 18,000.
PORTLAND. May 22.— Clearings. $2*7,032;
balances, $67,015.
PORTLAND. May 22.— Transactions in wheat
were very light to-day and exporters were
quoting Walla Walla at 56<?if574c, but were less
kindly disposed toward valley at [email protected], with
bluestem nominally 69!S'60c.
Cleared— British ship Yarata, for Queenstown.
with 120.419 bushels wheat.
TACOMA. May 22.- The week opens with
wheat dull and showing no improvement over
closing prices for last week. Club, 664 - blue
stem. C9%c.
ELGIN, Til.. May 22.— BUTTER— Easy at 17c.
Offerings, 573 tubs. Sales.' 122 tubs at 16c. There
were bids of 16c on all lots offered.
Sterling Exchange, 60 days — $4 86U
Sterling Exchange, sight — 4 BSVi
Sterling Cables — 4 89Vi
New York Exchange, sight 15
New York Exchange, telegraphlo — 1714
Mexican Dollars — jq
Fine Silver, per ounce — (jqjj
WHEAT— The Primrose Hill takeg for Liver
pool 63.5.">3 ctls. valued at $76.!>5n.
The persistent bull news semes to be taking
effect fit last, though the Chicago operators
are Btlll bearish. The market there was firmer,
with weather wet and cold and unfavorable to
growing crops. The outside support was mod
erate, but prospects were in favor of an ad
vance. St. I^iuis and the Went bought heav
ily. The only thins that stood in the way of
an advance was the present apathy in specu
lation, which doe 6 not icra to wake up.
The local market was higher on call, but un
changed on the spot.
Spot Wheat— Shipping, $1 [email protected] 06Vi; milling,
Informal Session— 9:ls o'clock— December—
2000 ctls. $1 16; 6000. $1 15%; 12.000, $1 15%.
Second Session— December— 2000 ctls ' $1 16>,i :
SOOO, $1 16%.
Regular Morning Session— December— IS 000
ctls, $116%; 28,000, $1 16%,
Afternoon Session— December— ctls, $116%
BARLEY— The market was dull. There was
no decline on the spot, but futures were lower.
Feed, $1 lull 1 124; Brewing. $1 [email protected] 17ft per
Informal Session— 9:ls o'clock— No sales.
Second Session — No sales.
Regular Morning Session— Seller '99 new— l 4 -
000 ctls, 8«% c; 4000, 86% c.
Afternoon Session— December— 2000 ctls 90Ue
OATS— Is nothing new. Offerings are
down to almost nothing, but there Is no de
mand. .
. Fancy Feed. $1 47H®1 50 per ctl; good to
choice, $1 42'a'gi 474: common, $1 [email protected] 40-
Surprise, $1 60; Gray, $1 Ss®l 45; Milling, $1 [email protected]
150 per ctl; Red, $1 [email protected] 40; Black, $130^,
1 3 2 2 - ■ • T- <• ■ ;■ ■
CORN— Previous prices rule, with a dull mar
Small round Yellow, $1 [email protected] 35: Eastern
large Yellow. $1 [email protected] 15; White. $1 [email protected] 174;
mixed, $1 10 per ctl; California White, nomi
RYE-$l«gl 024 per ctl.
Fl.OT'R— California family extras, $3 60f?3 75,
usual terms; bakers' extras, $3 40Jj 3 sf •; Oregon
and Was-hington, $3 40;g'3 45 per bbl for extra.
$ '/I; 4(» for bakers" and $2 30^2 i 0 for super
M I LLSTUFFS— Prices In sacks are as fol
lows, usual discount to the trade: Graham
Flour, $3 25 per 100 tbs: Rye Flour. $2 75; Rye
Meal. $2 50; Rice Flour. $7; Cornmeal. 12 50; ex
tra cream Cornmeal, $3 25; Oatmeal. $4 50<g4 75;
Oat Groats. $4 75; Hominy, $3 25.ia3 50; Buck
wheat Flour, [email protected] 25; Cracked Wheat, $3 75;
Farina, $4 60; Whole Wheat Flour. $3 50; Rolled
O.>fs (barrels), $6 55C?6 95; in sacks, $6 35(38 76-
Pearl Barley, $5; Split Peas. $4 50; Green Peas
$5 per UK) lbs.
Hay is still in the dumps. Consumers are
firmly convinced that they are going to get
Hay for nothing this year, and will not buy.
A car of new Wheat and Oat sold at $8, a cargo '
of new Alfalfa at $5 50, and a car of mixed Oat.
Barley and Clover was withdrawn, $6 7.", being
; the best bid. Old Hay rules dull, in spite of
; the moderate receipts.
Feedstuff? are unchanged. Call sale of 2000
ctls Bran, seller '99, at $13 50
BRAN — Sl' ;.,k,il7 per ion.
MIDDLINGS— SI 7 .■' 620 per ton.
FEEDSTI -Rolled Barley, [email protected] per
ton; Oilcake Meal at the mill, !25&2« &«; Job
bing. $27 50; Cocoanut Cake, [email protected]; Cornmeal
52.1 50924 50; ■ Cracked Corn, $24025; Mixed
Feed. [email protected]; Cottonseed Meal. J24©26 per ton.
HAY— Wheat, f 105512 for good to choice and
$7 50«?9 for lower grades; Wheat and Oat. $7*3
11; Oat. 16910: Barley, 1698; Alfalfa, J4Q6 50.
STRAW— per bale.
Beans and Seeds are dull and unchanged.
Dried Peas are lower.
BEANS— {1 40<j?l 50; Small White. $1 90
92 10; Large Whites. fl 509} «0; Pinks, $l 70®
1 80; Reds, $3 50; Blackeye, $4 10<S4 25: Butters '
nominal; Llmas, $3 Sog4 05; Pea, {2 2592 40; Red
Kidneys. 12 25'g2 40 per ctl.
SEEDS— Brown Mustard, nominal: Yellow
Mustard, 2%®3c: Flax, nominal; Canary Seed
2*4 c per lt>; Alfalfa, 84*940; . Rape, [email protected]*c;
Hemp. 4Q!4\ic: Timothy. 4^-g-. r
DRIED PEAS— Nlles, $1 5091 90; Green. $1 75
m 25 per ctl.
Receipts were 780 boxes Asparagus, 111 boxes
Rhubarb. 210 sacks Peas, ISO sacks Beans and
2334 boxes and 145 sacks new Potatoes.
Potatoes are lower. Onions are unchanged.
Fresh Mexican Tomatoes and Green Peppers
are on the market. Otherwise there is very
little new in Vegetables.
POTATOES— »I 25©1 50 for River Burbanks;
Orepon, $1 2.i<gl 75; New Potatoes, l}4<fiiy.c per
lb in sacks and $1 2591 50 for Rivers in boxes.
