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LONDON. June 23.— The mntch held
Saturday tit fllasjfow b«rtwoen W. R. Cros
by of O'Follon. III., and the Scotch cham
pion. Faluds. for £100. the conditions bo-
Ing 100 plRoona from ground traps jtm\
fifty plereons from tower trnps. resulted
In a victory for the American. At tlio
ground trap CroHhy'x score was f»7, while
Fnluds' wnn 93: at tho tower trnp Crosby
pot forty-two birds, while Kaluda pot for
ty-one.' :
American Defeats Scotch Champion.
Slight Difference in the Stature and
Weight of Members of the
NEW LONDON, Conn.. June 23.— With
condition* involving the physique, rowing
<txpericno«!s» nnd actual nfrformnnees as
nearly equal ns those surrounding any
crews noon on the ThamcH In rocent years,
the uurxmrti of Yale nnd Hnrvnrri to-mor
row ent*T upon tho boating nea
«on of 1001, In thtf Harvard 'vnr
«lty shell there Ix not a nuin who In
ctature doen not reach six foet. The oar«
m*n of Yale f«II nhort by tlie merest fr»«r
tlon of on Inch. While Harvard has the
ml! «n to h»*lKht. Yal** ns u crew out
weighs the Ifnrvard olghl by a scant
pound and a half.
In nctual ncrformaneefl ofTlrlally there
Is »ald to be n difference of one second
ovor a four-mlte course, with the honorti
In Yalp'a handn. In every renpoct there
«eemn to bo promise of a feast for those
of Thursday' »4 spectutorR who rejoice In
amateur nnuatlca between perfectly
matched contestant!*.
OAKLAND. June 23.— Although there
are suspicious circumstances surround
ing the death of Edward Slattery. the dis
charged soldier, who was shot through
the head last night io a room at the Ave
nue House, 123 San Pablo avenue, the police
are satisfied that the deed was that of a
suicide and that the dead ex-volunteer's
companion, John C. Daley, had no hand in
the killing. Daley was detained at the
City Prison in order that the detectives
nnd Coroner might have ample opportu
nity to complete their Investigations he
fore ginnery's friend could pet away.
Thy story as it unfolded to-day re
vealed the wild debauch of two boon com
panions celebrating their ditcharR^ from
the army after nearly two years cf hard
pervlcc together with the Forty-sixth
Reulment in the Philippines. Slattery.
known in Company G a? Edwin Kelley.
was mustered cut with S277. Daley left
the camp with $293. Three weeks of reck
less fioetiom and their total assnts were
the $3 or J4 that the Coroner found in
Slatteiy's pookets last night. Daley haU
not a penny.
In his cell at the City Prison to-day the
dead soldUr's chum sat in p h=ilf-stupor,
with his nerves racked by the hnrrl pace
he had been going. There was nothing to
Kive a suspicion that he had taken his
army comrade's life. Indeed, tt was man
ifest his mind was clouded and rodden
from drink, nnd with difficulty could he
collect his bewildered thoughts long
enough to reply coherently to his inter
viewer's queries. But after all h's nar
rative hung in the main facts to the story
he told the detectives last night when he
was under the influence of liquor.
Daley's statement that he went out
after the shooting to get assistance is cor
roborated by Mrs. Denlson. proprietress of
the Iodging-hou5e.
Indications Are That Edward Slat
tery Killed Himself and That
Daley Is Innocent.
G F Fish ft w, Phlla.
A L Anderson *w, Cal
J R W<*ggener. U S N
W Rosenberger. N Y
K r."al!man, N 1
J F Alden & w S Y
May B Alden, N* Y •
John Alden, NY j
«lss M Van Buren. NT
Oen Sternberg t; wife.
Washington. X) C
C R Paul, Chicago
A J Biersdorf, Chicago
R J Korthara. L A
J M Meredith, L A
Miss L Story, L A
Miss A Magutre. L, A
li T Watklns. N* Y
T J Trainnr. Sartc
J P. Breathltt. Tucson
D H Brat'cn. N Y
H A Day. Masa
A R Xewcombe. N Y
J E Karelnon. N Y
W H Brokay 4w. Arts
H Wulson. U 3 N
A C Btigham. Cal
Judge A S Humphreys
and wife. Honolulu
E Cremers. Th»- Hague
A Cran-.e-s. Milan
C T Eyres, England
F- Lawless. England
J Ensign * tt. W Va
J'raOA Byrn-, Ca?
W L Loomls, V T .:.
E Messer. Berlin
R E Hunii.!ir»ys. Jftil*
S A Bell, India
F W Plteher. X ?
