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Italian Nation Bereft by
the Assassin's Bullet
of One Who Planned
to Benefit the Masses.
Special Dispatch to The Call. I
ROME, July 23.-KIng Humbert's |
death leaves this country bereft !
of one man to whom many Ital
ians looked for national salvation.
"Vogllamo Re Umberto Assa- !
lute" -was an expression not infrequently j
heard In the country, arising out of gen- I
and Signor Giuseppe Saracco was en
trusted with the task of forming a new
Upon opening Parlii—.r.-i. en Ji'ie 13
last. King Humbert expi^ln^; ih^, rsasons
for the appeal made to tha electors, and
said he had confidence that the wisJor-i
and patriotism of tha n»w Parliament
would furnish him -x\V? th*
MONZA, Italy, July 30. — King Humbert has been assassinated. He was shot here last evening by a man named Angelo Bressi and died in
a few minutes.
The King had been attending a distribution of prizes in connection with a gymnastic competition. He had just entered his carriage
with his aid-de-camp, amid the cheers of the crowd, when he was struck by three bullets fired from a revolver in quick succession. One
pierced the heart of his Majesty, who fell back and expired in a few minutes. The murder took place shortly after 10 o'clock.
The assassin was immediately arrested and was with some difficulty saved from the fury of the populace. He gave his name as
Angelo Bressi, describing himself as of Prato, in Tuscany,
Premier Saracco Summons
a Cabinet Meeting and
Starts at Once for the
Scene of Assassination.
ROME. July SO, 5 a. m.— The news of
the assassination of King Humbert
did not arrive here until after mid
night. Slgnor S. Saracco. the Pre
mier, immediately summoned a
meeting cf the Cabinet and the Ministers
will start at the earliest possible moment
pared. with 40 returned on the former
election), yet they are. at heart loyal to
the King, and his assissination will raise
in them as bitter a feeling against the
anarchists, who are no doubt responsible
for this, as that felt by the Royalist
party. The Prime Minister. Senator Sar
acco, is an ardent Royalist, and he has
Bullet From an Anarchist's Revolver Pierces Humbert's Heart
and He Expires Almost Instantly.
The young King whom the tragic death of hla father, places on the throne of Italy comes on both sides from the an
cient house of Savoy, one of the oldest cf the reigning" houses of Europe; his'father "and his mother having' been first
cousins and grandchildren on the male side of Charles Albert, King of Sardinia. The house is descended from Humbert,"
the whitehanded Count of Savoy, who died in 1(MS.
In 1416 Amadeus VIII, who'became Count of Savoy in 1331. took the title of Duke of Savoy and Prince of Piedmont. He
abdicated in 1434 and was elected Pope in 143?. and reigned as Felix Vo (1440-49)/ In 1720 Victor Amadeus II, Duke of Savoy,
by treaty with Austria exchanged Sicily;whleh he had acquired! from Spain in 1713, for Sardinia, with the title of King,
which title, with the lesser ones, : has since remained with the house. , jx,; : . ¦.¦'.:¦.:
Victor Emmanuel II of Sardinia, the grandfather of the new King, succeeded to the ; throne by i the abdication of his
father, Charles Albert, on. the evening of the disastrous battle,of Novara, March 23, 1S49. He-took part with France and
Great Britain in the Crimean war, and with, France against Austria In 1833, In which year he annexed Lombardy and the
following year Tuscany. Parma. ; liodena. Romagna and the kingdom of Naples. . In the same year he ceded Savoy and
Nice to France, and In 1861 assumed the title of •'King of Italy." .. ' ~ ". - ' .; •
KANSAS CITY. July 20.-Jerome Fedeli,
Italian Vice-Consul in Kansas City, was
greatly shocked when he learned of tho
assassination of King Humbert of Italy.
"King Humbert was greatly beloved by
his people." said Mr. Fedeli. "and I can
not conceive why any one but a crank
or anarchist should wish to take his life.
