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Trapper" ¦ Oil eur*s rhaumatlam and neural* I**
Vrasfimf, Mo flaak. lllctuurda * Co., 4M Clay.*
The battleships Orejron and Wisconsin
wero open to visitors yesterday and big
crowds went out on all the launches-. Next
flunday the Oregon will probably bo out
of commission and the. Wisconsin on her
way to Puget Sound.
The J four-masted bark Olympic, which
sailed from here for Honolulu on May 31.
arrived early on June 11, making tho run
In a little more thnn ten days. On her
last X'oynge the Olympic was partly dis
masted In a whirlwind nnd nenrly went
to the bottom. She 1b now running* to
mnkn up for lost time.
The, ship Star of HaJy arrived from
Newcastle. Australia, yesterday with a
cargo of conl. On the 8th Inst., when
making hl« rounds, Captain Wester found
the coal In the main hatch heated. H« at
once called the entire crew and fifty tons
of the Bluff was jettisoned. Tho remain
der of the cargo cooled down and tho
danger wns imnt.
Water Front N«w».
Wo sell trunks, valises and dress-suit
cases at carload prices, ns this Is the way
wo Huy them.. We also enrry large stocks
of pocketbooks, belts, bill books, card
cases, etc. On all fine leather goods, ko
dnka and cameras Included, your full name
lettered In gold fre« at charge. Sanbcrn,
Vail Co.. 741 Market Ht. •
Trunks at Carload Pricen.
Sick Soldier Commits Suicide.
Charles Reese, an ex-corporal In Com
pany F. Thirty-seventh Infantry, commit
ted suicide In n room at tho United States
Hotel. 123 Eddy street, yeaterdnv morn-
Ing. He had been living nt the Winches
ter House since May 2, when be was dis
charged, after returning from Manila, and
was sick and despondent. There are, only
electric lights In the Winchester House
so Saturday night Reese told the clerk"
thnt he would rhnngp to the United Stntea
Hotel, where gna Is used. He wns found
In his room yesterday morning dead, with
the gns turned on In full. He evidently
hns friends In Phllndelphln. ns letters
from there wore* found In his pockets. He
wns about 35 years of age.
Beautiful Picture Book of Yoscmite.
Send ten cents to the Southern Pacific
Passenger Department, 4 Montgomery
street. Fan Frnnclsco.
For full lnforr Ulon about established
routes, high class service, via Biggest
Big 'ire es. npply to nearest agent or 613
Mnrket street, San Frnnclsco.
Verus cures piles or $50 reward. AH up.
to-dnte druRglsts sell nnd guarantee It. •
Stricken With Apoplexy.
James P. Rocs of the' firm of Ross &
Co.. printers, was stricken with apoplexy
at the Stowe I^nke bonthouse, tn the pnrk,
yesterday nfternoon. He was removed to
his home. 7.7) Pine street, where It was
learned that a few weeks ago he was
stricken with apoplexy, but nppnrcntly
regained bis health. It Is not possible ns
yet to tfll what the outcome of the pres
ent stroke will bo.
Home vocalints on tht» stage are trullty of
murder on the high C's.
He Will Not Die nnd Joseph Burke.
His Friend, Is Released
on Bonds.
Joseph NntiRhlon. the plumber's helper,
llvlnu at ll*>'i Fifteenth street, who wns
thrown lo the sidewalk by his friend Jo
seph Hurkc, n laundrymnn, llvlnu »t 3X>2
Doviiadero street, on Sixteenth street mr-
Iv voMterdny mornlnir. wns declared out of
dancer vrnter.lny nffrnooH. nncl Hurke.
who bud bfcn lioukeil on ibo chnrwe of
bnttftry. wiim reli-iise'd on JoO 1 "* boniln.
Nntiichton was llrst tnken to the Hecelv
\uk Ilospltnl. where It wits thought bis
skull wns/friictur»d and h<* wntild proba
tily die. He bud born drinking eoimldorn
l»ly. which made tin* raie looR worse thnn
It' nrttinlly was. Ho was sent to St.
