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Bondholders Are Losers.
CHARLESTON,' S. C, May 31.—At mid
night President Wagner turned off the
electric lights, the. buglers .-sounded
"taps." a salute was flred and.the South
Carolina Interstate and West Indian Ex
position passed into history*; -The .enter
prise will be at a loss financially, and the
stockholders .'will receive none of thur
subscriptions back. Some loss will prob
ably -fall on ~the; bondholders and there
SACRAMENTO. May 31— The Bee says
there is an epidemic of smallpox in "Washing
ton, across the river from, this city.
¦:.. AUSTIN; Tex., May 31.— The protracted
illness -of Governor Sayers Is causing un
easiness among his friends. He has been
confined to his bed for two -weeks -with
Texas Governor Seriously 111.
. SAN JOSE. May 31.— The visiting bank
ers who have attended the convention of
the California ; Bankers' Association were
the guests of the local financiers" to-day.
The- latter closed, their institutions and
devoted the entire time, to the"entertain
ment of the delegates. (A number of vis
iting bankers and their wives and families
were driven to -Los Gatos, Congress
feprings and Saratoga. On the way back
Bankers' Enjoy an Outing.
where In 3 itafen* t he ?«"<> °"ve farm.
Colonel e 4 a « served by
Most if tho Goodrich, was enjoyed,
homes th«a #» 3ftkers "turned to their
t^ ?Zx ?£? ? f ternoon. • A few. however.*
?lM the trip to the Lick Observatory
telescope. 5 * a loOk throu S h the bfe_
are a few outstanding debts, though the
showing in this respect. will be much bet
ter thun was predicted. ~\ Otherwise the
success of the exposition is unquestioned.
President Jordan Names New Head
for the Latin Department
of Stanford. -
President Jordan announced to-day the
appointment of Dr. Henry Rushton Fair
clough, at present professor of classical
literature, to the head professorship of
the Latin department, left vacant by the
resignation of Professor Ernest M. Pease
The appointment will date from the open
ing of the fall semester in September,
but as Professor Fairclough is to be ab
sent on leave during the coming year, an
acting head will be chosen to direct the
affairs of the department during his ab
sence. It Is said that Dr. Jefferson El
raore will be moved up from an instruc
tor's place to an assistant professorship
and that Dr. Benjamin O. Foster, now an
assistant, will become an instructor.
, Dr. Fairclough was granted his A. B.
degree by Toronto University in 1883 and
the master's degree the following year
He held a fellowship at Toronto during
18S3-84 and from 1S84 until 1886 was classi
cal and English master at the Brpckville
High School. He was made a doctor of
philosophy for graduate work at Johns
Hopkins in 1886. and from 1887 until his
arrival at Stanford In 1883 he was a lec
turer in Greek and ancient history at the
University College, Toronto. •-
Will Supply "Water for a Vast TTact
of Land Devoted to Beet
MONTEREY. May 31.— The final survey
for one of the largest Irrigation -canals In
the State Is being conducted and the
work of construction, it Is understood;
will- begin as ', soon as the task Is com
pleted. The proposed canal will run
through " the southern portion of Monte
rey County, from Soledad, Spence and
Chualar to ;the , Spreckels Sugar Com
pany's large holdings : southeast of
Salinas. The canal will supply water for
Irrigating more than, forty miles 'of beet
growing country on either : side. The
water will be obtained from the Arroyo
Slough and the damming of this creek
will cost about $500,000.
' IX)S ANGEL.EB, May 31. — Coron«r Holland
was notified to-day by the Southern Pacific
Company tlrat the body of. ; J. P. Flanders, an
old employe of the- company, bad been found
In a small cabin in .the material yard of the.
corporation at Santa Monica.
WASHINGTON. May 31.— By the direc
tion of the President Secretary Koot has
issued a general order decreasing the
etrength of our permanent military estab
lishment and changing the ratio of its
make-up as provided in the general order
issued last May, to carry out the army
reorganization law. Under the general
order of last May the total strength of
the army was fixed at 77.2S7 men. The
order issued to-day reduces this figure to
66,437— a reduction of 10,790.
In the cavalry branch of the service the
old order specified twelve troops of eighty
five men each to a regiment; the new orr
der establishes twelve troops of seventy
five men each. This will decrease the
total strength of the fifteen cavalry regi
ments from 15.S43 to 14,040.
