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The discovery was brought about by
the murder of a servant a few days ago
by Rafael . Pozando, the owner of the
ranch. The body of this servant was
found in the., well alone with the other
murdered men. All of tha victims were
employes of the ranch at the time of their
mysterious disappearance.
AUSTIN, Tex.,. Sept. 8.— Information
reached here to-day of the discovery on
a ranch near Monclove, Mexico, a short
distance south of the Rio Grande border,
of the dead bodies of fourteen Mexicans
in an abandoned well. The bodies all bore
marks of violence and several arrests will
probably occur, as the authorities are
making an investigation.
Killing of More lhan a
Dozen ULen.
Evidence Discovered in Mexico of the
VANCOUVER, B. C, Sept. 8.— A hun
dred people met their death, and many
more were maimed and narrowly escaped
death' in the awful scenes which followed
the burning of a large part of the big
Chinese city of Foo Chow, on August 20.
The fire, started In a Chinese, undertak
er's establishment over a shoemaker's
shop, from the bursting of a lamp and
a" high wind swept the flames over the
whole business portion. of the city. Hun
dreds of acres of business houses were
carried away and many people perished
in the fire. .¦; ¦ '. "..;;
The fire started . early in the morning
and lasted the better part of two days.
European proprietors of business houses
and larger Chinese merchants were the
heaviest sufferers. .During the progress
of the fire and immediately after it, the
coolie native population commenced. loot-
Ing the half-burned buildings and stole
everything that they could lay hands on.
The Chinese police, under their European
officers, were unable to prevent the loot
ing except in a small degree, and before
the second evening had passed a large
number of regular soldiers were * called*
out. At. that time many people had been
killed in fights, and there were dead bod
ies in every street. Five men were killed
by the falling of a three-story building.
¦ The carnage on the streets was awful.
The soldiers, mounted, dashed up the
main thoroughfares stabbing to death or
trampling under , horses,' feet the robbers
who ' were carrying away goods in every
direction. ¦ Even though knocked down,
the natives who were running away with
stolen goods held on to their bundles. The
horsemen thrust them through the legs
or arms with swords to make them drop
these, and even then some of the coolies
clung with such desperation that they
were put to death where they had .be.en
knocked over. Many of the injured were
taken away in ambulances and were be
ing .treated in the hospitals when the
steamer Tartar, which arrived here this
evening, sailed from China.
The total loss by the lire is placed at a
million and a quarter dollars.
Mounted Soldiers Are Finally Called
r . Out and They Put Many of
the Robbers to
' Death.
Chinese : Thieves Loot Burn
ing Buildings and Defy
the Local Police. ;
Hundreds /of Lives Lost
and Valuable Prop
erty Destroyed.
No inducement would lead any of the
Portuguese residents of ~the Lisbon dla
trict to pass the home of the Corrie fam
ily before sunrise or after sunset. Tha
unfortunate Marie wonders " in her mind
why those who so. kindly greeted her
when she. arrived- in Yolo County now
shun her and pass i hurriedly away, with
a prayer on their lips and their hands
grasping their rosaries. .
"In the space of an hour yesterday the
girl was attacked three times, the spells
lasting ten to fifteen minutes. The girl's
body swelled from the abdomen up to the
throat and it is this peculiar swelling that
makes her relatives and friends think that
an evil spirit is within her. • :
The condition of the girl lasted for
twenty minutes and then it passed away
as quickly as it began. She sat upright
on her brother's knee and smiled upon
him. Her pulse was again normal and,
in reply to questions from her brothers,
stated that she had been sitting in the
same position all the time. Manuel and
Juan Corrie fear to tell their sister that
they believe an evil spirit inhabits her
body and guarded questions as to wheth
er she knows of anything strange hap
pening elicited a negative response. When
asked if she felt any pain she complained
of a peculiar sensation ; in her chest.
Hesitate to Tell Fears to Sister.