Mnry's llospltnl yesterdny mornlrifr. nnd
r>etectlvo I>lll«n. nccompankd by Hurkc
nnd Wnrrant Clerk Teery. wont to tb«>
hospital to take hln nnte-mortem state
ment. When thev Rot there Nnuehton
wns nil right nnd refused to mnke the
stnteinent. n« he hnd no renson to bcllove
thnt be wns polnK to die. Ho sntd. how
ever, thnt he rind Hurkowere always the.
best of friends nnd his falling on th«j slde
wnlk wns purely an accident When those
facts wore reported to Captain Seymour
b«» Rnvo Instructions thnt Burke should
be ndmlttod to bnll.
Richardson called at police headquarters
yesterday when ho was notified of..- the
nrrest. He expressed a desire to 'see
W«iHn. but the police. fearlnR trouble, dls-
Buadod him from his purpose. He said ho
did not want hU wife, who hnd po basely
deceived him. but he would have his
baby, whom h~ hnd never seen, and he
left for Hnywarda yesterday afternoon
with tho determination to tnk* the ('hlld
from Its mother. Mrs. Richardson Is said
to be well connected In Hnnta Monica. .
On June 1 Wells was absont from roll
call without If-ave. and an he fullo/1 to
mnkn hla nppenrance ho whh marked n« a
dfperter. Mrs. Richardson and her bnby
had alpo dlsat)pear«-d, and It was gener
ally known that they hnd eloped. Rlch
nrd?on returned on the transport Ohio
with his roplmtnt last Friday, nnd -ns
soon ns he became conversant with the
fact* h«- notified police headquarters. De
teetlvo VIk:iu nnd I'ollceman Kreel were
detailed on the case, nnd on Saturday
they dlscovored thnt Wells and Mrs.
Richardson were llvln* at Unywnrds an
husband nnd wife. They went there nnd
nrrest«d Wells an a. deserter, locking: him
up In the City Trlson.
Mrs. Rlrhnrrlnon took up h*»r ronldence,
In tho n^lRhborhood of tho !'n»«ldin to bo
n"ar her husband when h« i returned, nnd
while vIsltlnK the Prealdlo beenme ac
qimlntofl with Richard WVlln, tho dash-
Injf cavalryman. Krlondn nay H wa« a
case of lovf at flrnt slKht on both Bldex.
and WoUji «oon convinced Mrc. Klchnrd
non that sho rould only bo happy with
Mrs. Mllllu Rlchardnon, n jir^tty young
mntron. 21 years of nKo. arrived In thin
city tilxmt a month 'riKo with hor baby to
nwalt tho arrival of h<T hunhnnd. I'rlvatu
HIchnnlKon of th«- forty-n-roml Infantry,
whom nhp «>xpcft««f| to welcome nny flay
from the Philippine. whor*< ho hud been
tlchtlnR ffir hla country's onus*". They
hml ho»>n mHrrlrrl In Santa Monlen n few
tiKitiths hf!for«! Illrlmrdnon •'nllflted, ami
nftor ho loft for the rhlllpi>lnr<s nhe lived
with her mother thorp, where her baby
was born.
Private rtlrhnrH %\>ll« of Troop M. Flf
t««««nth Cavalry. In a j?ay lotharlo nml n
deserter from the nrmjr. H« lit at pr^Kpnt
lork«>d tip In \hf t'liy Pr'lHon, itnd'wlll b<»
tnkrn to tho Prealdla thin mornlnK to l)«
trlod by i-otirt -martial In duo cour««\ An
iiturry hushnnd l.« thlrxtiiiK for hln blood.
Murphy watched his opportunity and
when the vessel was within four feet of
the wharf made a daring leap for liberty,
lie was Huc;ce«sful ami by the time tho
pollcemon were able to Innd was far In ad
vance. Tannlhan and Dncpett took up
the chase and mnde the capture several
blocks distant. Murphy was booked at
the City Prison on a charse of petty lar
The. boat hml taken a pleasure party
about thn bay an<! was four miles from
the city on Its return trip when Murphy
opene«l tho cash register In the barroom
nml pocketed Its contents. The bold net
was witnessed by many people,, but thfl
thief rushed throusrh the door and to tho
upper dork and before the special police
men-could reach him he had passed hM
spoils to a confederate on I he boat u»id
delled arrest. He was taken Into custody
nevertholi-BH and stood between the offi
cers a* the ixint npproached the wharf.
