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CHICAGO, Feb. 14.— Disappointing cables in
fluenced wheat early. May opening %c under
yesterday at 68,««*t>S%c. Later the market
rallied to [email protected]%c for May on a Berlin cable
announcing damages to the German crop and
New York messages reporting the Continent
a good buyer. There was not much substantial
support, however, and trading dropped off con
siderably as the session advanced. May grad-.
ually easing off to 68 l ie Near the end of the
sesßlon a sharp advance was caused by the
decrease in the world's visible supply, a re
purt that Kansas City had sold eighteen boat
loads for export via gulf ports and the as
sertion that local sale* for export were good.
Shorts were good buyers on the reaction, which
carried May to 69c. The close was firm. May
H®Vic up at 68% c.
Corn was fairly active, more or less In
fluenced by wheat. Cash business was large.
May closed U<S%c up at 34H©34^c.
The oats market was steady and a fair
amount of trade was done. May closed un
changed at 23% c.
Provisions were Irregular, firm In the mid
dle but easy at both ends of the session.
Lower prices for hogs was the chief influence
in the depression. Trade was dull. The high
point was reached on light offerings and buy-
Ing by shorts. May pork closed [email protected] under
yisterday. May lard closed 2V4c lower and
May ribs closed unchanged at $5 974.
The leading futures ranged as follows:
Articles— Open. High. Low. Close.
Wheat No. V— j
February •••••••••• •• •• '•• 67
May 6S>.i- 69 68>i 68%
July 68% 69%. 68% 6!)%
¦ Com No. 2—
February 32H 33 324 33
May 3414 34% 34Vi 34*
July •. 35 35% 35 35/*
May .' 23*6 23% . 23% 23»i
July 22% 22% 22% 22%
Mess Pork, per barrel-
May 10 85 10 924 :0 8G 10 874
July 10 90 10 974 10 90 10 924
Lard, per 100 pounds —
May G 024 « 074 6 024 60S
July 6 12V 2 615 610 6 124
Short Ribs, per 100 pounds-
May 6 97»A 600 695 6 97^
July .600 6024 5 9744 600
Cash quotations were as follows: Flour,
strady. No. 3 spring wheat. [email protected]; No. 2
red, C94«g704. No. 2 corn, 33^ic. No. 2 oats,
23Vfr234c: No. 2 white. 26c; No. 3 white,. 2s(4^
26c. No. 2 rye, 65Hc. No. 2 barley, 3S#4sc, No.
1 flaxseed. $1 60. Prime timothy seed, $2 M.
Mess pork, per bbl, s9 80® 10 85. Lard, per 100
lbs. $5 [email protected] 95. Short ribs sides (loose), $5 854/)
6 15. Dry salted shoulders (boxed), $6 lSVfc'H'S 37U
Short clear sides (boxed), $6 [email protected] 10. Whiskey,
distillers' finished goods, per gal, $12314. Su
t'ars, cut loaf, 6.00 c; granulated. r>.49c.
Articles— Receipts. Shipments.
Flour, barrels KO.CCO 45.000
Wheat, bushels £6.000 77.000
Corn, bushels 615,009 659.U00
Oats, bushels 499 000 277,000
Rye, bushels 4,000 8,000
Barley, bushels 68.000 107,000
United States Coast and Geodetic Survey-
Times and Heights of High and Low
Waters at Fort Point, entrance to San
Francisco Bay. Published by official au
thority of the Superintendent.
NOTE— The high and low waters occur -at
the city front (Mission-street wharf) about
twenty-live minutes later than at Fort Point;
the height of tide Is the same at both places.
Sun rises 7:00
Sun sets 5:43
Moon rises 7:05 p. m.
NOTE— In the above exposition of the tides
the early moraine tides are given In the left
hand column ana the successive tides of the
day In the order of occurrence as to time. The
second time column Elves the second tide of
the day. the third time column the third tide
and the last or right hand column gives the
last tJde of the day. except when there are but
three tides, as sometimes occurs. The h:fghts
given are In addition to the soundings on the
United States Coast Survey charts, except
when a minus sign (— ) precedes the height,
and then the number given Is subtracted from
the depth given by the charts. The plane of
reference Is the mean of th* lower low waters.
Exchange and Bullion.
Sterling Exchange, sixty days.... — $4 85
Sterling Exchange, sight — 4 RS'i
Sterling Cables ••• — 4 Bt4
New York Exchange, sight — 15
New York Exchange, telegraphic. — 174
Fine Silver, per ounce — 69S
Mexican Dollars ' 4S 4S(i
Wheat and Other Grams.
WHEAT— The Cassard takes for Cork 67,144
ctls. valued at $72,600.
Chicago was dull on disappointing cables, and
the market was purely local, there being no
outside demand. The strength in Corn helped
matters somewhat. The Chicago market has
dropped from Its previous position, and from
being the highest Is now the lowest market.
Futures were lower In the local market, but
spot prices remained the same.
Spot Wheat— Shipping, $10101%; milling,
$1 [email protected] 05.
Informal Session— 9:ls o'clock— December—
10 000 ctls, $108»/i:- 12,000, $1 OSH. May— SOOO.
Jl'o2- 12 000 $101%. ,>'¦¦
Second cession— May— 2ooo ctls, $1 02; 6000,
$1 01%. December— COOo, $1 OSV4.
Reeular morning session— December— lo,ooo
ctls $10Sy 4 ; 2000, $1 OS:4. May-6000. $1 02y 8 .
Afternoon session— May— 6ooo ctls, $1 02%. De
cember-2000, $1 08%.
BARLEY— The market Is steady at the ad
vance, with a moderate demand for local ac-
C °ThV Columbia takes for Cork 85.427 ctls,
valued nt $"rt.900.
Feed, 75©774 c for No. 1 and [email protected]^c for off
grades: Brewing and Shipping grades, [email protected];
Chevalier, nominal.
Informal session— 9:ls o'clock— May— 4ooo ctls,
71V>c; 20C0, 71% c
Second session— No sales.
Regular morning session— No sales.
Afternoon session— No sales.
OATS— Are Etagnant at unchanged quota-
U Wh'lte. $1100130; Red. $1 074®l 20; Gray,
[email protected]; Black. [email protected]$l 074-
COnN— Eastern White is quoted at 93c per
ctl and Eastern Yellow at [email protected]; mixed,
RYE— Quoted at [email protected] 02H per ctl.
Flour and Millstuffs.
The Pathan takes for China C 343 bbls Flour,
valued at $16,583.
FLOUR— California family extras, $3 6003 75,
usual terms; bakers' extras, $3 40(8*3 50; Oregon
and Washington, $2 [email protected] per barrel.
MILLSTUFFS— Prices In sacks are as fol
lows, usual discount to the trade: Graham
Flour, $3 25 per 100 lbs; Rye Flour. $2 75; Rye
Meal $2 60: Rice Flour. $7; Corn Meal, $2 50-
Oat Groats, $4 50: Hominy, $3 2503 50; Buck
wheat Flour, [email protected] 25; Cracked Wheat, $3 73*
Farina, $4 60; Whole Wheat Flour. $3 60-
Rolled Oats (barrels), [email protected] 23; In sacks. $5 750
7: Pearl Barley, $5; Spltt Peas. $5; Green Peas
$5 50 per 100 lbs. «.__., :,:
Hay and Feedstuff s.
Both Hay and Bran are in liberal receipt and
weak at unchanged quotations.
BRAN— SI 2 [email protected] EO per ton.
MIDDLINGS— [email protected] per ton.
FEEDSTUFFS— Rolled Barley, [email protected] per
ten; Oilcake Meal at the mill, $26027; Jobbing
$27 50<828; Cocoanut Cake. $20^21; Corn Meal.
$23© 23 50; Crncked Corn. $23 [email protected]: Mixed Feed,
$15 50: Cottonseed Meal. $28 per ton.
HAY — Wheat. $6 50D58 50 for common to good
and $9 for choice; Wheat and Oat, $6 [email protected] 50*
Oat, [email protected]; Barley, V>'&l; Alfalfa, [email protected] 50 per
STRAW— 2S®4Oo per bale.
Beans and Seeds.
There Is very little call for Beans, but deal
ers maintain quotations. There Is some Al
falfa Seed from Utah on: the market. Mustard
Seed Is nominal, an there is very little here.
' BEANS— Bayos. $3 25JJ3 35; small White. J3 20
®3 35; large White, J2 [email protected] 10; Pinks, J2 50"®
1 85; Reds, $3 50; Blackeye.x $4 50; Butters
nominal; Lima. $j [email protected] 25; Pea, $3 [email protected] 40; Red
Kidneys. $3 60(54.
SEEDS— Brcwn Mustard, nominal: Yellow
Mustard, nominal; Flax, $1 tOli'2 20; Canary,
Chicago Grain Market.
Shipping Intelligence.
New York Grain and Produce.