ONIONS — are nominal; new, 35540 c per
pack fcr Reft. •
VEGETABLES— Asparagus, [email protected]$t 25 per box
for No. 2. $1 5091 75 for No. 1 and $292 25 tor
fancy; Rhubarb, 35<§60c per box for common
and 75c<K$l for good to choice; Green Peas, $1
'•i ! 50 per sack for common and [email protected]~2*c for Gar
den; String Beans from Los Angeles, s<S6c for
green and 6isSc for Golden Wax; String Beans
; from Vacaville, 697 c for Green and [email protected] for
Wax; Horse Beans, 50975 c per sack; Cabbage
, $1 23<fn 35; Tomatoes, $1 7,"^2 per box; Mexican
; Tomatoes, $1 \(«Ul 50; Egg plant, [email protected]*c per
| lb; Garlic. s®6c for new; Dried Okra, 15c per
lb; Dried Peppers, 10c; Green Peppers. 10c;
Carrots. 30940 c per sack; Hothouse Cucumbers,
40c(iT$l per dozen: Sacramento Cucumbers, 50c;
Marysville Cucumbers, $2 5098 per box; Sum
mer Squash, 75c95l per box.
Two cars of Eastern are on the market at 15c
for Turkeys, $5 for Ducks, $1 50 for Geese, $6
(67 50 for Hens and $5 5096 for old Roosters.
Local stock was nominal.
POULTRY— Live Turkeys, [email protected] for Gob
blers and I?fil4c for Hens; Geese, per pair
$1 50; Goslings. $2: Ducks. {4 50f(t5 50 for old and
Jo [email protected] for young; Hens, %i 50*25 50; young
Roosters, J7si'S 50; old Roosters, $4 50(§5; Fryers,
jt.fjr, 50; ■ Broilers. $4 505?5 50 for large. $2 50®
3 50 for small: Pigeons, $2 [email protected] 50 per dozen for
old and $2®2 50 for Squabs.
GAME— Jl; Rabbits, Jl 25 for Cotton
tails and $1 for small.
Butter and Eggs were steady and unchanged.
Cheese continued weak at former -prices.
Creamery— Fancy Creamery. [email protected]; sec
onds, 16c.
Dairy— 16c; good to choice, [email protected]
store. lift! per lb.
CHEESE mild new, 9c; old, 8c-
Young America, 10c: Eastern, [email protected]
EQGS— Quoted at 15<gl6c for store and 17©18 c
per dozen for ranch Eastern. [email protected]
Receipts were 1075 'boxes Cherries and 71J
chests Strawberries.
The week opened with a larger assortment of
fruits. flyman Plums came In and sold at $1 50
®2 per box. Logan Berries brought [email protected] per
drawer. Teaches and Apples sold readily, but
Prlngle Apricots from Fresno sold slowiy nt
$1(pl 60 per box. Those from Vacaville are
quoted below.
Berries with few exceptions were lower. ..
Cherries "were weak in spite of a falling of!
In receipts. No Currants were reported.'
• The cannTs are contracting for Apricots on
the following basis: For choice large Santa
Claras. $40<ii.V> per ton; for Southern and San
Joaquin, $20*7 35. For Bartlett Pears the grow
ers are asking S3s<§4o, and the canners are bid
ding [email protected] Peaches are reported dropping
somewhat in the upper San .loaijutn. Clings are
being contracted for at $3<Xg'4O, but the canners
are shy of this fruit, fearing a very large
crop. .
• Citrus fruits remain unchanged, except Grape
Fruit, which is lower and hard to sell.
Apples. $1 [email protected] for lair to good and $:ii?r3 50
for choice to fancy: Green Apples, 75c per box
• BERRlES— Gooseberries, 25c per drawer and
V^fi2^c per Ih in bulk: Blackberr'»» from New
castle, $1 50 per crate; Strawberries.' $3 [email protected] per
chest for small and [email protected] 50 for large berries;
Raspberries, [email protected]$i; per drawer; Newcastle
Raspberries, $1 26 per crate.
Currants, per drawer. >;■•••■ ••.I-.:, 1
_. Cherries. 35gJ50c for *[email protected] Iqr jrbjte, "gc
' " "" : • ■"'"■■" "'■'■'•■
for Royal Anne and fisc(gsl per box for black;
black, In bulk. 6<S/Se; white, 2^'§-4c per lb;
Royal Anne, .
Apricots, per crate and $1 [email protected] per box.
Peaches, $1 25#2 per box.
Cherry Plums. $1 per box.
CITRUS XXI ITS— Navel Oranees. $2 25453 7..
per box; Seedlings, $1 25fir2 25: Mediterranean
Sweet*. $1 5041 2 25; Lemons, $1 [email protected] 50 for com
mon and $2'*i'2 50 for rood to choice- Mexican
Limes, $4 50; California Limes. 50<g75c per
small box; Grape Fruit, 60c$$l; Bananas.
(i 50®8 per bunch; Pineapples, Jim per
DRIED FRUlTS— Prunes. 7c for 40-50' s, [email protected]
54c for 50-60' s, 4©4Hc for 60-70' s. [email protected]%c for
70-80' s. 2%@SV;c for 80-90' s, [email protected]%c or . 90-100' s
and [email protected]%c for 100-110's; Peaches. S"4®9'!.c for
good to choice, 100104 c for fancy and [email protected]~5c for
peeled; Apricots. 124013 c for Royals and 14JM5c
for Moorparks: Evaporated Apples [email protected] sun
dried, out; Black Figs, out: Plums, nominal
14c for unpltted and 44<£6c for pitted; Pears'
[email protected], according to color, etc. - ■■■■'
RAISINS— 3%c for two-crown. 4%c for three
crown, 5%c for four-crown, 445?6c for Seedless
Sultanas. 34c for Seedless Muscatels and $1 »0
for London Layers; Dried Grapes 2%®3c
NUTS— Chestnuts. ■7c per 1b; Walnuts. 'ssesc
for hardshell, 10<glle or softshell; Almonds 8®
9c for hardshell. 12©13 c 'for softshell. [email protected] for
papershell; Peanuts. [email protected] for Eastern and 44®
6c for California; Cocoanuts, $4 [email protected]
HONEY— Comb, 10® lie for bright and [email protected]
for lower grades: water white extracted • [email protected]
74c: light amber extracted, 7c; dark s#sUc
per lb. ■ • . \ ■
BEESWAX— per lb. .
The situation is firm and unchanged.
CURED MEATS— Bacon, 8c per lb for heavy,
[email protected] for light medium. 10%@llc for light, 12c
for extra light and 12%@lSc for sugar cured;
Eastern Sugar-cured Hams, [email protected]%c; California
Hams. [email protected]%c; Mess Beef, $13 per bbl; extra
Mess Heef. $14; Family Beef, [email protected] 50; extra
prime Pork. $12; extra clear, $18; mess, $16-
Smoked Beef, lie per lb. ' ■ -
LARD— Tierces quoted at 6%@5%c per lb for
compound and [email protected]%c for pure; half barrels
pure. Sc: 10-lb tins. B%c; 5-lb tins. B%c.
