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TENNIS : Hardy Brothers Defeat Easterners.
YACHTING : /Eolus Wins the Macdonough Cup.
BASEBALL : San Francisco Defeats Sacramento.
Hardy v Brothers Win the Coast
Tennis Championship by Out
playing Whitman and Wright.
Ati Ii ;■> The Call.
DEL MONTE. Sept. 9.-After an un
bridled arid unbroken course of clouting
Whitman and Wright, the tennis invinc
iblcs from Boston, foil with a sickening
fall yesterday afternoon under the swing
ing racket Hows of Sam and Sumner
Hardy; The many clouts, for such have
thejstinging?de£eats at the hands of the
East been dubbed; are now wiped off the
slate, for this single victory; retains the
doubles championship for the West, and
was as sensational *»a contest as has ever,
been seen on the Pacific I oast. In three
straight, sets the Hardys rang the death
knell of the Easterners; who have been
hailing on oceans of victory erer since last
Tuesday; the inaugural of the Atlantic-
Paciflc tournament.
Game by panic the score advanced until
the boards read five all. The local team
took the aggressive. Sam Hardy was sud
denly metamorphosed into a clout< r.
Whenever the opportunity offered he
Bmaßhed the balls nke another Davis and
it was these strokes combined with skill
ful placing, superb cuts across court and
< areful h< ad work that won the set for
the Hardys. Five all. six all and then two
games in rapid succession gave ■ he match
to the plucky Westerners. Whitman and
Wright were bewildered; it was some
thing novel to their tennis understandings
and they changed courts automatically
lor the beginning of the next set.
llobart wanted to bet .. liittier horses
on the result of the match, but both pick
ed the same team so neither will collect.
All books having lixe.l their slates the
second sot was called. Again the Hardys
won the tirst game, but lost the following
two only to even up the score on the fourth.
They then went ahead again; but again
the score was tied, three all and a palpi
tating grandstand waiting for the end.
Courage and daring eat In the hearts of
the Hardys and for the Irst time in their
lives they played with a reckless bril
liancy Driving and chopping everything
in sight by .Sumner and an outclouting
of the dinners by Sam, saw the end of
this set. which read 6—3 in favor of the
Oakland boys. Alter this there was no
more ruthless betting, except by the ,
youthful enthusiasts on the back benches
'who had cigarettes to burn and gum to
tril'.e with indigestion: In the third set
there was no question ay to the outcome.
Although every point was contested the
Hardys played hard and brilliant tennis '
right 'up to the end. The last point of the
{Tame was the most sensational rally of ■
ihe match and won by Sam Hardy's
tjnash after a. rail v that ..is the cause of ■
three distinct cases of nervous prostra
tion. Volley after volley, with the quickest |
lacket play at the end. all four men in
action; was what the spectators went wild |
over. For a time it looked as if the game
would never end. but Sam Hardy's ter
minal smash did the trick.
•'Unmo, match, set; tournament—
win!" yelled Joe Daily in the scorer's box;
but bi-lore he had finished the victors
leaped over the net and were shaking
hands with the vanquished. There was
rot much joy in the Eastern countenances
Lut the Western beams more than coun
terbalanced. ■
Then the crowd surged in on the Hardys
md to-morrow they will have swelled
hands— not heads.
The ladies' championship singles was
played out to-day between Miss Button of I
Los Angeles and' Miss Bee Hooper of Say
Francisco. This was the sole match 01
the tournament, and now Mi.-s Sutton is
the proud possessor of a very handsome
toilet set, the prize offered by -Mr. Douty.
The first set of the match went to Miss i
Hooper, with the .score 6— i. Miss Sutton
was slightly nervous and not able to reach ;
her regular game. In the second set she
improved, while Miss Hooper showed
weakness her returns losing their char
acteristic 'strength and sureness. The set
was won by Miss Sutton, 6—.'!. The third
set went to' the young lady, but not until I
every game was fought out to a bitter
iinish. The score was o—i,0 — i, and now Miss
Hutton is the champion lady player of the
Pacific Coast, Miss Jones being absent and
neglecting to defend her title.
