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alleges that the hoisting apparatus used
by the company was defective.
Cottage of 6 rooms and bath on the east side
of Tenth avenue, 125 feet north of K street
with lot 25 by 120 feet. $2750; also new
two-story residence on the east side of
Eleventh avenue. 150 feet north of I street
with lot 25 by 120 feet, $3850; also two.
For the Baird estate they sold lot 55x106:3,
west side of Clayton street, 82:6 north of
Haight. $6000; vacant lot, 63x122, southwest
corner of Page and Fillmore streets, to C. C
Judson, for J9500; for Crocker Estate Com
pany, lot 25x137:6, on nouth side of Waller
street. 181:3 feet west of Bhrader, $1600; for
the Brown Estate Company, lot CS: 9x137: 6,
northeast corner of Golden Gate and Masonic
avenues, $5000; three-story building on the
south side of Stevenson street, 150 feet east
of Sixth, . with lot 26:6x70 feet, for $10,250;
cottage of 5 rooms on the north side of Treat
avenue, 178 feet north of Twenty-fourth street
together with lot 16x100, for $1950. sold to
Mrs. tt. Schwartz; two-story building consist-
Ing of two flats of 6 and 7 rooms and bath each
and cottage on Elm avenue, with lot 25x120
feet on north side of Golden Gate avenue. 175
feet east of Franklin street, to C. H. Westphal,
for $10,000; two-story frame building with
store below and flat above, together with lot
27:6x87:6. north side of California street, 32
feet west of Larkin. for account S. Morgen-
Eteln, for $6500; two-story building, with two
flats of 3 and 4 rooms each, together with lot
25x75, on east side of San Carlos avenue, 135
feet south of Nineteenth street, for $3050*; for
D. Crowley. lot 55x80 feet, with frame build
ing containing three stores and three flats at
southwest corner of Bryant and Gilbert streets. ]
for $8250; two cottages, with lot 25:11x120 ,
feet, on the south side of Bddy street, 120:0 j
west of Buchanan, for James Lyng, for $4»50; !
two-story residence with lot 88:9x137:8 feet
on the north side of Washington 6treet, 08:9
east of Mason, for $8100; lot 25x120, west side
of Ninth avenue. 100 feet south of H street,
$1200; lot 37:6x100, on south side of I street,
100 feet west of Nineteenth avenue, $1075; lot
25x120, on east side of Twentieth avenue, 25
feet north of I street, $725; "lot 25x120, we t
eido of Ninth avenue, 200 feet south of H
street, $1100; lot 100x120 feet on west side of
Nineteenth avenue, 125 feet south of N street,
$1400; lot 25x120 feet on west side of Ninth
avenue, 125 south of H street, $1250; lot 25x120
feet on north side of K street, 40 feet east of
Tenth avenue, $775; lot 32:3x120 feet on west
side of Ninth avenue, 182 feet south of M
street. $725; lot 37:6x120 feet on west -side of
Eleventh avenue, 150 feet south of H street,
(1325; lot 25x100 feet on west side of Seven
teenth avenue, 75 feet north of I street, $800;
lot 60x100 feet on northwest corner of Seven
teenth avenue and I street, $2200; lot 60x100
feet on west side of Nineteenth, .avenue, B0
feet south of I street. $1600; lot 25x120 feet
on west side of Ninth avenue, 150 feet south
of H street, $1235; lot 37:6x120 feet on west
side of Seventeenth avenue, 162:6 feet north of
I street. $1300.
The southeast corner cf Ellis and Glas
gow streets, 100x100 feet, has been sold to
A. S. Baldwin for a client of Baldwin &
Howell. The price was J27S.500. The lot is
75 feet west from JPowell street. The im
provements consist of a two-story and
basement brick building, the rentals of
which amount to $1300 per month. In
January. 1899, the same property, then
without its present improvement?, wns
sold by Thomas Magee Jr. to Jules Levy
and Henry Kahn for $107,500. Six months
later Levy sold his half Interest to Thom
as Magee Jr. for $56,250.
