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PORTLAND — Arrived Jan 22— Bktn Omega,
from Ban Francisco.
Sailed Jan 22— Stmr Prentiss, for San«Pedro;
Btinr Homer, for San Francisco.
LIVERPOOL— Arrived Jan 22— Stmr Ger
manic, from New York.
CHERBOURG— Sailed Jan 22— Stmr August?
Victoria, from Bremen, for New York.
CJUEENSTOWN— Sailed Jan 22— Stmr Bel
genland, from Liverpool, for Philadelphia.
Late Shipping Intelligence.
Andrew J. Pope to Emily F. Pope, rerecord
938 D 70, lot on NW corner of Pine and Ba
ker atreets. N 1!"6 by XV 412:6; also lot on NW
corner Pine and Lyon streets, W 163:2 N
278:4. E 122:3, S 275: also lot on N"YV corner
Van Ness avenue and Jackson street, W 163.
N 117:101*. E 49:10, N 137:fl, E 113:2, S
255:4^; also lot on S line of Turk street, 110
K of Buchanan, E 139:9 by 8 137:6: also lot
on \V line of Front street, 91:8 S of Jackson
S 40:10 by \V 137:0; also lot on SW corner of
Eddy and Flllmore streets, W 137:6 by S 110:
p L.. B. and Jennie A. Edwards to H. C. Cap
well, lot on W line of Lyon street, 50 S of
Hayes, S 25 by W 81:3; *10.
Thomas L»ee . to Samuel B. and Mary E.'
Mertes, lot on N line of McAllister street, 281 :0
W of Parker, XV 25, N 80:4, NE 25, S 9i:6
Catherine McCarthy to Thomas W. Servise,
lot on N line of Sycamore street, 230 E of Va
lencia. E 25 by N 100; $10. .. , ¦
J. M. and Syrine E. Peoples to L. ,B. Sib
ley, lot on E line of Landers street and Inter
section line drawn S 81 degrees &O minutes
from point on -W line of Dolores street, It58:ll>i
N of. Sixteenth. N 68:8, N 81 degrees 50 min
utes. E 130." S 58:9, SW 130; $10.
Charles and Anna B. Strohmaier to George
T. and Nellie R. Mason, lot on S line of Fif
teenth street, 120 W of Castro, W 40 by S
103:4»4; $10. . . -
Clara. E. L. Folger (formerly Cunningham)
to John I* ¦ Pinner; lot on S line of California
street, 178:2^4 W of' Dupont. Wiffi!;SW • H
01:8, E :H:4^,"S 2S:4, E 28:0%, N 120; $10.
John Rosenf eld's Sons (corporation) to Bahr
fcheldeman, lot on SE corner of : Sutler and
Stockton streets, S :s<> by,:E «0; $10.
IJ. - J. Tleeng to William F. and Elizabeth
Schweitzer, let on N line -of Chestnut' street
lOU-.U E of Leavenworth. E 35 by N 112:6; $io!
Benjamin and Charles H.Fehni^nann James
Toman. W. H. Metson and Mary M. : B.* Mur-
George E. and Emellln» L. Bates to Grattan
D. and Margaret A. Phillips, lot on N line of
Union street, .125 E of ' Baker, E 25 by N
137:6; $10.
loathe Dougherty to same, same; $10,
Mary E. Reene to William P. Dougherty, un
divided two-thlrd« of lot on N line of McAl
lister street, 130 E of Pierce, E H by N
137:6; SI.- ,
Catherine McAlplne Farrlngton to Frank H
Crane, undivided half of lot on K line of
Btelner street, 03 S of Sacramento, 8 20:0 by
E Sl:3; $10.
Harriette de Witt Kittle to Alban B. Butler,
lot on SW corner of Broadway and Webster
street. S 33:2^ by W 107:6; $10,
J. L. and Mary A. von d>r Mehden to P*t<>r
and Catherine E. Burrs, lot on K line of Fll
bert street, 87:6 W of Octavla. XV 25 by N
10O: $10. '
"White Investment Company, (corporation) to
Edward J. Vogel, lot on N line of. Paciflc ave
nue, 119;»j K of Frftnklln street, E 47 :C by N
100; ?10.
THURSDAY, Jan. 22.
The Young Women's Christian Associa
tion from around the bay will hold a stu
dents' rally on the campus next-Satur
day. Delegates are expectetd from -the
University of California, Mills College,
California College, San Jose Normal and
the University of the Pacific.
Students Itally at Stanford.
SAN DIEGO, Jan. 22.— The attorneys
for the Times-Mirror Company, in the
suit of Katherine Tingley against the
Los Angeles Times for libel this morn
ing tiled a notice of Intention to move for
a new trial. The motion will be made
on affidavits to be filed and on a bill of
exceptions to be prepared.
Will Move foi a New Trial.
The Stanford English Club met last night
and elected the following officers for the
present semester: President, Roy O. Had
ley, '03; vice president. Miss Sue Bird, '03;
secretary and treasurer, Thoreau Cronyn,
'03; senior members of executive council,
Miss Barbara Hitts, '05, and Miss Mabel
Brown, '03. '«' ' :
English Club Elects Officers.
BAKERSFIELD, Jan. 22.— C. R. Telton,
an oil-well driller, well known In this
county.-thls morning pleaded guilty to a
charge of grand larceny and was or
dered to appear for sentence on Monday
next. Pelton was arrested for the theft
of some J2000 worth of oil-well drilling
tools and machinery from the Common
wealth Oil Company in the Kern River
field. \
Pleads Guilty to Larceny Charge.
BAKER CITY, Or., Jan. 22.-Th e bond
of ex-Sheriff A. II. Huntlngton, against
whom a shortage of $17,000 was found re
cently, was unearthed to-day. The bond
i« defective in many ways, among. other
defects being the absence of filing in
dorsements and satisfactory approval. If
the bond is found Invalid the county will
lose all of Huntlngton's shortage.
Bond Is Found to Be Defective.
Judge Alexander Craig.
SAN RAFAEL, Jan. 22.— Judge Alex
ander Craig, an old resident of Califor
nia, died at his home in Larkspur yester
day after a prolonged Illness. Craig was
born in Ohio, in 1S3G. and came to Cali
fornia. In the early 50's. In 1863 he com
menced the practice of the law in Stock
ton and subsequently moved to Santa
Cruz County. In 1873 he was elected Dis
trict Attorney of Santa Cruz and later
to the Superior Court bench. He leaves
a wife and seven children.
New. Lighting Plant for San Jose.
SAN JOSE, Jan. 22.— A new electric
power and lighting plant is said to be
¦^aii'cng the new Industries to be establish
ed here. A short time ago the two old
companies were consolidated Into the
Gas and Electric Company,
which now has no. opposition. The capi
talists \ who are back of the new enter
prise are said to be residents of San Jose.
Murderers Change Their Minds.
SAN 'JOSE, Jan. 22.— After confessing
to one of the most cold-blooded murders
ever committed in Santa Clara County
Antone Lawrence and Joe Rose to-day
entered a plea of not puilty when ar
raigned for the murder of Manuel Ca
bral. The men murdered Cabral for his
money. When arrested they confessed
to the crime.
William Horgan.
BUTTE, Mont.. Jan. 22.— William Hor
gan, president of the Connell Company,
and one of the most prominent business
men of Butte, was found dead In bed. thia
morning. He was 60 years! of age and
was for thirty years In business In Mem
phis, Tenn.\
KINGSTOWN, Island of St. Vincent,
Jan. 22.— A brisk eruption of the Soufrlere
volcano on this Island occurred at noon
to-day. Into the clear sky shot up a
twirling, incandescent cloud followed by
black smoke which rapidly ascended to a
great height. It furnished a highly in
teresting spectacle and was visible
throughout the island. Sand is falling at
Chateau Belair.
The twelve men in the jury chamber
dropped to their knees and bowed their
heads as the one juror offered a prayer,
In which he petitioned divine guidance.
CHICAGO, Jan. 22. — "A season of.
prayer" preceded the deliberations of a
jury in Judge Chetland's court to-day,
which resulted, in the acquittal of Pat
rick Deehan. charged with the murder of
John Lindens. When the twelve took
their places around the table William H.
Djehls said:
Gentlemen, this is a most serious duty be
fore us. A human life hangs in the balance
awaiting but a word from us to be made free
or to be ended. This is such a solemn duty
that I always fear to approach it and I think
that we ought to ask for courage and for light.
Won't you. gentlemen, join me in a prayer?
Let us kneel here In the jury chamber and ask
divine guidance in the duty we are undertak
Army orders— Captain W. W. Harts,
from Philippines to San Francisco In
command of two companies of engineers
which will transfer to Captain J. J. Mor
row and proceed to Portland, Or., re
lieving Captain W. C. Langfitt of river
and harbor work.
Navy Orders— Ensign F. O. Branch, to
Independence, Mare Island yard; Civil
Engineer H.'H. Rousseau to Mare Ialand
Washington— Original— David Sypher,
Olympia, $6. Increase, reissue, etc.— John
W. Pullman, Ortingr. J8; Charles Lindt,
Aberdeen, $10; Edward Savoie, soldiers'
home, Orting, $12; Oscar V. Davis, sol
diers' home, Ortlng, $8.
