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DELHI. India. Jan. 6.— The Etate ball
to-night in the palace of the Grand Mogul
proved to ba one of the most attractive
features of the Durbar festivities. The
European dance among the colui^is and
pillars of the palace was a strange arid
wonderful sight. When a. fanfare of sil
\er liurapeis at 10 o'clock announced the
arrival of the Viceroy, Lord Curzon of
Keddleston, the scene was a brilliant one.
l^ady Curzon was gowned In gold brocade
J «nci more a magnificent tiara and neck
lace of diamonds, with four rubles that
had belonged to Klng'Theebaw. Some
SOT guests were present, among them the
Duke of Connaught, Ixird Kitchener and
iill th<- prominent personages in India and
t!;< Duche.-s ».f Marlborough and numer
ous oilier Americans. •
I^ird and Lady Curzon and the Duke
¦ aid Duchc«p of Connaught. on the rr^al
• .:.!!•. received stores of native ' princes
Whose costumes were Oazzling creations.
Feature of .the Durbar Supplies a
Brilliant and Wonderful
Board of Resents r.r the University of Call-
Charts S a uh Of , A - S o «»«»«•• riecea^d
Charles S. Wheeler. San Francisco member
board of regents of the University of Callfor
nia. in plac* of Albert Miller, deceased
v . " eIr "an. San Kranel»co. memhv
£?» !„ n, reK<?nts of th< " University of CaU'oT:
of trustee, of the \Vhmw SuM h m T b "
rlao of himself.- lorm >"pl"d ' • h °° 1 - ln
«££££;?£& V^~a A r ;r lM County - br1 **-
ber" boa r d < -of lnl r ? s i.M ! r oF'X y ' ™ m ~
Those who took part in the entertain
ment were G. W. and D. P. Callagnmi
Miss. Alice Hawkes and Miss Mary Ha
san. Clara Bell Brown read a poem
written by her specially tor the occasion.
The ceremony of. Installing officers" o{
James A. Garfield Post No. 24. Depart
ment of California and Nevada. G. A. 11.,
took place last* night at the headquarters.
Alcazar building. There was a large at
tendance and after the Installation a con
cert was given much to the enjoyment of
the members of the post and the numer
ous ladies who came to aid the proceed
ings with their enthusiasm. After the in
troduction of colors the following were
Installed by General Edward S. Salomon-
Commander. Frank Elliot Myera; senior
vice commander. John T. Greenwood; ju
nior vice commander. William Irelan:'sur
ceon. Peter Johansen; chaplain, j ||
Hilton; officer of the day. AVallace M
Park; adjutant. Jacob Wollner; quarter
master. A. E. Cohn; officer of the guard
John Shay: quartermaster. Sergeant Soi
Cahen. -. v
After Ceremony* Musical Entertain
ment Is Given and Specially
Written Poem Is Head.
MENTO, Jan. 6— Governor Gage an
nounced this evening: that he would not
appoint • any ort« to nil the vacancy
caused by the elevation of Judge Wj C.
Lorlsan of. Santa Clara to the Supreme
Bench. . He stated he would leave the
vacancy for his successor. Dr. Paxdee to
Xiorigran's Place Still Vacant.
Tho display to-morrow will be a brave
and brilliant one. Major General Stone,
chief of Governor. Gage's staff, has charge
of tlie arrangements. Colonel If. I.' Sey
mour of Sacramento will have charge of
the troops from this city and vicinity.
San Francisco National Guardsmen
MEKTO. Jan. €.— Troops from San Fran
t-.isco arrivod here to-night. They canio
by-vpectal train and are now encamped
at the armory. In a special car were
Major Genorals Dickinson and Muller and
staff?, members of the Governor's staff
and other officers of the National Guard
Invited to participate in the inaugural
ceremonies. Troop A. cavalry, and mem
lirrs of the sipnal corps were on the
train. Special care were provided for the
Arrive for the Ceremonies.
55; clerk sergeant at arms. George Sharp, $5;
assistant minute clerks. W; D. Reynolds. Clarn
Howard. $0; Journel clerk, rt. I. Dempsey, $0;
clerk of Committee on Judiciary, E. J. Dwyer,
$ti; aseistant Journal clerk, George MeWilllams.