NEW YORK. Feb. 14.— FLOUR-Recelpts. 16,
41S; exports, 12,659; quiet, unchanged and about
WHEAT— Receipts. 44,800; exports. S060; spot,
steady; No. 2 red. 77% c elevator; No. 2 red, 78c
f. o. b. afloat In store; No. 1 Northern Duluth.
814 c f. o. b. afloat prompt; No. 1 hard Duluth,
83ViC f. o. b. prompt. Options — Opened easy In
response to lower English and French .cables
and afterward declined further, owing to light
speculative demand, prospects of snow West
and small clearances. In the last half hour,
however, prices recovered sharply on Southwest
buying and closed steady to He net higher.
March. 77g77%,c. closed 77Hc: May, 75g75%c.
closed 754 c; July, 74T»@75Hc, closed 75Hc
HOPS— Steady.
COFFEE— The market for coffee futures
closed steady, 5 points higher to 15 points net
lower. Total sales were 16.250 bags, including:
February. 17 30; March. $7 2507 30; April. $7 80;
May. $7 3567 40: July. $7 43: August. $7 50; Sep
tember. $7 55; December, $7 65(&"7 70; January,
$7 70<g7 75. Spot— Rio, steady; No. 7 Invoice,
6 v»c; No. 7 Jobbing, 9Hc Mild— Steady? Cor
dova. 1019134 c
SUGAR— Raw, firm: fair refining. 4c bid; cen
trifugal. 96 test, 44c bid; molasses sugar, 3»i'{J
3 13-16 c: 20 bags Cuba centrifugal at above ba
sis. Refined— Firm but quiet.
BUTTER— Receipts, 3398 packages. Steady;
June creamery, 19fi23c; Western, [email protected]; fac
tory. [email protected]
EGGS— Receipts, 15,686 packages. Strong;
Western, 13c. at mark.
Trade was slow in evaporated apples to-day.
Prime grades were slightly lower under heavy
receipts and unfavorable country advices. Offer
ings were liberal, but buyers refused to take
hold in anticipation of further concessions In
prices. At the close the undertone of the mar
ket was weak. There was a small Jobbing busi
ness, reported for California dried fruits, with
the tone steady.
ft 6c: prime, [email protected]; choice, [email protected]; fancy
&<jjs4»\ .
CALIFORNIA DRIED PRUNES— [email protected] per
pound as to size and quality.
A PJI I COTS— Royal, [email protected]; Moorpark, 15<fl8c.
PEACHES— PeeIed, 18©22 c; unpeeled. 7%@9c,
New York Metal Market.
NEW YORK, Feb. 14.— METALS— Influenced
' by an advance In the London market tin im
proved considerably to-day, but failed to de
velop activity worthy of mention. Spelter on
1 the <jther hand was depressed and lower, with
demand light and offerings more active. The
other departments displayed no changes of Im
portance. At the close the Metal Exchange
called :
PlGlRON— Warrants, very dull.
LAKE COPPER— Unchanged at $16 25.
TlN— Higher but quiet, with $3 10 bid and
S3 50 asked.
LEAD— Unchanged, with J3 70 bid and $3 75
SPELTER— Lower and easy,, with U 60 bid
and J4 70 asked.
The brokers' price for lead Is {1 45 and for
I* copper $16 25.
was mostly favdrable and the reaction ¦was
apparently due to technical causes. Traders
were Inclined to take profits on the pendtng
passage by the Senate of the financial bill,
whi.-h is taken for granted, and which has
been the basis of some speculation on account
of its provisions for expanding the currency.
Monry on call continued offering In abundant
pupply so that speculators were not made un
easy by the evidences of absorption of cash
by the gub-treasury and a continuing demand
from the Interior. The further rise In Liondon
discount rate caused a firm tone to sterling
exchange, but no quotable change In price.
The bond market was moderately active.
Total F&les. par value, J2.705.000.
United States old 4s advanced H in the bid
Shares . Closing
fcolJ. Stocks— Bid.
2.570 Atchlson 21
7.1C0 Atchison prefd 63%
12,s:<' Baltimore & Ohio 63 b »
fit) Canadian Pacific 9**4 |
100 Canada Southern 4&V»
2.451 Chesapeake & Ohio 29S
450 Chicago Great Western 133 1 ;
10.050 Chicago, Bur & Qulncy 125H
W0 Chicago, Ind & Louisville 16V»
Chicago, Ind & Louisville prefd 45
300 Chicago &. East Illinois &2
220 Chicago & Northwestern 162
3.3.50 Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific KO'i
1.400 C C C & St Louis 61H
&60 Colorado Southern o\
260 Colorado Southern Ist prefd 43
Colorado Southern 2nd prefd 16
Delaware & Hudson 115
Delaware. I .ark & Western 177
1.900 Denver & Rio Grande 19H
2.350 Denver & Rto Grande prefd 71 7 4
Erie 12»*
SCO Erie Ist prefd 26H
119 Great Northern prefd 159
100 Hocking Coal 17
433 Hocking Valley 34
1.120 .Illinois Central 113»i
1.5"60 lowa Central 12 1 *
115 lowa Central prefd £2Vs
Kensas City, Pitts & Gulf 13
Lake Erie & Western 20
Lake Erie & Western prefd S3U
Lake Shore m
2.910 Louisville & Nashville M
10.355 Manhattan L 99^
4,511 Metropolitan Street Railway 1794
120 Mexican Central 124
100 Minn &'St Louis C 3
Minn £¦ St Louis prefd S3U
12.560 Missouri Pacific 46S j
Mobile & Ohio 44H
Missouri. Kans & Texas 10* 4
650 Missouri, Kans & Texas prefd Z3%
New Jersey Central 1164
2.250 New York Central 135 V»
5.6X7 Norfolk & Western ZF\
1.750 Norfolk & Western prefd 73
2.5C5 Northern Pacific 63H
3''W Northern Pacific prefd 74H
750 Ontario & Western 24
Oregon Ry & Nay 42
Oregon Ry & Nay prefd 76
27..">»S Pennsylvania 135H
MO Reading is»;
SOO Reading Ist prefd 56's
100 Reading 2nd prefd 2*};
Rio Grande Western 45
Rio Grande Western prefd £8
St ixnMs & San Francisco 10V*
St I>ouis & San Francisco Ist prefd. 6<!
719 Et Louis & San Fran 2nd prefd.... 85%
St Louis, Southwestern 1114
Sno St Louis, Southwestern prefd 27Vi
7.850 St Paul 1234
St Paul prefd 171^
St Paul & Omaha 110
8,165 Southern Pacific 3J%
€22 Southern Railway 124
1.540 Southern Railway prefd 56* i
2,210 Texas & Pacific 16%
27.1*5 Union Pacific ,',04
2,035 Union Pacific prefd 76^i
300 Wabash e*i
210 Wabash prefd *>0"« I
4.MS Wheeling & Lake Erie 10^
2/'?n Wheeling &• Lake Erie 2nd prefd.... 27*4
140 Wisconsin Central isv.
Express companies —
Adams 115
100 American 147
T'nlted States 47
Wells-Fargo 133
750 American Cotton Oil 34
American Cotton Oil prefd 93
S7O American Malting 51^
American Malting prefd 2j l i
SlO American Smelting & Refin 414
300 American Smelting & Refin prefd... 90% |
American Spirits 2
American Spirits prefd 17
1.R40 American Steel Hoop 47
400 American Steel Hoop prefd 844
10.T.60 American Steel & Wire 5R14
ROO American Steel &: Wire prefd 93*
»00 American Tin Plate 344
American Tin Plate prefd so
C 3.375 American Tobacco 1104
American Tobacco prefd 1354
f«0 Anaconda Mining Co 4474
l«.n.V) Brooklyn Rapid Transit 744
2.4 M) Colorado Fuel & Iron 4fiii
11.*7* Continental Tobacco 3314
3.f'20 Continental Tobacco prefd ......... R4H
10.S<K Federal Steel bju
1.2. r 'O Federal Steel prefd 7.".
22S General Electric 125
1,010 Glucose Sugar 56^;
Glucose Surar prefd 9514
€00 International Paper 23
International Paper prefd 6<>
Laolede Gas 77
CIO National Biscuit 37
110 National Biscuit prefd 9414
National Lead 27*4
....... National I^ad prefd IO.I^
6,275 National Steel pot^
National Steel prefd ' 9414
New York Air Brake 130
SCO North American 3414
1.198 Pacific Coast 52
Pacific Coast 2<l prefd £3
Pacific Coast 2d prefd <v
2.240 Pacific Mull '.'.',' 41
. 3,*40 People's Gas jos
700 Pressed Steel Car \ f.6
Pressed Steel Car prefd R7
4"0 Pullman Palace Cor igs
12.'. Standard Rope & Twine '. %il
50.570 Sugar mv
•.. Sugar prefd hj
7.825 Tennessee Coal & Iron IOOVi
6.195 United States Leather .' {71?
6». r i T'nlted States T^eather prefd 7574
00 United States Ruhber 331'
2.140 United States Rubber prefd '.'. sr,4
1.M3 Western Union ' «i«z
1.040 Republic Iron A Steel '..'. 25
100 Republic Iron & Steel prefd.... rA*L
P C C 4 St Louis " 64
417.400 Shares Sold.
V S 2s reg 102^1 Do 4s f{
U S 3s reg 109H|N V Central 15t5.,109%
U S 3s c0up...i.....109»iiN j cent gen 55.. l"4
U B new 4s reg 134 IN Carolina 6s 127
U S new 4s coup.. 17,4 Do 4» ]06
O S old 4s reg ,lllv» Northern Pac 35.. 66*;
U S old 4s c0up....U4?4 Do 4s 1041?
