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-Miss Helen Stubbs,; the maid of honor,
wore a beautiful gown of cream net over
cream taffeta. The gown was elaborately
trimmed with lace. A . stunning hat of
cream lace and Immense '\u25a0- white 'plumes
lent the' finishing touches to the costume
The bridesmaids, Miss Gertrude Parker',
over all things, within the First Presby
terian Church all was light and gay.
There were bright flowers and gorgeous
palms, beautiful -women, a most generous
sprinklinjg of handsome men and a mag
nificent display of beautiful gowns and
stunning hats. The floral decorations of
the church, while simple, were in most
exquisite taste. Magnificent palms made
a most effective • background for the
chancel, while tall, white chrysanthe
mums sprang gracefully from the midst
of a rich tangle of green. Two hearts
(a&hioried of pink roses peeped forth from
the center of all this wealth of flora.
. The wedding guests began to arrive
early, and it was hardly more than half
after 1 when every seat of the church was
There was a hush In the crowded edi
fice when, stepping to the sweet strains
of the Lohengrin bridal march the brides
maids came from the vestry and. march
ing down the center aisle went to meet the
bride. The procession was then re-formed,
the ushers leading the way, followed. by
the bridesmaids, who in turn were fol
lowed by the' maid of honor. The bride,
leaning on the arm of her father, closed
the bridal procession. As the bride ap
proached the altar the groom, Harrison
Magowen Parker, came to meet her. Un
like the majority of grooms he was not
sedate and serious. He \u25a0 approached the
lady of his choice quickly and eagerly,
while his face was lighted with a happy
smile. •
Dr. J. E. Stubbs, president of the' Ne
vada University and uncle of the bride,
performed the ceremony, assisted by Dr.
Mackenzie, the pastor of the church. After
the ceremony a reception was held' at the
heme of the bride's parents, , Mr. and
Mrs. J. C. Stubbs. on Pacific avenue. The
magnificent residence :• was aglow with
rich blossoms and while there. were flow
ers everywhere there was no set form of
decorations. . .
The bride wore an exquisite gown of
white tulle, embroidered at the hem in
white forget-me-nots. , Tiny ruffles edged
with white . silk finished off the long
trained skirt. The corsage was trimmed
with an exquisite berthe of duchesse lace.
Leave for N"ew York Home.
Sun Shines While
They Pledge
appointed hour. Then followed a per
iod extending down to to-day's weddings
of strictest punctuality. Now fashion is
repeating Itself and pretty Edith Stubb3
marched to the altar yesterday fully fif
teen minutes later than the hour the in
vitations called for.
Despite the fact that out of doors a
threatening, lowering sky cast a gloom
IT. is no longer fashionable for brides
to be on time. Some years ago it was
deemed very bad form for a bride to
•walk down the center aisle at- the
By Sally Sharp.
Miss Stubbs Weds
H. M. Parker of
New York.
Special Bates
For side rides to'points'on the Santa Fe
fuinnformation call at Santa #1 ««i and
641 Market St., and Siy'dSjo? ° fflcea '
I noticed any number of beautiful gowns
at the' wedding. Mrs. Stubbs, the nand-
Mr. and Mrs. Parker left last . evening
for the East, en route to their future home
in . New York. Mr. Parker ' is business
manager of. Colllerts -Weekly, 1 published in
the Empire C^y. :- ; - .
Miss Charlotte Field, Miss Ethel Parker,
Miss Irene Baker of Oakland, Miss Ethel
Cooper and Miss Margaret Salisbury,
were attired alike in gowns of pink chif
fon over pink silk. Both skirts and waists
were trimmed with an insertion of cream
colored lace. Pretty white hats titlted to
the side and finished off with, white
plumes and a knot of pink were worn.
The groom was - attended . by Charles
Crawford, who officiated t as - best • man.
William Smith, Isaac Upham,- John New
lands, Wallace Everett, Walter Gibbons
and George Sargent of- Chicago officiated
as ushers. * \u25a0"•%\u25a0" . .
THE Doctor's Daughters held a
business meeting yesterday \u25a0.morn
ing and inside of one hour got rid
of a whole lot of urgent business.
*411 the boxes were reported sold, with the
exception of the big one, which will hold
twenty people, and for. which the price
asked is $100. There are still some loges
to be had for the price.
