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A suit for $50,000 damages for breach of
contract was filed yesterday by Frances
C. Sherman against Ethel I. Cator and
Edith V. Houghton. It is alleged by the
plaintiff that the defendants agreed^ to
6tart her in the business of manufactur
ing a preparation for the hair, and then
Lrcke faith with her.
Alleges Breach of Contract.
Tiehsen. ."La Fioraja"; Mczart. two arias
from "Marriage of , Figaro": ¦ fs) "Voi che 6a-
X*tV* (b) "Gulnsi.al a nil Momento"; Chopin.
*"L,ithuaniaa £ong"; KJeru'.f. "Synnove's
Song"; Grieg. "I Love Thee": C. Chaminade.
"Berceuse"; Thomas, "Je suis Titanla (M,lg-
Tion); Leo Stern. "Soupir" (Valse Lente); St.
Satns, aria, from "Samson et Delilah" (Mon
Coeur S'ouvre a ta Voix); Jules de Swert,
"Faust Fantasle," Arthur Weiss; Henschel.
"Spring"; E. Kevin. "The Wreck of tlie Hes
r^rus"; Eckert. "Swiss Echo Song?"; Corne
lius. "Ein Ton" <old tone); Jcnsea, "Am Ufer
des Manzanares"; "Wagner. "Elsa's Traum"
Although young in. her profession. Miss
Heath has made rapid strides In her art,
and the following programme shows her
versatility: r .- - - :
Miss Heath has been favorably heard
In many concerts and at the various club3
and churches in this city, everywhere
¦winning commendation for her ease of
manner and the artistic rendition of her
Miss Helen Colburn Heath will give a
cong recital on Friday evening, October
li, 1902, at Stelnway Hall, 223 Sutter
Etreet. Miss Heath is possessed of a fine
soprano voice and her ambition Is to
have it properly cultivated.
{Talented Soprano Will Be Heard in
Varied Programme of High-
Class Vocal Selections.
D. B. Beaven, a fish dealer on Six- I
t«-enth street, was arrested Friday by
Fish^ Commissioner - H. ',, Walters and
booked at the City Prison on a charge of
violating the fish law. He was accused'
of having striped bass in his possession
out of season. He pleaded guilty before
Judge Fritz yesterday and the Judge sen
tenced him to pay a fine of $25. -
Violated the Fish Law.
The regents appropriated - $5000 --for the
construction of a building adjoining the
library for the use of post graduates.
The most important action taken by the
regents yesterday was the separation of
the dairy school from the agricultural de
partment. President Wheeler, stated that
the State had provided ' J1O.0O0. for,' the
dairy department, ~ besides - $2900 for ,' the
construction of a barn and the, purchase
of a herd of cattle. He recommended the
establishment- of a department of horti
culture, separate from that of. agricul
ture. .- ¦ . y • i .¦,"'.
The regents of the University of Cali
fornia held a speelai meeting yesterday
morning in the Hopkins Art Institute to
transact necessary business before the de
parture of President .Wheeler for the
East. He will leave during- the early part
of this week for Washington on business
connected with the military and agricul
tural departments of the university. His
trip East will enable him to be present at
the installations of new presidents in
Kansas, Princeton and Northwestern uni
versities.. -. . . .-.-•'.
President Benjamin I. Wheeler Will
Leave for Washington on
The committee appointed last Sunday
to arrange for a matinee performance. at
the Orpheum has almost -completed its
work. The entertainment will be given
on the afternoon of Friday, . October 24.
y\n excellent... programme . is being pre
pared ' for the occasion."- It i3 the desire
of the committee; to "provide attractions
different ' f roni any" that ' are 'seen "at', the
theaters. r In this it has : been '.very .suc
cessful, i Collamarlni and .'several .other
popular performers of the Tivoll will sing.
One of the features will be" two scenes
from the "Lady of .Lyons," .Dresentedby
Judge Murasky and a leading lady who
is now playing at one of the theaters.
The entertainment will -be commenced - by
an overture from the League of .the Cross
band and the cadets hope to be able to
induce Mayor Schmitz.to lead their mu
sicians on "that occasion. " George ' Lask,
of Fischer'* Theater, ,. will act x as - stage
manager. The personnel of the commit
tee in charge . of " the arrangements con
sists of William P. Humphreys, Colonel
J. E. Power, J. B. Queen, Frank T.
Shea. Dr. S. J. Cunningham, William R.