The following sales are reported by
Baldwin & Howell: «
As compared with the last few months, there
was only a fair demand for money on real es
tat? mortgages during the month of August;
$1,585,548 was loaned on 372 mortgages, while
there were S51 releases recorded, amounting- to
fl,&44,7SS. Demand for money on collateral
has increased, and a better demand for money
en real estate mortgages is looked for during
September and the balance of this year. Inter
est rates are still 5% per cent on good proper
ties, the bank paying the mortgage tax, which
will be about 1.70 this year. The borrower
thus ls paying 4 per cent net for loans, a very
low rate of Interest as compared with the in
terest rates of former years.
The principal sales of the month have been
on O'Farrell and Sutter and on Grant avenue
and Kearny street. The erection of new build
ings in the best portion of the retail section,
as irell as the sales in this section, all point to
the conclusion that the present activity in real
estate ls a reaction from speculation in pros
pective business streets to an actual filling: up
of the present business streets. Only twice be
fore in the history of the city have the sales
In any month of August exceeded the figures
of August. 1002.
The objection is urged that high rents and
high price* will not continue. The answer to
that ls that San Francisco ls advancing on
real merit and not on speculation. Business in
all lines is prosperous, and many people are
being added to the population of our State and
new industries are springing up every day.
Oil for fuel ha3 reduced the cost of manufac
ture In all lines in which fuel ls a factor.
These new industries give an outlet for capital
end employment to labor. • Our Increasing
coast trade and with the Orient is developing a
market for our products not temporary in its
nature, but of permanent value and vital im
portance to California and San Francisco.
Sales of realty in the city and county
of San Francisco last month amounted
to $3,232,723 and numbered 420. Of the total
the amount of ?2,109,7R9 was paid for fifty
varas. Outside of the retail and whole
sale centers there ls no speculation, so
report Thomas Magee & Sous in their
Real Estate Circular. The majority of pur
chases and buildings are on downtown
properties. Magee says that white this
remains true the market will continue to
have a healthy tone and there will be r.o
boom. The advance in values Is on a soi:d
basis and is backed by an advance, of
rents. The mortgages for the month cf
August amounted to $1,585,548 while the
releases are represented by $1,544,733. The
mortgages numbered 372 and the releases
were 251. Magee's Circular maks the fol
lowing general comments concerning- the
Business Properties Make Up
Great Bulk of Trans
Last Month Beats Nearly
All August Realty
Thomas J. Bligh, who, while wprklng on
the schooner Dauntless in September,
1900, -was struck by availing pile, filed a
suit for $10,000 damages against, the E.
IC Wood'lAiinber Company. y.esterfiay.'H©
Sues Lumber Firm for Damages.
Or from . St, Joseph, . Atchison, Omaha,
Fort Worth/Houston or | Missouri River
Eclnts. . Santa Fe colonist rates during
eptember. and October. Tickets ¦ may be
paid for here and telegraphed to - your
friends. Ask the Santa Fe, 6U Market
§25.00 From Kansas City
The Sierra Railway Company of Cali
fornia will have its line extended to An
gels Camp and be ready for complete
passenger and freight .'service on and af
ter September 15. By U1I3 route the trav
eling public for Angels Camp, Murphys,
Calaveras Big Trees, Averys, Vallecita,
Melones, Douglas, Flat and other points
lu Calaveras County 'will be saved a long
stage ride.*
Opening of New Bailroad.
It is planned that the new building shall
include bowling alleys, a billiard and pool
room, smoking-room, reading-room and a
restaurant where temperance drink3 only
and light refreshments may be served.
Several months will undoubtedly ' elapse
before the hall can be erected.
The need of the proposed Innovation has
been felt for some time and If the neces
sary funds are forthcoming the troops at
the Presidio will be benefited greatly. If
the soldiers are afforded sufficient oppor
tunity to >njoy themselves on the reser
vation . it is expected that they will be
less frequent visitors to the Barbary
Coast and other, disreputable localities.