0 B 6s reg 112« i N V C & St LiiHlSg
U S 5s coup 112' i N A W con 45.... 944
Dls of Col 3.655.. ..117 Do gen 65.... 130
Atch gen 4« 100">i Or Nay lsts ."no
Do adj 4s 82S Do 4s • joili
Canada Sou 2d5....i094 Or Short Line 6s 117U
Ches & Ohio 44«-- 9SVi ! Do con 6s iilu
Do 5s 1194 Reading G>n 45.." XX
C& N Con 7s 141 RG W lsts.... 9714
Do S F Deb 65. .120 ,S L & I M Con Gs"lllii
Chic Term 4s 9341S L & S F Gen 65..122>2
D & R G lsts 102%}Kt Paul Con IB7Ti
D" 4s 99 St PC & P 15t5...11»%
E T V & G 15t5. .1014 Do 5s IVI
Erie Gen 4s 71V4 Southern Ry ss..!!icsi4
F W & D C lsts.... 71 'Stand R & T 65.... 7;
Gen Elec 5s 117 Term new set 3s 95
G H & S A 6s 107 LTex & Pac lsts....H3u
Do 2ds .'....107 I Do. 2 dB 51
H& T Cent 5s 110 (Union Pac 4s 104U
Do Con 6s 110 Wabash- lsts .'lliju
lowa Cent lsts.... US IDo 2dn 100
X C P & G lsts.... 72 jWest Shore 45....1Uii
La new con 4s 106*4 1 Wls Cent lsts Bl'l
LAN Unl 4s 99*4 Va Centuries sfi
Sou Pacific 4« KS Va Deferred -,
M X & T 2ds 66U'0010 & Sou 4s 844
Chollar IS Ontario 8 M
Crown Point 08 Ophir 52
Con Cal & Va 1 25. Plymouth 14
Deadwood • 50 Quicksilver 1 57
Gould & Curry 12| Do prefd 760
Hale & Norcross.. 25 ' Sierra Nevada 45
Homestake CO 00. Standard J 75
Iron Silver M!Unlon Con 24
Mexican 20iYtllow Jacket 15
Local securities quiet.
Silzcr and financial quotations unchanged.
Wheat dull and unchanged. Barley steady.
Oats, Corn and Rye very dull.
Ha\ and Bran veeak and plentiful.
Beans and Seeds dull and nominal.
Potatoes and Onions easy. Vegetables steady.
Butter and Eggs continue to decline. Cheese weak.
Game off again and dull. Poultry steady.
More Sirazrbcrrics in from Watsonville. .
Oranges bringing more money at auction.
Provisions as previously quoted.
Hcgs still in slender receipt.
Increased exports from this port in January.
Steamer Movements.
Money —
Call loans 3H<6's
Time loans 4«5
Stocks- ¦
Atch To? & S F.. 20H
Do prefd «a&4
Am Sugar m'
Do prefd in
Bell Tel 337
Boston At Albany.. 242
Boston EX 9fi<4
Boston & Maine.. ..l9B<a
Chi Bur & Q 123»»
Ed Elec HI 203
Fltchburg prefd. ..l2l*i
Oen Elec I26Ss
Federal Steel 6.» Vi
Do prefd 75
Mexican Central... 12*1
Mich Tel 100
Old C010ny......;. 205
Old Dominion 20
Rubber 33
Union Pacific: 60V»
Union Land 24
West End 93
Do prefd 113
Wls Central 19
Dom Coal 41tf
Do prefd 116
Bonds —
Atchlson 4s 99
Mining Shares —
Adventure 5
Allouez Mng C 0... 3
Atlantic 24
ißoston & M0nt....27»
Butte A Boston 69
Calumet & Hecla..7Ro
Centennial 19
Franklin 15
Humboldt 1
Osceola 75
Parrot 45
iQulncy 140
jSanta Fe Copper.. 6^4
Tamarack 193
Wlnona 3
Wolverines 4U4
Utah 23V4
New York Money Market.
NEW YORK. Feb. 14.— Money on call steady
at 2©'2H per cent: last loan, 2\4 per cent.
Prime mercantile paper, [email protected] per cent. Sterling
exchange steady, with actual business In bank
ers' bills at |4 [email protected]* 87% for demand and at
$4 S4v*@4 84>4 for alxty days: posted rates.
$4 K5 4 SSH; commercial bills, 14 8&I94 S3VJ. Sil
ver certificates, 69^0610. Bar silver. 59% c.
Mexican dollars, 4~h±c. Bonds — Government,
strong; State, strong; railroad. Irregular.
Condition of the Treasury.
WASHINGTON. Feb. 14.— T0-day's statement
c.f the condition of the treasury shows: Avail
able cas=h balance, $293,921,557; gold reserve,
London Market.
NEW YORK. Feb. 14.— The Commercial
vertlser's London financial cablegram says
Business In the markets here was so slack
to-day that the bears occupied much of their
time In practical Joking. The early tendency
was to droop, but there was a slight hardening
toward the close on reports that Lord Roberts
was moving. Americans were idle, about par
ity New York bought nothing but Baltimore
and Ohio, but the close was steady.
The bank bought £17,000 gold in. German coin
and raised the price one farthing to 77s 9Vid.
Money was stiff, calls ranging up to 3 per
There was small borrowing from the bank by
late comers; bills were more plentiful. Sliver
was heavy at the advance.
Canadian Pacific, 101%: Union Pacific pre
ferred, IS\; Northern Pacific preferred, 76* i;
Atchlson. 21* i: Grand Trunk, S%: Anaconda,
9Vi- Bar silver steady, 27 9-16 d per ounce.
Ing Company has declared a dividend of 11
cents a share, payable on the 15th. .
The Argonaut Mining Company will pay tne
usual dividend of 10 cents a share this month.
The Pennsylvania Mining Company will pay
a dividend of 20 cents a share, or $10,3€0, this
month. • . ,
The Hutchlnson Plantation Company has de
clared a dividend of 25 cents, payable at the
company's office on the 20th.
The Gas Consumers' Association paid the
usual monthly dividend of 15 cents this month.
Quarterly dividends of {1 a share are now
payable by the Central Gaslight and California
Cotton Mills.
The following dividends will be paid to-day:
California-street Cable, 50 cents; Oakland Gas
Company. 25 cents; Pacific Auxiliary Fire Alarm
Company, 5 cents; California Powder Works.
SI: the Pacific and Sunset Telephone companies
the regular monthly dividends. Hume Bros. A
Hume, salmon packers, will pay their usual
monthly dividend of 65 cents a share on their
entire issued capital stock to-day.
WEDNESDAY. Feb. 14—2 p. m.
Bid. Ask/ Bid. Ask.
V S Bonds — Eqult G L. Co. 3% 3H
Is quar c0up.. 114 — Mutual El Co. — —
Is quar reg.... — 11414 O G L & H... 454 —
Is quar new... — 135 Pac Oas Imp.. 60%,—
Ss quar coup.. — — Pac Light Co.. 43 434
Miscellaneous— S F O & E SO% 504
Cal-st Cab Ss.-IIT \\V?*\ San Francisco. 4Vj 4T»
C C Wat 55..1Mi«4107 IStockton Oa».. 12 —
Ed L 4 P 65..12"» — Insurance —
F&CI Ry 65. .113 — . Flrem's 'Fund.226 —
Oeary-st R 6s. — 95 Bank Stocks—
II C& S 5H5..1P5 110 Anglo-Cal Ltd. «74 T24
II C& S 55....1M4 — Bank of Ca1...4024«)«
L A Ry 6a.. ..105 — Cal SD & T.. 9S 934
L A LCo 55.. — — First Natnl 250 305
Do gntd 65.. — — Lon P & A 133 —
Do gntd 55.. — 103 Merchants' Ex — 18
LA& P R 58.102 — Nev Nat 8k... — —
Jlarket-et 6s. ..127 — Savings' Bank
s X»t M Es-.llS HSli Ger S & L...1750 —
NCN G R 75.10CV4 — Hum S& L. — —
N R of Cal 65.H24113% Mut Say Bk. 45 — .
