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Timely Expose Has Forced the
Schemers to Hesitate.
Decent People of San Mateo County Demand Protection
From the Social Scnm of the Poolrooms and
Vice Nests of Thieves and Outcasts.
Died ad- ;
vantage and it is hoped a perma- |
nent victory In the struggle to pre- |
vent the raid of the gamblers and j
their crew of criminal parasites j
upon the little town of Colma. The ex- I
pc«e of The Call was timely. Reputable I
Itizens of San Mateo County came quick- 1
ly to the assistance of the people of Col
ma. An opposition, emphatic and aggres
sive, to the impudent scheme of the book- |
making blacklegs was formed, and last j
night the- gamblers found it expedient not {
to call their announced meeting and pe
tition the Supervisors"of San Mateo to au
thorize a special election on the subject
of incorporation. The publicity given to
their outrageous plan has driven the
schemers temporarily to their holes. That
they will try aeain there is no question.
but for the present they want no special
session of the Supervisors and they have
no petition to present.
They intend to wait until the indigna
tlon and excitement of the people of the
■whole county as well as of Colma has
subsided and then they will try again.
But they will be carefully watched. The
people of San Mateo County do not wish
to stain their official records with storiea i
of crime and dishonor, shame and death.
Theyiwaht no legalized nest of blacklegs
and thieves, depraved men and worse
women. They do not wish to place before
their sons the hazard of dishonor and
before their daughters the temptation
that ends in shame. The reputable ele
ments of the entire county ire behind
the decent citizens of Colma In their en
deavors to prevent the outrage.
The Supervisors are opposed to it and
will exercise their orScial power to pre
vent it. All classes of men, who have
anything of decency at stake, are in vio
lent antagonism to it. Merchants, pro
fessional men, lawyers, clergymen, arti
sans are as one in declaring that the in
corporation of Coima as a town under
the direction and within the control of
thieves, blacklegs and confidence men
would be a blow to the county and an in-
Jury that years of effort could not repair.
The attempt of the gamblers to Incor
porate Colma as a town is. in its impu
dence, without parallel in the history of
California. It means nothing more or
less thafl an effort of blacklegs to seize
a town of the State and to conduct It as
a gambling hell with all its attendant
evils. Against the earnest protest of the
people of the town, against the best in
terests of the county, in opposition to the
rlsrhrs of citizens, a horde of thieves,
gambler? roustabouts and social out
casts purpose to establish a community
cf evil under the protection of the law 3.
There is little wonder that the expose
of The Call fired the decent people with
indignation and made the gamblers hunt
a speedy, retirement. When Bob Thorn
ton'went to Colma. yesterday afternoon i
he received a reception different from
what he had anticipated. The school
A Grocer's |
Experience S
A Grocer's Interest Is to Fur-
nish Pure Food.
• tK?r-
tak»s in the a i of 1 »h he
: . !
Some people believe that the grocer '
Is influenced only by the profit he may i
derive, and that his recommendations j
are governed entirely by a mercenary
motive, but this is xuji always true. On
th<? contrary. It is believed that a ma- j
Jority of the tter class of grocers are :
thoroughly honest in their desire to
furnish their patrons with really pure '
and nourishing food.
The following from John Wallsrren. a
prominent grocer of Portland. Oregon.
may be of Interest: "I am on my tenth
case of Grape-Nuts, and my trade is
still increasing. I have been bothered i
■with a weak stomach for flve years. I j
have tried a number of remedies and i
patent medicines without help. I am
eating- Grape-Nuts three times a day.
and after using three packages I must
admit that I am relieved of mv weak
stomach and feel like a new man."
There is a reason for this. A weak
stomach can take Grape-Nuts and di- \
g-est them without difficulty, for Grape-
Nuts are actually pre-dlgested and
ready 5 for immediate transformation
Into rich blood and good strong tissue,
both of muscle and brain. They are
generally admitted to be the most
scientifically made food in the world,
in which the starch of th- cereals Is
transformed Into gTape sugar and this
Is done without the use of any sort of
drug or acid whatsoever. On the con-
trary, all of the processes are purely
mechanical. using simply moisture,
time (in which to grow the diastase)
and heat, but the work of the human
system Is copied almost exactly, with
the result that the food is ready for
Immediate assimilation.