It was decided that, at a date yet to be
announced, a box plan would be opened at
the Sherman & Clay Hall and there hold-
Mr. andMrs. E. W.- Hopkins, Mr; and Mrs ;
Edgar J. de Pue, Mr. and Mrs. J.K. Wilson'
Mr. and Mrs. Wakefleld Baker, Dr. • and Mrs'
. Among those " present " at : the wedding
were the following named:- -. • .. . °
• \u25a0 *\u25a0\u25a0, •
• Every '•' one •- in " the -church 'yesterday
whether superstitious or. otherwise, sighed
a deep and happy sigh when," Just as the
final .words were spoken, the gloom with
out seemed to lift and a bright ; line of
sunshine came streaming in through the
great stained glass windows just \u25a0 across
from the chancel. '. - \u25a0 \u25a0
Lighted by. Rays of Sun.
over lace. and trimmed with a stock: and
girdle of panne velvet,- shading like the
rainbow from a faint blue to deep purple.
I never saw Sophie Pierce in a more
becoming hat than the one. she wore yes
terday. . It was .pf black; velvet, 'turned
off the face. - Its. only, trimming was a
quill and rosette of gold. ,..>,.
sisted by Miss Ella Morgan, Miss Therese
Morgan, Miss Sophie Pierce, Miss
Spreckels,' Mrs. Horace- Pillsbury, Mrs.
Samuel \u25a0 Knight, Miss . Edith Pillsbury,
Miss Redmond, Miss Leontine Blakeman.
Miss Charlotte Ellinwood, Miss Kate May
Dillon and Miss Ardella Mills. - .
. When the show is over I am: sure the
Doctor's Daughters will owe Miss Jennie
Blair a standing vote of , thanks. '. She has'
been doing wonderful work and . there is
not one committee that she has; not as
sisted, either with advice or actual work.
• Miss Gertrude Whitaker . wore a dainty
gown of blue crepe de chine, trimmed with
tulle of a corresponding shade j and point
deVenice lace. . . -/
I •' thought - that . Miss Olive Holbrook's
gown was quite the most handsome *one I
had seen for many a day. : It was of all-
ers of boxes could make their' choice. It
is a question of first come, first served.
Mrs.. Wakefleld Baker, who is the chair
man of the refreshment-table, has secured
the .assistance of' all the season's de
butantes. .At her table in the afternoon
will be Miss Jean Nokes,'. Miss Louise
Redington, Miss Noonan,*. Miss Pearl
Landers, Miss Ediths Huntington, Miss
Helen Dean and Miss Helen Thomas, all
buds,,wlth a season of gayety still before
them. - . \u25a0 • . \u25a0
In the evening Mrs. . Baker will be as-
Eome mother of the bride, wore an "elegant
gown of white satin and an overdress of
black chantilly. / • : ; \u25a0\u25a0•*\u25a0- /
| " Miss" Beulah Stubbs '\u25a0\u25a0 looked extremely
pretty in a light blue embroidered chiffon
gown,' trimmed with white lace. ; A large
white hat with long black plume was also
worn.: .-. ,*•\u25a0... \u25a0 . . -\u25a0 < t '\u25a0 ;. ... ;
Mrs. H.;A; Whitaker, aunt of, the bride!
received many compliments - apropos of
her handsome gown and repeated again
and again that it vwas > not an imported
dress,, but was made in one of our leading
local workrooms. • Mrs. Whltaker's gown
was of black crepe de chine, made over
white taffeta and trimmed with insertions
of black lace. '\u25a0 •:"*' \u25a0\u25a0 . \u25a0 » . \u25a0-\u25a0\u25a0_. ...
After the marriage ceremony a nuDtial
mass was celebrated by Father Me
Namee, who was assisted by Father H7n
nessey Carriages conveyed the wedding
party to the home of the bride's parent!
on Soquel avenue, where a wedding brlak ?
fast wa« served. > .««"*«« oreaK-
SANTA CRUZ, Oct. 23.— William Wil
liams, eldest son of ; Mr. and Mr. D. Wil
liams, and Miss Margaret Mdrrisey, only
daughter of Mr. and"*Mrs. Patrick Mor
risey, were married in the Catholic church
here this morning. The church altars had
been elaborately decorated by. members of
the Sodality of the Children of Mary, of
which the bride is a past president. The
bridal party was met at the entrance by
Father McNamee and attending acolytes.