In the artillery branch the coast con
tingent will be kept at its former strength
of 126 companies of 109 enlisted men each,
or a total of 13,734, but the field artillery
will be reduced from thirty batteries of
160 men each to twenty-eight batterie3
(twenty-five light and three mountain) of
120 men each. Provision is made in the
new order for two siege batteries, each
with a strength of 1G0 men, which in ad
dition to the light and mountain batteries
will give the artillery corps a total en
listed strength of 17,742, as against the
18,862 men provided in the former order.
The new order reduces the number of
men to an infantry company from 104
to SO, and our thirty regiments of twelve
companies each will now give a total in
fantry force of 29,850, instead of 33,520.
The strength of the engineer branch re
mains as formerly, as does also tne
strength of the 6taff departments.
It will be the plan of the War- Depart
ment hereafter to divide the army as pro
vided in the order issued to-day, into
thirds, having one-third of the entire es
tablishment In the Philippines at all
times and the remaining two-thirds in
the United States and elsewhere. By thi3
plan an enlisted man taking six years as
a basis would serve four years in the
United States proper, or in Hawaii or in
Alaska to every two years served in the
"Tbird^Those whose aggregate sales are
$1500 or less per quarter shall constitute
the third class, and shall pay a license of
550 per quarter for those doing business
between the hours of 6 a. m and midnight
and $100 per quarter for those doing busi
ness after midnight."
The Police Commissioners submitted to
the Board of Supervisors yesterday the
draft of a proposed ordinance fixing the
rate of liquor license to be paid by drug
stores at $5 -per quarter. The ordinance
provides that the liquors mentioned shall
not be consumed upon the premises and
fixes the. penalty at $500 or six months'
imprisonment. .
"First— Those whose aggregate sales
amount to $2000 or over per quarter shall
constitute the first class and shall pay a
license of $100 per quarter for those doing
business between the hours of 6 a. m.
and midnight and $125 per * quarter for
those doing business after midnight.
"Second — Those whose aggregate sales
amount to $1500 per quarter and not ex
ceeding $2000 shall constitute the second
class, and shall pay a license of $75 per
quarter for those doing business between
the hours of 6 a. m and midnight and $100
per quarter for those doing business after
"Every person who sells or engages in,
conducts or carries on the business of
selling spirituous, malt or fermented
liquors or wines in quantities less than
one quart shall be designated as a 're
tall liquor dealer' and shall pay licenses
as follows: - '
In accordance with a, resolution adopted
by the Federation of Mission Improve
ment Clubs favoring. a graduated increase
of the existing liquor license, the execu
tive committee of the federation has sub
mitted a draft of j an ordinance to the
Beard of Supervisors which provides as
fellows: • .
ing . an Increase of the Present
' ' Saloon Tax. >
Submit Draft of Ordinance Suggest*
The impression is gaining ground in the
north that the season just opening will be
a great one for scows and barges on the
lakes and the. river. The water is ver/
low, and it is slow In rising. The Sybil
was comDelled to return to Dawson on
Wednesday on account of the low water
at Hells Gate. She is said to have found
only six inches there. The sawmill men
and those with barges are looking for
ward to a good season.
Dawsonites arriving to-Say say that the
clean-up is turning out wonderfully well.
Three claims on Eureka Creek yielded
$50,000 each in five days' work at the com
mencement of the gpriris run, and many
other properties are exceeding expecta
tions. Two claims on El Dorado pur
chased last year by Seattle parties are
turning out gold at the rate of $9000 a
day In the preliminary clean-up.
Dawson trade is reported by the arrivals
to be sluggish and there Is no shortage of
goods. Hay was selling a w%ek ago at
$110 a ton and oats at $160 a ton. Eggs
taken over the ice brought $27 a crate.
VANCOUVER, B. C, May 31.— The first
Klondike miners who came from Dawson
on the river boats which left there a
week ago to-day arrived this aftarnoon at
Vancouver on the steamer City of Se
attle. Twenty men came out on the first
steamer, the Bailey, but the vessel was
delayed in making the bar at Lower le
Barge, with the result that the few who
finally got through had to mush in over
slush and snow to White Horse and
thence to Skagway by train. R. L. Vin
ins and A. E. Barton, two Dawson mer
chants, were the first to reach Skagway.
They had a terrible trip over marshes
and through bogs and • were nearly
drowned on two occasions by falling:
into hidden sloughs.
