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Polaris, the North Star, Found to Be Composed
of Three Bodies That Are Con
tinually Revolving.
SAN JOSE, Sept. 9.— A discovery of
great scientific and considerable popular
Interest has just been made by Professor
Campbell with the great telescope of the
Lick Observatory. It is that Polaris, or
the north star, doubtless the b»jst known
star in the whole firmament, is really a
triple system. Two of the bodies in this
system revolve around each other in a
period of four days, and at the same time
move in a much wider sweep around a
third body. In much the same way a3
th<> i arth and moon do around the sun.
The separate bodies which compose the
system cannot be seen with the telescope,
nor is it likely that they ever will be
seen with any instrument. Their exlst
la demonstrated by observations
made with a spectroscope. By a method
which need not be explained here the
ppeed with which a heavenly body is mov
ing toward or away from the earth can
be measured with a spectroscope at
tached to a telescope. The method has
been known for many years, but it is
only recently that the necessary- accu
racy for observations of stars has been
reached by the application of photogra
phy. There are various ways of eh. ck-
Ing the correctness of the results. Thus,
as the sun turns on its axis, one edge
is constantly approaching the earth and
the other is receding from it at the rate
nit l\ miles per second; the spectm
is found to measure this motion
correctly. A grain, the velocity with which
the planets are moving In the line of
fight can be calculated from the known
dimensions of the solar system, and in
this case also the reliability of the sDec
A sernphic s=ml!e Illumined the counte
rance or' your Uncle Henry after the
game yesterday afternoon. The hoodoo
which had hovered over hia aggregation
f-r weeks was dispelled and the happy
manager whispers to his friends that it
was ■ :i the offices of a rabbit's
■ :i horseshoe or a three-leafed clover
me beamed once more on the
local toss rs. He stoutly claims that
hits and good all-round base
the game from Sacramento, and
■ ■ truth.
Pan Francisco defeated the Capital City
r.me I I f s'.ucrcnns the ball at the
ripht • ady playing. To Brock-
Ls due the credit of the first victory
achieved by the nine in some time. It
Brockhofl who made timely hits and
clever p»'k-ups. His playing at short was
a revelation to the "fans." who voiced
their appreciation at every opportunity.
The f"i;r runs and the sMx hits -
; 5 Frisco were, strange to say, made in
ra. In the third the
■ l.;. which they i
till the end of the game. Pyne opened the
by Singling to right and took
: : fa i rror. 1 1 fc out.
iien little Brockhoff batted out a
pretty one to left, and while trying to
ad was nearly caught bf
During the play Pyne scored,
ail being thrown too late to head him
md "Brock" went to third oi
flew to
y" Krug lifted out a
tchoff went home. S i
c i the side with a bunt to
a did rot do anything nn
• inning th
a "whitewash" by scoring a lone raily.
Sheehan led .-ff with a line drive to left,
:. making a desperate ef
. a and
error. Many thought it \\arf
. one and that Sheehan should
redited with a two-bagger.
M< Laughlin went out on a fly to c<
nt a liner to Iherg. and the ball,
after striking the twlrler's hand, went up
Brooklyn Again Shuts Out Boston,
the Latter Securing But One
Hit Off McJames.
Clubs- W. L. Pet Clubs- W. L. Pet
Brookl>-n ....84 37 .04 Plttsburg ...64 61 .612
Phlladelpha 78 47 .624 Chicago 6.» 62 .512
Boston 74 48 .606 Louisville ...08 66 .459
Baitlmore ...71 49 .6« New York... BJ n .419
Cincinnati ..70 63 .563 Washington 42 79 .M 7
3t- Louis ...70 66 .655 Cleveland ...19 111 .1»
NEW YORK, Sept. The Baltimores won
two games from the crippled New Torks to
day, both games being lost through errors. In
the first game Warner was hit In the face and
badly cut with a ball thrown by Grady. In the
second game Grady tried to score In the first
inning ajid sustained a serious Injury to his
left knee. He was removed In an ambulance.
He cannot possibly play again this season. At
tendance ISOO. Scores:
First game —
Clubs— n H - E
New York 11l
Ealtimore * * i
Batteries— Seymour, Grady and Warner; Mc-
Glnety and Smith* Umpires— Snyder and Mc-
Second game —
Clubs- . K .- H E
New York til
Baltimore 7 9/
Batterles-Doheny. Grady and Doyle: Nops
and Crisham. Umpires— Enyder and McGarr.