Pensions granted: California—Origi
nal—Robert R. Scott, lone. J6; Frank G.
Young, San Francisco. $6 (war with
Spain). Increase, reissue, etc.— John
Lewis. Los Angeles, $10. Widows, minors
and' dependent relatives— Eliza J. Youn
kin, Los Angeles, $12.
Oregon— Widows, minors and dependent
relatives— Sena E. Sing, Condon, $S.
Fourth-class postmasters appointed:
Washington— William E. Reinoehl, Addy,
Stevens County, vice Elias S. Dudrey, re
WASHINGTON, Jan 22.— Postmasters
California— Louise C. Tyler, Eastland;
Timothy B. Blanchard, Manzana.
Oregon— Laura M. Watson, Woodlawn.
Financially the church is in excellent
condition, the treasurer's report showing
a cash balance • on hand January 1 of
$3175 42. v
Following are the officers and commit
tees elected:
Trustees— S. T. Alexander, R. H. Chainber
laln. A. S. Carman. George T. Hawley. J. B.
Richardson, F. S. Stratton and H. P. Cfcrlton.
Deacons— C. E. Keyes, XV. W. Lovejoy and J.
'Deaconesses— airs. G. A. Chllds, Mrs. P. U.
°Clerk Miss Rose M. Taylor; treasurer-be
nevolent fund. H. K. Snow; assistant treasurer
benevolent fund. Willis H. Collins.
Nominating committee — XV. L. Culver, A. H.
Breed and E. F. Barbour.
Oakland Office San Francisco Call,
1118 Broadway, Jan. 22.
In keeping with the trend of affairs, the
First Congregational Church has in
creased the salary of the Rev. Charles R.
Brown, the pastor, from 55000 to $5000 a
jear. This action was taken last night at
the annual meeting of the church. The
additional $1000 Is presented as an evi
dence of the esteem in which the pastor
is held, and in appreciation of the serv
ices he has rendered to the church.
Add One Thousand Dollars
to the Rev. 0. R. Brown's
Yearly Income.
First Congregational
Makes an. Increase
in Emolument.
The George Stierlen Company (owners) with
W. B. Eaton contractor, George Stierlen ar
chitect, all work except asphaluim roof, finish
ing hardware, cement work, steps, mantels and
tiling and vestibule floors, for a two-story and
basement building- on the W line of Masonic
avenue, 21S:9 N of Frederick street, N 60 by
W 1O«:3: total, $8620. - 7? -
Southern Pacific Company (owner) with
Thomas Elam contractor. Frank S. Van Trees
architect, all Vork for a one-story and base
ment brick addition to Southern Pacific Hos
pital on the SW corner of Mission and Four
teenth street. XV 279:8 by R 95. E 94, S 145, E
1S5:8. N 240. M. B. 3O; total, $2549.
Mary P. MacCrelllsh to Henry A. and Rosa
lind McCall. lot on NW line of Mission street,
13rt:8 SW of Twenty-ninth. SW 24:9% by NW
100; also lot on S line of Twenty-ninth street,
143:4«i W of Mission, W 25, S 83:5%, NE
47:10ii. N 42:7%. lots 409 to 416. Precita Val
ley lands: $10.
Pletro Belluomlnl to same, lot on NW line of
Mission street, 161:5% S pf Twenty-ninth, SW
0:2% by NW 100. MacCrelllsh subdivision lota
409 to 416. Precita Valley lands; $10.
Builders' Contracts.
Martha V. Woodward to Mary P. MacCrel
lish. lot on S corner of Twenty-ninth street and
S line of San Jose avenue. SW 212:4>4, SE
211:6»4. NE tfl. SE 100, NE 315:0%. W 4CS:9&.
Precita Valley lots 409 to 416, quitclaim deed;
H. A. and Rnsalind McCall to Ludwlg See
llg-er. lot on NW line of Mission street, 136:4
SW of Twenty-ninth, SW 0:4 by NW 100,
MacCrellish lots 40C-to 416: $10.
Man* P. MacCrelll.sh to Ludwlg Seeliger. lot
on N"\V line of Mission street. 111:8 S of
Twenty-ninth, SW 25 by NW 100, portion Mac-
Crellish subdivision lots 409 to 416, Precita
Valley lands; $10.
Oswald Deil to J. Frank Walters, lot on W
line of Aehbury street, 32 N of Seventeenth,
N bo by W 90, lots 2 and 3, block 1, Park Lane
Tract 7; $10.
Antonio and Louisa Cuneo to Mlchele and
Ancla Faraprgl, lot on NW line of Arlington
street, 00 NE of MiRuel. NE 25 by NW 100,
portion lot 10, Falrmount Tract; $10.
James H.\ and Fanny M. Humphreys to
Catherine Bcrgold (wife of Charles V.), lots
7 and « block 14, Sunny vale. Homestead Asso
ciation; $10.
Charles W. Preston to Frederick C. Jaeger,
lot on N line of Merrltt street, 275.60 W of
Hattle. SW 25.06, NW 83.44, SE 25.18. SW
82.12, lot 12. block C. Tarli I/ane Tract; $10.
Gporge A. and Elizabeth Buhlinge to Marie
Graul. lot on SE line of Lisbon street. 200 NE
of Persia avenue, NE 25 by SE 1C0, block 2S,
Excelsior Homestead; $10.
Louisa I', Rohwed«r (Haura) and Hans Roh
weder to Florian and Elizabeth Weiss, lot on
E line of Whitney street. 150 N of Randall. N
25 by E 125. block 27, Fail-mount Tract; $10.
tin (by George S. McComb, commissioner) to
Stephen Otis, lot on E line of Larkin street,
Utt S of Green, S 23 by E S2;$2112.
Patrick E Mulligan' -to James and Mary
A Comlsky." lot on XE line of Hawthorne
street :I25 SE of Folsom, SE 23 :« by NE
112:0; ?W.,^.
Rosa . Frey to Thomas G. Garstang, lot un
NW line ofNatonyi street, 150 NE of Seventh.
NE 25 by NW 75; $10.
Louis Metzger to Mary Crosson, lot on NE
line of Seventh street, 150 SE of Bryant, SK
lOU-by NE S3; $10. • -
John Kelso Company (corporation) to John
Y Millar lot on SW corner of Nineteenth and
Florida streets. S US by,\V r.0; also lot on SE
corner of Eighteenth and Florida streets, S
100 by E 200- aleo lot onS line of Hancock
street, 110 E of Sanchez, E 200 by 8 114; alto
lot on NW corner of Twenty-fifth and Vlcks
bur& streets, N 114 by W 73; also undivided 'a
Potrero Neuvo block 12, bounded by Harrison,
Nineteenth, Alabama and Twentieth streets;
also undivided Vt of lot on SE corner of Twen
tieth street and Potrero" avenue, S 153 by E
200; also undivided 2-.'i of lot on SE corner
of Chestnut and Kearny streets, E 183:4, S
68:9 W 91:8, S 45:10, XV 01:8, N 114:7; also
undivided ?4 of lot on SW corner of Lombard
ond Montgomery streets, S 137:6 by W.137:G;
Jeremiah F. Finn to Mary E. and Elena G.
Finn, lot on S line of Twenty-fifth street. 25 E
of (Hampshire. E 25 by S 91:ti; $10. '
fWulah E. Hook to Lizzie Dye (wife of Sper
ry>. lot on SE corner of Third avenue and
Lake street. E 82 :« by S 25; $10.
Amelia and E. S. Bennlng to O. H. Benning.
lot on E line of Twentieth avenue. 172 N of
California street. N 20 by E 120; $225.
John R. Frank to Morris Kallsky, lot on W
line of Fourth avenue, 400 N of Clement street,
N 25 by W 120; $10.
Frederick C and Minnie A. Bunger to Minnie
Buncer. lot on NW corner of Point Lobos and
Fourth avenues. W S3 by N 100; gift.
Charles Gerlach to John C. Brickell, lot on E
line of Tenth avenue, 150 S of Point Lobos,
S 23 by E 120; ?10.
Bernhard -and Rose Gets to Solomon Oetz,
lot on \V line cf Forty-seventh avenue, 225 S
of I street, S BO by W 120r also lot on W lino
of Forty-seventh avenue, 225 N of J street, N
50 by W 120; $10.
Dora and Solomon Getz to Alma H. Leek,
lot on W line of Forty-seventh avenue, 225 S
of I street. S DO by W 120: $10.
Antone and Lizzie Ruegg to Solomon Getz.
lot on E line of Ninteenth avenue, 175 N of K
street. N 50 by E 120; $10. , A , „
Minnie W. Gove to F. A. V>eet, Undivided
one-half of lot on W lino of Eighteenth avenue,
79:« N of Q street. N 828, NW 78:6. SW :527:«,
SE 96:3; also all interest in Outside Lands
block 1024; also undivided o.ne-half of* lot on
W line of Seventeenth avenue, 209:1 8 of P
street, S 327:11. NW 240:4. N 338, SE 240:4;
alfo all interest in- Outside Lands block 1035;
also undivided one-half of lot on E line of Sev
enteenth avenue, 212:10 S of P street. S 327:10.
