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The San Francisco call. (San Francisco [Calif.]) 1895-1913, June 09, 1900, Image 12

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DCSnCEES OFFICE cf The San Francisco
TaH. comer DC Market snfl Tlslrd streets, open
vr.Ul 3" o'clock every r.ipht in the year.
PXUUCCB -)FFIcnS— 527 Mont^o— ery -treet,
rrrnrr Clay; cpen until S:3S p. m.
SQO Hayr? rtrect; cpen until 5:30 p. m.
r?9 McAllister Ftreet; cpen ur.t!l ft:39 p. m.
ClZ I_irk!n street; cpen until 9:30 p. m.
::<! Mission ttreet; open ur.tll 10 p. m.
_.C1 Mission street, corner Sixteenth; open un-
ti! S r- rn.
:0C Eleventh open until 9 p. ~o.
J.rs« Va>ncia «rtrwt: rr»en until 9 p. m.
?Ccrt^.we«t comer Twenty-second and K»n-
tulcy rtrrets: or-en until 9 p. m.
i^DELTTT~LoCFe nT>. 120. F. and A. fi
M — Fur.rral notice: Officers and rr.em-^^
Irf-rs ere re.ju?Fte4 to assemble at Ma- }Kj\
tonic Trmj'.e at I a. m. SUNDAY, for /V^
the MtrpOM at conducting "*S1SSn?_»_S-
m nnies al our late tir.'tlier. .SIMON h<Jl>J-
MON thence to late resi<ifn<-« or deceased.
_II o'FarroJl M.. an<l to Home or 1 cure
Cemetery Mr li£» train from Thlr<l and Town-
this <*-\\ti:rday> evening,
nm *""*' A - K - * IXG5F0Rn - p - *•
OFFICERS and paemlxr- of the
Pervi.-<n-Monteno»rr1n L. and li. vQLi*
Society-*- You are hereby re- t~, r';'^."!
<i'j-^*.<-i t.. meet cn SUNDAY F f %^'J^Ti
HORNING. June 10. In your h^TVrtrVt
l.all. 10 Oili.'emia Ft., at 8:3? >-?j£Sj!?S
o'clock Fharv. to march topethrr CN'.-EjS.V/
to th» tfjry to uur prand annual V/f i,..a/
p.r.d twentieth anniversary P'c- *^c_i'
nic. to lie held at Bucna Vista
J ark, Sausallto. Py onler of
M. K. TAPOVAZ. President.
frmo VUCOSAVLIF.VICH, Secret.-i.ry.
vliOFT^A^JASICUY cf Egypt, rreatest astrol-
ngist and palmist In the world; eatisfactica
ruBT-antet-g. IJ ro— ell Ft.
ADVICE free; tflvcrce law a Fpecialty; private; j
r.o fee without rucceex: collections. G. W.
liOV._. any. at law. SZQ Market. cor. Stockton, j
y W KING. P27 Market . et.. room CIT; all ¦
"rs*e:-; bo a<5vrnce char^ce; call cr write.
ADVICE Ireo: r.o charge unles? successful. W.
>V. PAVtPSOy. _O Market Ft., opp. Mason. ¦
jl <i CLAKK. F.— .ma s^preckels bKip-.. iZ! Mar- 1
Vet Ft.: consultation tree: no fees in advance.
Capital etock 113.000.
Ary Ernie cr strain of animal you want.
Frorr. *.'. to |SO0L
If ret as represented your money refunded.
We have a fine lot of l'>ei_lan Hare Capon?,
from $1 10 to IC <-_ch. all :n prirr.e condition
for tie table.
Alameda, Cal.
ENTIRE ral bitry for sale; account of 111 !
health; h:!-h pedigreed does; Yukon. Lord j
I'.rttain. Lord Kitchener. Sir Styl-s and Ru- j
fus FtraJnf: all -!th litters; portable hutches; ,
v.'lre breedine-boxes. etc.: everything poe«; j
make an offer. Los Ancelrs Rabbltry. 13C1 ]
Broadway, cor. Seventeenth St., Oakland.
CLAREMONT Keleian Hare Association— Does I
tred tr FaFhoda I'rince and Royal Rochdale.
flO to tU): best strain youngsters. $2 to $15.
4flC Telejrrsrh av*'.. Oakland. I
FOR ralf— -Very fine flock of high-eeore, pej;- 1
rre«d noljrian hare?, all peered by Mrs. Bush.
IOC!'"--* t?utt*r ft., gan Francisco.
TREMONT ntlglan Hare Co.. 2134 Fill— ore et..
Fan Francisco. Cal.— P*nd Gc In etauip* for
bock cr. care and feedlni^
HAIiE F:m!tarium— Treatment of sick hare«;
Positive snuffle cure. PR. JACOB?. 1C1S Turk.
f-T. Gate ave., S. F.: 500 rabbits for sale cheap.
niCYCLKS— For Sole or E-chaneje.
KOW Is thi*? Alien «•!!» good new bicycles for
};0. £01 Larkin Ft., corner McAllister.
CLEVELAXD wheel; good condition; cheap.
?> Mmlm ave.
NICE home, private family, for 1 or 2 children
from fc to 12 year?; mother's care; no ether j
children. ISO i":K?inn et.
BCHOOL IWOKS bought and exchanged.
HniKi-t- n<->ok Co.. ?M Mission st.. near Third.
A— JGOO; FliENCH restaurant In choicest loca- |
lion of Latin quarter; rent JZJ; a sj/.endid j
liaylnc business; must be sold at once, as j
ninorf are going to leave for Parts. Call H. 1
<J. WILKE. 26*- Kearny Et. |
A— r^_JO: TKANSFEU corner on Mission St., in- '
eluding luildinp; ground rent, $20; lease of 4 !
years; flr^t-class; leaving for Europe; net all j
cash r-TfT. K. G. WILKE. _5^ Kearny. j
A— iioO; OOBXEB ci_ar etore with card room. I
ci^Ee to corner Market and Powell t ts. ; a rare
chance. Call R. G. WILKK. _CV_ Kearny ft.
A— J200; ISAZAll and stationery; choicest loca-
tion on Valencia ft.; rer.t OS; 2 living rooms:
_Tt_t t>ari.a!n; owner ir.UFt f=e!l <juicn; Nome
fever. Call li. G. WILKE. ZG'i K»-arny St.
A— J2SW»; VKHY best location; Faloon close to
l'"w«;i end Market hf.; bu^inees lirst class; 1
only jiatroiiized !•>• best people; a rare chance. |
Call H. CS. WILivE. tS% Kearny Et. j
A— fl<*3: CANUY route; est-U. 20 years; all I
cash trade. cl-ariTijr al>out SIS') per nionth.
Call R. G. WILKE. 2C 1 . Kearny et. j
A— iliC: COHNER crocery and bar. with 4 liv-
!nc roomf; south of Market et. ; a cood pay-
ing bu(-ines<« and rare chance. Call R. G.
WILKE. 2GV4 Kearny ft.
A— ~--<0; COKNEK faloon; rent $1S; choicest lo-
cation Fouth of Market St.; place doing a good
j.-ayinp t.UFinesF. r,ut parties can't agree. Call
H. G. WILKE. If 1 * Kearny St.
A— 83C0; COHNER branch bakery and grocery,
with 4 living rooms, on Gt-ary Ft.; low rent
_n<l pood pHying business; a rare chance.
Cn!T EX. G. WILKE. :C- Kcara: 1 £t.
A— A. BTENBERa CO.. WZ Market st.
Lift your Stores,
City and Country Real Estate.
or any kind of business with us.
W'f can f«-1! for <-2*h
Jiave buyers waiting
$l"^i — iJranch bakery; l«r_a!n.
54"-*' — Cipar stcre; Kearny fit.
fSO— Delicacy store; Western Addition.
A. ETENBEBQ CO., :<X Marls* t Et. Phone
Fo'.soui r;43.
to-Wt: RESTAURANT elope to Go-.eir.~ent
wharf; r<«":ms upstairs; ownrr 7 years there;
recd]ita average S2.i: meals 2Sc: fine place for
man and wife. BTESCBEKO CO.. UZ'J Market.
J2130— RESTAURANT and cafe; prosjierous
town nt-ar the city; bargain; part cash if <lo-
plred; ntlier business cause of pale. Mc-
LAl GULIN _ CO.. T77»4 Market et.
$~0— m.'TCHER market: ertabll«hed 25 years;
rood location. McLAUGHLIN & CO.. 7774
Market rt.
$550— RESTAURANT: north cf Market rt.; bar-
gain; coinR to Cape Nome «-Jii!ue of fai".
Mclaughlin & <>>.. 77">4 Market Bt.
t_50— BUTTER, egg and provision route; ho— .e,
bargain. Mclaughlin & Co.. 777V4 Mkt.