The Clifford Slfton and the Sybil,
which left Dawson in the middle of the
week," are bringing out the. first consign
ment of gold. They have about $600,000
between them, the bulk of this. being for
the Canadian Bank of Commerce and the
British North American, while about
$100,000 is being brought in individual
shipments for mining men.
Esecial DlsDatch to The Call.
War Secretary Changes
the Military Es
tablishment. •
Dawsonites Reach Van
couver With News of
Spring Exodus.
. An organ recital and sacred concert will
be given this evening at the Emmanuel
Baptist Church. : • ; .' .. ••-.• ¦;¦..-.
J. Haydn, the young evangelist will
speak every night this week excepting
Saturday, at the Howard-street M. E:
Church. . • /
African M. E. Zion — Morning, Rev. T. M.
Draper will preach. Evening; "The Need of
Strong Men." Pastor- Rev. T. Brown.
Y. M. C. A.— Afternoon, "The Young. Man
in Training," by Rev. F. ..M. Larking of the
Grace M. E. Church. . - '
Emanuel Evangelical — Morning, "The Christ-
Jan for Oar Present Time." Evening, "A
Great Coward." Pastor Rev. F. W. Fischer.
Richmond Congregational— Morning, celebra
tion of children's day. Evening, "The Beauty
of the World and Its Lessons." Pastor Rev.
Philip Coombe.
Calvary Presbyterian — Morning, "Christ's
Work for Us." Evening, "Christianity a Con
struction Force." Associate Pastor Rev. G. G.
Eldredge. - ,.
First United Presbyterian— Morning, "The
Two Ways." Evening. "The Young Man and
HJs Life Object." Pastor Rev. H. H. Bell.
Westminster Presbyterian — : "Nevefr Alone;
the Blessing of It." Pastor E. H. Avery.
First Congregational — Morning, "The King
dom Belongs to the Children." Evening, "A
Xail in His Holy Place." Pastor Rev. George
C. Adams. •
Third Congregational— Evening, "The Amer
ican Soldier." Pastor William Rader.
Epworth Methodist Episcopal — Morning,
"Communion With God '. the Secret of Power."
Evening. "The Neglected Half of Christianity."
Pastor Rev. F. A. Keast.
Central Methodist Episcopal — Evening. "A
Veteran's Vision." Pastor Rev. H. F. Briggs.
First Methodist Episcopal— Morning, "Prince
in Israel has tallen, but his works do follow
him." by Bi3hop William Taylor. Evening,
rii'he Young Woman in Business Life; Op
portunities and pangers." Pastor Rev. E. A.
i California Street Methodist Episcopal— Tho
pastor will preach morning and evening.
Shattuck Avenue Methodist Episcopal—Morn
ing, "Christ a Friend." Evening, "Kegenera
tion." Pastor Rev. F. C. Gale.
The solemn feast of Corpus Christi will
be celebrated to-day in many Catholic
churches. There will be a solemn high
mass in St. Ignatius Church this morn
ing at 10:30 o'clock. Rev! Pather Sardl
will deliver a cpecial sermon. In the
evening there will be solemn vespers.
The exposition of the blessed sacrament
will be made before vespers. Immediate
ly after vespers there will be the proces
sion of the blessed sacrament around the
church. During the prpcession the
"Pange Lingua" will be sung by the reg
ular male choir and the Ladies' Sodality
oholr. Solemn benediction will close- the
service. The communion of reparation of
the League of the Sacred Heart wiil be
made tnis morning at the 7:30 o'clock
mass. Special services will also be held
at -the Cnurch of Corpus Christi. :/"•¦}
Confirmation will be administered in St.
Agnes Church at 9 o'clocK this morning.
In the afternoon at 4; o'clock his Grace
will administer the sacrament in tne
Italian church. .
In the evening at the Simpson Memorial
M. E. Church tne regular monthly praise
tervice will be given under the , direction
of Dr. Gilbert Ai. Barrett. '
Services will be held in other churches
as follows:
Young Evangelist to Speak
at Howard-Street M. E. :
St. Ignatius Church to
Hold Special Serv- )
ices To-Day.
- • .. : : -- . 77~ . ~— : : : ; ; . . - ... - •- - r .^. . . * • . •. , j
K2k?«sk",wk$| Values Unprecedented and Unequaled. "S|S^
j W |rV lay We have prepared for record-breaking Sales for the first week in, M Qi r
1 IlC June. For weeks past every nerve of our splendid Organisation has been fc&rf^S
|\ Ip , strained in that direction. No effort has been spared. Nothing is undone. TFwYard.
