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Red JB painful
Rough £|i Finger
Hands ' SB Ends
Itching • Jjf Tan
Burning' Si Sunburn
Palms : |f Stings,efc.
Soak the hands on retiring in a strong, hot,
dreamy lather of CUTICURA SOAR Dry,
and anoint freely with CUTICURA, the. great
skin cure and purest of emollients. Wear, during
the night, old, loose kid gloves, with the finger
ends cut off and air holes cut in the palms. For
red, rough, chapped hands, dry, fissured, itching,
feverish palms, with shapeless.nails.and painful
finger ends, this treatment Js simply wonderful.
PURE AND SWEET nu(l free from every blemish is the skin.
l uxv-u ikuu ounni Ma . aud hair cleansed, purified, ana
beautified by CUTTCURA SOAP,. It removes the cause of disflgurir.;*
eruptions, loss of hair, and buby blemishes, viz. : The clogged, irritated,
Inflamed, or sluggish condition of the POKES. CUTIGUKA SOAP com-
bines delicnte emollient properties derived from CUTICURA, the great
ekin cur with the purest of cleansing ingredients and most refreshing of
flower odors. No other medicated soap ever compounded is to be compared
with it for preserving, purifying, and beautifying the skin, scalp, hair, and
hands. No other foreign or domestic ?oap, however expensive, is' to be
compared with it for all the purposes of the toilet, bath, and nursery. Thus
it combines in ONE SOAP nt ONE PRICE — namely, 25 cents — the beat
skin and complexion soap and the best toilet and baby soap in the world.
Speedy Cure Treatment for Itching, Burning, Scaly Humors:
Hot Baths with CUTICURA 6OAF to cieanae the "kin; gentle anointings with CUTICURA
OINTMENT to hcnl the skin; and mild doee» of CUTICUKA RESOLVENT to cool the blood.
Sold throughout the world. Trice, TIIK BET, $1.25; or, SOAP. 25c; OINTMENT, 60c;
KEBOLVKNT (half. size 50e. TOTTER DRUO & CQEM. CORP.. Bole I'ropt., Boston.
" How to Pi www tho Heads, Hair, and Skin," mailed free.
Tlie Weekly Call, 16 Pages, $1 per Year.
jCatest Jinny and tfcivi/ vfews.
Two Famous Regi
ments Now in Camp.
If it is true that all the world loves a
lover, the place for the world to congre
gate and enjoy Itself yesterday was the
wharf where the big transport Sheriuan
docked and discharged its heroic cargo
of veterans, whom It has brought home
across thousands of miles of ocean from
the far-away land of fever and deau.,
where they have been for the last year
and a half, winning honor for their flag
and covering the two States that sent
them forth with the luster of their
When the transport drew Into the dock
the old dusty wharf looked like a fairy
flower garden filled with radiant Ameri
can beauties, so crowded was it with the
fair ones from Minnesota and South Da
kota who had traveled westward to greet
their heroes' return.
As soon as the vessel came within speak
ing distance femininity broke loose and
messages of love and welcome Hew thick
and fast, conveying in their passage the
hearts of the senders to the bronzed and
bearded men who hung over tlie ship's
sides as though they were afraid to lose
one weird of the tender welcome with
which they were fairly showered. It took
but a short time to make the transport
fast to her birth, and then the troops
were landed and formed along East street,
where they patiently awaited the arrival
of the escort that was to show them the
way to the home that had been prepared
for them In the Presidio.
