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Steamer *'Montlcello."
MON.. Tues.. Wed.. Thurs. and Sat. at 9-4}
a. m.. 1:15. S:SO p m. lex.-TTfura. night). Fri-
«•*»•• IP- m. itnd %:3X>: Sundays. 10:3rta m i
p. m.' Landing and office. Mixston-streat Dock
Pier No. t. Telephone Mainl^a^
FAKE , j^
Bobbed of His Bank.
Carl Otto, a lad residing at.J32B Sarichcz
street, wan set «p:oti -by. a .gang- of " Mis
siori toughfs at Valencia and Army streets
ye.Bterd.ay. They took .the little fellow's
toy. bank, and. af tor extracting- its con
tents, amounting to $4, they .threw.lt over
a fence. Officer E. J.' WlntPrs. was riotl
tted and arrested Frank. Cunningham and
Al Smith. In the struggle . for liberty
Smith made good his escape; while; Cun
ningham was taken- to tho Seventeenth
street station and. charged wl th- robbery. '
Stopping at Cherhourr. westbflurid.
— ->m New Tork Eyer-r Wednesday. 10 «. m.
New Tork... Jan. 3'New York Jan. !»
St Louis...'.' Jan. 10 St.' lxuls Jan. tl
St Pau1..... Jan. >7 St. Paul : Feb. 7
New York onJ Antwerp
From New. Tork, Every Wednesday, 12 noon.
Westernland ...Dec.rT Arajronlai :...Jan. 17
Kensington' Jan. 3 Frles'.and Jan. :«
Noordland Jan. JO Southwark Jan. II
Seattle. St. Michael. .Dawson CUy.
For full Information rejrnrdins freight and
. • r-as*ase apdy . tt>. • •
30 Montgomery ; it, or any of Us agencies.
- l.«»r of- First and Rrann^n- streets, 1 p. m.,
for YOKOHAMA and HONOKONC. calllr.s at
Kobe (Hioso). Naen.-<akl and. Shanghai, and
connecting at Honckonic with ¦ steamers for
India, etc. .No cargo received/on board on day
of sailinc '- ••¦¦.•¦'"•.•-
H(VNOKOXO MATIt: Tuesday. Jan. 1«
NIPPON MARt ?..:...Friday.. Friday. Feb. J
AMERICA MARtT Wednesday, M:ir. 7
Via Honolulu.- .' • _
Round-trip ¦ tickets '. at r»durert . rates. Far
freUht an.l paasaje apply at company's office.
4M Market street, corner First. • ; •
. W. H. AVERT, .general AgT.t.
f*?n?£i£|S? The S 3. • Austra!!*
• E^ys«lt% sails -. for Honolulu
y"• Wednesday.' Jan. 10.
¦f 1?W. at 2 p.m.
*<TOSmcmn.) 8. S. Moana sa!!« vl-»
GMCdUoniP 4 ' Honolulu an^l Airc'^and
/»VrinsniL for Sy.lnev Wednexd^y.
- tpttlr}Ol<?r Jan. ?4. at S p. m.
Farorlt« Line Round the World, via Hawaii.
Samoa New Zealand. Australia. India. Sues.
England, etc. : $"!10 first chios.
(. 0. SrncC.^tLS & d.;ua. CO.. «;t*.. -14 Mantqomer)
Pier 7. Foot Ptcific St. Freioht Offlcc.32l w^rVet SL
Salllnjc every Thursday Instcafl of <3jlSj£
Saturday, from November 2. 1899. at -^st-t»
10 a. m.. from Pier 42. North River, foot of
Morton st. LA NQRMANDIE. Jan. 4; LA
IS: LA OASCOGNE. Jan. 2i. First class to
Harre. $60 and upward; r, per cent reduction on
round trip. Seccru) class to Havre, -"-..". ; .*, p*. r
cent reduction on round trip. GENERAL
ADA. 32 Broadway (Hudson building). N>w
TorV. J F FUGAZI A CO . Paeiflc Coast
Acents. ft Mcntr^merr nvo S»n Frnncisro.
THE 0; R. & N. GO.
From Spear-street Wharf at 10 a. m.
CADE S l2 First Clan* loeludlnit Bert*
I Ant $S Second Cloh* and MeaU.
State of California .¦. ; ;.. Sails Jan. 1
Columbto Sails Dec. 29. Jan. i
Short Line to Walla Walla. Sockano. liutte.
Helena and to all points tn the Northwest.
Ti.ri.. gh tickets to all points East.
K. C. WARD. General Agent.
-. • .' . . . «30 Tfarket st
. • • Ruferlntendents.
;B.: Fay: Mills Wants Thkt City/tq Im
" " - ' ltJate::San : /Francisco.-// ; v//.-; • />
-.- QA:KTJANr)>pec; ; 3i.^-Re ; v;Be.hjamln; Fay:
Mills, told yhls ' audlenfce, at the First' Unlr
tarian; : Chtif ch .this: riiorrilrigythat Calyln
would: hot join the! Presbyterian Church
of. the present .day; that Jesus would, not
be at: home in the Christian Church r:that
p-risons slio.ii Id. be •¦ hospi tal s and ¦ that. Qak
laml should. Vote i bonus i like San Francisco.
His tdptc was " The Ty ra nny of t he Dead."
: Commenting ;;on. San Francisco's bond:
election Mr.. Mills said : "I . think for . a
'.Cdrrirn unity, State: jri'p nation; to iss.ue/.bo.rids
irtrid; place a. burden on. those' who- come
after 'them is an unfortiinate. .crime, : /but
for a city :to/do as San. Frariclsc.o did last
wecfe; to: ; issue bonds to- '.erect - school
hbusrs,, sewers, etc;, burdening, ourselves
p.6. -that. ;piiT'- descendants .miy ¦ ha;ye the
feeheflts i .of these •lmpr^ivcm^Tits.. Isjmag
hlticf n\ : :. It:.. is/ one- of . tile grandest" steps
ever/taken; San Francisco; .was formerly
at the foot, But now with her::new charter
arid View -schools, she : Is- in the. lead, and It
would ; be : well .. for ¦ Oakland to follow .her
exarapte.' 1 .': ; / : j' ;-. v ; \ •.-¦¦-•,-• .:-..:;;•¦-=¦' '-:•>-
Oakland Church Services.
OAKLAND, Dec. 31— Rev. Benjamin
Fay Mills, acting pastor the First Uni
tarian Church, to-day preached a sermon
on "The Tyranny of the Dead." Inci
dentally the announcement was made that
during January Mr. Mills will deliver a
course of special addresses on Sunday
mornings on "Modern Knowledge and the
'.M le^ by special request. The subjects
will be discussed in the following order:
3anu ,?W.Js ¦'viyj iat I« the Bible?' Janu
«r« r . yy ¦ 1 , i J.i' T T he Old Ttestament and the New
Vi, orld ; ; January 2}. "Modern Life and
•tjie j New Testament" ; January 2S. "Gain
?, n w, s^ Jn Modern Thought About the,
Bible/:;... -..-,¦¦ .:,-.-'-:..-.', :->,.; ¦• • :-.-•:¦.¦
- ? fu • Sf' E \ R - DHle spoke this morning
at the fclrst M. E. : . Church on ."The Mes
sage of the Flying Years.'* ; ; - - .
• "Thoughts for the New Year" was the
topic chosen by Rev, 11. M. Alexander for
his sermon^ this: evening at the Chester
stieet:.M..E.'. Church..; ¦ '¦.'.¦ -.." .-¦• ...
..Rev. B:; K. Paddock preached at both
services, to-day^ in the .Twenty-fourth
avenue M. r E, Church. At the opening of
this morning s service, however. Rev. Mr.
HUL spoke -a, few words of farewell greet
ing to his: people ;before leaving for his
vacation. :, ,• . •• ...•-¦ • . . ¦••. •
V *>; Vi, ir v, Hob arfs fernwn this morn
¦i2&'^-r, tl|e i Firs i- Baptist Church was on
T . ln , c .Backward, Qnward and Upward
}X)0k...\.. •. : ;•¦'. '...; ;¦ '¦.¦-"..,'•:•: ¦- .' •..--.
.^:Revrc.M. Hill preached a. sermon te
*ore .the King s Daughters this evening at
the Tenth*avenue Baptist ':(¦: (¦ hurch. select-
Ing,.for his; subject^ "A True Daughter of
the. King. ¦'¦ .•¦•¦¦••¦• • • .. -. : . ¦ ¦ -.
w Picture Sermons From the World's
Great . Paintings" ; was the/, subject of a
talk by Rev. John M. Dick, B. E>., at the
Fourth Congregational Church to-night
The. lecture was illustrated by stereoD
tlcon views. ..... "
At St, Paul's Episcopal Church a serv
ice new to local churches was given to
night. The evening *ervicr> began at II
o'clock, ending at the beginning of the
new year. The sen-Ice was largely
musical in character, and the cantata
"A Song of the Night." by Dudley Buck!
written for the last night in the year, was
Revelation at Eliza
Reeves' Autopsy.
Her Heart Measured Fourteen Inches
in Circumference and the Walls
Were. Over an Inch in
-; '/•: :' Thickness. •¦ .. v- ; ;
Oakland Office San Francisco Call,
• 90S Broadway. Dec. 31.