Colonel Charles Coolidge, commander of
the Presidio casual detachment, has ap
plied to the War Department for an ap
propriation of $5000 to defray the expenses
of building 1 a' canteen and amusement hall
for the infantry and casuals at this post.
His recommendation i3 approved by Gen
eral Hughe3 and under ordinary condi
tions should pass by the heads of the mili
tary bureau, although It may be blue
penciled to some degree.
atlon tor New Recreation Hall
. for Troops.
Colonel Coolidge Makes Becommend-
The United Railroads will put on the south
east corner of j Flllmore \ and Turk streata a
power house to, cost $30, 000. . . ¦ . . .
Aaron Kahn will erect a four-story and base
ment structure on the east line of Third street,
rear Perry, which has been leased by a whole
sale firm.' • ¦
Southeast corner of Kills and Octavia. streets.
52:6x120 feet, with four residences, for $19.
600; Nos. 1900 and 1911 Bush street, T5 feet
west from Laguna, for $6850; lot 25x85 feet and
cottage on the nouth line of Eighteenth street,
near Stevenson, for $2060; cottage and lot 25
x75 feet on the southeast line of Natoma
street, 100 feet southwest from Eighth street,
for $2050. .
The Baird Estate Company has bought
25x160 feet on the northwest line ' of Mis
sion street, 80 feet northeast from Fourth,
for $30,000 from Mary A. Roberts. . ;
1 Sales* at auction during the past week
are reported by Easton, Eldridge & Co.
as follows:
Hallett & Gee are building six houses,
of six to eight rooms each, on the east
line of Eleventh avenue, between H and 1
streets, two bt which have been sold dur
ing the past week by A. E. Buckingham.
Albert Witt is building a store and flats
on the northwest corner of I street and
Tenth avenue, on a lot sold by Mr. Buck
ingham. McGee & Canfleld will erect two
houses on Eleventh avenue, between H
and I streets. The street work around
block 663, south of the park, has been
completed at a cost of $9000. The block Is
owned by A. E. Buckingham.
McEwen Bros, report that they sold
more than 100 lots at Point Richmond, in
the Santa Fe Tract, during the month of
August. Houses are being erected by B.
Harl, L. Johnson, J. Kens and Mrs.
Downs. ; Several other residences will
soon be built.
the loss of 20 or 25 per cent in the value of
their property.
The subdivision of such a, valuable prop
erty is an important announcement, as It
means the expenditure of large sums of
money for Improvements, affecting an en
tire change in the appearance of this sec
tion of. the city. As in. the block Just
sold, a building restriction requiring all
the purchasers to give the sellers satisfac
tory assurances that lots purchased shall
be used for- the erection of buildings for
residence purposes only. This restriction
has found favor with purchasers, as they
can buy and. build without the fear of ob
jectionable structures being- bnllt on ad
joining property, which would cause them
Lyon & Hoag announce that the Balrd
estate has placed in their hands the block
bounded by Halght, Waller, Cole and
Clayton streets,; to be sold in lots. Up
to within a few^ months ago this block
had been occupied by the Chutes and is
very well known to the residents of this
city. The block ls 275x555 feet and cuts
up Into fifty- two lots. The block recent
ly offered by the Baird estate between
Halght and Page streets, Masonic and
Central avenues has had a remarkable
sale. .
Mrs. E. G. Butler has sold the northeast
corner of Post and Pierce streets, 137 :6x
137:6, for $30,000,. through the agency of
Madison & Burke. - A fine residence will
be erected thereon.
B. H. Mozart has sold to P. P. Butler
for $50,000, through the agency of Speck &
Co., the northwest corner of Golden Gate
avenue and Steiner street, 137:6x137:6 feet,
with eight houses thereon, for $50,000.
Mrs. Alice H. V Spencer has bought
through the agency of B. C. Ewall & Co.
