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Gus'Fromm was arrested' on; Market
street yesterday by Policeman W. D.
Scott . and Deputy . Sheriff ¦ Connors and
booked at the City Prison. Fromm was
the leader of a gang of six -boys who
made their escape from the Whittier' Re
form School on October 16 last. ; He was
sent there from Alameda County and will
be taken back by Connors. •
Made His Escape From Whittier.
OAKLAND, Jan. 13.— Rufe Turner, will
finish his training at Blanken's, . on : the
San Bruno road, San ¦ Francisco, for his
bout with Carrig at the Acme Club. Tur
ner will leave Stockton to-morrow. A
referee for/ the flght ' will be selected
Thursday evening at Corbett's.
thy show-stock to disease as a result. A
committee will be appointed to present the
matter : to s the Secretary ; of Agriculture
with the request that the Bureau of Ani
mal Industry f provide a remedy. A reso
lution urging' that Congress impose the
same ad-valorem duty on imported pelts
and skins as is? now imposed . on - cattle
hides was 'passed. It was further urged
that ,. pickled ;¦ hides,', skins and pelts ' and
the splits of the same be -placed on the
dutiable ., list as "partly manufactured."
A resolution was passed asking that Fed
eral sheep inspectors be: appointed, as
the county sheep -Inspectors of Wyoming
have insufficient means to check or cure
scab and other contagious diseases
among. «tif r
Turner to Finish Training.
Eight Fair Players Will Meet in the
Opening Bound of Contest This
•Eight women, members of the- San
Francisco Golf Club, competed yesterday
in the qualifying rounds of the council's
cup. Miss Edith Chesebrough coming in
with the 'best score. 111 for the two
rounds. The ladles went around the
course In pairs as . follows: Mrs. Nickel
and Miss Houghton, Miss Ives and Miss
Chesebrough, Mrs. Gervin and Miss Hoff
n>an, Mrs. ; J. R. Clark and Miss* Carroll.
The scores are shown in the table: .
Qualifying round. Council's cup for women:
, • First Second
Competitors — Round. Round. Total.
Miss , ChAebroush 50 65 111
Miss . Houirhton .".* r.3 113
Missives 68 CH 114
Mrs. Clark ....: 61: 65 " Jic
Miss Hoffman.;. 61 57 -• 118
Miss Carroll «l . GO 12a
Mrs. Nickel ;.. 72 .«? 135
Mrs.;: Gervin ............ 68 .' 63 * 137
The first ;_ match play : round , will take
place to-day between the- above named
eight ladles, : who • are • paired as follows:
Mrs. Gervin > and * Miss Chesebrough, Miss
Houghton and Miss Hoffman, Mrs. J. R.-
Clark and Miss Ives, Mrs. Nickel and Miss
Carroll. / Btggaw
Officers of Architectural Club.
a i a m-eni raeeung of the San Fran.
Cisco Architectural. Club the foUowln- o£
fleers were elected for the ensuing yen-
President. E. B. Scotf vice nr«irtL f \V*
A. SchmidUn: treasurer. II*G CoVwhi :
director, A. O. Johnson. *-or»in.
BERKELEY, Jan. 13.— E. Abadle. a
crack California sprinter^ will not return
to college this year. His loss will be a
severe one, as he was the victor In the
100-yard dash with Stanford at the last
field day and also won the same event
at Yale when the track team was last
California Loses Sprinter.
President. Joseph Shea; vice presidents T>r
Hosfcrd of Alameda and J. U. RossVter'' «?,•
retary. F. A. Cushlns: treasurer 8 W Bm'th*
•xeeutive committee— J. H Ualtoa p p SUJi*
Chiarlnl: d«le e ates to California courafne «n
ventlon-J R. Dickson. E. Hood. CarlcKnT
It. K. Malcolm and Joseph Shea
At a meeting of the Interstate Courslni
Club last nisht the following orScer*
Interstate- Club Elects Officers.
During the course of the speechmaklng
the route of the Salt Lake Railroad
through the San Bernardino Valley was
referred to. As has been intimated the
management will not, for the present, at
least, build a private line through the
stretch of country extending from Riv
erside, twelve miles south of here, to the
Cajon Pass, but will lease the Santa Fe
tracks Instead. . This will only be for
the present, it being the plan to extend
northward the main line, now graded as
far as Riverside, circling Sa.n Bernar
dino to the east and passing through the
famous Highland orange district
Agents for the company are already at
work quietly purchasing land for the line
and for the site of the future repair
shops which will be located at some
point between this city and Highland.
Construction rests at Euclid avenue un
til to-morrow, when it will be resumed
through to Santa. Ana River near River
side, now being bridged.
SAN BERNARDINO. Cal., Jan. 13 —
Several hundred people, with -a. brass
band, gathered on the grounds of the Salt
Lake Railroad in Ontario this afternoon
to witness the completion of the laying of
the tracks to the center of the town. An
address of welcome was mado by J. 8.
Miller, on behalf of the people, to which
H. A. Olmsted, engineer In charge of con
struction responded, j The engine of the
construction train responded vigorously
to the band by whistling. Oranges were
distributed to all the workmen. ;«','"'
SpeelaJ Diipatch to Th« Call,
Several resolution* of importance were
passed. One of them had reference to the
lack of proper Inspection of swin« /ex
hibited at county, I State" and national
fairs and the frequent exposure of heal-
; Another memorial was addressed to
Chairman Payne of the Ways and Means
Committee of the House and Purged ?that
the Grosvenor. anti-shoddy bill,, now be
ing held up in committee, 1 - be 'reported 'at
once. ¦ ¦.-..¦•'.• : , ¦•¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦. w-.; .
One. memorial, which was telegraphed
to Senator Frye to-night, was as fol
.Your petitioners, the National 'Live
Stock Association of -the United States,
representing the feeders and handlers of
live stock In the United States, desire
through you to call. the attention of the
Senate to ' House Resolution 15,922, a *1U
which provides the Secretary of Agricul
ture with authority to prevent the spread
of contagious diseases in the . United
States and to establish rules and regu
lations for the Inspection of live stock
to be transported through . the United
States, and your petitioners would, re
spectfully represent that there is an,im
mediate and imperative : necessity 'for
the passage of this law. .We would there
fore urge the Senate to consider this bill
at an early date and we respectfully re
quest that the said bill be enacted into
law."" ' ' '..¦¦:¦* '.'". -'-•- ': :. . -. ,•
KANSAS CITY, Mo., Jan. 13.-Presl
dent John W. Springer's attack upon the
beef trust, so called, ¦ and the passage of
memorials to Congress urging that laws
for the betterment of live stock condi
tions be enacted, were the features of
the first day's- session of the sixth an
nual convention of the National Live
Stock Association.