An autopsy held this afternoon on the
remains of Mrs. Eliza T. Reeves, who
died very suddenly at her home. 837 Jack
son street, shortly after midnight last
night, revealed an enlargement of ; the
heart that Is a physiological phenomenon.
Mrs. Reeves, who is the wife of Thomas
Reeves, the well-known gardener, had
Just passed her sixty-second year and
ncr health In the past had been what
might be called perfect. She had been
married forty years and reared four chil
dren, two of whom are married, and on
the occasion of Christmas at the family
reunion she appeared in '¦ the., best '..of
health and spirits. . ¦ : -...-..' ...- •"• :: -C-\- '+.
At midnight she complained of a' pain
in her chest. ¦ Dr. Andrew .Fine waa
promptly summoned, but before- the phy
sician could arrive she passed away..-Cor
oner Mehrmann was notified to-day and
an inquest will be held next Tuesday. ?
Notwithstanding the ' husband's . objec
tions, an autopsy was held this after
noon by Dr. Fine, when it was found
that death^was caused by enlargement of
the heart. This propeller of life force,
however, proved to be the largest ever
seen by Dr. Fine in his many years' ex
perience aa an autopsy physician. Though
in her prime, Mrs. Reeves had tipped the
scales at .200 pounds, she was not a large
woman; at the time of her death. Her
heart weighed about nineteen ounces,
whereas'.'tne normal heart of an. adult
weighs between eight and ten ounces.
Mrs. Reeves'' heart measured eleven and
one-half Inches in circumference and
fourteen inches in the other measure
ment.: The walls of her heart were over
an Inch in thickness. :...-:..'.. . ¦
"The heart is the largest that I have
ever, seen, " said Dr. Fine to-night, "and
Iguess It is the largest any one has ever
seen in: a human body. It is marvelous
that. Mrs. Reeves lived as long as she did
without complaint as to tnat organ.
Aside, from the unusual size, the only de
fects 1 found were in some of the valves,
and it is probable that the valvular de
fects were the cause of the enlargement."
. Mrs.; Reeves was a native of Kngland,
aged 62 years, and had long resided in
this city; She was a member of the local
lodge of the order of Daughters of St.
George.: The funeral will take place next
Tuesday afternoon from the late resi
dence and the Interment will be in Moun
tain View Cemetery. . .- : ¦ ..
Gossip of Shatter's
Raised to a Retired Major General of
Regulars, He May Have to
Resign as a Vol
The proposed appointment" of Major
General Shafter of the volunteers as a
major general of regulars may have mon
significance than at first appears, for
there is a well-denned opinion among
army folk that the appointment can only
mean the immediate retirement of the
General in both ranks.
The plan to promote General Shafter,
at present a retired brigadier of the reg
ular army as well as a major general of
volunteers, to be a major general of regu
lars, comes from the President and the
Secretary of War. The rank will be given
by Congress by the passage of a bill
framed by the Secretary of War, but it
will carry no active duty with it. Shafter
has already passed the age limit and wad
retired as a regular officer last October,
so all Congress can do is to place him on
the retired list as a major general instead
of a b.ig;idier.
Ther*\ are those well versed in army
lore, however, who say such a thins a^
an officer holding two commissions of the
same rank,- one in the regular army and
one In the volunteers, is not according tn
military precedent. .The regulations are
silent on the matter, and if It be out of or
der at all it. Is because of some ruling of
the War Department. v :
Should it be found to be a military im
possibility- to confer the dual rank upon
General Shafter. it is probable he will re
sign his volunteer commission at once, for
to be a major general upon the rrtire<l
list for the remainder of a man's life ia
better than to be a major general of vol
unteers with at most no worse than eight
een months' service ahead.
The theory of. the position, according
to those who say the ¦ two commissions
cannot exist. Is this: An officer may leave,
the regular army to become a voluntet-r
officer only when such transfer i° a pro
motion as well. If he be not promoted his
services are considered of more use In th<»
regular establishment than In the volun
teers. If he be not raised in rank there
can be no reason for his transfer.
Like the Question of precedence between
Deweyand Miles, the matter of two ma
jor generals' commissions must be settled
by Washington. Bnt in what way it will
be settled is a question causing considera
ble Interest.
Both Men Say They Are in
Good Shape for the
Mul >
;. ,-. f-reclat Dispatch 'to The Call.
NEW YORK. Dec. Sl.— For their battle
at Coney Island to-morrow afternoon
Kid McCoy and Peter Maher of Ireland
are in perfect physical condition, the re
sult of six weeks of conscientious train
ing, iioth men to-day concluded their
preparation for the battle by taking but
mild exercise. McCoy's work consisted
of a five-mile horseback ride and tossing
the medicine ball, followed by a cold
shower bath and a hard rub down. At
the conclusion of his exercise the "Kid"
said that never in his life had he felt
better prepared for a fight. Bunches of
muscle .stood out proihinently on his
arms, chest and back. Every muscle ap
peared to have been trained to the highest
point of perfection. He looked a picture
of. perfect physical manhood. There is
no doubt that McCoy's physique has
undergone wonderful improvement. So
far as strength and weight is concerned
he is a better man to-day than ever. In
former battles McCoy has been reluctant
to make a knock-out prediction for him
self, but for lus fight with Maher he
states that he will surely knock the
Irishman out inside the limit of twenty
live rounds.
McCoy has selected as his place during
the battle the southwest corner. It is the
same that tiharkey occupied in his fight
with Jeilries. Mahtr will have the north
east corner, in which Jeffries rested in
his. lights with Fii? and Sharkey. Mc-
Coy's advisers wilTbe William Muldoon,
Hpme.r Selby, "Jimmy" de Forest, and
'.Joe Falvey. Maher's seconds' will bo
Peter ¦JUurns, "Pete" Lowrey and "Jack"
MaJierw- .."-. •¦••.-,¦' .;•¦ , ¦ . • ; ¦: '.¦/¦:¦
:. ¦'Judging from the .advance sale . of
tickets the : attendance, will -be- almost as
large as they were at the other; big' bat V
ties held -under.'; the auspices' of the Sea
side organization. All : box sea.ta have
been disposed . of, arid: more ! than half of
the; reserved seats. While the crowd may
Be ; as large as that which witnessed .. the
FltzsirnmorisT,J.e.ffr.ies . .. arid - the Shafkey-
JfefTries fights,, the. receipts -will not be so
large,, as ..the. price asked .for tickets is
.ii)'uch...loweri"-- ;;:. ; -- '¦' .-¦ -1.-'vH'-v' :'.'•'•'¦. •:¦¦':;; v .: > -' . : - :
; Tlie purse for which /Maher arid
will struggle .¦•isvs-20 : .Ot3O;-. Of this -surii/ the
¦winner -wiir recei vb |15;0.>0. ; This is $5000:
less- .thaii.. . Suljivan .and .Corbett . fought
fpr,:^t : ls:ew.'Orlea;nsiri IMZ. : , r-/\',.-- X : } ;¦ -,-.':j
...:Drspite,'the: wirtesi-ir.edd ctrculatiori of re
ports to the •.effect t hat' t,He pugilistic ;eri- ;
coutiter. .bet ween- ..Kid/McCoy. . and. . .Peter':
Mahof -.; W«ajl<J not : tak^ ..-.'nla'cft-; on account .
,0t. . ;i ) 1.ii f i? S- ¦¦ •'. 1 ri; : t h o f ; i m .l.l y b f . . one- Q t. ' :¦.¦ th c'
pririrlpals.-it is oHi<i-'i!ly annouriced [¦' to>
night -.': t h at' 1 hV- hkx tie \: wi 1 1 ; ;t ak e; . place. ;/aa
;s'cht- ; d\ik'd 7 .iit; 3;3.0 : p.- ;m. •'to-.morro^r.v f • ; ,v, v
. ¦•• :S h o u ld Siah < • r . wli'ir he w i 1 1 . b e . on c o ; a p ai ri
in line- forthe Worlj's championship;, .hdxir:
:p rs/' :. ; A.." victtir v; .p ver M ;ih c r ¦;. \v.i >vil d . ¦ n 1 so ,
rneanvc.onp,iii;eriitil# /t.o. McCoy, consequerif-.
l^iportjiig.-mcn, .are /lakifig;/a /deep- ¦ irtter
,eat.'in'.:;th>: reFiilt. ¦ Harry, (¦orb^tti^who
en rnie / f rptri t'ii ! l l'« > r n i a to /s.e e/ t he. .fight '. r« \t
jv,.r ; to j] «>;pnr -Mc<;'pyv "put.bbui'g/l'hir' ;
laking t.he/.'Maher .'enil;. ¦ .'-.; .//¦;•;" ¦:.•¦• :: . ¦.¦¦/¦¦-;./¦"¦¦¦ ; ;
:^ Cl^trFey^Wla'te /wUiv ; ac.t:as^ referee;' v Np
pictures; of the.. ftglit' will.be.: taken.--' ;•;¦.¦:•; : :-)-'\,
The average worflan 'upends more time
trying to improve her complexion than her
mind. ¦•-.-• ¦•'=
* twelve black' cats were .pnt lri- aNew
sTork .cold-storago- warehouse, 'At the enrl
of six months their .hirfr had turned
white. •:.••-:
Native Son Wounded in Manila.
