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G Scifert. San Jose P Hardy, Ca!
W A Porter. Boston A M Hanmore. Redwd
J G Waterman, Cal J Al Amwegr. Phlla
AH Noyles. StMtchael Mrs Churchill. Napa
CAS Frost. StMlchael Miss Churchill. Napa
P J McLaughlin. Minn L Loewenbach. Paris
A Austrian & w. Ill B Goodman Phlla
M Tillotson. NT C Moore. London
Mls» F O'Meara. Utah H H Knox, X T
M J O*Meara, Utah C C Kavanah, Boise
E D Herdman, yeflds Miss Drennan, Sta Crz
W E Gerber & w, Sac Miss Ryland San Joea
Mrs -McCoy. NT HE Henoch, N T
Miss McCoy. NY P D Mayer. Stanford
Miss Sinclair. NY. EC Vooraies. Cal
Mrs La wry. NT J A Veatch. Sutter Crk
Miss Cusson, NT J Meyer, Colusa
Miss Hirsch. NY N Strauss. New York
MaJ F H Goddard. NY W W Morrow, Cal
W WaHlng. NY WE Garber & w,.Cal
E von Meyer, N Y Miss Garber. Cal
J O Hutchlnson. N , Y j Kruttschnltt, Cal
O D Owen, Pasadena Rev J E Simpson. Or
G W Bush. Redding Mrs S A Short. Nev
Mrs J Mohan. Dublin Miss E Short. Nev
D Jonas. Santa Cruz M Martin & w. X Y
Capt E O Tompkinson, E B Yerinsrton, Carson
Santa Monica Mrs L A Terry Sacto
E S Churchill. Napa MUs Terry, Sacto
J W Taylor, L Ang M P Costa. Hanford
Mr» Urquhart. Seattle M V Garcia. Hanford
J Barnes, Seattle J Francis & w. S Dies
M Greenbaum, Seattle S Campbell. S Jose
F B Lyman & w. Cal Mrs Campbell. S Jose
W F Day, Fresno A Blossom. Stockton -
J Morton. L Ang J Smith & w. Colusa
D Williams & w. Fres H Elchnald, Texas
W- H La Baree. Cal - C Beck with, Sacto
Mrs Chrisman., L Ang W J Rogers, S Jo3e
E C Cochran. Cal C F Craven. Chicago
T Duncan & w, S Barb C A Carroll, Cal
F B Crow. Phila W D Held, Ukiah
C E Sweezey. Cal W Proudfoot. USA
E Tomkinson. Cal C B Jil'.son. Napa
A M Anthony. Cal C C Gaines. Sacto
Dr CE Retd. Petalmai J H Sawtell Chlco'
J L Gillette. Le Grand' Dr Archer. Redding i
Florence Gillette, Cal J Carlisle. Boston
Miss O Gillette, Cal C G Lundholm Cal
J W Kaseberg, Cal A Bemmerly, Cal
P L Flanagan. Nev - R Leathers. Cal
Mrs E Samuels. Cal C Wetmore, Suisua .
: Frank and Sarah A. . Bragg to Mar'ne En
gineers' Beneficial. Association No. 35. of San
Francisco ,(a ' corporation),, undivided half of
Amelia E. Sherman (widow) to S. & G. Gump
Company (corporation), lot on N line of Haight
street, 63 E of Fillmore. E 75 by N 95; $10. \u25a0
George B. and Lucinda M. Bannan to Lewis
M. Bannan. lot on E line of Pierce street, 77 :4H
S of Clay. S 25 by E 93:9; $1.
j Anne Hadley (widow) to Joachim D. Hlnt
mann, lot on W line of Pierce street, 75 N of
Eddy. N 25 by.W 90; %\. * -
Oscar H. Ferguson to Theodore J. Roche, lot
on NW cornar of , Green and Baker, streets, W
110:10 by N 120:«; $10. -
Albert and Charlotta Wllford to George T..
Lewis and Benjamin Jones, lot on S line of
Fulton street, 63:3 W of Shrader, W 26:6 by S
SO; 110. -\u25a0 ' \u25a0 ' i. "
Jessie Clancy and Henrietta. G. and Frank A.
Hlgby to Samuel B. and Julia Smith, lot on E
line 'of Walnut street, 107:6% N of California,
N 25:0% by E 137:6; $10. \u25a0
William W. R. and Clara E. Hatch to Wil
liam Mann, lot on W line of Harrison street.
95 S of Twentieth, S 75 by W 122:6; also lot on
W.line of Harrison street. 175 S of Twentieth,
S 50 byW- 122:8; $10. .
Mary A. Freeman (Hartley) to Edward Du
clos. lot on E line of Polsom street. 65 S of
Twenty-third. S 80 by E 90; 510.
B. \u25a0 H Schunhoff to Hlbernla Savings and
Loan Society, lot on E line of Valencia street
40 S of Twenty-third, S 40 by E 125: also lot on
N line of Twenty-fifth street, 200 W of Castro,
W 40 by N\114:,«0. . ... ..
Jeanne ' Mendlondou (widow) to Elizabeth j T.'
Davis (wife of J. J.), lot on E-line of Dolores
street. 76:8 N of Thirtieth. N 25 by E 100; $10.
Charles C. Kane to Elizabeth G. Buckley, lot
on N Hue of Twenty-sixth (Navy) street. 1S6 -8
Wol Church. W 53:4 by N 114; $10.
..James T. Fitzgerald to Jeremiah D. Sullivan,
lot on W line of Da\Ms street, 60 N of Washing
ton. M 24 by W 75; $10. .
j Elizabeth A. \u25a0 Heydenfeldt et al. vs. Zella O.
Helllngs'et al. (by G.' H. Umbsen. referee) to
Simpson Lumber Company (corporation), lot on
SF. corner of Beach and Stockton streets, 3 275
by E 137:G; $30.C00. ' .
Gertrude MeUler to Oscar and Dora Metiler.
lot on NW line of Natoma street, 75 NE of
Seventh. NE 25 by NW 75; $10.
. Christine and Charles K. Zimmer to Frances
Noonan (widow), lot on SE - line of Mission
street. 75 SW of Sixth. SW 50 by SE 83; S10.
Lyford and Mary S. Sinclair to Margaret A.
Kaiser, all interest In lot on SE line of Na
toma street, &D SW of Eighth. SW 25 by SK
75; J5C0. • .
Alfred an* Anna Simon and Lucy Heynemann
to Louis Simon, lot on NE corner of Pine; and
Franklin streets. N 68:9 by E 137:8; $10. 1
Louis, Anna and Alfred Simon and Lucy
Heynemann to Ludwig Arnafein. lot on E line
of Franklin street, 6S:9 N of Pine, N 68:9 by E
137:6; $10. : .
German ..'..rtl893- — Sav & Loan... — —
Humboldt — — Security Sav.. 273 —
Mutual Sav.... SO — Union Trust..l"TO ~
Ban Francls=o.52s> —
California .....129^ — IOSL& H.... 40 —
Geary — 50 Presidio — ... 31 —
Market 83 90 I
i • ',\u25a0 4 ' . • POWDER.
Giant .......... 751* 75 8 / 8 lVigorit * VA
Hana 4% 5% Kilauea 10^ —
Hawaiian — 50 iMakaweli 28- 29
Honokaa 10^4 10%jQnomea 2414 25
Hutchlnson ... 14*i — IPaauhau 10% 11
Alaska Pack.. — 1« Oceanic S Co. 40% 44
Cal Fruit Can. 97 98 Pac Aux FA. 2H .—
Cal Wine Aan. 84% — Pac C Borax. .165 —
Mer Exchnse..U0 — Par Paint. 16 — :
Morning Session.
25 California Wine Association 84 73
25 California -Wine Association 84 50
25 California Wine Association 84 CO
50 California Wine Association, s 90.... 84 00
25 California Wine Association 84 25
25 California Wine Association 84 87&
100 California Wine Association 85 CO
25 Contra Costa Water 77 DO
60 Equitable Gas 3 50
50 Giant Powder 75 50
30 Honokaa Company 10 25
10 Market-street Railway 90 37ft
10 'Market-street Railway 90 50
• 30 Market-street Railway 90 62^
$3000 Northern Ry of Cal 5s bonds... 121 75
$1000 Oceanic S S Co. b 3 103 50
70 San Francisco Gas & Electric Co 43 25
\u25a0 60 San Francjsco Gas & Electric Co 43 37^4
17000 S F & Sjj V Bonds 123 00
Street— •
110 Sprjng Valley Water, s 10..... S8 23
Afternoon. Session.