BROOKLYN, Sept. 9.— McJamea outdid hlm
eelf to-day, shutting out the Bostons with only
one hit. That was made In the ninth Inning
>»O»O1 O^O-^O^O^O 4> o<®>oso«>o<B>o<S>o<s>o<S-o<S>o-s>c4>o <$>O $ O 4-O^O<s-O<s>O<s>'
<•> ■
O ' '"
% OF ■+
O | — —^— —^^ **— "^ »-»^—^--
% 133, 135, 137 POST STREET.
9 Ot>O<s>O<S>O3>6<s> O <S> O <S> 0-s>o'?>O'S'O<S>C4>O-S>O<S'o'3>o<S>o<S>o ♦ O ♦ O ♦ o<t> O^O«>O<J>O
troscopic method has been proved. Ob
servations of ptrys by this method are
now being made at a number of the lead
ing observatories of the world.
According- to the laws of motion a body
once set in m/ition, and left to itself, will
move on foreVer, in a straight line, with
uniform velocity. Any change whatever
in its motion indicates the existence of
a disturbing force. The grreat majority
of the st.-u-s are found to move with un
changing velocity, but in a smnll num
ber of cases the velocity varies, and
these are of great interest to the astron
omer. A star may of course move across
the lire of sight, "as well as In it, but of
the former motion the spectroscope takes
no account.
The existence of a revolving system was
proved by this method in the case of the
famous variable star Algol. It had long
been assumed that the changes in the
light of this star were due to eclipses by
a dark companion, and the correctness
of the hypothesis was proved by Pro
fessnr Yog-el of Germany h.
Quite a number of similar cases are
now known, fourteen of which, including
the brilliant binary star Capella, have
been discovered at the Lick Observatory.
Polaris is now, however, the most inter
esting of these. The velocity changes !n
a period of 3 days 23 hours by about 6
kilometers or nearly fruir milt s per sec
ond. The longer period of change h;is
not yet been determined; it may amount
to several years. It may be some time
before this discovery is verified at other
observatories, as the high degree of ac
curacy necessary to measure with cer
tainty so small a change of motion has
an yet been reached only at Mount Ham
like a balloon, but when It descended an.
Instant later, "Brock" nailed It. and, with
a quick, hard throw, put the runner out
at first. The play aroused intense enthu
siasm, and earned the San Francisco's
shortstop a great deal of praise. Shee
han took third on the play, and came |
home on O'Connor's single past short.
Eagran retired the side.
Pyne again led oft in the eighth with a
single and took second on a wild pitch.
Iberg struck out for the third time, and
Brockhoft lined one out to deep center,
scoring Pyne. The noise of jubilation had
hardly died out when Krug landed on the
.■•• re. and as it soared to the right field
fence "Brock" romped to the plate. The
next Titan went out. and then two more
tallies were recorded for the local aggre
i: Lgran put up by far the best game for
Sacramento. He was all over his position,
taking everything in sight. Both pKch
ers were touched up. but their team
mates backed them up superbly. Both
nines arc on their mettle, and today's
game should be a crack-a-jack. Score:
AB. R. BH. SB. PC. A. E.
Brockhcff. s. 8 4 2 2 1 1 5 1 !
Hilderbrandt. r. f.. 4 0 0 0 2 0 0
Krugr. 2 b 4 0 2 0 2 10
Sullivan, lb 4 0 0 0 12 1 0
Courtney, I. f 4 0 0 0 10 1
Swindells, c 4 0 0 0 4 0 0
Illy, 3 b 4 0 0 0 2 5 1
Pjjne c. f 4 2 2 13 0 0
Iberg, p 3 0 0 0 0 2 0
Totals 35 4 6 2 27 14 3 I
AB. R. 811. SB. PO. A. E.
McLaughlln, 1. f.... 4 0 1 0 & 0 0
Harvey, c. f 4 0 0 0 2 0 1
O'Connor. 1 b 4 0 1 0 11 0 0
Eagan, s. s 4 0 2 12 4 1
Stanley, c 4 0 10 6 10
Doyle, p 3 0 10 0 10
Shanghai c. 1 4 0 0 0 0 0 0!
