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The reason of the order being placed in
; Germany is that the foundries of America
are too busy .to accommodate the enor
mous demand for materiaL
The Southern Pacific Company is pre
paring to receive 40.000 tons of steel rails
from Germany. The rails are expected to
arrive •within the next few days.
"Alax defying the lightning."
They made a great to do about small
oii-plays of bravery In those days. Light
r:ing seldom strikes anybody. I wonder
if Aj^x wquld have had the courage to
ride in an automobile or a trolley car'"
—Washington Star. - , *
"Who Is that?" asked the man with
square toed shoes, as he paused in the
art gallery.
I se:gwine to git a can o* vahnish an'
vahnish it; den I'se gwinter git a yahd
o red ribbon an* tie aroun' it an' hang it to
de chandelier in de pahlor foh a ohnament
so s we kin look at it an' enjoy ourse'f3
while we's eatln' hahd-tack."— Washlng-
; "You, boy IV exclaimed the colored
woman, "what is you gwinter do wif dat
water mellion?"
The urchin looked surprised for a mo
ment, then grieved, and then scornrul.
Placing his burden of sweetness upon tha
curbstone he replied:
James BaUey, laborer, appeared before
Jndge Cabaniss yesterday- and was in
structed and arraigned- on a charge of
criminal assault. The case was contin
ued till Friday. Miss Marjory Thomas
a pretty girl 11 years of ago; upon whom
the alleged assault was committed in, a
lodging-house at 220 Third - street Friday
afternoon, was in court. Her- father is
Dr, Adolph Thomas, a recent arrival from
British Columbia.
Bailey Arraigned in Court.
After a comparison with the known
handwriting and signature of the missing
man Captain Titus, while not openly de
claring that it was genuine, said that it
did not look like the work of a crank,
and that the signature was written by a
man evidently used to writing it.
a small sheet of paper on which was
"Search in vain. I have killed myself.
W. A. Gett, Democratic nominee for At
torney General, is here from Sacramento
and is a guest at the' Lick.
, E. D. Steen, an emigration agent for
Dr. L. B. Holmes of Dawson is here foe
a short visit and has made his headquar
ters at the Occidental.
B. J. Parlow, a mining man of Placer
ville, is at the Lick. .
,..C. T. Hughes of Sacramento r ls regis
tered at the California.
R. D. Hatch, superintendent of the No
va to ranch, is at the Lick. .^ ,
Dr. . J. M.. Blodgett of Lodi is 'among*,
the arrivals at the Grand.
C. W. Lenhart, a raisin manufacturer,
of Fresno, is at the Occidental.
¦ U. S. Grant Jr. of San Diego is, at the
Palace, accompanied by his family.
C. H. Hamblifl, a mining man of James
town, is among the arrivals at the Lick.
T. L. Oddie, president of the Tonopah
Mining Company, is registered at the
Palace. . -' i
Professor Weiss of Manchester, ""Eng
land, is at the California, accompanied
by his wife. • '¦¦»
United States District Judge B. M. Ross
has returned after holding court at Port
land, Or., and Is en route to his home at
Los Angeles. He Is registered at the
Q. F. Simmons, in charge of a party of
twenty Raymond- Whitcomb excursionists
from Philadelphia, is at the Palace.
several of the "Western roads, with head
quarters at Chicago, is at the Grand.
Captain Titus has received through the
mails a short note supposed to have been
written by Hooper Young. ' It was in
closed in a. small .'envelope, such as is
used in hotels, for sending cards to the
rooms of guests. Inside the envelope waa ;
The police of the precinct in which the
murder occurred expressed. the belief that
Young is still 'in the precinct;- and is be
ing protected by an . alleged secret so
ciety, which, they say, was supposed to
have been broken up by the United. States
Secre.t Service. A dispatch was received
to-day from Chicago stating that, the po
lice there had opened the trunk shipped
by Young and had found in it the dead
woman's clothing,- a memorandum book
containing the name of William. Hooper
Young and a pawn ticket showing that
a pair of ¦ diamond * earrings 'had been
pledged at a pawn shop in Park Row. this
city, on Wednesday last by a man- who
gave the name of Steiner. Prior to the
receipt of the dispatch a Central Office de
tective had found a pair of earrings
pledged in the same pawn shop and under
the same name. The person who pledged
them gave an address in Harlem, which
proved to De fictitious.' The eatrings were
shown to-night to • Joe Pulitzer, who at
once identified them as his wife's.
Captain- Titus then told of his visit- to
the apartments on West Fifty -eighth
stieet. He said 1 he Xound there three emp
ty beer, bottles.-', One of the bottles had a
crystallized appearance, and he thought
th» wqman had first been drugged by
some. narcotic in the beer and afterward
knocked on the head. The room showed
no- s.igns of. a .struggle,., but "blood was
scattered, everywhere. ."¦ • .. \, '
"This man Young has lived in St. Paul,
Minneapolis . and • Dubuque, and letters
from all of these places were ! found m
his room. Oni -Tuesday; last he borrowed
$6 from a man whom ne had told that, he'
>was In hard luck and did. not have a
cent." *'¦'¦¦¦ . I
Captain Titus of the detective bureau
emphatically declared to-day that the mo
tive of the murder was robbery.
