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Missionaries -are returning 1 to the ia
terior" of the rprovinco' of Shantung.. Sir
Ernest Satow, the British Minister, gave
his consent' t'o this movement, . . ' . ; . ; . ••;•. • . :
• .PEKING,' March' 1.— Represeritatlvea. of
the foreigrt powers have Bent a protest to
the. Chinese Peace Commissioners against
the action of Yang Yu, Chinese Minister
at St. Petersburg, in carrying on nei?o
tlatlons with Russia in regard •' to..Man
chur4a-at the Russian capital. They have
requested 'the : Clilnese envoys to aak
Emperor "Kwang Su to withdraw Yans
Yu's power to negotiate this treaty and
to commit : the- affair to : the concert; of .
Ministers.-- ¦'-..; - -; • ':.-.¦'¦¦ ¦':•¦; '•¦ ¦ i -.~ '¦<¦":
Russia and China,
Object ;tp^ Dire.ct Ne^ptiatlon Be-tween
W., WASHINGTON, March" l.-Orders
have bfcn cabin! to Gi'rw-ral Chaff ee to'
make ¦. largo- reiluctions. in tho American:
force :in Pf kin K- -v-On'ly micci mi jiany of In-:
fAhtry^hdcne- trpv»p; oi^Jchvalry' \vinrre-j
; ;{hytherChinosp:eapHaI." -LlHitcftaht
;B(JbertSc)ii,.-\N;irith " Int^ntry. ' will : be in'
: comma nd v ' G e he ra 1 '. Ch a fTee^ : .-. yv 111 : : a c com
pany- the .remalriln? . troops to ManilaV
where, ia bout - : i A'pyi|lyL::he'V- : w\iH:--p'ycc.eed..-'Oen:-t
eral- Ma^Arthur ; lri"cQmrnand-of the.trpopa;
Jji :the ;..-"I J .hiHpr»lnes':-'-- ;:--.- : . ':.::. - ; ;" -\ : : ; . ': : VV
¦;i : Thc.:authprititii3; hope; ; that^the^rednctibiv
in- . t he .'. f virce . pf; IVussia/ ; and- the.' :lj;rrlted ;
Statt»\ will. be- followed by: similar action
by- other -.governments';.: The- fact -.thiit^the.
German -v' Gby e.riirh en t'-haB;:'. asked- -it he
¦Biihdesrath t6 authorize an japproprlJitioh
of jSJi.SftCl.'OOp for. the; maihtenance ot. troops
JnV ehthjt seems .to show." • hbwever.j . that
Emperor WlHiarn does : not • intend yet to
reduce ¦: : hrs - : (price • In -the.' cel.estla'l^Binjpfrjif
Great- Brltaih.also Iprobably ! will decline
to. withdraw.vhet 1 troops in: any : cOnBlder
able'humb'eri.'..-V ! : •¦.¦•¦: •'•^' ¦¦¦'¦' '¦:'¦'¦'¦¦¦}'^."fy.-':
.In.: protestlriE X against- the : seizure; ; of
frouhdB : In :peking;. for: legation 'purppRes
peclal : Commlsploner Rpckhill is '¦'. pctirig
in.acciirdance with instructions. sent sevr.
eral days, ago Conger.'Ital
ians seized property belonging to Sir Rob
ert Hart, -and representatives ¦' of- other
governments were examining sites, with
a":View. to taking 'land by .force. This
Government wjll - buy a site; \ ......
duced to a Small Guard
for Legation,
American :$orc^Mll;Be; ; Rer
Conferences Prove Fruitless.
WASHINGTON, March l.-The. confer
ences on the naval and postofflce appronr
otion bills to-day proved fruitless, no
agreement - being reached on either bill
..WASHINGTON. March 1— Senator Ed
ward O. Wolcott has resigned as a merr
ber of the Republican National Commit
tee from Colorado and Archie M. Stephen
son has been designated as his successor
Wolcott Resigns.
Oil in New Mexico.
j CARLSBAD, N. Mex.. March 1.— Oil has
been struck, thirty miles bdlow this place,
near; the Texas State line, and almost oa
.the llhe of the railroad. It was found at
a'.. depth of eighty feet and bubbled up
from the bottom of the well like a spring.
An examination of the district disclosed
strong Indications of oil over neaily
1.000.000 acres of hitherto useless land.
There Is considerable excitement hers
over the discovery and many claims wlU
bo filed during 1 the next few days.
A' horse eats nine times Us weight in
food In a year: a sheep six times.
:/ : , : \ ¦¦'; the American 'Sraeltingf and
." defining Company.
;;SAtt;pAKE^ March: l.^-The Tribune
will say to-morrow that in view of tho
aptiori taken by the minority interest la
the American Smelting and Refining Com
pahyta prevent the: purcaase by the com
pany-of the. Guggenheim plants through
out the country the officials of the com
bine' have been. polltngfcthe stockholders to
obtain- an- expression of their vie^va re
garding^ the purchase. This polling has
Jbeeh conducted; by telegraph. In this city
about Jl.OnO.OOO. worth of stock In the com
blnattoin Is held;', divided among several
holders..- all '¦ of .whom unanimously* voted
In favor of the taking in of the Guggen
heim properties and so wired the officials
to-day«. ¦'¦•¦¦ •'.-¦•_ : .-- -.'.;' ¦ ¦ ;
Result of a^ Poll of Stockholders of
•An attempt to secure a vote on the 'bill
disclosed the absence Pf a quorum and the
sergeant at arms. was directed to brine in
absentees. 1 . ... ¦ , • , • • •
1:15 a. quorum appeared arid the sun
dry civil bill was passed. . . - . .
• .The Senate then went Into executive seV
sipn and shortly afterward adjourned^
.;The Senate agreed- to the Potomac mem
orial bridge project, limitinsr the cost of
the bridge. to Jo.OOO.OOU, $100,000 to be- im
mediately available. . -
Morgan contended that all the legisla
tion which had- ever- been secured on the
canal had been accomplished In connec
tion with appropriation bills. He sairl
that $1,300,000 had already been, spent in
connection with the canal.. Allison's point
of : 6rder was sustained. ¦¦ :¦.¦"'¦/ ¦
Morgan offered an amendment authoris
ing:, the President to acquire from Nicar
agua and Costa Rica territory sufficient
for. the construction of the Nicaragua, ca
nal-and. appropriating $10,000,000 for that
purpose. • ¦ -¦'• ¦ . :.¦•-¦. ¦ . • • ;
. Allison made the point of order against
the amendment that it was general, legis
lation.'•'; ¦ ..'':. .- ; ; ' :'¦ ':' ..- •¦• : "" ';', ' ¦ ' ¦.•'•¦; - -•. '.
Canal Legislation.