The consolation doubles played to-day
resulted as follows:
Collier and Stauf won from Jones and
Arguello by default; McFarlan and Stew
art from Braly and Bell by default; John
sun and Argufllo lost to Farlan and
Stewart, o—4, «— 2; Hunt and Seager beat
Fatjo and Warburton. 3—6, 6 — 3, 9—7;
Bliven and Code beat Collier and Stauf,
(• — 4 i_6, ti — Finals: Hunt and Seager,
o—3, 6—l. 6—2.
The week of tennis culminated to-night
in a banquet tendered the Eastern men by
the Pacific Coast Association. Besides
tho four Eastern players, the Whitneys,
the Hardys and George Wright were
Sensation Created in the Races at the
State Fair at St. Paul.
ST. PAUL, Minn., Sept. 9.— A sensational
f( ature of to-day's races at the State Fair
was the sudden death of Arpallo in the
SACRAMENTO RACETRACK— Sixth day of the meeting of the State
Fair Association, Saturday, September 9. Weather fine. Track fast.
Ftartlng Judge— Frank Covey.

I IRST RACE— Pacing, 2:25 class; mile heats, best three In five; purse, JIOOO.
H H. Hellman's b. m. Myrtha Whips, by Whlps-Mytha (Hell-
2 3 8 111
W H Lumsden'B b. m Roblet, hy Robin-Eveline (Havey) 7 114 6 2
nla, b !:., by Charles Derby (Hoy) « 4 2 S 2 r. o.
•;a b. m by Alex Button (Blgelow) 6 6 4 2 Br. o.
<-fc g by Brigadier fLafterty) 4 6 8 5 4 r. o.
Wild kutllng, br. h., by "vVlldnut (Donathan) 12 6 8 drawn
';i!f Topsail, eh. h., by Diablo (Smith) distanced
■ h. m., by Happy Prince (Kelly) distanced
Time— 2:l3, 2:12, 2:17%, 2:18H, I:1SH. 2:15«4.
SECOND RACE— Trotting; free for all; mile heats, best two In three; purse, $1600.
: Olark'a br. g. Toggles, by Etrathway-Sly (Clark) 1 l
Klamath, b. g., by Morookus (Judd) 3 2
lie, tir. h., by Stranger (Bunch) 2 5
Neernut, h. h., by Albert W (Brooks) 4 3
Hazel Klnney, b. m., by McKlnney 'Jeffries) 6 4
Prince Gift, br. t., by Good Gift (Kent) i 6
'"lay S, b. h., by Qrover Clay (Rodriguez) dlst
Time— 2:11%, 2:10.
Presiding Judge— J. W. Wilson. Starter— R. Havey.
7j THIRD RACE— One mile; the- Vinctor Stakes; three-year-olds and upward; value, $440.
__ . _ Betting.
I Betting;.
•'lex. Horse. Age. Welght.JSt. 4m. %rn. %m. Str. Fin. Jockeys. Op. CI.
7.15) Jennie Reid. 3 109! 4 4 4 21 11 11 JDoullier j 3-2 3-2
36 Hobenzollern, 6.. ...122) 3 4 lh 11 2% 2% (Thorpe ....... 2 2
:,i Libertine, a 122 1 11 2n 3 4 3133 (Snider ( 2 2
I.-.2) Nllgar. 3 112; 2 3 1 3 1 4 4 '4' [Ward | 6-5 6-5
Time— 1:414- Perfect start. Won driving. Winner, R. Hughes' b. t., by El Rio Rey-
Fusetta. '
j ty i iTJBTH RACE— Six furlongs; allowances; two-year-olds; purse, 1300.
I g\ FOURTH RACE— Six furlongs; allowances; two-year-olds; purse, J300.
<•-£• — t— ' : '.
