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¦w^jr EW YORK, June 19.— A World special from Philadelphia .dated Jtme 20« says: At 1 o'clock this
J . morning^ Governor", Roosevelt declared that- he considers himself now finally^ out of the race.
"I have tried^to; make '-my, position clearYall along. I am gratified that the i New York" dele
gation did not indorse ineV \" Yes, j I_ have heardj since the ; caucus adjourned that some other States will
present 'my. name'/. ; I \do !;nbt Iknow anything f about. this, I can't help what other States may do. I do
not believe my name will now be 'pfesente'd'to tneVo'nventtoiiuV'--^'.'.{7;.,*.';;*'-*^; "'"".¦" ''¦ uv v ' : * : 3
zona, 1; Alaska, 6; Okla
homa, (>. ; c
New York's 72 votes
will £0 to Woodruff. Dol
liver will, judging from
the positive declarations
made by delegates, prob
ably poll more than 160
votes on the first ballot.
Indiana's vote will be
cast for Fairbanks, and
he will receive some scat
tering votes.
The strength of the opposition
to. the administration's candidate
cannot be estimated with any de
gree of . accuracy. Many dele
gates who would have voted for
Roosevelt are now convinced
that he is determined not to ac
cept the nomination. It is prob
able that Long's lead will cause
many wavering delegations to
jump into his bandwagon, and it
is reasonably probable that he
will be nominated on the first bal
lot, but if there is a sharp or pro
longed contest Dolliver will stand
an excellent chance. There are
yet many stubborn ones who de
clare that their beloved Rough
Rider will be nominated nolens
volens by a stampede.
chance to be appointed Secretary
of the Navy in the new Cabinet.
. Previous to the action of the
New York delegation to-night a
poll of the convention had been
made by The Gall's representa
tives, but of course it must be
modified before it can be accept
ed as reliable. Some changes are
made in it, and it is herewith pre
sented for what it is worth. It
will at least show that the Vice
Presidential fight is a very pretty
It seems that the ad
ministration is sure of the
following States for Long:
Alabama. 22; Arkansas.
16; California, 18; Colo
rado, 8; Connecticut, 12;
Delaware. 6; Florida. 8;
Georgia, 26; Massachus
etts, 16; Mississippi, 18;
Missouri, 30; New Hamp
shire, 8; New Jerssy, 20;
North Dakota, 6; Ohio, 46;
Pennsylvania, 6; South
Carolina, 18; Tennessee,
4; Vermont, " 8; Virginia,
24; West Virginia, :8 ;
Washington, 8; Wiscon
sin, 24; Wyoming, 6; Ari-
wffich way the cat ; will jump.
Several members said to-night
that this was equivalent to a dec
laration for the administration's
candidate, John D. Long of Mas
sachusetts, for they believe the
administration will beat Quay
and Platt. But should it appear
that Hanna is very likely to be
defeated, the California men may
desert the administration's stand
ard, for, as one member said to
night, "It is quite natural for us
to want to be on the winning
side, but almost the entire dele
gation are of the opinion that
Long will be nominated, there
fore their votes may safely be re-
Galifornians regard this as a
suggestion of Mr. Scott that pos
sibly his brother might 'stand -a
"If the California delegation
would vote for Irving M. Scott
no harm would be done and much
good might result, for California
might then be recognized by a
representative in the .Cabinet.'
T., has been .bombarding the
members of the California delega
tion with' telegrams urging that
California's eighteen votes * be
cast for Irving' M . \ as a ; compli
ment. Following is the substance
of . a telegram received : by Dele-
If the vote was not likely to be
close between the administration
and anti-administration forces,
Irving M. Scott might receive
eighteen complimentary votes,
but the Californians do not wish
to: waste, their efforts on a hope
less candidacy, although they all
unite in expressing. great respect
for the noted ship-builder. It ap
pears -that/Mr.; Scott is a willing
"Barkis," for his brother, Henry
corded for Long on the first bal
lot unless there is a great change
in the situation between now and
The question is, Can Hanna
muster enough votes to nominate
Long on the first ballot? The
solid South, with the exception of
one or two States, will vote for
any candidate espousecl^by the ad
ministration, and many other
States are only awaiting a. tip
from the McKinley forces before
announcing their attitude. This
is true of California's delegation,
despite all reports to the con
trary. There were rumors all
day around the Walton Hotel
lobby that the Californians would
be found "fighting in the front
rank for Roosevelt, and some re
ports had it that a Californian
would make the nominating
speech . for Roosevelt. Various
polls have been made and each
one has put California's eighteen
votes in the Roosevelt column,
but The Gall correspondent has
definite and reliable information
that the Californians will not de
cide how to vote until they see
statement declining the nomina
Special Dispatch to The CalL
PHIA, June 19. — All convention
speculation was completely up
set at midnight to-night, and all
calculations turned awry by
Roosevelt's positive and final re
fusal to take the Vice Presiden
tial nomination. The New York
delegation went into caucus and
decided to present Woodruff's
name, which will insure the Lieu
tenant Governor of New York
the seventy-two votes of the Em
pire State. However, this will
be about the limit of his" strength,
and it is generally conceded that
he has no chance whatever
of winning. The administration
is determined to nominate Long,
but the Quay and Platt crowd de
clare that unless it is done on the
first ballot the opposition will
center on Roosevelt and sweep
the convention with the magic of
the Rough Rider's name in spite
of his oft-repeated and* positive
| "We are on the eve of another struggle. Already we are beginning to form our /battalions' under v trje Ieddership of our great statesman, General William McKigley."
These words by Chairn)ao HaQQa of th>e Republican NatioQal Committee iQ caiiiQg^^ for a whirlwind of enthusiast!). Men and
;women sprang to tbeir feet; delegates, spectators, staid a'o'd distioguished guests, all animated .by r acomrT)6n purpose to do honor to the President. Senator rjanna
looked down witf) smiling satisfaction on the tempestuous demonstration. Flags and handRerchiefs waved everywhere in- billows of color. For ten seconds, twenty,
!tl)irty, a minute, the demonstration Kept up, and theo, with-a wave; of t^e h'an"d ( the National Chairman begged the assemblage to resun>e tb«ir seats and let l)im
volume Lxxxrni-No. 20.
New York Delegation Decides to Present the Name of Lieutenant-Governor Wood
ruff for the Vice-Presidency— Secretary of the Navy Long Seems to Have Suffi
cient Support to Get the Nomination— Only a Stampede Can Cause the Rough
Rider to Be Chosen as President ffl|^^^^^^^||oMl^j||WK
The San Francisco Call.

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