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Trapper's Oil cures rhtumttlim sndn«uralgls.
Druggists, Mo flaik. Richard ft Co., 401 Clay. •
HARRISBURG, Pa., Oct. 19.— The nom
ination of E. A. Coray Jr. of Pittston for
State Treasurer by the Democratic State
Committee was declared Invalid by the
Dauphin County Court. An opinion giv
ing the reasons for the court's action will
probably bo handed down on Monday. A
meeting of the Democratic State Com
mittee has been set for Tuesday In this
city, and It Is expected Mr. Coray will
ngnin be nominated. The decision docs
not affect tho validity of his nomination
by the Municipal League and Union par- 1
ty State conventions. • %, - . /,
The objection to the Democratlo nom
ination-was Died by John M. Carman,
former chairman of the Democratic. State
Committee, and Patrick Donahue, one of
the six members of the committee from
Philadelphia, who were expelled for . al
leged party disloyalty. 'They contended
that the nomination was Illegal because
the ncats of thefo members worn declared
vacant and their places filled Iby others
without givlnfc them a chance to be heard.
Han on Democratic Ticket for State
. Treasurer " of Pennsylvania -
Oets One Setback.
Do not fall to fee the $125 sealskin Jacket
which Berwln & Gas3iier are showing thi*
season. -It lit a handsome garment and
cannot bu duplicated unywhere' In the
world at the. price.- Derr/ln ft Gassner
guarantee this i;iirmi-nt and keep It In re
pair for two years free of charge. Other
fur*, equally as good value, are shown at
this popular fur house at 110 Kcarny St. •
8125 Sealskin Jacket.
Leave Third and Townsend (special)
Monday. Oct. 21st. 8:30 a. m. Arrive Santa
Barbara 7:30 p. m. Remain there night
Stopovers where 'desired. Return by Han
Joaquin or Coast Division. $15 to Los An
geles and return. S19 BO San Diego and re
turn. Office 613 Market street.
Southern Pacific Excursion to South
ern California.
daughter of Colonel 'Fife, who has been
visiting Mrs. Duboce for the last two
months. •
Will Beside in Tacoma,
Colonel and Mrs. Fife will start for Ta
coma Immediately after the ceremony.
Colonel ' Fife's home at K and Eighth
ptreets hns been newly furnished for the
coming of Its new mistress. Miss Anna
Fife will come on ahead, and with her
two brothers, aged 10 and 12 year*, will
be here to welcome her stepmother.
Colonel Fife's first wife was Miss Flora
Thompson, daughter of State Senator L.
V. Thompson.- one of the ploneerj of
Western Washington. She was a lovable
woman and the entire city was shocked
when she died suddenly five yenrs u£i>.
For ten year* previous to the outbreak
of the Spanish war Colonel Fife hnd been
one of the most prominent nnticnal
punrdomen In this State. Ills friend.*
pought for him. and wore \u25a0 promised tho
colonelcy of the First Washington Regi
ment when it was organized. Strung
rivnl Influences were brought into play
nnd Lieutenant J. II. Wholly of the reg
ular army was appointed Instead during
Colonel Fife's absence in Alaska. Colo
nel Fife- was then made lieutenant colo
nel , .
Experimental Canvass in Various
Districts of Hew York Shows
Interesting Results. ,
NEW YORK. Oct. 10.-Hcr.i!d and Call
reporters to-day polled nearly ai.000 votes
of Greater New York on the Mayoralty
contest. Brooklyn borough. In a total
vote ot 10.52?, gnve Seth Low a plurality
of 253, Indicating that the fusion cundl
date, if this ratio should be maintained,
will cany Kings County by u plurality
of 4000 votes.
In the territory south of Cnnal street
and west of Mrondtvay. Manhattan, which
includes the "dry goods" district, the Her
ald found four voters who declared for
Low to every man whose profrronoc was
for Shepnrd. Fifty-six business houses
were visited and G32 voters were asked to
declnre their Intentions. Of this number
4l5~7?nrolled under the fusion banner and
11? declared for Shepard.
Pacific Mail Steamer I«auched.
NEWPORT NEWS, Va., Oct. 19.— The
Pacific Mall steamship Siberia, the largest
vessel ever constructed In America, was
to-day Buccessfully launched by the New
port News Shipbuilding Company's yards.
Miss Belle Norwood -Tyler, daughter of
Governor J. Hoge Tyler, was i sponsor.
About 20,000 • persons were present. The
Siberia's length Is approximately COO feet
and displacement about 19,000 tons.