The flavor is exquisite and delicate,
the sweet of gTape sugar can be de- |
tected. The food is absolutely free
from cane or beet sugar, but the fine.
almost microscopic, particles of grape
sugar can be seen glistening on the
surface of the small granules. Grape- ,
Nuts with cream furnishes the most .
delicious breakfast food in existence,
and this food Is in use now by practi-
cally all of the well-to-do families In ;
America. The demand has been so
great that the factory has been running
steadily both night and day for up- I
ward of a year, and the fame of the
American breakfast dish tas spread to
many of the other countries of the
world. '
house had been prepared for the meeting
and the resolutions of petition were
ready, but there was opposition In the
air. The substantial people of the town
and the farmers of the district had seen
that the promised benefits of incorpora
tion were fictitious, and that only a har
vest of evil was to be won by the com
ing: of the gamblers.
They were united, therefore, in oppo
sition, and intended to go to the pro
posed meeting to fight. Thornton, as
the emissary of Chris Buckley and his
allied gamblers, found it best to hes'tate.
The field was anything but promising.
The campaign of deceit had failed of its
purpose, and the people of Colma were
thoroughly informed. Thornton held a
consultation with Assemblyman Henry
Ward Brown, and they decided that it
would be wise to be cautious and post
pone the meeting. Brown has acted
as chairman of the meetings already
held and was perfectly willing to do so
again were it not for the publicity given
to the affair.
So the meeting was not held. A gang
of roustabouts, uninformed on the turn
affairs had taken, had assembled, but
they were sent back to the city. Thorn
ton announced that as the day was a le
gal holiday It would be unwise to draft
a petition. This absurd proposition was
taken for what it was worth, and Thorn
ton will now confer with his superiors as
to what shall be the next move. Mean
while the people of Ban Mateo shall main
tain their vigilance to prevent a raid that
would mean the most serious Injury to
their best interests.
Southern Portion of the County
to Be Kept in Ignorance.
MEXLO PARK. Sept. 9.— The publicity
given by The Call to the scheme of the
gamblers who re trying to get a town
which they can control by the trick of
incorporating 1 Colma is bearing good
fruit. It is not until the whole of San
Mateo County has been traveled over in
search of facts that the smoothness of
the gamblers' still hunt can be fully ap
preciated. Hundreds of voters can be
found in the county who had absolutely
no intimation of the threatened danger
until they read The Call. The conditions
were favorable to the gamblers. The
Beard of Supervisors meets at Redwood
City, far from the people most directly
concerned, and it would peneraUy be safe
to predict that no one from CoLma would
go to Redwood City to attend a board
meeting. If the people of the southern
portion of the cotintj* could have been
kept in ignorance of what was going on.
no one from that section would have been
on hand to protest when a. protest would
be effective. But there is no such general
ignorance now. The electric light has
been turned on, and there are now ener
getic and public-spirited men in every
town In the county who are willing and
anxious to do what they can to prevent
the consummation of the proposed infamy
at Colma.
From the foregoing it should not be In
ferred that the danger is over by any
means. Only the first of the necessary
steps have been taken, this being 1 the
giving of notification to -he public. That
this will lead to organized opposition to
the gamblers is probable. But the fact
remains that there la no organized oppo
sition yet— only an awakening-. Still much
appears to have been accomplished in a
short time. The Call's representative haa
found men of high standing 1 in their com
munities who will not shrink from prom
inent opposition to the gambling gang.
The several members of the Board of Su
pervisors may be sure that they will have
to face well-informed and angry constitu
encies if they dare to be recreant to the
public welfare in this matter.
Politicians, business men, clergymen
all are amazed that any one should have
the hardihood to propose to make San
Mateo County the dumping around of the
gamblers and their disreputable follow
ing. The Supervisors will not be able to
say that they did not comprehend what
th» proposed incorporation really means,
for sufficient information will come to
them from many sources to make that
plea futile If they should plead a lack of
In this town Rev. Mr. Parsons, the pas
tor of the Episcopal church, to-day prom
ised to see Supervisor McEvoy and talk
the matter over with him. Mr. Parsons
is very strongly opposed to gambling, and
said that he would exert his influence to
prevent an -.-.--■ at Colma. He did
not know whether a petition to the Su
pervisors would be the best . means to
adopt to prevent the turning of Colma
into a gambling town. R might be just
as well to have influence brought to bear
upon each Supervisor in his own district.