¦.'•I*latt';pf ' Connecticut, 'submitted a '¦ r.?-
:pprt..froni ; the Committee .-on' ; Relations
;.with Cuba • upon> its .IriVestigation of ex
penditures irt Cuba, It was permitted to
He on; the table" with leave to Money cf
.'Mississippi to present & minority, report. If".
lie desires:- •¦-' : '.".'. .¦¦¦.-. ¦¦¦¦:• --• ••-¦'• ¦ ¦;•.•:--¦;¦..¦
J6nes of Arkansas gsiye notice that to
morrow., he would, ask . the discharge of
the Judiciary. Committee from considera
tion of the anti-trust bill. ; • " -. ; '
-. Ih .. accordance ; with' notice presvldusl*
given Prltchard of North Carolina &A~
aressed the Senate upon the resolution of
Butler of North Carolina to refer the cre
dentials of Senator-elect Bimmons of
:Nprth Carplina' to the Committee on Priv
ileges: and: Elections with a view to inves
tigating the present conditions which Id
up to hla election. Consideration of th-3
sundry, civil bill was resumed.
; An amendment appropriating $10,000 for
an examination of and report on -the
topography and geolo<y of th© territory
adjacent to the fortv-mnth parallel west
of, the one hundred and tenth meridian
was adopted. .-¦;¦' . ' :¦ -'.. • ¦¦ .¦ ¦
- -After considerable debate ¦. a commlttr/?
amendment- was adopted permitting set
tlers.to pasture livestock upon forest res
ervations: in Colorado, Montana and Wy
oming..-.'. .-*¦• •.:¦--: : :.-:• " ; ' ;.••.¦¦.-.. .- . : .-.'
Ctibalx ' Report Tabled.
:^;WA^H JNGTp>r f V routing the:
; great er- .- par iZ 6 1 '; a' ..JlonsV : ? tires0rne.;: session
: of-.the.-^enMe^tbiiday;:.thc^$u^
wa.s;;Under'epri3lderatipri^;At;tlmes an'.i'.ii
•.ter-ee-ti'n"^;-'-':-aiid"- ; lively.'; debate'- was pr^
¦clp;itate-(3-.Ci^.t.iT.? : ;.ftrst'.;
si.<?rj. : on aresbiutlo'n to. : ;dis^
•mi'ttoejort v C!ii^-|fe'ri'e'-.frpm'-,.c.bn.-'.
slderatioTi"; .of ; the .bill .'reauiririg " raiiroad
companies^ to '• make ; detajled :
tlonKorair Occident s? tnvolvlhg lbBiof^ltfe.
•on-i %efr;Hiries : -ai^vtAvr6pPrt ; to- the : Iriter^;
•state J.Camrneree: CprrimrKslom;; No. action'
was; taken..:; The '¦¦ Old ..Question -'as- . tp;- th*
re61a.rnaLtion;>.ot;i)iiIilic ;; lands -ift tbe-ar! j
and.rgeinlrid.rfd.'se.ctionb of the, country Vas'
brought : :upr, 'buVitho .^ffdrt attachl ah
amendment to the measure • apprbprlatiris
money for the w-ork. was defeated..; . ; :
-:. The, bnis ; apprpprlriting $500,(K!0 f or : the
Buffalo Pan-American Exposition.. Sp-OO^i
000 for the St; TJouls I.oulslaaa^Ptifchasa
Exposition and $250,000 for the CharlestpM.
S. C^, Interstate and West. Indian; ExppV
gltlon were attached to the bill as aiders.'
Number-of Amendments Are
Offered and Agreed to
in the Senate.
. ' Hon. John Burnett.' •
CORVALLIS.jbr., March 1^-Hon. John
Burnett, ex-Jus/lce of the Supreme Court
of Oregon, dlej to-day.
Hilton Carpentsr.
DIXONV March l.—MlKon Carpenter
died to-day after an illness of two weeks,
leaving a wife and two sfns.' Mr. Carpen
ter has been a resident/of Northern 8o
lano Plnce 1S57. .-"/-- ' •
Herr Theodore/von Haisler. : .
BERLIN. March l./-Herr Thepdore von
Hassler.-. president it. the Bund, der .In
dustrlellen (Manufacturers' League), and
one of the foremost of German protection
ists, is dead. • ' ¦ / •
CHICAGO, : March 1.— A. J. Cross,
freight cpntractlng agent of the Burling
ton road, and one of the best known m&i
In ; his position In the United States, /Is
dead, at his home in Riverside, a suburb
of Chicago. . He was In his Blxty-eevrnth
year and had been with the Burlington
road twenty-six years. .-' •¦- /.
. • ' - # . •'¦ ¦•/•-'. . -•
Alexander 'Wood.v /
WASHINGTON, March 1.— Aiexanddr
"VVpod or Pennsylvania, United ':.'" States
Consul at Kiel, Germany, died' there to
day of paralysis. He was appointed Con
sul at Kiel in October. 1899. / ; . ;•
A. J. Cross. •
: ""'; " !;. .f : Joseph.{W.^Taylor. ; ~ : :?y^
. DENVER^. March l.^r-Jbseph. TV. Taylor,
ohd of the '! most prominent members of
the Colorado bar, died" unexpectedly last
night, had been In a nervous condi
tion for two days, and to quiet him r>r.
A. B. Wheeler gave him an injection. Ha
was seized with nausea and strangled to
death while unconscious. Born In Jack
sonville, 111., 59 years ago, Mr. Taylor
received his legal education as a student
under Adlai E. Steven&on, former Vrco
President of -the United States. He
served in the Fifty-first Illinois Infantry
as second lieutenant, and afterward took
a course in Ann Arbor Law School. Then
he moved to Ixavenworth, Kans., where
as ,. activ6 fcoth In law and ln Politics.
ANhlle living there he served two terms
as County. Attorney and was also a mem
ber pf the Kansas Legislature. He moved
to Colorado In 1S79.. ¦
Verdict f or Mrsi Cook-Barton.
'¦: SANTA . : ' 'ANA, /March .i:^The;: famous
Cook.--B.aftonTRawspn .case ."ended- ": tb-day,-.;
thfe rjiiiry. ; -'aiter^ .^ix^hours.'^ .deliberatiph
bririglhg; vjri ) a" fyerdlct ; -for % ih$ : : plaintiff
This action '¦¦ was'-. ...brought :- '..by '.Mrsl 'Katid
Cook-Bartpri against >Irs.-."De-Ua.;.B.' Raw
&qn~6t Ix)s : . Angeles : - to. : . recover; title to
forty .acres of valuable, peat land ;wh!ch
the . plaintiff claimed .. had IV-been'.': procured
by 'using -undue;, lnn-u'ence- pyer. .the' plain
tiff ¦ during the. time'.-she- was" Pn- trial'-'- f or.
murdering her hysband.- f ; . ; . .•; -. ¦"--'.¦. :
Not -Eager for : ian Inquiry.
aiENTOv¦': Marchv I.-^Xothirig; further ihas
beeri; done^ abqu t tno :^scand al-; a A by
repprts' PfV^ai corruption: f iinid; to; beiat : the
nIcicei-In-.the-slot : V michln«':- bills- TLukehs*
motion '.;iri : -the- Judiciary Gpmmlttee: to ask
for;: the; appointment of an Investigating
cpmmitte&. dlo* ;.-oat. meet with a. second. He
w-ai-advised by. the chairman of the com-
mlttee-ta;take.up;the;matteri-himself on
the- floor; of '.the: : Senate.:; but. he., says '. he
has all he -cari. do to get ; the county £6if*
clde'rf: hovr: much; further; he. wllligp;
fact ./that ". his; iriotipn- -.was, .hot .eyen. . se'c'r
ondeJdi'rL.ukens-^elleyes. -spggests- that- an
ihvestigatibn is not desired:;.; ;.-': /¦¦•.:¦'•,>..