President Springer, after declaring that
"the American stockman proposes to take
care of himself," served- notices that
"these Interests must receive protection
from the Congress of the United States
Just as long as the finished products
made from our raw materials are heavi
ly protecte'd."
The sentiments were received with ap
East This, with the elcknesa of Robert
Westdahl. the distance man. and uEdH
parture of Herbert Cheek, the hurdler and
high Jumper, for China will materially
weaken the track team and will lessen
California's chances of defeating Stanford
this spring.
Harry Forbes of Chicago and Prank
ICell. the clever bantam-weight, boxers,
will meet to-morrow night In Mechanics'
Pavilion for the second time. Forbes is
a 5 to 10 favorite in the betting. He has
had a better chance to condition himself
since his first appearance on this coast
and a fast battle Is expected.
The bout between Frank JTcConnell and
Spider Welch Is expected to prove equally
as good as the main event. The third
number on the card Is a ten-round go
between Fred Muller and the Dixie Kid.
Jack Welch will referee the Forbes-Nell
bout. > ¦
Forbes Is th© Favorite.
Memorialize Congress
to Take Action on
Anti-Shoddy Bill.
Ontario Celebrates Entry
of Salt Lake Line
to That City.
The deaths of Charles Meinecke, Oliver
Eldridge and W. C. Glbbs, who were
leading members of the chamber, were
officially announced.
Senator Macomber's bill providing for a
$250,000 exposition building to be situated
at Shanghai. China, was Indorsed. V
Resolutions were passed favoring the
purchaso by the Government of the Na
cemiento ranch, • in Monterey and San
Luis Obispo counties, for an army drill
pest. , .
At the regular monthly meeting 1 , which
followed the election, it was resolved . to
request the California delegation at the
national capital to exert Itself toward the
Introduction of a bill authorizing Govern
ment construction of a cabl© line from the
State of Washington to Alaska.
The annual election of the Chamber of
Commerce, held , yesterday, resulted as
follows: President, George A. Newhall;
first vice president, E. R. Dlmond; second
vice president, William E.Mlghell; trus
tees. C. H. Bentley. W. J. Button. A. B.
Field, William L. Gerstle. Rufus P. Jen
nings, William H. Marston, George W.
McNear, James Otis, H. Rosenfeld, James
B. Smith, Edward L. Eyre and Charles
M. Yates. The ticket was practically the
same as that of last year and the choice
in. each case was made unanimously.
Members of Chamber of Commerce
Heartily Indorse Administra
tion of Last Year.
sixth race— leader; esherin, iliowaho.
New Orleans Racing;.
ORLEANS. La.. Jan. IS.— Crescvnt
City rwrulta:
First race, mile — Shrine won. Burke fcockran
ferond. Blanco third. Time. 1 :45 2-5
Second race^ mile. Belling— Alfred C won. El
Key second. Russellton third. Time 1:45 4-5
Third race, six furlongs — Imp. I'Etlenne won'
Carl Kahlor second, Pbilo third. Time, 1:13*
Fourth race, mile and aa eighth, handicap—
>T«'ttle Regent won. King Barleycorn second
Major Tenuey third. Time. 1:5ft. Erie fin
ished third, but was disqualified.
Fifth race, mile— Flintlock won Harris sec
ond. Emshee third. Time, 1:43.
Sixth race, two' miles', selling — Glnspray
»on. Compass -second. Latson third. Tlm«,
OAKLAJTD RACETRACK. Tuesday. Jan. 13.— Weather fine. Track fast. |
4132. FIRST RACE— One mile; selling; four-year-olds and upward; value to first. $325.
Index I Morse ana Owner. rtVtiSt. •*. £T fr. Str. Fin, j Jockey.- Ot>- cl
4120 Kitty Kelly. 6 fStanfleld) I1O41 4 In 12 12 1 1161 1 [Birkenruth JJ <*
4008 Rosarie. 4 (Howley & Co.)... KW| » 9 V, 1 % 8 hi " - - n J Be11 *„ in
4115 Forte, a (B. Schrelber) VXS\ Z i % 3 h 4 n 2 n 3 1i J. Daly »
4115 Learoyd, 4 (H. A. Cotton) 1011 a 8 n 8^91 S3 4 Ms 'Conner *<> _*«
41CO Matin Bell. 4 (Llnd & Co.> | »9ilO 7 4 n SI 4 »4 B n [C. Kelly - W;^
4112 |J. McCartey. 5 (Hazelip).^ 1O4|U 12 12 11 2 W S 8 >4 IReaU 2 r> fS
410S 'All About. 4 (Sanders & Co.).. |01 7 6n51 3n61 71 IPleratt 'iuL&.jSL'
4114 |LJ?ht Ball. 5 (J. Curl) It6\ 5 2 3 2 n 2 Vi 3 h 8 2 Knapp W *«*
4119 jGH^sando. G (Romigh)...: lOef 1 41 D % " h 11 1 91 (Wattrbury . B
40f»« INligar. a (Mrs. P. E. Jones).. 10«i 0 5 h 10 1 10 1 10 2 10 2 (Lewis -j> %'
3U3T, Rim Kock. 5 (S. J. Jones) lOfcl 8 1O :i « n 6 n 5 n 11 2 ;. Minder ti- : V52
40»7 iDlciey Bell. 4 »\V. M. Sloan).. ltUjl'J 11 5 11 4 12 12 12 !W. Walt!a. . IS la
Time— :25. :50. l:16»i, 1:42. At post 7 minutes. Off at 2:21. Kelly, place. 3; show, 3-2.
Rosarie, place. 12; show. C. Forte, show. 2. Winner, br. m. by Apache-Play Toi
(Trained by W. L. Stanneld.) Start Bood. Won cleverly. Next six driving hard, iviliy
Kelly had speed to-day. Forte will take some beating at a longer route. Matin Bell awa>
poorly. Johnny McCartey a slow, beginner. All About gave it up. Glissando did badi>.