SE 183:2, NE 327:6. NW 200:11; also all inter
est in Outside Lauds block 10*J(J; $10.
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trr>.O* — A NK. COn. oi»-vara lot nn car lire
<r t!.t United Dailroads ar.d looking Ir.to the
Oold»-ti Gate Psrk and commanding full view
..f botilnard and park drive*: streets jil
f«»ered. bJtamlnIi»d ar.d l»o»h Eide«-aHui
iten«-ccrbed: dun't miss setting tull i>:ir-
tlrulars >j: this rare bui'.dini; site. 921.0U)
is*':: <¦::>: •>** mod* 1 by som«» leailios }>hy-
: tor a only a lew liny
.-.E^ n. M. LAxa & co., t'i MYratecacry
st corner Gutter, jiiiotie Orar.t IZi.
ti Ucprov«Baeat» antl part cert of lot; bouses
lu.Jt tn terms to null; jrtans fiee; Interest
i. per ctr.t. 1OT-K>S CrorVcr bullilSng.
NFAT. r.pn co:t»ce tor fa!e: tcrtr* easie as
; ay:r.f re:.!. Apply ntetttr. lumber yard,
PH. cor. JU%batsa and Mcatcalra sts.
'.;• ','fK and lot for t-z\e account of Fickr.ess;
.¦>¦.":* tiiO p<r ::;or.th. S43 Howard *t.
A T\i:F.K'S news for S cent?— The Weekly Call.
••; ;»i4f'. i'i vxrapnt-r for rr.aliir.g. SI per year.
¦.^:\1. l^TATi:— . Ccnnlry— Kor Snle.
travts. ft'i« tc $!*0 jkt arr*. on Rancho
¦ ¦•.a?!, Tiun:;i Co.; future value assured, a*
t-ar. Trancisfo is erowir.t; rapidly; location
1- >: fcr ,'ouUry pnd funeral Iw.rming. Apply
t« The Cotatl Co.. .102 California Bt.. f,"r
• ; a:r.phlrt and information.
LACGB IW cf choice ccunti-j' lands in all
t-ctlon* r.f California. Land I>epartment
'¦-¦¦ , -l---r. lUywanl building. t . -
riJK our b*-»utiful homes lor sale.
Id^al location. Groat t>a:'jrain.
_ 15U0 Park ft.. Alameda.
1 ¦ • yr>u want one nf thc?^ new Ji-room cottages
-built to with choice lot? One-quarter
csfh; $y*«> and urwarJ. J. H. YOUNO,
lu'.ldfr. 1243 Park nt.. Alame^a.
I»aWTi.|toon houw.^haif "block Jrcr; U. C.
J2r<«j — 6 -room hcute; 2»4 acre*; College eva.
* :.' x' — 3-room house; east cf Telegrapu avenu*.
cm Derby «t.
HjQO — l-room house; Tftt Berkeley.
klcQQ— Lot 60x148; lkrry Ear.gs Tract; Ben-
venue ave.
JI1I0 — 8-rocin house; Cl.anr.inp wsy. between
Dana acd K:.>« . rt. «.t».
Kert <3ocr to PoatofOce. Berkeley. C&l.
R»al t^tate end Insurance AK«at.
i Its 5<*arc esitatallsii^I in li^rUeley. )
r^ferenc—f, any one that knew? me. Scuth-
<**t ccrnet cf Shatturk ave. and Center Bt.,
r«rkr;«>5\ <"h<-;re rrr>r»riv a Fr>"<*ialty.
ZG9 Z2A st.; 8 roomf; lot 4OxlC0; hot water
hoat^r: driveway, etc.; an ideal home; term*.
jart ceEh.
305 20th ft., corner Franklin; hou$« of fi
rooms e.v.<i bath: plate piass windows; hot
»ater furnace; lot 45 feet irontafte; an Ideal
r:a<_-e: positively n^UFt t» sold b«»!cre Fcbruary
1; rrtc« has 'been reduced Er.d terms ir.u?t be
half ceih.
?OQ> E. 12th «. : 7 rooms and bath: never
r>e»n occarled; lot 33rf>8: k?r across the etn»<M:
term* cniy fi(X» cash, balance en mortgage;
street work accepted by city, so no expense fcr
street wcrk.
I06«-1070 7th ave.; 2 new house*, opposit*
Clinton Park: tbe»«e rlaces must be sold; terms
mly $500 and ?7u0 cash: houses open fcr In-
tfectlon dally from 9 until 3, Inc'.udir.g Sunday.
4*4 «..th Ft., facjnir ftouth: T rn^ni? and T>ath
rpe-r. piumbing; modern in even.' respect; K
r e w houses immediately surrounding it; oper,
for inspection daily; tenr.s only (000 cash act!
laiance on mortcage.
South *i<*e S?th «t.. 1OO feet E of Telegraph
ave.; lot 43x114; houp* of 7 room?; new ar.d
moS'ni In every refpect; terrr.s jr^.K) cash and
balance en time.
15 McCIare st. ; lot 45x100: S room* and
tnth; In elegant crder; now under a lease; per-
rr.lfsion must be obtained at the office to ex-
ts-.Inue premises.
J. E. JITEES, 1002 Broadway.
Oakland. Cal.
Ft'RMTl'RE good and cheap th!e month. H
PCHELLHAAS. 4f)K Eleventh gt.. Oakland.
".HE Girls' Directory Orphan Aeylum herebj
Fl^'es notice that the following orphan jir.d
baif-orphan ajirls and boy G liave bten ad-
mitted to tfce asylum from July 1, l'jQ2, tc
January 1. 1903: Edward Au!t. S yre. : R.e.
gecla Mclntyre. 8 yra. ; William Mclntyre
t jrrs. ; Ekla F"isher. 11 yra.; Karl Fi»her, <
yr«.; Ee:a Fifber, 0 yrs.; Joseph Morgan, I
yn.; Columbia Morgan, 4 yrs.; Ju'.ia S'.oco
vlch, 6 yrs.; Rcse glecovich. 5 yrs. ; Ells
f-locovlch, 3 j-re. ; Freda Vallender. 10 yrs.
¦Wlnfred Scott. 3 j-r». ; Charles £tique 1£
I months; Peril Samell, 5 yre. ; Paul .-"arnel!
4 jrr».; Alice Eamell, 2 yrs.; Fred Less. <
yrf.; Solly Lefs. 3 yr?.; Her.ry Fcstere, 1
>rt.: Mary Jeffer*. 12 yrs.; Catherine Chle**,
4 yrm. ; Florence Waleh. 5 yrs. ; John Walsh.
7 yn. : John Green. 7 yr«. : Patrick Green, t
yra.; William Green 3 yrs. ; Lena Knab, Z
>rs. ; George Knab, 4 yrs.; Thomas Sterling,
4 yr».; Thomas Pafter.e. 7 yrs. 6 months;
Dcrwood Partece, 5 jtb. C montha; Iren«
Enilth, 12 yrs. ; Anna ifmith. 10 yrs.; Fran-
cli Martin. 5 >ts.; Gregory Gjg'Jeri, 7 yrs. ;
Loulee Gugllert, i >•«.; Charley Lane, 1
yre.; Willie Lane, 6 yrs.; Catherine Lane. Ss
jts. ; Frank Hlnes. 4 yrs.; Addle Hlntfs i
yra. ; Alfred Conquest. C yrs. ; Charles Squires.
2 >-r«. ; James iJiLlvy. « yrs. ; Margaret l>aiey
b yrs. ; Emlel Hussonot, S yrs. y mo.; Mar-
garet Hussenct, 3 yrs.; Thore&a Lalley, :
yrs. 3 nso.; Edna Ftevecs, 10 yrs.; Irene
Pte%en*. 7 yrs.; Mary Schoup, 8 yr». ; Mary
McGoncai, 6 yr». ; Thomas McGongal 4 yra. ¦
Edward Glendon, 6 yre.; John JIcKeown S
yr«.; Catherine McKeown. 7 yrs.; Frank
McKeown, 5 yn.; Vlrcll Her.r.enjey, 6 yrs. ;
aiirj' McClellan, 9 yrs.; Bernice McClellan,
6 yra. : Hazel McCleUan, 10 yrs C mo
Amaxida M'ndoze. 11 yrs. ; Maria Mendore.
ll-jra. ; Lupe Mendcze, S yre.; Eiizabetli
Bilvlra, I'i yrs.; Antcne fc'llvera, 4 yrs. 4
CO.; ilary Alice O'Neil, 4 yrs.; Thoraai
Kearn. 18 month?: Chester Welch 3 yra J
months; Russell Welch. 2 yrs. ; Myrtle Hew-
itt. 10 yrs. ; Catherine O'Connor. 5 yre.;
Eld* MacEnerney, T> yrs. 6 months; Georg<
AlviEo. 4 yra.; Paul AIvIeo. 3 yrs.; Marli
Peeatlvo, 4 yrs.: Marions Pesatlvo. € yrs.