;M^:^?TO,-.Mfirc r ri; I'r^ehaVex hlll/J;
.priatlng^^ $207,<)0Q.;.for:. us?:;in.- Conjunction.
; iwith; avH^
/yestlgatlon": til. thfe -'yrkiet: supply : .jpf /the
¦¦-.S't'Stfe; 'and-the^u.estiph^iitvTOr^V:?^®** 1^".*^-''
: fipni was glyert;: a>long stirt^towafd nnaV
success -In the- Afisemiiiy ; this ; : atternobru
¦ Two;.' amendm jh ts-..were : - adopted;-; neither.
of- Which .¦a.a.e'c.tjs'..'-;the:.\e'es#rjfUal-^'eatur^rij.oif;
¦:tb^'-"bJU,v.aiiuJ.'-in;>that-- : fp'rrn;:;lt-..'wa.a sent; to
and- third : reading^. : with.- the
it 'will ; have, the .support
oi :members/'wh;o ; have .; frevloiisry beejl
¦b'k't?r.;6p;ponent3.-of ¦th.M.vmeasure,;':..:. ¦...-¦
¦.- :: Jphiisph .pnTeried.;ftfi : amendment ¦rraking
'.nual' : ;i eicrt- •¦Hto'^th.^v-.Q^yerrjor.- .;' >lt';w3s"
HiiOptCu...v -iMQ'8Vcn.-yi^fci,<<d'. : '.a : tv'->.'|claiE.li^'tiijireit
:specifylhgr:t^iat; the :s?ecpnd'hajf .<;f.-the ; ;aiJv
propriatlort^: shh!I> ; not; become {available
.until ¦a-ri.':awountl'rig;;8.rj4H''hHy.e.:-be'ea-tod<ie"
'-.t'Q---thfc.J-/'Qpverno.r.vPt';!rth^'-/ ; expehdltu'r.e'-":"-.'ef
rf.unaaj-rnade-^iurin.g ; -;'.the: ; fifty rrthlrd'flVcaV
year; •a-i^|nff:"-w.Wbhv.th«yflrs : t;..-h.alf^|-k-;iivaili;
able.r •/Upqn^Ralstbri-givi.ng -his:assurancie
~th&.tv'h> i --wouTdv^uppp.rtVlh^'lJtllfT1f;;*iuftAf0«
ed';- ¦.Jri:;.;.triat iheifriends-.of; the;
•measure; consented ; to the- Rmt-ndment. and
• 1 1 -wras adppte'di. ... :. : :- vV - - :¦?.:'"¦:= "¦ : -: <-'r-:.'. '-¦¦ . .- ¦-', ¦
Asseiiibly:; i Takes Tfp. Bin.;fqr;JnyestI
./ .; ¦ gation~ of Water Supply. ; .
MENTO; Majrh l.-^Tho Assembly Com
mittee on Public Buildings : and Grounds
made an attempt .to-day; to Justify some
of Its expehsive junketing by defeating
Senate bill 16, appropriating $5000 for the
purchase of a. small tract of land adja
cent; to the grounds of the Veterans'
Home at Yountville. So little regard, was
accorded the representations of the com
mittee that tha bill was passed by a vote
of.49,to.io. ; : - ;•• V:- ¦.--¦¦ •-;;¦:,• -..v\ ¦¦• - ;
Rutherford, thalrman of the Committee
on Public Buildings and Grounds. . and
Felir. Knight and Foster ; the members
of the sub-committee which visited the
Veterans^ Home, all spoke in opposition
to ;the . .bill; .The; tenor, of their remarks
was that the water from; the; spring on
the tract to be purchased was; not need-
ed by the institution, and that the com-;
maridant; had told them that the trouble
attendant, upon, the existence of the ?a
loorV.-irpon;.this .tract ¦"•. could. b<? controlled
by,;6ther rrieans ;than. : f he purchase of the.
land. -""Anderson; Webber" and ¦ Cowan ' de
f^ndedv the blir,; ;and :: asserted> that the
m$nag6ment:bf • the: institution;; held .-: the
.pur cha se ; 6 f -the . la nd ' to= '¦ be;- a ; ma t ter ; of.
importance jo '}-Iti-v; : .i;* V;;'' : ':^~; : ;t>" :..-':.;cv.>/.
A issem^iy; Ignore s the J^ublic Build •
•¦¦'.; .' ;'}. ings^ : Committee's Adverse ;;.;:;
; .' - • :'."•' .- ¦ ".'¦ '. v ;X ¦' '. Rsporti ; '..- '.; .¦' ;.":-¦; ¦ :¦'•'.
{PURCHASE- OF LAND v •".:• v
! v'.=-i -;:neaii veterans' home
¦ : -'Jia to the Philippine amendment Presi
dent McKlnley is perfectly willing to ac
cept it In the form lti which it passel.
He has never had any thought of reieot
ir.gr it. The report that he was scrlous!..
dlspteased with the Hoar amendment la
without foundation. He believes thins*
that will be done under the Philippine
amendment will result In the complete
r*>toratlon of peace on tha islands dur
ing his administration, and the rebulld
ir.R.of a nation that will stand as a lasting
monument of what the United States can
do in the way a dependency.
. In the closlr., days of his first adminte
i tration the President /is in receipt of
many congratulations on his accomplish
ments in the past, and sincere gocd
wishes for the future. He Is literally
'overrun with callers. The White Hous->
la thronged with, visitors from morning
until late in the day. In order that ail
persons may have an opportunity of In
specting the- rooms, and also of seeing
the President, .-when official engagements
Will permit, orders were issued to-day
keeping the^ building 1 open until 3 o'clock, j
an hour, later than usuaL:. .
Members of Cabinet Resigns.