Digley Bell bled. \ '
4133. SECOXD RACE: — Seven furlongs; selling; 4-year-olds and up; value to first. $325.
lnUexl ; Horse and Owner. WtlSt. *i. >n. %.. 8tr. i'tn. I Jockey. | Op. Cl.
4123 Maggie Felix, 6 (Burrows).... 112 4 4 K A 1U3 »i 2 1 1 »i [Burns .....' 1 9-10
4tO8 Sleeping Child. 4 (Moran) 107 C2nlnlnll2n IMinder .... 8 10
(40S1) JHp Gore II. a (G. Webb) 114 2 112 I»,i2 % S n 3 2*iiKanach 4 »-2
4OS-'{ Bernota. 5 (C. H. Ledgett) 110 3 3 V, 3 h 4 l»-.4 >-j 4 l>^i Bullman ... T «
3923 Windward, a (Hennessy) 10M & 52 60 5 3 53 58 Kelly N 6O 20
4C53 Blackthorn, 4 (C. P. Fink)... 114 1 b'4 5h«««10 6 10J. T.Sheehn 10 25
B. Walkaway. 5 (Slaughter).. 114j 7 7 M 7 50 7 50 7 20 7 8 Donnelly ... 30 60
4120 Tufts. 4 (C. W. Chappell) ¦ . . . l&'H 8 8 S 8 8 8 Alarle ?& U<>
Time — :24. :49^. 1:16. 1:23. At post 3 minutes. Oft at 2:40. Felix, place. 2-5; show, 1-S.
Child, place, 3; show. .1. Gore, show. 1-3. Winner, ch.* m. by St. Felix-True Blue II.
(Trained by J. Burrows.) Scratched— Montana Peeress Resin,. Hanclpresa. Prue. Start
bad. Won handily. Second and third driving. Maggie Felix excellently ridden. Sleeping
Child Improved some. Bernota outfooted. Av'indward no account. Blackthorn a mud
der. Tut ta away poorly. ______
4134. THIRD RACE — One mile and 100 yards; selling; three-year-olds ana up; to first. $325»
lndex| Korse and Owner. JWtjSt. &. h- %. Str. Fin. I Jockey. Op. Cl.
4070 Ignacio. 4 (Del Valle & M.).. 107) 8 10 3) 7 14 4 h In 11 'Minder « 10
4117 Nigrette, 3 (Jennings & Co.).. 841 5 In In 11 23 2 a i Connell 6-2
4122 St. Sever, 4 (H. E. Roweli)... 104] 4 41 4 h .1 \'-. 3 n .5 l',-i Waterbury . 10 13
4124 Hesper, 0 (M. J. Daly) 1112 9 8 2 H »i 8 1 4 h 4 \ 1J. Daly 7-2 I
4112 Bonnie Lissak, 5 (Lanka) 107 2 6 *, 8 n- 7 >j i 2 52 Birkenruth 10 13
(41CS) Larry Wilt. 4 (Stevens) 107 1 2 1^2 >i 6 n 81 6 3 |L)onnelly ... 10 1:J
40K8 Iras. 3 (Smith & Co.) 87 7 7 1 10 2O10 6 8 3 7 HilJ.T. She«hn 1UO 1<»>
4047 Castake. a (O. "W. Boesecke).. 110 a S*4 3V,2%51 8 lVa! Bullman .. 1O la
4000 Escarola, 3 (Western Stable).. 82 1 G 5 %_ 0 1 9 2 « I%8 10 Hildebran/ 100 SOU
4117 Dupont, 3 (Fountain) 104jl0 I) \ G ft 3 n 10 6 10 3 Bell f.. 4 * ft
4117 Almarlc. 3 (J. F. Schorr) | 87111 11 11 11 11 11 Reed 40 &0
Time — :24. :49}4. H15%, 1:41, 1:47. At post 1 minute. Oft at 3:10. Ignaclo. place. 4:
show. 6-2. Ninette, place. 7-5; show. 3-0. Sever, show. 3. Winner, ch. h. by Hock
Hocking Jr.-Plchona. (Trained by W. Dunbar.) Scratched — B^ana. Hungarian. Nellie
Forest. Start poor. Won easily. Next four in a hard drive. Ignacio runs well under
strong handling. He passed Nigrette when asked. He?per interfered with at start.
Larry Wilt cut oft and pocketed on far turn. Castake quit. Dupont away badly, tell
> _^J^*j!"^ d^"p*_j^__?'_y V^"y^y'"^.". 81^ _*. ™'i<?
4135. FOURTH RACK— Seven furlongs; selling; 4-year-oId3 and up; value to first. $125.
Index Horse and Owner. WtjSt. %. ft. %. Str. Fin. | Jockey. ) up. cT
4122 Ada N 5 (Antrim Stable).... "l07| 4 3 h 4 n 2 Hil n 1 -v_ *;£e^i7 '"^5 8^3
4007 Golden Cottage. 4 (Daly) 109 3 2 1141 »i 1 2 1V-2 5- U r>aly 1O 13
4100 Mission. « (J. H. Robbina).... 107 2 1 n 3 14 15 1 » ns iMlnd-r . . 4 1S-J
4116 Nat Goodwin, 4 (Hazlip) 103 8 5 h 6 4 3 V, .1 a; 4 4 [W. Waldo.. 20 «O
4030 Brlssac. 4 (J. J. Markleln).... 103 5 « 1 6 n 6 U 4 U 5 U 'c Kelly 10 20
4078 Angeleno. 4 (Zahn & B.) 1CH5 1 7 4 7 h 71 81 «! ' Uirkenruth" 12 2a
4112 The Weaver. 4 (H. I. Wilson). jllO 10 91 82 02 82 7 1>iiBullman » «
4012 Legal Maxim 4 (Jones & Co.)|103 I 8 n 10 2010 20 9 1 8 l»-.Pieratt 2© f.i»
4108 Tlng-a- ling. 6 (G. F. Smith).. 107 » 1O 15 » 1 8 1 10 ;{0 0 1 "iBell ...".'.'. 20 3l»
4120 Del Vista, 6 (McKenzie) 90 6 4 1^2 1^6 Y 3 7 1 10 50 Wd 15 V2
4115 Constable. 4 (Musto & Ruiz).. jlOC 11 11 11 u n n iVVaterbury . 10 So
Time— :24. :49^. 1:141$. 1:27^. At post 5 minutes. Off at 3:30. Ada X. pla.ee. 3-5; show.