He does not believe that there is any re
putable citizen in Ifenio Park who will
favor having a gambling plant at Colma.
E. C. Weingartner. one of the active
business men of Menlo Park, spoke very
energetically about the Colma scheme:
"To make a dumping-ground of San
Mat<=o County for crooks and cutthroats
would be an outrage which I can hardly
believe the Supervisors will assist any one
to perpetrate. Our county board has
generally been a pretty square lot. If Mc-
Evoy should do anything of the sort I
will be very much surprised. The gam
blers would not be of any advantage to
the county. The Colma raxes would be
heavier than they are now. because a
town tax would be added to the State
and county taxes."
Few of the wealthier dwellers at Menlo
were at home to-day. Doubtless they
all will agree with the position of Tim
othy Hopkins, who said and concisely
that he was opposed to any scheme that
would turn Colma into a gamblers' town.
Supervisor McEvoy was In Santa Cruz
all day. M. F. Duft of the old time con
cern of Duff and Doyle, th« largest busi
ness house In the town, said that he cer
tain: was against the gamblers.
President David Starr Jordan of Stan
ford University was interviewed this
morning. He said:
"I do not know any of the facts con
cerning the reported movement that the
gamblers are making for the incorpora
tion of Colma as a town. If the purpose
is to pave the way for the opening of
gambling games at Colma and the en
couragement of gambling, you can say
that I am most emphatically opposed to
any action upon the part of the consti
tuted authorities that can aid anything
of the sort. The poolrooms- everywhere
are evil. San Francisco seems determined
to drive out the gambling element from
Its borders a3 much as possible, and the
legislation already adopted is apparently
attended with excellent results. San Ma
teo County is the seat of culture and en
lightened social life. In my opinion the
county as a whole cannot wish to encour
age ambling. All moral, educational and
social forces ought to be enlisted In op
position to the gambling evil. Stanford
University is not in San Mateo County,
but 'ome of its professors are citizens of
that county and take a lively interest in
its welfare. If the incorporation of Colma
is intended to promote gambling interests
an other interests should be against It."
Rev Mr. M a the Congregational
clergyman at Redwood City, said last
evening that he thought that a petition
to the Supervisors asking the board not
to give the gamblers the chance they
seek at Colma would be well. The fact Is
that no such petition has yet appeared in
the county. While there is a small army
of well-disposed voters, no one has taken >
the initiative, at least no one in this er.d j -
of the county. If the gamblers file the
only paper on the subject to come before
the Supervisors the advantage will be all
with them.
James G. Mason, the agent of vV ells- ;
Fargo at Menlo. said to-day that he ,
strongly objected to having the gambler? j
carry their point at Colma. The county i
has had a good name. It would be dis- j
graceful If the evil should be Inflicted on ■
the Colma people, who would suffer in
many ways.
Suspicious Lack of Interest at
San Mateo.
SAN MATEO. Sept. The nearer
Colma Is approached the stronger are the
evidences of the desperate fight that
Buckley and the poolsellers are putting
up to carry their point. Half a dozen
merchants here were interviewed this
afternoon concerning the Colma incorpor
ation scheme. Not one of them would
express a decided opinion. Not one would
say that he approved the turning of
Coima into a resort for outcasts and for
plundering the young and the unsophis
ticated; still not one of the number men
tioned would commit himself in any way.
Has intimidation at this end of the county
been used as a weapon, while secrecy was
relied upon to keep the other end of the
county conveniently quiet until the
gamblers could hold up the Supervisors
and get all they want?
But there are outspoken men here who
dare to say what they think, many of
them. There is this significant difference
in the attitude of the people far from and
near Colma. The voters of the southern
end of the county make .some of their
responses on the hypothetical basis. Here
every one knows what is intended, and
have no question that the "falling down"
of the Board of Supervisors, if they act
against public good when the time comes
for action, will inflict great and lasting
injury. The history of incorporated towns
shows that disincorporation is almost un
known. If the gamblers once get Colma
incorporated they will never release it
from their deadly grip. Therefore the
proposed injury will be permanent, and
the Supervisors must make up their
minds to that understanding fully.