Francis Johnston. 7 yrs.; Eddie Kelleyen, t
yr«. ; Joseph Kelleyen, 5 yrs. ; Koy Uanna, 4
yrs.; Angelo Uolteno, « yre. ; Mary Uolteno
3 yra.; Edr.a Kelly. 11 yrs.; Alice Keiiy, <
yrs. 8 tao. ; Mortimer Kelly, 4 yrs. ; Argentina
Carbod, 2 yrs.T Grace Meehan, h yrs.; Iren<
Mtehan. 4 yrs.; Mary L«uis. 12 yrs.; Fres
Blckert, 9 yrs. ; Florence Blckert, 8 yr».
Elmer Blckert, 3 yr*. ; Ernest Lanterlo. J
yrs.; Mary Rcir.aro, 8 yr».
CHANGE of officers in Point Richmond De-
velopment Company — At a meeting of th«
fiirector* of tbe Point Richmond Develop-
rr.rrt Company, held recently. Mr. F. I*
Turpln wag elected to eucefed Mr. W. C.
Oray as president. Mr. Gray's connectlor
with the company In an official capacitj
being entirely cevcrcd. The company offen
fcr rale In Richmond good residence lots,
factory' eites Immediately adjoining: th:
Standard Oil Company's refineries, and
water front land which will afford «?jcc.;Ilenl
wharfage facilities. This land can be had
in Jots tad tracts to suit, en rasy Install-
ment*. For further Ir.fonr.ation call on oi
ednrr-*s Mil. F. L. TT.'KPIN. at the Colum-
bian RankirK Co.. Call building- where al]
payments are due.
A— EMPORIUM sTcTa^^Var^oTTf^rrituTe*
r.euschold gooCr ftored, moved, shipped 725-
-g\ Howard, near Third; phone Grant Id.
PIERCE-KOLKJLFH Storage & Moving Co.. of-
rice Post and Powell st*.; tel. Prlv.Kx.J7t.
BEKIXS Van and Storage Co.. G';o Market St.;
tel. Main IMP, thlpulrg a t cut rates.
G QIr D F N _? eet , St T? ra^ e: a< 2 v ance» made; 8M
MlBslcn «t-: tel. Howard an. F. W. ZehfuFs.
PACTF1C Storage and Furniture Movlnz Com".
rany; 2320 FllUnore st.; phon» Jack" on ™.
IN the Euperior Court of the City and Count*
cf tean Krancisco. Eute of Calllornla. probate
Jn the matter of the estate of MAKY ixi Kv
liAKGItO. deceased. Notit* for publicTtiou
cf time appointed for probate of wiii c « "
I'.. »5ec. 1303. Notice Is hereby given that
Widnetday. the >Sth day cf January An
VMZl. at 10 o'clock a. m. of that day und' th-
courtroom of Department No. ]o of »-iii
icort. a^the New City flail. In the «Hy and
County of San Francisco, State of CttlfenlaJ
h«\e baen appolmed jis ttie time and n! a ,i
:or provlngr the will cf raid MARY J"Li i."J
IIAI'.GP.O. deceased, and lor hearing the ai
j.Hcation of AUSTI-V MAD RICK CLTHTIS i &r I
NAMAHVOKA CURTIS for the Ismnnce la
them <A L*"ttPta 'JWtainrtitnry therein
ifceal.I AI.BKP.T B. 11AHO.NV, <^trk. L-y
K. S. HAWLEV. rx>jt«ty CJerk. Dated Janu-
r err 14. A. I). lOtti. A. F. ST. SfHE. Ai-
I torney for Petitioner*. Clau* isjirecMes b!df.,
¦ fan Franclfrco. 'Etidorsed.) Filed JanuajT
14. 13C3. ALBHIIT B. MAHONY. Clerk, by
E. B. HA1VL2Y, Deputy Clerk. No. 2S.Ul«5.
I AL!. kinds botirht. fold, rented, exrhaaged; rf-
i P alriR g: l°«ft ratea. Tel. Green 111. _'O5 ith.
! ALL lands bcusht. so!<l and repairing siiaran^
tcttl. chag. Plamb-ck. l'Jir> Mission, nr. 13th.
6'fAj»tmtl.\fc (lit STU'lTlSKlAtf.
STAMMKilJNG cured liy celebrated Mf lboutne j
j "'?'thod at Van Xess & Markt; best local reiri.
fm better machince for less money than any
¦ boot* jn '.he city; rentals $.1. The Typewriter
j Lscna:ige. O-IO California; telephone Main 200.
, FOR typavriten, L. & M. ALEXANDER, 110
! MontgoKery st.; exclusive dealers Smith Pre-
: rale* SCjrpewrtter*; suijpiies for all machines:
» partly used machines sold & new ones rented.
I -I^;HAXU typewriters Fold, rented, repaired. |
\»ct>ter Typewriter Inapec. Co.. 209 Sansome. '
The "fijlowlng marriage licenses were Issued
Joao L!«i<3aroza. 20. C5 Jackson street, and
Therera Alvfs. IV, 05 Jackson istreet.
i Gustave \. Konpc, SN, Keno. Xev., and
f Alrr.oe Jt. turton. 1'S. Hobart Mills,
j Fred il. l'assalacijua. 2i>, Healdsburg, and j
Ix>p-,a A. Michael. 20, city. 1
i Arthur ll.r:nanr;, r.'. CotlnaJ end Emily Ret-
| tig. 2£ c'.ly.
O'audius F. rie Fof, SO, San Jose, and Mary ¦¦
] J. McDonald. 28. city. |
Ik: V
! Eirth. ir.arrlaKe and iUn;h notlcea eent by i
j mail will not be ISMIted. Th*"y must be handed i
i In »t either of the uublication offices and be
I indorsed with the name and residence of per- I
j ecna authorized to have the same published.
; DOUGIIEKTT— In this city. January 22. "l»03.
to the T\i!«} of John Dousherty, a daughter.
• EHANNOX — Ql'l.S'X- In thU city. Januarj- 21.
J'.M^t, fry the Rev. A. C. Pane, rastor of
lTnwcrd-rtrt^t Methodist Church. Robert
Tilmna Shannon and Mary Ann Qirtnn, both
of San Francisco.
Abrams, Ike Johnson, Jacob
r-arlirack, Harold Kehoe. Margaret
lilancho. DeFsiM McDonough (infant)
I$o:hi». Richard McE>ouKall. John A.
Biistamantie, Thos. j Malnwarir.R, Sophia
Carroll, lCugen« M. Marks. Samuol
Cralp. Fx-Judce A. Messlni. Peter
Currie. Mrs. Kliza Monahan. John
Dick. Daniel J. O'Brien. Daniel
DouRherty, Joseph Ol>ay, Margaret
Dougherty. Marie Perry, David
l»urm\eiler. Karl A. P.ettf. Framoia
Edwards. Maggie D. Fchultz. Geonre H.
Oiven*, Joim H. ¦ Sheridan, John
Glaser, Sarah Twyford. Annie
Han.«pn. Oluf R. Viereckt, Matthias
Heyen. John Esther M.
Hirt. Dorathea Wakano, Ifalsutaro
JJol.srt. Mrs. Adelia AVllliams, Mary J.
Hoffman, Mary L. WilEon. Capt. XV. S.
Jenny, Augusta D.
J ADItAMS — In Baden. January 21. 1903, Ike
Abram*. beloved husband of Ray Abramfc,
father of Joe and Harry Abram.«, son of
Lipnman and Rachel Abrams. son-in-law of
Mark and Dora Cohon. <ind brother of Abe,
¦ (JeorKC Harry and Joe Abrams and Mr*.
T. J. Heid of Seattle, a native of Boston,
aped 2* year? i» months and 28 days.
(^Friends and acquaintances are respect-
fttltT invited to attond the funeral services
at J. t?. Gtjdeau's parlors, 305 Montgomery
avenue, % to-day CFrldajr>, at 10:30 o'clock,
lii'.enrent talem Cemetery. Funeral will
leav* Third and Townsend etrcets on 11:30
o'clock train.
BARUUACK— In this city, January 22, 1903,
brack, and beloved brother of Mrs. J. Selde-
• ! man and Ferdinand, William and" Albert
Barbrack, a native of San Francisco, aged
8 years 4 months and 1 day.
i BLANCHO— In the City and County Hospital,
1 January 22, 13C3, Desslre Blancho.
BOTHE— In this city, January 22, 1903. Rich-
ard Uotfce.
. i Bl'S-TAMANTIE — In this city. January 20.
\ i i'.*).'!. Thomas liust&msntle, beloved brother
, | of Frank faleidc, a native of Mexico, aged
I 5^ years,
E7F/1tnd? and acquaintances are respect-
fully invited to attend the funeral .Friday,
, j January 2.'5. at 2 o'clock, from the mortuary
I I chaj>el of Julius S. Godeau, .'!O5 Montgomery
I I avenue. Interment Laurel Hill Cemetery.