The lire. 1« supposed to have been start
ed by the bursting of an oil' stove. It Is
Impossible to estlmnte the loss nt pres
ent, but it is 'roughly plnced nt between
MOO.000 and KJOO.ooo. of which not more
than half is covered by insurance.
At 4:30 o'clock two of the business
blocks were destroyed and the flre spre-iri
to Be.ntlnck street and half an hour later
Bruce, George, Bentlnck and Charlotte
streets were a mass of lire. The miners
resorted to the u»e of dynamite and sev
eral buildings were blown up, with but
little effect, as the strong wind carried
thf burning embers jlo other bulldlngt*.
The flne building belonging to the Union
Hank of Halifax and the .Baptist and
Presbyterian churches were so\>n de
rtroyed. At 7 o'clock the flre had reached
th« cast end of Chariot to, street nnd here
us progress was, stayed. The blocks on
Wentworth, Prince nnd Plit streets and
half a block on George street were <]«•
HALIFAX. N.iS.. Oct. 19.-Th* prosper
ous and thriving town of Sydney. Cape
Breton, was almost swept out of exist
ence to-cay by a conflagration, which
started about 2 o'clock. The flames, which
were fanned by a forty-flve-mlle gale,
swept through the principal business por
tion of the town. Four blocks of the
finest business buildings are In ashes.
The only thins; that saved the city from
total destruction was a heavy rainstorm,
which set In after dark. The wind de
creased In fury and the firemen and hun
dreds of miners succeeded in getting the
fire under conttol. Over sixty buildings
are In ashes i.rul many more are badiy
scorched. The buildings were nearly all
large wooden structure?, and they burned
so fiercely that It was Imposslbk to save
any of their contents.
Tho flre started In a three-Btory fram<)
building on Charlotte street, occupied by
A. D. Ullles and Gordon & Keith. When
the firemen arrived on the scene the
building was burning and the wind wan
blowing the flames Over the tops of ad-
Joining buildings. Half an hour after the
flre started one-quarter of the tui.-lr.c**
portion of the town was In flames. The
water supply gave out, and the engines
had to be sent to the harbor, to pump
Zt Is only, a few weeks since a number
of white Democrats co-operated with
Broker Washington In regard to the ap
pclntme&t of ex -Governor Jones to a va
caacyon the Federal bench in Alabama,
and Washington spoke fpr these white
Democrats when he came to the capital
and assured Roosevelt that Jones would
«coept the appointment and that It would
be satisfactory to all classes.
Washington had seen the President and
had acted as his agent in Interviewing
GoTwnor Jones and others as to the ap
pointment. The Southern Democrats ap
plaofled the appointment of Jones and
they praleed %\ ashington for using his ln
floeac* at the White House to secure such
ea appointment for a Democrat. Then
they all spoke of Washington as a gentle
man of culture and a refined sense to cut
loose frora the Republican leaders of the
negro party In the South and work in har
mony with the best class of the whites.
>.©w they are abu*tng th«> President for
<ilnlng with "a nigger."
The Southern people had only praise for
Mm when he was arrangrine to take Vice
President Roosevelt to Tuskegee and
Montgomery and Atlanta this fall and
they were eager to co-operate with him
Jn entertaining such a dist! Aliened \'is
itor. They still hope to have President
Jf. W M WASHINGTON. Oct. IS.—Presi
ded Roosevelt has a fine sens© of humor
end while he regTets he has without mal
ice stirred up a tempest In a teapot for
the Somthera editors by entertaining Pro
fersor Booker T. Washington at dinner
h.e cannot put aside the humorous elde of
ziie slttuutloc
6j»c1aI SMepatch to The CalL
"President Roosevelt has an absolute
right to eat with any man he may choose
to invite. He also has the right to have
colored men and women call on Mrs.
Roosevelt and dine with the family. He
has the right to have his children asso
ciate with negro children and In time to
become htmttelf fframlfather to a mulat
to. All of these 'right!)' are on all fours.
The obliteration of the color line In this
case carries with it the possibility of all
the others. It Is a natural sequence. If
it is the purpose of the President to solve
the race question this way he Is welcome
to *nter upon it.Jtmt millions of American
men and women of the North and all the
whites who live in the South will leave
him severely alone In his new found role
and take care we do not become a race
of mongrels." \
FORT SCOTT. Kans.. Oct. 19.— Senator
Tlllman of South Carolina gave out tho
following signed statement In this city to
night regarding the Invitation of Booker
T. Washington to the White House:
Be Let Severely Alone.