COTTOLENE — Tierces. 6%@6T4c; packages,
less than 300 lbs, lib palls, 60 In a case, 94c;
S-lb palls, 20 In a case, B%c; :-lb pails. 12 In a
c«se, SVsc; 10-lb pails, 6 in a case, B^c; 50-lb
tins, 1 or 2 in a case, 7%c; wooden buckets, 20
lbs net, 84c; fancy tubs, SO lbs net, 7%c; half
barrels, about 110 lbs, 7%c.
HIDES AND SKINS— CuIIs and brands sell
about lc under the quotations. Heavy salted
steers, 10c; medium, [email protected]%c; light. 84c: Cow
hides, 9c; Stags, 6<g64c; Salted Kip, 9c; Calf.
10c; dry Hides, sound, 16c; culls and brands,
13c; dry Kip and Veal, [email protected]%c; dry Calf, 17c;
Sheepskins, shearlings, 10^300 each; short
Wool, [email protected] each; medium, [email protected]; long Wool
90c<g$l 10 each; Horse Hides, salt, $1 [email protected] 25
for large and II for small; Colts. 50c.
TALLOW— No. 1 rendered, <<34>4c per lb;
No. 2, 3%®3%c; refined, ; grease, 3c.
WOOL — Spring Clips — San Joaquln and
Southerns. 7 months, [email protected]: year's staple, 6WBC;
Foothill and Northern" free, lOiS^c; Foothill
and Northern defective, [email protected]; Nevada, [email protected];
Humboldt and Mendoclno, [email protected]
Fall Worls—
Northern Mountain 7 <g!Bc
Southern Skiffle
Plains 5%<36c
HOPS— IB9B crop. 10!&llc per lb for ordinary,
[email protected]%c for good and 13*5~15c for choice to
fancy from first hands.
All descriptions are as previously quoted.
Wholesale rates from slaughterers to dealers:
BEEF— 7%@S4c per Ib for Steers and 64®7c
for Cows.
VEAL— per lb.
MUTTON— Wethers. [email protected]%c; Ewes, "c per lb.
LAMB— Spring. B®S%c per lb.
PORK— Live Hogs, BH®s?tO for small, s%if?
s"gc for medium and ," / 'qs' 2 c for large; stock j
Hogs and Feeders. 4%' i3 i oc; dressed Hogs, 7 I
<&S4c. . ■ I
BAGS— Calcutta Grain Bags. [email protected]%c for June j
and July: Wool Bags, [email protected]; San Quentin
Bags, $4 95.
COAL— Wellington, $8 per ton: New Welling
ton, $S; Southfleld Wellington, $7 50; Seattle, »6;
Bryant, $6; Coos Bay, $5; Wallsend, $7 50;
Scotch, $5; Cumberland, $S 50 In bulk and $9 50
In sacks; Pennsylvania Anthracite Egg, $14;
Cannel. $8 50 per ton; Rock Springs and Castle
Gate, $7 60; Coke, $12 per ton in bulk and $14
in sacks.
SUGAR— Western Sugar Refining Com
pany quotes, terms net cash, in 100-lb bags:
Cubes, A Crushed and Fine Crushed, 5%c;
Powdered. . r %c; Candy Granulated, 5%c; Dry
Granulated. l^c: Confectioners' A, 6V.c: Cali
fornia A. sc: Magnolia A, 4%c; Extra C. 4%c;
Golden C. 4%c: barrels, l-16c more, half barrels,
I ',4c more; boxes, %c more; 50-lb bags, %c more.
I No order taken for less than 75 barrels or Its
For Monday, May 22.
Flour, qr sks 14,060 Sugar, sks 2,845
Barley, cti* 3, .?»',.> Sugar, bbl« 100
Oats, ctls. 0r.... 870 Lime, bbls 273
Corn, ctls. Bast.. 600 Hay. tons " 421
Cheese, ctls 56 Leather, r0115.... 177
Butter, ctla 319 Wine, gals 57,500
Beans. ska 515 Pelts, bills 65
Potatoes, sks 1.579 Hides, no 3(«6
Shorts, sk.-- 590 Eggs, doz . 15,810
Onions, sks 189 Quicksilver, flks. 43
Bran. sks 2,163: Wool, bags 604
Middlings, sks.... 615 1
Flour, qr sks 8,750 Bran, sks 51S
Securities were quieter than for some time on
the morning session, and the only change wor
thy of note was a slight advnce in Contra
Costa Water to $71. /'i;- '
Business continued quiet in the afternoon at ;
about the morning's quotations.
■ The feeling in mining stocks was firmer and
prices made a general but slight advance. The
telegram from the pump said: "We are run
ning the second elevator on half time, keeping
the water just above the 1930 foot level. The
first elevator has been changed, and is now in
place, ready for lowering. We expect to have
it lowered and working again by the end of
this week."
The Alta Mining Company has levied an
assessment of 5 cents per share.
The Pacific Gas Improvement Company has
sent out notices to the effect that the divi
dend in June will be 40 cents per share. The
company has been paying 50 cents per share !
monthly for several years.
In the Ophir mine, in the old Central tunnel
ground, the direction of the northeast drift
has been changed to a north course, following
the hanging wall, and it is now out 270 feet,
with the face in a well defined clay wall, with
a mixture of quartz and porphyry. In the
bottom of the drift they find quartz with sul
phides of copper and iron, assaying $2 10 per
ton. They have started and driven 7 feet an
east crosscut from the north drift 95 feet,
south of the Mexican shaft, for the purpose
Of learning the exact position of the walls of
the vein In this neighborhood, as statements
have recently been made by old miners that
an old vein exists to the east and north of
the present workings, measuring from the !
Mexican shaft. The Sutro tunnel connection
was extended 15 feet; total, 13$ feet: face In
hard hanging wall rock that Is now showing
thin clay seams that cause the ground to break
better when blasted. Work has been continued
on the quartz stringers, and the southwest
drift extended 7 feet; total length. 10 feet, with
the quartz stringer between the clay walls still
In the face showing no ore. They will drift
on this stringer for some distance, and if noth
ing of value is found, will then sink the winze
deeper and prospect the ore that they have
found on the southwest side of the winze.
The following work was done in the Consol
idated California and Virginia mine during tn>»
past week, under the auspices of the Comstock
Pumping Association: 1400-foot level— west
drift has been extended 18 feet, total distance
from C. & C. shaft, 688 feet. The face is in
dry soft hanging wall rock. This drift has to
be driven Jfi7 feet further west before reaching
the east end of crosscut No. 2 from the 1400
--foot level of the Consolidated Virginia shaft
1650-foot level—The drifts connecting with
winzes from this level to the 1700-foot level are
being repaired to keep airways open. 1750-foot
level— The south drift from the west crosscut
has been extended « feet, total length 93 feet.