$5; engrossing clerk and enrolling clerk. Jesse
A. Galland, $ti; assistant engrossing and en
rolling clerk*. S. P. Moorhead. W. F Esch
bacher, $5; blll^Hers?, M. D. Hopkins. J. F
Silver, J. T. Lynch, Charles Kelly, $4; poHt
mlstresfi. Ida Thomas. *1; assistant-postmis
trers, Alice Barns, $4; mail carrier, Willie
WriKht/ $3; pages, GeorRe Berry, -Kd Roeder.
Wesley Smith, Pierce Cromwell; J. Whelan
Lewi? Knight, $2 60; gatekeepers, Henry Wes-
Ber, E, O. Kincaid. J. H. Blodeett, |3; door
keeper, E. C. Hinkle, $3; gallery door
keeper, W. L. Phillips, " $3; messen
ger ¦ to printer, J. K. Vail,- $:»;
history clerk, Bert Swan, $6; bill clerk, S. G
Tyler, $*; assistant bill clerks, J. F. R. Arel
lanes. W. A. Smith. W. R. Johnson. Steven
Walsh, $4; committee clerks. . John Milllken,
K. U. Banks. C. H. Campbell. Jliss lma Mc-
Carthy. ¦ W. M. Scott, W. H. Wright F P
Mouser, -Fred Schneider, R. 'B.9Qoodnell, H.
H. Rose, F. P.. Barnes. J/. E. McMartln C.
H. McKenny, M. La Baree. Paul . Mosher V C.
W. Bates, L#. J. Stellman, L. Devine. r't
Wallcott. Mabel E. 'Waste. W. R. Leeds"'
Charles A. Whitmore. W. A. Brown, Lottie 1>"
Burgess, J. W. Crosland, Frank Storer, Fred
Moesch. W. H. Peyburn, Miss Jessie Balstoes,
Mrs. Francis S. Jordan. $4; stenographers, Ar
thur Helfrelch. M. A. Stanton. D. R. Frazer
Alice M. Birdsell. E. Washburn. $5; porter
Wet-ley Carroll, Thomas Castro. J. W. Butler"
George II. Poole, H. . H. Squire.- $:i; \vatrh<
men.-.JV- E. Daley,. James Cooney. E. ;C. Cot
ter. $:t; sergeant at arms to Judiciary Com
mittee, Frank Sweeney. $.1: xorgeant at arms
to 'Ways and Means Committee. G. A. But-
If by any means that rollcall
should be reduced in time there
are four resolutions now repos
ing in the inner pocket of Sena
tor Leavitt's coat that will dis
tribute the patronage of the Sen
ate and these will be introduced
one after another. The rollcall
upon each is estimated to last
twenty minutes. It will therefore
Now. Dr. George C. Pardee
will be inaugurated Governor to
morrow at i o'clock, which is
twenty minutes after the meeting
of the Senate as fixed by Senator
Leavitt and adopted by the body
of which, he is a member. It
takes twenty minutes to simply
call the roll of the Senate alone,
and by the time the. upper house
of the Legislature has answered
to their several and separate
names as simply being present it
will be necessary to adjourn and
attend the ceremonies that will
mark the induction of the new
Governor into office.
the Senate adopted Leavitt's
time as theirs.
Dr. Pardee will also be able to take con
troj of nearly every State commission, in
cluding the Home for the Feeble-minded
at Glen Ellen, the Deaf and Dumb
and Blind Asylum at Berkeley,
several of the State hospitals-, or
insajia asviuma ¦ and ' the Yosemlte
As several of the Senators to whom this
intimation .was dropped have bills anil
appropriations .that will require friend
ship on the part of the Governor, the hint
was taken very quickly, and from that
moment the value of the Democratic
votes dwindled into insignificance.
But all of the- work In the Senate by
which the postponement of Governor
Gage's nominations has been accom
plished has been done by Senators Leav
itt and Lukens of Alameda County, and
this is regarded as enough to' be called a
hint from tho administration.