Suddenly the girl's body commenced
to quiver and, with a scream, she struck
at her brother's face. Juan Corrie, Mrs.
Corrie and Manuel Corrie had difficult
work to restrain the girl. She struggled
violently and almost succeeded In break
ing from the grasp of her powerful broth
ers. Her pulse rapidly increased and her
eyes assumed a dull glaze. No word pass
ed her lips, but a peculiar sound seemed
to come from her throat. To some <fues
tions nut to • her by her brothers, who
claimed they were speaking to the spirit
within her body, she shook or nodded her
head. Her limbs became perfectly rigid
and her hands were clenched fast. Per
spiration rolled from the brows of the
Corrie brothers, as the powerfully built
men struggled to hold their little sister
in their iron grasp.
W hen The Call correspondent reached
the home of Manuel Corrie yesterday the
entire family was about to -partake of din
ner. Marie Corrie sat on the knee of her
brother Manuel while he talked to his in
terviewer. ¦
Mrs. J. Sarameno and Miss Fernandez
declare that the spirit spoke to them in
two languages and shouted loudly in reply
to their questions.
uncle of Marie Corrie, who is one of the
wealthy ranchers of Yolo County; Marie
Fernandez and Manuel Fernandez cou
sins of Marie Corrie, American born and
educated in the public schools, all told
stories yesterday of how they had con
versed with the evil spirit in the body of
Marie Corrie.
, Manuel Caldera, a young rancher, born
In this State; Antoine Dutra, another
American-born citizen; Enis Rosa, one of
the prominent residents in Lisbon dis
trict; Mrs. Antoine Varenz, wife of a
well-to-do rancher; Manuel Fernandez,
Says She Sapfce to the Spirit.
"I spoke to the^vil spirit in Marie Cor
rie," said Mrs. Gouvenor, "not once, but
many times. I spoke to it, one evening
for more than! an hour. It, told me of
three murders It had committed, of many
robberies and of ruin brought to young
girls. It said it could speak in many lan
guages, and when I spoke to it in English
it answered me in Portuguese. It shouted
at times, but Marie's lips never moved.
It was awful to see how her body swelled
up when the evil spirit was there."
On the Yolo side of the ferry the coun
ty road runs up and down the river. A
short distance from the ferry is the Por
tuguese church and the house of the
young priest. Father Soares. He talks
English but little, and was not Inclined
to discuss the case of Marie Corrie. His
manner showed plainly that he realizes
he cannot quell the fears of his flock or
override their beliefs that Marie Corrie
is possessed of an evil spirit.
"It is superstition," eald Father Soares.
"The girl is sick, but because she has
spoken the names of a few American cit
ies, the people think that it is a spirit
within her. It is nothing, I assure you."
There was a sad look on the face of
Father Soares as he ushered his visitor
from his humble home. It was that of
a man who felt the magnitude of a diffi
cult task and problem. Father Soares'
task is to eradicate the fears that possess
the men and women who look to him for
spiritual guidance. ¦
Mrs. Frank Gouvenor, the middle-aged
wife of Jose Gouvenor, resides a few
yards from the home of Father Soares.
Both wife and husband have lived in the
Lisbon district for many years and are
highly respected by all who know them.
Joe Praie, who ferries travelers and
wagrons across the Sacramento River at
Freeport, said:
"Ah. the poor little Marie Corrie is af
flicted by God. It was a month ago that
the evil spirit went into the girl's body.
He was a bad spirit, for he says he has
Killed three men, stolen lots of money
and ruined girls. Sometimes he leaves
her body for a few days and then he
comes back. Last night he was there
and he carried on in a wicked manner.
We pray to the good Madonna to help
poor Marie Corrie. She is such a child,
so gentle, so kind. She has made us all
love her. but we can only help her with
our prayers. Doctors can do no good,
help must come from God and the good
Tells of the Girl's Affliction.
fears of the Portuguese that make them
say what they do."