South Carolinian Says Roosevelt Will
To-day the President has received many
mccsagts rrom Southern men urging him
to pay no attention to the "yawp of bour
bon editors" who have not been able to
get over their old habit of. hysterical dis
cussion of "social equality."
Roosevelt visit the South, and If he goes
he will go as a guest of Booker T. Wash
ington. The President knows, too, that
the real leaders of the South, the white
Democrats, do not sympathize with this
hue and cry of Southern editors because
Wasnlngton was a guest at the White
WILL/WED. ",' *:-\'
A MIAN Y. Oct. 19.-Sccretary of State
liny. In a letter to State Superintendent
of Prisons Collins, declines the Invitation
of the latter to designate an official rep
resentative of the Governments to be
present at the electrocution of Czolgnxz,
the murderer of President McKlnley. The
letter of Secretary Huy says:
"While thanking you for your courtesy,
It in not considered -expedient to have a
representative of the Government present
on the occasion you refer to."
Hay Declines Invitation.
Lodi Woman Bitten by a Reptile That
Made Its Home In a Camp
ing 1 Outfit.
STOCKTON. Oct. 19.— Mrs. George Edle
mon, wife of a rancher east of Lodi, was
bitten by a rattlennake several evenings
ngo. The family was on a long camp
ing trip last summer, and on returning
piled the camp bedding in a shed near
the house. Mrs. Killcmon was undoing
one of the bundles when she received a
sudden sting. She screamed and ran Into
the hnii.-«- with a small rnttleHnake hang
ing to her arm. Mr. Kdlemon gave his
wife heavy potion* of whisky and called
u physlclun. T'.ie Hrm swelled rapidly for
the first hour, but wuh Inter reduced. An
other make w.ik found the. next morning
In tin* bundle Mm. Kdlemon was untying
when bitten.
f»j| s^ACOMA. Oct. 13.— Great surprise
II has been occasioned In Tacoma by
II the announcement to-night that
11 Colonel William J. Flfs had start
ed for San Francisco, to be mar
ried there next week. Colonel Fife has
kept hi* Intentions so closely to himself
that only his most Intimate friends knew
of the purpose of his trip south. Next
Friday at noon he will be married In the
First Congregational Church In Ban
Francisco to Mrs. Mary C. Duboce. widow
of the late Colonel Victor D. Duboce of
-the First California Volunteers. The cere
mony will be performed by Mrs. Duboce'a
pastor, the Rev. George C. Adams. I Col
onet and Mrs. Fife will leave San Fran
cIbco on Friday evening, stopping at sev
eral resorts ea .- route north . and arriving
here In about -two weeks.
Colonel Flft left. for Ban Francisco an
Thursday evening. Thougb offered a po
sition in the consular service abroad for
hl» cffectlre' wock'to the- laat campaign.
Colonel Fife. orcf«rred*:nfil ,- to.. leave nls
children, xvho' ar« bobig educated here.
He has accordingly becn<aervJng as Dep
uty County Treasurer. It vat through
his associates in this office that the pur
posr of- his vlxlt to California became
known to-day.' Colonel Fife had Intended
to entirely surprise >hli. friends by making
no announcement of- his wedding until it
had actually, taken . place. . Next Friday
was chosen as the date because that will
be the colonel's birthday."
Fife a Comrade.
Like many another wedding In San
Francisco during the put three years
that of Colonel Fife and Mrs. Duboce will
be the sequel to a romance of the late war
with Spain. Two years and a half ago
Colonel Fife railed out of San Franclxco
Bay In command of the Fifth expedition,
comprising 1500 troops, who were carried
to Manila by the transports Senator and
Valencia. lie had previously been In com
mand of the troops stationed at Fontana
and Angel Island. In' the Philippines he
was thrown often Into the company of
Colonel Duboco and they became fast
friends. As a result of their comradeship
he- came to know Mrs. Dul>oce. Litter
Colonel Duboce died and Colonel Fife
found that hi* friendship for the charming
woman had grown Into a stronger attach
ment. Several months ago he made a con
siderable May In San Franclrro iwnl wn« a
frequent caller at the home of Mrs. Dur
The wedding will be a quiet one. the
bride being given away by Charles F.
Laumct*ter. an old friend of Mr*. Du
boce's family. One of those witnessing
the ceremony will be Miss Anna F. Fife,
Widow of Colonel Victor Duboce to Tlarry
Colonel William J. Fife of Tacoma.
I ..... /-fk 1 ; ... •_ \u25a0. , ... ,^i>
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