D G Hose. Germany
O W Beatty Pa
H A Beatty. Pa
J H Bird & w. Pa
Col Boyle ft w, London
Mr R!»manez ftw Brln
[S B Elklns Jr. W Va
E A Alexander. N J
U AV Barney. K J
iF C Havemeyer. N -I
|W S Wheeler. Phlla •
.Robert Coleman, Chf
|W A Thatcher, Chi
jC M Donohue, ChJ
|S D Rosenbaum, Stkta
H A Eleger. N T
T Becker Aw. Berltrt
H RTV'ood. Boston
T Green. N Y
E K Smoot, Wash. PC
F A Hafcn. S Cra»
W C Webb MaHpc**
F A Coe. 6an Jose
R Smith. Santa Clara
F M Shaw. Col
C Mathlson. Cal
E J Henn^ssy. Napa
H Demmlck. Vallejc
H D Grayson. Oakland
C O White. Palo Alto
C J Brown. Palo Alto
\V Xordhoff. L A
Mrs W V Maey. Chi
E W Gil more. I. A
E Strasbury. L A
J H Vanderbur*. Mich
J S Rice ft w. Cal
I M Sutter. Ftockton
F H Farrar, Merced
E C Shaver. W'tsnvillc
S F Mendsco. Wtsnvll*
H II Farney. Sacto
R Fryer. Santa Rosa
A I^auer. Cai
J Laufr, AUuras
W O Welch & w. L A
A V Freidberit & w.Cal
F Henry. Fresno
H R Dumlroy. Shnxha!
A M RHd * w. Aua
W B Kennedy Aw, Chi
V A Pod«e & w. N T
Dr L E Cr«<s, Stktn
R Sadler, Carson
Miss Burke, T«nn . -
C F Catncart. Ptlnd
M Cathcart, Portland
R Van SieJtle, Singapre
It H Knapp. Sinxapor*
G Ranch fuss. N Y
H Ames ft v StL
J J Nibloch, Leadvill*
J E Kantz, Lead-rill*
J Harvey, f.eadvi!!e
H P Walton. Honolulu
D M Fraill. Porto Rlc*
C I. Harkfer ft w, Co!
H A Roberts. Chleasn
D St»wart. L A
T L, O«ntry, t, a'
J M Gregg. Red Blaff
W I Kenna. St Paul
J M Day. L A
H M Hall WeaveTTin*
<• B McCord, HanfS'-vl
J E Be«1, Wash
A. P Shepard, Frestw*
** W "Porter. Mo
S G Eyren .ind val»":
1 FJnney. Uk!ah
C F H werfleW. Mml
AV H Graha-n. Nap*
M M Harris. LA
F Carter. Maryn-IH*
I E Smith &w. S L. C
John Stack. San Joss
Charles H>11. Sacto
Robert Talfor. CrocketJ
J Harris & w Seattle
J Y Walt. Richmond
T R Phillips. Denver
J Brown. * w. Omaha
G W Smith. S O
H M Wurst * w. Hone
H McFariand ft w. C«!
Miss F Cooney. Chi.
Dan Fray, Sacto
O O Reich. Denver
T O'Brien. Cal
Fred Reed, Boston
E RlncS. Stanford
. C E Graham. Denver
The murderer recovered early to-day
from the wound that prevented him from
killing the fifth Chinese and this evening
Is being brought to Westminster.
Little is known, so far. of the cause of
the crime. There appears to have been
a standing grievance between the mur
derer and the flve men he sought to Kill,
the trouble having occurred over a Chi
nes© woman who recently arrived there.
The scene that met the gaze of the police
officers who made the first investigation
was a frightful one. There was blood and
torn clothing strewn all over the floor.'
from one end of the little room to the
other. One Chinese was dead and three
will die.
The first Chinese was killed before the
others were awakened, i The cries of the
second awakened two others, and in the
darkness they attempted a rescue. These
three men -were cut by the ax-wielder, and
are so badly injured that they will all die.
The fifth man succeded in stopping the
murderer before further damage was
done, although even he was seriously In
jured. . After a struggle he knocked down
the murderer with a board. Then- the
fifth man himself collapsed and the six
were found lying in pools of blood early
this morning by other Chinese who hap
pened to paps that way.
•VANCOUVER, B. C. June 23.-A series
of atrocious murders occurred to-day at
Ladner, a village at the -mouth of the
Fraser River, opposite Steveston, about
twenty miles from Vancouver. All the de
tails that could be learned to-night were
that a Chinese had entered a shack in
which flve Chinese laborers ' were lying
asleep. Without making any noise to
awaken the sleeping men tho murderer at
tacked first one and then another with an
Special Dispatch to The Call.
Murderer Knocked Down
After Fatally Injuring
Crazy Chinese Kills One
Man and Wounds
a Congressional District /i^
of the State. [ ; ¦ •
HONOLULU, June 16.— The annexation"'
of Hawaii by the State of California \» .
proposed here as a way out of various va
litical .and governmental difficulties. Th« V
Volcano, an anti-administration weekly.
Fays in an article declaring that Hawaii !
has not an Amerlcn government:
Dr. Starr Jordan, president of Stanford Unl- 11
\-ersity. haa a simple solution of th* wexsd
problem. It Is the annexation of Hawaii to '
OJirornla. making It flve counties and a Coa* •
gresslonal dlntrtrt. All the leclslatlon n*ee«- •¦
sary to accomplish this result would be the :
passage of an act by Congress and an act by
the legislature of California. Will California :
accept Hawaii as an addition to its domain?--:
Hawaii -properly belong* to California. The J
bulk of Hawaii's trade Is with California, and *
It is a prontable trade for California. Hawaii ¦
is a rich country, and under the equitable sy»- ¦'¦
tern of taxation In California would pay into '
the State treasury a handsome mm over and J*'
above the additional cost of administration c* ¦
State government In Hawaii. •. : . .-
It Is claimed for Hawaii's end of th« :
plan that the- Territory would secare the ;
advantages of a State government, a sta* *
ble system of laws, representation in Con*
gresg and freedom from the hot political ¦¦'
rows that have long been features of pub- •
lie affairs In Hawaii.. Hawaii, it Is said: •
has little chance of achieving atatfhnod .