Stulz, 2 b 3 0 0 0 0 2 0 ,
Sheehan, 3 b 3 1 0 J) J. J J ;
Totals S3 1 6 1 27 11 3 j
San Francisco 0 02000020-4
Hase hits 0 0 3 0 0 0 0: O-'J
Sacramento 0 0 0 0 0 10 0 o—l
Base hits 0 10101111-6
Runs responsible Doyle "3. Two-base hit
— Brockhoft. Sacrifice hit— Doyle. First base
on errors— San Francisco 2, Sacramento 2. Left
on bases- San Francisco 4. Sacramento 6.
Struck out— By Iberg 3, by Doyle 6. Passed ball
—Stanley. Wild pitch— Doyle. Time of game—
1 hour "and 30 minutes. Umpire— O'Connell.
Official scorer— J. W. Stapleton.
with two men out. Meekln was the opposing
pitcher an.l was effective except In the filth
Inning. Both of the teams fielded beautifully.
The two successive shut-outs which gave the
series to Brooklyn by 8 to 6, have made the
Brooklyn public confident that the pennant Is
safe. Attendance 12.60 U. Score:
Clubs— R- H. E.
Boston 0 1 2
Brooklyn * ' l
Batteries— Meekin and Bergen; McJames and
McGuire. Umpires— Emslle and Dwyer.
PHILADELPHIA, Sep^ 9-Gus Weyhlnu
was an easy mark for the Phillies to-day. He
was hit safely in every Inning, especially In
the seventh, when nine men batted and six of,
them made singles. Donohue had the Wash
inßtonlans at his mercy and they hit him only
when he allowed them to do bo. Attendance
6564. Score:
Clubs— ' R- H. E.
Washington 6 10 6
Philadelphia 13 19 1
Batteries— Weyhlng and Kittrcdce; Donahue
and Douglas. — Swartwood and Hunt.
PITTSBURG. Sept. 9.— Louisville won the
first game through timely hitting, assisted by
dopey playing on the part of the Plttsburgs.
The second was won by the locals with good
pitching and fast work on the bases. Second
game called on account of darkness. Attend
ance 4300. Score:
First game—
Clubs— 11. H. E.
Plttsbur? 10 15 2
Louisville 13 14 7
Batteries— Sparks, Leever and Fox: Woods,
Flaherty and Zlmmer. Umpires — Manassau
and Connolly.
Second game—
Clubs— R. H. E.
Plttsburff 5 7 2
Louisville 16 3
Batteries— HofTer and Schrtver; "Woods and j
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Powers. Umpires— Manassau and Connolly.
CHICAGO, Sept. The Orphans won two
uninteresting games from Cleveland , to-day.
Both Schmidt and Bates proved easy marks,
while Callahan and Garvln were at their best,
the latter with perfect support pitching a shut
out A peculiar feature of the second game was
that neither second baseman had a fielding as
sist Attendance 3000. Scores:
First game-
Clubs— *V **• E.
Chicago lit
Cleveland ••• 2 5 0
Batteries— and Chance: Schmidt and
Duncan. Umpires— O'Day and McDonald.
Second game-
Clubs- R- H. E.
Chicago 11 15 0
Cleveland 0 » 8
Batteries— Garvin and Donahue: Bates and
Sugden. Umpires— and O'Day.
ST. LOUIS, Sept. 9.— St. Louis won by time
ly batting. Cross made two timely hits, scor
ing runs. Beckley made a home run In the
fifth, scoring three runs. Attendanoe 7n/Q.
Clubs- R. H. E.
St. Louis 11 15 1
Cincinnati 6 6-
Batteries— Sudhoft and Criger; Breitensteln.
Phllllpps and Peitz. Umpire—
Trout Planted.
SAN ANDREAS. Sept. 9.— The State
Fish Commission, through C. W. Getehell
of the Calaveras Prospect, has placed
25.000 young trout in the headwaters of
the Mokelumne River. The fry arrived
In perfect condition from the Sisson
hatchery and were successfully planted.
The streams Into which they were placed
are thoroughly protected.
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Desperate Struggle at San Quentin
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Turnkey McClure had to be called to the
guard's assistance. Randolph received a
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and was temporarily incapacitated for the
performance of his duties, but was not
seriously injured.
When Molloy was detected in the mis
demeanor he was in his cell and an at
tempt to remove him to the dungeon led
to a tumult, the other convicts rushing to
the windows of their cells and yelling
encouragement to the prisoner at the top
of th~ir voices. Molloy was finally lodged
in the "solitary," and will be kept there
until the Prison Board acts upon his case
next Saturday. Warden Aguirre states
that this is the first time the prisoner has
given the officials any trouble.