~ ~ „r , t I 7, I I Betting.
j ! Betting.
ndex. ■/ . Horse. eight. St. l4m. %m. Km. Str. Fin. J Jockeys. Op. CI.
327 Sunello U0 6 ... 61 63 2 4 In 'l.oullier 5-2 2
30 Constellator Ml 3 ... 14 11 114 2 4 Morse ,6'i,J12
The Buffoon 113 1 ... 46 42 8% 32 Jones | 4 9-2
Gold Bullion 110 2 ... 2% 8 4 4 4 4 10 I Duffy I 12 25
•3 Bamboulia 118 4 ••• 3h 2 4 61 66 Thorpe 2-3 8-5
27 San Tomas 100 « ... 62 62 66 64 Butler 5-2 5
37 Britt 11° 5 ... 7 6 74 72 7% Hobart 20 40
... Morelia IPS 7 ... 8 8 8 8 Call 1 12 40
Time— 1 :15%. Fair start. Won driving. Winner, M. Storn's b. g., by Morello-Sunllt.
jO FIFTH RACE— Seven furlongs; sell ; three-year-olds and upward; purse, $300.
kIcjc. Horse.' Ace. Wight. St. 4m. 4m. %m. . Str. Fin. Jockeys. Op. OIL
i S3 * Cromwell, 6 1071 1 . ... 14 11 ... 13 Mackin ) 2-3 4-5
(33)' New Moon, 6 102 4 ... J 1 2n ... 2% Butler 5-2 2
?l Manranllla, 5 107; 7 ... J 4 3 4 ... 3 4 Bennett 6 12
33 Twinkle Twlnk, 6.. 108} 5 ; ... £* <2 ... 4% Jones 5 8
:tl Meadow Dark, a.... 103 6 ... "J5 J 10 ... 66 Morse 3 9-2
... Senator Wilson, 4. .103 3 .... » 1 6 15 ... 6 15 Flynn 20 40
... Fred Gardner, 8....1WI 2 ... 7 7 ... 7 Duffy 20 40
23 Com. Traveler, 4...107] * ... ••• ... Mounce 5 3
•Left -'.•'.'. .:.:-.'.""' ,.;.. '•■-
Tlme-l:2S4. Bad start. Won easily. Winner, Cambridge Stable's ch. h., by St. Blalse-
Flavina. '.'m^gil
The horse show and open-air fete held yesterday on the club grounds was a
signal success. It lias assumed a permanent place in the social life of the little
colony down in the foothills of San Mateo. It is purposed to hold a show in this
city next year, owing to the keen interest shown in horses and appropriate equi
second heat of the match race between
Allerto and Arpallo for a purse of $1000.
which was postponed from the opening
day of the fair. Allerto had won the first
heat by three lengths in 2:24%. When the
second heat was called, the race being the
best two in three. Allerto broke at the
quarter and Arpallo went ahead about
ten lengths. On the way to the stretch
Allerto caught up and both drivers were
whipping in the finish. Arpallo winning
by an open length. About twenty-five
yards past the wire the horse fell dead.
The weather and track were all that
could be desired for racing and about 6000
persons were in the stand. The opening
race was the fifth heat of the 2:22 pact-,
postponed from Friday. Dan Patchen win
ning the heat and race, and at th" same
time cutting his mark down from 2:ll>>* to
2:lo>i- Results:
■ -.18 trot, mile heats, best three in five, purse
$250 — Barolite won thp first, second and fourth i
heats. Time, 2:l'j ! .4. 2:13%, 17%. Robin
Downs won the third beat in 2:204 and was
second. Melle Clifford third. Loll and Ecstasy
also started.
2:17 pace, mile heats, best three In five, purse
$■)-,(,_ , |ck Turpln won the second, third and
fourth heats. Time, 2:15%; 2:13',, 2:17%. Dell
S won the second heat In 2:l3 : >i and was sec
ond, Prince Stevens third. Ella Range aJso
Match race, mile heats, best two in three,
purse $300 — Norway won the second and third
heats. Time, 2:24%, 2:30. Count Tolstoi won
the first heat in Z:2BMi and was second, Alor'.a
third. , .