50 California Wine Association ..85 30
115 California Wine Association 85 00
15 Contra Costa Water 77 50
20 Giant Powder Con ...75 50
. 20 Honokaa 10 50
200 Makaweli 28 30
10 Mttrket-street Railway .'... 90 00
20 Market-street Railway i. 89 75
2 Market-street Railway 89 50
;2C0 Junction 2Q
300 Junction 19
300 Oil City Petroleum 24
200 Peerless ; 4 5 mi
150 Peerless, b 90 5 50
\u25a0 10 Peerless 5 25
300 Reed Crude 33
100 Sterling 140
Street— •
10O Junction 21
Afternoon Session.
Board-* \u25a0 -
450 Caribou 75
500 Giant 31
100 Home .\u25a0 H ;.. 3 40
200 Monarch of Arizona, b 30.... 23
250 Peerless, b 90 550
300 Peerless : \u25a0. 5 12%
200 Reed Crude 33'
The following- were the sales in the San
Francisco Stock and Exchange Board yester
Morning Session. *
200 Andes -06 500 Ophir 69
1500 Belcher, 08 700 Overman ....... 04'
100, Challenge 10 2C0 Sierra Nevada. 13
500 Chollar 06 100 Sierra Nevada. U
1100 Mexican ........ 11 100 Union Con 14
£00 Ophir bS 200 Yellow Jacket.. 05
', Afternoon Session.
100 Challenge- Ill 100 Potoet 07
ICO Con Cal & Va..l 66 1 100 Union Con 15
10O Confidence 65 100 Yellow Jacket.. 06
100 Mexican 15
The . following were the sales in the P^ciflc
Stock Exchange yesterday:
Morning Session.
500 Belcher C« r 300 Gould & Curry 01
500 Best & Belcher 14 200 Mexican .T 15
200 Challenge It) 1 500 Ophir 69
100 Con Cal & V.I 67M>| 500 Scorpion ... 02
100 Confidence 70 j 300 Sierra Nevada. 15
: 300 Confidence ..... 6S I 900 Sierra Nevada. 11
Afternoon Session.
100 Best & Belcher 14 100 Potosi 07
1C0 Best & Belcher 15 100 Silver Hill 31
200 Challenge 11 300 Union Con ..... 15
200 Con Cal & Va..l 65 300 Yellow Jacket.. 06
200 Ophir W 50 Yellow Jacket.. 05
FRIDAY, Oct. 11.— 4 p. m.
Bld.Ask. . Bld.Ask.
Alta C2 04 Imperial ........ — 0i
Andes 05 06 Kentuck : — 03
Bullion ......... — C2 Mexican ......:. 15 16
Best & Bflcher 14 -16 Ophir ";:..... «9 70
Belcher 07 OS Overman ....... 04 C5
Con Cal& Va..I 65 1 70 Occidental ...... 05 06
Chollar 05 07 Potosi 09 0<
Crown Point ... .06 OS Savage 10 11
Confidence 66 6S Sierra Nevada. 14 15
Caledonia 28 SO Seg Belcher.... 02 03
Challenge v 10 11 Silver Hill 31 32
Exchequer • j~ Standard 3 90 i 05
Gould & Curry 03 Hi Utah 62 OS
Hale &, Norc... 13 14 Union 14 15
Julia — 01 Yellow Jacket.. 05 06
Justice 02 0£
Continued From Page Ten.
I am horrified at Mr. Morley's speech on
Egypt. If you think your party hopeless ke«p
the money, but give it to some charity. Jt
would be an awful thing to give my money for
the breaking up of the empire.
In 1S92 Rhodes again wrote to Schnad
horst, drawing attention to a speech by
Gladstone foreshadowing a scuttle out of
Egypt, ana expressing the hope, that
Schnadhorst would do his best to check
the mad step. But, he said, if "your re
spected leader remains obdurate I shali
certainly call upon you to devote my sub
scription to some public charity."
In Schnadhorst's reply he says Rhodes*
money had already been spent, as he be
lieved it was given mainly to help the
home rule struggle. Schnadhorst, how
ever, assured Rhodes that Gladatone'8 ut
terances were only an expression of hi3
opinfon, that Sir William Vernon Har
court was also annoyed at them, and that
no scuttle out of Egypt was likely, as be
had seen Lord Rosebery, then slated for
Foreign Minister, who would not permit
it. being "a strong man. who will take his
own course, very different from the
pliant, supple Granville."
"On the reception of this." Rhodes says,
'I bothered no more, as upon Lord Rose
bery's appointment I knew that Egypt
was saved. I leave your readers to de
cide how far Sir Henry Campbell-Banner
man is justified in characterizing the orig
inal statements as a lie from beginning to
en &\. According to their statements,
neither Sir Henry Caropbell-Bannerman
nor Sir William Harcourt are acquainted
with the facts. But I naturally assumed
that Mr. Schnadhorst was speaking with
authority;." . .
lot on SW line of Main street, 120 SE of Fol
som, SW 137:6 by SE 30: »10.
Charity Havward (wife) to Alvinza Hay
ward, lot on SE line of Brannan street. 137- 6
NE of Second. NE 117:6 by SE 137:8: also lot
S?r. I LP 0 , l ' ner o£ Brani »an and Eighth streets.
NE 206:3 by SE 275; alia lot on E corner of
Market and Dolores streets, S 24, E ISO N
83:8%. NW 72:4U. SW 175: also lot on SE 'cor
ner of Lombard and Octavla streets. E 113 S
137:6, E 20. SE 63:9, SW 137:6. N 2C«:3; also
lot on S line of Lombard street. 31:3 E of La-
Runa. E 350. S 100, E 31:3, S 73. W 31:3, S 100
W 25." N 137:6. W 23, S 137:6, W SoO. IT 100. AV
31:3. N 50. E 106:3. N 23, W 75. N ICO; also lot
on SW comer of North Point and Stockton
street*. S 275 by W 412:6; also lot on SE cor
ner of North Point and Taylor streets. E
1S7:6. S 137:8. E 35. S 137:6. W 172:6. N 275:
also lot on NW corner of Lombard street and
Van Nesa avenue. N 271.52; SW 430.S. S 36.05.
E 3S3.97. quitclaim deed; $10.
John H. and Ellsabetha K. Friedrfchs. Sanct
Paulus Kirchen Vereln of San Francisco (a
corporation) to California Casket Company (a
corporation), lot on SE line of Mission -Btreet.
275 NE of Sixth. NE 67:« by SE 120r S33.000.
Otis B. Ansell to same, lot on NW line of
Minna street. 275 NE of Sixth, NE 67:8 by
NW 40; |10.
Ranald W. and Chrlstena A. Smith to Cath
arine Bartholdy (wife of A.), lot on 8 line of
Cortland avenue. 23 • W of Bennineton. W 23
by S 100. lot 13. *lock 6, Fair"a subdivision of
Holly Park Tract; $10.
Thome and Catherine Kashow (Le Mar) to
Joseph B. Coryell. lot on NE line of Twenty
sixth avenue south. 150 SH3 of M street south.
SE SO by NE 100. lots 33 to 35. block 483. Bay
City Homestead Association: $10.
William II. Gillespie (administrator of eatat?
of Mary LafTerty, by F. M. Thai, commis
sioner) to Mary C. Carroll (administratrix of
estate of John M. Carroll), lot on E line of
California avenue. 100 N of Virginia avenue. N
25 by E 140, lots ISO and 200 Gift Map 3:/JC00O.
John S. G. Young: to- Olive Verkouteren
(widow), lot on W line of Gould street, 200 8
of Paul avenue. S 25 by W 100, lot 16. block 3.
Garden Tract Homestead Association; Ho.
Flora D. Jones (widow) to Margaret Lamb
(widow), lot on N line of Pa*e street. 297:<:
W of Webster. W 25 by N 137:3; $10.
C. P. Toft to N. C. Toft, lot on N line of
Waller street. 136:3 W of Flllmore, W 50 by
N 120; $10.
Nathaniel T. Coulson to George E. Tooker.
lot on N line of Haiyht street, 50 E of Pierce.
E 25 by N 110; $10.
Metropolitan Improvement Company to Peter
F. Dunne, lot on SE corner of pacific avenue
and Baker street. S 127:8«-i by E 15; $10.
Joseph D. .and Edith M. Orant to Helga If.
Bagge (wife x of William H.), lot on S lin« of
Twenty-first street, 254:6 "W of Church, TV 50:11
by S U4; $10.
Builders' Contracts.
George - Letterell and Henry A. -Fairy (own
ers), with Mrs. Mary Sullivan (contractor), ar
chitect D. Coffin— All work for a one-story and
basement frame cottage on lot 4, block 15.
Flint Tract; $1750.