Christy, Mrs George' Knox. .Mrs.. A. P.
O'Brien, Mrs. .F. Panter and Mrs. J. c.
Flood. .. ... .
Colonel and Mrs. James E. Power will
THE League of the Cross Carnival
committee will meet again 'to
night in Loyola Hall at the cor
ner of Tenth and Market streets
to make further arrangements for
the great. Poster Carnival to-be given
by" the • league' during- the month" of -No
vember. ' Among the cadets ' and ' their
many friends in all parts of the city the
greatest enthusiasm is being displayed
over the arrangements. The object • of
the carnival, which • is to raise funds for
the construction of a League of the Cross
hall. Is one that appeals to every Cath
olic, old as well as young.-
'X Strossmayer / Council 1. No^ 5v 460, f .Toung
Men's I Institute, -will i give : an . anniversary
ball " in Native -Sons' s Hall on the evening
of ; the; 23d r inst. ........ _^ . .*
Strossmay er - Council.
Overture, . orchestra; tenor solo, • '"The
Thorn.V K. Hunt; belectlon,- McLean family:
duet. "Love and War," A. G. Davies and Hugh
Williamson; selections.' humorous. - R;-- Leach;
soprano solo, "Madrigal," Miss Helene Nellsen:
recitation, "The, Newsboy's Debt,". Mrs.; Carl
Saw veil; barytone solo, VThe Deathless Army,'.'
H. Williamson ; bass solo.' /'Deep in the Mine,"
H. - W. ? Gerrans ; ; guitar - solo,*. Professor O. C.
Santlsteban, ¦ Professor H. . J.' . IJallowell' accom
panist. •-•.... ¦ ¦¦ ¦- ,.« - :.\: ¦ ., ¦ ;-. .- ¦•¦
The entertainment.' and .dance given; a
few evenings ago by . Pickwick. Lodge of
the Order of St. George j in Union Square
Hall; for the benefit of the widow and
orphans of William Thomas, who was ah;
earnest; conscientious; member of the
: lodge, 'was n-'financfal success 'arid will
result in a neat sum for those In. whoso
•behalf ;it : was got [tipi ' The following pro
gramme : , was . given : . • ; ' : '
Helps ,Widow: and .Orphans.
The .ladles of St. Joseph's booth-^111 en
tertain on Wednesday '"evening; which will
also be" Hibernian night.' The. candy and
SI. Isabel's.' booths.- .will "have charge of
the entertainment; on Thursday evening.
On Friday night- the parish sodalities will
entertain and the r, ladies of ¦; California
booth promise an evening of . exceptional
enjoyment for' Saturday ' night. '. Delega
tions; are,, expected - each eveningr •¦• from
Menlo Park/ j Palo Alto, Mayfleld, San
Jose 'and Santa '. Clara. ..
' The reception committee, which- will
look after the pleasure of ail guests, con
sists of M. Farrell, B. Farrell, J. Logue,
AV, Miller; J. Enright, J. Blackwell, . J.
Farrell and'J.Mehdoca.; ;\ -¦ ¦¦- r- -¦:" '.
The' energetic "general . committee Is ac
complishing good results ..and the pros
pects are that a" great success will crQwn
its efforts ¦ and that the . first parish fair
-of Mountain View will prove an historic
one. The bfiic.ers,of , the; committee are:
Mrs. M. Farrell, president; Miss Anne
Kathryn - Wright, : secretary, . aoV. • Rbv.
John J. Cullen, treasurer. • . . „;„
The various oommittees in charge of thi>
details, are .working unceasingly, that the
undertaking % may,v prove a magnificent
success.". Each, evening, a varied and: en
tertaining programme will be presented
under- the •; direction of- Professor- Dorn
berger, .assisted by; the local band. Wil
liam. , P. ., Wright will be the master of cer
emonies. . , v. . > . ? .' .' . ."
. MOUNTAIN .. VIEW, Oct. 11.— Next
Wednesday evening the first fair; of St.