The troops who were to act as escort
began to arrive shortly after the boys bad
ail gut ashore, and at 9 o'clock the pro
cession was ready to ttart on Its way up
Market street, where the public had been
waiting their arrival since early morn
ing. The advance consisted of Batteries
D, A, N and Light Battery O of the
Third United States Artillery. Then came
Troop C of the regular cavalry, which
was followed by the men from South
Dakota, under the command of Colonel
Frost. Behind the last rank of veterans
folluwed a number of carriages contain
ing Congressmen Gamble and Burke, a
number of invalided officers, with their
mothers, wives and sweethearts, and a
number of other carriages filled with rola
tlves, friends arid more mothers, wives
and sweethearts, whose heroes were not
The carriages of the Minnesota contln
g< nt followed, a-nd then the Minnesota
regiment Itself, under the command of
i>leutenant-Coionel Frederick, who rodo
in advance with his two Majors, iilau
and Bt-an, on either side of him. The
parade was closed by three eoinnanies of
the .North L>akuta Regiment, headed by
their band. The band tiiat led liic pro
cession was the one belonging to tho
Third Artillery.
All along the line of march the troops
were wildly cheered, and when the soiled,
stained and shot-riddled battle Hags went
past there was great enthusiasm. Women
pelted the troop.s with kisses and flowers
while they alternately laughed and cried
In a .sort uf a happy hysteria. They were
not the only ones who had tears in their
eyes, however. More than one of the
stronger and supposedly sterner sex v. is
seen to surreptitiously put a handker
chief to his eyes under the cover of wip
ing the moisture of excitement from his
fi iren'ead.
The line of march was along East street
to Market, up ihal thoroughfare to Van
Ness avenue and thence to the Presidio.
At the corner of Van Ness avenue and
Bußh street the men from the wars v.. i<>
reviewed by Major Noble, acting fur Ma
jor General Shatter. Upon arriving at
the Presidio the men at once went into
camp, and alter being allowed a few
minutes' rest were pounced upon by their
fellow soldiers and carried off to be
breakfasted. The South Dakotas were
taken rare of and treated to their initial
meal by the North Dakota and Wyoming
regiments, and the Minnesota boys were
Looked after by the lads of our own city.
As soon as their stomachs were ap
peased the men started to work about
camp getting their tents in such order an
they could while welcoming the hosts of
rs who crowded their quarters and
overwhelmed them with Questions and
Though everything scorned pleasant and
happy, there Is in both organizations a
deal of internal trouble and 111 feeling, all
of which has been publi.-hed in the col
umns of this paper. Colonel Frost is at
outs with Lieutenant Colonel Stover and
a number of other officers, and his dis
pleasure has resulted in the placing under
arrest of his next in rank and also Major
Warne, surgeon of ihe regiment, and First
Lieutenant 11. C. Bates. This trouble in
the South Dakota regiment originated In
letters addressed by some of the enlisted
men to Senator Pettigrew, In which they
Bpoke of their colonel in a very uncom
plimentary manner and characterized Ma
jor Howard as a tyrant and an arrant
coward. The officers under arrest are
charged by their commanding ollieer with
having instigated these epistles, or at
least having lent the writers of them their
moral support.
A visit was paid to the prisoners yester
day, but all attempts to induce them to
talk of their trouble proved unavailing.
They claimed that any discussion of tho
affair for publication would be unmilitary
and in very bad taste, and consequently
refused to submit to any interview on this
particular subject. It was easy to see,
however, that they have no love for their
commander, and the only sentiment they
feel toward Howard is one of contempt.
A little trip through the company streets
easily revealed the fact that the men to
a unit are with the arrested officers, and
particularly Is this a fact In the case of
Lieutenant Colonel Stover, whom they
greatly admire.
Tho situation In the Minnesota camp Is
worse, If possible. Colonel Ames went out
to the Presidio yesterday morning and
assumed command of the regiment as
soon as it arrived. That is about all he
did assume as far as his officers were
concerned. They left him severely alone,
and he wandered around the little city of
tents, speaking only to civilians and to
the few officers who were compelled to
address him In the course of the perform
ance of their official duties. Both he and
his officers refused to discuss the trouble
In any way whatever. Not so with the
men and those of the other regiment.