The force of miners has been engaged In shaft
work for nearly all the past week, so that but
little work has been done In this drift- a few
defective sets of timbers in the main west
drift have been repaired during the week The
winze station was to have been finished May
20. The hoisting engine to- be run by com
pressed air is in place, and the air pipe If on
the surface, ready for lowering into the shaft
1800-foot level— The opening and partial develop
ment of this level is fully described in the an
nual reports of the Consolidated California and
Virginia Company for the years 1891. IS!>2 and
1393. From these reports they learn .that no
connection was made with the winze leading to
the 1850- foot and 1960-foot levels. The plan that
is now being carried out has in view the open
ing of the 1800-foot level, the recovery of th
winze from which the 1800-foot was first open- i
ed, and a connection to be made with th»
winze sunk from the 1750 to the 1950 When
these connections have been made the known
low-grade quartz bodies can b» further devel
oped and such ore as will pay for extraction
mined. As the C. & C. shaft will he required
for the work of the pumping association an in
expensive hydraulic hoist can be placed In the
chutes that are now , USe ? for taking Waste roc*
from the 1860-fotf level to. the Sutro tunnel
and all the waste from the 1750-foot level and
nil points that ore to be reached through the
winze which la now equipped for work" can
be sent through the chutes of the Sutro tun
nel hOn the surface the preparatory work of
overhauling the main hoisting engine is being
given all possible attention ■ ■ ■
iJ'\ the Sierra Nevada mine on the 140-foot
level the north lateral drift is out 26G feet, with
the face in quartz. The west crosscut which
is out 16 feet, with the face In porphyry, has
neen stopped and an east crosscut started op
posite the mouth of the west one, which latter
crosscut Is out IS feet, with the face In quartz,
£}&/, and parser/. .On h.e SJJtoo.ot level thoj.
north drift from the west crosscut is out 58 f«*t;
the face Is in porphyry.
In the Hale & Norcross mine the old Nor
cross tunnel hap been cleaned out anil retim
herod 52 -feet, making the total distance 117
feet. In the upper tunnel the south drift on the
company's Santa Fe ledge has been extended
5 feet, total, 8 feet; formation, quartz. .
In the Chollar and Potosi mines the' grading
from the dump to the mouth, of the Chollar-
Potoel Joint west tunnel : has been completed
and track laid. Started " the tunnel and ad
vanced the same 10 feet; face in porphyry. Su
tro tunnel level— Have placed ten sets of tim
bers In the Zadlg drift. ■ dug drain and made
necessary repairs from the mouth of drift in a
distance of 260 feet. The face is in a cave
which has completely filled the drift. •
At the Osblston shaft, of .the Best & Belcher
and Gould & Curry mines they are putting in
a pipe for the purpose of getting water from
the Gould & Curry tank. They are still repair
ing the engine and building the brickwork .or
the boilers. On the Sutro tunnel level the
water has fallen in the. shaft 11 fe<?t 5 inches
during the week; total. distance below the sta
tion. 87 feet 6 inches, or a distance of 34 feet
7 inches since the first measurement on
April 9.
MONDAY, May 22-2 p. m.
, : Bid. Ask. ■ Bid. Ask
Bonds — Equit G L Co. 7 74
is quar c0up. .114 . — . i Mutual El Co. 15% 16
4s quar reg... — — Oakland Gas;. 44% 45 1
4s .quar new. .12914130 Pac Gas Imp.. — 67%
3s quar coup..lo7%loß>ii Pac LCo — 46
Miscellaneous— SF G & E.... 67 67V;
Cal-Bt Cab 58.117' — San Fran. 3% 3%
Cal Elec L 126^1274 Stockton Gas.. 12 —
C C Wat 5s — 113 |-*' insurance—
• Dup-st ex c... — — •■; 'Firem's Fund. 223 —
E L & P 65... 13041314' Bank Stocks—
F & Cl Ry 6s. 115% — <*nirlo-Cal — «74
,Geary-st R ss. — 100 Bank of Ca1.. 261 265
'H i- & S 545. 102% — Cal 8 D &T. — 99
L A Ry 6s 107%108 I' rst Natlonl..22'l
L A L Co 6s..ll'l*i — I Lon P & A. ..131 132
Do gntd .101% — j Mer Exchange — 16
Market -st t0. ..128% - Nev Nat 8k... — 190
Do Ist M ss. — 118 Havings Hanks—
N C NGK 75.108 — iGer S & IAI6OO 1640
N Ry Cal .116% — I Hum S & L.1050 1180 X
NR of Cal 55. 113 V* — Mutual Say.. — 414>i
N PC R R 6s. — 108 IS F Say U.. 500 . — "
N PC R R 55103 — R& L 50.... - »1%
N Cal R R 111% — Security S B 250 310 .
Oak Gas 55.. ..11 l — I Union T Co. — 1465
Om C Ry 63.. 127 139 Street Railroads—
P&CI Ry 65. 107 — California 116 —
P&O 6s 117 - <*-ary .v/% -
Powell-st 85... - 1224 Market-st .... 63 63%
Sac El Ry ss. — — OaK c> L. &H. — —
PF& N P 55.116 M — 'Presidio — 17
SF & S JV55.114%1154 Powder— 'V
SWraßCal 6s..l>ifiy* — <~a]ifornla 1™ 1 4
BPof Ar .114 — E Dynamite... 87% 95
BPC 6s (1906) — 112 Giant Con Co. 77% 78
SPC 6s (1906) — — Vigor! 3% 4%
S P C«s (1912) — — , Sugai*-
BPPJi eg 55.1 M% — Hana P C 0.... 174 17%
SP Br 65... 123 — Haw C& S C.115 118
8 V Water 6s. 11«%116% Hutch S PC— 35
8 V Water 4o.uu — Kllauea S Co.. 32% 33
S V W45(3dm).102%103 Onomea S Co. 43% 44* 4
Stktn Gas 65.. 1024 — : Paauhau S P. 424 42%
Water Stocks— Mlscellaneou*-
Contra Costa.. 714 71% Al Pac A5Fn..1124«3>4
Mann Co hi — 1 Ger Ld Wks.2so —
Spring Valley. lol% — ,Mer Ex Asiin.. 90 —
Gas and Electric— Oceanic S Co.. — 904
Capital Gas... — — |PacAFA.... 24 —
Central G Co.. — — Pac S Dor C 0.120. 120 — .
Cent L & P... — 74' Par Paint Co.. 74 —
Morning Session.