Mile dash running: race— Melody won. Sun
burst second. Alma third. Time not Klvfn.
Half-mile running race, best two in three
heats— Marble Rock won in straight heats.
Mill Mason was second in the first heat and
Uncle Dan In the second heat. The time of
the first heat was :51 and the last heat was
made in :50*4.
BUFFALO, Sept. 6.— Dissolute carried 113
pounds In the two-year-old handicap at Fort
Erie this afternoon and won a handy race, per
haps the best performance of the meeting.
Weather clear; track fast. Results:
One mile — Fresco won, Joe Weber second.
Traveler third. Time. 1:42%.
Five furlongs— Left Bower won, Alfred C
second. Daily Report third. Time, 1:01%.
One — Arequebus won. Bellpunch second.
Crystalline third. Time, 1:40%.
Mile and a sixteenth— Allle Belle won. Beau
Ideal second, Red Pirate third. Time. 1:47*.
Five furlongs — Dissolute won, Kin« l)<-!iis
second. Advance Guard third. Time, 1:01%.
Short course steeplechase — Phllae won. La
Colona second, Fred Perkins third. Time, 3:01.
' " -■ *' ' ■ __^ * v' ■ ■ j fc
Special Dispatch to The Call.
SACRAMENTO, Sept o.— Native Sons 1
flay at the truck brought another im
mense tiiroriK of people to Agricultural
I'.itk. The weather was piping hot ai.'l
the grand • a : : .i looked a mass &i pretty
gay colors and swishing fans, whil<
in the betting ring v. ■■ people In the crowd
naturedly crushed and jostled >■.;' li ■
other in an effort to get their coin In on
the mah^ things that were in cir
culation. Stylish turnouts and the old
fashioned blackboard wen also In profu
sion in the Infield. Th< greal free-for-all
I ■ Vinctor stake were
• attractions of the grand card
. dri\ n by * harl<
Clark, settled once tor all who is. entitled
termed the champion of his el
for the little bay gelding downed a high
class field in straight heats and In doing
so set a new track race record of 2:11).
Azot< in 1894 stepped a faster mile, but not
in an actual contest
In the Vinctor stake the esohschnltzia
if Mat Stora were carried to the front I
by Jennie K'-i<i, ridden by young Loulller,
with Hohenzollern, Libertine and Nllgar
finishing m the cloud of dust left behind
by the winner, oi five favorites furnished
oil thr iriL-nu. but two earned brackets.
William Kleldwick had the track in rare
,v i condition, and those who looked for
last time were not disappointed. The
2:20 pace was lirst called, with Wild Nut
ling selling favorite over the field. For
the opening heat (laff Topsail drew the
pole position, but It availed the chestnut
horse nothing. Valeria soon headed the
bunch, with the favorite in close attend
ance. Straightened for home, Donathan
called on \\ il<l Nutllng and at the wire
won easily, with Myrtha Whips second
and Gaff Topsail third.
In the heat following Dick Havey
sprung a surprise with KoMet, going to
the front and beating Nutling out very
handily at the wire. The same man- re
peated the trick in the third heat, Wild
Nntlinp stopping to a walk. Then came
another change. The Myrtha Whips party
backed the odds against the mare from 5
!,, 2 to l to -. and she took the next thred
heats in impressive fashion. In the fourth
heat Wild Nutllng pulled up badly dis
tressed and was drawn. Best time made,
When tho free-for-all was called friends
of the past did not forsake the old cam
paigner Klamath, for in the. auction
pools he brought 8 against 10 for Toggles
and 3 for the field, consisting of Clay S,
Hazel Kinney, Boodle. Prince Gift and
Neernut. Boodle, driven by Bunch, had
the pole position in the opening heat, and
to a perfect start showed first until near
ing the bend for home, where Toggles
strode Into first position, winning frc*i
the deposed leader without being pressed
Klamath made a couple of "jimmies"
during the' trip, but managed to finish
third. The next heat was a repetition
almost of the first, only that Toggles led
from the word, passing the judges five
lengths uhead of Klamath. Neernut, of
which great things were expected, was
third in this heat.