Joseph's; parish^wlll : be. formally opened
In Olympic .Hall by /Superior Judge .Frank
J. Murasky of ' San H Francisco. This par.
ieh is now in charge of Rev.,John>J. Cul
len, formerly, of . San' Francisco.. - . ..*, ; :
ing Unceasingly to Make It -
. ¦¦¦..¦.*' *...¦' a Success. . . : {.'
Father . Culien'a Congregation Work-
"Rev. Father Phillp'O'Ryan and Martin
J. Fleming "are i devoting '¦ most of their
time • to • preparing for- the carnival. : In
their hands are the innumerable details
whlch'could not be attended to by the
committee. -;Father O'Ryan is. the spirit
ual ' adviser of {the League of the' Cross
and' has "done more than any other 'one
man. to' ; bring that organization 1 up to
its present "position: Under his .careful
guidance, the League of the Cross has^
become extremely i popular among .the'
Catholic people 1 and a' credit to' the' city.
give an evening "at home" Tuesday 'even
ing at .- the armory of Company L,
corner ;¦ of . Seventeenth, and- Howard
streets, for the , benefit^ of the carnival
fund. r Colonel "-and-- Mrs. 'Power-, have
proved themselves ; excellent 1 entertainers
and an enjoyable 'evening is in store for
all who attend/ -This will be the '• first of
a-long : series- of entertainments -to' be
given by the" officers' and companies -Of
the'league In ald-of the fund. In the
meantime the "friends "of < the" boys ' will
not be idle. Miss Mary Gibbon has an
nounced: that 'on the evening of October
30 she will give a kettledrum at her home,
2112 California street. . ;
or' any one who knows anything about
the conduct of affairs In .the home, speak
an ill word of him. • I should like to see
him 'retained,, and in saying this I be
lieve I voice the sentiments of every one
who knows anything about the institu
tion." ;; "t;:- "<- :^ •' ...•'.t. '..--.. ¦ ¦ ... .,/.: i
consist of "The War of the Roses," an
allegory, by members of the chapter, with
the folio wine cast:.
Gcntllla. the wanderer, Mae CKeefe; Camel
lia, the queen of flowers, Olive "Wood: Kuba.
the red rose (love). Charlotte Morris; Kglante
rla.the yellow ros« (jealousy), FannJo Frank'-
Hn; viola, the violet . (modesty). . Metta Wolp
nn: v L!1U ; the llly <P ur *ty). Leatitia Bladei
Columbine (foUy). Olivia Pollock;- JUnerylis
(pride), Annie Ella Shier; Popivla, the poppy
(sleep). Jennie Cavanajh.
There wil! also be a chorus by mem
bers of the order and a tableau. The en
tertainment will be under the manage
ment of Past af&tron N. Annette Wood.
At the end of the allegory there will be
Wants •Roommate Arrested.
., : Charles .Valgren, 129 Fourth street, se
cured a warrant from Judge Cabaniss
jTesterday for the arrest of Edward Cross
on a charge of grand larceny. Valgren
said that he and Cross shared. the same
room- and "Cross told him Friday that he
intended to leave. During Valgren' s ab
sence, Cross left taking: with him, so Val
gren alleges, a suit of: clothes, a number
of; shirts, -pair of- patent leather shoes, a
camera and .mackintosh, all of the value
of 1100, belonging to Valgren. Cross left
his old Clothes behind.
/ Music at the Park.
The following programme will be ren
dered by the band at the park to-day:
March. -"Chinese Honeymoon" (Talbott-
Concert overture in F" (Kalllwoda): wa^tz*
"Wiener Berger" (Ziehrer): trombone solo (sel
lected), S. Greene; grand aerectlon, "The Meis
tersinger" (Wagner); "Triumphal March"'
(Tftecdore Vogt). dedicated ,to -Paul StelTidorff
aelection. "King Dodo" (Lueders); (a) Caorlce
"Testerthoughta" (Herbert), (b) Morceau'
"Punchinello" (Herbert); concert wawka*
•^rol^^r^ < G^«>= *-«&
Eastern Star in Allegory.