CARROLL— In thU city, January 22, 1003, Eu-
grene Milton Carroll, egod 10 years 6 months
and IH <Ia>f.
CRAIG— In Larkspur, Cal., January 21. 1903,
Ex-Judge Andrew Craig, beloved husband ot
Mary C. Craig, and father of James A-.
George P.. William T.. Frank. Minna A. and
Judson L. and the late Robert L. Craijr. a
native of Ohio, aged 06 years and 7 months.
CUIiRlE— In Berkeley. Mrs. Eliza M. Currle.
mother of F. D. Elwell, a native of Xew
York City. A member of the Third Order of
j St. Krancie.
Cy Remains at. the parlors of Carew &
¦ j English, Van Xess avenue. Interment
; private in Santa Clara Cemetery.
I DICK — In this city. January 20. 1903. Daniel
' I J., beloved husband of May Dick, a native of
1 j Cana-Ia.
CTTrlenda and acquaintances are respect-
1 fully Invited to attend the funeral to-day
• Friday), at 2 o'clock! from B'nal B'/ith
: Hall. 121 Eddy street, under the aueplcei of
' raclflc Lodee No. 13«, F. and A. M. Inter-
' ment Laurel Hill Cemetery. \
[ DOUGHERTY— In this city, January 22, 1903.
Joteph Dougherty, beloved husband of Ann
| I Jane Doueherty. and beloved father of Jo-
«;ph, Esther, i'rank, Thomas and Eugene
| i Dougherty, a native of Boston, Mass., aged
f IS yearrf. (St. Louis papers please copy.)
iCTKrif-nds and acquaintances are respect-
. fully Invited to attend the funeral to-morrow
> (Saturday), at » o'clock, from his late reai-
i dence. 1713 Howard street, thenoe to St.
Charles Borromeo's Church, Eighteenth and
; Ehotwell streets, where a requiem high mass
will be celebrated for the repose of his aoul,
commencing at t»:30 o'clock. Interment Holy
; CroBs Cemetery.
DOUGHERTY— In this city, January 22, 1803.
1 M3r!e, infant daughter of John and Lillle
1 Dougherty, a native of Fan Francisco.
DUXZWEILER — In Oakland. January 21, 10OJ,
Karl A., dearly beloved husband of.Trebella
IJuiizweller, father of Alma and Marlon
Dunz'A'eilcr, son of Jacob and Phoebe Dunz-
; weiler, and brother of Mrs. Ida Lutticken
and Edward. Walter and Alraa Dunzweiler,
| a native of Sen Francisco, aced 21 years 8
months and 7 daj's. A member of Brlcklay-
' ers' Union and Pocahontas Tribe No. 11, I.
O. IN 1 Men. (Zanesville, Ohio, papers please
'¦ ctpy.)
£7~ Friends and acquaintances are respect-
i fully invited to attend the funeral to-morrow
I (Saturday), at 2 o'clock, from his late rest-
i drnce, .'5W0 Eighteenth street, between Guer-
! rero and Dolores. Interment Mount Olivet
Cemetery, by electric funeral car.
: OFFICERS end Members of San Francisco
! Bricklayers' Association are respectfully re-
> quested to attend the funeral of our late
• brother, Carl A. Dunzweiler. Members to
' meet at Eighteenth and Valencia streets at
1 1 o'clock pharp. Saturday, January 24, 1903.
i WILLIAM BEXSOX. President.
1 CHARLES WAGNER. Secretary.
| EDWARDS— In this city, January 21, 1003.
I Mat'Biv Dorothy Edwards, beloved wife of
Evan Edwards, daughter of Frederick A.
| end Parah *,S>:se, and sister of Mrs. F.
fi';hlvc. Mri. W. A. Blanck and Frederick A.
Jr.. Flora. John and Paulfne Weise, a native
of Baltimore. Md.. ased :J1 years S month*
i and 1 day. (.Philadelphia. Baltimore and
New York papers ulease copy.)
CTFrlc-nd* and acquaintances are respect-
fully Invited to attend the funeral &aturday.
i January 24. 1903. at 10:30 o'clock, from the
' r«?sid»nce of her parents. 23 Madison avenu',
i off Harrison, between Fifth and Sixth. In-
terment Mount Olivet Cemetery.
) GIVEXS— In this city. January- 22, 1903, John
I If. Givens. a native of Boston. Mass.. aeed
: 513 years and 6 months. ,-
I GLASEU— In. this city, January 21. 1003,
Sarati, beloved wife of Jo*enh W. Glaser,
mother of gadle Olaser, daughter of Fred-
erick and Sarah Holmes, and ulster of Fred.
i Paul. John. Alice, James and Frank Holmes
a native cf Peru, aeed 25 years 5 months
: ar.d 19 day*. (Seattle papers please copy.)
CyFriends and acquaintances are respect-
|! OFFICE: 916 MARKET ST f j
(Successor to Flannapan & Gallagher.)
20 Fifth St.. opposite Lincoln School.
- Telephone South SO.,
Funeral Directors « and Embalmers.
Formerly Jn Metropolitan Temple.
Now tt 860 MISSION. Tel South 167.
Between Fourth and Fifth. Near Fifth st.
Finest equipments at Moderate Rates.
Formerly with McGinn Bros., lias opened I
1 now Funeral Parlorn at 214 Eddy St.. bet. I
; Tayloi.and Jones. Telephone £outh 57C. 1
I CKAIG. COCH RAX & CO.. funeral dire.-. I
< tor» an-1 emlialmers. formerly of 52-50 Jllut .
j ave., have removed to their new and modern I
quarter* at 421} GOLDEN GATE AVE. -Phone'
j South 47. J
3 71 J Edwards. Oaklan.VMrs Newman and fam
II Collins. Oakland Gllroy
T Warnick, Omaha Miss Edna Ball, Gilroy
F A Perry, Nevada J Cunningham, Gllroy
O R Clark. Portland T F Hannan. Baden
T Adams. Corvalles J Coleman, Colma
XV Balkus, Oakland B Gallagher. Colma
F T Hill, Seattle .1 Symes. Santa Rosa
"W H Black, Seattle W E Syraea, S Rosa
F N Cook & w, Alamd Mrs J Symes & daugh,
J F Parr & w, Alamdx Santa Rosa
Mrs Graham. Alameda J C Bullen. S Rosa
W A Beebe, Oakland J McCluskey, Sausllto
N C Hammond, Oaklnd sj Treadwell, Sausalito
C Jensen & w. Oaklnd r, Baer. Han Rafael
H E Foster, Berkeley C Mltchefl. Berkeley
E J Merklns. Minn W P Chisholm. Cal
J Wilson & fam, Mln:i A Hall. Haywards
0 Barden. Hollister , A McGregor, Mt Eden
L. L. Chisholm, Holltstr W J Campbell. Cal
Ml»3 E Holmes. S Jose \V McKenzie. S Loren*
S Gates, St Paul M Trapenl, S Lorenzo
C Filmore, St Paul L, Martini, Oakland
M T Mogan, St Paul
Steamers leav* San Fran-
/CjV^~^§«\ dtco as follows:
/££_* \j\ For K«tchlkan. Junes,*.
Al/^SR2^a \*^\ Skagway. etc.. Alaska— 11 a,
1 I \^@*A I m -. Jan le 21. 28. 31. Feb.
I \ VTnsVSm/ / 6. Change to company's
\*iv \\ JiVr steamers at Seattle.
\5^ v <__^fe7' For Victoria, Vancouver.
\ N^AtSrVSf' Port Townsend. Seattle. Ta-
V ** "^ Everett. Whateonj — 11
a.\ m., Jan. 18, 21 26.' 31, Feb. 6. Chans;* at
Seattle to this company's steamers for Alaska
and O. N. Ry. : at Seattle for Tacoma to N. P.
Ry. ; at Vancouver to C P. Ry.
For Eureka (Humboldt Bay) — Pomona. 1:30
p m., Jan 16. 22. 23 Feb. 3; Corona. 1:80 p.
in.. Jan. 19. 23. 31. Feb. 0.
For Los Angeles (via Port Los Angeles and
Redondo). San Diego and Santa Barbara-
Santa Rosalia. Sundays. S a. m.
State of California Thursdays. 0 a. m.
For Los Angeles (via San Pedro and East
San Pedro). Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz. Mon-
terey. Ban Simeon. Cayucos. Port Harford. San
Luis Obispo. Ventura. Huenems and 'Newport.
(¦Ramona only.)
Ramona. 9 a. m.. Jan. 17. 25. Feb. 2.
- Coos Bay. 0 a. m.. 1 Jan. 21. 29. Feb. «.
For Fnsenada. Magdalena Bay San Jos» dal
Cabo. Mazatlan. Altata. La Fas. Santa Rosalia.
Guaymas (Mex.).
For further information obtain folder.
Right reserved to change steamers or satllaf
TTCVRT ''-'"E'ICE — * New Montgomery
St.. Palace Hotel
Freight office. 10 Market st.