Of the four starters for the Vinctor
stake, over a mile, the Sacramento con
tingent sent Nilgai* with Jack Ward up
to the post a slight choice over Jennie
Reid Libertine and Hohenzollern were
both 2 to 1 chances in the betting. Havey
made a perfect start and Libertine and
Hohenzollern at once made for the had,
.lighting it out for nearly six furlongs.
Well into the stretch I>>ullier made his
move with Jennie Reid, disposing of
Hohenzollern at the wire somewhat easily
by a length In 1:41%. The favorite ran
A six-furlong dash for two-year-olds,
which followed, was responsible for the
downfall of Bamboulia, The big colt was
sen! to the post a pronounced choice, hut
Thorpe, who had the mount, was pock
eted the first part and at the end did not
figure among the first three. With the
race well in hand Morse, astride Con-
Btellator, fell asleep during the final
Stages of the game and was beaten out
a neck by Sunello, the Storn entry, which
came fast from the rear. Show honors
went to The Buffoon
Cromwell, a 4 to 5 favorite, with Mack
lin in the saddle, managed to beat the
harrier in the closing seven-furlong event
and was never headed. Isew Moon closed
up a vast amount of lost ground, taking
the place in a drive from Manzanilla.
Western Golf Champion.
CHICAGO, Sept. 9.— David B. Forgan
of the Onwentsia Club Is the first West
ern amateur golf champion- In the final
match played to-day at the Glenvlew Oolt
and Polo Club he defeated his club mat.'
\V K. Egan, by a score of six up and liva
tn play. Forpan's victory was a ponular
one, in that he is one of the pioneers of
the sport in the West. He praetioaily
broke the amateur record for the course
In the afternoon, for, although he to
taled 80, he was twice stymied when so
close to the hole that the puts would
have bren a certainty.
Advance* made on furniture and pianos, with
or without removal. J. Noonan, 1017-1023 Mission.
The open-air horse show and fete of the
Burllngame Country Club has passed into
history, leaving but pleasant memories,
with none of the heartburnings that some
times attend such competitions. The
judging gave general satisfaction, the de
cisions of C. A. Baldwin, Norman Brough
and J. C. Kirkpatrick heing, without ex
ception, commended. The attendance was
the largest ever attracted by a show on
the club grounds, the balcony of the club
house being thronged throughout the day.
The unqualified success of the affair will
undoubtedly result in a show being held
in this city next year. Major Kathbone,
H. J. Crocker. George Newhall, J. B.
Crockett and other members of th<^ Horse
Show a. lation of che Pacific Coast,
all expressed themselves as favoral
thf project. A further indication of the
development of the taste for high-class
sports "f the field on this coast Is the
projected visit of a team <<( Canadian
polo players. They arc expected for the
next I>'-1 Monte season and will bring
their Jinnies.
The most Interesting of the competi
tions yesterday were two in which ladies
drove. Among the skillful "whips" were
.Mis. George Lent, Mrs. 1\ P. Frank. Miss
Hopkins. Mrs. J. S. Tobin, Miss Crockett,
Miss S.ntt and Mrs. H. J. Crocker. Miss
Hopkins, driving one of Mr. Carolan's
horßes. won In the first class, while Mrs.
J. S. Tobin was the victor the second
tint-, driving a pair of her own horses.
All the young women showed skill in the
handling of their spirited animals.
To horsemen the most Important class
was t)i;;t open to all harness horses. It
was w>n by Georjre Pope's bay mare
Sweetheart Bhe won twice at Madison
Squari Garden and again at the horse
show in thla city. John Parrott's entries
flnishi (I si cond and third.