The fact having been, established to a
certainty that these nominations will be
i thrown Into the care of the new adminis
tration, speculation is now rife as to
whether any or all of the names will bo
resubmitted to the new Governor, (and if
any are' finally withdrawn which they
w-ill be. It lias been said by some that
tills move was aimed at a certain clergy
man who appears upon the list of ap
pointees, but the indications- are that the
name in question will be resubmitted to
the Senate by Dr. Pardee, .together with
a number of the other appointments. Gov.
ernor Gage has chosen particularly for
tho honorary offices several leaders of the
Republican party/and it can be stated to
night that these names will be resubmit
ted to <he Senate by Governor Pardee.
There are some of the appointments that
will not go back, however, but which ones
jcannot be forecasted with accuracy.
As will be seen by reference to the list
below Governor Pardee can at once lake
absolute control of the State Boara of
Harbor Commissioners of San Francisco
by withdrawing the names of John D;
Mackenzie and John C. Klrkpatrick, both
of whom were named within the lirst two
years. With these two appointments ' In
his power and the term* of Paris Kllburn
shortly, to expire Dr. Parde'e will be the
only Governor since the adoption of the
new.' constitution to begin his administra
tion with complete control of that organi
zation: - - . ;
To all outward appearances Governor
elf ct Pardee has not taken any active
pait in this move to hold up the nomina
tions. The only time that he has come
into the open was for a few moments last
night; when it became evident that Gage
was flirting with the Democratic mem
bers and had secured the support of Sen
ator Curtin of that party. There was fear
for. a few moments in the Pardee forces
that Gage might possibly gain his point,
and then It was that the Governor-elect
'directly intimated to a few Senators that
he would consider it a personal affront if
these nominations were not allowed to
find their way into his administration.
be impossible for the Senate to
take up these appointments un
der any consideration, and as the
Senate lias but twenty minutes to
remain in session before the in
auguration a very few moments
of argument upon any motion
whatever would consume all of
the time that is allotted.
F. W, Johnson, Yuba County, trustee State
Normal School, at Chico, in place of himself
term expired. , , . . -, ¦ •• '.
Lew A. - Phillip*. Los Angeles County, trus
tee State Normal School at Chico, in place of
N. P. Conrey, resigned and term expired..
John ¦ S. Collins. Ventura County, ¦ Trustee
State'Normal School at Chico, in pla»:e of him
self, term expired. . • •
Dr.-H. C. Brown. Santa Clara County, trus
tee State Normal School at Chico,' in pliice of
himself, term expired. •
Fronu w; Jilarston, San Francisco, trustee
"Dr.'WInsIow Anderson, San Francisco, mem
ber of State Board of Health, in place of him
self, -term expired. '•
Myron Wolf, San Francisco, Insurance Com.
misBloner, In place of Andrew J: Clunie. term
expired. ¦¦¦-.• ¦
Dr. C A. Ruggles, San Joaquin-, County,
member of State Board of Health, in place of
himself, term expired.
— Dr. C. . Ij. ' Gregory. STIskiyou, member of
State Board of Health. - In place of- C. w.
Nutting, term expired. -';; .; .
. Dr. Franklin G. Fay, Sacramento County,
member of State Board of Health, in place of
William J. Hanna, term expired.
Dr. \V. P. Mathew«, Sacramento County,
member of State Board of Health, In place
of. himself, term expired.
John D. MacKenzie, Santa Clara County,
member Board of State Harbor Commissioners
for the port and harbor of San Francisco, in
place of Rudolph Herold Jr.. term expired.
Dr. R. W. Hiir, htoa Angeles, county mem
ber istate Board of Health, in place of him
self, term expired. '
Dr. W. B. Coffey, San Francisco, member
State 'Board of Health,; in place of D. 1*
Crowley. term expired.
John C. Klrkpatrick, San Francisco, member
of the Board of. State Harbor Commlssibners
for the harbor and port of San Francisco, in
place of P. J Harney, term expired.
Robert H Uenton. San Dletro County, mem
ber of the' Board of State Harbor Commis
sioners for the bay of San Diego, In place of
George M. Hawley, resigned.
Charles P. Douglas. San Diego County, mem
ber Board of State Harbor Commissioners for
the 'bay of San Diego, in place of J. E.
O'Brien, resigned, and term expired.
