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PARIS. Oct. 14,-The result of the coal
miners' referendum, on the question of a
general stHke is that 40,000. voted in favor I
of a general strike and 10.000 cast their
votes againEt It. About U0.000 men' did
, not^vote.
French Miners Favor Striking.
I have in ,' my. own . short ministry again and
again J pleaded ' against divorce \ and { urgeJ the
condonation of repeated; acts of adultery rath
er than the institution of .proceedings, for. di
vorce. • \Vhy?- v ' " • .' :. • '.' •• '•' • f
; On . account of • the children; In order . that
those innocent - lives should \u25a0• not - rest under " the
stigma that the ' father was ' a . : debauchee .or
the mother a I lewd .woman." • : And 1 1 hold with
the : learned j andr reverend j deputy I fivin New
York, the •rector- of ,' St. Bartholomew's, [who
made such a stirring speech in this convention;
that^there is a ' relationship which no coiirta
of I law.- ' civil - or ; ecclesiastical; can -possibly
dissolve, . a. spiritual, relation : as well as a phy
sical one ; \u25a0 that if ', you ' cannot ' dissolve ' the : re
lation between: parent and child, • which is one
of the j consequences-, of ; marriage, . neither can
you dissolve the marriage relation itself.
* I ; anT glad '. to devote . a . few ' minutes ' of the
ten > that I have ; allowed to me to , express the
growing emotions .of. 'indignation with . which
I sat, and "listened to ,the N reverend and -learned
gentleman who" represents the foreign churches
when :\ he- ' brought ";', that . railing: * accusation
against the whole nation and against the. whole
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.The deputies'- resolved into committee of
the ''whole^ati 10:30 yesterday morning/ as
previously/ agreed upon; Deputy Joseph
Packard ofv Maryland' presided and'Dep
uty Lewis of Pennsylvania led the debated
The committee by a unanimous; vote de
cided to take the final' .vote at' the" hour
of noori, allowing Deputy Lewis unlimited;
time in' which 1 to make the'" reply for:, the
special | committee. ; ,~ having .' the -divorce
canon : In charge. ; ; ' ; • . ; . < _-','. .' '/
• The Rev: ; Howard Stuck •; of . Dallas ! re
opened the debate and spoke as follows: J
: I am glad to : have the'. opportunity,, of .'asking
the gentlemen who,'- on;. the floor . of , the house.'
have bo vehemently '"maintained" .the "right to
the dissolution of, marriage,'' whether it'is:'real
ly possible to ' dissolve _ marriage unless it 'is
possible to' diBsolye, the; consequences "of mar
riage. •\u25a0' It \u25a0 presents Itself . to \u25a0 me as a very \u25a0 Im
portant consideration. . It has '.been | sald/hero
that ; adultery : is .worse ; than , divorce ; and ?yet
1 1 think > I "'shall I butVecho ; the 1 ; .- sentiments of
every clergyman . here j who, has * had ' f any [ sort
of experience In' pastoral work when 1 1 say that
canon against -,remarriage • of .'divorced
persons effective.' \ . , , ; • \u25a0 ' . -
. ' : jl' ; - ' FTER three days of most earn-
J&Jl est debate the House of Dep
/j§k ' uties of the General Conven
/**&. \u25a0'\u25a0 tion of the Episcopal church
aL \u25a0 i'a voted, yesterday, to, concur' in
'." ; . -the .- canon, adopted, by the
v House of Bishops which pro
hibits the. clergy of • the denomination
from marrying any person who has been
divorced. * V; -.' \u25a0 ; \u25a0*\u25a0< \u25a0\u25a0-\u25a0\u25a0 •-': "\u25a0 - •\u25a0 .
' The Houseof Deputies, sitting as a com
mittee; of 'the whole, voted , down the
fmendment:!to the canon offered by the
Rev. Dr.Huiitihgton.of New York, which
exempted. the innocent party to a divorce,
forinfldelity from the ban of prohibition.