K. J. Carolan wa3 closely pressed for
honors '■ ■■ the various members of the
Tobin family. Richard, Joseph and Oliver
won ei.L'hi blue ribbons- and three of red,
while Mr. Carolan won nine first prizes
and was second twice. His winnings in
clude thr. <■ valuable silver cups, the To
bins Becuring two and George Pope the
other one offered. John Parrott won two
firsts and four seconds: George Pope three
firsts and two seconds; Mrs. P. P. French
one first, and H. J. Crocker two seconds.
The programme included jumping com
petitions and tandem and four-in-hand
Annual Inter-Club Regatta-A Long Chapter of Incidents.
The Emma fouls J. TV. P^w's speedy sloop Truant and puts her out of t the contest almost immediately nfter thstart: the Amlßo is towod homA with *.
broken mast and all her standing rigging wrecked; the Merope drops a man overboard; the Mignon has her mainsail ripped, and the Aeolus fouls the whaxL
The officers of the club, headed by Ma
jor J. L. Rathbone, and the other officers
especially charged with the handling of
the exhibition, were tireless in the per
formance of their duties. Richard Gra
ham, the ringmaster, did yeoman duty
in an effort to get the equipages into the
ring on time. The detailed results of the
competitions follow:
Harness horses, open, class, over -15 hands 3
inches — Won by John Parrott's Sovereign and
Prime Minister, George A. Pope's Native Son
and Majesty second.
Harness horses, under 15 hands 3 Inches —
by F. J. Carolan's Athlete, John Parrott's All
Baba. second, same owner's Peplta third.
•Sporting tandem team— Won by F. J. Caro
lan. R. M. Tobin second.
Harness horses suitable for brougham — Won
by Sirs. F. P. Frank's Prince; George A. Pope's
Actfjr second and J. I), Grant's Majesty third.
■ Harness horses, best pair, under 15 hands 3
inches— Won by P. ,T. Carolan's Pastime and
Pleasure: John Parrot fa Brimstone and Bung
alow Belle second and Mrs. F. P. Frank's Ro
mulus and Remus third.
Saddle horses, not exceeding IS hands 2 Inches
— Won by F. J. Carolan's Lady Love; Timothy
Hopkins' Peyton second and John Parrott's
Bogle Man third.
Appointment class, best horse not over 15
hands 3 inches, suitable for lady— by F.
J. Cardan's Pleasure, driven by Miss Hopkins;
J. S. Tobin's Shadow second, driven by Mrs.
J. B. Tobln, and Princess Poniatowski's King
third, driven by Mlse Scott.
appointment class, best horse and run-about
—Won by .1. S. Tobln 1 ? Shadow: F. J. Caro
lan'i Athlete second and Mrs. F. P. Frank's
Remus third.
Four-in-hands, best road team— Won by
George A. Pope; Henry J. Crocker second and
George A. Newhall third.
Jumping; class— Won by F. J. Carolan on
Merry Boy. John I^awson on A. B. William
son's Blucher second. '= » .-.-:■■
Pony tandems— Won by R. M. Tobln with
Rostna and Duke. F. J. Carolan second with
Blase Away and Fiddlesticks.
Harness horses, best high stepper in the
show, champion class— won by George A.
Pope's Sweetheart, John Parrott's Peplta sec
ond and same owner's Bravo third.
Best high jumper— Won by F. J. Carolan's
Merry Boy. San Francisco Riding Club's Dead
wood second.
Appointment class, best pair of horses, suit
able for lady, ladies to drive— Won by J. S.
Tobin's Sunshine and Shadow, driven by Mrs.
J. R. Tobin: F. J. Carolan's Pastime and
Pleasure driven by Miss Crockett, second: Miss
Mary Crocker's Attempt and Paquita, driven
by owner, third.
Best pony four-in-hand— Won by F. J. Caro
lan, R. M. Tobln second.
Bestlharnwss tandem— Won by John Parrott's
, All Baba and Pepita, B. I>. Beylard's Lancer
and Tommy Tomklns second and John Par
rott's Bungalow Belle and Brimstone third.
