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plurality for William J. Bryan. Of the electoral- vote, it is
indicated at this hour that McKinley will have 294 and
Bryan 153. In 1896 McKinley had 271 and Bryan 176
The Call in its forecast on October 21 predicted that Mc-
Kinley would have 281 electoral votes and -Bryan- 166.
their majority in both the Senate and the
House of Representatives. The State of New York
has gone Republican by a plurality of at least 150,
000. Benjamin B. Odell Jr. has been elected Governor,
and the entire Republican State ticket has won by plural
ities of probably 40,000 less than that given for the Presi
dential Electors. In beautiful landslide weather, Bryan,
Croker, Jones and Stone have gone out of sight in a per
fect deluge of Republican votes. Instead of rolling up 8o,
000 plurality for Bryan in greater New York, Croker roll
efrvp less than 28,000. The actual figures computed at this
hour are 27,437 for the Greater City. Croker gives Bryan
28,240 in Manhattan and Bronx, 19,904 in Queens and
695 in Richmond.
On the other hand, McKinley carries the borough of
Brooklyn by 349,.
The Call in its forecast published on October 21 said
that Greater New York would not give more than 30,000
NEW YORK, Nov. 7, 2 a. m. — McKinley and
Roosevelt have swept the country. The Re
publicans will have a larger vote in the Elec
toral College than in 1896. They will increase
Although supporters of- Mr.- Bryan at a late hour are
" ... r ... - .
claiming the State of Washington/ it seems almost certain
that all the Pacific Coast States have gone for McKinley.
Wyoming, which was carried by Bryan in 1896 by 593 ph>
rality, has; gone for McKinley :by 2000 plurality. 1 South
'Dakota has also a£j>arently gone into ¦ the Republican . col-
Mr. Bryan hopes to be elected to the Senate from Ne
braska if McKinley goes to the White House. Tl^e indica^
tions are that while McKinley is surely going to the White
House Mr; Bryan is not likely to go to the Senate. The
latest reports are that the fusion legislative ticket in Ne
braska is weak, and that the Republicans may have the
Connecticut is Republican by 25,000, and McLean (R.) is
elected Governor, running 10,000 behind his ticket. New
Jersey's swelling. figures at this hour, are up to 65,000 and
may reach the wonderful plurality of 87,000, which the
State gave four years ago. Delaware, Maryland 'and West
Virginia are all in the Republican column again, all these
States having been indicated as likely to go for McKinley
in The Call's forecast. The Republican majority in the
House of Representatives is likely to be at least 35. The
Republicans in the present House have 186 and the op
position 168. It is just possible that Mr. Bryan may have
to remain in private life, and if he is to keep before the
public he must continue on the lecture platform.
In and around New York State the McKinley wave
rolled almost as high as it did in the Middle West. The
New-England States -pre sent * a solid '¦¦ sound money- front/
rality of 300,000 for McKinley. Texas, on the other hand,
reports a plurality of 215,000 for Bryan. Illinois, which
Mr. Bryan was led 1 to suppose was doubtful ten days ago,
has given to McKinley a plurality of 180,060. In 1896 it
gave him a plurality of 142,000. Wisconsin, which in 1896
gave to McKinley a plurality of 102,000, now swells it to
115,000. Indiana goes for McKinley by 30,000. Kansas,
which The Call predicted would go for McKinley, gives
signs clearly indicating no change of three weeks ago, and
has gone for the Republican ticket by a landslide among
the Populists and grangers. . <
Never before was such a tremendous vote polled in
this country, and never before were such tremendous ma :
jorities rolled up as are recorded in some States To start
with, the registration was phenomenal, all records haying
been broken east and west. Pennsylvania reports a plu-
Returns from some of the States are very late coming in.
For instance, Kentucky and Nebraska are considered
doubtful States at this hour, simply because the returns
are meager. The indications are that McKinley has a little
the better of it in Nebraska, while Bryan's chief newspaper
supporter in Kentucky has given up the State.
Richard. Croker late this evening sent a telegram to
William J. Bryan at Lincoln, Nebr., saying that New York
County had done the best it could for him, but that he un
doubtedly knew the result by this time, and concluding:
"We are defeated.' but not discouraged." ,
Mr. Croker in a statement to-night said that he could
not say what was the cause of Bryan's defeat. He declared
that the Democrats in New York had done everything in
their power for Bryan, arid that Bryan was a natural leader
of men and would be heard from again.
The reception of the news of McKinley 's triumph in
New York was attended by signs of unexampled enthusi
asm. Never before did such crowds throng Herald
square, and six other points at which Herald bulletins
were displayed. The crowd literally went wild after the re
turns indicating McKinley's great victory had been dis
played. /
umn, but the fate of Senator Pettigrew is in doubt, the Rc
publicans making a desperate effort to capture the Legisla
ture so as to prevent his return to the Senate, and the fu
sionists, aided by a gerrymander, making a hard fight to
carry the Legislature and re-elect him.
Senator Jones, chairman of the Democratic National
Committee, at an early hour last night conceded the elec
tion of McKinley. In to-day's landslide even Nevada hun£
in the balance. Bryan carried the State by about 8oo.
which is a remarkable change from four years ago, when
he had a plurality of 6439. It is believed that Nevada will
elect Farrington (R.) to the House of Representatives.
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