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' has sent the flower and
I / pride of her nobility to war. Al
|7 f most as one man the noble dukes,
_-jl \ \ lords and earls have taken up
• anas against the Boers. They
have gone from their castles and
their country seats to endure the priva
tion and hardship of the Transvaal.
Toung men Just coming into their estates
tad honors have laid their pleasures aside
and have gone to the. front, many to re
turn no more. Middle-aged ; men, Who
have taken up arms for their country bo
fore beneath the burning sun of Egypt
or on the torrid sands of the desert,
have gone— left their wives and children—
to gain new fame or death. Old men,
who have seen • their day i and bear the
scars of England's gluttony, can go no
more, but their sons have gone for. them.
Would these men. of wealth, ot society,
of noble blood, give up their r plessurea ;1
and offer their lives for their country,"
asked the 1 world ? % The ' scoffers answered
no! , But ithey; were' mistaken, for ::the
members of, therarlstocracy were the' flrut"
to reply to; lheir. country's to . tako>
up, arms against - the Boer— to < track • tho .
vast • veldt ' and face the terrors , of , war'
in the country of their enemy. I .
Her Royal Highness, the Queen of.Eng. •"¦
land, is -represented by one ' grandson'
Prince Christian -Victor of Schleswig."
"ilolsteln; also by three of her second
cousins, the Princes of Teck, and by her
grand nephew. Count Gleichen. a major
In the Grenadier. Guards, and who, in the
engagement at Modder River on Novem
ber 28 last, sustained ¦ severe wounds ,'
which necessitated his retirement from
the present campaign., : .; -
The house of nobility having the great
est number of its members concerned, in
the war is the family of the Duke of Aber-
corn,, of the house of Hamilton,; for no
less than twenty-two of its members are
directly, or .': indirectly ' connected^with " the
operations \at \ the 1 front. •-? The boldest : of '>
the" family/ the Dowager Duchess ;•¦ who is
now S3 'years old, and whose family name
pened to the family of Lord George Ham
ilton as the outcome of the War, and this
was thedeath of; Major C.I B. Harvey of
>• the Tenth Hussars, who was shot dead at
I Colesberg, while i leading his men 1» a
sortie ;on 'January; 4» a _-^^^^__^_
V- ¦ ¦ . ' - ¦...,--
¦^It.was Intended, by Messrs. Gerald and
George Paget to. form a. body of men for
service in the Transvaal similar to Roose
velt s Rough miders.t but .before the pro
ject could be put into/any shape most of
the ccntlemen • who ; were eligible had al
ready enlisted in the Yeorranry as troop
ers. .It canr.ot be accurately stated just
. how . many <of ,; the English \ aristocracy
ha% t, enlisted in; the war. .Perhaps some
, conclusion may be drawn • from > the fact
that . a L third of the, membership of the
•Bachelor -Club., whose personnel is made
up mostly 'of 'the young unmarried n^bU .
ity. have enlisted in the army. Lord Win
. .Chester, is 4 the , only^ member, of the club
who has been killed.- cmD
°h« K UkC ° f Rlchmond ' now
fc- j ears old. has been nearly bereft on ar
.count, of tbe war. His son; Lord March
' & ln T , comrn 3 and of the Third Battalion of
' son Lori aT" R^ment, while another
; son. Lord Algernon Lenox, enlisted with
.the volunteers. Lord Roberts, or "Bobs "
.'• has the Duke of; Richmond'a heir pre-
these is Lord Dur.donald, who a; ;«
one time commanded the Second, .
Life Corps./ Lord Airlie. ¦who Is
In command of the Twelfth Lan
cers, has seen no little service be-,
fore. Some other old-timers are.
Sir Humphries de Trafford and '
Lord Jsorreys. ' it
All of < the nobility not in the
regular army seem to have enlisted in the
Imperial Yeomanry, which, by the way. is
under the direct patronage of the Prince
of, Wales. Lord Chesham is in command,
and It Is quite In keeping with things that
he should be, for the very finest of the
Yeomanry corps*, the Buckinghamshire
Hussars, have b_een under his personal
command for a number'of years and have
risen to the position of crack regiment of
the Yeomanry. . Lord Valencia aids Lord
Chesham, and is especially well suited to
campaign work, as he is a good Judge of
horses, particularly for campaign pur
poses. Lord Lansdale is 'also with the
Yeomanry, and has done much to perfect
the organization of the corps. Lord Albe
marle. known as an all-around athlete,
son of Lord Bury, is very prominent in
the volunteer movement, as well as his*
father. The Duke of Cambridge, " also
Lord Denbigh, Lord Colville-Culross and
others prominent in the peerage are much
Interested in the movement.
went outside the British lines to secure tn-».
formation as to the whereabouts of the
enemy. It will be remembered that
Churchill was taken prisoner, but subse
quently escaped.