\Vell-c*tabllKh«"il rt.«taur«nt in the be<=t bu?!-
ih*s fctiivn c-1 San Krancli-vi. with & (UrcUins
n*ms; rent 12" monthly, water included; larce
daily receipt*; this :s a gold mine; a place
I(kf- it iHCoa finds It* way on tn" market an 1
r.hiuld Xtf fpcii to be appreciated; will stand
r;gid investigation; imrties gning to <"ap«
Nome t!ie only cause of nal*; almost c'.vin^ It
away. M. A. IJROOKF. 1; Golden, Gate ave
tVS>Q — STATIONERY, frhool irupplljte. cigars/
candy; large t-ttK-k; i>rtne:[Kil Ftreet :'f?tab for
yt-o.ru; livirg rooms. LANE & < '<.>., f-CJ Markft.
V-2Z— NOTIONS, jscliool supplie-. ran«ly. bread
and rr.'.lk: comfortable living rooms: cheap
j>;r,t: !rf-Ft part of city. LANE _ CO.. t63
A^n.'>: imSTAURAXT~!n cmjr.t^Tbert town
on tlie «-r.:;«: fxtor health ; cleared V-C0O In 2
>«!!«. KREDO & DUTTON. 5« G»>nry st.
S7vi) — H'.'MK __k«"ry ar.d restaurant; fu!te<l for
a r.rartical baker with family; »tab!ished
Lastne-i. ¦ KttEDO & PUTTOX. 2G Geary st.
;X)K pa!o cr oxfhanjre— A !n»Flne«F clearing $300
to $jW) a tnorith. <X)WIN(« & CO.. 719 Market.
CORNER »jn>oer>' and bar; fine iocatioir: cause
rickrjefi?; linrpain. 'VwInR & Co.. 71* Jlartet.
|S&^CXOAB f=tcre with laundry offic* and club-
ro^m: »ro?>d trade: <-ntai> tit COO. Paciflc liuzl-
i>^f«s C -charge. 101C Slwrket et.
51S00-KOR PALE— A finely loeutej restauTant;
will c'far VZ'fi i>er montl); owa^r has I p'»*n.
Inquire at JO'SS Howard vt.
TOR sale r,r rent, in fine I-K-ation— I'!;u-ksm!:h
rli<>;i. t-ola dweU*a« and family orrhnrd: busi-
n*-**- j;ays well; object, rrtlringr. Boot 31S7. Call.
CIGAR eland. Eoutbeut corner of Third _nj
TouTiscnd tH%.. 01 p. Southern Pacific.
Al GRCM'ERV and bar; no acenta. r>oK~3"iH".
'."all office
JIT:.— RESTAl'RANT; wcrlh $100; rr.utt be sold!
_Inquire Cal! office.
J'Oll fa!— ¦ The Centra*. Hotel !n Nepa. con-
¦¦¦¦i'.r.'.'. k- Z'l Ti«->mt>; ccr:tml location; price rea-
fccnabip. Addr^F?'R. CUFF, Napau Cal.
A— t_K: l'ARUI^R Fhop; murt be sold at once;
owner poIr.K to Tarts. 219'.4 Ellis Ft.
EHOE fhop: p^.j prices: cood w_r_; email
fct.''_k Lh.< r. ZZ2 liufh et.
KERNfOOUNT- oil lands— A chance to get an
interest in ll.OdO acres <>f choice oil lands; buy
now end get i:i oa the sround floor; these
luncif are located in the great oil districts of
Kern County, and belong to the OCCIDENTAL
OIL COMPANY. Incorporated under the laws
of West Virginia: stock absolutely non-assess-
able; investigation eolleited.
L). II. .MilSTEU-KR, AgenU
Room 204, I'arrott building. S. T*.
WANTED— Live man nnd woman agent In
even' eonntjr: startling book; nove'.ty; fjcod
teller: exclusive territory: larg* commission
to mpon _b le persons. Call or tend addressed
str.mped envelope to Agent, r. IS. -417 Bush.
FOR sale chr-np— Price ITS; must be sold by Sat-
urday; fim-oUiss fruit Etore In fine location:
outsldV customer*; Ftock and lixtures (to;
1 .arty erelnt: to Kurcpe: 2 living rooms; stable
2 horses: ront $15. 1217 Scott ft.
S2&00— LAHGES-T family rescrt; ."0 ml>s fr^iu
8. F. ; vaudeville fhow every .Saturday and
fcBr.dny; lno'.»__i«iK nous? and «ardrn on leased
ground. I fine .barrooms, bowling alley and
hotel; latest improvements. Particulars call
at Fell ami Franklin s«;s. : grocery.
$2'00— An agrepable man as partner wanted in
an old established wholesale and retail wine
and I'quor *tore; shouM be acquainted In the
busliuss: must have pood references; German
preferred. Box 3i:«3. C«M office.
TO rent— For co_l yard, milk depot, etc.; fine
location; i'!ace is entirely covered and con-
tains : Ftalls: rent only 115: water free. In-
quire WM HEN1HUCKSON & CO.. €14 Call
b-jl!Jir.^ ;
FOR sale cheap — Complete outfit for grocery
ar.d barroom: store to let: rent cheap; lease;
be*; corner in Mlfflon. Northeast corner of
Valley and Dolores tts^
PARTNER not over 3i> years old In manufac-
turing business: new cn the coast; ?X0 re-
quired. Box 3193. Call office.
BEST Epec. on Kearny: old established: pood '
etock: oaji'y run: half profits; expenses low;
only ; in city. <U Kearny st. j
SALOOX doing poorl business; wholesale dls-
trirt; excellent opportunity. Apply at 501
Market et., corner First.
LIQT'OR «tore doing Rood bar and family tra^Je;
In good locality; great cha. nee. £01 Market St.
NITRSERY to lease; stock, greenhouse, dwell-
ing on place; long terms; low rent; Income
flrft day. 153 Fortieth tt.. Oakland.
FOK tale chear- — Saloon and family'resort. 712
tireenwicli street, between Powell and Mason.
|4r.G— CORNER — -oc*"ry snd tar; * living rooms;
Hocount ft sickness. 1111 Howard; no agents.
BAKER- tn let: fixtures complete; oven. In-
quire <:¦: Elsnth gt.. upstairs.
FRUIT and candy store; very reasonable; situ-
ated near four theaters. Box 17.'4. Call.
COFFEE nnd tea route* supplied from GEO.
W. C.APWKLL & CO.. 412 Sacramento st.
HOTEL ar.d bar: ZZ rooms SUM
HI Terms cn Market ft.; on'y *D00
25 rooms cn Bush Ft.; rent $55 JS.,0
12 rooms on McAllister st M09
10 rooms-: line corner; clears $130 Slix'-O
16-room house on Turk st JJ50
It rooms cn Jones St.; clears $ c -5 J.l>0
10 roo*~.s on Mason St.: payments $iC0
H. C DECKER. 1020 Market ct.. opp. Fifth.
A— 31 ROOMS, clears $125. bargain <30O
26 rooms, very fir.?, profitable $2100
I! 1 ) r., clears $130. nice, boarders, bon ten. JlOOt)
14 r., hiphly recommended, lawn, rent $40. $."i"5
75 r.. iiO::", cVar3 ?2<X). 67 r.. $4500, clears *25<J
12 r., t-WO: rent SSO: clean: clears $34 faonthly.
141 other houses; money to loan.
M. GRIFFIN, 719 Market, rm. 1. nr. Call biff.
„ ROOMS, fine furniture $1300
10 rooms, EKls st 35 1 ) |
* rooms and saloon 1400
fO-room hotel, must sell WO
Money to loan. C. D. DAVIS. r.6:>. 316 Market.
CORNER house; 14 rooms; finely furnished: all
rented; leai=e; rent (35. 219 Grant ave.; call
0 to 1 or after - p. m.
jisnn — (4 ROOMS: al! rented; pood location: near
Market: central: rent low. BASIL!?. 3 KrHy.
FOR BALE — Covered waeon, suitable for con-
fectionery or laundry use. Arply at the J.
NOON AX FURNITURE CO.. 1021 Mission St., .
above Flxth. !
AN A No. 1 exrre?? wagon, single, for gale
cheap. Call at 532 Mission st.
ALL kinds of waEons, bu*jKle». cart?, harneit,
etc.. cheap. EAGAN & SON. 2117 Mission at.
NEW _• 2J-hand wagons, buggies, carts Sc h*T~
B>rt, work & rtrhirc horse*. 1Mb & Valencia.
MRS. WKST— Trar.ce. test medium and mag-
netic treatment. 1206 Market St., rooms 15-16.
WTXXJE. the Los Ar.Reles photo medium. 3^0
Ellis Et., in a. m. to 5 p. m.? Sundays Included.
KARLK. ZW Ellis Ft.; »?ances Sun. and Wed.;
readings daily; will leave the city June 15.