Standard Electric Company of California
(owners), with Alfred W. Burrell (contractor,
by Henry H. Burrell, attorney, with Keating*
& Leonard, sub-contractors), architect Edward
R. Swain—All concrete work except expand«4
metal and main, floor for a concrete, steol. iron,
brick and wood buildinn on E lin« of Vermont
street, 150 N of Alameda. X 100. S 100. W 200,
P. N. 183: $4343.
Slgmund Strassburgtr (owner) with Mallory
& Swenson (contractors), architects Salfleld A
Kohlbergr— Carpenter and mill work, stair*.
Blazing, tinning-, slating and hardware for %
two-story basement and attic frame residence
on N line of Pacific averue. 189:9 W of Steiner
Street, W 33:8 by N 127:Sli; $10,440.
LONDON. Oct. H.-The Spectator to
morrow will print letters from Cavil
Rhodes and the late Francis Schnadhorst
(who from 1S85 to 1S92 was the chief or
ganizer and adviser of the Liberal party)
sustaining the sensational allegations
made some months ago that Rhodes in
1891 gave £5000 to the Liberal party on
condition that Gladstone would not bring
about the evacuation of Egypt by the
British troops. Both Sir "William Vernon
Harcourt and Sir Henry Campbell-Ban
nerman (the Liberal leaders) have pub
licly declared this 10 be false.
In a letter covering this correspondence
Rhodes sums up as follows:
I met Mr. Schnadhorst in London and he
asked whether I was willing to subscribe to
thQ party funds. I said I was prepared to do
so providing the policy was not to scuttle out
of Kgypt and that in the event of a home rula
bill being: brought forward provision should
be made for the retention of the Irish, member*
at Westminster. I understood from Mr. Schnad
horst that he would consult Mr. Gladstone,
which quite satisfied me as I looked upon Mr.
Gladstone as the Liberal party. Mr. Schnad
horst accepted the contribution upon the con
ditions defined in the letter appended. •
In this letter Rhodes demanded that his
contribution be kept secret and that the
check be returned if the Irish were not
represented at Westminster. But he added
a postscript saying:
Light Shed on Controversy
About Egypt's Evacu
Interesting-Political Cor
respondence Now
ROOMS TO LET— Pnrn. and.Unfarn.
NEW ARLINGTON, 1015 Market st. '__
O'FARRELL, 20— Sunny furnished rooms • and
offices; elevator; elec. light*; day, week, mo.
POWELL, 131, near Baldwin lot— Sunny rooms
to let. '
ROYAL House, 126 Ellis— Incandescent light;
\u25a0 reading-room, smoking-room and ladies', par-
lor; rooms, per night, S5c to $1 50; week, $2 to
$8; month, $8 to $20: elevator on ground floor:
rooms with hot and cold water; baths. , \u25a0
SHERMAN Apartmfnt House, 28 Eighth -st..
I near Market— Furnished . or unfurnished. -
STEVENSON. 658, "near Seventh—Single and
double rooms; sun all day. \u25a0
SUTTER. 320% (The Stanford)— Suites from %\
to $7 ; singles, $2 to $5 per week ; transient.
A BRANCH offlce for Call advertisements and
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elegantly furnished; j reasonable in price;
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THE CECILERNE, 930 . Van Ness ave.
NICE, sunny corner, alcove room; hot and c^>ld
water; good board. 936 Valencia «t.
HOTEL Las Palmas, 1820 Market— Suite 2 or S
rooms, bath ; board optional ; . single rooms.
HOTEL Repelier, 781 Sutter— Newly furnished;
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O'FARRELL, 605 (Johnson House)— Exception-
ally fur. suites; beautiful grnds; table board.
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A BRANCH offlco for Call advertisements and
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Valencia st. \u25a0 - '' - - \u25a0 ' \u25a0
IN "Western Addition. 3 or 4 partly furnished
rooms are wanted by quiet couple who like
sun and dislike noise. D. A. E., box 943, Call.
TWO or 3 furnished rooms: light housekeeping;
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552. Call. .-\u25a0-\u25a0-.\u25a0
WANTED— 4 or 5 furnished rooms or cottage;
Western Addition; reasonable. Box 949. Call.
Market; treatment free; $109 paid for any truss
as good as our new double lever rupture holder.
BAD tenants ejected for $4; collections' made;
. city or country. PACIFIC COLLECTION
. CO.. 415 Montgomery st., rooms 9-10; tel. 55S0.
DISEASES and ailments of men treated; con-
; sultation free. American Dispensary, 514 Pine.
ALL kinds bought, sold and repairing guaran-
teed. Chas. Plambeck, 1915 Mission, nr. 15th.
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GOLDEN WEST Storage Warehouse. &40 Mis-
sion St.: tel. Howard 941. F. W. . ZEHFUSS.
PACIFIC Storage and Furniture Moving Com-
] pany, 2320 Flllmore st. ; phone Jackson 281.
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1 tel. Main 1310: shipping at cut rates.
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Francisco, Oct. 10. 1901 — Know all men by
these presents, ', that the flrm of A. W. PIKE
& CO., hitherto and now composed of A. W.
PIKE and CHAS. H. WOOD, Is hereby dis-
solved. The said CHAS. H. WOOD hereby
assumes all 'he -obligations of_-the-late . firm
and takes over all of the assets and from this
time on -will continue said business under the
former flrm name of A. W. PIKE & CO.
Witness our hands and seals the day and
year first above written.
DIVIDEND Notice— Dividend No. 9G (twelve
and one half cents per share) of the Hutchln-
son Sugar Plantation Co. ..will be payable at
the office of the company, 327 Market Et., on
and after Monday, October 21, 1301. Transfer
books close Monday, October 14, 1901, at 3
o'clock p. ni. H. W. THOMAS, Secretary.
OFFICE of the Contra Costa Water Company,
room 16, second floor. Mills bldg., San Fran-
cisco, October S, 1901— Dividend No. 493 of 4i
cents per share on the capital stock of the
Contra Costa Water Company will be pay-
able at the offlce of said company, room 16,
' eecond floor. Mills bldg., . on October 15,
1901. Transfer books will close on October
10. 1801, at 3 p.m.- \u25a0
EDWARD McGART. Secretary.
OFFICE ot Sierra, Railway Company of Cali-
fornia, room 177. Crocker building, San Fran-
cisco, Cal.,- October 7, 1901— Coupon No. 9.
due October 12, 3901, from first mortgage 6
per cent bonds of ' Sierra Railway Company"
I of California, will be paid ot the fiscal agency
o£ this company, . the Crocker-Woolworth
National Bank, on and after that date. -
S. D.* FRESHMAN, Treasurer.
NOTICE of pledgees' sale— '1 o whom - It may
concern: Notice is hereby given that the un-
dersigned. EDWARD POLLITZ & CO., as
pledgees for value, ; will, through the chair-
man of the Stock and Bond Exchange, sell at
public auction" to the highest bidder for cash
in United States gold coin, on SATURDAY,
the 12th day of October, 1901. at 11 o"clock
a. m. Of that day, at the boardroom of said
Stock and Bond Exchange, room No. 62, In
the Merchants' Exchange building, on the
eouth side of California st., bttween San-,
some and Montgomery, in the city and county
of San Francisco, State of California, one
hundred (100) shares of the capital stock of
the Paauhau Sugar Plantation Company, a
corporation, and one hundred (100) shares of
the capital stock of the Honokaa Sugar Com-
pany, a corporation. • Dated San Francisco,
Cal.. October 9, 190t EDWARD POLUTZ
& CO., pledgees. .
P ROPOSALS v -„-'„'"•
PROPOSALsTor Clothing and~Equipage, Depot
Quartermaster's Offlce, 38 New Montgomery
St., San Francisco, Cal., October 8. 1901.—
Sealed prODOsals,' in triplicate, will be re-
ceived at this office' until 10 o'clock a. ni..
Thursday, October 24, -1901, Pacific Standard
Time, and then opened, for furnishing Cam-
paign Hats Arctic Overshoes, Russet Shoes,
D. B. Cloth- 8. B. Kersey. Quantities to be
subject to 20 per cent increase, if desired, by .
this department. Bids will be opened for tne
delivery of the same articles at either the
San Francisco, Boston, Chicago and Phila-
delphia Depots. To avoid misunderstanding
as to the exact nature of the articles to be
furnished, bidders will carefully examine the
standard samples and specifications, so that
proposals may be submitted by them with a
full knowledge of what will be required. An
absolute compliance with standard and speci-
fications will be insisted upon in the inspec-
tion ot the goods. -Unguaranteed bids, and
bld3 upon samples differing from standard
and specifications,' will under.no circum-
stances be' considered; proposals for. lets
quantity than advertised for will be enter-
tained. Bids for delivery or inspection at
other points than those named above will not
be considered. Early deliveries are essential.
