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I \
i ' ~~~" ~" ~~^— —__ _———_— ——
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ples — fresh, new, advanced patterns — bought at a sacrifice.
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\ THEATER BUILDING, 16th and Mission Streets.
Xarge Attendance of Members and
Friends at the Annual Picnic
Given at Shell Mound.
Tr-* numbers, pupils and friends of St.
KoJe's parish enjoyed a delightful ou.Ung
at Shell Mound Park yesterday. Every
rain from the city took its share o
plksuri^siekers; Athletic sports and
dancing formed the chief attractions of
th" day Many of the races were evenly
contend. The race for California^ olun
teere wa« a source of great interest to the
• Fpoctatofs. Corporal Bucking proved
test runner.
and win
follow ng
Race for boys I »tween 11 and 14. win *| :
"\lM.l(>r- nm» ra^e repeated. Harr> shlan:
came ra^Tepeated. Frank Horrtsan. Race for
Jm» between 11 and 14. Annie McDon
£im" race repeated. Klla Bradley: lame raw
related Kale Barnes. Race for boy, between
7 and 10. Mark McDonough: same m« ,**■
rested Tat McDonou ■.. same race repeated,
EdfMurphy. Race for girls between 7 nr.d in.
Nellie Beard: same race repeated Agnes i-oie^
Fsrr.p race repeat*"!, Helen Lacy. Kane '"
bc&jSnder 7. Ed Murphy; same face! repeated.
• girls unior .. <-•
tted, Irene Beard. Ra"
to be
come good honsekeepers" r P rilia •■•'»■ and Ella
Bradley Raef fr.r Ws between 15 and is Joe
'van lan! Race for married ladles. Mrs. Potter.
in™ for married m«, Charles Johnetone. na
f.-r single youne Indies. May Dlneen. Race for
flnkleirnen; Charles MeFadden. Race for fat
women. Mrs. Lacey. Race Armed thl? year at
Ilanlev. Race for hoys eonflrm«>d this year at
Ft Rr.Fe-8. Frank Hanigan. Race forgirla
.nnflrmed this y^ar at St. Rose's. Annie Ooran.
J-px race, young Ladle*' Sodality or Children
of Mary. Miss Flood. Race for lnrs* altar boys
ff St Rise's Parish. John Din<^n. Race for
email altar boys of St. Rose's Parish Thomas
IMchardson. Raco for plrls of Angels Sodality
„f St Rose's Parish. Miss Lackey/* Wanting
match for married and slpklp men. Chris Wat
ers Race for B lrls ■ilint: St. Rose's School;
Josie Collopy. Race for boys attending St. |
"— 1
j TOO Mil I
i '
5 cy, many having requested us to ■
• hold our stork for them a few days I i
• at $1; we have decided to extend the I |
j! Applications received up to 10 p. H
• m. of Saturday, September 16th; b ;
i v.-ill pet. In at $1 per share. Trice X j
i then advances 40 cents per Bha/e g
n every 10 days thereafter until par, g
5 J5 per share, is reached. This is the 1
j lnst opportunity offered to get In ■
i on the ground floor. 3 j
I s g
HUH WSf y l^T*tfi¥r? V^wHBHBH**
IA XL w I'M m mi .
k£ ?y EJ iia £* U [£i ■:
unrivaled before the public for 60 years a« i »
Pain Remedy. It instantly relieves and quickly ;
cures all Colds. Sore Throats. Influenza. Bron- I
chltU. Pneumonia, Rheumatism, Neuralt a. j
Headache Toothache and all pains. Internally J
&c Malaria wi Bowel Fain* AUAGurKlaia--
St. Brigid's Picnickers Danced, Dined and Played the Big Brownie Wheel.
Rose's School, W. Hurley. Threo-legged race.
Messrs. Scanlan and MeFadden. Race for f?lrls
of St. Brendan's and St. Vincent's schools.