Rev. Father Callahan of the Catholic
church was interviewed briefly. He left
no room to doubt where he stands. He
said that gambling is such an evil and
is so injurious to the morals of a com
munity that all good citizens must oppose
Rev. Mr. Cowie. pastor of the Episcopal
church, said that the control of Colma
by gamblers would open up new opportu
nities for the depraved and vicious. Any
measure should be adopted that will pre
vent that. He saw the possibility of col
onizing Colma with outsider', so that the
real will of the property owners and citi
zens of the locality could easily be set
a«id»> If a public meeting should be
called he would be willing to address it
if his other engagements will permit, and
would sign a petition addressed to the
Supervisors if it was necessary to petition
the board. The people of his church would,
he was sure, sign any necessary protest
or petition. -.i .. „
Judge R. L. Mattingly said: "Morally
speaking. I have no doubt that the in
crease of gambling is against the best in
terests of the people. If Colma is incor
porated solely to promote gambling it win
be a bad thing. So far as my say goes I
will oppose it." !_■■ , , ,
Rev. George Wallace, an Episcopal cler
gyman, spoke in the same general way as
Rev Mr. Cowie. He is willing to sign a
petition to the Supervisors.
The real fact now is that the gamblers
do not want the people to protest to the
Supervisors. They dread the moral force
of a protest signed by the voters of all
the districts represented by the Supervis
or* For that reason they are circulating
a story that they have nothing to do with
the Colma incorporation job. That story
is too thin for any one to credit who
knows any of the facts, but it may impose
on a few.
McCormick and Debeneciette
Will Not Helpthe Gamblers.
HALFMOON" BAT, Sept. 3.— The Call
representative interviewed the two coast
side Supervisors, Joseph Debenedette and
John McCormick. relative to the proposed
Monte Carlo gambling proposition at
Colma. and they both record themselves
as against calling a special election.
Supervisor John McCormick says: "I do
not favor gambling in any form whatso
ever, and shall use every effort to shut
out the proposed measure."
Joseph Debenedette in a signed state
ment says: -I have always opposed
gambling schemes as a matter of princi
ple and shall not deviate in this case
from my obvious duty. If the matter
comes before the Board of Supervisors of
San Mateo County I will oppose issuing a
call for a special election. The statement
that Bob Thornton and one Harrison
brought a sack to Redwood to corrupt
thf members of our board, and that a
conference was held with us relative to
a poolroom license, is a falsehood. I am
satisfied that in the light of recent events
our board will act as a unit in opposing
thi3 and al! other measures that tend to
foster gambling in San Mateo County.
Lopez Is in Sole Control.
R. E. de B. Lopez denies absolutely that
either Henry Schwartz or Chris Buckley
[g associated with him in the new c.urs
irg park n^ar C"lma. He also asserts
just as positively that his enterprise is a
rourslr.g park simply, and that It is not
connected in any way with the pool-sell
ers Mr Lopea exhibits a lease snowing
that he has control of the coursing park.
Left in a Basement to
A well-dressed young woman with r
hair and carrying in her hand a :
valise visited the basement of a house
at 5u7 Natoma street last evening. She
remained there only a few minutes and
disappeared as quietly as she came. A
Bhort time afterward a Mrs. Barry.
who lives in the house, was suddenly
startled by the cries of an infant, which.
aDceart-d to come from the basement of
theadjoining building. She hurried to
the place and was surprised to find a
two m- nths 1 old baby vainly struggling
to release itself from a shawl that cov
ered its tiny bod^'. .
Mrs Barry took the waif into her
house' and. after temporarily caring
the policeman on the
beat ' -U his suggestion the infant was
sent" to an institution at 406 Sutler :
St As et «oon as the matter was reported
to* the "police Captain Spillane detailed
two of his men to find the heartless
mother of the abandoned child. Th-»
interviewed a woman who lives on the
opposite side of the street, and from
her obtained a good description of the
woman. She described her as being
about °0 years of age, well dressed.
wearing a sealskin sacriue and having
diamonds in her ears. According to her
star? the woman, after reaching the
bouse where she discarded her off
«p-mg stopped suddenly and gazed up
and down the street, apparently to see
whether or not she was being followed.
After satisfying herself, presumably,
that she was safe from arrest and pos
sible exposure, she entered the haw
meat at the house. She emerged in a
few minutes with an open grip in h»r
hand, and again glancing up and down
th« street quickly disappeared.
Th" discarded child was well nourish
ed clad In expensive under garments :
and was comfortably tucked in a shawl ■
of costly material. The police intend to
day to use every effort to locate the
mother. _______
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- of the United
- navy and of the Civil War for the
purpose • usslng the feasibility and
asity for the organisation in this city
- ins 1 naval association such as
: of the cities of the East.