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Gold From Alaska.
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VICTORIA. B. C, Sept. 9.— The steam
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schooner Cottage City arrived to-day
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lian wool, per pair $1b75
La ies' silk and wool mixed Coittlsi-
nation Suits, buttoned down
f.ont, cream or blue mixed, the
"Dorothy" brand, made by the ' Yp«i-
lanti" Underwear Co., per suit. £3.
Ladies' imported Cotton Hose,
Hermsdorf black, heavy fleeced lined,
per pair 25g
Lad es' fine Cashmere Worsted
Hose, fast black, Merino heels and
toes, per pair 33}- 3 O
La ies' extra fine quality Gash'
mere Hose, imported fast blac.c,
gray mixed, Merino heels and toes,
double soles, per pair 5Qc
We are sole agents in this city
for the. celebrated " Stuttgar-
ter" Sanitary Underwear —
special catalogue free on applica-
from Alaska, bringing $300,000 in gold dust
or its equivalent and 250 passengers.
Among those who bring largo sums is
Dick Lowe, a wel-known miner, who is
credited with $60,000. Among the passen
gers are Sir Thomas Taonlrd of England
and Captain Draper of the United States
SAN RAFAEL, Sept. 9.— A Cakewalk
and dance was given last evening at the
National Guard Armory by the Tamal
pais band under the auspices of the Na
tive Sons, the proceeds of which will be
devoted to the purchase of uniforms. The
affair was attended by a large number of
leading citizens. Frank Bustin and Miss
Agnes Rollin won the cake. The affair
was in charge of the following commit-
Ileception committee— Judge F. M.
Angellottl (chairman). W. F\ Magee T.
J. Fallon. James P. Edgar W. P. Taylor,
W. S. Dreypolcher. E. J. Connell, S. K.
Herzog, W. H. O'Connor. M. F. Coughran.
Floor committee— E. S. Rake chair
man), D. Q. Troy, H. E. Klammar. L.
Smith. H. Thomas, H. J. Mclsaac J. P.
Kenny. W. Tanforan. P. H. Cochrane.
Floor manager— Arthur E. Scott.
PASADENA, Sept. 9.— The winter man
sion of Andrew McNally, the Chicago mil
lionaire, narrowly escaped total destruc
tion by fire this morning. The family have
gone East, leaving the house In charge of
a caretaker. He was aroused about 7
o'clock by smoke and flames. The fire
had started by spontaneous combustion in
the Turkish room, where many handsome
rugs and valuable bric-a-brac are stored.
Store in
Fall '39 . stock in the
NOVeltieG tit third section of
Trimmings, %Jgj*
CsCf prov a great
attraction to-morrow and during the
wepk. Paris, London, Berlin and New
York have each contributed their share
of pretty fixings for fashionable ladies.
Elastic Beaded Belts, with new fringe
effects, 3 to 12 iron- deep, prices
from... $2.00 tO $7.50
Black Bead Belt* 35c tO $3.00
Black Spangled Tunics
$9.50 to $25.00
Black Spangled R .b^s
$12.50 to $35.00
Black Spangled At.--<v?rs in a large
variety ; also white and black and
ste«'. prices nnee ncr yard from
$1.75 tO $12.00. Sp-ngled
B> A nfir va-d lOC tO $3.25
awl ■ ' -'ft-n. Veive'. Stock Col-
r^Zi j~^j ' ars — Lined with
r f^f\ft>f\^f\ satin, worked in
IL/^OOr)R)j beads and span-
Yip S 1 es • fringed
WWM\mw lt * -75c to
Skirt Frtti^ a — Graduated pieces, also
silk fringes by th 9 yard
.'. 50c to $2.75
NOW Table Satin- Finished
— j, m Irish Linen Da-
UantaSKSw mask— 72 inches
wide, ciose wear* — will retain its fin-
ish and gloss after laundering — per
yard 9Oc
For service and wear at a medium price
we recommend a Cream or Half-
bleached Damask — a splendid value in
CO-inch wide goods— per yard.. .45 C
Fall "99 Art Goods,
Table Covers f^s
in new Tint- j /x. *W
ed Effects, y^jT^yh-£s
edged with /lifk]
a pretty jft y^\ — A. \
linen fringe ,^^H\\\i|////H
36 inches |\\\~ 'VW
45 inches...s| pT^r
New Black i . .^&?2fc i\\
Silk Renais- t r * *—
RinOfl ATI (1 if' t]*fc_ *^^^^^rfft^bS I_ t
Due hease %^^^ift— ... %^
sr. p .:: T^ I '^!/, l\
sc, 8c (/ 'l)\
ana |oc. * — ""^^^J^
Cushion Squares in a large var.ety of
design?, such as fruits and baskets of
violet i and other flowers — to
match— each.....