/President: Mclyinley's Cabinet wa3 In
jsession two. hours to-day, and the meeting
begari. with all the members tendering
.their r*slgiiattons,>. which v the President
accepted. -Thi* was iv m*>re formality and
¦'111 -fn. kecordancewith: the • precedent «#•
tabiished by O^r.era? Grant at the end c!
his first term Air of the members of the
: Cabinet; will; be: renamed by the President
L anil their nominations will be sent to th»3
I Senate on .Tuesday, : The fact that onlv
! idnechah?!? in the Cabinet is contemplated
—that.- of Attorney General— will rob thf
approeichingr .Inauguration of President
:>IcKriiley; of the usual gossip that has
been afloat) tit inaugurations regarding
the; formation of a Cabinet. Attorney
General GrigB's has been prevailed upon
tovjremiilh; In the Cabinet until some time
in'xAprl^V::-:'^ ¦¦^.: J --' / : '¦'-¦: ¦'-- ¦:.-•¦¦•.¦
X. W. WASHINGTOK, March 1.—Presi
dent McKinley is perfectly satlsf.ed will*
the Cuban outlaok. It can. be stated p.,si
tlvely that he,.do«>3 not expect that th'i
passage of the Platt amendaient: to.;, the*
army bill wilt brir.g about a revolutipn inr:
Cuba, or that it will cause ahy disturh
ance or ill-feeling there: There isr -not, tho
slightest thought of Increasing; the; -.'niili-;
tery force oh the; island^.' ..¦..¦• ¦¦¦..:.,¦.:,'¦ ¦-.-'. .
.ProsldentMcKlniey has been very close
irt touch'wlth the Cuban iiXiestloh. and
does net. regartl the ; failure of -the -Cuban;
consUtuticnal convention Vto: accept- our
proposals as in the slightest degree alarm
ing. He believes the Cuban*, as soon a>
the United States' dfclanitlon reKanlir.i;
our relations with the inland has becorr.a
law, will accept the result and undertake
the task of arranging relations with tha
United States mutually beneficial to both
countries. -Much was accornpliahed when
the Cuban constitutional convention ad
mitted that we had even a small right to
say anything about the affairs of Cubn.
Dlrpatches from General Wood have oeeii
of an optimistic character and have
failed to bear out in any way the alarm-
In? reports telegraphed from the island
that trouble was brewing for the L'nlt*"l
States and that the temper of the Cubans
was hot agalr.st the administration. ':...
;. i: Philippine Amendment.
Special Dispatch . to Th« Call.
McKinley Also Conliflent oj
Speedy Restoration: pi
Peace in Philippines, /
President Believes
Proposals Will Be }
Accepted. :v
NEW YORK. March 1.— Little Miss
Kolin2Uten, a nlne-year-o!d Ihdian srlrl
from Montana, who has just returned
from a European tour, will have some
thing to tell all the other little Indian
maidens. of the big Catholic school that
will cause them to look upon her with
great wonder.- . : ".
Kollnzuten wns blessed by the Pope
¦while: she. was in Rome. ¦ •
. VYes, and-'l.-'e-'hall never forget It," said
the child. "The Holy F'nther saw me in
my beaded Jacket and feathered wig and
said, 'Where did this little black-eyed
glri come from?' As soon as they made
me understand what his Holiness was
saying to me I told him I was from
Montana, and that mf- mother lived In
the Rcckies. . He smiled and took me In
his arms and blessed me. He placed his
hands upon my face and made me lock
up into his face. Then he patted me on
the head gently; and asked for God's
blessings upon, nic forever." .•¦'¦-¦ .'- ,
Spcclal t>l»potch to The Call.
Holy Father Takes Child in His Arms
. and ABks God's Blessings
¦{¦''¦ Upon Her For-
Unusual Experience of Miss
Kolinzulen of Monv.
The value of the ohlcle. the basis of
chewing gum, that Is produced In Mexico,
is three times as great as that oV the
country'* present rubber product.
PITTSBURG, March 1.— Bank Examin
er . Black had C.H.Slcdle, Individual
bookkeeper' for the Third National Bank
of this city, arrested . to-day, on an al
leged shortage' In hla accounts, of $36.C00.
Stedle was afterward -released -on bail
pending a more "complete examination of
the book? '
".Bookkeeper Arrested.
All other causes— February 19,. Forty
third Infantrj'. Clarence L. Anderson;
February. 7, Sixteenth Infantry, Sergeant
Lock Castlebury. drowned, body recov
ered: February 17,- Sixth Artillery, Ser
geant Jesso C. Copolllger; ; January 2Q,
Forty-third Infantry, William IL Hart
man: February 19, Seventeenth .Ihfantry,
John E. Kelly: February 20. Acting As
sistant Surgeon James L. llebbett; Six
teenth Infantry, George S. Smeadley 4 ,
Twenty-first Infantry, Joseph M. Spencer;
February 19, Battalion of EnRineers,
Ilarrj' W. Starblrd. . .
•WASHINGTON*. March : 1. — General
HacAnhur's latest death dated
Manila, March 1, ¦ follows:. .; ; ; -.- ><¦ \
Dysentery-February 27, Twenty-first
Infantry, Bertie. C. Thompson; Twenty
fourth Infantry, Walter L. Smith: Feb
ruary 24, . Eighth Infantry; Frederick
Ernest. • . • ¦ .
Min Who Have Recently
; , Succumbed. . :
General MacArthur Sends List of
V LONDON, March 1.— Lord Cranbourne,
Secretary of the -. Foreign Office, •¦When
questioned- in | the- House of Commons "to
day regarding the claims - originatlrtg
from the disturbance in BamQa in 1899,
nald that none had been settled, the argu
ments of the American and British l gov
ernments i relating to ¦ the military opera -"
tlons in Samoa not having been presented
to the arbitrator. 'The Government com
municated with Germany in respect to the
non-military claims ,.
Governments Have Not Been
},¦ Submitted to Arbitrator.
Arguments of American and British
NONE OF THE SAMOAN' ' : : : * .
';•;( •/¦ >¦:¦¦'¦¦¦• -CLAIMS YET SETTLED
.•¦ . 1 9O 6 : Censuis ; Edition , .
Is offered as a premium to all
Call readers. Several sample
atlases are on exhibition at the
business * office " of this . paper
, and all persons desiring a first
' class atlas are invited to call
and inspect this splendid book
' of reference. -, , ! . - .. ¦"-=¦'• " '.-.. .;.-;:¦
ROCHESTER. X. T.. March 1.— In a fire
this noon which destroyed the I^eary Dy.)
Works, a five-story brick structure on the
corner cf Platt and Mill streets, two llws
were hist, one man was probably fataliy
Injured and ten other persons were mor<j
or Ipfr foriously hurt. ' The dead are two
unidentified persons, a man and a boy;
both burned beyond . recognition. I Their
Identity will be difficult to establish.
Frank ITdpll. brother-in-law of the vice
president of the Seneca. Camera Company,
was probably fatally injured In jumping
from the fourth story.
The financial loss was $53,000.