Tandem driving contest— Won by Richard
j Tobln, H. J. Crocker second.
Polo ponies, shown at the bending poles— Won
by J. S Tobin's Peanuts, Pletro D. Martin's
Santa Monica second and F. J. Carolan's Hoo
i doo thitil.
i Polo ball driving contest— Won by Oliver
| Tobln. - - . • -
Four-ln-hand park teams— Won by George A.
I Pope, George A. Newhall second.
HORSE SHOW: Prizes Awarded at Burlingame.
COURSING : Running Qff the Produce Stake.
RACES: Close Finishes, Sacramento Fair.
Pony jumping class-Won by Oliver Tobln
""conflation jumping class-Won by J. Dyer
on Max.
Visiting Cricketers Win.
The eleven of the Santa Cruz Country
Club which is visiting the cricketers of
this city, played its first match yesterday
against the Alameda team on the Alameda
grounds, and won by 27 runs in the first
inning" The Alameda club played two
men *hort and none of the team except
PeJl Bird' and McLean made any stand
aea in«t the bowling of Bowley. who cap
?urVd six wickets for eleven runs. In
ther second innings the Santa Cn« men
"cored 110 runs fnr six wickets, to whn l
BowlO contributed 31 and Ritchie, not
°Ta-dav the visitors will play against an
eleven of the Pacific club at Alameda.
On the Go.f Links.
The «=cmi-flnal and final rounds of the
ladies' cup and council cup competitions
were played off yesterday on the San Ra
fael club's links. The first lady to have
her name inscribed on the ladies' cup will
! he Mrs. R. Oilman Brown, while the first
gentleman whose appellation and
will lie perpetuated on the council cup
is E. J. McCutchen. The ladies' handicap
competition, at nine holes, medal play,
was won by Mrs. Denis Donohoe Jr.. and
the men's handicap, at eighteen holes,
| medal play, by S. H. Boardman.
I 1 i Time |Starting|Finish'g j Elapsed I Corr" ted
iRacl'gl all'W-1 Time. Time. | Time. I Time.
YACHT. No. le'gth. I Rig. ante. !
I i M S. H. M. S. H. M. S. H. M. S. H. M. S.
Merope 62 J 23.24 ! Sloop I 12:10:00 I 2:58:58 ! 2:48:58 j 2:4S:5S
Phoenicia 71 j 22.34 j Sloop I I ! |
Aeolus I 2 I 28.28 Sloop j 00:30 [ 12:20:00 3:42:17 I 3:22:17 3:21:47
Amigo 4 1 88.58 Sloop 00:10 j 12:20:00 3:45:06 ' 3:24:46 3:24:36
Misnnn 24 28.40 Sloop 00:20 12:20:00 •
Truant 97 27.66 Sloop 01:31 i 12:20:00 •-
V and 1 98 26.72 Sloop (1.1:18 ! j
Presto 124 j 2S.65 Sloop 00:00 12:20:00 3:56:14 3:36:14 3:36:14
Sans Soucl 125 j 2S.09 Sloop 00:50 12:20:CO •:
Edna I 23 34.42 Sloop . 00:00 '12:30:00 I 3:37:43 3:07:43 I 3:07:43
Embla 25 34.37 Sloop 00:00 \ 12:30:00 3:58:52 3:28:52 3:28:52
Emma 29 Sloop '.. j 12:30:00 •
Freda 37 Sloop ....... •/ =
Jessie E [ 126 31.19 Sloop 04:15 | 12:30:00 *
Speedwell j 89 I 36.32 I Sloop I 02:51 ] 12:40:00 I 3:51:58 I 3:11:58 J 3:09:07
Ella I 26 I 88.90 | Sloop | 00:00 j 12:40:00 j. 3:39:27 | 2:59:27 | 2:59:27
•Did not finish.