75c, 50c, 35c and 25c
Fall "99 a<" iW / s ''^'' assortment
m^ of the best qualities
TSarttS* Yarns at the Big
Store — ail rightly priced — Spanish,
Germantown, Dresden, Saxony?, Cas-
tor Wool for Afghans, etc. — full-
weight zephyrs per lap 5C
Fall '99 The famous and
n AA - M ~» most popular of all.
ratteX nSm Bntterick Patterns
and Publications for October are ready
and now on sale in
Pattern Department ,
Back of Rotunda*
The caretaker gave the alarm and the
employes of H. 1... Story, a neighbor, suc
ceeded in putting out the flames.
The house was damaged to the extent
of about $1500. and elegant furnishings
worth $4000 were destroyed. The loss is
amply covered by insurance. The hand
some collection was totally destroyed.
£■■'••' ■ ««* •
*■ lf A A ELrECiRIC
15 B^ M»> /'•^ r '"-Vii\t In buying an electric belt there are two ways •
•fC ' I- *& ST N^ of Placing yourself on an exact level with the ■
■¥■ ■ " /■ {.' ',• w >« . gentleman whose open countenance is depicted ■
M A «.* / : V. ,' *;- 1 V^'**<f on our ' eft - j, „ '
M Ml &ii I VafcaLj The first is to allow yourself to be persuaded :
w /7^?> < > V- TO JsiSp by a quack to part with $30 to $30 in ex- ;
* V '.■'>» *»^jp change for an old-fashioned Belt, actually not ;
I &' "■ *S$ worth more than $.">; and the second method is ,
"* /'»!■<■« >l/v.D to stumble into a drug store and pay from $10 :
'< jtoS&t>9*^4v-ti-'m rtm- to $:n for some so-called Electric Belt that has ;
¥■ iT i : ' $%!B!£k'.i?'W ■ cost the drugKist about $125 at wholesale. ;
M X: 'i ■ '/*?" Vl '*s! Impcsbjj Now. the RIGHT way to do when -you want a
M wt if* '•' '•'>'•<« :^~- ". GOOD Electric Belt is to look up some reliable
.< »: |X . -'V/ : «3 UPON firm that MAKES Belts. Well, we make 'em. ;
• t W''': »-• L^ ivjSS ■ -_ at from $3 50 to $25 each, and have been eetab- •
-r : ''.,,»K-v >= ,!&t (MX* ■«'/ "shed 24 years. Come and Bee us or send 2 :
It ,/K k 'jasS£sEi Jp»£O cents in s ' tamps for " Booklet No - 2 -" AddresB :
t §mm$ i *\W^j : mA 620 MARKET STREET
£ *taK\QT/iV*J.*^lJ,>r'!-»»i^**i (Opposite Palace Hotel. S. F.)
the EMPoarrjM.