AW Each. We have se cured the best values in SEASONABLE, RELIABLE MER- & tot of about yds> of
A great closing purchase, makes this ; CHANDISE that the month of June ever brought forth. Sharp price- N it n sd«k and Cambric Tuckings; Just
pI BS2SagS effile^fiace trimrn.d cutting will continue all this week-nnd all who have kept in touch with g£^ f f £j^2^i«?X. w i2
teUr^iiy d wS' «p tb to ?oc°mo this store's past marvelous offerings will admit that THE VALUES HESS % eTXionl great **«?»*. «?.*ff r £ t 4S«
close ..'........ .Etch ioc are unapproachable in every respect, v • - ... •
• To-morrow we begin a sale of BLACK DRESS GOODS that presents the best buying opportunities that we have ever known. A tremendous ]££<*»*; >0 * $£ {JJ
bolts of HIGH CLASS ALL-WOOL BLACK DRESS FABRICS the surplus stock of a large Eastern Importer bought by. us at a^ea^sacrt^.^n PAR ig.
represents the greatest assortment- ever . placed on sale., and will include all the late weaves of spring anB s «.J« h 5 " ™JS ne lollowlug Is ]u3t
VOILES. BATISTES, BROADCLOTHS, r SICILIANS, etc., all to be offered/beginning Monday, at prices fax below tne manufacturer a cost. iu» *v*
an index' to the marvelous values on sale: • - V . v "v '¦¦.'¦' - ¦ . , . „«-«. mmomvii crrariA RUTc
44c Yarn. S5 H auTS! "K" I S3cYard.- ¦¦'¦¦ affi^T ififflj' tff 79c l^VZI&i . For 81.12 T«*a^ha
usual 75c kind; A w e i 5 ht and .flnlrt; ™th iS.|Ja yard. fabric iM black, worth Jiajor.^.^ '^^SS'il ™-°Sl7i2&rt
iia^i 'giimi SSl^l
price......... ...............60c yard great value-at...........,..81.O5 yard price..... v 98c yard biggest or Dargains ai........uoc yaru
LINING :J- f^lSliuR™iLK ll "sALE. EXTRAORDIN™"""^ \ S P e ™ 1
SAVING. I 3000 YaVds of $1 25, SI.Op and 85c Foulards— Your Choice : >v | LflCG UftefS.
An . ;¦ -r" ,. c., t M a WONDERFUL FOULARD SILK SALE that will create unbounded PTOf £&&&* H 2500 yards new Point de
40 pieces Bengahne Silk | astonishment .and If you're here to-morrow , you will get the^most phe- fl— HR|g ffl Paris and Normandy Val-
Moreen, an excellent qual- H nomenal silk bargains of the season. Included are the FINEST SATIN H H M | . | rans ana lMorraanuy vai
itv in shades of Cardinal S LIBERTY FOULARDS, the very choicest of the 1902 styles. Foulards |fik | I J ¦ I I enciennes Laces — hand-
ra'rnSf ¦ r~pi Slval M tnat were produced by the. most reliable and well known manufacturers. BTm | |y ¦ patterns, from 2 to 6
Lrarnet, Green. -K-Oyal, I Every piece is most desirable attd every one of this season's designing, . H El H 1 inrhp* wide- • worth 20c
LiRht Blue, Rose. Tur-.C neat small figures, medium scroll or floral designs: dots and strips in S g | g v H inches mae . v-orin -oc
quoise PurDle Gray and | every shade that is fashionable. ALL IN ALL THE BIGGEST SILK Hfif MB YgH R and 25c. Monday j')
. quoise, rurpie, way ana 1 OFFERING— as not only do you get actual 85c. $1.00 and $1.25 Foulards. ¦ Ql " g .Yard »^C
Black, The reRular OCj, I bu t the choice of the best patterns at ....3Oc Yd. > U
Monday and Tuesday, Special Sale of B!ack Peaude Soie and Taffeta, i sgf|S»s
Sateen Lining, in all the 1 2000 YARDS BRILLIANT and LUSTROUS BLACK SWISS TAFFETA, 75c QUALITY, | Soo dozen Valenciennes
new colorings and Black, a I . special at....:..: -. 50c Yd % tj Laces at-.. ...Dozen -oc
fine wearine quality- 36 M .15OO YARDS EXTRA HEAVY GUARANTEED BLACK DRESS PEAU DE SOIE, worth $l.S0. H 300 dozen Valenciennes
;rT^W»» ,.,;ri« r»tiilar valnp ffl ' special ~. • 98c Yd. R Laces at Dozen 35c
inches wide reeuiar vaue h iSOO YARDS J. C. BONNET DRESS TAFFETA, 23 inches wide, regular $1.25 quality, sale ¦ 40o dozen Valenciennes
:..'. . .°?. .¦;.*¦! Yard 2IC ¦vi»^— •^••^^ Laces at Dozen 50c
Tf i« an nrratinn ot lmoortance and interest to ''all 'lovers of"-- immaculately choice, dainty and well-mad© Undergarments. IT IS A SALE that differs from most, inas-
m.1,.1, »«¦ ..wrv Smeiit embraced has been specially prepared for It and made to our exacting orders, according to our own specifications. Thus you may feel assured that
Iver^ deWaWe felture Is embodled-Hberalness of size; correctness Of fit and every other essential that goes to make perfect undermusllns. GOWNS. W^rrcOATS.