35x85 feet on the southeast line of Mission
street, with -three-story building, for $26,
000. The improvements include a store
and two flats. The lot is 105 feet north
east from Seventh street.
northeast corner of Jackfcn and Cherry
streets has been sold for HTenry Roaen
feld and Mrs. B. B. Low 46 parties who
will erect handsome residences. The same
brokers have also ! sold to Bernard
Schweitzer the Louis Brown residence and
lot on the southeast corner of Pacific ave
nue and Webster street^ the lot- being
story house, 6 rooms, on west \ side of
Eighteenth avenue, 200 feet north of I street,
with lot 25 by 120 feet, $2800.
In the Mission District Baldwin & Howell
have sold the lot, 25 by 115 feet, on the north
side of Fifteenth street, 105 feet east of Noe,
with Improvements consisting of two flats of
A and S rooms and bath each, for $8500: also
vacant lot, 25 by 80 feet, on the south Hide
cf Thirteenth street, 60 feet north of Treat
avenue, for $1250; also 50 by 100 on south Hide
of Marlposa street, 50 feet west of Mississippi,
for |2000; also 25 by 100 feet, southeast corner
of Eighteenth and Hampshire streets, for
Easton, Eldridge & Co. report the fol
lowing sales:
Mrs. J. Powers to Mrs. Berndt, two. houses
at 8-10 Sliver street, near Second, lot 52 by 80
feet more or less, for $3300; John W. Quick to
I. ScharEf, let on the north line of 'Nineteenth
street. 155 feet east of Noe, 25 by 114 feet, for
$&00; Kate O'Keefe to John Preston, cottage,
at 12 Boyce street, 552 feet north of Point Lo
bos avenue, lot 27 by 120 feet, for $1450; G. T.
Raychester to Marlon B. Cummlngr, warehouse
at 341-343 Tenth street, 95 feet northwest of
Harrison, lot 40 by 80 feet, for $7000; Fabian
S. Joost to Michael Lucey, stores and flats on
the northwest corner of Thirtieth street and
Ban Jos© avenue, lot 28 by 77 feet more or
leps, for $6450; Flllmcye & Robertson to A. E.
Kellom. lot on the east line of Masonic ave
nue, 89 feet south of Waller street, 27 by 105
feet, for $2500; Mary E. Slmmle et al. to John
Quick, two-story frame building at 19 Drumm
street, 45:10 feet . south . of Sacramento, lot
22:11 by 70 feet; John W. Quick to Joseph H.
Robinson, two lots on the east line of Noe
street. 76:6 feet north of Nineteenth, lots each
25 by 114 feet. I
Speck & Co. have bought from Mrs
Hermlnie Proff for the William Bde Com
pany 20x57:6 feet on the south line of
O'Farrell street, 137:6 feet west of Powell,
with three-story frame containing store
arid lodging-house, for $37,600. The seller
was represented by Madison & Burke.
Bhainwald, Buckee & Co. have sold for
A. A. Moore 50x70 feet, with residence, on
the south line of Butter street, 80 feet east
from Stockton, for $45,000. The purchaser
is not named. A six-story brick building
for stores and offices will be erected on
the lot Through the same agency, the
Sixteenth and Mission streets Is where
the big store is, and any street car con-
ductor will direct and transfer you to It
for one 5-cent fare.
The taking of stock at the big store
shows the company to be perfectly solvent
r.nd far from being bankrupt. The goods
are there, nearly $3 to $1 for the claims of
creditors; but the creditors don't want
goeds— they want money. It caji be seen
from this statement of affairs that a pur-
chase at the big store right away will
mean $1 50 in value for $1 In money to
the purchasers. • ' -V.
In a nutshell, it means that the swellest
and largest line of carpets, furniture,
draperies and lace curtains ever on ex-
biticn is going at a sacrince that shocks
The public will remember the statement
made by this house that its big Oakland
ttore would be open June 1. The con-
tractor failed In bis promise; then Au-
gust 15; now October 10 is the earnest,
day named for completion. In the mean-
time nearly tlOO.OOO is tied up in stock for
that store, and the Eastern creditors
want their money, as the time of payment
has passed. They want it now. right
away; can't wait for the incdme from or-
dinary sales, and have forced the big
fctore to sell at any price. They don't
care how much loss Pattoslen suffers;
they Just want their pay, and must have
The housekeeper and the hotel owner
ehould never let slip from them the
chance that now presents itself to buy
carpets, furniture, lace curtains, etc., at
3ust what they cost at the mills and the
factories. At PATTOSIEN'S there is a
sale going on. the biggest in the history
cf San Francisco. Pattosien doesn't relish
It any more than the downtown high-
priced dealers do. but circumstances
have forced it, and buyers are getting
fiouble the value in goods for their money
that they used to get
An opportunity comes only once In a
life t*me like the present.