A number expressed their views on the
was the opinion of the
ten that there for such an
organization in order to correct wrongs
■ ■ were -~ ken of. All the speakers
manpr others who did not express
i, including veterans who served
rd, Newark, lowa. BfsLrble
.ind Boston and ot&en who served
in the navy during th» Civil War,
• i:ndation for such an
ization. The first step taken was
the election of temporary officers, and the
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DR. iVL A. MGLAUuiILJrN, Mm Sprhlg aßd secood, us a^s.
Office houre-4 a. m. to S :3O p.m.; oandays .Uto L NEVER SOLD IN DRUGSTORES.
following were chosen: Martin Murray,
chairman, and Harry Thompson, secre
tary. The other officers will be chosen at
a future meeting-. Chairman Murray cm
taking- the chair stated that an organiza
tion as proposed is essential to the In
terests of the men in the United States j
navy, as there have been heard at vari- |
ous t'inres a number of complaints from
naval veterans, who by themselves as in
dividuals were unable to have certain
wronzs righted. Quite recently, he said,
veterans discharged at this port from the
transports which arrived from Manila
were told that there was no authority to
send them to their respective homes, but
when some persons interceded for them
with the proper authorities at "Washing
ton orders came to have them sent to the
places they desired to reach.
The following was unanimously adopted :
"Whereas. In IBM the Naval Veteran
Legion of California was organized with
a membership of 358 members and became
affiliated with the National Association
of Naval Veterans, and now holding a
charter from that association: and
"Whereas. Since the formation of the
aforesaid organization another war. re
sulting in additional honors being bestowed
on the American navy equal if not sur
passing in valor that of our late Civil
War. ranking our navy of to-day as the
grandest and greatest navy in the work:;
therefore be It
"Resolved, That this organization extend
a cordial invitation to all naval veterans
who served in the Civil War and the i
Spanish-American war, including marines,
and still serving in the American navy, to j
sign the roster of this association.
'•Resolved, That we most respectfully re- ■.
quest veterans now serving in the navy to
furnish a roster of their respective vessels
to the secretary of this association room
4, 405 Montgomery street, corner of Cali
"Resolved, That the roster of this as
sociation be open for signatures of charter
members until further orders.''
The chairman stated that the objects of
the association are to protect the interest
of naval veterans who are entitled to
bounty, prize money, back pay, traveling
expenses, ration money and procuring dis
charge papers, and In order to accomplish
this a competent attorney will be en
paged for that purpose.
~ Seventy-five men signed the roll.
• ♦ . — —
Company M of the California Regiment ;
entertained Company M of the Minnesota i
Regiment at a luncheon given in the '
Bimiw of Compar : y M y?«terday at ;
Camp Presidio. The management was
under the care of Mrs. Charles Rehn and
Mrs. Florence Lawtr.n. assisted by some
of the relatives of Company M's boys.
The luncheon was thoroughly enjoyed
- newcomers and three hearty- cheer?
and a tiger were given to the ladies and
to Major F. O'Neil, Captain Hogan and
First Lieutenant Wall. The tables wera
handsomely decorated with flowers ana
Private Brown. Company M. Minnesota,
is a popular man with the California boy?,
and he was presented with a hand
some bouquet given by David Taylor.
The bouquet was made of a cabbage,
pinks and ferns. The boys of Company M
California Regiment, gave a vote of
thanks to the ladies for their kind as
sistance in helping the boys of Company
M. California, to entertain.
, — _ ■ ♦ ■
Enchanted Mesa of Acoma
Dr. David Starr Jordan delivered an in
teresting lecture last night at Y. M. C A.
Auditorium on the subject "The Enchant
ed M-sa of Acoma." The lecture was il
lustrated by a number of stereopcicon
view? the pictures for which were taken
by Dr. Jordan and his wife, and a large
audience was agreeably entertained.
Brakeman O'Brien Dies.
WILLOWS, Sept. 0.-Thomas O Bnen.
the young brakeman who was injured at
ihena Station Thursday while sitting on
'the pilot of a locomotive, endeavoring to
make a coupling to a flatcar loaded with
' tradictory nature was Taken, and an ad
, journment to Tuesday was ordered, when
i other witnesses will be heard.

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