GO to Watson, the occult palmist: lucky and
true: 25c. 15S1 Market s=t.. near Twelfth.
MHS.J.J. WHITNEY, clairvoyant, test, liusineisi
medium, life reader: fitting. «1. 1104 Market.
tt. may be consulted cn all affairs of life;
the will thaw you how to overcome your er.e-
miftE: remove family troubles: restore Jost'af-
- fectiens: unite the • separated; eatis'action
puarar.teed by m»il; send stamp for circular
¦with FpecUl terrnV. MRS. DR. CLARK. 200
Turk et.. rear Jttnes.
MME.LANGE. the great clairvoyant, tells past,
iuture; never fails: has the preatest Egyptian
i-ecret; fhovrs picture future husband cr wife;
l>e 25c ar.d up; satisfaction to everybody; open
t^urcsys. llt.7 Market Et.. bet. 7th and Sth.
MME. PORTER, wonderful clairvoyant, card
reader; liorn with double veil & second s!i;ht:
diagnose* diseases with life readings: L.. 60c;
G.. $1; palm & clairvoyant fit.. ?1 50. 1_G Turk.
MME. ZEREDA of*5 Seventh Ft., original gypsy
life reader; readines. 23c; no sign. > .
CARD reader ar.d naimist removed from 953
Mission ft. to 126 Sixth, room R.
CLAIRVOYANT, card reader: best ndvlce. 823
I.IiF5ion st.. rear 4th. rm. 3; 23c up; ring bell.
MISS MCLVILLE. Kreat clairvoyant and water
reader: German Fpoken. 321"A Mission, op.Mlnt.
MME. AUK_5t. clairvoyant, card reader; palmis-
try: truth nr no pay; 2T>c & 50c. 1149 Mission.
11ME. SHAFFER, clairvoyant, cafd reader;
¦Jttt&rs dally . 212'i Sixth Et. . -
MME. RAVENNA reads life fluently; business
advlcr-; names civen: 25c up. S Fourth st.
MME. BTIJILLE— Cradle to grave; future hus-
imniVn picture: ?>: Indies. 914 O'Farrell Bt.
PARTY owning claim on Glacier Creek (Cape
Nome), wishes to give Rood lay to some re-
liable party; KQOO taken out in CO days; sick-
ness prevents party returning this summer;
buslnesa has to be closed by Snturday. For
further information npply to W. L. KEN-
y~DV. 7.y Harrison Ft.
CEOP.GK W. KELLY'S Acenrv- No charge un-
less rurressful. Room 310. 927 Market St.
WHEN yen become d!stju«ted with poor work
ser.d to SPAULIUXG'S Pioneer Carpet-Beat-
lr,K Work*. 3. r .3-307 Teharna st.; tcL S. 41.
SANITARY Carpet Cleaning ami Dyeing Co.,
_(2-r:44. McAllister ft.; phone South 146.
J. i:. MITCHELL Carpet Beating nnd Reno-'
rating Co.. 240 14th st. ; tel. Mission 74.
CITY Stcnm Carpet Rtatlng Works. G. II.
SS-40 8th St.; tel. ficuth 2C0.
J. McCJUEEN'S California Carpet Cleaning Co..
4^3 Stevenson et.. tel. South KS; lowest rates.
CARPETS rleanM nt 3c per yard; laid at 4c.
STHATTON'S. 3 Eighth st. : _L Jest e <M».
ADVANCE Carpet Cleaning Co . 402 Sutter St.:
tel. Main CS4. GEO. WALCO-t. proprietor.
CONKLIN'S Carpet Reatlns Works. 233 Goliien
flat* av*. : telephone East 126.
COTTAGE. 4 rooms. M Uyinjrton St.. between
Webster nnd Fillmore. Ellis and O'Farrell.
OOTIAGE, 5 rooms. S15. Droad place, off lini-h
t-t.. bet. Hyde and I-irkin.
l:et ft., cor. 4th. rm. 7, Flood bldg.. you <*an
have your extractions fimo painlessly; teeth
without plates cur Fpertalty; pnld crown*.
j: M> Mp; plates, extractions free. (4 Z0 up; of-
lice hour? S n. m. to 10 p. m.: Sundays a to 2
SS tW I—tO. W. WILLIAMSON. M. !>.. Manager.
DIL Ll'Hl.UM HILL. 144J Market, nr. Eleventh
—No chari;i» for extracting when plates are
irafle: old plates made over like new; teeth
fiom IS per pet; extracting. Me: cn given.
' GET our prices for rainless dent l«-try before
Rolnc elsewhere. New York Dental l'_rlor,
Sisih and Mission tts.
DR. GF.ORG E W. LEEK. M O'Farrell St., on
vacation from June 33 until July 1.
VAN VROOM— "Painless" : evenings and Sun-
tfavs. 1(01 Market Bt., corner Sixth.
PARIS Dental Parlor. 21a Kearny. cor. Hush—
Full rti of teeth. H: crowns. $3; fillings. £>c.
SET of t»eth without plate. DIl. 11. G. YOUNO,
1S41 Polk rt.
DR. CREELT'S C. P. dog soap creates a
smooth. Eilky coat: for sale by all druggists
or nt the hospital. S10 Golden Gate ave.
DR. BUZARD'S Dog Hospital, Poet, Flllmore—
Advice and medicine 75c; city visits $1 50; all
animals treated: dogs hoarded. Tel. West 636.
McDOWELL'S Is the place to learn dressmak-
ing and ladles' tailoring; eve, class. 103 Post.
MME. REMBERT. f-30 Sutter St.. dressmaking
Echool; any pattern cut to measure. ;
S. F. Dja-ssmnking. Ladies' Tailoring School:
French tailoring system taught. 411 Van Ness.
PARISIAN dressmakinp. 3*7 Geary Bt.; ilresses
made. $5 up; dresses made over: perfect fit.
ACCOKDIOX pleatlntr factory, all kinds pleat-
ing. pinking. 121 Post, over O'Cnnnor&Moffatt.
THE Pacific Coast Reerular College of Medi-
cine, Sn.n Francisco. Howard street, between
Foi:rth and Fifth streets (Incorporated under
the laws of California), will open its regular
course June 15. Ail lectures will be delivered
In the evening.
Dally clinics, free for the poor, will be held
In the college building, from 9 a. m. to 8:30
! For particulars address THE DEAN OF
I THE MEDICAL COLLEGE, at the bulMlng,
MS Howard st.
HF.ALD'S Business College. 24 Post rt.. S. F.—
Practical courses in bookkeeping, short-
hand, typing, languages, telegraphy, English
branches, civil, electrical and mining engin-
eering, etc. ; new £0-page catalogue free. '
ALL students but two taking full course this
year got positions. SAN FRANCISCO BUS1-
NKSS COLLKOE. 123C Market at. Sj
AYRES', the leading business college, 723 Mar-
ket ft.; life scholarship. $50; includes short-
hand, typing, bookkeeping, pen art;day&eve.
WANTED — Boy to do offlce work at Ayres"
Business College, In exchange for tuition.
CALIFORNIA Business College, S05 Larkin St.;
the coming school; thorough; up-to-date; all
branches; positions secured for graduates.
ENGINEKRINCi. civil, elec. mining, mech. sur-
vey, assay, cyanide, arch.: day. eve.: eat. 1864.
SHORTHAND taught personally or by mall; ac-
knowledged by official reporters "best teacher.
best system." M. O. BARRETT. 302 Montgmy.
l>e?ins June 11; catalogue upon application.
M. L. PAXCOAST. Secretary, 510 Golden Gate.
OALLAGHER-TARB United School of Experts;
thorthnr«l: bookkeeping. Parrott big.: cat'log.
PROF MEP.KI. successful teacher of mandolin,
violin nnd rultar. 100S r Mlsslon. above Sixth.
LE JEUNE Art and Crafts School; modeling,
designing, carving; nil branches. 424 Pine st.
THE only watchmaking school on the coast for
ladles and »;entlemen. O. Slnz. 36 Geary, r. 34.
ARITHMETIC, bookkeeping, grammar, writing,
etc.; dny or eve.; $3 mo. 1021 Mission, nr. 6th.
CHEAPEST and best In America— The Weekly
Call. 10 parres. jsent to any address in the
United States «r Cannon one .year for $1.
A— JAPANESE and Chinese employment, con-
tractor: establ. ever 10 years; all kind, iielp.
421 Post, near Powell; telephone Buph 135.
ORPHEUM Employment Office— Japanese, Chi-
nese he!p. <26 Powell, nr. Sutter: tM.Blackr.C72.
JAPANESE and Chinese Employment Offlce:
beyt help furn.: tel. John 2121. S06',4 Stockton.
CHINESE and Japanese Employment Offlce—
Beet help. 411M, O'Farrell st.; tcl. East 426.
