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At the meeting of Redwood Circle No
72 of the Women of Woodcraft, on the
10th inst, a committee -was appointed to
arrange for the next meeting of the e!r<»T»
which will be held on the first Wednesdav
in October in Native Sons' building ° Thla
circle which has increased to a largl
membership, is to take an active part in
the Woodmen's street fair and carnival
and will have a prominent part In the
there 11^ 8t ° re " toat i3 tO be 0P en «d
Golden Gate Circle of the Women of
Woodcraft Is also to take an active part
to O*t Y° n Street falr and carnival
Women of Woodcraft. ¦'
Sempione Grove of the United Ancient
Order of Druids, located at Santa Rosa,
Initiated four strangers during the month
of August.
Oakland Grove has made arrangements
for the initiation of a class of sixty stran
gers on the 28th of September.
William Tell Grove of Napa had an
Initiation of eleven candidates on the
night of the 6th of September and on
the same night had six applications for
Since the 1st of last May Concordia
Grove of Stockton Initiated thirty-two
strangers. It now has a membership of
The picnic that was recently given by
Stockton Grove proved a great success,
netting the grove about $200.
• The fact that Juvenile groves of the
order may sow be established In all
jurisdictions of the order Is due to the
energetic efforts of Deputy Supreme Arch
James F. Martinoni, who had the mat
ter under consideration for a long time
and finally had the Supreme Grove au
thorize the establishment of such groves.
He presented tbe plan of organization
and upon that plan one or more groves
will be instituted in this city by him.
Preliminary meetings for that purpose
will soon be called by the officer named.
Elvin Chapter No. 4 of the chapter
branch of the order will be Instituted to
morrow to work In the English language
until Buch time as the Italian - ritual shall
be . issued, when 'a dispensation will be
Issued to enable the chapter to work in
the Italian language.
Alplni Grove on last Sunday conferred
the second and third degree on a class of
Quite a number of the local groves have
refused to send representatives to a self
constituted committee which styles itself
"a good for the order committee" on the
gTound that it was not by any known au
thority empowered to act.
McKlnley Grove has completed all ar-
The Druids.
The first social and entertainment given
by Lincoln Circle of the Comnaniotm «f
the Forest was a successful and pleasant
function that was attended by & largo
number of the membership of the order
and friends of the members. The "pro
gramme of entertainment was one / that
waa greatly appreciated and the dancin*
.^that followed, was well arranged." ' Tha
.committee thit. had charge of this affair
•*»; en « tl ea. to credit *>* Its excellent man
agemem. of the same. It was composed
M,-f % *%%• Stlte f ' M S 3 - Peter Sonnesyn.
Miss T. Fitzmaurice, Miss Annie Schro^
der, Mrs. Kate Howard and Miss S.
Beardsley. The programme Included a
piano recital by Mrs. Collier; song and
t?r°Z' E A lza , and Erlck Davls : .Piano?
Martha Davis; fancy dance, the Peyere
Susuters, and comic songs. Mr. BeckerC
Mrs. Sonnesyn was the floor manager
Santa Amanda Circle and Court Star" of
the West gave a social on the night of the
l<th inst.. which waa well attended.
Eureka Circle bonbon party on the
night of the 18th inst. was success both
as to numbers and entertainment for
those who attended. . 7
Companions of the Forest
' Companions F. of A.
Live Oak Circle 'of the Companions of
the Forest of America has appointed a
committee to arrange for a moonlight
picnic to be given on the night of Tues
day, the 21st of October.
Golden Era Circle had Its twelfth an
nual trolley. ride last Tuesday evening.
The trolleyists started from Second and
Market streets, and after, a ride over the
several : electric lines- went to the ocean
beach, where lunch waa- served and there
was a dance. It was a Jolly party and all
had a Jolly time. :
T ! On the night of the 13th inst New Ceiw
turyv Circle had a hard .times party in
the -Alcazar -building;: that was: well
tended. -,'R. ¦..'¦',••' V-.f :.-..¦;•.."-¦ ...i" ? ¦.'*"-_ ""-*$
A new circle, to Tbe known as James G.
Blaine. will be Instituted In this city on-
Grand Chief Companion Mrs. H. Worms
announcea the following official visits.