. Colonel Kalph de Clairmont of this city
has just. re.Oived word that his son Cor
poral Lorenzo Alexis de Clairmont of
Troop 8.. Fourth United States cavalry
was wolind.ed in the chest about a week
ago in an. engagement with the Insurgents
at Ceba. The. wound is reported as be
ing not very serious. Corporal de Clair
mont. who enlisted as a private with the
intention of earning his way to a commis
sion, has been in the thick of the fighting
at the front/for the past four months. He
is a Native. Son-and is doing his best to
perpetuate the fame of the Sons of the
Golden West.
Local Christian Brothers Do Not Fear
the Propaganda's Decree.
The Christian Brothers of this city, and
the .Catholic ch-rgy are ; practically unan
imous iti- the. opinion -that the report of
the sacred, congregation of the propa
ganda-prohibiting the teaching .of the
classics in the schools conducted by the
brothers will not be approved by the
Pope/ .- '- . .: . '.: ¦ .
, Archbishop Riordan, who was dele
gated to present the matter at Rome
urged the: .ropO to allow the- conditions
existing in the Christian. Brothers" schools
throughout the. United States to remain
unchanged, fv Classics- are not taught by
the brothers in France, that branch ' of
•study b«"lng left entirely to the Jesuits
The French order objected to special prjv
lU-gc'B being allowed thelf American- col
leagues, and complained to- the Pope. -
Sacramento Coursing.
SACRAMEXTO, Dec. . 31.-In today's
coursing Keta D won first money, /Mail
Carrier second. Handspring, third and
Dinah fourth. The weather Was fine and
the sport first class. . ..
Racing at Tanforan.
,•¦ .Tlie entftes : at ; the': Western , Turf ABsocia
tlon'/s trnck; are/.as follows:; ¦;¦ '¦¦ ¦¦•-.. : ¦'. ¦.
.'First'¦tare'-'-Five furl6n'cs:.'l6urrre'ar--olds and
ijpwa-rd; ¦ selllr.e; . ' • ; -.-. ..' • ¦¦¦• ; "¦ '.' ¦. _/-..¦'
¦ 431. gpry-Lark::. ...:ll& : .... Gbv. :Sheehan.':.llo'
552 Grand -Sachem.'. 117' 2M.Modwena ;..llli39'.Br*W:=Lo>*:r..7.'.'ll3; ..lll
i39'.Br*W r..7.'.'113 : =Lo>* : ..: .Ju-ya .;.-.. : ...'.'.....11i.
455 El- Salado..-...,.115 500 Loving Cup...... 115
533 Romany' ,;*'..> ..-.'.lU :;;.. Mflld Anthpny....ll6
•»vi Antloch : ?,i.i..',113 . ... Nora Ives-. V .-...-:•. 113
549 Gr.eyhurst ....;. 117 226 Libertine ;\...i.!20
¦'480 Ballsta ' : .'.»-....',', 112. 513 Benamela; . . '..>.';. 117.
'¦ Second, race— One and an /eig-nth miles; Cell
ing;'three-year-olds-and'upwnrd.. ' .-. . ¦
52» Coda .: ;...'. .103 : v. 224 Cromwell ?...;.10S
636 Rlxford 8:>!.(4 r ><i)Chlmura ;...:.;.102
63S Owyliee .........103 | t'3s FortJn 100
558 Meadowthorpe. .1121 54S Del Paso II 112
535 Torn Calvert.'....!""' | 553 Stuttgart 104
456 Oralbee 100'-
•' Third race — One mile: three-year-olds and up
ward; pelllnE- ¦ . - .:.¦••¦
(443)Racivan 102[(109)Cyr1I ............102
510 Inver'ary *I .. 9'Ji(s37)Ailenna ..; .. 83
(544) Merry Boy :107 1 .'>« Scotch Plaid 107
.. Bt«hop Reed 114! (45j)Merops ...105
•¦'..i Doßtpwn ...... ..110U.V4S)Wyomlng .......107
Fourth race — One and a.- sixteenth ... miles;
thre^-year-olds and upward; New Year's han
dicap: , •¦ . . ¦ '•
(541)P0tente ..liw; 553 Meadowthorpe ..105
(479)r>als3' F ....107| Ml Morlnel .lOft
547 White Fern.....HH). (4r*)r*hlmura 100
f>4l Topmnst ....:...U>iU477)Zoroaster ll!t
<552)ImpeTiOus •' 105. (,r)22)Casdale .109
•Fifth race — Short course; steeplechase; handi
cap: ' ... ¦ . -5-v ¦•'¦'•
.Reno .lfi. ! ll(49S}Meddler 13:»
462 Vi Ft.*:.; "..ISO J--4S3 .Major 5.........133
431 Credo ..'.J.. ...... 12.". .(4«). Monlta -...., 13f>
48J Roa*more ;;U^W-[:B1 3 O C ...127
462 Una' Colorado.. i-127. '• ? . . > ..
Sixth! race— 81x • furlnnss; three-year-olds
and upward; bandlfcap:. .
520 Tar Hi1t.. ....... 100 ;523 Frank Bell Ills
(KlDlien Ledt .'..llrt (442)5t. Cnslmlr 106
537 SUnello ...;.. ...100.' (aSOFlamora 108
452 Geyser .:.v:: — 113 ' -.. First Shot .".103
530 Kins' CarnlvaL.ll3 517 Decoy 101
<512)&y '. .........110 (."40)St. Cuthbert....lO3
(544)Sybarls ....JI(V- 454 Rio Chlco 100
511 Uobus Bill M , . .
Selections for To-Day .
First race— Lovlnc Cun. Romnny, Ballsta.
-, Second 'race— Crom well. ': Del Paso 11, Chl
mura. . ' . /-_•.-¦ '--
Third rice— Wyoming;;' Bishop Reed. Merops.
Fourth rac«T-p«l»y F. Potente. Zoroaster.
Fifth race-rCredo, Reno. Monlta.
Sixth race— Geyser, Sybarls, King Carnival.
French Handball Players.
The monotony of handball playing ;at
Thil Ryan's court, RSS Howard street, was
mitifwhat varied yesterday afternoon by
!hp prepenoe of a quartet of French p!ay
• ra. who made their appearance In the
«-ourt. 2¦' ' " L.
In the game yesterday there were- F.
TihlFta arid J. Esponda against J. Jaurr
(ruy and J. Iribarren. The game was
Inr liv> noes, and was so closely contested
ihat the games wore declared a draw af
tf-r four had been played. The other game*
were: :.'- ; ££ %
V. McDonald «n4 P. Ptelner defeated M. He-
NV:I and L. CarrmJne. Score, 2W12, 19 — 21.
n. j^ - ¦ -' . ¦.- . ~ . ' *
T. McMer.uj «n4 Dr. MrOowan defeated ¦¦ J.
MtNimar* and S. Garvey. Score, "I—l 7, 13 — 21,
21- W.
<"; Smith and R. Bowman defeated A. Mc-
V!. k<>r «nd G. Jnmeji. Score. 21—11. &— 2l. 21 — 12,
Man O'Erien and W. Fisher defeated M. Mc-
I'onald and W. Manlon. Fcore. 21—18. 18-21.
'El-: 1 ). ¦ I ,-:..;>:. {¦, ?>¦¦;¦; '
G. B. Hir«rfl and T. Leach defeated 3.
<-on<!on and 'E. Antron. Score. 21—10, J&-Zl,
51-I*.- v. -• i
A. Whlteman an-3 J. Glynn defeated E.
Mhite an<l C Lakln. S^ore. Jl— S. 16 — 21. 21—18.
.T CfOcnneil and H. n!!i# defeated G. Ellin
bj>4 W. Dunning. Scn r «. 71— v, 2<:> — 21. 21— 17/
J. Uo^net and A, Hamilton defeated M. J.
Kllpallon arid- R. Lir.ehar. three games to one,'
ly the following score:
3 Bonnet and A. Hampton 21 21 IB 21
11, J. KHsail'in and R. Lln*han....l« 18 21 11
A continuation of the games will be
'.;ad to-day, at which the two young
rhampions. White and Collins, will tept
The staying qualities of any two players
In the local court.
Female Masquesaders.
Mabel MqCarthy and May : Nelsori
. /Arrested While Having a Good
; '¦•. ': -.-. : : Time on Jackson Street. .:.;' : :j
The . friends of a saloon-keeper at 60
Jackson street/ met there Saturday night
to ceicbrate the exltof theyear, and 1 they
had' a. good; time. The guests consisted
principally ; of sailors and their lady!
friends and v about 2 o'clock yesterday
morning, during the height of tho.hilarity,
it was suggested that it would be a nice
joke if Mabel McCarthy and May Nelson,'
two young girls Just cmcrgtng out-of-their
teens/ would don mate attire and make:a
few calls atthe neighboring saloons. -.-:'¦ .. ..
The girls jumped rit. the suggestion. arid
in a few mtnutes they appeared in mate
attire much to the. delight of. the com
pany.- They starred but; accompanied by
several of the male guests; and thej£. up
roarious mirth attracted the attention of
Policemen power anVlv Sandman. They
watched the riierryriiaktrs; and something
iii the walk .arid /gericral. appearance of
two of the.;nurh:bpr' aroused ¦their suspi
cions/ They/caUed a: halt and Mabel. and.