In any other way. . - . :
Would Make the Territory
New Plan for. Settling
Troubles in the
Island. '
You can't always Judpc a man by the
cigars he gives to his friends. .
New Writing Paper.
We have just 'received *n la rge stock of
the newest novelties . In' .wrlttnR. papers,
conaistlnK of the "Penu d'Ahtllope." "Car
rarn. Marmnr" and -"I^lnen Ij".wn" popern,
all of which are made In new and fashion
able sizes. Monogram dies made and
paper stamped. 8anhorn, Vail & Co., 741
Market »t. ' . • ; •¦
1/jNDOiN, June 21.— Recent events In
Capo Colony t>ocm to prove the Hoer In
vasion of that country to be serious. A
letter to tho Dally Mall, dated Cap«
Town, June 5. conflrmn the pro-Boer re
port, and says the Invaders number from
7000 to 10,000, and that they nre swarming
all ovor the eastern and middle districts
and petting recruits and horses.
SAN JOSE, June 23.— MIhs Bertha Knrml
ley has lost her suit for $24,000 for care
and attention to Janru* T. Murphy*, the
late capitalist. Judge Hyland yester
day granted the motion for a nonsuit
made by Attorney Delmas last Thursday,
and which has be'-n argued by the attor
neys on both sldrs for the past two days.
Attorney Kowalsky took an exception to
the order of the court.
In granting the nonsuit Judge Hyland
paid no written contract in which Murphy
had agreed to pay Ml** Smalley for her
services had been proven. Such contract
as was made was simply one of honor and
reettd solely on the conscience of the ono
who made it. The court could not take
notice of th<? relations of the plaintiff and
defendant. • - - .
Miss Rmalley was Murphy's companion
for the last few years of his life, and «ho
was with him at his death: : She claimed
Murphy had na!d he Intended to provide
for her. but no provision "wan made for
her In his will. She nought a compromise
with the executors of the estate and they
offered her 13500. This «he refused and
brought suit for $24,000 for services ren
dered Murphy in the last three years of
hie life.
udge Hyland of San Jose Grants
Nonsuit Asked For in Murphy
lb» ralaaMc thorougbhred stallion and
t:r* cf > f vnn r>f the best horses on the
turf, di#d at Hancfco del Paso on Satur
'.•>• from r-pture. St. Andrew was valued
- 1 ir>.c<».
SACRAMENTO. Jure 2X-SI. Andrew.
T. a REDO. Tex.. June 23.— The man cap
*::r?-d by rangers about forty milei above
;.rre y«Ver<Iay has been positively identl
f"*d by two men a* Grefrorlo Cortez. who
!:::.*-rI EhTlff Morris of Karri** County
rri Sheriff Glover of Gonzales County.
Tbt al>ped murderer will be surrendered
'•r, the <i*3cers from the interior.
Quietly Surrenders and
Takes the Oath of
SANTA C'RIJZ. Lnguna Province. P. 1.,
June "4.— General Cnlllcs. the Insurgent
commnn^r, has given u demonstration of
his hnnesty of purpose and hit. Influence
over the Filipino* by l.«suinc; a proclama
tion fctblddlnB his countrymen from sup
porting Colonel Calmlles, who took to the
mountains with 100 riflemen last Friday
General CalllOM with 300 riflemen, en In
definite mob in' volunteeis and four can
non purrtnrinrcd quietly this (Monduy)
morning. The insurgent commander and
hla men afterward took tlic oath of nlle
MANILA. June 24.— In consequence of
the uarrpr.de;* of General Calllcs all the
Insurgent prisoners on Luzon Island will
lu> released. Information from native
anurceH confirm the previous. reports that
Genoral Mnlvnr will soon surrender.
lone. Maude do Alma and Ada Sweeney
are the Olymjila's entertainers this week.
The new bill which opens at the Chutes
to-day includes the Toblns. high-class
musical artists; Lester Reeves, the emi
nent barytone; Hopper and Hopper, com
rdy sketch artists: Lee Ingham. equili
brist and hand balancer: Martinettl nnd
Sutherland, singing and dancing comedy
duo; Baby Metzlcr in new selections, and
new comic moving pictures.
last week will be again on the bill for tho
current week. Odell Williams and com
pany remain. Fat ma nnd Bmaun, the K.nst
Indian pygmies. Cole and I)<- 1/OSBe. equil
ibrists, and ICzra Kendall, the Inimitable,
nre other excellent holdovers. Kmlly Lyt
ton. a vaudeville favorite, will appear In
George Cohan's funniest farce. "A \VI#<?