September 25th, Excelsior Circle, San Fran
cisco; 26th, Sonora Circle, Sonora: 29th,
Manzanita Circle, Angeis .Camp; October
8 Yuba Circle, Marysvllle; 6th. Margue
rite Circle, Woodland;, 8th, Queen of the
-River Circle, Graf ton; 9th, Orange Blos
som Circle,. Orovllle; 10th, Court Pride
Circle, Grass Valley; 14th, Mizpah Circle,
San Francisco; 20th, Oakland Circle, Oak
land; 28th, Diana 1 Circle, San Francisco;
.November 6. Bonita Circle, San Francis
co; 12th. Live Oak Circle, San Francisco,
20th, Ferrucio Circle, San Francisco; 24th,
New- Century Circle, San Francisco; De
cember 2. Hay wards Circle, Haywards; 5th,
Pajaro Valley Rose Circle, Watsonville;
8th, Santa Lucia Circle, Salinas; 11th, Mar
tha Washington Circle, San Francisco;
January 13, 1903, Sadi Carnot Circle. Oak
land; 31st, Heliotrope Circle, San Jose; 23d.
Violet Circle, Soledad; 28th, Richmond
Circle, San Francisco.; February 4, Robin
Hood Circle, San Francisco; 9th, Bay City
Circle, San Francisco: 11th, Court Concor
dla Circle, Sacramento; 13th, Freedom
Circle, Nevada City; 18th, = Elmhurst Cir
cle Elmhurst; March 3, Golden Gate Cir
cle, San Francisco; 18th, Verbano Circle,
Oakland; 31st, Inter Nos Circle, San
Francisco; April 2, Golden Era Circle,
San Francisco: 16th, San Francisco Cir
cle,'San Francisco, and 27th. Hamlet Cir
cle, Alameda. The date for the visit to
American Circle at Petaluma and to The
Rose Circle at Santa Rosa have not yet
Court Eureka of the Ancient Order o*
Foresters had a reunion and smoker in
Pythian Castle on the 20th inst. There
was an entertaining programme for - the
pleasure of the large number of people
who crowded the lodge room
The juvenile court of this. city as a re
sult of the party it recently gave at its
last held meeting initiated four eandi
dates and received six applications. High
S"L rt |, ecret ary J. J. Roberts and other
high .officers were present *?/
Court Apollo has Just passed the two
hundred mark in membership. Court
\Vashfnston of Tacoma, which was insti
tuted on the 4th of last August, now has
a. membership of fifty-five. It is arrange
Ing for the organization of » juvenile :
court and a circle of the Companions ot
me Jjorest. ¦-¦ „•¦ ,
Ancient Order Poresters.
Genevleve Parlor paid a fraternal visit
last week to Piedmont Parlor, being chap
eroned by District Deputy Grand Presi
dent Mrs. R. Kemp Van Ee. At the close
of the meeting- there was an adjournment
to the banquet hall, where refreshments
were served.
In order to accommodate two of the
parlors the grand president has altered
dates of visitations. She will visit as fol
lows: Aleli Parlor, at Salinas, September
26; Santa Cruz Parlor, at Santa Cruz,
September 29; La Paloma Parlor, at Wat
sonvWe. October 1; Copa <Je Oro Parlor,
at Hollister, October 2: Gilroy Parlor will
be visited on either Friday or Saturday
following; Vendome Parlor, at San Jose,
October 6.
The grand president, accompanied by
the grand secretary. Laura J. Frakes, offi
cially viPited the parlor at Vallejo and the
one at Napa last week, and at the close
of the visit at each place the membership
of t:ach expressed its appreciation of the
valuable instruction that was Imparted by
the bead of the order and of the kindly
advice of the grand secretary.
Grand President Eliza D. Keith has, in
answer to a question, decided that com
mittees acting under the sanction of the
head of the order must confine themselves
to the work and purpose Tor which they
were -organized, and that having accom
plished the purpose for which they were
created, they cannot prolong their exist
ence and take up a new line of work;
that all projects calling for concerted
action among the subordinate parlors
must have the gTand presidents sanction:
further, that all ticket and entertainment
notices come under the general head of
"circulars." As the Grand Parlor consti
tution eays that the grand president has
the power to decide all questions of law,
order and practice, and that such deci
sions shall hold until the meelng of the
next Grand Parlor, it looks as If what the
gTand president says will be the law for
a while.
Native Daughters.