W E. Gerber. Sacramento County, Fish
Commissioner, in place of Alexander Vogel
sang. . •
H. E. Lcland, San Francisco, member board
of trustaes of the California Home for the Care
and Training of Feeble-minded Children, in
place of John D. Mackenzie, resigned,
¦ Th© Rev. A. C. Bane, .San Francisco, member
of tho board of trustees of the California
Home for the Care and Training of Feeble
minded Children, in place of Herbert F. Du
gan, ( resigned.
The Rev. William Lyons. San Francisco,
member board . of trustees of the California
Home for the Care and Training of Feeble
minded Children, in place of Thomas ' H.
Rooney. resigned.
A complete list of the- nominations that
were to-day sent to the Senate for con
firmation is as follows: :
Georgre W. 'Reed. Alameda County. . member
board of directors of the Deaf and Dumb and
Blind Asylum, In place of himself, term ex
C. Walter Gould. v San Francisco, member
board of trustees of the California Home for
tho Care and Training for Feeble-minded
Children, In place of Kobert A. Poppe. term
, A matter of some little interest in Dr.
Pardee's own home city if what he will
do in th«; caseof George W. Reed. Reed
has been one of the most bitter and im
placabio enemies of D.r. Pardee in Oak
land. The enmity between the two is more,
than political and is personal. Reed has
been the warm friend of Governor Gage,
who gave him control of the Deaf, Dumb
and Blind Asylum at Berkeley, and one
of the last acts of Governor Gage's ad
ministration was to reappoint Reed to
the directory of that institution. It Is
now within the power of Dr. Pardee to
withdraw Reed's name entirely and the
outcome will be watched with interest in
Alameda County. . .
Valley Commission. This condition
of affairs has been brought about by the
negligence of Governor Gage himself.
Gage has been most dilatory in making
appointments and by his delay he has
jeopardized the positions of many of his
Continued From Page 1, Column 4.
M. L. Ward. San Diceo County, trustee
SUate Normal School at San Dteso, In place of
52. B. Weit, terra expired.
Warren R. Porter. Santa Cruz County, mem
ber State Board of Prison Directors, In place
cf Daniel K. Hayes, resigned and t<rrm ex
pired. , . >
Robert T. Devlin, Sacramento County, mem
ber State Board of Prison Directors, in place
of hlmsntf. term expired.
• Garret W. McEnerney. San Francisco m«-m
b«-r Board of Itesents of the University or Ctll
fornia. In place of Stephen M. White, de
Dr. C. N. Ellinwood, San Francisco, member
"George C. Pardee having received a
majority of the votes cast, I declare him
to have been duly elected Governor of the
State of California) for the ensuing four
This anouncement was followed by
hearty applause and when it subsided
Speaker Fiak continued:
"It also appears from the returns from
the Secretary of Stafe and also from the
County Clerks, which have been can
vassed by the gentlemen on behalf of the
Senate and Assembly, that there waa cast
for Lieutenant Governor a total vote of
2K>,245, of which Alden Anderson received
150,020, Isidor B. Dockweiler 129,743, Frank
lin K. Whitney, 10,541, S. P. Meads 4844
and scattering 72. I therefore declare that
Alden Anderson having received a major
ity of the votes cast has been duly elect
ed Lieutenant Governor of the State of
California for the four years -ensuing."
Senator Lukens then offered a resolu
tion fixing the hour of 1 o'clock on
Wednesday, January 7, Assembly cham
ber, as the time and place for the Gover
nor and Lieutenant Governor, to take the
oath of office in the presence of both
houses assembled, and empowering trie
general committee on inauguration to no
tify the Governor and Lieutenant Gover
nor, i This resolution was unanimously
adopted. Upon motion of Senator Lu
kens the secretary of .the Senate read the
minutes of the joint session, which were
approved. An adjournment was* then tak
en until 1 o'clock to-morrow afternoon.
State Normal School at Chico, in place of
George \V. Pierce, term expired.
Dr. William J.- Hawkins, San Francisco,
trustee San Francisco State Normal School,
in place of XI. Cooney, deceased.
Vanderlyn Stow. San Fmnclsco. trustee San
FYancisco State Normal School, In place of TV".