Bidders must state in their proposals the rate
and time of delivery- should, contract be
awarded to them, and that no proposition
should be made which they are not positive
that they can absolutely fulfill. The articles
advertised for ere the same for which bids
will be opened at the pther depots. Prefer-
ence will be given to articles of domestic
production and manufacture, conditions of
price and quality being equal (including in
the price of foreign production and manu-
facture the duty -thereon >. and such prefer-
ence will be. given to articles of American
production and manufacture produced on the
Pacific Coast, to the extent of the. consump-
tion required by the public \u25a0• service " there.
The United States reserves the right to ac-
cept cr reject any or all; proposals or. any.
part thereof. Information and ' blanks .. for
proposals . will be furnished on application.
Envelopes containing | proposals will be' in-
dorsed . "Proposals. No. - 9036."- and -.addressed
to^ Major C. P. MILLER, Quartermaster, - U.
S. Army. Depot Quartermaster. .\u25a0 .-«.\u25a0' , >
The following marriage licenses were Issued
yesterday:' \u25a0 \u25a0 • . \, - .
John Craddock, 33, 217 Third street, arid
Elzenle Rundall, 22, 525 Franklin' street. , -
'. Lynn P. Selby, 31/ Falrhavern-' Wash., and
Addle 'CouKhlan, 28, Canada, . . \u25a0 \u25a0\u25a0: ' - -.
Sven P. Gudmundson, 34, Vallejo,' and Jenny
A.' Hanson, 28. Vallejo. .'.
August Ander, 30, 826 Hill street, and Amy
M. 'A: Wheeler, . 23, 606 O'Farrell street.
John -O. -Erwald. ; 33, . 600 Twentieth street.'
and CoraTeachout, -37, \u25a0 423 Third street.
•aTaTCKES. Jewelry rep. and made; cash pd.
v 'or cold silver and precious stones. 14 MeAl-
ilrter Et'.. ream 16. WM. MUND.
ALMOST new sealskin coat for sale: $95.\Apply
Washington st.
BROKEN pcinter bitch. $30; <ft>g, $55: pup S
months oM $*; will accept part merchandise
In pay; what have you? Box 907. Call office.
JD-HAND machinery, boilers, pipe, engines and
dynamos bought, sold and exchanged. K. S.
WHITE, 51£ Mission sU
KAXD tenoning machine end band shaper
suitable for carpenter shop; also Xo. 2
Hooker steam pump. S<3 Howard eL
FIRST-CLASS second-hand modern enptnes and
boilerfc bought and sold. KROGH MFG. CO..
f-17 Stever.Eon Et.. near First.
ZS01 RAIvfBLERS, Eagles, light Stearns. Snell
and others; second-hand bicycles; cheap; send
for list. LEAVITT & BILL. 309 Larkin st.
FINE suits, $18; dress pants, $2 75. . MISFIT
CLOTHING PARLORS. 4S7 Montgomery st.
A— JS 50 DERBT and Fedora hats, $1 75. Popu-
!ar Price Hatters. 530 Kearny sU. near Pine.
A COMPLETE df.ntal outfit for sale; reason-
aJfle; issly at once. 4S3 Eddy st.
pro CM HARD oM bricks. OJd reservoir. Market
ft . cr apply at £i Silver et-, off Third.
C^H reriMT <Hall-troo<5); brand new; $55; re-
action. H. T. ALLEK, 202 California st.
BI<> price* paid for sealskins, full dress & Tux-
eco suits. Portland Loan Offlce, 23 Stockton.
KINE <iozen heslthy common pallets; 6 months;
-g farm raised. 17T7 Broadway, Alameda.
LARGE vault front: also larpe fireproof safe
cheap. PERIAM & CO., 42 Main st.
KEADQUAUTERS for trunks, bass and dress
suit cases. A. B. SMITH CO.. 128 Ellla et.
BOATS, launches, rowboats carried in stock.
JEWELRY for stle and made to order. T.
FERSHTAXP, 126 Keaimv 6 t.. room 29.
UAGIC lanterns, new and 2d-hand movlnc plc-
tures. BULLARD & BRECK. 131 Post st.
GASOLINE engines, all sizes, new and 2d-hand.
and launches. J. E. DOAK, 511 Mission si
SAFES— New and eeccr.d band. THE HER-
MAN SAFE <XX, il'-iZi Sacramento st.
EAR outfits, Ehovrcases; all lengths and sizes.
JACOB SCHWERDT, S21 Mission st.
EXGIXC? am2 boilers: second-hand machinery.
J. BURKE. 13 Baalt st.
FAIRBANKS' 10-toa hay scale; jeweler's steel-
Itofld g.-.fe, perfect order. 216 California st.
TTaNTED— <rooi delivery Tragan; stata pric*.
Aciress 1TT3 Polk tt.
M" ANTED — Second-hand upright piano for
cash. H. L. WHITEHEAD, 1706 Market St.
TTLTON wcrts good second-btnd clothing: and
th«alr:cfJ g-oods. 154 9th st.: teL Kolsom 2322.
<390.0C8 at 6 p*r cent in eums to suit. City and
Oakltnd, town ana country property; eecond
ir.ortjraf-es, life insurance & securities^ Loans
J or unsettled estates, undivided interests la
. real estate and legacies. We will purchase
any cf above securities. TeL Red 5024. MAN-
HATTAN LOAN CO^ Tth floor, Crocker bldg.
First, second and third mortgages
Vndiviiied Interest in real estate in probate..
licrtgr^pes end legacies bought; no delay
Get rcy terms btfere doing business elsewhere
Zt Montgomery st., rooni 3
ANT proposition, any amount; C per cent; first,
•econi ar.a third mortgages, estates in pro-
bate, interest in estates, legacies, undivided
lntereris. securities, manufacturing and mer-
cantile interests, corporation loans. Room 16,
1st floor. Chronicle big. GEORGE E. OLSEN.
HERMAN MURPHY. 603 Examiner building—
ti.OOC'.OOO tt 6% or lese in large sums; loans
on s-ecor.d mortgages, estates, etc; financial
problems of all sorts and tizes. If your prop-
erty is mortgaged and you need more money
_eee HERMAN 3JCRPHY. C03 Examiner bldg.
ANT proposition; any amount; 6 per cent, on
mortgages, estates, undivided interests; chat-
, tel iriortg-ages, etc D. J. HALLORAN. i
Adarss buUtfir.g, 206 Kearny gt., room 314. j
RELIABLE Borporattoa. established 1SG5. proper i
place to borrow money on diamonds, jewelrv !
pianos ajid sealskins at iowest rate of Interest' j
* Grant ave_. near Market st,; teL Black 5471, \
HIGHLY respectable private place to obtain I
liberal advances en diamonds, jewelry at low- I
e£i rates. Rald-wirs Je-weirv Store S4S Market I
ft-; tel. Main 164*. Branch IS Third st.
: • j
MTNICTPAL Loan Office. 103 Grant ave., near i
fc Geary sL; pbece Red ICOl
OX reaJ ertat*. 1st cr Ind mortgages and on fur- j
c!ture cr pianos without removal; anv amount- '
lowest rates. Becker & Co., 26 Montgomery. !
CASH loaned to salaried people on note with- j
out indorser or on mortgage* at 6 per cent per
\u25a0Lcnurs. IIORTLELL. 605 Examiner building. !
LfOlVnST rates 02 furniture, etc., by private ;
party; co removal; no commission; conflden- |
tla'- Room I. Cocservatcry blig., SOI Jones, j
OX furniture, pianos; no removal: money i
lowest interest; easy terms; no broker- |
ege; reliable party. 1170 Market st., room 6S. 1
LOANS ca piancs. furniture without removal, j
libraries, goods In warehouse, etc.; anr arm. ; '
lowest rates; priv. Onnsbr, 26 Montg., office 7. !
ON -SALARIES -without indorser; other prcpo- ]
elUoas. S. F. Disccunt Agency. 143 Phelan b. |
MONEY loaned Eai&rled pecple ivitho'.it secur- '
lty. KilL r. U. Merchants' Ex.. 431 California. \u25a0
OX fui nirure. pianos; lotvestf rate; no removal; j
rtrtcUy private. LICK. 116 McAllister et.
ONE per ctnt on furniture; $5 a month oa each j
(1000; any security. SC2 Montgomery Et.. r-' L j
IJO.000 OX good security ana city realty below j
rmnk rate; no agents. Address box 5&6, Call.
IF you •want, a horse I -rrill lean you money to
b-uy it. A. E. RCDELL. 222 Sansome st.
THE TOCELET Company; loans and dis- J
counts. £21 Parrott building. I
LOANS mor.ey on salary, no Indorser; Eaftern '
plan. Western Loan Co.. 309 Phelan bldg. j
WANTED— Several small loans for building
purposes. Apply rcom 23, Nevada block.