Oh a 'rising vote . taken, yesterday the
Huntingtbh*. amendment '„-, was . defeated I by
173 to 155, and j the canon' was adopted j by
182-tO:158:V' .\u25a0•".\u25a0 ; -"-,:; : -•\u25a0 . ;.•'•_
The canon 1 will- not.become final; how
ever, until' it is adopted by the;Houseof
Deputies,. "voting: by orders. -These -are
fl'fty-nirie- dioceses represented. in the con
vention, [ each j diocese | having a lay and a
clerical'.vot'e.';' It iwlll' require a 'majority
of the 'dioceses - to make the. prohibitory
Prohibitory Cation Is Adopted by Small Majority v but
No arrangements have yet been made
for the funeral. Services . will be held In
this city, where so rcany of her fellow
workers are at present gathered. The re
mains v/lll probably be taken East. The
deceased was a widow.
Her death, after so short an • indisposi
tion, will come as a great shock ' to, the
Episcopalian world, in which; she was
greatly beloved. Always an active work
er, eho made many close personal friends
*monf those intrusted with the manage
ment of church f affairs. In the Woman's
Auxiliary s-he has always taken a deep
interest. . . .
Mrs. Twing came out here to attend the
Episcopal convention, and up to four, days
ago, when she was taken down with the
illness that carried her off," was an inter
ested' spectator at all the sessions.-
Mrs. Mary. Abbot Emery Twing of New
Tcrk, sister to Archdeacon Twing of this
city and honorary and first 'active secre
tary of the Woman's Auxiliary,, died last
evening at St. Luke's Hospital. Pneumo
nia caused death. - ;\ \u25a0 .
Mrs. Emery Twing of New
York a Victim of Pneu
monia. <
THERE Is every Indication that
an amicable settlement ' has
been reached between , the
House of Bishops of the Pro
testant Episcopal Church of
'; Resolved. , the House of Deputies concurrinir.
That ; consent is; hereby given for 1 the election
of a Bishop for the missionary district of Hono
lulu In the discretion of the House of Bl»h«~
' Resolved/ That in recognition of * the long
services of • the . \ Bishop • of .-. Honolulu ' the
house hereby makes it \u25a0-. a matter ; of record
that ur>bn' the rcliquishment •' ol his se-i.
as . agreed • '. upon . • between { t him r " and ' ' :" th>j
committee of, the council of ; Bishops, this
house extends to • him a loving, welcome to
an'' honorary.- seat whenever . It may -be In his
power, to. attend Its sessions. .
Resolved, [That < the - Hawaiian Islands are
hereby, constituted a * missionary • district of
this church by the name of the missionary dis
trict of Honolulu, said action to take effect on
the 1st '\u25a0\u25a0. day. of April. \u25a0 19C2. : . .
!.'. Resolved, That ; when such action Is taken
the presiding Bishop be requested to place the
missionary district of Honolulu, under the
charge of one of the ; Bishops j of . this church
until such time as - a ' Bishop | shall "\u25a0 be' ' duly
chosen for the see of Honolulu. \u25a0
Resolved, That In view of the action of the
Bishop ot I ' Honolulu j communicated . to the
Bishops in council, devolving upon thi3 house
the Episcopal oversight of the work of the
church "-in Honolulu and parts adjacent, this
bouse I hereby signifies" Its ' acceptance • of , the
same and Its purpose to take at an early day
such action as may be neceisary and expedient
in . the. premises.
America and- tne Kigni xvev.
Dr. .Willis,' Bishop , of Hono
lulu,, who represents the English church
in. that district. Owing to : the (executive
sessions held, by this august body nothing
has been given out as to, the terms of the
proposed- settlement of the. long, standing
dispute between the house and the prelate
named, but there Is every indication,'how
ever,; that within a few days the English
Bishop . will resign his charge and the
church of this country will look 'after the
interests of her "people * in the Hawaiian
Islands. \u25a0 ; -- * >•'
"The matter has been In the. hands of a
special committee of -the House of Bish
ops j and yesterday / this committee | sub
mitted 'the following resolutions, which
were adopted:
The House of Bishops held a busy ses
e'on in the afternoon. A long: letter was
drafted to be sent to the Episcopal church
or Mexico, asking that institution to adopt
certain regulations before the. church of
America would consecrate Bishops . for
that country. A resolutions was also
In the afternoon the House of Deputies
went into executive tesslon to pass upon
the nominations of Missionary Bishops
made by the prelates of the church. There
were five nominations and four of these
received favorable action. The fifth was re
jected. The nomination was that of Chap
lain Pierce of the United States army and
he was suggested as missionary Bishop
cf North Dakota.