At the open meeting held in the Alca
zar building last week under the auspices
of the committee having charge of the
large class initiation a number of appli
cations from strangers were secured for
several of the lodges.
Yerba Buena Lodge has several candi
dates for the large class initiation, Saxon
has several, as has also Norman Lodge.
i T"®, corximittees appointed to visit th«
local lodges are still at work talking to
the members to enthuse them in the work.
Alameda County has of late made quit©
a showing of new members and there are
more coming. ; '.',- •
Knights of Honor.
The Rincon drill corps will have an ex
cursion to Stockton on Sunday, the 28th
lnst., via the Santa. Fe Railroad. The ex
cursionists will start from the Union
Ferrv building at half -past 8 in the morn-
Ing. The picnic will be held in Oak Park
and each excursionist will be given an
opportunity to secure a gate prize.
The large class Initiation that has been
started by the local parlors promises welL
F. U. Dam of Pacific Parlor. W. D. Ho
bro of California, Louis Hirscb of Bay
City, J. T. Nash of Stanford, Joseph Rose
of Marshall, Frank J. Taylor of Olympus
and George H. Richards of South San
Francisco Parlor have been named a.s the
executive committee that is to have the
management of the work. During the
past week a number of sub-committees
visited the parlors for the purpose of. in
structing the members in the manner of
conducting the large class Initiation.
Next Wednesday night the Native Sons*
literary and social committee will give
its fifth entertainment In Native Sons'
Hall, to be followed by dancing. The foj
lowing programme will be presented: 8
to ?.:15 p. m., Douglas' Orchestra; tenor
solo. F. B. Pixley; a set of Chinese box
ers; recitation, John Hannan; instrumen
tal selections, Mr. and Mrs. R. N. Walsh.
Comedy, "A Model Pair 11 — George Pen
broke, Heffron Paddock: Angelina, Miss
Blanche Taima; Jack Baxter. William H.
Scott; Polly. Miss Beatrice Blanchard.
Native Sons.
On the night of the 13th inst. Mission
Rebekah Lodge had a pleasant social
hour after the business of the evening.
On the nieht of the 24th inst. this lodge
will have a grand party in Hinman's
Hall at Twenty-first and Howard streets.
A team from Pacifio Lodge and one
from Apollo will go to Santa Cruz on
the 27th for the purpose of conferring all
the degrees for the lodge there.
The visit of the relief committee of
San Francisco to Excelsior Lodge last
week was a pleasant gathering of Odd
Fellows, i£nd the address of President
Macbeth of the visiting body was a most
eloquent effort, one that agreeably sur
prised his mest ardent admirers. - '.
On the 15th inst. the Odd Fellows had
a holidav at the water carnival in Ala
meda and on the 16th had a gala day at
the State fair.
Yerta Buena Lodge on the night of the
11th inst. had the decrees conferred by
the team composed of past grands. U. S.
G. Clifford acted as noble grand, Edward
Sheerin as vice grand. Daniel Burns as.
p&st grand. L. L. Alexander as warden- 1
and G. L. Perham as conductor. The
work was perfection itself. It may
have been equaled in a lodgeroom, but
it has never been excelled. Each
officer was perfect in the discharge of
the duty assigned him and the delivery
of each charge was sublime.
Wlldey Encampment of the Independ
ent Order of Odd Fellows had work In
the patriarchal degrte last Tuesday night
in the presence of a large number of
members and visitors.
Ths Odd Fellows.
Grand Secretary* Cordy " on Thursday,
the 11th lnstf, > visited Cloverdale, where
h© instituted a" new court of the For
esters of America with thirty-one char
ter members.- 1 -The institution of the new
subordinate was followed by a collation
and speech-making.
Court I*ride of Alameda had a three
days' JolIIflcation Jlast week. It taking
part inV-thie" water carnival. The- first
night fivere> was a street parade, wneo
almost' the *en tire membership turned out.
..Arrangements have been made for a
district 1 meeting of the courts of Wat
6dnvHle, Santa Cruz and Monterey on
the 2Sth lnst.- 1 iv, -
Steps have. beep taken for another large
classy initiation; in this order during the
month of December. ¦'•:.' ""--¦
-On the nighUof the 2d of October Court
Seal Rock will hold its six hundredth
meeting since 'institution, and will cele
brate the event by a supper at one of
.the downtown restaurants. At the meet
;mg of this,.;Court on the 11th inst. ten
applications were presented, nve strang
ers were admitted by initiation, and seven
'applications previously received were bal
lotted on. Under the chief rangership of
Joseph Gallagher this court expects to
come I very close in numerical strength
to the two largest courts in the city.