Chnrle* Murphy, a temnMer. IS year*
of ««•'. robbed 11 till on tho Hleamer City
of Stockton |:im evening nnd gave tho
police omccrn an exciting cbua after tho
bout landed at tho Washlrigton«str<*t
whnrf In thla city. When the vtanel \\n%
within four feet <<t thn wharf the thlnf
made a leap for liberty nnd succeeded In
KiTiirliiK a decided ailvnntuK" over ht*
purmier*. He waa'capturod at California
and Kmnt mreets hy Special onic'om Das
«ett and Tannlhnn.
white, while the boys wore thrlr newest
suits, each with a liow of white eatln on
his rlKht arm.
At the conclusion of the church service
the Archbishop and the visiting clerKV
wero entertained at a luncheon Ht the res
idence of Kiit hir Lynch.
was occupied by the parents of the little
ones and members of the parish who
came, to witness the service. The front
seats facing the altar were reserved for
the children who were about to receive
the sacred rite. Within the sanctuary was
quite a representation of clergymen from
every parish In the city, who rnmi> to aid
the Archbishop in the administration of
the holy sacrament. The Rev. Father
Lynch, pastor of St. James, who prepared
the children for the event, was greatly
pleased with the appearance, of thp Uttlo
ones. The. little girls were dressed in
Thorr.a* IT. T3rif;af;rtK, son of ex-Pollce
rrjan lirliracrts. was arrested on K'-arny
Ftrest yesterday morning by Policeman
E. Burner and Detective Wren, on a dln
paVjh from Sheriff Slblcy of Stockton. He
Is wanted there for interfering with an
f:\r-t\\ov. board at the Supervisorial elec
tion tept. November.
Wanted in Stockton.
Another burglary was committed Friday
n'gh*. In tho hardware store of Aucust
Heck, til 20 Montgomery avenue. The
front door was forced and stock to tho
vp.»u»- of $100 tak<?n. ,
Tht- first burzlary was committed last
Monday night. In the Native Sons' Dyeing
establishment at 325 Montgomery avenue.
Thlovrs entered by prying open one of the
«how windows and took clothing valued at
W*). On tho following nluht tho room of
John Martin was nntorod In the I^ouislana
Houso ai. 227 Montgomery avenue.. A
trunk, all the U-nant's clothing and $180
In coir. wer«» taken. Tho following night
the clrar store of G. Amed'-n. at 329 Mont
gomery avenu*. '.van broken into. Only
i»»-veral hundred clijarz were secured in
th» last haul.
Captain Seymour nnd his men are pur
rl«*d at the daring of bunclars who havo
committed numerous crimes on Montgom
ery avenue within the past w«-ck. The
thieve* looted three, house* adjacent to
each other on thrte. successive nights and
secured consliierablo booty. Two nlsht*
later they lorced an entrance Into a bard*
w>r« store two blocks distant.
His Grace Archbishop Riordan con
firmed 300 children during the afternoon.
Long before 3 o'clock, the hour set for
the ceremony, every seat in the church
The improvements have been effected
only by the constant tolls of Father Lynch
during several years. Father L.ynch or
ganized St. James" parish and built the
nrst church. He has worked long and
faithfully for his narishoners and the
people at large, ar.d Is generally consid
er*^ one of the leading religious lights of
thfs coast.
Repairs on the Interior of the, church
have- been under way for several months
and now furnishings have been introduced
throughout. The walls of the building are
inscribed with scriptural quotations.
Pictures representative of tho Savior's
life have been painted high up In tho front
at the right and left of the altar. The
altar Us»lr is of rare beauty. New stained
glass windows, appropriately desipnt-d.
have also been placed in the edifice.
and was beautifully rendered by F. H.
Mather of London, England.
Other priests who assisted at the cere
monies were Father Larkln of St. Peter's.
Father O'Ryan of St. Mary's Cathedral.
Fathers Kennedy and Hennessey of St.
Paul's. Father Calzla, S. J., of St. Igna
tius*. Father O'Connell of St. Theresa's.
Father Kunkles of St. Patrick's Seminary
and Father Hennessey of St. James.
S>-j-ard race— P. Furbcrg. flrst; H. Hines.
*eco-d Unfier-waxer rsrtnisitES-P. Sunburg.
irsr S. Heint. second, l^-yard race— H. Hetnr.
Srev J Lester, second. Tub race— J. O'Brifn.
f.rst: C. Aururtus". frfcond. Ppringboagl diving;
— TV Stockton, first pr!r*; E<i Punburp. *eoond
prize. High (Jtvlr.*— TV. Stockton, first; H.
Durham secend.