Guy": Gardner and Vincent ar«> down for
a musical farce. "A ShattorM Idol." ami
with tho SIsterH Mahr. dancing vocalists,
close the list of newcomers. The blograph
this week shows views of the Pan Ameri
can Exposition.
liaclnK— C. H. Hamburg. Ant. Carlson find A.
L. Anderson.
; Scandinavian Societies of San Frar.-
Cisco and Vicinity Unite in
Amid the noise of fireworks, stirring pa
i triotlc speeches, dancing, games and
I races. "Midsummer Day" was celebrated
1 yesterday by the many Scandinavian so
' cieties of San Francisco and vicinity at
; Shell Mound Park.
In celebrating this day— a national holi
; day — the members of the societies fol
i lowed out an old-time custom long In
vogue in their fatherland. This being the
i longest day in the year, business of all
I kinds Is suspended and the populace cele
A special feature of the decorations, and
: one causing considerable comment, was
• the prettily arranged shields hung In the
¦ pavilion, gracefully entwined with ever
greens and representing each provlnco of
: Sweden.
The programme for the day consisted of
Maypole dances, races and dancing In the
1 large pavilion.
At 7:15 the evening's programme opened
with literary exercises on an especially
built grand stand In the race track of the
1 park. The programme consisted of intro
1 ductory remarks by Emil Hogberg. presl
i dent of the Swedish-American Patriotic
1 League; a potpourri of Swedish melodies
; by the orchestra, an able and well dellv
' *red oration by Alex Olsson. editor and
: publisher of Vesthusten, a Swedish pub
, iication of this city, and a number of de
. Jightful selections by the Swedish singing
! society.
Immediately after the literary exercises
; a torchlight parade was formed and. with
j the accompaniment of bursting fireworks.
' it moved on to the large pax'illon. v/here a
' number of pretty tableaux were. Klvon.
Many guest.- of honor were entertained
1 by the different committees, the most
: prominent being Hon. Henry Lund. Consul
i of Sweden and Norway.
The success of the affair la due to the
' energetic labors of the following commit-
I tees:
I.ilerary proirtmme — Jo*t-uh Okrrbla/J, Alex
' Glfson and Al Phllrtrom.
K*c«-ptU>n— Au«r. PfUr»on. Ch. Armstrong. O.
! Pearson. J. L.. JacoNion. C. KJ»"lUtrom, J. S.
1 Nf-lson. Paul Brash and A. An<!<-::-oti.
Finance — Gottf. Peterson. Alex Ol*son an<i
i .'ul:rn Person.
I>woratlon — C. J. KJellstrom. R. Drb»rcrh. tt.
i O. I-lndpren. J. S. Nelson. Mr». J. A. Johnnon.
i MIm E. Johnson. Mrs. A. Ol»»on. Ml«» M. Carl
! win, Emil Hcgberg, r >. •*. Kyden and O.
I Fohlln.
Parad* and tableau— Emil IfAKberg. O. Grue-
K»l. Antrn Carlson. Mn. A. OlJwon. Mr«. Sam
Andenwn. Sir*. C- Armstrong, Mrs. K. SJoberg.
Mrs. J. Johnnon and Mr. A. U Anderson.
' Illumination and flreworV»— U. Iiyberg, Harry
Ertcaon. O. O. nyden. C. E. Per»on. Axel Ontr
rr.an. N. O. Hn<J«cren and J. K. Neliton.
Floor— Dr. O. L.. OrugicH. manager; Krnut
Westellut. G. Ry«J»n, H. Ertkson. Anton Ctrl
son and N. P. ForBbenc. .
"I believe ahe was seized with a sud
den desire to truvel, and la hero un
known to her relatives. She . may have
come to meet a married daughter, who
Is returning from the Philippines. That
girl la married to an -officer in tho quar
termaster's department who knew my
husband. That was tho way wo became
"Mrs. Scott must bo 70 years of age.
I cannot understand how. she became so
violently insane.',' •
•Th« cause of Mrs. Scott's attack in a
mystery, and Is only. further clouded by
the facts, which' were made known to-'
day concerning her recent movcmentn.
Mrs. John Carroll, who. resides at 2322
Otis street, 'Berkeley, learned of Mrs.
Seat's condition this morning, and an a
frte'id of th« *aged woman -called at th«
Receiving Hospital. Mrs. Carroll said
¦he wn» astounded to learn of th« caw.
"The Rcotts are. well-to-do people of
Colorado.',' explained the visitor, "where
they own a largo ranch' near Hesperus,
a town about ninety miles from Denver.
Mm. Scott had been III from lung trou
ble, and went to her son's place to re
cuperate, but being troubled with a weak
heart nhe found the altitude, too high.
A short time ago I- received a letter from
her daughter-in-law, Mrs. Edward Davis,
who mentioned Mm, Hcott'n ailment, but
there wan not a word about. her coming
Went. •.
The elderly traveler Ib a raving maniac,
and Is only prevented from doing herself
and her' watchers harm by being kept
under the restraint of heavy straps and
muffs. While Mrs. Scott was being takon
to- the ward last night, she suddenly
sprang at Mrs. 8. II. Mason, who had
accompanied her to the hospital, and In
mad frenzy seized her attendant by tho
throat, tearing her garments find making
a maniacal attempt to choke th« as
saulted woman, who wan helpless In the
hands of her insane assailant.