1-3. Cottage, place. 5; show, 2. Mission, show. 7-1O. Winner, b. m. by Herakfc. Santi
Rosa. (Trained by C. F. Fredertckaon.) Scratched— Assessment. Start t«Jd. Won under
restraint. Next three drlvinghard. Winner best. Cottage ran his race. Mission out
t p Ji° e _^^ n l y J d J^l d^^{l.lt ! J^ Yemen^JJi 0 er off P° crl y. Angeleno outclassed.
¦413C. FIFTH RACE — Six furlonya; selling; three-year-olds: value to first. $523. "
lndexl Horse and Owner. Wt St. % . ¥t- ¦ %. Str. KtoTj JocKef! T~&*-
4101 (The Major (Bianchi & M.) 110 8 ... 2 h 4 2V-3 n 1 nsiBunmani C~2 T?
(4061) Jockey Club (W. Fisher) 108.7 ... S3 IS 12 2 \ Minder a \
(4081) Ballroom Belle (Llnd Ss. Co.).. 105 4 ... 11 3 1V'.2 S ns C Kelly'" * -
(4100) Epicure (J. Touhey) 112 8 ... 6 1^2 h 4 h 4 5 BurrTs 5 \
(4«rf4) Somencs (A. Josephs) 108 5 ... 4 n O 7 5 5 iu w Waldo" ' S \K
.... Pure Dale (W. R. GrifOn).... 10cl 2 ... 6 h B?55 « 2 Lewis 40 lirt
411S Andrew Ring (Ferguson) 103 1 ... 7 2 7h til 7 >i Bi-kenruth" 6 «
S672 Horatlus (Chlnn & Forsyth).. 1151 3 ... 83 85 8h 8 5 Knight 40 r.o
.... Instar (Ward & Harlan) 103 0 ... 9 1%5» 1H« 4 ft n iBell *"' In t,°,
4101 Alice Carey (McXaughton) 102,10 ...104105105106 iConnell s m
3808 Isabelllta (E. J. Baldwin).... lOtijll ... n 11 it 11 jrgSovln' '.V. 15 3u
Time—^'i.^ 1:14*4 At post 4 minutes. Off at 4:06. Major, place. 4-5; show 2-5 Club
place, 5-2; show, t>-5. Belle, show. 8-5. 'Winner b. c by Midlothian- Ella qmitd it«i» i
by O A Blanch!.) Scratched-Leader. Onyx II. LitUe Margaret ? SuSt'pS "VS^S^l
hard drive of two. Jockey Club nearly made a runaway race of it. The Major cut o«
on far turn and compel ed to finish on the outside. Ballroom Belie outfooted last cart!
Alice pyfy almost left. Pure Dale ran well. " ulluuveu last P*"
4137. SIXTH RACE-One mile; gelling; four- year- olda and upward; valua to first. $323.
Index Horse and Owner. Wt St. K . H. %. Str. Fin. | Jockey. 5£ cT
8596 El Orlente, 5 (Spiers & Co.).. 106 ~3 1 1%1 1U1 1141 ltii 1 Ido-IIiTZ ' 72 —
3«71 Sir Hampton, a (Purser) 109 6 2 „ 3 >i" 5 3 4 « n Ransch " ? -*?
4006 Rasp, 5 (J. Green) 106 5 4 lUj ilj n 2 n 3 "i B>11 "" i« 7 ;5
4115 1OU.4 (C. W. Chappell).... 102 2 7 1^5 i?a u, 4 n 4 4* Atarii 2 -?Z
411« Illtlouon. 6 (W. r>. Randall).. Um 4 6 4 ? «« 4 «i 5 2 6 k j n.Iv"" i 7 '2
4108 Hutch Miller. S (McAlester). . 106 1 3 «{ 4 n 6 1*48 3 8 n II{irken™Vh * in A
4110 Ohio Girl. 4 (J. Stuart) 94 10 » 1 » :¦«" S « 14 ? lVcinnT i2 JS
406S Sir Lewis. 4 (J. M. Crane).... 1041 9 10 10 »5 7- 4 8 « wZinW ? i®
4115 Mont Eagle. 6 (C. P. Fink).. 106 7 5 X* C 3 a 9 10 0 10 I T "neehn J « «?
4108 Lecturer, S (Wocds & Co.) .... U3J 8 8 1 9 %1Q 10 1" W J. T . Wc^ods 15
Time — :24. :49. 1:14?;. 1:41. At post % minute. Off at 4:28. Orient- nlae* in- -k«— m
Hampton, place, a-5: show, 1-3. Rasp, show. 3. Winner be bv'^nV-T,^^?' B "
Leaf. (Trained by W. J. Spier*.) Scretched-Stromo Tibwte. S'art z£>A W^ -Oraa e .
Second and third driving. El Ortente not supposed to be ready *£ SEht™ ,«5" 0Ut
stralnt for six furlongs. Rasp ran a good race Lecturer away U.r1y" Und " r9 '
Second race— Futurity course, selling, three
year-olds and upward:
4083 Matt Hogan. ..11.1 8C67 MI Iteina 92
(4102)Onyx II . . 87 4090 Tyranus 100
39SS Rublno 10.'! 4064- Bklp Me 108
(4120)Gladys Bell... 05 4078 Fausturo 113
4007 Pat Morrisaey.llJ 4104 Mr. Dingle.,. &J
40S8 Hungarian ...IK: (4090)San Lution...lOD
4037 Mild. Schultz.107 4122 •Bucolic 02
4081 *Gua, Lanka., if- ,
Third race — Three and a half furlongs, two
Tacolaw 112 Box Elder 112
Ch. c. Bassetlaw- B. c. • Ogden-Red
La Toquera. • Spinner.