A large crowd Fathered at the Chutes
and enjoyed the various features, both In
end out of the theater. Following are the
r*sti3te cf the contents a.t Sutro Baths:
Sunday at Pleasure Places.
SOLEMN nnd tmpre»*lv« *<»rv,lee»
were, held In St. James' Church
on <3u*rr<»ro street yr>«ierdny morn
lnj? In dedication ot tho remodel
ing nnd dfcorntlon of th« struc
ture. Th© church luts been handsomely
finished throughout its Interior In blue nnd
green nnd gold and presented n. beautiful
ftppenrnnee for the nacred services.
The ceremony consisted of Clnarosa's
military mass, special muelc for the oc
casion and benediction. The audience
was limited only by the slse of the church
and, while all available space was used
for standing room, many were not able
to enter the doors.
Mass was celebrated by Father Grlffln
of St. James. Father Sullivan acted as
deacon and Father J. J. Doran as sub
deacon. The sermon was delivered by
Rev. p. c. Yorke. He spoke of the mean-
Ing: and solemnity of the event and dwelt
with great feeling on the labors of Father
I*ynch. on whom rests the credit for the
entire work. The offertory was by Saloml.
Father P, J* Lynches Honored for His Many and Great Labors in
Behalf of Prosperous Parish Which He Organized*.
There are several departments of th»
city and county government thnt use
forage, and forage, bids are opened by
different committee*. The Health and
Hospital Committee nns recommended re
jecting all bids for for«K« for the City and
County Hospital, the rm*rgoncy Hospital
and the Alrnshotise. This committee has
to provide for supplying also th« county
iaU« and the insnne ward of the Health
Jepartment and the Coroner. The lowest
bidder to supply wheat hiy before ihls
committee was Scott A Mngner. whouc
prlc« wos $12 71 per ton. There was only
one bidder for supplyinK the Alm*hou*r>
with mixed wheat nnd ont hay. Scntt &
Magner. the price being $12 73. There was
also only one bid for the Emergency
Hosnltnl hny contract. Peters & Cowl#\
at $13 95.
No awards of contracts have yet been
made by the Supervisors for fornjee and
the whole responsibility still remain* for
tho hoard to fnc*. ,
It may bo thatAhe Police Committee re
port may be held^ut to-day, but It is due.
the committee having voted on the mat
ter. Since The Call began to make an ex
pose of the forage bids for supplying the
city ar.d county there has been much ex
citement among the dealers, who have
been expecting to Ret larger prices from
the municipality than any one else would
pay. Hay in the open murket Is worth $2
Jean iwr ton to private bidders than th*»
lowest bid bcfor« the Fire Commissioners.
Oats can be purchased for SI 15 per 100
pounds, a difference of $4 f7 per ton as
compared with the price to the Fire Com
missioners and a larger difference of J6 SO
per ton. a» compared with the bid which
the«Pollco Committee of the Board of
Supervisors has recommended for accept
Dealers Are Excited.
The Board of Supervisors will also re
ceive a report from the Police Committee
of the board, recommending the award of
the contract for supplying oats for the
use of the Police Department at the rate
of $1 49 per 100 pounds, to D. Keefe. Satur
day morning the Fire Commissioners
agreed to let the contract for supplying
oats to the Fire Department to Simon
Erlanger for $1 3674 per 100 pounds. Sub
sequently the Fire Commissioners were
informed that the price was far above
the open market price and Commissioner
Rolla V. Watt says that If the award can
be legally set aside the Fire Commission
ers may take that course to-day. The
lowest hid offered to the Police Committee
of the Board of Supervisors, it will b& ob
served, Is 11>*_ cents higher per 100 pounds
than that of Erlanger to the Fire Depart
ment, or $2 22 per ton of 2000 pounds. The
Fire Commissioners demand the first
quality of white oats, the highest priced in
the market, and there Is no question or
quibble to be raised successfully, there
fore, as to whether the bids for the Police
Department supplies call for better goods.
The issue is fairly before the Board of
Supervisors as to their policy in the mat
ter of oats, also. .
Report Is Due.