King. Solomon Chapter No. 170 of ..the
Order of the Eastern Star has arranged
to give an entejrtainnrent in Golden Gate
Hall on the night of the 22d inst. It will
. "I've got. ho^ feeling in- this matter^orie ¦
way' or- another," 'said 'Ross,*; "but L it .'cer- ¦
talnly seems to; me . that ' Lawlor, ; has been
mistreated. : I don't kn"owelther ( Pr. Law
lorr or Colonel Harrington, and am 'there
fore"' qualified v to, speak from an ; Impartial .
viewpoint; ,but It certainly,'seenas-to ; me
that --Harrington • has i been jj the } aggressor
in this affair, and bad I been in : Lawlor's
placeM;;don't .belleve".*I, would ;have per
niitted -myself ; ;'toi J belbrowbeaten. -From
all '.I 1 can- hear, 1 Lawlor .is a* capable'r hon
est;* energetic and well ' liked : supefln tend- j
ent and I, have never. heard an; attendant I
Alexander Ross, ¦ proprietor of. the. Hotel
Mer vyn at Glen Ellen, was discussing, the
.Lawlor case; to-day .with aiparty^ of
zens who" came in for '-their midday meal.
¦ Feeling was . running high to-night and
the -little. knots of. persons I who.-congre
gated in and about ,the . grpunds ri talking
in >an- undertone, were,. stern jnithelri de
termination to help' Dr.' Lawlpr vindicate
himself, -even though' it were" necessary
to .take .resort: to other* than diplomatic
measures. . ThG., surrounding ; cbuhtry v . Is
worked s up'.',ver the * forthcoming Invests
gation'ahd it' {s doubtful if, the big room
of , the 'manor-houses will , be.i adequate .to
accommodate';the ! . spectators -oh Tuesday.
The probable outcome of "the investiga
ticn,,the question of whether or not"Law
lor. is', to remain' and, of ; the. .likelihood ;of
a -duel between-: Harrington and the su
perintendent are questions"".: which;- one
i may hear | thrashed . over ' along , the .'.road
way;, in ; the ' local .trains and : at j the coun
. try bars and ' genei al ' stores.' ,^ , • °- 1 >
GLEN sELLEN, Oct. .11.— Colonel '.John
T. Harrington, one "of- the trustees of' the
Glen- Ellen Home 'for Feeble-Minded,, and
Dri William M. Lawlor, superintendent
of that institution, -Indulged in a -war of
words ytsterday afternoon," which for a
time assumed serious-.- proportions and
threatened arepctltion of the! disgraceful
episode which .... occurred., in the. Grand
HotelsOnae weeks ago, when, the Colonel
drew his' revolver 1 on thesuperlntendantJ
Somehow -the Incident, escaped general;
attention) and itr was- not until to-day
that the facts came to llght.v ; ; ' ''¦''[
Colonel Harrington, who went to the
home with- Rev. A.C/ Bane in thie hope
of installing- Dr.'. Dawson in Lawlor's
place," was pacing: nervously up and down
the. asphalt walk- In front 'of the 1 main en
trance when Dr.' Dawson, who was sit
ting, with! Dr. Lawlor at the. head of c the
stone steps, Inquired when the board was'
likely to meet. ¦: . • .' " i
"I don't know," replied Harrington, an
grily. "Ask- Lawlor— he seerns . to know
more- than any one else what is % going on
around here. I'm here ready- to meet with
the other members of the. board, but I
suppose there is nothing for me to do but
gambol on the green:". ¦ - . • : ; %¦ ,
"Look here. J Colonel Harrington,: said.
Dr. Lawlor, sharply, "I. am sick and tired:
of having you, misrepresent me, '.and.;!
want you to stop It, sir." ,' ." . :¦¦¦¦¦¦-.¦:
"I. am responsible for what Ir say,
snapped Harrington, halting, .then -ad
vancing up the steps menacingly. "If you
want-any differences settled with me
come down here on 1 this grass plat and:
I'll have it "out with you. I'll fight; you
any way you name." , ., . .. . A - ; : ¦ '
"Oh, there is no .-- occasion.- -for such
talk," replied Lawlor, calming' himself.
