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in the body is brought into use; not only
the muscles in the arms and limbs, but
those of the body and neck also. And,
what a girl thinks more of, her eyes are
brightened and her cheeks take , on that
healthy color that defies imitation. '
Thin girls should play ball for a term or
two and then they need never fear an
evening, frock or a bathing suit. The
muscles in the legs are used in running,
and the calves become rounded. •When
the ball is flung from goal to goal the
arms become plump and well curved. Na
ture responds eagerly to every opportu
nity that is' given her and she acts with
quickness and ability. The jumping and
tumbling stirs up the circulation so that
the blood is sent to every tissue in great
Instead of sitting at home and doing all
kinds of fancy work, join a basket ball
team and get down to hard work. Play
a while each day and see if the kink in
your back does not unknot. You will feel
better all around. The soft flesh, which
Is more of a hindrance than anything else,
will harden, and when muscle develops,
as it will, you will not only be symmetri
cal, but healthy.
Ball playing cultivates flexibility at the
waist. In the bending and twisting of the
trunk and limbs the vital organs receive
such exercise as will make them strong.
Who ever heard of a girl who is an en
thusiast over, ball having indigestion?
Don't you know a fellow who got a
Have you seen the girls In their suits?
Very picturesque they look in their
bloomers and sweaters or with their neat
suits of varied colors and their hair in
youthful braids. Once In a while the en
tire team will be dressed exactly alike
and then they look ever so much more
formidable and ever eo much more busi
Candy by the pound Is the favorite
wager, and many a box Is lost or won ac
cording as one's faith In one's team Is jus
tified or not. In fact, basket ball is the
Question of the day. It is not considered
Quite the proper thing to manifest no in
terest in the sport and woe to the girl
who does not throw her hat in the air
and shriek "Hurrah!" at the top of her
The families and friends of the players
range themselves on either side of the
hall and cheer their own team with as
much vigor and good will as their broth
ers co at an intercollegiate game.
Girls have not taken up basket ball as
a fad. but as part of their regular gym
nastic training. In the larger cities where
there are a number of teams the rivalry
is intense.
in throwing, and the woman who
can toss a straight ball is the very rarest
exception. ,
gASKET BALL has come to stay.
It is an absolute certainty that
football and baseball will never be
popular with women. One is too
rough and the other requires skill
to the ; proper > person. : ,
I Perhaps you do not think one's temper
Is exercised as well. Imagine getting a
rattling. good. push and sprawling on the
floor as hard as possible. - And the worst
part of .It -too, V is losing , the . ball. One
might be able to get over the black eye
and, if UTie truth be tola, more than a
few. tiffs.: . " (
Last year Berkeley heTfl It, but Reno
defeated her and won it. Now. the Chico
girls are. living In high hopes, for they !n
turn have defeated Reno. The Chico
girls, by the way, are H. J. Crisler, Daisy
our minister's sermon: He didn't dilate
on the other side of the question. She
No, but don't you remember he declared
"&s to the other side I have nothing to
say" ? He— Of course, but why didn't he
fellow his usual plan and say It?—Phila
delphia Press.
nearly as welL Beauty of face does not
necessarily fascinate. Gracefulness of
form and wit combined are frequently
the secret of a woman's power. And
what woman under the shining sun would
not go through all kinds of torments to
have such charms?
Basket ball is a sure agent as a beauti
fier. There Is nothing so far that will
take Its place as an all-around, exhilarat
ing exercise except tennis. Every muscle
The game Is an easy one to understand.
As a rule 'there are nine girls on a side,
but when only five constitute a team,
the work is too hard.
Each "man" has her. own place. There
is the center, left forward center, left
back center, left guard, right guard, left
and right forward and two extra men.
So you see each "man" has her own re
sponsibility; she plans positions; she must
run at the right time and pass the ball
He— There was one peculiar thing abort)
steamboats,- gas, Kerosene, teieynone or
There were no millions of gold to lend to
foreign nations or to buy the Philippines.
Men wore muffs to keep their hands
There were, no expositions, horse shows,
food fairs or music halls.
There were no daily papers or typeset
ting machines.
There was but one type foundry. Type
was made by pouring metal into a mold,
letter by letter, and sold for $4 a pound.
There were no cylinder presses. Hand
presses, requiring a single impression for
each sheet, were good enough.