Steward Henry Borchert. who Is of
powerful physique, had a hard battle to
subdue the raving woman, who savagely
kicked him during his Htrugglc to save
Mrs. Mason from 'harm.
Oakland Office San Francisco Call.
1118 Broadway. June 23.
Tho cast; of Mrs. Mary Scott, tho
wealthy Coioradan who became violently
Insane yesterday at a Fruitvalo sani
tarium, puzzles the attendantd at tho
Receiving Hospital, where tho unfortun
ate woman has been detained pending
examination by the Lunacy Commission
Aged Woman Makes a
Savage Assault on
Her Attendants.
second time at the Central Theater thla
week, on an unusually elaborate seal*.
In addition to the play a programme nf
hlgh-ela.<s specialties will be Introduced,
in which department the Central Theater
U making something of a name Mr lt»elf.
Robert Downing will have direction of
the production, and many new names will
appear In the cast. Georgie Cooper w!H
undertake the part of Topsy, Lillian Bart
1-tt of Cassle. Mason Mitchell of Lcffree.
Frank Bacon of Marks.
James M. Brophy. who returns to San
Francisco with a considerably augmented
reputation, will be seen at the Central
Theater next week in Frank Mayo's play
"Davy Crockett."
• • •
The TIvoll management has decided to
keep on "The Toy Maker" for another
"last week." in re.-rponse to It* patron'*
demands for another look at the pretty
"Poupee." But this, the seventh. Is posi
tively the last week, and next Sunday th*
long-promised "Babes In the Wood" will
be put on. There will be another toy
souvenir matinee on Saturday n«»xt for
the children.
• • •
Charity Martin, the operatic soprano,
and Slgnor Abramoff, the eminent bas»o,
will be the principal vocalists at Fisch
er's,.Concert House thl_« we«-k. Murphy
and Hart. Irish comedla"hs of renown, will
be new here, as will also Lillian Levey, n
singing and dancing »oubrette\and Arthur
Parent, a boy barytone. Ed II. Adams. th«
descriptive and humorous singer, ami
Alice Barnum. the seven-year-old prlmn
donna, will change their selections, atnl
Stanley and Walton will continue their
amusing sketch, "Mrs. O'Grady's Wash
• • •
The chief attractions at the Orphcum
• • •
"Uncle Tom's Cabin" Is revived for a
LOVERS of melodrama will havo
an opportunity to gratify to the
utmost their taste for the pic
turesquely sensational at the Co
lumbia Theater to-night, when
Paul M. Potter's dramatization of Ouldn's
stirring romance, "Under Two Flags," Is
to be presented by Charles Frohman, with
Rlanche Bates In the leading rolo of
Cigarette, by special arrangement with!
David Belasoo. The production Is of mas
sive proportions scenlcally, about six cars
helnp required for the transportation of
the effects alone. A stable of trained
blood horses Is likewise curried for Intro
duction in the principal seene.of the play.
Over 125 people are engaged in the stage
action. Miss Bates has been accorded un
stinted praise for her original conception
of the heroine of the play. Her New-
York Ftipporl Intact accompanies her
• • •
The Alcazar to-night revives "Sapho."
with Miss Florence Roberts In the lead-
Ing role. The Alcazar's production of
"Saplvo" of last year la well remembered
for Its thoroughly satisfactory character,
and the east of this year, substantially
the same as at the first production, Is suf
ficient warrant for Its adequate rendering.
Miss Roberts as Sapho Is seen at her ut
most, and White Whlttlesey counts Jean
Gaussin nmong his happiest opportunities
Walter Belasco. Marie Howe. George
Webster. Carlyle Moore. Lillian Armsby.
Georglc Woodthorpe and little Ollle Coop
er will also be seen In their original role's
and r>uclus Henderson. Paul Gerson. Bar
ton Hill and Matlldlta. the Spanish dan
cer, are new people who will add Bucceffl
to the presentment. "The School for
Scandal" will follow.
• • •
"Fedora " will he the programme of the
last week of the MacDowell engagement
at the Grand Opera-house. It Is the first
time the popular Sardou drama has been
s-een at popular prices. Mr. MacDowell
appears In the play as Lorls Ipanoff. ihe
lover of the passionate Fedora and In
the part won his first success. It Is the
first of the series of Sardou's plays to bo
dressed In the fashion of to-day, and offers
the many scenic opportunities of which
\lu* Grand Opera-house management al
ways avails Itself so effectively. Flor
ence Stone will appear in the title ro'e.
and will doubtless thereby add to her
growing reputation. On Saturday next.
st the matinee, a souvenir portrait of
Melbourne MacDowell will be given to
every one attendlns the performance.
The big play houses Is having a most suc
cessful run. the performances being im
mensely popular with the public.
Next week the Frawley season will be
pin at the Grand Opera-house, to continue
/or eight weeks. Mr. Frawley has secure.l
a number of the new Kastern successes,
and returns with a strong company, to
which such Important additions a« E. J.
Morgan. Katherlne Grey. Theodore Rob
erts and John Mason have been made.