FIRFT-CLAi=S French eecond girl and nurse,
with best of references, wishes situation. See
J. F. CROcETT, 31S Sutter st.
WORKING housekeeper, by neat, worthy, eld-
erly woman; the care of children and entire
work of small family; no postals; wages $12.
Call 250 Tehama st.
POSITION as nurse to take enre of children and
dD .eneral housework. Address MRS. PAR-
RISH. 1 Fifth St.. room 20.
MIDDLE-AGED lfuly going East will care for
childrf-n or invalid tor transportation. Box
43.1S, Call office.
POSITION wanted by competent second plrl
and waitress in private family. Apply 126
Lily ave.. near Gough Et.
A GIRL of 14 wishes to s-o with a family to
the country to mind children during vaca-
tion. Address box 3U'S, Call office.
WOMAN wiring a position to work by the
day. 71C Mission st.
WANTED— Position ns housekeeper or sewing
j and mending at home. Call llf. Sixth st. ,
RHFIXED German girl desires position for
upstairs work and sewing. 1301 Buchanan St.
WORKING housekeeper or seamstress iwlshea
position: country or city. 120 Sixth »(.
WINCHESTER Hou-e. 44 Third St., near Mar-
ket; 2C0 rooms; 25c to Jl 50 night: $1 50 to $6
week: convenient and respectable; free bus
and l>aggage to and from ferry.
CLASSIFIED advertisements and subscriptions
received at Call branch office, 2200 Flllmore.
A BRANCH offlce for Call advertisements and
FubRcrlrtl r 'ns has been established at 1006
Valencia st.
COACHMAN, single, thorough experience, and
rr.arf about place; sober; not afraid of work;
many yeans with same employer; best refer-
ences. Address LOUIS. S69 Mission st.
STEADY employment In the city wanted by a
voung married Swede; can show good refer-
enre If required. Box 31SS. Call.
LIVE man for manager!.- 1 df hotels or restau-
rants; city or country' hotels; good, all-around.
Fober man. Box 31S3. Call.
POSITION by a first-class mechanic, with 15
years' experience as machine shop foreman,
superintendent and erecting heavy and light
machinery; expert at handling men; fair
draughtsman: gocd business ability; strictly
tempera to and reliabio; good references. Ad-
drrss box 3197, Call offlce.
A COMPETENT coachman. 6 years in one
place, 2 years In private family, thoroughly
experienced In every branch. Including gar-
dening, wishes permanent place in country.
Address box 43S9. Call office.
A BARBER student wants situation to do
chorew morning and evening about hotel or
private house for board; handy man. Ad-
dress box 31S2. Call office.
WANTED— Good position by experienced man;
either bookkeeper or sialesman; good refer-
ences. Address box 17C6, Call office.
A POSITION wanted by an experienced fore-
man on fruit, grain or stock farm; thoroughly
understands farming in all Its branches. Ad-
dress E. T. BROWN. Call olllce, Oakland.
SITUATION wanted by man q(s gardener,
hostler or to do general work around place;
city or country; reference. Box 4400,, Call.
COACHMAN and general man by steady, re-
liable Enslishmnn: best of references. Ad-
dret:s 11C4 San Pablo ave.. Oakland.
A NO. 1 teamster would like to cet 8 or 6-
horse team to drive; mountains preferred.
Box 4365. Call office.
CLASSIFIED advertisements and subscriptions
received at Call branch office. 2200 Fillmore st.
A BRANCH office for Call advertisements and
subscriptions has been established at 1C06
Valencia tt. -• .
CHEAPEST and best In America— The Weekly
Ca'.'.. 16 pages, sent to any address in the
Tnlted States or Canada one year for 81.
FIP.ST-CLASS non-assessable paid up oil stock
for fine looking gentle driving horse or horse
and pharton. Room 611, Examiner bldg.
WILL exchange cottage of 6 rooms and bnth
m-iir train. Oakland. 1 for property In Enn Fran-
ciscn. Call 3210 Twentieth st. . ' .
GEORGE MAYERLE, German expert uptlclan.
1U71V4 Market St.— Examinations free; German
eye water by mail. 50c. Phone Mint 257.
EYES examined free; spectacles properly ad-
Justed. N. Manasse. oculist optician. 610 Mkt.
BOND redemDtion. — To whom It may concern:
In accordance with law notice is hereby given
by the Slate of Utah, successor to the Terri-
tory cf. Utah, that on July 2. 1900, it will,
when properly audited by the State Auditor
and duly presented at the ofilce of the State
Treasurer of the State of Utnh, pay In full
principal ,and Interest accrued to that date.
on the following described bonds: The entire
Iffuo of three hundred negotiable Coupon
Bond* of the Territory of Ulan. Said bonds
are dated July first, ISJO. and payable twenty
years Trom date or any time after tlx» explra-
tlon of ten yeara from their date at. the op-
tion of the makers. The said bonds are num-
bered from one to three hundred, both inclu-
sive. The amount of money in the hands of
the undersigned State Treasurer available for
the purpose of paying the principal It three
hundred thousand dollars nnd sufP.cient to
pay the accrued Interest to July second, 1300,
and any and all of said bonds not so pre-
s»nted for payment on the second day of July.
li!(-0, will cease to draw interest from and
nfter that date, -and such funds shall remain
In the State Treasury to discharge such bonds
whenever presented.
All persons interested : in eald bonds will
take dus notice - hersof and govern them-
selves accordingly.
State Treasurer of the State of Utah.
Dated June first, 1DC0.
A-S-ROOM flat: corner; sunny: 2 bay windows;
all modern lmprovem'ts; 1st floor. 417H Third.
ALL bright flats 4 and 5 rooms, bath. 104!
and 1044 Sacramento st.. below Mason. >
A NEW upper flat of five rooms and bath.
133 Olh'e ave.. nr. Van Ness.
COMFORTABLE 4 rooms, yard: lso flat 6
rooms, near Mail dock. Key 623 A Second Bt.
FINE sunny flat, 3 large rooms; bath, all latest
Improvements. Key 713 Grove st.
FIVE rooms and bath; yard; upper flat, sunny
corner; rent $11. 114 San Jose ave.
4 ROOMS and bath. $14; 5 large rooms, bath
and laundry: large yards. $22 50; clean and
. fresh; overlooking private park: very pleas-
Jant location. DEMPSTER. 3-VGlen Park av.
IF you want to move get printed list flats to let -
from BALDWIN & HOWELL, 10 Montgomery.
MODERN flat of 5 rooms, recently painted and
papered: on the north side of McAllister St.;
No. 1902; rent $1«.
NEAT flat to let— E. side Dolores, bet. Twenty-
. third and Twenty-fourth sts.; second floor; I
\ rooms and bath; fine view; cars handy. Ap-
x ply to C. S. CAPP & CO., Real Estate
Agents. C30 Market st.
NEW modern ~sur.ny~^!ats ; bath. yard, base-
ment; 6 and 7 rooms; reas. 1931. 1935 O' Fa Tell.
SUNNY flat, 5 rooms: ranee; bath; water;
rent $!>. Jersey and Sanchez ats.
$14—5 ROOMS and bath. 1713 Leavenworth St.
J5-UPPER flat. 256 Harriet Bt.; $7, lower flat,
244% Harriet st., near Sixth and Harrison.
$12— COTTAGE oc G rooms, rear: also 4-room
flat. bath. $18. Apply 2324 California st.
114—5 ROOMS and bath. 1718 Leavenworth st.
Furnishings of brand-new 6-room flat for sale;
Hyde and Sutter sts.; Brussels carpets, brass
beds, mahogany and blrdseye maple furniture;
rent of flat $40. Inquire H. J. MOORE. 1039
Market st. • _______________-———.
4 ROOMS furnished In oak for $4S M. with No.
7 ryge. King ~»rnltur» Co.. 1127-1131 Market.
ALFRED WOLLPERtT^'3 Mission ft., pays
highest price for your second-hand furniture.
AV. E. CODY (late with J. T. Terry & Co.) buys
furniture, carpets. 757 Mission: tel. ued 33;>*.
A WEEK'S news for 5 cents-The Weekly Call.
16 pages, in wrapper, for mailing. $1 per vear.
WANT^ED^Coolc and dlshwaeher. small resort.
$12 and $6 per week; cook, private family,
country, ?30; cook, restaurant, short distance,
$23: cook and second girl, same houso. acroja 1
the bay. $25 and $20; cook, small re&ort. short
distance. $30; 2 ironers. laundry, city, J30 and j
board; Protestant second girl, short distance,
$25; infant's nurse. $25; 1 waitress. 1 chamber-
maid, same summer boardinc house. $-0 each;
3 chambermaids and waitresses, private board-
ing huuse. $20; Protestant girl, general house-
work. San Luis Obispo County, $25;, i cooks,
assist housework, short distance. $30; French
nurse and second girl. $20; laundress, country
resort, $23; pastry cook, institution, $33; pastry
cook, restaurant, $40; chambermaid, assist
waiting, country resort, $20; a large number of
girls fm- general housework, city and country,
at $20. $25 and $30. Apply to J. F. CROSETT.