N Rof Cal 58.114 — IS X Say U..5024 —
N'P C R R 6»103 — I Say & L So. 74 7i
NPC R R 55.10« — Sec Say Bk. — —
Nc R R 03... 103 — Union T Co. — —
Oak GL&H 6s. 110 — Street Railroads-
Oak Tran 65... — 112H California .....1184119
Oak WCo 55. .115 — Geary-st 50 —
Oceanic SS CO.IOOU — Market-st Ry.. 61% 62
Om CRy 65... — 12840 S L& H — 50
P&CI Ry 65. .1044 — Presidio 11 15
Pk & O Ry 6s. — — Powder Stocks—
Powel-st R 69.1194— California 160 170
Sac L G*Rss. 85 — E Dynamite... 85 —
SF & SJF 55. .117 — Olant Con Co. 93 934
S Ry of Cal 6s. — 103 Vlgorit 2H 2T»
S P of A 65.... 110% — Sugaf Stocks—
S P C 6s<l»os).lof<\ — liana H P Co. 74 ~\
S P C 65(19<*).112 113 Haw C&S Co S3Vi S4
SP C 6e(1912). — — Honokaa S Co. 29 23^
SP C Ist cgss. — — Huch S P. Co. 2i*i —
SPBr 6s 126 — Kllauea 8 Co. — 23
3 V Wat 65.... 115% — Makawell SCo 444 —
3 V Wat 45..;.103'i — Onomea S Co. 25«4 —
SV W 4s<3dm)lo2Vi — Paauhau S Co. 25% —
Etktn Gas 65.. 102 107% Miscellaneous—
Wat-r Stocks— Al Pack Assn..li3ftl2O
Contra Costa... 73. 7394 Mer Ex Assn.. — 100
Marln County. 50 — Ocean lc SCo. . — 94vs
Spring Valley. 94U 94% p ac A p A j _
Gas & Electric— Pac C Bor Co. 144 —
Cent Gas Co.. —. — Par Paint Co.. 9H —
Cent L & P... — 4^
Morning Session.
25 Alaska Packers' Assn. b 3 119 75
25 Makaweli 44 50
100 Oakland Gas 45 50
25 Pacific Gas Imp 50 75
5 Pacific Gas Imp 50 87V4
15 S F Gas & Electric Co 50 23
195 8 F Gas & Electric Co 50 50
30 S F Gas & Electric Co 60 S2H
6 S V Water 34 00
5 Bank of California 405 00
tSOCO Los Angeles Ry 5s 105 25
15000 Los Angeles-Pacific R R Bonds 102 50
350 Makaweli 44 60
11000 Market St R R Con 5s 118 25
$3000 S P of A bonds HO 50
Afternoon Session.
5 Alaska Packers' Assn 1U 75
40 Equitable Gas 160
6 Hawaiian Coml & Sugar 84 00
10 Hawaiian Coml & Sugar S3 50
200 Homkaa 23 CO
$5000 Los Angeles Ry 5s 105 25
45 Makawell 44 50
JSOOO Oceanic S S Bonds 105 50
100 Onomea Sugar Co 26 00
30 Paauhau S P Co 26 00
60 S F Gas & Electric Co 50 37%
5 S V Water 94 25
6 S V Water 94 60
50 Makawell 44 50
11000 S V 6s us 00
Morning Session.
100 Barker Ranch 1 15
200 Aanaconda 60
100 Anaconda <5
Afternoon Session.
300A^SSnda a
Morning Session.
150 Burlington 100
.00 Caribou 83
50 Petroleum Center 40
Afternoon Session.
Board —
National 8 00
The following were the sales In the San
Francisco Stock and Exchange Board:
Morning Session.
100 Belcher 221 100 Mexican 24
100 Caledonia 37: 300 Ophir 57
100 Challenge 19 . 2CO Sierra Nevada. 4?
100 Con Cal & Va..l 40! 500 Yellow Jacket.. IS
Afternoon Session.
400 Alpha 03j ICO Occidental 1J
200 Alta 01 400 Ophir J»
100 Belcher 22 200 Overman 09
100 Chollar 20 200 Sierra Nevada. 47
400 Gould & Curry 14; JOO Yellow Jacket.. IS
100 Mexican 24|
The following were the sales In the Pacific
Stock Exchange yesterday:
Morning Session.
300 Best & Belcher 34 100 Mexican 24
200 Caledonia 37 300 Ophir S8
100 Chollar -1!» 300 Overman W
200 Con Cal & Va..l 35 200 Potosl 18
100 Gould & Curry, li 100 Savage 11
Afternoon Session.
100 Caledonia 37] 400 Mexicaji ....... 25
350 Chollar 20 j JOO Potosl 27
20Q Chollar 19 200 Sierra Nevada. 43
200 Con Cal & Va..l 35 400 Sierra Nevada. 47
200 Crown Pomt — 10 500 Sierra Nevada. 4«
300 Gould & Curry. 151 200 Union Con 23
WEDNESDAY. Feb. 14—4 p. m.
Bid- Ask. I Bid. Ask.
Alpha 02 03|iCentuek 01 02
Alta — 02 Lady Wash 02 —
Andes 03 07 Mexican 24 23
3elcher 21 22 Dccldental U 13
Best & Belcher 34 35 3phlr .' 56 57
Bullion 03 04pverman 09 19
Caledonia 3" 39 ; Potosl 27 2S
Chollar IS 19 Savage 11 12
Challenge Con.. — 20|^corplon 02 —
Confidence — "s;?eg Belcher 01 02
Con Cnl & Va..l 35 1 40 ( SIerra Nevada. 48 47
Con Imperial... — deliver HIU — 05
Con New Torlt. — 04;3t Louis — 07
Crown Point... 10 11 Standard —2 >0
Exchequer — 01 Syndicate — 05
Oould & Curry 14 15!L'nlon Con 27 28
Hale Sc Norc... 30 SlltTtah 08 09
Julia — r2;Yellow Jacket.. 17 13
lustlce — OS
On the Produce Exchange to-day the ' butter
TUESDAY, February 20th,
At 11 O'clock A. M..
Consisting of 2000 Tents; «W0 Curtains „-,•
Nets: 60130 Duck and Drill Mattress Covers- ;™
Sleeping Bags; r.OO Pillows: 4000 Sh»lr» r T»- t ,.
500 German Silver Band Instrument?. Bass ami
Bnare Drums; 100 Filters: 500 Galvanize*. Wate,
Buckets; 500 Assorted Shovels, etc.
Contractors. Klondlkers. resort v». nA »,
eampem. hotels, steamboats. saUmakers t»nt
and awnlne makers, attention callM to .v,.
Sun, Moon and Tide.
Securities were dull on the morning session.
Bank of California sold at $405. Otherwise
there was nothing new.
Business was better In the afternoon, but
the only change was a decline In Hawaiian
Commercial to $S3 50. . • ¦
The New York and Honduras Roaario Mln-
AYtc York Stock Market.
NEW YORK. Feb. 14.— The stock market to
£ay showed a continuance of yesterday's
•trength in the *>arly dealings, but the buying
demand rame almost altogether from profes
sional sources with the purpose of Inviting out
elde densand. The outside demand failed to
materialize, business from the eommisßion
houses continuing on a small scale. In fact
•filing orders to some extent came on the
market from the ommlsslon bouses which
¦was attributed to Western account, but v/trre
without explanation. The professional buyer*
•rrtw tired and sold to realize when the fu
tility of the attempts to attract outside buy-
Ing was perceived. Several points of porltlve
weakness were developed by the marching
rtlnrus of the b^ar» and stop-loss orders were
covered by offering price* down. The result
¦was a general reactionary tendency which
wiped out practically all of the earlier gain
and established Borne eharp losses in special
•tncks. The shorts covered before the close,
causing sharp rallies at the weak spots find
a jreneral stiffening of the whole market, as
a re«ult of which the closing was firm and
ret changes in -the majority of stocks small.
The local traction stocks and the Industrials
were the leadeit In the opening advance.
Sugar. Tobacco, Western Union. People's Gas.
I'reaced Steel. Rubber preferred and some of
the iron and etcel stocks were all represented
toy rains of 1 to 1H and" Tennessee Coal was
up Srr on rumors of a plan to retire the pre
ferred stock and begin dividends on the com
mon stock. Continued heavy buying was la
evidence In Pennsylvania, Baltimore and Ohio,
St. Paul. Missouri Pacific and other stocks,
those named rising a point. Buying of some
of these were attributed !to operations by
rperulatlve -pools. The first point of weakness
to develop was Third Avenue on the announce
ment of a dividend of only 1 per cent, as com
j>ared with IVi per cent for the last quarter of
1899 and 1\ per cent for the three preceding
years. The stock fell an extreme 4\ and
caused »->-m pathetic weakness in the other
local traction stocks. Metropolitan West Side
preferred (Chicago) Jumped SH points on the
declaration of Its flrat dividend. The demand
for etocks was llrtlem for the rest of the day
and the bean made successive attacks on dif
ferent stocks. Rubber common and preferred
lost 4"-* /! '< i * points respectively. Continental
Tobacco was raided down S points on rumors
of a bond lrsue and American Tobacco lost Its
earlier gain In sympathy. Sugar fell 14 from
the top. Federal Bteel IH. Pacific Mall IVi and
X2a!ttj&ore and Ohio 1%. The sews of the day
February. 1900
Wednesday. February 14-
Stmr Whltesboro. Olsen. 25 hours from. Port
H Stmr Lajruna, Stark. 20 hours from tTsal.