/Eolus Outfoots All Competitors
in Her Class and Carries Off
the Fourth Macdonough Cup.
The fourth of th* series of five cups pre
sented annually to the Pacific Inter.-lub
Yacht Association by J. M. Macdonough
I was won yesterday by Carl Westerfeld
■ nnd R. H. Morrow's sloop Aeolus, thl
ing the third Macdonough trophy cai
off by that speedy craft. In the thlrty
■ Bix-foot class B. !•'. Sugar's sloop Edna
d< feated her old rival. K. N. Walter and
M< Loughland brothers' sloop Bmbla. by
1 the handsome margin of 21 mm i •
! onds. corrected tlm.\ In forty-four-foot
class. F. K. Ames' Ella defeated B. Don >-
hop's Spe< Iwell, by 9 minutes and 40
I onds corrected time. Hoth boats carried
1 working sails only, and - dwell
ti wed a small boat throughout the race.
At 9 o'clock yesterday morning
' was a piping breeze on tin bay, so that
; the twenty-footers Kit ti wake, [dlei
i Petrel did not come over to the
\ front. The little sloop Doris sailed over
; from Tiburon, but founi
; stiff that she did not cross the si
j line. Among the twenty-five-footers l.
W. Hurndall's Merope was the only
starter. She covered the- short
and will receive the class pennant. H. ...
Simpkins' Mistral had been enti red in the
twenty-five-foot class too lan for her
name to appear in the list of enti - The
entry, however, was accepted and
put out from Tibtiron. but <!!■!
the starting line. In the thim
there were six starters, but only t
these finished.
The race lost a strong 1 element of inter
est from the fact that J. W. Pew -
ant, the most dangerous rival
Aeolus, was put out of the contest
minutes after crossing the startin-
The Aeolus came up to the line sh<:
before the signal to start was giw
slacked sheets and hovered along It, I
ally crossing It on the port tack
fifteen seconds after the whistle. X
seconds later the Presto and the Amij:
went across, and five minutes after the
whistle Gorter's Sans Soucl crossed. Th:
Truant and Mignon were the last to pass
over the line, about ten minutes late.
The Emma, on the port tack, bore duw:i
upon the Truant on the starboard tack,
and getting her bowsprit entangled in the
Truant's topping-lift, slewed her round s>
that the Truant ran head on toward the
wharf. Fortunately sh« struck Kanf 9
launch, which was moored alongside ths
wharf obliquely, and her peak having
been quickly dropped, did herself litt!. In
jury. She was compelled to retire frcrti
the race.
This was the first of a long- chapter of
accidents. In gibing around Blossom
Rock buoy the Mignon carried away tl^'
traveler from the mast and tore her main
sail also retiring from the race. H .\
Hurndall, brother of P. W. Hurndali.
owner of the Merope, fell overboard ami
was picked up by Frank Stone's Presto.
Just after she had crossed the finishing
line a winner the Aeolus attempted to put
about, but had not enough sea room ami
fouled the wharf. She was soon cleared,
having sustained no damage. A few min
utes later the Amigo. which had also com
pleted the course, was struck by a squall
and carried violently against the Powell
street wharf, under which her bowsprit
passed. The starboard bow struck the
piles with such force that the mast
snapped off at about the middle, bringing
down all the standing rigging. Fortunat?
ly the broken mast hurt no one and as
soon as the sails, spars and running rig
ging had been pulled aboard the tug Aleri
came up and took her in tow.
1 The regatta was full of incident and pro
i vlded plenty of sport to the spectators an !
j a good deal of excitpment to the yachts
i men. Only eight boat* finished, ami of
. these all but the M< at over th-r
middle course, estimated at fourteen nau
ti..;:l miles. A. .7. Young's sloop Clara was
the windward Btakeboat and w. S. <;r<r,-
. :'s yawl Arcturus was the leeward staki -
boat. The Merope salted the short course,
reckoned at ten nautical miles. TI
results are shown in the annexed table:
For More Sports See Page 18.

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