oA« ewm rnTTTiB c A TUT! nRAWRRS of the very finest materials, daintily trimmed with the most popular Laces aad Embroideries. There Is an. Immense stock to choose from.
£8^%?ha%Tfficl&e«^uil^ '- - .
Corset Covers. Ladies 1 Gowns. M famhrip Higi-uass Petticoats
Ver EACH — Weli-made AAr EACH— Ladies 1 Mus- XsfeJ -^/^ UUIIIUIlU Our assortment of
IOC Corset Covers, cut OUC lin Gowns, in pretty . \^l^fe-__Jr V White Petticoats from
faTnt r >°' d hern S mS d ' ruffle; ertlon; Kr oat value at Ta \ rPllPn^K each 13 Unmatchable:
worth 25c. on sale at^. ..^ «Oc each [5f^//K5y /fe sr-^"^ f\ } I U UI U U U 10 1 every one of them has
'^^'""vAcn-mne cam- QQ r EACH-Extra special wfllllfSSf f V& ]. '\ been made with pains-
25C brtc P c7rsct roveS C value, positively V I UlllfllM// ¦ fc^. \ e 1-00 EACH-The biggest .taking care, beautnu!
fimmM w ?h li« and Em worth $1.25 each; made o£ \l|!//#il/ JL *^* of value*- 100 dozen examoles of suoerior
1 7^™ «c On BaJe flne Cambric, with circular wWf/Mr jN Cambric PetUcoats. made with examples Ot SUpenor
brolderj.. worth 40c. On .aie transpare nt yoke of fine tucks. J^hirrf^vli^K d «ep tucked lawn flounce. workmanship.
at • -oc eacn ernbrolde ry and hemstitching:. (S£^S' /^^U^W^tS^^Sv others with two rows of lace I
wA" each — A'rreat vs.- at;: ". SOc each' ' jfiF^ ' *»¦« l?^^^^S^^><Q^ insertion-and edging; worth
OUt riety of Corset Cov- . 74, <^« •i**»jL>^Sv^^^fe#^ i^ W.5O each.. ... . n » n-.---.! P1..I i •
ers, made of flne lawn, cut fiTi-OO EACH— 50 <J o x • n - , Jt^^P^^^*^' hTPflt RflKPT StflPlf
low neck. French style, ex- 5>I— Cambric Gowns, ti^A i^CV^^^ «»««.- ».«, t-^i • OlCfll UUfOulOlUUfti
quisitely trimmed -with lace ."made with' square arid round TjjVl J§^\ SI %&» "S,7l/t V.