In connection with the "blood atone
ment" note found in the apartment Tay
lor insisted that it had nothing to do with
the Mormon church. He saia that when
he and his companions came from Utah
John W. Young told them they might
have the use of his apartments during
their stay in this city. On July 1 Young
and his daughter sailed for Europe. A
few days later William Hooper Young
came. to the house. and demanded to have
the use of one room. As he appeared to
have his father's consent he was permit
ted to occupy a room. A letter which
one of the elders received from. John- W.
Young, written in Europe, confirmed the
son's right to have the use of a room.
"The enemies of the Mormon church ac
cuse its members of practicing the 'blood
atonement.' There la nothing in it and
this crime could not have, been committed
through any ideas of Morraonism. that
this young man may have possessed. He
was outside of our church and we wanted
nothing to do with him."
An interview was 'obtained to-day with
three Mormon elders who are occupying
part of the apartments used by Young.
They are Clarence Snow, Lawrence Tay
lor and J. L. Woods. They are all young
men' and gave evidences of having passed
a restless night. Taylor, acting as spokes
man, said: v ¦ ' ¦ '
.Last night when- Bowker heard of the
connection of. Young with the murder he
Sought a policeman and told him the
story and handed him the key: " .'
On Thursday night, Bowker says, a
young man called 'at the restaurant and
said: "Do you know William Hooper
Young?" - On Bowker replying In thd af
firmative,: the stranger said: "Well, here
is the key to his' apartments: will you
kindly take charge , of it?". Bowker took
the key and the man left.
About 9:3(J o'clock the same evening the
same man returned. "Has Young been in
yet?"" he'asked: 'Bowker" told him he had
not, "I.will wait a little while for him,"
said the other, and he remained for about
fifteen minutes.' At the expiration of that
time he said he would wait no longer and
at iirst asked fqr the" key, later changing
his mind and asking Bowker to retain pos
session of it until i'oung should call.
NEW YORK, Sept. 20.— Futher Interest
ing developments occurred to-day in the
unraveling j of the mystery surrounding
the murder of Mrs. Anna Pulitzer. A
restaurant manager, Louis Bowker, was
found' who said he was well acquainted
with William Hooper Young, for whom the
police are looking in connection with the
crime. Bowker said that Young had been
a constant customer at hia restaurant,
eating luncheon there almost every even
ing up to about three months ago.
Mystery Surrounding Tragedy
Being Gradually Un
t -, ~. ,~~ v w V *•* wilt
iNew York Detective
Sheds Light on the
Pulitzer, Case., ¦
Young Men's Christian Association-
Will Materially Improve Its Edu
" cational Department. " " *
The Young Men's Christian Association
will- open its school department for the
winter season, on Monday , evening, Sep
tember 29.^ Already seventy-five students
• Twenty St.' Joseph women cut two
blocks of weeds after dark one night last
week.- They became tired of waiting for
the Council to order the work done and
took the scythe and sickle in their, own
hands.— Kansas City Star.
have enrolled and arrangements are be
ing made .to accommodate 1000. The as
sociation s educational department has
met with unaqualified success in the last
three years. In that time the.niimhw'of
its pupils has increased from flit to p0'>
On the opening, night the work will be
fully explained and the prospective stu
dents will be told how they can adttiiire
an education without . neglecting, their
work in the meantime. In -iddition to
the night school for men, a day commer
cial school and classes for working boys
and a night law school will be conduct* d
by the association. On the opening night
a literary and musical programme will be
rendered. . . . , .
; The most of- the new cars have arrived
and are now being employed in carrying
fruit to the East. This addition to the
Southern Pacific's equipment means much
to the California fruit grower. The cry
lias been for years for more cars They
will place the markets of New York and
ljondon at the disposal of. California- and
Ehould stimulate the fruit growing in
dustry enormously. . . /,
How badly the new cars were needed
is evidenced by the fact that every one
of the new cars is being used at the pres
ent time. and the fruit growers, are still
asking for additional freight facilities
It is said that the present activity : ln
fruit shipments will lead to . more car*
being sent to California. The new cars
are large and roomy, with the latest de
vices for the storage of fruit. .It is pos
sible to land fruit in-New York in nearly
as good condition as it leaves here. The
if" d0 " m^ rk ? ts^ a , 1 ;? also Placed within
easy reach of California. Almost any
quantity of fruit may be forwarded to
Ixmdcm to arrive within two weeks. The
San Joaquln and .Livermore valley are-in
the lead in the matter of fruit shipments.