It was mainly due to the success in life
of their uncle, Manuel Fernandez, that the
Corrie brothers located in Yolo County.
Fernandez has lived in the district for
many years and is one of the wealthy
His fellow countrymen grave him a help
ing hand, and he toiled early and late in
the fields. It was not long ere Manuel
Corrie sent to Portugal for his younger
brother, Juan, and the two brothers, by
hard work, soon acquired possession of a
number of acres.
His friends had written to him that Cal
ifornia was a fair land and that under
the laws every man was free to pursue
his calling in life. Thus it was that Man
uel Corrie, full of ambition, located in the
Lisbon district of Yolo County.
Manuel Corrie is a stalwart rancher,
who left his country home in the village
of Pique, Portugal, eleven years ago to
seek his fortunes in the New World.
"Wearied of the toil that barely gave to
him and his a sordid existence, he set
bravely forth to the Pacific slopes of the
great American republic.
One month apo rumors spread in Sacra
mento that a young 1 Portuguese girl, re
cently arrived from her birthplace in Eu
rope, had been taken suddenly 111, and
that wonderful tales were being told by
the Portuguese ranchers as to the evil
pplrlt that had taken up its abode in the
girl's body.
Call special correspondent by
many ' of . the Portuguese ranchers
who live in the Lisbon district of Yolo
County, ¦which district Is located for many
miles up a'nd down the Sacramento River,
its center bcinjr opposite to the pretty vil
lage of Kreeport, situated nine miles from
the Capital City.
SACRAMENTO, Sept. 8.— "Little
Marie Corrie is possessed of an
evil spirit."
This {statement tras made to a
"The evil spirit is too powerful for these
priests," is the explanation made yester
day by many of the people. "Doctors can
do no good," they said. "It will take one
of the greatest of priests to drive the
spirit from the body of Marie Corrie."
• In the little cluster of houses facing the
Freeport ferry the condition of Mario
Corrie and the fears of the Portuguese
ranchers are daily discussed. The way
side inn of Freeport is kept by P. J.
Rhiel, who is assisted in his business by
"W. Arenz. They are Americans of a
sturdy type and are possessed of good
common sense. .While The Call corre
spondent was. talking to Rhiel and Arenz
the wife of the latter joined the group.
"I went over to see Marie Corrie," said
Mrs. Arenz, "and there is something very
peculiar about the spells she has. I can
not talk Portuguese, but I heard the peo
ple talking to the girl in that language.
They told me that they were conversing
with the evil spirit in. the girl's body and
that it answered them. We Americans
think that it is only the . superstitious
Some of the friends of the Corrie family
sought' the services of priests in Sacra
mento and the gentle fathers readily came
to the side of the young Portuguese girl.
To tiie statements of the priests that no
evil spirit was in the body of Marie Cor
rie the ranchers and their families turned
a deaf ear. .¦ • ,
Those who have stood by the girl's side
when she has been in one of, her spells
state that the evil spirit has fully an
swered all questions put to it. They as
sert that it has informed them that It is
the spirit of a man who has committed
three murders, stolen countless sums ol
money and brought many young girls to
Doctors from Sacramento have exam
ined the girl and the priest of the Lisbon
settlement. Father Soares, has joined
with the medical men in trying to calm
the fears of the ranchers and their fam
ilies, but with no success.
Two days spent in the Lisbon district
by The Call correspondent showed that
the people fully believe that the evil
spirit inhabiting the body of Marie Cor
rie is one of pronounced malignity.
Believe Evil Spirit Is Present.
The assertion Is so fully accepted' that
even to speak to one of the Portuguese
ranchers or their families of the condir
tlon of Marie Corrie causes their faces
to pale with terror, while their lips move
silently in prayer, their hands stealing
to their bosoms in order to clutch the
rosaries or other sacred emblems they
carry on their breasts.
terviewed .by a Call correspondent and
all adhere to the story that an evil spirit
has taken up Its abode in the body of the
young Portuguese girl.