May tremblingly/ admit ted their . sex -and.
said it. iwasJ wn|y : a; : joke.; : : :They were,
placed: Under arrost:arid taken to. the Har-.
bpr. • police : : ¦sHatlori,..-;;:- On .the- way Erick
Olsen rftlse.d; such a disturbance hy black-r
guarding the o'Tlccrs. that he was arrested
for disturbing the peace. .'They were, soon
released on: ball, the girls in $100 each arid
Olsen ¦in :$2Q.' :/•:.• ;¦;•/¦//:¦;. /:¦ .--f^V,
Death of Cheeseman's Father.
BERKELEY,: Dec. 31.— F. H, Cheese
man, the father of Frank Cheesernari, the
inßarie murderer^ died this afternoon at
his residence, 2022 Otis street: Death came
as the.result of a:pr6longed illness. Mr.
Cheeiseman : wii 1 a native of:. New York,
having lived in Berkeley but ten years.
He;/wasffi) years of. age.- .;-:.-. :.'¦¦..-. ;- ;.
/=^AKLAND, Doc, 31,— Mrs. Martin Schultz Informally had the members of
((; Ijthe different choirs this ! evening at her home on Sixteenth street to
watch the old year out and the new year in. The pleasant gathering
. took place after church, and ended in; the small hours, music, conver
tlon and refreshments making the time pass swiftly and delightfully.
. Mrs. Sehultz was assisted in making her guests welcome by her charm
ing daughter, Miss Stisie. The choirs were well represented In spite of the
rain, arid the evening proved especially fruitful in that It brought together
socially the religious musical organizations and made them acquainted— a
: thing that has not bern done before, and that was an original thought with
: the hostess. Among those Invited to be present were:
Mr. and Mrs. KAgar Bishop. Miss Abba Kellogg.' Miss Louise Kelle&s Mr. and Mrs
.KelloKS. William King, Robert Newell. Mr. Lemert./Miss Annie Flint. Charles Flint!
i Mrs.. \V. E. Sharon. Miss Florence Sharon. Mr. and Mrs. Putnam Gr'lswold. Clement
Rowlands, Mrs. A. A. Dewlnj?;.. J. M, Robinson, Mr,. Davis, Miss Oeorgie Kno*ltori, Mr.
• : and Mrs. Harry Thomas arid Mfi and Mrs. Harry Carleton.' ".' . ".- .-. • ' ' :
. ; ¦: Mr. and Mrs. George/ \V. McXear Jr. gave an informal luncheon to-day at
. their.home, Thirteenth and Oak streets, tp. commemorate the anniversary
; of their wedding. The guests, included Miss Male Tucker, who will become
;a; bri^e to-morrow;^ her fiancee, A. S Macdpriald. and their attendants, at
.the coming citjrern-ony. There were also a few other friends present.
: ; Mr. and Mrs.. Isaac Tlequa returned frbn>: their Eastern trip this afier
ribon.and were welcomed with much pleasure.at the "Highlands " They left
v New York the day before Christmas. Mrs.; Jv.A: Fqlger has returned from
• the East also, where- she- accompanied hpr s'pri and his bride.. ' ': '. ¦' '¦ ¦¦ .:
..- . / MX and Mrs. George \Y. 'Percy entertained a few.friettds very Informally
.'this afternooh at thoirihome bn Boulevard .Terrace... The gathering was a
v coritiriiJation. )n a way.vof the "fin de siecle" -evening given by them last night
at which papers on the progress, of the century/ were read and greatly en
: joyed.- . ,: . .-- ;' ¦¦'¦. ¦.'¦'¦/ •¦.:/.'.'.¦¦¦¦ ¦.-..."¦ : . ; 'i':. : ': '¦'¦¦ '¦¦ '¦'¦¦"
<rt:«^ tflTH FLYING COLOURS- 1 comes
' wvxiT: : w l*-^ : a - r<¥COr d of success at- the
\T\yf ' : Adclf)lii Theater, London, where
. ¦ .¦ • ' ' Jt rah .tor '•¦'.- a twelvemonth . or
more.. It is the inpst pretentioiiu effort
the Frawliey. co'mjTany' has made, yet it
does not differ, greatly in ijuality. froni its
predecessors.' To analyze one melodrama
is to' atralyze all im-lodramns", rxctpt'r.g,
perhaps, u fc\y- thathcre.and.thorc make,
for originality— originality of the higher
sort I; mean, the kind that -.throws tradi
tion to the winds and bespeaks something
of the creative faculty In It* auilior.
"W ith Flying Colours" is not ' one of
these. It is built on the same old lines,
the' various impossible, popular- expres
sions of virtue and vice are all there, with
little or' no relief of n sound literary or
dramatic sort. People of intelligence do
not read stories, of this kind, mou^n thuu
sahds of them are published In paper-back
editions, and if they ure to bo made ac
ceptable on the stage it must bo by vir
tue of plcturesqutness and vitality. Thus
the setting nnrl acting are all important,
and the play Is notthe thing. .
In. point of scenery the production ut the
California is commendable. ; There are
fourteen scenes, which for the most part
are well contrived, and with but a few
forglveable concessions to expediency.
The usual contrasts prevail, ami one Is
taken" from the atmosphere of IoW life to
scenes . wherein gentlefolk pnjoy tho
amenities of wealth. All very phasing to
the. gallery anil sufficiently well carried
out to interest most people. The scene in
the wood In the second act, with its pic
nic and hunting party, is quite real in Its
tone, despite the contrast between the
English and the American members of tile
The Americans are very -artificially Eng
lish and .Mr. Harrington Reynolds is very
"Englishly" artificial. It was in "The
Sporting Duchess" that he did his best
work; anu Judging him by that- standard
ho Is not up to the mark In the present
production. A more perpetually conscious
actor were, hard to Imagine or one more
absorbed In his attitude and accent, j-'rari
cis Byrne has, I think, at last found his
milieu. As a lover ho was always im
possible, thouerh I thought nt flr«?i i"at his
rather j>ofr appf«rnnce cUv him out for
such parts. As 'he vil'Vn trt "Wl'b
ing -Colours" he acts earnestly and effeo
tl\ely.. Miss Van Buren is given the part
of an hnglish slavey, which I woul.l have
considered out of her line had I not seen
her in It.- She does some very cleve
character work with her small opportuni
ties. The rest of the cast is by far too
numerous to mention. .
. : . . .¦¦¦¦: ¦¦ PORTER GARNETT
'•¦ • 1 ' . • • •
.There will be New Year matinees at all
the theaters this afternoon/
The Frawley company's elaborate pro
duction of "With Flying Colors." which
was presented last night for the first
time in America, will continue for the
week Including next Sunday night. On
Monday. January S. and at the Wednes
day matinee. January 10. Emma Nevada
will be heard in concert. On Tuesday
evening. January 11, Mr. Frawley will
present Pinero's successful drama. "The
Princess and the Butterfly."
"The Christian" will continue at the
Columbia for two weeks longer. The play
has had notable success and the demand
for seats is heavy.
There will be no change at the Grand
Opera-house for the present. The holiday
attraction. "Sinbad," is drawing well It
is a . success scenically and otherwise.
Little 80-Peep" at the Tivoll seems
destined for n. long run. There will be a
special matinee of "Little 80-Peep" to
day and also next Saturday. The next
production at the Tivoli will be Frank
Daniels', greatest success. "The Idol's
"Chimmfe Fadden" continues nt the
Alcazar with Forest Seabury in the title
role. •:¦ ."-. .
At the Orpheum Fougere and La
Sylnhe are the holdovers. Billy Rice and
11. \V. Frillman. the Rozlnos and Dorothy
Drrw are. among the newcomers.
Murray, and Mack are at the Alhambra
this week tn "Finnigan's Ball."
Major Mite and Adgle in her mirror
dance are attractions at the Chutes
There. will be two De Paehmann recitals
at Sherman & Clay Hall on Thursday and
Saturday afternoons.
' Th^- regular; -monthly class, modal' arid
hullPcye contests of the Swiss Rifle C!ub
tnoit place yetserday" at. Harbor View
range. Theatteridance was large and the
members' congratulated themeslves upon
the fart- that the organization has just
jiaf^ed its fortieth anniversary and !s still
in an unusually prosperous condition. Its
membersliip now numbers nearly fifty and
ihrre is over $4'\>o in the treasury, with
no outstanding claims". The- active mem
l.prship is from fifteen to twenty, who aro
«.n the range the last Sunday In each
month. The wrather and light at tim^s
\-e«tertSay were ploasant, and. at other
iimop the lipht was poor, the shadows al
most obprurir.g the targets. : The winners
wild scores -were as follows:;
flapf medal match, twenty *hots. German 25
rinK tanff-t— <"hamrlon class. A. C. Gehret. 416
lir.c-y: firrt cl«k«i. A. PtudT. *\l: second class.
1». Croce. 3^3: third class. A. SConottL 357.- • ? -.