Important |
Monday 1
Sales |
Ribbon Sale 3
Monday Only. 3
To-morrow, all day if quantity lasts, we
offer 450 yards of high-class, stylish .$
Fancy Ribbons — all silk Dresden and 4
fancy checks and stripes — in light "#
colorings — this season* 50c styles 4
s"i inches wide — suitable for neckwear J
and millinery purposes — per yard *
Sale of Combs *
Monday Only. J
20 dozen extra heavy Shell an 1 Amber <#
Side Comb. in -^\ 'ft
a variety of HW^^juiJMrß|fill *
shapes and Upi'M^ | ||!lfiwlr ( 1 1 I) 2
styles, that -->jTflliiLi' til'j *'i *•■'** **
are sold r«t- /WflMflilHliiWl «
ularly at 35cfflll2!2^^ 5
and EOc each v?/"-?-'",^ ">* #/i .? /■ V .-Tfl/1 1 fIIUimWWWWiI "#
—special for wiiffllill I|lP' *
to-day only- <lll 'lllllyKl||(||||||lli»'* «
each... .230 ♦
15 dozen lull Pompadour Combs — *
tooth perfectly finished — good heavy J,
make — price 35c and 40c each —
cial for to-morrow only — each.. .23© <'
Boys Suits? $2.45. |
Monday Only. %
Vestee Suits for boys 3 to 8 *
years old — three different styles <*'
of $3 and $3.50 new Fall Suits, J
on special sale to- 4s**% SI PS *
morrow at *
Stylo No. /—All- «
wool gray cheviot, 'S^lJv 2
coat with large '^C^P 5
sailor collar /^§&\ <•
trimmed with silk / )wO&7 \ «§•
soutache braid, vest /y^j-^jiCX
braided to match //I ij€v§J *
and kree pants. (NT Tff3/s?b *
Siyie JVo. 2— l f ftj" *5 %
wool L>lue cheviot, \ U^?V=3S X
new style coat col- \/^\^"^»
lar, handsome re- y ) /A <&
veres, faced with V A f,>\\ It
red and trimmed / 7/ J* t\^
with white braid, JU L JLLyv® *
like cut, vest braid- jLJJ f^ /17 / *
ed to m"tch. «* j// /i 4
Style Nc. 3- " «/4j'4, 5
AH - wool brown fy r~i «t~
mixed cheviot, new / A r^^ "#
style collar, revere if \J & ■•
prettily faced with 3^v^j& / "*
brown, trimmed *»
with 5 rows silk soutache braid, vest *
braided to match. 2,
Special Sale %
Monday Only. |
£— ~-^ 5'J dozen fancy
t^~^fTjr?2'^ z^tts Fna ? e China •#
\^^SMr% Milk Pitchers, *
YM§Mffll\ B several differ- *
WmVm I ent styles of J
\ "^^jlcß^f /— /* colored flower 2
\ '~j£s£gH' decorations,
\ Jr'tr&isirr regularly 4"! c
\^sKh^c/ each, at the <£>
l \£j* V very special <•
/I j ill-Vv price for Mon- ♦
ofeM^\--^P day only *
•• 23©
Fall *99 c new s * ;oc^ r^ two X
.&mg and three clasp Ladies' 5
bIIOVeS. Gloves are in the cor- }
rec 1 : shade* to match the colorings of
the Fall Dress Goods and Silks. <f
Ladies' 2-c!a-p Mocha Gloves, reds, blues, v
greens, grays, black, fitted and <xuar- "#
anteed.. % . $I<GO J
Ladies' 2-clasp Kid Glovas, red*, blues, 2,
greens browns, tans, mode anH black. 2
fitted and guaranteed $1*25
Ladies' 3-c!a?p Kid Gloves, the famous •&
"Premiere," r.orje better made, ail 'tf
fashionable colors and white and black, "#
fitted and guaranteed .*■■s!. SO *
Fa]/ '99 Good Heavy White *
0> -M Marseilles Spreads JJ
bprCatlS. —patterns new— *
many styles' — wear- well kind —
size 76x90 inches— each $I*6o <
Some ' 99 ♦
BSanK&tS. almost pure wool *?
— closely woven — neat borders size <*
62x80 inches — a remarkable value — *
per pair $2*25 ?
High-grade Mission Mill White Blankets 3,
— deep ribbon — made from se-
lect Australian wool— 6 feet wide —
per pair $3*75 ♦
Groceries-Liquors, *
Specials 2 Days. «
These attractive offerings are lor Mon-
d^y and Tuesday only. <gi
Soda Crackers— Portland, while *
supply lasts: i ♦
boxes ~.250 ♦
1- b cartoons, extras... .4© *
Soda Crackers— American Bis- *
cust Company:
}^boxB 400 4
14 box c s, extras 55 3 <f
Japan Rice— Good quality, 12 lbs <•
for 800 *
Salt— Clean and white, 50-lb bags, <J
rgularlv 35?, for 2 days 200 *
CHka Kuntmel— Genuine, reeu- i
larly $1.25, for 3 days ©5© 4
(Only One Bottle to Customer.) ♦
Table Sauterne—^Extra qnality, <£
regularly $1 gallon, for 650 "#
Would you buy a hat anywhere else
than at "Keith's?" Phelan building. •
. ♦ . ; •;; ■
"PQssibly," she answered coldly, "but
It's either that or marry you and wring
the bosoms from your shirts in after

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