In the "meantime* a- crowd of curious
folk.— Inmates, attendants arid iyisitors —
hearing the : sharp - words had./ congre
gated. Thomas Stackpole, former, com
missary 'of ' the "institution, walked close
behind Harrington to- seevwhether he had.'
his • revolver at his hip. . Stackpole said
subsequently that -he. .had it there .ail,
ri^ht but he .was- prepared , to. wrest It.
from him had. Harrington made a move
as though. to. use it.
It looked for the moment as though the
Incident were closed, & but; Harrington's
wrath • broke ¦ Qutj ane.w.St : :- . ' .
•According;to eyewitnesses he, said some
things that would fairly jburn asbestos, j
"I am your superior officer, sir, and I
do not propose' that you shall talk back
to me. "'Now;"'and'he moved ..a .few steps
further- toward the superintendent, "if
you want anything from me_ we will re-,
tire to the hills, where, we can have . it
out quietly, ( ril;g1ye^you^hatklnd of
a game you want." ' „ . •„ '
- Lawlor, although •• a- ..powerfully, .built
man, and/ as the pugilists say, "looks like
he mlghfgo soine." took Colonel-Harring
ton's den" in dignified silence, preferring,
as he said. later, "to -stand hia brutal -in-;
suits . rather, than to .bo a party to a dis
graceful scenel" With this the affair end
ed, Colonel Harrington; wandering off to
ward'the-'manor, house,' muttering .some
thing under: his breath. Itwas^plainthat
he was thoroughly aroused and. those who
witnessed; the affair were glad it came to
a" "bloodless :cllma,x. . • . • -v
¦ The . end \ of, the .wrangle betwten . Har,
rjngton^an'd • Lawlor, in' .which the former
has repeatedly 'displayed his hostility al
most to a point "where violence was nar
rowly a'veHed,' is not in . s'ght. ' 'lndf;ed,
the ¦ friends of . the". latter . decl.ire V that
should DtC Lawlor. be rellevt'l ! of his T f st
he, will" forthwith iind ih* irate trustee
and, on the sspbt, admin) stv>r \ '¦ a.' ¦¦'¦ pound
tlirirhing, even I though it ;be nebesjsar'y " ; to
call to his side his two swarthy sons. -The
.feeling between-the. two mimes' excep
tionally bitter. .It^is'feai-^a .that .the- in-
I yestigatloh 4jf.:LawJor,v Arhiib -.wili. bejjin
I on Tuesday, w'll not be^condUil^ISavlUt
1 out a personal -encounter -betweon them.
Lawlor is disposed • to -. ovt-riook, JColoneL
Harrirgtdn's past attempts * at "'.violence'
until- the investigation' is ended, but o'ne
thing is certain: the superintendent is in
no- mood to-be; trampled under a- heavy
•heel..'; "• -:- : ... .:. '.•- i c'r. ¦: *:'i .-,..".¦.':¦¦
The^ affair, created considerable .gossip
about .the institution to-day.. attend
ants.who' were.present at the time we're"
quick . to * cpmm'Urilcate ' the happening .to
others 'and , beforeV nightfall ; every.' one
connected 'with the* institution, including
some, of the knew about'it'. One'
bright j crimson-cheeked 'young '¦ woman,
who has ."charge/ of "the i upper floors, "said
Vh'e " would tell Colonel /Harrington j some
plain -truths*"; when she was' placed on* the
stand next w'eeK" to'testlf y'about thecon
duct "Of ' tfie 'institutiOri* uncfer-Df; Lawlor. '
.. '"I.fWho." have' tbeen- one j of thpse-whom
Harrington.- by^ hip misrepresentation of
things at the. home, has . made . to puffer,
would he Justified in resorting to. extreme
m easuf.es , i n c order ,' to \{e ven ; up
with him— and I am % not . so,, sure , that -I
will.not,V< said this ; whiteraproped mi?s. .
Special Dispatch to The Call. '
Trustee Invites . , Superintendent : to
Visit Some Picturesque Hillside
and Fight for! Money, or ,
. - " ; Marbles. - ; 1 ¦
Exciting Five : Minutes at
... Glen Ellen , Home for
Feeble-Minded. rr
Bellicose .Colonel p Chal
'-¦•'!; leiiges Dr. vliawlor r
> to Combat; >;
Performance to Be Given at the Orpheiim' in Aid of the
Building Fund Will Be; Enlivened With M^
Specialties-The Committee Is^ to Meet -This Evening
. __ * - . . . - . . . . t
> THE ; : ra^NGISC^. (^ .-,...'./._¦,.„, , : ..........