G. Jobaon. term exDired.
¦ E. E. Swanton, Lea Angeles County, trustee
State Normal tichool at San Diego, in place of
L. J. Rose Jr.. resigned. . '
Speaker Fisk called out the vote for the
candidates for the two high offices and
the tellers checked off the statements re
ceived by the Secretary of State from the
various counties. At the conclusion of
the canvass Speaker Fisk announced:
"It . appears from the Secretary .of
State's certificate and from the returns
that have been canvassed by the gentle
men appointed by the presiding officers of.
bbth hefuses that George C. Pardee has
received a majority of the votes cast for
Governor at the recent election; the total
vote being 304,473, of which George C.
Pardee received 146,232, Franklin K. Lane
143,783. Gideon S. Brower 9592, Theodore
D. Kanouse 4636, and scattering 130.
The purpose of the joint session was an
nounced and Secretary Brandon of the
Senate read the sections of the Political
Code relating to the' canvassing of the
vote. Lieutenant Governor Neff appoint
ed Senators J. B. Sanford of Uklah and
Lukens of Alameda as tellers for the Sen
ate and Speaker Fisk appointed Assem
blymen N. K. Foster and E. N. Baxter
for the lower house.
MENTO, Jan. 6.— Governor Pardee
will to-morrbw take the oath of
the high office to which he was
recently elected. The formal cere
mony of canvassing the vote for
Governor and Lieutenant Governor
was held this, afternoon in the As
sembly chamber. It was a joint session
of the houses and a roll call developed
the fact that there were thirty-nine Sena
tors and seventy-six Assemblymen pres
ent. Lieutenant Governor Neff sat be
side Speaker Fisk and called the members
to order.
MENTO, Jan. 6.— Grove L. Johnson
of Sacramento had the honor of of
fering the first resolution in the
House at this morning's session. Ad
journment was taken yesterday until 30
o'clock to-day, but it was fully half an
heur after that time before Speaker Flfk
called the Assembly, to order. The Rev.
Dr. H. C. Shoemaker of Sacramento of
fered a brief prayer and a moment later
the second day's business started with a
Johnson's resolution asked that the Sen
ate and the Assembly meet in joint ses
sion in the Assembly chamber at 2 p. m.
for the purpose of being present when the
Speaker of the Assembly opened and pub
lished the returns of the election of the
Governor and the Lieutenant Governor.
Duryca presented a resolution fixing $25
as the amount to be allowed each mem
brr as contingent expense; said expenses
to include postage stamps.
Speaker Flsk announced the appoint
ment of Greer, Goodrich, Barber and Kill
ingsworth on the Inaugural Committee.
A resolution by Johnson, asking for the
appointment of three members, to act
with a like number from the Senate, both
committees to confer with the Sacra
mento citizens who are in charge of the
arrangements for the inaugural ball, found
favor with the members and was passed
without dissent. The Speaker appointed
Houser, Rolley and Copus to represent the
Assembly. V -PI
The committee appointed to wait on the
Governor reported that they had visited
his Excellency! who had informed them
that his message would be sent to the
House at a later date.
A round of applause greeted a resolu
tion by Carter asking that the Assembly
chamber he heated in the early morn
ing so that the members could warm up
to . their work. When the Speaker in
formed Carter that the matter had already
been attended to, Carter replied that \\\
was sorry, as he had expected to be 1
grafted the privilege of appointing an
extra engineer.
Brown of San Mateo presented a resolu
tion asking that three members be ap
pointed as a temporary committee on con
tingent expenses and mileage. The reso
lution was adopted.
The Assembly adjourned until 2 p. m.
DurJng the noon recess the Republican
members of the Assembly went into cau
cus. Tlie only business before tho body
wa3 the making up. of the patronage list.
It was expected that not more than ten
minutes would be consumed in straighten
ing up affairs, for things looked cut and
dried for the slated ones to go through.
Factional differences, however, made
themselves manifest from the* outset and
it lecked for a time as though the caucus
would b« grinding away when the time
arrived for calling tha House for the af
ternoon session.
With the calling to order of the caucus
csrne the first contest. In the order of
business the naming of the chaplain took
precedence. . The Rev. J. V. Stevenson of
Sacramento was chosen, but it required
a second ballot to gain his indorsement.
The Rev. Dr. R'eagor. also of Sacramento,
was his opponent and showed a strength
that created no little surprise. \ The In
troduction of a third candidate iri the per
icn of the Rev. Dr. Beans made th«
Ftrugsle more Interesting. Not that the
latter had a following, but the three votes
that were cast in hia favor were precious
to the two stronger candidates.