Others More or Less Seriously
One Man Perhaps Fatally and- Ten
Weeps in Court At Crescent
City. • - : ¦'-¦¦
; CRESCENT CITY, March I.— Patrick il.
Gay. who . on Monday pleaded guilty to
the murder of Marcus- J. McNamara.
proprietor of the AmeMcan House bar in
this -city. wa» to-day sentenced to life im
prisonment b>' Superior Judge F. Ai. Cut
ter. Gay broke down completely In court
and wept. He said the crime wascommU-
: t«*d- while he was under the influence of
I'.quor.. .. '.I-; .' ',. .' "¦;¦. •
• The- murder of HcNamarc took placa
In front of the American Hou«e ponn
weeks affo. Gaj*. who is a Rambler was
refused admittance to a card game in. th--»
barroom,. He went home,»got his -revolver
and returned to ihe hotel. Arriving at the
hostelry (»ay began shooting afa dog that
happened to pass. AIc?<amara left t'ia
liarror.mto remonstrate and Gay- flrtl
• upon him. inflicting- a wound from which
the saloon man soon expired.
." Hoth' Gny and McNatnara were born and
rrared in Crpscent Oltv. Oay has a w.f o
and thras children. . His victim' whs un
married. -.'. -^.--'. ¦¦•-¦-..
Garabler/ Gay Breaks • Down and
WASHINGTON. March l;— A wedding
which -will. ca\ise: surprise to New-York
tnd Southern society, as well as Inltaly,^
will take place In this city at noon to
morrow. . Mrs. Jennie Berry Barton, : a
strikingly handsome • and .Immensely
wealthy widow, of Nashvijle, Tenn., will
be married to Don Enrico, son of Prince
Ruspoli of Roire, Italy,- and scion of one
of tne most prominent Italian families.
The ceremony -will be performed by Mgr.
Martlnelli, the higrhest, of the social'rep
resentatives of the Popo in " the United
States. .¦'¦¦'.. ' ¦ ; '¦-¦¦¦¦." ¦.'':; -';¦¦¦¦-,';•
Italian Prines-to Be - Married
" : ¦ at Washington. : : ;;} '
Wealthy Southern "Widow and Son oi
DetachedFrom Command of the.South
. ?. Atlantic, station. ; c ;., •¦•;,.; • j'
¦i "WASHINGTON. . March - 1.— Rear :Ad
m'.ral Bartlett J. Cromwelli V now com
mandant of the : I^eague Island, Navy-yard,
lias been selected t6 succeed; Rear Ad
miral Wlnfleld S." Schley as commander in
chief of the South Atlantic naval station.
Rear Admiral. John J.) Read, nw unem
ployed, Will succeed Rear Admiral Crom
well as commandant of.'the League Island
yard. -Orders- detaching Admiral' Schley
and . directine. bis return to the .United
States preparatory to retirement will
reach him at Montevideo some time next
m6nth. On being relieved by Admiral
Cromwell. *he will jcome^to this ;*, country
arid will probably be on waltlrig-'orderB
until placed- ton the r retired- list In October
next.; - -¦•-""• '••'¦. -i '~ '..-.".¦.;-¦-..¦ -.".:';'•.. ;:.;».
¦It is riot' known ¦hQW J long the 'admiral
W1H be "at :-.-w-prk-. on* hla- i>aj>ers.,''- or
whether they, will be published- during his
life or not, or;' whether." he vwlll present
them in autobiographical -form or>, hand
them down, as jnemoIrK... The.ivhol^ aim
of the work is that he may-rbe-vindicated,
as his triends term it, in v the:?yea pf. his
tory. ¦;¦¦,:.;.•;:. ¦¦"; : '. ;¦;"¦ - •'*;.'¦¦ ',.J.--',. ',; .
/.The rpcent.contrpye
:the; Santiago i.-lierp :Ja;h % id;iopurVe.V;;,-;-Admiral;-
Sampson .is : rion-commlttal vltt . the ' matter.;
;ifis:-frie : nd* ;:are.:v divided/:-. .Sonic ydeny '¦¦ ;it.;
4nd^ther* : -^ t .theVyar^^
n.intly ;flttlh'g:: that the adm
cure Justice- for himself fpr the future,, in
asriivich asVthe .present VrBcneratld!n; : dPes.
not 'accord it. •"¦•¦ The;S6hley-:Sampson "icpnf
troversy. Is iwHat' -flrsC suggested. ;th^i)iaLn
to the- admiral. .'¦ As '. an ;.pfflce'_r;;ln- !'the'. navy
he feels that his lipa are Wealed as; tpihis
own : official acts •against cpmment.uppn;
his euperiors.,..,;^ ;.v..,v..",'.-'-.'\ ~; ;.;';• ; ; '- .0.. -'*?*
: In his memplrs there will be ample-fleld
for the play of his pen, either, jfpr peace
or for criticism. v His " peraoriai .reminis
cences will/ enler.intp. the tvprki "but .•the :
work ¦••¦;wili be founded .upon; jiis^iayal
career, and present the : official correspon
dence vwhich he. has ; had .with :the Navy
Department .and meiv of. prominence put
sicle since he .becarne ia.-faetpr.ih thc:ha
tion'f< 1116. ?It-vwlli comprise a: history of
the^Spanish war from theadmlraVs polrit
of viewii- :•¦. '':. v'.'-W'v '-'•- : '- ¦•':' ?%'k^**i^ ¦¦"'~-\ : -:',
;f BOSTp>v^ M;arch t^The ;fact^leakfed but;
at^he^^Ghiriesiown..; Navy -yard : to-day
lhat\the.;0o : mnVaridant pf ;';the/';'-'yard; Rear
AarniraV : T.; Sampsori,; Is -.hard :at;.wprk;
; o:fl--|8. :: Yo!iirhe; of ,hld.;rripiripi:rs : which: Js'
defcign'ed: to'; jridlciate ,hls; '¦' rofhciai -!: .ciar.feetV
with;>spiebiai.r«ferericp:to the' Slprg-ari. and'
Schljey ;;lmbrpgllopv:. . '; , ; ; ¦•¦.¦.•:¦¦¦¦-.¦¦¦¦¦¦¦•¦..•:.•:.¦¦.'¦
epeclal "Dispatch to. The: GaJi.
Preparing a Volume of His
Memoirs on the Schley
The Invpstlgation will be resumed Mon
day 1 p. rn. : -..-•.-. :-^.; : ?.¦-•.';- '
¦ Tbe Merchants" Association' at a meet
¦Ing yesterday passed a resolution highly
ccmmrndir.g the bravery of the Italian
fVshcrmrn who navcd many livpg of pa«-
Ffngcrs from the wreck of the Rio d<*
Janeiro _a.nd voted the sum of. $100 to the
fund being raised for presentation to the
fis-hormen. • A ch^ck for 55) was al«o re
ceived from lh«> San Francisco . Savings
I'nion for the fund^ . ¦" . • ¦ •• •¦'. - •:
Mark EHingson. the lookout ' of the
Fnrt Point life-saving: station, is still In
the city. He. was seen last evenlne and
whpn queMlohed as to why he did not
.give an -alarm when he heard the distress
whistles of the Rio de Janeiro save eya
flvc answers. • :.;• . . . - .