¦ : '.<:* :vifii\wv iiRiWF'?
inicatcYcur Kidneys Are Diseased.; Test Yovr Urine and Find Out. Thousands
, . 0? Men and Wcmsn Have Kidney and Bladder Disease, and
: '.'¦ ¦ Do. Not KnW It Until It Is Too Lale.
" : If you have pains' In your back, if your urine la discolored or you have pain
While passing it, TEST YOUR KIDNEYS. Put some morning urine in a glass or
bottle, let- it. stand for twenty •'four hours. If then it is cloudy, or contains a red- :
dish brickdust sediment, or if particles or germs float about in It. your kidneys
are diseased. If, after you have made this test, you have any doubt in your mind
as'-ta the development of the disease In your system, send us a sample of your >
urfnerand our doctors will, analyze it and send you a report with advice free.
¦Mr. W. C. Brent of 1724 W. Franklin . "\^«*«s»»*^
street, Baltimore. Md., who has a serious «2$^rS^^v
case of lddney and bladder trouble/says: M ' * «»».
"I- was. almost prostrated with excruciat- V 1^?«
.ingr.. pains- in: my back.. I had inflamma- ¦», _ * jra> »
tionof the bladder and urinary organs; . 1*^4 V^S
nothing seemed to give me relief until /f^v'^^^ 1— *^M
I used Warner's Safe- Cure. --'I sent for ar • WiJE/r. '2H '
. free trial .bottle. It did me so much good ' Kv. m" . Pi
I bought . a. large . bottle. :, When I had V*fJ*« 1/
"taken it every one" noticed: the "difference i • ™I«»I8^ ¥
In. my appearance and I felt like a new w*«r^ At\
. man. . Safe • Cure cured my bladder and • yl\.
urinary troubles and hea-led my kidneys, » . Jfr&kvz*^/ #V
the source 'of the trouble. . I. cannot say vffija \j[ /
too. much in praise of Warner's Safe Cure, #%%l%2y>^
which Is a blessing to those afflicted with '
unhealthy kidneys and bladder." - y«^^*^^f^ft§^"^^«/^^^g >
"Unhealthy kidneys, if neglected, cause ff/ffiffi'A7%2j£&r ' ¦^=?^Z<J&Z :: Z
inflammation of the bladder and urinary W/ffl/fJffl^W? J
organs, diabetes. Brighfs disease, rheu- // M^S^lS^^^^^^'
matism. rheumatic gout, torpid liver, ec- ''MM^^^^^WK^Y
zema. -jaundice,- uric acid .poison, galU" , w Vu^m^%!^ /y<//i ' • [.
stones, and will soon affect "the eotire . u^w-r-mrvr - -'
system and prove fatal. _ r:»v_ MR. "W. C. BRENT.
, WABNER'S SAFE. CUBE is prescribed and used by doctors as the only-
absolute cure for all these diseases of the kidneys, liver, bladder and blood. It
will cure any, case, it matters not how serious. If taken in time. It has cured
thousands of cases. ' -¦ .; . '
WARNEB'S SAFE PILLS move the bowels gently and aid a speedy cure.
, :..t:Wne"n all other medicines failed, the free trial has been known to cure many,
cases when the'; test" was made in the early stages of the disease. Warner's Safe •
.Cure /is purely vegetable;- it- contains no narcotic or harmful drug found in many '
. so-called cures. It is free from sediment and pleasant to take (Beware of so-
called .kidney -cures full of sediment and of bad odor; they are positively harm-
ful and do not cure.) You can buy Warner's Safe Cure at your druggists' or dl- '
rect Two'sizes. 50c and $1.00 a bottle.
good as Warner's. Insist on the genuine, which always cures. Substitutes con-
tain harmful drugs which injure the system. ' ,."<-. - -?- .