Board— . ;' A \
60 Contra Costa Water «1 00
10 Giant Powder Con 77 75 ■
5 Giant Powder Con 78 00
275 Hana Plantation Co 17 62Va
100 Hana Plantation Co, b 5 17 62'/j
15 Market Street Hallway 63 00
10 Oakland Gas 45 00
lOO.Onomea Sugar Co 44 25
475 l'aauhau S V Co 42 00
50 S F Gas & Electric Co 67 00
45 S F Gas & Klectric Co 66 75
550 Vlgrortt Powder 4 00
$2000 Los Angeles Ry 5 per cent b0nd5... 107 75
Afternoon Session.
730 Contra Costa Water 71 50
125 Contra Costa Water 71 37^
100 Contra Coma Water, b 5 .71 50
25 Hana Plantation Co 17 62V4
155 Hutchlnson SP Co 34 75
25 Kllauea Sugar Plantation Co 32 50
50 Paauhau S P Co 42 I- 1 ?
130 Paauhau S 1' Co 42 00
lo 1 ) S F Gas l* Electric C 0...; 67 00
15 S F Gaslight 3 62%
$2000 S F & N 1' Ry bonds 116 00
25 S V Water 101 75
30 S V Water 101 50
SOW U S3 per cent bonds 107 75
Street— - ♦ "
10 Bank of California, b 5 263 00
$1000 SV( per cent bonds (3d mtge) 102 75
Morning Session.
35 Market Street Railway 63 123
M irket Street Railway 63 U0
20 Paauhau S P Co 42 00
40 Paauhau S I' Co 42 12U
IT;'. Vlgorit Powder 3 75
50 Hana Plantation Co 17 50
Afternoon Session.
Board —
10 S F Gas & Electric Co 66 75
2." 8 F Gas & Klertric Co 66 >7'i
20 Giant Powder Con 78 00
10 Giant Powder Con 77 87%
65 Contra Costa Water 7100
20 Paauhau S P Co 41 S7VJ
10 Paauhau S P Co 42 00
Morning Session.
Board —
1". K-juitable Gag 7 00
50 Contra Costa Water 70 50
20 Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar 117 50
26 Mutual Electric Co 15 75
150 Vigorit Powder 4 12V4
Afternoon Session.
Board —
30 Contra Costa Water 71 ]2<j
20 Contra Costa Water 71 00
2<i Hana Plantation Co •. 17 62Vi
30 Hana Plantation Co „ . 17 75
20 Market Street Railway 63 12Vi
25 S F Gas & Electric Co 66 75
1" S V Water 101 574
800 Vigorit Powder 4 00
Following were the sales in the San Fran
cisco Stock Board yesterday:
Mornl&s Session.
400 Alta 07 100 Hale & Norcrs. 35
660 Mest & Belcher 50 450 Ophir 110
100 Caledonia 60 500 Sog Belcher.... o3
100 Challenge 36 400 Union Con 45
650 Con < - al & V...1 70 200 Utah 16
3uO Con Cal & V...1 7.".
Afternoon Session.
300 Alta 05 300 Mexican ... 50
50 Belcher 39 100 Occidental 26
300 Best & Belcher 66 200 Ophir 115
660 Con Cal & V...1 80 200 Overman IS
1600 Con Imperial... 02 800 Potosi 40
100 Gould & nirry. 32 100 Ravage 26
100 Hale & Norcrs. 831 200 Utah 18
Following were the sales in the Pacific Stock
Board yesterday:
Morning Session.
300 Best & Belcher 541 300 Mexican 48
200 Caledonia 5Si 40 Ophir 110
100 Caledonia 57 1 200 Ophir 1 12U
! 0 Con Cal & V.I 62l*| 500 PotosJ 36
iOO Con Cal & V...170 200 Sierra Nev 78
20" t Con Cal & V.I 72^ 900 I'nion Con 46
200 Con Cal & V...1 75 500 Utah IT
400 Crown Point... 3U 200 I'tah 16
Afternoon Session.
200 Alta 06 i 200 Overman 18
3' Jit Andes 10 300 Potosl 39
800 Con Cal & V...1 80 500 Potosl 40
2<>fl Con Cal & V. 1 774 500 Seg Belcher.... 03
500 Crown Point... 31 150 Sierra Nev 80
300 Mexican 50 300 Utah is
200 Ophir 1 15 ,
MONDAY, May 22—4 p. m.
„ . Bid. Auk. I Bid. Ask.
Alpha -■ 05|Kentuck — 08
Alta 05 06 Lady Wash.... 01 02
Andes 09 10 Mexican 47 48
Belcher 37 38 Occidental 25 —
Best & Belcher 52 53 Ophir 110 115
bullion 07 08 Overman 18 is
Caledonia 65 58:Potost 39 41)
("hollar S3 34 Savage 26 27
Challenge Con. 34 35 Scorpion ... . — o*
Confidence 1001 10 Seg Belcher.... 02 04
Con Cal & V...1 75 ISO Sierra Nev 77 78
Con Imperial... 01 02 Silver Hill 02 (18
Crown Point... 30 31 Syndicate — 05
Con New York. — 02 Standard —2 75
Exchequer — 03 p t Louis 06 —
(.ould & Curry. 30 m T'nion Con 47 48
Hale & Norcrs. 34 35 1 Utah 17 18
Julta , 02 04! Yellow Jacket.. 41 43
Justice Ji) 22
Anna M. Whitney to Abbot L. Whitney, lot
on .\ line of Golden Gnte avenue. 107:6 W of
Polk street. W 25 by N 120; $10.
City and County of San. Francisco to S. S.
Tlltnn, .Western Addition lot 247. bounded on
the N by Lombard street. W by Buchanan S
by Greenwich and Eby Lacuna ; $ .
William H. and Ethel W. Crocker and D.
E. and Lillie Allison to Walter D. K. Gibson,
lot on N line of Broadway, 90 W of Buchanan
street. W 47:6 by N 137:6; $10.
William K. Van Alen to Fannie H. Rosen
blatt, lot on SW corner of Clay and Lyon
streets, S 30 by W 87:6; $10.
Jennie P. Jones to Annie T. Tubbs (wife of
Austin C.). lot on W line of Central avenue,
S"^ S of Pacific avenue. S 30 by W 118:9; $10.
Adolfo de I'rloste to same, lot on NW corner
of Jackson street . and Central avenue, W 120
N 101:8%: $10. ' i". ;.•■:•;
Estate of Hannah Weed (by Charles A. Mc-
Lane. administrator) to William A. C. La nee
lot on S line of Frederick street, 800:7% W. of
Cole, W 25 by S 137:6; also lot on S. line of
Frederick, 325:7'/4W of Cole, W 25 by S 187-6
--$2520. . . ; • i i., i U-^ii.: ;i <v,
William A. C. I,mi;f to .Tosepha I -unco (wife
of .William A. C). lot onS line of Frederick
street. 300:7^4 W of Cole, W,BO by S 137:6; gift.