wo^hS^SirpV^ We " w'.th - ' — *J*(5IP} * SduT tffiSSa' ™tf «3S You should see our new
worth <5c. Sale P^«;-— j Sal at?.A eMh " : : ' ¦ J&>JlBfeS embroidery and tucking; very lines of . Corsets, which
'::""•• " . t g ,¦-, . - ' exceptional value; at were specially imported
I — ¦ ! T~r— — ¦¦¦;. tf»|.5o v EACH— High das. >..;' * - •' * ** W *"*^V'""**"* for our new Corset De-
r Ma ? y ro^™ r^ ea everJ ' vlrfe af tm? pfice%if oor-* .. ..¦Q/HWFjff,. -.' . Tr 1 -*o each-a ««d line partment Every leading
- -££2£v:££ hand- " ately- trimmed, handsome ef- A x \\ / '. ¦¦¦. ¦ . v . . . .- ' *J> I -r- at- this 'price, trim- shape and.make finds rcp-
£SaSBfeffiH^^^]^^i?«^? 2 '°? 1^ \\ 'ts 01 resentation here; all of
- :75c,^i;oot6g3.ooe aC h- I" ~ y , ; ... '¦ K^LjlSSf? : '' ' SStPaTtoS*. X ** "*" them priced-very moder-
£ r /lfe=^^V*V<L ; - ' ¦-•••"• ¦¦•*¦•" " ately from 5Oc. ?1.OO,
I J« in" ...— « '«^ ll & e 8«oo'^ ft t*S /I MrR'.Jr- >^X «>Q.OOEACH_An exquisite to ?5.OO each. .
I *5nlOO' HfQUfOrC JpS.OO to fo.OO are tne /» V\VMil>Vl . - \ O — assortment full
LaU GO UldffCIOi greatest value ever seen . . /A[ f^VO^- J . \ len^h and widthV trimmid
\>.tt, ,«,, «„ Every one is worthy, very VtI I If- •—- nA\^— 9 \ with deep flounce and French PVTI11 PDrOI II
OQ C PAIR— 100 dozen fine effective. ' ( <// \\ / WVTi / I A embroidery, with extra dust hX IKA iS H C Li I A L
Atf^ Cambric Drawers. - ' •-....- V \ -, tt.1 UU (\ \\\ '¦ ruffle; grand value at LA I II H. Ol LUIHL
cut extra wide, • trimmed with ¦/. ¦ —* \ I -1/ v.\\\ w / I l\ V • " 12 (M »r)i
tucke.1 ana hemstitched ruf- , ¦ . V//v)/ fl " \ VV •.^^.V*** each FOR MONDAY.
fle: actual value 50c. Sale i .Ji aA | fll» <*••»!«*«»¦•.¦. •- //>—-!(// / 11 \ W. '-:*¦¦. ,T~~r ¦-. ¦ -^ \
price 20c pair IflflBS uDBm SfiS. / J / \ V \ \ > C O. BO EACH — Petticoats 200 Ladles' Linen Crach and
— /^^ EACH— A beautiful fcuuluw wiiwiiiiuuwi {;'v--f/ / I \ \ \f *?•" made ¦ of ' the finest Colored Mercerized Sateen
DUv a^iortment at this .'"¦..'-' • '"". '•-. / II . \ \ J materials, elaborately trimmed Petticoats, made with deep
r>r!ce- handsomely trimmed A very, extensive assortment, .... r\>, H \ y^ with Point da Paris lace and accordion pleated flounce, full
Tilth iaee and embroidery; also the latest styles of the best **>! -^*^f , ' -* embroidery, hlrt class skirts: width, regular value S1.5O
a treat variety at..... materiald. at. • - •"'" 0^ most of them worth 53.50 to?ZOO. For Mon- QQ r
7..75C $1.00 to 92.OO each • 5Oc to $2.50 each . each. . day Each vOv
Sensational Wash Goods Selling This Week.
Preparations have been made to do the biggest kind of Wash Goods business here this week, and it Is no exaggeration to say that no such Wash Goods sale as this has been
»,«.i* fhu season Owing to the backwardness of the season, a leading wholesale house closed out to us their entire 'surplus stock of Wash Goods, over -2000 pieces .In all. and which
we offer you beginning to-morrow, at the greatest price reduction of the entire year. ' wmca
"SI'S II|ii| 1 6000 Yards 15c, 20c and 25c IRISH DIMITIES ffoS KSffiS
o«r> eAaciHp wear T for Skirts and Suits. . There Is ho other summer fabric on which a half-price offer- A ffK f\ Waists or Dresses ennA vaTn* af o-^.
and seaside uear, ior orh« <"'" lngr wouM be ha i f E0 attractlve . This season's choicest Dimities; | tt% M , nis . or messes, Rooa value at 25c:
Special . . '• •*¦ • *- dainty and sheer, In a vast assortment of the most exquisite de- I B I I price .loC yard
.. • ; — "¦ ... , . signs; in small' and medium figures, dots, scrolls and stripes: I 1 w ' - V •'-
P9ACC I IMCM RATI^TF 200 pieces Ol this in pretty colors of pink, light blue, greaa, lavender, red, rose and H tj „ .