Gertie Haniill. Race for boys of St. Brendan'*
and St. Vincent's schools. John Heard. Race
for married ladles of St. Rrse's Parish. Mrs.
McGulre. Race for Elrli of St. Joseph's and
Sacred Heart schools, Annie Do ran. Race tot
boyr of St. Joseph's, St. Ignatius and Sacred
ij,, ; i schools. D. Sullivan. Race for married
men of St. Rose's Parish, William Scanlan,
Race for men of the California Regiment, Cor
poral Bucking. Race for boys or the league
of the Cross. J. J. Nolan. Race for little slrls
6 and under. Irene Beard. Race for little boyi
6 and under, F. McDonoußh. Race for mem
bers of Young Men's Institute, Yerke Council,
Mr Cull. Race for professional runners,
Charles MeFadden. Race open to ladies, mar
ried and single, Mrs. Mohr. Best standing
leap, Joe Scanlan.
■ ♦ ■
F. H. Cherry, representing the Vulcan
Iron Works of San Francisco, was a
passenger on the United States trans
port Newport, bound for Manila. Mr.
Cherry goes to Manila to direct the
erection of an ice plant for Thomas
Evans & Co. This will make the third
plant supplied by th'> Vulcan Iron
Works for Manila firms. — Hawaiian
■ ♦ .
Session of the. Convention's Commit
tee on Permanent Organization
and Order of Business.
The committee on permanent organiza
tion and order of business; appointed re
cently by Sheldon O. Kellogg, chairman
of the Republican Local Convent! met
at the Grand Hotel last evening. Colonel
A. .-' Jlubbard. chairman of the com
mittee, called the members together 10
enable them to get acquainted one with
another. Thirteen of the eighteen dele
gates attended. There wan a general talk
on topics connected with the organization
of the convention, hut no business was
transacted. The committee will hold an
other session next Wednesday evening.
•-«>« - -
Seeing it* believing. "Keith's" for hats.*
— — . ♦ ■
Park Music To Day
The Pa-rk Rand will render we following pro-
Kranime to-day:
March, "Bands Rosa" Borrentln i
Overture, "ICUsa et I". tudio" Mercadante
Melodies from the new opera "Barenhouter"
Siegfried Wagner
"Dance of the Haura" Ponchielli
Selection rota "Fatinlt«a" Bupp«
Overture. "Tuttl in Maschera" Pedrotti
Cornet duet, "The Two Gossips"
Performed by William Mahood and E. Keller.
Scenes i,-. m "Pagliacci" Leoncavallo
"Spanish Retreat" Hopkins
"Concert Galop" - Ellenberg
Sidney Cooper, the English artist, who
Is now nearlng his ninety-sixth birth
day had four paintings cm view this
season at Burlington Hou§e, and sold
ail .of ..them- . - — —
St. Brigid's Was a
Jigs and Reels to the Tune of a Jbively
Fiddle — Valuable Prizes for
Twenty Racing Events
The reunion of St. Brigid's parishioners
at Schuetzen Park yesterday was a suc
anancially as well as socially. The
early boats for Tiburon were crowded,
and even as late as 3 o'clock In the day
new arrivals swelled the number until It
reached nearly 1500. That every one had a
good time was apparent from the happy
t'aoes in all parts of the grounds, and to
Father M. P. Kyan is duo much credit
i for the general enjoyment. J. H. Scanlan
I and Charles McCarthy were also very
much In evidence in the matter of attend
; ing to the wants of the picnickers.
Business to a certain extent was com
i blued with pleasure, for all of the pro
ceeds from the sale of tickets, wheel of
■ fortune, etc., are to be donated to the fund
: for building the new church on Van Ness
avenue, and there was not a stingy hand
i in the crowd.