.... Resigned 109 4127 Planet ..106
B. f., Figaro-Res- 4127 Emll 100
ignatlon. 4121 Red Man 109
4121 Dollle Qrey...l0fl 4103 Caseins 109
Fourth race — One mile and seventy yards,
handicap, four-year-olds and upward:
(4105)Ishtar ....... 081 8745 Bon Mot. .....113
4 (.«» Corrigan .... 120 1 4 105 Lord Badge . . . 103
. Fifth race— Six furlongs, selling:, four-year
olds and upward :
4130 Nefl Dennis.. .107 410C Huachuca ..i.110
4122 Bard Burns... 107 (4122)Mocortto ...:.1O2
8S83 Shellmount ...104 (4124)Jarretlere d'Orl07
4123 Dlvlna U» 4117 Sly J.05
(4009)Sad 8am 116 ,
Sixth race— One mile, aelllnr. three-year-old*
and upward:
4124 Alb. . Enrlght.105 4130 Axminster ...104
(4107)*Esherln 01 4123 The Pride... .112
4129 Iltowaho 107 4065 Frank Woods. 109
4118 'Llader 95 3615 Frangible 1CU
4129 'Bill Massle...lO4
•Apprentice allowance.
Bullman, who rode Castake in the third race,
was fined (25 by the Judges for crossing his
Meld at the start.
Entries for the rich "Washington Park stake
events close • on January 15. • Blanks may be
obtained from Starter Dick Dwyer.
Caesar Young states that the Los Angeles
meeting will begin January 31 and run for
forty days. Xo Durse will be less than $300
and the ring: will be open to any v r«putable
bookmaker who wishes to cut In.
Following are to-day's entries:
First race— Six furlongs, selling, four-year
olds and upward:
4122 Br. Phoebus. .104 4000 Frank Mayo.. 113
3»42 Mountebank. ..104 K<1 Adack 101
8923 Ulloa ....... .i0."> 411M> King DeIlis...lO4
4106 Lapldus »8 4074 Tow. Candles. 102
(4072)Botany 101 Cherries 0t»
38S6 Frank Pearce.101 •Largamcme . 1M
8907 Halnault '.....104 Honor Bright. 102
As the ordinance stands now it applies
to poolrooms and race track alike. ' Those
most Interested profess to believe that the
oraiance m Its present form will not be
come a law. At all events, preparations
are proceeding to begin racing Janu
ary 31.
LOS ANGELES, Jan. 13.— The action ot
the City Council yesterday in passing an
ordinance prohibiting betting on races
within the city limits has passed up to
Mayor Synder the question whether or
not there will be a winter, race meet in
Los Angeles. The Mayor is at present in
Sacrdmento. and his decision in the mat
ter will -not be known until he returns
Los Angeles Ordinance Will Stand
or Fail by His
Nellie Ban?, winner of second prize, Is a
lightweight, trimly built lemon and white
pointer by Senator I'-Manltoba Belle, and Is
owned by J. W. Flynn. who is also the owner
ot her tire. Senator I*, the noted field trial
winner. She is exceedingly fast, uses good
Judgment and Is snappy on her points and
should be heard from In the future.- She was
also handled by W. B. Coutts. Mkrgarette.
winner of third prize, is a lightweight black
and v.'hlte pointer bitch by Cuba's Zep-Jlngo
Bagpipe. She was handled by R. M. Dodge,
and In her work j showed the effects of proper
training. The drawing for the all-age, which
begins to-morrow, is as follows:
Stockdale Kennels' pointer dog Cuba's Zep
vs. W, W, Van Arsdale'8 wetter dog Bell Boy;
C. E. Worden's pointer bitch Pearl's Jingle
vs. J. E. Terry's setter dog Kilgarif ; . Moun
tain View Kennels' poiriter bitch Fan Go vs.
J. E. Terry's setter bitch Lady; W. W\ Van
\rsdale's setter dog McCloud Boy vs. J. "\v.
Consldlne's setter bitch Lola Montez; A. H.
Nelson's setter bitch Sport's Destiny vs. Stock
dale Kennels' pointer dog Cuba Jr.; T. J. A.
Tledemann's setter bitch ' Northern Huntress
ve. W. W. Van Arsdale's pointer dog Dr. Dan
iels: W. W. Van Ar»dale's setter bitch- Peach
Blossom vs. 'Frank Pratt' s setter dog Bush.
The winner. Kllearlf, is owned by J. E.
Terry, president of the Pacific Coast Field
Trial Club, and waa trained and handled by
\V. B. Ooutts. He is a large, handsome, black,
white and tan English setter by Orion-Mary
Lou. lie is possessed of all the qualification
of the successful field trial dogr, being fast,
wide ranging and' positive on- his points, per
fectly stanch and Is possessed of that most
necessary and admirable quality known a»
bird sense.
sponded to the whistle of his trainer and re
turned to the' course. After making- o, halt
circle and turning toward the starting point.
Kilgarif was Feen to whip into a point, and on
the handler coming up a large bevy of birds
flushed from the weeds and settled a short dls
tunce away. Sent on, Kilperlf again pointed
and yet again before a dozen yards had been
covered. He soon located the scattered birds
and pointed again, always being steady to
wing and ehot. If hlf« work was clever yes
terday. It was superb to-day, and applauss
rrom the spectators was given with a will. Ills
competitor. Jay M, failed to do Justice to him
self owing to a badly crippled foot, which was
evidently a source *of much pain.
Games in the Alleys Are Closely
Contested by the Many
. Players.
The tournament of . the San Francisco
Bowling "Association was continued last
night,. games being played on five alleys.
The scores follow: ;
California— IJnker 106 162. 157: Beebe. 167.
145. 106; McDowell. 14,, 167, 156; Frauen
knecht 1C!> 170, 178; Jenning. 103. 1C3, 167.
Anil— RanlEner. 183. 191. 201; Williams. 148.
180 12S; Mercina, 144 168 130; Teigler. 156,
15». 181; Stanford, 0. 172. 106.
Start — Weuraman 143. 156. 137; Smith. 187.
118. 175; Bender, 109, 386, 1S5; Meyer, 124, 109.
I»; Ward 1K5. ltfl. 150
O'Farrell's— Decher. llH, 177, 100; R. Hand.
110, 18:.'. 180; K Hand. 141. 133. 166; Ross, 115.
125 137; Kamsey, .142. 147. 142.
Eusenes — Lean, 206. 235. ' 190; Borro, 162,
152 172; Ahern. 207. 212, 169; Shave, 237, 175,
lWwThorpo 184, 212, ISO.