AGAIN we remind you that our piano stock,
bcth rew and second hand. Is the largest
weit of Chicago ar.d includes the moct re-
liable makers to choose from. New pianos |
eold upon easy payments of J6 per month;
some good planes for $3. fi and $3 p?r month. I
SHERMAN. CLAY & CO., Steinway, dealers,
corner Kearny and gutter sts., San Fran-
cisco; corner Broadway and Thirteenth et,
.A. GOOD plan, if you want to buy a. piano, is
to come to us and let us show how a really
pood Instrument can be sold at a low price,
and payments made by the month, if you
don't want to pay cash. We make a specialty
cf the l>eck*r & Fon and Baumeister.
763 Market tt.
Eecond-hand uprirht pianos from $oS up.
Second-hand square pianos from tZO up.
Second-hand organs from £25 up; new up-
right pianos frcm J3T5 up. BENJ. CURTAZ
& SON. 16 to 20 O'Farrell. Chlckering, Ma-
ten and H&mlin. Vose. Sterling pianos.
/NT piano cold by us taken back any timt
vrithin 2 years and full purchase price al-
lowed in a new peerless Knahe at regular
price; costs you only 20c a day to buy a
piano from us. KOHLER & CHASE, SO
O'Farrell Et. ; established 1850.
ALL highest grades sold by Heine Piano Co..
eole agents for famous and oldest American
makes, Including Hallet-Davls; greet bar-
pain list,. SCO up; Etelnway. Jis5 up; Fischer,
S100; CliiekerinB. {165; 20 others; rents $2 up;
grtat inducements to agents. 237 Oeary St.
~^f. SMALL Weber upright, $125; elegant walnut
<W case, Kuabe upright, almost new; also Steck,
oak case; Hardinan efjuare. $45; organs, I2i
up. BOWERS & SOX. 23 Fifth St., IVERS
& PON'P and A. B. CAMERON'. Agents.
A FIRM'S failure to realize on account of
strike has placed two carloads of high-grade
piar:os in storage to be sold at Eastern fac-
tory r>rlc«rE; second-hand pianos for a. sons.
PIAXOS-rThe most modern and up-to-date;
£t»<k, Everett, Cenover, Packard. Ludwig,
Hardman and many others; wholesale and re-
tail. The Wiiey B. Allen Co.. 933 Market tt.,
R. F. : (Branch Store, 8ol Broadway, Oakland).
"WILL pay cafh for your old sealskins,
drcss at ence. box £7, Call offlce. ,
PIANO free; party will give use of piano to
party -who will try to sell it. R. 36, 217 Geary.
JT5— HERTZ piano; good for practice; Schaffer
upright, nearly rew, ?S3. 217 Geary et.
A PIANO, pianola, and music on sale; cost 1000;
TJOW-J300; perty going: away. 127 Geary et.
SUPERIOR violins, zithers, old and new. hT
• MULLEII, maker, repairer, 2 Latham place.
BO— WE1IER piano; cost $450; for sale on fZ
installments. 1209 Gougii St., near Geary.
LARGE cabinet grand upright piano; great
sacrifice ; r-arty leaving. 4C8 Golden Gate ave.
SOHMER. Ryron Mauzy. Lester Hamilton.
• Spleimann pianos. 20S Post Et.
jjr,ft PIANO, nearly new. for V2Z»; pianos with
harp attachment. HAMILTON. S Flood bldg.
GOOD nwind-hand upright for eale cheap.
SCHMITZ, 16 McAllister et. .
LEFT on sale— Antisell large upright. $126;
Steinway, $165. 217 Geary sU. room S6.
$30— Emerson and 7 bargain uprights and baby
grand. Fay'a Piano Factory, 1723 Mission st.
ELEGANT piano as good as new; standard
make; a sacrifice. 216 McAllister.
AT « KEEFFE'S, 22 Turk st., near Market—
Shoninger, Schubert and Steinway bargains.
A SPECIAL for this week— $400 piano for $275.
BRUENN. 203 Post st.
ELEGANT new upright pianos for rent, tS per
mo. SCOTT-CURTA2 PlanA Co.. S60 Hayes.
TO LeaEtjr-3 sunny lofts or separate, 55x60 fe«t;
electric elevator service and water free. Ap-
ply COLLINS. BOO Mission st. \u25a0
___^ OIL. .
"WANTED— To buy twenty to forty acres, with
producing well, in Kern County. J. E.
KERB, room 7, first floor Mills bldg. •
: -
OIL tanks, second-hand. In rood order; all
sizes; cheap. H. S. WHITE, 516 Mission st.
H. JE^O^i^F^ELL£r^SenTm^^a^lstr515
Taylor sL. bet. Goary and Post; tel. Black 561.
PAIAlt.it> AMI UhtuU.VruK!l.
best quality work; lowest' prices; get figures.
PARTNER wanted with $400 capital to engage
in sea-fishing business; good proposition. Ap-
ply 72S^ Stevenson st.
PARTNER wanted; gent, or lady; some means;
going candy business In city. Box 871. Call.
INDIAN ba sit els, Indian relics, curios and an-
tiques bought, nat Raphael;, us Geary
St.. largest curio store in America; visitors
•welcome; Indian baskets from $1 upwards.
IF ALBERT J. WRIGHT, whose mother's
maiden ztacse was W1LB1TR, will call or
address DR. W. D. HUNTINGTON. Central
Bank building, Oakland, Cal.. he will learn
something of interest to himself.
AX elegant line of remnants for suits to or-
der, $15; with these suits we make an extra
pair pants free of charge; other suits on in-
stallments, $1 weridy. L. LEMOS, 1117 Mar-
ket St.. between Seventh and Eighth.
ONE BOTTLE of P!nns will cur^ any case of
rheumatism, sciatica, neuralgia or gout; price
$3 50 per bottle. For circulars, Plnus Med.
Co.. 734 Talencla. St.. S. F.; teL Church 1571.
ELECTRIC light In every room— 'Winchester
Hotel, 44 Third st.. near Market: 700 rooms:
. 25c to $1 50 per night; $1 50 to $S per week;
free 'bus- and baggag* to and from the ferry.
HAIR, birth marks, moles, removed forever
\u25a0without pain or scar with electricity by
MISS GRUBER, the cosmetic artist. 353S
Eighteenth st.*, corner Guerrero.
G. LEDERER'S hair dresslns^elways the best;
25a all styles: shampooing. 50c; good switches,
SI. G. LEPERKR, 123 Stockton st. .
T«'HITE enamel iron beds, single, three-quarter
or double, $2 25. EASTERN OUTFITTING
CO., 1310-1312 Stockton st., near Broadway.
ADELIXA PATTrS Beauty Cream. Secret ot
continual youth; 50c, postpaid: free demon-
stration; come and see us. Bon- Ton, S24 Po3t.
MoCABE's Detective Agency handles all legit-
imate detective business. Emma Spreckels
bids., rooms 323-324. S. F.: teL South S81.
AT cash prices; ladies' «~V!or-made suits, coats,
silk waists, trimmed haii>, skirts, etc. ; weekly
payments. C. F. ADAMS CO.. 156 Fifth eU
PRIVATE detective work: reasonable rates; 10
years' experience. J. E. RAT, 457 Minna st.
A— If your hair is falling or you are bald, call on
Dr.G. S.Moore. 332 O'FarTell; send for circular.
LACE curtains cleaned for S5<? per pair and up.
1277 Myslon street; phone Folsom 232S.
STOP^hat "cough"— California Lung Balsam
will do it; all druggists; phone Pine 2386.
MASQUERADE costumes, play books, wigs;
j country orders. GOLPSTEIX&CO..733 Market.
' bCO MEN wanted to order suits for $1 per week.
i NEUHACS & CO., tailors. 115 Kearny st.
! TAILOR-MADE Pults, $7 50; dress pants. $2 50.
I Misfit Clothing Parlor, cor. Bush and Dupont.
| ASPHALTUM paint— Fix your own roofs; 60c
per gallon. Ill Van Ness ave.
' SUPERFLUOUS hair and moles destroyed with
electric needle. MISS EATON'. 1119 Satter, St.
OBESITY curedmo <3iet!ns; no \u25a0weakening-. THE
A'VIDA CO.. 750 Valencia St., fcet, l!th & l'Jth.
DR. LASIOTTE'S French Corn Paint, the best
corn cure; 25c: all druggists. ' ;
ALFREDUMS Egyptian Henna; reetores gTay
hair to its natural color; $1; at all druggists.
OLD gold, silver, diamonds and precious stones
bought. J. R. JEXKEL. 817 Market st.