"While the majority found amusement on
the dancing floor of Captain Schuemann's
1 big pavilion, many others sought recrea
tion among the trees, where they partook
! of their lunches. Others still wooed for
tune at the Brownie wheel, over which
mas Butterworth presided like an old
, hand at the business, and not a few of
■ those who hailed from the old sod shook
! their heels on the dancing platform in
; jig and reel to the tune of a riddle. Ofh
j cer Kreegan was among the latter, and
i none had more fun in this line than he.
i Even the dignity of his uniform did not
• prevent him from "dancing down" many
; a good-looking lady and lass.
The clergy were present and the pleas
, ure of their members was in making all
arouii'l them happy. Prominent were
Key. Father John E. Cottle, the pastor;
Rev. Father M. I. Ryan and Rev. Father
ph Byrne. To their credit be it said
| they objected to the sale of intoxi
cating liquors on the grounds, and their
wishes were observed to the letter, with
3ponding beneficial results. One
• most attractive features of he oc
cation was the races for old and young,
and for the twenty odd events there were
le that number of valuable prizes
Following were the prize winners:
< under 10— First prize, James McCor
mick; second, Frank Durham. Olrls under 10 —
. First. lina; second, Frame? McCar
j thy. Boya between 10 ami 14— First. Jchn
O'Brien; second, Thomas Rlordan. Girls be
ind 14— First. Teresa Malone; second,
■ livrrie Hanna. Boys between 14 and IS -First,
B, Power; se nd Joseph O'Keefe. Girls be
-14 and IS— First, Annie Clarke; second.
I Clara Green. For single m«*n— First. Robert
in; second, Thomas Mahnney. Marrlod
iaa Mahoney; second, M. Pfn
r.iitnn. Married women — First, Mrs. Flynn: ]
I Mr^ M. Sullivan. Fat men— First. George
I, .1. T. Flynn. Fat women— |
nd, Mrs. J. GUI. j
Three-legged rare-First. lHirham brothers;
and George Peterson. Altar j
■ 11— First, W. Clasby; second. F.
St. Aloyslus Sodality— !
Ftm Gerald Malone; second, Tlmraas Rior
dan. Graduates of St. T3rt*!d's Convent— First,
Katie Curley; second, A?ne? Kelly. Members
mlttee First. F. T. Creede; second. Kd
[ Convey. Olrl? nf Pt. nrlgM's (on vent- -First, I
Mnrsraret Haley; second. Allm Harrlcon. Boyi
nvent First. W. Alexander;
second. Joe Durham. Altar boys' rac, 11 and
over- First, V. Durham; second, Ed Guldet.
Dear Mndam: "Pegamoid" pays come;
You're welcome. Chrontrle building, No. EL
Addresses by Rev. J. W. Webb,
Chairman of the State Executive
Committee of the Party,
and Others.
A temperance rally was held in the
Howard - Street Methodist Episcopal
Church yesterday afternoon and evening,
when a determined effort was made to
interest the people in the contest that is
brine: waged between the forces of' the
Prohibition party and the liquor sellers.
L. S. Atv 'i of Stockton presided, and
among th< principal speakers were Rpv.
.]. W. Webb of Fresno, chairman of the
executive committee of tho Stato Pro
hibltion party; B. i. Meads of the Oak
land High School and Miss M. A. Thomp
,-fin. also of Oakland.
Mr. W. bb spoke on tho "Outlook,"
nnd dcliv* r'-'l a lengthy argument in fa
vor '>r prohibition, in the course of which
ho ciro.l many instances of tho evil ef
fects dt the uh of Intoxicating liquors,
and drew a glowing picture of the mani
fold Hefsinga that would result in the
event of a national prohibition law.
.\ir. inok for his subject "The
Pi it billon Press," and spoke at rcmsid
erable length on tho work it is doing tor
md the greater worh thai could
ceomplished if the tempfrance peo
pie if the State would ,ui\'«' it ihelr hearty
Miss Thompson made an eloquent ap
pp;!l mr contributions to cfirry an the
work. Money for this purpose, she de
clared, was absolutely necessary, :md she
Lied to .ill who have the good of the
(Musi- ;it heart to come forward with lib
eral subscriptions.