Stmr Greenwood. Fagerlund. 17 hours from
Stmr Bonlta. Nleolson. 76 hours from New-
Stmr Columbia. Doran. 53*4 hour* from Port
land, via Astoria 41' i hours.
Stmr Geo Loomis. Brideett, 34 hour* from
Ptmr Luella. Miller. 37 hours from Redondo.
Br stmr Wellington. Salmond. 4 days from
CC Ha°wstmr Klnau. Freeman. 9 days 13 hours
from Makawell.
Tvs Samson. Stream. 90 hours from Astoria.
with barge Washougal In tow.
Schr Esther Buhne. Anderson. 10 day* from
P Sc t hr I JohS k A. Nilsson. S days from Wlllapa
I'ars- Washougal; Senerud. 90 hour* from
.A-torta, la tow of tvs Samson.
Wednesday. February 14.
Stmr Cleveland. Kliteaard. Kahulul Tl»
Hani: Alexander & Baldwin.
Stmr Olympia. Truebrldse. Hongkong. vU
Queen, jl-psen, Victoria, etc: Gcodall.
P *Bt 'ship' Rajore. Garrtcck. Queenstown; Ep-
P 's^hr Jennie Wand. 'Chrlstensen. Mahukona:
Chas Kelson.
Wednesday. February 14.
Stmr Cleveland. Klltzaard. Kahulul and
H |tm'r Olympla. Truberidge. Hongkong and Ta
coma. _ ,
Stmr Westnort. Ericsson. Eureka.
Stmr Luella, Miller. Eureka.
Stmr Corona. Glelow. San Diego, etc.
Stmr Newsboy. Walvlg. I'sal.
Stmr Crescent City. Stockfleth, Crescent City.
Stmr Noyo. Johnson. Fort Bragg.
Br stmr Bristol. Melntyre. Chemalnus.
Schr Glenoale. Olsen. Tacoma.
Schr Repeat. Olsen. Port Blakeler.
Schr Mary C. Madsen. Fort Ross. ¦
Schr Jennie Wand. Christiansen. Mahukona.
Pchr Antelose. Anderson. Coos Bay.
Schr Fortuna. Luberg. Eureka.
Schr Monterey. Beck. Coos Bay.
Schr Ocean Spray. Larsen. Iversens Landing.
POINT LOBOS— Feb 14. 10 P m— Weather
cloudy; wind west; velocity 10 miles.
Per stmr Luella-Feh 13-OfT Port Harford.
spoke r.chr Geneva with 20 sealskins: a.l well.
Jan 22—26 N 34 W. Br ship The Hahnemaan.
from Oregon for Ouenstowrr.
LONDON Feb 14— Br ship Amphitrite. from
Portland. Or, for Queenstown. put Into Fayal
leaking. poMFSTIC PORTS.
CRETEVT ClTY— Sailed Feb 13— Stmr Alo
ha pORT Sa TO F w a Ns' E 9^n-Arr.ve,l Feb 14-Schr
Admiral, from San Diego; Br stmr Irena, rrom
™EN R TURA-Arrived Feb 14-Stmr Pasadena.
f ™ASPA n n-Artvid Feb 14-Stmr Clecne. henca
F rn 1 AT t ! H\RBOR-Sat!ed Feb 13-Schr Mary
Buhn» for Kahulul: schr Laura Madsen. for
Feb lt-Stmr Rival, frra
Sa OLTMrT\-Arrlved Feb 14-Brl* Courtney
F^RT rr ° m TOwVIEN n r^ined Feb 14-Schr
iHminl for Port Gamble.
POPTWS ANGELES-Salled Feb 14-Stmr
*iAzar f^r Son Francisco.
PORT GAMBLE-Arrived Feb 14-Schr Ad
miral frnrn Polt Townsend.
BEATTLF— Sailed Feb 14— Stmr Grace Dollar.
fn!r- Orav<> Harbor.
COOS BAY-Salled Feb 14 at 11 a m-Strnr
Hire Blar.rhnrd, for Sun Francisco.
ASTOHIA-Arrtved Feb 14-Stmr Stats of -
P_i[» or nln hence Feb I*.
Sailed Feb 14— Br shl» Colony, for Qneens
tO VENTVKA— Arrived Feb 14— Stmr Fulton, fm
Grays Harbor.
SAN PIEC.O— Sailed Feb 14— Br stmr Lady
Jolrev fT Yokohama.
FUREKA— Arrived Feh 14— Schr Mabel Gray.
from Hueneme: stmr Orizaba, henoe Feb 13.
bailed Feb 14— Stmr North Fork, for San
Francisco. PORTS.
PANAMA— Arrived Jan 27— Stmr San Jose.
from"Acapulco. and sailed Jan 23 for Charnepr-
IC QtTEENSTOWN— Arrived Feb 13— Fr bark
Du;rue«<lln. hence Oct U.
IX)NDON— In oort Feb I— Br ship Eudora. for
San Francisco.
Sailed Feb 13— Br ship Penthesllea. for Port-
PANAMA— SaiIed Jnr» 2T— Stmr Cnsta Rica.
for Mapzarimo. 23— Ptmr Peru, for San Fran-
Cl 'FERNANDO NORONHA— Passed Jan 31— Ft
bark Marie Molina.*, from Penarth for San
Al'CKLAND— Arrived Feb H— Br str Moana.
h *STANLET!'F I— Sailed Feb 7— Br sti'n Black
brnes. from Newcastle. Eng. for San Frsneisco.
HA MPITO- Sailed Feb 12— Br shi? Deccan.
for Portland. Or.
YOKOHAMA-Arrlved Feb 13— Rtmr China, ho
Jan 24.
NEW YORK— Arrived Feb 14— Stmr Mar
quett'. from London.
AUCKLAND— Arrived Feb 14— Stmr Moana.
from San Francisco via Honolulu, for Sydney
NSW. "
PLTMOUTH-Salled Feb 14.-s>m r Pennsyt
vanla. fmm Hamburc f«r N»w York
ANTWERP— Arrived Feb 12— Str Soutiiwart.
from K«w York.
The Roy Somers leads merchandise for Hon
The Lynton i« chartered for wheat and or
barley to New York, ZSs 3d.
. . !
Exports in January.
Txports from this pTt In January w*re V.- j
p:4.K00. a*:a!n*t t2.C:4,300 in January. 1839. the I
loading items being as' follows: Hawaiian |
Jflands. II.CJS.CiK); Great Britain. $S*:,000; At- j
•antic po«s. J449.500; China, J392.300; Japan, j
KlO.SOil; Australia. $131,000; Mexico. $150,700;
Oentral America, JIOO.IOO.
The Government Balance Sheet, i
Government receipts for the month of Janu
ary comi»are as follows:
IKJ9. 1900.
Csstema $17,991,741 J22.094.250 ]
Internal revenue 20.f«2.057 22. . . 9. 5U.6 :
Miscellaneous 2.M1.132 8.135.C2S
Total J41.774.930 J45.012.16S
Trie expenditures for the same month com
pare as follows:
IR9». 1900.
Ctrll J9.514.421 jn.C3S.7S!)
War lf.6;*..x>:i 9.K2.824
Naw 5.226,654 C.316.631 I
Indians i^.676 947.114 j
Tensions 10.967.01S a0.973.?.:ti
Interest 5.507,449 1.562. 222
Total $11. 122.771 J39.159.097
The Clearing House.
At the twenty-fourth annual meeting of the
San Francisco Clearing-house on Monday the
following officers were elected: President,
Thomas Brown; vice-president, H. Wadsworth;
«>crctary. Gustav Friederich. The following
clearing-house committee was appointed:
Thomas Brown, cashier Bank of California;
Ign. ' Stelnhart, manager Anglo-Callfornlan
I'ar.k <:irr.it<*;>; S. G. Murphy, president First
National Bank: H. M. J. McMlchael. agent
Hank of British North America; W. H.
Crocker, president CrocXer-Woolworth National
Bank of San Francisco: H. M. J. McMlchael,
perretary clearing-house committee. Charles
Fleeper was reappointed manager of the c'.ear
ir.g-hou*e and J. T. Burke, assistant manager.