Then came the naming of the minute
clerk. Two southerners were pitted
against each other in a battle that showed
considerable political feeling., w. Q.
Wickham, who has for e!x sessions held
the position, was beaten out by Colonel
A A. Wood of Riverside. Wood received
32 votes to WJckham's 25. At the after
noon session of the Assembly the caucus
nominees. were ratified and elected.
I. Wertheimer was elected bookkeeper
to the sergeant at arms. On motion of
Stanton of Los Angeles the following at
taches were appointed;
Assistant serueant at arms. Albert Ltwi!,l.
Regime of the New Chief
Executive Begins at 1
Colonel Wood of Riverside
Defeats Wickham for
Minute Clerk.
In Joint. Session Votes That
Elected Pardee Are
Hot Contest Precedes Elec
tion of Rev. Mr. Steven
son as 'Chaplain.
CALL HEADQUARTERS, SACRAMENTO; Jan. 6.— The settlement of the
United States Senatorship affair is coming about more rapidly thaiYwas expected. The
official list of those who signed tlie caucus call for to-morrow" night was given out by
Manager George Hatton to-night. It contains sixty-four names, the complete list to date:
SENATE-r Pendlefon Woodward Greer Olmsted
By" 1 * 3 Barber ASSEMBLY— Houser . ) Pann
Cog-gins Barnes Allen John I Prescott
"Devlin Bates . Brqwn Johnstone Pyle
Greenwell • Black 'Camp King Rolley
¦ IIahn Bli ss -Carter . Leinenger . Soward *
Knowland Boisson Cromwell : . Mattos Stansell
Lardner " Boston • - il>rew;\ ri ., . ; McCartney Steadman
Leavltt Rowell puTyeft : % % v f McKenney Traber
Luchsinger Selvage . ..'Ells "V - - McLaughlin Transue
Lukens Ward \ ' Fisk . ¦ , . "„ - McNeil Walker
Muenter - Welch .'Foster Moore " Walsh
Nelson Williams -Goodrich. Mott Waste
Oneal ' . .
RAMENTO. Jan. 6. -The clos
ing hours of (Governor Henry
T. Gage's administration weie
embittered this morning by
the action of the Senate in
declining to listen to the retiring Execu
tive's final message. The lengthy docu
ment was brought into the Senate cham
ber by Secretary Foley and was handed
to the secretary with a. flourish. No
sooner was it In the latter's hand than
Lukens of Alameda. arose and forestalled
its reading by moving that it be printed
in the. Journal and confide rod at some
future time. There were many seconds to
ihe motion and it was carried .without a
•iissenting vote.
Senator Lukens stated after adjourn
ment that his motion was* not intended to
Hipht Governor Gage, but was simply to
.'.ivp time.
The Srnate'p session this morning was
a short one. Messages from the Assem
bly were road and concurred in and a re
< ofs taken until 2 o'clock in order to meet
with the members of the lower houpe
iind canvass the vote for Governor and
Lieutenant Governor.
Jt was shortly after 11 o'clock that Pres
ident pro tom. Flinj. called the member*
:<» order. After roll call and prayer by
the Rev. Q L. MM, Chaplain of the Sen
ate, Smith of Los Angeles moved that
the rules be suspended in order that As
sembly concurrent resolution N"o. 1. relat
ing to the joint meeting of the houses at 2
o'clock Tor the purpose of canvassing the
vote for Governor and Lieutenant Gov
ernor, be considered. The motion
was carried, after which the con
current resolution from the Assem
bly relating to the appointment of
committees to arrange the inaugural
<-«remonics was also adopted. Secretary
Foley then presented the Governors mes
tage and upon motion of Lukens it was
ordered printed .in the journal. An ad
journment was then taken.
The Senate convened at 2 o'clock this
Afternoon and at the conclusion of the roll
call the members went in a body to the
Assembly chamber to attend the joint
session to canvass the vote for Governor
and Lieutenant Governor. Upon return
ing to their chamber Senator Leavitt an
nounced that a caucus of Republican Sen
ators would be held immediately after
adjournment for the purpose of agree
ing upon patronage.