Temperance club?' are being organized
throughout the State, and the San Fran-
I ■[•• hibttion Club, under the anle
man igcment of <~'hnirmnn Nicholas Mor
com and Secretary G. B. Conant, is rap
idly as?;.'mfnp; eroodly proportions. Appli
cations for membership may be addrepsori
to Secretary Conant at 132 McAllister
street or 800 Jones street.
Advances made on furniture and pianos, with
or without removal,. J. Koonao, 1017-1025 Mission.
An Entertainment in
Honor of the Event.
Marriage That Will Unite the
Worthy Representatives of Two
Old and Famous Southern
On Thursday, September 7, Miss Man."
i Crocker, only daughter of the late Colonel
I Fred Crocker, attained her majority and
| the trustees of her father's estate handed
| over to her the many millions he had
willed her.
The vast fortune that this young girl is
| now mistress of to do with as she pleases
i Is considerably over three millions of dol
! lars, yielding an income of more than one
i hundred thousand a year. This makes
Miss Crocker undoubtedly the wealthiest
unmarried woman in California.
Since Colonel Crocker's death Miss
Crocker has made her home with her
grandmother, Mrs. Easton, in San Mateo,
sharing her guardian's love and affection
with her two brothers. She has been
carefully reared and splendidly educated,
i and is a happy, vivacious girl, fond of all
kinds of outdoor sports. Miss Crocker has
been spending the summer with her aunt,
Mrs. Alexander, at Del Monte.
In honor of their niece's birthday Mr.
and Mrs. Charles Alexander gave an elab
orate dinner on Thursday evening at the
: old Crocker mansion on California street.
Fifty guests were entertained, the ma
jority of whom were the young friends of
Miss Crocker.
Dinner was served at eight email tables,
I and each table boasted or a separate and
' original decoration. After dinner there
''• was music and dancing. On Friday morn
' ing Miss Crocker left with Mr. and Mrs.
i Alexander for Burlingame and was with
' them among the interested visitors at the
open-air horse show.
Another important social event on
Thursday was the announcement to a few
! intimate friends of the engagement of
Miss Kate Thornton Salisbury and Alex
. ander D. Keyed. It was Intended to keep
the affair very quiet, but such is the popu
larity of the young couple that the happy
news spread quickly, and yesterday con
gratulations came pouring in from all
i tides.
Miss Salisbury is without exception the
1 most sought after of all the belles.
Charming, accomplished and talented, a
favorite by reason of her rare intellectual
force as well as her beauty, the young
1 bride-to-be has since her debut three sea
sons ago been a leader in her select set.
Miss Salisbury Is the daughter of Mr.
' and Mrs. Monroe Salisbury. She has in
herited from her mother the wit of a mas
i ter mind. Mrs. Salisbury as Miss Robin
: son was famous for her beauty and bril
liant repair.- She is connected with the
famous Crittenden and Thornton families
of Kentucky, and ever since her marriage
to Monroe Salisbury, who was once oik;
of the wealthiest men of the State, has
been one of the recognized social leader?.
Mr Keyes, the fortunate man. Is a Bal
timorean"by birth, and is about 33 years
of age. He inherited considerable fortune
from his father, General Keyes. who was
one of the wealthy men of the State, hay
: Ing come here in the year 1849. Mr. Keyes ;
Is a bright young attorney at law. and
has been practicing his profession here
1 since 1891.
Transforming Power of Love.
The fourth in tho special series of les-
pnns to men only by Rev. 1,. J. Garver
will be pivon at the Young Men's Chris
tian Association Auditorium, Mason and
Kills street, at 2 o'clo.-k this after
&* This little pocket edition of the Celebrated Electric Medical Treatment is of great value to any one suffering from +£.