Thrv do not seem to take the same view
of the case as do the officers of the regi
ment. They say that it Is a put-up job
to down Ames, and that there is many a
man who is now throwing mud at him
who had feet cold enough to freeze water
on August 13 when the regiment was or
dered to support the Astor Battery and
whdi the officers almost to a man laid
Wherever the blame may lie, all the
men and officers at the Presidio unite in
condemning the reception accorded Colo
nel Ames when he came aboard the trans
port. They say that whatever the feeling
that may exist between him and his offi
cers. It was both cowardly and unman
nerly for them to exhibit it before his
wife. They should have had enough chiv
alry, say these military critics, to have
Fpa'rod a woman the pain that such a re
ception must have caused the- wife of their
The South Dakotas are proud of thoir
record, and particularly of the number
that have been chosen from among them
to wear the shoulder straps in Uncle
Sam's new regiments. Those who have
received the honor and conferred distinc
tion on the regiment are Lieutenant J. Q.
A Braden, who was given a like rank In
the Thirty-sixth Infantry: Captain Hage
man, who was made captain in the same
regiment; Sergeant Mann, given a sec
ond lieutenantcy under Captain Hapeman;
Lieutenant L. C. Foster, made captain in
the Thirty-seventh; Sergeant Russell,
made first lieutenant in the Thirty-sev
enth; Lieutenant Young, who was given
a captaincy In the Eleventh Cavalry, and
Lieutenant S. J. Larsen. who was given
the same rank In the same regiment.
Th<- Sheridan brought home seventy-six
invalided men, who were yesterday taken
to the Presidio hospital. There are four
Flight cases of typhoid among them, but
none are so serious but what with proper
mrdiclne and a little careful nursing they
will bo brought around all right.
Even we can't talk all the time. Come
In and let the hats speak for themselves
Mme. Alma Keith, Phelan building. •
Flags and Silver and Crystal Flow
ers and Glittering Lights Make
the Table Beautiful.
Mrs. A. S. Townsend, the soldiers' true
friend, gave an elaborate dinner last even
ing al her home on California street. It
was a patriotic dinner, and the glorious
stars and stripes which many of the lady's
guests followed to victory were used with
exquisite effect to beautify the elegant
home and lend effect to the banquet board.
Exquisite crystal and gorgeous silver
glistened on the table, and in the midst of
it all were long-stemmed crimson carna
tions and delicate ferns arranged in deli
cate Venetian and old silver vases. The
mime cards were tiny tents topped with
miniature flags, 2nd tho boutonnicres
placed at the plate of each truest con
sisted of a single crimson carnation and
Bprig 01 maidenhair tied with a narrow
tri-colored ribbon. The 'conservatory open
ing off the dining room looked like a bit
of enchanted ground, with its little fairy
lights twinkling in the midst of the many
palms and rare exotics.
Mrs Townsend received her guests, as
sisted by Mrs. Bessie T. Smith and Miss
N. J. Rattigan. The charming hostess
wore an elegant gown of white brocade.
The jupe was perfectly plain cut, with a
demi-train. and the decollete corsage was
finished off with exquisite duchesse lace.
A magnificent collar of pearls and a dia
mond orcsa were the only ornaments
Seated at the table were: Colonel C. 11.
Murphy, W. J. Martin, • 'olnnel V. D. Du
boce. Lieutenant 11. E. Curzon, Lieutenant
Commander Allen, Captain J. W. P. Diss.
Colonel J. M. Gassaway, Tl. C. McPike,
Mrs. H. C. McPike, Mrs. Bessie T. Smith,
Miss N. J. RatUgan und Mrs. A. S. Town
Ladles' tailor-made BUlts, fur capes, cloaks.
Credit. M. Rothschild, 231 Post st. •
Father McKinnon to Lecture.