Creditors Clamoring for Money Hava
Forc3d \te Sacrifice of Over a
Quarter of a Million Dolars'
Worth of Garpsts end -Furniture
The Old and Established Sore
of Patosien's Suffers
* *i* simple la adjust- V**
f nett, elecaat i a appearance. f
rlrld and aeenrata la eon- *"*•
Pricet Mofier»te. Factorr oa
Premlsct. Quick Repalrta*.
Phooe— Mala 10.
Missouri Pacific Railway
Through service dally to
Kansas City and St Louis
via Scenic Route. New
observation cafe cars.
Meals a la carte.
Personally contacted excursion! to Kansas
CIO', St. Louis, Chicago, New York. Boston
and all Eastern points. For full information
Pacific Coast Agent,
128 California st,. San Francisco. Cal.
C i)
modeled end renovated. KINO, WAltD &
CO. European plan. Rooms. OOo to $1 60 day;
w to W -week; f8 to $20 month. Free baths;
*»ot and cold water every room; flr« crates In
•?err room: elevator runs all night-
WEST— U Post it. Baa FrancUeo. Cal.
ExtabUahed nearly 10 years. Open eatlx* jtx.
Writ* for 60-pax* catalocu* (free).
Attend a school that will get you a position
that pays welt from the beginning and affords
opportunities for rising In the world. Address
hmd. Cal. -
When you are nervous, sleep-
less and easily fatigued you should
take a few doses of the Bitters.
It will restore vigor to the system,
promote sound sleep and abso-
lutely cure Silk Headache, Bi.ious-
ness, Indigestion, Dyspepsia and
Malaria. Try if
surged in en us Wednesday -. jwakagtth - ZZZZL^^~±ilZ^^j}v^J^^^^^ We are starting this de-
morning when the doors of T- m WmSf^l^BI^W^&BS^^MII^^^^^^^m^ partment with very un-
o he enTthe e Tblic^'we IPME^ usual values in household
1 '.¦¦.• '¦\^j£ S Tsn&l^iifa^— — — -»^^»rr,» ,^_—^___ _— — „ - ' ' • ~~~~~~j==s^sz==dj§s&u5ss£~*'%T " 1 *jS3x =s n a cessiti°s. Weeks were
a multitude. The crush fll" PP 11 ' 1 - ¦ T _^ _1| |J||a| | occupied in gathering this
fair.y took us eff our feet. f 13 rgi , "IgSSP I "^^ III stock and it is broad, ample
We thoroly appreciate - w Si f|j]oo*h/p jJ* w\ jL ' V[ '^W' |i|' and worthy. Unusual of-
the quick response of San jyjlB %^W^A '|)'^lpWi!II fering5 bdng made
Wim^^hdfwrhave =^^^^^^^^5W = W^^^^^^^ Ing^any'itemirSt
put a peg in the history of — $Hi II 3 * ' \ "3 " \ \ ' HK— & S ° that Y ° U WHl
San Francisco retail mer- |^J||j||| "^ V|^/-1-. • Jj|l JK A remember them. You will
chandising. So quick and t I I || fl *IH tfFT^llgP JJ" ° therS WheR y ° U ViSU
instantaneous a success i j I 1 iH.fra^^ -I *~--"^iF| f Wki^ft0 ¦ }\\ ¦ the store. .
h ofoTzn O^™^ ' Z^mW^^^^X^ s —^^L i . _i- ' • . ~ \*J Pillow.Cases 8k.
it was to buy the goods. -'->:¦-,—-.• .-,*#- <&*' the yard/ ' ° 7 -c.
t Flannelettes, 6c? Table Linen, 72c. ; Silk Waists, $3.95.- • Dress Goods.