From mouth to mouth the story has
been passed along and while many of the
Portuguese families told what they had
heard from others It was an easy matter
to find men and ¦women who had stood by
the side of Marie Corrie and who claimed
they had held long conversations with
the evil spirit within her body.
The story told by these people was re
counted with absolute sincerity. There
was no attempt at deception, and many
volunteered the statement that they
would never have believed what they had
heard from others, but had satisfied them
selves that an evil spirit was In their
Men and women of mature years, youths
and maidens, all join in stating that they
have spoken for more than an hour, at
various times with the evil spirit that
they claim, with all sincerity, is living in
the body of the unfortunate Marie Corrie.
Dozens of the Portuguese ranchers'liv
ing in the Lisbon district have been in-
From the day, one month ago, when
Marie Corrie was seized with the first
strange spell, she has suffered a number
of similar attacks in rapid succession.
Ranchers far and wide In the Lisbon dis
trict heard of the strange doings in the
household of the Corrie family and many
came from, their homes to verify what
others had told them. •.,"."
Strange sounds proceeded from her
throat. Her lips did not move, but the
sounds were similar in every respect to
those made by a ventriloquist. Marie's
body, from the abdomen to the 'throat,
swelled to abnormal size and her arms
and legs became almost rigid. Her hand*
were tightly clenched and the strength of
her brothers could not relax the firm grip.
As' suddenly as the spell began so it
ended and Marie Corrie looked into the
faces about her with a smile. She wan
entirely unconscious of ¦ what had taken
plac« and In reply to questions simply
said that she had a severe pain In her
chest. ¦ ¦ '
Body Is Abnormally Swollen.
The aged mother came to the assistance
of her sons and for an hour they were
engaged in preventing Marie from harm
ing herself or those around her.
The weeks slipped i quickly ¦ along and
there was not a cloud to mar the hap
piness of the Corrie family until one
month ago. In the middle of the 'day
Marie | Corrie suddenly rushed upon her
brother Manuel and sought to strike him.
There was a fierce expression on her face
and when the powerful rancher sought to
restrain his little sister he found that his
strength was not sufficient. Calling his
brother Juan to his aid the two strong
men overpowered Marie, who seemed to
be endowed with superhuman strength.
Marie Corrie is a trifle over 18 years old.
She is slight in stature, a demure little
miss of a most lovable disposition. She
soon settled down to the rural life on her
brothers' ranches and in the evenings
would singr while her aged mother and
brothers listened with delight.
From New York they came overland by
train, and at Sacramento mother and
daughter were met by Manuel and Juan
Corrie, who took them to their home on
the banks of the Sacramento River.
Manuel and Juan Corrle wherv their
day's labor was finished often talked of
the oid home In far away Portugal. There
lived the aged mother and father and
their sister Marie. According to state
ments made by the Corrie brothers yes
terday their father had neglected his fam
ily, leaving his sons and his wife to earn
a living 'while he sought oblivion to his
earthly duties by carousing in the wine
shops of the little village of Pique.
Four months ago Manuel Corrie and his
brother Juan sent enough money to their
mother to bring her and their sister Marie
from Portugal to this country. The moth
er and daughter Journeyed, from their
home In the village of Pique to Lisbon,
and there secured passage for New York.
Father Neglected His Family.
ranchers of the Portuguese settlement.
Dozens of Men and Women Aver That They Converse
With the Soul of a Fiend When the Maid Displays
Superhuman Strength and Loses Consciousness
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the appetite and aiding digestion. Sold
by all druggists. Prepared only by the
Anheuser-BUschBrewing Ass'n
St. Louis, U. S. A.
Brewers of the famous Budweiser, Michelob, Black & Tan^ Pale-Lager,
Faust, Anheuser-Standard, Export Pale and Exquisite. -
Why wear cumbersome plates when you
can Jiave teeth without them?
Chalmers Dental Co.
San Francisco. 133 Powell St.

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