Ǥ* i?: "*' tifniir* ELECTRIC Treatment supplies and element in the cure
4* v^ 1 111 *^^^^. =^*' "^ * $Ci °^ these complaints wholly beyond the reach of medicines. ***
I »ipv^l 1 &$* DR ' SANDEN ' ELECTRIC BELTS. |
+* » w /^)y| $ * Were invented more than 30 years ago and have been constantly improved, keeping
■ ' ?Ml*!&*>* -'M^W V^vl^ pace with other great scientific developments in the Electrical world. Thousands of ~
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** jEBp&&tS-$K . \ $ . \j&\ T I DR. T. A. SANDEN- Dear Sir: I have suffered for years with nervousness, sleep- #^»
• %Wsk sd?m'o2&s:t% /') * ' T\r/I 'l<? y less nightß and Intense pains in my head and back. My nights were miserable, and in the
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I* *"*^M^^jo&2r '&s ; ', s^-7 , • $ am convinced that your Belt is a wonder, and will recommend it to my friends. Yours £9
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t.o m c k ho.,, a.,,0e, m .|.nP nr A SfINnRN 18 Third Street, I
<& Sunday. 11 a. m. to Ip. m. | .. JL-f JPC • 1 • rt. C^ -TTL 1 JL-T A— 1 f SAN FRANCISCO. CAL. Jf
Weltmerism, That Method of Magnetic Healing Which Cures All Dis-
eases Without the Aid of Medicine or the Surgeon's Knife.
Will Stand as an Imperishable Monument to Science Whan All Other
Curative Powers Have Passed Into Oblivion,
This Is a scientific age wherein the Goddess of ,
Reason, like a Falcon of Light, showers her !
bright rays of sunshine and happiness into j
places heretofore kept dark by ignorance, de- '
stroylng both superstition and fear. In this !
great progressive age no man has done more j
for the uplifting of humanity than has Prof. I
S. A. Weltmer, of Nevada, Mo., by his Intel- j
lectual Investigations and scientific researches. ;
This eminent scientist has perfected a method
of Masnetic Healing known as Weltmerlsm,
Which has proved beyond the shadow of a doubt
that disease and aftiictions of all kinds can be
cured without the aid of cither drags or the i
surgeon's knife. He has gone further with his
Investigations into the Science of Health than
has any other man known to humanity. It is
hard for us to comprehend that right in our
very midst there is a man who has originated
a method which at once makes itself master
over the domain of disease. This wonderful
man began life in poverty, with nothing but
hiF own intellect to mukr himself a place in
the world. When he had scarcely stepped upon
the threshold of manhood he had already en-
tered the ministry. After preaching the gospel
for a number of years, throuKh hl B scientific
researches he found himself in the most en-
viable position over h«ld by a scientist— that of
being humanity's greatest benefactor. The
method known as the Absent Treatment, which
cures the patient at a distance Just as readily
hs though the patient had traveled to Nevada,
Mo., for treatment, makes it possible for Welt-
nierism to cure all classes of people, in this
way making it the greatest boon that man has
noon. "Pilas Marner; or, Tlie Transform-
Ing Power of Love" is the title of Mr.
Garver'a subject. Youncr men in general
are cordially invited to attend.
Arranging the Details of the Festivi
ties Next October.
During the past week the several com
mittees of the Odd Fellows" jubilee cele
bration of the fiftieth anniversary of the
Institution of Odd Fellowship in Califor
nia, have been busy arranging the many
details that will make up the three day?"
ever given to humanity.
By permission of the American School of
Magnetic Healing, we publish a few testi-
monials from grateful people who have been
cured by this great curative power.
Hon. Press In-r.s, Mayor of Nevada, was
afflicted with kidney and bladder troul •
ten years and could find no relief in the usual
remedies. In one week he was completely re-
stored by Prof. Weltmer.
Mr. Juhn S. Small, Colfax. 111., was deaf
in his left ear for seven years; could not hear
a watch tick when placed against his ear.
Was permanently cured in three days by Prof.