75 pieces heavy grrade pink or All linen stock, 72 inches wide, Our opening sale of silk waists at The selling during the week was
Akf Tcntrh SnXmrL wh,Vh ™Sr« W' • dot $2.95 was a remarkable one. Another mu <* stronger than we had antici-
Also bcotch ginghams for which pattern with Grecian border or a • . • , .„ . x , pated and we feel inhtlan* \ahh;
you have often paid 2 S c the yard. , variety of selections. One dollar is Illvn j Ce °J Sllk wai^ has now ar- Sonal values is he result
Our price 15c the yard. the usual price. Our offering is for nvcd a "d we propose to put thera
-^J 72c the yard. out in the same manner. It is an Panne Wool Satin, 85c
,J|iP§i& • r> j -rr> r <r entire sample line from one of the Priestley's stock ;-unspotable and
WLm»m- vK»|j^ Powder and Brush, \ 5c, - best waist makers in the country, shrunk ready for use. One of the
ffi ._^ leSS r\ u 44 i t • 1 i . They are mostly soft silks ¦ in all newest and most popular fabrics
t!PW JifcSS&'fEfK^ ? ldes an V iJ " y disti " ct «*"¦ £d w ! 5 c his falI: 40 inchM widc:
\V X neatly put up with a patent nickel' Sizes 34 to 38 inches only. /
V^ T top stopper and is fragrant and anti- It is unnecessary to go into detail PeaU de Sofe 89c
\-c&^\ • f5P* ic - The tooth brush is the kind about these waists, as a season's bus- Blart ' * n A „ : u *j
m AlT that usually sells for ioc . We offer :-.« j an . n j *u i , ,. I . and 23 lx ":he3 wide. A
"' ]frt»^ both for 15c. l ess de P ends u P° n the samples be- splendid heavy quality in a bright
\T •!• AC /ZHHl f/li/n I imtSW ¦ ing " ri S ht -" Th « se samples are rich black. It is a better silk and a
Veilings, 45C. ImWliml I IW • ''•' • • "right." They were^ade to sell at lde r than you usually pay $1.00
Over 1000 yards of 18-inch chiffon / f |//' |'IH ' II \ flHa P ;. . . Jffi£f from $5.00 to $9.00. An average tOn
veiling. All the seasonable shades, l/ifl ' ' V /^^S^^^T value would be about $7.50. On sale Pebble Endora $1(10
such as royal, blue, navy, brown, all . • [|!l Monday $3.05 each - T ,. . . * 4>> *' JU>
They are made with a i-inch hem- . • ,^0^^S^^ /fW^iK have it in all the fall colorings; . 4S
stitched border in white and with V fi fll) or- ' fmm&-^% ' inches wide; and take great pleasure
large chenille dots. This is an. extra • men S . 1 ies, Z3C. . ¦ nSS|[email protected]^ -t j^aSHS^^ »n being able to offer it for $1.00 the
fine quality of chiffon, which has One of our remarkable offerings : ''" " $&' - ya
been selling in San Francisco regu- is a narrow club four-in-hand. These *^_4*. &^ "
larly for 75c the yard. Our price is are extremely popular and we offer W__^2rf W^ mc^w| .