J; RusselK main deck watchman^ wa>
the next witness.: J^e testified that his du
ties .were to look after the steam steer
ing gear on the main i 1 cck. Russell state 1
that the gear, was in i>erfeet order when
the ship was coming 1 into ¦ port. .Russell
.testified that when . The enip '.."struck', lie
had been ordered to his boat and that hi?
Chir.CFe crew bchavey with order. .Tne
witness told in amodest.Trtanner. hoW ; he
>iad lowered his boat arid carried thr«v?
women passengers into it He had. jum
time-to ctt his. boat from the Rio's side
when the *tesmer plunged dpxvn.Wi*
npss stated that he distinctly heard the
voice- of Captain Wa:d . giving orders to
lo\rer the. boats and' save th«f passemrers.
Previous' to th«« ship sinking the "witness
had seen none of the engineer's crew on
the hurricane or main decks. . .. . . .
f Tes! If they, had haj tiine. topetup.iD
man the bost*,V . was the. reply. ,..,¦: - : .
This question was put for the purpose,
e h o w I n <r t ft a t C h i e f . K n Kin ee r • H eri t h y ; . w; i s
r.eglljrent in Tipt Vteliinffi the : mieii of: his.
departnscnt to .get.to.thFir- bbat&i.- '.' - '- :: ,v
Daniel I.ane» water tender on-': :t he K-.o
Ce Janeiro, wif then lejariiihed. He te?*
tified that the : ship staried to edm* into
port -uith ¦well banked; fir>fs ; : and. that sU V
had fully 1W poumts of. stertm. :Hip thpuKht
that with 14J poundy pi e??ure the englriyi?.
would have cenerattd more" fteam whori
fehe struck and the ..-afety. valves 'would:
have worked.. This tine, of ouestionins
was pursued by Inspe'cior pulRer:in; brdetr
to show that the Rib shpuld have had a
full head of Ftearn when she ; started to
come into l>ort in case of. accident.-. -The;
witness testified that he did riot hear any
orders giv^n to the a^-.".Istant ehgrineers.to
po down to the. engine rooms and. open
the. Fafety valves. Kr.siheer.HfTiihy had
testified that he had Srivcn -these Prdr-rs
Bad f cr Herlihyv
¦ness told of . ~ the . steafnship. ;¦. blowing
T.-iiistiee of distress; -and that he pa\v. .tile
tajit? in tie : do Wri : - ;one . \ • whistle ; '-:¦ cord;
Testified that the Cirinvse crew be> v
. riax*a with precision ; and .obeyed : all
' «.»rrters. . The : wHriess ¦ .told: of: cpjlyeylhg:
ih'ree women Into hi? l>pa.t.V lie : : jila-cpTJ:
the : time between the \*t_H'klTig:::«nd;:;.?'IhH-V
ing r,f the ship at. slj-top even ininutes.-:.:
Inspector Bulger asked the : witness thv
following; question at ;tt?e close of. -the; e.k-: ;
em! nation: ¦ "vlf. : tJ>fe-.:eiigineer ? s. prew...haa.
reached the deck sroyid : more:;ilvcs/ have
been faved?'*. .; ".•'¦¦;¦.:- : '-.'.;C/-..\:' ; ; '^¦¦¦f-^fio'-'W-':''
¦¦:¦¦¦''¦ :'•' '/• 'i.'']-'th'tig-,':'-' : as :. : .tbe, .-.• pbiice.' : cali --. thol'
"niyBt-e-rt6us;:cr4minal..;V; : 0nN.that^date','_Mrs-i
'il.lllanVBeiL : - : was^!Btrac.k; : '--down.;'5rtear.-'h^
home ;6n\ Capitol Hill' arid ;;her.; : s|lyuli^ was
f raitiired; : ; ." She jdled t.^n days later; of •h< v r.
;InJuries>i/:On/;the^same: : . : :niBht';twp;;othpr
women; . were; assaulted, r biit, ;;nbt; : beateti*.
help ' arriving -bef^re;.;the; thiji^ycpuld lajid
. his -deadl y bl o wi; ; : . S lhce that da te;- 1 hirtee ri
assaults have.eycur^
bSeii; "actually : .-.sjr;uck;^^n./.'Qhe,'i'Mis^
Annle : WcAteej-^'a^driven ;;craiy:;by^ tim
! -VXh«: ; 'assailant. :[*'¦'&¦' puzzle' to : the ! polJ^e
JbeQau'se;'- apparentiyXih^rer 'M ¦¦¦¦ rip jmotly^;
fpltvhis-crirries. -.-¦•'I Io ; . eet in si like: the ."thills
:oj V :'¦: Jnd la '• ¦'¦. : tp . • '/kill •for. ' :t he.;.' me re; ' 1 o ve; ' ct
• Kiiliing^vHe .^n^lt her^ ' robs : riuf
¦a^sftiiitS;-hi3 : ;yictihiW. : ; ;;ina7rinethp^:'M>t1^.
tack^ is 'invnriably the- paririe.;:.' Hk^sllpfeu'p
noisel^r^iy;: hehiiid /iarid Strikes' liis'/yictun
at) the 'bapd of the. skull. \;A. l)lpw;\Qf th's
-f6rtXvc.0mm.oh.i>* ¦•''; causp);': loss^bfran^mnryV
ijrs, ¦ Mair ¦':': ShortVarul -^Mrs.;
Vf-^v. EKVEH;; . March-:. l:^Chi:: -Auguit
; ; ; /iV : '24 ' pecured . t he. lirst ¦ ojf -a ..'series- of
:.:':¦ jB-.vas'saults/pri^; women ; whichOareat^
)\*J/. 'I tritmted ; -. to. ; tlje-; tiapitoi:;; : Hi!r
Bpeciai pispatch ; to : The 'Call.
Thirteen Assailed by AI Co wan t a Hater of ihe Female
5ex, and Three of His Victims Die.
died during. the last week of wounds In-
flicted by the : slugger, a week ago last
Friday night. :Miss Emma.: Johnson, as
saiilted at the same time. Is still alive, al
though her. skull Is. fractured. *.. : .
. Al Cowan, arrested on Capitol Hill with
a blood-stained revolver, has been identir
tied; -as the th'Jg by Albert Frederick, who
says he saw Cowan .strike down Mrs.