On the 9th of October the court will have
a class initiation of forty. Dr. Charles
M. Troppman, P. C. K., has ap
pointed a committee to arrange for a
smoker . for the latter part of Octobei ,
and-H. Lange has been appointed chair
taan of a committee that is to arrange
for a social for the court This contt
has already taken the preliminary steps
for a monster ball to be given In the
Mechanics' Pavilion, January next.
, Court Stanford had a dance in the Al
cazar building on the 16th inst. \ ¦
Court Point Lobos will celebrate its
first anniversary on the 11th of October.
Argonaut Council at Its last meeting
elected a new member, who will receive
the degree under, the revised ritual or
"Book of Duties" at the meeting . to be
held to-morrow evening. The new degree
team organized by Secretary Dixon has
held Beveral rehearsals lately and will
exemplify the work of the initiation on
the occasion mentioned, and the event
promises to be a "red letter" one for
Argonaut, the ¦ "mother^, council of the
order in this State.
Golden West Council at its lastymeet
ing conferred the degree on a candidate
of San Francisco Council. The work of
initiation was creditably performed by H.
G. W. Dinkelspiel, . the regent, assisted
ibjr G. H. Bartletfc,. vice regent, and other
officers. Regent "Dinkelspiel was the re
cipient of many congratulations on hii
safe return from a . trip to New York,
Washington' and other Eastern cities.
Buena: Vista Council at its last meet
ing initiated two and, received two ap
plications. G. Gunzendorf er, grand re
tent. presented the council, on. behalf of
llyslan Council of Los Angeles, with a
beautiful enameled banner stand.' Suit
able resolutions of thanks to Elysian
Council for the elegant gift were adopted.
Alameda Council, "the banner council,"
Is making elaborate preparations for. an
entertainment during the latter part of
this month. An interesting programme
Is ¦ being prepared by a competent com
On Monday, the 15th inst., Grand Re
fent G. Gunzendorf er, accompanied by
'ast Supreme Representative George w.
Dixon, Dr. M. Neumanp, past ,, regent;
Fred Head, collector of~Argonaut Coun
cil, and other brothers, visitedTVallejo
Council at ValleJo. An open meeting wa^
held, a large audience being present. The
grand regent delivered an interesting and
entertaining address. Mr. Head gave
recitations, which we>r» loudly applauded.
Theodore P. Burnham made an address,
and at the close of the entertainment
dancing was Indulged in to ; midnight.
Grand Secretary D. W. Maloon has ls
sutd his first semi-annual report of the
condition numerically and financially of
the councils In thia State. . The report
reflects much credit on the able grand
Charles C. McDougall, John McGufflck
and Dr. . Samuel W. Trultt have been
elected and Installed vice regent, orator
and guide, respectively, of Buena Vista
Council. A degree team is In progress of
formation in this active and "go ahead"
Council. Secretary G. Gunzendorfer, hav
ing the matter in charge, will no doubt
get up a team that will be "letter per
fect"' ,
T. S. Casey, ! deputy grand regent, re
ports the new council in . process of for
mation at Santa Rosafas being" nearly
ready for institution, -With, a large list of
charter applicants.'.; -'ii--. '•", '"•*-" s - ' -
H. A. Rutledge.'.-pasti; regent of Elysian
Council at Los -Angeles; . was in th© city
on his way Ea'sC^a./fet«1days ago. He re
ports considerable-'flcctivity being mani
fested in Arc^naxnTcircles in the City of
the Angels, g*A .'« ? .
Golden West C.qun<fl';will hold an open
meeting on' Septemqer 29, and an lnter
eetlng progratnih*- -Is being prepared for
their friends tanff: members of the order.
Fores'teTSiiitf lAmerica.
Royal Arcanum.
AFTER a short business session on
the night of the 9th of Septem
ber Ivy Chapter closed, after
which there was an adjournment
to the banquet hall, where many
of the members engaged in a progres- .
eive whist party. The prizes were pro
vided by Mrs. Charlotte E. Tisdale, the
worthy matron. The first prizes were
won by Mrs. Frances L. Bonifield, past
worthy matron, and Frank JIcGowan, the
patron, while the booby prizes went to
Mrs. McGowan and Samuel C. Wallis.