OflflOO LlWCn DMIIOIU i_ an d black and white; absolutely fast colors: the greatest of all wash "^ Y8rQ PIUTV I UPC I 1UIUC A JL~** • *.
iy»#% Yarrl popular a n o good3 bargalns . on sa i e§ beginning to-morrow, at i IHIU rANLT LAbt LAWNS A great variety to
fabric t the latura. ecrtTThade^X" DOUBLE-WIDTjl FRENCH 0R6AHDY, JffSB i iStfS t 'i3 > iSF& Special 15c Yart. ft Be < s l°?-
'that %^bod"want s (or Waists or ~z 50C KM F(F 39C Yart. gj" %£*iKi3& SS&Sl optnworkrf a nd h^ScheT most ' of
stylish Summer Dress; was manutac- . immense value at. ; SOc yard them worth 20c and 25c yard- special
tured to sell at 25c; on sale af!4c yard I » ¦ ¦ . saI< . at ,15c yard
Phpnnmpnal Silk Waist Sale at GREAT reduction sale of
(Just Like Illustration) • »| i^y It> the fi eeneral mark . down sale of the season _ a
To-morrow promises to be the fTi% ftr^Jli^r 2 -^ we make radical reductions to clear out our surplus
BANNER SII.K WAIST day: of the. |fA B J » tt£w%C$&^ uu Kra . nd ODD°rtumty for our customers to purchase
yet?, when we will place on sale 600 ||H " Ji f|| § k . hiRh-Rrade suits for less than the original manufacture "s" cost
Waists, that for excellence in fit, style, # iy O R» V^M'^^^^i ' CX char Kes for alterations
ffiaiTs^ mf%g c . M^^M\ 2 °- 00 TAILOR-MADE SUITS, in Black miAPn
W^rS^^dM WSm Each «Sm^fl\\ vy and Gr a y) rcd uced to : :$10£° h
Mnd.om.ly , lin- l^ 00 A TAILOR-MADE SUITS, in Black. Q A % QQ
f^d with Plaited front and back in all the fashionable, color?. Nav y and Gra V. reduced to.. ch 1 rV
mssmmMsmsm b:°bs~e I22H
WASH DtiESS iSKIRTS.i at^"JS!S n ?5^ig2&e of ? jSS SILK DRESS SKIRTS.. ? n a d d Ta °j e ?r^ fl So f ° OIC nn
Skir" hi Walking and Dress lengths. 'made of Pique. Covert Cloth. Galatea fy Liberty Silk Ruffles and Tailor Stitchtnp o^dltnw- there' \ln«UU
" . • ¦ * •• • eacft SXo.OO
$3°oo. napkin i for $1.95 otztN sale.of White Blankets, Worth $4.50, for $2.98 Pair -s^rtsaS srii.t.'s:
_ HUCK. TOWE^&-2°0 doien J^tm^ wlth theC HOICEST silkollne; eood v»lue »t $1,73: en sale «t..... .^ijjs each M^ niCll -l-Ci IJUILI5. "^
ored n or^hlte boi-ders- r?BUlar value 12; sale ' 50O S leces BOLLEE. TOWELING, soft nnd very absorbent, a qualltv c r double beds. In choice patterna; rood value at
ored or white comers. t « « 1#5O d0?en that wl!!/ wear well: regular value 10c: on sale at Yard OC |«50 each: on sale at «llsn L?+
price ............ ¦•• ¦¦¦•¦¦¦¦¦¦ ; i COUNTRY ORDERS RLCEIVB PROMP r ATTENIlJ.M - .. . ""
Sale of Velvet Ribbon, J^^^^kJ^ %&i&& Underwear and Hosiery,
-¦ Another special Monday offering in For Monday— 60 • dozen Children's Fast
Black Velvet Blbbbns-jthe very best qual- B W B JB18 US MklMwM/M W/M&S *? 1 ro'^'exTm"^^^^?" 00 ' ' &ou^
No. 2-150pie^e? U a? r .. V . a (Wcydor 60c PC '¦' ' ' and F^nf- °Li^Pi ia « , co !"° n - " n
„ — ; - • • 1 ***** ' ¦ - "" I
Dnfly's Pure Malt Whiskey Is Used Exclusively; by: Almost -Every
Prominent Hospital in the United States on Account
of Its Absolute Purity and Excellence.
Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey cures con- y&W^J^ " 'mJ '.il^rtNs
Fumption. couphs. colds, grip, bronchitis. /\ >11 a«»^Hs5t\
catarrh and all diseases of the throat and Z^BKT^gT jr*| &% Q 0 G U^L-
lungs. It al?i> cures nervousness and in- NgK^ B &^&3 1 "to ft ff P Q-sfi^S
digestion. It rives power to the brain . rfS^B C^^^ I 3 S S9Jjjf*^S
strength and elasticity to the muscles and ' iferaSs^SI f Srr^yESSgS SmB
richness to the blood. It is a promoter of l^^BEgrgwTtBf ¦"' >*> ¦ .." — _
£ood health and longrevity. makes the old " =^* T _ . T *
youngr. keeps the young strong. THE READING HOSPITAL.
It will cure almost any case of consump- Reading, Pa.. Oct. 12. 1890.
tion IX taken in time. TV e have used Duffy's Pure Malt Whis-
key in typhoid and other exhausting dis-
B eases and have found it eminently satis-
r~rL' 1 7 =: *^§S^SsSl Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey has stood
J» JBS^tt»BfiHSsp§S3^* severe tfsts for nearly fifty years and has
<S»Br^^<JffH^tfarLtoSn^ always been found absolutely pure and to
Pawtucket, R.' I., April 13. 190L \\ \ J&n, sM W&mlsSSBVS l&ll
We have used Duffy's Pure Malt Whip- U \Jr £\ jE£&f*$&&*P*®2$kr II
key and arc now using it at this . hos- vk \i_Im WFK&mMmW //
pltal. We consider it an excellent prepa- >\ \^jf*fKj£M&«r*^?*y //
ration, used with ice. It -will stay on an >X Ne3{a2£l~|*S**«rsy //
irritable stomach. It is the ideal stimu- vW.^vS*S!^^fc4^"^^ Jy
]ant for the Invalid where one of this v^^^SaSa****^ Jr
character is called for.— FRAXCIS M. - Ei^nT^s.^v5<^
HARRINGTON. Sur^eon-in-Chlef. JOHN M^S^^
W. GORMAN, Resident Physician. 5^
If you are sick and run down write our Medical Department. It will cost you
nothing to learn how to regain health, strength and vitality. Medical booklet
sent free. ...
CAUTION!- Our patrons are cautioned against so-called DUFFY'S MALT
WHISKEY offered for sale in bulk, and In other than our Patent Bottle, with
our name blown in same. DUFFY'S PURE MALT WHISKEY Is sold in sealed
bottles only. Offered in any other form it Js not genuine. It Is the only whiskey
recognized by the Government as a medicine. This is a guarantee. All druggists
and grocers, or direct, 51.00 a bottle. DUFFY'S MALT WHISKEY CO.. Rochester,
N. Y. booklet free.
FRPF Two of our patent game' counters for whist, euchre, etc. They are
1ULL " unique and useful. Send 4 c ents in stamps to cover postage.
ft Here's a list of staple soaps we put on sale all next week
''m Unt^ Saturday night, June 7th. These soaps arc fresh, in \»\
M good condition and cheaper than most stores can buy them. It's |ft
Mil 1 your chance to saVc — so don't miss this sale — if you can't come tf\\
I telephone and your order will be delivered free— South 356. '\i
f ' Richard Fre$* French Soaps Churchill's and Cuticura Am
? —^ 'or SOc ,'.-\ t Soaps — I each 25c |{jj
5 odor»— regular 15c. cake Most stores charge i$c. each ffl I
tk 'Pear's Soap — unsccnted 10c Castile Soap 20c bar If
\ i A blj taring at thU price The best French cistile ui J
i \ Buttermilk Soap — 3 cakes 20c Balsam Tolu Soap 5c box Iff
,V Cosmo— regular ice. cake • Regalar ioc. box of ) cakes /JW
[v 47H Glycerine Soap — 2 for 25c London Glycerine Soap 40c doz. ,11
fl^y RepUar 15c. cake Regular 5c. cake /¦if/
i\A v Re^al Soaps — 3 cakes 20c Munyon's Soap ' 10c mi]
\\v» A food taring her* Pnre and pleasant /'///
\^V " Il2ft M»rfc»« St.. S.n rnncltce *? f/£/

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