Short.. The. dates >of. the assaults xoln
clde With Cowan's, periodical visits : to
Denver.; Cowan is apparently demented
and ; constantly -expresses his hatred of
¦women. • ¦". ' - '• ;¦ v-' : .- ¦£¦'/. ¦ ¦¦¦¦¦¦'.' .'.¦¦'¦ ¦',
c^MMrrs;:suicjDEv: ; .:- : :.- •.:' :•¦
;; . DUltmG XENTEl^
in 'Episcopal- Church at
;v.'. .;¦;: . Jieadyille: : : •,¦,;¦/ J-
Tragic ."Death- of Sextpri W. T. Bond,
: LEADVILLE; Colo.; • Alarch 1.— W. T.
Bond, who served In the Philippines as :.a
membef of the^First:. Colorado Volunteeri,
committed vBuiClde this ..afternoon •..by
drinking . &n.^otince. of carbolic acid , in tne
Episcopal 1 church ; . during ;Lehteii serviced
Bbn&;-was".sfexton of the . church. Ill health
had ma-de ' hlmi;. , depppndeht, "¦. j : ¦ . : . . •: .' .
Continued From Page Oiae.
If Is reported on. good authority that
Charles <.lark, son of trie S^nator-el^oJlV
Is orhv of those who are <jpi)OP?d to his
father'-s: adrhlssicn to the Senate-. 1 father
and son having fa!2en out. :The. : explana
tion' offered for thl 1 ? *s that Charles Clark,
•\vho is\a very wealthy mine owner ;in h's
<-wn' •' r'ght. has teen won .over to the
cause' «f the Standard pil. or /the Amal-;
•gajr.a.tc«r Copper/ interests, which may
make- him president of the Amalgamated
Copper Ccmparjjv .;•'.>; ;-¦¦'¦ r~- y. - yO-l
¦•; This • protest has '.been filed 1j>- :II. H-
Knap ; df Helena, : repret-enthiK the I .abor
jmrty there, and hy interests prom 1 -.
iier.tly identiHed with the Standard Oil
Company. It lj? alleged that Clark's p<?r-
Mnal contribution in the recent .Statj;
< lection was betwocn $250,509 and. $3*UW,
v.horcas his sworn statement as to money
t-critributed for campaign purposfs place'l
the sum at cr.ly fcn.oni; that Clark
throughout the ..entire State campaign
paid tne personal and Jiving expenses of:
tvery member of the Democratic Stat: 1
Oommit*"?; that Clark spent JGO.OOiJ in
Silver Bow Count> ami $l'u,OO-J in Cascade
County, f 75^0 in l.»awpon County to ieleci
een?.tor .Cullen and fa 1 *)*) in of: the
lollrwirt; •counties: Granite. J^ffersfn.
Eroadwater, iJcaver Hea'J and Madison.
"U*.. • lAViSMlNGTOXi Mnrchl.—Senator
elect \V. A. • CloVis ..<>f. -'Montana :"wlll not be
permitted to take: hi? scat In the upper
brtir.ch cf Cor.jrregs if the\Elie.i?at;ons Con
tained in a protert filed with . Senator
Chandler of SiSpwi Hampshire, and which
y.ill be presort ted to, the Svnatc yn March
4.' are :.proven. ¦....- •-..'¦- :¦/... ¦. .'. .'¦;•.. ¦¦,. : . .¦' . '¦'.
(facial Dtrpatcb to XI'? C>1!
Said to Have Joined
v FieM Against Him
Son of trie Senator-Elect
Strive to Stint
Him Out.
Enemiesol ClarK Still
vThis act," replied . Dalzcll; "is much
more Kenerpustthan- that enacted for the
government of the . Ix>uisiana territory.'.'.
Hacalled attention to the fact that this
Pro?tilent'8 Instructions to the Phlllppljie
Cohlirilir?Ion gave to - the: Filipinos every
constttuttonai, guarantee, -. including* the'
rtgtit <xl trial by Jury, -..j As to the. Cuban;
amenflment, It simply' provides for the
maintenance of the Monroe doctrine and
the proper sanitation of/, the Island -.to
protect ourselves _and the Cuban people.
The rule was adopted. 1.45 to 127." " ; ' . .
Hult tit Iowa, chairman* of 'the Commit
tee on. Military .Affairs, .then moved to
concur In the Senate amendments. Ho
said -with but two. days of the session re
maining' a majority, of his committee be
lieved that the wisest course to pursue,
was to accept the -Senate amendments.
Personally he believed the Benate provi
sions regarding Cuba were eminently
vl!«eand that those reg-ardlng the Philip
pines were. a limitation upon the Presi
dent's power. • ¦ ' • • -' •
~ Grosvenor of Ohio, supporting the PhlU
lpplnes and Cuban amendments,, related
the circumstances In connection with the
Ostcnd manifesto in ISM. when the emis
saries of a Democratic President offered
$100,000,000 for the Island of Cuba, That,
he said, was one ¦ of the ' Democratic tra
ditions upon this subject.. Another- was
¦the I.K>ui£lana purchase and ' government
or that Territory. Still another was the
government of Florida. ¦ After consider
able debate the motion vas carried— 159
to J34. ¦ ... . --•. ¦•-.-¦ .;
Defends Administration.
"But thf ¦¦¦ Louisiana -act,"-. Interposed
WJUlapis of MIsBiFfiippl. "was to continue
only-iintii should ; meet again-
TWs : aet Is to remain In force until Con
press *hall otherwise provide. ; It, cannot
provide otherwise, without the apprpyalof
the President." ;. . . :. . ; : : : : . . . : ,
: -X)alzell" Insisted .V: that .the: meihpd'jj.rb^
posed for securing a; vote;Upon.:the.pend
ing propositipri^ was hot unusual in the
closing hours of a Congress and cited seV
orial 1 - .cns«ij< .' : ;in. ; Democr»tlc . ; CphgTOfwes
when i analogous ' proceedings', were • had.
He asis^rtPd that the proposition relative
to the Philippines found MB exact parallel
lit the legislation, for. the government; of
the l^ouiFiatia purchase.. :• • • ;: .'•¦.¦ ¦:'. ¦. :•¦/'¦
'¦¦- De Artnbhd of; -Missouri passionately -de-,
tiaredv that W<- now :;:the.;
.flrstreiil * 'or.-grfssional tasto of.lmperialT
:ipm: ; : : HfTetlifor«iV (A»ni;r<'s«. li^^aia,;. had:
ihtrkea ¦ iiisi dutyv-ahd ¦ hadUailhwed th« ;
Piejiid^nt to rule withth<? hand arid f&rce.
of an Eniperpr^ Nowi « ithout pppbrtun
iiy-Ior¦.iliscusSlon; hardly for prqtf'.<U : :lmr
perialiiim; : was to be :.sanci:ib:rt«i : t>y;. lH?