The attitude of Germany with respect to
an isthmian rar.xl has been the source of
considerable speculation to the Central
and South American stales, and aocoid
ing to the South .American envoys here
who discussed the matter their repre
sentatives in Berlin dtemed it advlsaole
to obtain a statement in regard to the
policy the German Government proposes
to observe. lit conversations which oc
curred between Baron von Bulow. the
German Minister for Forelpn Affairs, and
the Pan-Americnn diplomats he Is said to
have stated that Germany, recognized the
existence and understood the extent of
the application of the Monroe doctrine,
and that she h^s no Intention of hlmler-
Injt ihe construction of the canal by the
I'nlted State*. A report was current
among the Pan-Americin diplomats here
several months ago thnt Germany would
join with Great Britain in demanding: the
neutrality of the canal, hut there Is no
likelihood of nny representations being
necessary, as the new treaty In course of
negotiation specifically provides that the
canal shall be neutral, and the United
States formally guarantees the observance
cf this principle.
While Germany by the action of her
representatives In signing The Hague ar
bitration treaty took note of the declara
tion of the United States in regard to thp
Monroe doctrine, there has been consid
erable comment as to Just how she re
gards that- principle. The statements
made to the Pan-American diplomats are
of considerable interest to the State De
partment officials. They are confident thnt
:he position attained by the United States
in the affairs of the world has had some
thing to do with Germany's attitude.
M. Hutln. president of the Panama
fanal Company, is now in France en
deavoring to draw up a statement of the
conditions upon which the company will
part with its canal interests to tne I nited
States. It is said that many of the stock
holders desire that some plan shall be
adopted which will enable them to re
tain an interest in the canal, but this.
*.;f course, would not be acceptable to the
United States.
\\\. WASHINGTON. June 23.-Germany
has announced her recognition of the
Monroe doctrine to the Pan-American
diplomats In Berlin, according to their col
league in Washington.
PpeclM DJepateh to Th» Cull
Berlin Formally Announces
Recognition of Monroe
German Policy Deferred
to Pan-American
AH Is Quiet.
Everytntaj: was «iuiet at the headquar
ters of the striking machinists. When the
returnn of" the ba!l giver, by the Brother
hood of Teamster? at the Mechanics" Pa
vilion on Saturday night are all in, some
J4*» or SSOOu will be realized. This will
«-na.bIe the machinists and other iron
¦workers to tide over a week or two longer.
It is estimated that the loss in wages dur
ing th« five weeks the men have been out
will approximate S500.0M at the lowest cal
culation. The loss of the corporations and
firms conducting the iron industries can
b* figured, considering loss of profits, the
driving away of trade to other cities and
less of Interest on plants, at more than
double that amount.
With the opening of th* fifth week of
th* strike no appreciable change In the
Fituatlor. Is noticeable. The strikers, while
hopeful, have had no definite overtures
from their former employer?, ani have
fttled down with a grim determination
ti wait for the turn in the tide they con-
Bdeatly exi*ect.
Candidates for tor.sorial diploma* are
expected to present themselves this morn-
Irr before the Barber Commission in the
Kraraa Spreckels building. Those who are
row In business will have to be registered
and pay $1. after making affidavit before
a notary as to their qualifications. I'n
rrled barbers, graduates of barber col
!»?»» and other* who aspire to the dearee
nt "tos*ortal artist" will be compelled to
pay $5. The ttsree and the diploma to
n* awarded by the commissioners will en
fh> them to practice in any parr of the
f *a?e.
':'¦ A distinction between the wholesaler,
the jobber and the retailer is strictly main
tained. The jobber occupies the position
vt middleman and supplies the larper res
taurants. It is said that from the Res
taurant Keepers" Association the order
; has come to the jobber to withhold sup
plies. In the rneanxchile the retailers will
continue to supply meat to all restaurants
fo ions as the proprietor? are in a condi
tion to meet tneir financial responsibili
ties. No action will be taken until the next
meeting of the association, which will be
held next Thursday night at the same
The striking journeymen butchers who
have not yet reiurned to their old places
met at the Turk Street Temple in order so
preserve intact their organization. Many
of them claim they have been blacklisted
en account of their active participation in
what they now name "an unfortunate and
calamitous strike."
At th<* headquarters of the Cooks' and
¦Walters" Alliance pickets reported that
tfcey had heard from the proprietors of
the union houses that theSr meat
supply would be cut off in the event
cf their not agreeing to the demands of
the jobbers. This matter was a subject
of great concern to the executive commit
tee. If decisive action should be taken to
day the San Francisco Labor Council will
Tr« called in, special session to-morrow
Distinction Is Maintained.
.-¦¦¦" ... .¦„-¦; . 1
An Interesting controversy Is Roing on
betwetn the union restaurant keepers and
the meat jobbers which may resuU in the
closing of a number of union restaurants
tOMiay, througrh the inability of some of
them to secure necessary supplies. The
matter is that of the demand of jobbers
t!»at union restaurants cease displaying
the union card. The action to be taken
¦ concern* only the jobber* so far, leaving
the vt'ho!«sa!e and retail dealers out of the
controversy. Perhaps they may be drawn
into It In a few days.