While It proceeded up the aisle of the
church Mendelssohn's "Wedding March"
was 'played by Mrs. J. Kerlin. /
The bride was gowned. in a navy blue
tailor, suit and carried a bouquet of
white » carnations. The bridesmaid Mis*
Nora. Powers, a cousin of the bride car
ried pink carnations. The groomsman
was Robert Williams; a brother of the
groom. -•. - . .;. . . . .
William Williams and Miss Margaret
Morrisey Begin a Life Part-'
nership. .-
Doctor's Daughters Perfecting Arrangements for the Great
Show — All the Debutantes Will Assist Mrs. Baker
With the Refreshment Booth.
First orize. Michael O. Mahoney; second
prize. M. J. Connolly; third prize, James
A medal -was also awarded to William
F. Egan for an original poem in Gaelic
There was an entertainment after the
Gaelic I*eagno Presents Handsome
Trophies to Students Who Com
peted on Admission Day.
Medals of honor were' "presented last
evening- to the students of the Gaelic
League who won prizes Jn the essay con
tests _held' at Glefi 1 Park on -Admission
day. ' There was^a large attendance In
Knights of Red Branch Hall, and as the
successful students received their re
wards they were heartily applauded.
In the absence of Colonel Thomas F.
Barry, president of the Celtic Union, Vice
President J. J. Canlffe presided. Ad
dresses were delivered by Thomas F. Al
ford, John Mulhern. William F. Mulvin.
Jeremiah Deasy, R. C. O'Connor, John
Ganey and Thomas F. Searey.
The winners were:
gowns it has ever been ray good fortune
to see. It was made entirely of Point
d'Alencon over white silk. A large picture
hat of the same lace as the gown and
covered with white plumes completed the
costume. She carried an exquisite shower
bouquet of lilies of the valley, tied with,
streamers of white tulle.
- Mr. and Mrs. Stinson left last evening
for an extended southern tour. On their
return they will make their home with
the bride's parents.
The bride Is the only daughter ot Mr.
and Mrs. C. V. Meyerstein. She is an ex
tremely beautiful girl, talented and ac
complished. Mr. Stinson is the paying
teller of the Anglo-California Bank.
Arrayed in Gown of LaCe, Miss
Meyerstein Becomes Mrs.
William Stinson.
•STOCKTON, Oct. 23.— The _ election of
officers occupied most of the morning ses
sion "'_ot 'the- Woman's Christian Temper
ance' Union Convention to-day. For State
president Mrs. Sturtevant Feet was elect
ed to succeed herself, getting 110 out of
the 157 votes on the first ballot; recording
secretary, Mrs. Annie Little Barry; corre
sponding secretary, Mrs.- Dorcas J. Spen
cer; treasurer, Mrs. Emily Hoppin; audi
tor, Mrs. Blanche English.
Except in the case of, vice president at
large, there was no contest, w hen j the
ballot was announced Mrs. Bidwell, who
had received sixty-six votes, withdrew,
saying that her health would not permit
of her taking an office. A second ballot
was ordered, Mrs. Samuel J. Dorr being
elected by a large majority.
Mrs. C. M. Ayers was elected first vice
president and Mrs. Abbie'Estes of Stock
ton second vice president.:
For delegates to the national conven
tion, to be held at Fort Worth, Tex., Mrs.
L.. A. Morrison of San Francisco, Mrs.
Laugenour of "Woodland and Mrs. - L. F.
Kingr of Contra Costa were chosen. The
other five delegates will.be appointed by
the State officers.
State Woman's Christian Temperance
-> .Union Convention Names New
: ' : '. : ;V ''.\u25a0; •; \u25a0- \u25a0 Officers.^ '.. •"•-•.. -' U
The bride v ; was unattended. Joseph
Charles •Meyerstein, her brother, acted as
best man. ; \u25a0\u25a0";*.,
The bride wore one of the handsomest
Voorhies and daughters," Dr. and Mrs. Rlchter.
Mr. and Mra. Al Bouvler.; Judge and Mrs. Van
Vleet, Mr. "and Mrs. '.Alfred Holman, Mr. and
Mrs. .Upham, Mr., and Mrs. Charles Webb
Howard, Charles N.. Felton, Mr. and Mrs. Ed
win Goodall, Mr. 1 and Mrs.. J. D. .Grant. Mr.
and Mrs. .Adanv Grant, Edward M. -Greenway,
Mr. and Mrs. Hall McAllister, • Prince and
Princess Ppniatowski, Mr." and Mrs. William
H. Crocker, Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Crocker. -Mr.
and' Mrs. Timothy Hopkins, Captain and Mrs.