Weltmer. Mr. L, W. Rains, a wealthy lumber-
man of Horr.heck. Term., suffered constantly
with kidney trouble . f "r twenty years; a!s...
with constipation and prostatic troubles. Kx-
hausted the Lest medical skill, but no relief.
He fortunately heard of Prof. Weltmer and was
soon restored to perfect health, and now Baj a
this treatment will cure anybody- Mrs. M. F.
HnwkSns, Loulsburg-, Kbf., was afflirtM
twenty years with prolapsus and enlargement
of the womb, indigestion and perpetual head-
ache, tried everything that offered relief and
gave up in despair. Heard of Pro:'. Weltmer,
took his treatment one week and was perma-
nently restored to health.
Mrs. Minnie Porter, Texarkana, Tex., was
afflicted for eighteen months with kidney and
other diseases, and for 12 months unable to
get out of her bed. Was expected to die at any
time. Permanently cured by Prof. Weltmer's
Absent Method and has gained sixty-five
A number of lodges, which have had
under consideration taking part in the
grand parade, have signified their inten
tion of joining with those who have al
ready signified that they will turn out.
and the pArade committee is very much
The committee on halls has arrange.! its
plans for the establishment of general
headquarters in the Pavilion for a week.
and has decided upon the loeatiun of
booths in the Pavilion for the various
branches of the order, and at that place
there will be a register for the preserva
tion of the nnmes of tho many Od'i Fal
lows who are expected here from all parts
of the State during celebration week. It
Is expected that at least 10,000 members of
Mrs. Lavl.°sa Dudley. Barry. 111., suffered for
thirty years with neuralgia and stomach trou-
bles." Nothing but morphine would relieve her.
Permanently cured in a few weeks by t«s
Absent Method of Treatment.
Mrs, M. M. Walker. Poca, W. Va., suffered
with eczema, indigestion and female troubles.
its of doctors failed to Rive any relief. She
was permanently restored by Prof. Weltmer's
Absent Method in two months.
Mrs. Jennie L. Linch. Lakeview, Mo., was
f :• two years afflicted with ulceration of the
womb, heart ami stomach troubles and general
•;. ; was reduced te a mere skeleton. After
taking gallons of obnoxious medicines without
she tried the 'vVeltmer Absent Treatment.
In :?ss than thirty days she was entirely re-
lieved and gained fifteen pounds.
Thousands ot people in every section of the
United Ptates and even in foreign countries
1 who werf invalid? and sufferers from various
sea are now well and hasp; through the
power of Prof. Weltmer'a Absent Treatment.
All oar be assured that no matter what their
ailments or at what distance they live they
can cet relief from the Weltm*r Method. Any
one writing to Pr t. S. A. Weltmer, Nevada,
Mo., will receive i c illustrated maga-
zine and a list of testimonials from men and
women -who owe their health anfl happiness to
v, ■ tmerism; also, much information on tills
science of healing.
PROF. 5. H. KELLY, on Them t.> assist
him ;:. I .vork. The method ; ■•
n use by this school is so complete In all
the student becomes efficient
in this great art to cure in ten days. This
professi) i is taught either by mail or
personal Instructions. Any one who desires can
■. and any one who learns can practice
it. This Is ... paylnc pro-
of the a •• . as students who have learned
this method through the American School of
: are earning, from ?10 to $50
per day.
By addressing ,T. H. Kelly, Secretary, Ne-
vada, Mo., you will receive full instructions
the order will come to the city to enjoy
the festivities.
The decoration committee has secured
a number of emblematic banners in addi
tion to American flags with which to
decorate buildings and streets.
During the week the grand encamp
ment will hold its annual session in Odd
Fellows' Hall and during one of the even-
Ings there will be an exemplification of
the works of that branch of the order.
« ♦ »
A San Francisco millionaire has the
credit of paying the largest surgeon's fee
on record for a successful operation for
appendicitis. Thirty thousand dollars was
the tidy sum. representing one man's
gratitude to his physician.

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