The clearings for 18S9 were 1371.015,072 23,
against J513.153.0:« for ISSB. being a gain for
U?9 of $157,5£2.04S 23. The balances in ISS9
were 12 0-10 per cent of the clearings and
amounted to t 121.:25.735 39 and were paid In
fnitfd States gold coin amounting to $)>6,635.
7ST, 2S and United States treasury gold cer
tificates amounting to J24.550.000. The average
dally balance for UO9 was 5400.0<»4 84 and for
3MiS 5341.12U 68, being an Increase for ISS9 of
Ki.OU 16.
Weather Retort
a2fth Meridian— Pacific Time.)
BAN FRANCISCO. Feb. 14. 5 p. m.
The foHowing are the seasonal rainfalls to
date £? compared with those of the same date
last srasjn. and rainfalls In last twenty-four
Last This Last
Stations— 24 hours, season, season.
Eureka 0.00 34. 5S 15.65
lied Bluff Trace 15.09 1J.13
Sacramento Trace^ 13.71 7.85
San Francisco Trace 14.57 7.77
Frfsno 0.00 6.14 3.86
Inder*r.<!*n'*e 0.00 2.0S 1.15
San Luis Obispo 0.00 12.41 7.15
Lo* Angeles 0.00 4.E7 2.&6
fan Diego 0.00 2.64 3.73
Yuma 0.00 0.75 1.34
San Francisco data: Maximum temperature,
tS; minimum, IrO; mean, 54.
The weather Is cloudy and threatening over
the Pacific Slope and light showers have fallen
In the Sacramento Valley and in the western
portions of Washington and Oregon, and light
enow over the Rucky Mountain and plateau re-
The pressure has fallen slightly along the
California coast and risen decidedly over the
Rocky Mountain region. An area of high pres
sure is central north of Montana and a f hallow
low area in Southern Nevada.
The temperature has fallen In all districts.
Over. Montana. North Dakota and Wyoming it
Is below zfro.
Conditions are unsettled and favorable for
light showers over the greater portion of Cali
fornia Thursday.
Forecast made at San Francisco for thirty
hours, ending midnight. February 15. 1900:
Northern California — Cloudy and threatening,
rimhably with light showers Thursday; cooler;
llrht variable winds.
Southern California — Cloudy and threatening,
probably with light showers Thursday; light
variable winds.
Nevada — Cloudy, with snow Thursday; cooler.
I'tah — Cloudy, with snow Thursday; colder.
Arizona — Snow In northern portion; probabiy
thowerr In «outh portion Thursday: cooler.
Ean Francisco and %-iclnlty— Cloudy and
threatening, probably with ehowen Thursday
light variable winds. G. H. WILLSON.
Local Forecast Official.
Boston Wool Market.
Foreign Futures.
market was firm: creamery. »©24V4c; dairy. 13
«?22c. Cheese, firm; 12013 c. tgK». e « ev •
fresh, 12c. ¦ ¦ ->'.- v .
3V4c per Ib for California and 4c for Eastern;
Alfalfa, [email protected]; Rape. 2!6©3c: Hemp, [email protected]>,4c;
Timothy, 404^C,
DUIED PKAS— NUes, $1 60®l 90; Green. $1 75
62 50 per ctl.
Potatoes, Onions and Vegetables.
Onions have weakened off under free re
ceipts from the north, and Potatoes are easy
for the same reason.
Asparagus is declining under" Increasing re
POTATOES— Early Rose, 85^95c: River Reds.
75<«85c; Burbanks. [email protected] per sack; Oregon
Burbanks, 75r<ft$l 10; Sweet Potatoes, Jl 85 for
Merced and *1 [email protected] 40 for River; New Pota
toes, 3c.
ONIONS— $1 75(52 10 per ctl for all kinds.
VEGETABLES— Hothouse Cucumbers. $1 D«r
dozen; Rhubarb. 7c per lb; Asparagus. 10>S25c:
Green Peas, lV4*?3V4c per lb for Los Angeles
nnd 4c for Alnmeda: StrMc Beans. RfllSc:
Cabhage 40<ffM>c; Los Angeles Totnatoe*.
$lfrl M; Egg Plant from Los Angeles, lfl®l2Vic;
Dried Okra, 12V4c per lb: Garlic. 6S7c; Green
Peppers from Los Angeles, 3igsc: Dri^d Pep
pers. SfSlOc: Carrots, 300'lOe per sack; Los An-
Keles Summer Squash, $I®l 25 per box; Mar
rowfat Sauash, nominal.
Poultry and Game.
GAME continues weak and dull. Poultry Is
stendy. and a good demand keeps stocks from
accumulating. . "
The season for Doyen closes to-day.
I'OULTRY-Llve Turkeys, »©llc lor Gobblers
and lltfmiie for Hens: Dressed Turkeys, 12®
16c; Geese, per pair. $1 75<ff2: Goslings. $1 7,"«?2:
IMicks, J4©s for old nnd $4G5 for young: Hens.
*4W6, Young Roosters. $4 6<Vffs: Old Roosters,
J4#4 E0: Fryers $4 60g5; Broilers. $4(f?5 for large
and $3^4 for small; Pigeons. $1 [email protected] 50 per
dozes for old and $2 50^3 for squabs.
GAME— Quail. $1 25; Mallard. $2 50j?3: Can
vasback. $2ig>4: Sprig. $160<^l 75; Teal. $1"S1 23:
Widgeon. [email protected]$l 25: Small Duck. 75c©$l: Doves.
75c per dozen: Hare, [email protected]$l; Rabbits. $I®l 50;
Gray Geese. $2 60«jr3: White, $1 25: Brant. $1 60
@2; Honkers. $3 50ft4; English Snipe. |2®2 s<»
per dozen; Jack Snipe, }[email protected] 50.
Butter, Cheese and Eggs.
Another decline In Butter is noted and the
market Is quoted excessively dull. Cheese Is
quiet. Eggs are a shade lower, with slowly
Increasing receipts.
Creamery — Fancy Creamery. 24c; second*. 22
Dairy— Fancy, 22c; good to choice 20<321c;
common, [email protected]
CHKESK— Choice mild new. 10c; old. 9%c;
Young America, [email protected]; Eastern. 15%®18c;
Western. per lb.
EGGS— Quoted at 14c for store and 15,fJ16'4c
per dozen for ranch. Eastern — Cold storage.
12V4'gl4c. ¦
Deciduous and Citrus Fruits.
The demand for fine Oranges Is very good,
and at the auction five cars were sold as fol
lows: Fancy Navels, $1 [email protected] 70; choice do, $1 55
<82; standard do. [email protected]U 45; Seedlings, 75c.
Lemons sold, at $1 lf.fjl R 5.
Watsonvllle Strawberries sold at $536 per
APPLES—3O<SfiOc per box for common. 75c<@$l
for good to choice, and $1 25<frl 60 for fancy.
CITRUS FRUITS— NaveI Oranges. $1 60«2 50
per box; Seedlings, [email protected] 60; Pomelos. $102 50;
Lemons, [email protected] so for common and [email protected] 50 for
good to choice; Mexican Limes, $5® 5 50; Cali
fornia Limes, [email protected]; Bananas. $1 [email protected] 50 per
bunch; Pineapples, $3 [email protected] per dozen.
Dried Fruits, Nuts and Raisins.
New York mall advices say of Raisins:
"Trade in raisins Is confined to such orders as
naturally come to holders without special ef
forts In California loose Muscatels the pres
ent condition appears likely to remain un
changed for some time to come. The total sup
ply left in all positions is barely enough to
carry the trade through until the next crop Is
ready for distribution. There are almost none
In first hands, and what there are in second
hands are closely controlled. Foreign raisins
are very dull, and orders are so small that they
amount to virtually no business." .
DKIED FRUlTS— Prunes, in sacks, 4Hc for
40-50's. 4®4Vic for DO-60's. 3V*c for 60-70's, 3<4c
for 70-80' s. 3c for 80-90" s and 2%c for 90-100' s;
Apricots. H(fil3c for Royals. 12%£n6c for M~>r
parks and 12014 c for Blenheims; Peaches. s*[email protected]
6c for Standards. 6Hig6%c for choice and [email protected]
for fancy; Peeled Peaches. [email protected] l ,ic: Evapo
rated Apples. [email protected]: Sun-dried. [email protected]%c per lb:
Nectarines. B®Dc: Pears, ZM^HMc for dark and
7(§Bc for bright halves; Black Figs, 2®2Hc;
White Figs. 2S3c: Bleached Plums. SifJc: Un
bleached Plums, [email protected] for pitted and l^ic for
RAlSlNS— Bleached Thompson's— Fancy, per
lb. 10c; choice. 9c; standard, 8c: prime. 6c; un
bleached Thompson's, per Ib, 6c. Sultanas —
Fancy, per lb. BV4c; choice, 7Hc; standard, 6Hc;
prime, sc; unbleached Sultanas, sc; Seedless,
60-lb bcxes, sc: 2-crcwn, loose muscatels, s^c;
3-crown, 6Uc: 4-crown. 7c: London Layers,
2-crown. $1 50 per box: 3-crown. $1 60. Fancy
Clusters, $2: Dehesa. $2 50; Imperial. $3. All
prices are f. o. b. at common shipping points
In California.