There were taxes, and they were ona
slxth to one-tenth of the total value year
Church collections were mads In a bag
fastened to a long stick, and a bell, at
tached to be rung when the expected con
tributor was asleep.
There were ho raglans or fancy mixed
There were no after-dinner speakers.
Bion of ten minutes. After The "rest" the
girls change fields and contend for ifie
opposite basket. However one plays it,
whatever rules are followed or the num
ber that constitute a game— none of this
mass makes any difference in the run
ning or throwing. The exercise part of
it is the same. It is bound to develop
great agility and endurance, for unless
one scampers lively it means knocks,
cuffs and even kicks, and a few of these
go a long way.
There is- a game called the "line ball,"
where every girl stays strictly within her
own line, but that game is not univer
sally popular, as it restricts action great
ly. The girls who are the most vigorous
scorn such. ball and refer to it as "sissy,"
which expresses their contempt for it.
When the rules that men use are accept
ed we may know that the women have
been trained to more . physical endurance
than they have at the present time.
The coast championship Is a question
that causes a great many discussions.
It is nothing unusual now to see men
seated on the bleachers and howling for
dear life. There ¦was a time when a man
*ho appeared fatherly was allowed in, or
on rare occasions Borne fellow was spe
cially invited for some very good reason,
but woe to the stray chap who blundered
in. ' He was no sooner seated than he
was told that his presence was distinctly
superfluous, and that If he did not get
out in a hurry he might suffer bodily
Thls sudden popularity of basket-ball
taa a good foundation. There Isn't any
thing that develops or beautifies the body
nasty cat on the arm or a dislocated) bone
fiom football? Ten to one whenjt was
being dressed a sympathizing friend said.
"I don't believe it will leave a scar," and
ten to one the injured chap answered,
"Oh won't it," just as though it meant
life and death. That exactly describes
the girls. They dive for a ball on the
hard earth, and a few bruises more or
less amount to nothing. One girl who
had two black eyes laughingly said, "Oh,
I mean to patent them. They're pretty
fine!" Because they, had been received
in a good cause she was duly proud of
her beauty marks. .
Boston. - "" .
Trousers were fastened with pegs and
Every housewife raised her own flax
and wool and spun her own linen and
There were no railroads, telegraphy
Virginia had one-fifth of the population
of the United States.
Two stages carried all the travel be
tween Boston and New York.
Two shillings was a day's pay.
Twelve to fourteen hours was a day's
work. ! V-\' i
One factory made all the hats.
They were all cocked hats.
The whipping post and pillory stood In
One Hundred Years Ago.
Fouls are common. If a girl runs with
the ball the whistle blows and the other
side have & free throw for the basket.
Such a basket counts 1, while a throw
from the field counts' 3.* Kicking or strik
ing with the flats, or tackling an oppo
nent counts for a free trial for the oppo
site side, which does not mean much,
glory. *
The game Is played in two parts of
twenty minutes each with an intennia-
Of course the object of the game is to
throw the ball into the basket and to pre
vent the opposite side from doing the
same. When each girl has her place the
referee starts the game by putting the
ball Into play. She tosses it in the air
and at the same time blows her whistle.
Before anybody can throw it, one of the
centers who stand reaay to jump for It
must have touched it. Then follows a
general rush from both sides. The ball
goes whizzing toward the goal and then
back again, just as luck wills it.
A regular game is played always the
same. The large ball is of rubber in
closed in a tightly laced leather case, and
it weighs about eighteen ounces. The
goals are hammock nets of cord suspend,
ed from rlngr eighteen inches in di
ameter. One is placed at either end of
the field and "about ten feet from the
ground." : L,
if a point had been scored, but to gain
merely a doubtful -. beauty mark tries
one's patience to the fullest extent.
Violet Cohn, Florence Johnson, Nellie
Davis, Grace Braddock, Fay Dickey, Cleo
McMahon, Stella Dickey, Belle Sanford
and Ethel Martin make the nine Stock
ton girls who are coming to the front in
this play ol girls. The Reno glrla have
just played a game with Berkeley, and
the girls wh> play under blua and gold
have returned to Nevada to return the
compliment, but before they started on
their Journey the challenge of Stockton
and Chlco was accepted and the girls are
all training for the contest. 1 V, .
Konodel, Maybelle l-..7ls. Gretta Peter
son, Clara Cris*er (captain), Grace Ker
.mode, Gra Taylor, Lillian Branham and
G. Bryan— and they puf up a rattling
good came. - „ " A ».

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