About 30 of the members of the Retail
Boas Butchers* Association m*t yesterday
afternoon at B'nai B'rith Hall and dis
cussed the situation. While to no one au- ;
thorlzed to speak could be traced the or
lptn of the report, it was generally un
derstood that some such action would be
taken to-day. The retail boss butchers
decided, according to President Flageollet
and Secretary Larney. to await further
action before xakinc sides in the contro
versy. . -
Dealers in Meats Support the
Stand Taken by the
; . Wholesalers. .'I'
Want Union Restaurant
: Keepers to Take
J Down Signs.
Grand Opera-House Holding Public Favor by Fine Productions*
"Sapho" Revival at Alcazar---Orpheum's All-Star Bill/
National Standard
OF NEW YORK. In the State of N«w Tort*
on th* ll»t day of December. A. D. X90P.
ir.tl fcr th« year endlnx en that day. a« nvido
to the Insurance Comsstsstoner of the State
¦t California pursuant to tbe provision* o!
•actions 810 and (11 of tho Political Code, con>
l«n»ed as p«r blank furr.ishe! by tbo Com*
Amount of Capital Stock, paid up
In Cash C00.0OO »
C»«b Market Value nf all Stocks and
Donds owned hv Company .,. U23.85O A*
''ash In Company's Office.....,.....'... 9 M
¦"ash In Banks S3. 131 17
Interes't dui» and accrued on a!)
Stocks and Lnac* .* i,Ot fl
Premlpm* In du« Coursa of Collec-
tion ss-s;: «
Due from other Companies for Ra-
Insuranc* t'.i losses &lready paid.,, I.ICI M
Total A»seta ,., IS49.S10M
r.LABn.rriES, '
Losses adjusted and unpaid ,, C,!15 M .
Lnwf9 In procesi of Adjustment or
In Suspense 13.(34 M
T.ossea resisted. Inchirilnc expenses^ 1.C35 CD
Orosw premiums on Fire Kloks run* ....
nlnjc one year or le»», K2*.S17 Hi
reinsurance 50 per rent.............. lji,3n« «| '.
Gross premiums on Fire Risks run«
nine more than one year. $51,953 33:
reinsurance pro rata 3n.U1 x<
All other Liabilities 23,«3T 41
Total Liabilities ,.....',.,.,, C33.«U «' .
INXOME. ~* l ~~'
X«t cash actually reeelred for F1r« ' 1ft.*- j*
premiums , J*SS,S71 tt
Received for interest and dividend*
en Bonds. Stocks. Loans, «ad
' from all other sources ., 11J9J it
Iiec»M\ eil for profit on sale of Bonds, i:..:m as •
- ToUl income ....,,..,,.„ *cn,tn H
EXPENDITUREa '""""' ' :
Net amount paid for Flr» txisses
<lncludtn«r $ =. louses of >prevl» ' -
-. ousiyearst ¦ •« , JWO.VJ »?
Net amount oald for Marine Losses
. Uncludlnir t ¦ . lo«se« of prttl* *
ous years> 2*4 Jt
Dividends to Stnckhnlders 31.000 CO
Potd or allowed for Commission or
Brokerage .—.;.' T!.M3 «;
Paid for Salaries. Feea »nd other
charges for offlcem.' clerks, etc.. "2.7O«v|
Paid for State. National and Local
taxes . 7.J30 •* -
All other payments and expenditures J.iM S9 .
Total Expenditure ; „..,»„,. C9T.023 Tt^
Tjp**** Incurred durtnit the year...... $l$?.Xt3 SI j
Risks and Premiums. IFlr» RUks.1 rrtmluras.
Ket amount of Rlskst ,
written during . thel I ••• .
year I K8.i3S.K3fMo4.SS7n"
Net amount of . Rlsk«t -. v..
expired during ;thel
year .'. if.V.'A U.tO,iU J1T.8© 13
Net amount \n" fnrcel *
December ?1. 1900 t . JS.M.SS3 tS0.»13 W
', 3OKU FUANCTsa PRERMAN, President. '
EMlti E. PIKPER. Secretary. -
¦ Subscribed and sworn to before me. this SSth
day of January. 1901.
¦ * . OEO.O. RUGER. Notary PubU*.
— : '' '" ... ' "•-.-'¦:.
C. A; HENRY & CO .General Agents, r -
- 815 8dhsbmc Street. 8an FpancUco, CaU- • -.
-^, What Makes
Good Beer?
ne materials and the
•WfW^ time to properly ma-
r^lf&ttlSt ture ~" called "being
' w^^|P on lager." No beer
leaves the vaults of the
Anheuser-Busch Brewing Ass'n
St. Louis, U.S. A.
i that is less^ than four months old. The
g Great Budweiser and; all beere used for
bottling purposes are five to six mbiithsold^
which makes them the most healthful brews.
'¦ : j^-'"0^ : 'i,j^r m s : '" : •>' Famous the world over for Its /tonic qualities,
MjfifowJfr^/WM^&bfsmmA. recommended by physicians everywhere, is
yriC**V+/jUf26fge> prepared by this association.
Ordern promptly .filled by: ¦'-.'. .-,'.. . ;
£. G. LYONS COMPANY, Wholesale Dealers, SAN FRANCISCO.