WOOD and Ivory Turning. Planlnpr. Shaping
and Sawlne. CARL F. HAAS. 95 Fremont st.
, DrTc. cT^DONNELL-Orfice and residence. .
I 1021li Market tt.. between Slsth and Seventh.
| DR. 1VOXG HIM. herb doctor, successfully
; treats ell diseases of the human body: eaa
i testimonials at office. 115-117 Mason, nr. EUls.
I A— DR. WONG WO. herb doctor; sanitarium.
764-766 Clay ft.: »ef testimonials at office.
Real Estate Agents,
5 Montgomery st.
Fine large house of 14 rooms, suitable for
doctor's offlce and residence; near Polk st.
i and close to cars; convenient to best residence
j district in the diy; price 514,000.
Fine honw on Broadway, west of Fillmore st. ;
j comparatively new; plenty of sun and fine
i view; first-class neighborhood.
1 27:6x85 on a fine corner in the Western Ad-
j dltion. with two good frame buildings, store
and flat and residence; rents $129 a month.
Three building lots for first-class flats on
Devisadero et. ; very reasonable; particulars at
office. - .. . .
Downtown investment for $50,900. • A corner
on a very progressive street; substantial im-
! A large corner one one of the growing streets
! below Market. -- J \u25a0
Real Estate Agents,
5 Montgomery st.
A — DWELLING or flats, wanted to purchase
for the income; location In the Mission or
. Western Addition; property must be in good
condition; an immediate buyer. W. J. GUNN,
120 California st.
11ODERM built residence, wanted to purchase;
in the Western Addition. W. J. GUNN. 530
California st.
WANTED— To purchase a property on Valencia.
Mission or Howard sts. W. J. GUNN, 530
California St..
LOTS— Wanted to purchase north of the Park
if they are cheap for immediate buyers. . TV'.
. J. GUNN. 530 California st.
$4500— A LOVELY chance for a home and
business; lot 23x100: building. 2 stories, 23x70;
saloon and barber ehop; all fixtures go; 6 liv-
ing rooms. F. J. DECK. 927 Market St.,
room 208.
A BARGAIX — 2 new cottages for sale; 25x40;
lot 5x140: 4 room*; large pantry and bath;
hot and cold water; electric bells; worth over
$2000; price J2000. For particulars address
box 950, Call.
$50,000 TO invest in Income-bearing property;
must be a bargain.
702 Market st.
NEW house 7 rooms, facing Duboce Park; easy
terms; west frontage; sun all day; large yard;
basement; near corner Waller and Steiner.
GEO. H. Mt?ORE. 63 Portola st.
J3C00— NEARLY new cottage of 4 rooms; laun-
dry tubs; 1 of 2 rooms; stable; lot 50x100. Call
after 2 p. m., 461 Douglass st., near 21st.
FOR SALE— New Mission home, five rooms,
bath; terms same as rent. 8252 Mission st.
WELL-BIULT modern 7-room residence, with
bath; 2 blocks from park. Inquire 660 Mission.*
SANTA Clara Valley— Rich, fertile land; depot
en the ranch: famous orchard and vineyard
Boil; great live oaks; reduced to $100 an acre;
JH 14 monthly will buy 10 acres on new coast
reed; a colony of good people farming; some
good bargains in email homes and choice
orchards near San Jose; don't let this go by-
call or write. WOOSTER. WHITTON &
MONTGOMERY. 634 Market St.. and San Jose.
SAN Mateo— A snap at Redwood City adjoin-
ing town; large oaks; fertile land; one-
third price; 20 acres or more; call or write
C34 Market 6t., or San. Jose.
CONTRA Costa County— 145 acres; good farm-
ing land; orchard; vineyard; fair improve-
ments; plenty of spring water: only $4000.
BELS1ONT — Good improvements; Ideal
cummer home; $2200. WOOSTER, WHIT-
TON & MONTGOMERY, 634 Market st.
A— IF you want to buy. sell or exchange city
or country property call on MARION GRIF-
FIN, 713 Mrket St., S. F.. office near Call big.
$12,500 — ONH of the best offerings* ever made;
£40 acres of rich land; a modern house; hot
and cold water; over SO-acrea in apples ana
apricots; 6 head horses; wagon, buggy and,
carriage horses, chickens, cows and all house-
hold furniture; only 6 miles out and one mile
from railroad station; only % cash; balance
long time. R. P. QUINN, real estate, Wat-
Konville» Cal.
Small tracts, $60 to $90 per acre,' on Rancho
Cotatl, Sonoma Co.; future value assured, as
San Francisco Is growing rapidly; location
best for poultry and general farming-. Apply
to The Cotatl Co., 302 California st., for pam-
phlets and Information. \u25a0 . . .
JS500— 20 ACRES rich land; all in new town and
bellflower apples; neat cottage and large barn;
only S miles out and In one of the best locali-
ties in the valley; easy terms. R. P. QUINN,
real estate, Watsonvllle, Cal., or ' room £5,
Chronicle building. t \u25a0\u25a0•'
FOR bargains In timber land, fruit ranches,
suburban lots, farms, all through the State;
also large list of desirable city sites. Set
- The Phelps Lewla Co.. 7M Market st.
1200 ACRES In the foothills; fences; 4 barns;
substantial residence: so acres in fruit. GEO.
W. QIBB3 & CO.. 85 and 3T Fremont st.
U. S. HOMESTEAD lands free. Ad. with stamp
or call 6 to 7 p. m. at 1563 7th st. t Oakland.
$2500— IMPRO\ r ED foothill farm. 204 acres; El
Dorado County, near R. R. Bos 222, Call.
POULTRY and dairy ranches for sale; write for
free list. C. R. WINFIELD. Petaluma, Cal.
$2400— NEW cottage, 5 rooms; choice location;
$500 cash; SO-ft. lot. tlKOr-Good cottage, 4
rooms and basement. $2100— Cottage, 5 rooms
and bath; lot 50x117. $3500— New house. S
rms.; lot 30x200; $500 cash. Lot 50x150, $500; $200
cash. Lot 33x120. $500; 30x125, $500. If you want
to buy or build see J.H. Young. 1243 Park st
BARGAINS; improved & unimproved property
j acquired by foreclosure; cash. Bank of Ala.
WANTED— In Alameda; pleasant suite of
rooms and first class board for a lady whose
husband Is away a greater part of the time;
in private family where there are ; no other
boarders preferred; references exchanged. Ad-
dress box 955, Call office. .
3-ROOM house on large lot, near station;
fruit trees, windmill and tack; only $900;
easy terms.
We are just . finishing a new up-to-date.
. cottage of S rooms and bath on a, good lot,
near station: price $15C0; $100 cash, balance
same as rent.
Take Berkeley train, get o.t at Lorln Station.
JS500 PROPERTY FOR $2600. * ' "" "
Lot £0x140; sunny and convenient to cars.
schools, etc; almost new and in first-class
order; S rooms and bath; owner has left
Oakland en account of sickness and must
sell; this is a bargain and must be seen to
be appreciated 1 .
J. S. MYERS & CO.,
1002 Broadway, Oakland.
J3000— COST of house only; lot given away.
A brand-new 7-room house; cement base-
ment; large lot; driveway; three blocks to
local train; house opposite cost $16,000;
charming neighborhood; terms easy; an ideal
home; street work complete; first come, first
serve. J. S. MYERS & CO..
IOC! Brcadv/ay, Oakland.
$3250 — TWO-STORY 7-room house; worth to
duplicate $4000; Its architectural design and
.finish are cf very latest and best in every de-
tail; can not be appreciated as to price, lo-
cation and style without belns seen.
J. S. MYERS & CO..
1002 Broadway, Oakland.
On a sightly elevation on Vernon Heights ad-
joining Senator Perkins; it is a beauty; must
be sold; I6t 50 feet trontase; everything in
perfect order; in fact almost brand new; no
reserve on this; first come, first serve.
J. S. MYERS & CO.,
1002 Broadway, Oakland.
$2500— A BANK SALE— $2500.
$100 down and easy monthly payments will
buy a cozy, nearly new modern Colonial cot-
tage of 6 rooms, bath, hall, brick foundation,
etc., rvith folding doors and sanitary plumbing;
': lot 30x100 feet; above the street grade, with nice
open lawn; stone walks and a^l street improve-
ments; insured for $2000 and all in fine condi-
tion: electric cars In front and only a few
blocks from Adeline street station; location
very desirable; handy to schools and churches;
liberal discount for all cash.
- 100S Broadway. Oakland.
AN introduction to you from H. Schellhaas. the
furniture dealer. 11th and Franklin. Oakland.
FIFTH, 353— Furnished housekeeping; two, $12;'
three, $14; three, $16; also single, $4, ?5 and up.