NUTS— Chestnuts. Bj?9c; Walnuts, SQ'Sc for
standards and 9910 c for softshell; Almonds.
HV4'?l2c for paper shell. 9!ploc for soft and i&
5c for hardshell: Peanuts, for East»rn
and 5c for California; Brazil Nuts, [email protected]; Fil
berts, [email protected]»ic; Pecans, [email protected]; Cocoanuts, $4 50
HONEY— Comb, U%©l2c for bright and 10*4©
lie for lleht amber: water white extracted
7%c: light amber extracted, [email protected]; dark. 6%©
6c per lb.
BEESWAX— [email protected] per Ib.
CURED MEATS— Bacon, 9%c per Ib for
heavy, 10c for light medium, lie for light, :2c
for extra light and 13'/4c for sugar-cured: East
ern gugar-cured Hams. 13<i?13%c: California
Hams, nominal: Mes3 Beef. $12 per bbl; extra
Mess. $13. Family. $14; extra Prime Pork, $14 50;
extra clear. $17; Mess. $16; smoked Beef, lie
per lb.
LARD— Tierces quoted at.6%@7c per lb for
compound and 8c for pure; half-barrels, pure.
$\Ac- 10-lb tins. S*ic; 5-lb tins, 9c. »
COTTOLENE— Tierces. 7%@8%c per ib; 10-lb
tins, 9V4c.
Hides, Tallow, Wool and Hops.
HIDES AND SKINS— CuIIs ana brands sell
about lc under quotations. Heavy salted steers,
[email protected]; medium, . 9^l?lottc; light, 9V4c;
Cowhides. [email protected]; Stags, 7c; Salted Kip. [email protected]
lOHc; Calf, 9%#10V5c: Dry Hides, sound, IStf:
culls and brands, 15®16c; Dry Kip and Veal,
17c: Dry Calf. [email protected]: Sheepskins, yearlings, 20
©30c each: short Wool. 35® 60c each; medium,
70{i"90c; long Wool. $lf?l 25 each; Horpe Hides.
{2 75(33 for large and [email protected]$l 25 for small; ColU.
TALLOW— No. 1 rendered. 5c per lb; No. 2.
4c; refined. 6V4c; grease. 2%®3c.
Fall clip. San Joanuln plains. [email protected]: South
ern. 8©10 c: Middle County. ll®13c; Humboldt
and Mendocino, 175?28c: Eastern Oregon. [email protected];
Valley Oregon, ls(sf2Oc: Northern Mountain,
free. [email protected]>l4c; Northern Mountain, defective, 10®
San Francisco Meat Market.
There were no further changes yesterday. Ar
rivals of Hogs continued light.
BEEF— 6Vi®7c per lb for fair to choice.
VEAL— 7'.£<Ji9c per lb.
MUTTON--Wethers, 8c; ewes, 7«4®?e per lb.
LAMB-Sprlng. [email protected]; yearlings. [email protected]
per Ib.
PORK— Live Hogs. Z%c for small. 5T4c for me
dium and 5H<B5Hc for large: stock Hogs and
feeders, [email protected]»/4c; dressed Hogs. [email protected]
General Merchandise.
BAGS — San Quenttn Bags. $3 C 5: Calcutta
Grain Bags. 7iß>7Uc; Wool Bags. 2Sff3oc.
COAL— Wellington, $8 per ton; new Welling
ton, $8: Southfleld Wellington, $7 50; Seattle.
$7; Bryant, $*: Coos Bay. $3 50; Wallsend. IS";
Co-operative Wallsend. $S: Scotch. ; Cum
berland. $12 In bulk and $13 BO in sacks; Penn
sylvania Anthracite Kgg. $13; Cannel. $11 per
ton; Coke, $15 per ton In bulk and $17 In sacks.
SUOAR— The Western Sugar Refining Com
pany quotes, terms net cash. In 100-lb bags:
Cubes, A Crushed and Fine Crushed. 5%c: Pow
dered 5%c: Candy Granulated. CVic: Dry Gran
ulated 5Hc: Confectioners' A. M&c: Magnolia
\ 4>sic; Extra C, 4%c: Golden C. 4V£c; barrels.
l-16c more; half-bairels. >4c more; boxes. He
more; 60-lb bats, %c more. No orders taken
for less than 75 barrels or its equivalent
Domlnos. half-barrels, 5%c; boxes. 6Hc per lb.
Receipts of Produce.
Flour, qr sks 34.4G6 May, tons ... 427
Wheat, ctls 69,151 -traw. tons 5
Barley ctls 4.950 tt'ool. basrs 30
"•heese. ctls 2*3 t'elts. bndls 3.890
Butter. Ctls !2t PTkkp. doz 14,700
Tallow ctls ..... 2IR Quicksilver, flsks 115
Beans sks 459 Brandy, gals .... 1.000
Potatory sks .... l.«0n Wine, pals ....... 60.300
Bran sits 2.2"0 Leather, rolls ... 112
Middlings, sks .. 520 Hides. No 350
Sugar, sks , 7=o!
Flour, nr sks.... 11.188 Bran, sks 6.W4
Potatoes, sks .... 7.414 Shorts, sks 1,150
Onions, sks 1.270
Wheat-" Mar. May. My.
Opening 6 10Ti 6 10V4 . & }0%
Closing 5 10V -5 10% 5 10%
Wheat- rAHIS ' Feb. May- Aug.
Opening 20 45 2165
Closing 20 40 21 60
O^e'ninT • g " S\l
•Closing 26 75 28 10
Available Grain Supply.
NEW YORK. Feb. 14.— Special cable and tele
graphic advices to Bradstreefs show the roi
lowlng changes in available supplies from tne
lam account: , ,
Wheat-United States and Cnnada, eaU or
the Rocky Mountains (Liverpool com trade
newF), decrease 865.000 bushels; afloat for ana
In Kurope. decrense 1.000.000 bushels; total sup
ply, decrease. 1.865.000.
Corn-United States and Canada, east of tne
Rocky Mountains, Increase 233,000 bushels.
Oats-United States and Canada, east of the
Rocky Mountains.- drcrense IS.OOO hushels.
Among the important Increases report ed^
not given in the official visible * a PP} y J™*2
ment are those of 400,000 I"'". I }**'* a ' -X^l
western Interior elevators and 68.C00 bushels at
SnßftSffil decreases are those of 1«.«1
ESS. tf MSN~n« >« X
at Chicago private elevators. p rt .
The aggregate stock of wheat held "» Pol £
land Oregon Seattle and Tacoma, wasn., in
creased 36,000 bushels last week.
Time Ball.
Branch Hydrographic Office. U. S. N.. Mer
chants' Exchange. San Francisco. Cal..
February 14, 1900.
The tixre ball on the tower of the new Ferry
building was dropped at exactly noon to-day—
I. c.. at noon of the 120 th meridian, or at 8
o'clock p. m. Greenwich time.
Lieutenant Commander. V. S. N.. In oharir*.
BOSTON. Feb. 14.— The American Wool and
Cotton Reporter will say to-morrow:
The market has been very quiet, although In
the past day or two there have been evidence*
of a slightly improved inquiry and some sample
bags have been taken. Hoavy cancellations of
goods are reported, but In many cases these
are due to the fact that the goods were not up
to the quality of last year. But if the situa
tion of the manufacturers had bean correctly
reported they would welcome cancellation as
they are so heavily oversold. Consumers are
purchasing but very little wool, and except for
the sale of two or three good-sized lots of car
pet and cross-bred wools the aggregate business
of the week would figure small. Prices are
firm on low wools, but fine wools are dull.
The sales of the week in Boston amounted to
2.784,000 pounds domestic and 1.555.000 pounds
foreign, making a total of 4.363.000. against a
total of 3.3?1.000 for the previous week and a
total of 4.367,500 for the corresponding week
last year. The sales since January 1 amount
to 25.854,600 pounds, against 26,5C5.»)0 pounds
for the corresponding time last year.
Chicago Livestock (Market.
CHICAGO, Feb. 14.— CATTLE— Best grades
strong ; others dull to 10c lower; Texas steers
Etrong and active; Texas bulls higher; butch
ers' stock and canners steady; choice fed West
erns in good supply at easier prices; good to
choice, [email protected]; poor to medium. $4Q l 4 75; mixed
stockers. $3 [email protected] 80; selected feeders. J4«4 85;
good to choice cows. $3f?4 40; heifers. $3 25®
4 75; canners. $2 20®2 85; bulls, $2 [email protected] 40;
calves, [email protected] 60; fed Texas beeves. [email protected]
HOGS— Weak, [email protected]%c lower; top. $5; fair
clearance: mixed and butchers, $4 [email protected] 9i»/4;
good to choice heavy. $4 90«5; rough heavy.