C. D. DUNNANN, Gen. Passenger Agt,
10 Market st.. San Franclscoi
O. #?..* N. CO.
"Geo W Elder" sails Jan. 18. 23. Feb 7.
17. 27. "
"Columbia" sails Jan. 23. Feb. 2. 12. 22.
March 4. /
Only Steamship Line to PORTLAND. OR..
and short rail line from Portland to all points
east Through tickets to all points, all rail or
steamship and rail, at LOWEST RATES.
Steamer tickets Include berth and meals.
Steamer nails foot of Spear st.. at 11 a. m. D.
W. HITCHCOCK. Gen. Agt.. 1 Montgomery st
Steamers will leave wharf, comer First anj
Brannan streets, at 1 p. m.. for YOKOHAMA
and HONGKONG, calling at Kobe (IIloso).
Nakasakl and Shanghai, and connecting at
Hongkong with steamers for India, etc. No
cargo received on board on day of sailing.
S. S HONGKONG MARU..Thur«.. Feb. 3. 130-1
B. s! NIPPON MARU (via Manila)
...{ Tuesday. March X 190-1
B. 8. AMERICA MARU. .Friday. Mar. 27. 19OT
Via Honolulu. Round trip tickets at reducsj
rates. For freight and passage apply at Com-
pany's office, 421 Market street, corner First.
XV. H. AVERY. General Agent.
S.S. VENTURA, for Honolulu. Samoa. Auck-
land and Sydney. .Thursday, Jan. 20. 10 a. m.
S.S ALAMEDA. for Honolulu. Feb. 7, 2 p. m.
S.S. MARIPOSA. for Tahiti.* Feb. 18. 10 a. m.
AS. imCKlS & BSaS.CO.. Agts. .Tick8teta«.B43 lariotS
MiiitOttite.329 HartttSt.Pierla. 7. Pacific SL
FrlesIand.Jan.28,10 air St. Paul.. Feb. 4. 10 am
Kroonl'd.Jan. 31. 10 amPhl!a....Feb. 18, 10 am
Vaderl'd.Jan. 24, 10 air Zeeland..Feh. 7. 10 am
Kroonl'd..Jan.31,10 am Finland.. feb: 14, 10 am
CHAS. D. TAYLOR. G.P.A.C..30 'Montg'mry s*.
t'ailing every Thursday. Instead of *JS52s
Saturday, at 10 a. m.. from Pier 42. •^StmSBB
Korth River, foot of Morton street.
First-class to Havre. $70 and upward. 8ee-
ond-class to Havre,$45 and upward. GENERAL
ADA, 32 Broadway (Hudson building). New
York. J. F. FU0AZI & CO.. Pacific Cdaat
Agents, 5 Montgomery avenue. San Francisco.
Ticket* sold by all Railroad Ticket Agents.
0:45 a. m., 3:13 and S:3O p. m.. except Sun-
day. Sunday, d;45 a. m.. 8:30 p. m. Leaves
VcIIeJo. 7 a. m., 12:30 noon, 6 p. m., except
Sunday. Sunday. 7 a. m., 4:15 p. m. Fare. 50
cents. Telephone, Main 1508. Landing and
office, pier 2, Mission-street dock. - HATCH
Tibaron Ferry. Foot of Market St.
WEKK DAYS— 7:30. »:0O, ll:0O a. m. ; 12:33.
8:30, 6:10, 8:30 p. m. Thursdays— E?tra trip
at 11:30 p. m. Saturdays— Kxtra trips at
• 1:50 and 11:30 p. m.
SUNDAYS — 8:00. 8:30. 11:00 a. m.; 1:30. 3:30.
B:OO and 6:20 p. m.
WEEK DAYS— «:05. 7:35. 7:60. 9:20t 11:13
a. m.; 12:50. 3:40, 5:00. 5:20 p. m. Satur-
days—Extra trlpa at 2:03 and 8:33 p. m.
SUNDAYS — »:oo. U:40. 11:15 a. m. ; 1:10, 3:40,
4:55. 5:05. 0:25 p. m.
Leave I In Effect. I ArrlT*
Ban Francisco. I May 4. 1903. fSan Francisco.
Week I Sun- I Deatlna- P Bun- I Ween
Days. I days. I tlon. | days. | Days.
7:30 a 8:00 al Ignaclo 9:10 a 8:40 a
3:30 p 9:30 a and 10:4O a 8:40 a
6:10 p 5:00 pi Kovato 6:05 p 6:20 p
1 7:33 p
7:30 a 8:C0a Petaiuma 10:40a 8:40 a
3:30 p 9:30 a and. 6:05 p 10:20 a
6:10 p 5:00 p Santa Rosa 7:33 p «:20 p
J Fulton
7:30 a ' Windsor 10:20 a
5:00 p Healdsburr 10:40 a
8:30 p 8:00 a Cloverdals 7:33 p 6:20 p
7:30 al 8:U0al Hopland 110:40 a|10:20 a
8:30 pf 6:00 p| Ufclah | 7:35 p| 8:20 p
7:30a|8:O0a| WI111U ' |7:33p|6:2O»
-7;30a| 8:00 al Uuern-svllls I 7:33 p|10:2O a
3:30 pj 6:00 p| [10:40 a| 6:20 p
7:S0a|8:O0a| Sonoma |9:10al9:40a
6:10 p| B:0Op| Glen Ellen | 6:03 p| «t:KO p
7:30 al 8:00 a) Sebastopol 110:40 a|10:20 a
8:30 p| 5:00 p| | 7:35 p| 6:20 »
Stages connect at Santa Rosa for Mark Wu:
Springs and White Sulphur Springs; at Fulton
for Altruria: at Lytton for Lytton Springs; at
Geyserville for Skaggs Springs; at Cloverd*!-)
(or the Geysers and Bconeville; at Hopland for
Duncan Springs, Highland Springs, Kelseyvllla
Carlsbad Springs. Soda Bay. Lakeport and
Bartlett Springs: at Uklah for Vichy Springs.
Earatoga Springs. Blue Lakes, Laurel Dell
Lake. Witter Springs, Upper Lake, Porno. Pot*
ter Valley. John Day's. Riverside. LlerleyV
Bucknell's. Sanhedrtn Heights. Hullvllle. Orr »
Hot Springs. Half-way House. Comptche. Camp
Stevens. Hopkins. Mendocino City. Fort Bragg
Westport. Usal ; at Wllllts for Sherwood, Cahto
Covelo. Laytonvllle, Cummlnrs, Bell'l Sprtgns)
Harris. Olsen's. Dyer. Pepperwood. Scotia and
Eureka. ¦ » <<i«&JaQ
¦ Saturday to Monday round-trip tickets at re-
duced rates. %
On Sundays— Round-trip tickets to all points
beyond San Rafael at half rates.
Ticket office. CIO Market St.. Chronicle
Gen. Manager. Gen. Pass. Agt.
Leave Via Sausalito Ferry" Arrive
San Fran. Foot of Market St. San Fran."
¦&, JTL"i=3Si .fit Se
9:45a. 8:00 a. ™u- rrt mn 8 ji«, T « M 7 -o 12rf)0M. 9:15a.
6:15p. 10:00a. • - - Wi .ki. T ,_,. 3-3O r. 5:50f.
::::::::: liS r: "t»kei bf mum- 5^ \ ;-
....:.... 2:35 P. 8:00 p
~~UTU83iTS OUT lMr * T<mn +*> r »*>• 9» >mto II SO r
Tlcktl OISm, Kl MAR&ET 8TSX£T u4 S At UAUTO FEtSt.
Train* leave au<t itre due to strive at
(Main Line. Foot of Market Street )
ant — rm>Jt Jamuakt 13. VJg. — ntni
~7.00a B enicta, Sulsira, Elinlr» and S»cr*-
mento. Z-?2 P
7.00a V«c»Tllle, Winter*. Runney 7-65p
7.30a Martinez, S»n Ramon. Vallejo,
Xapa. Callitos*, SanU IZosa. S 25r
7.30a If ties. Latbrup. :<coek;on, and from .
San Joae 7.25r
800a Daru, Woodland. Knights Landing,
Mary s vllle. Oro»llle J.&Sr
8.00* Atlantic Express— Osden »nd Ka»t. 1025a
8 00a Fort Costa, Martinez. Antlocb.
Tracy. Stockton. Sacramento,
ijQf Los lianos. Men lota, Hanford.
Vlsallo. Portfirlile .' m4.25*
8.00a Port Coils. Martinez. Lathrop. M'»-
desto. Merced. Frrano. Goshen
Junction. Bakeroneld 5 25?
8.30a Sqimm Express— Uavlv Williams
(for nartleti Springs), Willow*.
Ked Illnff. Portlan.l 7.55*
8-30* Nile*. San .lose. Llvermore. Storii-
Mary»Tllle. Chleo. Ued Bluff 425.*
8 30* Oak. ln!e. Chinese. Jamestown. So-
Boro. Tuulumne and Angels 4 25?