S1G Sutter Et.
4 waitrcpses resorts, near city, to go to-day.
$20; chambermaid to wait, for springs, fare
paid. $20: chambermaid to wait. Pacific Grove,
free fare, $20; 3 waitresses, city, $20; 2 cham-
bermaids to wait, city, $20; chambermaid,
country hotel, $20; cook, summer resort, $40.
see party h(?re; 2 fancy Ironers, summer re-
sorts, $25 and $30: 2 girls to run mangle, plain
work, no experience necessary
German ctrl, Palo Alto, see party here this
a m.; cook Santa Clara. $25. plain cooking;
working housekeeper, city, $20; coo* for harv-
est crew and family, $25; houseeirl, Modesto,
$25, see party here; cook, Vallejo, $25; others.
C. R. HANSEN & CO.. 104 Geary St.
GIRL. Oakland, 4 in family, no wash. $23; 3
cooks, city. $20; German cook. $30; second Klrl,
$15: cook, hotel, $50; dishwasher. $25; house-
Kirl. $20: number of girls, city or country.
MRS. NORTON. 313 Sutter et.
FIRST-CLASS cook and second girl, same
house; 2 in family: Americans: short dis-
tance. MRS. LAMBERT. 41S Powell st.
WANTED— 200 women and girls to work on
fruit. Apply Immediately U. S. FRUIT
' PACKING CO.. Harrison ave., between Sev-
enth and EiEhth sts.. oft Kolsom.
WANTED— Girl; good plain cook; small wash-
ing: Scandinavian preferred; wages $25; refer-
ences reuuired. Apply Sunday or Monday from
10 a. m. to 8 p. m., 1403 Jackson St., cor. Nine-
teenth, Oakland.
WANTED— First-class all-around general laun-
dry ironer (woman preferred) at Stanford
French Laundry, Palo Alto; good wages and
home. »
OPERATORS on ladles' underwear In our fac-
tory; also work given home. Apply Monday
at BAUER BROS. &. CO., 21 Sanscme st.
SALESLADY with experience in fancy goods;
state experience and where last employed.
Address box 21S3, Call.
GERMAN or Swedish girl for housework and
plain cooklnc. 1620 Geary St.
OPERATORS and finishers on gents' white
FUirt.i. I2o Valencia st.
GERMAN or Swedish girl to assist In general
housework. Apply at 20 Devlsadero st.
GIRL or woman to assist with housework; no
cooking or wn§>rtrig; $10; ref. 2205 Fulton et.
GIRL to assist with housework and children.
1613 Benton Et., Alameda, near Bay station.
WANTED— Youns girl for light housework.
E-OSV-i Hyde *U
WANTED— Little girl not over 12 to mind
baby. Apply 1214 Larkin St.. upstairs.
WANTED— Waitress and lady to wash dishes;
call early 34SV4 Third st. • - —
Highest wages, paid to sewing machine oper-
ators on LEV! STRAUSS & CO.'s overalls.
Apply at once to MR. DAVIS, 32Vi Fremont.
APPRENTICES and operators on overalls.
and Grove ets. |
GIRL to do general housework and assist in
bakery. 29.',2 Mission St.. near Twenty-sixth.
GIRL to assist In light housework In small
family. Call 3434 Twenty-second st. Thursday -
WANTED— Woman with a child; working
housekpr* in country. Box 51, Redwood City.
GIRL for light housework and plain cooking.
Sit Haight st. ,
WANTED— Experienced neckwear makers and
apprentices. L. SAMTER & SON. 518 Market.
WANTED— A good ironer at 732 Golden Gate
TAILORESS. good pants finisher; best wages
paid. t% Kearny.' St.. room 16. top floor.
YOUNG girl to look after 3-year-old baby;
wages, $6. 117A Bartlett st.
11 O'Farrell s t.
PURE walnut hair stain, $1. 124 West Fourth
St.. Los Angeles. Cal.
WANTED— Women nnd girls to work on fruit.
Folsoin st.. bet. 13th and Hth sts.
WANTED— A good lively solicitor; big money.
136 Ellis St. '
FIRST-CLASS vest maker. &*i Antonio St..
bet. Ellis and O'Farrell st. off Jones.
CLASSIFIED advertisements nnd subscriptions
: received nt Call branch office. 2200 Flllmore Bt
A BRANCH offlce for Call advertisements and
subscriptions has been established at 1036 Va-
lencia st.
WANTED ... ...I .".'.''./..'..... ...... ............ .".V.\.
For Large -Vineyard,
Blacksmith and helper, $40 and $30 and
For Stock Ranch,
Stableman, $30; blacksmith's helper, $30.
For Brickyard,
10 laborers, $30 and board; rough carpenter,
$30 and bdard.
Blacksmith, country shop, $50 and found:
baker's helper, country. $30 and found; dairy-
man, light place, $23; 5 stonecutters and set-
ters for- Honolulu. $3 50 a day and fare; 100
Jobs for -- farms, . haying. ' orchards, milking,
woodchopping. trnming. laboring and others.
W. D. EWER & CO.. 610 Clay st.
A— COOK, springs, $.'>0 i>er month; dishwasher,
same; pjace. . $23. MISS CULLEN. 323 Sutter.
A— CHAMBERMAID nnd waitress, hotel. Boul-
der Creek. $20, fair here. MISS CULLEN, 325
Sutt.«-r st. '"'"
V,' ANTED— A farmer; can have work on a small
farm; steady all the year around. Address
FARMER, box 3154, Call offlce. - - - ;
WAITER wanted. 1416 Howard st.
AN experienced mechanical draughtsman want-
ed. \ California Wire Works, 9 Fremont st. .
BOY- for billing and general oTf.ce work: most
. know how to use a . typewriter. 033 Market.
A— COOPER. $3 day; woodworker, $2 50 day; *
' laborers for mine company, fare. 60c, $50 and
found; 12 single-hand miners, fare $2 SO. $60
and found; coal miners; hard rock miners.
drillers rockmen
hammersmen 52 50 day
MURRAY & READY. 631-6C6 Clay_6___
...Leading Employment and Labor Agents...
•¦ WANT. 7 A. M. TO-DAY. .?
- Help for all parts of California. Utah. Wash-
ington. Arizona and Hawaiian Islands and
Oregon, 64jB MEN
FREE FARE and office fee $1 and no other
expenses. to Los Angeles and Panta Barbara
districts, we ship you to-day, 9 a. m. and 5:30
p. m., for the S. P. R. R., laborers and team-
sters, J2 day. FREE FARE..
Header wagon drivers, J2 day nnd found; 2S3
men to run mowers, rakes, pitch and work In
fields, header men. etc.. Jl 2S. $1 GO. ?2 -ay
and found. COME AND SEE
16 stablemen, city and country Jobs, $40, $33,
MO. 125 and found
129 vineyard and orchard hands. $33. *30. $26
and found; 5 gardeners, 1 stableman, all for
private families. 530, $25, $20 and found.
COME. REE ........I....
CO men and boys for different parts of the
country to pick all kinds of fruits and berr'.es.
good wages, office fee $1 J.
39 milkers for different places, it', $30 and
found; 6 buttermakers and run separators,
boss here. $35 and round: 6 cheesemakers, dif-
ferent jots, $33 and J40 and found
E63 men for 60 different jobs, from laborers to
run machines, wages from $2S to $40 per
month and found
Also lumber pliers, bark peelers, $40 and
found; crosscut sawyers, J.ickserewers. band
sawyers, screw turners, gang edKermen, In
fact we want help of every description for
sawmills, woods, etc.. $80. $75. $90. $120. $60.
$50. $40. $30 and found: D84 woodchoppers. tie-
makers, tools and food found, some at mines,
$3. $2 50, $2, $150, $1 and 73c cord; shingle
Jointer; shingle packer
blacksmiths for a large company. $3 to $3 50
day. free fare; 19 blacksmiths and horse-
shoers. $2 DO a day. $70, $15, $35 and found:
also 5 helpers, $12 a week, $35 and found: 6
woodworkers, carriage-makers, $3, 50 day,
$40 and found '.
carriage and wagon' painter, $40 and found;
3 ranch carpenters
CO laborers. S. P. R. R.. $2 day Free Fare
Section and reconstruction and NEW WORK
Z5 laborers for mines, no experience "-equlred.
YOU'LL SUIT, $40 to $4S per month and
found; 2fl miners, single-hand $90 and $73
32 laborers, no experience, fare $2 fO. 134 and
found; 6 men anrt wives for ranches, $40, $35.