He was pood and kind and charitable. . I
knew him well. He will be succeeded. In
all probability, by his eldest son, the
Prince of Naples, who Is a young maa not
yet thirty years of age."
Continued on Third Page.
Baron de Fava, the Italian Embassador,
was at Seabrlght, J». J. He was very
much distressed at receiving the news, buc
raid that he could not give out any state
ment until he had been officially notified
by bis Government.
NEW YORK. July ».— Owing to the
lateness of the hour at which, the news of
the assassination of King Humberf " was
received in this city It was Impossible to
see either Consul Genera! Branch! or Vice
Consuls Albertl and Burdese.
Hopeful word? were th* >< »<\ but In view
of the character of the opposition and th«
strength of the Republican and Socialist
elements, observers of Italian politics ex
pressed little confidence in the hopes find
ing fruition. It has been argued that a
remodeling of the constitution by the con
stituent assembly Is a necessity of tho
situation. The fact that the constituent
assembly -would be a new feature might
bring some 70 per .it of the electors to
the polls, instead of the Inadequate per
centage which now 'records Its vote for
The new Parliament, the King added,
intended to devote It3 attention to a bet
terment of the condition of the working
classes: to the protection of manufactur
ers, agriculturalists and immigrants; to
the reduction of the tributary taxes within
the limits agreed upon by the bud?et: to
education, and to legal and. administra
tive reforms.
means for fulfilling his important duties.
Italy, he pointed out, owed the great
progress she had made during the second
half of the century to her free institu
tions, but it was necessary to do much
more before she attained the high posi
tion she. ought to hold among the most
civilized nation?.
June 3 was the date fixed for the general
election, which resulted In the return, of
the ministerial majority. At the same
time, however, the Socialist and Republi
can group, far from being crushed, was
Increased from sixty deputies to ninety.
General Pollbeux resigned shortly after the
results of the elections became known.
General Pelloeux,' the Premier, hesitated
to apply the regulations for which he had
made such a hard fight, and again pro
rogued the Chamber. Dissolution was the
inevitable consequence, and King Hum
bert Issued a.decree dissolving the twen
tieth Italian Legislature on May 13.
On May 15 the Chamber reassembled,
and a scene which baffled description was
the Immediate outcome. At the objection
able word "regulations" the extreme Left
arose In a body, some sixty-nine of them,
and under the leadership of Signor Pram
polinl sang with all their might such
songs as "Garibaldi's Hymn." "Carmag
nole" and "Marseillaise." at the same
time using their desks as big drums and
their fists as drumsticks. Nay. more than
that, secure In their parliamentary Immu
nity, they also sang the Socialist "Inne
Dei Lavoratori." a song forbidden by law.
At the beginning of April, as the result
of an obstruction that puts the tactics of
the Irish members in the House of Com
mons in the shade, the Italian. Govern
ment prorogued the Chamber of Deputies,
after first securing the passage of regula
tions which would enable the president to
enforce order by the simple expedient of
calling the military force Into play.
eral disgust with the barren discussions
of the frequently wrangling Parliament.
It was only last month that something
like order was evolved out of what may
be described as political chaos.
King Humbert was shot at 10:45 o'clock
and died at 11:30 in the evening. The
murderer cyr:5cally avowed his guilt of
the crirr.e.
The Prince and Princess of Naples are
oa board the Yela, yachting la the Le-
Angelo Bress!, the assassin " of " King
Humbert. Is an anarchist.
f or Momsu The Premier left for Monza at
S o'clock this morning.