After the game light refreshments were
served and there was an hour of social,
Last week Mrs. Tisdale. the worthy ma
tron, entertained the officers of Ivy Chap
ter it her home on Devisadero street.
There was an evening of song, music,
recitations and the serving of a supper.
There were about twenty present and all
had & most delightful time.
Mission Chapter had work in the Initia
tory aesree on the 12th inst. in the pres
ence of many members of the order.
o olden Gate Chapter had candidates for
initiation at its last held meeting.
San Jose Chapter will celebrate its sil
ver anniversary on the 25th inst-' The
worthy grand matron will be present.
Woodbridge Cnapter celebrated its tin
anniversary last night
Beulah Chapter is making arrange
ments for an entertainment on the night
of ihe 27th inst.
Mrs. Winnie Turpin is another of the
very popular members of California Chap
ter, who has many friends in and out of
the chapter.
Degree of Honor will have an entertain
ment and dance In Franklin Hall.
Forget-Me-Not drill team of^the De
gree of Honor will give a social on the
night of- the 9th of October.
Mrs. French presided at the piano dur
ing the evening and exhibited great tast«
and tact in playing the accompaniments.
MJ33 Beaufort, in "Waiting," was In ex
cellent voice and took the light, high
?°. tes C? rlth ereat clearness and precision.
Miss •'Broadway's song "Dream" waa a
great treat to a lover of music. This lady
showed great taste and ability In the per
fect modulation of her voice for the pur
poses of expression, besides a thorough
understanding of the music itself. Mi3S
Broadwood could make a Very ordinary
song enjoyable. • Mr. Leech's recitations
are mostly -in the Lancashire dialect and
intensely amusing. No one to hear him
would imagine he was recitinc; he la so
thoroughly the character he is imperson-
v ¦ Iv. - Mrs - lj °sne'a recitation, "By Gosh,
You 11 Walk." exhibited a wonderful ap
preciation of American humor. Her ges
ticulatlon and expression are so thorough
ly under control that they enhance the
enjoyment of the subject matter of the *
piece instead of. aa In the case of so many
lady reciters, simply getting on your
Dancing followed the programme and
continued until 12 o'clock. If Barnaby
Lodge can bring Its subsequent entertain
ments-up to the standard of tola one/,
Laurel Hall will be too small to accom
modate tha attendance. i»
The programme was as follows: Over-
V£?' the orchestra; piano solo. Mlsa Jack,
•Ole Black Joe"; encore, "Star* ana
Stripes March"; recitation, Mfs. Ihsne.
"You Put No Flowers on Papa's Grave";
song, Mlsa Beaufort. "Waiting," by Mll-
J ard; encore. "My Lady Hottentot": violin
solo, Mr. Taylor, "Hearts and Flowers";
S?. core A Back the Heart"; song.
Miss Broadwood, "Dream," by Bartlett;
encore, "Still as the Night," by Cari
Bohm; recitation, Mr. Leech (encored);
vocal duet. Messrs. .Williamson and Wal
ker, "Flow Gently Deeper"; recitation,
Mrs. Logue, "By Gosh, You'll Walk";
song Mr. Walker, "The White Squall";
mandolin solo, Mr. RlrTee; song. R. Hunt,
To My Love," by Rome; encore, "The
Burnaby Lodge, Order of Sons of St.
George, gave an entertainment and danca
In Laurel Hall. Shlels building, on Sep
tember 13, which waa one of the most
successful affairs ever held in con
nection with this lodge. There waa
an excellent attendance. President H. W.
Gerrans. is to be congratulated upon the.
quality of the talent displayed in the pro
gramme, which was Interesting through
out and of a character to make one look
forward "with pleasure to attending many
more of such gatherings, which we are
pleased to say it Is the intention of the
lodge to continue monthly during the win
ter season.