The Board of Supervisors may have a
chance to-day to say whether they will
sanction paying n higher price for hay for
the use of a city department than private
persona, buying: in much Bmaller quantities
than the city, find open to them. The
Police Committee of tho Board of Super
visors has reported In favor of awarding
a contract to Scott & Manner for supply
ing No. 1 wheat hay, to tiie Police Depart
ment, the quantity betngfll500 .bales, at the
rate of $13 75 per toni • .The same concern,
two weeks ago, ottered to'- furnish the
same quality of hay^to the"Fire Commis
sioners for the use of the Fire Depart
ment at the rate of $12 98 per ton, and
tho Fire Commissioners promptly rejected
the bid, although Scott & Magner made a
price lower than any other party. New
hay bids will be opened by the Flro Com
missioners, all the old ones being deemed
by the Commissioners to bo far too high.
It now remains to be seen whether the
Board of Supervisors will to-day put
themselves on record in favor of paying
more than the Flro Commissioners found
to*be beyond reason. ,
Supervisors Called Upon
to Declare Policy
of City. '
Municipality Charged More
Than Any Private
_ » . . .
* Amonp th«» pMt«iffr» on tufl steamship
China frcm th* Orient •«•«•«> six Eastern
young m*n who ar* complftlnft a tour of
the Tvriria. They are Stephen B. Elkins
Jr. of Went Vlrrinta. Earl* ...exan<J*>r of
N««w J<-r«>«\ J. W. Barney of New Tork,
F. C. Havemeyer of New York. W. 8.
THiceler of Philadelphia and S. Cobb Cole
man of Chicago.
EIMns U the son of Senator Stephen B.
Elkins of West Virginia. Alexander's
father 1* prominent in the Standard Oil
Company. Havemeyer Is a son of Theo
dore Havemeyer.. the siijrar trust mag
nate. Wheeler Is th« famous Princeton
football player.
The party left New York early In July
cf last year and have spent the year In
continuous travel. They followed the beat
er, paths in Europe. Egrypt and India and
made an extended ptay in Japan and
China. They spent a month at Manila
end penetrated farther Into the interior
of LAizon than the average tourist pets
from Manila. The young men will remain
h«re for about a week and will then con
tinue their homeward JournejV
"My first Impression? of San Francisco
are mo« favorable." Elkins said at the
Palace Hotel yesterday afternoon. "Pas
sencers on the China who were Sar. Fran
cisco peop'.e made great claims for their
c«ty, but we laid that to local pride, and I
«Lin much surprised to find so cosmopoli
tan and substantial a city. The hotel here
the very beet we have found since we
>ft New York.
"EverythinF is quiet la the Philippines
T.ov and it Is safe for Americans aJmost
anywhere. We found It hard to get away
frcm Manila. The army and navy offi
cers there are first class fellows. But it
is pood to jret back to a irhlte man's coun
try arain."
S. B. Elkins Jr., F. 0. Have
meyer and Earle Alexan
der in the Sextet.
ern Families on the
l~ K" ULIUUC3. tu gan^jm^ ,t.. ». r.
Hi Front n.. fi r. I'hone Main V7l>.
*¦' n ' <3 » I " ' *'» FMp Wort fe »&«-!altv \: «r>4
?* "Wajhlnttcr. «t. T»lfff < hon>» Main t*4>
JA^ RftYF's k ffl BMpP'nr Batcftna va,
Catalogues and Price Lists Mailed
on Application.
• I* WlLSUil <I WUi Tel-phon» Main 1«4.
o i rr n nu 1 1 **>>•¦¦¦¦*•¦ Four«n »nd
Cflrr RrlY&l s*©iiS
0HI L IIUIHU erodarai
vaJUaa checked frt».
22 Kim Street. San FitjscIsco.
Cash or Credit.'
Handsome Bedroom Suits— Brass
jJJgPagf Reds, Separate Bureaus, Chiffoniers.
JDTt^^" -aw^Jtf^lw^^p other household poods which you
&p|>f ySiill&gl&pIr j^ 3 " <"an secure at prices never before of-
Don't Miss This Opportunity.
Special Discount! from 10 to 40 per cent for cash. \
Special Bargains
In Every Department.
Clearance Sale!