Bullseye thoot for cash prize*, best center* to
win— Firsi prize, A. Gehret: F»cohd ; J- Ua-ch
ir.an: third. A. yon W>l; fourth, J. Seeman;
f.tth. A. Monottl; sixth. A. Huguenln; seventh,
>". guter. .-' • -•
Remembered Leader Clark.
OAKLAND. Dec. 31.— The retirement of
Ben Clark, the well known tenor, from
the leadership of the First Presbyterian
Church choir took effect to-day. As a
mark of the esteem in which he was held
by his friends In the choir, and perhaps
also in view of the coincident of his birth
day, the retired choir leader has been
presented with a large, beautiful oil
painting of a battle scene.
U.C . Gradua les as Teachers.
. ¦ BERKELEY,' Dec. 31.-^-The .announce
ment Is made by the appointment secre
tary of the University of Calif ornta of
the appointment of Harry A. .Llnscott.a
graduate of the class of ISP9.; as principal:
of the public school at San Lprenzo, Ala
meda County: Charles E. Fryer, ajso a
graduate 'of the ulass of . 1893^. has been
chosen head of the department of his
tory in the Mt. Taroalpais Military Acnd
emy at Sari Rafael. ; Both graduates will
enter upon their duties at the opening of
the next school term. . .}. -. -•.'.¦ ¦ ¦.••
Corinthian . T achtsrrien : ; Make ; Merry
at Theiir! New; Yearns Irtrinet".
',-. For several "yeafs- past Vjt. has been the
¦good - c u stom ". !q p. "': t he.-.-' Cor 1 ri t h i an.; .; Yacht
Club: to hold an ;annua:i;, dinner, on the first
day .of ./the : year:; -This time, the "annual
ship 'cleaning" was given /on the last day.
of. the old year.' 'Shortly-after.. noon the.
amateur cooks and waiters, arrayed. lrv
white /duck suits with white aprons; and.
caps, and flaming red ties, each .bearing
on his breast an. emblem lndicatlre of his
clutios. filed out tp .Tiburon,: whence: they
shortly.; returned to the clubhouse, ; bear t
ing roast turkeys, ducks, suckling plg3
arid geese. The members and guests/seat
ed themselves at the tables In the large
room, and, : &fter partaking of : a dotse of,
"germ, .atgtroyer,'' ' proceeded. ... to ; 'ißtow
avv-ay "Corihthiwhatthehelldbwecaresalat":
arid a quantity of. duclc with ceieryi- tur
keywjih cranberries, pig : with apple
£auce arid: goose : . with : -stuffing. 'For
drinks there were white-; and red' Wines
and : Hungarian Tokay- of;. an '.'. old brand.
The guests were particularly requested by
notices conspicuously- posted to ."report:
au>: incivility of-, the management to the
Cooks' arid.-. Walters' .Union." ".-. ; '. - : ••-;'¦¦"¦¦ •'•
¦'-. Whfn tl.e Waiters had concluded : that
the ggu sts : had had • ehpugh, they struck
work and sat down to a special: table on
which wiere several gllt-tppped bottles,
whence corks popped arid a loaming liquid
bUrfit 'fdrth; After : clga.ru had been iight
cd, Oonirncdore Carl AVesterfeld, the-pres
ideiit'ot .the d-ay, made-, a few opening re
marks. Then ex-Commodore. T. F. Tracy
presonied to the retiring ofllcer a suitably
.inscribed, diamond' locket ; in ¦ recognition
of. his services to the clubJ •:¦:.¦¦ ¦¦ \ ; .'¦,. -..-
, 11/ D. Uawks, the, nominee for commp
dore in -TjW). made^a short speech, which
was: well, received. J. Cathcart, who haa
Jusvr.ri' warned frbrrt the Eastern States,
.t:old;a,.MtJiyvplbked up during his travels;
Jiyan . s(hi^ ; some Irish ' songs and Ryan
aiitf. : c;ath'-»rt rendered a duet; : SdngS arid
stories followed, from Professor Abraham
v l iLb;raiTi6n'i...:FrariH '¦: AY, : . Thompson,:; \V.
liyneSy P)oan and. CrpweU, Ben Tarbox
jEtTid ;Sjpan and. McLaughlln. ¦¦¦:¦. The after
n^oij passed . pleasantly ,v marked by ; the
spirit of ..harmony, and: good fellowship
¦tnat ; are .. I'haracteristtc: of all Corinthian
SathcrinKs. iuul which give It.a: unique po
sition japipftg Ban.Franciscp clubs. 'Most
of the. gUfsts returned :to the city, by tho
4 o'clock L ,n!t, but.enbugh were, left behind
at the clubiiouse to man a brass, guii and
fire Rtilutr-.s at the outgoing ferryboat;. ?
. . - Port: Capiain- • Jdhn H. ' Keofe^ was '• re
sponsible; for- the ! excellent arrangements
maoe. for the dinner- and : the following
members lent valuable assistance: -T ?J.
Kava-naugli,: duck carver; Herman Den
hiirU. pis-divitler; Jlenry. H.Gorter, gPpse
parifcr; L. --Ha-wlts. turkey-dlssecter,'. and
. L-. B. Chapruan; comppyjider of saladiiThe
t'ooks' and Waiters' Union was made uu
of .Fancy: Thornton, president;. "Kee
gan'' Schobc-r .secretary; .c. H Buck
jack Short, \\\ L. Westerfeld, W. Fiaher
and J.C.'Brickell, waiters. ;.
Pacific Coast Steamship Co
jjk. Steamers leave P.roadway
rjrniM wharf. S.ir Francisco:
ißßaWllfc. For Alaskan ports, 10 a m .
L^^s3^R3^ Jan - '• fi n - lfi - - x - :S - :{: -
JaCT^j^iTi Frb. S, rhsing^ t¦> company's
rafiioq^gi st.'irnpr« at Seattle.
uj%^KA| For Victoria, Vjr.mii^r
l r^^^J^SflgaM <B. C). Port Townsend. Se-
attle, Tacoma. Everett. Ana-
(Wash.). 10 a. m.. Jan. 1. «.
11 1« fl. 28. SI. Feb. a. and every fifth day
I thereafter: change at Seattle to this company's
steamers for Alaska an<i C. N. Ry. : at Ta-
coma to N. P. U'y. : at Vancouver tc C. P. U y.
For Eureka (Humboldt Cay). 2 p. m., Jan.
I 4, », 14. 19. 2*. 29. Feb. 3, and every Rfth day
! thereafter. _
1 For Santa Cm*. Monterey. San Simeon. Cay-
! ucos Port Harford (San Luis Obispo*. Oavlota.
Panta Barbara. Ventura. Hueneme. San Peilm.
I East San Pedro (Los Anjreles> and Newport. 9
a m.. Jan S, 7. 11. 15. 19. 23. 27. 31. Feb. 4.
and every fourth day thereafter.
For San Dleito. stopping only at Port Har-
ford (Pan Luis Oblspo). Santa Rarbara. Port
Los Ariseles and Redondo «Los Anjceles). 11 a.
m . Jan. 1. 6, 9. 13. 17. 21. 25. 29. Feb. 2. an.l
every fourth day thereafter.
For Ensenada. Mapdalena Pay. Pan Jose del
Cabo. Mazatlan. Altata. LaPaz. Santa Rosalia
: and Guaymas (Mcx), 10 a. m.. 7th of each
i month- ¦ ,
' For further information obtain company s
The company reserves the right to rhansn
•teamers. sallinfc dates and hours of salllnff
without previous notice.
TICKET orriUK-4 New Montgomery
¦treei (Palaca Hotel).
10 Market st:. San Francisco. "
No Music, but Plenty of Excitejtteiit
for : Sunday^Pleasure irSeekers. { ; ;! ¦
-.. Alt hdugji':: there. ;.was";ho;.'-.-. v rnuifiC-' ; 'at;"lh«
I».rky^t-erday; the. 'srr.Jai.l crowd^ tha^igatn,
* red -th^r*.. wi«'-;_i.urnl^hv-yi-:exc^t>royn-t : -^ufr.
i i ci.r Tit ii n r '. ¦ p ri |p .'.'d ay, .. by. . t wo . • ; i*u tia wa ,y 's ..
Janie^ •ilcStay - of/-. 727 •.Folftirh ¦[ Ptr^c-t ; .was
•rfriViriK.'- Wiiti ifa" jady- When, the horse took
¦ f liehi . r.eir. ; the': bridge: ' cippos: te, the.- c6n>
j-t-rvat^rS' and '.KplteiiL- 'Offlcor -Kavanaugh
1. U''^*-'!.' but. a-chase in.f pyr-r a.;;EalleTe.nm
Vwefl 'hfforo .the .. ruiiaway was ! st'ip.ped.
>.">n h*»ir < !'f the occupants of :th'e. buggy, was
:.-.'v-' : 7.. ;¦;•.:;;; : --. :'. : ! :':;.¦:.[¦. ¦•.V:v:. : '-.:-.Vv,- ¦/••;•{¦;•••;
¦.'¦' A' short tirni*" later -a horse ¦¦•driven' by . Jb-
.817 J«f»ssie-. street.; was frigs:.t
¦<r:l.:r<l:"t»V- the -tTf-jjking'of a ' ; - ..shaft" clip 'lad.
ran.-away.-! •NWlatrwsfc ihrowrt .nut, .but: bf>r
: " . ¦: . -I :i f .c-w •¦sera tch>¦ s ; v.-.-t s v ni n J ur Vvd . ¦. ¦; : T Ke .