Emellne A. Sweeny to Joseph T. and Bridget
J. O'Neil.- undivided V 4 of following:: Lot on
SE line of Mission street. 393:4 NEJ of Thir
teenth, NE ■ 63:6. RE 135:3, SW 68:3^. NW
139:10; also lot on S corner of Howard and Har
riet streets. SW 75 by /SE SO; also lot on SE
line of Tehama street. 275 SV" of Fourth, SW
75 by SE 80: also lot on W corner of Crooks
and Townsend streets. SW 44, NW. 60. BW 11:3
«W. 17:8. NJ* ff;9t BJU7/.6; »Ik> lot on ,W, Hail
of Arkansas street. 50 N of Sierra, NW.IOO, W
100, -S 100. E 100; also lot on W line of Arkan
sas street. 175 N of Sierra. N 75 by W 100; $1.
Florence R. Frisbee to Carl and Theresa Erb.
lot on X line of Henry street, 105 E of Noe, E
25 by N 115: $10. i
Same to Edwin XV. Bennett, lot on SE corner
of Fourteenth and Noe streets, S 52:6 by E
105; $10.
Same to Charles J. U. Koenisr. lot on S line
of Fourteenth street. 105 X of Noe, E 25 by S
115; HO
Mary E. Ludkig (wife) to John C. Ludwig,
lot on W line of Capp street, 218 N of Twenty
third, N 2 by W 122:6: $10
Peter J. Collins and Mary E. Johnson to
Charles J. Jurman, lot on W line of York
street, 104 S of Twenty-fourth. S 26 by \\ 100;
An'tolne and Gracie Borel to Herbert E. Law,
lot on S line of Geary street, 137:6 XV of Pow
ell. \V 25 by S 137:6; $10.
Samuel J., Hanna 0.. Anna J.. P. P.. Louis
E. and Teckla J. Brun to Houghum Sawyer,
lot on N line of Slitter street, 24:10 E of Jones,
E 21 by N 65; $10.
Olive Verkouteren to M. Ballin, lot on W
line of Rhode Island street. 136:3 N of Napa, ■
N 25 by \V 100: $10.
Joseph and Mary A. > Pattinson to Humboldt
Lumber and Mill Company, lot on W line of
Forty-sixth avenue, 175 S of J street, S 25 by
W 120; $175.
Albert M. and Elizabeth A. Whittle to Aileen
J. Finkler (wife of Henry C), lot on S line of
N street, 82:6 E of Ninth avenue, E 25 by fa
100; $10. _ _
Charles Z. and Isabella M. Soule to W. Es
ters yon Krakan, lot on SE line of Railroad
avenue, 77:10% NE of Twenty-seventh street.
NE 75. SE 136:1^4 SW 75 NW 114:11%. portion
of lots" 4 and 5, block 495, Bay View Homestead;
Thomas ' W. Brennan to M. C. Hogan.' lot on-
SE line of Railroad avenue, 27:10% NE or
Twenty-seventh, NE 50, SE H4:ll>*. 8 »0, >v
to beginning, lot 5. block 495. same; $1.
W. C. and Mary O. Hogan to John A. Ja
cobs and Dietrich Otto (Jacobs & Otto), same,
$1 '
John A. Jacobs and Dietrich Otto (Jacobs &
Otto) to W. Esters yon Krakan, same; »1«.
Alameda County.
John A. Bengtson to Mary Johnsnn, lot 4,
block M, Golden Gate Tract. Oakland, SI".
Ella M and Andrew Anderson to Theodore
A. Nelson, lot on SK line of Walsworth street
at the point of intersection by lino dividing j ,
lots 3 and 4. block A, lands of Oakland \ lew i ■
Homestead Association. \V 28, SE to SE line or
lot 4 thence NE to corner of lot 4. thence N\\ ■
112, to beginning, portion lot 4, block A, lands
Oakland View Homestead Association, Oak- ,
land; $10. _ _
Thomas J and Clara B. O" Conner to C. Eu
gene Frlsbie. lot on N line of Sixteenth street, ■
112 E of West, E 28 by N 103:9, portion lot 12. ■
block F North Oakland Homestead Associa- ,
tlon Map A, subiect to a mortgage to Central ,
Bank for $500, Oakland; $10.
• 'arlton E. and Alice G. White to George E. ,
and William P. Plummer. lot on N line of
Stuart street, 143. "8 Eof Shattuck avenue. N ,
134 50 by E 81.49 being lots 22 and 23, resub- ,
division' block I), Blake Tract. Berkeley; $10.
< 'arlton E. and Alice G. White to same, lot
on N line of Stuart street. 305.27 E of Shattuck
avenue, N 134. 50 and E SO. being lots 26 and 27,
resubdl vision block I>. same, Berkeley; $10.
William F Hillegasa to Arthur Ayres, lot .
11. block B, Hillegass Tract, Berkeley; $100.
<■ E and Lena C Frisbie to Thomas O'Con- <
ncr lot on N line of Saratoga avenue. 160 W of
Orchard street, W 40 by N 120. being lot 12, i
bl.>ck A amended map of Moss Tract. Brooklyn
Township; $10. <
Henry '/>. and Sarah M. Jones to John A. |
Thornton, lot 17, Galindo Tract, Brooklyn j
Township; $10.
William H Walter to Mary E. Holton, lot
on W line of Laurel street. 2SO S of Clinton
avenue, S 40 by W 130, being lot 15. block |
B, Bellevue Tract, Alameda; $10. |
James H. and Lizzie S. N. Young to Le :
Grand Ruekor. lot on S line of Buena \ ista
avenue, 33 X of Willow street. E 33 by S 10d:2. I
block 18, lands adjacent to Encinal, Alameda;
Henry S and Carrie E. Bridge to Anna.
Rounds lot on W line of Grand street, 150 Is
of Eagle avenue. N 25 by W 108, block 55,
land? adjacent to Encinal, to correct 563 d 269,
Alameda; $10.
E Minor and Jennie Smith and Edward K.
Taylor to T. B Draper, lot on W line of Wil
low street, 120 N of Eagle avenue, N SO, W
138:4, S 30, E 138:4, N JO, to beginning, Ala
meda; $500.
Arthur W: Foster (surviving trustee for
Annie A. and Hazel G. Montgomery, under es
tate of Alexander Montgomery) to Annie or
Annie A Montgomery, undivided one-half of
lot on SW corner of Taylor and Pine streets. S
270 by W 100. Oakland; also property In other
| counties; grant.
I Same to snme. undivided one-half interest in
' lot on N line of Edwards street. 400 E of Tele
j graph avenue. F. 50 by N 125. being lot 9, map
j of Pacific Theological Seminary' Tract, Oak
land; grant.
Richard J. Montgomery (executor of the es
tate of Margaret P. McCourtney) to Roman
Catholic Archbishop of San Francisco (a cor
poration sole), lot on N line of Fortieth street,
•365 E of West. E 5 by N 220. Oakland; $10.