GEARY, 1812% — 3 comfortably furnished rooms
for housekeeping; no children; rent $15.
GEARY, 1225— Large elegant bay-window, fur-
nished or not; other rooms; housekeeping.
GOLDEN GATE ave.. 1404— Sunny front room;
separate kitchen; $1L • •
GOUGH, 117 — Sunny modern bay-window par-
lors; gas range, phone, bath, gas; $14. to. $20.
GOUGH. 437— Light furnished rooms, sunny:
gas, bath, single or suites; light housekeeping:.
HOWARD, 106J— 2 sunny connecting furnished
housekeeping rooms; running water; electric
light. ! \u25a0
LARKIN. S14A— Sunny, front housekeeping
LARKIN, 819Vi— Sunny front alcove rooms; light
housekeeping; gas stove; bath; $16 50; phone.
MCALLISTER. 220— Sunny housekeeping rooms;
nicely furnished; x-ery central.
POLK. 1002—3 and 5 room suites, completely
furnished for housekeeping; cheap; reference.
THREE rooms; singly or for housekeeping;
fur. "or unfur.; refs. exchanged. Box 806. Call.
TO LET — Desirable furnished suite; housekeep-
ing; references required. 847 Golden Gate ave.
VAN NESS ave., 415— Sunny furnished rooms
for housekeepins or otherwise. \u25a0
CLASSIFIED advertisements and subscriptions
received at Call branch offlce, 2200 FiUmore.
A BRANCH office for Call advertisements and
subscriptions has been established at 1096
Valencia Kt.
ROOMS TO LET — Purn. and Unfurn.
ALABAMA, 923— A nice sunny room; oce or two
gentlemen. \u25a0 '
ARGYLE, 234 McAllister— New, elegant, sunny;
grill attached; country visitors find no place
like the Argyle; take Me All's ter-st. cars.
A— BRUNSWICK HOUSE, 148 Sixth— Rooms,
25c to $1 per night; $1 25 to $5 per week and
light housekeeping rooms; open all night. «
AT Sffasta House, 246 Third— 200 rooms; newly
renovated; 26c to 76c, $1 to $3 week.
A.NICE sunny suite; also single rooms;. neat,
clean and cheap; bath; tel. 332 Stockton st.
BURNETT, 1426 Market (old No. -1364)— Fur-
nished rms., suites, single; also unfurnished.-
CITY HALL ave., 83— Clean, quiet rooms; also
parlor suite for offices; reasonable. , .
CLAY, 1443— One or more rooms;. well furnished,
modern. flat; desirable locality;. private family.
CLIFFORD, 204 Ellis, corner Mason — Elegantly
furnished sunny rooms; prices reasonable. '
EUGENE, 265 O'Farrell— New house, fireproof;
new furniture; electric elevator; 25 private
suits with bath; baths free; first-class.
"ELLIS, 606 — Nice eunny rooms; suitable for one
or two jrentlemen. \u25a0 . \- • .
GEARY, 405. The Navarre— Elegantly furnished
suites and slnele; travelers accommodated.
GOLDEN GATE ave., 1208— Fine sunny base-
ment room, furnished or unfurnished ; grate.
HOTEL ST. DENIS (European plan), 24 Turk
et., near Market— Central location; new build-
ing; elegantly furnished; strictly first-class;
60c per day and upward; 6peclal rates by thn
week or month; best in the city; references; i
take Market-st. cable cars to Turk et. ' .
HOWARD 1018—1 large sunny front room with
gas, use of kitchen If Wanted; also a small
back room; cheap. '..;;\u25a0
JONES, 923— Elegant sunny roomg; also beau-
tiful corner suite; single rooms.
MARTINET. 1101 Geary, t one door above Van
; Ness — Suites new fur.; single rooms, $10 up.
MISSION. S25 J ,i— Nicely furnished . sunny bay.
. window front rooms; gas;, grate; lower flat.
NATOMA, 245— Furnished rooms to let,:$l $1 25
$150 per week; housekeeping, $2 DO 'per. week!
£hanahan Florist* Co.
Prices Reasonable ,\
107 POWELL ST.ncaaELLIS 23? 5056
Birth,, marriage and death notices sent by
mall will not be inserted. They must be handed
in at either of the publication offices and be
indorsed with the name and residence of per-
\u25a0ons authorized to have the same published.
: BORN. .
GOLDBERG-«In this city, October 9, 1901. to
the wife of Charles N. Goldberg, a son.
JACKSON— In this city. October 10, 1901. to
the wife of Ernest" W. Jackson, a daughter.
OLSEN— In this city, September 30, 1901, to the.
wife of Captain Svend-Olsen, a son.-
HOLMES— RUIZ— In this city. October 1<X 1901,
by "the Rev: Herbert F. Brlggs, . pastor ot
Central M. E. Church, Albert F. Holmes and
Llna -R. Ruiz, both of San Francisco.
Adams, WUHam Marshall; "Wm. A.
Cabrera, Richard J. Merle, John V. : "
Demartini, Millie Orengo, Beniamino -
Eis, Hildesrard Parker, William H.
Hess. Mathilde . Reincke, Fred L. : ,
Hitchcock, Edward Reynolds, Rachel A.
Kohl Meyer, Chas. F.. Rohllng, John H. '-
Landresse, Clerq de, Sharpe. Iva G.
Henri; Jr. Soldane, Annie i
Lc-nnon,: John W. - Thai sing, Edward' .
Litiler, George A. - Tresarrieu, Idalie H.
McDonald. Bernard
ADAMS— In this city, October 10, 1901, Wil-
liam, dearly beloved husband of Ettie Adams,
and father of -William" Adams Jr.. a native
of Plymouth. England, aged 64 year3 and 4
days. . - '
EyThe funeral will take place to-day
(Saturday), at 9:30 o'clock, from hia late
residence, 2417 California street. Interment
private, . Cypress Lawn Cemetery. Please
- omit flowers. ,
CABRERA-In this city, October 11, 1901, Rich-
ard -J., only and beloved son of Francis and
Marion Cabrera, a native of San Francisco,
aged 1 year 11 months and 12 days. - » •
DEMARTINI-In this city, October 9. 1901.
Millie Demartini, dearly beloved daughter of
Mrs. Mary Perazzl and of the late Joseph
•Demartini. ' sister of Adelaide and Alfred
Demartini. and stepdaughter of Victor Pe-
razzl; a native of San Francisco, aged \u25a0 11
years 4 months and 1 day.
E?"FTiend3 and acauaintances are respect-
fully invited to attend the funeral, to-morrow
(Sunday), at 1:30 o'clock, from her parents'
residence, 23 l-anders street, between Four-
teenth and Fifteenth, Dolores and Church.
Interment New Italian Cemetery. .
EIS— In this city, October 9, 1901, Hlldegard
Eie, beloved wife of Martin Els, mother, of
\u25a0 Florence and Walter. Els, and daughter of
Edward and >. Bertha Leeders, a native of
Breslau,"-- Germany,- aged 26 'years 4 months
and 21 dayfl. ' \u25a0 . . .
' " (CTFrlends and acquaintances are respect-
fully invited to attend the funeral to-ntorrow
(Sunday), at 1 o'clock, from the parlors of
H. P. Peterson. 228 McAllister .street. In-
terment Mount'- Olivet Cemetery.
HESS— In thi3 city, October 10, 1901, Mathilde,
beloved wife of the late Charles Hess, and
mother of William E., Charles Jr., Otto and
Frank \u25a0 Hess, a native ot Hanover, Germany,
agec! 70 years 5 months and 10 days. \u25a0.
E7"Friends and acquaintances are respect-
' fully Invited to at.tend the funeral services
to-day (Saturday), at 2 o'clock, at her late
residence, 1312 California street, between
.Hyde and Leavenworth. Interment private,
Laurel Hill Cemetery. Please omit flowers.
HITCHCOCK— In Hilo. Hawaii, September 29,
. 1901, Edward Northrun Hitchcock, son of the
late .Judge K. G. Hitchcock, husband of
Clare Fassett Hltehcock, and father of Hild-
reth Castle Hitchcock, aged 31 years and 3
months. \ \u25a0 "»
KOHL MEYER— In East Oakland. October
10, 1901, Charles F., husband of Johanna O.
Kohl Meyer, father of -Henry A. and Charles
F. W. Kohl Meyer, and son of Johanna Kohl
Meyer of Norwalk, Ohio, a native or Nor-
walk. Ohio, aged 38 years. (Prince Edward
Island, Norwalk. Ohio, and Boston, Mass.,
papers please copy.)
inyFriends and acquaintances are respect-
fully invited to attend the funeral services I
Monday, October J4, at 2. o'clock.- at -his late i
residence. 980 East Twenty-eighth street, be- •
\u25a0 tween Nineteenth and Twenty-first avenues. !