•1 here- is t an average of ninety, cars a
day handled at the transfer platform, ex
clusive of .general merchandise. -
President Harriman has ordered 1000
f i eight cars for California, of various de
scriptions, but these will not beready for
delivery for several months. In the niean-
e K V a cre . ws and freJ e ht agents
will haye to wrestle with a problem that
is as arduous*as it is perplexing
The company is said to be enjoying at
t^Vc^tVhTsU'y 6 amount of
Two hundred refrigerator cars is the
gortJon of the" new equipment of the
fhe 11 Rf Ca C l l ifo C rnia mP^ y WhlCh fallS t0
Ever, with this number of cars at their
dspoaal the Livermore farmers are com
?n £ S ? £ £ ll l e u , nable to Set their hay
to market. Not only has this scarcity of
cars been a source of regret to the farm
ers of Livermore, but other districts afii
affected as well. The rush of business is
eo, great, that for a second tlme.this year
the company has had to forward freisrht
&/ S ? n i ra " cI sco- by , way of , San- Jose.
?h2 %. re i£ ht »/f rrles a^ e , not able to handle
the traffic between Oakland and the me
tropolis and an average of two trains per
day is sent around by the way of San
Scarcity of cars to handle the fall
freight has compelled the Southern Pa
cific to resort to- the expedient of util
izing upward of 100 furniture cars to haul
t*ay from the Livermore Valley. -
The American export, of rails is par
ticularly heavy and the entire output has
been contracted for. The German rails
are principally seventy-nve-pound ones.
A portion of them exceed this figure by
fifteen pounds. The rails will probably
be used in this State. The improvements
° rder< i d £y President Harriman are based
°° " SMp.OOO estimate. All the tracks in.
California will be relaid, the object being
to put heavy rails in place of the com
par.itively llgHt ones now in use.
*i i h ? £. orth . e , rn divisions in the mountain
districts will first receive the new rails,
it is the intention of the company '.to re
lay the Dunsmuir division -at 'once with
seventy-five-pound rails.
The German shipment probably will be
forwarded to that point upon its arrival,
me company has numerous orders for
rails wit hthe Eastern foundries, but the
rails will not be. ready for delivery for
some time to come. -.
place an order with Germany for the steel
rails. : .
The company has many Improvements
in contemplation and wishes to lay new
rails immediately. The foundries through
out the East are burdened with orders
which will keep them busy for two years.
When the Southern Pacific Company,
asked for steel rails, to be delivered to
them. within a limited time, the Eastern
steel corporations replied that it would
be impossible to comply with the demand.-
The foundries are overwhelmed with or
ders and if the Southern Pacific Company
depended upon the American product in
building: its new tracks and relaying old
ones, the contemplated improvements
would have to be deferred to a consider
able periods The delay would eventually
cause the company a material loss. To
avoid the loss of time it* was decided to
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Friedman's Furniture
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"The Credit House." '',' 1
233 235 237 Post Street. s
/•^^^^n Mi I" a\u\W Oliri Qotth • have knocked Q spats off
VWJL OdiVb. hi g h P rices in . drags, .pat- .^®^ 6 ? c ,y
1^ "" 't i.- 1 ; . • 5/ - ent medcines, soaps, toilet • ¦¦'¦^¦^>^r> *S^
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KSeltZer-'rlJ-- MV- the very people who should not ba overtaxed. I have been able to do miiit.M : -^
W---2f«. f5c-7 this because I have four large drug stores in the four largest cities of California, and I buy all iS^ 11^* 1^ 1^
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- j£%%'*-' ¦ • : ;\ Coke. Dandruff Cure .65c Warner's Kidnw r rVi*rW"" r J- C Shoop's Restorative 75c -¦¦ '^f*?**?*^.
K^ineof.4 l^ s B c^^ mP ound-::::::nRj: feS,°e ntes Cream^ :: Safc |»^of&th"^ti-:::::::::::}Rg . J&' 'Sk
: 75c W Fellow ' s Syrup •••• •.•••••••••05« Hunter's Rye whi S k e y;::::::si^s HomeopaihicRemed^'::::::::::lgS- ixA^- f ?3
T!l6 Owl DrOCr CO "28 Market St., San Francisco. % 7%^ V J
vy W& Broadway and 10th St.,;Oak!and. ,
ft^ul^l IK%^P W^^^k pSwif t s\ % MierceA
W it * 1 if^^^i 1 Root : ) fSpecific I mxtr^ct i faftemedicsl
It J s P e P 5l W m. 65c W fc 65c m %. 35c W % 65c J
San Francisco, Sunday. 21 September, 1902.
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viewing this worthy collection.
A.six-fpot davenport: of mahoganized birch, uphol-
stered in figured green velour, for $50.00. Also a num-
ber of "fumed" oak davenports with upholstered leather
seats and leather cushions to match. Quite a demand for
them now for hall use.
¦¦.••-•-- ¦ - • ' .. • 1 - .
(Successors to California Furniture Co.)
957 to 977 Market Street, Opp. Golden Gate Avenue.

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