9.00a Vallejo, Martlnex ana Way StaUoui S.5&P
10.00a Valiejo 1.25*
<*10 00* Crescent City Express— Martinez,
Tr:iey, Latarop.Stockton.Merred,
x Kavmimil. Fresno. 13*tcersn>ld,
Lo» Anstle.iand Sew Orlran*... (11.33a
10 00a The Orerland Limited — Optra.
Denver, Omaha. Chicago. 625i*
12 00m Ilajward. Nile* and Way Stations. 3 25?
ti.OOp Sacramento River Steamers tH.OOP
3 30r Benlcta. Winters. Sacramento.
Woodland. AViilitin*. Colu**.wtt-
1»wh, Knights Landing. M;iryv
Tlllr. Ororliic 10.55a
330p Hay ward. Nllca»nU Way Stations.. 7 55?
4. 00p Martlaea.Son !!.tni'»ii. V»ll«\J«>,Napn.
Calls t»3:». StnU !:¦>*» 9 25*
4 00? Marilnei. Tracy. L;Unn>p.Sti>ckton. 1025*
'400? Klics. Llvermore. Stticktun. IauIJ.. 425?
430r Iluywanl. Klles. lrvlBgtou."^«u », '8.55 »
Jose, Llvermore i Ml. 5b*
5 OOr The Owl Llinltcil— Fresno. Tulare,
BalccrsQelJ, Sangus for SaatA
Barbara. Loa Angeles. (Golden
State Limited Sleeper carried on
OwJ Train f»r Chicago) 855a
6. OOr Port Custa, Tracy, Stockton, Los
Banos. 1 25?
t5 30r-SHes. Local 7.*5»
6.00i" llay ward. NUesaud Sau Jose 75a?
IS 00p Vallejo 11 25*
6.00r Oriental Mall— Ogden. Denver,
Omaha. St. Louis. Chicago 425?
c7 00? Sunset Limited — Xew Tork. New
Orleans, Loa Aajp-les. Fresno.
Menduta. Marttaez— Westtraund.. w 8-25*
7.00? Saa PaUlo, Port Costa. Martinez
and War Stations 1 1 25*
?7.00? Vallejo 7 55?
8 05? Oregon * California Ejpress— Sac-
ramento. Mary*vllle. Redding.
Portland, Puget Sound *nd East. 8-55*
19.10? Hayward, Sllcs Local 111-55*
11.25? Port Costa, Tracy, Laihmp. Modes-
to, Merced, Fresno, Hanford, VI-
aalU. PakeMfleld t.?5?
COAST LINE (Sarruw «iau S e).
(Foot uf Market Street.)
815a Xewark, Centenrllle. Saa Jose,
Felton. Moulder Creek. Santa
' Crnz and W»y Station* 6 SOT
t2-15? Newark. Centerville. San Joae,
New Almaden Felton. Boulder
Creek. Santa Cruz and Principal
Way fitattoaa t10 50*
4.15? Newark. San Jose. Los Gato* { j^fo*
a930P Hunter** Trala— San Jose and Way J7-20?
Leavei Los Gatoa l..V5ra Sunday ____^
From SAN t KAN Cisco, tout .•: Market St. (SllpS)
— 1;:15 9:00 11:00 a.m. 100 3 00 5.15 p.m.
From OAKLAND, Foot of Broadway — +rt:U) J3:(»
t9:0J^J0:0O a.m. 1200 200 400 ?.».
COAST LINE «Broa« Uanae).
( thml anil Tmvasend Streets.)
6.10a Ssn Jose and Way Stations 7 30?
7.00a San Jose and Way Stations 630?
/7 00a New Almaden ./4.10P
8-00 * Coin Line Limited — San Joae.
Oblspo. S«nta Barbara. Lot Ange-
les and Principal Intermediate.
Stations 10-45?
wIOOOa Pacific Coast Express — New Or-
leans. Los Angelrs. and Rant .... 11.33a
9.00a San Jose. Trea Pino*. Capttola,
Sin Lnls Uhtspn and Principal
Intermediate Station" ......... 4-10?
10.30 » San Jose and Way Stations.... 1.30?
11.30a Ban Jose and Way Stations 5 30p
a130? San Jose and Way Stations v 7 00?
200? San Jose and Way Station* {1000a
13.00? Del Xlonte Express— San Jose. Gil-
roy. Holllster. Santa, Cruz. Del
Monte. Monterey. Paciflc GroTe,
Salinas and Principal Stations... 12-15?
330? Bnrlinuanie. San Ma ten. Redwood,
MenloPark. Palo Alta Mayrteld.
Mountain View. Lawrence, Santa
Clara and San Jose 8.38*
t4-30? San Jose, GllroT »nd Way Stat!onsf10.45A
t5 00? Snn Josr. Los Uatos and Principal
WayStatlnna »900a
15.30? SanJoseanriPrtnclpalWayStatkras t800A
tS.ISP San Mateo.Belmont.Bere*for<I.San
Carlo*. Kedwnod. Fair Oaks,
MenloPark. Palo Alto t8 48»
6.30? San Jose and Way Stations. 633*
7.00? Sunset Limited. Easthound — Saa
Lais Oblapo. Santa Barbara. Lna
Anttslea. femintr. El Paao, N«w .
Orleans, New York w3 25*
«11.45? Palo Alto and Way Stations t9.45p
O11.45? San Jose and Way Stations t945?
A for Mornlns. P for After nooa.
X Saturday and Sunday only.
I Stops at all stations on Sunday,
t Snnday excepted. ? Sunday only.
a Saturday only.
d Connects at Goshen Je. with trains for n»nfor4,
Vlsalla. At Fresno, for VU»:U via Sanssr.
e Via Coaat Line.
/Tuesday and Friday.
m ArrlTe t1» Xlles.
n Dally except Saturday,
w Vis San Joaqnla Valley.
«^toj» Santa Clam soutb bonnfl. Trom TTf>n!»t«T
m<l S«i|t»*« connerta Sunday onlr no*** 'him
to CHICAGO Da *r
f^^C^I '- n fteaj Trajn
[P^M^J For Ibosa Wha
Jeek tlie BesL
L**t» M«rket-stre«t Ferry Depot.
Local LJza'd Local Ov'rl'i
Daily DaUy DaUy D*:iy
L.v San Fran.... 8:0Oa »:3Oa 4:20 p 8:0O p
Ar Stockton 11:10 a 12:0s p 7:30pll:13p
"Merced l:20p l:40p 1:21*
"Fresno I:2Op 3:00p 3:15a
"Hanford 6:00 p 3:31 p ...... 7:31*
-Vlsalla 4:4Sp ...... 0:00a
" Bakersfleld .. 7:10p 6:3Op J'Jsa
" Kansas City ~ 2:31a 8:0U»
"Chicago ...... 2:13 P S.iJ »
a for mornloi. P for afternoon.
8:00 a. m. Daily is BakenOld Local, atop-
plna; at all points In Saa Joaquin Valley. Coa>
responding train arrives at 7:50 a. m. dally.
b:30 a. m. Dally la the CALIFORNIA
X,IJ(I.ITED. r»rryln« Palace Sleeping Car*
and Dining Cara throush to Chicago. Chair
Car runs to Bakerafleld for accommodation at
local flrst-clats passengers. No second-cla**
tickets are honored on this train. Correspond*
ing train arrives at 11:10 p. m. dally.
4:20 p. m. is Stockton Local. Corresponding
train arrive* at 11:10 a. m. dally.
8:0O p. m. is the Overland Express, witjj
through Palace and Tourist Sleepers and Frsa
Recllnlnc Chair Cara to Chicago; also Palac*
61eepcr. which cats oat at Fresno. Correspond-
ing train arrives at 6:00 p. ta. dally.
Office* — 641 Market street and In Ferry Da-
pot, San Francisco; 1112 Broadway. Oakland,
via Sausalito Ferry
t.j^jt. IZiTa~~TiioU*ay» «cepted>— «:«.
fl:«. 8:43. »:43, 11 a. m. 12:20. 'I:**. 3:1».
1:15. f5:15. »o:li 6:iX 9 11:43 p. m.
7:45 a. m. train week days does nat rua ta
tS p t'W, H. t"-3O a. m-. tl2:W. ri:3O.
zV .3:b0. B. «. t:30, ». 11:45 p. m. .
Trains marked (•) run to San Quenttn. Th;s«
marked <t> to Fairfax, except 5:1* p. m. Sat.
urdays. On Saturdays th» 3:13 p. m. train
—Week days— 6:23. J«:25. 7:40. Jfl3 |3:33.
11:05 a. il. 12:30. 2:20. $1:43. 4:36.^:**
"^IJ^DAT^-a^lS. T:33. JS:10. 9:4©. J10:33.
111:45 a. m.. 12:30, 2:30. J3:23. 4:4C. J3:30k.
t w 7:05. 10:20 p. m. •
'Train* marked (J) st*rt from San Quentln.
—Week days— 5M5. «:40. 7:45. 8:23. »:»a
U:\ot m.. 12:40. 2:43. *:1S. 3:10. 7:03. 10: it
P 'SU*NDATS— «:33. 7:55. 10. 11:10 a. m.. 12:03,
1-05 8:40. 3:45. 4:53. «:05 7:10. 10:40 p. nu
7:43 a. m., 'week days — Cazadero aad way
* 6-13 p* m., week days (Saturdays ezcepted>-^
Tornales and way station*.