4 ' 25 oo yards of Tuxedo veiling, 18 5 c each or 6 for ~^Wtt^ jkaJ^/ ' WfWK
inches wide. In every shade used 25c have been going out like hot V^if y - ' . . - ¦ . j$^^5*/
and all the new kinds. Offered at cakes, but we have hundreds of them -dismm^ mlal&M'ffflM^M
2'-z the yard. left- They were made to sell for 25c ' ' • B$$mWisB}
Men's Fancv Sox 25c : o«r neckwear stock was purchased lYiade rtats, $J.4S. f «?m MmmW
lViens rancy OOX, ZOC. in JulV( and is th<J newest and Selling here was so very brisk during W« S^l^lfi
In French hsle, mercerized silk or crispest stock in the city. We have the week and the demand still con- • '-^ JmmS
cotton. Vertical stripes, figures and some extra values in imported Im- j • t h h j^^^f
lace effects. A.. su« A rea, , 5 o- 3£)l2£?Z£$ menu^he sto^k ,o WoM disap- New Derby, $2.35. J%W
cent value. We offer them Monday $I 25 cach> and imported English pointing any customers. We are This is a late New York block
for 2 5 c the pair. squares at $1.50 each. still showing some of the late cart- probably the most becoming to the ¦^^'
Ffvmoid Clocks $100 T ,, ,„-, TT f wheel effects with quill and wing general run of faces that has ap- - TJF "¦
wv,, k t ;\ Ladies' Knit Underwear, trimmings, ah popular colors. On peared for some S€ason3> It ? s Patent Kid, $3.50.
dosed out U a m^fa^fltoe of A sample line which was offered to sale while they last at $1.48 each. adapted to old and young faces,.to The famous Ultra Shoe, dear to
closed out a manutactuwr s line of us in New Yprk City and which we Trimmed hats of velvet and fat or to thin faces. The trimmings tbe hearts of thousands and thou-
ivory ebonoid clocks. They are snapped up quickly will be placed on scratch felt in the latest Gibson and stock are the sort that are «n ? ands °f American women. It is the
dainty little things in square, circu- special sale Monday. The garments shape. These are very modish. Col- erallv nut inMt, m w" -rt- ' xf, st $3 ; S ° shoe that m - oney can btl y-
lar or octagon shapes; some of them are mostly summer weight.in cotton, O rs black red garnet erav castor t?u * , • 1S Ultra shoes have patent cushioned
on stands <;*4 inches hirii Dials Hsle or silk J whit e. black or colored ors Diackrea garnet, gray castor, one of the strong values in our hat insoles which give flexibility and
on stands, y 2 inches high. Dials The vcs ts come with high neck and fl een nd brow "- . Well worth department, and we are selling them durability to the shoe.
2 i4 inches m diameter. We guaran- long or short sleeves, and low neck f"£ W u e are offenng thera at for$23Seach We carry in stock eleven fashion-
tee the works in every clock sold, with half sleeves or no sleeves. The * 2 ' 4 ' e . able styles. The shoe pictured is in
An amazing value for Monday at drawers are in knee and in ankle. • — _. the full French style with the new
$1.00 each. lengths. Sale price ranges from ioc Flannel Skirts 98e • Star Razors, $1.50. patent kid y Oxford vamp. Price
• * to 7Sc the garment. riannei ojon^/oc . . . * *v '"• § 3SO^ ,/'..,
AUft. Thi? department also offers a sam- Ladies', full size and embrpidered; Thls ls to attract attention to our .
1Wj| ) Pie line of ladies' hose from one of a good $1.50 value which we offer cutlery department. The genuine jli^s
SII3I ifl^afefrflrffridM*!** fr.J^sest importing houses in the Monday for 98c. Star Safety Razor, marked on the (Jll^^ . r J
IP % m^W^P SSS'^-lW^'SL'li { ZZ hSKlTSS SBS "rXcVi'VoTn "» h *« 3-st'ar b^d. fo r $,. 5 O JIJ |f||j|||^|W
*^^ -• tains a goodly sprinkle of imported $1.75 to 08c. They are generally sold for $2.00 and ffi It^ . "^ v*\V~^ag»' <&-/9J*
fil stockings. Sale price will be from Infants' kid bootees offered Mon- are advertised in the magazines reg- J| ~
i2y 2 z to $1.25 the pair. day for 21c. ularly at that price. Our price, $1.50. 1 ™ I
A little girl was asked the othe? *~
day to give the name of the best
Preserve. Without a moment's
hesitation she saic'i "My Mama
. says the best Preserves -.are
You will soon fccgfla fctxylngr *
your tab!c delicacies. If you
have never used a jar of jj
have ycur grocer send you
one. You'll like them* -
AH grocers keep them.
San Francisco.

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