At the request of Senator Sanford tlie
rui?s wete temporarily suspended for re
ceivng a resolution relative to the death
of Senator John Henry SeweH o f Mendp
cino County. The resolution requested
tlie appointment of a committee, com
posed of three Senators and three Assem
blymen, to draw up resolutions of respect
to the memory of Senator Scwell. Lieu
tenant Governor Neft appointed Senators
Sanford, BeJshaw and Flint on the com
Upon the resolution 6f Senator Smith a
temporary committee of three was ap
pointed on contingent expenses and mile-
HKe. Smith. Huhbell and Curtin were
r>am<-d by the President. Senator Cald
wrtSTa resolution, direr-ting the State Con
troller to draw his warrants in favor of
members and attaches of the Senate, was
referred to the committee. I'pon motion
of Belshaw an adjournment was taken
until 12:4'i p. m . to-morrow.
The remainder of the day was devoted
chiefly by the solons to disposing of tha
legislative patronage. A number of the
country members were more or less In
different in the matter and for a tlmo
their share of the spoHs went a-begging.
San Francisco, however, soon came Into
the breach and gobbled up ail the loosa
Assemblyman Dunlap is sure to be mada
chairman of the "Ways and Means Com
mittee of the lower house. This waa
learned definitely to-night, along with th«
fact, that Governor Pardee had suggested
that the appointment would be person
ally pleasing to him. Dunlap is also raaca
pleased and saye that the post Is almost
as good as the Speakershlp. which hia
good friend Arthur Kiak won from him.
Flsk has not yet expressed his feeling*
In regard to his dear colleague's go.d
fortune, but he looks pleased every tim«
he meets Dunlap, which is very, very
The suspense was ended and a wave of
sound swept through, the chamber. In
which the indignant protest3 of the de
feated ones were drowned by the- glee
ful chortles- of the winners.
Just what the message contained no
body knew at the time and mighty few
seemed to care, for it had been coolly
swept aside without even the scant cour
tesy of reading It. Gage, however, had.
copies prepared for publication and his
secretaries dutifully gave them out while
their chief stormed and fumed with wrath
In the seclusion of his private office. Con
sistent always. Gage made the most of
his opportunity In this last official mes
sage to take a parting: shot *r ht.i />rtr«\
mies with a heterogenoua assortment of
blistering adjectives.
The message disposed of, tho Senate
had but little left to do and in a few min
utes adjourned to meet In Joint session
with the Assembly for a canvass of th<»
gubernatorial vote. Here another embar
rassment reared its head and for a brief
period it looked as though the business in
hand would have to be postponed. County
Clerk Bell of Los Angeles hail
forgotten to turn over the county
returns to Senator Fred M. Smith
and, without those 6000 or more votes Dr.
Pardee could not be declared elected. The
omission had only been discovered tho
day before and though the missing, re
turns were promptly telegraphed for they
did not reach the Assembly chamber un
til the canvass was nearly finished. Their
arrival, however, saved the day and re
lieved the embarrassment.
The executive message, with its burden
of ill-concealed spite and its long list of
anxious appolntec-a, was delivered to th»
Senate as soon as it convened thl3 fore
noon and for Just one beat of time there
was an oppressive, expectant silence.
Then Luktns of Alameda broke the spell
with a few cold word* that the message.
he printed In the journal and considered
at some future time. A dozen others sec
onded the motion .with one voice and it
waa put to a vote and carried before the
astounded friend3 of Gaga had a chance
to catch their breath.
Senate this morning with a
promptness and precision that was stag
gering and left no room for doubt that
the victory was final.
Last night the desecrate Gase adher
ents made frantic efforts to enliat the aid
of the Democratic minority in suspending
the rules and forcing action en the un
confirmed appointments. To accomplish
so drastic a move, however, twenty-four
votes were necessary and long* befor**
morning this last hope of the Iahmael
Governor had gore glimmering.
RAMENTO, Jan. 6.-Coverno*
Gage is gown and ¦out. The
finishing blow was delivered
by the Pardee forces In tho
Freda! Dispatch to Th» Call.
Members Unmindful
of What Message
Message Is Ordered
Printed in the ;
Desperate Measures
Are Fruitless of
Legislators Waste No
Time in Their
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