}. ¦ 1 - 1; : wa sea ugh tby Ollic^r ;r>e Cl--a guj?r ra.
'¦¦ J.li<>;Ch.utv!^dre;w^a : ;large: -crbwii^io' .¦¦e;ri.r ;
¦ joy the last flay; of^ the^:y>ar-'. ,In Jaddi.tioh
t^:Xhjf' : regiilat'^pTogx'arhin^..tf%cu^!spitet^,
i:ti.r,ictions:we.i i e:'on"the hiH!- ¦'/: :'::¦/'¦::'...'. ¦'•'.;
- The.' r^sultsVof the aquatic:- contests, at
SutrQ.; .Baths' foilow^: '^\^_\,-- 'C::y : ..C- ';'¦:.¦ '-.y.'. ¦:_
"iSr-^-a.r.d ' Jash.'-.- '¦• jjuyienlle^- H.. ¦'¦.. Lelcken flrft;
'.<.»er>rc if ' <"harl.es ¦ .second..' •' -.' (¦¦¦ :'¦ ::¦¦.'¦_¦: - ; - ' ; " ; ; ¦ ', •-"• '¦:
" Kj'-jitrd. rac*. .ima.teur-UH. Feebach; first.. G.
.I^icken-seS'oricl.'-J "¦..¦'•:,-.. ; : ': i"'.'-'-^ ¦'¦¦¦'¦ '.^. :\ : : : : .' : - '¦¦':¦
-.': ! r «"'fjar.(J ••^tub/.'r&cer-C,- Stanton' first, '•'T-... HerH.
¦r;".ari'. peci >nd^ ¦.-'•: :•¦-¦'"".¦¦ . ¦." :."- .:- : "¦;.' ¦'."-¦ ¦'¦-. ;¦¦•¦.. :¦'¦¦¦ -.- •. ¦¦.
•Hlph .divirjK for:boys4-Jack:O;Briefl:«r«t. T.
BflrrberE- «eero4. •'.--/*"/.¦ !'.-: ¦••. -. ' ".¦'-. \/ : ¦:•¦:•¦ '..'•'?
.¦RrriDttx'iar^l -illrlhK^-C.-: Punberg' first, - Jack;
•f>_'Brirri..Jr«can4.-''-V" • : -' :'¦>¦" ••' ; ' :;= . :^"-H ••¦•:.¦.•.¦.' ¦¦'"'
."riK}»r '-¦water swimming •Gontest—rJ. A. Jack-
-.Spore-M any *Touchdowns oh
'< 7 tte Young ¦ High ¦ Schpptv ;
%:? :>.',- •: ? ;•;;; ;. Students. :¦ "-¦'• '¦'¦[ :\ .'• i^ $
;;• Cbm-pany tt .of .the League of . the Crbi-s
Ca<j*>ts- .¦.and. '.-the ¦ Decbto .. .High; ¦School
¦^umi^d .against one: : a'nother: on. the.Sik
tieenth: and .Folsorn etreet gridiron yester-r
<lay j'af terhobn. in<l; Company^ H ta light
the/ visit Orsßome . f peedy -i qotbalL.. •
, t he; .. ga:ti"e; ."-iis.- io v«r yr. t he .-. -cadets /J . Nad;
r^ani-fe^cedVholhirig. ' '--'v ¦' ;-.v : ' ¦:¦ ?'%'£]¦ • •
,-a- '•¦fe^-^c^;3.i(l'lm|FTpojftiM*^4^^'^^^^^
- : i ! .eld and : mikirig. the Vplay slow .'.- at : tlmes.;
X ; ;6rdpany ; H. : -ha<i.:a: eignai/adyantage !-lh
liphter oppdnejniis tfom thf : lime when:
.lt.feree!-Erj(«n : nelm/ Wew; :;hls;i whistle ; -:,-f or',
i^ie.- ..begirirfiii-g.- of; 1 the j garoe-- to ; the . ycrj
:r<En<J. ¦•'.pe'ebfo'-s ;: .line was-, stk allied: time aiid
- pal-ri; for rip : rangi ng ;f r«m ; a . few feet
: *^jijto]ii^'-flf;^e*n'yard^.:-The.,c.ade'ts;f«^d
¦rio^ifficulty. in; doing Just what they
.Tlek'scd; and -touch: ground .was, gainod in
*n'd;rurs:;' ¦VVheh-^he: first : :haJf ;ende4 the;
.'-e&iore ; •stp.Qd-;'is^rov,'v '¦':;¦'.' '-V.-.-V.': - f ¦'''.¦'.' -X' '¦¦ '*•'
¦::The. ; !iecond. ;; haif- was-TeryVmuchvlof -a
¦¦r**pf tiiiori ¦'•' erf.: :tlie , /fi.rßt. ; ' Atkinsph,.- I^evy
•iiji'd^.Rtock'er- '-ik'ippt- advancing . t he' ; bait, con ; :
.-iinuajlv r.xc ward ¦: thft.:PecotGi ; :goal,- : ;Tli*
JiijrW Serial .boys w^re .well iised up . after:
IUo-h^avyb^npVng. they;; receiyed; : though
i!i«-y foJiph ; t»am^ly:t.dthe;end>--;.- ? .., ''i-ys-i
''¦¦. »ThP : .l!rte-Up>-a.s ; as .:follo*B:;-;';;'y:;!; ':-:];i-\ ¦¦;.•':
V" A r"Mi^J'- H - •' ¦ ¦¦Posltl6ii;.- : ':'' . •¦:;:i>ecoto.'
Nowl*^. ::-..: I : KrV. .:;.:. Center ;Vy.;.:/. .'. •>.;'.. ,'. .Luna
"\\Vi.r". •::¦•¦¦ -?."•/!• :.R:v'ht '¦'vJ'Ji.s.f.d .•.:•/.•.:•-'.¦-. v-;: : ..Hatnes'
¦\ 'AT-iinttfr..'\yi, . . j- I>f.f : Ouar.i ; . ,.. ¦ '¦ . .- :.. P«"ter»ori
'A'Jt*J»-h, ; .:;..;;...^.:PJphv Tackle. ;»,....,:;::WWr)pl«
;;.;.le>j>-:W-"'--..;" : :l>'fr ':' Tackl* .: : .^..Chaclbourne
I!e«ire.n"v:v. /;:'.;•. ¦...»^i.:.vFa«Jy:
- ; >l!*>neß/.V.v.i-VV.::t>fj v End..- >-+::..... Graeslun
j :ti : irijrS. .-...¦. ...i.:. :;.:.<i l jart^r. ; ..i». •; ;•.-. ...Kefmltli
.-tpeker. . 1V, .-.V- • ¦ ¦-' - Ri«ht ' Haif . .;. .. . . : .- /, ¦.;.Garc!a
j jfa.vy:,'\ '. .; ::.-. : .,:': . V. . !;>ft Half : '; : ,-. .'.'... . . . Ahderson .
Atkinson .';':*: ~,-i .i./; .^Fullback .\t::c. '¦ ' ../.,''.S*arles..
The Great San lose Dog Di-
the Champion Stake
/,% ¦. With Cavalier. , '¦,¦
'•Luxor and Cavalier from the Curtis
icenne.ls, San Jose, carried off all the hon
ors;- >h.. the ¦'• -.champion stake.-, at Union
Coursing . Pam yesterday. They worked
their winning way into .the. final round,
where they; divided first and .second
money.,' Nothing could stop Luxor, which
ran like the champion. he is. \Vhitehea>l
scored one point against him, and was the
only, one able to do so. He. defeated Rusty
Gold, 6—o; Royal Flush, s—o, ran a bye in
which he scored 6—o and then beat
nead, 9— L . ".. : . • ¦ J.; ¦ '¦_ '; ' ..;- : .' ' ; ' •• : .'-£"::;
.'The upset of thfe day was the defeat of
Curtis' fast dog Beacon, the .stake favor
ite, by T. J. Cronin's Thornhili.: The for
mer was' favorite 'at odds of four to one. .¦
Thie winning score wai three to. ono.
Judge Grace said he allowed nothing ¦ for
the run vp 'or first turn, as there was no
merit in ; It because, OfV a ttuky hare. The
haj-e. broke uack' to the dogs and Thoriir
hill secured the . . turn, . placing Beacon ,
which also secured ia turn. Thornhill then
dashed inland killed, making the score
three, to. one, in -his. favor. .'. ¦ • .- -. •' . . ;¦'- ¦'
Brutus .was,-, as; usual; unfortunate In
getting long courses;, lie defeated Delia
aI. after running up a big scurej and.liad:
the sarnd experience with .Lady Clare.;
After this he was withdrawn. Lady Clare
had the course: won in Its early; stage> but
the. Thrift dog was game .and. ran- the
P.etaluma » : representative 'to , .almost . a
ttandbtlll. :. ¦- ,-.- '¦¦:.''. : ¦. :-.- : ':'¦'¦'••'¦"¦? ]~ s:'/':' ¦¦'¦
. : j: ; H. Harrison's Ilot Haste won ¦ the
class ; reserve stake with.R. E.; de B. L-o
pea't" ' Pepita runner-up. • Hot. Haste has
shown steady improvement .; for some
weeks past, arid; won. cleverly yesterday.