To convince every sufferer, from diseases of the kidneys, liver, bladder and r
blood that Warner's Safe Cure will cure them, a trial bottle will be sent abso-
lutely free, postpaid. Also a valuable medical booklet which tells all about the-
diseases of the kidneys, liver* and bladder, with a prescription for each disease
and many of the thousands of testimonials received daily from grateful patients-
who. have been cured by. Warner's. Safe Cure. Alt you have to do is to write "War-
ner's Safe Cure Company, Rochester. N. Y., and mention having read this liberal
offer in this paper. The genuineness of this offer Is fully guaranteed by the nub- •
Usher. i • • ....... "...
M: • rnce ou ttmg. m
' :.Mj : /Everything spld'in this store is sold at v|fe
mk .^o^ you make means %nJL
¦m. i a saving of from 10 per cent to 40 per cent. fflfi
¦¦¦|w.'.-.. ¦¦ . : ; Some people; would have you believe Wi
• ffl because Ve cut prices, we sacrifice the quality .i jffl *
.jw : of the imedicihes/; drugs; we selL> jm
f| ' : . Q 11 ! 1 P ; ric e s help us make big sales— big if
«[¦;¦ V sales ; mean big , purchases^-rand big pur- km
P chases \^inean fresh goods i and allow us to |j
. j ™ .
j|;i v : ... jff e never; could have built up this . l i
i^|^^g^d^ug|jfosiness^if we did not give our S
l^f^uiJomers^m^ery, best drugs, medicines, ;. j
#- 'ieE-^e;gu^ '
rs'y i Allcotfk's Porous'jPlasters......ilOo Lablache Face Powder. 1 ....... 360 '* 'I ill
«Cl/i • :Ayer'V Hair ivrgot... •'#......... !.«&«s : Lyoo"s. -Tooth" Powder,.... :j.v.1Sc " «C W
liih' ? Axer's SarsdparlUa.,;? .'..\7Sc J "Malted M1IV. $1 size...., , 734s fi'l
T\!i •. > Apenta Water".. ...V.V.. ...".. ..2<K» ; Blalted Milk, hospital size.... «3.Oi> ' • Mf
A' M -•¦ ;" I^aJ c a t ' ve Bromo Quinine.. HKs Maltine. all kinds T.7S«- 'il)
/AV,7 ' Buecham's PilU ..'.... ........*.. ISo Munyon's Homeopathic Goods.. 15c rtt
Til/. . Uromo Stltzer.'lOo size.. .2 for 15c Mellln's Food. larjrs.......;..v.05c h r
¦JM;' , .rarlsbad SDrudel^Salt*,., ...-.I.. 75c • Mennen'a Talctita"Pci*der. .'.".. J.iSo EJi)
f\A. barter's Pins"..;"...'.. ...".2 torJiSc . 'Perun*t.v.- V..... -.,,.-.. -...«<)« j^U
iiU, '-oke Dandruff Cure".. V.Vf. ?...:. 6ftc »j Plnkham'iVesetable Compound «3c 'I 7
Irki ¦ Cascarets, small .........2 for 15c Plnkham'a Blood Purifier...... «5c if
W&T -'¦' .......: .33c Plnkham'a Liver Pills 15c HiJl
¦ ar*V Haider's Tooth Powder 15c Pierce's Favorite Prescription.. .O3c 'Iff.
jfflWi'.X . Cuticura Soao ............. ....13c Plerce's Medical Discovery ?IT.o 'nil
¦ ffi.A\^ • Duffy's Mc.lt "Whiskey .'.73« Pond's Extract. . small ........... 35c uv^i
-¦' WniV . rlostetter's Btttera Z. . ....... ...75c Pink Pills ...... ,. : .;;v.-^ ,,35c will
•!, «wH ' -Herplclde .......... ...,;...'i.J. 75c -Palne's Celery Compound.. ...YaUjc ma
YKn. Hod's Malt ................. . ..il 3c Pabst's Best Tonic. ..........i.uoo ST
"wlw 1 Hood's Sarsaoarllla .'.' ;7Sc Packer's Tar Soap Il3c nt)
' * BaiV\ * Hunyadl Water .; ~.l&Ho Pear's Soao .........;. lOo IWJ
— 'HwT* - ijisierVner- large- ;i. '..»... B3c S.:8. S>. ......... „«.*„.. ........ <K>c ' i/w
*\^\ I/ellow'a Syrup, ?I50 size U5c Swamp-Root ........O3c ;££/
¦ '"' '¦ Et\v* ' ' ' ' Scot 1 ' 8 • Emulsion- V... ."• ................. A35o • tffijf
; : w»\ ' - Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets. .............. .^.">c -Ifllr
'. 'ii-vVjffl' " ¦ ' Sheffield's : Dentifrice .............15c jlffi
ttv* ' ¦" ' .- • ' : .' Wilson Rye Whisky .'...;. -. .-". ...*...-. . .-. . . .l)3c j/jM
\ '. ': Telephone orders delivered night or i^^r^
>^0 . day— South 356. $s.oo mail orders sent /&&
" f ree to railroad points within 100 miles. 'i&f&*
. M • giA ft If £ 3 ¦ 'if
Ggmfc tl2S MarVtl Strttt. San rTancisco-' IjInw
Boys 9 Sailor-Norfolk Suits
For years the sailor has been quite a favorite as a suit for
iw^^^^% little chaps from three to ten years old. .