Henrietta M. MacGregor to John R. Mac-
GreET lot on S line of Benton street, 395 E
of Grove, E 2' 1 by S 135. being the W 20 feet
of lot 16, block 3, McKee Tract. Oakland: $5.
Sterling Wallace to William C Wallace.
4 1-10 acres beginning at a point in center line
of Telegraph avenue where S line of lands of
S. E. Ald»n Intersect* same, thence NE i.'SO I
chains. NE 10.10 chains. SE 4.M chains. SW
11.40 chains to beginning, being a portion of
block or plat 2. map of property of S. E. Alden
and he-ing a portion of plat 35, Ranc-ho V. and
D. Peralta. Oakland: $10.
Mattie and William E. Topham to Lyford
Sinclair, lot on N line of Durant avenue. 150 j
E of Fulton street. E 50 by N 130. being a por- i
tion of lot 7, block 13, College Homestead As
sociation. Berkeley; $10.
Oakland Ixian and Investment Company to
F. Eldorado Smith, lot 10. block C, Daly Tract,
Brooklyn Township; $10.
Alt.Prt G. and F.liza Nye to Edward M. Perry,
1 acre beginning at most E corner of lands of
Albert G. and Phoebe A. Nye, by dt-pd of
March 25. ISB9, said point being on the NW line
! of High street, thence SW 71.15. NW 607.20.
NE 71.74. SE 631.50 to beginning. Brooklyn
Township; $1000.
C. H. Miller to Mrs. M. M. Wagner, begin
ning 100 from SW corner of A. W. Darling's
land and running 117 along county road thence
N 130. w it:, s 130 to beginning, Brooklyn
Township; $10.
Lorenzo and Zylphia J. Utman to Charles and
Marian Harkison, lot 21, Subdivision F. Fruit
vale Terminal Tract. Brooklyn Township; $800.
<'arrie E. Clement, Thomas Moran. M. H.
Eastman and M. B. Eastman, trustees (by
commissioner), to I'nion Savings Bank, lot on
NW corner of Eighteenth and Brush streets
W 150, N 100. E 50, S 50. E 100, s 50, to be
ginning, being lots 10 and 11, block R, Barnes
Tract. Oakland: $4674.
Richard E. Hickethier ( by commissioner) to
Bamf. lot on S line of Ninth street. 125 E of
Grove. E 37 6 by S 70. being a portion of
lots 11 and 12. block 92. Oakland; $3362.
Warren D. Heaton to Lulu A. Leete, all In
terest in lot on W line of Webster street
191 N of Fourteenth. N 85 by W 300. S 50,
E 150. S 15. E 150. to beginning, quitclaim deed,
| Oakland; $1.
Emilie A. Tripler and Charles W. Hunt |
! (trustees estate of Alexander G. Abell) to
| Emilie A. Bertsch. block 13S, Clintnn; also lot
i on W corner of East Twentieth street and
Eleventh avenue, NW 150 by SW 300, being
lots 7 to IS. Mock 116. Clinton: also lots 13 to '
18. block 25. San Antonio, Kast Oakland; grant.
Julia A. Ray to E. G. Vinzent, lot on NE
line of Adams avenue (or East Fourteenth
street), 272 SE of Howard street. NE 200 NW
22. NE 101, SE to center Sausal Creek, thence
to NE line of East Fourteenth street, NW 150
to beginnine. Brooklyn Township: $10.
Dorcas Jamieson to James C. Nickerson. lot
on E line of Jackson avenue, 199.76 S of county j
road. Oakland to San Leandro, S 50 by E 105, \
being lot 24. hlork F. Huntington Tract, Brook
lyn Township; gift.
Oakland Loan- and Investment Company to
Albert M. Smith, lot 7. . half lot g hlork
B, lots 7. S. 9. 11 to 13, block C. lots 19 to tZ
! block F. lots fi to 9. block G, Daly Tract'
Brooklyn Township; $10.
August Schrelber. John Stewart. W. Rlgby
Jr.. A. W. Schrelber Jr. and V. Heck (by com
missioner) to I'nion Savings Bank, lot "on W
line of Fourteenth street, 135 N of Central :
nvenue. N 65 by W 150, being lots 25 and 26
and N fifteen feet lot 27, block 20, Mary A
Fitch Homestead. Alameda: $4978.
J. S. and F. .1. Cross to I^eo Li. Nichols, lot
on XE corner of Thirty-second and Chestnut
streets'. E 25:3 by N 100, being the W 2V3 of
lot 1, block 675. Watts Tract Map 2, Oakland
E. A. and Martha J. Hines to Anjrelo Villa !
de M.dendres, lot IS, block D, Kllnknerville
Tract, Oakland; $5.
Builders' Contracts.
Goldberg, Bowen & Co. (owners) with George
R. Lang (contractor), architect Edward R.
Swain— Framing timber, sheathing, furring,
wrought iron work, ventilators, floors, doors.
Windows, shutters, interior finish, stairs, -gal
lery, covering of pipes, hardware, glass and
glazing for a four-story hrick. wood and stone
building on N line of Butter street, 1S7:« X of
Grant avenue, N 137:6 by E 54:6: $12,750.
Jonas Schoenfeld (owner) with Val Franz
(contractor), architects Palfield A Knhlnerg—
All work except plumbing;, plastering, painting,
concrete and brick work for three three-story
frame buildings on S line of Pine street. IS7:S
W of Octavla, W S7:H by S 137:6; $13,040.
Angele O'Reilly [owner) with B. Martin (con
tractor), architect owner— Alf work for a two
story frame building on NB corner of Noe and
Henry streets, N 27:6 by E in:,: $3T.(V
A branch of the United States Hydrographlc
Office located In the Merchants' Exchange, is
maintained in .San Francisco for the benefit of
mariner?, without regard to nationality and
free of expense.
Navigators are cordially invited to visit the
office, where complete sets* of charts and sail
ing directions of the world are kept on hand
for comparison and reference, and the latest
information can always be obtained regarding
lights, dangers to navigation and all matters
of interest to ocean commerce.
The time ball on the tower of the new Ferry
building, at the foot of Market street. Is hoisted
about ten minutes before noon and dropped at
noon. 120 th meridian, by telegraphic signal re
ceived each day from the United States Naval
Observatory. Mare Island. <'al.
A notice stating whether the ball was dropped
on time or giving the error. If any. is published
In the morning papers the following day
Lieutenant. IT. s. N.. In charge.
United States Coast and Geodetic Survey—
Time* and Heights of High and Low
| Waters at • Bart J Point,, entrance. $o S*a
Francisco Bay. Published by official au
thority of the Superintendent.
NOTE-The high and low waters occur at
the city front (MisUon-street wharf) about
twenty-five minutes later than at Fort P^lnt.
the height of tide is the same at both places.