On Tuesday evening, September 19, at
Last Week
of the
Alteration Sale
As this is the last week of our alteration sale
we have cut prices very low in order, to clear
out the following goods before we begin to
display our latest fall novelties:
Jet and colored bead Colored embroidery, re-
trimmings in all widths re- duced from
duced from ioc to 5c a yard
£1.75 to $ 50 a yard 20c to 9 C a yard
2.50 to 75 a yard 25c to 14c a yard
4.00 to 1,00 a yard 40c to 22c a yard. •
5.00 to 1,50 a yard. Heavy handmade torchon
Black mohair and silk lace 4 inches wide reduced
braids from / to 2 inches rom
wide reduced from ■* Is c to 8c a yard
15c to 5c a yard 2OC \° lgc a yard
20c to 7c a yard 2 S C to 12^c a yard.
25c to 9c a yard. Handsome painted gauze
_ „.,.... • fans in cream, black and
Fur and braid trimming co , ors> reduced from
mixed reduced from $3 and 2.50 to $1 each
50c to lgc a yard 2 and 1.50 to 75c each.
40c to 6 %c a yard. J , .
/+ ■■■■ J Cream open work scrim-
Mixed furs in brown, gray 40 inches wide, reduced from
and tan reduced from I2 c to 7^c a yard.
$1.75 to 35c a yard. Tambour Swiss, 28 inches
Spanish lace scarfs 2 wide in many different de-
yards long, extra heavy signs, reduced from
quality reduced from 35c to 22}4c a yard
$5.00 to $2 50 each ■ ■ 45 C to 27^c a yard
3.00 to L5O each SOC5 OC to 32#C a yard.
2.00 to 1,00 each Genuine Maine fir bal-
-1.00 to 45 each. Sam pillows 18 inches square
Grass cloth all over em- ready for covering, reduced
broidery yoking, reduced to • 50 c each,
from Figured tapestry soinches
$ 85 to $ 50 a yard wide, in several designs, re-
-1.50 to 75 a yard duced from -♦' •
2.00 to 1,25 a yard. 50 to 35c a yard.
125 to 131 Kearny St.
g ' *
our painless method 1
I makes dentistry 1
la pleasure . %
EVENINGS until 9. Sundays *C
5 Subset of Teeth. "VAN VROOM" 1
.J" painless extractions TJrl.ll V I\VVi"l 2 51
v .*» free 94 OO up w^,
Fiinn^/ 0 3 ' 22 - k 25cup " 7 Ma rket St., Corner Sixth. 5g
5 9 ° Ur | GEO W. KLEISER, D.D.S. jg
Good Tea
Big Presents
Are 'Wanted
Great American Importing; Tea Co's
Big Value Stores.
Metropolitan Hall. Rev. W. D. McKinnon.
chaplain of the First California Volun
teers^ will deliver an address for the
benefit of the Catholic Truth Society. The
subject of the lecture will be "The Call
fornians in the Philippines." This will be
the only public address delivered by the
reverend chaplain during his stay in Cali
fornia. Tickets may beprocured at the
Monitor office, room 7, Flood building.
■ ♦ «
The Old Government Whisky is a
harmless and wholesome stimulant,
made from carefully selected grain;
pure, old, mellow.
Soldiers Stole Chairs.
Clinton C. Rutherford and Gaylor Craw
ford of the Twenty-second Infantry went
into Daly's salcon, Third and Howard
streets, yesterday and each took a chair
and walked with it to a second-hand store
on Howard street, where they were of
fc , r sale / Dal >' notified the police.
anc l ?t 1 u er ? M cGrayan and Greenan ar
rested the two soldiers and booked them
at the City Prison on a charge of petty
JAP STATUE'S last days at Art Saloon.
Going East, then to Paris. •
Possibly Fatally Injured.
A Chinese who was a passenger on the
train from San Jose yesterday afternoon
was standing on the platform of a car
when the train reached the depot. A
sudden lurch of the cars made the Chi
nese fall to the ground. He struck on his
head and was taken to the Receiving Hos
pital in an unconscious condition He
was suffering: from concussion of the
brain, and doubts were expressed of his
If you are interested in Spanish visit
Trofcssor Hall's class, just forming at Y.