W^^ *^> ast year anc^ S season e norfolk has been very popu-
t§f ¦ Mf l ar « It was a change from the usual two-piece suit. '
'^B^ 1^ Now comes the sailor-norfolk— the suit here pictured. It
J^^^^^. has the collar and shield of the sailor and tht%okes, plaits and
A^W^^^^?^ belt °^ the nor^lk. The sailor teatures
M^^^mvO^^ r^^*^ make itxStylish and the " orfolk ideas make
fesSS^^^^^^ seven, the materials are bright effects.^uch
B X $M^^^^^^^F - S d 6 ' Venetian b]ue ' red v brown
®i81M al T Bjdf es are durable serges> chevi9ts
Our prices for sailor-norfolks range from ' ~ J ' ''¦¦'¦ -
'^^S^^^^f But at these prices you are saving fully a third, as
y° u fcu y direct from tne mal<ers - Our su its are made in our
S^^^^^^ Boys' goif caps, 25c. , Boys*,SweatePs:
" Boys' felt sailor hats in rt\ blue, ' r J» r ° v p aI . blu « a , n ? ' red ' . bla , ck , ™ d
trown, white and lighf blue, $1.50. 7?>v * whilte,
l?^^^^^^ Bo V s ' clot h sailor hats in oxford, In cardinal, royal and navy, red and
E$i!§5iSf£$lra $1.75. . royal, garnet and white, 91.OO.
Wefamr H^Ssaf „ In. royal and white, red and white
Immgi YStjag&B Boys' cloth sailor hats in red, blue and J?1.5O. ;¦;'' ¦'
ffim&W &$$&& white, $2.00. In royal and white, cardinal and green,
fcjj^j^l feSli^ ' royal and red, scarlet and white, $-.OO.'
'B^^l If out of town write for our illustrated Children's SweatePSS
'hIB'S^B catalogue, "Attire for Man or Boy." in red and white, royal and white : o0c.
WSZST \Ve fill mail orders for men's and boys j n cardinal and green, white and ; pink
tf&Fi f§nj9 clothing, furnishings or hats. , -- Jjd.OO. ¦¦' • V '
"The Credit: House"' J
A Pleasing Change, I
Imported. ||
Linoleum Patterned Like A Carpet |
Flowers and foliage in harmonious shades and col- I
ors instead of the harsh, exact patterns and staring ,1
colors to be found in ordinary linoleum; I
For bn^ week we'll make the price as attractive B
as the pattern to get you acquainted with it ~ i
60c. to 70c. grades, per yard at 4Qc. 1
80c. to 90c. grades, per yard at 50c §
Above prices do not include laying i
Bigelow Company's Axminster Carpets I
At almost the Price of Tapestry 1
11 you have a dimly lighted room you'll^find light and bright- Eg
ness in these patterns for it; if you have a strong light that |j
needs subduing there's tans, browns and greens in variety. H
With so wide a range of choice you could 'nt fail to find a H
color and pattern for any furnishings in this high pile carpet B
act $1.10 a ya.rd, 1
Sewed, Lined a.nd Laid. 1
"H6e Credit House" I
233 235 237 Post Street. |
¦j ' — ¦¦¦ — ~ ~ -^

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