It is thought, however, that the canon
will be defeated when the House of Dep
uties votes upon it by orders. There are
fifty-nine dioceses In the convention, hav
ing a clerical and lay deputation of four
members each. It will require a majority
of the clerical and lay deputations to
make the divorce canon finally operative
In the Episcopal church. The vote will
probably be taken by the House of Depu
ties to-day.
The canon as adopted by the House of
Bishops totally prohibiting the clergy of
the Episcopal church to remarry divorced
persons was then carried In the committee
of the whole by a vote of 182 ayes to 158
noes. - ' -'
THE last day of debate on the !
prohibitory canon on remar
riage of divorced persons
served to crowd Trinity Church
to its limit yesterday, when the
House of Deputies of the Epis
copal General Convention, Bitting as a
committee of the whole, listened to -the
final arguments and voted on the all-im
portant subject.
As on the previous days of the debate
the galleries were crowded with ladies,
who evidently took the greatest Interest
In the words of the distinguished clerics
and laymen, who participated in the reli
gious controversy,
By a rising vote the amendment of the
Rev. I>r. Huntington of New Tork to allow
an Innocent party to a divorce for adul
tery to remarry was defeated by 173 noes
to 155 ayes.
The house agreed to the report of th»
committee on marginal readings and also
adopted the resolutions of sorrow on the
untimely death of the late President. The
Presiding" Bishop was empowered to call
a session of the House of Bishops in the
event a Bishop should resign. Hereto'
fore the church. had to wait until the
house_held its -triennial convention before
the vacancy was filled. A furtl"*r reso
lution was adopted empowering tne- tlousa
of Bishops to declare a missionary district
vacant where the Bishop has been dl*r
abled'or incapacitated. .
The passage of this resolution was dus
to the fact that Bishop Wlngflejd of North
ern California became weak and unabls
to send in his resignation.
The House of Bishops passed a canon
fixing the age of a deaconess at thirty and
direction that she must be unmarried or m
Widow.'. »'"
At the: afternoon session a letter was
drafted to : be sent to . the . Episcopal
church of Mexico. It is as follows:
- The House of Bishops acknowledges the rt
celpt of the communication, addressed, to it
by the synod of the Mexican Episcopal church
assembled In tho" City of Mexico on th« 13th
day of December, 1900, asking for the conse
cration of Bishop* for the church. -The Bishop*
Bishop "Willis has represented the Eng
lish church In the Islands for many years.
He has conducted services in the Episco
pal \u25a0 church every.. Sunday, but • his con
gregations have' been made up of -his fol
lowers. The Rev.- Alexander Mackintosh,
D. p., rector of the church, has conducted
services for those not In accord with th»
Bishop. The feud, has been of. long stand
ing and was intensified at the time of ths
annexation of the islands. The opponents
of .Bishop Willis felt that he' should im
mediately resign from his see and that as
a foreign Bishop he should not • maintain
his jurisdiction. The Episcopal congrega
tion of Honolulu desires to join .'the Amer
ican church, but the whole - matter has.
since annexation, been unfavorable on ac
count of large property interests which
Bishop "Willis claims belong to the Ens*
lish church.' • :\u25a0*>\u25a0/
adopted relative . to : the resignation ' of
Bishop Willis of Honolulu. • In the event
of -his^withdrawal from that .district it
willj be called a missionary, district of the
Protestant Episcopal church of America
and a prelate will be . nominated to go
there and care for the spiritual -needs of :
the community. - Bishop . Willis . will then
be made an honorary member of the
House of Bishops.-,' , ',
Confers With Committee of Prelates and
Shows an | Inclination to Withdraw'
From Honolulu.
Orators Display Considerable Emotion in
Discussing: the Grave Question
of flat rimohial Ties.
: ' ;. MARRIAGE OF DIVORCED PERSONS." '"frV/V, \u25a0 '\u25a0'\u25a0' ,/\ :' ;:" ; ; V.-:. :; -^ •< \u25a0\u25a0'.* •• :: . ' ' . ". .. : . ' . - .
The San Francisco Call.

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