$30 and found
SC5 laborers .nnd teamsters for all perts of
California, also many for San Francisco, $3.
$2 £0, $2. $1 75 day; many city jobs, to board
FREE* 'FARE. .... .TO '.'.'.'.'. .NEVADA STATE
50 laborers, no experience required, good
wages, ofilce fee $1
For other positions come down and read
Wanted for a new railroad Free Fare
Teamsters $2 a daj*
Rockmen $2 a day
Laborers $2 a day
Fre« Fare Free Fare
MURRAY & READY. 634 and 63G Clay st.
head waiter. $50, fare paid; 8 butchers, $33 to
$50; 8 bakers, city and country shops. $10 and
$59; 35 cooks, restaurants, hotels and boarding-
houses, ranches, etc $35 to $6<) and found
waiters, city and country hotels and resorts..
$25, $30 and $35 and found
porters, elevator boys, etc.; 4 bakers' helpers,
$30, $23, $25 and found: washer, country laun-
dry, $30 and found; barber to run country
shop; porter and watchman, country hotel;
tailor, institution, $25 and found; cook for
lumber company. $60 and found. MURRAY
& READY, C34-63G Clay et.
25 men or strong boys to work in a large or-
chard and vineyard and farm, to pick fruits,
work In packing and drying houses, help to
dig small trenches so water can run down be-
tween vines, etc.; wages $26 per mor.th and
found; steady Job year around If you are will-
ing to do the work; general manager win
teach you
Harness-makers, shoemakers; boys to poddle
fruits. $15 to $30 and found; 4 boys to work in
a factory, $3 to $5 a week. MURRAY &
READY, 634 and 63C Clay st.
A— 10 CROSSCUT sawyer?. $40 found: C Italian
laborers, $45; 10 swampers". $35 and found:
fruit pickers and cherry pickers, $23 and $30
and lound
cook, $50; also a dishwasher for a camp Job:
men for factories, foundries: polisher, help tuS
etarch. $35 found, country lnundry: 16 labor-
ers for a mine. $60; 12 muckers for a mine, $C0.
MURRAY & READY, 634-636 Clay st.
Can fill this job, 25 laborers, handy v/lth
tools, to build- flume. $30 to $40 and found; no
tools needed; company supplies tools
10 laborers, no experience required, for the
sawmills and woods. $40 and found, fare paid;
6 bos's for factory, $5 50 week; tally man for
lumber company. $10 and found. MURRAY
& READY. 631-636 Clay st.
For Sunday and Monday Morning.
2 carloads of laborers $2 a day
. For Southern Pacific Railroad Company.
Board $4 50 a week.
Offlce fee. $1. Free fare.
Call to-day.
C. R. HANSEN & CO., 101 Geary 6t.
WANTED— For the coast road free faro
teamsters $2 a day
rock laborers $2 a day
office fee $1 free fare
30. woodsmen, spool-tenders and cross-cut-
ters, $35 to $45 nnd board; 20 laborers to
build new railroad In the woods. $30 and
board, see boss here: blacksmith, $2 50; har-
ness-maker, ranch, $30; blacksmith's helper.
$30: coopers. Black work, $20: quarrymen, $2 23
11 day; 6 quartz miners, $2 T>0 a day: 10 rock-
men, near city. $2 25 a day: 6 milkers, $23 and
$30: 5 stonecutters and setters, country. $1
Cook and helper, country hotel, $55 and $23;
second cook, $4.»; third cook, $35, and kitchen
hand, $25. mine boarding-house; third cook,
springs. $30; second baker, country hotel. $30:
dishwasher, resort, $25 and fare both ways: 2
dlshwn r "v'r-\ springs, $25 and fare advanced:
20 dishwashers and kitchen hands, hotels and
restaurants. $20. $23 and $30: barkeeper. $40
and board; barkeeper, country hotel. $30 and
found; young barkeeper. $35; 2 waiters, same
country hotel, $23; laundryman and wife,
pprlngs hotel, $75; Tyler lroner, country hotel,
$30; lroner and wife, $70 country hotel: mar
ker and distributor, country. $2 a day; lroner
and polisher, country. $2 25; polisher, coun-
try. $20; bell and elevator boy with good ref-
erences. $15. C. R. IIANSEN & CO.. 104
Geary st. '
THE -Howard Lodging-house, 549 Howard st..
bt-t. First and Second, San Francisco— This
house has- changed hands; has been thorough-
ly frenovated and Is the cheapest, cleanest
and quietest house in the city; all the rooms
are hard finished close to' top and are an out-
Bide rooms, admitting fresh air and sunshine:
large sunny reading room; special attention ta
morning calls: single rooms, per nleht. 10c t4
DOc; per week. 60c to $2. J. BITTERLIN,
' proprietor. "' ' . -
WANTED— Men to learn barber trade; only 8
weeks required; situations secured; wages
while learning: transportation paid. GOR-
St., Los Angeles. -
MAN~and wife; small ranch; country; $50: see
boarders $50. wife to wash dishes, $23. MRS.
NORTON. -13 Sutter st.
MAN and wife: small ranch:: country: $50; see
party here 11 o'clock. MRS NORTON, 313
Sutter st. .
A MAN and wife, ranch. $40. good place, call
early; ranch hand. $20: cqnk and helper, min-
ing town $C5. with a r_w*e of $10, fare here.
MISS CULLEN. 223 Sutter St.
A WAITER for institution: city; $23 a month
and found. MRS. LAMBERT. .418 Powell st.
BARBERS' Progressive Union— Free employ-
ment. II. Bernard. Sec 104 7th: tei. Jessie 152.
WANTED— Men and boys to work In factory.
Apply at Ropewalk, Iowa St., bet. Twenty-
second and Twenty-third. ¦
BARBER for Saturday; $3. 1756 Mission St..
cor. 14th.
BARBER WANTED for Saturday and Sunday.
21 East st. ' ¦
BARBER for Saturday and Sunday; chance ex-
trn Job. 416 Hayes Et.
WANTED— Two barbers for Saturday and Sun-
tiny. 2S9 Seventh st.
GOOD harbor for Saturday and Sunday; $1
guaranteed. 105 Fourth st.
WANTED— A barber for 'Saturdays and Sun-
days. 713 Davis Et.
WANTED— A good barber; wages. 1342 Market
¦ street.
WANTED— Four barl»ers at the Ocean Bath
. 17 Taylor St. , •
WANTED— Good barber; steady Job. SAM
WITT.' 2013 Santa: Clara ave., Alameda.
BARBERS; 3-chalr shop for sale; must be sold
ot once. 213 O'Farrell at.
3-CH AIR loc barber shop; principal street of
Han Jose. Apply W. C. B.. 2105 Jone3 st.."s.F.
BARBERS — 2 barber chairs and 2 poles for sale
. cheap; a bargain. Call at 4C6 Geary st.
nELP Wanted— male.
3 BLACKSMITHS, $2 day and board and J3 to
%i day: blacksmith's helper. $35 and found:
stableman: buggy- washer; driver for coal
cart. 52 day; stableman for ranch. $30; car-
penter for mill, $43 and board; carpenter and
blacksmith for ranch. $30; wheelv.-risht for
ranch; 10 laborers for v.-agon road: .0 R. R.
laborers, free fare: £0 woods and mlllmen.
J26 to $40, fare advanced: 4 teamsters. $1 2.1
and board; farmers. *2."». J0O and J3j; mi'.l;er3.
$30 and ?35: 2 men and wives. ?40 and $^0. and
Eheepherder $2o. fare paid, and others. J. F.
CROSETT AGENCY. 62S Sacramento st.
4 IK>ARDING-HOUSE cooks. $£J and $10: hotet
cock f!5' cook and wife, small springs hotel.
t-j- second baker. JS3 and found; waiter,
country restaurant, $30: restaurant cooks. $7.
S3 and $12: hotel waiters, $23: dishwasher* and
others. J. F. CROSETT AGENCY. 628 Sacra-
mento st.
WANTED— First-class machinists. UNION
GAS ENGINE CO.. 244 First st.. city.
WANTED— Biishelman at RAPHAEL'S.
TAILOR wanted: bushelman. At PAUSON &
CO.'S. cor. Kearny and Sutter sts.
WANTED— Salesman : furnishing goods depart -
ment. Apply S. N. WOOD & CO.. 713 Market.
BUSHELMAN and presser at the Golden West
Clothing Konovatory. 12 Montgomery Bt.
WANTED— A waiter. Apply at 435 Ellis Bt.
GET your shoes half-soled while waiting. Kc to
COc. 161 Mission st.. bet. 1st and 2d sts.
W ANTED— Extra waiter for Sunday. Apply
coffee and lunch house 26 Fifth at.
TWO drivers; cash deposit of $23 required.
Santa Clara Milk Co.. 721 Howard st.