Rex— Carroll. 167. 157, 215; Clark, 182, 153.
211; Knowltori. 156. ISO. 190; Hegen, 203, 2(36.
135; C. Crar/ford. 171. 128 16S. . i
i Kagles — Jdlwsori. 22O -215 157:' Reeves,- 188.
B34, 154; Berquest, 153. 164. 1B7; Campbell,
167. 177, 174: Bird, 136. 211, 109. ,
Iroquols— Felss 197. 155. 157; N*olt»- 156.
178 156; Morton 149, 183, 173; Melnhardt 200.
164". 172; Nolan. 160. 247. 183.
CSolden West — Schult. 195. 147 183; Mlorner,
1CS 1(53, 103; Rohrs, 137. 163. 143; Schllchtlnjr,
172, 188. 177; Kroml. 130. 180, 157.
Pacific— La garde. 148, 132, 160; Lauffhres,
143 201. 106; Tresselt. 131, 152. 172;
Carl Dielerle. 174, 153. 143; Fred May. 191,
Hi'J, 216. • |
«¦. by McKinnev-I^eonora; Georte T. Becker's
br. r. Zobelein: J. D. Cart's ch. f. Mamie D;
J. D. Carr'g ch. f. Hercedee; C. A. Durfee's
Mk. c. Almaden; C. A. Durfee'g b. c. Johnnie
McKenzie; W. G. Durfee tc Co. 1 * blk. c. by
JicKlnney-Relle; IV. G. Durfee & Co.'s b. c.
I'v Derecho-Lsdy J:i'a; D. J. Desmond's l>. f.
• Jeraldlne; George W. Ford'e b. c. Nut Mac;
W. J. Fitzgerald's br. f. Kathleen; Faris Stock
Farm's b. c. Judge Bigg*; H. A. Gammon's
hr. t. Easter Direct; J. A. Gardner's br. t. by
McKinney-Black Swan; J. B. Iverson's b. c.
lvar; J. B. I\-rrson*s <-h. t. Glgna.; La Siesta
Han<h'« l>. f. Wanda II: George J. Morgan's
br f. Neergard; C. \V. Main's b. f. Lady Lu
s-ella; H. W. Meek's b. f. Fenella; W. Mastin's
b. <r. Marvin Wllkes; C. Masvero'e b. f. Vo
landa; I. W. Minturn's b. c. Stra.thca.rma; I.
W. Mint'urn's b. c. Ramon; I. C. Moosher's b.
c. Ea*ter Alene; Oakwood Stock Farm's br. f.
by Charles Derly-Xaulaka; Oakwood Stock
Farm's br. f. by Charles Derby-Lucy E; Oak
wood Stock Farm's b. f. by Direct-Bella. II;
OsJc»rood Stock Farm's b. f. by Dlrect-Stelnola;
Oakwood Stock Farm's b. c by Charles Derby-
Hertha; Rosedale Stork Farm's b. f. by St.
Whips-Fila D; John 'Rowen's b. f. Bella; B.
7.. Miller's b. c. by Stanu.B-Bell ; Thomas
Smith's blk. c. by McKinney- Daisy S; Thomas
Hmlth's b. c. by Mambrino Chl-f-JIoover; W.
I*. Spoor's b. f. Neerest; Santa Roea Stock
Farm's b. f. by McKlnney-Bre Bye: Santa
Rosa Stock Farm's b. c. by McKlnney-Carlotta
IVlIkes; Santa. Rosa. Stock Farm's .blk. o. by
2&cKinn*y-Blscar&; Santa. Rosa Stock Farm's
b. c. by McKlnney-Stamboullta; Santa Roaa
Stock Farm'* b. f. by McKlnney-Buy Guy;
Santa Rosa Stock Farm's b. c. by McKlnney-
Rot=« Russell; Santa Rosa. Stock Farm's Jb. t.
by HcKlnr.ey-Adioo: Santa. Rosa Stock Vsu-m's
b. c. by Sidney Dillon-Lilly Stanley; Santa
Ros* Stock Farm's b. c. by Sidney Dillon-
Oakley Russell; George A. Kelly's blk. c. Bon
nie McK; A. B. Spreckels' ch. c. . by Dexter
Prince-Galena; A. B. Epreikels* b. c by Cupld-
Erosine; A. B. Spreckels' cfv. f. by Cupid-
Countess: A. Truman's b. t: by James Maddl
«in, dam by Guy Wllkes; Tuttle Bros.' b.- c.
by Stam B-Laurel; Vendome Stock Farm's
fclk. c. Marconi; R. \v*Uliams' b. c Black Ras.
r*l Jr.; H. Williams' ; ch. c CoIHs H; O P.
Willis' b. f. by Arthur Holt-Jennie
Alexander Brown's ch. c. by Prince Ansel-
Nosegay: T. W. Barstow'a b. f. True Heart;
John Baker'* b. f. Nut Bird; C K. Book's b.
An unusually large number of second
payments have also been made on nomin
ations for the *>take In 1904. The list fol
Vrani; A. J. Hudson's b. c. Strathcoiia; <i. W.
Kingsbury's b. c, by X>yumont-L>aisy; W. H.
1-urcsden's b. c. Robin Stanley; La. Siesta
Ilanrh's b. c. Search Me; H. E. Meek'i b. I.,
by W>leoTne-Hyt>!a; W. E. Meek's b. c. bjr
Weloofne-l^iecnora: Wj E. Meek's b. c. by
M'llllam Harold-Fenella; £>. J. Desmond's b.
f. Fairy: O. W. Main's b. f. Zomilea; Oakwoud
Stock Farm's b. c, by Owyhee-Xnex; Oakwood
Block Farm'* b. f. Tuna: Oakwood Stock
Kama's r. c, by James Madison-Stelnola; Oak
»ood Stock Farm's b. f.. by James Madison-
Babe Marloti: Oakwood Stock Farm's br. f.,
by McKinnfy-El'-nway: Owens Brow.' ch. g.
Acme; Rosedale Stock Farm's b. c. Dacus; J.