NOTE— In the above exposition of the tides
th» early morning tides are given in the left
hand column and the successive tides of tne
day In the order of occurrence as to time. The
second time column gives the second tide of
the day the third time column the third tide
*nd the" last or right hand column gives the
last tide of the day, except when there are but
three tides, as sometimes occur. The heights
given are additions to the soundings on the
United States Coast Survey charts. «<"*Pt
when a minus sign* f— ) precedes the height,
and then the number given is subtracted frcm
the depth given by the charts. The plane of
r ,.fp r p n re is the mean of the lower low waters.
Branch Hydrographic Office, V. S. N., Mer
chants 1 Exchange, San Francisco, Cal..
May 22. 1899.
The time ball on the tower of the new Ferry
building was dropped at exactly noon to-day —
i. c.. at noon of the 120 th meridian, or at S
o'clock p. m. Greenwich time.
Lieutenant. T". S. N.. in r-harge.
Monday. May 22.
Stmr Walla Walla, Gage, 60 hours from Vic
toria, etc.
Stmr Czarina, Seaman, 96 hours from
Stmr Mackinaw, Littlefield, S4 hours from
| Tacoma.
Stmr Alice Blanchard, Hall, 65 hours from
Coos Bay.
Stmr Pomona, Parsons, 17 hours from Eu
reka. -■;•-.'
Stmr Westport, Peterson, 60 hours from Port
Los Angeles.
Stmr Coos Bay, Hall, 76 hours from Newport
(S). etc.
Schr C H Merchant, Olsen, 9 days from Se
Schr Jennie Thelin, Holmberg, 5 days from
Grays Harbor.
Schr Roy Somers, Soiland, 9 days from Port
Schr Mary C, Matsen, 10 hours from Fort
Monday, May 22.
Stmr North Fork, Besh, Eureka; Charles
Nelson. " ;,.
Stmr Columbia, Green. Astoria; Oregon Rail
road and Nay Co.
Stmr Willamette. Hansen, Seattle; Pacific
Coast Co.
■_C-/iV Monday. May 22.
Stmr Willamette, Hanson. Seattle.
Stmr Santa Rosa, Alexander. San Diego.
Stmr Greenwood, Faeerlund.
Stmr Del Norte, Allen, Unalaska.
Stmr Alcazar. Gunderson.
Stmr North Fork, Bash. Eureka.
Stmr Point Arena, Hansen, Mendoclno.
Stmr Empire. Nelson. Coos Bay.
Ship Geo Stetson, Patton, Portland, Or.
Schr Mildred E, Erratt, Cape Nome and Gol»»
yin Bay.
Schr Bowhead, I^ooh. Bristol Bay.
Monday, May 22.
Schr Maxim .returned on account of carrying
away centerboard May 21 off Fort Ross.
The Gen Banning loads mdse for Mazatlan
and San Bias; S C Allen, mdse for Honolulu.
Per stmr Czarina, May 20. off Rogue River
Reef— U S rev stmr Richard Russ. with U 3
stmr Nunivak in tow; weather clear, wind
light NW and sea smooth.
POINT LOBOS. May 22, 10 p m— Weather
hazy; wind SW: velocity 12 miles.
LONDON, May 20— Br ship G W Wolff from
Tacoma at Antwerp reports encountered a hur
ricane off Cape Horn. Lost sails, cabin doors,
; stove: cabin flooded, deck houses damaged; all
deck movables and hatch covers carried oft.
Cargo shifted and 10 feet of water in hold.
COLUMBIA RlVEß— Passed May 22— V 8
stmr Richard Rush, with U S Ftmr Nunivak
In tow. from Eureka, for Seattle.
TACOMA— Arrived May Schr Wm Ren
ton, from Honolulu; schr Sailor Boy, from
PORT GAMBLE— Arrived May 21— Schr W F
Jewett, from Honolulu.
VENTURA— Arrived May 22— Stmr Geo Loo
mis, hence May 21.
Sailed May 22— Stmr Geo Loomis, for San
NEW WHATCOM- May 22— Schr Id*
Sclinauer. hence May 7.
COOS BAY— Arrived May 22— Schr Bella, hnc
May 9: schr Eliza Miller, hence May 6; schr
Gotama. hence May 10; stmr Empire, hence
May 19.
Sailed May 21— Stmr Arcata. for San Fran
cisco: stirr TUlamoork. for San Francisco.
PORT LOS ANGELES— Arrived May 21— Haw
stmr San Mateo. from Comox.
SEATTLE— Arrived May 22— Schr Carrier
Dove, from Honolulu.
EUREKA- Arrived May 22— Stmr Alliance,
from Portland; strr.r Pasadena, from San
Pedro; stmr Scotia, hence May 21; schr Occi
dental, hence May 16.
PORT TOWNSEND— Arrived May 22— Bktn.
Tarn o' Shanter, from San Pedro.
GRAYS HARBOR- Sailed May 20— Schr Ida
McKay, for San Francisco; schr Laura Mad
sen, for San Francisco.
Arrived May 20— Schr Maggie C Russ, hence
May 5; schr Emma Utter, hence May 6; schr
LaGlronde, hence May 6; schr C T Hill, from
ACAPULCO— Sailed May 19— Stmr City of
Sydney, for San Francisco. •
NANAlMO— Arrived May 22— Haw bark
Wlllscctt. hence May 9.
NAGASAKI— sail May 22-Stmr Cleveland,
| for San Francisco.
21— Ship Arthur Sewall, from Philadelphia, for
San Frarc:sco.
NEW YORK— Arrived May 21— Stmr Alll
anca, from Colon.
■ KAOHlO— Sailed May s— Schr Fannie Adele.
for Grays Harbor.
SYDNEY— Arrived May 19— Bark Sea King,
from Chtmainus.
BIRKENHEAD— Arrived May 20— Br ship
Buckingham, from Tacoma.
HONGKONG— Arrived May 20— Stmr City of
Rio de Janeiro, hence April 20. -
Sailed May 20— Jap stmr Muzumi Mam, for
LIVERPOOL— May 20— Br ship River
side, from Tacoma.
FALMOUTH-Sailed May 20— Fr bark Gen
N'-timayer. for Gloucester
HOLYHEAD— Sailed May 20— Br ship Blyths
woo, for Oregon.
MAZATLAN— Arrived May 10— Nor bark Vic
tor, from Callao. to sail about June 4 for chan
SANTA ROSALIA— In port May 17, to sail
about May 25— Br ship Jordan Hill, for Taltal.
GUM MAS— Arrived May 14-Schr Dauntless
from Grays Harbor.
Pi^om^fasrow™"" 1 May "- Stmr Ethlo- .
vl S a a s^tha^pt 2 on Stmr Barb — • '« Bremen.
LIVERPOOL-Arrlved May 22-Stmr Italia.
from Philadelphia; stmr Tauric. from New

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