WANTED— Man to clean up. Call early.
Golden Bell Saloon. 1077 Market »t.
PORTER with some experience In barber shop;
also barber. 11 Sixth st. •
WANTEEV— A sliver man. pantryman and dish-
washer. Golden West Hotel. 36 Ellis st.
WANTED— A night cook for short orders. 1330
Turk St. -'-"A
WANTED-Elevator boy. 102 Ellis St.; apply
between 3 and 12.
WANTED— Recruits for the United States
Marine Corps. U. S. navy; able-bodied, un-
married men. of good character, between ths
ages of 21 and 35 years; not less than 5 feet
4 Inches and not over 6 feet 1 Inch in height:
must be citizens of the United States or per-
sons who ha\*e- legally declared their Inten-
tions to become citizens; able to read, write
and speak English properly. For further In-
formation apply at the Marine Recruiting
Offlce. 40 Ellis st., San Francisco. Cal. or
£30 >K st.. Sacramento. Cal.
MEN wanted to learn barber trade: only re-
quires Blx to eight weeks; day and evening
class; special Inducements this season; only
Institution in the world teaching this trade:
map of city and illustrated catalogue mailed
Clay Bt.
SALESMEN, especially those visiting grocers,
can earn $7."> monthly selling Climax Baking
Powder, Fide line. Call r. J. 213 California.
SOBER, reliable man cook on Sausalito ferry-
boat: steady Job: wages $40. Apply to J. D.
NIELD at Sausallto ferry.
A COATMAKER. San Jose Woolen Mills. San
Jose. Cal.
j GOOD tailor on coats; stead v work: $13 a
week: also pressman. 135H Natoma st.
BOY for bakery: must have some experience;
$20 mor.th. board, room. 3025 Sacramento st.
BLACKSMITH'S helper. 3C2 Telegraph ave..
ELDERLY man to do chores around a bakery.
1139 Folsom st.
WANTED— Underpresser on custom pants. 541
Market st.
ALL sizes men's shoes, slightly damaged, half
price. C£2 Mission st., bet. 1st and 2d sta.
WANTED— Man to be generally useful around
kitchen. Hotel Repeller. 7S1 Sutter st.
WANTED — Elderly man to Dick fruit and clean
up bakery. Ill Larkin st^
WANTED— Strong steady boy who wants to
• learn the bakery trade. Ill Larkin et.
' MEN to learn barberins and halrdressing at 3.
K. Barber School. 74L\ Howar I st. ¦
WANTED— A good lively solicitor: big money.
130 Ellis ft.
GENTLEMEN'S suits to nrder. $1 per week, at
cash prices. N. Y. Tailoring Co.. 115 Kearny.
SAILORS, ordinary seamen and gr»en hands;
ail parts of world. HERMAN'S. 28 Steuart.
W ANTED— Laborers and mechanics to know
that Ed Rolkin. Reno House proprietor. »tlll
runs Denver House. 217 Third st. : 160 larsa
rooms; 25c per night: $1 to $2 per week.
years' practice: Examiner bldg.
WINCHESTER Hotel. 44 Third st._ n«ar Mar-
ket: 700 rooms. 25c night: reading room: fre«
'bus end baggage to and from the ferrr.
LINDELL House, corner Sixth and Howard-
Rooms 15c to 23c per night; 73c to $2 per week.
CLASSIFIED advertisements and subscriptions
received at Call branch office. 2:00 Flllmore st.
A BRANCH offlce for Call advertisements and
nubsciptlons has been established at 1036 Va-
. lencla Ft. j
THE sixth lot of 200 horses from the Canty
ranch Jus,t In: from $20 up: 6 blacks 2
browns and 2 whites In the lot. 2170 Market
j et.; Castro-st. cars pass the door.
40 HORSES for sale; also wagons, buggies,
carts harness. Grand Arcade Horse Market.
327 Sixth St.; auction sales every Wednesday.
SULLIVAN & DOYLE. Auctioneers.
FOR sale cheap— Good horse, wagon and har-
ness; must be sold by Saturday; price $60.
j 1217 Scott st.
i CARLOAD young horses, weighing 1200 to 1500.
I J. D. FORRESTER, salesman. 1*"36 Mission.
I HORSES— Young, well broken, for all purposes',
i cheap: best in city. 721 Howard st., nr. Third.
FOR rale— 2 extra fine cariiase teams. DaL-
ZIEL. Vet. Dentist. 605 Golden Gate ave.
CHEAPEST and bfst In America— The Weekly
Call, 16 pages, sent to any address in the
United States or Canada .->ne year for $L
postage paid. '
houses" to~let\
A— PRINTED list; houses tn let; send for cir-
cular. G. H. UM15SEN &. CO.. 14 Montgomery.
3S ROOMS, unfurnished, central ''•catlo/; $:>0
munth: a snap. A. M. SPECi, « CO., 6C7
Market st.
— U-
CALIFORNIA. 1711. r.ear Van Ness ave.— 19-
ronm house, completely furnished.
I ADULTS wish house for care of same during
summer: references. Box 435J5. Call office.
LOST— A young brlndle bull terrwT^emale i
months old. with heavy collar. Telephone
Church 22. or return to 741 Castro E t. and
receive reward.
FOUND— Two greyhounds, one dog and one
bitch. CO Tehama ?t.
LOST— 5-stone diamond ring. Hoffman House
j Cafe washroom: very liberal reward on com-
munication. Box 4330. Call offlce.
LOST— Pocket memorandum book containing
| milk accts. Return 9 Otega ave. ; lib, reward
adies spec allst; safe and reliable; ha» prac?
tlced in S. F. for years; treated thousands of
cases successfully; treatment can be used at
r° me: ,? c: \ sultatlon free - ' VVr > t * oV call at
1023'/i Market »t.
DRS. GOODWIN, well-knov.n ladles' specialist,
haa returned from Europe; safe and reliable:
cure $j; have treated thousands of cases with
success: U years' practice In S. F. ; maternity
home; low fees. 10074 Market st.. near 6th.
MRS. DR. WYETH. reliable specialist: £V yrs.
practice; home in confinement; treatment at
o!ncc, ?¦>:'any ailment; consultation free; con-
tldontial 942 Post St.. bet. Hyde and Larkin.
MRS DR. KOHL, ladles' fpeclallst-Guaran-
teed treatment at office. $5; consultation free
and confidential. 440 Eddy. b-t. Learcnworth
nn<l Hyde; huurs 9 to 5. Sunday* 10 to 4. '
l)U and MRS. DAVIES. 122S Market: la-lies' |
physician; chronic diseases treated; la:*
scientific methods; treatment. t'>.
Dr. James IMerc-. 265 O'Farrrll. rooms -• and .1-
i-emale specla!:st; home or office treatment tX
Y - S --DR. WISE .t CO., the ladies' specialists.
1118 Market tt. : every raac guarant-ed: <¦'¦ up.
NICE rcllahle home for confinement: reasona- 1
ble.. 2012 Folsom st . MRS. DH. PFEIFFEJt [
DR. WONG HIM. herb doctor. treatiTall dis-
eases of the human bedy. 113 Mason st.
CHEAPEST nnd best in America— The Weekly
Cnll. 1C pases, cent to anv address In ' the.
United States or Canada cne year for $1.
pestare caid.
>iisct:ll.\5eols — for sale.
BOH— £ KS, ensines. 2d-hand machinery. Mc-
1NTOSII & '.VOLPMAX. 13^-137 Fremont st.
ISA i:S, Irnok bar-, mirrors, showcases, coun-
ters, linoleum, store and offlce furniture and
fixtures: new and second hand; we always
have n large st^ok of saloon outflta on hand;
32 complete outfits cn our floor, ready made:
we can *hlp- everything in *» hours. J. NOO-
NAN. 1017. 1011. 1CC1. lt:J3 Mis-ioa st.. abov*
Sixth: write for cataloeue.
FOR sale— One S-hnr?epo— er portable horizon-
tal engine and. boiler; one K-horsepow er steam
engine, horizontal: one 3-horsepower centri-
fugal Krotfh pump: ore l^-horsfpo— er centri-
fugal Krop'n pump: nil in Rood order; for *ala
cheap. Ad(!re5.i Xapa Machina-Works. V.'M.
J. LEX DOW. Prop.. Napa. Cal.
A nerr nn<5 excellent device for throwing day-
Ileht into dark rcorn s through windows; tha
best In the market. W. HOLT. *nle apnt,
room S» Klocd bulletins; telephone Paris 741.
FOR SALE— Fre-h cow. 4 year- c'.J; milks •
palions per day; al.'o pood h(ir?e. 6 years old,
Apply JOHN McNAMKE. Lincoln ave.. Frult-
vale Heights. AlarneJa County.
A-nuVS !»ells or rents Rear machinery, en-
cine-, boilers, water p!p«. shafting, pulleys.
et-. WH1TELAW. 216 Spear St.