A. Richardson's b. c. Swift B; Santa <losa
Stock Farm's ch. c. by Sidney Dillon-Silver
Kye; Santa Rosa Stock Farm'* b. t.. by Sidney
Dillon-Pansy ; Fama Kcca £tock Farm's b. c,
by U W. RuEsell-Pacita; Jam*? A. Smith's
blk. c. by McKinney-Dalsy E.; Thomas Smith'a
b. c. Fred P; Tuttle Bros.' b. f.. by Etam B
l^aurel; L.. II. Todhunter's br. >c. The Jester;
Valencia Stork Farm's bile c Amado; P. J.
"Williams' blk f. Monterey Bells; F. E.
¦Wright's b. c. Kir Knight.
I. L.. Border's b. f. Sadie L: \V. G. Durfee'*
l>r. I., by Zombro-Iifononi: Mrs. S. V. Ji*r
* tow's b. c. Star IS; Alex Brown's b. c, by
Arthur B-N'osegay; Aler Brown's eh. f.. by
Nutwood WiJke?-Vi*ildnower: John Haker'a b.
f. Precklebird: \V. Maben's br. f. Dixie \V; C
_\. Durfee-'s Mfc. or br. f. Ra«sie: C. A. iJur
f«*e'« br. c. Grwko: C A. I>urfee"s br. c. Jim
I>a: B. Davle" blk. f. Dixie 6; B. Krken
breckers blk. f. California Poppy: G. W. Korti's
th. r.. by Neernut-Klorence; J. Gallegos' b. f.
Sophia McKinney: E. A. Gammon's blk. f.
Tl-ore are forty-three fashionably bred
youngster? in the list. Those still e!l
p'hle for the rich event, which will be de
rided during the State fair, are:
Acting Secretary Harry I»wden of the
<"a!iforiiia State Hoard of Agriculture has
made public the nominations for the Oc
cident stake of 1903 upon which third pay
ments have been made by their owners.
Large Number Slake Payments on
Their Nominations in This Rich
The first brace were turned down on scat
tered birds in the vineyard. Both dogs showed
Rood speed and range and quartered their
ground admirably, yet neither seemed able to
scent the birds. This was Judge Hunter"* first
opportunity en birds, as none were found In
Ms heat or yesterday. Harry II did no better,
the X'allure no doubt, being due to unfavorable
wtathtr conditions. Lou and Mountain Quail
¦were cast off in the same territory and worked
from the vineyard Into an adjoining field,
where part of the bevy had taken cover. They
were no more fortunate than the preceding dog*
until near .the end of the heat, when Mountain
Quail made a nice point on a single and was
etancbly backed by Lou.
An adjournment was then taken for luncheon,
which consumed about an hour and a half.
During this time the fog lifted and a llfrht
breeae dried the grass. This made the running
much more favorable for Nellie Bang and Mar
isarette. This heat was run in a field where
the cover -was shorter and a few minutes after
the start Nellie located a. bevy In a patch of
sunflowers. The birds flushed wild and scat
tired over a large territory, giving a splendid
opportunity for Judging the merits of the two
pointers. Both were speedy and enappy on
tlie'r points and each secured several good
i ones. Nelli* Bang had clearly the best of the
heat, which lasted fully half an hour.
The next two dogs, Jay M and Kilgarif.
were- cast off in a field a mile distant from
¦where the last heat was run. Jay M kept the
course, but Kilgarif made a wide cast and was
soon lost to sight. As running birds were seen
in that direction it was evident he had located
a bevy or at least was making game. He re-
C. E. "Worden's Karry H with Fred Butler's
Judge Hunter; J. E. Terry's Lou with Charles
Coggln's Mountain Quail: J. W, Quinn's Nellie
Bang T.-ith Stockdale Kennels* Margarette; C.
E. Worden's Jay II with J. E. Terry's KilRarif.
Owing to the non-arriva! of one of the
handlers, almost an hour was lost before
the bye dog, Stockton Kennels' pointer.
Midget (Cuba's Zep-Jingro Bagpipe) was
turned down. Dodge, her handler, elect
ed to have one of her kennel mates as a
companion In the heat and the dogs were
cast off In a vineyard, where birds were
soon found. As the glass was wet, and a
heavy mist falling, the birds flushed to
the trees and but few could be induced
to seek ground "cover. A few were lo
cated in an adjoining field, but no point,
work was secured. Juflge Humphrey
then announced that the dogs carried
Into the Becond series would be as fol
lows: •
Coast Field Trial? Club meeting
to-day, with Nellie Bang second and
ilargarette third. Clever as was K;l
garlf's work in yesterday's race, it was
excelled by to-day's performance. It is
wonderful if two such heats can be ac
credited to any Derby dog In the history
of the club. A dense fog hur.g over the
landscape this morning when the start
was made for the field trial grounds,
which were located almost twelve miles
from Bakersfield.
g-arif. the dog which ran the
sensational heat yesterday,
landed first money at the Pacific
At each twenty-five miles th^re will be
Ftalior.ed a committee of control, who will
note the arrival and departure of the au
An association of dealers and manufac
turers of automobiles is being formed'and
during the first week of April the twtn
ty-Feven firms engaged in the business
will unite in an exhibition of their ma
Mechanics' Pavilion has been secured
for one week and during that time wiU
l>e given up to the exhibition. I'niting
with the enterprise all dealers in sporting
j;ood«. rifles. lishing taekio. photographic
iipparatus. bicycles and pleasure boats
will plp.ee their products on cxhibiti'in.
Though the pavilion is ample in site it
1«= not proposed to have any trial* of au
tomobiles take jj'ace In that building-, but
arrangements have been made- for a test
of the different machines. It is proposed
to run a hundred-mile t^st under condi
tions that will be decisive, not of speed.
l>ut of endurance. The route will com
mence oj) the vest Fide of San Kraneiseu
Rsy. returning by way of San Jose to
Oakl.*fr>d. a distance of 1(X> miles. Gasoline
tuiomobiles will be required to make the
entire distance without stops. Steam
machines will be allowed l-i .^top throe
times to replenish their water supply. The
FfFed is not to exceed fifteen miles an
hour. The machine that makes a contin
uous ]Q0-mile run at fifteen miles an hour
i\ ill win the race and be entitled to the
Use ribbon, the only prize for success.