East, Oakland. - Interment Mountain View
Cemetery. '
LANDRESSE, CLERC DE-In this city. Octo-
ber 9. l&Ql, Henri Jr., beloved husband of
Therese Clerc de Landresse. father of
Charles. Clarence, Emll, Henri and Anita
Clerc de Landresse,- son of Henri Clerc de
Landresse, and brother of Charles P., Louis
M. and Adsle ' M. Clerc de Landresse, a na-
tive of California, aged 40 years 7 months
\u25a0 and 15 days. (French papers please copy.)
E?"Friends and accualntances are respect-
fully invited to attend the funeral to-morrow
(Sunday), at 12:30 o'clock/from the parlors
of H. F. Suhr & Co.. 1137 Miss.jn street, be-
tween Seventh and Eighth streets, thence to
St. Peter's Church. Twenty- fourth and. Ala-
bama mtreets, for services at 2 o'clock. In-
I terment Holy. Cross Cemetery, j
LENNON— In the City and County Hospital,
October 9. 1S01, John W. Lennon, a native
of Massachusetts, aged 61 years.
; LITTLER— In this city, October 11, 1901, George
I A.. Littler, beloved husband of Blanche H.
! Littler, and father of Leontlne A. Littler,- a
native of Liverpool, England, aged 32 years
11 months*' and 12 - days.
' IC Friends and acquaintances are respect-
fully Invited to attend the funeral to-morrow
(Sunday), at 2:30 o'clock, from the funeral
parlors of H. F. Maass, 917 Mission street.
: Interment- private. Please omit flowers.
McDONALD— In Oakland. October 10, 1901,
Bernard A., beloved brother of Joseph B.,
Martin and John of California. James T.
T.-and Josenh A. McDonald and Mrs. Mar-
garet Hanning of Prince Edward Island, a
native of . Prince Edward Island, aged 37
years 4 months and 21 days.
CT 1 Friends and acauaintances are respect-
fully invited to attend the funeral to-morrow
(Sunday), at 1:30 o'clock, from the funeral
parlors of James L. McCarthy, 12 San Pablo
avenue, thence to . St. Francis de Sales
Church. Interment St. Mary's Cemetery. >
MARSHALL— In this city, October 10, 1901.
Willlem A., beloved husband of the late Mary
F. Marshall, and father of Edward L. Mar-
shall and Mrs.': Ethel L. Tbornhill, 'a native
of Nashville, Tenn., aged 69 years 4 months
and 28 days.
' IC^Friends and acauaintances are resoect-
fully invited to attend the funeral to-day
(Saturday), at 10 o'clock, from his late resi-
dence, -1328 Jessie Btreet, between West Mis-
sion and Hermann. Interment private. Mount
! Olivet Ceroetcry.
MERLE — In Haywards. October 10, 1901, John
V. Merle, beloved husband of Stephanie
Merle, son of Mareuerlte V. Merle, and
brother of L. \u25a0 V. and Frank 'V. Merle, a na-
tive of New Orleans, asreil 51 years 2 months
and 7 days. " • -
|E?"Friends and acauaintances are respect-
fully Invited to attend the funeral from the
.Church of Notre Dame dea Vlctoires. 62(5
Bush street, where a solemn reaulem high
mass will be celebrated for the repose of his
siul, commencing at 9:30 o'clock. Interment
private.' Please omit flowers.
ORENGO— In this city. October II, 1901, Benia-
mino Orengo. beloved father of Vlrgilio, Flo-
renzo, Beniamino and Teotlsta Orengo, a na-
tive of Villa Franca, Italy, a«ed G6 years 6
months and 14 days. (Woodland papers please
ETTrlends r.nd acquaintances are respect-
fully Invited to attend the funeral to-morrow
• (Sunday), at 1 o'clock, frojn hi» lats resi-
dence, HlOVi Filbert street, between Leaven-
worth and Hyde, thence to New. Italian
Cemetery, San Mateo County. ,
PARKER— in this city,- October 9, - 1901* \u25a0 Wil-
liam Henry Parker, husband' of Margaret
Parker, and father of William J. and Mary A.
Parker.- a native of /England, aged €5 years.
• (c^Frlends and- acauaintances arsarespect-
fully invited to attend the funeral to-day
(Saturday), at 1 o'clock, from the parlors of
• J. S. Godeau,' 305 Montgomery avenue, thence
to St. -Dominic's Church, " Bush and Steiner
streets, where . services will be held. Inter-
-' ment.- Holy Cross Cemetery.
REINCKE— In this city." October 11, 1901. Fred
L. Reincke, dearly beloved husband of Julia
Reincke, beloved son of H. H. and Mary Ed-
mondson, and dear brother of Lucle M.
Reincke. a. native of Alameda, Cal., aged
- **1 "ears. \u25a0 \u25a0 - * -'- - - -
(CTRemains at his late residence, 551 Lom-
bard street.
REYNOLDS— In this city, October 10, 1901,
1 Rachel Ann. widow of the late JudSe Sam-
uel F. .Reynolds, and mother of Charles F.
and Mary E. Reynolds and the late Leonard
and Benjamin A. Reynolds, a native of New
York, aged $1 years 6 months and 22 days.
IcyFrlends and acquaintances are respect-
' fully 'nvlted to - attend the funeral services
to-day (Saturday), at 10:30 o'clock, at St.
: Luke's Church," corner "Van Ness avenue and
Clay street. Interment private.
ROHLING— In this city. October 11, 1801, at
his residence, 311- Laidley street, between
Noe and Caatro. John Henry Tlohlinsr. be-
loved husband. of the late Anna Maria Rohl-
- (Successor to. Flannagan & Gallagher.)
20 Fifth st.. opposite 'Lincoln School.
\u25a0• Telephone South 80. : .
Mt Olivet Cemetery,
Ran Mateo County. ' \u25a0
- • § * 3. HENDERSON. Manager.
K«musi HcFadden, . IS years manager (or
the ' United Undertakers* Association ; M. J
McBrearty.' with the Earns company for 10
years; P. F.Greon, late' with J. C. O'Connor
& Co.. have opened new Funeral Parlors at
1171 Mission street, between Seventh and
Eighth. T«lepbon« South 44. -
The Odd Feljows' \u25a0 Cemetery Association
; Point Lobos ave.. 6. F., Cal. ;
The ordinance prohibiting burials in San
Francisco after the first day or August. 1901.
does not 1 refer to CREMATION. Neither doss
it affect the COLUMBARIUM, because there is
nothing, less harmful to . the living than the
ashes of their dead. \u25a0
\u25a0•- Permits to • cremate \u25a0 will b« Issued \u25a0 by the
Board of Health .the same as heretofore. \u25a0 .
i GEORGE R. : FLETCHER. Manager.
ingr, and "beloved father of Henry and Frank
Hohling and Mrs. - Frank Hartmann, a na-
tive of Hanover, Germany, aged 85 years
; and 7 months. . " . i
SHARPE— In Oakland. October 10. 1901. at 835&
' Market street, Iva Goldle Sharpe. beloved and
only daushter of Mrs. M. L. Sharpe, aged.
18 years and 3 months.
CTNotice of funeral hereafter.
SOLDANE— In this city, October 11, 1901, An-
nie Soldane, beloved daughter of Thomas
and Rose' McGurk/ a native of San Fran-
THARSING— In Oakland, at 1330 Khkham
• street, October 9, 1901, • Edward, beloved hus-
band of KJarste Tharslng. father of Lilian
Tharslng, and brother of Mrs. Fred Dahl
of -Elmhurst, Mrs. Knight of Stockton and
Chris M. Tharslng of Shasta County, a mem-
ber of Oakland Lodge No.- 118. I. O. O. F..
and Oak Leaf Lodge. A. O. IT. W., a na-
\u25a0 ' tive - of . Denmark. . aged .:.5S _• years . and • lt>
months. .
E7" Friends and acauaintances are respect-
fully invited to attend the funeral services
to-morrow (Sunday), at 2:30 o'clock, at the
residence of J&mes Taylor. 1211 Clay street.
between Fourteenth and Fifteenth. Inter-
ment Mountain View Cemetery.
TRESARRIEU-In thi3 city. October 11, 1901.
\u25a0 Idalie H- Tresarrleu, beloved wife of J. B.
Tresarrleu, mother of Mrs. J. Larraburn and
Miss Louise V. Tresarrieu, • and sister of
Mrs. J. Fabre. a native of France, aged 43
" years. \u25a0 ' ' -
E7Friends and acauaintances are respect-
fully Invited to attend the funeral to-morrow
(Sunday), at 1 o'clock from her late rest-
dence, 119 Duncan street. \u25a0 -

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