f power (at the last general election they
sent 100 members to Parliament, as com-
Humbert wras much beloved by his people
cu all classes Jn Italy and there will be
r.o fioubt In the m!r.<3s of those who know
the country and the conditions existant
there that bis son, Victor Emmanuel, will
the throne almost Immediately
without opposition. While the Republican
and Socialist parties are growing: daily In
Patrizi of L'ltalia last -night "King
"This lamentable affair will strengthen
the Royalist party in Italy," p.aid Editor
Editor of L'ltalia Says the
Crime Will React Upon
and an excellent wife and mother, who
watched with tender care over the edu
cation of her children. In educating them
she foUowed the principles of the house
of Savoy, which requires its sons to be
robust and courageous. ¦ Ancestry wor
ship is a family characteristic of thejsa
voy family, and its children have always
Been nourished upon the traditions of. its
ancestral heroes and taught that they
ought to endeavor to resemble them to
the best of their ability. Their family
motto runs, "Fear and Savoy have never
Early in 1S53. when Humbert was but 11
years old, he and his brothers and sisters
were deprived of their mother's guiding
hand. Queen Adelaide was carried off by
an early death.
Youthful Ambitions.
While Humbert and his brother Amedeo
prosecuted their literary and scientific
studies they longed for the hour to strike
—when they could consecrate their youth
ful fire and love of country to their coun-
On the Battlefield.
The moment came in 1S66, ¦when, on one
try's cause. They had early been inspired
by .their father with enthusiasm for
Italy's liberation, and as lads he had ini
tiated them* into military and political
life. I
In 1E39. while still but a boy, Humbert
was beside his father on those battlefields
which decided the future of Italy. He
was also sent later on political missions
of the greatest consequence. It was he
who took part in the reorganization of
the two Sicilies, and July, 1S62, ' saw him
In Naples and Palermo, where the people
were celebrating with fetes and joy their
reconquered liberty.
. Shortly before the outbreak of the war
with. Austria the Prince of Piedmont went
to Paris to sound the Government as to
it? sentiments concerning the alliance
then actually concluded between Italy and
Prussia. Action soon followed upon nego
A FEW* days after ascending the
throne, on January 10, 1878, King
Humbert issued a proclamation to
his new subjects, in which he told
them he should be mindful of the
grand example his father had set him of
devotion to Italy, love of progress and
faith in liberal institutions. "My sole am
bition." he concluded, "will be to deserve
the love of my people."
_ And Humbert, dead, will be mourned
sincerely by, the nation that ¦witnessed the
carrying out of his pledges.
Humbert I, King of Italy, was born at
Turin March 14. 1S44. on the anniversary
of the day that had given birth to his
father, Victor Emmanuel. His mother was
Maria Adelaide, daughter of Archduke
Ranieri, then Viceroy of Lombardy and
Venice. Thus in the veins .of Italy's
King runs some of the hated Austrian
blood— the blood of that cruel oppressor
of Italian soil of whom, happily, all ves
tige has vanished from the fair peninsula.
The Princess was a very sweet woman
at his back in the Parliament about 400
of Its members.
"The anarchists of Italy are a peculiar
sect. They are far fewer in number than
in France or England, yet their daring
amounts to fanaticism, and when they
have marked a man for death it behoves
him to watch . artfully, for they exercise
great ingenuity to execute their designs.
"King Humbert was fearless. Although
his life had been twice attempted he took
no particular precautions. He has paid
the rrice. .
•The young»Prlnce is a negative sort of
a man. He is about 30 years old, and
neither very* bad or very pood. Colorless,
I should call him. Still, this outrage will
so shock the people of Italy that it is
certain they will declare for him en
The Princess Margherita. Marie Therese Jeanne of Savoy, daughter of the
late Duke Ferdinand of Genoa, brother of King Victor Emmanuel II, was
married April ~, ISd, at Turin to the Prince, who became King of Italy
upon the death of his father. She was then one of the most beautiful women
in Europe. The Prince of Naples was the sole issue of the marriagre.
The assassination of Klne Humbert clears the way to the throne for
Victor Emmanuel Ferdinand Marie Januarius, Prince of Xaples and Duke
of Savoy, the namesake of his grandfather. Victor Emmanuel II. This
Prince was born at Naples, November 11, 1S69. and Vas married at Rome,
October 24, 1S9G, to Princess Helene 'of Montenegro. There Is no Issue of thi»
Courageous, Honest and Upright, He
Ruled the Nation With Kindly Firm=
ness and Fostered Its Welfare.

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