\V. B. Hinrhman. Alameda Boat Club; James
E. Murphy. Hay City Athletic Club: J. C. Grif
fiths. Occidental - Athletic Club; Fred Koch,
Academic Athletic League; V. W. Ollphant,
Multnomah Athletic Club; John J. Gleason,
Olympic Club; Herbert Haflser, Stockton Ath
letic Club; T. I. Fitzpatrlek. South End Ilowingr
Club; M. J. Calnan. Pioneer Rowing Club; Al
Kothkopf. Uolphln Boating Club; E. J. Lynch.
Ariel Howinif Club: Thomas Harris, I,urllne
Swimming Club; Morris Levy, Hayes Valley
Athletic Club; George James, Sacramento Ath
letic Club; David Brown. Stanford University.
President Hinchman, in his address,
called the attention of the board to the
desirability of public playgrounds .in the
thickly populated parts of the city. lie
hoped the association would lend ita in
•tluence toward their establishment.
Addresses were made by men represent
ing the various branches of athletics.
Those in attendance were:
John J. Gleason was elected a' member
of the Pacific Coast committee of the
Olympian games. He will visit Sacra
mento as its representative and will en
deavor to bave a small portion -of the
money which it is expected will be voted
for a California exhibit at St. Louis set
aside for sending a team of athletes to
the exposition. This will be supplemented
with money derived from field days and
other entertainments.
The board of governors of the^ Pacific
Athletic Association held its annual meet
ing and banquet last night. The chief
matter considered was the world's Olym
pian games to be held next year either
at Chicago or St. Louis. The latter city
is working .on the International commit
tee having the, games in charge and hopes
to have them transferred from Chicago
to form part of their exposition.
The Southern California horse/ Ignacio.
turned things upside down In the mile
and 100 yard event, quoted at 10 to 15
to 1 in the books. Under Minder's strong
riding the outsider passed Nigrette aa the
bend for home was reached, after which
it was clear sailing for him. "Connell on
Nigrotte was kept^busy to stall off ttie
challenge for place of St. Sever. Larry
Wilt undoubtedly, would have been a keen
contender but for being cut off on the
far turn.
Ada N enjoyed an easy victory In the
second seven-furlong selling number. She
went to 'the post an 8 to 5 favorite and
after being rated during the early stages
of the running ran over Golden Cottage
and Mission at the end.
Bullman on The Major put up one of his
old-time finishes In the sprint over six
furlongs for three-year-olds. For a time
it looked as if Minder, astride Jockey
Club, would succeed in making a run
away race of It, especially as The Major
was sharply cut off nearlng the turn. This
cost Bullman and his mount considerable
ground, but he rode a desperate finish the
last eighth, beating out Jockey Club on
the final stride. Ballroom Belle's slippers
must have pinched her feet, for she with
drew the last sixteenth, after once looking
a possible winner.
Maggie Felix; a 9 to 10 favorite for the
seven-furlong affair following, was given
a stiff argument by Sleeping Child, a 10
to 1 chance with Minder up. At the
start the outsider Jumped away in the
lead and it took some strong urging on
the part of Tommy Burns to get Maggie
up in time to score by less than a length.
Ransch finished third with Jim Gore II.
Bcrnota: appeared ' outfooted from the
In the opening mile selling run. for
which a field of twelve shifty platers
faced, the barrier. Kitty Kelly, displayed
unexpected speed. With Birkenruth on
her back and 6 to 1 In the ring, the mare
led from start to finish, winning cleverly
in 1:42. Rosarie, a 30 to 1 shot, took the
place from Schreiber's Porte by a neck.
Away from the post none too well, the
13 to 3 favorite, Matin B?U. ran fifth.
While Kitty Kelly, Ignacio and El
Orientewere liberal contributors to the
surprise column, first choices managed
to hold their own. . Maggie Felix, ridden
by Burns, turned up a handy winner; Ada
N, annexed a purse without much effort,
and in the only sensational finish of the
afternoon The Major, piloted by John
Bullman, was awarded a nose decision
over Jockey Club, a third choice. The
attendance and betting were all that
c6uld be desired, while the clear, frosty
weather kept everybody wrapped up.
the last race yesterday by El
Orlente, a 30 to 1 8hot, ridden by Don
nelly. With everybody down hook, line
and sinker on Sir Hampton, the favorite,
the Spiers entry went out In front and
won all<the .wayj It wa? the first 6tart
this seaso^' of Sir Hampton, and the
brown horse, • on the • strength of pome
very fast trials, was touted far and wide
as -the most' edible morsel on the card.
Held under light wraps for three-quarters
of the distance by Ransch, when finally
let down he fell short just a length of
catching the outsider at the wire. .Rasp,
another long-priced one, ran a close third,
a length farther away.
OF all the bon-bons that have been
popped the last few days at
Oakland, none caused a more de
pressing effect than the win of
¦ ; \ ¦ ¦¦
Series of Entertainments Is
Planned by Pacific Asso-
Hundred-Mile EndurandeTest
for All Machines to
Be Decided.
Ignacio at Long Odds Reaches the Wire Ahead of Nigrette-— Maggie Felix
Scores Brackets—Kitty Kelly Beats a Big Field/Leading All the Way.
Bullman Lands The Major First, a Scant Nose in Front of Jockey Club
Will Hold Big Show at
Pavilion Early in
Athletes Desire Aid in
1 Sending a Team to
St. Louis.
J. E. Terry's Handsome Black, White and Tan English
Setter Performs Superbly in Competition— J.W.
Flynn's Nellie Bang Second, Margarette Third
The Gall's Great Premium
A carload of Call Superior Atlases has arrived and ; they are
now ready for distribution. All subscribers to The Call are entitled
to a copy of this great book at the premium rate of $1 50. Out of
town subscribers desiring a copy of this splendid premium will be
supplied on receipt of $1 50. All mail orders will be shipped by
express at subscriber's expense.
Terms of this great offer: Subscribe for The Daily Call for a
period of six months and you will be entitled to a copy of this
splendid $8 00 Atlas for $1 50.
Oscar Holliday Banghart's
work is warmly admired by
Phil May, the famous English
artist who succeeded George
Du Mauri er on London
"Punch." Mr. May has many
of Banghart's originals, and
values them very highly. This
opinion by the way. is shared
by the thousands who have
been fortunate enough to pos-
sess the series which The San
Francisco Call is giving its
readers. They are all taken
from Mr. Emgharfs famous

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