S al u t a r i s water
Sparkling— from natural pts $1 -5O
mineral springs in Michigan °
reg'ly $1 50 and $2 25 doz qts I J$
Antiseptic-disinfectant 65c
Tooth powder
Llsterated— ree'ly 25c bottla 2OC
Window screens
Adjustable— oak frame— durable 20C
reg'ly 25c and 35c here 30c
Freezers 15% oft
The Peerless ice cream
freezer is simple and quick
the — best \ve ever sold —
booklet with instructions
and receipes with each
2pt aqrt 4qrt 6qrt "JqrtlOqri
Special 1 45 1 &f 2 10 2 75 "j 40 4 45
Reg'ly 1 75 2 to 2 50 3 25 4 00 52J
Big illustrated catalog free
4)1 Pine n: Suiter iSoo California San Fr*a«(ic«
Thiifwith and Cl«y streets OakUni
(Patented April 7, 1901),
Only to be had of
\ 0PTIC.AN54aT>^r:;,n^
642 Market 5t. iwstru>«mt3
ii.NDtr? zmscmicl! eu>t.0!M6. GlTALOGUt fKC.
Specialist ctir«Utoo<l Poison, (Jonorrhwa.OI'c",
Strlcturn, s^nilnnl Wnkn<«i, Impotrnc* »nd th»lr
allied niionlt»rr Rook on Disease* of Mei>, (r»#-
(»vi>r:Oy»ftr*>xpf'r i rnce.Tfrmir?«,*on»hl#. T!r>ur».
9to3dAlly:S:30toA.a0ev'«ni. RandRTs.lOtn C Consul-
tntiou free «,ud 3acredl*r cod Oden tUl, CkQ «r «4<li«*a
gC>; Kearny at,, itoa FnMKiijttO.Cs*-
IA/. X. HESa
Tenth Floor. Room 1015, CUus SprecktU CW*.
Telephone Brown 911.
Residence. KX California, st.. balaw Po««iL •
San Francisco. ______^_
For th« cut* of OONOIU;»IEA. O*CEZT9.
BTRICTURE3 mnd tnajogoua cou-^Ialau of Ut*
Organs of G*n»ratlon.
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Former Price f 9.00 Pattern.
small, # medtum and larae patterns, goods sold hu us
all this season at $2,00 per napd. Price to close...
• $l.OO per Yard
Our entire stock of Best'Qualltu JAPANESE WASH
SILKS, In Pinks, Blues, Lavender, Turguolse,
Ponaee, Red, and Black and White. .is
• ••; Reduced to 35c Yard "'':
15 pieces 24-INCH BLACK TAFFETA SILK, extra neaTU ¦
quail tu and guaranteed to wear . Price 85c Yard
Worth $1.25. " ¦
COLLARS, 65 different patterns. 4 for 25 Cents
Former Price 15c Eacla.

UU 113, /115. 117. 119. 121 POST STREET. i
W*M John T. Gibson, |j
P^>XJ\\ • Tour Bo*ca Friend." 1
"¦•¦ I I Goods. I
M 1 \\il «r«*k a new and ccr:-
¦\ / C | •p!»t» !!ae ni up-to-dat» ,
IB*/ i | patterns In impcrTM
WKM \ I Milm and CHEVIOT i
SI. 00 and
rrjRM riTTiN'o untjer^ear tt
9 1 .OO each: rcrular r*"le«. tl a cult.
Tb» rtor» tftat t» op#n till « p. •».;
darks ©2 At « s». ta.
An Honr«t Man tTlt!i Henent Price*.
1204 Market St.,
N**.r Ooldc?! G«t»- Ave&ue,
Phoc» «J?.
f M0HD1Y
I AJ(D This Crttl Trail
U runs but twic«
¦A Tur LuWnj «t 9 am,
ft inc.
h I! trrivts In
I miiPMiin Chicago at 2.15
UUFOilll -rrr
I LilfllltU IU hltfH it-word
I et urvlce It
D iiN
E un fully maintain*.
One More
iW Chance
• I |jy| (ffi* Jo get a
; iP^fc^" POCO,
TffT PREMO and
// \\ - KORONA
1 \ CAMERA. .
/ , \\ Only a Jew left
\\ Every one guaran-
\\ teed. ONE-HALF
OFF List Prices.
We also have-a
number of CYCLE
WIZ4R0 B. CAMERAS, "sted at
5i6.co, which we are offer-
ing at $10.00.
Thr-n* camera* arc fitted with
latmt lmpr«»ved attachm'-ntn, ln-
• lu'llnsr *xtra rapid rprtillnear
l»ni. fihlrpwr's Patent Ky«Kln"»
«:iJp n»»v»T I'-ta bo and InsurfH pcr-
ttct comfort.
Atix i^blrmec Ptm • 42iTH»RD~5T

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