Assurance Company
OK NEW YORK. In the State of New Tc-rV
on the SUt day of December. A. D. IW
and for the year endlnz on that day. as mad.
to the Insurance Commissioner of the SUU
of California pursuant to the provisions or
Motions 610 and 611 of the Political Code, con-
densM as per blank furnished by the Com-
missioner. CAPITAU
A rcaU 0^^ P A ta . 1 ... Et .??- k -..^! d ..^ coo.oooor
C»«h Market Value «f all Stocks and
Bond* owned bv Company.... J434.3n« 1;
r a ,h In nwmnif. otnee K do%
riuli In nanks •• •- *».*w .i
Interest du- and accrued on all
Stocks and Loans 1.Z7S -?
Tremlums In due Course of Colloc-
rn«e from" other Compnnlej for He- ,.,-„_
Insurance on losses already paid... l.aSi 00
Total Aesele • S«>.K3
Lowes ndju»ted and unnald 11. OSS 00
Los^s in process of Adjustment or ¦ y fllJ
Lo"«f ""wlrted! ' VnciudVii s "expcnVes! »0 00
GroK« premiums on Fire IJIi-k* irun-
nlng on* ye«r or less. $219,869 40:
reinsurance 60 per oent.^..... 103.434 TO
Gron« premiums on Fire Ris1t5 1 run-
nlnir more than one year. J81.K4 0<: -.
r»ln«uranfe pro rata .I4.2,i it
AlToth" Liabilities • 2--<"9 **
' Total Liabilities 1191.109 7<
Net enfh actually received for Ftre
Recelv»tl for "fnte'rwt nnd dividends
on Bond>. Stocks. Loans, and
from all other nources........^..... M.snt «
Uecelved for profit on eale of Bands 3.960 6S
Total Income $843.153 SS
Net amount paid for Fire I/ossm
dneludln* t . losses of prevl-
ous years> • v $153,512 7»
Net amount n«ld for Marine Lomie« •
(Indndlnff I . loeses. of prerl-
PKIdendV'to ' St^khoMen! ! '. '. '. \ '. '. '. '. '. '. S4.M0 CO
Paid or allowed for Commission or
Erokerait** .......•......••-••••••••••-• •I.65G 34
Pal.1 for Salaries. Fees and other
charges for ofrtrcrs. clerks, etc.... 3. OSS 00
Paid for State, National and Local
taxes •• ...,.,.. R.S19 25
All other payments and expenditures 2.845 92
To»al Expenditures IM2.202 23
Losses Incurred during the year 1156.760 72
Rinks and Premiums. I Fire Rlsks.1 Premiums.
Net amount of Wsks
ISr^S^I W7.84S.294 IMH.
Net amount of Risks * !
expired durlnn the \ l«^
year 8I.C3.933 I 3M.524 SB
Net amount In force I
December 31.1900.:...- tS.654.K23 I 2S0.S93 U
nOHERT C. RATHBONE. President.
i Subscribed and sworn to before me, ' this
24th dny of January." 1901. .
'GEO. O.nUOER, Notary Public.
| Granulated Sugar 18 lbs $1 I
'}': Spreckels' be«t. extra dry flne, j|;
r |; Eastern Hams 12 i-2c ib ||
> J; Extra, "elected sugar cured; fr*»h j|
¦•¦; . ! «tnoked. '._.¦. j!
i| Java Coffee lb 25c |:
%' \ Wry fancy HandeHng; roa«ted or jj;
* > ground. Usually *r\\t 40& ; j
• I: Sardines 3 tins 25c j|:
i Clement & Co.. Imported French; !;
J|; :-'• choice, rmall fish. n?g. 12Hc | ;
jj; Pork and Beans 10c tin j
'j' s-pound tin. Reis. 20c ;';
|; Crackers i
2u Extra. BoiaM. box... # ..3r»n !
V' Cocoanut \*»'aferi!. pound lOc ;*
<< Cocoanut TaiTyn. i>ound J Oe «
Yt Fre»h end crlfp; Jujt from the «
<; oven. ;!>
||; Champagne- ;¦:;
||; Pints 30c Case $7.00 ||;
j|; Quarts 50c Case S6.00 »
I Oenuin* Arpad- Haranrthy. The »
p la^t ct th!* celebrated wine. The <>
!; price t* ridiculous, but there in no ?<;
; limit, . !;1;
; Golden Riesling 50c gal I;!;
; The pride table wine of Uver- ','}',
mor* Valley. R#>g, 75c. >Z
; Pure Grape Brandy 90c bot j •
<¦! B. J. Baldwin'n Rant*. Anita Vine- <
?!; yard: vintairre m». rtcii;. tl.25- <
"|: Beech Falls 50c bot |i
< ' Fin* old Bourbon, bottled a» Cov- <*
I ; lngton, Ky. Res. 90c. .;?
! ; Port or Sherry Wine ||i
" i : ¦¦ 3 bottles $1.00 i;j;
:'.v- " > '>¦ fialazar*ii Uoe Cerrlto* Vineyard. !*
v ¦«!¦•- Re*- 50c bottle. \l
.? < 1 S>

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