3:1% £>- m.. Saturdays — Caadjro and way
x Sundays and Legal Holidays— 8 a. m.. Cat*-
d«ro ar«l way stations.
Bandars and Letral Holldaya— 10 a. as., P»4at
fully invited to attend the funeral Friday.
January Zi, at 1 o'clock, from the residence
of h?r parents, 2036 Leavenworth etreet. be-
tween Union and r'llbert. Interment Mount
Olivet Cemetery.
HANSEN— In this city. January 22, 100:5, Olur
K., beloved husband of Karine Ilansen, and
futiKT of Herman G. and Olga Hansen, a
native of Norway, ajred 54 year» 2 montha
and .,23 days. A member of California Har-
bor Nn. 15, and Longshore Lumbermen's
1'nion, Local No. 2'2i.
HEYEN— In this city, January 22, 1903, John,
belovej huuband of the late Hannah Heyen.
and father of Mrs. J. Tyrrell, a -native cf
Germany, aged 05 years 4 months/^ and 13
HIRT— In this city, January 21. 1903. Dora-
thea Hirt. beloved wife of the late John
Hirt, and mother of Mrs. Bernard Stengel,.
Mrs. Joseph Muller and John, SaJome and
the late Thedbold Hirt. a native of Alsace,
a god "U years.
CTIli-malns at the funeral parlors cf.H.
F. MaaKs Company. 917 Mission street.
HORART— la Oakland. January 22, 1903. at
1210 We*t ytreet. Mrs. Adelia Hobart. be-
loved mother of Mrs. A. M. Hutchison, a na-
tive of Pennsylvania, aced 73 years.
HOFFMAN— In this city, January -22,-1003,
Mary L., beloved wife of Albert Hoffman,
nnrt mother of \Vc«!ey. Percy and Mab»-1
Kotey, a native of Khode Island, ased 40
JENNY— January 10, 1903, Augustus D. Jenny,
a native of New York City. a*ed 00 years.
ICTlntermeJit strictly private..
JOIINSCfcV— In the City and County Hospital,
January 22, liMKJ, Jacob Johnson, a natlvo
cf Sweden, aged 44 years.
KKHOE — In this city, January 22, 1903, Mar-
gar<-t Kehoe. beloved mother of Francis XV..
Kobe rl F.. Charles E. and the late J. J.
K*»lioe. a nativn of County Wexford. Ire-
land. Bg«»d (fi!- years :; months and 23 days.
(O"riio funeral will take place to-morrow
(Saturday), at 8:.'J0 o'clock, from her late
residence, 515 Eighth "street, thonce to St.
Joseph's Church, where a requiem mass will
be celebrated for the repose of her soul at 0
o'clock. Interment private. Holy Cross Ceme-
tery. Please omit flowera.
McDONOUGH— In this city, January 22. 19C3.
Infant son of William and Mary McDonough,
a native of San Francisco.
McDOUGALL— In this city.' January 22, 1903.
Joim A. McDousrall, beloved son of Murdock
ant) Jessie McDoucall. and brother of Belle
and Murray McDousrall and Mrs. W. B.
Munn of Vancouver, a native of Cape Bre-
ton, aced 20 years 4 months and 2 days.
MA1NWARING— In this city. January 22.
ll)o;>, Sophia Mainwarinz, beloved wife of E.
C. Mainwaringr. and mother of Editha I.
Mainwaringr, a native of California, aced 26
years 5 months and '28 daye. v
MARKS— In fhls city. January 21. 1903, Sam-
uel Marks, beloved brother of Marcus, Isaac
and Julius Marks, Mrs. Rachael Levy of Los
Angeles and the late Annie Conn. Caroline
Ehrlich and Louis Marks, a native of Exln,
Prussia, azed C5 years.
£J Friends and acquaintances are respect-
fully invited to attend the funeral to-day
(Friday), at 10 o'clock/ from his late resi-
dence, 215 Eleventh street. Interment New
Salem Cemetery, by 11:30 o'clock train.
MESSINI— In this city, January 21, 1903,
Peter Mvsslnl. dearly beloved brother of
Frank MoFFlni and Mrs. Paollna Moresl, and
uncle of Edward Messinl, a native of New
York, aged 40 years.
E7"Friends and acquaintances are respect-
fully invited to attend the funeral to-morrow
(Saturday), at 9:30 o'clock, from th* funeral
parlors ot Valento, Marini & Co., 1521 Stock-
ten street, between Green and Union, thence
to Cypress Lawn Cemetery.
MONAHAN — An anniversary reaulem hiph
ina.«s will b* celebrated for thai soul of the
late John >lonahan at St. Rose's Church,
Saturday, January 24, at S>.o'clock. Friends
and acquaintances are Invited to attend.
O'nRIEN— In the City and County Hospital?
January 22, 1903,~r>aniel O'-Brlen, a natlv* of
California, aced 40 years.
O'DAY— In this city. Januarr 22, 1903, Mar-
garet, beloved wife of the late William
O'Day, and mother of Catherine, Margaret
and William O'Day and Mrs. James Dun-
ning, a native cf County Galway, Ireland.
(C7"The funeral will take .place to-morrow
(Saturday), at 1> o'clock, from her late resi-
dence, 215 U Arkansas street, between Marl-
1'osa and Eighteenth, thence to St. Teresa' s
Church, where a requiem high mas3 will be
celebrated for the repose of her soul at 9:30
o'clock. Interment Holy Cress Cemetery.
PERRY — In Stockton, January 22, 1903, 'David
IVrry. a native of Ireland.
C7Notk-e of funeral hereafter. Remains
at the parlors of Carew & English, 29 Van
Ness avenue.
RETIF— In thia city. January 22. 1903. Fran-
cois Retlf. beloved father of Pauline Somps
and Marie Weyer, and father-in-law of P.
G. Somps, a native of France, aged 07 years
and 5 months.
E^Friends end acquaintances are respect-
fully invited to attend the funeral Saturday.
January 24, at O.-.W o'clock, from his late
residence, 264(5 Howard street, thence to
French Church of .Notre Dame des Vlctolres,
526 liUEh street, where a high requiem mass
will be celebrated for the repose of his soul,
commencing at 10:30 o'clock. Interment
Holy Cross Cemetery. Please omit flowers.
SCHULTZ— In this city. January 22. 1003/
George H., beloved husband of Sophie
Schultz. and beloved father of Herman, W1I*
liam, Edward and Emma Schultz, a native
of Hanover, Germany, aged 68 years.
SHERIDAN— In this city, January 22, 1903.
at his residence, 1433 Folsom street, John.
beloved husband of Mary Sheridan, and
father of Asres, Anna, John C. and Joseph
B. gherldan, Mrs. H. Powell, Mrs. E. A. Tre-
lut, Mrs. P. AV. Farwell and Mrs. P. Mltch-
j ell, a native of County Cavan, Ireland^ aged
j 7U years 10 months and 2U days >
TWYFORD — In this city, January 21, 1903,
Annie, dearly beloved wife of John G. Twy-
ford, and beloved sister of Mrs. M. Cunan,
Mrs. Jees McAfee and the late William J.
Reilly. a native of San Francisco.
EZTFrlends and acquaintances are respect-
fully Invited to attend the funeral to-day
(Friday), at 8:30 o'clock, from her late resi-
dence, 422 V, Ivy avenue, thence to Sacred
Heart Church, where a requiem high maw
will be celebrated for the repose of her soul,
i commencing at 8 o'clock. Interment Holy
Cross Cemetery.
VIERECKT— In this city. January 22. 1003,
Matthias Viereckt. beloved brother of Conrad
. Viereckt, a native of Germany, aged 41
years 4 months and 24 days. . -
VINCENT— In this city, January C2, 1903, Es-
ther Marxarct, well "beloved wife of George
J. Vincent, and mother of George,. Violet,
Sydney and Mllly Vincent, a native of Eng-
CTFrlends are Invited to attend the fu-
neral services Saturday, January 24. at 2
o'clock, to be held at the chapel at Odd Fel-
lows' Cemetery.
"WAKANO — In the City and County Hospital,
January 22, 1903, Halsutaro Wakano, a na-
tive of Japan, aged 32 years.
WILLIAMS — Entered Into rest, at Alameda,
January 21, 19O3, Mary Jerome Williams, be-
loved wife ot Georsre N. Williams, anj
mother of Mrs. George H. Mastick of Ala-
meda and Mrs. Jere Day of Catsklll, N. Y.
ICTFrlends are Invited to attend the fu-
neral service* at her late residence, corner
Pacific avenue and Wood street. Alameda,
Friday, at 2 o'clock. Interment private.
WILSON— In this city, January 22, 1903, Cap-
tain William D. Wilson, beloved husband of
Agnes B. Wilson, and loving father of Frank
B. and Douglas B. Wilson and the late Wal-
ter Hugh Wilson, a native of St. John,
New Brunswick. j

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