Lodge are wonderful opportunities for
bringing out not only talent, known and
unexpected, but an amount oi brotherly
"good feeling among members and friends
that no other sort of meeting could de
velop. There is a certain -snap and go
and even sometimes a flavoring of real wit
and- Intellectuality which la not_so com
mon as it should be in our lodges. Trie
members of Pickwick are Justly proud of
the name that their lodge, especially aa
demonstrated at these meetings, has ac
quired for making an evening passed with
in its doors an evening well and enjoyably
On Friday, September 28, Pickwick
Lodge will give an entertainment and
dance In Union Square Hall for the ben
efit of the widow and orphans of their
late brother, William Thomas, killed in a
mine explosion. On this occasion the at
tendants will have not only Pickwick'a
ordinarily Interesting evening, but the ex
tra result of a special effort for a special
These monthly meetings I of Pickwick
After lunch the following programme was
carried out: Mr. Tate, song, "The Mar
seillaise," sung In French, encore, "Cheer
Up, Sam"; Fred Brown, song, "The Sol
diers of the King"; Mr. Williamson, song,
"The Little Hero"; Professor - Sawvell.
.song, "A Hundred Fathoms Deep," en- ,
core, "I Gather Them In"; H. "VV. Ger
rans, song, "Asleep in the Deep" (with
violin oDligato), encore, "The Admiral's
Broom"; Mr. Bentley, comic song, VTha
Old Dun Cow," encore, "I'm Lookln' at
'Yer"; Mr. Marchlngton. song, .'.'Rocked in
the Cradle of the Deep." . -
What Is Doing In The Fraternal World
Since the recent celebration of the anni
versary of the founding of the order of
Knights and Ladies of Honor Martha
Lodge of this city has received eleven ap
plications. Bay City three and Pacific two.
The other lodges have had . applications
also, but the number has not yet been re
Knights and Ladies o*f Honor.
J Sons of St. George.
The monthly cpen night of Pickwick
Lodge. Order Sons of St. George, took
place September 8 In the lodseroom. Red
Men's building. r The following Impromptu
programme filled a pleasant evening: Mr.
Gerrans, piano solo, "The Harmonious
Blacksmith"; J. B. Brown, song. "The
Holy City"; Mr, Hilton,- song, "Island of
Dreams, 1 ' encore, "Tell Me"; Mr. Carles,
song, "The Sor.g of the Lighthouse Bel' "
encore, "The Sentinel Asleep"; Mr. Btffc
ley, comic song, "The Whitewash Brusn,"
encore, "You've Got a Long Way to Go";
Mr. Schofleld, song, "The Empress of the
Wave"; Mr. Tavlor violin solo.
On President T. W. Butcher, the host
of -.the - evening, .announcing that supper
was waiting downstairs an - adjournment
.waa made to partake of an excellent and
substantial ; repast of bread and cheese
and ale, ham sandwiches and lemonade.
California Lodge of the United Moderns
at Its meeting on the 9th lnst Initiated
two candidate for Instruction in the mys
teries of the order. The officers were in
stalled for the current term the sams
night. This lodge is making arrange
ments for an entertainment and dance
during the month of October.
San Francisco Lodge also initiated two
strangers on the 12th inst. Last Friday
the lodge had its monthly social, which
was a very pleasing affair that was en-
Joyed by as many as could crowd Into tha
lodge's hall in the Shlels building.
United Moderns.
rangements Tor tn« grand ball that it 1«
to give In Union Square Hall on the night
of th» 18th lnstl This, the second social
event of this grove, promises to surpass
the first that was given and which proved
to be a delightful affair.
On the 21st lnst. Boadlcea Circle -will
nave a picnlo at Buena Vista Park In
t n G £ ie 3, G * te Circle will give a sodal
In Druids' Hall on the night of the 27th
The New Orleans Picayune of the 9th
met. devotes considerable space to Grand
Representative Edward H. Goetze, from
California, on the occasion of his visit
to that city after the session of the Su
preme Grove, and also has something to
say of Mrs. Goetze. The paper says:
¦n. Mr 5; Goetze Is a member of the Golden
Gate Circle, a ladies' branch of the or
der, and under the Jurisdiction of the
Grand Grove, or Supreme Lodge Mr
and Mrs. Goetze are delighted with New
Orleans. To-night Orient Lodge No 2
will have a meeting and reception to Mr
and Mrs.' Goetze at their lodseroom on
Commercial alley. Supreme Arch Panter
and all the officers of the Grand Grove
of the State of Louisiana and members
from other groves will be present and a
most cordial and warm welcome will be
accorded the visitors." .
Improved Order Bed Ken.