Several of the Cabinet Ministers havo
sons enlisted. The Minister of War has
two sons in the conflict, and the Prime
Minister's son. Lord Edward Cecil, is
among the besieged at Mafekingr. '
It is impossible to estimate the amount
of wealth which is scattered through the
different rcgiment3 of the British army
as represented by that part of the nobility
which has gone to war. It is stated by
some that it Is far greater than the wealth
of the South African mines all told. A3
an instance, the young Duke of West
minster," who, as Lord Belgrave. was at
tached to the Cheshire Yeomanry, is now
¦with Sir Alfred Milner's staff, and those
who know say that he will have to pay
r duties on fifteen millions of money.
Lately the Duke gave up an excellent po
sition obtained for him by his stepfather.
George Wyndham, the Under Secretary
of War, to take a place upon the field of
action itself. Dudley Majoribanks, the son
and heir of Lord and Lady Tweedmouth,
and the young Duke of Roxburgh, both
heirs to estates far beyond the dreams o£
avarice, -are upon the scene. Lord and
Lady Edward Churchill are represented
ty a -sen in South Africa who is heir to
seven estates and £50.000 a year. Lord
Iveagh's son. Mr. Guinness, is heard mu^h.
of from the. front, as is the son o{ Lord!
Cadogan. who Is with the Tenth Hussars.
Lord Cadogan has not only sent a son but>
also a daughter, Lady Sophie Scott, who.
Relatives of the Queen and Sons of English Nobility Who Have Gone to the War
The peerage, up to date, has besn for
tunate, inasmuch as only one peer has
been killed: this was the Marquis of Win
chester. A number of. the younger sons
have been wounded; Among them are the
Hon. R. C. F. Carnegie. Lord Southesk's
son: the Hon. North Dalrymple-Hamilton,
Lord Stairs' son: the Hon. M. C. A.
Drummond, Lord Strathallan"s brother:
the Hon. Claud" Willoughby. the son of
Lord Ancaster. who is the largest owner
in the Drummond estates situated in
Perthshire; tho Hon. St. Leger Jervis.
Lord St. Vincent's son; the Hon. A. V. F.
Russet. Lord Ampthill's brother; Viscount
\cheson. Lord Gosford's heir; the Hon.
E. H. and the Hon. R. Lyson, Lord .Beau
champ's brothers: Lord Charles Caven
riish-Bentinck. the Duke of Portland's
brother; the Hon. Charlc3 Lampton. Lord
Durham's brother; Count Gleichen. may
be added.
Many of the officers, now in the Trans
vaal have seen service before, especially
in Esr^. Among tfce most prominent of
• sumptive with him at the front. Mr. Ber
nard Gorden-Lenox and Mr. Esme Gor
den-Lenox. two brothers of the Duke, are
i also at the seat cf war. Some of tho
• others who are anxiously awaiting word
i from their ofTfprirg. are Lord and Lady
Romney, who have had one son killed
since the war began, antl still have an
other son nt tho front. Lord Wlmborne
has three sons engaged in active service.
¦ Lord Larsdownr has two son 3 and a son
in-law at the front, while Lord Osburne
Beauclerk. son of the Duchess of St. Al
bans, has been much in evidence in sev
eral, encasements.
Perrraps no one now engaged on the siao
of the English in the war with the Boera
has conducted himself with more valor
and personal courage than has Winston
Leonard Churchill, son of Lord and Lady
Churchill— the mother belnz of American
birth and parentage. She was a Miss Je
rome of New York City, and when Lord
Randolph Churchill visited America for
the first time in 1574 he became infatuated
with her and took her back to England as
his wife. Winston-Churchill is the eldest
of two sons and is of a literary turn of
mind, having written several books of
travel. He !s not to be confused with the
Winston Churchill the author of "Rich
aril Carvel." Young Churchill had the
misfortune to be wounded twice In a late
engagement near Colenso, where a body of
.volunteers, who were under his command..
The nobility have not always chosen
the swell dandjr regiments in which to en
list.- A great; many have entered the ir
regular forces, which, in spite of their
T e he n Ho S n hh H Ve rf °xr° cc ° BBeail »We «rvlce.
7« »>,«?' I> -. Marsham - who belonged
to the Bechuanaland police, was killed at
Mafeking.^Two men of note were killed
at Spion Kop during the recent engage
ments there. One was the Hon. J H L.
TnH r t; th ?K e!der . brother ot Lord * Petre.
and _the other unfortunate was the son of
Lord Trevor, the Hon. X. _W. Hill. Both
of the young men were in Thorneycroffs
Mounted Infantry. Lord Peel's son.
George, who also belonged to on© of the
lregular regiments, was lately arrested a*
a spy by his own countrymen, who did
not know him. Later at the instance of
some of his friends he was released.
Young Peel's sister, the Hon. Mrs Gold
man. Is acting in the capacity of nurso
wlth.tJio.BrUibh torevK.. *.
is. Russell.. is busying herself by knitting
Tarn o'Shanters and stockings for the sol
diers. Her six-year-old grandson, son
of Lord Ernest Hamilton, and her great
grandson Anson, son of the Hon. Frederick
Anson, appeared some time ago in a series
of tableaux given at Covent Garden, Lon
don,, for the benefit of the officers' wives
then in the Transvaal. The Dowager also
, has two sons and five grandsons at the
front. Among them Is the Duke of Marl
borough. One fatality thus far has hap-

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