Taylor. Mr. and Mrs. Rolla'V.. Watt, General
and Mrs. T. H. Goodman. Dr. and Mrs. It,.
C. Davis, Mr. and- Mrs. Horace G. Davis, Dr.
and Mrs >_HntslnpiHer, Mr. and Mrs. Sydney,
M. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. J. r>. Spreckels. Mr.
and Mrs. Frederick \V. Zelle, J. "VW Byrne,
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Grow, Mr. and Mrs.-
J. J, Valentine, Mr. and Mrs. Homer S. King,
Mr. and Mrs. Claus Spreckels, Dr. and Mrs.
Matthew Gardner, Dr. and Mrs. Charles B.
Brlgham, Mr. and Mrs. A. Cheseboro and
daughters, Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Green, Ma
jor and Mrs. G. H. Wheaton, Mr. - and Mrs.
Clinton E. "Worden. Mrs. A. N. Towne. Mr.
and Mrs. R. A. Donaldson and the Misses Don
aldson, Mrs. James Horsburgh, Mr. and Mrs.
H. K Judah, Mr. and Mrs. W. V. Huntington.
Mr. and Mrs. .C. M. Hays, Mr. and Mrs. Julius
Kruttschnltt. Mr. < and Mrs. WiUiam Herrin.
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Fillmore and Miss Fillmorc,
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Mills, General Shatter,
Colonel Rawles, H. G. Platt, Mr. and Mrs. E.
O. McCormlck, William Sproule, Mr. and Mrs.
William Luce, Mrs. Margaret Salisbury, Mr.
and Mrs. Irving M. Scott. Henry Scott. Mr.
and Mrs. Newton Foster, Mr, and Mrs. G. F.
Richardson, Mr; and Mrs. J. B. Wright, Mr.
and Mrs. Mountford Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. Rus
sell Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Lathrop,
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Lathrop. -H. E. Hunt
ington, Mrs. Stanford, Mr. and Mrs. E. F.
Preston, Dr. and Mrs. Mackenzie, Mr. Myer of
©"WING to the recent serious ill
ness of the bride's mother, only
relatives witnessed the wedding
. of Mlsa Cofa Virginia Meyerstein
and William Henry Stinson, celebrated
yesterday afternoon at 3 o'clock at the
home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs.
C. V. Meyerstein, on Octavia street.
5 Dr. Mackenzie performed the ceremony,
the happy pair standings in a bower of
giant palms. ":"-"-- \u25a0 • *- ; " \u25a0 \u25a0
Send for our free book, and write
our physicians; about your case.
Medical advice free.
•f^'J 3 *. 11 - Kell y.°' Urbana.O y -writes:
"I had Eczema on mjr hand» and face for
five years. It would break out in. little
white pustules, crusts- would form and
drop off, leaving: the skin red and inflam-
ed. The doctors did me no good. I used
all the medicated soaps and salves without
benefit. 8. S. S. cured me, and my skin
is as clear and smooth as any one's."
Mrs. Henry Siegfried, of Cape May, W.'
J., ears that twenty-one bottles of S. S. S.
cured her of Cancer of the breast. Doc-
tors and friends thought her case hope-
less. ,. ;. , ". £',\u25a0/'\u25a0
Richard T. Gardner, Florence, B.C.,
suffered foryears with Boils. Two bot-
tles of S. S. S. put his blood in good con-
ditioa and the Soils disappeared.
The liability to disease is greatly-
lessened when the blood is in good con-
dition, and the circulation healthy and
vigorous. For then all refuse ma&er
is promptly carried out of the system ;
otherwise it would rapidly accumulate
—fermentation would take place, the
blood become polluted and the consti-
tution so weakened that a simple
malady might result seriously.
A healthy, active circulation means
good digestion and strong, healthy
As a blood purifier and tonic S. S. S.
has no equal. It is the safest and best
remedy for old -people and children
because it contains no minerals, but is
made exclusively of roots and herbs.
No other remedy so thoroughly and
effectually cleanses the blood of im-
S^^ i^^"purities. At the
KT^I Qni same time it builds
U P *^ e weak and de-
WgjMkJjp bilitated, and reno-
ij^gr.mfcS^ vates the entire sys-
tem. It cures permanently all manner
of blood and skin troubles.
Forearmed B
Our laundry work is Indicative of what
unlimited facilities and expert workers
can accomplish. You don't want less than
the best when the cost is no higher than
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you'll not get it
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Office 1OO4 Market Streat.
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