Many- favorites were beat en in this stake,
especially in the ,:ruiv,.down,: : when /;ha : lf
those favored -. fay.Hhe ..wise division, .-failed
:to raisip -a: nag. ; : ¦: :¦¦: '::^ : ]- : >'.'¦¦.- : .-v;^ ¦'¦'¦'¦'¦ : --^ .;¦"¦'•
: Coursing wiliV lie continued , to-day;: tl>e
concluding rounds of ; the puppy stake ana
the 'reserve: stake;.: whlciv wtu» :¦ .started ;on
Saturday, fprmhig X^: cara.. A lovofgooa
.p«-rformers; : are;:.ln;: the •Tunning.^ • Thts'yrjß
sults; of .yesterday;.;with';.tho
otrlciai! scores fqlltiw;. .;:-:¦• ¦;'/^'; v :?; ; ..; ,'-'..\J
'sjake^Ciirtls.-;^ '¦-Son's' Lujtpr'beat.
:fterl &Wnow!^'^R^ty,«bi.lv A; Al-
ComV 6 . : Roya 1 -nttlr be.it, :t> Jr. <: ronl ns . W. i ld
Tra!e>. ;; 6 J: ! -•P^'T.hrKt's^Brtmisr; --beatpW;-
Crean^r'p l>ella: M ; ;i?r-U;: p.- L/;:Heale.)VB ; Lady.
Clare ..Kennels 1 ..rßolllcKine- ,Air«.j:
6^o-' R - E d.c' B. .Ldl-ez 1 * J \Vhltehea<l.-.' beat
QeoHte ¦\Vhitnfy-6 ThW.rbn.- I^4; T-V .¦¦.J,:, : :Cr:onlti>.
THirnhill beat.; x^rtls!*:. Son's .; ..-Beacon , 3-lr
R- L '.TavMor'r /More 'l>eat HiiskWlUV Allen. &
Wilson's Lady Hnima.H; 3- ?;¦ .Hassell, Allen
& Wilson hi St.fl>& KnowJea: ;
Sleety ¦¦'Mti-t!,'-- i-^'i;, i ; asha-' K*-nn-l^.VKnUii l'a^tei
I'^tLt -}h; ;F. .-¦: ATiderson- s . <-ra»'f .l^ad. 22— 3t- ;
:«;us?-!A'berC-.r*' i mbie:-s! . -Victor- .'¦K-tnjc-." beat Paslia.
Jvcnnehls'^FlrrriiFrlehdv ::?— 2::;VVirtis & .^ans
rayaller -: bea t J . J .¦.'-¦ -Elii rrtond',s'.: M.. .rn lng.-;:*:/ lory,
:i6i— Q> -j.- Shaw's Lucky'. pog ' beat. Curt Is & ¦'.S6n- s
-OlFh. M2^-6r'C -¦:;•:¦:¦,:¦¦;;.¦ •¦ Vv-: V-A*-C. / f fi? : .Y~ ri-'' : '-;
¦Second -.rourid-^Luxor: beat Royal Elu'fh; 5-vfl;
l'.futUs beat -Lady 'l.t'lare;' IJ^S.; ¦ VVhitehead. beijt
-ThGrnhill,; 3-^l;. : Mose-bea<: ¦<;hicago : Boi;: 6^rl;.:
Victor .King boat ¦>:mln.;i l asha^ 13— 5^ ;Cavilier
.beat-'Lu< I 'kv.r>'>tr.:-6-^o.:v' v/'-j'v/S C W.'-'-t/'.-.y'i'.'':
;WHUehea4^beai-v^se,;S^3;;CavaJler,:tiea:t ;yi?-!
tor K 1 ris; .'¦ lOr I !. '¦'•!. " •••.;¦.¦ - :: " • :-: ' :': ' i\ ¦':"•" ': : Y''' ¦'¦¦¦-;
Vvt'ourth.v.'rc.uh.Q^Luxor'/he.aV.-'^*hi,Uhieaili;--;...5-7'J k
and dfytded : fir Ft.- ahfl .second hibney:; with ..his
Kennel: mste ; '¦.Cavalier, : ; :~ ::.. .? ¦.'::¦: ¦¦¦M- ¦¦/.¦':''-^
!"nas=!= reserve !*takp—j;P:f Thrift's ?t.:Mlehael
beat- D/J Heiley.'s Maori Land,-.,: 6^4;' R : . E/
de B/Lorei'B.^Safa .b^ftt.'.R. L: Taylor's -Beauty
S^ot : - : 4^>;V J "Hi: ¦-Perig;o.'s Contri'tlor'.-lVfat: A;.
jnhh>on's Tod 'Sloan;v-3^:l; RjVE.- : d> ..8..-.'Lp'
pez's ii J epitS : b>a.t ' Maher & Reid'* .Bad Boy ; "
'ir^i-'- ¦¦rieorpe' SharmWri's- Miss/Skyrocket ; bf-at
Pasha Kennels' Re?t Assured. 12— 7;\ F\ -• A.-.Me-
ComtV Motto beat : Curtis & : S^^ia's VArtUy Fair,:
3— i- .Maher & Reid's.. ;'ncle Fuller :*>ea.t : Curtis
& Son's. -Commadcrc .4-^2; J. 11. -.Harrison's Hot
Haste beat. J y .McEnroes Mairie ClrcLe^ I -?;.
3H. -Lynch's ¦ Myrtle- Majd beat J: ; SlieFidan"B
Forest King.". 7-6; ;Kay&Tra,t-.t'BJlawkfr l«eat
E and B. Seott'B Lofd Byron.. 7— 3; H. Lynchs
Lntttle M beat : Kay & Twit's . -Uaaiey D!a-.
rnpnd. ' 16--rllV- Ed- Wllcon's .' Ma&negia: beat. VU\
Evatl'F Hurricane, 2vU-12: J. I', Thrlifii Forget
beat Sterl A- KnoviJes" OHara;. 5— 2; Ctjrti!" &:
Son's McKlnley beat:R. E; do B. Lopez's Car
nvencita, ¦ B— 6; E ! B^ujfnelstOr'R , Warrior' beat
T. Harrington's .Mercy: -May; 9^l; GUs Aber4
crumble* Rock Island King beat Ji 1, O' Brian's
Statesman^ Ut— l2. . '•• '.."¦:.:..'•" ;'.:; '¦ ¦ :
Second. round— St. ¦ Michael beat- Sara, 3—2:
Pepltabeaf Controller, :9r-i:.' Motto a: fcye. Mlfs
Skyrocket withdrawn; H^t HaFl-^ beat Uncle
Fuller. 12— 0; i Mystic 1 Maid, beat .Hawker, t— 2;
Lottie M beat 'Ma«;ii*EJa;-:6— o-:--lvor»ret- tieat Mc-
Klnley, s—o; : Warrior, beat Rock Island: King,'
ii—«. . '¦"; ¦ • ¦': '. ¦•.-•"¦ •"•'¦ - : ': '¦¦ ."¦--.¦•' '¦• ¦:. '¦
Third round— Peplta-'beat St. ¦.ilichael,, 4^2:'
Motto beat Kot Haste. ";ll'r- 3; MyFtic Maid '^eat
Forget. 6—o; Lottie... M beat : .\V?irrl6r.. ; 6^5. '! .
Fourth round— Pepita:bea:t.M>'y-ti<i Maid, 8—7:;
Hot- : 'Haste beat Lottie. .M. 4'*— 3';i. ' .:'. -\ ¦' .': .
Final— Hot -Hartr beat Pepita. 12^4. : .'
Ingleside Coursirig.
Petroniu?: won .the. final . In. the open
stake yesterday at the ingleslde: coursing
park.i with Conqueror :as fiihner^up. i. A
good crowd was la attendance, the dajy's
results follow: / ¦ ; .'..-.''.¦''¦¦'.¦:'¦' \. '¦¦¦ '.-. ;. '¦
: Open, stake,: first tie-— jametf .I)»an'B'Con:n»t
mar a beat- ConneH Brothers'/ ; Mamie. ¦pleas.iiit.
&— «; J. O' Shea's "Golden Gate: tjeat Tj Jl' Cro
nbvk Depend; on Me,;. 5-^0; II. : - A. Deckelman's
Lawrence beat T.'J- Cfti.nin's Iron- l)uke.' «^-3.:
J. SeggenMm's Ooid HIII-. beat J. : Kogtiirig's
(names) peuipseyi Laps: E. D, Fall oils Lily
of the. West beat ¦'•James- Byrrirs" NeUfe'-B. 7:^2;:
J. Kerrigan's Conqueror. iwatTY RtppieTH-.pewjey;
6—o; 15. M. . Kellijge's. Sweet" Emma!;; beat i-F':.
Mr/ran.* Bit of Fashion.!?— . 6;; J...O.'Sh/;a';8, Young
Klrenzl beat ;James .lijrrtes' .ITatUeshii), M'->-.0;
Itu^sell,' Allen & Vi'-ilKOri's : Master Claire,: beat.