$4 7504 85; light, $4 70® 4 92%; bulk of sale«,
$4 [email protected] 95. .
SHEEP— Strong and active: lambs, weak,
[email protected] lower; native wethers, $1 So<&s 75; lambs,
$5 2S#7 10; Western wethers, $4 [email protected] 63; West
ern lambs, J6ifi7 10.
Receipts— Cattle, 16,000; hogs, 36,000; sheep,
Portland s business.
PORTLAND, Or., Feb. 14.— Clearings, $315,
344; balances. 176,105.
Northern Wheat Market.
PORTLAND. Feb. 14.— WHEAT— Steady:
Walla Walla, 64G54%e: Valley, 52®53c; Blue-
Etem. [email protected]
TACOMA. Feb. 14.— WHEAT— Steady. 63& c
for Club and £5V4c for Bluestem,
Foreign Markets.
LIVERPOOL. Feb. 14.— WHEAT— Spot, firm;
futures steady. March. 5s 10% d; May, Es 10% d;
July. 5s 10% d.
CORN— Spot. American mixed, new. steady.
3s BHd; American mixed, old, steady, 3s 9d.
Futures, quiet. February, 3s B%d; March,
3s S»id; May. 3s B%d.
J SvMSJ?'*
1 2 3
- I *¦ I _ .
A S 8 T S 9 10
©Full Moon. •
... .. February 14.
IT IST W 21 22 23 21
jl jl jl ± k riiSisS
O Time Time ITlme Tlmei
£ Ft. I Ft. I Ft. I 1 Ft.
!» H W [L Wl II W |L. "U'i
15 ... O:2S 6.2 5:53 2.1 12.03 5.2 6:02 O.«
18 ... O:SS 5.2 6:30 1.9 12:42 4.9 «:*» 1.0
17 ... 1:19 5.1 7:OS 1.7 1:23 4.6 7:00 1.4
18 ... 1:42 6.1 7:44 1.5 2:OS 4.3 7:f» I.S
19 ... 2:OS fi.2 8:» 1.3 3:01 4.0 5:<M 2.2
20 ... 2:3S 5.2 9:21 1.2 4:121 3.7 8:44 2.5
21 ... 3:10 5.2 10:22 1.1 5:30| 3.61 9:33| 2.9
Steamer. I Frcm.
Aloha jCrescent City
Czarina |PuK«?t Sound
North Kork Humboldt
Point Arena ... Point Arena
Wellington Oyster Harbor
San Pedro [Huroboldt
PcmoM S«n Diego
Aberdeen Portland
Walla Walla ..Victoria & Puret Sour.c!
Tltanla Nanalmo
South Portland. lOyiter Harbor
Orizaba IHumboldt
Mackinaw ISeattle
Samoa IHumboldt
A. Blanchard. . . 'Coos Bay
Pro jrreso I Taeoma
Tlllamook [Tlllamook Bay
Coptic iChlna and Japan
Senntor ISeattle
E. Thompson.. JOyster Harbor
.(Frt, is
Feb. l>
.!r«b. is
.iFeb. IS
-Feb. U
.Feb. l«
• Feb. in
llFeb. 1«
.jFeb. H
.'F*b. l<
.(Feb. l»
. F»b. M
F»b IS
. F»b. «
.'Feb. H
. Feb. 18
• Feb. 17
. F»h. IT
¦ F»b. 17
Ccos Bay i Newport
Empire [Coos Bay
Ftate of Cal 'Portland
. Feb. IS
.Kch. D
p»ru | Panama
Tellus 'Oyster Harbor
.Fth 13
.Feb. 19
Corona IPan Diego
Arcata >Coo« Bay
Crescent Clty./Crescent City
Homer {Portland
rmatllla IVlstoria & Pu^et BoKtd
Bonlta [Newport
Cclumb!a IPortlar.i
Steamer. I Destination.
Aroata |Coo« Bay
Queen iVtc A Vnt Sd.
Aloha 'Crescent City.
Bonlta |San Pedro
Columbia ..! Portland
City of Rio China & Japan
Pt Arena.. iPolnt Arena..
A. Blanch'dCocs Bay
Pomona ...'San Ple*o
North ForkiHumboldt
Orizaba ...[Humboldt
City of Para! Panama
Walla Wa.iVlc &. Pgt Sd.
Coc» Bay... I Newport
Samoa !Humboldt
Alameda ..iSydney j
State of Cal'Portland
Corona ISan Dleiro
Homer !Ore*on Ports.
.| Feb.
i Feb.
. IFeb.
. 1
. 1

9. :
:o. :
10 am I
11 am'l
• prap
9 am 1
10 am ]
1 pm 1
2 pm'l
10 asnll
11 am'l
9 am 1
Spin 1
12 ml
9 am 1
Warn 1
li> am]
11 am 1
lf> BTTI ]
Pier 13
Pier J
Pier U
Pier U
Pfer J
Pier 1J
Pier 11
Pier 3
Pier 9
Pier <*
Pier 11
Pier T
Pier S4
Pier it
Pier 11
O Time Time ITlme Tlmei
£ Ft. I Ft. I Ft. I 1 Ft.
!» H W [L Wl II W |L. "U'i
15 ... O:2S 6.2 5:53 2.1 12.03 5.2 6:02 O.«
18 ... O:SS 5.2 6:30 1.9 12:42 4.9 «:*» 1.0
17 ... 1:19 5.1 7:OS 1.7 1:23 4.6 7:00 1.4
18 ... 1:42 6.1 7:44 1.5 2:OS 4.3 7:f» I.S
19 ... 2:OS fi.2 8:» 1.3 3:01 4.0 5:<M 2.2
20 ... 2:3S 5.2 9:21 1.2 4:121 3.7 8:44 2.5
21 ... 3:10 5.2 10:22 1.1 5:30| 3.61 9:33| 2.9
J SvMSJ?'*
1 2 3
- I *¦ I _ .
A S 8 T S 9 10
©Full Moon. •
... .. February 14.
IT IST W 21 22 23 21
jl jl jl ± k riiSisS
Steamer. I Frcm.
Aloha jCrescent City
Czarina |PuK«?t Sound
North Kork Humboldt
Point Arena ... Point Arena
Wellington Oyster Harbor
San Pedro [Huroboldt
PcmoM S«n Diego
Aberdeen Portland
Walla Walla ..Victoria & Puret Sour.c!
Tltanla Nanalmo
South Portland. lOyiter Harbor
Orizaba IHumboldt
Mackinaw ISeattle
Samoa IHumboldt
A. Blanchard. . . 'Coos Bay
Pro jrreso I Taeoma
Tlllamook [Tlllamook Bay
Coptic iChlna and Japan
Senntor ISeattle
E. Thompson.. JOyster Harbor
.(Frt, is
Feb. l>
.!r«b. is
.iFeb. IS
-Feb. U
.Feb. l«
• Feb. in
llFeb. 1«
.jFeb. H
.'F*b. l<
.(Feb. l»
. F»b. M
F»b IS
. F»b. «
.'Feb. H
. Feb. 18
• Feb. 17
. F»h. IT
¦ F»b. 17
Ccos Bay i Newport
Empire [Coos Bay
Ftate of Cal 'Portland
. Feb. IS
.Kch. D
p»ru | Panama
Tellus 'Oyster Harbor
.Fth 13
.Feb. 19
Corona IPan Diego
Arcata >Coo« Bay
Crescent Clty./Crescent City
Homer {Portland
rmatllla IVlstoria & Pu^et BoKtd
Bonlta [Newport
Cclumb!a IPortlar.i
Steamer. I Destination.
Aroata |Coo« Bay
Queen iVtc A Vnt Sd.
Aloha 'Crescent City.
Bonlta |San Pedro
Columbia ..! Portland
City of Rio China & Japan
Pt Arena.. iPolnt Arena..
A. Blanch'dCocs Bay
Pomona ...'San Ple*o
North ForkiHumboldt
Orizaba ...[Humboldt
City of Para! Panama
Walla Wa.iVlc &. Pgt Sd.
Coc» Bay... I Newport
Samoa !Humboldt
Alameda ..iSydney j
State of Cal'Portland
Corona ISan Dleiro
Homer !Ore*on Ports.
.| Feb.
i Feb.
. IFeb.
. 1
. 1

9. :
:o. :
10 am I
11 am'l
• prap
9 am 1
10 am ]
1 pm 1
2 pm'l
10 asnll
11 am'l
9 am 1
Spin 1
12 ml
9 am 1
Warn 1
li> am]
11 am 1
lf> BTTI ]
Pier 13
Pier J
Pier U
Pier U
Pfer J
Pier 1J
Pier 11
Pier 3
Pier 9
Pier <*
Pier 11
Pier T
Pier S4
Pier it
Pier 11

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