M. C. A., -1:30 Monday afternoon. •
General Warfield Improving
A dispatch was received from New York
last night stating that General W'arfleld
1? very much improved and was able to
leave the Pennsylvania Hospital and join
his associates of the California delegation
The various delegations have disbanded
their headquarters and are ready to leave.
Advances made on furniture and pianos, with
or without removal. J. Koonan, 1017-1023 Mission.
"* Connected by a covered passageway. "
l" 1400 Room*— 9oo w. h Bath Attached, ©
jO All Under One Management. O
jQ European Plan. 81.00 per day and upward O
jjk American Plan.s3.OU per day and upward -."•
[*» Correspondence Solicited. O
000000000 OOOOO OQOO
DXIU OilLO rs bootblacks, bath-
bouses, billiard tables
I brewers, bookbinders, candy-makers, canners]
dyers flour mills, foundries, laundries, paper-
bangers, printers, painters, shoe factories,
■tablemen, tar-roofers, tanners, tailors, etc
Brush Manufacturers, 609 bacramento St.
During the cast week we have opened ud
large shipments of TABLE LINENS, TOW-
quite a few, special items.
full size and extra weight. Price, $3.25
5 cases Extra Size WHITE ENGLISH MAR-
designs. Price, $2.50 each.
One case (300 dozen) GERMAN DAMASK NAP-
KINS, full 26 inches square, extra double
satin damask. Price, $3.50 dozen.
25 pieces Extra Quality BLEACHED SATIN
TABLE DAMASK, full width, in 9 differ-
ent designs. Price, $1.00 yard.
175 dozen Extra Size Full Bleaclrd HEM-
quality, Price, $3.50 dozen.
We will also have a special sale this week
of 700 pairs very handsome SAXONY and
FISH NET LACE CURTAINS, all new goods,
hoth White and Ecru. Prices, $2.00,
$3.00 and $4.00 per pair.
less than present mill prices.
111, 113, 115, 117, 119, 121 POST STREET.
Bar Outfits!
We are* selling them for less money than any other concern on the Coast
We manufacture all we sell, thus saving buyers freight anJ other charges.
They are all fitted throughout with nickel trimmings, the counter tops and
rails are made of walnut or oak, whichever matches the rest of tne outfit.
1017-1023 Mission Street. (Above Sixth.)
Phone. South 14 Op fl n Ev?nin^s.
Are always observable on a critical ex-
amination of our laundry work, and
that is that the color is perfect and the
finish beautiful on all linen done up
here, Shirts, collars and cuffs are
laundered here In a manner that gives
all the beauty and freshness of the
new article.
United States Laundry. Offlca
1004 Market Street.
Telephone South 4-20.
Oakland Office, 514. Eleventh St.
yjrrft Five hundred reward lor any
?W •■§■* case we cannot cure. Thla secret
. ™ . X remedy Btopa all losses in 2*
Ri.tS By* hours, cures Emissions. Impo-
SK remedy Varloocele. losses In 24
ESP hours, cures Emissions, Impo-
Ww! tency. Varicocele. Gonorrhoea,
fieM gi-£L' Gleet. Fits. Strictures. Lost
Jgg jj^yi Manhood and all wasting effects
t_-Tt= ! T!. of selt-abuse or excesses. Sent
sealed, W bottle; 3 bottle^ 15; guaranteed to
cur* any case. Address HALLS MEDICAL IN-
STITUTE. 866 Broadway, Oakland. Cal. Also
for Ml* It 1073% Market it.. S. F. All prlvaU
jODeMca quickly cured* Send tor tre« book.
Without Limit or Reserve, at
Opposite Nathan, Dohrmann & Co.'b.
L/\ ST D AY!
At 1:30 p. m.
Mr. Babayan Will leave Tuesday. All Roods
unclaimed on which deposits are paid will be
resold to the highest bidder, and also the bal-
ance of the superb stock will be closed out.
A. W. LOUDERBACK, Auctioneer.
B •JO Sag Fw H

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