W. C, GJfc*son's Sleigh Bi-Iks, ii.-£;-'-Alall\ &
Newell's JConparell' beat^lli^A;-' pin^lma.n'aOld;
Gloi-JV lfM-*: Handy-&- Smith's iJVir.'inlus' b^Jit'
J. Byrnes' -'Olympus^-7 — »;¦ N..-O. "»VtiltlrJ(f - s St:
Anthony beat ; RuMe'll. : Allen lit- >yilsoh: * Miss
Penman. f>-^2; ; J : .:O:Sh.pa'p .Yoiinif Anie-rlea beat
D. Ford's Juanlta. .'7— .3; Coni.ell.Brothprs.' 'lJun-'.
more .treat P. McCabe'« Sky IMue. 2.H0;- Murphy
& Toland's Pl»asaht Girl beat R. E. de B. Lo
pez's Mike Davey. 26— S; A. Van den BurßlTa
American ' Eagle 'bent T. J. ' Cronln's. , Ro.Re r qf
Tralee. 12—4; James Dean's Gallant beat A.
Van den Burgh's Naushty Girl, .11— 5; .T. J.!
Cromn's Maid: of •'Ball >><-at. Fleming Brothers' '
Flarrie.' g— -5; RiiFJ=ell, Allen-. &• Wllsbhlß Daisy.
Claire beat' Wv C. Glasson'* Terronlte, 4—o: H:
11. Gray's Rona beat <J. Reldy's Bernlce, 5—2. ;
-.Serond Tles-rConnemara' beat Golden- Gate,
4— Or Lawre.nce beat Gold Hill. 3-^-0; Conqueror
beat Lily of the West;.'. 3 —2:' Young Flrenzl beat
Sweet Emma, 9—l: Master Claire beat -Nonpa
reil. 6—2:6 — 2: I'etronlus beat St. Anthony. S-— 6-
Young America beat Diinmorc, s—o:5 — 0: -American
Kaple: .beat Pleasant Girl. s—l; Gallant -beat.
Maid of Bail. B^-0; -Daisy Claire beat Ron a.: 6—l.
•Third ties— Connemara beat Lawrence, • 10 — 6;
Connueror beat Young Firenzl, — ; Petroniug.
beat. Master Claire. 4^-1; Young America beat
American Eagle; Da!lsy Claire beat -Gallant,'
¦ Fourth ties — Conqueror beat Cohnemara, 6—l;
Petn-'hluf: beat Young America, : ; . Daisy
Claire '«. bye,.. :-': -'
• Kifthtles^Coivigeror beat Daisy Claire, 4—l;
Petronius a tty.e. . .¦ " •• ' ¦ • .• ' . '?.'' V
•Flnal-^-Petronlus .beat' Conqueror, H— B. ;.' :
.The'-'draw . for" to-day's championship
etalte;lß as.follp¥/s> - ; -_ j\\ "A .
-X.-'J. -^rprirn'* Wild Tralee vs. James Banes'
file'verv'Sn'ot; -Handy &¦ Smith's Matcl''.. vs.. 11. ;A.
rieckerman>-nbck<i:"K.. M. KelloKK's I-Hummsr
vjT B. 'D: iraJlon's: lAty nt the-Wei-f^ Russelj,.
Viieh.i. Wllscm'i ?•*'?>' i?mpia r«. J." O'BHea'a'
VuuinglAmerJeAt'.CnrtneJl Brothers' St. Helen vs.
LCw.'t. Thon'ipson'B-.'l'rJnfe." Hal: Gohnell. Bn>
.t*>et« v Seiiorlta" vs.:- T'.> LcR-4'n.'B -Miss OMz/.le; SI.
MU-haLr-R'..!..<il.»nrhy- vs. Riilssell. AlleiJl * ' WII
son'B'CJrsca(to-Boy: TslX>: .Taylor's Btauty Spot
Ye. f 1 ;<IV- Mack*« Dclla'.il. ¦-.'¦".-' ' •.•'.'. ¦;
Risky Attempt Wins.
•:.BTOckTON.v pecA?l.'.— The- results at
Gbodwator Grove .tij^ay- were: ; " > ."
' Sunlieam' 'bea.C.Satrtells;!:- Sweet '. ftrlnr —beat
Honeymoon: .Htip<H -Overheat- Newfcojrj; Otlrton
Lasi -beat WtidvLassitf: .Arfla beat. Xhe ..DeVjl';
liowfly-- 'Hciy -t*>«t-. Kerry GOw/ liattlv Ax beat
MiCkeir.'.llu'cair.-'RlgM'.' Aeipl beat • iiaceaw^J":
.Sharkey bear ..Ttu> " Out; J'ttsky ¦ Attempt .beat
'Prlh.ce.-iof -Kashfon;. Random ; Aim '-Ix-hi ' I3a.b<?
3o'tv*&: ' ¦¦ForK«\t ' Me Not teat.. .Clack- U*i»f; ; Pajt
MaUoy-'-' tMiat-'l'eaceCul -Gtj;n: '.-Sarah: ftbld beat
Winning" jiarsie; St. Elnio J*at- Flush' of Clold;
Ha;«l is beat Malijen, ¦ - : '; '. • . •"•
F.lrtrlitfeK-T-.^.w.eet'iiriar beat 'Sunbeam;.- .Shoftt
Over ' bea-t Arno; t'.'lirip'n *Xj»in beat ". Rowdy
Boy; Klghf Arm beat Ra\Ue -Axl Risky At
tempt 'beat • Ffcarkey-; .Random Aim beat Forget
Me No<: Pat VMail.-vyv beat.. Sarah.. Gold; St.
Elmo beat. Ha'iel li.. : - ' :• , ••' ; -
Second tier— Shoot; Over. beat Swe*t. Briar:
Clifton Lass beat Eight Arm; Ri*lty Attempt
beat P*t Malloy; Random Aim beat. SC.-Efmo.
¦Third ' ties— R-isky Attelnpt beat Shoot j Over;
Clifton lam beat Random Aim. . ;• -
Final— Rl«=ky Attempt -b»Bt Clifton L&sa.
Ohling Was Attacked
Close to His
• Home.
Oakland .Office San Francisco Call,
90S Broadway. Dec. 31.
. Erick O. Ohling, a ship joiner residing
at 1014 Pine street. West Oakland, was
attacked by two desperate footpads near
his home after midnight this morning and
sandbagged and relieved of his watch
and chain, besides about Sl2 in coin. Mr.
Ohling had spent the evening with friends
iii San Francisco and returned from the
metropolis on the late boat. Before he
left the other side, however, Ohling
stopped In several water front saloons to
quaff a nightcap or two. It is supposed
that during an Interval of frivolity he
flashed some gold coin, which glittered In
the eyes of two unknown thugs, who sup
posedly followed' him acress the bay to
within a few steps of his home on Pine
street. .
Ohling noticed two pedestrians behind
him, but regarded them- a? nlso belated
Oaklanders. Suddenly he was struck on
the head with a sandbag ami felled to the
sidewalk unconscious. , The footpads
promptly searchi-d him and relieved him
of his valuables; The thugs then made
good their escape, -.leaving their x'ictlm
to care for himself. After regaining con
sciousness Ohling hurried to his home
and to-day reported the robbery to the
police. . . ;•' ' '• ¦ .'• ? ¦:
Chief Hodgkins has been investigating
the matter,', but thus far. has found no
clew. -It !s his opinion that the thugs
followed Qhltng over from San Francisco
on the last . boat. The injury Ohling re
ceived froni being struck on the head la
not serious. . .':-'-::' •¦ .'-. .-¦ .-V.- 1 ¦•. >
Mrs. Cronin Robbed
on a Lonely
Oakland Office San Francisco Call,
90S Broadway. Dec. 31.
Footpads make no distinction in the se
lection of their victims, but the height of
the footpads' lowliness and cowardice was
illustrated last night when one of these
marauding gentry attacked a deaf mute
woman, named Mrs. Anna Cronln, who
resides with her aged husband near Rock
ridge Park. Mrs. Cronln returned from
San Francisco late with her basket load
ed down with Christmas goodies, and as
she was walking along the road between
Thermal Vale nursery and the Rookrldge
Park a man stepped out from behind a
bush and halted her. Being deaf and
dumb she could make no outcry and the
footpad quickly searched the woman, re
lieving her of about 70 cents In change
she carried In her pocket. He also took
with him her basket of purchases and
disappeared In the darkness.
A i r . s- £. ronln we °ded her way homeward
and In the language of the silent explained
everything to her husband, who is also
a deaf mute. To-day he reported the
robbery to Sheriff Rogers.
¦ Fc>r men who wieh to recover the strennth'
wasted by early mistakes, for men who
want rtronr n«r-e*. ambition and confl-
uence In thems"!\ «•. For BU^h men thf«
book is worth ll» w«.* t In gold, for It tells
how thousands of o:rr-r men have recovered
vln^r and manhood. It is full of grateful
trut.hr. which w'.l! appeal to every lover
of stront nuuaheod. Ask for It. Free.
dr. m. a. Mclaughlin,
702 Ktrket Bt., Cor. Kearcy. 8. T.
And cor. Pprtrc and S*«ond. Lo« Angeles.

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