EDISON cancert phonocraph. price reduced to
$100; concert record.*. U 54k, BACIGALUP1.
E31 Market st.. San Francisco.
FOX terrier pups; also pure white, blue-eyed
kitten? ; cheao. 21T ! ,» Tehama st.
$:s-SET Llumber's tnd carpenters tools; com i-
plete. It. SULEWSKY. 5134 Eryant et.
A— 13 50 HERBS and Fedora* hats. *1 73. Pop-
ular Price Hatters. S3O Kearny St.. near Pine.
PORTABLE engines, boilers; Iron ind wood
planers; lathes; 2d-hand. J. Eurke. 139 Deale.
PEDIGREED bull puppies for sale; aga 2
months. S23 Howrard st.
SECOXP-HAXD fireproof safe: 1 fire and burg-
lar proof cafe; cheap. « Main st.
SECOND-HAND Dow duplex Ptenm pump; 8-in.
steam, 6-ln. water. II. S. WHITE. 513 Mission.
A. VlNE suit. SIO: dres«- pants, J2 73. MtSFIT
CLOTHING PARLORS. 437 Montgomery St.
FULL line cameras and photo supplies; selling
cheap. W. A. HARTTER. 513 Examiner bldg.
¦\VE rent full-dress and Tuxedo suits for 12 50.
MAGIC lanterns, new and second-hand ; movtnjr
plcttfrea. BULLARD & BRECK. 131 Post it.
CASH registers of every description for sals
and repaired. 13C7 Market, bet. 3th and 10th.
A NEW Standard Typewriter; latest model;
cheap. Typewriter Exchange, 400 California.
NFTV and recond-hand >lot machines bought
and sold. W. C. BENTHAM. 1S32 Market st.
A 1*>-TON Fairbanks scale and fire and burs-
ter proof safe. 216 California st.
S\FE. £ *— New and second hand. THE 'HER*
MANN SAFE CO.. 417-433 Sacramento st.
"¦AFF^-New and second hand: all slz*«. THE
WALTZ SAFE. 109-111 Market st.. San Fran.
ONE 4-sided sticker; 1 planer an dpatcn—-: 1
air compre-xor: 5 locomotives. 220 Fremont.
CHEAPEST and best In America— The Y^i7
Call IS paces, sent to any address in th»
Vr.lted States or Canada one year for *l.
pestace paid.
WA.NTED By a dealer. 130 gallons of country
milk per Cay. 2S2J Twenty-second St., near
"WANTED— Second-hand upright piano for
cash. H. L. WHITEHEAD, 710 Market »t.
PRIVATE party will pay cash for a few nice
diamonds. Eos 4313. Call.
OLD sewlnsr machines taken ia exchanse for
new. Acl.1"*s box 31W. Call office.
HKIR3~to^unaettled tstates In probate can re-
ceive cash at once: also first or second mort-
gage loans on real estate, furniture and
pianos: no removal; prompt dealing: no
charce unless loan Is granted. EQLITACU,
LOAN CO.. room G03. llxaminer bulldlnK.
ANY amount at 6 per cent; 1st. 2d and 3d m ort-
Kaeea. undivided Interest, real estate in pro-
bate: mortfrages and legacies bought: no de-
lav get my term- before doing business elsc-
where. K. McCOLOAN. 24 Montgomery, r. 3.
ANY proposition, any amount: 6 per cent; first,
second mortgages, estates In probate. Interest
In estates, legacies, corporation loans, chattel
mortKa-°s; life insurance. Koom IB. first
floor Chronicle big.. HALLORAN & OLSEX.
HIGHLY respectable private place to obtain
liberal advances on diamonds. Jewelry, at low-
est" rates Baldwin Jewelry Store. SIC Market
st.: tel. Main 1644. Branch 13 Third st.
ON real estate. l*t or 2nd mortgages, and on
furniture or pianos; no removal; any amount;
lowest rates. DECKER & CO.. 26 Montgomery.
MOST reliable plac» to borrow on diamonds,
watchis. jewelry. W. J. HESTIIAL, W Sixth;
highest price for old gold, silver, diamonds.
AXT amount by private party on furniture and
pianos; nd removal; low rates: confidential.
BONELLI. Conservatory bldg.. 130 Pow-.-ll st.
AT 126 Kearny. room 9. respectable prlvat*
place to l>orrow on watches, diamonds; lowest
rates; take elevator. Telephone Davis 935.
ON furniture and pianos without removal; quick
service- money direct: lowest Interest Rooms
68 und CS. Donohoe bulMlng. 11m) Market st.
LOANS made fen furniture at l'.i per cent; also
loans to ralaried people. IIARSHBARGER.
_2 Elila st.. room 31.
MONEY leaned salaried people without security.
HILL. rm. 4t. Merchants* Exchange, 431 Calif.
TO salaried people: without security; all busi-
ness confidential. Tousley Co., 321 Parrott big.
CASH loaned to salaried pecple on note without
lndorser. MORRELL. 603 Examiner building.
ON furniture, pianos, without removal; no
commission; private. LICK. 116 McAllister.
IF your property Is. mortgaged and you need
more money see H. MURPHY. 630 Market »t.
TO salaried n-.en without collateral or lndorser.
S. - F. Discount Agency. 143 Phelan bulldlnsr.
A MAHOGANT Curtaz. good as new.
A walnut "Weber, used very little.
A wslnut Sterling, medium size.
An oak Sterling, slightly used.
A walnut Vose. from rental stock.
A mahogany Everett, splendid condition.
An ebonized Fischer, thoroughly repaired.
An oak Klnsjbury, good as new.
And many others, from JSO up: terms llberu.
BENJ. CURTAZ & SON. 16 O'Farrell St..
Chlckering. Pteck. Vose. Sterling Agency.
AS we represent the best make of pianos la
, every grade, from Steinway down tr> low-
priced makes, and as our Installment pay-
ments are easier than those of other dealers.
we are the people from whom you should
purchase: new upright pianos. $6 cash. J>> per
month: other pianoa $3. U and t> per month.
SHERMAN, CLAY & CO.. Stelnway Dealers,
cor. Kearny and Sutter sts.. San Francisco;
cor. Thirteenth and Broadway. Oakland.
BARGAINS 'of all kinds to-day at MAUVAI3/
760 Market st.
WE always sell at low prices, but during Jun»
we offer special bargains to '^T." 11 '' la j"*»
stock, b^tquallty. MAUVAIS. 769 Market.
DECKER & SON. Packard. Roothe Bros and
Arlington are the plants we ."fer as the best
and cheapest. MAUVAIj^jg* Market st.
ABSOLUTELY the oldest and largest housa
west of Chicago Is KOHLni: & Cxi AS ES
26 IS end 30 O'Farrell st.: pianos, organs and
all ether musical Instruments of all Blades
and prices: terms easy: prices !°*est every-
thing possible done to please and satisfy the
customer. .-¦'¦¦:•¦
tTTwTVTtv*?— A few pianos will b« sold this
w-ric for «torir'- effem wanted (cash or ln-
?tSffm£Tts>? "^on__S torage Co.. 1710 Mrkt.
GOOD -prirtTWn-Tlu" »<;«•. Cne qUamy -
$100. Rocrnl2 : JjTo^_2>u2___: ,
STniNWAY^pHgT^^: installments J3. C
110: rents t? up. HE^Nk S. US Elila St.
rivv~TCrp'l uprlcht piano at a great bargain.
STATHAM. K6 McAllister st.
t»— niTTION sale: new pianos. $5 payments;
fc" r£^T_____-CRIT-XX. 2C3,Post St.
SOTTMER & CO.. Byron Mauzy Pianos. 30S to
3i? rest st. .¦
GOOD Fischer: great bargain. SCHMITZk 18
McAllister st.. next Hibernia Bank.
W G HAIXXER. 412 Sacramento St.. agent for
Francis IJacon and Hallett & Da via pianos.
SUPERIOR violins, zither*, old and new. H-'
Ml'— LER. maker, repairer. 2 Latham place.
CHCAPF.ST and bert In America— The Weekly
Call. 18 rases, sent to any address tn th*
United Ptates cr Canada one year for Q.
postase paid.
LARGE .tires and sunny offices near Hall of
Justice. Court blork. HAltlN. 413 Kearny st.
We have choice properties and will assist
parties to or?— .nizo companies and s<?cur-
caplfal. AMBROSE HARRIS and T. A.
TIKLI- rooms 611-11-1-. Kxnmlner htiiMinc.
MME. Neerj-aard. Prea. St. Germain Collese of
Palmistry: roads 1 to 8. 618 Geary, nr. Jones.
H. JEROME FOS5ELLI. scientific pa'ralst. 5 _
Tavlor at., bet. Gsarv & Post: phone Black 561.

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