Roxas Tribe has selected ¦ an adoption
team which last week was drilled by
Great Chief of Records Bites.
Great Senior BagamV;re Jacob Samuels
has been, presented by Carquinez Tribe
of Crockett with a fine gold-headed cane
In * appreciation of services he rendered to
the tribe in the past.
Thirty members of Pocahontas Tribe
paid a visit last Sunday to Fischer's The
ater and during the evening sent a floral
horseshoe to Hal Forest, who Is a great
favorite of the tribe.
H. S. Winn, P. G. S., who Is now a resi
dent of St. Helena, has just recovered
from a severe attack of illness. He was
In . this city last week and called on the
great chief of records. ¦
The tribes of the south are arranging
for the adoDtlon of a class of 100 candi
dates for the tribes of: Los Angeles and
Pasadena. There will be present four
great chiefs and delegations from River-
Bide and San Bernardino. . * ; • .
California has been honored In having
one of Its representatives to the Great
Council of the United States chosen I as
one of i the chiefs of that body. Past
Great Sachem Joslah Sims was elected
great guard of the forest. The other
great chiefs are: E. D. Wiley, of Iowa,
great prophet; Thomas G. Harrison of
Indiana, great lncohonee; : Thomas H.
Watts of Alabama, great senior saga
more; John H. Cherry of Virginia, great
junior sagamore: Wilson Brook of Illi
nois, great chief of records, and William
¦ ; V V/rrv ¦• ~ - .*•
Proven of Massachusetts, great keeper of
wampum. , •
A new council of the Degree of Poca
hontas at San Jose was Instituted last
week with eighty-five " charter members.
The Instituting officers were: Mrs. Kate
Wilson, G. P.: Mrs. :E. J.-Brazlle, G.C.
O. R.; Mrs. Minnie Betts. G. W., and
Mrs. Annie M. Bliss, G. M. . The degree
work was by Alfarata Council of this
city.;. ¦ •-¦ - :. ¦ ¦ x i
Ancient Order of "Workmen.
Lodges No. 21 and 80 of had
a great day at the State Fair on the l*tb.
lnst. There was a parade,, an exhibition
drill by the Degree ; of Honor team of
Fresno ' and exhibition drills by several
teams of Workmen.
Valley Lodge Is making arrangements
for its :¦ grand social : to be given on the
first Wednesday: In October. This lodge
at Its meeting on the 10th inst. Initiated
four strangers and received twelve ap
Franklin Lodge '. on '• the 11th lnst. re
ceived two applications -and had the In
itiation of one candidate. « ¦
Klamath Lodge of Yreka at Its last
held meeting initiated a class of thirty
teven.and during the month of October
it will Initiate as - many more. • \ "
There will be . a district convention of
the representatives of the ' lodges of San
Mateo, Santa Clara' and' Santa Cruz coun-
ties at San Jose on the 24th lnst. it will
be a day and night -session, • at which
Grand Recorder Spencer wjll preside.
A special meeting of the committee that
has charge of arranging the celebration
of the thirty-fourth anniversary of the or
der was held on the 12th lnst. All the sub
committees were District
Deputy "Walter Wilkins • was appointed
floor manager, and he will select as his
assistants master workmen of the \ local
lodges. Peter Gillen was named u: tha
chairman of the reception committee.
Mrs. Dora Wilkins of Carnation Lodge,
Mrs. Sanborn of Forget-Me-Not Lodge,
and Mrs. W. , Malloy of Silver Spray
Lodge of the Degree of . Honor, were
named a* the committee on decoration.
The lodges of Alameda County . will join
with the San Francisco lodges In the cele
bration. Invitations to this affair will be
distributed on the 15th of October for ad
mission'to the Mechanics' Pavilion.
On ,the Sth. .lnst. ' .the grand master
workman attended an enthusiastic meet-
Ing of the Santa Cruz contingent, and the
work of - the evening was followed by a
banquet. . • - -".' ¦ ; . -,
The lodges of the Mission District have
arranged for a Joint entertainment and
dance in Mission Turn Vereln Hall on
the 4th of October. Grand Overseer Dun-
Ion will, for the first time since his elec
tion to that i office, address a i San Fran
cisco audience of , Workmen.
On the 23d lnst. Hercules Lodge of the
Workmen and v Carnation Lodge ' of the

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