Cbjigrefis W th^: irntted ; State^;>He ;;de>
clared t hat by ; '•tra<to. bHrgaih .and : cori-i
niVahce*" thf: ritrht.- ;-.of...l.O.Oi«u-,OC».ipeopI-e;:tn-'
the. Flillipp.in^s wcru? to.be frittered aw-ay,
\\'&r in t:\ipa f "-to.-, pe ris ked: ••/ * 'I
men<$ to the: 'vij'r'aint? ;;here: : :t : h^;.prluhder
they vvwili: pet:" he v said/ ¦¦.¦: '•For, myself; I
stand : tru* :lo my conception 'of •'.duty arid:
I ; cQnde;mh.the infamy .they : are perpe-^
.tfktin^'"-<Dem&cfatlc applause. ):'¦.¦ :.>:;•:.
; Lacey of^ Iowi; called^^ the;: attention pf
the. Dem&crats.' to.' ihoexcolTesit precedehtS:
for the: prpp<>i?ed:lpglFlatlon: in this acts, for
thejKoverhthent. .Mr-the.^I^ui^hai^ahd:
proposed method of goverhmehtw:a3 purer
•l>^'.teirtpidrar>v-''' : -lA'.i:M^ft : -a;. : PP''.'ma"iieh.t;.'^6x i ™:.
of go vernmerit . would be " : establish e<l. •¦¦ •'. : : '
Richardsion said that if .the act for the
goverriTnent. of the. Ijbuisiana purchase
was substituted [for the proposed propokU'
tio'n *» wr y \ PettiDcrab-^^ouhl vote : f or : "i t: '. '.
Dc AT^prid^rPpppsitibni:
!>nt£ or :0hio challenged Hull's, right
tu vote, but Hull votea aye. The. ilnal
cunfenehce report upon the Indian appro- j
pnatlon bill was adopted, and: u number
or : miuor bills were put tqroUKh the nnal
Mage*. 1 he conference report on tne: at:
lyoJLts Exposition bill .(which agreed to
hunclay : ciosingj \vas agreed/to and the
bill was sent tack to conlerehce. j A nio-
Ucri to concur in the Charleston Exposl
imh umenanient vatf dei^atea^-s+ to 132.'
Ine reVehuc cutter service \blil' was. side
tracktd .eariy in; the day.. by a :Vote : or tfies.
'House. :' - : ' .¦'•.¦: ¦¦.'•"¦.-.•"-:..-¦..•' .':•;¦.¦ ¦ : '.".-; '¦/:¦¦"¦ '¦'¦ ¦'¦':'.
¦'.: liaizeli ©f Pennrylvanla, trom the ; Gom
mlttee . eh Itules, pi evented . the. spv cial
rule providing tor a vote on a : motion to
concxir 4n thebenate.anTeridments. tp ;th;e
army Tslll aflei- one ihour's debate- on. each
side, ; He demanded -; tbe previous, quea-,
tion wiwn the adobtion c-f the rule,-; :: :
: .The previpufi quepttori was OKlered— 139
tolio; .This allpw^d ..twent.v minutes on a:
"tride: if of debate^iipph\th<r adoption iif the
ruie. . • Rictraf d?0n, v the V-intnori.ty-. leader,-;
•declared, that • the. rul*" ;was (jesisned -to
force a; vote after; l\vO; hours', debate uppn
\tiieV;'me!=t ; important^ isgne.-/ihv.the:vhlst'ory /
:otx*ic\ country.:': The: ¦.i?.hUlt>p.iiVe: and t'u
pan : : aro<»ndniehtsV engrafted upon ; the
¦¦¦rit.rriy;-:ttir'-b.y" ; .;th> v ;-S.ii-naie-' : ;we.r-c'' oltenslye; .
tobnoxious : :ahia . ;'; 'J hoy,,
ha-d-: betn :. 'placed uiwn . the bHl \lri oppQsi-.
tio^rj /tq every rurle of the -House- . ->'et .lift ;
Qppoi-tiinlty ¦'¦ was to. be allowed '.toiamerid.
thf ml ;¦: . irnder the Senate .ameridinpnt.:
: there:; would: '"¦ be; :Ko:vernedv;iO,(MJ,orW;xEili--:
plnos- as ;.American:;-feubject's without a
¦riKht ' : or cpr.ptilutional guarantpe^; . .The
eflniUtixjns tniposed [¦'.> in:, regard ;. to . Cuba .
¦vt-ovM-derij' tov ihe ; -.p;tj}p] : e -ihe,-i ree;;and;;1nr,;
:;^p'^nartyt\;'CPV> j th'^::-AmerJ.^- ; '-#hlcb- ; tn^e3it
car.: : Govprhrripnt solemnly promised .-.the
Cubans ;and: the worW.: v ¦ -;-. : ;^ ::; ; : ¦; ¦¦ •' ¦.;.;¦; '¦¦¦. : -
Exposition Bill' Agreed ToV
The 1 rouse was broughtto a'vote'-.by: a.
special order prepared. l»'y' the Corijml ttee
on Rule?, vshichiicrmi lied a» hour's de
bhip on* a side. The. Democrats attempt
ed to filibuster, but :¦';¦ they. .;.. were pver^
whelmed.- ..The debate vvas. not especially
noteworthy: .The; Philippine v and . Cuban
amendments . were, defended . by the . EMh;
-publicans and assailed "by: the iueniocrats.
The phiy ejrciting:inctde.iit occurred at the
'•close of the debate/ .whin Hull of: Iowa,
\\ hi'Se name-Cud been connected .\viih a
i'hilippines, .frankly.; acWnowifdged' that
h& had ln.vest.ed : money ••• In ;\C. He said- it
> : *^~j"^4fj|ltl^i*^ ft terpr.ise^:whlch-^ai]
' nut iocikir.s for' Opyeriiment favors.. .Sab-'
f=ei4U«jhtjy 4 whin.hc stated that' the.com
jjany Would not- Have- invested money .if
i3r> an -hud", been; ejected,- toe pemuenUs
¦.J«fel I'd -ind hissed and. snouted that: "itWviis
i/ecuupe it . .iirV an: nad ¦ Uyeri eiegUKi'- th*».
w:iiii.d. ; i<(jt .. have pyen. ¦ eat-
WASHINGTON^ March 1.— The Hou?©
removed ell possibility of an extra session
to-day by concurrinG "in the Senate
amendments to the army appropriation
bill. The vote stood 159 to Vil. It ¦ ;W.a« a
strict r«rty vote, with the exception of
MeCali of Massachusetts, ¦ Loud of Calir
forala, Driscoll of New York and Matin
of .' Illinois. : who voted •with . the .Demo
crats. Cooper of .• \Vl5cm'isln answered
present" and was not paired. 1 he bill oiiow
aotls to the President. ••. .'. ¦/.>•. ¦ •.V;>.v-/
Democrats Attempt to Filibuster, but
Are Overwhelmed and Resolu
tion Is Carried by a
.'¦ ... Party Vote. . . :
All Possibility of an Extra
Session Is Now .
Removed. • : : ; ;
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